Sad Tea (2013) Movie Script

Sure is quiet.
You've got that right.
Want to take off'?
You can if you'd like.
I'll be fine on my own.
Well, not because I want to work.
I think you already know this,
EM? I]...
am in love with you.
I love you. Please go on a date with me.
Why are you grinning like that?
I'm not really grinning.
What is it, then? You're acting weird!
Did something happen'?
Do you want to know?
Uh, will...
Maybe I don't need to.
I'm scared to hear it!
To be honest,
at work today
Tanako-chan asked me out.
She suddenly said she loves
me and wants to go out with me.
But she knows you're married, doesn't she?
Yeah, she does.
Love? She said she loves you?
Kids these days sure are something.
So, then...
What did you say to her?
How is that a question? I said no, of course!
Of course I did! I have you, Masako-san!
- Did you now?
- Yeah! I said no to her!
That's why I'm telling you about it!
If I didn't say no, then... you know.
I wouldn't tell you.
Listen... what am I supposed
to do after hearing that?
There isn't really anything you're "supposed" to do.
Aren't you happy to hear that other
women are interested in your husband?
Not in the slightest.
I think people normally would be.
So what should I have said?
You could have just left it at "Good for you!"
Huh'? That's the right move?
"Good for you!" was the right move?
The right move? There is no right move!
You could just be happy about it!
Wait, so, let's reverse the situation...
if a young 20-something hunk
said he loves me, and I told you about it,
I would! I'd be happy to
hear people are interested in you!
- Would you now?
- I would!
Back on topic, though... nothing
is even going to come of it!
I told her I can't do anything
because I'm married.
Oh? Good, how wonderful of you.
What's with that attitude'?
How wonderful for you. As your wife,
I'm so happy that you're popular.
- Why are you saying it like that? And stop that!
- So happy. So, so happy. So happy.
- So happy. So happy.
- I don't need that many!
- Why are you doing that?
- I'm so happy.
Come on, Masako-san.
Um, this is...
What is this?
Thanks for everything.
You're quitting'?
- Yeah.
- Why'?
think that
I'm more in love with you than I thought.
Excuse me.
Resignation letter.
Hey! Hurry up or you'll be late!
Sure is quiet.
You've got that right.
Want to take off'?
You can if you'd like.
I'll be fine on my own.
You're leaving?
Good work.
Good work.
That it for today?
Yeah, it's pretty quiet.
Yeah, that's true.
A coffee, please.
You're not leaving?
Do I have to?
I guess it's fine.
How's it coming along?
[e together?
Nah, not really.
Does it have a deadline?
Monday next week, for now.
I'll get an extension if it's not ready, after all.
[HEB anything happened [HEW
Yeahhh. .. not really.
What about for you?
I see.
I'm going to head home.
Didn't you order a coffee?
I'm leaving, so you can have it.
I've got a couple of jobs.
Are you saving for something?
No, I just have time.
I work because I've got time.
Because you have time?
No, no... it's not because I have the time.
That's a terrible reason to cheat.
Okay, so why'?
Because you're. Elm love?
I guess so.
Anything up.
Since I have time.
- Sure, later.
- Bye.
Hey, wait! What about your coffee?
Check these out!
Which of these do you
think is better for a blouse?
WEB one?
Okay, then, that one.
This isn't a "then" type of question.
Which one is better?
- Was your first choice good?
- Yeah, that one.
- This one?
- Yeah, that one.
But... I think this one is...
To be honest, either one is fine.
I don't even see the difference.
Even the colors are different! One
is yellow, the other is purple!
I don't really care about your clothing, Midori.
That's mean.
Yeah, well... I'm writing my screenplay.
Get it?
I do, but...
You get it, but what?
I'll leave you alone.
I can hear it coming out of your headphones.
- Oh, sorry! I'll stop it!
- Just let it play.
I'd like to hear it, too.
I've never climbed Mt. Fuji,
and I probably never will.
It punches through the clouds and
towers over everything around it.
It would've been better if I never came across it.
Sometimes, Mt. Fuji jumps to the front of my mind,
but I know we'll never be one together.
