Saazish (1998) Movie Script

"Life without love"
"is incomplete"
"This emotion is unavoidable"
"Life without love"
"is incomplete"
"Very few are lucky enough
to find someone special"
"Not all are endowed
with this benefaction"
"Every moment seems radiant"
"Life without love"
"is incomplete"
If the house is divided...
against itself,
that house cannot stand.
God bless you, my children.
God bless you all.
In the name of the father,
son and the holy spirit.
Aunt Mary.
Who do you think you are?
What is the matter?
Don't you know?
You mortgaged
your house 5 years ago
but didn't even inform me.
You call me your mother, right?
all my worries will be over
once Tony becomes a doctor.
I'll dig my grave here
and drink day and night.
What about your life?
Have you ever thought about it?
What about me?
You provide me with food,
aunt D'costa gives me alcohol,
what else do I need?
David, here is Rs 300
for digging a grave.
Thank you.
- Okay.
Aunt, here is Rs 1200.
Send it immediately to Tony.
What happened to the money
you got for the house?
I sent that money
through Father to Tony.
Then send this
money through Father.
Aunt, please listen to me.
I don't want to hear anything.
Go and speak to
father or aunt D'costa.
But remember one thing,
I'll definitely shut
aunt D'costa's bar someday.
Aunt, please listen to me.
- Let me go.
Where are you going?
Please listen to me.
Why are you following me?
What do I have?
Heaven lies at your feet.
But you prefer hell, go and drink.
Please don't follow me.
My dear aunt.
Oh no! My bottle is empty.
No problem, I'll go right
away to aunt D'costa.
Are you dreaming?
You broke a bottle!
You'll learn only when I'll
deduct money from your salary.
- Aunt D'costa! How are you?
I'm fine but you
seem to be troubled.
That's not true, I'm fine
so I've come here to drink.
You need to pay in order to drink.
Aunt, I don't have any money today.
It's the same story everyday.
I know you send all your
earnings to your brother Tony.
You don't care about yourself.
But think about me.
I run this business to earn money.
No more credit.
I'll give you a drink
once you pay the money.
Why are you getting angry?
I won't die before paying my dues.
Why don't you give up drinking?
- Nothing.
Aunt, I'll be at ease
once Tony becomes a doctor.
I'll repay everyone.
But that will take some time.
If you abandon me,
where will I go?
Bear me for few more days, please.
No matter what you say,
I won't entertain you.
Aunt, please stop kidding.
I'm very tense.
I sold my house,
aunt Mary is upset
and my body is aching
after digging 6-7 graves.
Please don't trouble me.
David, why are you
pleading in front of her?
I gambled and
earned a lot of money.
Come, I'll treat you today.
Thank you, Mr Pinto.
David, stop pleading
like a dog in front of her.
David, drink this.
Why do you interfere?
Just drink and leave.
He is hot headed,
don't irritate him.
I don't care!
He works hard for his brother,
who knows what he does in the city.
He might be a drunkard like us.
- Pinto.
He might be flirting with girls.
- He might be a gambler.
What did you say?
What is it?
All the doctors are preparing
for a major operation but...
But what?
The patient is missing.
- What?
I'm talking about you.
What do you mean?
All the doctors in the
meeting are talking about you
but you are here.
Koya, I remember.
Do think I'll get the admission?
Go, the almighty is with you.
Well, let's reach the conclusion.
If you can't exempt his fees,
at least give him some time
because Tony
is a brilliant student.
The only draw back
is that he is poor.
But that shouldn't
stop him from becoming a doctor.
I request everyone
to give him some time.
As the dean of this college,
I'll take his responsibility.
Well, Dr Joshi.
If you are ready
to take his responsibility,
we can give him
one month's time.
That's enough, sir.
- Alright.
Thank you.
- Excuse me, sir.
If Tony fails to pay
the fees in a month,
you'll have to admit a student
whose name is in the waiting list
and who'll pay a donation.
You are right, Rahul.
Only he who can pay the
donation will get the admission.
Everyone knows that
Tony can't pay the fees.
He doesn't believe
in taking help from others.
Right, Dr Joshi?
Ladies and gentlemen,
anything else?
That's good.
Here you are, Dr Joshi.
Thank you very much.
- Welcome.
Rahul, any good news?
Unfortunately, yes.
Congratulations, Tony.
- Thank you.
Congratulations, doctor.
- Thank you, sir.
Mr Oberoi, he is that student.
Dr Tony Braganza.
Hello, sir.
- Congratulations
and have a bright future.
- Thank you, sir.
Well, doctor.
You have been admitted
but I'm sorry cause
I couldn't get your fees exempted.
But you have
a month's time to pay your fees.
Sir, I'll try my best.
- I know.
"You are in my heart"
"You are in every beat"
"I swear by you."
"I belong to you"
"You make my life complete"
"I belong to you"
"You make my life complete"
"I swear by you."
"You adorn every breath of mine"
"as kohl adorns the eyes."
"I'm sure
you'll always be by my side."
"You make my world beautiful."
"I swear by you."
"A lover glances at the moon"
"A bee hovers over a flower"
even I'm crazy about you"
"I'll do anything for your love"
"I swear by you."
"I belong to you"
"You make my life complete"
"I swear by you."
