Sadak Chhap (1987) Movie Script

The case is very complicated.
- What?
The mother and child
can lose their life.
We can't even operate.
We'll have to call the surgeon.
It'll cost you about Rs.5000 to 6000.
Who will give me Rs. 5000 to 6000?
I will.
Laxman, didn't you recognise me?
I'm Karam Das. Karma.
We used to study
together in college.
You have a weak memory.
Of course.
- Did you remember? - Yes.
If friends don't help in
times of need, then who will?
Don't worry, I'll give the money.
- Here.
Friend, I'll never
forget your favour.
Forget about favours.
Go and save your wife's life. Go.
Thank you, friend, thank you.
- Go.
Why did you give him so much money?
You won't understand.
That's why you're you, and I'm me.
Come on.
Mr. Laxman, congratulations.
- Thank you, Doctor.
It's a boy.
The mother and child are both safe.
5 - 6 men tried,
but the safe didn't open.
There is magic in your hands.
- Laxman!
Karma, how are you?
I'm in trouble,
and I've come to trouble you.
I can even give my
life for you. Tell me.
No, no. I don't want
your life but your skills.
I've lost my car keys.
You lost your car keys.
It'll take just a minute.
It's a special lock.
Don't worry at all.
There is magic in these hands.
This hand can open any lock.
Is this the car?
- Yes.
What a nice car!
You can praise the car later.
First open the car.
Great Laxman! Wow!
Wow! Wow! Wow!
Take the taxi and drop him.
Okay, I'm leaving.
- Thank you.
Your work is done.
- Thank you very much.
I'll go and drop him.
- Come soon.
Don't go anywhere.
Come on.
I've been ruined! I've been robbed!
What are you looking at?
Inspector, my diamonds worth
Rs.2.5 million has been stolen.
Jaikishen must be on his way.
Only this much is my share.
You're very greedy.
The entire plan is mine.
And I've invested Rs.10,000 for it.
Now we don't have to rob
anything for 6-7 years.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Shankar.
Happy birthday to you!
Come on, children, enjoy.
Dance. Come on, dance.
Happy birthday to you!
Congratulations to the both of
you on the birthday of your child.
Thank you. Thank you.
Where were you, for so many years?
I had gone to Hong Kong,
I just returned last week.
But I'm facing problems
as soon as I reached here.
Why? What happened?
It seems I'll have to
spend the night in a hotel.
What has happened?
What should I tell you, my wife..
- Hello, ma'am. Come.
She has lost the house keys.
What can I do, sir? I'm so forgetful.
I don't know
where I misplaced the keys.
It's not just today,
you do it every time.
Why are you getting angry?
I apologised.
Does an apology solve everything..
- Why do you keep arguing?
I'm there.
Karma, you always misplace your keys.
What can I say?
Sometimes because of me..
..and sometimes because of my wife..
See this, open it.
- This one.
- I see.
Opened it, didn't I?
Switch on the light.
What a grand house.
What are you doing?
I understand! You're robbing.
- Quiet!
No, I won't let that happen!
Why are you pushing me?
Who are you?
Where have you come from?
What are you doing here?
This is Mr. Jankidas's house!
Thief! You're thieves!
You deceived me! You're a thief!
I won't let you go!
I won't let you go!
You're thieves! You're thieves!
Help me!
They killed my husband! Help me!
I will not let you go,
I will not let you go!
- No!
You are thieves!
I will not spare you.
Where are you running off too?
You can't go!
I'll hand you to the police..
Murder! Murder!
- No.
Call the police! Call the police!
He is a murderer.
I'm not a murderer, your Honour!
I'm not a murderer!
Someone else is the murderer!
Order! Order! Order!
What did you say?
I'm a murderer's son?
Yes, I did. I'll say it a thousand times.
- You.
Leave me! Leave me! Don't hit me!
On the basis of all the
evidences and witnesses..
..Laxman Umashankar is found guilty..
..under section 302 of
the Indian penal code.
Because this is his first crime..
..that's why instead
of death sentence..
..he is sentenced to
14 years of imprisonment.
Mother! Say something, Mother!
She has died!
- Mother!
Go! Go from here! Get lost!
Who? Who? Who?
Ramaiyya. Ramaiyya.
You're so drenched.
Why do you stay out of the
house so late in the night?
Why do you trouble your blind mother?
You're not Ramaiyya.
Then..then who are you?
I'm Shankar.
- Shankar!
Go, son. Go or else you'll fall ill.
Go home and sleep.
I don't have a house.
You're so drenched.
Shankar, don't you have anyone?
- No.
No. My mother died.
My father was jailed.
Son, did you have food?
No, I haven't eaten
anything for three days.
Sit, I'll give you something to eat.
Sit. Sit. I had kept
it for my Ramaiyya.
I don't know if
Ramaiyya will come or not.
But you eat it, son. You eat it.
Why are you here?
Who are you?
In my own house, you ask me who I am.
This is your house, your
mother brought me here.
Fooling my blind mother,
you've entered my house.
I'll leave.
- Take my shirt off!
I will.
- What are you looking at? Get lost!
Ramaiyya! Ramaiyya!
Don't steal my money!
I need it to buy vegetables.
I need it to buy vegetables.
Who is it?
"Yes, I'm a loafer."
"Yes, I'm a loafer."
"Am I the dust on the
road or a shining star?"
"No one knows."
"Yes, I'm a loafer."
"Yes, I'm a loafer."
"I spent my life on the roads."
"Yes, I'm a loafer."
"Yes, I'm a loafer."
"Neither do I have any kin.."
"..nor do I have a
companion or a dream."
"Neither do I have any kin.."
"..nor do I have a
companion or a dream."
"My only companion is my shadow."
"Yes, I'm a loafer."
"Yes, I'm a loafer."
"Am I the dust on the
road or a shining star?"
"No one knows."
"Yes, I'm a loafer."
"Yes, I'm a loafer."
"My kin have given me wounds."
"I've borne so many
sorrows with a smile."
"My kin have given me wounds."
"I've borne so many
sorrows with a smile."
"Is it fate,
or the atrocity of the world?"
"Yes, I'm a loafer."
"Am I the dust on the road
or a shining star?"
"No one knows."
"Yes, I'm a loafer."
"My house is on the streets."
What is it?
Do you have sorrows too?
Have some alcohol.
Everything will be fine.
There is one thing.
You dwell on the streets, so do I.
You don't have anyone, neither do I.
But you.. don't know
who your parents are.
I know who my parents are.
Should I show you?
Sit. Come. Slowly.
Mother. Look.
Except for her, except for
this photo, I don't have anyone.
Understood? I don't have anyone.
- Mother.
Why do you say that?
- Mother.
Am I no one to you?
No, Mother,
you're everything for me.
I was just talking to him.
