Saandrithazh (2023) Movie Script

'Thanks to press, media
internet and social media friends'
'Thanks to Dindigal district Superintendent
of Police - Oddanchatram Police station'
'Tamil is the proof of Morality'
The village of Karuvarai welcomes you.'
'This is the front gate to Karuvarai village.'
'And this is the rear gate
of Karuvarai village.'
'Aravalli guards the front gate.'
'Suravalli guards the rear gate.'
'Whoever wishes to enter the village
has to cross these two.'
'This is the exercise ground of the village.'
'This isn't just an exercise ground...'
'The committee for peace meets here.'
'The treasury committee also meets here.'
'This is the passmark in this town.'
'No matter what someone does'
'it's impossible to get
more than a single drink here.'
'If someone tries to trick
them despite the rule'
'they're given juice instead of booze.'
'Any infractions committed by the inhabitants'
'are monitored from this control room.'
'This is the isolation block.'
'They place individuals who commit crimes here.'
'Now, watch what happens
in this conservative village.'
Good morning. Today's headlines.
Karuvarai village, located near
Oddanchatram in Dindigul district
was selected as the best village of 2022
and was to be awarded
the central government's
'Nirmal Puraskar' award.
However, the village has turned down the award
sending shockwaves in the locality.
We have received information
that Minister Kandhasamy
is headed there to engage in a discussion
with the villagers.
Greetings, sir.
Hello, sir.
- Hello, sir.
- Greetings, sir.
Greetings, this is your Soumya.
I'm now in front of Karuvarai village.
The minister will be arriving shortly
to hold talks with the villagers
who turned down the president's award.
Let's watch how the events unfold here.
This is your Soumya.
- Long live...
- The minister!
- Long live...
- The minister!
- Long live...
- The minister!
- Long live...
- The minister!
- Long live...
- The minister!
- Long live...
- The minister!
- Long live...
- The minister!
- Long live...
- The minister!
- Long live...
- The minister!
- Hurry up!
- The minister!
- Long live...
- Hello. Hello.
Settle down, everybody.
Quiet now!
- Hello, sir.
- Wait here.
Sir, you're here to meet
the inhabitants of Karuvarai village.
Could you tell us more about your visit?
'The media has begun its inquisition.'
'He has no way out now.'
Sir, the central government has decided
to award 'the Nirmal Puraskar 'award
to Karuvarai village in Dindigul district.
But the people of the village
have turned down the award.
You're here to meet the people,
and this has caused a commotion here.
What is your opinion about this, sir?
Everyone's aware these days.
- Do you have an answer to that question?
- No, sir.
Hey, Parisutham...
Knock on the doors to let them know I'm here.
That's not the problem,
but what if they chase me away?
- Hello.
- 'What's the matter? Why are you here?'
It's nothing...
Your village has been selected for the
president's award. I'm here to talk about it.
'What's the matter?
Why are you here?'
Your village has been selected
for the president's award.
I'm here to talk about it.
'What's the matter?
Why are you here?'
Oh, forget it!
'He has been replying
to a recorded message all along.'
Why don't you say that out loud?
'What could you do even if I said it out loud?'
Hey, go knock down the gates.
Sir! If you're here as a minister,
you're welcome.
If you want to talk about the award,
you can stay right there.
Are you telling a minister
not to enter the village?
The nerve on you people!
It isn't about nerves, sir.
We don't want anything bad
to happen to our village.
You think you could do this to a minister?
Mister Minister...
- Mister?
- We might look normal to you.
Try to fight us,
and you'll know how strong we are!
- Even the kids here are pretty sharp.
- Shut the hell up!
Are you all mad?
Why won't you accept the president's award?
Give me a reason!
If the president grants
an award to an individual
it's possible to go there and collect it.
But our entire village
has been nominated for the award.
So, the village will not travel there.
If the award comes here, to our village
we would accept it.
You want the president to award the village
and come here to personally present it too?
Why can't you go there?
Are you being arrogant
just because you won the government award?
I'll show you what this 'Control 'Kandhasamy
is capable of!
Come on.
Sir, these villagers need to be taught a lesson!
Politics isn't about initials behind your name.
It's all about destroying the initials
of your opposition.
- Understood?
- Yes, sir.
Let's get going.
I'll show them what I'm truly capable of.
Please stop the car.
Give me the camera.
- Why?
- Give me the camera. I'm going inside.
They refused to let the minister inside.
What can you do?
What can you do all by yourself?
Is it impossible to get in
if they don't open the gate?
Is this the secretariat?
It's just a village.
I'll manage to get in. Give me the camera.
Do what you want!
Let's get going.
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
I'm with the media.
You know what happens if you mess with me?
Hey, I don't give a damn who you're with.
It won't work out here.
Hand it over.
I said hand it over.
- Hey, are you deaf? Give back my camera.
- We can hear you.
Hey! Watch what I do to you!
What can you do?
You watch!
She's calling for backup.
- There's no reception!
- Hello...
The minute you touched our power...
We cut off your reception.
Don't you know that?
Hello, ma'am! Only incoming is allowed.
No outgoing. What will you do now?
- What the hell are you saying?
- Hey...
It doesn't matter how you came in...
We get to decide when you get to leave.
Hey, the press makes the rules.
I don't have to listen to yours.
You wait when you've got to wait...
And you fight when you've got to fight.
This is your time to wait.
Don't try to fight back.
'Isolation Block'
Hey, get in.
Hey! I'm from the press.
Don't you dare mess with me!
You'll be on the news tomorrow!
I'll be on the news only if you get out.
Get in.
Everyone, wait here.
- Hi!
- The kids from out of town are here.
The kids from our village are here.
Hey, come on. Come on.
As teachers, we pledge
to put our personal likes and preferences aside
and to break the barriers of caste,
religion, and ethnicity
by considering teaching as our penultimate duty.
We will instill the values of life
to lead a dignified life
by uprooting the evils of caste
and by selflessly committing ourselves
to the safety of our students
to transform them into good human beings.
- Hello, ma'am! Ma'am! One second...
- Yes!
Madam, your pledge sounded amazing.
No... I felt like the students here
went through a bit of inconvenience.
What do you want to know?
You ask students from the village
to get down at the gates.
You ask students from out of town
who come by van to get down at the gates too.
You ask students to walk all the way
with the books in hand!
May I know the reason behind this?
It's our intention to teach kids
how to balance hardships in life... themselves from a young age
and we have no intention
of inconveniencing them.
Have your doubts been addressed?
How's the political situation now?
- It's all good, sir!
- Couldn't have been any better, sir.
The government bows down to you.
Tell me what to do.
Stop talking, or else I'll end your life.
When a politician takes a bow,
he's ready to make a kill.
'As if that makes a difference.'
- Mani...
- Sir?
- You better stop thinking, or else...
- Oh, no!
Come in. Have a seat.
- This is for you.
- Okay, sir.
This is for the booze.
What about the side dish?
That's the suspense!
Hey, there are a million interpretations
to this 'Control 'Kandhasamy's words.
I want it all when I'm paying in bulk.
See you later, sir.
See you.
These guys will stoop down lower
than politicians for money.
Take the money and give me a hundred bottles.
- What? 100 bottles!
- Why?
It's not like it's yours.
It's in stock, get it out and hand it over.
Wait. I'll be back.
'What's his problem?'
- 'Hello?'
- Hello, Pichai?
- This is Tamizh from passmark.
- Yeah, tell me.
Polladhavan is here.
He gave me two bundles of 500 rupees
and said he wanted 100 bottles.
- What should I do?
- Give it to him. I'll take care of things.
Yeah, okay.
Come on. Put it down.
- Hey, do you drink?
- I don't drink.
Trying to stay clean, eh?
Brother! Come here.
Here you go.
- Why did you call me?
- It's my birthday.
What? Bloat day?
Birthday, not bloat day!
It was just a slip of the tongue.
Forget it!
Hey, some idiot is giving away free booze
on his birthday! Come on, guys!
Hey, why'd you call me an idiot just now?
Weren't you the guy who hid in the corn fields?
Oh, get lost!
Oh, welcome!
'Passmark Welcomes you to Heaven's Gate'
"I am born again,
A Pandora's box"
"My enchanting allure
Constantly locks"
"I am born again,
A Pandora's box"
"My enchanting allure
Constantly locks"
"About my midriff,
The whole town talks"
"And don't act sly
Like a fox!"
"About your midriff,
The whole town talks"
"We don't act sly
Like the fox!"
"Your breath makes me wasted"
"Your words set me ablaze!"
"Eyes are conversing,
Heart's racing"
"You play foul
Leaving me in a daze!"
"In Kuala Lumpur,
I'm the queen!"
"Just as thrilling as wine!"
"In Kuala Lumpur,
I'm the queen!"
"Just as thrilling as wine!"
"I'm a simple flower shop on the street
Come and take a seat"
"Don't just walk by without a greet
For you'll miss the treat!"
"Even the prickly plant turns to sugarcane"
"The scent of this woman
Melts away your brain!"
"Like the moon under a dark cloud"
"When you yearn for passion,
I turn up proud!"
"I'm like the overflowing beer"
"Who wants to have a sip, come here!"
"I'm a mango in the liquor shop"
"Come taste me,
Don't let the chance drop"
"You stand there staring
Come near if you're daring"
"Spend your time, admiring!"
