Saattokeikka (2017) Movie Script

I'm calling about the summer job.
I see. They're all gone.
Better luck next summer. Bye.
How about a cash counter job?
- I think I'd learn that.
You don't have much experience.
But thanks for calling.
Let's think about it
again next summer.
How old are you?
- Seventeen. Eighteen this fall.
OK. What's your name?
- Kamal Obonye.
I got it. Thanks.
Are you sure you want to
start with four districts?
Usually people take one or two.
Can't I get more papers?
Deal with those first.
This area has 340 homes. Stairways
with elevators. And without.
Twice a week. One area
equals about 17 per box.
Knock yourself out.
Abdi, dinner!
- That's my mom.
See ya.
Everytime someone calls Abdi,
all Somalis turn their heads.
Why didn't my parents come up
with a better name?
Gotta go. Later.
- Later.
Hey, Abdi.
- Yeah?
Are you going to tell my mom
what I told you?
Do you have the money?
Trip summary
One way only. 552,50
Kamal. In two clays we're moving
to your stepfather's place -
and you haven't
even started packing.
Are you not going to speak to me and
your mom for the rest of your life?
It's not my fault his clad took off.
- Just leave him be.
Someone should show him
a male example.
Could you pass the ball?
- I could.
Fucking old fart!
Do you know how to read?
Do you need any help?
Can you pick my lock?
Give me a break!
No harder than stealing a car.
My tax money's supposed
to support old-timers like you?
Hey, Somali! You're not
leaving me like this, are you?
I'm not paying those swindlers
for opening the door.
We used to have a janitor. Ringing
his doorbell fixed everything.
There's a twenty in here for you.
Twenty-five! That's my last offer.
This is what happens when
you leave your balcony open.
Somalis keep climbing in.
You owe me five.
You have to have cash.
You can't trust the banks anymore.
They hide their money in Panama.
Finnish salami.
Full milk. Local.
You'll get your money back.
When the groceries are here.
What are you waiting for?
Finland qualifying for the games?
Turn down the noise!
- You're the one making noise.
Get a job.
- It's holiday season.
You always have one.
I hate this shitty music.
Come down here to say it.
Are you OK?
Dad, home
Kamal! Give us a hand!
- We don't need any help.
Kamal's very handy with these.
We need the car to move out.
I've checked that already.
He's a good man.
I'm serious with him.
We're going to be a family.
If you're not happy with this...
Park the car.
Start the car.
I'm not going back.
Do you know where Finns spend
their Midsummer? At the cabin.
I'll show you the way.
If you're a good driver,
it's four hours there and back.
That's more than you make
in a month with the damn leaflets.
All right.
A hundred more when we get there.
One-way trip
Did the cat get your tongue?
Usually you guys babble all the time.
Do you know what's
a good name for you? Speechless.
If there are no objections,
the name stays.
First time out of town?
Can't be the first time
you see a man pissing?
Bloody hell.
I think I just shat myself.
Come and help. Take some of
that grass to wipe the shit off.
This is what I'm paying you for.
Really. I was just pulling your leg.
Why are you shaking?
Are you high on doobies
or something? What?
I don't have a licence.
I'm not old enough.
I really need the money. We
got this far. You know I can drive.
Whose car is this?
- Abbasi's.
Who's he?
- Nobody.
I'll tell them you ran away
from the hospital. -Shut up, boy.
I have to get away.
- Where?
Away! -Why the hell do you Somalis
come here if you don't like it?
I'm not from Somalia.
- Don't argue with me!
- Deal with this.
Let's stick to Finnish.
You handle this.
I asked for the licence.
Can you translate?
We'd like to see the licence.
You didn't check the other drivers.
This is about the color of the skin.
I'm not a racist.
- This is harassment.
I'm not harassing anyone!
Do you know who I am?
- No, I don't.
A war veteran.
What did we fight for?
Am I drunk or not?
- Freedom!
No, you're not.
Finland is a free country.
You should think about your attitude.
Okay, go ahead.
You're welcome.
- What?
I was the one saving us!
It was me who dealt with it!
Without me, we'd be stuck.
A real war veteran.
Where did you fight? Student riots?
Do we still have a long way to go?
Just drive.
I'll tell you when we're there.
Sirkka! Sirkka! Wake up!
What's it with you younglings?
