Sacro GRA (2013) Movie Script

The GRA, Great Ring Road,
is the longest urban motorway in Italy.
It encircles the city of Rome
like a ring of Saturn.
Hi, it's 617 speaking, do me a favour:
Can you cancel the fire department
intervention for my rescue?
We took the patient out of
the ditch by ourselves.
Keep calm! We're going to put
this on you to stay warm.
No, no...
- It'll keep you warm.
It's good for you! It keeps you warm,
understand? You won't feel cold.
Then we'll unwrap you on Easter!
Stay calm with your hands!
No, no, no, no, no.
Keep calm, please!
You need to stay warm,
it's cold outside, come on!
We put this on you on purpose.
South-east palm...
number 06...
absence of noise.
Oasis' eye...
palm 6, side...
of noise...
larvae's squeaking...
And adults' noise,
immediate intervention.
We are at...
at the exit of the Ring Road.
You must take exit number 2,
Boccea, and drive through via Boccea.
We can rent
for any kind of location.
For cinema, theatre,
fashion shows,
birthday parties.
Yes, of course.
For an aristocratic house, let's say.
Yes, we have a huge hall.
Yes, sure.
We offer bed-and-brecfas.
We offer bed-and-brefast.
About ten episodes, yes.
Only one, it's one episode at the moment.
A pilot, let's say.
The eyelash of a mask, oh my!
Wait, wait, I'll put something!
The report says:
"Lewd acts, completely naked".
- With nothing on?
But I'm completely dressed!
The report says, "We caught her
in the car, completely naked".
So, it's an offence!
- I went to the police.
So, now...
- I went to the police,
I spoke with the captain:
"It says completely naked...
and I am dressed!
I come to work dressed as
when I go out. Why naked?
I can report you, y'know?"
- Sure!
"Lady, go on, talk to a lawyer", said he.
- Sure!
I'll talk to a lawyer.
- Go to the peace officer,
tell him the situation.
- Lots of people at his office.
No, no more now.
I went, but the queue was fucking long.
Make a sacrifice, gal.
- No, I'll get a lawyer!
OK, get a lawyer,
tell him they're piling...
A bunch of lies.
- I get a lawyer, I tell him the facts,
so I'll write to the mayor,
they can't do this! "Naked in the car"...
I'm really... composed.
Eat it, this mozzarella is good.
Yes, but it's not mozzarella.
- They're called braids.
I like braids more than mozzarella
- I know but...
is it your food or mine?
I'm starving.
If I take...
French eels. Right?
Then I take those from America,
then those from Africa,
and I bring them to Italy,
with our waters, and our problems,
if this eel that I bring over
has 10 microbes
in Italy they grow to 2 million,
because they have
a different life and habitat.
Then we mix all these microbes...
we put them all together...
But I say,
if you wanna do research, OK?
Then do it...
In Russia, in America, do it where
the hell you want, with your stuff...
but don't mix it up!
You want to create an eel livestock?
Do it with the Italian eel!
What's the need to go elsewhere...
to do some crap?
Here's another, Ir.
This is a real laugh!
Listen to this, Ir!
So then...
"Eels are traditionally fished
and eaten during winter". Right!
"That is, right after reproduction".
Says who?
If they reproduce in the Sargasso Sea,
how can I eat an eel
right after reproduction?
I'd have to fish it in the Sargasso Sea!
This is a jumbo nonsense!
"Once again it shifts on who buys...
Dear citizens, our 30% of land,
for the obstruct..."
Aw, come on, go learn the language!
Go to school!
This is really rubbish, Ir!
Better throw away everything,
and so long!
We're truly in the hands of people
that understand nothing, and zilch.
But us, who spend an entire life
on the water, nobody consults us.
Nobody cares about us.
Right, Ir?
What do you say, Ir?
It's alright as is?
Let's go on, what do we care!
If you keep on cutting and sewing...
We'll call you Penelope!
Yes, yes, tell him yes.
Exactly, this is it. Stop the other unit,
we're already there ourselves.
Alright, I'll call you back soon.
Look at all those flyers!