Come and look at what Polladhavan has done.
"I walk the streets like Diwali,
So bright"
"In my presence,
Whirlwinds take flight!"
"All the elders in town,
Will come around"
"Even the toothless old clown,
Finds a reason to come down"
"My shadows cause earthquakes"
"Even glaciers melt like snowflakes!"
"I'm the calculation of scarcity
Pull me with audacity"
"I'm the chariot coming hastily,
Come watch me closely"
"You stand there staring
Come near if you're daring"
"Spend your time, admiring!"
"I am born again,
A Pandora's box"
"My enchanting allure
Constantly locks"
'So he's here, dancing around...'
'You wait mister, I'm coming...'
"My enchanting allure
Constantly locks"
Hey! Make way!
Come here! I'm shipping you out of town!
- You're going to get it from me today!
- Not in public...
Hey, Camera! How are you?
This is vegetarian, and this is non- vegetarian.
Eat what you like.
So you're a vegetarian?
I forgot you're from the media.
That's why you're trying to confuse me.
- one square--
- Ma'am?
- Go inside. Aunty will be with you shortly.
- Okay, Aunty.
Let's replace all our village's old cameras
with newer ones.
Ma'am, if we order it online, we'll get it in...
- Two- three days?
- Yes, it should be here.
- It should be here in two to three days.
- Oh, okay.
And the drone...
It's making a lot of noise.
Just a minute, ma'am.
Ma'am, the new DJI Inspire
2 costs about six lakhs.
The noise would be low,
and the images are also of better quality.
- Shall we buy that?
- Yes. Let's get that.
Okay, Pichai...
- Here's ten lakh rupees.
- Thank you, ma'am.
If you need any more,
I'll send it by Google pay.
Okay, ma'am. Okay.
Okay, ma'am. Thank you so much.
- See you, ma'am.
- Let's go.
"Kanamma, Kanamma,
Shall we sell the fish together?"
'Mobile Seafood Stall'
'Karuvarai village?'
This looks scarier than the Bahubali gate!
Why is Raja Madha standing here
instead of the security guard?
Who are you?
What do you have inside that box?
The box has fish... and my bike has a board.
You look like a fraud.
'How did she figure it out?'
Don't get me wrong, sister.
I came here to sell fish. That's all!
Sister! Would you like to buy some?
I'm not the police, brother.
She has to scan her eye to open the gate?
I have no idea what is waiting for me inside!
'She opened the gate with just her eye?'
'Is it impossible to escape from this village
after making a mistake?'
'Just wait and watch
how I escape from here.'
'Why are you staring at me?
Get back to work!'
Come on, people! Buy some fish! Come here!
Grandpa, be careful.
The fish might bite!
Come on, people! Come here!
Gather around!
While the rest of the fish swim in the sea,
my fish can chill on the shore for an hour!
Don't you know that?
Try my fish!
You'll become my fan at once!
- What is the price of the fish?
- Hey! What kind of special fish do you have?
Barracuda fish for the flirtatious husband!
Needlefish for the troublesome mother-in-law!
Rohu Fish is for the one who lost his voice!
Murrel fish for the drunkards!
Trevally, for the toothless grandma!
Butterfish for the grownups!
- Didn't you shower today?
- Mmm.
Go on! Go! Get lost!
'All the expired fish are sold!'
- Hey! Fish seller! Yes... you.
- Who is that smelly cat?
Come here.
Leave your bike there. Come on!
- Tell me, brother.
- Brother...
You are selling good quality fish, right?
What do you do if nobody buys your fish?
- I'll dry and sell them as dried fish, brother.
- Super!
Can I get a starfish to make
me shine like a star?
'Is he messing with me?'
Also, everybody is raving
about the fresh fish you sell!
Is it true that your
fish are fresh from the sea?
I dived into the sea and
caught them all by myself.
- Really?
- Look at the state of my hands!
I could smell all species of fish in your hand!
Yes, brother
Money is essential to run a business,
but honesty is even more vital.
- I'm very dedicated!
- Super! Super.
If you keep this up, you'll
be the next Ambani! Okay?
Okay, brother.
Let me ask you something.
What kind of fish did you sell today?
- Murrels?
- Half kilograms.
- Carp fish?
- Half kilograms.
- Pomfrets?
- One kilogram of that.
So, give me two kilograms of those in total.
Will that be enough, brother?
Hey... I have only three people in my family.
If not, I would have bought
everything for myself.
Also... you are saying that it's fresh.
Let the villagers eat. Go on. Sell it to them.
Yes, brother.
I'll pack some extra for you.
Oh! How lovely you are!
Just wait and see what's going to happen!
[sings song]
Who's the idiot who decided to stick a spear
in my way while driving at full speed?
My job here is done.
I'll get going now.
Nobody here has the guts to stop me!
You turned it down when I gave it to you earlier
Here! You can take this now.
- Hey, you!
- Why did you throw that away, sister?
Why are you taking the key?
Shut up and sit there. Go!
- What do you mean?
- Do as I say!
- It's been an hour since you were arrested. Go!
- I'm under arrest?'
Get lost!
'Everybody in this village seems to be crazy!'
Oh God! Why did they arrest me?
I have no one here to take me out on bail.
What am I going to do? Dear God!
I should have sent somebody else.
Here, son. Have some.
- Have what?
- Eat this, son.
- Hey... hey... I don't want it.
- Go on! Eat some.
Hey! No, sister. I don't want it!
Listen to me. HEY! HEY!
Oh God! I don't want it!
Make way, everyone.
Hey! I don't care whether you savor every bite
or gobble it down quickly.
But you have to finish everything!
Go on. Dig in.
- Enjoy your meal!
- I can eat it only if it isn't rotten.
You're as tiny as an egg!
How dare you play tricks on us?
Have fun eating it.
You stinky rat!
Get lost!
- Hey! Eat it.
- I don't want it.
- Eat it, man! Eat it.
- I don't want it!
Sister! Sister!
- Why are you kidnapping this cute guy?
- Come again?
You pigface!
I'll stab you with this! Get going!
Do whatever you want, sister.
But please don't stare at
me with that face of yours.
It gives me the chills!
Go! Go on!
'Once I get out, I'm ratting on you!'
Wait a minute, sister.
- What is it?
- Aren't you coming inside?
You little...
'What a kick that was!'
'Looks like they've arrested a girl before me.'
'Why does she look like a ghost?
Will she bite my throat off?'
'Let me see if being polite works.'
She really is a ghost, I think.
It's just that...
they kicked me inside.
Did they throw you in by gripping your neck?
You landed safely, right? Or did you get hurt?
It's just that we are roommates now...
I wanted to chat! That's why...
I'll rip your tongue off!
Okay! You mind your business.
I'll mind mine!
'Why do we have to chat?!'
'I might get stabbed by her! Oh God!'
It's 6 PM now.
Turn off your televisions, everyone!
Nobody is allowed to watch
soap operas after 6 PM.
People from Karuvarai village are requested
to gather at the Union Ground by eight.
Aravalli! Suravalli!
Check everything once thoroughly!
- Did you check over there?
- Yes. What about this side?
- I checked it thoroughly.
- Over there?
I'm heading there.
I'll get to that side at once.
Okay. Go ahead.
Hey! What are you doing here?
Don't you know that it's beyond the curfew time?
No, sister...
Shut it! Leave now!
Keep walking!
People from the isolation block are also
requested to assemble at the union ground.
Isn't this too much to ask?
We can even find a man
who doesn't drink after six.
But... is there any woman out there
who doesn't watch soap operas after six?
They are simply spitting nonsense!
Wait, I'll bash you all up someday.
Hey... Get up!
'Oh God! I'm dead!'
I'm sick. I have taken some medicines.
Can I take some rest?
Did you see the time?
You... Leave now!
Come quickly!
Look at her spinning tales!
'She's gone! I'll continue.'
This village is worse than North Korea.
They have CCTV cameras in every nook and corner!
They are torturing women by refraining them
from watching TV after six!
They all assemble at eight!
Will they even make a rule that says
you can make love only after ten?
Hey, idiot!
Won't you zip your mouth?
I'm already furious. If you keep yapping,
I might end up slapping you!
Forget about slapping me now.
I won't stop until
I know what these villagers are up to.
Come, let's go!
She seems bulky... but it turns out she is not!
Oh my goodness! She flew off!
Hold on. Don't end up running into a wall.
'I could smell fish curry from afar!'
Wake your friend up!
- Hey, Vasanthi!
- Wake up now!
Wake up already!
Remove her blanket.
Where am I?
Really? You are lounging on a bed
right in the middle of the crowd!
You are at Union Ground.
At the Union Ground?
How did I come here?
Who brought me here?
We didn't bring you.
We carried you here!
Hey, you! You were so hooked on that show
you didn't even notice us carrying you
across four streets to get you here.
That TV show began airing when you were born.
You are 20 years old now!
The actors have all grown old.
And you are still watching that show!
You're talented at pretending to be sick
when someone questions you!
Excuse me! It takes 10 minutes for a person
to die after a snake bite.
But looking at his
I'm afraid they might froth up and drop
dead in just 10 seconds.
Hey! Keep quiet.
No one is allowed to
switch on the TV after six.
Above all, watching TV series
is strictly prohibited.
Not only that...
