Sacred Vow (2016) Movie Script

I had it all, and i'm
not talking
About worldly possessions.
I'm talking about
everything that truly
Matters in this life, but
i threw it all away,
And for what?
I couldn't have asked for
more, but that's exactly
What i searched for, and
exactly what i got;
More than my soul can bear.
i'll do what you say...
you say...
i'll do what you say...
bring me back home...
stranded in a
lower place...
my trust in you is
the better case...
you know what is
right for me...
all my mistakes have
worn me down...
i can't make it alone...
your wonderful grace
is always found...
you're someone
who knows...
i'll do what you say...
you say...
i'll do what you say...
bring me back, oh...
I remember it like
it was yesterday.
Her beauty took my breath
away, and her love
Consumed every part of me.
I, amber, take you
doug to be my husband, my
Partner, and my one true
love, and promise to
Cherish our union and love
you every day more than i
Did the day before.
I promise to trust
and respect you...
And laugh and
cry with you...
And love you faithfully
through the bad and the
Good, no matter what
obstacles we may face.
I give you my hand,
my heart and my love.
From this day forward,
as long as we
Both shall live.
I, doug, take you amber
to be my wife, my friend,
And my love from
this day forward.
In the presence of our
family and our friends, i
Offer you this solemn
to be your faithful
Partner in sickness and in
health, for richer or for
Poorer, in good times and
in bad, and in joy,
As well as sorrow.
I promise to love
you unconditionally.
I promise to
laugh with you.
I promise to cry with you,
and cherish you for as
Long as we both
shall live.
- You may exchange rings.
By the power vested in
me, i now pronounce you
Husband and wife. You
may kiss the bride.
My world felt
like a story book.
We were unstoppable.
Eternity was ours
just for the taking.
That was the beginning of
something beautiful, and
In retrospect, the
end of our innocence.
That was a
magical day...
Like a fairytale
come true.
It's something i had
always dreamed about since
I was a little girl,
to have my knight in
Shining armor carry
me from the church
To the waiting horse
and carriage.
She never wavered from
the vow she made to
Me on our wedding day.
I wish i could
say the same.
I took her for granted.
I was blinded by
lust and greed.
It's all a mirage.
The grass is never greener
on the other side.
It's only greener
where you water it.
That's what she
used to say to me.
I never listened, but
i hear it now
Loud and clear.
- Don't go.
- No.
I better get back to work.
- Take the day off.
- I can't.
Somebody's got to
pay for this place.
Love doesn't come cheap.
- No, but i'm worth it.
- Yeah, you are.
Why don't i take an entire
month off, go to paris?
- You're so good to me.
Tired of waiting, though.
When are you
going to tell her?
- Tonight.
- Tonight.
It's about time.
I kind of feel
sorry for her.
She doesn't even
know it's coming.
I don't feel
sorry for her.
- Well, you should.
You won.
It wasn't a
No, she didn't stand
a chance once i met you.
I saved you from
your boring life.
- True.
Very true, and thank you.
- Same time tomorrow?
- Can't come soon enough.
We'll celebrate.
I gotta get back to work.
- Hey, mom.
- Hey, sweetheart.
Is dad coming
home for dinner?
He just called. He's
on his way.
You want to help me
set up the table?
- Sure.
Great, oh, and
use the good china.
- Is it a special night?
I just want it to
be nice for your dad.
Seems he's been working
late every night.
Do you think he
can come to my karate
Tournament this weekend?
- I sure hope so.
I know how much
it means to you.
It's the state
- I know. We're so proud of you.
- Thanks, mom.
I absolutely
dreaded going home.
I know it sounds
terrible, but it's true.
I let myself get to a
place where the only
Truthful things in my
life felt like lies.
It's strange how that
works when what you're
Doing is so wrong.
Even seeing my
daughter was hard.
I adored her, but it
riddled me with guilt
Just seeing her face.
- Dad!
Hey, munchkin. How
was your day?
