Sadako v Kayako (2016) Movie Script

40th Anniversary Kadokawa Pictures Presents
Ms Yasue!
I'm Tachibana, District Welfare Officer.
You haven't been seen lately, are you OK?
Ms Yasue?
I'm coming in.
Ms Yasue, at least reply to me.
Ms Yasue...
"Seian University of the Arts"
Let's review some common urban legends.
Slit-Mouthed Woman.
Hanako of the Toilet.
Red Cape.
Boy Under the Bed.
House of Death.
Cursed Video.
Have you all heard of these urban legends?
In that case,
who knows someone
with actual personal experience?
None of you.
Why is that?
Because they are just 'fabrications'.
As with folklore, the result of
people telling stories.
Cultural transmissions called 'memes'.
"this Cursed Video..."
differs from the rest.
I just can't get it out of my mind.
The Cursed Video is a typical urban
legend of the late '90s.
If you watch the mysterious video,
a ghost named Sadako will telephone you,
saying that you'll die after two days.
Two days later, after 48 hours,
Sadako will appear before you,
and you really will die.
Video tapes stopped being used,
this urban legend almost disappeared.
But even now...
I think the 'Cursed Video exists,
Sadako is real'.
But if it did exist, these days it would be
all over the lnternet.
I'd pay a lot of money
if you had the real video.
Hang on, I'm serious!
I really want to see Sadako.
But bring it to me within two days!
If you wonder why l'm so obsessed
with that video,
the reason is...
written in this book.
I wrote it.
Self-published by me, Shinichi Morishige.
Please buy it.
Well, that's all for today.
Hey Yuri, you're good with equipment.
Better than you, Natsumi...
Please help with this.
What is it? A video tape?
Parents got rid of their deck,
haven't seen it for a long time.
-Their wedding video?
So l promised to burn a DVD as a present
for their upcoming anniversary, but...
You did? Totally impossible for you.
That's why I'm asking clever Ms Yuri...
Well, I'll think about it...
When's the anniversary?
Day after tomorrow...
In two days?
Send it tomorrow?
I guess that's true...
How about five lunches?
OK. I'll do it.
Suzuka, we've arrived!
Oh, it seems you're angry about
suddenly moving?
Huh? But we had to move because of my job...
Just kidding!
Please be careful.
How about this box?
-Suzuka's room, 2nd floor.
Also for the 2nd floor.
"Second-Hand Shop MATSUl"
You come here often?
My bus goes along that street.
You've never come in!
Yuri, will such a place
really have a video deck?
Actually, only a place like this.
Isn't such outdated equipment expensive?
I'm sure they're cheap!
Nobody uses video decks anymore.
Maybe this way?
Found them!
This one is cheap!
But it's so dirty.
Long as it works, and it's cheap.
-Here you go.
-Hang on. Yuck...
So dirty...
Why did l have to carry everything? Horrible...
I let you use this room,
and I'm Chief Engineer.
You're Operations Manager.
You can't just decide things...
Good, seems OK.
What's this?
Want to watch?
No way, it's disgusting!
Don't watch if you don't want to.
Stop, I knew we shouldn't watch it.
Doesn't show anything?
"MINORI: Free on Sunday?"
Huh? Done already?
Can we watch again?
What's wrong, Natsumi?
This may be...
the Cursed Video.
Cursed Video?
Morishige will pay us a lot...
It was so creepy...
What's wrong? Let me watch.
But if it really is the video,
I may die after two days.
It's obviously just someone's prank.
Sadako didn't call...
"Caller lD Hidden"
What's wrong?
Natsumi, are you OK?
I sold that video deck with the Cursed Video.
Sold it with the video inside?
Yeah, a good deal.
Cursed Video?
Says there was a weird video in the video deck.
If you watch the Cursed Video,
you die two days later.
Two days later?
They say a ghost calls you. Name is...Sadako?
There actually was a call after I watched it.
Oh? Really?
Just a silent prank call.
But the timing was right on.
Around this time two days ago,
I watched it to check the deck.
Guess I'll die soon!
Mitsuko, did you watch?
I didn't watch it.
Keiko, what did it show?
Hey! Hey!
Hey, stop...
So, you Takagi's live right in
front of that house?
What? Front of that dirty, abandoned house?
I thought so!
What's wrong?
You'd know if you looked around inside.
That a haunted house.
Haunted house?