Ignoring the men who come home
after a long day at work...
Ignoring the kids once they
return home from school...
People waste their lives
by watching soap operas all day!
That's why we insist that people
- turn off the TV after six.
- Look here!
You are about to be rewarded by him
for your exemplary behavior!
- Brother! Your turn.
- Listen up!
You are being sent to the
isolation block for three months.
You must eat the food that's
being provided there. Okay?
You are prohibited
from visiting anyone
or stepping out of Karuvarai
village. Understood?
Until then, your mobile has to stay with me.
Hand it over!
Give it!
- Hey! Hand it over.
- Do it!
God knows what rubbish she's watching
in the name of serials!
These wicked people!
They're putting on an epic drama
while prohibiting TV soaps!
They are crazy!
I get it now.
I think you are the confused one here.
They are not staging a drama.
They are teaching a lesson.
You probably won't get it.
Forget about that. I'm losing my grip! Help me!
Oh God! There's a pit down there!
Everything smells like booze to me.
I'll never stop coming here,
no matter how many times they chase me away!
Suravalli! Open the door!
Oh God! She neither
opens the village gates
nor the house
gates! What will I do?
Suravalli! Open the door!
Not a soul seems to be present!
Hey, Suravalli!
- Suravalli!
- Hey!
I could hear something from behind...
- That was you?
- Turn around!
What the hell is this?
Look at you playing with this like a small kid!
Give it to me!
- Throw this away!
- Oh!
So... this is supposed to be a village...
And there's a gate to guard this place...
And a coat for the guard...
I'll put an end to all this.
You are about to get thrashed,
and your face will get smashed!
Really? Try me!
Did you see that?
Looks like you've been
training your dodging skills!
That's right.
- Hey, you... What?
- Look here.
Take me home and thrash me all you want.
Don't put on a public stunt.
My darling!
Your fate is already sealed.
Does it matter where you are getting bashed?
What do you say?
- All right, let's go!
- Yay! Come on.
You there...
Find him and ask him to meet me.
Are you not allowed to
defecate publicly in this village?
Forget pooping!
'Just wait and see how
I turn this village into a...
...smelly dumpster by doing
all sorts of nasty things!'
- I have to find a perfect spot to do that.
- 'Public Defecation is Prohibited'
'Oh God! I don't feel good...'
I wanted to make this
village a stinky dumpster.
'But I'll end up smelling like a pile
of dung myself at this rate!'
'I'll drop a load right next to this board.'
'No one is here. Let's get to business.'
'You idiot! Get up!'
- 'You buffoon! How dare you?'
- Oh God! They saw me! Oh no!
'Run to your right.
Don't take the left.'
- 'Run!'
- Oh, God! It hurts.
'The bathroom is just one kilometer away.
'Don't you dare turn back!'
- 'I said run!
- I can't!
- This is torture!
- 'What are you mumbling while running?'
Why did you stop?
'Run! Keep running!'
Why should I?
Everything's over.
- I feel like I just lost ten kilograms.
- Brother!
Looks like you've fertilized the land!
Are you done here?
- Are you that happy?
- Yes!
- Come. Let's go.
- Where to?
Where else? My house has plenty of water.
Come and clean yourself.
Is that so?
- That won't be enough for you, right?
- Yes!
Don't worry.
There's plenty of water. Come on!
Also, I have detergent.
You can get your trousers cleaned.
- The stench makes me want to chop off my nose!
- Okay, sure.
Dry it in the sun.
Only then will the germs die.
Smart kiddo!
Many people would have died
if they didn't discover this elixir!
What a jobless guy!
He's drunk throughout the day!
Hey! Hold on.
Come here. Who are you?
How are you doing?
Why do you give me that look like
I've said something inappropriate?
Okay, forget it.
How are your parents?
My mother is fine.
But my father is a drunkard
who doesn't listen to anyone!
What? Is your father a drunkard?
Hey! Who's that boozehound
who can outshine me in this village? Tell me!
- I'll never spare him!
- I'm talking about you, man! You are my father!
Oh God! He started already?!
You were born just yesterday!
But you are all grown up!
The milk is on the boil.
Keep an eye on it.
I'll take care of him.
Hey, you! Looking like a burnt incense stick...
Are you seriously asking our
12-year-old son who his father is?
Do you recognize me, at least?
You are the aunty who lives next door, right?
You can't recognize your son or your wife...
But you can recognize the aunty
who lives next door, is it?
- Yes! She's much better than you, right?
- Hey!
Little by little, you have changed me
into 'Kovai Sarala 'completely!
Then, do you agree that I'm 'Vadivelu'?
When I thrash you black and blue
just like how she does...
I won't stay here that long!
I'll run away!
These villagers enjoy booze.
But they are humiliating us
without giving us even a single drop of it.
I'm hurt.
Hey, fishie!
Wait and watch.
Hey, brother.
What are you doing?
- Come here.
- Hold on.
Come here, I say!
Come, boy!
What is it, man?
Is this how you address a young lad?
Hey, good lad... Sit down. Keep that aside.
It's just that... we tried so hard
to get something from passmark.
But they look at us with disgust
as if we have a big fat fail mark on our faces.
You look very handsome, by the way.
You seem to be a good person.
If you don't mind... can you buy us some liquor?
Why did he react like he just
had an electric shock?
Hey, brother...
My entire body is shivering.
I'm attempting to stay composed
by clutching my hands in my armpits.
Why? Can't you guys go a
single day without drinking?
He might skip a day without showering,
but he can't go without a drink.
- Please help us out!
- Yes, brother...
I have so much to do.
He will go home and sleep like a sloth.
Look at him pretending to be busy!
- What was that?
- Nothing, brother.
You have paid me as well!
Okay. I'll buy some booze.
Don't lose the money.
We don't have cash on us!
Hey, buddy! He's back.
- Happy now?
- You are back, finally!
Come here. Come on.
Give it to me!
You have to lie down so
the booze can go down easily!
- Thanks a ton! You can leave now.
- No worries.
Go ahead and enjoy.
I won't mind you guys.
This one is for you.
Pour some more!
No matter how much I drink,
I don't feel drunk!
We are done with four bottles.
But why are we still sober?
Our booze won't get people drunk.
This is new!
Trying something new is
better than copying the old.
Even the villagers won't
get another glass of liquor!
These guys are greedy!
He's crazy!
Look at him go after spitting nonsense.
Did he mix water into it
after finishing everything on his way back?
Could be!
Adding water is fine. But what if he peed in it?
'My nickname will amount to nothing
if I don't act on the Karuvarai village issue.'
'What to do?'
'Okay, sure.'
'I'll learn about the
restrictions in this village today.'
Who are you?
Why are you honking non-stop?!
I'm Bhuvana.
- What's the matter?
- I came here to visit the salon.
What's the reason?
- To get a facial.
- Who asked you to come?
It's just that... I heard that
I could get a good facial here. That's why.
Tell me. What do you want?
I don't want anything.
I just want to talk to you.
You want to talk to 'me'?
If we just chat, people might grow suspicious.
How about we chat while doing the facial?
There are no cameras here, right?
Tell me what you wanted to say. Don't be scared.
There are no cameras here.
I'll get to the point.
I have a massage center in the city.
It's enough if you send me customers.
I'll pay you online.
I hope you get what I'm trying to say.
Think it through and tell me your decision.
Brother! Super plan!
Can we get it done?
You cannot tempt us into making a mistake,
or can you leave this village.
Hey, move!
Hey! A new wicket!
- An astounding one!
- Wicket?
She looks like a bucket,
but you are calling her a wicket?
Hey, shut up, man!
Is this how you treat a guest?
You are talking as if
she has come to our housewarming!
God knows how many will be kicked in!
So... why did they arrest you?
For me!
When milk and decoction are mixed
together...we'll get coffee.
When she and I get together...
we'll be happy!
And I'll get stressed.
Just shut up before I spit in your face.
- This guy!
- He's jealous.
Excuse me! Tell me, why did they arrest you?
I came here to visit a salon.
I'll tell you what happened later.
You might have
used all the makeup...
So the villagers got furious
and kicked you aside.
Go and hide your makeup kit. Go!
Where is my room?
- There's an empty room. Yes.
- Where is it?
There's a restroom inside.
But even there, you can't be at peace.
He'll come and sneak a peek every minute.
Hey! They just won't stop talking.
Come. Let's go.
People are requested to assemble
for the treasury committee meeting.
We have to go through our village's expenses.
Be there quickly!
Why didn't you come last time?
- Come now, at least.
- Come on! Come soon, guys.
- Greetings, ma'am.
- Welcome, Laya ma'am.
So... you might not have participated
in these kinds of events earlier, right?
Yes. How do you know that?
By the time you're done getting ready,
the event could have already ended ages ago!
Laya ma'am will do the talking now.
Our bank deposit was five crores.
Do you get what's going on?
2,65,000 rupees was its monthly interest.
The total interest amount is
95,40,000 rupees.
Village maintenance expenses,
newly bought cameras,
school maintenance expenses,
temple expenses,
money that was given as debts...
and apart from all the expenses
made till now that costs 50 lakhs rupees...
The balance amount is 45,40,000 rupees.
Wow! The numbers are huge!
These are our income and expenses for this year.
Now, Mayilswamy from our village...
Get up, Mayilswamy!
- Greetings.
