Saala Khadoos (2016) Movie Script

Women's boxing is a
young sport in India..
..and we are hosting
our first World Championship.
It's my privilege
to head the Indian team.
Wake up early,
do my chores..
..sneak out after hubby leaves,
travel miles, just to be spurned!
Quiet! You're not my wife!
Get lost!
Like your wife bolted
with that boxer?
Adi, you had a bitter split with
ex-coach Dev Khatri in 1996.
How do you feel
working under him now?
Look, that's over.
He apologized. I forgave.
Why can't India
produce more champs?
- Well, we won the bronze..
- Separate politics from boxing..
..and champs will spring
from every street.
Adi, you have a short temper.
How do you manage the girls?
Am I a pimp
managing a brothel?
- What a disgusting reply!
- What a daft question!
This is no way
to talk to a lady!
Please understand,
failure causes bitterness.
He sure shoots
his mouth off!
He was ranting
in the bar too.
Here's my sting operation.
The few backers
you have will desert you!
- Shut up around the Press!
- Shut up?
I can't forget 1996.
Dev, my coach, my mentor..
vinegar on my gloves!
He knew I wiped sweat
off my eyes, like this
I did this, and
the vinegar blinded me!
I was rated as Olympic level.
Instead I lost to a lousy boxer..
..who was a Senator's nephew.
Dev sent him to the Olympics. He lost.
Dev made big bucks,
became the Boxing head.
Took me ten years
to treat my eyes.
He wrecked my career.
Shut up, you say?
Forget the past.
You're a coach now. Start over.
As a coach do I find new boxers
or suck up to Dev?
The girls he selects are
those who jump into his bed.
Shut up? No way!
The sting's on Adi,
but if it's aired, you're done for.
What's your price?
We'll see who's done for.
You klutz, keep the footwork light!
Plods like a cow, silly bitch!
That's a foul!
You blind?
Where's the speed with
which you chomp free meat?
- Hey, block I said!
- Stop!
- Why don't you get into the ring?
- I'm sorry. Carry on.
C'mon, block!
Unanimous points decision.
Red is the winner.
Wipe that grin off!
You beat a wimp, not Muhammad Ali.
And trim that punching
bag of a waist!
Cool it, dude.
You sure make a racket.
You suckers keep mum and
watch the Association go to the dogs.
Call for you
from the committee room.
The girls have accused you..
..of sexual harassment.
Nice story.
Get to the point.
The point is,
you are suspended..
..until a committee
verifies the charges.
Girls feel unsafe around you.
I hear you're sleeping
with a married woman.
True. My wife's eloped.
I'm single again.
Whom I sleep with
is my business.
I don't select players with
my trousers down, like you do!
I choose them on merit,
in the boxing ring!
You damn well know
I don't touch my students.
The complaint's aimed
at you, not me.
You should be investigated.
You need to answer this.
Stop it!
- This is no joke!
- What else is it?
Stop it and behave yourself.
You can't act on an
anonymous note and suspend Adi..
- ..he's the best we have!
- Fine, I won't.
But the bosses will
expect some action.
- Transfer him to Chennai.
- Chennai!
Chennai's got the worst boxers,
no infrastructure.
What will he do there?
We will be wasting him.
Our coach is a magician.
He'll pull out talent
from his hat!
You raunchy windbag!
Had I crushed these
when you wrecked my career..
..l'd have done Indian boxing
a big favor!
You want to push
your girls into the team!
Try any trick.
I'll find champs in Chennai!
A tad mad in the head.
Boldly, life's paths I tread.
Ire throbbing in every vein.
My clenched fists
and punches reign.
Think I'm rude?
So be it dude!
Think I'm rude?
So be it dude!
Anger is my mentor.
Passion my guide.
Ways of the world
are beyond me.
Without fear I walk,
on the path I decide.
Unabashedly bare.
To walk alone I dare.
Think I'm rude?
So be it dude!
Think I'm rude?
So be it dude!
Think I'm rude?
So be it dude!
Think I'm rude?
So be it dude!
Spent a fortune for his welcome
and the jerk doesn't turn up.
C'mon, tidy UP!
Adi! Welcome, sir!
You're three days late!
Everyone was set to welcome you.
'Senior Coach'? 'Boxing Loin?