- Better now.
Mine, too. I'm sorry. I should
have called. I got tied up.
You, it's a
school night. Off to bed.
- Okay. Dad, can you
Come to my karate
tournament this weekend?
I wouldn't miss
it for the world.
- Yes! Love you.
- Love you, too, honey.
- Night, dad.
- I'm glad you're home.
Let me go warm up dinner.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Thanks for dinner.
- It's my pleasure.
You're not eating much.
Did you want know get
you something else?
- No, it's fine.
I don't know about
these green beans.
Last week, they
just seemed,
I don't know, sweeter.
Are you okay?
- Look, amber i...
I can't do this anymore.
What on earth are
you talking about?
- Us.
Our marriage.
Where on earth is
this coming from?
- Amber...
You're a good person.
I'm just not happy.
I feel like we've been
growing apart like...
Like we want different
things out of life.
I want out.
- You want out?
There's more to it
than that, but yeah.
- I see.
Isn't this just a
little bit cliche?
- What?
- Come on, doug. I'm not stupid.
The new clothes,
the flashy car...
And the late
nights working.
I can't believe this.
This is hard for me
to say, amber, but...
I don't love you anymore.
I'm sorry.
- You're sorry? Really?
Have you stopped to think
for a moment what this is
Going to do to izzy?
- Of course i have!
Izzy's my daughter.
I love izzy.
Right. It's just me you don't
love anymore.
I can't get her look of
disappointment out
Of my head.
That's what hell is, i
think, remembering the
Face of someone you love
and the pain
You caused them.
It wasn't always
like this.
I had character.
You should have seen
her on our first date.
She was beautiful.
I loved her the moment
i laid eyes on her.
- Can i help you?
I'm here to pick
up amber for the...
- And you are?
- Um...
- Your name's um?
Um, doug. Doug,
that's my name.
- And?
And i'm here to pick
her up for the prom. I...
Girls ask guys.
I thought she would have
mentioned something.
- She did.
I was just expecting
someone different.
- No, it's just me.
- Daddy, be nice.
- This is nice.
Wow, you
look beautiful.
- Thank you.
You have her home by
11, or i'll come
Looking for you.
You don't want that.
Yeah, 11 o'clock sharp. You
have my word.
- We'll see.
- Look at this.
This is a gorgeous
couple, don't you think?
- They're not a couple.
It's a date,
that's all it is.
It's a first date, and
it's probably her last
One, with him anyway.
And don't even think
about first base.
I don't even know what
that is, but i promise i
Won't even think
about it, sir.
- You're good.
You know all the right
things to say, don't you?
You can't
outsmart a fox.
I've been in the
hen house, pal.
I don't really know
what that is, but i
Promise you i won't
think about it, sir.
It means keep your
hands to yourself.
Time's ticking.
- The big ones, 8 x 10's. Bye.
- Nice guy.
He's really a huge
teddy bear once you
Get to know him.
- I can tell.
- I don't like him.
Robert, you
don't even know him.
Look, he looks like a really
nice boy.
Look, he's a gentleman.
He's opening the
door for her.
Okay, try and put this
on without stabbing you.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- I, um...
I actually made
this for you.
It's not that
great, is it?
I think it's
beautiful. Thank you.
- Thank you.
I've never actually worn
one of these before.
Well, you look
very handsome.
Your parents are
probably watching
Us right now.
- Should we go should?
- Yeah, let's go.
What i wouldn't give to
go back in time and share
That moment
with you again.
We were so
innocent, and you...
You were so cute,
so charming.
I think it's safe to say i
was smitten with you from
The very beginning.
- Did you tell her?
- Yeah.
- What did she say?
Are you okay?
I've just never heard
her cry like that before.
It was hard to be around.
Why didn't you just
pack your bags and leave?
Because i didn't want
to make a big scene with
My daughter there.
I'll wrap my things up
in the next few days.
You can stay with me
until we get a
Place of our own.
Did you hear me?