Then why didn't you come home?
I'm blind,
I can't even look for you.
What are you saying, Mother?
Whenever I feel hungry,
Mother, you feed me.
You satisfy my hunger.
How can a mother let her son
sleep on an empty stomach?
When you'll become a father,
you'll realise it.
I wish my father
would have know that.
Then Shankar would
have never been a loafer.
No, son, your father
must have been helpless too.
Otherwise, how can a
father make his son destitute?
Tell me.
Jailor, did you find out
anything about my son?
It's such a big city.
So many years have passed away.
Where can we find him?
Where can my son be?
Come on, come on.
Don't stop, but carefully.
Chhotu, what are you doing
so late in the night?
Why are you crying?
I was going to bring
medicine for my mother.
That strongman stopped
me on the way and said..
..come on, gamble,
or else I'll hit you!
And he snatched the money
for mother's medicine.
How much?
- Rs.30.
Fine, son, you go.
I'll bring the money.
Boss, you're really lucky today.
Come on, distribute for me too.
Loafer, there is going to
be trouble today. - Yes.
Keep it on the second table.
- I'm done too.
- Rs.2 from me too.
Show on 8.
Two 2's.
Two queens.
Yes, two queens.
Wait, give the money. The money.
What happened?
- Nothing! Nothing!
- Rs.10 from me too.
10 more.
10 more.
Show on 10.
Ace, 2.
Three kings.
Am I lying?
- No, three kings.
What happened?
First king, second king,
and the third!
Loafer! You might be feared
on the streets, but not here.
Keep quiet, smarty.
Get out of here?
- Hey, where are you all going?
Three guys beaten by one person.
So write one is to three.
Look, fatso, I don't have
any enmity with you.
You conned that child,
and I conned you.
10, 20, 30 this is mine.
Pascal, keep the rest.
Anju! Anju!
Why are you shouting?
Don't come in, I'm changing.
So late in the night,
when people are scared..
..of carrying money, you
sent your brother with Rs.30.
I didn't send him.
He must have gone on his own
to bring mother's medicines.
But where are you coming
from so late in the night?
I just got your brothers Rs. 30 back.
He had lost it at Pascal's den.
Get up!
You had gone to gamble?
- No sister.
He doesn't gamble,
that strongman forced him to.
Didn't mother come back?
I always say no,
but she never listens.
Always returns after doing overtime.
What happened?
Aunt, you'll live for a 100 years.
I was just talking about you.
Son, it's difficult to live for a
100 hours for poor people like us.
Aunt, if you say that,
I won't talk to you.
But tell me, why are you
doing such a lot of hard work?
..then a mother's
responsibility increases.
Anju must find a suitable groom..
..and have a small loving family.
That's my only dream.
Don't worry about her,
she is very fortunate.
- I'm leaving.
Shankar, listen.
- What?
If you really consider me your aunt..
..can I ask you something?
- Ask aunt.
Why do you keep wandering
on the streets at night?
Get a house, make a family.
Why don't you think
about getting settled down?
Aunt, if I try to get settled down,
I'll be ruined.
All I've earned since my
childhood is this name, Loafer.
If I try to settle down,
then they'll take this name away too.
I can give my life,
Aunt, but not my identity.
I'm going.
Bye, Chhotu.
- Yes, sir.
Put no. 19 on that pot.
I'll put any number that you say.
Because whoever you've
numbered till now has..
That's why I've
stuck to you for so long.
Or else I might be ruined.
Jaikishen, you talk a lot.
That's my minus point.
Come. Please come.
This way, this way. Come.
Come, come.
- I'm Fredrick.
- Phillips.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- You're welcome.
Mr. Dharam Das,
have our goods arrived?
Julie, no. 16.
See this.
We have even better quality.
Billa, bring no. 50.
I want this.
- You want this. - Yes.
Try this too.
This is the real stuff.
Yeah, this is the stuff. Very fine.
I want this too.
You'll get it.
- Yes.
Take them to the bungalow
with the red light..
..and give them the goods of no.50.
And take the money
according to each one's worth.
Did you see, Jaikishen? I sold the
bad product stating it's the best.
I'm your sycophant.
I'll put the tags.
You won! You won! You won!
Congratulations, Mr. Dharam Das.
- Congratulations.
You've won the elections.
I knew it.
- You knew it.
From the ten candidates,
you've won with 20,002 votes.
- And the last two votes were ours.
Garland him.
- Mr. Dharam Das!
Now Mr. Dharam Das will
say a few words to you.
Brothers and sisters, you made
me the winner in these elections.
I'm very obliged for that.
- Mr. Dharam Das!
- Mr. Dharam Das!
Not me but you should be praised.
For your faith!
For your votes, that are of
more value to me than money!
And if you keep up like this..
..then soon, instead of water,
milk will flow from your taps.
For the milk!
- Claps!
I want to say something too, sir.
I've been seeing since my childhood..
..that leaders like you come on
this stage and give speeches..
..get garlanded, show us big dreams..
..and then disappears.
Neither is there water in our taps,
nor light in our hutments!
Neither is there ration in the shops..
Nothing! Only there is you
who comes for the votes.
No! I'm not one of those leaders..
..that bribe people for the votes..
..and then only care about
notes after getting the votes.
You'll see that your
sorrows will be mine..
Exactly the same.
The leaders have two hands.
But after they win.. hand becomes very
long and the other very small.
With the long hand, he pulls votes..
..and with the smaller hand,
gives money to people close to him.
Those hands never
reach us poor people.
There is something wrong
in your give and take, sir.
- Mr. Dharam Das!
- Mr. Dharam Das!
- Mr. Dharam Das!
You come in the other car!
- Mr. Dharam Das!
- Mr. Dharam Das!
- Mr. Dharam Das!
Jaikishen, is there any information?
Yes, today evening the
petrol prices will increase.
The petrol prices will increase.
What are you looking at? Work.
Lala, we've been standing
in the sun all day.
All the kerosene
that had come is over.
Now, should I get
kerosene from my body?
Or else what?
Your true face will be revealed.
By stealing kerosene
from us poor people..
..and selling it in the black market..'ve earned a lot
of respect for yourself.
Don't talk nonsense.
I'm not talking nonsense,
I'm praising you.
This is my praise.
Come on, start
distributing kerosene quickly.
Or else, I'll praise you so
much that you'll run away!
Such a small girl,
and such a big threat!
I'll just call the police.
Who do you think you are?
- Get lost!
Hello, police station.
Lala, why are you wasting 50 paise.
You want one police official.
The entire police station
is standing in front of you.
What's the problem?
Shankar, the kerosene is over,
and these people..
..they're asking for kerosene.
And this girl is doing hooliganism.
Being a girl,
she is doing hooliganism.
It's a very bad thing,
Lala, it's a very bad thing.