We'll never be one together.
We'll never be one together.
We'll never be one together.
We'll never be one together!
I can't forget Mt. Fuji!
There's no way I'll ever get Mt. Fuji out of my mind!
And I know we'll never be one together.
We'll never be one together.
We'll never be one together!
There are certain people you might wish
you never got to know or never even met.
not really about Mt. Fuji, the song we just heard.
But maybe someone you really look up to
like a celebrity.
Well, they're human too.
But even if you ever meet them
and you still can't go out with them,
maybe you might wish
you never knew about them?
Are you staying up'?
I'm going to work on this a bit longer.
I'll go to sleep, then.
What time is it?
7 or so, I think.
I'm going to leave first, okay?
Yeah, okay.
I'm leaving the key right here.
Put it in the mailbox.
- I'm home.
- Welcome back.
And... I'm off.
- Sure, have a good one.
- I'll be back.
And... what should I do...
Looking at this here,
I'm thinking maybe a single small
rhinestone right in the middle.
- As in you'd like an actual stone there?
- Yeah, a stone. I was thinking...
I'd like to have one on my nail. What do you think?
Yeah, I'm sure that'll be fine.
Uh... not "fine", I mean...
I don't think you need to leave it at just one.
You'd still look good with lots of them.
Oh, uh, no... I don't really like to be too showy.
Listen to this!
The customer I just had, right?
The one you just had?
- The one with sunglasses?
- Yeah, that one.
has a husband, but I hear
she's dating some young guy.
Is she now?
Did she tell you that?
No, no... it's just a rumor.
She doesn't look the type to me.
Well, before she goes home
she always stops at a mall's bathroom
and caaaarefully cleans off her nails
Isn't that scary?
She does that?
What about you?
How are things going?
The same as always.
The other one still around?
Why don't you get mad at him?
He comes home in the morning, doesn't he'?
We, yeah.
I just don't get mad about it these days.
You know, that's... not good!
That's weird!
Yeah, I guess.
H-hey, about today...
with a friend from my school days.
We talked on the phone,
and I told her I'm getting married
and she said it's been a while so we
should get together for a drink.
Should HEM?
Wait, so what would it be'?
- A lot of people drinking?
- N-no.
- Will guys be there?
- No, just girls.
Three people: Sonoko, Midori, and myself.
It's the truth.
Is this a must?
Is this a drinking party you have to be at?
I don't... really... have to.
But you want to go.
But I can turn it down if you hate the idea that much.
Okay, then how about this?
It's okay if it's at home.
Drink here.
I can find something to do elsewhere.
Natsu, what made you decide?
Was there an exact moment
you knew he was the one?
Oh, was there...?
There's a lot to consider,
Do you two actually fight?
No, not at all.
You, Midori'?
I've wanted to ask this for a while...
What at is it?
getting hit... make you happy?
Doesn't it hurt?
It does hurt, as it should!
I knew it... so, why do you....??
There's nothing I can do about it!
That's just the way he is.
He's like
a bit... awkward, yet aggressive.
Awkward yet aggressive?
I don't really think this is exactly the best situation for me.
It's just?
That it's one way to be sure
that he's in love with me.
Hold on a second.
- Sure. No problem.
- Sorry.
Rig m
I'm... well, not at home right now.
Sure. Yeah.
. Am
Then... I'll head there soon. Yeah.
Sorry, sorry.!
Who was that?
He says he's heading to my place.
Really now? Then things are going well for you!
Well, all he does when he's at my place is work.
But he's spending that time with you.
Yeah, I guess he is.
- Sorry about this.
- Don't sweat it.
I'll see you again!
- Sure! Be careful!
- Okay!
- I'll see you at the wedding!
- Right, please come!
Sorry! Thanks for having me, though!
Okay, bye bye!
And then there were two.
So, Sonoko.
Are things going well?
- Yeah. Things are moving along.
- Oh'?
- Yup.
- Good to hear.
you still love that Kashiwagi guy?
I can tell just by looking at you.
You've been silent since Midori's phone rang.
So are you...
Did watching Midori just now make you jealous?
It doesn't seem easy for her.
