Sabina K. (2015) Movie Script

A young sun on the run from his father
settled on land between the icy peaks
Shining on every byway,
on every track and path
showing us his furrows
and our faces in his rays.
Inspired by a true story.
He wasn't just a summer
caller this sun of ours;
Evenblossomed full of flowers.
All of a sudden our young sun
stole away from us.
Where he went to, why and how,
only the good Lord knows that now
We might have forgotten him
like some lucky chance,
easy come, easy go...
If we weren't still warming
the whole of our soul
by the heat of his long-gone golden hands
I saw Mr. Dragon this morning
and asked him to come by and meet you.
He said, "No way. I want to sleep."
What's that over there?
Here he is - Mr. Dragon.
Why, look at Jasmina...
What a cute, little girl
And look at Hamed
What's that?
You'll think about it?
Say again?
Maybe Mr. Dragon could take a rest
so the kids can eat in peace.
Yes, he says he wants to rest now.
Hi Hamed!
Why are you late?
Where have you been?
The kids were having fun.
Having fun? Like monkeys in a zoo?
You call that fun?
Mommy, I don't want to go.
It's just for a few days, my love.
Just five days.
That's right. Five days.
Come on, kids. Let's go.
Go with your dad.
It doesn't have to be this way, you know.
You don't know what he's like.
I'll probably be working
late again tonight.
Can you fix yourself something?
There's plenty of food in the fridge.
You know, I need to be in Switzerland
by the middle of May.
It's going to be rough. It always is.
Switzerland in summertime?
Sounds ideal to me.
Not without you.
Every time I go up there, they badger me
about getting back with her.
I'm tired of it.
Afraid you'll give in?
Yeah, sure
I just wish they didn't own
the restaurant. That's all.
Then you wouldn't have a job.
But your daughter
That's a different story, isn't it?
You don't have to pretend with me.
I know how you feel.
Look what I go through with
Hamed and Jasmina.
I thought before I leave, that
Let's get married.
I want us to get married.
You mean legally?
Is there another way?
We've been through the war...
We've been through divorce
This is a second chance for both of us.
It must be for a reason.
Listen, I'll be back in a minute.
If the ring is still on the table,
I'll know your decision.
Now I don't know what to do with it.
You can put it on my finger
if you like.
I love you.
Come on now, finish your coffee.
Remember Mirso saying -
"Don't shoot like this...
Shoot like this!"
Here's some pita
The toast!
We all fought together during the war...
- Some more, some less!
- But nobody was killed...
Although, there were some heroes
among us who spent all four years...
in the basement.
But we're not going to name names now.
Tonight we drink and celebrate...
To Sabina and Saa!
It's about 2:30 AM
And you're still there?
Yes, Mum, and I'll be here
the rest of the night.
What if I fall down and can't get up?
Well, Mum
If you weren't up so late
that wouldn't be a problem, would it?
We have some friends over.
They should go home.
It's much too late, Saa.
They're being rude.
We like having our friends over, Mum,
and we wanted to tell them the news.
What news is that?
That Sabina and I are engaged
Mum? Mum?
Mum, you really need to meet her, you know.
We'll come by tomorrow.
She's going to be my wife
whether you like it or not.
- I won't be here.
- But I have to pick up my things.
What magic spell has she used against you?
How can a son put a dagger
in his own mother's heart?
Good night, Old Lady.
Get some sleep.
I'll see you in a few hours.
Me again, huh?
She doesn't even know you.
And look how much she hates me.
She hates everyone.
She needs to join the 21st century.
Can I tell you something, Sabina?
Sometimes, I feel like
you're going to break my heart.
Break your heart?
How can you say such a thing?
You know I'd never do that.
If I loved you any more
than I do now, I think that
my heart would explode.
I'd like you to meet Sabina.
Good afternoon.
Come on in.
Don't you have any pictures
of just your daughter?
It's the only picture I have.