What the fuck did he do? - They went on
a binge. Look at how he wrecked the car!
Where is he, still inside? - I don't know.
- Careful for the gasoline.
Gentlemen, will you go away
with those cars? We can't pass.
One is fine.
Come give me a hand.
Unit 617 heading to Sant'Andrea Hospital.
Where is the Sant'Andrea?
- Here on the Ring Road.
Unit 617 heading to Sant'Andrea.
Look, the 113 does not respond.
Hey, can I work tomorrow?
I don't think so.
Moreover, some rest won't hurt you.
Rest? Who the fuck will pay me?
Come to me.
I give away money!
Are we already there?
- Yes. - Wow!
I could have gone on foot to the hospital!
- No, you'd have gone in projection!
Go, it's loose...
Look what a show!
Over there, St. Peter's dome. No doubt,
the dome can be seen just everywhere!
Over there.
You know, I was observing that...
I don't know!
These houses, are they inhabited?
Which ones? - These here.
- The terraced houses? - Yes, those.
There is nobody!
- These up front or over there?
Here there was a light, last night.
You know, this new house?
Yes, they're inhabited, at times...
- This one, yes.
But in those ones there is never a light.
Nothing - Maybe they're not as blind
as me, so they don't need light.
Don't you say, come on,
but it's not possible!
When a house is occupied and inhabited,
some light can be seen.
Not that I spend the evenings to check,
but definitely I would see something.
I don't know, I never noticed.
No, there is someone there,
on the ground floor.
Those who have, y'know, dogs, the black
and white dog... - No - that play... Here!
In the lawn
adjacent to this ours,
where there are those two trees.
Do it right, look - Yes Mum, I understand.
- This way. Careful, it drips.
At least we leave it all clean.
Got it?
Well, I did all these signs myself!
- You've done them all indeed!
You don't write on the walls.
- But it's fun writing on the walls.
I know, but you can't.
- Can I write in the bedroom? - No!
Not in the new room.
Nor here you may,
because here there'll be another family.
No, because Lawrence Durrell
was in workforce at...
At the Foreign Office.
Like his father.
He's dead? - Don't you remember his story
of the famous fan, that is, this blade
made of palm leaves, which
came and went over the table of
of the dining room, which
at one point dropped a boa,
a python, what was it?
In the midst of the diners.
Funny, huh?
Poor thing!
It too put itself in a cool place!
What happened to that book there?
We left it somewhere
during our peregrinations.
Nothing. Here nothing moves.
A plane is coming from afar...
Yes, there's a nice view.
You gotta come some day.
Yes, it's nice. I just don't know how is
called that one there. A neighbourhood,
to my right, I don't
know what place it is.
Nice! A beautiful panorama.
Yes, yes.
Should I put this on?
- Yes, nice.
Where did you buy it?
- It's old, from Yamamay.
Y'know that I never find
anything at Yamamay?
- That is, none of these things, I mean.
I've been trying to take off
this lipstick for two hours.
Then red! It's beautiful, by all means!
Only that Valeria made me
put it on for an event...
When we did the Playboy girls.
With red lipstick I become truly a whore.
Yeah, I get a slutty face.
- Yes, red is vulgar on some girls.
True, I'm brunette, dear...
Even without make-up,
with red lipstick I seem a slut.
I mean, I give really the idea of a whore.
- Yeah, it stresses you more. - Yes.
Despite that they told me that
red lipstick suits me, honestly.
Yet I see myself as a bitch with it.
- I know...
- Ready to go!
I'm at work, now I stopped
for a second, alone.
Lallarella! Good morning!
Hi, Lapiz!
So, tell me the menu today.
- Menu today: cold pasta...
I put tomatoes...
and mozzarella.
Why not some oregano?
I don't have it! Now don't start, though!
It's already so much what I'm doing!
Are you sighing, lover?
I was on a second motorbike,
a friend of us was ahead alone,
because he had...
Some provisions with him...
A truck overtook us,
with a trailer.
getting back in lane,
it hit full on
our friend who was ahead.
- I'll be damned!
He was thrown on that...