What's this crap?
The banner?
Our tradition!
Everything gets a banner!
Births, deaths, weddings, honeymoons..
..even maidens entering
If I fart do I get a banner?
Don't mock sir,
it's a harmless tradition.
Pandian, Punch Pandian.
Senior Coach, Junior Coach!
It's time for the zonals.
Come, I'll introduce my champs!
Huh! My girls are better!
Gayatri, come.
Gayatri, jumped from
shot put to boxing..
..and into Coach lnnocent's
bed to get here.
Abhirami, boxer who still howls
when she takes a punch.
A useless bunch.
Just no fire.
So stoke the embers, kindle the fire.
Don't run down my girls.
Super fighters all.
Feed them well, watch them fight.
Meet my star fighter Laxmi
Lux. Boxing for eight years
only to wangle a police job.
No passion for boxing.
Lux.. no fire, just insipid foam!
Madhi, easy!
Slow down!
Madhi, careful!
Hurry UP!
So Adi, happy with the set-up?
Remember me? I'm Innocent.
- Any problem?
- Get me a lawyer.
Sure. What for?
- Need to sue someone.
- Who?
Your Pop, for producing
a twerp like you.
Beer bellied coach!
Beat it!
Laxmi Red, Diksha Blue.
First round.
Back off!
You'll make it to Delhi!
Winning on points,
Blue is the winner.
- That's cheating. Do something.
- I should've won.
- Referee, what's this?
- Let me fix this.
Referee, Lux fought well.
Cheaters! Take them on.
Ain't you the new Coach?
Stop faffing, do something.
If your rival is the boss' daughter,
only a knockout works.
- Lux was just patting her.
- Come on! Lux fought well!
Fought well?
You don't do ballet in the ring.
These girls are fit only
for domestic chores.
Please step in and sort this.
I only wipe my own butt,
not my neighbor's.
Bloody cheat!
What were you paid to fix it?
One right hook is enough
to kill you, withered fossils!
Madhi! Stop!
' Let go!
- Madhi, no rough stuff.
- Fine! I'll go easy, promise.
Bloody jerks!
Call yourselves judges?
I'll teach you boxing!
Here's an upper cut!
Who's that boxer?
Answer that!
Lux's sister, she's no boxer.
A fishmonger!
Ruined any chance Lux had.
The witch!
Silvery salmon!
Up for grabs!
ls it fresh?
It ain't your chick!
Paw it and I'll chop off your hand!
Fresher than your mug.
Beat it!
Freshest of fish!
Where did you learn boxing?
- Why?
- Where did you learn boxing?
You pushing 90, 100?
Your record's stuck! Signs of old age!
- Come here, son.
- Wow! Ms. World's calling you.
Go, you're made
for each other. Scram!
Hey sis, come here!
Don't ruin my business! Scat!
Here. Now tell me.
Since when are you boxing?
- Sure. But first..
- What?
Shove this up
you know where!
Hey sis! Fresh fish!
Come to my gym, I'll train you.
Two hours every morning and evening
I'll pay 500 a day.
Hey Mr. Snooty!
Ali.. Muhammad Ali's my coach.
Float like a butterfly,
sting like a bee.
Shower before you start.
You stink!
- Lux! Look!
- Sold all the fish?
From your coach.
He's promised me 500 every day.
- The lech! Ill..
- Relax, champ. It's for training.
- You agreed?
- Of course!
Pandian says he's a womanizer.
So what? He's no Greek God
that I'd fall for him!
- Wow, money!
- Give that back!
Respect your dad!
Hear her growl, the bum!
Return my dough, Samikannu!
Not Samikannu,
I'm Samuel now.
You converted for money!
Oh Lord, the sinner
knows not what she says.
- You should become Diana!
- Rubbish!
Honour thy Father and thy Mother.
Where's the broom?
What won't you do for money!
I'm crazy as hell,
I won't lie.
A mermaid wanting to fly.
Who cares,
Let the world frown.
Empty pockets,
But I wear a crown.
So go home
This is my zone.
Vamoose, you'll just lose
I'm a crazy nerve wrecker.
Like a wayward firecracker
I'm a crazy nerve wrecker.
Like a wayward firecracker.
I don't stop to dream.
