Sadako 3D (2012) Movie Script

What is this?
Hurry and do it!
Let's get started.
It's not you.
Did you stay up all night again?
There are only 4 hours left until the deadline.
So dangerous.
You're irresponsibly damaging your body.
Aah, but I guess I work better at night.
Would you like some coffee?
Oh, thank you.
Didn't you have a bad dream?
No, I'm okay.
Please wash the rest off.
Alright, shall we go?
It was a suicide, right?
Yes, we suspect that.
Is that so? Thank you very much.
Oh, how is it?
Tominaga Tetsuo, 35 years old.
He was a salaryman who lived
in an apartment further down.
According to an eyewitness,
he was sitting on this bench.
Seems he had a PC with him.
And then he suddenly appeared on the road.
Well, it's suicide, isn't it?
Isn't that too much? How
many cases like this have been
in only our jurisdiction this week?
How is it?
I don't understand.
Nakamura, do young guys nowadays
commit suicide while looking at a computer?
I don't.
Koiso-san, that man
was holding on to a PC, but...
It looks like some video was playing.
But the video itself didn't remain, right?
He committed suicide
while watching the video, right?
Koiso-san, have you heard
about it? The "cursed video".
Lately it has become a hot topic on the net.
It's said that "people who watch it
suffer from a curse and commit suicide".
By any chance, is the series
of suicides these days also...
are young detectives nowadays
investigating on the Internet?
Properly investigate by foot, will you!
I should, shouldn't I?
Ayukawa-sensei, good morning!
Good morning.
In this kind of entrance
examination, the problem will be
the underline that is attracted
in the expression technique part.
Since I put together the problems that
appeared in the previous exams in a handout,
look through it, okay?
What are you doing?
I'm searching. For the cursed video.
The "cursed video".
What is that?
Risa, you don't know?
I don't know.
Somehow, it seems the
person in the video dies.
Jeez, I just don't like this.
And the people who saw that,
suffering from the curse, died too.
That's a lie.
But it's true! Because it
appears on the net pretty often.
Noriko, are you looking for it?
That's right.
Because I want to see it.
Since the other day I've
always been searching for it,
but I can't find it, you know?
Again a 404 error.
Is it this? It's here!
You're lying!?
Cellphones are prohibited during lessons.
Cursed video
What is this?
You die when you watch
it. It's the cursed video.
What's that? Sensei, I want to see!
Sensei, we want to see it! Let's watch!
Hurry, hurry! Play it, play it!
Let's watch it!
How is the curse?
What, this is totally different!
What is this?
I'm sorry.
I'll keep this in custody, okay?
I'll turn off the power supply,
so come and get it after school.
Then, I'll borrow these documents.
I'm sorry about the cellphone.
Morisaki-san's cellphone is strange.
The power supply was cut, but it moved.
Eh? You're lying.
What is this?
Morisaki-san, don't look
at so many weird sites, alright?
Okay! Goodbye!
I'm home!
Ah, welcome home.
Enoki-kun, you're here.
Hey, because of you I was up all night.
I'd like to sleep.
Thanks for your hard work.
Thanks to you, it was
handed to a successful system.
But, a little longer...
Enoki-kun, what are you doing?
He's looking for it.
For what?
The "cursed video".
Just like a high schooler.
No, no.
That's not just a mere rumor.
It's said there was a
Nico Nico Video live broadcast.
That a guy in some way
made his suicide publicly available.
A suicide live broadcast?
That's right. And, Nico-dou's administrator
(Nico-dou is a nickname for the Nico Nico Video site)
also committed suicide
right after the live broadcast.
Wha... what's that?
That's probably just a rumor.
No, no, no! Since I heard
it from the Nico-dou people.
It's seriously dangerous.
Are you for real?
I am.
Furthermore, some people who were watching
that live broadcast also committed suicide.
"If you watch it, you die."
Exactly like the "cursed video".
It's a "rumor".
Yeah, it's a rumor.
Aah! It has been deleted after all.
If there was a live
broadcast video like that,
you probably shouldn't
remain on that site.
Well, that's for certain, isn't it?
I wonder if someone saved it.