"You are in my heart"
"You are in every beat"
"I swear by you."
"I swear by you."
Get down!
Give me my bag!
Excuse me, can you help
me with this address? - Yes.
Go straight and ask at
aunt D'costa's bar. - Thank you.
- My money!
Madam, you didn't pay me.
You already owe me Rs 250
and I'm giving you Rs 100.
Go to the city and treat your son.
If you return without treating him,
I'll throw you out of here.
Good morning, aunt.
- Good morning.
I'm Rachel.
I'm new here.
I can see that.
Who are you visiting?
I want to meet Ms Mary.
Are you also a
social worker like her?
You must've come here
to rehabilitate the people.
Am I wrong?
- Yes, I mean no.
- Yes, aunt?
Take care of the shop,
I'll drop her to Mary's house.
- C'mon,
but first I'll tell you where
the problem of this village lies.
Look carefully.
All the drunkards in this
village come here to drink.
And I run this place.
Mary and you
can do as you please,
I don't have a problem.
My shop will never shut down,
no matter how much
you lecture everyone.
I don't have a problem.
You can pass your time.
C'mon, let's go.
They can't shut
the bars in the city,
so they come here and bother me.
I won't shut my shop
at any cost.
This is Mary's house.
Thanks, aunt.
You don't need to thank me,
I merely fulfilled my duty.
Now you can meet Mary
and fulfil your duty.
But remember one thing,
I'm not scared of anyone.
I will continue to run my shop,
no matter what people do.
It won't continue for long.
One day, I'll shut your shop.
That day will never come.
Hello, aunt. I'm Rachel.
Rachel, come in.
- Okay, aunt.
Come in.
The lady who dropped me here,
does she always fight with you?
No, she's very good at heart.
Our argument is inevitable.
It'll come to an end
only after her bar is shut
or after I'm dead and gone.
Aunt, when I learnt that
you remained celibate,
sacrificed you personal life
and dedicated your life
for social work,
I was influenced by you and decided
to complete my MSW final
year project under your guidance.
When I first came
here as a social worker,
I saw the condition of
this village and felt
that these people needed my help.
And I decided to stay here.
Since then, I have only one motto,
to see every villager
happy and content.
Good morning, aunt Mary.
Thank you.
- Bye, aunt.
Tony has written to David.
Who is David?
David? He's like my son.
He worked very hard and saved
every penny for Tony's education.
Tony has been studying
in the city since childhood.
I completely forgot about you.
Please freshen up.
I'll give this letter
to David and be back.
- Okay? He'll be very happy.
David, get up.
Don't pretend,
I know you are awake.
Idiot, Tony has written a letter.
What has he written?
Please read it.
Dear brother David, I love you.
I love you too.
You'll be happy to know that
I got the admission.
Everyone here has supported
and encouraged me.
I was confident that
I'll get the admission
because I was blessed
by father Francis, aunt Mary,
the entire village
and especially you.
Brother, your dream
will soon come true.
I will become a doctor
and settle in our village.
What's the matter?
Nothing, he's coming.
- This Saturday.
Tony is coming!
My brother is coming!
Everyone should party!
My brother, Tony is coming.
Bring your band
at the bus stop to welcome him.
There's a party in the evening,
so be on time. Don't forget!
Tony is coming!
There's a party in my house.
You have to sponsor the drink!
Let me go!
Aunt, Tony has become a doctor.
- Really?
No one will die
due to lack of medical attention.
Yes, my son.
No one will drink to forget
their woes and problems.
Instead, they will be
rightfully treated by a doctor.
Aunt, I'll leave.
Please come on time.
I'll be there.
Aunt! When Tony comes,
I'll dance and sing.
Do you know what arrangements
have I made to welcome him?
I organised an orchestra
and invited everyone.
I told aunt D'costa
to give free drinks
to all on Tony's arrival.
Aunt! I didn't say that
to aunt D'costa.
It was a slip of tongue.
I love you!
You idiot! Who are you?
How dare you kiss me
and call me 'Aunt'?
I won't spare you!
Do you think you can
escape from me? Who are you?
I'm David.
- Who David?
Aunt Mary and David.
Aunt Mary? David?
Why did you touch me?
Why are you hiding your face?
Look at me and speak.
I can't look at you.
- Why not?
I'm feeling shy.
- Shy?
That's strange,
she questioned me and left
without saying who she is.
Who is she?
Where is she from?
Why should I care?
I'm waiting for Tony.
The bus is coming! Be ready!
Dr Tony Braganza should be
welcomed with good music!
What are you playing?
Tony has not come!
Tony fooled me.
Don't irritate me or I'll
throw the drum on your head.
Mr Santa Claus!
Why are you trying to annoy me?
Relax, my son!
- Brother.
"It's time to celebrate"
"We have a joyous reason"
"You are the only one
I have in this world"
"You are in my heart"
"It's time to celebrate"
"I saw a dream with your eyes."
"The lines of my destiny
runs in your palms."
"When you weren't around, your
fragrance lingered in the air."
"Your fragrance."
"When two flowers blossomed,"
"I felt as if there's spring
in thE entire garden."
"As if Lord Rama
met his brother, Bharat."
"He sacrifices his happiness
for the sake of others."
