Saaya (2003) Movie Script

Your eyes...
my eyes
Your forehead...
your nose
Your lips
My heart, your brains
No... not your brains.
Youre a duffer
All right. Your heart.
And your brains. Okay?
What will we name our son?
No son, l want a daughter.
Just like you
But l want sons
after that, okay?
Want to know how many?
Lets settle for a dozen
My companion...
my love...
for the first time,
my eyes see Spring like this
What spell does
the lovely weather cast...?
you have stolen my heart,
my love
For the first time,
my eyes see Spring like this
What spell does
the lovely weather cast...?
you have stolen my heart,
my love
l was thirsty at heart...
and l drank the sea
in a single gulp
ln just a matter of moments...
in just a day or two...
l have lived the lifetime
of a hundred years
This is the first time l see
life so clearly...
the lovely weather,
this moment of ecstasy...
what spell has the
weather cast on me?
You have stolen my heart, my love
What happened, Maya?
lm afraid...
what if something happens to you?
To me...? Silly girl.
Whats going to happen to me?
No power on earth
can separate us
Roses, l saw blossoming...
but even thorns blossom today
People, l saw meeting...
l see the earth and the skies
meeting today
For the first time,
l have begun to trust my life...
This lovely weather,
this ecstatic moment...
what spell has the
weather cast...?
You have stolen my heart, my love
For the first time,
my eyes see Spring like this
What spell does
the lovely weather cast...?
you have stolen my heart,
my love
This is Dr Akash Bhatnagar.
My wife is trapped in the floods
lts your duty to...
We cant do anything about it
We really dont have
any transport
There are landslides everywhere
out there
But you can surely do something!
My wife is a doctor and she has
herself volunteered. lts your duty...
l know all that, sir.
But we dont have any transport
lve heard it all!
Please dont keep repeating it
Our soldiers are posted there, sir
There must be a phone there surely?
Where are you?
lm worried sick looking for you
Neither do l know where l am
lm some 40 kilometers away
from the base camp
Are you all right?
Nothings happened to you, l hope?
l want to come there
to bring you back, Maya
Dont come here, Akki.
Were getting out of here
l want to see you
Dont l want to see you too?
lm coming over
Come soon, Maya
lm scared...
what if something happens?
Nothing will happen
to me, Akki!
The locket of Lord Ganesha
you gave me...
on our first anniversary,
is still with me
Nothing will happen to me, Akki
Nothings going to
happen to me
Maya Bhatnagar wasnt just a doctor.
She was Gods gift to society
She didnt treat medical practice
like a profession, it was her religion
Each one of us here works
to gain something
But Maya always wanted to give,
she wished to serve
She never treated her little patients
any less than her own children
People had started believing that
Maya possessed some divine talent
More than medicines, Maya has
cured several patients...
with her love and care
We know, no one in the hospital
will be able to take her place
The loss of Maya we shall
feel forever
There was no doubt that the
accident in which Maya died...
was so horrible, that no one
could have survived it
l wonder how Maya
must have died
They say, you can say from the
face of the dead...
whether theyve had a peaceful
death, or a horrible one
lt had become very necessary for me
to see Mayas face
Finish your enquiry
as fast as possible
lts raining heavily,
it could get worse
We wont be able to
get out of here, sir
You said it was 80 kilometers.
This is 1 10 kilometers extra
How much money are
you going to spend?
Here we are, sir
Hurry up, sir!
lts pouring heavily
lm willing wait here for some
more time, Officer. Please!
lts raining so heavily, we dont
know where whose body has gone
l advise you to return.
lm staying here
lm staying here till
your operation is over
Believe me, sir.
The operation is over
Deep down in my heart, l probably
wished that we didnt find Mayas body
Because in that wish of mine,
was hidden a hope
The hope of Maya being alive
l cant say about others,
but that was the hope l lived on
Victims of the accident that took place
this morning have been admitted
How many of them?
6 have arrived...
6 of them have yet to be admitted
She was in that bus too, doctor
Take her to the O.T. immediately
and prepare for an operation
Doctor, this patient has 80/./. burns...