Live life to the brim.
No butterfly,
But flitting always.
A jungle cat on the chase.
Against a hundred pit me
I am a one man army
I'm a crazy nerve wrecker.
Like a wayward firecracker
I'm a crazy nerve wrecker.
Like a wayward firecracker.
Like a wayward firecracker.
Gonna blast!
Hey! Damn!
Thieves again!
Hey, who's up there?
- What time is it?
- I'm late.
- I know. Why?
- Overslept!
I own the hours I pay for.
My word is law.
You'll address me as 'Master'
even in your dreams.
You break a rule,
I break your neck.
- What?
- May I? Or you have rules for this?
Go, warm up.
A maniac training a rebel!
What a riot! Hey, move!
- 50 done! Next?
- Where are your shoes?
One moment Master.
Lux, gimme your shoes!
Out everyone.
- Name the punches in boxing.
- Master, I know that stuff!
- Come here.
- Hey, not so close!
Been learning since I was four.
From THE Muhammad Ali.
- Seen all his fights.
- Oh, and what did you learn?
Everything! You gotta punch till
they pass out. Like this
I know every punch.
There are tons of them.
Jab, cross, hook, upper cut
Just four punches in boxing!
I know!
Just not their names.
Oh? So punch me.
- Exert full body power to punch.
- Didn't I say keep your distance!
Listen, I want you here for boxing.
Nothing else.
Like hell I'd come
for anything else!
- Hey, Santosh!
- Yes sir.
Spar a bit,
then let her have it.
Come, show me
what you know.
Wannabe Ms. Ali,
this ain't no street fight!
Up! Come on.
Use your brains
when you box!
Get back to push-ups, go.
- But I just did 50!
- 50? "Do it till you die".
Your Master Muhammad Ali's words.
Not mine.
- Okay Master, I'm off!
- Where to?
Our deal was two hours.
More time, more money!
Bye till evening!
Footloose and fancy free.
I make the world bow to me.
In a jiffy, on a bombing spree.
Like a wayward firecracker.
- What's so funny?
- Back to work!
- Hello sir.
- Adi's got a new boxer I hear.
Yes, a fishmonger!
Pays her 500 bucks every day
and gets abused in return!
- It's hilarious!
- Take this seriously fatso.
If she's a good boxer
we need to worry.
Keep an eye on them, got it?
- Hi babe!
- What's the matter?
Don't mess with me!
I'm a boxer now.
- Oh, boxer eh?
- I'm smart, use my head. Hey..
Hey vagrant breeze
Aimlessly flit no more.
Be the storm you are
C'mon, settle the score.
Goals gone astray
Dreams swept away.
Stir up your core
To settle the score.
C'mon settle the score.
C'mon settle the score.
C'mon settle the score.
I did extra time yesterday.
So I set my own time today!
Let no storm
blow out your flame.
Let no hurdle
stop your game.
To your heart appeal
To nourish nerves of steel.
Face every trial
fearlessly, with a smile.
You've nothing to lose
And the world to gain.
To win over the world
Begin your battle again.
Engage your rage
Ignite courage.
Your own mentor be
Snap out of your reverie.
Snap out of your reverie
To embrace victory.
Pump up the adrenaline
Get set to win.
Arise! Awaken!
Victory does beckon.
C'mon settle the score.
C'mon settle the score.
C'mon settle the score.
C'mon settle the score.
C'mon settle the score.
Madhi, whoa!
Good, Madhi!
Wow, you do smile!
Did hell freeze over?
For a fat, senile, snob
your smile's nice.
Smart ass!
How long you been boxing?
Look at her, learn something.
If boxing doesn't excite you, quit
Lux! Lux!
Rakesh there's this girl.
The best I've ever seen.
Recall me from
my street fighting days?
She's way better.
Reminds me of my younger days.
Like you? Drop her asap
or you'll regret it.
She's better than I was.
Superb hand speed, footwork.
Just dominates the ring.
Raw passion, hunger, grit...
- What do you mean?
- She's a born champ.
Never heard you praise a boxer.
She sure must be special.
Give it all you have.
If she wins this championship..'re back to Delhi!
She's on for the Association
Cup next week.
- Can you come?
- I'll try.
Sir. Sir!
