Sacrilege (2020) Movie Script

[explosion and burning sounds]
[tense dramatic music]
[eery otherworldly sounds]
[disconcerting tense music]
[heavy dramatic orchestral
strings enter]
[music fading out]
[birds crowing]
[ominous sounds]
[man muffled yelling]
[disconcerting sounds]
[man panting]
[tense music]
[sharp piercing sounds]
[ominous music]
[light gentle music]
Hey, is that you?
You decent?
Oh thank you.
You still up for Blake's place
tonight, chick?
Ok if I use your shower, Jill,
Mi casa...
You joining us?
Give me one hour and I'll be
good to go.
I'll give you two, I know what
you're like.
[tense dramatic music]
[heavy upbeat rhythmic electronc
Oh where is she?
So night...
Evening ladies...
- Hey, Jimmy.
- Hello, Jimmy.
How are you?
Yea, I'm really good thanks. So
are you guys here to see Blake?
We are.
she's just out the back.
Thank you!
I would love for you to do my
Something to try.
- Hey!
- Hey, gorgeous.
So... Trish was in here earlier.
What the hell does that cheating
bitch want?
She just asked when I was seeing
you again.
I said you would be here
I don't know what she wants and
if you want her gone,
she's gone.
You can't seriously want to see
I don't know.
Look what Satan dragged in.
I'm just gonna hear what she has
to say.
It's just a hug.
It's never just a hug.
Blake said you wanted to see me.
I wanted to see how you were
holding up.
He got out earlier.
I'm so sorry, I thought you
Is this one of your wind-ups,
What? No.
It's been all over the news
[tense music]
The solicitor's letter.
What the hell is he doing here?
Whoa there chick.
Let's get this man a freebie on
me, shall we?
Why don't you guys help Kay back
to her seat?
I'm gonna need another martini
for Trish.
What was that about?
Tyler's free.
The guy that got banged up for
assaulting her?
He put her in a fucking coma,
You ok?
I'm fine, everyone needs to ask
if I'm ok. Ok?
Just let's get away from this
Who's up for getting the band
back together?
We haven't gotten bank
account emptying, random
tattoo getting,
memory losing silly in years.
It's about time we did, so who's
with me?
Well aren't you working this
Well fuck work! I haven't had a
sick day in five years.
It's about time I did.
I'm in.
What you actually want me to
Well aside from you
breaking my heart we all
used to have a pretty
good time didn't we?
It would be like Brighton and
I thought we weren't supposed to
mention Aelfricam.
That was the one with the
picture, wasn't it?
Kay, you sure you want to do
I miss us.
You wanna know if I'll be ok,
I'll be ok
when we're getting
silly again together.
Here's to the women
in the stiletto shoes who
make all the money
and drink all the booze.
[car horn]
- Ahh!
- Ahh, yes!
- Yo bitches.
- Yea!
- Hi, there.
- Take that for you.
Thank you.
I can't still believe you've got
Sunny D!
Only man in my life who hasn't
let me down.
Who's ready for a
weekend they'll never forget?
[upbeat rock music]
And just like that and
she's no trust because
She loves the way
he's staring at her
Fools asleep to leave
her feelings cause
He can't stay cool
when he's leaning on her
Sometimes I think about the
same way that she played you
If you had no clue
that you might live
Up to everything
that we're all thinking
I find it hard
to say off to the
way that she kissed him,
she's ever
really been together
for a long time
She's been away for about
a week now she don't...
hey open the glove box
and pass me the map book, will
The map book?
Well unless you've
got a working satellite
we're about to
kick it old school.
For emergencies!
Pretty sure that's for like on
board a boat emergency honey,
not you know stranded on
the side of the M4 emergency.
Don't look when
she's right with you
cause it's way too
hard to let things go back
run 'round lights to
keep things easy but she
can't stay clean when
she's right there with you
sometimes I think about the
same way that she played you
if you had no clue
that you might live up to
everything that we're
all thinking, I find it
hard to say off to the
way that she kissed him
[women laughing]
[ominous music]
Oh Blake, stop for him.
Are you feeling alright?
Strange dude thumbing
in the middle of the
nowhere and you of all
people wanna pick him up.