Yeah. I knew she wanted to
find out happened to our
Marriage, but i could
hardly give her a
Satisfactory answer.
She had lost my heart
to another woman.
I didn't love her anymore.
I just pitied her.
Or so i thought
at the time.
- How is izzy?
She waited up
for you again.
I'll go talk to
her in a minute.
I'm sorry this has to be
done right now, but it's
Just gotta get done.
I need you to sign
the divorce papers.
They're more than fair.
You get the house, your
car, half the money we
Have in the bank.
You and izzy will be well
taken care of, i promise.
- Sorry i'm late.
- It's okay.
- Are you all right?
- Yeah.
- Okay. Did you order yet?
No, i was
waiting for you.
- Perfect.
So did you
look into that?
Yeah, yeah, it seems
like it's a pretty
Good jr. College.
I meant the
marriage license.
Oh, i haven't gotten
around to that yet.
- Good.
- What do you mean good?
- Never mind.
You're acting
really strange.
What's going on?
- I think...
That we might be a little
bit too young to be
Thinking about marriage.
That's all we've been
talking about for the
Last year, amber.
I know. I just feel like we
need more time to
Think about it, you know?
And then we'll meet
back up after college.
Are you breaking
up with me?
- That's not what i said.
- What are you saying?
That maybe, um, we
should see other people.
Look, doug, forever is a
really, really long time.
- I can't believe this.
I just wanted a hamburger.
Look, this isn't some
permanent thing, doug.
I just need to be sure.
I know what i want. I thought
you did, too.
You're the last person
i'd ever want to hurt.
I'm sorry.
This is coming from
your dad, isn't it?
- No.
Yeah, it is. He's never liked
me since day one.
He's just
I'm his only daughter.
He thinks i'm never
going to amount to
Anything because he's
loaded, and i'm poor.
- No, he just thinks...
- What? Thinks that what?
He thinks that i'm
way below his precious
Daughter because i
grew up in foster care?
Because i don't know my
real parents,
And i've never had a
relevant family? So what?
It's not my fault i wasn't
born with a silver spoon
In my mouth.
Yeah, life's hard,
but you know what?
I'm going to
prove him wrong.
I'm going to be really
successful, and i'm going
To be a great husband to
you someday, so go do
Whatever you want to do.
Go on a hundred dates.
Nobody's ever going to
love you as much
As i love you.
I'm going to be here for,
amber, however long it
Takes, because i know that
you're supposed
To be my wife.
I think that must have
been so hard for you.
What are you
talking about?
When we were young, in
that diner, and i said i
Wanted to see
other people.
You were right.
It wasn't
what i wanted.
My father was
pressuring me.
I'm really sorry i
put you through that.
None of that
matters anymore.
- It matters to me.
Amber, don't make this harder
than it has to be.
Just sign the papers.
- Izzy?
- Yeah?
I'm sorry
if i woke you.
- I was already awake.
I was waiting for
you to come home.
- I had to work late.
You always work late. You're
never home anymore.
How was school?
Keeping those grades up?
- All a's.
That's my girl. Well,
early day tomorrow.
Get some rest.
Dad? Why has mom been
crying all day?
I don't know, izzy, but
i don't want to discuss
This right now.
You hurt
her, didn't you?
Has your mom
told you anything?
No, but all of my
friends' parents seem like
They're getting
divorced lately.
I don't want that to ever
happen to you and mom.
All that matters is
that you know that both
Your mom and i love you
very much, and that will
Never change, okay?
All right, good night.
- Kids can sense things.
They're more intuitive
than we give
Them credit for.
I have to live with
it, all the guilt,
All the shame.
I'm haunted.
So she just
ripped it in half.
- Yeah.
She can't do
that, can she?
- She can and she did.
What are you
gonna do about it?
Print another one tomorrow
and give it to her.
She's gonna take you for
everything you're worth.
Look, i don't get the
feeling she's in it
For the money or the
possessions anymore.