I can cut off her mother's
head if you want.
We're going now.
I need a word with you.
- I'll wait outside.
- It won't be long.
Everything alright?
Let's go.
What'd she say?
Let the dead bury the dead.
- That's what she said?
- No. That's what I'm saying.
And your father?
Dad was killed in the early days,
in Dobrinja. A shell...
it just took his head off.
I was already in the BiH army by then.
About a year after that,
in the village where Mum was born
Muslim soldiers wearing the same
BiH army uniform I wore,
the same one Mum thought
I looked so handsome in...
They entered my aunt's village
one summer morning and killed
I don't know
Some say it was twenty civilians.
Among the dead were my aunt
and two of her children.
Mum has dressed in black ever since.
Maybe she'll come around eventually.
I don't know.
Bitterness is killing her.
And you, Sabina?
Have you told your family?
And what did they say?
What's so funny?
The way your mum followed us
down the road, shouting like crazy:
The cross will always betray you!
Well, it's perfectly clear
what needs to be done.
You need to come to Korula
and get married there.
I'll make all the arrangements.
But when would that be?
Whenever you like. I live there alone...
You won't be a bother.
You know how much Mario
loved the two of you.
He told me more than once
what a good wife you'd make.
We had hoped to tie the knot
before I go to Switzerland.
And he complains about it!
Well, for a reason.
Then find some time to visit me.
Come in a couple of months
And let me take care of you.
Please, don't deny me that opportunity.
Let me love you as I would my own children.
Just let me love you.
That would be a comfort for me, too.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
Perhaps when you go to Neum.
Yes, I'm doing a
presentation there for work.
From there you can take a ferry
and come to Korula.
While I go to Zagreb and get my documents.
You see? It's meant to be!
No tears now.
It's just seven days.
Maybe I'll get there ahead of you.
Just seven days?
Hey, you're the businesswoman
with the demanding schedule.
Just seven days, I promise.
It seems an eternity.
Time to go now. Come on.
I dissolved and streamed;
Toward the stream...
toward the river,
toward the sea.
Now here I am.
Now here I am without myself.
How can I go back to spring?
Miss Kadi is here.
Miss Kadi, come in.
Have a seat, please.
- Thank you.
- May I offer you a drink?
No, thank you.
Have a seat.
Your presentation yesterday
was outstanding.
I've hardly been able to
think of anything since.
We are all very impressed.
Thank you, Mr. Juki.
Why didn't they send you to us before?
Perhaps because I'm relatively new
to this part of my job.
In any event, I'm prepared to sign
the contract with your firm
for all our public relations
needs going forward.
That's wonderful news, Mr. Juki.
Are you sure you don't want a drink?
No, thank you.
There are only a few loose ends to wrap up
Of course.
A few things I'd like added
to our understanding.
You mean the contract?
The understanding
I'm not sure I understand what you mean
I'm a businessman, Miss Kadi.
Some things are put in writing.
Other things are... well... understood.
Everything is negotiable.
We've just finished building
a new hotel downtown.
I'd like you to be my guest tonight.
That won't be necessary, Mr. Juki.
Get you out of that other place
and put you up in our penthouse suite.
But I'm leaving this afternoon.
Ahead of schedule?
Not really.
Our business here is done.
I'd like you to stay a few more days
And Mrs. Juki?
Is she a part of this "understanding"?
If you insist
Mr. Juki...
I think my work here is done.
What's the hurry to get back to Sarajevo?
I'll make it worth your
while to stay, my dear.
I'm not going to Sarajevo.
I'm going to Korula
to get married.
Good day, Mr. Juki.
Aunt Ankica!
Aunt Ankica!
Sabina, my child. You made it.
I've been waiting for you.
How was your trip?
It was fine.
Any sign of Saa?
My, my... you are smitten, aren't you.
He'll be here any day now, I'm sure.
Let me show you to your room
Come, bring your things in
Are you hungry?
Did you call him?