You're a horny dog,
a bastard.. what I had thought!
I was so wrong sir.
You chase talent, not skirts! Salute!
- You praising or knocking me?
- Honesty doesn't pay!
I'll shut up.
Hey, more liver fry here.
You'll die if you
gorge on liver fry!
It's a health funda, sir.
Booze ruins our liver.
But if you have liver
with your booze..
..the liver we eat gets ruined.
Our liver stays safe!
C'mon bitch!
For the umpteenth time,
don't lower your guard!
Stop gaping. Come on.
Come on.
Howzzat! Southpaw.
Muhammad Ali! She's a goner!
How dare you lower your guard?
Don't try to be Muhammad Ali,
first get the basics right!
Hit me again,
and I'll chop you to bits, get it!
Respect, Madhi.
I'm your coach.
To hell with you,
your coaching and your money.
Go. Take Lux with you too.
Tell her you've hijacked her
police career. Go on.
Madhi.. Madhi.
Madhi.. Madhi.
Sir, these folk are poor.
It's a difficult life.
Don't be harsh on them.
Don't interfere,
or I'll wallop you right here.
Go soft on them and they'll
end up cleaning toilets like you.
Yes, I clean crap,
but it's you who stinks.
You're not a good man.
From now on,
the Association Cup's your life.
You'll obey my every word..
..and train eight hours a day!
Forget home,
boyfriends, and lovers!
Go. Take Lux with you too.
Tell her you've hijacked her
police career.
- All the best!
- Thank you!
That's the one?
Bout 15. Red Laxmi,
Blue Punyavathi. First round.
Good fight champ!
Winning on points!
Red's the winner.
You've made it to the next round.
Now watch!
- What?
- Lux.
C'mon Madhi, focus!
Diksha Red, Madhi blue,
first round.
Stop! Red!
What the hell?
Blue... Foul!
Blue disqualified!
Jury, Blue disqualified.
You crazy?
Why did you hit the referee?
You're the top boxer now.
He'll have to train you!
You're wrong.
She's not like you,
she's much worse. Drop her.
She's champion material sir.
But she just struck a referee.
Say the word and I can ban her.
For how long can you
ban her, birdbrain?
A month? Two?
She'll be back.
Tell Adi his harassment case
has been dropped..
..and I want him back in Delhi.
Get it?
British style: Divide and rule!
Separate Adi and Madhi.
Get going!
I want Madhi too
I'm going for the Nationals
next week
I'll take both the girls.
Who is this idiot?
Lux's coach.
Wants to take both girls with him
I object to my girls boxing!
All my wife's idea.
See those bruised faces!
Who'll marry them?
Their talent will be wasted here.
I can give them a better life.
They'll stay at the hostel with me.
My responsibility.
Think it over.
This is their last chance.
With Madhi gone,
who'll feed us?
I'll send your monthly dole.
I'm the boss,
give it to me!
Six.. seven.. eight..
- Why was that lout here?
- For your sake.
Says if you stay at the hostel
with him, you 'll focus better.
Stay with him? You crazy?
He'll kill me. No way!
Go or I'll kill you myself!
I've faced hardships
so Lux could learn boxing
I won't have you ruin it all.
If Lux gets the cop job,
we'll get a life.
She's not going alone
Watch over her. Got it?
Praise the Lord!
- Look, you know I'll pay.
- Where's that scumbag?
Are we whores?
You flash your money and we strip?
You always wanted that, right?
To get both sisters laid?
That was your plan!
You pervert! Speak up!
Hey, no brawls here.
Killing my business!
- Get out!
- Don't you touch me!
Hey, hey, not my bike!
- It's his bike!
- Not anymore.
- Don't defend that scumbag!
- You're scum, not him!
He funds your entire training
and you abuse him?
The Association won't pay,
so he pays me with his bike!
All for this?
Can't figure what
he sees in you leeches.
Who'll pay damages?
Call the cops!
Here, fix the bike.
Let her go.
I hate him twice
as much as you do.
But you've got him wrong.
He's not lusting for you!
He can bed a beauty queen
for half of what he spends on you.
To give you the best
nutrition, gear, training..
..he's drained his savings.
We saw you only
as a foul mouthed fishmonger.
He alone saw your talent.
Mull over this, then act.