Don't be so naive,
of course she is!
She's planning
something, i know it.
She's just
trying to cope.
I shattered her
whole world.
That woman
is no saint!
She wants your money!
- She wants her family.
Why are you
defending her?
That's not
what i'm doing.
- Yes, it is!
Are you having
second thoughts?
- No.
No, we've been
through this before.
Do you still have
feelings for her?
- No.
But you think i'm some
kind of a monster?
- No, i didn't say that.
You're not the one
that had to look his
Daughter in the eye last
night and try to explain
All this to her.
- Okay.
I know this is
hard on you
Because of your daughter.
Listen to me, but even
she wouldn't want you
To be in a
miserable marriage.
And she's gonna
understand some day.
I'm sorry if you
think that i've been
Insensitive, but i
have feelings too.
It's just a bad
situation all around.
- Sit down.
This is gonna
be over soon,
And it's just gonna
be me and you.
Your daughter can come
over any time she wants.
Everyone is gonna be
happier in the end.
Sometimes people come
into our lives and they
Appear to be something
that they're not,
Like a wolf in
sheep's clothing.
And these people
can harm you.
And more importantly,
They can harm the
people you love.
It seems family is being
targeted for destruction
More now than ever, and
without god in our lives,
We have nothing.
We need to turn
to him often.
We need to protect
each other.
If we hold on to what we
believe in and if we hold
On to each other, nothing
can ever tear us apart.
Doug, will you please
just wait a minute!
I knew this
was a bad idea!
I trusted you!
Please just calm down.
Come back inside.
Why? So i can
listen to your father
Degrade me even more?
No, it's
not like that.
- It is exactly like that.
You knew what i
was walking into.
Listen, he didn't
mean any of that, okay?
Rich people just,
They say strange
things sometimes and...
Just keep justifying
him trying to make me
Feel like a loser.
No. He was wrong to
have asked you
All of those questions.
What i'm saying is none
of those questions
Should matter to you.
There's a lot you don't
know about me, amber.
You don't know what it's
like to be kicked out
Of every foster care
by one abusive
Drunk after another.
What it's like to eat out
of garbage cans and beg
For food on the street.
Back when we were
in high school,
There were nights when
i slept on the street
With the bums.
Why didn't you
ever say something?
It doesn't
matter anymore.
I'm not gonna
be a victim.
I'm a survivor.
Under the circumstances,
Junior college is the
best i could afford.
But i get it.
I'm not good enough for
daddy's little girl.
- That is not true.
You've treated me better
than anybody ever has, doug.
You're the only person
who's ever fought for me.
Please don't stop.
I don't want to lose
you just because
My dad is closed minded.
I would live in a
cardboard box with you.
Let me in.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
- I can't.
Doug, you
can trust me.
Listen to me, i'm never
ever going anywhere,
We can start our
own life together.
You had
such character,
Even at a young age, and
you'd been through so
Much, more than most.
And i know my father
eventually came to have
Great respect for you.
And that night changed
everything because i was
Able to stand up
for someone i loved.
I don't know if
you knew this or not,
But she put me
through college.
She worked two jobs
and never complained.
I couldn't have done
any of it without her.
What i wouldn't do to
have those moments
Back again with her.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I missed you.
What's the
special occasion?
I just want to let you
know how thankful i am
For you helping me.
I mean, helping us
get through college.
We're almost there.
- We're a team.
- Yeah.
Are you hungry?
- Starving.
Would you like some
of this very rare generic
Brand 1993 root beer?
- I would love some.
- Okay.
For you...
And for me.
And a toast to...
- Forever.
- To forever.
And dinner is served.
Ramen noodles with
sliced hog dogs du jour.
- My favorite.
I thought that fillet
mignon with asparagus
And hollandaise sauce
was your favorite.
It doesn't matter
what we eat
As long as i'm with you.
- Let's dig in.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I don't know what
i'd do without you.
You'll never
have to find out.
One second.