Yes, but his phone is always off.
It's because of the roaming.
When he's on roaming, he turns it off.
Roaming? What's that?
These technical gadgets you use
Does he have my number here?
He does.
Alright then.
Come on, let's make our salad.
Amir doesn't really take care of
the kids anyway. It's his parents.
And I have to say they're pretty
good at it. I'm really grateful.
When we got divorced, I was left with
nothing. No job, no place to stay...
I didn't want the kids to suffer.
But after Saa and I are married,
I'll get custody and end that story.
You should see how Hamed and Jasmina
love him. He has a way with them.
I don't get it, why hasn't he called?
There must be a reason.
Something must have come up.
Don't worry.
Eat now.
Good evening, Mrs. Varguli?
This is Ankica Dolenec.
My son, Mario, served with
your son in the army.
Yes, it was long ago Yes, yes...
Well, as it turns out... your son, Saa,
was supposed to visit us here in Korula
Yes... We've been expecting him for...
Four days now.
Yes Have you maybe seen or
heard from him?
Excuse me? Hello?
What did she say?
She said that Saa went to Zagreb,
but she hasn't heard from him since.
She knew you were here.
Should we call the police?
Why the police?
Maybe something bad happened to him.
No, I don't think anything
bad happened to him.
There must be some reason for it.
Must be
My dear child What's that old saying
Bad news travels fast?
You would've already heard.
Stay here as long as you like.
You know how I love having you here.
May I borrow the phone?
Of course. Here, take my seat.
I'll fix us some tea.
Amir? It's me.
Calm down.
I told you I was going out of town.
Please apologize to your parents.
I can't take the kids this weekend.
I can't, I told you I was not in Sarajevo
Listen, I'll call you when I get back.
From the thick dark of a weary day,
the delicate young face of a moon
appeared above our heads
Before he tires of his shining journey,
before his waxing slackens pace
and is swathed on every side
in white and silver hair
carve his sign in the
soft white of limestone
so you may absorb as faithfully as can be
the image of your infinite pain and hope...
I dreamed of him
He was looking right at me.
And I reached over to touch him
But he was gone
There now, there now, child
He's not coming
He's never going to come, is he?
Why, Aunt Ankica?
There now, dear
I must have done something wrong
I can't go on like this. I can't.
Love makes a way.
Love always makes a way.
Aunt Ankica?
Sabina, is that you?
It's me.
Did you get home?
Yes, I just got home.
And Is he there? Did he call?
Any messages?
No message...
He isn't here.
Please, let me know if he shows up.
Yes... I'll let you know. Thank you.
I'm going to get some rest now.
I'll talk to you later, Sabina.
What do you want?
Where's Saa?
That's none of your business.
He's been gone for three weeks.
Where is he?
What difference does that make to you?
He's finished with you.
What have you done with him?
He's with his wife and
child where he belongs.
Oh, he would never do that. Never!
What do you know about my son
I know that he loves me!
Go away, now! I'll call the police.
Did you hear me?
Did you hear me?!
I'll call the police, you Muslim whore!
If my son wanted you to know where he is
don't you think he'd have told you by now?
Now, go away!!
I'll call the police!
He loves me. He's my husband!
You were never married to my son! Never!
We were married in soul and spirit!
God knows it's so!
Don't talk to me about God!
I'm calling the police!
Where is he?! Tell me where he is!
I'm calling the police!
Tell me where he is! Tell me!
Sabina? Sabina?
Call an ambulance!
I'd say you are about
Seven, eight weeks pregnant.
We'll run some tests.
I've had cramping during past pregnancies.
I'll write you a prescription
for the cramping.
You didn't believe what I told you,
did you. Now you see what's happened?
He's run off and left you to pay
for the abortion on your own.
The cross will always betray you.
That's not going to happen.
I'm not having an abortion, Mum.
Have you lost your mind?
You're not expecting us to
take care of this bastard?