What are you doing, Shankar?
Just like constables use their
truncheon to solve the matter..
..I light the matches.
But it'll catch fire, Shankar.
There is a fire in the
poor people's stomach..
..without the kerosene.
But Shankar, why are you
lighting the matches.. my shop every time.
To remove the
deceitful mask from your face.
It's there.
- What?
- Where is it?
- How much?
A lot.
He has kerosene.
- No, there is not.
What are you saying?
- Yes, it's there.
- Brother Shankar!
- Brother Shankar!
What's going on?
Please save me,
four goons are after me.
There are a lot of goons in Mumbai.
There is no peace
even in this pipe.
My name isn't Shanti.
- Fine, come in.
Are the police after you?
Did you see the girl?
- Girl! - Yes.
Come on.
- Listen!
What is it?
I've seen the girl.
Where is she?
- But..I won't tell you.
There is the girl!
Where is she?
One girl and four boys,
that's not right.
Here, drink.
Why you.. Come and drink. Get lost!
Come on.
There is one at the back too.
You rest. Don't worry, I'm there.
I'm there.
Have some, you too have some.
Bravo, bravo.
How was it?
Even your uncle wouldn't have
given you such a good quality.
Why are you fighting
amongst yourselves?
How many?
- There are 1..2..3.
What is this? Wait, just a minute.
Come here.
Come here, quickly.
Here, drink it.
Bravo, bravo. What a punch.
Here. Take this bottle,
and go and beat everyone up.
- Okay.
What a punch.
There is no peace in this small pipe.
How can there be peace
all over the country?
Come on, let's go and drink.
Where were you?
I..I was very scared.
I'm going?
- What is it?
I don't have any money to go home.
Four boys after such a poor girl.
I didn't understand.
No, I'm not poor.
It's that.. my car broke down.
And the taxi that I took..
I ran into these goons there.
I ran to save my life
and lost my purse.
And the rest..
- I know.
Where do you live?
- Napeansea Road.
Here. Rs.12.50.
All I had, I've given you.
I'm leaving.
I..I'll return it.
I've earned it sticking posters.
Come on.
- But..but where can I find you?
You're great,
every road here bears my mark.
My name is loafer.
Taxi.. Wait.
Sit. Just a minute.
Hair in, cap on the top.
Look like a boy, less danger.
- Yes.
Take her carefully,
she's very special. - Yes.
Thank you.
What a gift you've given.
My cheek's turned rosy red.
Hello. Hello.
- Mr. Romi..
That girl got away.
You were unsuccessful
in abducting her again.
Scoundrels, idiots, rascals!
Sister, my plan failed again.
She got away from my clutches again.
Why are you so worried?
But it's very important
that girl be in my control.
Hi, Natasha.
- Hi.
- Yes, madam. - Where is uncle?
These goods in the
no. 17 storage house.
These goods in the
no. 20 storage house.
Yes, sir.
Property deeds...
- You..
Natasha, I've told you earlier. Don't
come in this part of the bungalow.
Uncle, there were goons after me.
Natasha, this is India, not England.
Girls don't roam
around here alone at night.
Understood? Go.
Darling, since your
niece has come from England..
..there is so much of
disturbance in our privacy.
Be a nurse in that bungalow,
and change clothes here.
Darling, to live
life on your own term.. have to change many garbs.
Quiet! Quiet! Quiet!
Hey cheater, what's all this?
Such a thick blanket
in this hot summer.
I don't understand anything.
I'm getting ready for my vaccine.
The doctor has said that
I've got double pneumonia.
If I don't wear the blanket,
I'll get triple pneumonia.
Why is Moti barking?
He's asking me to take my medicine.
What is this?
But what's he doing here?
And he was about to become an orphan.
That's why I was taking him home
to feed him and make him stout.
Feed him and make him stout.
You'll snatch his food.
Don't I have a standard?
You have a standard.
Not just a Fiat Standard,
I have a Mercedes too.
What are you saying?
- Really.
Why are you shouting?
Where is aunt?
- She has gone to the factory.
Look, what I've brought for aunt.
Mother will be very
happy to see this.
Will you have tea?
- Is this the time to drink tea?
I'm making it.
- Listen.
I've brought gift for you too.
Sit, I'll bring tea.
Less sugar.
"The first time you lock eyes.."
"The first time you lock eyes.."
"It happens in youth."
"My beloved,
I've fallen in love, love me."
"Life will be full of fun."
"Life will be full of fun."
"The first time you lock eyes.."
"The first time you lock eyes.."
"It happens in youth."
"My beloved,
I've fallen in love, love me."
"Life will be full of fun."
"Life will be full of fun."
"I've immersed myself in you."
"I'll make you mine."
"I'll fulfil all your dreams."
"My beloved,
my life belongs to you now."
"It happens in youth."
"I've fallen in love.
- Love me."
"Life will be full of fun."
"The first time you lock eyes.."
"The first time you lock eyes.."
"They are showering rain."
"The wind is blowing
clouds everywhere."
"It's showering rain."
"The wind touches my wet body."
"It arouses desires in my heart."
"Love is being showered
on the craving heart"
"It happens in youth."
"I've fallen in love.
- Love me."
"Life will be full of fun."
"The first time you lock eyes.."
"The first time you lock eyes.."
"My beloved,
I've fallen in love, love me."
"Life will be full of fun."
"Life will be full of fun."
Your entire tea has evaporated.
I'll make a fresh pot of tea.
Third tea?
- That!
I'm going.
Dear, I've kept a glass of
milk on the table for you.
Okay, okay.
- I'm getting late.
Where did she go in the
state of intoxication?
Where did her car disappear?
She escaped my clutches again.
Come on.
Go to sleep. Go to sleep, it's time.
Where did this fair hand come from?
I don't want it.
Let me sleep.
She is a girl!
Hey, girl, what are
you doing in my bed?
Hey, girl, get up.
Who are you?
What happened?
She is an English girl.
I'm saying that this bed is mine.
This me, this me, this me, this me.
What kiss me?
You want a kiss from me?
No, I'm not asking for a kiss!
Then what do you want?
Hey, Rs. 12.50!
Hey, Rs. 12.50!
You just disappeared after that day.
Give me my Rs. 12.50!
No Rs.12, no 50 paise.
I'm very hungry,
give me something to eat.
Great, first she asked
for fare then food.
What else will you ask for next?
I'm very hungry.
I'm drunk, why are you swaying?
I'm hungry.
Hungry. Come on, I'll arrange
something for your hunger too.
Come on, come on.
Rukya! Rukya..
Make bread and vegetables with butter.
- Hey man.
I know, you'll say
you're hungry, you're hungry.
My intoxication and sleep has
been ruined listening to that!
What are you doing? Hey!