Tired all the time.
You just slept for an hour.
I got up at five
to deliver the papers.
But I'm awake now. We can go on.
First we'll have a nap.
Thirty minutes max.
No way. Let's keep going.
- We're not.
Shut-eye time.
What the hell?
Slippers! What's his name again?
Old man!
Slipper man!
Football European Championships
Big screen here
Really! You just can't
walk away like that.
Was Speechless worried?
- Not at all.
Let's go. Neither of us wants this
to go on any longer than necessary.
We can watch the game
to the end, can't we? -No.
Don't you like football?
- It's not about that.
Be quiet now.
We can't hear the game.
"Could you please be quiet?"
- Why is it so hard to try to behave?
Is this your personal immigrant boy?
An asylum seeker?
Do you know where Helsinki is?
- I wasn't speaking to you.
Ram No one here
wants to hear that.
I thought we were going.
- Drink up your beer.
Don't drop your eyes.
Is that a tribal thing?
That you can't talk to pretty girls.
Is that your personal thing?
That you have to be an idiot.
You're staring at her.
So what? -Stop it. You walk
in here and take our women.
Rami! You have no women in here.
- You're not welcome here.
Go back to your seat.
You've drunk to much.
Go and sleep it off.
- I'm not tired.
Could you be quiet?
The King is on TV.
Can I get your number?
A clever time to make a move.
- Can I?
Someone here will get hurt soon.
Pull the trigger, kill the nigger.
A bad joke.
Look at that goal! Awesome!
Fucking monkey!
Step aside.
Was that the biggest rock
you could find?
Where's your jacket?
Shit. My passport.
- Passport?
Did you take it with you?
Let's turn back.
We can't do that.
The dude will kill me.
- Put that down.
"Where are you? Mommy."
- Tell her I'm with Abdi.
Are you going to lie to her?
"I have your hoodie."
Give me that!
Slow down!
- Are you OK?
Abbasi's shitty car. Piece of junk.
Fucking typical. That he'd have
a second-hand family car.
He got his family second-hand, too.
- Why are you kicking the car?
It was you who hit the trees.
OK. Let's go.
Let's go back to get your jacket.
Call the girl.
- Guess how long the battery lasts?
I'll never get out of here.
Let's take a shortcut.
We're no more than 15 minutes away.
We're almost there.
Why didn't you take proper clothes?
I didn't know we'd be
trekking in deep woods.
Let's go back to the road.
The moss on the tree -
tells you where north is.
What are you saying?
- I saw that on a nature program.
Do you see any moss?
No more than 15 minutes away.
The landscape looks the same
than eight hours ago.
Your turn to soak your pants?
Have to have faith. To find the road.
It's the same in life.
Stay on your chosen path, bravely.
What's up? We were supposed
to walk the path of life.
Right now, I can't. My feet hurt.
We can't stay here.
- Do you have any options in mind?
Just put me down.
This is not working.
I'm hungry-
Give me a break.
In Finland the key is usually...
under the carpet.
Is that the only thing you found?
- No.
Do you want some?
- Why not?
Yammy. I've been carrying
these all the time.
Don't speak with your mouth full.
- Really good.
Frozen by Sirkka
Is Sirkka your wife?
Hit the sack!
There's only one bed in here.
You'll figure out something.
Bloody hell.
Hi there!
What a face! You thought
a crocodile was attacking you!
I thought you're used
to wildlife in Africa.
I was born in Finland.
- No you were not. You're a Somali.
Jump in!
- No.
Now I know why you're a wimp.
- Why?
If you were born in Africa,
you'd be a tough guy.
You'd be a child soldier.
- Then I would've shot you already.
That's not funny anymore.
No kissing!
What the hell just happened?
Don't know. A little heart problem.
- A little heart problem!
No big deal. Never has been.
No, no.
- What now?
What's up now? -It's because of you.
My chain is in the lake.
- The one my father gave me.
Ask for another one. -How can I? He's
in Nairobi. I'm in the damn woods.
Is that where you're going?
- I'm going that way.
You're going the other way. I hope
we'll never see each other again.
On what side was
the damn moss supposed to be?
You should take the road.
That's the usual way.
Haven't you told your mother?
One more word
and I'll dump you, for sure.
You live with her?
- None of your business.
How have you planned this out?
You've stolen your stepfather's car?