No. I'm not expecting you to
take care of my baby.
Because we won't, you hear me?
We won't!
From an evil seed comes an evil breed!
Go, talk to your father.
Maybe he can knock some sense
into that thick skull of yours.
Stubborn and willful
You were born that way!
Merciful God!
Why didn't you give me a son
Come in
How are you, Dad?
What does the doctor say?
He listens to my heart with that thing...
The stethoscope
That And shakes his head.
Then waits for me to give him some money.
What's this?
It's for you, my child.
I don't need any money
You'll need it for the abortion.
Don't tell your mother about this.
I'm not having an abortion.
God will forgive you.
Leave God out of this.
Allah is merciful.
He'll see you through.
Come in
I'm Sabina Kadi.
Yes, I know who you are. Have a seat.
I've just come from talking
with Mr. Tahirovi...
He's fired me.
He didn't fire you.
He didn't renew my contract.
Miss Kadi
You've been working here on the basis
of a one-year contract which has been...
been renewed twice.
Because I worked hard!
Your current contract expires in three
weeks and it won't be renewed.
You haven't been fired.
Isn't that against the law?
How could that be against the law?
Because I'm pregnant.
The company is perfectly within
its rights to not renew your contract.
In fact
it's more than fair of
Mr. Tahirovi to warn you
ahead of time so you can
look for another job.
Anything else?
I'll soon be eight months pregnant.
Who will hire me now?
Perhaps you should have thought
of that before you...
Well, I didn't plan on getting pregnant!
So what do you want
It comes down to economics, doesn't it...
So many people out of work these days
It simply doesn't pay to have an
employee on maternity leave.
And what'll happen once the child
is born... When it gets sick?
Then you'll need even more
time off to take care of it.
You can at least be happy you've
had work until now.
Listen, Miss Kadi
Why don't you go home and ask the
child's father to take care of you?
That's what you need to do.
Good evening, Milka.
Good evening.
Hey, wipe your shoes on the mat first.
I just mopped the stairs.
I've only known a single prayer
here on this breadless earth.
I only own a single prayer, a prayer
about our unearthly bread
I know that old love...
Never comes back...
We'll leave everything behind...
Now, I know it's the end...
I won't leave a trace in the sand.
Our love is gone...
We all wanted to chip in.
We thought it was the most
practical thing to do rather than
a bunch of small things you
might not really need.
Here. Take this.
Thank you, Lejla.
Thank you all so much.
I don't know what to say.
You've already been so kind with
the clothes And now this
Thank you so much
Don't make yourself a stranger, you hear?
Anything I can do to help, let me know...
He still owes me rent for October
and November.
Calls himself an artist...
What does art have to do with
paying the bloody rent?
Some artists make good money after all...
At least they used to in the old days...
Here That covers the rent for December.
I have to ask myself
what's wrong with the world today
The family's gone to hell, that's what.
Children don't respect
their parents anymore
parents don't discipline their kids...
Back in my day,
you'd never hear of someone taking drugs
Or getting pregnant out of wedlock
Nothing personal, of course.
Everything comes from the family.
It's okay.
Maybe I should paint these walls...
That's what I'm gonna do.
Look at this
Good morning! This is for Sabina.
She still lives here, doesn't she?
Well, not exactly.
Just sign here.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Well, what does it say?
- I'm reading, I'm reading
- You should've finished by now!
Sabina is being sued.
By whom?
By Amir...
What does he want?
They've been divorced for years now.
He's asking for money.
He's asking for more than
Four thousand marks.
Four thousand marks!
Listen, go to the courthouse and tell them
we don't know where she lives.
But I really don't know where she lives -
That nothing here belongs to her.
Otherwise, they'll seize our property!
I mean, I have a general idea
where she lives, but...
And she won't live here ever again.
This is the final nail in the coffin.
How are you, child?
I'm alright, Dad. How are you?
Is that the document from the court?
Yes, it is.