There's four of us and besides,
remember when
those guys stopped for
us on the way to Glasgow?
What's the worst that can
Oh you're a life saver.
Hi, I'm Kayla...
This is Blake, that's Stacey and
Hi, Vinnie, nice to meet you
You guys heading to the
festival, Mabon?
I just assumed that's where
you guys are going because
there's a whole lot of nothing
in every other direction.
Well we're staying
at the Mabon Lodge,
does that have
something to do with it?
Yes, it's their festival.
It's this
yearly pagan dancing thing where
they... give offerings of wheat
and wine to their pagan god,
Sounds a bit weird to me.
It is a bit weird, they paint
themselves and dance
around half naked
they have the best weed and
hoochie you've ever tried.
Trust me.
Well they're my kind of party!
Mabon Lodge is a
stone's throw away,
I can show you guys if you like.
We're not a bit of girly,
I'm sure we can be able
to find it ourselves if
we want to go, thanks.
[disconcerting music]
Well thanks for the lift.
Hopefully see you guys later.
[ominous music]
Nice antlers.
There was supposed to be someone
waiting with a front
door key for us?
How do we get through the gate?
Good chat.
[eery music]
He was a creepie.
I'm not getting any signal.
I've got yours Blake.
I've got some signal barely.
Please tell me there's wifi. I
have to have wifi.
I don't care about wifi, cause
look, there's a pool.
[disconcerting music]
I'll be in in a minute.
Yep. kitchen's in there so your
bedroom's up stairs.
There's only three bedrooms.
two of us have to share.
Looks like that's the master as
Blake and I will share. She
doesn't snore like you do.
Ok, that works.
[soft pensive music]
[camera clicks]
I don't know what your game
Kay doesn't need any of your
shit this weekend.
I get it...
you're her oldest friend
but I just wanna make her happy.
As friends.
And if after the
weekend she doesn't
want anything more
to do with me then...
then you'll never see me again.
Yea, we'll see.
[tense music]
Well hey babe,
stop that it's supposed
to be a fun weekend, remember?
Tea or coffee?
You know I'm a coffee person.
Tea for me.
Where's Blake?
[startling music]
Ooh, never mind.
What is she doing?
See her.
You guys are useless.
Come with me.
Come on!
This way.
What are we doing?
Wait for it.
Blake, I'm not sure we're
supposed to be in here.
Maybe this was the stuff Vinnie
was talking about.
I don't think anyone's
going to miss it. They
would lock the door if
they were that concerned.
For once I'm in agreement with
Look, if anyone catches us we'll
just pay for it. How is that?
Oh fine, ok.
[upbeat twangy guitar music]
Who took that photo of us naked?
I've actually still got the
Group photo?
Why can't you take a picture
on a phone like a normal
person? You know you
got your phone right there.
Alright, 3, 2, 1.
[ominous music]
[eery music]
Oh it's cute!
Oh it's really nice.
Maybe just keep it to yourself.
I vote something new.
Oh it's cute!
Let me see. Oh it's lovely.
Alright, we need a refill.
[tense tones]
What the fuck, dude!
You scared the holy shit outta
What are you doing here?
Just on my way
to the festival...
thought you guys
might like to come.
Could be fun.
Why don't we guys party
Wouldn't you rather just chill
We've got all weekend for that,
I wanna dance.
Well I'm up for it.
I promise you'll remember it for
the rest of your lives.
[tense music]
If I bust my heels Vinnie,
you're paying for them.
Pick your face up.
What's this.
Didn't I say? Didn't I say?
Tonight we celebrate our
offering to the goddess Mabon.
[ominous music]
Let her take our fears... and
reward us with her blessing.
For the coming seasons.
Goddess Mabon...
as is your tradition...
as is the way...
We afford you our offerings...
so you may remove our fears...
till the next solstice.
with respect.
and duty.
When do we get to party?
Very soon.
Mark down your fear.
It's just a bit of fun.
Who's next?
[whispering sounds, tribal drums
And where's the hooch and the
All in good time.
Ah what, what the fuck dude.
Yea, that bit always gets me.
Don't worry we don't have to do
Now this is my favorite bit.
That's what I'm talking about.
It's got a bit of a kick.
Thank you very much.