I'm a little jealous of that as well.
I think that I'd be happier with the
person I love, than the one who loves me.
Well, even so,
it feels good to have someone who really loves you.
- Does it?
- Yeah.
What? Why are you laughing?
Listen to this... back in the clay,
about 10 years ago, I was an idol.
- An idol?!
- Yeah!
I gave it up for a bunch of reasons, though.
But there's a guy out there who has
been in love with me this whole time!
- To this day? Wow!
- Yeah! But there's more!
[Pm thinking
that I might go meet this person.
Aren't you scared'? You've never met him, right?
Well, yeah, I am scared.
[Pm ...
I want to tell him he can let go of me now.
To what end?
That'd be for myself! But...
I'm nothing special anymore, and he's spent his life
putting me on a pedestal and being devoted to me...
and that's...
not right, I think.
[FIE perfectly happy WEE] EL
I think having someone you love is enough to be happy.
IS it?
So you should just leave him be.
,, ..
I just want to see him!
I want to see the person who can love
someone for so long without being loved back.
Maybe I'm blowing it out of proportion,
but when I first read his blog
[GB together!
You don't need me there! And I have a boyfriend!
- You don't even like him! You don't!
- I do! You're horrible!
I do like him.
But you were just acting like
you're still stuck on Kashiwagi-san.
- Sorry, sorry.
- I'm not going with you.
- Let's go. It'll be fun.
- I'm out.
Sure, thanks.
I can try things on for you, too.
Excuse me.
Excuse me!
You've decided on something?
This is a cute one.
Uh, yeah.
This one is fitted a little bit strangely
When it's on,
it looks something like this.
And the back looks kind of like this.
Do you think it will be fine?
Uh, yeah.
[853%]? girlfriend?
Well... for someone I know.
- Someone you know?
- Yeah.
I hope it works out.
You were... uh...
By putting it on for me.
Yeah, it's nothing. Sorry.
This way.
Sorry about this... are you too busy?
No, not at all.
All I'm doing at the moment is
writing the screenplay for my next project.
Really? Well, if this is too much
for you, you don't have to do it.
Well... you've got all the footage and
everything, so it should be fine.
It's just that we were talking, and he figured since
you're a director, you could handle the editing. Right?
- Oh, yeah.
- Well, I'm not exactly a full-fledged director or anything.
When does this need to be done by?
How long do you think you need?
If I had 2 or 3 clays...
WEN] completely firm. Right?
Yeah, no problem.
Okay, then I'll get a hold of you when I'm done.
Sure, thanks.
Oh, uh... hey.
Can I use your bathroom?
Oh, yeah. It's at the end of the hall on the left.
For you.
R-a birthday
Wow, you remembered! Thank you!
- Can I eat it now?
- Go nuts.
Wait. ..
Did you get new glasses?
- Right.
- No, they're the same as before.
Let me see them.
Let me see your glasses.
They're pretty much the same!
Tr?' putting mine on!
- Isn't it about the same?
- Oh! You're right!
How about we wear each other's
glasses until you're done with this video?
What for...? I thought it'd be fun.
No way, that doesn't sound fun at all.
Give them back.
Yes, hello?
Uh... who am I speaking with'?
Wow! It's been a long time!
What's going on'?
I'm with Waseda right now.
Waseda. Remember Mm?
Oh, right!
Where are you staying?
You can just stay at my place, then.
Um, mama...
I, uh...
- came by this store yesterday.
- Thank you.
Thank you for this!
I'll wear it a lot.
What do you mean?
Yesterday ,
I went out
to buy that outfit for you.
And while I was there,
caught my eye-
Last night, while we were with Kashiwagi,
I had that girl on my mind the whole time.
And today, even though it's your birthday,
I went back to the store again.
She wasn't even there, though.
That's why I want to break it off.
This is what you want even if she has a boyfriend'?
Even if she has someone else she is in love with'?
Well... I wouldn't like it.
But that has nothing to do with it.
So if it doesn't work out with
her, coming back to me is...
not in your plan?
It'd be awful of me to do that.
I wouldn't do that.