The mailman asked where you're living now.
I said I didn't know.
How many months are you along now?
Eight and a half
Shouldn't you be... weighing more?
If I were just a bit stronger, I'd...
What would you do, Dad? What?
Don't worry about me. I'll be okay.
Do you need money?
I don't have any money, but if you
need it... I can borrow some
I have some money saved up.
Don't worry about it.
After the baby's born,
I'll go back to work.
It means you owe me money,
that's what it means.
Mum and Dad are retired.
The kids need food, they need things
And you want me to give you
two thousand euro just like that?
I don't have that kind of money.
I've lost my job, too.
Maybe that loverboy of yours can help you?
Come on now
Yeah, come on
You're pathetic
And you call yourself a mother...
Take a good look at the two of 'em.
I brought them with me today,
but unless I get that money
you'll never see 'em again.
You understand?
You're clever, you'll find a way.
What are you going to eat, Mama?
Mama's not hungry, baby.
You eat, though.
But the baby has to eat, right?
Don't cry, Mama.
Oh, Mama's not crying
I just got an eyelash in my eye
Look, here it is.
- You know what we could do?
- What?
We can wish upon an eyelash?
Let's do that.
Which finger do you want?
And you?
His wish will come true.
Who does Mama love most?
- Me!
- Me!
- Don't ever forget that.
- We won't.
That's the most important thing.
Eat now, come on.
Don't think I won't do it
Because you know very well I will.
I know, Amir.
What do you mean?
I know I won't see them again.
Thank your parents for
everything they've done.
Well It doesn't have to
be this way, you know.
I mean, it's not that much money
in the grand scheme of things.
Let's go, kids.
The prescription calls for fifteen,
but I only have a box of thirty.
Is that okay?
Sure. In fact, the cramps have been so bad,
I could use two boxes.
I'll be with you in just a moment.
Here, I'll pay the difference.
Thank you.
How can I help you?
Sabina Sabina
Nowhere to go? Nowhere to go.
Come with me then.
Let's go.
Here you are.
You gave birth to me.
Why couldn't you just...
love me?
I wanted a boy.
It's what your father wanted, too.
If you had been a boy...
he would have loved me.
And I would have loved you.
And you?
To tell you the truth...
I'm not sure I've ever loved anyone.
It takes a lot out of you
to love someone else.
I'm not sure
I love you.
I can't seem to recall your name
at the moment, but
I remember you quite well.
I offered you the world
All you had to do was whore yourself.
I could have made you into a great lady.
It believes the best,
always holds out hope.
What's that, Aunt Ankica?
Love, my child...
Love always makes a way
And you...
Queenie! I hardly recognized you!
I haven't heard from you in months!
I'm going home now.
Sabina Sabina, what's wrong?
Sabina Sabina
Call the ambulance!
Dr. Mujanovi, quick
Let's get her vitals right away.
Sabina, calm down, please
They couldn't flush her stomach,
so they just monitored her heart rate.
She was unconscious for two days,
but she's okay now.
And what about her family?
Her ex-husband?
They want nothing to do with her.
And the baby?
The baby seems fine.
But I still worry.
No reason to worry.
Cases like this are rare.
Eighty percent at the most.
- Don't try to be a smartass now.
- I'm just saying...
- What percentages are you talking about?
- Well, fifty to eighty
Hey, don't joke about it.
Sabina will be walking in here any minute.
No talking about her family, or
Or Saa, please.
Or Saa
I'll see you later.
Look who's here!
Hello, my dear.
You didn't wish me a Merry Christmas
so I'll wish you one
Is it already Christmas?
Christmas Eve.
- You're two weeks early, my friend.
- I'm not early.
January 7 is the real Christmas, Queenie,
and we'll all celebrate together...
like in the good, old days.
Muslim, Catholic, Orthodox
And the Others.
And the Others...
who also celebrate Christmas on January 7.
Leave the flowers to the lady.