I won't tell you where
they found his brain.
Darling, tell me something good.
You're only saying ugly things.
I work all day on an ambulance,
and you come with all these misfortunes!
Do I get in too?
- Come on, get in.
Get in. Long as we're here.
Now comes the police: "Your ID"...
"What are you doing here?
You gotta go away, it's time."
What can you do?
This is our shitty life, sadly.
Some got a lot
and some have not.
Look at that pot belly!
He looks like Buddha, and is even a cop.
Look at his belly!
The belly gets there a mile before him!
What can you do? That's life.
It's gonna get cold, winter...
I gotta buy a pair of boots...
What can you do? That's life!
Why are you singing a lullaby?
This song?
Headquarters, unit 617 on the spot.
Come in.
Warn the Sant'Andrea that we're coming
with a code 3. We need a resuscitator.
I'll call them.
Go on, two.
- One, two,
three, four five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten...
Go, one...
- Some more oxygen.
- One, two, three, four five, six, seven...
...24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30.
Red palm weevil...
The true enemy of the palm.
They have a social structure
perfectly organised.
Some individuals,
particularly gifted,
can smell the prey
at a long distance.
And thus,
they call
their peers
to organise group orgies.
They then hurl themselves
on the individual and start,
after having spawned,
to colonise it.
They feed on it
until its destruction,
and they are not interested
in other individuals
except when
that being
has been completely destroyed.
And the cycle begins again.
And it's bad!
For the world of palm trees
and symbolically, even for man, because
the palm tree
is shaped like the human soul.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women, and
blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour
of our death, amen.
Glory to the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit.
As it was in the beginning,
is now and ever, forever and ever, amen.
Virgin of Revelation, pray for us
and give us the love of God.
No, she saw it...
It's blurry.
Look, look at the red now!
We are here for them as well,
for those who are not present.
We prayed also for the sick,
for all the souls in purgatory.
Here, look at how much red there is now!
Look! How can you not see it?
No, I don't see anything.
Then, when I develop the pictures,
I'll show you. - Yes.
Pity, because it's something...
Nice to see, and...
I think it's a gift that Our Lady gives us.
Watch how red! - It's brighter...
There is the red that pulsates! - Brighter
and dimmer, yes! - Can you see it now?
You see? Look how red it is now!
- Yes. - Look!
Oh! Finally!
Hi Umberto!
Well, just getting by!
How about yourself?
Holy crap! This Ring Road! Goddammit!
I'd swear every saint,
I can't stand it anymore!
And good thing that I took off early!
And then,
a girl I'm helping is waiting for me,
we're shooting together.
I was called by the director
of a photonovel, I'm working,
he gave me a role as butler.
You come into the field, and wait...
...and you stay farther there.
I say "Let's go"...
So, are we ready?
Let me see the framing... Good.
Hold it!
Hold on just a sec.
Here it is. The framing,
I just need to tighten it a bit.
The camera is acting up.
We're good.
Hold it.
I go a bit more on them.
Hold it like that, still.
Hold on.
That's it. This is good.
"Doctor, maybe...". Twist your hands.
"I've never heard about that agency".
Touch him here, "Are you sure?"
"Are you sure that...?"
Gaetano, you must look this way.
I'll take you like that,
now you're also wondering that they
sent you something...
Hold on. He suspects that...
That you're in cahoots
with someone else...
Hold on.
All right. You're gone. It's all Ugo on
Ugo's thoughts. Hold still, look here.
And you say: "There's something wrong."
There, even more in the foreground.
Now, come closer.
Gateano stays behind to listen to what...
That's it, stay there in the middle.
Now you turn.
"So, little girl!"
Put your hands like that. Here you are.
"Little girl, I spoke with your father.
I know everything". Hold it!
Hold it, it's good.
Look how pretty you are!
Yes, these photos came out good.
Did the director like them?
Yes. Indeed he chose these,
he took some of yours,
he didn't consider at all the other ones,
the more professional ones.
He said that for the photo novels
he preferred this kind.
Just think, you make me remember
when I was an extra.
I was in my twenties.
