Saarathi (2011) Movie Script

This is mine!
The nature is like a woman.
Whenever you see, it's nice.
Joke? No Joke.
I did not mean environment.
There is wealth all over.
After confirming, I came to know.
This is not only mud.
This property is worth millions!
This is Cash!
Prata p.
Can you see that hilltop?
This whole area is our's.
Even that is mine.
Once upon a tl'me, my Uncle,
donated to the villagers.
We have conducted
research on that hill.
It's full of natural resources.
If people living there don't mind...
...if all this is in your favour.
You can open a helicopter showroom!
Ifl knew this land was so rich...
...l would have started mining
long back.
Pratap. You don't know
how wealthy this land is.
Even Geology Surveyor's don't know.
Even in the mining map.
They show only half.
That is good for us.
They were not interested in this.
But I am interested.
Check if the villagers
will support you.
Then come and meet me.
- Why?
- Mining ministry's sanction of IBM.
You know, Indian Bureau of Mining.
In their recognition
of the Mining Belts...
...this area is not included.
So what?
Won't we get mining permission?
Who is there to ask us?
No one is there to stop us.
Come. Let's go.
Father is waiting.
This game is in my favour.
This NagaPPaw
...does not wait
for the game to be over.
By playing his cards...
He will capture!
There will be no mistake.
In the first Game
even if one Knight falls...
...this Nagappa will never fail!
During a war if a head is chopped
off, it should not fall down...
...then it's not cut off!
What is it, son?
You are right, Dad.
As I am the landlord here, mine...
As per the mining experts reports.
In my land...
there is lots of wealth.
More than our's...
The hill that my uncle
donated to the villagers.
The Uncle's Hill?
The land that was
donated by my brother.
Asking it in return means...
It's shamefull to our family.
Our Prestige will fall down, Son.
If you insist on that land...
...that you want so badly...
...there is only one way.
As the landlord here... should always
remain the this throne.
As political leaders, we are weak.
We will need to control that.
Mining, and landlord,
what's the relation?
Is the landlord existing?
The people in this land are lazy.
We should play with them!
What do you say, son?
If I hav your support, then...
...not only mining.
I can open a steel plant also!
Then do it, son!
To conquer the world...
...lfyou wish...
...l will support you always.
But keep one thing in mind.
The people of this land...
They have self respect.
They will not bow down
against money!
But if handled with love...
...they will surrender quitely.
They will also lay
down their lives!
But if they find
this love is deceit...
- They will sacrifice their lives!
- Hey!
I knew you guys are traitors!
In the guise of landlords... guys are snakes!
What have we done wrong?
This land...
...was developed by our ancestors!
And so...
...we are looking for our benefit.
That too not for ourselves...
...for the betterment of the people.
Listen, NagaPPa!
You are not worthy as a landlord!
By appointing your son... this position.
Uniting the people...
...looting the land.
You have betrayed their trust.
Goddess Chamundeshwari...
...she will not spare you.
Leave me!
You are the son of the soil?
So you predicted my future.
...cannot live above.
So you go inside...
in the mother's womb!
I hove at your feet.
Master, to avoid wasting tl'me.
- Because of inspiration,
we need to purify. - Yes.
After a wait of 26 years...
...the Goddess wants us to celebrate.
She has said so.
Coming together,
we should do it nicely.
Yes, Master.
We are not wealthy enough.
So how can we celebrate?
Tl'me is of essence.
During the next fortnight.
The celebrations will go on.
Buddy, the ceremony has begun...
...and Raju has not come yet.
He comes ontl'me every year.
Wait, he will come soon.
"L bow and rever my Goddess.
I'm the tiger of Karnataka"
"Call me with belief
this Lion of Kannada"
"lam proud of my uniform
will never bow down"
"Serving people my fate will shine"
"We are the rulers of this kingdom"
"We're great brave Charioteers"
"Even the Sun bows at us"
"We're great brave Charioteers"
"We ride chariots like
Lord Krishna, the Charioteer"
"Here comes, here come
our cherished leader"
"Here comes, here come
our cherished leader"
"Whenever you call us, we are there"
"Wherever you ask
we take you there"
"Whatever the fare meter
we don't want a penny more"
"We don't want a penny more"
"We ferry our passengers with respect"
"Money does not matter,
we respect Seniors too"
"Whichever Government is there"
Whichever leader comes"
"We are the Kings, we are Auto-Raja"
"We're brave, mighty, charioteers"
"Whatever Address,
we know the place"
"We're brave, mighty, charioteers"
"Everyone knows us in the Society"
"Degree does not matter,
Sickness does not matter"
"We are always happy
we are always carefree"
"In khaki clothing,
we respect our uniform"
"We are there to serve the people"
"We're backed by strength
"Wherever we look at the
images of our ancestors"
"Lord Krishna's Chakra"
"The Ashoka Chakra"
"And the Time Chakra, Life Chakra"
"These are our life's Chakra's"
"We're brave, mighty, charioteers"
"Auto Driver, he is a companion"
"We're brave, mighty, charioteers"
"Our treasure is every one's love"
"Folding my hands in
front of Goddess"
"lam the lion of Karnataka"
"Call me with belief...
...l am the lion of Kannada"
"lam proud of my uniform...
...will never bow down"
"To serve you... our motto"
"We are the rulers of this Capitol"
"We're brave, mighty, charioteers"
"Even the sun worships us"
"We're brave, mighty, charioteers"
"We drive the chariot like
Krishna, the Charioteer"
Brother. Even after keeping 100
packets, the weight is low.
One Million weighs 12 Kilograms.
You must have kept wrong packet.
Pack it!
Frisk them, and give them
their clothes.
Ok, sir.
There is a problem, Pratap.
To clear such problems... are in the Government.
Without Center's permission. if you
opt for mining, you'll lose face.
During the elections...
...we spent 60 million.
- I am aware.
If your father hadn't helped, this
Government wouldn't have formed.
My father spoke to the
Chief Minister.
You may book anyone you want.
By the time I return from China...
...the formalities
should be cleared.
- Greetings, brother.
- Are things okay?
- It's good.
- How much do you want?
As much as you want,
it's in the truck.
Who are you?
The vehicle that you hit...
...ask him, he will tell you
who I am.
This... is not an ordinary sword.
This is meant to kill.
So this...
Knows only to kill!
You don't know
how to use the sword.
Keep the sword away...
Cannot sacrifice.
Even with a Bat... cannot be a batsman.
Oh my God!
Are you a Karnataka's Don,
or a Karate King?
I don't think you have the
Status of State level.
You are a Dog of the Street.
Mother or Motherhood matters.
Whichever person, whichever place.
Will search and hit.
If you touch me...
...will you remain alive?
After touching me,
will you remain alive?
I am a mad man...
...don't come near me,
or I will cut you.
Get him!
Brother! Wait!
How are you concerned?
Why are you are beating me!
When you are not concerned,
you can beat any one.
When I am not concerned
- Cannot I save him?
- What?
Running in a public place
with a sword?
- I will hit you.
- Brother.
Forget walking with a
sword in public place.
I will not use
even a kitchen knife.
- Come. Replace my glass.
- What?
- Come on, dad.
- Ramanna.
- What is this Jabbar?
- Take this, bro.
The rental for 2 days.
For 2 days...
What about Monday?
The Auto was under repair.
A week of repairs in a single month?
How will you arrange?
Look, there should not
be even a scratch. Take care.
She is my asset.
Even for a small scratch.
You ask compensation.
Look at that Raja...
Where else is the damage?
Nowhere else.
He broke the glass, and replaced it.
Don't be late, come home
as soon as the work is over.
Why should you be
concerned about others?
Have you taken...
...contract of the whole city?
You need not be
scared to live in a city.
A scared person
lives only that much.
If he damages a parked vehicle?
There are many bad people... know very well.
If they take charge... will run behind them
for the rest of your life.
Look, Ramanna.
It was okay if he broke my glass.
But it fell on God's picture.
I'm proud of being Karate King...
...wouldn't I be ashamed
to spare them?
They were running behind
a man to kill him.
If you're wearing Khaki uniform...
...don't think you are a policeman.
Wearing Khaki clothes
is not enough...
One should respect the law too.
Not the Police,
but Auto department has...
...more people wearing Khaki,
Who is cleaning the
city is important.
Who is cleaning is not important.
Listen, when people trust us...
...we will not betray them.
Getting scared of these goons...
...whatever, why should
I be concerned?
A person after being born...
...till death lives like this only.
When will you meet death?
Being scared you
cannot live life.
I am the charioteer
of this chariot.
I belong to the people.
The Goddess has blessed me.
Take 400. This is today's rent.
Hey friend!
Why do you look upset?
I've attended
Ramanna's special class.
One wicket is down.
This wicket will never fall.
This guy takes wickets.
He's a bit upset, that's all.
Once he takes a drink...
...tell him to get up and come.
Listen, friend.
I don't need these type of things.
Yell whole day...
...and offer drinks at night.
Why? What's your problem?
Spoiling your life...
Did an astrologer tell you... live such a life?
Get up.
We are strangers
in other's matters.
Let them pray or not!
It's our duty to work.
- Explain this to him.
- What?
It means...
He does not value me much.
MY dear!
My dear.
Friend, write here...
'Rest in Peace' after I die.
I could die now itself!
Oh God!
I'm coming now!
What's happening?
Nobody is stopping me.