Sabina, when's the due date?
The C-section is scheduled for January 17.
And what'd they say, is it a boy or girl?
They did an ultrasound yesterday.
He was kicking like a soccer player.
Wonderful. Congratulations!
You mean football player.
Sabina K.!
Could you leave this in my room, please?
I heard a few days ago about...
what happened.
And you should know I'm going overseas
to be with my son for several months.
I've rented out your flat.
I said, I've rented out your
flat to a family. A nice family.
Responsible people, they are.
What are you saying, Milka?
I paid my rent through December.
That's just a few more days.
Seven days!
Which you'll probably spend
here in the hospital, right?
And then what?
Will you have the rent for January?
I didn't think so.
You tried to hide that you lost your job.
You shouldn't have done that.
You shouldn't have.
Anyway, I've had to clean the flat
and paint all the walls
That covers the difference in rent.
You and I are even.
If you want, I can give you twenty
marks for the scarf.
What scarf?
This one.
I've got to go now.
I called your father
to pick up your things...
but he said he couldn't do it.
So, everything's out on the terrace
and covered for the winter.
You can come by in the spring...
to pick it up.
Was therapy for the patient in room
number four prolonged?
- For Sabina?
- Yes.
Until tomorrow morning.
- See you in the morning, dear.
- See you. Good night.
Are you alright, Mrs. Kadi?
The church across the street
I couldn't sleep.
It's Midnight Mass.
Do you need anything?
I'll be back later to check on you, okay?
They say that God once helped
a pregnant woman...
who had nowhere to go.
But who will help me?
Everything's in order.
Here you go, dear.
Thank you.
Take care of yourself.
And take care of that little baby.
Thank you for everything, Hana.
As I already said, ma'am,
we have cases like yours on a daily basis
and there's nothing available right now.
Fill out these forms, and when it's
time for a food disbribution,
we'll contact you.
But please understand
I need a place to spend the night.
I'm giving birth in two weeks.
We currently have over three-hundred
requests for accommodation.
What you need to do is
fill out those forms.
When your turn comes, you'll be notified.
Take a seat over there if you like.
BREAK 10:00 - 10:30
Have a seat, please.
Ma'am, is the break over?
No, it just started.
Where's your address and phone number?
I told you, I don't have
a phone number or place to live!
Come back in thirty days
to check your status.
Don't expect to hear anything before then.
Hi Branko, it's Queenie.
I just wanted to give you a call
and see how you were doing.
I'm doing great...
although it'd be good to meet.
I lost my cell phone,
so I'll try calling later, okay?
Talk to you soon, Branko.
Hello, you've reached
Lejla, Slavko and Lana.
Sorry we're not home right now.
Leave your message after the tone.
Last stop.
Words are everything.
And words are nothing at all...
And even these that I utter,
death is already choking with its pall
and sweeping into the road, the gutter
and the dust falls more and more
for words wither and age
the instant they're spoken
and are ignored by the
rabble in the street,
by the thirsty faces at the seminary door.
But a new word...
is what we're waiting for.
Excuse me
We're at the last stop.
It seems like you've missed yours?
You can ride back with me.
I'm going for coffee.
Would you like something?
Some tea.
Tea? Okay.
Have a seat here.
I'll close the door so no one bothers you.
Help me
Roger that... first floor.
Where are you at?
Excuse me.
Excuse me...
I need a place to sleep.
I'm nine months pregnant.
I've nowhere to go
Are you an adult?
Of course I'm an adult!
What kind of question is that?
Has someone attacked you?
Were you robbed?
Then I can't help you.
We only look after the security
of citizens. Not social welfare.
Just for tonight.
It's so cold outside.
Try the train station.
You can't sleep here.
I'm sorry, ma'am, we're closing now.
No more trains 'til morning.
Can you just let me rest
here for the night.
That's not allowed, ma'am.
Just here on the bench
Or one of those chairs over there.
They look more comfortable.