Sorry... but I want to break it off.
You're okay with it?
There's no other choice... you've found someone else.
I don't know if I've fallen for her or not, though.
But you went to see her, right?
You wanted to see her, right?
Putting love aside... just wanting to see her
makes it real, I think.
This whole time we've been dating?
Have you ever missed me when I'm not around?
Not even once, right?
Not necessarily.
Why did you go out with me?
You were still in love with Kashiwagi.
So why me?
Why ask that?
Why would you ask that right now?
I'm sorry I couldn't win you over.
Congratulations m]
One day our time to tie the knot will come,
and when it does we'll be couting on you for our nails!
Congratulations m]
You two seemed to get along great
when Natsu-san and I were in school together,
so I always thought you two would be perfect for each other.
I look forward to eating with you again!
Well, stay happy together!
Natsu-san! Shuu-san!
I love you guys! Congratulations!
That's pretty much it.
Think that'll work?
Yeah, thanks.
It's good.
[B bugging
Oh, no...
I was wondering how I could get it to her.
We've split up.
Wait, seriously?
What happened... it's hard to say.
I just... found someone that caught my eye.
Oh, you're the one who broke it off'?
And because of that,
well, I'm not exactly sure,
but I figured that had to be the end.
Just having someone else on my mind
makes me think I probably don't
love Sonoko all that much anymore.
You take things so seriously.
What do you mean?
You take things too seriously, really.
If you think there's only one way to see it,
that basically means every couple,
married or not, should cut ties with each other.
- Does it?
- Yeah!
What about you?
I've got two, remember'?
But... that sucks.
Things didn't seem off between you two.
Sure, you can say that pretty easily.
What exactly did we look like to you?
A perfectly normal couple, I thought.
You're one to talk.
How could you possibly understand other people?
Having two girls at once... there's something wrong with you.
Can you do that if you think about other people's felings'?
I guess not.
There's something off about you.
There might be, yeah.
How are you so cool about this?
I'm not "cool" about any of this.
I think about all of this all the time.
If you do, then take it seriously.
Okay, fine, let me ask you this.
You say "take it seriously", but what is that to you?
You might think that it's better to only date one person,
and I do think that's probably true,
but breaking up hurts people, you know?
Haven't you hurt Sonoko-chan?
Did you even think about how she would feel?
Or you did, and you still broke up with her?
Even I think I'm in the wrong here.
I wonder which one I love, or maybe I love neither,
or I might love them both... I think about all of this.
I put way more thought into it than you do.
You just... found someone you're kind of interested in'?
I don't need to be lectured by someone who thinks like that.
I do love her!
So I'm in the wrong but you're in the right?
IS that it?
Both of us are in the wrong.
There is no "right" way to love!
I think that there is!
Here it is.
Thank you.
Yeah, no problem.
I think it's good, but let me know.
Okay, sure.
Have you heard?
- About Waseda'?
- Yeah.
I have.
Oh, yeah. I am. Thanks.
But, you know...
It did catch me by surprise.
You probably know, but I've been in love with you forever.
I went out with Waseda, and thought I'd never really fall for him.
WEE W? m...
It hurt?
Yeah... I think I fell for him more than I ever knew.
I guess it's too late.
Hi. This is Asahi.
Well, I think I'm pretty close.
But I'm lost now.
You're not even home?
Why not?
Huh'? What do you mean?
So where are you?
Right now? The editing room at that film school I used to go to.
They still let me use it.
Whether or not you can use it isn't the problem here...
I could have just stayed at a manga cafe or something.
I'll be fine.
I'll get my girlfriend to come pick you up.
Okay, just stay there.
Yeah, sure. Later.
[B someone visiting?
Someone I used to know
Is this okay, then?
Is what okay?
Oh, yeah, it's not like he came to see me.
Uh, his name is Asahi.
He has been in love with this idol ever since high school.
we were in grade 9 or so,
am suddenly up)
Some kind of love scandal.
But she wasn't well known, or even famous,
so it's not like her life was all over the papers or anything.
So... even though she would have gotten away with it,
she confessed everything at an event of hers.
What did she say?