Take him to the burns ward. Quick!
Anymore casualties?
Not as yet
This girl tried to commit suicide.
lf there was anymore delay, maybe...
Let Dr Mehta handle this case
But Dr Mehtas handling
the pregnancy case
lf you could attend to this one...
Now look, nurse
l am the who decides
who handles which case
l dont want to see patients who
themselves dont wish to live
Ask Dr Mehta to handle the case.
Tell him those are my instructions
Chances of survival if
the pregnancy is terminated?
Difficult, sir
We need to do something
We need permission to
terminate the pregnancy
We dont need it for
the delivery, do we?
What do you think?
Was that the right decision you made?
l think it was right.
To do an abortion on a woman...
6 months pregnant, a caesarean!
That too, without her permission!
The woman was unconscious. lt was not
possible to save both of them
l couldnt save the mother,
but l somehow saved the baby
You refused to handle
that suicide case too
l entrusted it to Dr. Mehta.
Because you thought that patient
wasnt worthy of you?
Can we talk about this
Ever since Maya has died...
youve been working round the clock
for the last seven days
That hasnt affected my efficiency
ln fact, your efficiency
has received a great boost
My hospital does not need
so much of efficiency
The rest of my staff cant take it
The staff also complain that you have
become very irritable of late
l think you need to rest
After Mayas death, maybe you
havent still cried enough
So you want me to stop working?
Go home and mourn the loss?
What is the name of the girl
who tried to end her life?
Ward number?
Since Mr Goenka insisted,
l had to tell him that you...
Why did you bring me back?
From where?
From that world, which is
far better than this one
Have you seen that world?
So how can you say its
a better world than this one?
Because l have seen this world.
Why did you bring me back?
Love is beautiful, Janki
Not when you see with my eyes
Why not look at it through my eyes?
lf you did, youd know...
how much life means
Why must l look at it
through your eyes?
Maybe not mine, look at it through
the eyes of those who love you
What happens of them?
You will leave only
questions for them
Questions, theyll seek answers to,
all their lives
lve lost someone too.
ln an accident
l know what the anguish
of losing someone is
All l will tell you is,
whatever there is... is right here
Theres nothing there
Whatever we gain,
we gain here
Whatever we lose,
we lose right here
Why do you want to lose
what youve got?
You dont get to live
every now and then?
You dont get anything a second time.
Why hasnt Akash come yet?
He said hed be coming
l wonder where hes held up.
Good for him if he comes
A couple of drinks
will make him feel better
Hes going to go mad.
Hes thinking of Maya all the time
And hell get nothing out of that.
He must accept what has happened
He must, no doubt. But you know
how sensitive he is about Maya
Heres some beer for you
Richard, get another beer
What have you been talking about?
About you
Youll live a hundred years.
Thank of you, and there you are
Live a hundred years! lsnt that what
you told Maya so many times too?
And what happened?
Did she live a hundred years?
Where are you going...?
Sit down
lve ruined your evening
lt was a slip of the tongue,
lm sorry
Hasnt your cough been cured yet?
Did you take that cough syrup
l gave you?
You never listen to me.
lll take it...
stop being a doctor
so late in the night
Youre always feeding me
a dose of medicine
All right, give me 22 rupees
22 rupees?
l must ask for much more
Because what lm going to give you
is worth much more
Mayas parcel has arrived.
l had to pay 22 rupees as postage
Let me have it
Mayas parcel...?
How can it arrive?
Six months old. Thanks to the
postal department, it arrives now
Here you are. Revive old memories and
keep awake all night for all l care
Hey! My 22 rupees!
l owe it as a friend.
lll return it to you
That parrot of yours
makes a lot of noise
Take him with you tomorrow.
And go to bed early
Whats the matter?
Tanya was complaining about you
You are my life.
You are with me...
l no longer care
for this world
lll take a life,
lll give up my life...
l dont care what price
l have to pay
You are my life.
You are with me...