Yes, I am coming...
They don't care for me.
What's all this?
First, you should promise me.
What is it?
You have to promise that you
will live the way I live.
Now it's okay.
Just a minute.
Sorry, I will com later.
0k. From now on...
...we should follow a policy.
I will not follow any policy.
Ifl buy a policy.
I feel why I'm living?
I didn't mean that policy.
- Means?
- This policy.
- Meaning?
- Means that...
What could that be.
Let it be policy! What is this?
Ok, leave that.
Shall we leave you?
Yes, Raja.
This relation is...
...a drama!
As we play roles in a play...
Then we will...
As we live with knowledge
that we've while drinking
...about the life...
If something happens
Why should we react?
Ok, leave it.
If you hang out with me...
It will be cool.
We can live with joy.
Let it be. Let it be.
Ok, what do you say?
What do you say?
Let it go.
Let it go.
There is no property, but loans.
In this life...
Keep it here.
Keep here.
I'm 30 years old, yet unmarried.
...what to do?
Let it go...
A person's fate...
It will happen.
What to do?
What to do?
With God's consent I drink.
- What is the urgency?
- Raja.
Give this money to Bro.
My wife called.
Her mother is not well.
I have to go
to my hometown urgently.
Ok, Bye Bro.
- Rudra!
- Yes.
Some one has left this here.
There was a girl.
She told me to wait
outside Sapna Book House.
But I got the call, so I came.
I will return it after I come back.
It could be urgency.
0k, you 8-
Look, you are a grown up.
You are not responsible.
My Granny had sent that photo.
You lost it!
I didn't lose it, Mom.
I was bringing it by Auto.
I had gone to
Sapna Book House to buy a book.
What did I know?
People run away with God's photo!
Look, Rukku, I'm not concerned.
I just want that photo!
Oh Goddess!
You can remain quiet...
My Mom can't
sit quiet for a moment.
Coming and going...
...also COHSUIYIGS time.
For God's sake, be quiet now.
God, let her find her photo.
I will conduct...
...special prayers for you.
It's not that.
Look at her.
What I say is useless.
- Who...?
- My name is Raja.
She forgot this parcel in our Auto.
The Auto driver
got a call and he left.
What does my daughter do?
I thought this photo is lost.
I was upset over losing this.
The Goddess has come to our home.
She had to come to me.
She has come as she had to come.
This is Goddess' wish.
Please wait a moment,
I will get cash.
Money is not important.
Good deeds are counted.
My father told me this.
- No, Bro.
- God takes car of me.
Put bangles on her wrist.
I will go now.
You found the photo?
Where is that good man?
- My whole day wasted on argument.
- What?
He's not bad, he is a good boy.
He found our home
and gave the photo.
Who is he?
'Love is there, but it's blind'
'If you find love...
...don't find love'
Raja! What happened?
I dreamt about my father.
Nothing's wrong with me.
You saw that bad dream again?
Is there oil in your eyes?
I've told you,
don't spoil your mind.
Pray to the Goddess.
Go to sleep, sleep.
The same Goddess
was also in the dream.
See, you haven't been to
the temple since a long time.
Tomorrow we will visit the temple.
Sleep now. God will take care of you.
Who are you?
Why did you touch me?
The coconut could
have fallen on you.
- When?
- Just now, it fell here.
Where is it?
The monkey picked it up.
It's in his hand.
Because of Monkey,
you wanted a chance to touch me
Will you hit the monkey now?
You need a excuse to touch.
For that you think
you are a great man?
We don't touch even
our enemies that way.
We pull them and then hit them.
Touching a woman by excuse,
I don't have such cheap mentality.
I am a psychology student.
Just by looking at a face...
...l can tell what's in the mind.
I see only a person's mind.
Not the beauty, you are a student.
Not a psychiatrist.
- You will never be.
- What?
You need patience
for this profession.
But you, no.
Because of patience
I'm talking to you.
Ifl could, I would grapple with you.
You look dumb.
But you're smart.
Don't talk much.
God will bless you.
I beg of you, leave me.
What are you saying?
I moved you to
save you from the coconut.
For that I have to listen so much.
Why should I care?
You can pray now.
Ok, I will pray, but not for me.
I will ask God
that you meet with a accident!
How many vehicles have you seized?
- We have seized 5 vehicles today.
- Brother?
Our license.
It's blacklisted. This Engineer.
- He misguided us!
- What!
It's enough!
Fearing that I will harm him,
and in that fear he will work.
But he blacklisted us?
If that Auto Driver wouldn't have
interfered that day.
I would have killed that Engineer!
Because of that Driver...
...we missed our target!
Because of him,
that Auto's glass shattered.
And because of that...
He beat me badly.
Look. That vehicles...
The Invoice of the glass.
You paid for the Glass?
After fitting the Glass,
I told him, you don't interfere...
I will not interfere with you.
Is that right?
You are sitting here,
I'm looking...
...for you in the canteen.
'Love is there...
...but love is blind'
'But if you fall in love,
you don't get love'
Wow! Beautiful line.
People give different
meanings to love.
Is it your own thought
or someone else's?
I read it behind an Auto.
Don't know why, but I like it.
I thought you're a poet.
A poet can never
be a psychiatrist.
Patients get cured
after listening to songs.
There is big power
in music to cure.
In old times,
it would rain with music.
That was then...
Whichever times,
the brain is the same.
Ask a Lame to run on a new road...
...His mind will register
it as a virtual road.
This means...
Keeping this in mind,
he keeps running.
And even
this is created by the Brain.
And again,
isn't it power of the brain?
Doesn't he control his brain?
How many times have
you come in the college?
I come due to your concepts.
Suppose your eyes...
...Tie a blindfold and
leave you on the road.
- Will you go straight?
- Why not?
Where there is a will,
there is a way.
I'm sure I can do it!
Look, an Auto is coming.
Who are you?
Are you mad?
Driving with a blindfold?
Oh! The one from the temple!
In the temple, when I saved her,
she created a scene.
And now she's coming
under my vehicle!
My eyes were covered,
so you are safe.
Ifl could see,
imagine what I would have done!
I would have killed you!
Are you from a demon's family?
Mental case. Always keeps fighting.
If you call me mad,
it won't be good for you.
So what? If my eyes were covered...
There was a blindfold.
Your eyes are open,
you could have driven aside.
Don't talk about driving aside.
You could have been
crushed like a lemon.
You would have died instantly.
Would I die?
I would have crushed you.
Wherever girls go, you follow them.
Wearing smart clothes...
...come and wait outside college.
I know. After checking
a girl's background...
...trapping her your love,
grab her father's wealth.
You are commenting unnecessarily.
You have misunderstood me.
Why should I think of you?
You are just a passenger.
Can't we make out
if you talk like a owner?
What like a owner, I am the owner!
You appoint a driver for a Auto?
This is your level!
You look like a loafer.
What do you mean?
He is a loafer!
You think he's alone?
- Why are you pushing him?
- I allow you, as you're a girl.
Why do all men say the same thing?
- What will you do
- What all can I do... know very well.
Leave her.
Let her go. Come on, let's go.
Sit in, let's go.
Scared? Running in the Auto?
He's scared. Go!
Oh Goddess.
I asked you for his accident...
...not mine. Why?
Did you get confused between us?
Auto. Stop.
Park to the side.
- What is it, Sir?
- The Officer is calling, come.
Thank you.
Greetings, sir.
I have the papers.
Don't you know...
You cannot ferry luggage
in a passenger vehicle?
- Come on, give me 500 bucks
- Why, sir?
You are asking money,
while on duty.
You ferry goods
to make extra bucks.
It's Silk yarn, sir.
It will spoil if it rains...
- Sol request you. - How can you
request after breaking rule?
Once we catch,
you have to pay penalty.
Ok, Sir, rules are made
for our own good.
And more then that,
follow the rules.
All the rules cannot be
implemented always.
You are teaching me
Law implementations?
- Pay the fine.
- Sir, please.
- Pratap. - Sir.
- Check the weight of the goods!
It's 100 Kilo's. Don't keep down,
it will get spoiled in water.
I myself requested him
to keep them in the Auto.
It's not his fault, Sir.
I'm a simple farmer.
Are YQLJ 5L.
PPOrtin h"
Pratap! g IITI?
Check the goods and seal them.
Sir, what will happen to me
if you do this?
Sir, don't keep it down.
As you're a farmer,
we cannot support you.
You spoiled his years
hard work in a single moment.
What about his wages?
Who will pay for his losses?
Forget his loss?
Come to the Court.
In a passenger Auto...
- You're carrying 500 Kilos of silk.
Pay the fine. - 500 Kilo's?
We don't spare any one.
100 becomes 500, and also 1000!
Auto Number KA 03.
B 171.
- Were you carrying 500 kilo's
luggage in the Auto? - Yes, sir.
Pay a fine of 1000 bucks.
Keeping your vehicle
in No-Parking area...
And then, calling a Higher Officer...
...and try to influence me.
And getting away...
Wait a moment.
Was this necessary?
Instead of paying me money.
You go to the Judge?
Money deposited in a temple,
goes to the treasury.
If you handover to the junior... will go in his pocket.
Give him the Auto keys, let him go.
Greeting, sir.
- What now?
- It's the Auto.
But the goods... are less!
You paid a fine of 1000
instead of 500.
Your Auto is here for half day.
You also lost 500 bucks.
After all this...
you behave arroganfly.