She has fallen unconscious.
Hey, madam!
This is called,
deliberately inviting trouble.
What am I stuck in?
I was sleeping peacefully.
Shankar, who is this girl?
Come on, prepare the bed quickly.
- What?
It's the question of just one night.
You with her, one night.
This..this girl.
I don't know, Aunt.
You've brought here and
you don't know who she is.
The doctor said that
she needs a night's rest.
That's why I brought her here.
Pick her up and take her along.
Aunt, tell her, or else there'll
be chaos in the neighbourhood.
But where did you find her?
I didn't find her, she came to me.
Aunt, get me a blanket.
Blanket too.
The bench in the garden where
I sleep, she was sleeping there.
Both of you, on the same bench!
What are you thinking?
There was a wooden
partition in between.
What was the need for
you to break the partition?
I didn't do anything,
she kept her hand on me.
Hand, and that too from above.
Why are you troubling me, Anju?
She is not the kind of girl
you're thinking.
Really? She isn't?
It's just that
I had given her Rs. 12.50.
You had given her money? Why?
It's a very long story.
There were goons after her and..
A new trick!
This summer heat of Mumbai and then..'re inquiring like the police.
I'm going.
- Where are you going?
Take your goods along with you.
Son, I'll take care of her.
Aunt, take care that there's no chaos.
- Get lost.
Get up, your act is over.
Wake up.
So, you won't get up.
Anju, Anju.
Anju, where is the girl?
Did you..
- I finished her.
Why are you saying such things?
In the midnight, with the
knife in hand I went to her slowly.
I looked all over. There was silence.
She was in deep sleep,
and I was in anger.
Then suddenly..suddenly I
don't know what happened.
I slashed her 10 times
with the knife.
And then, over.
You killed her.
- Finished her!
Murder. This is murder.
Then what happened?
Then I woke up.
You scared Shankar.
Left? But did she
tell you where she went?
Why are you so shocked?
Did you have any relation with her?
I don't have any relation.
I met her in the night.
What had happened to
me last night, Doctor?
Dear, you were given so
many sleeping pills last night..
..that if Shankar has
delayed bringing you here.. would have been
impossible for you to survive.
Who mixed poison in Natasha's milk?
Answer me! Who mixed poison?
Why don't you say?
Why had you mixed
poison in Natasha's milk?
No, sir, it's not their fault.
I had given the milk to the lady.
You! - But sir, I didn't
mix anything in her milk.
..I saw the..
- Wretched woman!
What's the matter?
- She is the wretched woman..
..who mixed poison in Natasha's milk.
No, dear no.
Dear, please don't doubt
my years of loyalty.
You poor people..
..put up the act of being loyal for
years and when you get the chance.. such a deceitful deed,
that even puts the devil to shame.
No, dear.
- Look.
- You know Natasha..
No, dear.
- Move, let me talk.
You know, she wanted
to go on an holiday.
She has asked for a
Rs. 500 advance too. - No!
She would make you unconscious and
run away with all your jewellery.
Sir! Sir, all this is lie!
I'm being accused.
I didn't commit any theft, sir.
I didn't mix anything in the milk.
When I was coming out
of her room, he was..
You lie so much!
You're such a liar!
I'll kill you.
Sir, you want to see how
innocent she is, right?
Then come with me, please come.
What are you doing?
I had told you. Look.
This is the evidence of her truth,
loyalty and honesty.
Deceitful woman, we entrusted
you with all the responsibility..
..of the house and trusted you.
Please, Uncle, let her go.
Betrayer, get out from here!
Throw her out!
What are you starring at?
Come on, get lost from here.
- I didn't do anything.
Leave me! - Be thankful that
we didn't hand you to the police.
Get lost.
Where are you going?
No bones are broken,
but the wound is deep. - Anju!
What happened, Chhotu?
Are you hurt badly? - No.
Did you noted down the car's number?
Hey, you..
So you like to enjoy on
your father's money.
Just because you own a car,
you think the road belongs to you.
You run away after hitting a child.
Do you think driving is a joke?
What's this hooliganism?
Who are you?
Don't interfere! When two
people are talking, don't interfere.
I'll deal with you after
I finish dealing with him.
Come on.
- What has he done to you?
He can't do anything to me, sir.
There is a little boy
in my neighbourhood.
He dashed into him and
injured his hand and ran away.
Fine, you want money for the treatment
of the child. I'll give you.
Give him the treatment money.
My settlement is different.
You.. - Don't you dare!
I'll hand you over to the police!
Leave my hand or else
I'll kill you! Understand?
What's your name?
Every street here bears my mark.
Shall I say anything else?
What is this?
I never saw a green-coloured dog.
This is a dog from Greenland.
All the dogs are green in Greenland.
- It's a very nice dog.
Give me the money. Rs. 500.
- Give him Rs. 500.
Thank you.
But it's white here.
Many people there..
Do one thing,
there's no need to worry.
This a green colour bottle.
Apply this colour there.
It'll be fine.
He fooled us!
Catch him!
- Stop!
Where did he go?
What is it?
- Nothing, nothing.
Go, go.
Uncle, thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
There he is.
If I catch you, I won't spare you.
First catch me.
Catch him.
I usually don't run.
And if I run, I don't stop.
Thank God you didn't grab my pant.
All my clothes are like this.
You go from that side,
I'll go from this side.
He is here, and him too.
Lord, pick me up.
You're calling me up so soon.
Lord, help me.
What happened Cheater?!
Hit them.
Take this!
Why are you hanging up there?
Come down!
I won't spare you!
I won't spare me!
Here you go.
Take this. This is such fun.
A left here.. Hey!
Get lost!
Get me down.
- I won't.
Tell me, what did you do this time?
..and they came after
me like I'm the dog.
Look, if you lie to me,
you'll keep hanging like this.
- Yes.
I sold them a stray
dog after colouring it.
They saw it and my
secret was revealed.
So..get me down.
Okay, from now on deceiving people..
- Stopped.
Conning people.
- Stopped.
- Stopped. - What?
No, no, I'll be honest.
Honest from today.
Okay, cocaine.
Yes. Okay.
Sir, she is my sister.
Sir, very soon
she is going to get married.
Whether it's sooner or later,
what shall I do?
Sir, you had said that
you'd give some money on credit.
I can say anything I want,
but does that happen?
This is outrageous. You had promised!
Such a big part of
the factory fell down.
Even the engineer promised me..
..that it'll never fall,
but it did fall.
Go from here. Move, move, move.
It's a very nice brake,
sir, very nice.
But there seems to be
some trouble in your brain.
Who are you?
Who else other than a loafer
can stop your car like this?
Tell me clearly.
People don't understand.
That's why I've come
to make you understand.
Please give this poor fellow
Rs. 2,000 and settle the matter.