- Applaud for our Mayilswamy.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Mayilswamy! Do you know
why they all applauded?
Not because you are going to America.
You'll gain and expand your knowledge there...
They hope that you'll make the best use of it
when you come to India. Understood?
Judging by the way you shake your head...
It seems like you won't return to India.
Are you planning to get a green card
and wave goodbye to India?
Then, let's do one thing.
Let's make him sign an
agreement to return to India
once he completes his
education there, alright?
Your son has to sign an
agreement stating
that he'll come and work here
after finishing his studies.
Only then will the entire village
fund his education. Okay?
Okay, sir.
People who asked for money can queue up.
Why is he asking them to queue up?
Maybe he's planning to bash them
for asking for money!
Shut your mouth!
I'll always be grateful for your help.
Why are you hesitating?
Because we ask you to sign the agreement
before giving you the money?
There's something even more important!
According to the people of Karuvarai,
our conscience is our agreement.
The food's amazing, right?
- We're at his house, after all.
- You're right!
Where the heck did they go?
No one's available.
Come here, you good-for-nothing people!
- Yes, sir?
- Tell us, sir.
Tell us what you want, and we'll get it done!
Give me a nod, and I'll destroy them.
Do it then!
Destroy Karuvarai village!
'Let's not act in haste.'
'Continue eating, all of you!'
- Who are you?
- I'm Dr. Thilagavathy.
- Who?
- Dr. Thilagavathy!
I'm here to relieve Dr.Ilango from his shift.
I see.
'A diversion sign in a village?'
'Thought I'd expose their fraudulence
before they expose mine,'
'looks like they'll trap me and have me killed.'
'Not again.'
- It hurts. I can't bear it.
- Wait till the doctor comes.
- Sir?
- Yes?
- What is it?
- Greetings, sir. It's for my friend.
- Is the issue inside or on the out?
- Inside, sir.
- I'm coming out, then.
- 'Is he nuts or am I?'
- Why is he seated like that?
- It turned into a habit for him, sir.
He might unload it here!
Hi, sir. I'm Dr. Thilagavathy.
He's been suffering from
diarrhea for three days.
It hurts!
Hi, sir. I'm Dr. Thilagavathy.
I'm Dr. Pushpa. Pushpa Raj!
Look at him flirt!
Hey, hey!
You can introduce yourselves later.
Can you give him something for his diarrhea?
Wait, I'll give you an injection.
Hang on, dude!
Lift up your shirt!
Poke him, sir!
- Did you just scream like a girl?
- Why would I do that?
Why did you inject me?
Listen, I gave you a sedative.
- You will slowly lose conscience.
- What? Why?
Are you done?
I have fulfilled my duty to Karuvarai.
Dispose of the body now.
And get rid of it.
Shall I give you a sedative each?
I will! I'm going to!
Leave us be, please!
'Exercise Ground'
'An exercise ground?'
'Tuning the Heart: Musical workouts'
'Are these villagers training for the Olympics?'
'Stay forever young with Yoga'
Everyone is assembled here.
What are they up to there?
Skipping, I guess.
Why are they here before sunset?
I know, right?
'Where's Camera?'
What are you all waiting for here?
Start working out.
Mocham told me that you had a tummy ache.
So I...
I didn't know what it could be.
I bought some general medication.
And medication a woman might need.
Use the medicines you need.
Could you look at me and say that?
You could...
...say that with a smile?
"If only I could be yours"
"I'd surrender my life to you!"
"Like dust above a dense forest"
"I sway in the thought of you!"
"Like a rainbow fading away"
"I'm lost searching for you,
Far, far away!"
"Carpet of flowers I laid out for you
Come, my dear darling!"
"I yearn the day to welcome you
In my heart!"
"If only I could be yours"
"I'd surrender my life to you!"
"Like a silkworm,
You spin words with your laughter"
"I lay mesmerized in awe of you!"
"You broke my heart to bits
With your looks"
"You left me bewitched like a crazy guy!"
"You caught my heart hook,
Line, and sinker!"
"Your love makes my heart beat,
Don't you know that?"
"My only boon for all of my seven lives!"
"Who could take good care of you but me?"
"Carpet of flowers I laid out for you
Come, my dear darling!"
"I yearn the day to welcome you in my heart!"
"If only I could be yours,"
"I'd surrender my life to you!"
"A bond I didn't seek,
A treasure that sought me"
"I live in the thought of your precious face!"
"My unwaning dream, my nightly charm"
"I yearn to live a life
I dreamt with you"
"I dance to your tunes without music"
"Your love does things inside
that I can't understand"
"You're a source of pure joy
twirling in my mind"
"Your gaze pierces deep as a thrilling maze"
"Carpet of flowers I laid out for you
Come, my dear darling!"
"I yearn the day to welcome you in my heart!"
"If only I could be yours,"
"I'd surrender my life to you!"
- Pichai...
- Yeah.
Only a man can empathize with another.
So, we've decided to help you out.
What the...
Not in that way, though.
What sort of help?
We know that you're in love with Soumya.
- And how do you know that?
- Cause we too like her...
May I ask why the sudden shower of love?
Oh, please.
Thought we'd fix you up with her and leave town.
Are we matchmakers now?
- Not we. It's just you.
- Me?
- Better do it properly and carefully, okay?
- I will whoop you!
I've been trying to reach you for long, Pichai!
- Is it?
- I've whooped up a guy who spoke too much.
Can you throw him outside of our village?
- What a gangster she is!
- Get ready to remove the cameras, okay?
Sure, you two take care of him.
Why are they like this?
Don't worry.
We are leaving tonight!
Can we?
We can!
- Let's get going.
- Yeah, let's go.
- There's a camera over there.
- Okay.
That one needs to go.
There's another one, here.
Look! There's another, there.
You say like we're out to take clothes.
We can do it one by one at a time.
Don't order us around.
And don't dump all the work on one person.
Pichai, I have a doubt.
I have the same doubt too!
- 'Ugh, this pest.'
- Bro!
It makes sense if you ask us to remove
all CCTVs on our escape route.
But why do you want us to remove everything?
Come on, bro.
I didn't believe it when
they said fish had a brain.
Now I do.
You guys don't trust me?
Why do you say that?
I swear I don't.
You don't look trustworthy.
I'm leaving.
I won't trust me
I believe you, bro. Follow me!
My heart leaps when I see you!
Yeah yeah, why won't it?
You gave us all work to do.
What are you two doing under this tree?
Scram now, you two!
Go your separate ways!
It's a task to separate them!
When will I get a chance to woo a girl?
What are you looking at?
Help us, maybe!
I can't
We took out every camera like you told us to.
Don't ask us to remove all the
cameras on the phones.
Can you now show us the way out?
Patience, I have to think about it.
About what?
When you could tell us to remove
each camera without a thought,
what are you thinking about now?
I was wondering if we should go left or right.
- I told you then not to believe him.
- Hey, hey!
This is the village border.
You're sure all the cameras are removed, right?
We removed it and threw it away in front of you!
- Not one was spared!
- Awesome, man!
Okay, get going then.
'Had I done this in the military,
I would've had a job!'
Is this what freedom smells like?
Stop ruining the sweet smell
of freedom with your stink!
- 'I thought you wouldn't notice.'
- Shut up now and watch over there!
- They're standing at the border!
- Gosh, this fellow is here to annoy us too!
A very good morning to
the beauties caught red-handed!
Good morning!
What, twat?
Where are you all off to?
To the bathroom, I presume.
Nothing much.
All of us wanted to thank you wholeheartedly.
Why do you want to thank us?
- Confusing? I'll tell you.
- Yeah, very much.
Nothing major, though.
We asked around how much it would cost
to remove all of our old CCTVs.
They quoted 25,000 rupees!
We thought we'd do it later.
But you guys did it free of cost
and removed every single one!
I normally don't work when I'm paid.
And you guys made us work...
Since you helped us save money,
we thank you on behalf of the village!
Have you ever thought of
how this guy will let us escape?
Shouldn't you have told us this earlier?
I tried a million times.
I thought you were trying to score him!
If you wait here, we'll extend your sentence.
Don't worry!
Oh gosh, a pit.
I panicked and almost fell into a pit.
- Let's go.
- Go. Go.
See you!
Hurry and get the job done!
Where could it be?
- What are you searching for, sir?
- Zip it and buzz off!
What's taking them so long?
Answer me, sir!
Move away, you idiot.
Sir, I searched everywhere.
It isn't here.
What are you saying?
Wait, I'm coming.
I asked her not to make potatoes.
Does she ever listen?
Why did you stop over there?
Who said I did?
May I know what you're searching for?
Sir, sir...
Move, you moron.
How long will you search
for the stuff we planted?
Found it, sir!
I'm this close to ruining Karuvarai!
Never underestimate the
power of 'Rocket' Ramasamy!
Oh, you brave policemen...
You're going to attempt to ruin Karuvarai, huh?
Like you would.
Wait till you hear what we have to say.
Let me see who's going to go to the ruins now.
You will know after I arrest you all.
Policemen arrest people and
then interrogate them.
But we do things differently here.
We interrogate and then arrest them.
- Oh, so you'd arrest us, police?
- Of course!
It's been half an hour since your arrest.
What the heck are you saying?
Are you joking or trying to cause a scene?
Have patience, my son,
and watch the fun unravel!