Even if my Auto was waiting...
- My meter was running.
- What?
How much is the value
of 1 Kilo of Silk, sir?
1800 Bucks.
And 100 Kilos...?
And how much for 500 Kilo's?
What are you saying?
I said give me 500 Kilo's of Silk.
Why should I give?
I have paid a fine for 500 Kilos.
You yourself wrote it.
- Are you playing games?
- No.
I am controlling a game.
We should go by our capability.
Now you know. Now what?
Are you paying that money now?
- Or should I go to court?
- Are you acting?
When it concerns a farmer...
I'm always serious.
What now?
Will you give the goods, or money?
- 900,000 bucks?
- Yes.
I will have to sell my home.
You said 500 Kilo's...
- Even the Court is a witness.
- What's this?
I thought of taking a bribe.
And you give me a big jolt!
When the police are looters...
You have to face this day.
Now, tell me.
- Give me the money first.
- I am at fault.
I will return you the fine.
Please, forgive me.
I am not the person to forgive.
It's him.
It's fine if you don't
respect any person...
But always respect a farmer.
He should never be disgraced.
A Farmer is the
pride of the nation.
If he is hurt...
...the whole nation will suffer.
I'm sorry, Sir.
I will cover your losses.
In our department,
all corrupt officers...
If they meet such a person.
Our department will
be corruption free.
'What I did...'
'Even if it's my mistake,
I fought with him'.
'I should say sorry to him'.
'Love is blind...'
- His vehicle!
- Take your keys.
Without paying a penalty...
A vehicle is going
out of this station.
Hey Kavita. I met him.
- Who?
- That!
'Love is blind, love is life...'
He? Did you meet him?
Did you talk? How does he look?
The one that we
crashed into... same guy.
I had told, he is a good guy.
But you turned him into a villain.
What I thought was wrong.
He is really a
Gem of a person, you know.
What is it?
You seem very impressed with him.
Being my fault,
I had a fight with him.
I'm feeling very guilty.
I should meet him and say sorry.
You're strange.
Many love stories...
Begin with a 'Sorry'.
I don't know. Anyhow, I should
meet him and say sorry.
When the feeling is so deep.
- This is love.
- What should I do now?
If you look around,
you will find God also.
I don't want to find God...
Finding him is enough.
Come, sit.
Look, he's there!
- Brother.
- Give me one.
Will it be 420, or 840?
Whichever suits me.
- 420? - Yes.
- Auto!
Who called me?
Oh my God. That girl! Run...!
Come, sit, fast!
Listen! Stop!
Look, the vehicle is in 'No Entry'.
Stop! Stop!
You loafer!
Do you want to die!
No, Ma'am. One...
How you drive?
Performing a circus on the road?
I'll cancel your Driving License.
When I tell you to stop.
Why are you running away?
Behaving like a thief!
- Ma'am, this...
- I know.
He must not have done a good deed!
Surely, something wrong.
You can take him.
Why were you trying to run away?
East, West, North, South.
I would not spare you anywhere!
Why, what mistake have I made?
Will you take me to your Master?
Oh! You're searching my Master!
You can search him everywhere,
I won't tell.
If you refuse, then see...
I will get you beaten by women.
You are his disciple?
Without reason, you roam the streets.
Running freely.
Lodge a case against you
in the Women's Association.
- You...
- You want to meet him.
- Why threaten me?
- Then take me to him.
Or I will kill you.
If you kill me,
who will take you to my Master?
He will come to see your dead body.
Then I will get hold of him.
My Life is in Danger now.
Why are you dragging
me in your love matter?
In our love matter... are the link.
Don't mention love,
just connect us, enough.
Meaning? I'm the middle-man!
I will lose myself respect,
I won't do.
Why do you say 'don't know'?
You are our middle-man!
Come. That's his home.
His house?
One minute... Listen to me.
Get out. First, get down.
You should ask and sit,
not sit and ask.
- Will you come to Vijay Nagar?
- No, I won't.
- Hanuman Nagar.
- No.
- Cubbon Park. - No.
- Lalbaugh? - No.
- M. G. Road?
- Won't go!
Where will you go then?
I may go any where? It's my life.
I will go wherever you take me.
Where ever I may go.
Didn't I tell?
It's wrong.
Being a public transport...
You should be proud of it.
I don't need to
learn this from you.
- Where do you want to go?
- To Dighi Nagar.
Sorry, I'm telling you.
You saved me in the temple,
but I scolded you.
Being my fault, I got angry.
Saying it's your fault,
I yelled at you.
But when I saw you in
the Police Station, since then...
- Then I understood you right.
- It's not that.
When I saved you
in the temple, you cursed me.
- Oh! I canceled all that.
- Oh.
Did your God listen to you?
Before meeting you...
You visited my home before.
- Me?
- Yes.
You returned the Goddess
photo that I forgot in the Auto.
You had returned it o my home.
Oh! That's your home?
Yes .
Don't worry.
You are introducing yourself
like a popular person.
- What more?
- I want you to forgive me.
It's fine if you make a mistake.
But doing injustice is a crime.
You searched for me to say sorry?
I like it.
I'm not t all angry with you.
- Now where should I drop you?
- It's Ok.
I wanted to talk to you.
So I came with you.
- Ok, I will go.
- Fine.
The lines written
behind your Auto...
...l liked them very much.
If you dream of the moon...
...don't accept.
I would be there.
Even when somebody comes
to collect I will be there.
Don't give.
Or I will be destroyed.
Don't adorn flowers in your hair.
Because, I will be there.
"Like this, or like that,
I'm there".
"Even then I was happy"
"When you come in my life"
"I was spoiled"
"You came in and without asking"
"You had no manner to
ask for permission"
"You just came coming in my hear"
"And just kept coming in coming in"
"Like this, or like that,
I'm there".
"It makes me mad"
"When you come in before of me"
"I was spoiled me"
Because of your stubborn nature...
...l was away from you.
I was not amused.
Calling your name...
...l forgot my name.
No problem.
The moment I saw you.
I was saved from dying.
Nothing wrong.
For you I will come again and again.
No stopping now.
"Sitting idle, looking at the time"
"When were we introduced?"
"I realised I'm mad about you"
"There is so much pain in love"
"Now, I realise...
"My heart's door is open for you"
"I salute you, my beloved"
"Like this, or like that,
I'm there"
"It makes me feel I was better then"
"When you come in before me"
"I was spoiled"
When Mumtaz was alive,
she didn't know.
That Taj Mahal would be
built over her.
Even when Shah Jehan died...
...for that love...
This tomb will inspire love.
I'm not Shah Jehan...'re not Mumtaz.
our love is not lesser than them.
"L give you with my love... preserve it with you"
"For me you are the one I trust"
"I give you th3responsibility"
"You make sure of it"
"I don't ask for anything else"
"My body is shivering... heart is beating"
"I salute you, my beloved"
"Like this, or like that,
I'm there".
"It makes feel I was better then"
"When you come before of me".
"L was spoiled"
Hail Lord Govinda.
What is this?
Raja. I'm praying to God.
I'm praying for you.
You are right on time.
During day you're good.
And at night, you drink.
Don't you know who I pray to?
Whatever things you plan...
...l don't come to know?
I'm feel hurt.
You don't care for my feelings.
No one thinks of me...
What is your problem, bro?
All my friends... me grandfather.
They are playing games with me.
I should have gone with them.
Go for jogging, you know?
But I alone living here
like that...
Not even a dog with me.
Now what? You need a puppy?
Why are you talking do much?
Who wants a dog?
I want grand children.
You mean to talk about my marriage.
Not now, cannot...
...l want this, I want to settle.
Don't tell me all this.
I will go up to the terrace
and jump down.
We only would keep swinging
on a swing lifelong.
What is it,
early morning you're fighting?
What's wrong?
Oh, sorry. Wrong...
Why, today you're a priest?
My life is passing away, and my
son is not willing to marry.
So I turned into a priest.
Raja, Raja. You look like a prince.
Dress up smartly.
I will give your snaps
to all marriage brokers.
Rama brother,
something wrong with your mind?
Our Boy is not ready for marriage.
You are pressing him so much.
I am a pure man...
...don't excite and force me
to fight.

' fi
No one among you is
agreeing for his marriage.
This home will never be happy.
- Oh God!
- Excuse me.
- Lakshmi...
- Sir, my name is Rukmani.
I've come to meet Raja.
- She is my acquaintance.
- Oh!
- Come, come in.
- Actually.
There's a project.
I wanted to discuss, so I came.
He is not good in any project.
He's busy in Auto project.
Why won't he go?
He is not lazy like you.
You don't have creativity.
But there is some value for it.
This girl wants you for
some good work, you go.
- Where's his jacket?
- Why the jacket?
You have a invitation, you go.
- Come, Come.
- You can come again.
- Father and Son, both are right.
- Shut your mouth.
Come ...
s W?
This is very good. Your home.
Your neighbours must be jealous.
- Why?
- Of course.
This city is a concrete jungle.
Even the birds are flying away.
But you have made your
home in such a nice place.
- The reason you came for?
- Behind the Auto.
Behind a Bus, behind a Truck...
...songs are written. - Ok.
Connecting the lines...
...the same good lines.
You select for me,
I will write a book on it.
Do you know why lines are
written behind a Auto?
So that every one should read it.
Reading them, people feel happy.
They are inspired.
Some are happy.