Hold on.
You have it written down?
Yeah... it's good material, right?
Here it is.
"A few days ago, at a beach in Chiba,"
"He is a fan of mine going to university in Tokyo."
"We have been talking back and forth on the internet for a year."
"I feel that I have wronged the rest of my fans."
"But I am in love with him."
"it may be selfish, but today marks
my graduation from idolhood.".
He is still in love with her, though.
So every year on the 2nd of May,
he goes to the beach where she "became an adult",
Am mm...
to offer her a bouquet.
He's treating her like she's dead!
She may well be dead as far as he's concerned.
I'm not really sure, though.
I see!
About 3 years back,
I went along with him.
What was it like?
Uh, well, it was...
pretty normal. He faced the ocean
and tossed the bouquet into it.
What's normal about that?
Good point.
I'm really sorry Kashiwagi isn't around.
It's not a problem!
Here you go.
Thank you very much.
For going out of your way.
Please do make yourself at home.
Thank you very much.
Something (mam rs
Oh, yeah. Not an event, though.
You must like her.
Yeah. I love her.
What is her name?
Ichigo-chan... yeah.
- Ichigo-chan?
- Yeah.
Momono ichigo-chan... yeah.
I'm sorry... I've never heard of her.
Oh, yeah... she wasn't famous or anything.
- She died'?
- Yeah.
Oh, sorry about that.
Oh, nothing.
Right... she died exactly 10 years ago.
Was it her health? An accident?
If it's one or the other... an accident. In the ocean.
WI? ocean?
Did she drown or something?
She drowned... in the ocean.
She did?
But that actually sounds really nice.
That... pure form of love you have.
Yeah. It's... wholehearted, maybe'?
- Really?
- I really think so.
There aren't a lot of people like that anymore.
There aren't?
I think it's nice.
I'm a bit happy to hear that!
I just... thank you very much.
You're welcome.
Do you want to take a bath?
Don't worry about me!
I'm done with the bath.
How about a drink?
Thanks for offering.
My name is Asahi Jun'ya.
Recently, an old friend of mine and I
were talking about what names suit each other better.
What do you mean?
Like, for example, if Jun'ya wasn't
my name... what do you think it would be'?
That sounds fun.
Yeah... so that friend told me--
Wait, quiz time!
What do you think my name would be'?
Oh, I wonder!
He told me I seemed like a Ryou.
Oh, yeah, he might be right.
You think so, too?
(not good ")
Yeah. Like the "ryou" from the word "for you".
Wait, you mean the "good" part, right?
It would mean "good" as in "the good and the bad", right?
Oh, right. Yeah.
Oh, really? Thank you! Seriously!
What about the "ryou" reading from
"suzushii"? With the water radical?
Oh, like Hirose Ryouko'?
Yeah... when my friend brought it up, he meant that Ryou.
Oh... well, what would mine be'?
- My name. Yeah.
- You're Yuuko-san, right?
That'd be me.
Uh... hmmm...
Nanami could work.
I don't like that at all.
Wm... m...
How about Yuki? ls Yuki okay?
That's a cute name.
Good... it's a cute one.
- Glad you like it.
- Yuki, huh!
- I'm happy with that.
- Thanks for saying that!
- I'm happy that you're happy with it, Yuuko-san-
- "Nanami" was a little...
Nanami was a bad choice, hey?
What made you think of that one?
I think... like... your hairstyle is so "Nanami" that it hurts.
- It hurts'? - It's not that-- it's just...
it seems like the hair a Nanami would have.
It has that... you know... yeah, you get it.
Okay, then what made you think of "Yuki"?
That'd be how "petite" you are.
- "Yuki" suits smaller builds?
- Yeah, that's right.
It's that whole... delicate type of person.
I don't really mean the air about you... that's--
- Are you making fun of me?
- It's that... no, I'm not making fun of you!
I mean the... the cute parts of "Yuki".
- The cute parts'?
- The cute parts.
- You're saying good things, then?
- I am!
- Are you really?
- I am! For real!
Sorry, "Nanami" was really bad.
It was way off.
= Rig m? Rig m?