Greetings, sir.
I called because I trust you a lot.
'Rocket' Ramasamy would never let you down, sir.
I'll stash the bottles at the
wine shop and return safely.
I won't mess it up.
And I'll take care of your needs.
This is Ramasamy.
'Rocket' Ramasamy!
So, have you launched many rockets?
If you talk unnecessarily,
I'll throw you in jail and beat you up!
Sir, please rescue us from this place!
They torture us!
Don't try to act smart.
But first, I want to interrogate you all.
Interrogate us?
Tell me, how's the isolation block?
Isolation block... will be isolated, sir.
Don't act smart.
I will dig this 'lathi' in your face!
Water supply is uninterrupted, right?
It comes when it wants to.
Is the power supply at least uninterrupted?
Sir, this doesn't seem like an interrogation.
Why are you even asking us this?
If I don't do it,
- he'd beat me to a pulp!
- What are you guys up to?
Keep this wastrel with you.
Sure, bro. We'll 'take care 'of this wastrel!
'The gate's locked, sir.'
What the heck?
- Jump over it, then.
- 'Okay, sir.'
Let me see who dares to challenge me.
I'm coming. You go to your room.
Okay, Aunty!
- There's someone under the cot!
- It's nothing...
Don't you worry, okay?
'Nothing, huh?
I guess I'm in the clear.'
Drink just a bit!
No. Enough, Aunty.
Let's get to bed.
'Now that I'm here,
let me fulfill the minister's wish!'
This is a place where men treat all women
with respect, not just their wives.
How dare you surpass all CCTVs,
the gate, and us to get inside?!
Hey, you.
How dare you show off your might
to a woman who was alone?
Have you got no shame?
Moron. Show us what you did then.
I dare you.
Come on, show us.
Listen up.
Do you think you can prey on
women's deepest desires?
They sacrifice it for the
sake of their children.
I can't understand how you
wastrels don't understand this!
Bold of you to...
Aravalli, lift him up.
- Picha...
- Yes?
I've been searching for you.
Why? What happened?
I've always felt
there's something amiss in my life.
But after seeing you...
I no longer feel that way.
I love you!
I always wondered
if I'll ever find love in my life.
But from the minute I saw you
to this very second,
I feel like I've found the world's love in you.
I love you too!
What's going on?
I thought we were the only
ones awakened by an alarm.
But they've woken up the entire town.
Who are these people?
It doesn't matter who it is.
Let's join the crowd and escape.
So he can drive his car over me?
Get lost.
Shall I have an emotional chat with him
and plan our escape?
But what if he's in another mood
and kidnaps you? Who'll save you then?
Now stop talking.
Let's go find out who he is.
You went there directly
after you got out of prison.
Do you have any news for us?
I've got some good news for you all.
Wait a minute.
Hold on to your good news.
Answer us first.
What do you want to know?
Why have you kept us locked up?
What are you going to do to us?
Before that, try to understand
what actually happened.
What have I been reduced to?
I can't believe I ended up like this.
Why did I even listen to that minister?
Now I'm trapped in this Karuvarai village.
Damn it!
I can't even leave this town at my will.
Hey, what is this?
They don't deliver newspapers
properly, even in cities.
But they provide
it on time here.
Oh God!
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister
sacks Minister Control Kandhasamy.
Then my work here is done.
Are you wondering who we are?
We are government officials
who came to study...
...the integrity and discipline
of Karuvarai village.
I wish to say a few words about this village.
This village taught me how to act humanely
when I was here as a doctor.
My heartfelt thanks to these villagers.
I welcome Mr. Mannu Moottu, the first person
to reform in this village, to say a few words.
Thank you!
Our village might have
celebrated a lot of functions.
I'm delighted that this function felicitates us.
The one question the Chief Minister
kept asking me is...
'How did you bring about this change of heart?'
He wants to learn the secret to success
to share it with other villages.
Sir, it's no secret.
In short... We'll give our life to labor
and shoulder to rise.
Hello, everyone.
Everyone is curious to know how
we brought about such a change in this village.
Thanks to the dream of a great man, Vellasamy,
Tharuthalai village has become estimable,
changed me for good,
and has become a role model for the future.
It's his work that has brought
you all here today.
I just have one request.
It's our wish that his dream
spreads across the world.
Thank you!
I warmly welcome our Hon'ble Chief Minister,
elders and everyone from Karuvarai village
to this function.
I'm pleased to be here.
They say this village is the
finest village in India.
But this village has set
an example for the whole world.
It gives me immense pleasure
to present the award to this village.
Thank you all!
I now welcome our Hon'ble Minister
to say a few words.
Thank you!
Hello to everyone present here.
I've seen a lot of people file a petition
asking for roads or water
facilities in their village.
But this is the first time
I've received a petition
asking for a village without caste certificates.
I've come here after signing
the request given by Veera
on behalf of this village.
I'm really proud to give my approval for this.
Hon'ble Governor will now present
the Nirmal Puraskar Award for this village
to the son of Vellasamy,
who is the Guardian angel of this village.
Get it.
Everyone talks so proudly of Dad.
How is that?
Where are my parents, Uncle?
Enough. Stop now.
- Come on, buddy.
- You look just like Michael Jackson!
Oh, that's enough.
Now open the shop.
- I'm becoming restless.
- I'll help you relax.
Today is the grand opening.
Whoever buys a full gets a quarter free.
Listen now. But if I buy a quarter,
I get a full free.
- Granted.
- Is the pickle free?
You want that for free too?
Get it from someone's house.
- Do you think you'll get everything for free?
- Forget him. Open the shop first.
- Yes, it's getting late.
- Yes, yes.
What happened? You look shocked,
and you haven't even had a drink yet.
- Did you forget the keys?
- No, I have the keys for my lock.
But how dare someone put a lock over my lock!
Who did this?
Who the hell is he?
Lock over a lock?!
What kind of a joke is this?
Who did it?
Who the hell did this?
Mannu Moottu, this should be
Advice Vellasamy's work.
'Tharuthalai Village'
- Wait.
- Hopeless people. Here they come, the saints!
Hey, stop right here.
- Is this your work?
- Yes.
I own this place.
I will run a wine shop
or anything for that matter.
You can't stop me.
You open whatever shop you want.
I don't care!
But, I'll never allow you to open a liquor shop.
- Vellasamy...
- What?
I know very well you wouldn't
allow me to open one.
But, be patient.
I'll make you open it with your own hands.
Get me that phone, Sorimuthu.
What's going on?
Looks like nothing interesting will happen.
Their fight has reached its peak.
They are not going to open for now.
- Our Karuppan owns a shop. I'll get you one.
- Okay.
- Come on, quick.
- Give me money before you leave.
You wish! Get lost!
Right... I'll make sure you pay me the money.
Call the police or anyone else,
but forget about opening this liquor shop.
Do you get it?
I'll teach you a lesson!
- Come on, let's go.
- To hell with you two!
We shouldn't let go of them easily.
He can't even keep a check on his wife.
Look at him talk!
Look who's here.
Sorimuthu... One call and the police are here.
Money does the talking here.
- Sorimuthu?
- Yes.
- Vellasamy will become nothing.
- Well said!
Why is this village named
Tharuthalai when you are here?
'Tharuthalai Village'
It wouldn't take long to change the board.
But first, I need to change the people here.
"Ah, the crow takes flight,
The cuckoo takes flight"
"Atop our heart's co-op!"
"The crab is crawling,
The fox is roaming"
"Over our heads!"
"Ah, the crow takes flight,
The cuckoo takes flight"
"Atop our heart's co-op!"
"The crab is crawling,
The fox is roaming"
"Over our heads!"
"Just like the Earth
We'll roam around our town"
"With wealth saved by our fathers,
We fly high!"
"We can't live life in circles"
"Time doesn't pass
Without treading a plan!"
"In the fleeting time, we are whole,
Like a celestial firework, we'll explode!"
"In this fresh air, and the arrogance of our age
We'll pop open the mystery and see!"
"Ah, the crow takes flight,
The cuckoo takes flight"
"Atop our heart's co-op!"
"The crab is crawling,
The fox is roaming"
"Over our heads!"
"Ah, the crow takes flight,
The cuckoo takes flight"
"Atop our heart's co-op!"
"The crab is crawling,
The fox is roaming"
"Over our heads!"
"Ah, on the tar road,
We'll break the beer bottle!"
"We'll trouble the ones,
Who stop us from playing PUBG!"
"In our town,
We have no good name!"
"Even if we did,
Our pride wouldn't waver!"
"Adieu to TikTok,
Now Instagram takes the stage"
"For everyone,
The mobile phone is a home!"
"Ah, the crow takes flight,
The cuckoo takes flight"
"Atop our heart's co-op!"
"The crab is crawling,
The fox is roaming"
"Over our heads!"
"Ah, the crow takes flight,
The cuckoo takes flight"
"Atop our heart's co-op!"
"The crab is crawling,
The fox is roaming"
"Over our heads!"
You all can live your life as you wish.
But I have challenged myself to turn
Tharuthalai village to Karuvarai village.
And that's the fight I'm ready to put up.
What are you doing?
"He's trouble!"
"He attacks his enemies
Even without their knowledge..."
You've stayed my true wife,
enduring all my tortures.
"The name is Dorai!"