"The smile on your face
makes us content."
"God bless you, my son."
"I read many literary matter"
"There are none greater
than my brother"
"Your love is true and enchanting"
"It's enchanting"
"I read many literary matter"
"There are none greater
than my brother"
"Your love is true and enchanting"
"You are in my heart"
"It's time to celebrate"
"We have a joyous reason"
"It's time to celebrate"
"We have a joyous reason"
"You are the only one
I have in this world"
"You are in my heart"
"And we welcome you!"
"You are in my heart"
"And we welcome you!"
If you have any problem,
let me know and
I'll solve everything.
My dear brother,
what problem can I have?
Even if you do,
tell me without any hesitation.
Your brother will
solve all your problems.
Don't worry. Doctor Joshi
takes good care of me.
He helped me get the admission.
God bless him.
But remember one thing,
you have to fulfil my dream,
David Braganza's dream.
Don't worry, I will
definitely fulfil your dream.
This is for the last time.
The 100,000 I had
mentioned about in my letter...
What is the matter?
- You? Where is David?
He's sleeping,
what is the matter?
Albert's child is dead,
we have to dig a grave right now.
Wake him up.
Can't this be done in the morning?
He's very tired.
His funeral is in the morning.
Wake him up, he won't refuse.
C'mon, I'll do it.
- You?
How does it matter as long as
you're getting the job done?
- Okay.
Bye, brother.
What are you doing?
You do this everyday, for me.
How does it matter
if I do it for a day? - Quiet!
How dare you do this work?
You weren't digging
the ground but my heart.
You should've thought about
my feelings before doing this job.
If I wanted you to do this,
I would've made
you do it in childhood.
I wouldn't send you
to the city for higher studies.
You are my strength,
hope and dream.
If you won't fulfil my dream,
who will?
Brother, I'm sorry.
It's late, go to sleep.
- Okay.
Madam, you are right.
The day I don't drink
seem to be the longest day.
Shut up! What are all
of you laughing about?
Do you think I'm cracking a joke?
Try to understand.
You are ruining your family's life
for a few minutes of happiness.
People like you have
ruined this country.
I've been listening
to you since very long.
What did you say?
Are you abusing us?
Do you think
we are ruining this country?
If you are so patriotic,
then go to Delhi
and lecture over there.
Why did you come to this village?
We are nothing but scapegoats
for social workers like you.
If you speak over there,
people will shut your mouth.
Really? Do my words bother you?
Tell me something.
Aunt Mary too gives you advices,
why don't you
talk to her like this?
Rachel, please listen to me.
David has said enough,
what do you want to say?
Rachel, I'm not here
to lecture you.
I've come here to
apologise on behalf of David.
Please forgive him.
- C'mon, Tony.
Your brother insulted me
in front of everyone.
Your apology doesn't matter.
Rachel, listen to me.
I know brother David is wrong,
he shouldn't have
said those things.
Please understand,
he said everything
under the influence of alcohol.
Rachel, my brother might
be illiterate and brash,
but he's good at heart.
Jesus, did you hear that?
Did you hear what Tony said?
He said
David is brash, illiterate
and doesn't have manners.
Tony has become
very intelligent.
He's absolutely right.
- Aunt.
Both of you have
grown up in front of me.
David has faced
many troubles for you.
You made a mistake
but he bore the punishment.
He didn't care about it.
He always ate after feeding you.
He starved himself
and filled your stomach.
When your mother died,
you didn't know
the meaning of life or death.
But David knew the consequences.
- Don't cry. I'm here for you.'
'Henceforth, I'll be your mother.'
'I know he'll be upset
but I'll try and persuade him.'
'Good morning, father.'
'Good morning, aunt Mary.
- Good morning, David.'
'Good morning, my son.'
'Did you call me?'
'Yes, David.'
'In order to give you
and Tony a bright future,
'we had applied at
the Missionary school.'
'This is their letter.'
'There was only one seat left.'
'But don't worry,
we'll apply next year for Tony.'
'Father, I don't want to study.'
'Instead, please
send Tony to the city.'
'David, why are you saying this?'
'I have a reason,
the day I saw my mom die,
I decided I won't see anyone
die like this again.'
'That's why, I want my brother
to study and become a doctor.'
'Aunt, take this money
and feed him. - Alright.'
'Tony, bye.'
'Aunt, keep some more money.
Buy him some milk too.'
'Bye, Tony.
- Bye.'
'What?! Will you dig graves?'
'Father, you need someone
to dig a grave and I need money.'
'David, you are very young.
How can you do it?'
'Why do you bother
when he doesn't have a problem?'
'Okay. God bless you, my son.'
Aunt, please forgive me.
I didn't mean those words.
I just happened
to utter those words.
I'm sorry, aunt.
I love you.
What kind of prank is this?
- It's not a prank.
I'm trying to find an answer to a
question. - You should've asked me.
I've heard that a sister-in-law
is like a mother-figure.
Is it true?
- Absolutely.
What if Racheal
becomes my sister-in-law?
It isn't a good idea.
- Yes.
She is an arrogant girl.
- Is it?
But she says that she loves you.
- Yes.
But how's that possible?
She gets angry whenever she sees me
and even calls me an idiot.
That's bad.