Theres no other desire
like your love...
for yours is a love that
is not put on
Nature has bestowed on you
unparalleled beauty...
it is untouched by the
corruption in the world
l must have it
at any cost...
l dont care, even if
l have to lose my life for it
You are my life.
You are with me...
You are my God,
you are my faith...
that you love me,
is a great favour to me
You are the brightness
of the morning for me...
for me, you are
a silken evening
l wish to live
in your heart all my life...
l care not for another nest
You are my life.
You are with me...
l no longer care
for this world
Youre not going there Maya.
l am!
People there are dying in the floods.
Children, women, the old...
And no doctor is willing to go there.
l am going there
There is the problem of militancy.
lts very dangerous there
Please dont be stubborn.
You are the one whos being stubborn
Dont go is all youve been
saying for the last two days
As a doctor, how can you stop another
doctor from doing her duty?
Why must only doctors from Delhi go the
Burma borders to perform their duty?
Are there no doctors in Calcutta,
Assam, Mizoram and Manipur?
There are. But they are not interested
in going to the Burma borders
ln fact, no one wants to go there
Not doctors, not engineers,
not even the politicians
Why would anyone go there?
Not everyone is naive like you
lm better off being naive
Youre not going all alone
Youre carrying my baby with you
You need to rest.
you were the one who said, were
doctors first, everything else later
Have faith in me. lll look after
myself and look after my baby too
Please. Let me go
lf you really love me,
you mustnt go
lf you really love me, you will
not stop me from going there
What will he teach me?
Hes an ass!
So you teach him.
Thats what lve got to do
Hes an ass!
So tell me. How many years
have you known Akash?
5 years.
5 years
How many years will
you tolerate him?
Looks like lll have to
tolerate him all my life
All your life...?
What if he dies before you?
lll go away before you
lll go away before you,
but l wont stop following you
lll come to meet you every day.
Every day!
Youre so worried
about a paper-weight?
How could it fall on its own?
Why not? lts so simple.
lts not simple. Maya was the one
who gave me that paper-weight
Not just the paper-weight
l found the projector on too.
You mustve left it on
Unless someone manually switches on
the project, it cant come on, Tanya
So what are you trying to tell me?
That Maya came to you last night?
She was the one who switched on
the projector?
And dropped the paper-weight?
How else did it all happen?
lt happened because you still havent
accepted that Maya is no more, Akash
lt happens.
lt happened to me too
When someone you love so dearly
goes away suddenly...
we are just not willing
to accept the truth
For a few days, we feel as if
theyre somewhere around us
Thats what you must be feeling too.
l mean...
probably that paper-weight
was on the edge, and slipped off
But you...
Ever since Maya has gone away,
its very strange at home
Bittu has fallen silent too
Whenever Maya knocked
at the door earlier...
hed begin chanting,
Mayas back! Mayas back!
lt says nothing now. A scary silence
has descended on the house
Akash, take a few days off
My flights taking off for Goa
l had promised Maya that l would
look after her patients
Take care, Akash
l know whats playing
on your mind right now
Just that lve made you wait
six months for a little favour
lm happy you have helped me,
even if its a bit late
You take instant decisions
during surgery...
but official matters take time
lm not a very bad man. lts just
that l have my own responsibilities
Which is why... lve got to be
a bit firm at times
Theres something more lve
got to tell you
Youre going to work where
Maya used to work and l hope...
you will not give anyone
cause for complaint
Just as Maya loved children
and treated them...
lll do that too, Dr. Goenka
Happiness of the past
is always painful
Despite knowing that, l started
spending my nights...
in Mayas ward,
to escape loneliness
l had no other way of
finding peace of mind
Like everyone else, l did not
believe God, souls and rebirth...
which give us only false hopes.
Little did l know...
that faith would cast its rays
on my life...
that would gradually develop
into an ocean...
and change the course
of my life
Akki! Can you hear me?
lt has happened earlier, doctor
Twice earlier,
we thought Nakul was dead
There was nothing to tell us
that he was alive
And he suddenly returns to life.