= MEL... I]
- We'll go with Yuki, then.
- Yeah, Yuki it is. Yuki.
- Yuki, huh...
- Yeah... Yuki.
May as well just change your name to Yuki.
- Yuki.
- I don't see why.
I'll sleep over here.
You'll be cold out there!
- Please sleep in here!
- No, no... I can't do that.
I am a man, after all.
You don't know what I'll do.
No, I can't.
I really don't mind.
You'll make me angry.
I came out here for ichigo-chan.
Put yourself in Kashiwagi's shoes.
Good n ig ht.
- Welcome home.
- Thanks.
Is something wrong?
Well... when I woke up, Asahi-san was gone.
His stuff is still here, though.
Where is the closest park to here?
You know I'm cheating on you,
so why do you stay with me?
Why bring that up now?
Why do you stay'?
L] nun
I haven't really thought about it.
Are you that curious?
I was... really surprised you weren't angry with me.
When you first found out about it,
you didn't even get that mad.
Did you want me to?
Uh... well, I don't know.
Did you think I wasn't that into you anymore?
Yeah, I wondered about that, too.
I already knew.
I knew way before you got busted.
When I did find out, I was really angry.
I was really upset, too.
You have no idea when I found out, do you?
You wouldn't.
That's the way you are.
Hey, come on... don't click me around.
- Sorry, sorry.
- Why the hell weren't you home?
- I was counting on you, man.
- Sorry, sorry.
Hey... I'm really sorry about last night.
Oh, I don't mind much.
You made things harder for Yuuko-san.
I wasn't that put out.
What did you talk about?
What did we talk about?
That's a secret, man.
Drink all you need.
It's tomorrow night, right? You could stay here another night.
Nah, if I leave now I can get there around 5 in the evening.
- You're actually going to speed-walk the whole way?
- I am.
- Seriously'?
- Yeah.
Well... feel free to stop by again.
I will. Thank you very much.
- Later.
- Yeah, later.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Don't worry about it. I'll do it.
Nah, I can take care of it sometimes.
I'm going to break up with Midori today.
I feel like today is the clay.
Whoa, really?
That's great news!
Wait, wait... why did he suddenly decide that?
Did something happen'?
And that friend has been in love with this girl for over 10 years.
I wonder if that somehow made him decide
that he had to take this seriously.
But I don't think that's all there is to it.
Wellll... it's still good news!
it might be me on the chopping block next time.
Oh... hey.
Is it a one-sided love?
That friend of his.
Oh. Yeah.
He said that she used to be an idol.
Apparently $136
She's dead'?
That might be why he could stay in love the entire time.
What was her name?
- The idol's name?
- Yeah.
And this was 10 years ago?
Wait, what was her last name?
- Her last name?
- Yeah.
WEE! EL...
- She wasn't famous, though.
- It's Momono ichigo, right?
What? You know her?
Huh'? Well... it's... not that I know her.
But she's dead'?
Yeah. Supposedly she drowned in the ocean 10 years back.
I guess you could say that.
So you do know her?
That friend of his...
His name is Asahi, right?
How do you know that?
What are you laughing about?
Can you listen to this with a straight face?
Okay... what?
That's me.
- Who'?
- Momono ichigo.
What? But she's dead!
I'm not dead!
I was thinking of going to see him tomorrow.
Huh? What'?
I don't get this!
Oh, hello. Glad to meet you. I'm Matsuda.
We're just classmates. Pay me no mind.
Come sit.
Put that down first.
What at is it?
You said you wanted to talk.
Uh], mam...
Let's talk alone.
Don't worry about me. Just pretend I'm not here.
You are here.
This is about breaking up, yes?
You want to break up with me, yes?
- Hm'?
- What?
If I refuse, what then?
What if I don't want to?
Then I guess we can't.
If you really don't want to,
then I think we probably can't.
I have to ask.
Do you have no spine?
I do.
We need to talk about this more.
You know... I don't want to break up,
and this guy likes me, so I invited him over.
That would be me trying to get out of having this conversation.
Wait, Midori-chan... What is this? You're not breaking up'?
Be quiet.