"He is Dorai"
I'll see how long you take it!
"He's trouble!"
"He attacks his enemies
Even without their knowledge!"
Be romantic and gentle in bed.
Don't be aggressive!
Being brave to the world
and aggressive in bed,
is what makes a man.
- Suravalli... Suravalli!
- What is it?
- Pour me a peg, please.
- Make me an omelet first. Go!
Omelet? Me?
- Yes. Do you want a drink or not?
- I do...
Then go on to make the omelet.
- What are you waiting for? Go.
- Okay.
He gets so jealous when I have my drink.
- Hey, is it ready?
- Almost.
Make sure you add extra pepper.
Pepper? Okay.
Is it not ready yet?
He takes a lifetime to make one omelet.
He's damn slow.
Here is your omelet...
with extra pepper.
Eat now.
- Here you go.
- Will you never follow my instructions?
- What happened now?
- Go, I want podimas.
After all she's done, she wants podimas.
Oh God!
She's totally wasted!
I've heard about wives
who condemn husbands for drinking.
But you're the first to finish it all,
leaving nothing for your husband.
You drunken witch!
Who's message is it?
Hey, who do you like more?
Me or your wife?
Why are you reminding me of her now?
"She's trouble!"
What is she doing?
"She attacks his enemies
Even without their knowledge!"
Oh my God!
[phone rings]
Where are you, Dorai?
Your wife is about to hang herself.
Come soon!
Oh, God! Please save my wife!
Hey, you fool!
Come soon.
Come on, quick.
Lord, please let my wife die.
And clear things for me.
Hey, Sangeetha!
- What is this foolishness?
- Leave me, please.
Damn it!
This isn't something that's
not happening around.
- Why did you try to hang yourself?
- Why did you do this?
If a woman's life hinged on her husband's
character, very few would remain alive.
- Sangu... what happened?
- Hey...
Listen now. A woman doesn't die
by hanging herself or by drinking poison.
She dies the minute she learns
her husband is a cheat.
Why are you crying now?
Let him reform.
You can stay here until then, Sangeetha.
Come on, go inside now.
You can consider this your house.
Go inside.
Don't be too happy that you saved her.
My foreign culture or your tradition?
Let's see which triumphs at the end!
Buddy, where is Keerthi's house?
This is her house.
Nonsense. That's Geetha's house.
- Our Geetha's house?
- My Geetha.
Okay, no problem.
Yay, it's Keerthi's house.
- Hey, come here.
- Is she mine?
- Hey, old lady.
- What?
Did you WhatsApp asking for liquor?
Yes, it was me.
What took you so long?
We are late, it seems.
I had to walk here
when I was already drunk.
- Don't get angry, my dear.
- Why are you coddling an old lady?
As if you head the youth forum.
Customer is our God.
- Customer is our God!
- Right!
Did you order for you or your husband?
Forget that moron.
I ordered it for me.
You are the right person to bargain with oldies.
Tell her our MRP.
Our liquor is twice as costly.
- Double okay.
- Then, you make way.
Pay 550 rupees and take the bottle.
I'll transfer it to you.
- Very advanced!
- Gpay customer.
- Yes.
- We need to update ourselves.
I believe you.
Choose the bottle you like.
- I'll take this one.
- This one?
I'm not able to open it. My
hands are shivering already.
Don't die. Here you go.
Oh god, you didn't mix water.
- You didn't mix water.
- Idiot. She'll drink it neat.
What? Your mistress?
Damn, she drinks it neat.
- Oh!
- Finish up.
How was it?
No good. Didn't even get me high.
It's mediocre.
Even if you have a
bottle direct from the factory
- you would still call it mediocre!
- Get lost, you morons.
Looks like she's going to thrash her husband.
- You are right.
- He might come and thrash us later.
Let's change our course...
How dare you?
- He's written Vellasamy in yellow.
- No, it's green.
Get up, you dumbheads!
Hey, Vellasamy...
Why have you brought Karuppusamy along?
Will you guys never change?
Will you never stop trying to reform us?
Did you think we can't run
a shop if you seal one?
How do you like my mobile wine shop?
- This neither requires a lock...
- Nor a key.
If the police question, we'll say it's for us.
- If they ask why we have so many bottles...
- We'll say it's to take a bath.
Why are you behaving like this, Mannu?
Why don't you change yourself?
He's saying it for your good.
- Here they are to advise. Go on.
- Mannu Mootu...
- Go on, go.
- You'll face the consequences one day.
- Get lost!
- Down with sobriety!
Buddy, these guys should be beheaded.
Behead anyone who gives advice.
I should've known better
that I won't be getting paid today.
Why is everyone in town saying
'I don't have money' or 'I'm broke'?
I guess this is what happens
to someone who borrows everywhere!
I asked her to draw a rangoli,
but she's done it on her belly!
Shall I come there?
- She's reeling someone in.
- You're coming here?
I should reel her in and rob her!
- Do you still remember all that?
- Suravalli...
- Suri...
- Huh?
Wait, I'll get rid of this headache
and get back.
What do you want?
Oh, it's nothing.
If you give me 1000 rupees,
- I'll be on my way.
- Just as I thought.
Here, take this!
Why is it drenched?
Am I supposed to take this
to Arumugam's shop to dry this out?
What if this gets torn on the way there...
Give me 1000 extra.
Now, look...
I don't want to see your face
around here for another week!
If I do, I'll break your legs!
He won't! He won't!
I'll tell him.
- Leave.
- Okay.
Hey, why are you poking
your nose in my business?
Have you no shame?
Your wife roams around with strangers!
- Can't you confront her?
- Why should I? I get money regularly!
How much did you get?
A 1000 from the right and a 1000 from the left.
- Give me the thousand from the right.
- Why?
If you don't, I'll call for a council meeting!
- Why would you do that?
- Hey!
Want me to spill the beans
that you're back in town?
Oh, buzz off, you pest!
I don't need your help. I'll announce it
all through town!
I'll announce it far and wide!
I'm leaving town! I'm leaving town!
I'm leaving town!
He has left!
I told him not to come home
for the next week or so.
When are you coming here?
This is what happens to husbands
who don't treat their wives properly.
They're out on the streets sooner or later.
Stay here.
That should teach you how
to treat your wife well.
You think you can hit me?
Go right ahead.
I'll make you yearn for happiness one day!
Hey... this is Periya Karuppu.
This is Chinna Karuppu.
This is Nondi Karuppu.
This is Ayyanar.
This is Muneeswaran.
- Hey...
- What is it?
I'm here for you.
Bro... All the guardian angels have gone in.
You know, no one can mess with me now.
Including you!
You showed off your side dish.
Now, have a look at my side dish.
Who's that?
It's my wife.
Whenever I look at her...
I get so angry!
- That's my side dish!
- What about happiness?
- This is my sister-in-law.
- Sister-in-law?
You're all happy just to talk about her, dude!
- Bro?
- Dude?
Why is someone new stepping
out of Polladhavan's house?
This isn't something new, bro.
- Nothing's new about seeing someone new.
- Honey...
Have a safe trip.
I know all about your speed.
Don't exceed 40 on the bike.
Answer my call right on the first ring.
Otherwise, I'll come looking for you.
Okay? Drive safe now.
Be back soon.
Don't worry. I'll be safe, babe.
I don't go beyond 40 on my bike.
I'll answer your calls the first time
my phone rings. Okay?
Things aren't the way they were back then.
Get inside and lock the door.
Don't answer if anyone else knocks on the door.
I'll call you before I drop by.
I'll see you later then.
Hey! Wait. Wait.
There's a strand of hair caught in the button.
It's your hair.
Good riddance!
How long am I supposed to keep this up?
This drunkard Kuppusamy said he'd drop by.
Is she having an affair?
I've lost track count of the guys.
Yeah, bro!
There are bigger things happening in town.
Is it?
Yeah, there's another signal.
- Another what?
- Hey...
From 12 o'clock till 3 o'clock...
Whenever you hear the four- legged animals bark,
two- legged animals have made an entry.
What do you mean? Like chicken?
Dumbo, I'm talking about people who
thirst for their sisters-in-law!
Don't you know that?
Why do you talk only about this?
Drink up!
- Where's the pickle...
- You saw everything, right?
Can't you leave?
Why do you keep going on about it?
- Can't even sleep in peace!
- Hey!
What are you doing out here in the cold?
Haven't you read in the papers?
"Woman kills son for interfering in her affair."
You guys want to see that become a reality here?
Hey, I thought you were empty-headed...
- You've got brains, though.
- Oh...
- Did you drink?
- Yes, I did.
- Are you woozy?
- I'm wasted.
- Then get back home, or someone else will!
- Oh, no!
When is Laya joining in as the teacher?
In two days.
We shouldn't miss the chance to hire her.
She won the best teacher award.
Okay, go to your class.
- See you later.
- Okay.
Sit down, everyone.
Did you finish celebrating Diwali?
In today's class, we'll learn about
Thirukkural, written by Thiruvalluvar.
This is Thiruvalluvar's first couplet...
Hello, sir.
Why are these kids sitting on the floor?
Sir, they don't like sitting on the bench.
That's the reason they are sitting down.
Sir, he's lying to you.
Apparently, they're
from castes that sit on benches
and we're from castes that sit down.
No, sir. She's lying to you.