May i have this dance?
- You may.
we can live
our whole lives...
missing every sun rise...
with bills to
pay and no time...
for me and you...
we can buy a big place...
that you could see
from outer space...
but if i never
see your face...
Sometimes we take
our love for granted,
And we stop doing the
little things that
Kindled that spark
in the first place.
Just like a plant needs
sunlight and water to
Live, a relationship
needs constant love
And nurturing so
it doesn't die.
I don't want
anything from you, doug.
But i do have
a few requests.
- What do you mean?
- It's all right here.
Those are my
And i'm not asking
for very much.
So the money, this house,
the car, it's all yours.
- This is absurd.
You have to survive.
Sign the papers.
- In 30 days.
- No.
- After izzy's birthday.
30 days.
In the meantime, you and
i need to carry on like
Everything's as normal
as possible for her sake.
That's not
asking very much.
You are just prolonging
the inevitable.
It's not gonna
change my mind.
Just sign the papers.
We owe her
that much, doug.
- Okay. 30 days.
But after that, you are
signing those papers.
- You have my word.
I could understand
that part of it.
A month didn't
seem unreasonable,
But the words that came
out of her mouth next,
I...i thought she'd
lost her mind.
There is one
other thing.
- What?
Do you remember
on our wedding day,
You carried me from the
church to the limousine?
- Yeah.
Yeah, of course i do.
- I want that again.
You're not
making any sense.
Every day for
the next 30 days,
Be just like
our wedding day.
You carry me from this
room to the front door
When you go to work.
Amber, that's
just stupid.
- It's not stupid to me.
Amber, i need
you to hear me.
Our marriage is over.
This stunt, there's
nothing you can do that's
Gonna change my mind.
I will stay here in this
marriage for 30 days,
But that's it.
I'm just not gonna
carry you to the door.
I've given you the
best years of my life.
I kept my vows to
you and to god.
I have served
your every need,
And i have loved you
with all my heart.
You can't do
this one thing?
Don't make me beg.
- Okay.
I will carry you
to the door
But then you're gonna
sign those papers,
And that will be it, right?
Nothing more,
nothing else.
- That's all i want.
- Okay.
I'm late for work.
So come on,
let's do this.
Come on, come on,
let's do this.
Let' starts today.
- Yeah.
I felt like it was
a cruel waste of time.
One of the most awkward
moments of my life.
My wife had become a
stranger in my arms.
Intimacy and touch,
i think those are the
Things people long for.
It's what people need.
And it's what separates
the other relationships
In our lives.
- What's going on?
Mom and i are just
having a little fun.
Don't tell
her about the divorce.
- I've gotta go to work.
Bye, munchkin.
- Bye.
Bye, daddy.
- I'll see you tonight.
I like it when
dad carries you.
- So do i.
I like it too.
Do you know how
much i love you?
- Yeah.
- Do you?
Don't ever forget that.
- I won't.
- Okay.
- Why are you crying?
Oh, these
are happy tears.
It's all good.
- Love you.
- Love you baby.
I'll see you later.
Bye bye.
You should have
seen the look
On my daughter's face.
It's like we're living
in some fairy tale.
- 30 days.
- Yeah.
- And you agreed?
What was i
supposed to do?
She laid a huge
guilt trip on me.
You're supposed
to say no.
That woman's crazy.
She needs to be
- I hate her for this.
This is gonna crush my
daughter even more when
She finds out the truth
about the divorce.
I couldn't
face the truth.
When you're doing
something that you know
Is wrong, deep down
inside you have to have
Someone to blame
besides yourself.
- All right.
Let's do this.
- Okay.
I could smell the
fragrance of her blouse.
I realized that i
hadn't looked at her
In a really long time.
Looked at her carefully.
She wasn't young anymore.
There were these fine
wrinkles on her face.
Our marriage had
taken a toll on her.
For a minute i wondered
what had i done to her.
- Doug... doug...
Is something wrong?