I want you here for boxing.
Nothing else.
Like hell I'd come
for anything else!
This warring heart.
For no reason or rhyme
Battles itself this time.
I scold it, it disobeys
What can I say.
It's a rebel like me
It becomes a breeze.
And flies to meet
You on your street.
Once on the attack
It's changing track.
Inside out, upside down
I'm losing this round.
My heart's all aflutter, yeah.
Inside out, upside down
I'm losing this round.
My heart's all aflutter, yeah.
Both of us proud.
Our quarrel is loud.
But you've cast a spell.
On this fiery rebel.
Once you were my foe.
Now I can't let you go.
Inside out, upside down
I'm losing this round.
My heart's all aflutter, yeah.
Inside out, upside down
I'm losing this round.
My heart's all aflutter, yeah.
Master's called for you.
- Let's go.
- Not you, just Madhi.
Master, we've got a wager.
Who's your hero, Ali or Tyson?
- Genghis Khan.
- Pakistani boxer?! Heavy weight?
Not a boxer, idiot!
A Mongolian king.
Genghiz Khan.. pint-sized man,
Mongolian features..
..but what a gutsy guy!
He won Asia easily
but Europe was a challenge.
Burly soldiers, powerful weapons,
heavy armour.
Head-to-head battle was suicidal
So what did he do?
He first attacked their armories,
destroyed their weapons.
Then, in battle he feigned retreat!
When the enemy chased him..
..he spun around to
rain arrows from a speeding horse!
Weapons destroyed, the
enemy was helpless!
- Brilliant strategy!
- But how's it connected to boxing?
The day you get it,
you'll be selected!
Shut up!
Red corner Laxmi,
Blue corner Anju. First round.
Stop! Stop!
To the corner.
Unanimous points decision.
Blue is the winner.
Don't cry, Lux.
Well fought.
Red corner Anita.
Blue corner Madhi.
- First round.
- Box!
Inside out, upside down
I'm losing this round.
My heart's all aflutter, yeah.
Inside out, upside down
I'm losing this round.
My heart's all aflutter, yeah.
What are you doing here?
- Fish fry! I made it.
- Thank you Madhi.
How do I look, Master?
Get into your tracks,
hit the ring in five.
Don't I look good?
Awful! You only look beautiful
with the ugly mouth guard..
..knocking out rivals in the ring!
Let's go.
Don't lie Master,
I know you like me.
- I love you Master.
- Huh?
I love you..
Look, crushes are
normal at your age.
You're not the first student
to say this. It happens.
You've always
said I'm different!
Master.. Master!
Madhi, focus on boxing,
I'm your dad's age!
Know many men my dad's age.
Never said it to them
I've fallen for you. So what?!
First time I'm saying it.
Boldly at that.
You man up and say it to me too!
- Or I'll throw tomorrow's bout!
- Have you lost it?
Focus Madhi,
National selection is no joke.
Now go train, you moron.
No kidding, Master.
Say you love me or I throw the bout.
What's with that grin?
- Tell me!
- Nothing.
You crazy Madhi?
You're on next!
- Let me see.
- Wrap it up tight. I'll manage.
Blue corner Madhi,
Red corner Diksha. First round.
Madhi, raise your guard.
Idiot, don't drop your guard!
What's with her?
She's throwing the match!
ROC favor of Red,
Red is the winner.
I didn't do it on purpose!
Master.. Master!
Pamper a stray
with all your heart.. still rummages
the garbage!
What's it with you girls?
Just when you can make it big
all you think of is romance.
I believed you could be a champ,
achieve what I didn't.
I got a recall to Delhi,
yet I didn't go.
Damned idiot that I was!
Get out of my life!
And stay gone.
Go hang yourself!
Don't flog yourself Madhi,
at least Lux's made it.
She's a devil.
She has no feelings.
- And you do?
- Shut up!
We helped that coach
earn blessings by doing charity..
..and got our monthly dole!
- She's ruined it all!
- Enough, motor-mouth!
All your fault!
Had I not married you,
she wouldn't exist.
You sure she's mine?!
Mom had warned me,
'Marry within the community!'
- But I fell for your fair skin!
- Shut up.
Madhi! Where are you going?
I've had enough! I'm leaving.