Even today it seems to
be upped in a guerrilla-like way.
In my intuition, it
smells slightly different
from the former
urban legend, doesn't it?
It would be seriously dangerous
if an amateur got involved.
Well then, don't search it at my place.
Don't bring anything unlucky into here.
Ah, say Takanori-san...
Did you already tell Akane-san?
No, no, about marriage.
You- Go home already!
Aah, really... I give up, I give up.
Let's get started.
It's not you.
Yes, hello. This is Ayukawa.
Morisaki-san is...?
Ah... I understand.
I- I'll go immediately.
Stop, stop...
There are no lessons today.
Everyone, please return to your homes.
About what to do from tomorrow
on, I'll contact your homes.
Also, about Morisaki-sans funeral wake,
I'll contact you if the details are decided.
Although I'm sorry that this is so sudden,
have there recently been some
changing signs by Morisaki Noriko-san?
Maybe something that worried you?
No, I didn't notice anything.
Even in class she was a bright student.
What about yesterday?
She was taking the lesson pretty normal.
What about after the lesson was over?
No matter how trivial the things are,
it's okay. If you remember anything...
Nothing in particular...
I see.
It's just... it's common, isn't it?
There isn't.
It's true.
And if anything
she was a popular person.
Ah, uhm...
Did Morisaki-san really commit suicide?
Actually she...
She broke through the
windowpane and jumped off.
Furthermore, she
still had her cellphone.
It's strange, isn't it?
She still had her cellphone?
Apparently, just before her death,
it seems she was watching
a video on the cellphone.
Sensei, why did Noriko die?
That is...
You talked to the
police officer, didn't you?
The police determined
that it looks like suicide.
Noriko couldn't commit suicide.
That she committed
suicide, I can't believe it.
I can't believe it either.
Maybe Noriko was
killed by someone...
Noriko... I think she
saw the cursed video.
Thus, she suffered from the curse...
Something like that...
But Noriko
She said "I want to see the cursed
video" and was always searching for it.
there is no cursed video.
Then sensei, do you really
think Noriko committed suicide?
I'm sorry, I don't know either.
It's certainly the cursed video's fault.
It's enough.
Oh, Nakamura! Earlier you
were talking about a rumored video.
You know, the "cursed something".
The source of it,
investigate it just in case.
Idiot, it's just in case! "Just in
case". Why are you so excited about it!
Sorry I'm late!
Akane, are you alright?
That child... is really pitiful.
Takanori... could you get
in touch with Enoki-kun?
There is a bit I
want to ask him about.
It's bad, Koiso-san!
The cursed video is real!
It exists; the cursed video!
But currently the rumor's source
was on Nico Nico Video
and came from there.
Calm down!
The people who watched the
live broadcast are really dead!
What does that mean?
The origin of the rumor was
a live broadcast 10 days ago.
The live broadcast was being monitored
and the Nico Nico Video administrator
committed suicide
shortly after the broadcast.
I had everyone who watched
the live broadcast investigated.
Is such a thing possible?
Yes. Because Nico-dou
has a registration system.
Hey, Koiso-san, please
come over for a bit.
Hurry a little.
I tried to investigate those
5 people who saw it in my way.
And then, everyone of the 5
who watched the live broadcast
died at the exact same time.
What was the content
of that live broadcast?
That broadcast's
content, don't you know?
It has been decided, that the rumor was
"a man who publicly committed suicide", hasn't it?
But, on Nico Nico Video
there seems to be
no data of the video left.
No, usually... even if
it's deleted on the site,
all videos are stored on the server.
Then, that video that shouldn't exist
is up on the net even now.
As the cursed video.
Roughly, you can't kill
people with that video, right?
I don't know that.
If you watch it, you'll "subliminal"
commit suicide and are absorbed.
If you watch it,
you'll commit suicide...
Earlier I tried to check
the agency's database.
Within 10 days after the broadcast,
there were more than 20 similar,
suspicious suicides throughout the country.
And even after the live broadcast
ended, the suicides are continuing...
It's the cursed video after all.
Absolutely not!
How can a video kill people?
Does poison come out of the PC?
But even if that's the case,
doesn't everything connect?