- No, i...
- You what?
- I've gotta go to work.
Wow, two
days in a row.
This is the way i
carried your mother to
The car after
we got married,
So i thought that...
- Thought what?
We just thought it
would be fun to celebrate
The whole month.
Your birthday is coming
up and our 25th wedding
Anniversary is right
around the corner.
I want a marriage
just like yours
When i'm older.
We want that for
you too, sweetie.
I hate to run off but
i've got to get to work.
Love you.
- What's wrong with you?
You're acting different.
Carrying my wife to
the front door every day
Is really beginning
to bother me.
You should have
seen our daughter,
She was waiting there
like she was expecting it.
- Well, put a stop to it.
- I can't. I promised her.
- Break your promise.
It's hard on
your daughter,
And i don't like it.
- It's only for 30 days.
So you're telling me
that you're gonna pick
Her up, with her
body close to yours,
And carry her from your
room to the front door,
Like she's some
little princess,
For 28 more days?
You're making it sound
like it's romantic
Or something. It's not.
It's a chore.
You've got nothing
to worry about.
Somewhere along the line,
i quit trying to make
Things between my
wife and i special.
The effort was gone.
I was the problem.
Not her.
In only a few days i
felt myself changing
Back again and at
the same time i...
I didn't even realize why.
- Thanks for breakfast.
- You're welcome, honey.
I made your bacon
extra crispy
The way you like it.
- It's perfect.
- Good.
And i made this
for your mom.
I'm gonna go see
where she is.
- I'll be right out.
I made you
some breakfast.
I'm not
hungry right now,
But i'll eat it later.
All right, well, i'll
just be waiting out here.
I've got to be getting
off to work soon.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
- Oh...
- Who were those kids?
- Were we ever that young?
- You okay?
- Yeah.
I'm good, i just...i
didn't sleep very well.
Just kind of tired today.
It'll be good.
It's all good.
All right.
Well, ready?
- Okay.
- You smell good.
- Thanks.
And thanks for doing this.
You don't
have to thank me.
- I want to.
I know you're doing
this for izzy.
- Right. For izzy.
I realized in that moment
that i had let her down in
The most cruel way i could.
I had allowed a gulf to come
between us, but on the third
And the forth days when i
lifted her up, i started to
Feel things that i hadn't
...that i hadn't felt
In a long time.
And that gulf
began to narrow.
- Made you lunch.
- Aww.
- Wow. Thank you.
It's peanut butter and jelly
with crushed potato chips.
- Mmm. That's my favorite.
- I know.
You taught me
how to make it.
It's my favorite now, too.
It's been a long time
since i made one for you.
- It's okay. It's my turn now.
- You okay, dad?
Yeah. Yeah,
i'm fine.
I'll see you girls tonight.
- Love you.
- I'll be home for dinner.
- Okay. See you then.
The greatest gift a father
can give his children is to
Love their mother.
And i believe that's true.
As the days turned into
weeks, i could feel myself
Changing inside, not just
emotionally but physically,
Spiritually, and even
mentally as well.
I even started praying,
going back to church.
Everybody was
praising him the first week.
An important part of my
life that i had somehow just
Gotten away from i didn't
realize until now how all
The little things add up to
make a huge difference
In our lives.
- ...Embarrass him.
He's above embarrassment.
He's above your fear.
He's above your lust.
He's above your cheating,
your lying, your stealing.
Does anybody here
hear what i'm saying?
I found myself coming
home from work early just to
Be with my family.
My head started to clear.
My thoughts seem to be
in line with what was truly
Important in my
life, god and family.
I started to look forward to
each morning with my wife,
Not my time with the other
woman though i didn't tell
Her about this.
I also noticed that it
became easier to carry her
Out as the month went by.
Perhaps my everyday workouts
were making me stronger.
- Mmm.
- What you are doing?
I'm eating the
sandwich my daughter made.
Is there a
problem with that?
- Nope.
- Here.
You should try some.