Me too, do you think it's been easy?
Oh, yeah!
I even found who wanted to bang me!
I've always avoided that.
Got it?
You've never given yourself?
I never gave myself. But I'll tell you,
if they had chosen me
as the leading actor for a movie,
I'd have given it.
I'm telling the truth.
Do you believe me?
The worst thing, if they had said:
"Hey, Gaetano...
see what you can do."
I'd have never done that!
But, if they had asked me
"to pick up the coin" we say in Rome,
in doggy position,
do it softly...
I'd have done it!
"On the 18th of March of 1917,
seen the birth certificate,
Odilio Domenico Pellegrini was born in
Giuliopoli di Rosello, province of Chieti,
the son of Don Vincenzo.
Awarded with the Knighthood
of the Italian Republic,
Earl of Dibriade by hereditary right,
Count of Rosello,
Lord of Giuliopoli, Grand Officer
of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem,
Commendatore of the Crown of Italy, Knight
of the Order of St. Maurice and Lazarus,
Prince of the Holy Roman
Empire of Castelrosso,
graduated in Sociology
at the Accademia Tiberina,
and Senator of the United States
of America, Honoris Causa.
In witness whereof, the mayor:
Salvatore Paolini." OK.
We'll give this paper to the Lithuanian
delegation of the Knights of St. Casimir.
I'm satisfied.
I'll tell you, I sniffed it so much
that, probably, something...
Was lost? - Was lost, yes.
- It's likely.
Who knows?
Let's wait and see.
So it's not you who starts having
a musty odour... - Well...
On the other hand,
I already have a certain age!
So, I'm not surprised.
A bit of mould...
There must be, eh?
Look, dear,
it's like the Chateau d'Yquem,
that has that slight aftertaste of mould.
What is Chateau d'Yquem? - And if
it doesn't... It's a wonderful wine,
which, if it doesn't have
that slight mouldy aftertaste...
it doesn't...
More than mouldy, it's rather...
That thing...
Tell me...
Moss, that's what I meant!
Anyway, this doesn't smell like moss!
You know what it smells like?
You know the shoes that one
puts away in a space... well, in a...
Storage room a bit humid?
Ah, what a connoisseur!
They have right this...
Then you put them on...
- You took a course in...
You put them on, and pull out the sock...
that smells like mould.
- Consider that we'll have to eat it,
so avoid being too...
- No, it's not said that I must eat it.
But first I want to see how it works.
Fact is, mine was coming from the street,
the water from the street,
from the door. - Yes...
- Then, from the bathroom...
- ...all the sewer came out... - Yes.
The... the tenant...
- The sewer...
All of it!
The tenant next to me...
- It was out!
Had the gas cylinder
- where I stayed there was no direct gas -
that was floating, the fridge as well...
- Yes, everything was floating!
We cried so much!
- Don't tell me!
Mamma mia, I would never...
Look, I won't wish even to my
worst enemy what happened to me.
Then they sent us to the Fabulous.
You too were at the Fabulous, right?
They sent me first to that hotel,
for some twenty days, something like that,
then to the Fabulous.
- I was fine at the Fabulous.
Me too. - Just fine.
- Only, I've been there until...
Until they sent me here.
- It was a campsite, you had your own...
Your cottage.
Until May, I was there.
From December to May.
And that's it... Then, from there, they
moved us here, anyway... - Yes, yes.
Did you see what a view I got?
Yeah, I saw there are some villas.
- You instead see just
buses and the road.
- Yes, buses.
There are only buses that pass, and cars.
- Yes.
Look at those pretty cottages!
Fine houses, though! A nice green.
- However, it's like a graveyard here.
You don't hear children, or kids playing.
- They seem uninhabited. - Yes.
Only that one seems inhabited, but...
You hardly see anyone.
They're all barricaded. Look there!
- Yes.
Poor devils, they're scared.
- They're scared, yes.
But if they're scared, why build here?
Rather, why live here? If one's so scared,
he shouldn't live in such places.
Sure that these are the ones...
What... How the heck is it called?
That company... the airline...