Madhi. Hang on, Madhi!
Up in smoke has gone,
Life's cherished dream.
The star that
once shone bright.
Has lost its
silvery gleam.
The dark night
is cold and stern.
The morning hoped for,
won't return.
Words from my fairy
tale have departed.
I'm stuck at where
I first started.
Why couldn't
Time be humane.
Why keep bringing
back the pain?
The dream that
once I longed to see.
Now remains
a mere memory.
This is the darkest
of any dark night.
My guiding star
nowhere in sight.
The light has blurred,
Hopes lie withered.
The dark night is
cold and stern.
The morning hoped for,
won't return.
Words from my fairy tale
have departed.
I'm stuck at where
I first started.
Why couldn't
Time be humane.
Why keep bringing
back the pain?
The dream that once
I longed to see.
Now remains
a mere memory.
Innocent, is she as tempting
as she looks in the pics?
Tempting yes,
but a tornado.
Unleash the tornado on Delhi.
Tell her Dev Sir wants her.. box in the
Cultural Exchange Tournament.
Sure sir,
I'll put her in the list.
Dev's reeling
in the fishmonger!
Madhi, my champ,
you're going to Delhi.
Our Madhi's going to Delhi!
You'll box in the
Cultural Exchange Tournament
Dev Khatri himself has picked you.
Your dream's coming true!
We'll be boxing.
Adi's student, right?
Heard a lot about you.
Will you take on
a Russian boxer?
You're lucky to get an
international bout so early on.
Pad up, wear your gloves.
Sir, the Russian boxer's
in a heavier category.
Madhi's a lightweight.
- Who are you?
- Junior coach sir.
Junior coach!
Know who I am?
1980, Asian Games
gold medalist
1982, Thailand International
Meet champion
1990, Arjuna Award.
1996, Dronacharya Award.
Now, National Women's
Head Coach.
You have the nerve to advise me,
Mr. Junior Coach?
Will you fight in a
higher weight category?
- Never said I wouldn't.
- That's the spirit! Get ready.
(Speaks Russian)
You'll lose anyway.
Just go swing your arms!
(Speaks Russian)
Blue corner Madhi..
Red corner Natalia.
Come on Madhi!
Red, Blue shake hands.
- 1 ..2..
- Madhi!
3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7..
8.. 9.. 10.
Winning by knockout,
Red is the winner.
Bloody dog!
Hey Madhi,
Dev Sir's calling you.
Come on in.
Are you hurt bad?
Shut the door.
Let's see.
Don't lose heart.
The best of players lose some.
You are talented.
You'll go places.
- I tried my best.
- I know! I had picked you.
More chances will follow.
You'll represent India soon.
Your career's over!!
Why that look?
Like you've never
made out with Adi sir!
That was never his agenda!
No wonder he dumped you!
Mere talent gets you nowhere.
To rise in life,
you've got to sink low. Ask Lux!
Make it snappy.
- Hey! That's my locker.
- Step back!
Where's this from?
- Stealing from the Association?
- No! Dunno how it got there!
Don't mess with Dev sir.
Forget wearing gloves ever again.
Take her away!
- What's going on?
- I didn't steal it sir!
- I'm being framed, please help!
- She's not a thief.
This is the darkest
of any dark night.
My guiding star
nowhere in sight.
The light has blurred,
Hopes lie withered.
The dark night is
cold and stern.
The morning hoped for,
won't return.
Words from my fairy tale
have departed.
I'm stuck at where
I first started.
Why couldn't
Time be humane.
Why keep bringing
back the pain?
The dream that once
I longed to see.
Now remains
a mere memory.
- Master, I messed up.
- Smart ass! Making a call!
Please help me, Master!
Hey, don't hit her!
All I want is to box.
Nothing else!
Master, please help!
If you'd haggled longer..
..the cop would have
settled for far less.
Wait, Madhi.
I'd gladly have paid twice the amount.
Move. Sir. Sir!
How had you put it?
I only wipe my own butt..
..not my neighbor's!
You ARE a good man, sir!
Don't look back now.
You haven't won any qualifier.
But the rules allow a wild card entry
to the World Cup selections.
This is your last chance
to represent India.
Box for your life!
Good evening Master.
Madhi, let me get your bag
I'll carry it.