I'll catch you. I bet I will, midget.
Wait a sec. Wait.
What do you want?
Does your father know about this?
- Of course.
When he left, we planned all this.
When did he leave?
When did he leave?
When I was ten.
Oh my goodness.
I have his number.
And we've talked via Messenger.
I know he wants me over there.
You're on your way to Africa.
But you don't have any clothes.
Use the Messenger.
Talk to your Daddy.
My battery's flat.
- Use the land line. Call him.
What do you think?
- Hey!
Sorry! Does anyone have a charger?
- Give me that!
You can't take my phone.
One more word and I'll
yell a Somali is trying to steal.
I'm not a Somali.
- Find a phone.
Or don't you have
the guts to call him?
Whose wedding is this?
- Give me that!
Who's this?
You give me that,
I'll give you this.
God damn it.
What are you doing in there?
What do people
usually do in toilets?
You have a son.
So I have.
Are you going to his wedding?
- No.
A stupid idea. That I'd go there.
And somehow all would be well.
I'm going to the cabin. You just
take care of your own business.
You just can't do that. Not to go.
- Says who?
It's your son's wedding.
I'll get us a ride.
You'll go to the wedding.
Even if I have to carry you. -No way.
You will.
- God damn. Shut the fuck up.
You'll go there. Hang on.
Hey, excuse me.
Do you know a girl with curly hair?
- Yep.
How do you know who I'm talking
about? -Why wouldn't I?
Which way should I go?
Tappara or Ilves?
- I don't follow hockey. Football.
- What brings you snooping in here?
I'm not...
- Wait.
Did you think I'd steal your money?
- I did not.
What sort of girl do you think I am?
- What?
Just kidding.
Do you understand? -Maybe.
Where are you going?
- Well, to a wedding.
You need a passport to go there?
Don't you always need one
in the backwoods?
When was the last time
you had a shower?
Come on.
I had a swim this morning!
You can't go to
a wedding in a T-shirt.
My brother's clothes.
If they fit, you can keep them.
Okay. Thanks.
How old are you then?
An older woman.
Where are you going?
- To the country place.
But you are pretty rural already.
With whom?
- Mom and Dad.
I like them!
Don't you like yours?
My M-car.
- What?
If you can start it...
You are staring.
Do you know that in Somali
Noora means "light"?
Really? You made that
up right there.
No, really.
But you're not even a Somali.
- No, but Abdi is.
You're a complicated guy.
- And you're a Hillbilly puma.
Look at that.
I'm getting out here.
We can't all fit in here.
Are you giving me your car?
- I'm lending it to you.
I'll come to Helsinki next week.
I can pick it up then.
I might not be there then.
- Oh?
I'm going to my clad.
To Nairobi.
I guess we won't be
seeing each other then.
Cell phone.
You smell of gasoline.
Is there any way we could meet?
Go on now.
Take the old boy to the wedding.
And put the M-car keys in the mail.
It's going to be OK.
You were supposed to change.
- Can you step aside? It's game time.
Now go and put that suit on!
Could you deliver this?
Why don't you just text him?
- My feet hurt.
After all this, you're too tired to
take a few steps? -Right now I can't.
Help out an old man.
Be so kind.
What the hell?
- There's no letter.
Guess how long it took me to write
that? -Go over there. Talk to him.
One more time,
a big welcome to you all.
I've known the wedding couple
for a long time. Very long.
I'm really proud and honored -
to be the bestman
of a couple like that.
Take the stage, Mika and Peter!
Peter, I love you.
We have a long mutual history.
We lived on the same street...
Does Mika know?
- What?
Does Mika know?
- Don't!
Let's go.
Get the hell out of my way.
Hey! Hey!
What is he doing here?
I sort of invited him.
- You did?
your break-up is my fault.
Don't give yourself too much credit.
Don't be so stubborn.
Go and talk to him.
You're just like him.
- Like hell I am!
Go and talk to him.
You haven't changed a bit.
Why are you here?
I still have the same disease.
I just said
my honest opinion back then.
"My son's not gay
or I don't have a son anymore."
I could have expressed
myself differently.
You even disallowed
Mommy to see me.
You were provoking me
with your boyfriends.
And your flirting around.
- It wasn't too hard.
It's part of my disease. Guess what?
Mommy was seeing me
all the time, behind your back.