That man at the bus stop as well as
the high school girl who jumped off.
Nakamura, who is the guy that
aired that initial live broadcast?
A guy called Kashiwada Seiji.
There's nothing, is there?
Is this the only room here?
When was the last time
you met Kashiwada-san?
I saw him once 2 weeks ago.
What kind of person is he?
He is a quite person,
with a gentle kind of feeling.
Was there some problem with him?
No, nothing.
The room he is using is clean and
the rent for this month
has been properly paid as well.
It's a strange room, isn't it?
Something is missing. No...
It somehow seems fake.
But... isn't everyone
out there a fake?
Can we stay a little longer?
Please. I'll be right over there.
Kashiwada Seiji, attending a significant Shingakko.
(Shingakko: A high school with a considerable
high percentage of graduates that get into college)
It's a boarding school.
But when his parents passed away,
he voluntarily dropped out of there.
Kashiwada seems to be
quite famous on the net.
What was he doing?
He's an artist.
He upped Airbrush Art
and stuff on the net.
He's pretty charismatic.
There's also a fan site.
That's why he sells so much.
I didn't understand even half
of what you said right now.
I said he was a popular
painter on the Internet.
Ah, a little while
ago, he was flamed.
A fire?
He was criticized on the Internet
and eventually ended up being insulted.
Other artists were
the first to criticize him.
Exposed - Kashiwada is cornered-Thread - Plagiarism
"I'll become the New World's god!" What is the person who was saying that? LOL
This feeling resembling revenge
ended up equivalent to getting hit.
The data drawn on a PC was stolen in a trace attack!
It's plagiarism and even from his parents.
Rumor has it that his parents sexually abused him, but the
behavior of running away on the pretext of that is disgusting.
It's plagiarism~
The video of Kashiwada committing suicide
That's more than disgusting.
After that Kashiwada publicly
committed suicide in a live broadcast.
Kashiwada committed suicide.
But the video that shouldn't
exist is wandering about the net.
Followed by suspicious deaths.
After all everything is
because of Kashiwada's curse...
There is no such thing as a curse.
You're really naive.
Kashiwada is alive.
Since there is no corpse.
I guess so.
Just... what was he going to do?
Don't know.
Are we going?
Let's go home!
Let's go back!
Sensei, goodbye!
Ayukawa-sensei, how is it?
Have the students calmed down?
A little bit.
Ah, is Kitayama-san absent?
Uh... she came,
but why do you ask?
Ah, because she isn't
attending club activities.
Well, such a thing happened and
not much time has passed yet, so
it can't be helped, can it?
That's right. Since she
received the biggest shock...
Isn't he awfully cool?
He isn't my type at all.
She's more the White Prince Charming-Type...
No way, no way!
Hey, hey! Did Kitayama-san go home again?
Who knows...
Ah, she isn't in the study hall?
Right, thank you.
Hey, hey. Isn't Risa
a little strange lately?
Since Noriko died.
Right, right.
Wicked, isn't it?
And she is always saying
"I'm looking for it", the cursed video.
Let's get started.
I'll take revenge on this
world's guys who eliminated me.
If she is revived, it'll
be the end for everyone.
The resurrection of S.
will eliminate all human beings.
It's you.
Kitayama-san, are you alright?
Don't come, stay over there...
Sensei did this, right?
Kitayama-san, hey.
Stay back!
Don't come!
What's wrong?
When Kitayama
Risa-san was brought here
she was terribly scared.
But now, with the administration of the
tranquilizer, she considerably settled down.
I wonder what she was scared of.
Well, she said "I'll be killed".
Be killed?
Moreover, also when the homeroom teacher came,
I had the feeling Kitayama-san became a little strange.
Over there.
Sensei, could you please
explain what happened?
I don't know.
But we were told that she said not to
put a TV or monitor in her hospital room.
Well, if a PC bursts on it's
own, anyone would be surprised.
And who was she talking
about, when she said
"I'll be killed", huh?
What exactly did she see, huh?
I don't know...
For example, the recently trendy
cursed video or something.
Detective-san, do you
believe the cursed video exists?
Because I'm a police officer, I don't believe
in such things like supernatural power or curses.