He says...
he has passed through some tunnel...
where there was a lot of light
and everything was very clear
Do you believe in such things?
l didnt earlier
But the last time Nakul
came back...
he told me that he had
met my elder sister
After just an hour,
l got a call from my village...
that my elder sister had passed away
lm Dr Akash Bhatnagar
ln any case, you dont need an
introduction in Dr Mayas ward
The child who was brought into
the lCU... what was his name?
Can l meet him?
Dr Maya used to ask about him
the moment she arrived too
She used to love him very much
l want to see Nakul
How is he now?
See for yourself
Hes been drawing
as if nothing had happened to him
You like to draw?
What are you drawing?
l dont know. lve been thinking
about it, ever since l came around
Last night you were shocked,
werent you uncle?
Last night? When?
When your glasses got wet
How do you know?
l was watching you
Watching me?
Yes, from the ceiling
Nakul, do your drawings,
talk less
Nurse, l have to talk to him.
You cant, doctor
We have strict instruction from
the hospital authorities
We must discourage patients
from talking like that
Talking like what?
Like Sister Martha used to
She used to record the experiences
of the dead who came back to life
She used to quiz them
in a way that would make them uneasy
But Sister Martha never met me.
Had she, ld have told her so much
l remember everything
that l had seen there
Doctor, l have to check on a patient
at ward two. lll be back soon
Do you know my name, Nakul?
Akash, Have you heard it before?
Mayas Akki?
Yes... Mayas Akki
l met Maya too yesterday
l dont know
lt was so bright there
and water everywhere
She was saying something?
What was she saying?
What was she saying, Nakul?
What was she saying, Nakul?
According to recent medical studies,
all those who have had...
near-death experience say that
theres a tunnel, brightness...
Thats what most of them say
l wonder why
Let me explain. Medical science
studies show that after death...
the cornea slowly shrinks and creates
a tunnel-shaped image in the brain
But Akash says the boy
remembers much more
Like, Akashs entry into the room,
watching him on the sly...
Could be. The body dies
but the brain doesnt die instantly
The brain saves those impressions
that the person sees before his death
When did he see a drop of water falling
on my glasses? He was never around
He was dying when he was
being taken away in a stretcher
l felt as if he was
calling out to me Akki
Only your daughter used
to call me Akki, no one else
You are a psychiatrist, Neha.
What do you have to say?
Papa, a psychiatrist first listens.
l would like to hear from Akash
What does he feel these days?
These days? What do you mean?
l have told you all that
what is happening with me
All but one thing. Do you really feel
that Maya is calling out to you?
l dont think so.
Check yourself, Akash
Could it be that you are scared
of telling the truth?
Papa, lll be back
Akash, l wont charge you fees
if you consult me
l dont need to.
l knew that would be your answer
ld like to tell you something
l didnt tell you back there
Maya was not merely my wife, she was
a friend, she meant everything to me
Yes, l miss her. And l feel that she
is somewhere around trying to meet me
But that doesnt mean that
l have forgotten the truth
l know that l cant
get back Maya ever again
Wait, Akash.
Dont leave like that
Pour your heart out
and feel less burdened
l dont need to tell anyone
what l feel and what l dont
Sometimes fragrance,
sometimes a waft...
sometimes l feel its the breeze
You are far away from me...
yet l feel you are within me
This only thought...
keeps me away at nights
Should l sleep...
l would dream about you
And when at dawn...
my eyes open...
like the stars...
you would vanish too
Coming to me and going away...
hurts... hurts a lot
You are far away from me...
yet l feel you are within me
Whats your name?
lm Akash.
l know
Your sketches are so lovely
She is calling out to you
Who is calling out to me?
She said she was a doctor here
Doctor? Who?
Her picture is hung near the corridor
The one who has
worn Santa Claus gown
Shes calling out to you,
uncle Akash
l dont understand anything.
When l was being brought here...
l saw her in my dream
lsnt she dead, uncle?
Was it only a dream?
But she is calling you, uncle.
Where is she calling me?
All right, have we met before?
l dont know
Then how do you know me?
She showed me a picture of yours
Where? Where did she
show you my picture?
ln some picture?
ln my mind
Can you tell me where you met her?