How can I determine
that she loves me?
Very simple, go and ask her.
Very simple, go and ask her.
But how?
How dare you
tear our playing cards?
I do what I feel is right.
Go and lecture David.
Don't try to mess with me.
How can you trap innocent men
into the trap of gambling?
I'm quiet as you're a girl, else
I would've... - Don't you dare!
Don't try to intimidate a girl.
Get lost.
Why don't you get lost?
But I'm helping you.
Did I ask for it?
No, but this
fatso is demeaning you.
It's a part and parcel of our job.
Why are you feeling bad about it?
What brings you here?
- Actually...
I almost forgot.
I'm here to ask you...
Why are you stammering?
Ask me what you have to.
Tony said you and I...
Where are you going?
Complete the sentence.
I'll deal with you later.
Now tell me what is it.
- You and I... I mean...
- I...
Laugh as much as you want.
She called me an idiot,
and it's all because of you.
It would've made you happy, right?
- Don't say that, brother.
Why are you so scared of her?
She abused you, didn't she?
But you reply to her with love.
What do I reply?
I start stammering in front of her.
Had it been some other matter,
I would've said it easily.
I can't propose her.
Fantastic idea! Consider that
your problem has been solved!
Yahoo! - Have you now thought
of a plan to get me bashed?
Believe me, we'll hit
the bull's eye this time.
My dear sister-in-law.
"I'm falling in love,
I'm feeling abashed"
"My heart is not at ease,
it is skipping a beat"
"I'm yearning for your affection"
"I'm falling in love,
I'm feeling abashed"
"You are unaware of my feelings"
"My gaze is fixed on your face"
"How do I express my emotions
without saying a word?"
"Your thoughts engulf my mind"
"I'm falling in love,
I'm feeling abashed"
"This moment should never end"
"Our love should live forever"
"You are my love and life"
"You are the one
my heart desires for"
"I'm falling in love,
I'm feeling abashed"
"My heart is not at ease,
it is skipping a beat"
"I'm yearning for your affection"
"I'm falling in love,
I'm feeling abashed"
David, congratulations.
For what?
Don't you know that
Tony saved Ramu's daughter?
- Yes.
Ramu's daughter was ill,
brother Tony attended
her and saved her life.
Aunt, don't worry.
She'll be fine by tomorrow morning.
Thank you. If not for you...
- No, aunt.
I've done nothing.
All thanks to my brother.
If not for him,
I wouldn't have been a doctor.
Today, I neither feel any pain,
nor do I feel intoxicated.
I am proud of you, my brother.
You've made me proud
in front of the entire village.
I'm proud of you.
- I love you.
How dare you hit me?
- No!
Good children never fight.
Shake hands.
Even you shake hands.
C'mon, go!
Hi, Tony.
- Hi.
How are you?
- Okay.
Tony, sit with us.
Join us for a game. - Okay.
What? Cards? I don't gamble.
Please carry on.
I'm very stupid.
How could I think of
inviting you for a game of cards?
Don't say that.
Sorry, Tony.
I shouldn't have done that.
Why are you getting upset?
C'mon, let's play a game.
- Thank you.
I'll play,
but I won't gamble.
Yesterday, you made me proud
in front of the entire village.
But today...
Why did you do this?
If I gamble, people
say I'm illiterate.
But you are a doctor.
What problem do you have?
I sold our house
for your education.
I would've sold myself too.
You shattered all my dreams.
Brother, listen to me...
- Quiet!
Don't touch me.
Brother. - These hands have touched
those cards so don't touch me.
- That's final.
My mom has written to me,
should I read it?
Do you want to hear it?
Do you know
I have a younger sister?
She's in college.
Our dad passed away but
we never faced any problems.
But we missed having a brother.
That was one thing
we didn't have.
But Tony has given me
the love of a brother.
Tony is very sweet and...
Hey! Who do you think you are?
People love you for your heart.
They ignore your minor flaws.
That doesn't mean,
you take advantage of them.
Even Jesus forgives 3 mistakes.
This is Tony's first mistake.
Can't you forgive him?
The decision is yours.
What's the matter?
You are very quiet today.
Henceforth, I'll remain quiet.
- Why?
I tend to nag very often.
If I'll say something,
you might get offended.
That's not possible.
- Why not?
If Tony's action can offend you,
why can't mine?
See, I made a mistake.
I offended you. Sorry,
I won't make this mistake again.
why are you hurting me
with these words?
I can't see you upset.
Do you love me so much?
- Yes!
Tony! Come here!
David, forgive him for my sake.
He will never do anything...
- Brother!
Tony, don't be upset.
He really loves you.
All of us will speak to him.
You are his heart,
how can he live without it?
Everything will be alright
once he calms down
I have to make a confession.
Yes, my child.
Father, Pinto
insisted me to play cards.
I didn't want anyone
to taunt my brother
that I've become arrogant
after becoming a doctor.
Tony, this is not a crime.
It's just a minor mistake.
Everyone worships Jesus,
but I worship my brother.
And he is upset with me.
Father, I'm leaving
for college tomorrow.
How can I leave with this burden?
No! Brother!
- Leave me!
I slapped you with this hand,
I'll burn this hand.
- No, brother!
I love you, brother.
Please forgive me, Tony.