I'm sorry, okay?
But the strange happenings
are continuing, aren't they?
Do you know this person?
This man is Kashiwada Seiji.
You haven't heard about him?
Say, Detective-san,
isn't it enough for today?
Oh, I'm sorry,
although you're tired.
Ah, sensei.
Kitayama-san pretty
much calmed down, so
are you going to meet with her
one more time before you go back?
No... please excuse me.
Akane, eat.
Ah, sorry.
Akane, did something happen at school?
Oh... but it's alright if you
don't want to talk about it.
I think it might sound strange, but
on the school's PC, a student...
searched for the cursed video in question.
And... when I entered the classroom,
from inside the PC,
a woman with long hair
came out and kept attacking.
The cursed video...
Do you believe it?
Because, Akane...
you saw it, didn't you?
That subliminal or
something, it... it's not like that.
It's scarier.
It wasn't out of this world.
I think, that Morisaki-san died is
without doubt due to that video.
So please,
Takanori... do-don't use the PC
or something like that again.
Got it.
But in the end,
the cursed video was a lie.
Akane is perfectly alive here.
Akane-san? Can you talk right now?
Somehow, seems like
you have various problems, huh?
Did you hear from Takanori?
Okay okay, please.
Akane-san, rather than that, I received
new information on the cursed video.
You know, somehow, the person in
the video seems to search for somebody.
What do you mean?
After watching the video,
apparently one can hear
"It's not you."
It's not you...
No, seriously.
Please be absolutely cautious, Akane-san.
Run away! Hurry up and run! Quickly!
Hurry up and run! Get away from the PC! Everyone, run away!
Sensei! Sensei!
It's just a blackout!
Sensei, are you alright?
since Morisaki-san passed away,
you seem considerably tired, don't you?
You'd better take a break for a while.
I'm sorry. But I'm really all right.
Then, what did you mean
by the commotion like today?
I think you're certainly not all right.
One more thing.
We're also very concerned
about Kitayama-san's case.
Kitayama-san is still
staying in the hospital, right?
She's afraid of you, isn't she?
Ah, uhm... that's...
Anyway, please take a break.
Also, for today's class another
teacher will take your place.
I have to rest and must not
go to school for a while.
I see. And I also didn't take in work.
Ah, should we go
somewhere and have fun?
I'm sorry. It's my fault, right?
That's not true.
It's true...
everything is my fault.
Hey Takanori,
you don't have to be with me anymore.
Being with me, surely,
again bad things will happen.
That's not true.
Because it was so in the past and...
Again, this time as well...
how should I say it...
Akane has a honest heart.
That's why I like Akane.
Whatever people say,
I believe in Akane's power.
I'm afraid of myself.
Up until now, I've looked
away from various things.
By chance, it might have
been likely even for Takanori.
But, I...
I accept that I'm
a conceited person.
I must face it properly, don't I?
Well, no matter how much more
bad things may happen from now on,
I'll be together with Akane.
Thank you.
Come on, let's go eat.
Let's get started.
The resurrection of S.
S-... S will eliminate all human beings.
Ta-Takanori! Don't look, turn it off!
Turn it off! Hurry and turn it off!
Hey, turn it off! Hurry!
It just won't disappear!
Hurry up and turn it off! This!
Damn it, disappear!
It's you.
Akane, are you alright?!
Takanori, Takanori! Ah... Takanori!
Hey, hey! What the hell are
you doing! Hey, stop, stop it!
What are you, hey! Stop, get away!
What are you up to, hey! Let go!
Hey, stop! What are you doing! Stop!
P-Please stop!
Aren't you scared?
Let's go back together, okay?
Takanori-kun, if you are with
me, you'll be disliked by everyone.
Is that so?
Because... I'm not normal, don't you think?
I think Ayukawa is amazing.
I didn't have a reason to say "stay back".
Ayukawa! For saving me... thank you.
I think, it's a previous
power to protect people.
Even if there's such a
thing, I'm totally okay.
Well, but if Ayukawa is
comforted, it cant be helped.
Let's go eat.
The truck you were talking about...
there were no particularly doubtful points.
What the heck is your problem?