It also helps people to
make decisions in life.
A good statement to change.
What you say, it's to solve
life's problems.
It is the best solution!
That's the reason,
why I came to you.
You can contribute to
my project nicely.
Anyone who has capacity for it
he can help.
Behind some Auto's,
it's written...
...parents blessings.
It means he respect's his parents.
A person should
be born in Karnataka.
On this land...
...proud of ancestors.
Determination. To move ahead in life.
But in love, if a girl cheats.
Love disappointment.
Nor here, nor there.
Some time,
something else is written.
'Cannot see heaven,
unless you yourself die '
'Joint family concept'.
With the grace of god
I've faith in God and house.
'Hi Chinu'
No expression.
This way.
In every line there's a attitude.
Nature. Feelings.
Everything is there.
What do you say?
You said about other Auto line's.
- What about the line on your Auto?
- My Auto?
Folding my hands,
I say, 'I'm Karnataka's Lion'.
You now? It's my Chariot!
I know you as Krishna,
the Charioteer.
I want to know,
the meaning of the lines behind.
'Love is Blind'. It's true.
Love cannot be seen?
Are you an expert on love matters?
Sometimes I felt it.
So I wrote it behind.
Love always begins with the heart.
It happens first,
but can be seen later.
Your research is not over yet?
It's time or his Duty.
- Ok, Raja. I'm going.
- Ok.
Sir, my Auto loan is cleared.
You have seized my Auto by mistake.
Before my brother comes to know...
...release the Auto, or then.
Are you scaring me?
If you had called, I don't mind.
By seizing the Auto,
you committed a big mistake.
Did you come here...
...or did I invite you?
What is it?
The Government gives
enough time to the public.
- Who's he?
- He's one of those who beat me.
Since they beat us,
the public isn't scared of us.
You committed a big mistake
by fighting with us.
He beat us in front of the people...
...drag him in front of the
same people and beat him!
Brother, he's the one
who beat us that day.
Crush him! He's an Ant.
Look carefully.
Th speed of your thoughts... action is faster than that.
Are you aware of us?
You don't know.
- Do you know who you are?
- Me?
I'm the biggest thug in Bangalore.
If you think
I will be scared of you.
I'm a bigger thug than you.
Banks call us and give us loans...
...While recovery?
They appoint you thugs to do that?
I'm telling you nicely.
The vehicles you've seized.
- Release them!
- What if not?
I will seize all your businesses.
You will never recover
in your life.
Stop your lecture.
Get him!
Master, we had a
compromise that day.
Is it fine, Master?
I will stop this work.
I will never do this again.
First understand the
meaning of "P".
How many people are behind us,
it's not important.
But how many of
them are real fighters.
Ra nj it.
How is your business going on?
Nothing is good.
Losses every where.
What are you saying?
My kingdom is lost!
What happened?
We lost everything.
My License is blacklisted.
Why are you crying?
Why not tell me?
You have gone abroad
for big business.
Why should I bother you?
So I didn't tell you.
Brother! An Auto driver is
responsible for our losses.
An ordinary Auto driver?
You're calling me for that now?
Aren't you ashamed?
If I was there,
I would have split his head.
Finish him off!
It's the beautiful liquid of the bar.
And on the table we're brothers.
Keep standing there once
you're empty we too will sleep.
- Excuse me.
- Okay, we're coming.
Ramanna, you are in the
ring so early?
You ape, today is the birthday.
- Oh, yeah, just made up that.
- Hey!
Hey, don't talk lightly of
the gentleman, son.
You keep up the show,
I'll bring something to eat.
- Okay, go ahead.
- You thief.
- How come you guys so early.
- Come, Raja. Come.
It's some gentleman's birthday,
only you were remaining to join.
Hey, why're you talking Ambuja's
husband like sarcastically.
Look, apart frow we three who
else is there for my daddy.
If it's not our birthday of any one
of us, then it must be his.
Why don't they make alcoholic
drinks sweet.
Because diabetics won't be
able to drink, that's why.
But we have to clean this out.
As it is a gift form the father.
I will show them!
Rukmani, when did you come?
I just came. VVenW: to look up
Raju upstairs.
Oh, yeah?
- Is everything, fine?
- Yes.
- I want to tell you something.
- Go ahead.
Just like Udayshankar you
too are very soft.
Will you accept what I say?
Have you any doubt?
When people see Tendulkar
personally they doubt his ability...
...but when they see his recirdm
they keep mum.
No, it's not like that.
Your son is fine but the
2 guys who are with him... not seem to be right.
Not only you but I too feel the
same. I also vomited once.
But what can I do?
Uncle, you are busy here and
they're drinking on terrace.
What do you mean?
Uncle, there they have kepp
Rum, Whisky, Brandy everything.
You mean that's what's available
in bars, it's all there?
Yeah, it's all there upstairs,
Oh, without my knowledge
my house has become a bar too!
Oh, my, God!
That's why I say, a woman
should always be there in a home.
Their noses are always very sharp
and they catch up quick.
See, despite everything happening
just over my head...
...l did not even smell it.
But you don't drink, do you?
So how do you know about
that smell?
Oh, my, Ambuja!
You see, Ambuja.
O' my Ambuja!
Look what my house was
and what has happened to it!
Ambuja! You just left me alone
to face the world.
Ambuja, you've left us and gone,
and see what's happening.
Who's is it, uncle?
Now what to tell you...
Hey, she's actress Pandhari Bai,
isn't she?
She has acted a mother to many...
...then why can't she be
my son's mother too.
Let's go up. I will also join yo.
Look, they are drinking.
Hey, you all are drinking!
ls it a home or a bar?
You have converted this house a bar,
don't you've nobody to answer?
That's why I say there should
always be a girl at home.
Reprimand them.
She has done something.
Hey! Who got you the booze?
Your dad?
Raja, you too are spoiled
these rascals.
You've made this house a bar.
O' Ambuja!
What's it, dad?
- See dear, now he's scolding.
- It's not that, Ramanna.
Is it written on an empty bottle
as to who has drank it?
If you want you can make a test.
Sitting in bar together,
we all are brothers.
Hey, will you shut your mouth
or else I'll seal it.
What nonsense are you talking!
Ramanna, will you say you're not
involved on oath of Ambjua?
Uncle, so you're the gang leader?
What could I do? My son isn't
married, so I was worried.
- And then they made drink
and I did. - Raja?!
Hey, don't involve me in this,
spare me.
Uncle, do you know I respected
you so much,
I too have so much affection
for you.
Then why did you lie that you
don't even know it's smell?
When did I say that.
You thought so.
You forcibly made me
commit that I don't drink.
I maintained that so that you may
not feel bad. That's the truth.
Isn't drinking wrong, uncle?
I've taken a vow that I will stop
drinking once my son marries.
Dad, what my marriage has
got to do with it?
Look dear, how angry he gels
when I talk about his marriage.
Uncle, do you know what kind
of girl he likes?
Why should he chose a girl?
If a girl chooses him that's enough.
- Why don't you try?
- What? No, no!
Yes .
Yeah, I mean, you should
find a grill for him.
Where would lfind her, uncle.
Why, wouldn't my son get
a good girl?
Of course he will.
But your son has to approve.
You just point her out. It's my
responsibility that he like her.
Very soon I will show her
to you.
All right, dear.
"Let the heart wander as it wants"
"Even if it falls in love,
let it fall"
"Win or lose leave it on fate"
"Come what may, let it happen"
"Let it be, let it be, let it be?
"Let the fever of love takeover"
"Let it be, let it be, let it be?
"Let the voice of love be heard"
"Let the heart wander as it wants"
"Even if it falls in love,
let it fall"
"Win or lose leave it on fate"
"Come what may, let it happen"
"Let's go around the world"
"And let's always be in love"
"Let everyday be a good day"
"Because there nothing like love"
"The moment you met me... "
"That very moment my entire
being smiled"
"My heart heaved like wave"
"Only this love is enough for me"
"Let's live happily with love"
"Let it be, let it be, let it be?
"Let the fever of love takeover"
"Let it be, let it be, let it be?
"Let the voice of love be heard"
"Love doesn't happen and grow
merely with planning"
"Whatever come or may happen,
vine of love never keeps growing.
"Keep you expectations within you
and let the feelings be revealed.
"Whatever lovers touch
that turns gold"
"Enter the world of love
without a thought"
"Keep inventing your love anew"
"Let it be, let it be, let it be?
"Let the voice of love be heard"
"Let it be, let it be, let it be?
"Let the voice of love be heard"
"Let the heart wander as it wants"
"Even if it falls in love,
let it fall"
"Win or lose leave it on fate"
"Come what may, let it happen"
Goddess, First time I saw Raja here
in your temple.
Then Raja brought your picture
to my house.
After that we met accidently.
Look at what has transpired, it
appears it's all your design.
Today I am going at
Raja's place ask...
...Mother, kindly bless me that
Raja accepts my love.
- Raja, go and make the call.
- I will do it later. You go now.
- Why are you unnecessarily getting
angry? - Why don't you go away?
I am here for you.
- Oh, it's you!
- Who else you expected?
His mind is stuck only on her.
Oh, it seems, Anna's engagement
is going to take place.
What? Anna's auspicious time?
Hey, look there.
Isn't she the Auto Raja's girl?
Without any reason he bashed
us badly.
Now the reason is here.
It's good opportunity.