My hand's fine now
Lux, I'll shift your roomie.
Madhi can move in with you.
No sir.
I'll be fine on my own.
The lech is smitten by you!
What was your special move?
Drop the act,
teach me too.
I wish your hand
was broken for good.
You did try.
I fought with a broken
hand and lost.
Did I tattle?
Worked myself numb for my family.
All for this?
And the hell I've been through?
How do I even say it?
It kills me!
A police job for me would've
sorted our lives. Yours too!
'Don't box', is all you had to say.
I'd have backed off.
But not anymore.
I'll box.
For myself, and for
the man who believed in me.
You'll box huh?
I'll show you what boxing is!
Hey! Knock it off!
Lux, what's got into you?
Lux, go to your room.
Oh? So you can
take her to yours?
Madhi, you leave.
It's all your doing!
Why couldn't you train
me like you trained Madhi?
Because she's a better boxer
than you are. Nothing else.
What do I do now?
- Madhi.
- Yes, Master.
Hey Adi,
what's wrong with you?
The girl has won nothing.
She was thrashed at the Nationals!
Yet you pick her
for the World Cup selections?
Using your influence huh?
I guess you haven't
heard of a wild card entry.
Can't expect better
from free food spongers.
Spare the plates.
Look around you Madhi.
They all want you to lose.
Because you're my student.
One mistake.. they'll bury you.
What do you want Master?
A knockout.
You can't win on points.
Storms uproot
mighty trees.
The grass for a while
bows with ease.
And seizes the
moment right.
To later proudly
stand upright.
After every fall,
surge ahead.
Like the Phoenix,
rise from the dead.
Rope in diligence
Prove your excellence.
Dazzle the world
with your brilliance.
C'mon settle the score.
C'mon settle the score
(Speaks Russian)
Arise! Awaken!
Victory does beckon!
Through every vein
Let obsession flow.
Let every heartbeat sing
Victory's mine, I know!!!
C'mon settle the score.
C'mon settle the score.
C'mon settle the score.
Madhi has proven that
she's a force to reckon with.. reaching the finals.
C'mon settle the score.
C'mon settle the score.
After the last knockout,
you feel you can beat Natalia?
That was way back.
With Adi Master by my side,
no one can stop me.
India's hoping for a miracle.
..from this young fighter Madhi
to come out shining.
Come on, start training.
Hey, that's not a bar stool!
Get away from there.
You'll die. Get down!
Lux called.
Was sobbing. She lost.
But Madhi's in! I'm stealing
cable to watch her match.
Hurry! I'll tell everyone.
Hey, come watch
Madhi's match on TV!
Madhi.. India..
- Your name is not in the list.
- Next!
- What's the problem?
- Her name is not in the list.
She's won the semis!
- How can this be?
- Ask the Association. Next!
Relax. I'll be back
Dev.. Dev!
They aren't weighing Madhi!
Any problem?
Please excuse us.
Thank you.
Slimy snake,
back to your tricks!
She won the semis.
Why's she not on the list?
September 12th 1996,
Olympic selections, Hisar.. hit me in public
August 14th 2001,
National Meet, Chandigarh.. told the Press
I know zilch about boxing.
- January 28th..
- Why rake up the past now?
The wound's healed
but the scar remains.
Today Madhi will
fail the dope test.
You'll both be disgraced.
This is our battle, Dev.
Why punish her?
If she fails, you fail.
Don't do this, brother.
This isn't about us.
It's about women's boxing in India.
Of course! But it's also
about you and me, "brother".
- Dev please!
- Don't waste my time. Get out.
What do I have to do
to get Madhi to fight?
Dev, what must I do
so Madhi can fight?
What do you want
me to do Dev?
Let her fight.
Your ID.
Starting now, you will not
coach or box.
You'll steer clear
of the Association.
Enter the stadium today,
and I'll disqualify her.
Wow, man!
You've swallowed your pride,
arrogance, attitude.. lick my boots?
She must be smoking
hot in bed!
You're sick!
Should've asked me
to resign earlier.
You've wasted two
hours of training.
Make sure she fights.
Come, why are you sitting here?
Follow me.
- Come.. come on!
- Where's Master?
- Give me that paper!
- Where is my Master?