I don't know at all
what you're telling me.
A woman came out of the
truck and kidnapped your boyfriend?
What are you talking about?
The cursed video is real.
That again...
Have you also seen it?
Then why didn't you
die from the curse?
Everyone died, didn't they?
First, show me that video.
It's impossible.
That video is alive and is moving.
In the video... Kashiwada died.
There was no corpse in
Kashiwada's home. That guy is alive.
If he isn't, who in the
world is controlling the video?
Coming out from the video...
is a woman with long hair.
It's true.
Assuming there is
such a thing as a woman,
coming out of the video, at times
killing and at other times kidnapping,
how did Kashiwada create such a monster?
What is he trying to do?
In the video, Kashiwada was saying
"The resurrection of S".
Resurrection of S?
He is probably...
trying to revive that
woman with the long hair.
You mean, for the sake
of that monster's food,
Kashiwada is using
the video to kill people?
I think...
he's definitely looking for a vessel.
That woman still doesn't have a form.
I think, Kashiwada
made the video, because
he's searching for a
vessel that fits to the woman.
It's you.
is me.
Don't understand...
I don't understand.
Nakamura, is that you?
...I... I saw it.
It... it was real; the cursed video.
Ka... Kashiwada is...
Enoki-kun!? You...
Akane-san, you're late!
What are you doing?
Aren't you going to
look for Takanori-san?
Enoki-kun, why?
Akane-san, you're really slow.
So it's alright if
Takanori-san never comes back?
He will die.
Takanori!? Do you
know where he is?
Well... I wonder where...
Where is Takanori!?
That's why I said,
you have to hurry or he'll die.
What are you talking about?
You know, later
if you're moving so slow,
everyone else... everyone...
Everybody will die.
The next one is in the hospital.
It seems it's a student called Risa-chan.
What are you doing to her!?
Hey, stop it! Hey!
Over here, here!
This way!
Sadako's resurrection...
Sadako, Sadako...
Sadako's resurrection, Sadako's resurrection...
Due to dreadful feelings, energy's...
Sadako will eliminate all human beings.
Sadako's resurrection. Sadako's perfect resurrection...
Based on a large vessel, I should
create the ultimate dreadful existence.
Her thoughts still remain inside the well.
For the sake of Sadako, I offer this death.
Everything is for the sake of
Sadako, for Sadako's resurrection.
For the sake of Sadako's resurrection,
I'll hand this woman's body into the well.
The concept is the annihilation of life
forms with energy due to elimination...
The release of energy by feelings.
For the sake of Sadako's resurrection,
I'll hand this woman's body into the well.
Her thoughts still remain inside the well...
For the sake of Sadako's resurrection,
I'll hand this woman's body into the well.
Her thoughts are... desperate...
Death is everything...
Sadako's resurrection, her perfect resurrection.
The resurrection of S?
Enough already!
Sen... sei...
I was so scared...
I'm sorry...
It's alright already. I'm sorry, okay?
For saving me... thank you.
I'll go, too.
Takanori is there.
I'll save Takanori.
It's as you said.
Kashiwada was trying to
perform Sadako's resurrection.
It's a girl who died decades ago.
Because she had something like psychic powers,
she was casted out by humans and eventually...
that power killed a large number of people.
Some people were afraid of that and
threw Sadako in a well while she was still alive.
Kashiwada was trying to resurrect Sadako.
In order to provide a body to
Sadako, he kept kidnapping and
pitched the women, who
were still alive, into the well.
It was when that live broadcast was aired,
that the nationwide search
for Sadako's vessel had begun.
And then...
Sadako has found me.
It's the well?
Takanori, where are you?
Let's get started.
No! No!
Hurry... go.
It's you.
Sa... Sadako.
Give Takanori back!
Takanori, stop! Stop it!
Make him stop!
The one you want is me, right!
Takanori, what's wrong!?
You and I are the same.
I neither bear a grudge
against nor curse people!
You are...
You... you're wrong!
You use your power to kill people!
I use this power for the sake of people!
Akane! Akane, Akane!
Akane, Akane!
Akane, are you alright?
Thank god.
Thank you for saving me.
let's get started one more time.