Long ago, there was a murder-suicide there.
A husband stabbed his wife to death,
drowned his young son in the bath.
Then the husband hung himself.
Is it true?
Yeah, probably. Everybody knows about it.
It's famous.
What do you mean by 'long ago'?
Maybe decades ago...
I guess so.
But the real problem is that...
everyone who has lived there
after that has died.
Yeah, from things like suicide or sudden death.
And murder, or accidental death.
Hey, what's that card?
People who enter that house die from the curse,
so nobody will live there.
You must not go near that house.
Because this is the worst combination of cards.
"Temporarily Closed"
Sorry, we're closed today...
We bought this video deck here yesterday,
and found this tape inside.
Did you watch it?
An elderly person living alone
died by committing suicide.
We bought the household goods
at her relative's request,
but heard that the...
Welfare Officer who discovered
the body of the deceased...
also committed suicide, two days later.
Is that true?
Did someone...lose their life here?
The part-time girl fell from upstairs...
She mentioned that she'd watched
the video two days ago.
And just after that...
Two days later, everyone...
I know, let's discuss it with
Professor Morishige. OK?
I see, you came to buy my book.
Professor Morishige...
Please tell us how to be saved from the...
Cursed Video.
I think...
I watched it.
is probably the real...
Cursed Video.
Your story certainly does match
the Cursed Video urban legend.
If this really is that video,
it's an astounding find!
Did you see Sadako?
What is 'Sadako'?
It's possible the urban legend meme
is an embodiment...
arising from a mind virus altering
the collective unconscious.
Sorry, l don't understand...
Collective unconscious...
In any case, l want to know if you can save me?
Am l going to die?
Tomorrow night will be two days after watching.
Well...l don't have enough information to know.
Perhaps you will die, perhaps you won't.
Then you should watch it also...
Natsumi, don't say...
I'll watch.
We don't know what will happen.
Even if this is the real video,
dying in two days is OK.
You two leave the room.
I'll transfer it to DVD.
If it is real, it's astounding data!
Are you Sadako?
This is it!
It's the real Cursed Video, it's authentic!
But Sadako didn't appear.
Right, the experience differs
depending on the person.
There are individual differences. That's it.
This is it! Found it.
Will we both die?
Is there a way to be saved?
You wrote the book, so must know.
Ways to be saved...
"Show video to someone".
Natsumi showed you the video, right?
No, I received it from you,
so she didn't show it to me.
That's true...
Another way...
is not included in the book.
If our internal program memes were
rewritten in the instant before death...
Instant before death?
We'd have to just wait until then?
I can't stand it!
I'd rather kill myself than be
killed by a curse.
Alright, in that case,
I'll try to find a medium
who can perform an exorcism now.
Also, you absolutely must not watch it,
so there's a living witness if we die.
In any case, just wait for me to contact you.
What are you doing?
We're here.
We brought a present.
Thank you.
Are you alright?
I'm alright.
You know about this house, right?
You scared?
Here's your present. We worked hard getting it.
Here, your present.
Oh, dropped one.
You're mean. Are you really sorry?
Go inside, and we'll forgive you.
Go inside, count to 1 ,000 before you come out.
-He really went in.
-Stupid kid.
-Because he's stupid.
-Not our fault.
OK, this should work...
Hello, Morishige here.
Ms Horyu? Yes.
Thank you. I'm on my way.
This place.
I came before to interview her,
and watched her cast out an evil spirit.
It was amazing.
She's the real thing.
I'm sure Ms Horyu can do something.
But it's my nature to
also consider other options.
Thank you.
Let's go.
Ms Horyu, what do you think?
Can you see something?
this is more terrifying than
anything I've encountered.
Is it Sadako?
Can you see Sadako?
There is nothing but absolute darkness.
It continues forever.
Excuse me,
but will I...
die tomorrow?
Day after tomorrow for me.
You'll die if nothing changes.
But I won't let that happen.
Clear my schedule for tomorrow
and the next day.
-I have to deal with this.
Ms Horyu,
it's OK about me,
but please try to save her.
What do you mean?
You want to see Sadako?
If you want to die, suit yourself!
Excuse me.
Please do...
whatever you can to help me.
Expecto Patronum...
Avada Kedavra! !
Don't hit!
Leave it to Ms Horyu.
"Whatever is inside this girl, show yourself!"
You'll kill everyone that hinders you?