What nonsense are you talking?
Look sir, neither will
you have to sell your car..
..nor will your house be auctioned..
But without money, this poor
man's image will surely be tarnished.
It's just the question
of Rs. 2,000. Give it. my bank account.
Move. Stop talking nonsense,
and get out of my path!
I'll get off your path,
but his Rs. 2,000 won't.
Get lost.
Oil and clarified butter cans.
Who has done this?
The children have
become so mischievous.
Cans! They tied cans to my car.
This kids..
Catch him, catch him!
Is someone there?
He is taking my car!
What are you looking at? Catch him?
Where did you get this from?
Your boss gave it.
My Rs.80,000 worth car on bricks.
Inspector, what's going on?
Take a look.
Whatever is written in
your fate, that's happening!
Just like the dead can't be
brought back to life by crying..
..just like that the disappeared goods
can't come back by your shouting.
You? You, here!
If not here, then where?
Inspector, I've seen
the driver of this car.
Who was he? Who was he?
- Who was he?
Who was driving this car?
- Why are you getting infuriated?
I'm telling you?
- Tell me quickly, please.
I'm telling you.
Him. He was the driver.
Owner! So you lost the tyres.
That's what I'm sad about.
Inspector, just take a look, if
the stepney is still there or not.
Take a look.
- There is no need to look in the trunk.
Maybe your stepney
will get you there.
What nonsense are you talking?
Something white has
fallen behind you. - Behind.
Nothing is falling behind me.
Why are you after me since morning?
I'm not talking about you..
..something is leaking
from your car's trunk.
What is it? Show me.
- Cocaine!
I don't have the keys,
Inspector, the car was stolen.
I don't have the keys.
- It's open.
And there's so much of goods.
Yes, Gupte.
- Sir, we've found cocaine in his car.
Mr. Gupte, quickly go
for the arrangements.
I'll handle this case.
- Yes sir.
Jaikishen, be thankful..
The area where our
cocaine was caught..
Yes sir.
..falls under his jurisdiction.
Otherwise, who would
have bailed you out?
While inspector More is with you..
..forget about man,
even the Lord can't harm you.
Why not, Inspector?
Our cocaine worth Rs. 2 million
is still in police custody.
Darling, what are you thinking of?
My past, so that there is
no problem in the future.
Sir, don't worry. Within a week,
I'll get your stuff out..
..of police custody and bring it you.
Not the goods, Inspector.
I'm thinking about that man.
Then someone ran away
with Jaikishen's car.
All the four tyres were stolen.
At that time, that man was present.
He seems to be a very
dangerous person to me.
Not just dangerous,
he is poisonous too.
No, no. Why will he follow us?
I'll teach him such a lesson,
he'll never dare.. cross your path again.
Stop the car.
- Come on, sit in the car.
What's the matter, sir?
Have the police..
..started giving lift to the public?
Don't you hear? Sit in the jeep.
Constable, make him sit in the jeep!
Let go. I'm coming.
What's the matter, sir?
Is there anything wrong?
I'm arresting you for theft.
Theft! You asked me to
sit in the jeep. I did.
You asked me to come to
the police station. I did.
If you tell me to get arrested,
I won't do that..
..because I don't want to get
rich or married by thieving.
For me, a cigarette,
bread, snacks are enough..
..for which I earn myself.
But if you arrest me, sir,
then I'll sue you for libel..
..and you'll be suspended.
It won't look good.
Sir, you can uphold the
law and I can't even talk.
Constable, lock him up!
Just a minute.
..but not me. I'm a special loafer.
I know everything about the law.
Pick pocketing, section 381.
Prison for three months.
Broke someone's teeth,
section 325, jail for three years.
Committed murder, section 302, death.
And if you catch anyone on suspicion..
..then section 41 CRPC. Right, sir?
But you can't even do that..
..because my
neighbourhood knows how decent I am.
Look, everyone has come
to give the testimony.
Let it be, sir.
Why are you locking horns?
You'll go directly
into the lockup from here.
I'll see who bails you out.
I'll give his bail.
Sir, you? How nice!
Sir, you!
- Yes, Inspector.
This police station
belongs to the area..
..where people gave me a
lot of votes to make me win.
Then, can't I get my
people bailed out?
You don't know him, sir.
He's a loafer.
And besides, his honesty
can be seen on his face.
Leave him.
- Wow, sir.
For the first time,
my logic has failed.
What did I think of you, and
what have you turned out to be?
That's what happens.
People are not
what they seem to be.
And what they are,
that can't be seen.
And what can be seen,
that's very different.
Sir, today you've made a deep
impression on this loafer's heart.
If God will, I'll help you to go up.
I'll settle this matter, sir
no matter how many years it takes.
- Brother Shankar!
No, friends!
Hail Mr. Dharam Das!
Being such a rich man..
..he has come to this
neighbourhood for this poor man!
- Dharam Das!
Now you're the permanent
leader of this area.
- Dharam Das!
- Dharam Das!
- Dharam Das!
- Dharam Das!
- Yes?
Whose photo does this loafer have?
It's his mother's photograph.
His mother passed
away in his childhood.
He loved her a lot.
He keeps her photograph with him.
What's the use of such a life?
No time to live, no time to die,
no time to do anything.. time to drink.
You tell me, what should I do?
You, Rs. 12.50.
You've come in the day too.
Is someone after you?
No, no one is after me.
I've come looking for you.
Are you with the police?
No, creditor.
Here is your Rs.12.50.
And here is your cap.
Did you see? Who says there
is no more honesty these days?
Whom are you talking to?
There are only two of them,
him and God.
The money came back
and that too all of it.
Lord, with all the
things that you do..
..I always get confused.
I'm leaving.
"It felt nice when you met."
"Your heart seemed honest."
"Your heart seemed honest."
"My beloved.."
"That happened which
happens at this age."
"That happened which
happens at this age."
"I'm in love."
"I'm in love."
"With you."
"No one knows how this started."
"There is no one else like you."
"No one knows how this started."
"There is no one else like you."
"In love, I liked to lose my heart."
"I'm in love."
"I'm in love."
"I'm in love.."
"..with you."
"It felt nice when you met."
"Your heart seemed honest."
"My beloved."
"That happened which
happens at this age."
"When you touched me,
something happened, my dear."
"My entire body craves,
my heart craves my darling."
"When you touched me,
something happened, my dear."
"I'll die, I swear on you.."
"..if you're not mine."
"I'm in love."
"I'm in love."
"I'm in love.."
"..with you."
"It felt nice when you met."
"My beloved."
"That happened which
happens at this age."
"I'm in love."
"I'm in love."
"I'm in love.."
Your niece roams around
with that loafer.. - Quiet!
How dare that loafer to
roam around with my niece.
Anyway, he is coming to meet me.
I'll handle him.