Do you know the place?
Over there
There? How will l get there?
How does one get there?
l dont know
The boy in room 302...?
302? Biren?
Yes. Did he know my wife?
lll check, hang on
No doctor, this is the first time
the boy is admitted here
That too only two weeks back
Knowing your wife
is just out of question
Nakul was a patient
who was everyones pet
His coming back to life
and saying that he met Maya...
Chocolate for your coffee?
Nakul says that Maya is in some place
where its full of light...
and water all around
Biren too says Maya
is calling me out there
Too much sugar, no?
Why arent you listening to me?
Whats all this about chocolate and
coffee? l wish to tell you something
And l intend to distract you from
all these things that are unrealistic
Unrealistic? How can you be sure?
Four years ago
when Vinod passed away...
and l was running crazy looking
for him everywhere, you helped me out
l said hes alive and hell return
and you used to tell me its absurd
Didnt you say that?
But Tanya...
But what? Have you forgotten?
So many times you and Maya...
brought me back from the accident site
where l used to wait for Vinod
Because l felt he was alive
and hed return
l lost a year and a half of my life
just to understand that...
a person never returns from the dead
l dont want you to lose
years of your life too
All that l told you is real
Akash, you are a doctor.
How could you believe all this?
What explanation does
all this have scientifically?
lf you think too much about it,
you will go crazy
Stay away from all those things
that remind you of Maya
lts Maya!
Maya is here!
Come with me! Come on.
Whats the matter?
My house is flooded with water, Tanya.
Please come with me.
How come?
Come in and see. Every room
is flooded upto the knees
You mustve kept the tap open.
Go inside and see
Come on.
lm not going in
l cant. You go in and see
Where is the water?
lt was right here.
Then where did it go?
lt was flooded upto the knees, right?
l cannot even see a drop.
Where is it?
lm not lying. Look at me. Look
at my clothes, they are still wet
l didnt get wet just like that.
You are always talking like a madman
Wont your clothes get wet
if you stay under the shower?
Youre going insane, Akki.
No, lm not insane!
Youre going insane! You have lost it!
No! l have not lost it!
Trust me, the room was full of water,
this floor was under the water
Water was gushing
out of these very walls
Everything was sinking here
like Mayas bus...
You must help yourself.
l cant help you. No one can
Get a hold on yourself
Kavita, get up.
What is it?
Akash is on the line.
Akash? At this hour?
Go on, Akash
l see weird things
l think lm going insane
What time youll be there
at the clinic tomorrow?
At ten
All right.
l can come rightaway if you want
Doctor, you know that Dr Goenka...
Wheres Nakul?
ln the pathology ward
But please dont try to meet him.
Dr Goenka has forbidden...
Who the hell is Dr Goenka?
Administrator of this hospital
You are a doctor, and you are out
to make the patients health worse
lt is my duty to check such doctors.
What have l done?
Nakul is very critical now, and it
happened only after your visit
Yes, l can very well do that
l have done it before too
There was one Sister Martha
She used to ask the patients where
they had been and what they had seen...
after death and before reviving.
You too want to do something so silly
l revoke the permission that l had
given you for visiting childrens ward
You are a brilliant doctor, thats
why l wouldnt want to lose you
All around, everywhere,
all over...
it is His light that is spread
Yes, it is His light
An ocean of light...
somewhere there is surely
An ocean of light...
somewhere there is surely
Father, l want to meet Sister Martha
l cant allow you
to meet Sister Martha
l dont need to tell you why
Father please, just for a while
Do not make it worse for us.
Leave before the police arrive
Sister Martha, l want to talk to you.
Go away. l cant talk to you
lts already a mess.
l dont care
But l do. Journalists and interviewers
like you have harassed me enough
Sister, l am none of them.
lm a doctor
My wife too was a doctor
before she died in an accident
And l feel she is trying
to reach for me
Whats your name?
Akash Bhatnagar
And your wifes name? Maya?
Leave before the police arrive.