Now we shall do something that
Auto Raja will forget his auto.
Hey, sit the car.
Do you think I will leave you
if you ran in the house?
Hey, stop there!
Today or tomorrow we
are going to be married.
Don't you have any feelings
about your fianc?
It's not your fault. Your parent's
fault that they let you so free.
I had warned them not to
let you study too much.
Prata p.
- When did you return from China.
- Yesterday evening, aunt.
- How are you, uncle?
- I am fine.
Aunt, you'd asked, not to disturb
her till her education is over.
I did that.
Now her studies are over.
Now when should the
wedding be kept?
Aren't you standing on
one leg waiting?
Look, wedding isn't going
to go away.
I am not afraid that
she will elope.
Because I can very well
take care of that.
Wait for a auspicious date.
I am not going to wait no more.
Fix a date for the wedding.
Or else I shall fix the date.
Wedding is not such a
easy task to arrange, Pratap.
We have to find a right time
and date, don't we?
You will be in the village
this Navaratri festival.
You fix up everything at
that time.
What are you saying?
It's been 26 years since we
have been to our village.
After the death of my brother,
I've stopped every celebration.
My guru has given me
go ahead.
This year we should celebrate
the festival grandly.
My dad has phoned
and called me.
It will be nice if the my marriage
takes place at that occasion.
That's why we all go to our
village together.
Okay, Pratap.
Whatever you say.
Kavita .
Rukmani's marriage is finalized.
Who told you?
Yes, Raja.
Kavita. She never told me
that her marriage is fixed.
Date of marriage isn't finalised,
but commitment is made.
Tell her all the best on my behalf.
What's it Raja? Why're you gone
pale, with this news?
Uh, it's nothing like that.
We were so close all these days
and then this sudden news.
That's why I was shocked a bit.
That's all.
Is it just that?
Yeah, only that much. Now don't
fry my brains. Go away.
Raja, you do like Rukmani, right?
What are you talking, Poly.
Hey, I've been with you
for so many years...
...don't I know what you feel?
It's waste of time talking about
her right now.
Once a girl is committed
for wedding...
...then it must be of her liking.
Of course she'll marry but it
won't be of her liking.
This decision is that of her
uncle's son.
And there is no one who can
dare oppose him.
If she has spent any happy
days in her life...
...they were spent with you.
That too because that boy wasn't
was abroad.
She is really afraid of him.
Raja, you just saw her and
you fell in love with her.
And she came here because
she loves you.
She was about to come and
express her love for you...
...but at the very time her
uncle's son arrived.
He has decided to take her to
village and finalize the marriage.
Raja. If you really love her
it's tame that you did something.
Once she is taken to village,
it will be very difficult.
You won't meet her again.
Look, my son never abandons
those who trust him.
Than how would he leave
one who loves him.
Raja, you may leave anything
in your life.
But don't love go.
I hoped for and really a nice
girl came in your life.
The day this girl came to
my house, I decided...
...that she will be my
daughter- in- law.
Son, go and bring her.
Son, swear on me and
bring her.
Now what?
You keep driving.
I will do something.
Okay, go ahead.
Raja, be ca rful.
Hey, go faster.
Hey, stop!
I'll teach you a lesson.
It's not in my fate to be
with you.
Goddess Chamundeshwari, with
your grace, after 26 years...
...this veneration ceremony
is being performed here.
But for the first time in my life,
without decorating you...
...with due rituals I am beginning
to perform the ceremony... kindly forgive me.
Oh, without the ritual
decoration of goddess...
...they are forcing to continue
with the ritual ceremony.
Is nobody there who could stop
them to oppose with their ego?
Mother Goddess,
now everything is up to you.
Bring the offerings.
God's incarnation always come
to destroy the evil.
My lady, what happened?
I don't know, I am apprehensive
of some strange occurring.
After so many years this
festival is being celebrated.
If you don't come, it will
be incomplete.
Please come.
You go ahead.
Let the entire village be
blessing by the Goddess.
The one who created the
question in my life...
...l shall see him only after
he answers my questions.
You go.
Ram, are we in Durga port
or some other place?
Entire village appears to be
Son, is if it's strike in a city
everybody has gone.
After 26 year now this Navratri
festival is being celebrated...
...and all of you have left all
your work...
...have happy come here to
take the blessing of Mother.
Hail Chamundeshwari.
Get aside!
We are here now!
How did you enter the village,
aren't you thrown out?
Are you here to spoil
the village function?
Hey, shut your mouth!
You are continuing the rituals
without the Goddess Necklace...
...and just because we are here
you find it desecrated?
Respected sir, listen.
You may not give us respect
yet we pay respect to you.
The Goddess's power lies
in the necklace
If you performed rituals without it,
it will be futile.
That's why, in order to
return this necklace...
...and give an opportunity
to them...
...l have come with a condition.
What it is?
A wresting challenge
in the ring.
He is my brother, if anybody
beats him...
...the entire ornaments
will be that of the village.
And if you lose...
...then this entire village
will be ours.
Is there any man here
to accept the challenge...
...then come in the ring.
Hey, Gora.
With what daring are you
saying this.
We aren't some woman
who wear bangles.
Isn't there a really man in
this village?
- Hey, Seena!
- Yes, sir.
Go and show them.
Yes, sir.
Buck up!
Go ahead!
Watching this bout is no fun.
Mr. Raja! Try to find out your
queen as soon as possible.
If we remain for some more time
we will become jokers.
You fool! Do you think
you can win that?
These guys are tough guys
and very strong.
- Hey, Raja.
- Yeah.
Hello, Rukku!
Is there someone left!
Come on!
Come out!
Is there anyone to face me!
Now this village is ours. ls there
anyone to accept the challenge?
Let someone come forward
if dare!
Rukku, come this way!
Are you coming?
To fight with me you should
have born to my parents.
You are new to this village.
Do you dare to fight me?
It's over.
This village is ours now!
You have this village's prestige
by winning this competition.
You also saved the precious
necklace of Goddess.
Due to Navaratri festival
has come acquired it's glory.
We wanted to sacrifice viallagee's
interest for our own benefit.
Instead somebody sacrificed us
for the sake of village.
After the loss of villagers
in the challenge...
...l had planned to lead them
by defeating you.
But that man has now ruined
my entire plan.
While digging a well if you
fine rocks... you stop digging the well,
Salahi Mahssha! It's not the
time to dig wells.
It's the time the grave
of that stranger.
That's not our aim.
But he altered our target.
He spoiled our chances which
we got after so many years.
Our Zora who is like mountain,
was defeated by him.
Now how would we come
back in the village?
Now he will influence and rule
the world for his life.
He just came to the festival
and became the chief of the village.
For 26 years we did not return the
necklace he took it a day.
It's not that easy.
We who belong to this royal
...yet we are unable to get
to power.
How come we let any third
person take our place?
Not that we will get it...
...but we will snatch it.
You better do something fast
and take that place.
So that our banishment is removed
and we may come back.
IVla'an'\! IVla'an'\!
That necklace is once
again is back with the village.
They challenged the village
folk to wrestle and get it back.
The necklace was practically lost
but a good man came and saved it.
He gave a fitting reply to
those savages.
- Who is that boy?
- Raja.
- How do you know him?
- He's a auto driver form Bangalore.
- You know something more about him?
- Yes I know.
Ok, let it be.
We'll talk about it later.
Today is festival day,
first have some sweets.
But first tell me about that boy.
- Why is he here?
- He has come for me.
- Why?
- Because he loves me.
What I could not tell him
I have told you.
If everything was fine, you'd
be my daughter- in- law by now.
But aren't I one even now,
mother- in- law?
Just consider Raja your son
and it's done.
Yeah, sure.
You marry the boy you like
and live happily.
However... would go to him?
- He'll come a fetch me.
How would he come in this fort?
What if Pratap comes to know this?
Till I didn't see him fight in the
ring I too was apprehensive.
But not now. He's mighty enough
over thousands daggers.
He came to this village
for my sake... it'll be no problem to
come in to this fort.
- Now what?
- If we are caught...
...we'll be a meal to them.
It's even bigger than Durga Fort.
There must be some other way
to go in apart from main door.
Can't go even through back door
as that's also secured.
Yeah, it you stand on the
shoulder then?
Not for you, do it for your
girl's sake.
Yeah, bury me and stand
on top of me.
As if he wants to get his heroine
but doesn't want to climb a ladder.
You both are same, idiot!
Instead of you needing help
I really need help.
I never imagined that
you'd meet me this way.
Love has won.
When my love was before me
I did not realize it.
After I realize that you are my
love I couldn't stop.
Hey, he is here! You better
hide somewhere.
Hey, what's wrong with
the electricity?
Hey, find out!
I have been calling Rukmani,
for such a long time...
...could not you give any reply?
I did not hear it.
Yeah, I did call your name
and you did not hear!
I understand that you don't
like my marriage to me.
Yet if something goes against
it you'll face the consequences.
Hey, Pratap!
How dare you talk like that?
- Have you lost you mind!
- Aunty!
In this matter I won't listen
to anyone.
Aunty, he's Raja.
- Hello! - Welcome.
- Kindly forgive me.
It's not appropriate to enter
a girl's house this way.
Despite knowing the dangers,
you've dared to entered the fort... reveals how deeply
you love Rukmani.
I am sure that she will be
happy with you.
With your blessings I have
no fear.
Hey, some intruder is there.
Go and look for him.