[tense music]
[rhythmic folk drumming and
Come on.
Don't be shy.
What are you doing?
Let them roam baby.
Dance like every bodies watchin!
[ominous tones]
[whispering voice]
Stop, leave now.
Before the end of the ritual.
You and your friends,
you must go.
Mrs. March.
You should leave our guests...
to enjoy the festivities.
Yes, Father.
A little less handsey, eh?
Mrs. March is
shall we say one of
are more challenging
Please, enjoy yourselves.
This is an evening of
celebration, now you're here.
Come on you two,
let's no leave you out.
Come on.
[somber guitar music]
Save yourself for
the devil's on his way
And so you pray
and so you pray
But you can't hide
You can't hide when
evil calls your way
The bells fall
thee shall told
The fall of heaven's gate
The rise of the unjust
As the wicked
As the wicked have their way
The dogs are on their way
So you pray
So you pray
But you can't hide,
you can't hide
when evil calls your name
[girls exclaiming]
So you say.
We made it.
Hurry... I'm so...
Is it a biscuit?
It is a biscuit.
Oh that's no fair.
Actually, you guys I'm gonna go
for a quick dip.
Anyone finds you joining me.
You don't have your swimsuit.
Who needs a swimsuit?
You're crazy.
It'll be lovely.
Don't be long and catch your
death. Alright?
[tense ominous music,
clock ticking]
[whispering voices]
Peak a boo.
[man chuckling]
I found you.
How was the rabbit?
Did you miss me?
[man cackling]
No where to run!
It's time to die.
Hello little rabbit.
[blood curdling sounds]
Oh it's me.
Me, it's me.
Where's Tyler?
It's just a dream.
You're alright.
You get a good look, fucking
[dog barking]
[tense music]
Blake, Blake. Blake, Blake!
Blake, Blake, Blake, what's
There was huge dog.
No, no, no, no. There's no dog,
there's no dog.
- It was right there.
- Look at me. Look at me.
I promise you, I promise you.
There's no dog, there's no dog.
Ok? Come on, let's get you out.
Come on, come on, look, come on.
You're ok, let's get you out.
You're alright, let's get you
[ominous tones]
Morning babe.
Hi, Stace, woke up and she
wasn't there.
She slept with me.
I got a bit freaked out last
You alright?
Yea, yea, I'm fine.
So Stacey's in the shower,
where's Trish?
She went for a run.
Typical Trish. You mean the brer
balls exercise?
Tea or coffee?
[upbeat music]
[music distorting]
Stace. You ok?
You just screamed, what's wrong?
I'm a... I'm just losing my
Well you can't lose what you
don't have.
I'm making breakfast, are you
Uh yea.
Are you sure you're ok?
Yea... yea.
[eery tense music]
[whispering voices]
[ominous tones]
[clock ticking]
[tense music]
[Trish screaming]
What, what?
[Trish babbling]
What, what!
There's nothing there babe.
- Oh.
- There's nothing there.
I think we all need to lay off
that weed.
I think you're right.
[eery tones]
How about a cup of tea? Come on.
- You alright?
- Not really.
I'm definitely seeing things.
No, that happened to me too.
I swear it's that stuff we
Yea, no shit.
I think you're right.
C'mon let's get you cleaned up.
I might... have been wrong about
Just looking out for my friends.
I know you are.
[tense music]
[ominous tones]
Breakfast of champions.
Oh no, I'll do that,
you made the food.
So what does everyone fancy
doing today?
I'm just gonna chill by the
I need to get some
content for my
page but then I'm all yours.
Blake, what about you lovely?
I'm all over that pool but...
this time you know not
naked and not being chased
by large imaginary dogs.
You finished yet?
[tranquil music]
Where's Trish, babe?
I think she went to make some
Do you want some?
I could go a sandwich.
[disconcerting music]
You need a hand?
I think I can handle a cheese
and cucumber sandwich.
I was the chef in our
relationship, remember?
Fair point.
Your day is it?
Hold on to the tap.
I've got some purses in my bag.
First a hill finds.
[ominous music]
How are you doing Blee?
I'm fine.
You know it was never my
I'm not saying I forgive you...
for what you did.
But I just...