Thank you, Jesus.
Thank you.
Driver, stop cribbing!
Can't you wait for 2 minutes?
He is so impatient.
Where is David?
He should've been here.
He said he'll be back
in 2 minutes.
Aunt D'costa,
is David sitting in your bar?
What rubbish! Why will David
drink at this hour?
Brother, where were you?
The bus is about to leave.
A gift for my little brother.
Thank you, brother.
Give me your wallet.
- Why?
Give it to me.
Oh no!
- Who is she?
She studies in my college,
she's my friend.
I understand.
My brother has grown up.
Take this.
Brother, I've burdened you
with so many responsibilities...
What rubbish! What
burden are you talking about?
I'm referring to the donation fees,
I have to pay to the college.
I had mentioned it in the letter.
In the letter?
- Yes.
Yes, I remember.
Aunt Mary told me everything.
I forgot everything at seeing you,
but now I remember.
How much do you have to pay?
- 100,000.
When do you have to pay the fees?
Before the 10th.
It's my last chance.
Don't worry,
everything will be alright. C'mon.
- Bye, Tony.
Bye, brother.
Take care.
- You take care of yourself too.
Yes, brother.
- Study well.
I love you, brother.
- I love you too.
I love you.
- I'm here.
I love you.
- I'll manage everything.
I love you.
- Don't worry.
What are you doing?
You'll burn your hand.
You have broken
my trust and heart.
What difference does
it make if I burn my hand?
Everyone took advantage of me
as I was uneducated
but I never felt bad.
Now, even you made me feel
that I'm illiterate and stupid.
Why did you do this?
Why did you hide
the truth from me?
Had I told you earlier,
what would you do?
You have nothing left.
How will you arrange
such a big amount?
Look at this, I sent a loan
application to the missionary.
They've sent
a cheque for Rs 25,000.
Don't worry about the remaining
amount, that'll be arranged too.
Aunt, I'm sorry.
It's our business
to lend money on interest.
But don't mind my words,
I don't give loan
without any guarantee.
You have sold your
house to Ram Prasad.
You have nothing left to mortgage.
Sir, I've come
here to mortgage myself.
Please don't refuse.
I desperately need 100,000
for my brother.
I beg you.
David, you earn by digging graves.
What use are you to me?
Do you want me to suffer
a loss by giving you a loan?
Go and ask someone else.
Don't waste my time.
I'm not here to do charity.
Were you talking to your mother?
Yes, I was telling her
not to worry about Tony.
I'll manage everything.
Aunt, what are you doing here?
I came here
to give this, take it.
What's in this?
I can't solve all your problem,
but I can provide little help.
You can send this money to Tony.
Aunt, I already owe you money.
How will I...
A child never owes
anything to his mother.
You always called me aunt,
but I always considered
you and Tony as my children.
And I can't see
my children suffer.
I can't bear it, David.
One more thing,
I closed my bar
because I wanted to,
not because
I was scared of anyone.
I lost deliberately.
Else, no one can defeat me.
I think, I've made it very clear.
I'm going.
Ms D'costa,
by making this sacrifice,
you have won.
No one can do what you did.
God bless you,
you're really great.
Thank you.
David! Listen to me.
I'm going home for a day or two.
If you don't mind,
I shall arrange for...
No, Rachel.
This is my problem,
you need not worry about it.
You'll be leaving after
your project is over.
Then too,
thanks for asking.
I don't know whether
you love me or not.
But I know that
I'm in love with you.
Aunt D'costa was right.
Whoever comes here, never leaves.
Give me the death certificate.
- We don't have it.
You can leave.
We will give you 100,000.
'How much do you have to pay?
- 100,000.'
When do you have to pay the fees?'
'Before the 10th.
It's my last chance.'
Oh Jesus, please
forgive me this once.
Your David is helpless.
Once Tony becomes
a successful doctor,
I'll repent for this sin.
Till then,
please forgive me.
Forgive me.
I take an oath,
whoever killed you,
I will bury him right here.
Till then, don't sleep.
My brother, stay awake.
How long will you watch
everything in silence?
What else can you do?
You can only take and not give.
You always took my loved ones away.
My mother worshiped you all her
life and died a miserable death.
And you just watched her die.
But I continued
to worship and serve you.
I lit candles everyday.
What did I ask for in return?
I just wanted my
brother to become a doctor.
But you took him away from me.
Humans are mere puppets for you.
You make and break them.
But Tony was not a puppet,
he was my life.
He was, is and will
always be in my heart.
No matter how hard you try, you
can never break our relationship.
Till today, you decided everything.
But from now on,
I'll decide and you'll abide.
Don't be stoic, have a heart.
I want you to face me.
Hear my woes and understand
the pain I'm going through.
Unless I kill
my brother's murderer,
I won't be at rest.
I take this oath in your presence.
Until then,
I won't bow in front of you.
Listen to me.
We'll talk later,
first get rid of that Father.
Very good college, big hospital!
But poor doctors, very bad!
They can't answer
a simple question.
Hey, can you answer my question?
When one has a stomach ache,
the doctor prescribes a medicine.
When one has a head ache,
the doctor prescribes a medicine.
If your leg aches,
the doctor prescribes a medicine.
Can't they prescribe
something other than medicines?