I'm struggling to abolish caste certificates
in an effort to destroy the caste system.
But you... you're creating new divisions
in the name of caste?
It's not what you think, sir.
- Sorry, sir.
- Kids, go sit in your places.
Thank you, sir!
You'll have to sit on the benches
from here on. Understand?
You better stop acting like this.
Okay, sir.
Looks like that moron found the booze
I hid from him.
Okay, bye. You leave.
My dear daughter. White girl...
- What is it, Dad?
- Who's the guy who just dropped you off?
That's Ramesh. My friend.
What about the duffer who dropped you off
the day before that?
- Suresh.
- Suresh?
- And the day before?
- Guna.
What's with all the questions?
Can't you mind your own business?
Don't get mad at me, white girl.
You're so white.
If you travel out in the sun,
you'd tan out pretty soon.
Then, my sweetheart's beauty would take a hit.
That would reduce the number of guys
that come here to drop you off.
Go and drink buttermilk inside.
I know what to do,
mind your business.
Yeah. Yeah.
My bad luck!
I call her white girl, and she turns up
with different men every day like one.
I know what to do...
Oh, you?
- Tell me, wife.
- Honey...
I've made fried eggs.
Eat it when you're hungry.
Uh... wife?
- What are you off to fry?
- What?
I asked where you were headed.
I'm off to town to buy groceries.
Groceries? I'll come with you.
Stay home and get drunk!
- Who'll keep an eye on the house, then?
- Yeah, you're right.
Do this for me, wife.
Why don't you put a leash on my neck,
and tie me up in a corner.
I'll bark like a dog.
Woof! Woof!
Hey! What's this?
Are you getting a ride from guys
like our daughter?
Talk this way to someone with loose morals.
Try that one more time...
- And your cheeks will swell!
- My cheek is already swollen, go away!
Get going.
I think she's taking kung-fu classes
without my knowledge.
What's this? I can hear your wife's slap
- all the way in Chatrapatti.
- You heard it too?
It was nothing, Sorimuthu.
I was testing her fidelity.
- Did she pass?
- That slap she gave me...
That was no slap. That
was a seal to prove her fidelity.
If she slaps without holding back,
- then she is truly a chaste woman.
- That's true.
- No doubt!
- No doubt!
Why are you late?
Don't I have to take care of my husband and kid
before they leave the house?
Get on.
- Go fast! The show might have started!
- Are we going to watch the movie?
I have never seen you this humble before!
Humble? My foot!
All of this is to end you!
Where did Alli go?
"He's trouble"
Can I get some water?
"He attacks his enemies
Even without their knowledge..."
"The name is Dorai!"
"He is Dorai"
"The name is Dorai!"
"He is Dorai"
"He's trouble"
I feel so hot!
I asked for water to quench the heat.
Can I get some water to quench my thirst?
He's trouble!"
You quenched my thirst, right?
I can't wait to quench yours!
Oh God! I'm dead.
Phew! That was close!
He's even lurking in every nook and corner!
We can't even date in peace!
What is it? What's wrong?
Nope! I can't see you at that time.
Don't you know that I love watching serials?
- Hello, Picha? How are you?
- I'm fine, brother.
Why do you sound dull? What's wrong?
I'm worried about our village. What else!
I told my friend that only by changing the
village could we hope to change its name.
But I'm not able to control
or punish people here.
They misuse technology and commit
so many mistakes so easily!
That makes me sad.
Technology not only helps
people who make mistakes.
It also helps people who do good deeds.
Don't worry about anything.
We'll decide once I return
home after finishing my studies.
Sure. Focus on completing
your studies successfully.
Okay? Bye.
Clothes and accessories are so cool on that app.
Will you buy me those?
Yes! I have my eye on some products online.
- I'll call you later, Krishna.
- Come here!
Why is he calling me now?
Why did you snatch my phone?
I want to take your life.
That's why I took your phone away.
Why are you staring?
We don't even have to lift a
finger to kill people like you.
Just by taking away
your phone,
you guys would go mad and commit
suicide, wouldn't you?
That's why I took away your phone.
What period are you living in?
4G is long gone. Now 5G is taking over.
If you take away people's phones,
not just me, the entire world will perish.
I'm not against any G's.
All I'm saying is...
Please don't abandon our culture and tradition.
This man is sucking the life out of me
in the name of changing the village!
[hums a song]
What is this, Alli?
You always wear white.
From now on,
you must dress the way I like.
White shirts and white dhotis
are my assets forever.
The collar shows my swag!
Do you get it?
Where is Gomathi?
How long will we wait for her?
- Sister! You have the money, right?
- Ask her to come soon!
What is he doing?
- 1000 rupees. Valarmathi gave 2000 rupees...
- This guy!
Sir! Why are you keeping us waiting
just because someone didn't pay the money?
Get our money and let us be on our way.
That's not possible.
You can't go until she arrives.
If you're willing to pay for
her, I'll collect the money.
We barely managed to save up our share.
How can we pay for her?
Stop yapping! You can all leave
only when I collect that lady's share.
Then we won't go home anytime soon!
So call somebody
and ask them to bring us food.
I'm starving!
God knows what she's going through
and who she's pleading with to gather the money.
Sir! Get our money and let us go!
We can pay you tomorrow only if we work today.
How dare you run a chit company
in the name of a club that makes people poor?
Buddy! Nobody should enter our village
pretending to be part of a club.
Make sure there are no debts left, buddy.
Don't worry, buddy. I'll make sure
not even a single worm can get into the village.
Go and tell them to stop secretly snuffing out
people's lives without even them realizing it.
Vellasamy! I had plans to
have fun by starting a school.
But you ruined it.
I wanted to make my wife commit suicide
by sending her one of my videos...
but you ruined that too!
I had planned to start a wine
shop under a benami's name...
But you put an
end to that as well!
Look at his hair, buddy.
It looks like Google Maps!
We could play a game of snake
and ladder on his hair!
- Hello, buddy.
- Hello!
Why are you looking at the sky?
I was hoping to find swings hanging from above,
like the one in the movie Padayappa,
so I could pull one
and make him sit on it just like that!
Place the chair.
You are so handsome!
Buddy! Your enemy is my enemy.
That makes us friends.
It's embarrassing to see my friend
protesting all alone, sitting on the ground.
- Why don't you sit here?
- I don't want it. Take it and get lost!
Until I destroy him...
this is how I will stay.
I love you, my friend!
Hey! Take the chair away.
- Take that away!
- Who placed the chair here? That was me, right?
Dorai! His worth doesn't even
come close to your hairstyle!
You let your wife stay with him,
and she's been putting on a
performance ever since!
But here you are, sitting like a Buddha!
Watch out! He might even hand
you a plate for you to beg.
- I'm not here to beg.
- Then?
I'm going to make him plead!
- Of course, you would!
- That's Dorai!
My darling! You are the best in
the entire Tharudhala village.
You have shiny, luxurious hair
just like that Kanjeevaram silk saree!
I can sense that you have
a healthy, smart brain!
Finish him.
All the best!
Call me immediately if you need any help.
Okay? Bye.
Hey! Return the chair back to the rental place.
Payment, dude?
Look! A stupid is driving a bullet!
Hey! Stop right there!
Where are you guys coming from?
I'm back after boosting my friend up.
- That's right.
- What are you going to do?
These days, people are finding
ways to trick one another.
Good dialogue.
Hey, these days people tag along
with their sisters once they get married.
- Hey! Get lost!
- We are chatting among ourselves!
- Get lost!
- We will! We have a smart man behind us.
Smart, my foot.
Get lost.
- I'll care of him.
- Take care of him very well!
Do you wish to see me as a villain?
Nope! I wish to see you as my dream girl!
He's trouble"
I wish to see you as my dream girl!
The crab is crawling,
the fox is also crawling.
Buddy... The crab is crawling,
the fox is also crawling.
Shut up!
Go home if you want to!
Why are you bothering me?
Does anybody have a cold, cough, fever, gas,
stomach ache, diarrhea, or vomiting?
Doctor! Doctor!
Help me, doctor!
My heart is aching!
I feel a strong sense of pain!
Doctor! That's my stomach!
- My heart is here.
- Ah! That's right.
Here. Take this medicine.
You'll be cured.
- Don't you prescribe that for headaches?
- Oh God!
These days, the
techniques have changed!
You must treat your headaches
for your chest pain to subside.
What does he need to live?
What is it, doctor?
That is... I have hands of gold!
Doesn't matter what I
prescribe... it'll always work out.
But you must pay me 50 rupees.
50, right? Alright.
- What if I pay you 100 rupees?
- You'll never fall sick!
I would have brought it if I
had known. I only have 50.
I'll visit you and
collect the rest of the fee.
- Thanks, doctor.
- Who's next?
If you have any personal
problems like pyles...
I have a headache, doctor.
My headache is severe,
doctor! It hurts so much!
Take the chest pain medicine. You'll be cured.
How will my headache subside
if I take chest pain medicine?
These days, the
techniques have changed!
You must treat your chest
for your headache to subside.
- He looks like he might die soon!
- What is it, doctor?
Nothing. I'm a very talented doctor. Okay?
Doesn't matter what I
prescribe... it'll always work out.
But you must pay me 50 rupees.
It's okay if I get better.
Who is going to fall prey to my tricks?
Does anybody have
psoriasis, rashes, itching...