Morishige, I have failed!
I already called Keizo. He should be nearby.
Keizo? You mean the real Keizo Tokiwa?
Only Keizo can do it!
Pay with the cash under the altar.
Ms Horyu!
Stop that, stop!
Can you see Sadako? Please tell me!
Wait! Not yet, not yet!
Show Sadako to me!
Are you OK, Natsumi? Natsumi...
Obviously I'm not OK.
I'm going to die!
Saying you're sorry changes nothing.
Yuri, it's all your fault.
Here. Give this to me.
It's OK, give it to me.
It's OK.
Natsumi, you gave it to me.
Morishige's book said giving it to
someone saves you from the curse.
I'm going to try it.
Tamao, can you see anything?
I can't see...
anything from this.
Alright, that's fine.
What stupid thing have you done?
Always been stupid.
You're Keizo...l guess?
You watched it, too?
Don't make more work for me!
Natsumi's curse wasn't removed?
You believed that stupid rumor? What a fool!
Keizo, here.
Real, isn't it?
Yeah. It's great.
Got the money?
Oh...that's a lot of money.
Priestess Horyu gave it to us.
This man really died for nothing.
He tried to save Priestess Horyu!
Who's this kid?
My associate.
I don't see any future for you.
Do you want to help?
Nobody would want to help you.
Hah, just kidding.
What's going on?
You don't know how people feel?
what about me?
What do you see about me?
Tamao, enough of that.
Am l going to die?
It will be difficult
to remove this curse. However,
you'll suffer even more if you're afraid.
Starting already?
Sadako, l've always wanted to meet you.
Come out for a while.
Come out.
What...You also need help?
Natsumi, Natsumi!
Natsumi, are you OK?
Tamao, do you know what I'm considering?
What's your idea?
Have two evil ghouls fight each other.
Thought you'd enter with shoes on,
so was afraid.
Are you stupid? I'll stop trying to save you.
That's fine, don't save them.
How will you go about saving us?
Tomorrow night is the second night after
Natsumi watched that video.
Listen, l'll do whatever l have to do.
Good news for you.
I'll decide details after checking.
I'll come for you tomorrow,
just stay here quietly until then.
Should we stay inside?
if we can't go outside, I want you to...
make a DVD copy of this someplace.
To Natsumi, it's very important.
What a nuisance!
Thank you.
Call me if anything happens.
I think it was kidnapping
for human trafficking.
That's the only way four
would go missing at once.
Maybe if they were girls, but they're all boys.
Probably just ran away from home.
Takagi, what do you think?
Don't know about it?
Yesterday evening, close to here,
four elementary school boys went missing.
Huh? Four boys?
Even though it'll be late...
for their wedding anniversary,
I will send it.
I was actually born before
their wedding ceremony.
For a long time they didn't have...
enough money to pay for the ceremony.
Natsumi, you look so cute.
But I'm such a mess now.
Don't say that, you're still really cute.
Enough of that, turn it off.
Where is my bag?
It's over there.
I see...
Yuri, are you OK?
Yeah, it was just my imagination.
That's good.
There's no other option.
You're right.
Let's take a look.
I was right to suspect this place.
If entered, cursed and die.
The presence here is...
Seems to be.
Ran away. Kayako wouldn't do that.
Something good over there.
That's it.
It's deep.
We can use it.
Yeah, it'll work. But only as...
Right, the last resort.
Stop staring at us.
What are you doing?
That house beckons to her.
Stay away from this house.
You'll die if you go in.
Know about yesterday's incident
of the missing boys?
Yeah, we know. Seems they were local kids.
There were boys in front of that
old house yesterday evening.
There were exactly four boys.
Maybe it's related?
But they simply ran away.
They'll be found soon.
Never know...
Good dinner.
What's wrong? Are you OK?
I'm fine.
Keizo said he'll come get us in about an hour.
I was wondering why I ended up like this.
Don't you wonder also?
Maybe better off if everybody dies.
I'm also afraid,
but am sure Keizo will help us.
I went ahead and did it.
Huh? Did what?
Morishige's copy of the...
Cursed Video.
How'd you get it?
You stole it?
And just now,
while you were taking a shower,
I uploaded it to the Internet.
Realizing the danger, I deleted it right away,
but many people had already downloaded it,
and it's already on the Internet.
"Authentic? Cursed Video"
Everyone will be killed by the curse.