Go and look for him.
Go. Be quick.
You don't belong here.
Why are you here?
Oh, you don't want me
to touch you. Okay.
Are you here for some purpose?
Raja, get up.
Here, take this.
Hey, what are you like this?
What happened to you?
Why are you quiet.
This horse lead me here.
This horse!
Dad, Goddess Chamundeshwari
always comes in my dreams.
And her image is exactly
like this.
Even back home I used
to see the same dream.
This horse also comes in
those dreams.
Now he has brought me here.
Mother Chamundeshwari!
Mother, what has happened
to my son?
What's happening to him?
Kindly save him, Mother.
What's the reason for his
dreams, mother?
- Mother...
- There is some reason.
Sir, what has happened to my son?
First of all,
he is not your son.
Secondly... his name...
...his name isn't Raja.
It is Krishna.
What are you saying?
I am Raja...
...and he is my father.
- No. He is not.
Your life's reality is different.
Propose of your coming
here is also different.
Your purpose to appear on earth is
to eradicated evil from the earth.
And nowl understand...
...that Krishna has come
here for some specific purpose.
Goddess herself has
summoned you here.
Why would Goddess call me?
You are supposed to complete the
task of Suryanaryan, you father.
- Suryanarayan?
- Yes, he was lord of this village.
He was adored by people.
He was protector of people.
His life was meant for the
benevolence of the people.
He was great devotee of
Goddess Chamundeshwari.
People had immense faith in him.
But fate had something else
for him...
...and that occurred on
New Moon Day.
Hail, Mahisha!
On the New Moon day if we stole
the necklace of Goddess
...and put on Mahisasur's neck...
...then his powers enhances
to great levels.
We shall destroy the village
by stealing the necklace.
This necklace is the power
behind the village's prosperity.
We reverse the belief that...
...Suryanarayan is the protector
and benefactor of people.
- We'll proved that!
- No!
What people believe is not only
a belief but it's a fact.
As long as this Suryanarayan
is there...
...this place will be like a
pious place.
No one will be able even
lift a stone from there.
You may be a powerful
man of this village...
...but not for us.
Today you do whatever you like...
...but you won't be able to
protect the necklace.
I am not merely a notional
ruler on throne.
I am there to protect people.
Don't challenge!
She is the incarnation oi
Goddess Parvati...
...our Goddess Mother Chamundeshwari.
The necklace in her neck... the necklace given by Lord
Shiva to Goddess Parvati.
How dare you try to steal such
a necklace, you'll suffer.
Despite villagers being opposed
to you, I've let you stay in village.
But it's my biggest mistake.
To protect my wife and family
my Goddess is there.
And I am there to protect
the village.
But who is going to protect you?
Such sinner should be hanged.
Throw them down the valley.
They should be eaten alive
by the vultures.
Don't be sinners.
Don't be so cruel.
Kindly forgive us. We are sinners.
We did wrong.
Your act is pardonable.
Yesterday night I would
have chopped your head off...
...and would have you sacrificed
for Goddess Chamundeshwari.
Your blood would have rendered
this soil desecrated.
It's like demon's blood multiplying
after falling on earth...
...and that is the only reason
I did not kill you all.
Before this village council
I bar you from entering the village.
Now on, for any reason whatsoever,
you should not step in this village.
And if you dare enter again
I'll not spare you even in jungle.
Take them away.
Maam's labour pain has begin.
Sir, congratulations!
You're blessed with a son.
Have a long life!
Shanti, at last you've given me
an inheritor.
It's my good luck to serve
my village...
...and now the tradition will
continue is also a blessing to me.
I too am happy that you've someone
to carry forward your glorious name.
As you have a son now.
Hey, go and bring some milk
and sugar to prepare sweets.
- Chief is blessed with a son.
- Really?
- Oh, we'll go and see.
- Be back soon.
Master, kindly we have to
name my son.
In Durga Fort he is like the birth
of Lord himself.
So name him Krishna.
Krishna. Krishna. Krishna.
"To glorify the Chola dynasty,
to drive out the evil"
"Such a son is born to our soil"
"Ballalaraya is like is
powerful and humble"
"He belongs to the most
prosperous royal family"
"This village is blessed
with this boon by Lord Shiva"
"This child and father both are
like great banyan tree to us"
"Their house is big house huge,
and training ground for warriors"
"Even if faced with thousands
of soldiers, he will defeat them.
"Seven headed serpent
is protecting him"
"And protecting this Tiger's Fort"
"Dear child we pray for
your better life"
"Dear child we pray for
your better life"
"Their love and family lives like
corn on the cob and honeybees"
"Their heart and soul
live harmony"
"They live by bank of
Kaveri river"
"He is the messenger of peace
to this village.
"This village is hard working
and never fail him"
"O Village Chief, please protect
the great culture of this village?
Who has brought this foal?
Master has brought it for you.
It's so nice.
- Krishna! - This foal...
- It's nice, isn't it?
It's very nice. You brought
it and never told me?
I did not tell you so that
you can be surprised.
- Father, give him a name.
- Why don't you think up?
- Ramu?
- Good name.
Whose naming ceremony is this?
Mom, it's for a horse.
Good. Why'd you
get him the horse so soon.
Because I too would be
a fine horseman.
Did you see, my son is
ready even now.
- Krishna, have some milk.
- Can I ride the horse?
I won't drink milk.
Son, you can't ride alone.
I shall take care of him, ma'am.
Be careful.
Ramu, let's go.
Ella pa, be ca refu I.
Hey, it's all right.
How are you, brother- in- law?
I am good.
Brother, how are you?
I am fine.
Please come in.
So how is the little thief
in you womb saying?
Thief is your son.
lam bearing a girl child.
From your face it appears
you will have son.
Oh, no. I wished for a girl from
Goddess Chamundeshwari.
And I shall name her "Rukmani"
and she'll be your daughter- in- law.
Ok, you'll get what you wish.
Ram, come on move.
Hev, stop it.
You come down.
I will ride it.
Get down.
Brother, fell down.
Brother, fell down.
My pony Ram will not let you
ride him.
Son, I will get you another horse.
No, I want this one.
Whatever belongs to him
I want all that.
Greetings, master.
You called for me?
According to horoscope... you son is 4 years old now,
something adverse will happen.
What happening?
Yes, I had known it since
he was 40 days old.
Had I told at that time... would have been worried
all the time. So I didn't tell.
Will there be any danger
to his life?
If it was matter of his life...
...Goddess would not have
brought him in the world.
But, what else it is?
Mother Goddess will see to that.
You organize a special worshiping
on this Vijaya Dashimi day...
...for the sake and in the name
of Krishna.
It will be done.
Wow, Ramu.
Come running to me.
Wow, wow!
Wonderful, Ramu.
Hanumantaapa, you're here?
- There is lot of work over there.
Go. - Yes, sir.
Krishna, are you playing?
Uncle, does one grow up
fast if he plays with the pony?
Don't you have brains?
Children do play, Krishna.
But you are not a only
a child... are the inheritor and the
ruler of this village.
Look there. All of them have
gathered there to worship.
So as you are the ruler,
what should you do?
I should protect them
and the village.
Good. This is a boys sign.
He really is his dad's son.
Krishna, if your daddy comes to
know that you're protecting...
...he will be so proud,
do you know?
Is that so?
So I will do that, uncle.
Ram, come let's go.
Call Krishna now.
Go and bring Krishna.
Sir, where is the Junior.
They are calling him.
Krishna, is going back to god.
What did you say?
He went that way.
Do one thing.
I'll look this way and
you look that way.
That day, your father left in
the middle of the rituals...
...and what was found ultimately
was his body.
And this tragedy happened
on the day ofVijaya Dashmi.
Entire village was aghast.
Not only that, the child also
fell down from mountain top.
It was presumed that he
was consumed byjungle beasts.
I failed to understand why
was fate so such cruel.
It was a unjust killing.
For that death...
...l am the cause.
What are you saying?
- Raja, how'd you be the cause?
- Yes, it's true.
What I saw in dreams
it was the same.
Oh, poor thing you are stuck.
Now, go.
Krishna, don't run stop!
Father, please come!
Father, help.
Father, get up!
Get up, father!
Father wake up!
Father, get up please.
- Father get up.
- Hey, so much blood!
What happened to him?
Father fell down while
How did this happen? How?
He saved me from stamped
and himself fell down.
Father is not talking.
Oh, god! Ultimately you've become
a cause of your father's death.
You are the reason for your
father's death, Krishna.
I killed my father!
I killed you father!
I am the reason, uncle.
Yes, Krishna you are the cause.
I will believe you but
village folks won't.
Your father loved you so much.
But due to love of his son,
he is sacrificed.
Father! Father!
Krishna. Stop!
Where are you going?
I won't live now, uncle.
Hey, Krishna!
With what face would you
go to your mother, Krishna?
The one who worshipped her
husband like a god, if she knows...
...that the cause of her husband's
death is her own son...
...then she will not be able
to bear it, Krishna.
She will kill herself.
It is also certain that
she will never forgive you.
Apart from this, village folk
treat Anna as their god...
...and when they will come
to know...
...they will hate you, Krishna.
Where should lgo, uncle?
Run. Run away Krishna.
Before everybody comes to know
and news spreads... better run away.
You must run.
Run, Krishna! Run.
That day, out of fear...
...l ran blindly and slipped
down and fell.
It was a big ditch...