Hey, doctor!
Are you hurt somewhere?
I'm all good!
Give me 50 rupees before you leave.
- Why?
- What do you mean 'why'?
It's my fee, man!
- Fee?
- That's right!
You ran your business
in front of my house, right?
I'm charging you for that.
Hey! I'm a doctor!
I don't care if you are a doctor or a driver.
You earned 100 rupees
in front of my house, right?
So pay me!
Hey! So many are passing
by this street every day...
Do you charge them as well?
I rented this place to them!
How do you collect the lease?
I'll collect it when they carry
your dead body during the funeral.
I became a doctor after passing the exam.
You are playing tricks with me?
I'll inject you with poison and kill you.
- Really?
- Yes, you drunkard!
You are poisoning someone
who drinks poison every day?
Why did this drunkard
turn into a murderer?
I'll stab you!
Pay me now!
- Pay me!
- Here!
Get lost, you!
- Get lost! Go!
- Headache, fever, poison! Poison!
- This guy!
- I won't spare you!
Buddy... earn from where you are!
Alli? Alli?
Are you okay?
Alli? Alli?
What happened?
Alli? Alli?
- I got electrocuted...
- What?
On your finger?
I know you are up to something.
I'm not sure what it is.
And when I do?
You are so screwed.
By the time you do, everything would be over.
- Chop it down!
- Made us install these cameras,
and you watch us from your house, huh?
I won't spare you!
Down go the cameras!
Up here, Vellasamy.
Install your cameras at your
house or at the school.
No one will dare to question you.
If you want to install it here,
you need to seek permission from us, elders.
- And if you don't...
- This is what we'd do!
Why is he coming close?
An angry man and the person who annoys them,
are bound to end up in the streets!
Advice, it seems.
Vellasamy's philosophy that too!
- Get lost.
- Oh come on, bro. Let's leave.
- Those idiots...
- Hey, man!
People like him who advise
will never lead a happy life!
- Banish those who advice!
- Banish them!
- Banish them!
- Banish them!
Your husband!
It's your husband standing in front of you!
Are you wondering why the guy you chased away
stands before you beaming with pride?
I'm waiting for the day
I get to chase away that Vellasamy!
If I find out you're the reason
for any of his mishappenings,
I will kill you myself!
Let's see how you, an innocent,
would try to 'kill' me!
"He's trouble!"
I'm waiting.
Wait and watch, you.
"He attacks his enemies
Even without their knowledge..."
Are you moving away?
Or shunning me out?
I was just pulling your leg.
But you still seem stunned about it.
Alright, I know you must be tired.
You rest well, okay?
Parents raise their children
up to a certain age.
Later, the society then raises them.
Before it's the society's turn to raise you,
I will reform our village.
Rest well till then, my child.
Oh my!
You look ravishing today!
Apply kumkum on me.
It's Varalakshmi Nombu.
- And when I do?
- Our marital bond will strengthen!
Really? You're praying for
our marriage to last long?
That's amazing!
Live long!
Where is the wedding chain?
It is in Pooja's room
- I should wear only after the pooja
- Is it? Okay
'Virtuous woman'
I wonder why the bank people haven't come yet.
- Greetings, sir!
- Greetings, ma'am.
Vellasamy! The bank people are here.
Make them comfortable. I'll be there.
Please, have a seat.
- Greetings, sir!
- Greetings.
Here you go.
- Please be seated.
- Thank you, sir.
- Check this properly.
- Okay, sir.
There's up to 20 crores of valuation.
Tell us how much you want, sir.
We will get it ready.
I don't want any, in hand.
Can you transfer five crores
to the account I mention?
Sure, sir. We'll do it.
May I know what this money is for,
if you don't mind?
I will start a group that finances loans
without interest for my people.
I'm going to transform
my village for the better.
And that is my aim.
You will surely succeed in it, sir!
All the best!
Our bank will always stand in support of you!
Thank you!
- See you.
- See you, ma'am.
See you, ma'am.
[phone rings]
Hey, Atom Bomb!
Why is Mannu's wife on
the bike with someone else?
- That's her fling!
- What?
But today, he's her man!
Whaa... Where's he taking her at this hour?
Listen, man. Many married people
have unfulfilled desires.
- Yeah.
- Her desires are going to be fulfilled today.
I too have unfulfilled desires!
When will mine come true?
If your wife lived with you,
how will your needs be fulfilled?
Damn, I pity your plight.
[Indistinct chatter]
Vellasamy, a teacher at your school
misbehaved with a student.
Oh, you goodie man!
Everything you've done is gone for a toss!
Why can't you start some other business
now that you have money?
Instead you ruin our kids' lives!
How cruel of you!
Will teach you a lesson today
It was my kid, today.
Tomorrow? Who knows.
He thinks so highly of himself.
Hence the all-white clothing!
And look, it's now tainted!
It was long due!
When you discriminate people by caste,
why don't you follow the same for everything?
Sir, please let me go!
Please don't, sir.
I beg of you, sir!
Spare me, please! Please!
Don't do it, sir!
Please, sir, please!
- That's the perfect punishment!
- Let this be a lesson for many.
Die, man
Okay, man.
- I'm leaving to Dindugul now.
- Okay.
What are you doing here alone?
Where's Mom?
What are you up to, sweetie?
- Where could she be?
- Shall we play?
How could they betray you this way?
You lost your own life
while trying to save mine!
He mustn't remain alive.
Kill him!
Do it!
He shouldn't be left alive!
Kill him!
[phone rings]
Vellasamy, I heard you were looking
for me everywhere?
I'm headed towards your rice mill.
See you there.
You are dead when I meet you there.
I'm coming, you idiot!
"Here I lie, losing everything!"
"A bond I held close to my heart!"
"She was a perfect lady without any fault!"
"Even on the stand..."
Had she stayed, his torture
would've been bearable and alive.
But you needlessly brought and killed her!
You murderer.
You put up a 'good person' act
and fooled us all.
But you killed the only girl who trusted you!
Thought people who fight for
justice wouldn't do this.
But you ruined her life!
I know I'm a fake doctor.
But you acted like you were good, killed her
- and shocked us all!
- Talk. I dare you to!
You always stride on your
Bullet to advice people, right?
Now that something this huge happened,
why are you silent?
Are you stunned or are you speechless?
I dare you to talk!
Bharathiyar once said men and women are equal.
Buddha once said a man is someone
who renounces worldly pleasures.
And Gandhi said that non-violence
was the answer.
And Subash Chandra Bose believed
that violence would guard us.
Ambedkar paved the way to life for us all.
Periyar dreamt of a society free
from caste and religion disparities.
Kamarajar opened the gates to education.
Arignar Anna taught us all about morality.
I want to provide you all a life
that they had dreamt of!
But I failed to.
As my last wish,
I hope my death...
...would transform your lives.
Don't do this!
Because of this village people...
You sacrificed yourself for us all!
You sacrifice yourself!
"Here comes our protector!"
"If you falter,"
"There's no escaping from him!"
Hey! Kill him!
Are you shocked to see your wife this way?
Just because I acted to be an ideal wife
to attain your wealth,
how dare you write it all for the village
and make me penniless?
That is why I murdered Sangeetha.
If I murder her,
Dorai will inherit it all.
And if I murder you,
I will attain your wealth!
What are you looking at?
Do you think we live in a world
where we must live with our spouses?
Or did you think I'd come
begging to you for mercy?
I'd rather murder my spouse
and move on if I'm unhappy!
You shouldn't live life as it in.
But leave a lasting impact
in the lives of others!
Now you two can live happily!
Wondering why I left you near a corpse?
To be with another person's wife
is equal to being with a corpse!
"The sky cries"
"The river trembles"
"The town shivers"
"The stone hearted sobs"
"The sky cries"
"The river trembles"
"The town shivers"
"The stone hearted sobs"
"Oh, your loss
An immeasurable sorrow"
"How shall we live without you?"
"The sky cries"
"The river trembles"
If I hadn't been sentenced
in the teacher's case,
I would have saved you!
I, your loyal friend,
will raise your son.
A man living a historic life is greater
than one who creates history.
Whether they're alive or no more.
"I am born again,
A Pandora's box"
"My enchanting allure
Constantly locks"
"I am born again,
A Pandora's box"
"My enchanting allure
Constantly locks"
"About my midriff,
The whole town talks"
"And don't act sly
Like a fox!"
"About my midriff,
The whole town talks"
"And don't act sly
Like a fox!"
"Your breath makes me wasted"
"Your words set me ablaze!"
"Eyes are conversing,
Heart's racing"
"You play foul
Leaving me in a daze!"
"In Kuala Lumpur,
I'm the queen!"
"Just as thrilling as wine!"
"In Kuala Lumpur,
I'm the queen!"
"Just as thrilling as wine!"
"I'm a simple flower shop on the street
Come and take a seat"
"Don't just walk by without a greet
For you'll miss the treat!"
"Even the prickly plant turns to sugarcane"
"The scent of this woman
Melts away your brain!"
"Like the moon under a dark cloud"
"When you yearn for passion,
I turn up proud!"
"I'm like the overflowing beer
Who wants to have a sip, come here!"
"I'm a mango in the liquor shop
Come taste me, don't let the chance drop!"
"You stand there staring
Come near if you're daring"
"Spend your time, admiring!"