It's really good.
- No, thank you.
- All right.
Suit yourself, but you don't
know what you're missing.
- What is wrong with you?
- Nothing is wrong with me.
I'm just enjoying
a sandwich is all.
You can't keep
your hands off me usually,
And you haven't
touched me in weeks.
- I'm just tired.
- Can't sleep at night?
- No. Not really.
- Is she keeping you up?
- No.
Then what are
you two doing?
I want to know.
Answer me!
We are not
doing anything!
I'm just not
sleeping is all.
- I'm not stupid, doug.
I am smell her
perfume all over you.
- Okay.
Maybe she's putting on her
perfume a little heavily in
The morning and it's getting
all over my suit as i carry
Her to the door.
- Please.
She's trying to seduce you.
Is there more going on here
than you're telling me?
No, there is
nothing more going on.
- I don't believe you!
- Nothing is happening!
It's her that
i don't trust.
Look, she is just trying
to keep her family together.
That is the same thing that
any decent human being would
Be trying to do.
Then let's call the whole
damn thing off, and you can
Go back to your boring
little wife with your
Boring little wife!
- That's not what i want!
You better figure things out
really fast because i'm not
Going to play second
fiddle to her.
- Where are you going?
- I am going to work.
- Since when?
You never go in until noon.
Since my business
is falling apart.
I'll call you later.
- This is nice.
- Yeah.
You used to bring me
here a lot during
Your winter breaks.
We used to come
here all the time.
Why did we stop?
- I don't know.
- Probably my fault.
You okay?
- Mm.
Yeah, just taking
in the fresh air.
- All right.
- Is she pretty?
Does she make you happy?
- No.
No, she doesn't
make me happy.
- Then why?
I've been asking myself
the same question these past
Three weeks, and i don't
have a good answer.
I'm sorry.
- Don't say anything.
Not until you're sure what
it is you want to do.
for bringing me here.
I so wanted to pour my
heart out to her right there
And then, and somehow
she knew i wasn't ready.
It wasn't the right time.
At that point, it was more
for me and to relieve my own
Guilt than to tell her how
much i wanted her back,
And how sorry i was.
- Here.
Let me help you with that.
I realized that she had
grown so thin, that that was
The reason i could carry
her out more easily.
I love you, amber.
- I love you.
Do you know
what today is?
- Yes, i do.
I've got something i need
to take care of, and then
I'll be back.
- Okay.
I knew isabel loved
seeing me hold her mother
In my arms.
Carrying her out each
morning had become an
Essential part of her life.
Our children are more aware
of our lives through our
Actions than we
think they are.
Why couldn't i see that
more clearly when it
Mattered the most?
- Look who's here.
You ready?
- Yep.
- Ready for what?
- He's taking me to school.
- Nice.
- Come on. Let's go.
See you later.
- Bye, mom.
- Bye, honey.
Can we ride
with the top down?
- But of course!
I knew exactly what i had
to do, what i wanted to do.
- You must be sick.
- No, i feel fine.
Very clear headed actually.
No. She's putting a
guilt trip on you.
She's using your daughter
to fix a dead marriage.
This isn't
about our daughter.
- Well, then what is it?
- This. All of this.
It's wrong.
It's been wrong
from the start.
Don't get all high
and mighty with me!
I take full
- You blame me!
- I blame myself.
Your marriage is
dead, boring, uneventful.
It got boring and
uneventful because i didn't
Value the details of our
lives anymore, not because
We don't love each other.
- What are you saying?
I'm saying that
i never loved you.
This was a mistake,
a sick addiction.
I'm always going to have to
live with the guilt of what
I've done with my family and
the shame of what i put them
Through, and if you have any
remorse whatsoever, you will
Get on your knees like i
have and you will beg god
For forgiveness.
I love my wife, and if
she'll take me back
I'm not divorcing her.
You and i are through.
- Yeah, we are.
- Have a good life.
- Go to hell.
- I probably will.