Sir, someone has come to see you.
Who is it?
- He calls himself loafer.
Fine, send him in.
Hello, sir.
Shankar.. Come, sir.
Why are you calling me "sir"?
You're not "sir",
but you do desire to be one.
The world lives on
desires and hopes, sir.
Anyway, tell me, sir..
..why did you call this hut
dweller into such a big bungalow?
It's fate that takes them to places.
You're right, sir.
That's why you're at the top
and I'm on ground. Isn't it?
The ground is because of the sky.
And the sky is there
because of the ground.
Meaning, we are because of you.
And you are because of us.
But seems like your fate has changed.
And here is the key to your new fate.
What is this, sir?
That day, you saved the workers
from dying in the factory.
That's why I give you
an ambulance as a gift.
Giving and taking
gifts is a tradition..
..of rich people like you,
and not the poor.
I'm giving it to help the poor.
You help the poor, and so do I.
You mean, for the public.
We need their wishes
along with their votes.
Great, sir.
Today you've made another
impression on this loafer's heart.
This key is a favour and credit.
I'll surely settle it, sir.
Sir, when you've
given him an ambulance..
..then let him do
the first good deed.
Your nurse's mother..
- Oh, yes. I remember.
Will you take her to her village?
Fine, sir.
With the vehicle that you've given..
..I'll do my first earning with you.
Tie it tightly,
the stuff shouldn't fall off.
What are you all doing? The
ambulance is ready outside, hurry up.
The patient will be
ready in two minutes.
Carefully, brother, carefully.
Carefully. Mother take care.
Where do I have to take her?
- So far away, sir.
Here, take her to this address.
Show me the license.
Hello, sir.
- Hello.
Today, on the byroad
leaving the city?
Sir this is the best road to reach
Ratnagiri, the patient is very serious.
Check it quickly, sir.
Shankar, you always
reform bad people.
Why should we check your car?
Let him go.
- Okay, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Let the vehicle go.
- Yes, sir.
What is it?
Sir, I have to go to Pandharpur.
Go to Solapur,
Nagpur, wherever you want.
If I could get some advance?
Advance? Are you in your senses?
If there are workers
like you in our company..
..then our company will be bankrupt.
Go from here, go.
My cocaine worth
millions will be ruined.
It is salty, it is salt.
No, sir, something seems wrong.
Let us inform the police.
Sister. Sister.
Mother has still not returned.
She has still not returned
2 o'clock.
She has never worked so late.
Where could she have gone?
Am I an astrologer?
How would I know where
your mother is?
Am I a governess who
looks after your mother?
But my mother never returned
home after leaving the factory.
Yes, sir, and none of us workers
saw her going out of the factory.
If you didn't see her,
does that mean I abducted her?
Have some manners sir.
Police station? Yes, yes.
Your mother had come to ask
for some advance. I refused.
Possibly she took some
loan from a relative..
Yes, Suresh, mother was talking
about going to Pandharpur.
See, and you were accusing me.
Go, go. Come on, go.
Don't ruin my mood in the morning.
Mother! Mother, what has happened?
Oh God, what has happened?
Oh God!
Anju, calm down.
She has faced a lot of
difficulties in life.
Don't give her anymore
sorrows by crying.
Don't cry Anju.
Calm down!
Sister, you haven't eaten
anything since yesterday.
I'm not hungry.
If you don't eat, how will you live?
Do you want to leave
me like mother did?
Don't cry, Anju.
By crying those who
are dead don't return.
And then, tears and
sorrows are a part of our fate.
Look at me.
What do I have in life? Nothing.
But still I'm living.
If you lose hope like this,
then how can it be?
Anju, it's easy to die
but difficult to live.
But how will we live now.
Who do we have?
Why, I'm no one to you.
Is Bablu no one to you?
Don't you trust me?
Your sorrows have always been mine.
Don't cry.
Aunt's death is not a natural one.
Someone has murdered her.
I've come to ask you
how that woman died.
Which woman?
The one who used to work in your
packing department. Mrs. Ganga.
Look, 300 people work with us..
..and after the work is over,
they go home.
I don't keep a track of them!
But you know about this.
You are not a good man but a crook, if
you don't tell me, I'll make you crooked.
What is this nonsense?
You're threatening
me in my own office.
Get out! Get lost!
You won't listen in decent way.
- Save me!
Save me!
Save me!
Tell me!
- Save me!
Save me!
Save me!
- Leave him.
Catch him!
Get lost!
He is dead.
Sister, I'm very hungry.
Give me food.
Here, eat.
Sister, won't you eat?
I'm fasting today.
Fast, today is a Wednesday.
You never fasted on
a Wednesday before?
Bablu, you're doing
this leaving your studies!
You're polishing shoes!
- No, sister.
Come on, come home!
Bablu, you polish
shoes instead of studying.
I'm there.
Study and become a big man.
Then think about earning.
Never do this again, Bablu.
Go to school, I'll just be back.
Lala, there is nothing
to eat at home.
Give me some foodstuffs on credit.
Why a little?
If you want, this Lala is ready.. give you everything.
Tell me.
Do you feel shy?
I'll close my eyes. Now tell me.
Cleaned it?
- Yes, sir.
Very good.
Don't get angry.
I didn't do anything wrong.
I had gone to school too.
And I didn't polish any shoes.
And with the money that I got..
Sister, are you angry with me?
Forgive me, Anju.
You're in this
condition because of me.
I was so engrossed in finding
aunt's murderer.. - No, Shankar.
Our fate is responsible for it.
And those who lose their support..
..have to face problems.
I'm thinking of working somewhere.
I'm there.
But you.. How long will you..
Forget the people. Let me return.
We'll decide on that too.
Today I have to take
Mr. Dharam Das's patient to Goa.
But sir, she is pregnant.
She is a very old
worker of our factory.
She is going to have a child
after 15 years of marriage.
And her desire was to have her
first child at her mother's house.
But sir, I'll have to take her to
Goa in this condition, and so far?
Goa is not that far.
It's a 12-15 hours drive.
By morning you'll reach there.
The engine has heated up.
- Yes.
What happened? Is it paining a lot?
- Yes.
How did your stomach come down?
What is all this?
No, I've understood why
you gave me that ambulance!
Not to help the people but you.
Stop this nonsense!
I'm a leader! A social worker!
What evidence do you have..
- If I had evidence, then the police..
..would have been
here along with Shankar.
I had given you the ambulance
for helping the people, and you..
No, sir, this key is not
for serving the people..
..but for helping your evil deeds.
And yes, remember one thing.
..that at election time,
no one will vote for you.
When the dog turns mad,
you know what should be done.
This is not just our ice factory
but also a place to kill people.
Whenever common men get too angry..
..then we put them in these ice
slabs and cool them off..