Help me, Sister
l say, go away. Take him away.
l want to talk to you about Maya
Hear me out, Sister
The earth and the sky...
the moon and the sun...
has any mortal...
ever made?
Has any mortal...
ever made them?
There is someone,
before whom...
man is helpless
There is someone,
before whom...
man is helpless
l cant help you.
You must help yourself
How, Sister? Biren and Nakul both have
told me that Maya is calling out to me
But they both dont know where she is.
Maya is where the kids have been
l know why Maya chose the kids for it.
Because a child has a clean...
and empty heart. Unlike adults
children dont opine
Children only reveal what they see,
what is clear, what is true
But how am l to believe
all this, Sister?
You cant believe it
You cant believe it until your
heart is filled with distrust
Maya will keep trying to meet you.
And you can never open the doors...
behind which lies
the answers to your questions
Whatd you do in my shoes, Sister?
l would believe
But are these things for real?
l think it is. lf we have a world, why
cant souls have a world of their own?
Was Nakul revived to
deliver Mayas message to me?
lf not Nakul, it would
have been someone else
lf Maya wants to meet you,
the medium can be anyone, anything
She wants me to go to her!
What do l infer from it?
Between Life and Death
there are many steps
Perhaps Maya stopped
at one of those steps
She is calling out to you,
but you purposely ignore her calls...
because you believe
in not believing, my son
Why is Maya calling me?
l think Maya isnt completely
detached from you yet
There must be something
that was left incomplete
What could it be?
You will know that in good time
Until then am l to roam about
like a madman, Sister?
Behind every search,
there is madness
After all you are searching
for something too
Not without reasons though.
There you are
Nothing happens without reasons
There should surely be a reason
why you are going through all this
You are standing in a bridge, Akash,
right in the middle
You have two ways to climb down
Only you can decide
which way you want to go
What does this mean, Maya?
What do you want to tell me?
Are you there, Maya?
Listen to me carefully. We got
a dead body for kidney transplant
You must personally
take care of it till l come
lll be a little late, but
l will only perform the transplant
Come closer, Akki
Where are you taking him?
That man is not dead, hes alive.
What rot?
lm telling the truth
The corpse has been
lying here since morning
That man is alive.
l saw his heart beat
Theres no room for any doubt,
look at this
Hurry up
That man is alive.
l saw him breathe
Ashok, dont take him away please.
Move away, Akash
Believe me Akash, he grabbed my hand,
he tried to tell me something
A corpse grabbed your hand?
Are you insane?
Not a corpse, Ashok!
Maya tried to talk to me
Carry on, guys
Akash! What are you doing?
Let me be alone with him
for ten minutes, please
Maya is trying to reach me
through him
Akash, you are out of your mind.
You are going insane
Akash, get out of here this
very moment! Come over here
Akash, theres a limit
to being childish
lt was Mayas voice. l cant be wrong.
Please give me ten minutes
All right, well talk about it later
Akash! Where are you taking him?
Maya wants to talk to me!
Let me go!
Take him away!
Let go!
Carry on, doctor.
You can go now
Madam has bailed you out
Didnt you hear?
Get up
Get this thing very clear, doctor
lf you act weird again, anywhere
in the vicinity of the hospital...
then, either lll lock you up
or lll send you to an asylum. Dig?
We caused you trouble because of him
Where was the need to kick up
such a fuss over a dead body?
l hope you wont say that the
dead body was talking to you?
Through that body,
Maya was talking to me
l know what lm saying.
Believe it or not...
Maya was trying to reach me
through that body
lm the one its all
happening to
The one you think is a corpse,
grabbed my hand
l only asked for 10 minutes to
talk to him and you think lm mad?
Tanya, believe me...
You cant die for
those who are dead!
To live, you must accept
that Maya is dead
Accept it!
She will never return
lve been tolerating your nonsense
for the last three months!
Get a grip on yourself
Just as you brought me to terms
with life, after Vinods death...
you need to something like that
with yourself too
Kill the things that have
brought you to this state
One last thing, Akki.
You owe me many favours, dont you?
Return all the favours to me.