Where's my Master?
He's resigned and bolted.
Dev sir's your coach now.
Stop gawking. Get ready.
Please leave sir.
I sold fish, ate well, slept well.
A simple life, but I was happy.
You turned my world around.
Made me a champ.
And now, for the most
crucial match of my life.. desert me!
I'm sure you have a reason.
You've thought this through.
You're wise, I am the fool
ls this a new technique? Tell me.
Or my fault again?
What have I screwed up now?
Tell me!
- Go on, tell me!
- Madhi! Listen!
I resigned so that you could box.
Boxing is my life.
Don't make me regret it.
Go fight!
For me, for you,
and for women's boxing in India.
And fight like how
I know you can.
The rest can wait.
You've shut me up, as always.
I'll fight.
But Master, you gave up everything,
just for me.
If this isn't love,
what is?
If a few years ago, someone had said,
India will host the World Championship..
..and stand a chance of winning it,
I'd have laughed it off!
But today it's happening!!
Here's India's rookie boxer
E. Madhi, with coach Dev Khatri.
Facing three time World Champion,
Russia's Natalia Raiker.
The last time they fought..
..Natalia knocked out
Madhi in eight seconds flat.
Note Russia's master stroke.
Natalia made to lose weight
and fight in a lower category.
She's gotten here easily
knocking out top ranking boxers.
Women's World Boxing Championship.. bout in the
lightweight category.
In the Red corner,
E. Madhi representing India..
..and in the Blue corner,
Natalia Raiker representing Russia.
First round.
Never thought we'd quit
boxing together!
Me retired,
and your final round.
Point is she can win, but not
without you. That's frustrating.
Madhi's up on her feet again.
Natalia breaches
Madhi's defense.
This is no match
but a classic mismatch
- ..powerful punches from Natalia.
- Sir, go, please!
Another fantastic
upper cut and hook.
Madhi cowering
like a scared lamb.
Madhi's saved
by the bell!
Get closer. Her reach
is better than yours.
- Has my Master come?
- He won't.
With steady punches,
Natalia's leads by seven points.
Madhi's survived
the first round..
..but needs to deliver
scoring punches
(Speaks Russian)
She'll lose for sure.
Oh Lord, protect
my little girl.
Seconds out,
2nd round.
Natalia's raining
lightning punches.
Madhi's still struggling.
Another round like this
and we've had it.
A deadly hook
to the solar plexus..
..and a right hook
to Madhi's face.
Are you OK?
Saved by the bell again.
End of second round.
Pain is visible on Madhi's face.
Can she go on?
Security, stand A!
- Has my Master come?
- Come.
Medical check's
in progress.
If she's declared unfit,
the match is over.
India waits with
bated breath.
Are you OK?
Madhi's back in the game!
Seconds out,
3rd round.
Fantastic right hook!
Genghis Khan knew
that the enemy's strength..
..lies in their weapons.
The enemy was a goner!
Weapons destroyed, he was helpless!
What's this?!
Madhi's hitting her arms.
There are no points in that!
Ridiculous! She keeps going
at her arms! No points there!
(Speaks Russian)
Natalia bags more points..
..with her straight punches
- Face! Face!
(Speaks Russian)
Stop! Stop!
Natalia's won five more points
in this round.
Why the arms?
Hit her face!
Go get her!
Seconds out,
4th Round.
Madhi, on her face!
In a huddle now,
both exhausted.
Oh no!
Madhi's lowered her guard
ls she throwing
in the towel?
Battered, weary, she seems
to have lost hope.
Very disappointing.
The winner by a knockout..
..and the new world champion
in the lightweight category.. E. Madhi from India!
What a moment in history!
- My Madhi has won!!
- Unbelievable!
Madhi's given India
a fantastic victory!
A fishmonger from Chennai's slums
has achieved the impossible!
This is unprecedented!
Madhi's defeated a three
time World Champion by a knock-out..
..gifting India a gold medal
and the championship!
My goodness!
This is a historic moment! Amazing!
Forgive me!
You were right! Forgive me!
Like I always say,
separate politics from boxing..
..and champs will spring
from every street.
Today, my student's
done India proud!
Madhi! Madhi!
Madhi's won!
My student!
She's my student!
My Muhammad Ali!