..and throw them in the ocean.
Set me free!
Then we'll see who throws
whom in the ocean, you rogue!
I should set the brave man free?
Do I look insane?
You want to know the murderer
of your sweetheart's mother.
I'll send you to him.
Ask him yourself.
Tie him up.
Blood indicated death.
This brave man has
died a coward's death.
Release him!
Take him away.
Who? Who is it?
- Mother.
Who is it?
- Mother.
Shankar, Shankar.
Blood! What happened, son?
What happened? Tell me.
- I won't spare them, Mother.
Whom will you not spare?
Tell me, son.
Why are you talking like an
insane man? Whom will you not spare?'re heading
towards the wrong path.
No, Mother.
- Tell me son.
No, son.
Fool, don't say that.
Revenge, bloodshed.
- Mother.
The Lord is there for everyone.
- No, Mother, no.
Not for everyone.
The Lord is there only for the rich.
He is not there for
us poor people, Mother.
If he would were there..
He wouldn't have given me..
..the title of being a
murderer's son in my childhood.
He wouldn't have
made me crave for love.
When I find my father, I'll ask him..
"Why did you wrong me so terribly?
You rascal, scoundrel!
- Billa, please save sir.
I won't spare you!
You ruined my life and family!
You ruined my family.
I'll kill you!
Thrash him!
He is the only
witness of my old crimes.
Take him, and throw him
on the railway tracks.
Please wait here.
- He is not in danger.
But it'll take time
for the wounds to heal.
Who is he?
What relation do you have?
That which a human has with
another human. - Very good.
Sir, I think he doesn't have anyone.
This is for his medicines.
- No, no, let it be.
And he had mixed the
sleeping pills in your milk..
Not just that,
the nurse in this house..
..has illicit relations
with your uncle.
What nonsense! I'll kill you.
Kill me, dear, but first go to
that section of the bungalow..
..where your uncle always
restricts you from going.
It can prove to be hazardous for us!
That man is the witness as well as
the evidence of our past crimes!
Don't worry, sir,
we'll catch that man and kill him.
You are not aware, Jaikishen..
What? - He had broken out of
prison and come to take revenge.
And that loafer escaped us too.
If the father and son unite, then..
And you, you couldn't
kill an old man!
Sir, that..
- Shut up!
Darling, why are you
getting so tense?
That loafer..
Why did you come here?
I had restricted you from coming
into this section of the bungalow.
Yes, maybe I made a
mistake by coming in here.
Today I'm feeling so ashamed.
Stop your nonsense,
and get lost from here.
I always thought of
you as a great man.
But today you broke
that image yourself.
Don't force me too..
- You've made me helpless..
..because you want to
kill Shankar and his dad..
..and I want to save them.
So you'll save Shankar?
- Yes, Uncle.
Even if I have to
give my life for it..
Love has made you so blind..
Take her and keep
her in such a place..
..where her voice can neither
reach the law nor anyone else..
..until everything is fine.
Leave me! Leave me!
- Come on.
Come on, move. Come on.
- Leave me!
Shankar! Shankar, we've found
out about your father!
My father?
Yes, his life is in danger, Shankar.
- What are you saying?
Natasha's uncle..
- Yes?
..wants to kill him.
Ask her, she knows everything.
Natasha knows everything.
That's why her uncle
has locked her somewhere.
- Romi's sister Julie knows that.
Excuse me, sister.
- Excuse me, this way please.
Walk quietly.
My lovely ladies, my dear fellows..
..I'm here.
Get me through.
"People, my name is Abdullah."
"People, my name is Abdullah."
"Your servant has
brought all this for you."
"People, I'm Mrs. Abdullah."
"People, I'm Mrs. Abdullah."
"Every jamboree I go to,
turns lively."
"People, my name is Abdullah."
"People, I'm Mrs. Abdullah."
It very strong. It is energy giving.
Try it, you'll always stay young.
"This herb is miraculous."
"Eat it and win over
the women's hearts."
"Eating this,
old men have become young."
"They've become dear to the girls."
"Its strength arouses
a new life within you."
"People, I'm Mrs. Abdullah."
"People, my name is Abdullah."
"Your servant has
brought all this for you."
"People, I'm Mrs. Abdullah."
"People, my name is Abdullah."
"Lord, this is a wonderful musk."
"It brings out the beauty within you."
"It's the secret
to a beautiful face."
"Your first meeting
will be wonderful."
"It brings even the dead alive."
"People, my name is Abdullah."
"People, I'm Mrs. Abdullah."
"Every jamboree I go to,
turns lively."
"People, my name is Abdullah."
"People, I'm Mrs. Abdullah."
"People, my name is Abdullah."
"People, I'm Mrs. Abdullah."
The enemy, they'll kill him.
Who will kill?
Whom will they kill?
Uncle, he is your dad's enemy.
Dad's enemy?
What do you want to say?
They've thrown your dad..
..on the railway tracks.
Come on.
Come on, close the door.
You know where to take him.
Take care of him.
Come on, start the jeep.
Wait a minute.
Hey you fool, can't you move!
Can't you see an ambulance is coming?
Have you plugged cotton
in your ears? Move them.
They won't listen this way.
- Move!
Can't you hear?
- What is it?
I'm talking to you.
Move your animals from here.
I've come to take care of the
animals, but the other ones.
Come on, Anju, hurry up.
Who is that? That's Loafer!
Come on, follow him!
Hurry up!
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
Get down quickly,
the police are after you.
I know, take the ambulance.
- Take your patient from the back.
Hurry up.
Come on.
There is the ambulance, hurry up.
Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!
Get down from the car.
Greetings sir.
Where is that Loafer?
- Loafer!
..and asked me to take the ambulance.
Sir, there is no one inside.
No one.
- No.
I never asked you for anything.
Save Shankar's father.
I lost my father in my childhood.
Then I lost my mother.
Now Shankar is everything for me.
Save his father.
After many years,
Shankar has found his father.
If anything happens to him..
..there'll be chaos in Shankar's life.
My house will be ruined
before I can settle down.
Save him, Mother!
"What an image time has shown me."
"I'm feeling so ashamed."
"I accept every punishment
for this crime."
I.. I won't spare you.
I won't spare you.
You ruined my family!
You separated me from my child!
You're responsible
for my wife's death.
I won't spare you.
- Father!
Father! You called me "father".
My son Shankar!
My son Shankar!
My son Shankar!
My son Shankar! My son Shankar!
Shankar, I kept yearning for you.
I would always ask the jailor..
"Where is my son?
Where is my Shankar?"
But son, no one told me anything.
But son, today fate has
brought us back together again.
But I regret only one thing..
..I couldn't give you the
upbringing you deserved, son.
Father, I am the one who regrets.
I always thought
I was a murderer's son.