Consume this air, it's free.
Does one become
a doctor by donating money?
Excuse me, who are you?
I'm David,
I've come from Katie village.
I'm Tony Braganza's brother.
Tony Braganza!
Very nice and good boy.
Do you know how to play tennis?
A game of tennis
and donation are alike.
2 people play with the tennis ball.
They pass the ball
around the court.
Donation is similar.
If Tony gives donation,
he'll be admitted in college.
If not, he'll be
out of the college.
Have you arranged the money?
I want to meet Dr Joshi.
Dr Joshi! Very nice man!
Very efficient dean.
Go ahead and meet him.
Go straight and then right. Okay?
God bless you, my child.
They pass the ball
around the court.
Take the patient to the operation
theatre and anesthetize him.
I'll be right there.
- Doctor, come quickly.
Koya, why are you shouting?
Any emergency patient?
No, not a patient.
A special guest has come.
You'll be very happy to meet him.
Doctor will attend you later.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
- Let's go.
David, this is Dr Joshi.
Doctor, he is David.
Tony's elder brother.
Hello, David.
I'm pleased to meet you.
Tony lauds you all the time.
Hasn't Tony come with you?
I wanted to discuss
something with you.
He's a child, he must
be worried about the money.
There's nothing to be worried about
when he has a brother like you.
Even I'm there for him.
Now that you're here,
everything will be alright.
I have to go for an
emergency operation,
I'll be free in the evening,
then we can talk at ease.
But Doctor...
- Till then, you can rest.
Koya, take care of him.
- Yes! Don't worry.
He is Mohammed
Koya's special guest.
After all,
he is Tony's elder brother.
You are right.
See you.
- Doctor...
Brother David, shall we leave?
I want to meet Simran.
That's very good, David.
You want to finish
all your work first.
Very good.
C'mon, I'll introduce
you to Ms Simran.
David, this is Simran's house.
Please hide here.
Let's have some fun.
I'll call Simran.
Guess, who is here to meet you?
So he's finally here!
Are you scared to face me?
He promised to take me along
but left all alone.
He felt insecure as brother
will shower his love on me too.
The only person
he talks about is his brother.
But when I wanted to meet him,
he left alone.
If he can't take me,
I'll go alone to meet him.
Brother David is my brother too.
Simran, first look who's here.
God bless you.
Why are you standing outside?
Please come inside.
Please come inside.
Come, please take a seat.
Please sit.
Oh god! I never thought
Tony would surprise me like this.
Where is Tony?
God! I'm so sorry.
You've travelled from far but
I didn't ask about your well being.
How is aunt Mary,
aunt D'costa and father Francis?
Everyone is fine.
How is Rachel?
Caught you!
I'm very happy to see you,
only you can make Tony understand.
He doesn't listen to me.
He troubles me.
He promised to meet me once a day.
But he lied, since then
I've not met him even once.
If you're done talking to him,
come to my room immediately.
I want to discuss something
important with you.
I'll be there in a minute.
Dad might be troubled,
that's why...
Brother David,
won't you bless Tony's son
before leaving?
Were you happy to meet Simran?
I think, Simran's dad
doesn't like Tony.
He doesn't like Mr Tony.
One day, he lost his temper.
'I didn't expect this of you!'
'Despite being a doctor,
you've made a mistake'
'that will tarnish my reputation.'
'I want you to abort this child.'
'Sir, Simran and I have decided...
- Quiet!'
'If you utter...
- Dad!'
'I know we made a mistake.'
'As doctors,
we shouldn't have done this.'
'Tony and I
are ready to face everyone.'
'But I'm sorry,'
'I won't abort this baby.'
'What did you say?'
'Sorry, sir.'
'you ruined my daughter's life.'
'I won't forgive you.'
Look, David.
This is Mr Tony's room.
What is the matter?
You look very tense.
If you are tense about
Tony's admission, then don't worry.
Dr Joshi will take care
and the entire
college students support Tony.
They love him a lot.
- Yes, it's true.
Actually, not everyone.
Every love story
has a villain in it.
'Romeo and Juliet',
'Heer and Ranjha.'
There's one in this story too.
Who is he?
He's the leader
of the student union.
His name is Rahul.
'Your love is blooming.'
'Mind your language, Rahul!'
'Stop it! Move!'
'Come, Tony.'
'Hey, Tony! Your countdown has
begun. You don't know who I am.'
'Your end is coming closer!'
'No, Tony. Please.'
It's good that
Simran stopped Tony
or he would've beaten
Rahul, black and blue.
Where's Rahul right now?
- Why?
Do you want to beat him?
C'mon, David.
I'll come along and beat him.
Let's teach him a lesson.
- Where will I find Rahul?
At this hour...
I'm David Braganza,
Tony Braganza's brother.
What can I do?
- Where is Tony?
I don't know, ask at the enquiry
office. I'm not his guardian.
I asked you, where Tony is.
Why are you repeatedly
asking the same question?
He might be with Simran or
ruining some innocent girl's life.
Hey! Where is Tony?
Answer me!
For the last time! Where is Tony?
I don't know!
Move aside, Simran.
What's wrong with you?
Why are you beating him?
Ask him, where is Tony?
Tony?! Didn't he come to meet you?