I could finally see
her for who she was.
It was like looking into
the eyes of the devil.
On the other hand, i could
see the beauty and the
Tender nature of the sacred
vows that i had taken
With my wife.
My marriage was everything
good that i'd ever had.
How could i abuse the most
precious gift that i'd been
Given in this life?
Why couldn't i
see it sooner?
I wish i could go back
and change everything,
But i can't.
- Hi!
- Hi.
Um, i need a dozen of the
most beautiful long stem
Roses you have.
Something over there.
Those are beautiful.
Well, you came
to the right place.
Who's the lucky one?
- My wife.
Oh. Anniversary,
i presume.
No. I just want to tell
her i love her.
Um, do you want to
write something on a card?
Would you
write it for me?
My hands are shaking.
Yeah, sure.
What do you want to say?
Um, my darling amber, i
know that i don't deserve it
But i hope... no...
I pray that you can find it
in your heart to forgive me.
I promise
that i will carry you to the
Front door every day for
the rest of our life for
Eternity as the
heavens will allow.
Love you forever, doug.
Oh. Oh.
You see, i believe that
we're put her to choose for
Ourselves, but i guess in
the end you can only hope
That you've learned
forgiveness and hopefully
You leave the world
a better place.
My world has been blessed
because of the two of you.
I love you so much i ache
from it, and a love like
That it doesn't fade.
It doesn't ever go away, so
let that be your anchor
When things seem tough.
I love you both with
everything i am.
I love you.
There's nothing i can
say or do to bring her back.
I don't think there's
anything i can do
To be forgiven.
Amber forgave you
a long time ago, doug.
I know in my heart that the
lord is waiting with open
Arms to forgive you, as well.
You just need to learn
to forgive yourself.
Sometimes that's
the hardest part.
Your broken heart and
sorrow are evident.
That's all the savior
jesus christ asks for.
It's up to you to
reach out to him.
Amber came to me in
When she first found out
she was terminal
And asked me to give you and
your daughter these letters.
I hope it has the answers
you're looking for.
I'll go and talk with
isabel for a few minutes
And give you some time.
My dearest doug,
i wish you were reading this
Letter under different
circumstances, but there are
Some things i
need you to know.
Life is short.
It's so fragile.
We never know when it's
our time to be called home.
I can only imagine how
hard this is on you
And our isabel.
I wanted to tell you of
my illness, but it came
Suddenly, and i felt
this was the right way.
I want you to know
that i completely and
Unconditionally forgive you.
All that matters now is that
you made the right choice
And you came home.
Is my dad
going to be okay?
He's going
to be just fine.
And so are you.
He just needs a little
time to himself.
He's discovering some things
that are important to him.
Your mom was a wonderful person,
and you remind me of her.
She asked me to
give this to you.
I'm going to go for a little
walk while you read that.
You are the man of
my dreams and the father
Of our child.
Hold on to that.
Above all, baby girl,
don't be sad about me.
Rather look up at
the sky and smile.
Feel the sun on your face
and know it's me warming you.
Be happy, izzy.
May god be with you
until we meet again.
I love you with
all of my heart.
i've seen the wise with
this fear disappear...
i've seen the goal caught in
their eyes disappear...
i always come back,
come back...
i'm coming, come
back, come back...
i'm coming home...
i always think back, think
back, looking forward...
what am i waiting for...
i'm coming home, i'm
coming home...
are you here...
i'm coming home,
i'm coming home...
are you near...
i heard the fields whisper
love in my ears...
i've been in
troubled towns...
that beauty found
my side...
i always come back, come
back, i'm coming...
i always come back, come
back, i'm coming home...
yeah, i always
think back...
think back, looking
what am i waiting for...
i'm coming home, i'm
coming home...
are you here...
oh, i'm coming home...
i'm coming home...
are you near...
i'm coming home, i'm
coming home...
are you here, yeah...
i'm coming home...
i'm coming home, i'm
coming home...
are you here...