I mistook an innocent as a criminal.
Please forgive me, Father.
No son, this is all fate.
I've understood everything, Father.
I won't spare those scoundrels.
Every person has a weakness.
A diary, a paper.
This is the diary, isn't it?
Loafer! Guards, fire!
What happened, sir?
Go and get that diary
from Natasha anyhow!
My darling,
today I'll tarnish your beauty.
I tried a lot to entice you.
Sometimes by mixing
sleeping pills in your milk..
..and sometimes by
taking the fuse out.
But you always escaped.
..and take a reward from
your uncle and from you too.
Give me the reward!
No! No!
She is dead!
Natasha, who killed you?
- Romi, Romi.
Chhotu, go and get the doctor.
Forgive me, Shankar.
Forgive me, sister.
Nothing will happen to you.
Don't worry, Natasha.
No, Shankar,
I belong to those criminals..
..who ruined your family.
This is all the result
of my uncle's crime.
No, Natasha,
nothing will happen to you.
The innocence of
your father, my uncle..
- Diary! Diary!
You're under arrest, Mr. Loafer.
Why are you accusing him, Inspector?
- Quiet!
I arrest you for murdering Natasha.
I'm telling you
I didn't commit this murder.
Why are you arresting me?
I'll see how you arrest me!
Quiet, move out of my way!
Take him away!
Speak up.
Accept that you have
committed the murder!
Accept it!
Accept it!
I did not commit the murder!
Thank you very much for coming.
It's my duty to serve the public.
Okay, bye.
- Bye.
Come, sit.
Sir, you know it's the 14th and I..
- Oh, yes, yes.
Do call me in the evening.
Come on.
Drive properly.
Driver, where are you taking me?
I won't kill you so soon,
Mr. Dharam Das.
You! Loafer!
Yes. And you're the
one who made me a loafer.
I'll show you.
The pistol is here.
And where you'll be in a while,
only time will tell.
You've ruined my father's life,
Dharam Das.
What are you doing?
My father kept rotting
in jail for 14 years.
My mother died because of you.
I won't spare you.
I won't kill you before
clearing my father's name..
..of the murder accusations.
What are you doing?
I'll take revenge for
every day of the 14 years.
Every minute will seem like a year.
Stop! Stop!
Stop the car!
Stop! Stop!
Mr. Dharam Das,
you here in this condition?
Don't worry about me,
that loafer.. Catch him!
Come on, driver!
- Catch him!
He escaped again.
Give it here.
Jaikishen, bungalow no.32.
You scoundrel!
That day you did
a rehearsal of dying.
Today I'll really kill you.
Don't kill me! Don't kill me!
Jaikishen died that very day.
I'm his soul.
I'll make the soul meet the Lord..
..if you don't tell me
who killed aunt Vimla.
Tell me! Tell me!
I'll tell you.
That day when Vimla came
to ask for an advance..
..she saw the cocaine in the factory.
So we killed her and froze
her in Goga's ice factory.
Then we asked Billa to
throw her in the ocean.
I thought all of you are different.
But you all are one and the same.
Now tell me, where is the
one who owns the ice factory?
Tell me or else
I'll crack your skull, rascal!
Today is 14th January.
Like every year, he must
have gone to the graveyard.. place flowers
on his wife's grave.
Mr. Dharam Das, I'm giving
you some special information.
About the loafer?
Loafer.. No, about
Julie and Jaikishen.
Why, what has happened to them?
They've separated from us.
And soon they'll testify
against us to the police.
Where are they right now?
'Jaikishen darling..'
'This old man is a like
a wall between our love.'
'Soon Dharam Das will be killed
by that Loafer.'
'I'm scared.
- Why?'
'What if someone sees us?'
'There is darkness here.'
'Not even our shadows can see us.
Come closer'
'Darling, we should
separate from Dharam Das now.'
'Now do you believe
how much I love you?'
Mr. Dharam Das, if I want,
I can get you arrested right now.
But no, remember what I had said
to you in the car.
I had said, "the 14 years
that my father spent in jail.."
Plan no. 2.
Hello, Shankar.
This is Shankar speaking, isn't it?
Yes, I'm speaking softly.
Where? Near the new bridge?
Okay, I'll come
when I get the chance.
But how will
I recognise you from far?
Red jacket. Red.
You'll wear a red jacket.
I'll come sneakily,
no one will know.
Red jacket, isn't it? Okay.
Okay? Come with me!
- No! - Come!
Have you gone blind? Can't you see?
Why are you puffing your nose?
Do you want to fight?
Here, catch this.
What is this?
- Catch this.
I'll show you my muscles.
He heard that
you're coming in a red jacket.
They'll be arriving.
They've come.
Where is he?
No one can be seen here.
Sir, there is the loafer.
It's him.
Kill him.
No, wait.
He has gone in.
I'll take revenge for aunt Vimla's
death and settle everything.
If you don't go,
you'll definitely die..
Possibly, they might recognise you.
Kill him!
He is dead.
I had told you,
each day will be like a year.
And you'll admit your crimes.
Bablu! Bablu, get up.
Come on quickly.
Open the door!
- Hurry up.
Break the door down.
- Come on.
She had slapped me!
So many people, and you couldn't
even catch a girl and a little boy.
You go there!
You go there!
You go there!
Trying to run?
But where will you run off too?
Leave my sister!
Leave my sister!
Leave my sister!
- Get lost.
Leave her! Leave her!
- No!
Leave her!
- Leave me!
Scoundrel! Rogue!
Leave her!
- Shankar!
Get lost.
Leave me!
Leave my sister! Leave her!
Mr. Dharam Das, you're responsible
for aunt Vimla's death!
Where are you?
Come out.
Your fate has brought you
here to die the same death.
I had told you,
one day I'll settle everything.
Today, that day has come,
Mr. Dharam Das.
You first come out.
I'll reveal your secret.
I'll make you accept that you
killed Mr. Jankidas and his wife..
..and my father is innocent.
Come out!
And I'll make you accept that
because of you my mother died..
and because of you
I became a loafer!
Say that you're culprit!
Say it!
Yes, I'm the culprit.
14 years ago,
I had murdered Jankidas.
And what about inspector More?
Inspector More is my man.
Inspector More!
I arrest you for accepting
bribes and helping the criminals.
Traitors like you tarnish
the image of the police.
Inspector, arrest him.
- Father!
Son, I wish your
mother were alive today.
..that her husband is not
a criminal but innocent.
"The first time you lock eyes.."
"It happens in youth."
"My beloved,
I've fallen in love, love me."
"Life will be full of fun."
"Life will be full of fun."
"The first time you lock eyes.."
"The first time you lock eyes.."
"It happens in youth."
"My beloved,
I've fallen in love, love me."
"Life will be full of fun."
"Life will be full of fun."