He fell on a official soil
carrying truck.
I was working there.
I saw him falling down, and
his head was bleeding heavily.
I thought this kid won't survive.
But survive he did.
It was due to blessing of
Mother Goddess.
Sometimes time he used
to dream about it.
He used to have suffer
a lot, master.
Now, he knows everything
so he won't suffer now.
I did not realize that his
dreams true.
I was unaware, master.
Lord Shri Krishna was born
in Mathura...
...but he grew up in Gokul.
Master, all this is somewhat
very strange...
Life is full of surprises
and secrets.
You are found now.
But we had then thought that you'd
become pray to some wild animal.
But you are here alive
and this news...
...when reaches to your mother
how happy she will be!
My mother is there?
Entire village took you for dead
but you are alive.
But your mother, was sure the
her son would return one day.
With this faith she is still
waiting for you.
Your mother is the only one...
...who had complete faith in
Mother Goddess.
And Goddess did not
break her faith.
But, don't let mother know
of this truth.
Not only my mother...
...don't tell anyone in the
village too.
The people who cried on the
death of your great father... pleased the will be if they
know, you have returned.
That will be momentary.
In the very next moment...
...if they find that I was the
reason for his death...
...that happiness will vanish.
I am a sinner who is the cause
of her god like husband's death.
With what face I would
face mother?
The mother who waited for
her son to return for so long...
...l have no guts to see
tears in her eyes.
I don't want this. I don't.
- Let's leave this village.
- Krishna!
You haven't come here
to go back.
The Goddess has called you here
for some significant task.
After 26 years...
...give me inspiration to hold
the ritual festival...
...and now I have understood
You are learned and saintly.
Kindly forgive me.
The fact that I am alive,
kindly don't reveal to anyone.
- I will be back.
- At least listen to him.
- Dad, first let's go from here.
It's all play of the time.
Please forgive me mother.
I did not prove to be
a good son.
In royal family it doesn't
happen like this.
Furthermore, your part of
exclusions has ended now.
Mother Goddess has granted
me the solace, Krishna.
To protect this village, it's
boundaries and people... now your responsibility.
You've to be here to protect it.
You should be an example.
The one who believes in truth
and virtues, always comes forward.
They come and fight up front
with their head held high.
They carry the severed heads of
enemy and never show their backs.
This is your war zone from which
you cant go out.
Aren't you a warrior.
Pay the debt of your motherland.
You will might never get
this opportunity again.
Forget about escaping.
You were protected by the god
to serve this purpose.
What is past forget it and
start a new.
This is my heart's wish that
you should take up your task.
I'll do and I promise.
Mother's love is always great.
Your faith is unshakable.
But to tell you the truth,
I find myself incapable.
I am unable to tell you.
What happened, got scared?
Thinking or your son,
It's not his remembrance.
It is truth.
My son has come.
He is here somewhere.
Even after 26 years he is
still coming.
Time possess by.
If you talk this way
about my son...
...l'll say you are insane.
- It's not insane... is total madness of you.
Look, we don't like that you
behave like this.
Now what more you want
to discuss.
It's nothing, just someone's
evil eyes...
...and his ill wishes around here.
The very lamp of this house
...burnt my god like respected
Krishna, had no strength to
safeguard father's name.
If he was that way, Goddess
might not have forgotten him.
My brother's blood just finished
with his death.
Not anybody and everybody
can take his place.
It should be the same blood
from our dynasty.
Here is still my son, who belongs
to the royal blood.
He will have to be
given the place of leader.
Never. Nobody will take my
son's place.
I am not so selfish that nobody
should take his rightful place.
But to take up my husband's
...nobody in this village has the
ability to take up.
I don't want someone who is
just crowned and does nothing.
He should be born ruler.
His individuality and his name
will originate from his father.
Don't talk ill of such a royal
blood line.
Such blood line does not
clot so easily.
It continues to flow.
In this blood will...
...certainly come back
to this village.
This is my faith in my
mother goddess.
My faith has never deserted me.
You may go now.
He is sitting there.
Ok, uncle. You don't worry
I will take care.
Krishna, is what I hear is
I can't believe that mother- in- law's
belief came true.
It would have been better
if her faith was untrue.
I came here for your love.
But here...
...every truth of my life came out.
I have no courage to even
to tell my mother, I'm your son.
I think mother believe me.
I came here for you.
But here I have to attend
to many things.
Till then revelation
of our love...
I am not worried, we may
not reveal.
Because of my love you should
not neglect your duty.
I am confident of your love,
and I will wait.
"Radha and Madhav are happly
in love"
"Kittappa, KifiaPPa"
"Where is your flute"
"Hey, Rukamma! Rukamma"
"Look up and see"
"I am like a naughty Krishna"
"Should I play a beautiful music"
"If by hearing that music
if a group gathers around"
"Won't it be hindrance privacy"
"If it happens we leave
the group alone and go"
"We will run away"
"Krishna where is your chariot.
how come you've come in an Auto"
"Where is the chariot gone"
"Kittappa, KifiaPPa"
"Where is your flute"
"Hey, Rukamma! Rukamma"
"Look up and see"
"Come let's play and have fun"
"Let's enjoy, come let's play"
"Come on, let's play Lagori"
'We will play, play and play"
"You're hit!
"Why are you playing game
of Lagori on the street"
"Give back the ball and
now stake the tiles first"
"Come now hit the
stake of tiles"
"And hit ball quickly at
the stake"
"Gopala, very bad"
"Govinda, why's the color
of you face is so blue?
"Why have you painted yourself
so much and come"
"Because you will recognize
me anywhere then"
"It's not mine but my
Mummy and Daddy's plan"
"Drink daily milkshake at
Coffee Day, Rukamma, Rukamma!
"Where's the dairy farm of Vrindavan,
Kittaiyya. Kittayya"
Kittaiyya! Kittayya!
"Once upon a time in Mathura city"
"Near river Yamuna my Lord Krishna
was sitting on a tree, playing flute"
"On the other side, Gopika's are
playing in the river taking bath"
"There were cute"
"Gal, Gal, Gal... Galgakchhi
Mina, Mina, Mina, Minakshi"
"Come come come Kamalakshi, come"
"Yeah come, come"
"After the bath all came out
and they were shocked"
"They could not find their Middies,
Churdidars, Skits, Stoles, etc. etc. "
"They all rushed toward Krishna
and sang"
"Shri Krishna, say why do you
want our clothes"
"Please return, return, return"
"Then my naughty Krishna said"
"Are you finished, are you finished"
"They were crying,
he was laughing"
"Are you finished...
They were crying"
"He was laughing,
they were crying"
"Laughing, crying,
laughing, crying"
Laugh laugh, cry cry"
"At last in climax,
my Shringar Sheela"
"Turned in to Karuna Bala,
he gave back their costumes"
After that he was named
Stri Lola"
"Lola, Lola, Lola,
he is the one who harasses"
"A thief Krishna, saved the
honors of all the girls"
"He held a mountain on his
small finger"
"Please also lift me once"
"Be careful Rukku,
you are terrific"
"If I put my magic spell
you'll turn something else"
"O darling... I love you"
"Mukund I will grab you
and give you a kiss "
"Send these girls away"
"When you are kissing me let
those girls play"
"Or else go and fight with them"
"Whoever opposes us shoot
them, Rukamma, Rukamma"
"Why the gun, where is the
Chakra of yours gone"
"Where is it, where is it"
Kit, Kitappa, KittapPa"
"Where is your flute"
"Rukamma, Rukamma"
"Look up ans see"
- Welcome, sir.
- Fine! Fine!
Seeing all this here you'd know
that's it ground braking ceremony.
What kind of ground breaking
you may be thinking? Mining.
We're starting mining here.
I am doing this all for you
on my land.
Sir, we don't want this.
We are better as it is.
- Please don't do anything with
this land. - Sir!
Our honorable leader's tom
is here.
We take it that his soul
protects all of us.
So kindly don't dig it up, sir.
- Kitanna! - Yes.
Have you arranged for everything?
Yes. Now in a week we will change
the place, you wouldn't recognize it.
Hey, send them all back.
- Now you mark the position
from there. - Yes sir.
Hey, come and start!
Hey, what's happening,
go see!
Hey, what's all this?
It was a sample if you just even
touch this revered soil. Just that.
You'd be trouble if you
came to know that.
You will shiver in your pants.
No! Don't interfere in the matter
of this village or soil.
Your kind of people get land
written your names.
But the nature has some
other design for it.
This land belongs to me.
And I belong to his soil.
If anyone interfered with
mother and motherland...
...then let it be anybody or
any place.
I shall beat then all.
Who has guts, come forward.
You are nobody in this village
and you too are nothing to it.
That day in the very ugly
situation for the village...
...and the village's prestige
was at stake...
...this man came at that time
like Lord Krishna, and save us.
- So he has all the right in
the village. - Yes. Yes. Yes.
Don't try to be my enemy,
lam the chief of this village.
Then such person should know what's
his duties are and how to behave...
...and also should know the soil.
But you won't know all that.
But public knows that.
You just buy land by paying
four times.
And now you are ready
to be a mine owner.
I am a public servant.
Illegal mining is against the rule.
Don't break rules.
You will be destroyed.
Don't cross path, I am a very
dangerous man.
You will be ruined.
"Whenever the evil takes over"
"In order to protect this land"
"The Lord himself"
"Comes to protect it and
take an incarnation, from eons"
Let mining go to hell.