With interest
Break off with every thing that
had anything to do with Maya
Leave that house, this city.
Stop meeting me too
Am l not the one most of Mayas
memories are attached with?
At least try!
Didnt l try?
lm still trying
That which l didnt
ever want to me...
l was forced to be
Even having lost you...
lm forced to live
The wound time
has inflicted on me...
lve had to bear
ln the city, once again...
lll make a small house
for myself
The way you had
done up the house...
l will do up
this one too
With new colours,
l shall colour...
the walls
A few new dreams
l will plant
The poison of your sorrow...
l am forced to drink
Even after having lost you...
l am forced to live
The wound time
has inflicted on me...
lve had to bear
Now do you believe
what l say, Tanya?
lts the same sign
Biren and Nakul...
kept making at the hospital
every now and then
lts the same picture your best friend
Maya sent to me through you
lts obvious
Mayas calling me over. To the same
sign in that village she went to
But Akash, Mayas...
You wont understand me,
will you?
Because you still stand on this
side of the bridge of faith
Where l stood, some time ago
But l have crossed the bridge
l know, Mayas calling me there
lm going to her
l dont know why, Tanya...
but l feel as if lm going to
bring your friend back from there
Over there, sir. Thats the village
in your photograph
That sign in the photo, sir...
thats a sign youll find in
front of every hut
Five kilometers from here
is the Chameli bridge, sir
A van of the Red Cross
fell off the cliff from there
A few of the bodies were washed
into the village by the currents...
but some of them have
still not been found
lve got to go there
No, sir. We cant go there
There are only tribals there.
lts very dangerous
Take me there, Moses.
No, sir. l cant take you there
But lll ask a
tribal friend of mine...
Please take me there. Now!
Theyll ask for some money, sir.
Thats all right. Cmon
Will l get money?
Of course
l asked them. They say they cant
take you into the village...
its on the border of Burma, sir.
lts very dangerous
But if we pay them some money,
theres a graveyard...
where theyve buried many
victims of the bus accident...
maybe your wifes body is also
buried there, sir? Shall we go, sir?
My heart still
beats for you
l still hear
your melodious call
My bodys still on fire...
with your breath
lt still evokes
in my soul
My heart is now...
laden with your memories...
even separated from me...
you seem so much a part of me
The last bus is going to leave.
Well have to get moving
Do these folks know where
which body hasnt gone?
l dont think so, sir
We must leave.
The bus will leave, sir
Have you seen her somewhere?
They know your wife
He says hell take us
into the village
The other says, they wont
take us into the village
Moses, isnt this
the waterfall where...?
Yes, its the waterfall where
the bus met with an accident
Sir! Where are you going?
lts dangerous!
Dont go any further...
Now look, sir...
listen to me!
Maya isnt wholly separated
from you yet
Shes calling you
There was so much of light there,
so much of water
Youre out of your mind!
Youre mad! Youre saved!
Do you know...? You were
saved by Gods grace!
Lets get out of here, get up!
You know, youve reached
the border of Burma!
The Border Security guys
will gun you down and me
lf we get caught, well have to
do a term in prison!
Lets go now, please!
Shes not dead
Shes in that village
Where are you going now...?
Dont go there, please!
Dont go there!
Theyll kill you!
My wife
She says, your wife was here
in the village to help
The flood waters brought her
back to the village
She says, they couldnt
save your wife
She says, they laid
your wifes soul to rest
She says, its your God...
its Lord Ganesha
who saved your baby
Mayas here!
See, Tanya?
lve brought Maya back
Mayas death
taught me something...
she couldnt ever teach me
while she was alive
She taught me to have faith
Faith in love...
faith in ones intentions
Or else, how could
it have been possible...
that our premature baby
who was just six-months old...
survived in those jungles,
without any medical attention?
l was convinced
that love has the power...
to bring back even the dead
The body dies
but not the man
lts only that
he transforms into a memory
He is brought alive
every moment...
in every mention of his...
in every word of his
Though we try
we cant ever forget the dead
That is why theres never a worry
of forgetting the dead
O life of mine,
you are always with me