Hey, Yuri...
Won't you die with me?
I don't want to be killed by the curse.
Even if the curse kills others,
we can kill ourselves.
Well, isn't that better?
Natsumi, you know what you've done?
We have to remove it!
Come on, let's die together.
Won't do it...
Natsumi! Natsumi!
Natsumi, open it!
I don't want to die alone,
so watch me.
Natsumi! Natsumi, open it!
Natsumi, don't do it! Natsumi!
Natsumi, open it!
Natsumi, Natsumi, don't!
Natsumi, Natsumi, get away!
Natsumi, get away!
Suicide is impossible.
You saw Horyu and the others die.
Everyone hindering Sadako's curse gets killed.
Cursed people killing themselves
is no different.
Can't do anything about the lnternet.
It's all my fault.
Natsumi, and everything.
Your crying is useless,
Sadako's curse will spread.
No way to totally end the curse?
Sadako's curses are all linked with
an invisible thread.
I see...
Then having you cursed may end Sadako's curse,
if it could spread like a vaccine,
and totally eliminate all her curses.
I want to...
end the spread of the curse.
We'd do it tomorrow night,
at your expected time of death.
that schoolgirl may be in danger.
Dear, Suzuka is...
Hey, what are you doing?
You should go home now!
Come on...
What's wrong?
You OK?
Dad, no!
We have to run for it.
Suzuka, run for it!
We can use her.
Don't talk like that.
But the only way to save
her life is if she works with us.
You work with us tomorrow.
It's not a dream. Your parents won't return.
If nothing is done,
that ghoul will kill you too.
You saw Kayako, didn't you?
The ghoul living in that house.
Tonight we'll confront Kayako with
another ghoul, to destroy both of them.
I'm the victim of another curse.
My curse and your curse will fight.
It's the only way to save our lives.
Prepare yourself.
If nothing is done, you and l will be
killed by curses.
Work with me.
I'll be happy if only you are saved.
I am Yuri.
I am Suzuka.
We'll have Yuri and Suzuka enter
that house together.
By going into the house,
Yuri will be cursed by Kayako.
By watching the Cursed Video inside,
Suzuka will be cursed by Sadako.
With you caught in two different curses,
Sadako and Kayako will fight over you.
Consumed by powerful rival curses,
eventually they'll destroy each other.
You two will be saved,
and the curses will stop spreading.
That will settle the matter.
Will it really go so smoothly?
Well, if everything goes perfectly.
And if it doesn't, I have another plan.
But I want to avoid using that...
Rest until tonight, we have to prepare.
Sorry I didn't ask, Suzuka,
but have some tea...
It's fine. Thank you.
It's so quiet.
I feel...
so afraid.
Yeah, so do I.
Watch the video soon. Before they attack.
If you have no choice, escape from the rear.
We'll be waiting there.
Get going.
Let's go.
See you later.
Yuri, can you hear?
Be careful.
Let's go.
Put it here.
Ready for video playback.
Suzuka, keep watching, no matter what happens.
OK, proceed as planned.
That's strange, there's no reaction.
No, they'll come.
That voice...
Time for Yuri to watch the video.
Tamao, shut down your consciousness.
Don't look at Sadako's eye!
Both remain.
Get out, it failed!
No choice!
It's a crucial part of you!
Out the rear, to the well!
Sorry, but one of you must be sacrificed.
We'll let Sadako and Kayako
possess the body of one of you.
Then you'll leap into the well.
You will die, but they'll be sealed within.
Are you OK?
The plan won't work. They're coming!
You both have to leave the well.
Huh? OK.
Yuri, how about it?
If l choose to die,
Sadako will come.
If Sadako comes, Kayako will probably come.
Are you sure?
Tamao, get up.
Put on that cover!
They're merging!
Mizuki Yamamoto
Tina Tamashiro
Aimi Satsukawa
Misato Tanaka
Masahiro Komoto
Masanobu Ando
Executive Producers Shinichiro Inoue Jim Takagi
Executives in Charge of Production
Daiji Horiuchi Hideyuki Sakurai
Music by Koji Endo
Director of Photography Hidetoshi Shinomiya
Lighting Director Yuichiro Makanae
Production Designer Norifumi Ataka
Sound Recording Fusao Yuwaki
Edited by Takeshi Wada
Production W Field Inc.
Written and Directed by Koji Shiraishi
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