No, Tony didn't visit me.
He didn't come to me.
I got his dead body.
Someone get me a glass of water.
Excuse me, who is Dr Simran?
Simran is my daughter, I'm Pathak.
Mr Pathak, I want to question
Simran regarding this case.
you can't question her
before she recuperates.
Who is Dr Rahul?
My name is Rahul.
You have to come with us
to the police station.
According to our information,
you threatened to kill Tony.
When 2 people argue,
they tend to threaten each other.
You can give explanations
at the police station.
But Inspector... - Come with us
or we'll have to force you.
Arrest him!
Simran, I didn't kill Tony!
Believe me, Simran!
I will prove my
innocence and find the culprit!
Simran, did you hear me?
'Tony, please hold this.'
'Rahul, help me.'
'Tony, hold this.'
'Come on, Tony.'
'Please turn the boat.'
'Tony, get up.'
'What happened...'
So it was a prank!
I was scared to death. You think
that was funny! I hate you, Tony!
But I love you.
"Love only as much
as you can bear."
"Even if we have to separate,
you're able to live."
"Love happens only once."
"One loses his heart only once."
"All love asks for"
"is trust."
"I'm sure I am in
love with someone."
"There's nothing
that can separate us."
"Love only as much
as you can bear."
"I've gone too far."
"I can't step back now."
"Try stopping me."
"It's impossible to stop now."
"I've forsaken the world."
"I've come to you."
"You are the one I love."
"I wait for you alone."
"There's nothing
that can separate us."
"Love only as much
as you can bear."
Why will someone kill Tony?
If this is a murder,
I should find out
or Simran will hold me
responsible for Tony's murder.
But how?
- Hello, hotel Honeymoon?
Wrong number.
'Rahul, this is your mom.
You are never available at home.'
'We left New York
and reached Paris today.'
'We are really missing you.'
'Lots of love to you
from me and dad. I love you.'
I love you too, mom.
D10? D5, D6.
This is Tony's voice.
Is this a number
of a computer file?
D10, oh no!
Brother David, please come in.
Please sit.
How are you?
Don't cry.
I will bring coffee for you.
- Hello, Simran.
Don't disturb me, Rahul.
- Simran, listen to me.
Please, Simran!
- I don't want to hear anything!
Simran, I want to tell you
something about Tony's murder.
Tony's murder? Yes, Rahul?
Hello, Rahul. This is David.
Where are you right now?
David, I'm in the morgue room.
Go ahead.
- David,
I know about Tony's murder...
Oh my god!
Tell me what is it?
What brings you here at this hour?
After Tony,
Rahul too has been killed.
- Yes.
And I think the one who killed Tony,
killed Rahul as well.
- What?
What do you think?
How would I know?
But I am sure, the murderer
is someone from our campus.
Don't you think so?
Koya, this is the police's job.
Let them investigate.
It's too late.
I think you should go and sleep.
Good night.
God bless you, my child.
What's the matter?
Why do you look so scared?
I'm not.
Actually, I was looking for you.
At this hour?
- Yes.
Dr Joshi was asking about you.
He wants you to stay with him.
If you stay in Tony's room,
there's a threat to your life too.
I'm not scared of death.
Nothing will happen to me.
Dr Joshi and the rest are disturbed
by Rahul and Tony's death.
We don't want the
same to happen to you.
If you stay with Dr Joshi,
everyone will be happy.
No, my son.
Don't be obdurate.
Well, Dr Joshi, I agree with you.
There is definitely no obvious link
between the three murders.
What say, Commissioner?
- I think he is right.
What do you have to say
about Dr Joshi's theory?
That means, your team will be
successful in nabbing the killer.
We'll try our level best.
Three murders have been
committed in a week.
You can't just try. I want results.
Okay, Mr Oberoi.
- Thank you. Please.
Excuse me, sir, he is David
Briganza, Tony's elder brother.
David, I'm really sorry.
What happened was unfortunate.
I can't subside your pain,
but I sympathise with you.
I assure you, I'll see to it that
your brother's killer is punished.
I promise to arrest your
brother's killer very soon.
Why do you offer
me false assurances?
I'm not here to beg for justice.
God has blessed me
with enough strength
to seek justice myself.
I promise you.
He is a mere grave digger,
but acts so arrogant.
Please don't mind him, sir.
The one who has got a fire burning
within can only spit fumes.
You're right, Dr Joshi.
- Okay, Mr Oberoi.
'Do you know how to play tennis?'
'They pass the ball
around the court.'
'Do you play tennis?'
- Come in!
What's the matter?
You look tense.
No, I'm not.
Anyway, go outside.
There's a surprise for you.
- Take a look.
David, are you alright?
Everyone in the village
is worried about you.
Are you okay?
Thank god, you're here.
I have a proof through which
we can arrest Tony's murderer.
Take this and go to the village.
What is it?
- I don't know.
But I know that it
will unravel Tony's murderer
as 3 people have been
murdered for this evidence.
Simran's life is in danger.
Take these things
and leave immediately.
How can I leave you alone?
Don't worry about me. Please leave.
I'll bring Simran along with me.
Be careful,
don't let anyone notice you.
"I've found the path
to lord Ram's heart."
Hello, David. Good morning.