The ones that make people
travel standing!
Ah, Ryanair!
That rubbish!
Think that,
they started the first connection lines
In Europe
which was on 1900... '30's and something,
Coty made a perfume
that was called "En avion".
Which is to say? On the...
- "In the aeroplane".
And people travelled
sitting on wicker armchairs,
because they weighed the least.
It was beautiful!
Think how cute! So peculiar.
I'm going home, to Centocelle.
Don't do like that!
Come with me, to my place.
No, I'm going to my place.
- Today I'll pay you 50, at my place.
No, to my home, I'm going.
You stud!
- You're hot!
I know I'm hot!
- It must be your dick.
Please, don't be like that! Come on!
- Come on, let's go!
Do you have 5?
5 what? Euro? - To pay the taxi?
- 5 euros?
How much, after?
50 at my place!
I pay 5 euros, then 50?
It's 5 and 50?
We go together? - Sure!
- And what're you going to do?
What I'm going to do?
Whatever you want, lover!
What is it? You want your lipstick?
Wait, I'll put it on you, come on.
I'll put lipstick on you.
Good girl.
Let's go to apply the gel.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
Let's put on the cloak, quick!
Shall I put the brooch?
- Yes, please.
Can you help me with the cloak, please?
Like this?
Like this?
We must go. Anastasia.
Come, give me your hand.
Come on.
He said... he happy that you already
have idea to come to Lithuania
because October...
In October? - The 2nd of October,
Engineer, San Casimiro died,
and he was buried in Lithuania in 1484.
We have, in cathedral,
a beautiful chapel,
and there is made big ceremony.
He thinks that all of you...
Well, we hope so.
- Yes, yes, yes!
This is perfect!
The scream of the larvae.
Here it is!
This can be extremely helpful...
To spread the alarm.
But I have to...
Isolate it, isolate it clean.
Even in theory, a...
A probe...
That transmits the vibrations.
Because they...
For sure...
besides the...
In short, they don't have ears like us.
They are immersed in a mass...
And so, they feel far more...
By contact, sounds that are transmitted
within a solid body.
They don't have the same...
They don't have the same human situation.
Exactly. If I manage
to transmit to the mass
this cry of alarm,
to me it's important, because then
I can do other things, on the one hand.
On the other, there are
some sounds of recall...
So, if I
So if I... Factually, I want to achieve
a push-pull, that is, on the one hand,
I want to call them,
and on the other hand,
I want to terrorise them.
This is beautiful, this is the appetiser
of revenge, my dear ones.
What's it saying? Can you understand?
Not quite.
So so. - So so.
- "So so"!
Can you see Maria? No!
Huh, Maria? You can see?
- Yes.
I'm getting blind, here.
- I can see well.
You see well...
Now I see!
Lover, cheers!
Is it right my...
Eh! My report.
On... Lucio...
What is Talpa?
- Talpa!
How do you say it?
Lucio Talpa is the name of this guy.
On Lucio Talpa.
Lucio Talpa is the name of a person.
Lucio Talpa is the name of a person.
As you're Maria,
his name is Lucio Talpa.
- Ah! I got it.
He's saying: "How's the relationship
with Lucio Talpa?".
Then, what does it say?
Here you go!
See, what does it take?
You slice it.
This is for you.
- The small one is for me.
Who divides gets the better part!
And then still,
melon must be eaten this way.
Look, this way!
Like watermelon?
All good Italian stuff.
Lover, it's the climate!
Sun, air, everything... the soil!
They make the good stuff.
Ukraine as well is beautiful.
I told you, you worry more than
me who am the affected party.
There's just no reason.
Because so you only live with concern,
in fact, if it isn't fate that
I find this person, or anyone...
And then no way! Nowadays,
it doesn't exist, a single person!
If it's not fate...
If it's fate that I find the
man of my life when I'm 50,
it's useless that you worry.
So it is written, and thus it will be.
You can buck all you want,
but it won't be of any help.
Ugh, I'll have to stay close behind you?
I do not intend to proceed
for another 50 years.