I was at the hospital earlier today.
I missed the train home.
I don't know what to do now.
Come with me.
Don't be afraid.
Come on in.
Make yourself at home.
No one will bother you here.
It stays warm all night.
Thank you
I'll be back in the morning.
Thank you so much, sir.
Good night.
Wake up, child...
Get up.
You need to come with me.
Take this
I'm off for the next three days...
so please don't come tonight.
But I'm going home today.
The guard who takes my place
for the next three nights is
Well, kind of a strange fellow.
He'll likely shout at
you or call the police.
But if you haven't worked out things
by the time I get back,
feel free to spend the night again.
Good luck.
Those crates outside...
May I have one?
Take all you want.
I'm throwin' 'em out anyway.
I'll take this, too.
Now you're gonna kill me?
Come on... Just be quick about it
Come on!
Go to hell!
Go to hell all of you!
Why don't you die already...
Just die
Hi Branko, it's Queenie...
It'd be good to meet...
I'll try to call you again. Okay?
Talk to you soon, Branko...
A hundred marks.
Coming Coming!
Where's Sabina?
Sabina Kadi. Who are you?!
That's none of your business.
Go away or I'll call the police.
But where's Sabina?
Don't bother me... Go away!
Where's Sabina?
How'd you get here?
I'm sorry, but I can't give you
anything without a perscription.
I don't think you understand
how serious this is!
Have you tried the police, sir?
Just let me know if she turns up here.
She's due any day now!
Well, as far as that goes,
we can only contact family members.
Listen to me good...
She defended this city
as a nurse in the army.
She saved my life!
You call me!
I haven't been getting much sleep lately.
Aren't you on maternity leave?
Yes, of course
But you know how it can be
in the world of public relations...
The work in the office has backed up...
And Saa... It's awful.
He's working so hard.
We hardly see each other anymore.
The good news is he wants me
to quit after the baby is born.
He sounds like a good man.
Good? Good, indeed.
I'm so happy for you, Sabina.
Me too. You deserve some good luck
after what you've been through with Amir.
Well... you're welcome to stay
here as long as you like.
Thank you, Neven,
but it'll just be for tonight.
They'll finish those tests tomorrow
at the hospital and then...
I'll head back to Tuzla.
Yes, Saa and I moved there
after we got married.
If they'd finished everything today
I wouldn't be bothering you.
Oh, no, you're not bothering us!
We're so happy to see you again.
It's been what... three years now?
And look at you -
Looking great
So, you'll see the doctor in the morning?
First thing.
Would you like a wake-up call?
That won't be necessary.
Sorry, I wish we could stay longer,
but it's Christmas Eve -
Oh, I'm sorry, I totally forgot.
Don't worry about it.
My mother-in-law is preparing
the traditional meal this evening
and needs my help.
Of course, I understand.
And we didn't prepare anything here...
Dear me, I can throw something together.
Why didn't you say something, Neven?
What was I supposed to say?
No, please. The cake is fine.
I ate earlier, actually.
And to tell you the truth,
I'd love to turn in early and
get a good night's sleep.
We'll bring you back some sarma then.
Well, let me show you your room
so you can have a nice shower.
That would be best.
Let's do it, so we can go.
Here just guests we stand out still,
although we should have crossed
into a ring of light
And passed at last through a narrow gate
from this naked body
to the eternal one
I grope in the grass,
I scour my skull for the one blue key;
Seeking a path through spring's flowers,
past death's scythes,
searching for that golden door
But when I raise my hand to the lock
who betrays my desperate quest?
On this dark side of the door
an ill wind prowls,
a foul wind howls
I forsake my sister and brother;
Forsake my father and mother
between the beasts and the men;
To seek my essence,
my pillar of blinding incandescence...
How in the world must I find that word,
and what would be in the finding?
Unbidden He said to me,
enter in by Me
for I am that shining gate
But still I wait,
I lie, I rot, I die
upon this window sill.