It's so good being with you
[disconcerting music]
[dramatic music]
[whispering sounds]
[ominous tones]
[whispering sounds]
[tense tones]
What's up?
Babe, do you know how long we've
been in bed for?
Not long enough?
Let's go funny about this, we
can pick this up later.
Do you promise?
Pinkie promise.
[eery tense music]
Hello there.
I hear you had a nice afternoon.
Very funny.
Where's Stace?
Last I saw her she
was down by the pool.
Should we go get her?
Where the hell is she?
[ominous tones]
You back there?
We're looking for our friend.
The little one,
have you seen her?
[tense music]
Mr. Creepy Creeperson wasn't
much help.
She's not in there and she's
not around the house. The
only place we haven't
checked is the forest clearing.
I think it's worth a shot.
Well you two go and I'll stay
here in case she gets past you.
And get the cocktails ready for
your return!
We should probably wrap up.
Yea, fair point.
Make sure to take torches too,
it gets dark out
here real quick.
[ominous music]
[tense tones]
[whispering sounds]
[ominous tones]
There's somebody watching us.
What? Where?
Behind that tree.
Walk over there, keep doing what
you're doing I'm
gonna sneak around.
Don't know what to say babe,
doesn't look like she's here.
I think we should head back.
[extremely tense tones]
Why are you watching us?
I needed to be
sure you were alone.
You are in grave danger.
Have you been hallucinating,
seeing the things you fear?
What are you talking about?
The ritual, the goddess, Mabon.
You were the offering.
Stay together.
Your bond is what weakens her.
Whatever she shows you...
it's only
as real as you believe it to be.
Face your fears.
She's coming for you.
Find your friends.
Fucking funny.
Is that you Vinnie, or the perv
from last night?
Ten Blake...
You're getting crazier by the
Now I'm talking to myself.
[ominous tones]
[dog barking]
[clock ticking]
[tense tones]
[eery music]
[Blake panting for breath]
Blake, did you find her?
[tense tones]
[tense tones]
that woman is yanking our chain.
Well then where are they?
I just think there must be
a reasonable explanation
and not the ramblings
of a crazy old woman.
And Blake left her ban.
Ok, fair point...
Humor me here,
let's call the police and
report them missing
that way when they come
back we can
apologize and chalk it all
up to me having a
funny five minutes. Ok?
We can do that.
Why don't you try the
cells outside and I'll try the
land line, that way one of
us is bound to get through.
she said we shouldn't split up.
Well what's gonna happen, we're
within 10 seconds of each other.
I just don't think we should be
[mild tense music]
I won't take my eyes off of you.
Come on.
If you don't get any signal just
come straight back.
[ominous music]
[dial tone]
Emergency operator.
Which service do you require?
Yes, police, I want to report a
missing person.
[disconnected tone]
I understand you want to report
a missing person.
Yes, two of my friends
Can you repeat that please?
[disconnected tone]
[tense tones]
He matches your problem.
Hello, hello?
No, no, no, hello?
[tense music]
I'm not afraid.
Trish! Trish?
Trish! Trish, what's happened?
I'm gonna get you out of here,
Alright, come on.
That's it, up we go. Come on.
We gotta get you to a hospital.
[tense eery music]
You are not real.
[car starting]
[whispering sounds]
[engine won't start]
Get the fuck out of my way!
[eery tense music]
[dramatic tones]
You're not real,
you're not here!
Take another
step and I'll shoot.
I swear to God.
[Tyler laughing]
I am your God.
Oh you're pathetic.
You always were.
You don't deserve
someone like me.
I should have just killed you
when I had the chance.
No one would have missed you...
Not even your loser mother.
No where to run little rabbit.
It's time to die.
[tense music]
A lot of spirit in you still.
I'm not scared of you.
You have no power over me...
[eery tones]
[ominous tones]
Fuck you bitch.
[dramatic music, unearthly
screaming sounds]
Look at me. No, no.
[heavy somber music]
[hopeful tones]
Destroyed. Just go.
Are you ok?
I love you.
I love you too.
[tense eery music]
[dramatic music]
[ominous tones]
[modern tones enter]
[tense music]
[ominous tones]
[disconcerting modern music]
[eery tense music]
[ominous tones]
[dramatic crescendo]