She didn't listen to you, either.
- I knew it all along.
At her funeral... couldn't even be
in the same room with me.
Not even then.
Have you abandoned him?
- He has.
He has abandoned me.
And who the fuck are you?
A neighbor.
A neighbor!
Stop your arguing.
You're supposed to make up.
Who are you to tell us how
to live our lives, alien boy?
Don't yell to the kid!
- Just like your old man.
What the hell?
- Don't yell to the kid.
Shut up, you scoundrel.
- I don't like when you call me that.
A hell of an idea.
To invite the old man.
Don't swear.
- Why did you force me to come here?
Force! I didn't force you.
You were heading here anyway.
No way! I was going to the cabin.
This doesn't make any sense.
All your fault!
- My fault? That things go wrong?
Well, whose fault is it then?
You're off again?
Nice that you showed up.
Fucked up my wedding!
Inside, all of you! Let's party!
Stop fucking following me.
Go away.
I should've never gone there.
- It was good.
Nothing good about that.
Some things are best
to be left alone.
But he's your son.
Now I have no one left.
I could take him this letter.
- Now, shut up.
Stop here. This is my destination.
What's going on?
Nothing's going on.
You can go home now.
It's worth at least a hundred.
But now you must go. -What?
You were in a rush to Nairobi,
weren't you? Just go.
Now I'm ready.
- What are you doing?
Shh. Shh.
Please don't disturb.
Haven't taken my medication for days.
It should kick in soon.
Oh shit.
I asked you to leave.
Are you trying to kill yourself?
- No.
What are these then?
- Just speeding up the inevitable.
Are you popping these?
You'll get the shits, that's all.
Give them to me.
Why should you care?
Take the watch and take a hike!
All the same to me.
Take the bloody watch.
- No, I won't.
Take it!
Do you know what?
You're a loser.
You're not even a racist.
Just a lonesome chickenshit.
That makes two of us. You don't
even have the guts to call your clad.
What are you saying? -You're dumping
your mother, just like that.
She's taken you this far. -You don't
know anything! I have no one in here.
Do you have someone in Africa?
Have you ever even been there?
- Soon I have!
Call your dad then!
Don't you have the guts?
- I do!
Believe me.
- You don't have the guts.
Look at this.
I'm sorry.
- Don't.
You don't know anything.
You're not up to it.
I don't care if you drop dead.
Stop kidding around. Get up!
Hey! Veikko! Can you hear me?
Veikko, you can't die now.
Not after we just argued.
Valkeakoski Hospital
Help me out! Someone!
Hey! Hey!
Can I get the number
of Mika Koskinen?
I need more information.
Well, he's gay.
- I see.
That doesn't help much, does it?
- No.
I'll have all the numbers.
We have 131 listed with that name.
- All of them.
As a text message?
- Yes please.
Is this the son of Veikko Koskinen?
Is this the son of Veikko Koskinen?
Is this the son of Veikko Koskinen?
Hi. Is this the son
of Veikko Koskinen?
Mika.- Is this the son
of Veikko Koskinen?
Who's calling?
It's Kamal. We met at the wedding.
Sorry. I'm looking for... Nothing.
Where is he?
His condition doesn't allow
any surgery. Not even transport.
I'm sorry I can't be more precise.
But it's only a question of days.
I'm really sorry.
We could see him now.
Hell of a wedding night.
Come with me.
When I'm on my feet,
I'll make everything up to you.
Of course.
Take me to the cabin.
He wants to the cabin.
The final. We have to
watch it at the cabin.
He said...
- I heard.
I can't take you anywhere.
This is where they'll treat you.
You'll get over this.
We'll do it together.
Do you remember Mommy's principles?
Three things.
Don't hit the man on his knees.
Stand up for the underdog.
- Don't lie.
Give me a break.
Why not?
In real world
you don't do things like that.
Check out what I found.
Did you notice
he passed away a while ago?
He wanted you to have this.
You can't do things like that! Where
have you been? Abdi said Nairobi.
You just went. Left me alone.
I wasn't thinking.
I don't understand that.
Let's all be silent then.
Where have you been?
- Shh.
Don't say a word.
No one says a word.
Sorry, Mom.
Hi. It's Kamal.
- Hi.
Are you in Nairobi?
- No, I'm not.
Mika Karttunen