And the wind,
The wind, the wind
If the gate of the word
is just a dream, a fairy tale,
still I will not leave this door.
Here I want to live once more
this supreme dream.
For in the deepest depths of death
the colours will be clearer then.
God, forgive me
Let's get married.
- What?
- I want us to get married.
Sabina... how are you, child?
I'm alright, Dad.
Who does Mama love
more than anyone in the world?
Don't ever forget that.
Something's wrong, I told you...
Dad, let me in!
Hamed, where are you going!
Mum! Mum!
Mum, where are you going?! Mum!
Branko! Branko!
Wait for me! Don't leave me here!
Wait for me! Don't leave me!
Unlock the door!
I can't! It's jammed.
The key is on the other side
Sabina! Sabina!
Then break the door down!
- Yes?
- Good evening, Mr. Branko?
I'm calling from the City Hospital
to inform you that the woman you've
been looking for was just admitted.
Okay I'm on my way.
I'm sorry, but you'll have to leave now.
There's nothing you can do.
Come back tomorrow.
I haven't been in the best of health.
When did this happen?
Christmas Eve.
Whose Christmas Eve?
Orthodox Christmas Eve.
No one called to tell us.
Yes, well, I know the hospital called you
the first time it happened.
I came to tell you in person
that she tried again.
I thought you should know.
Thank you for the coffee.
Is there any chance of saving the baby?
I don't know.
It's been two days now.
They're both alive...
But Sabina's in a coma.
She's my child and I love her.
But you know what tradition is like.
It can be... cruel.
Yes, I know.
And I've always opposed it.
If something changes, will you let me know?
I will.
Do you believe in God, Branko?
Sabina, dear...
I've been an atheist all my life.
God lives
God lives, Branko
and so do I.
Don't move. Don't move
Look at me.
How do you feel?
What's your name?
Sabina Kadi.
How long have I been here?
Three days.
Unconscious for three days.
But I was only gone a few minutes
I wanted to stay with him forever,
but he said my time had not yet come.
When he walked toward me,
I couldn't bear to see his face.
The light was too bright.
Gradually, my eyes adjusted.
What light?
The light from his hands and feet.
He had holes in his hands and feet.
And love in his eyes
You know, I've always wondered if
this is what happens when we die.
I've read a lot about that.
I'll tell you more about it later.
Oh, please.
Sabina is the one who's come back...
and she can certainly tell us
more about it than you can.
She didn't go anywhere.
She wasn't clinically dead,
nor was she in a coma.
She was unconscious for three days.
Yes, but she experienced a revelation
about life after death.
Perhaps, but that raises
many new questions...
Exactly, which you're
too fearful to consider
from anything other than a
rationalistic point-of-view...
- My dear Vjeko...
- Yes, my friend?
Science is not based on emotion,
but on verifiable facts...
Oh, come on... Now you're going
to tell us there's no afterlife
and that you have
scientific proof for that,
even though you've never been dead?!
And you've been dead?
Oh, please. Ever since Tesla died,
you've nobody to talk to.
True enough!
Which leaves me with the likes of you!
Shut up both of you!
Do you want her to go into labor now?
It's true. Study of the brain
really is the last frontier.
Finally, we agree on something.
You still have a lot to learn,
my friend.
May I see the baby?
- Do you like your new brother?
- Yes.
What color are his eyes?
- The same as yours.
- Did the stork bring him?
My child...
So, this is the miracle?
Yes, Dad.
This is my little miracle.
This day we have heard a new word.
A word which never before was said.
We had heard the word
about our daily bread:
The bread meant to feed everyone in need
But from this day let it be known
that we live not by bread alone.
Yea, let the truth be said
about our unearthly bread
Today, Sabina is a volunteer with Bethlehem, an organization in
Croatia that helps pregnant women and mothers who have nowhere to go.
She has begun a similar work in her
homeland of Bosnia and Herzegovina.