I skipped school to be here for you, you know!
Okay, then go to school.
- You can't just tell me to go--
- You can go.
It's fine... I'm not going to bail now.
You can stay here, then.
But be quiet.
Say it yourself, Kashiwagi-san.
Can we not talk alone?
You're not ready to say it with someone else around?
This isn't about being ready or not.
I'm going to say it.
want to break up with you.
What about her?
Her, too?
I'm not sure.
I see.
You want to do right by her?
I guess...
I guess
I just want
a clean slate for once.
- I am, aren't I?
- Yeah.
I think...
We never should have dated.
I should have turned you down from the start.
Well, you know... being with me wasn't very fun for you, was it?
I was always a bit moody.
You've got that wrong.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Sonoko was...
Well, you know Sonoko was in love with you, right?
More or less.
You know, she...
gave up on you because she knew you were taken.
She didn't want to make things hard
for your girlfriend by trying to date you.
She's... got a good moral compass.
But I couldn't just let go.
I think that if you really love someone,
you can't give up on them so easily.
I don't think it matters if there's another
girl in the picture. Even if it's just an affair.
That was fine with me,
and that's why
I found the strength to ask.
Things turned out like this in the end...
and I was struggling a lot of the time.
I would wonder all the time what you
were doing with her when you weren't with me.
But thinking about that made me hate myself more.
But... you know... when we walk to
the station together in the mornings,
or whatever... I had a lot of fun just spending that time together.
Even right now... we're talking about breaking up,
but we're doing it in the same room together.
We could have just done it over the phone or even by text,
but you came all the way here to do it.
That's true, at least.
You came here
and that's why
mm Really
I see......
Thank you for going out with me.
Let's give this a rest!
Uh... let's stop.
I, uh... this was a mistake.
Sorry. I'm sorry. Maybe today isn't the clay.
Really . .
Let's finish this.
It's okay. Don't make yourself do it.
No, we can't stop!
- We finish this... I don't want to end up having
this conversation again. - N-no, I'm sorry.
Okay, then we can just stay together!
You don't even really think that we should stay together forever.
Uh... right, I'm sorry. I--
I made a mistake.
Welcome heme.
It didn't work out.
Want some tea?
- Sure.
- Okay.
Are you okay?
I wonder if he's speed-walking right now.
I mean Asahi-san.
Toward 137:1? ocean.
I'm a little jealous of him.
He's actually in love with someone.
And he's had only her in his heart the entire time.
I want to love someone that way.
Just like he does.
Should we call it quits?
Let's break it off.
I actually
found someone else.
Wait, it's not Asahi, is it?
Asahi-san'? Not a chance.
Okay, who is it?
Someone I] knew?
Someone I] knew from work.
L] I See...
good for you.
It'd be better than staying with me, anyway.
I can't really make you happy, anyway.
I'm happy for YOU-?
I'm a little relieved.
That's enough.
What do you mean?
I'm at the end of my rope.
I've got a meeting to attend
so I might be a bit later than usual.
How much later?
I wonder... maybe...
Oh, I should be able to be home by around 8.
That's pretty much the same as usual, then.
Oh, is it?
At the usual time, then.
Are you hiding something?
I'm not hiding anything.
You seem a bit more dressed up than usual today.
I don't think so.
- Oh?
You're almost dressed to kill.
I wouldn't say so at all.
I'd really like
if you stopped hiding things.
I'm going to take off now.
Wait up.
I don't mind if we call off the wedding, you know.
If you're not into it, there's really no point.
Thanks for letting me know.
But I do love you.
We regret to inform you that we will be ciosed for the day.
[a letter to Asahi spoken out loud later]
Good morning!
- What are you up to?
- I think I dressed up too much!
- I'm not!
- You so are!
- When is that?
- When?
Around 5 today.
- Now?
- Yeah, I'm just about to finish.
Wait, I don't have a car or anything.
- Really?
- Yeah. Just wait a second.
It's time, so I'm taking off.
- Wait a second, Tanako-chan.
- Yes?
I think he's got his eye on you, so you should be careful.
Why do you figure that?