- Good morning.
Isn't Rachel with you?
Where is she?
She's not here, I sent her home.
- Because
I've found the evidence
to Tony's murder.
Evidence? What is it?
A diary and a cassette
which I've sent away with Rachel.
Do you know the content
of the diary and cassette?
No, I don't.
But I know, the diary
and cassette conceals a secret
for which Tony and Rahul
were murdered.
When Koya found that
Father Macmilan was
involved in the murder,
he was murdered.
Then I was attacked but I escaped.
My escape startled the murderer.
He was scared that
I'll reach Macmilan.
So, he killed Macmilan too.
But he wasn't dead,
he was on the verge of dying.
He wanted to rebel and give
the evidence to someone else.
But he died before he could do so.
It was my good luck
and the killer's bad luck
that I found all the evidence.
I am sure about one thing,
the killer wants
the cassette and diary.
He will definitely come
to the village to retrieve it.
And I will
fulfil the promise given to Tony.
This is a brother's promise,
until I don't kill the murderer,
my brother's soul
won't rest in peace.
What are you waiting for?
We should immediately
go to the village and find out
the content of the diary
and the cassette.
Let's go.
Wait a minute.
These are medical notes.
This is empty.
'Rahul, this is your mom.
You are never available at home.'
'We left New York
and reached Paris today.'
'We are really missing you.'
'Lots of love to you
from me and dad. I love you.'
Doctor, this is Tony's voice.
That number belongs
to a computer file.
Tony used to work on
the computer till late night.
In our computer, we have
files only till D8 and D9.
Maybe, Tony made a new file.
We must find it.
C'mon, let's go. Please.
I don't want more bloodshed.
Very good, Dr Joshi.
We are in a church,
in the presence of
the almighty and everyone.
Why don't you confess the truth?
C'mon, Dr Joshi.
Tell them the truth.
I'll tell them everything.
This happened when Tony
returned from the village.
'What is this, Tony?'
'Sir, this is the report of
the medicine you have approved.'
'This is not a medicine but a drug'
'which destroys the
nerves of the brain.'
'It subsides the pain but...
- But what?'
'But what, my son?'
'You mean, a person loses his sense
after consuming this medicine,'
'goes into a trance and
becomes addicted to it?'
'We know that.'
'Tony, we know it's not a medicine
but a drug, a legal drug.'
Both of you are a part of it?
- Tony!
Like you, even I was against this.
My conscience was pricking me.
But you know that I was attacked.
Had you not reached on time,
I would've been dead.
Tony, I don't want
this to happen to you.
In order to save your life,
you are risking
the lives of millions.
Tony, my son. Try to understand.
If Dr Joshi wouldn't approve
this medicine, someone else would.
Listen Tony, I request you.
Don't get involved in this matter.
You have your whole
life ahead of you.
Your future is bright.
You want to become a doctor,
then go abroad.
Don't worry about the money.
I'll arrange everything.
Sir, I didn't expect this from you.
Do you think you have destroyed
the evidence by burning this file?
You are mistaken,
because I have uploaded
the evidence on the internet.
The internet reaches out to
millions of people
through computers
and through which people can
get any information they want.
Tomorrow, the whole world
will know this secret.
And only I know the password.
C'mon Tony, tell me.
What's the password of that file?
I will never reveal it to you.
Tony! Don't be stupid.
Tell them the password.
I won't, I will never reveal it.
Sir, please stop them.
I assure you, he won't say
this to anyone. - Dr Joshi,
just relax. Okay?
Out, both of you!
Sir, listen to me.
- Please go outside.
Everything is going to be alright.
C'mon, Tony. Answer me or else...
- What?
Will you kill me?
I'm not scared of death, Oberoi!
C'mon, Tony.
Everyone is scared of death.
The ones who are not,
are angels.
And where do angels belong?
You'll have to go there too.
Do you know what this is?
This is a cyanide capsule.
If I shove this down your throat,
you'll be dead instantly.
C'mon, eat it!
Dump his body outside the city.
Take him like a patient,
so that no one suspects.
It's alright, Dr Joshi.
C'mon, let's go.
'This is Dr Rahul. Please put
your message after the beep.'
'Thank you.'
Rahul came to know
about this secret
and he was murdered.
Just relax.
Dr Joshi, come with me.
Dr Joshi,
you are a good man.
It's a well known fact that
all good men go to heaven.
You must go there too.
Thank you very much.
Leave me.
David, my son.
- David!
David, my son.
God will never forgive you.
Please leave him.
- Shut up!
Leave me.
Take them inside.
Shut the door
and lock them inside!
Don't touch her!
She's carrying Tony's child.
So this is Tony's child, I see.
This child will bring happiness
in your life again, right?
Listen to me.
Open this file.
Open this file.
- No, Simran! Don't listen to him.
Open this file.
- Open this file! Open it!
Please, open this file.
No, Simran!
Open the file.
- No.
I said, open the file!
- No, Simran.
Someone open the door!
Oh Jesus!
God, please! Please help David.
Fire! Kill him!
Take her inside.
- Simran, my dear!
Let's take her to the doctor.
Aunt Mary, my Tony is back.
My Tony is back.
My Tony is back.
Forgive me, Jesus.
Please forgive me!