So, at some point,
I'll take leave from life
and, at this point,
I realise one thing:
I'll have to stay on your heels
for who knows how long.
Thanks for your trust!
- As sheer spirit!
Or something similar.
Look, why, instead of...
- As a ghost!
Instead of speaking like a 19th century
father, why don't you go to sleep?
Huh? Get going!
Have you brushed your little teeth?
What must I hear?
At this hour of night.
- What "hour of night"!
You must take the pill.
In 10 minutes.
Ah, well, then!
Oh, alright!
Let's take even the pill.
- Resign yourself.
What do you mean by
"let's take even the pill"?
"Let's take the pill"!
Otherwise I'll make you take it by force.
The government keeps us unaware of the
alien technologies of which it is aware?
I am sure that...
our government
has the tangible evidence,
answers and information about
the existence of the UFOs.
Last night I dreamt a lot
of those "mmh mmh"...
What do I do, I turn off?
- I turn off?
Yes, turn off if it doesn't bother you
reading... looking just at the...
If only I manage to guess the right one...
I was practically immersed
in an ocean of...
Made out...
It brings money!
Well, it must be plenty of it then,
because it was just absurd.
Let's hope so! I need a new computer.
At least that!
Good night little flower!
Thank you darling.
Cinderella and the prince,
danced together all night long.
Until when
the clock of the castle
began to strike the first
of the 12 chimes of midnight.
Oh! It's late! I must go!
Wait, don't run away!
The prince tried to run after her,
but the only thing he managed to recover
was a shoe,
which the girl had lost in her run.
Let's go away!
I've never been so offended!
Hey! You forgot this!
In the end...
What's this thing here? - You want it?
I'll bring a uniform for you.
Where will you use it?
In the ambulance?
Yes. - But can you drive?
- I'm well.
Sure you're fine! - I'm well.
- Gimme your hand. - I'm fine, I'm fine.
Such fine hands!
Did you sleep last night?
Are you telling lies?
Come on!
Give me a smile!
Always mending.
Luckily there's mum who mends my uniform!
Mum Minica.
Where is Minica?
You want to turn it over?
No, this can't go more than that!
It's short. Let's do this way, good.
You're sleepy, right?
Wanna sleep?
My love!
Wanna sleep?
Do you want to sleep?
Come, I'll put you to bed.
You tell me what you wanna do.
What am I to do?
- You tell me.
To Dad. I must go to dad.
To Dad. - To Dad?
- That's what I want.
I know.
- You should tell him.
I'll tell him.
What am I to do here? More...
You can't handle these buttons, Mummy.
They're tough.
How you run, oh! - Here you go, here!
- Yes, go easy. - Here!
What beautiful skin you have!
You are a queen!
A queen!
What's the matter?
Are you pensive?
What thoughts do you have?
Wanna tell me about it?
What will be, will be?
And oh well, of course!
Love bean...
I'll be going now.
I'm going to work.
Come on.
Will you give me a kiss?
Will you give me a kiss?
Shall I go without a kiss?
Yes, kisses, kisses.
- Yes, a kiss.
- Won't you give me one?
- Then, I'll give it to you. - Kisses!
Where you going? Where you going?
Where you going?
- To work.
Put yourself down! Put yourself down!
I don't gotta go to work? - Yes,
put yourself down! - Put myself down?
I gotta put myself up, not down.
- Stay down, stay down.
Put yourself down! Put yourself down!
Pootchy pootcha patcho...
The palm tree...
Cannot defend itself.
They've attacked it to the heart.
They're hundreds
and hundreds
of mouths gnawing...
It's the sound of the orgy.
It's the shameful meal!
We are not...
Sufficiently organised...
To fight...
Against such an organisation.
They speak among themselves.
Such a chatter...
Does have a meaning...
although it's a devastating meaning.
It's not different...
From the chatter of humans
in restaurants.
No, my dear friends.
This meal will cost you dearly, eh!
I'll make them stick in your gullet,
these palms.
It is possible that...
if the intensity is remarkable...
I'll even make them burst, eh?
English subs by paolonettino@KG
Revised by edam17@KG April 2014