But he tells me about how he cheats on his girlfriend.
- But that might be just how he does it.
- How?
As in... he just tells you everything.
And that's how he lures you in.
I don't think people would say that
to someone they're interested in.
Well, yeah, you're right.
You, for example, never talk to me about your wife.
What? That makes it sound like I'm the one after you!
No, no...
Do you have time?
So, hey... do you remember Asahi?
We're going to the ocean after this.
WI? ocean?
- With him'?
- Yeah.
He said there'll be a sight to behold.
What the hell? That's so suspicious!
That's creepy... what does he mean by pure love?
Gives me the willies!
This is a really bad idea!
He could have his way with you!
Here she is.
Cool, let's get going.
I'm sorry I'm late!
It's no problem!
WEBB together
- Hello.
- And...
This is Sonoko. We went to school together.
- Hello, nice to meet you,
- Nice to meet you.
This is Waseda. Former classmate.
Nice to meet you. I'm Aoki Tanako.
U-uh. .. Waseda Takayoshi.
Let's head out, then?
Are you good to go'?
Al rig ht, [ME
And Natsu told me she was planning to come see him,
so I figured I'd come see this
wholehearted love she talked about.
Why are you here, Sonoko-chan?
I'm in the same boat, I guess. I found
myself not really understanding love or hate.
- Oh...
- That's why
I figured I'd come see this.
This breeze is nice!
It's wonderful.
It's the ocean!
Hey, we're here.
Let's just let him sleep.
He didn't seem very interested in this, anyway.
H-he didn't?
Uh... I'm just wondering, but did you buy clothing from me?
I knew it!
- I thought it was you.
- Yeah.
- I thought so the moment I got in the car.
- You should have said so!
Oh, sorry.
You said that was a gift, right?
Oh, that... it didn't go over very well.
I'm sorry I brought it up.
I'm actually very interested in you.
That clay, when we met,
I felt that my heart was yours the moment I saw you.
I love you.
If it's okay with you, I'd like to go out with you.
What does love mean to you?
Please tell me.
How can you fall for someone so easily?
L-it's not that I fell in love so easily.
I'm sorry. I can't go out with you.
Love is love, isn't it...?
Why are you here?
Oh, she did get the present.
He bought that where I work.
You're the girl from the store'?
Yeah. I work there.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
You're already dating, then.
No, not quite...
That's not what this is.
She rejected me.
Does that mean you two aren't doing well?
He clumped me.
And he got turned down.
Are you working on your screenplay'?
I'm sorry if I'm interrupting you.
I haven't
really slept since we spoke.
I've thought a lot about all of this.
But... I don't want to talk on the phone.
I want to see you and talk.
We can talk again next time you come over.
Have you been sleeping, Kashiwagi-san?
I'm really sorry
if you haven't been sleeping because of me.
To Asahi, my fan of 10 years:
Nice to meet you... which may sound
odd, but it's still nice to meet you.
My name is Koumoto Natsu, but
you know me as Momono ichigo.
Thank you very much for continuing
to keep me in your heart these long 10 years.
But in those 10 years, I've been in and out of relationships.
I'm not an idol or anything special
anymore. I'm just your everyday woman.
And next month, I'll be getting married.
I came across your blog just a few days ago.
You've already given more enough your love,
and now what I want for you is to
find other people you can like and love.
It may be selfish, but my wish right now is for
you to find someone else you can truly love.
There are plenty of women out there better than me.
Someone close to you right now may even be meant for you.
I pray the day comes that you find someone you can love.
And that the two of you stay happy together.
With 10 years of thanks,
I have finally found someone other than you!
And that person is my friend's girlfriend
so it is unlikely we'll be together,
but she is so kind, and I love her!
So I think I no longer have the right to offer you bouquets!
This will be the last one!
Please accept it!
I'm so sorry!
even though I don't know what will
happen, I'm still glad I've found someone!
Yuuko-san! I love you! Yuuko-san!
Momono ichigo-chan doesn't matter to me anymore!
do you know what it means to love someone'?
Have you ever actually fallen for someone'?
Uh... yeah, I have.
We're in the same boat, then.