But who is Krishna to interfere?
I have sent for him.
Let him come.
What's his purpose we will
find out.
Then we will take appropriate
There is no purpose...'s open show.
One strike and two pieces.
The village folks should not be
troubled, that's all.
Let the profit and loss
remain between us.
- Why the village folk?
- Yes.
The moment you sent for me
I came to know.
Something treacherous is
being discussed.
Not only intelligence... father is shrewd person too.
The way Duryodhana had called
for a gamble and cheated...
...and it was revealed that it was
his uncle Shakuni who did all that.
Had Yudhisthir instead use his mind
and put Krishna to gamble...
...then Karauvas and Pandavas
wouldn't have fought the war.
The war of Mahabharat did
not go well for you.
What to do, sir?
Everything is an ego problem.
You be careful.
This Nagappa, always throws
his dice...
...with much calculations...
...and then make his move.
How may places are to moved...
...that much only the dice
number is thrown.
Till now your hidden game
plan worked.
But now the times have changed.
Now your time is over.
Shakuni the shrewd fellow had
never played with Krishna.
Actually the power Krishna has,
nobody ever has.
Look, move like fish in water
as it goes with its flow.
Don't talk too much.
What you want, just say that.
And quietly vacate that place.
As long I am there,
there won't be any mining.
I shall not let you lift even
a pebble from there.
Hey! You are not the head
of this village too.
- You too aren't one.
- Are you challenging me?
I do challenge.
You try your best to be the chief
of the village till festival.
And if nothing happens.
Then come and meet me.
I will give you the idea.
People do come to pose
as a leader...
...they take a chance.
But actually their aim
is not only that.
His aim is your daughter.
- What are you saying?
- Without reason you hit me.
And without reason he
too hit me.
- What do you mean?
- He hit me in public.
My prestige was lost.
He came to stop him.
He hit him too.
He too lost his face.
...he has come to your house
and did not hit you yet...
But he sure to hit you
Boss, when you'd been to China,
he was going around with your girl.
Now he is here.
Since when this affair
is going on?
That day when the power was
down you were quiet at home...
...then I had realized that
something is cooking.
Wanna marry me and
have affair with him!
Are you scheming the elope
with him?
I shall bury you alive.
Without knowing about me
he dared to love you.
Now his head won't be on
his shoulder.
First you take care of you head.
You don't know what he is.
If you know, you'll piss
in your pants.
Hey! ls he great emperor
or something?
No. He is his son...
- ls he Krishnal?
Krishna is the second incarnation.
You all will be destroyed by you.
You keep watching.
Who is destroyed by whom.
If he loses to me then I'd
finish you off too.
If you are man enough, then
defeat him and then come to me.
Whether my love wins
or your obstinacy.
We shall see.
Is Krishna still alive?
You'd said he is dead and
would never return?
If you dig up the past,
it would come to haunt us.
He is Krishna... did Rukmani come
to know?
If villagers come to know that
he is Krishna...
...then there won't be heirloom
and marriage either.
All my dreams would evaporate.
Don't even think that.
Villagers will never know
he is Krishna.
How could that be?
His daddy's death.
That's his weakness.
And that's our strength.
Now he should not be allowed
to stay here.
Will I so easily hand you
over to him?
I shall, not only you, Rukmani
and chief's post, nothing...
...l will not let anything
remain intact.
Whatever anger you have
on me...
...but don't try to went it on
this mute creature.
Because, the reason for
our enmity...
...he is the reason.
I had thought my enemy
is no more.
But this thing, was so happy
to see you having come.
Before Rukmani was born it's you
committed not to give me the horse.
Now it's my commitment.
And she was under your shadow
for such a long time.
Now, she is in the garden
of my love.
And she is mine now.
My love, you'd never get
whatever you do.
If it's so, I shall see that later.
But I will finish you first.
Hey, come on!
Come here!
Hit me! Yes hit me!
Stop that!
Look at him.
He had ill designs over the girl,
And when he came to ask about
it, he is hitting him.
- He was talking ill of Rukmani.
- What right do you have to ask?
He has. He has every right.
Because he is the prince
of this village.
The one and only son of
Krishna! My Krishna?
Is he really my brother's son
It's such a happy news for the
entire village.
If it is true...
...but besides happiness...
...their is concern about
the his credentials.
What credentials?
The Krishna who died 25 years ago,
how come he came to life suddenly?
Where was he all the time
and why did not he come earlier?
And when he returned it should
have been told to everyone.
Now let that be. My son would
come and certainly come...
...he will come and had such
a faith... sister- in- law hoped
and waited for so many years.
Then why did not he go and
tell her this fact.
- Till now he did not reveal
because... - Hey!
Don't talk.
You are not concerned with
this village any way.
It's our internal matter.
Vacate this place.
Get lost.
- Krishna!
- Sis- in- law be careful.
Walk slowly.
Even if your faith is right,
but it's of no use.
- Meaning?
- Meaning...
What was the reason behind
brother's death...
...this will be told to you by
Krishna, right now.
What is he saying?
Who was responsible for
my husband's death.
I BIT]. But... Youl?
Now open the secret.
Afraid of this reason he did
not come here for all these year.
Now he has come and anyhow
take up his inheritance...
...and wants to control the
entire village.
I waited for you so many years.
Had I known you are going to be
the reason for your father's death...
...l would have killed you the
moment you were born.
Had I known this at the time...
...l too would have died with him.
- Mom!
Don't dare call me mother!
Go away. Don't even show
me your face.
If you want to own up the
inheritance, forget about it.
You are not fit to be there.
He should boycotted and
ousted from the village.
What do you all say?
If the crown is unworn...
...then lots of evil eyes fall
upon it.
You all see, before my
sis- in- law... son Pratap should be
asked to take up the empty place.
And for this I would request
your blessings.
Isn't this family.
"Don't you cry my shadow
of Banyan tree"
"Don't even be afraid of storms"
"They all are mine
and I am all theirs.
"Be affectionate to all"
"These are the dark age"
"Where truth and right
has no place"
Look at him!
For the sake of this village
you sacrificed my brother!
Now let's settle the account.
So you were asking questions
like a big shot?
Now what happened?
You are at the correct place now.
Ifl wish I can a Minister too.
But why I want to be chief of
this small village, do you know?
It's just because it belongs to you.
You are a kid before me.
How could you challenge such
powerful man like me?
In the epic of Mahabharat...
...Shri Krishna, wasn't the only
wisest person.
Cunning Shakuni too was
a wise man.
According to villagers you're
banished from the village.
But for us...
Hey, Krishna!
To speak of your inheritance
of your property... this bitter truth.
Before dying, listen to
what I am saying.
Let your soul too rest in peace.
To get back the power we have
to kill Suryanarayan first.
Don't only speak that.
You should do it.
If you help me...
...this entire kingdom will be mine.
Sir, at the right time and
...l shall arrange for it that
you could enter the village.
If villager's come to know that
we killed him then?
He should die...
...but it should appear an accident.
- How to do that?
Despite being pushed from such
a height, nothing happened!
Hearing the truth behind his
father's brutal murder,
...his blood has come to boil.
Hey, until he dies, you wait here.
Hail Mother Goddess!
HEY! Let's go get him!
You must be thinking how could
dead man's has returned to life?
However a fox it can't trap a lion.
And I shall not return home till I
get justice for my father's death.
Krishna, what are you saying?
My dad's death wasn't an accident.
He was murdered.
And all the blame was put to me.
And the reason for it is
Lies! Lies!
He's lying. Don't you listen
to him.
I revered my brother as God.
How could I kill him.
Because he was banished
from the village...
...and his ambition of getting
the inheritance was lost...
...that's why he is speaking
all these lies.
Don't you believe him.
Now he is talking like this.
Does he has any proof,
ask him?
- Where it is?
- Proof is here.
Speak up.
Now speak!
We made a mistake Due to anger
as we were banished form village...
...and somehow we should
get back in village.
With Nagappa we planned
to kill him.
We did really a dirty work.
Hey, our beloved leader was
How could a such great man's
son could be so bad? We thought.
Our hearts did not accept that.
Everybody is speaking something
or other. Don't believe.
There is no rule of this
village committee.
How could he come back in
village despite being banished.
Hey, Nagappa! Surrender before
the village committee.
What punishment is to be given
to you that mother will decided.
You shall be sacrifice at the
altar of this mother Goddess.
What did you say, you'd
sacrifice us!
No. Blood of a sinner is not
required here.
Sinner's blood should not mix
with this soil... your father let them live.
And you are his son. This should
happen with your hands.
Don't sacrifice him.
No, mother! If we let them go... would they be punished?
- The punishment...
...let Goddess give them.
You don't be a sinner.
I found you after so many years... I don't want to lose
you again, my son.
I won't like that.
However smartly if a man does
something wrong...
...time does punish him.
You should take up rightful
place of your father.
I don't want.
As people know that I wasn't
the cause of my father's death...
...that's a good enough gift
to me.
These rights and property...
...don't want anything.
Raja, look.
A village a state a nation,
requires someone to protect it.
And it needs a great warrior
and charioteers guide them.
You don't know. Everybody
can't be a true leader.
But that quality is in your blood.
Now agree to it and say yes.
Apart from all that one thing
is still left un done.
Come here.
- They should be married.
- Wow! Wonderful!
Where is he?