SAGA - Curse of the Shadow (2013) Movie Script

In the second age the War of Gods intensified.
As battles raged and the
Gods ravaged the land,
survivors became few and scattered.
The Humans forged the Order,
a desperate alliance with Elves and Dwarves.
This ended the war, forcing the Orcs
and Dark Elves deep into the wastelands.
As the Order struggled to restore civilization
the Prophets were tormented by
visions of a growing darkness in the West.
An ancient evil rekindled...
In the dim corners of taverns and caverns
whisperings were heard of a syndicate
of conspirators known as the Shadow.
In the lawless borderlands between
Battle Grave and Waspire
operatives of the Shadow emerged.
The prophets dispatched agents
of their own to uncover the origin
and intentions of the Shadow Cabal.
You've been busy, Fang-Tor Bloodmoon.
Murder, rape, arson,
desecration of a Holy Relic.
I have gold. Walk away.
And I'll give you double.
We don't need it.
We do, we do need...
What, who's there?
Is that you, Gyarmuck?
- What does he want?
I'll have some words with you.
You've been tracking me, Keltus.
The gods be damned!
Order sent you.
I need some answers.
- I answer to no one
but the Shadow now.
That answers at least two of my questions.
You have come a long way
for me, Keltus.
Loyal lapdog of the Prophetess!
They say you're hard
to kill. For a human.
But Humans can't see in
the dark, can they?
No, but I can hear a loud
mouthed Dwarf well enough.
I'd rather not kill you,
I need information.
The Order hangs by a thread, Keltus.
Take up with the Rising Shadow.
Join our cause!
Your part is said.
Now tell me, why the Shadow is
gathering here in the North
and the identity of your contact.
In a few days, the God
of Death will awaken
and then you will have your answers.
My Lady is impatient, Dwarf.
Now, tell me or die.
- Die?
You fear death.
I only fear its master.
I'm going to tell you nothing.
So be it!
Give my regards to your master.
The Shadow grows with
every life that is taken.
When Kullimon's raiders
bring us the vessel
not even the Gods will
stand against our power.
Kullimon's raiders?
Thank you.
That's just what I needed to know.
You're welcome. Now die!
In pieces!
Oh! Gee.
Against my will
Mulgrut has raided for
an agent of the Shadow.
An enemy of the clan!
A needless provocation.
Now revenge is upon us.
The raid is over.
What's done is done!
But the Shadow pays well for the vessel.
We should join him.
For wealth and power!
We are warriors!
Hear my words!
You will end as his slaves!
Yes, we are warriors. Not
thieves and murderers!
Mulgrut wants you to bow to
the Shadow. I know his heart.
You are a weakling.
We don't fight for gold!
But for glory!
The horde has no respect for you, Kullimon
They are going to follow me!
The horde is mine now.
And mine alone!
Those who are still faithful,
may follow me.
Kill these cowards!
To me!
To me!
Seize him!
On your knees!
Are you brave enough to murder
the grandson of Mahan Shek?
descendant of the Holy Warrior?
This I will not do, Kullimon.
Since a quick death is too merciful for you.
What information did you take from the Dwarf?
He spoke of a vessel, Prophetess!
To be delivered by Kullimon.
An Orc raider.
We've crossed paths before.
The Dwarf also spoke of the power of Goth Azul.
The God of Death!
Do not speak his name.
The other Gods are seeking
a return to our world
as our Goddess feared.
They must not succeed!
Lest the world be ravaged by
chaos in a new war of Gods.
If the Death God is unleashed
from the underworld
all things living shall perish.
- Tell me where to go, prophetess.
The general called Drennon has an agent
of the Shadow in his dungeon.
Spare no method in extracting
answers from him.
You must not fail this.
A package for field general Drennon.
- Leave your weapons.
- Leave your weapons or leave the outpost!
This is his head, I take it?
- It is.
He'll have to be identified.
400 gold coins. That is what was promised.
Do not cheat me, Human!
For the full 400 you'd have to take
the head to the fortress at Ang-Kirk.
And that is a long road.
One not friendly to Elven kind.
I will give you 300 and my men will take the
head to the fortress for the difference.
You are a ringed signatory of the Order.
You will give me the 400
or I will take the head.
And what?
You've killed him for us already.
That's well enough and I doubt you'll find
any other interested buyers for a bandit's head.
That's another thing.
The bounty was for Fang-Tor
Bloodmoon, the bandit.
Nobody said anything about a
dragon riding Shaman.
He gave me this as a parting gift.
I think I'm owed something a
little extra, don't you think?
Alas, for you an outcome
both unfortunate and regrettable.
The symbol itself is outlawed.
You must understand.
Get me a cleric who can get rid of this thing
before I forget what side I'm fighting for!
The mark as far as we've been able to discover
is permanent and cannot be removed.
Even with magic.
- Well, I have a problem with that.
As do I.
Seize her!
You bear the mark. An agent
of the Shadow cannot be trusted.
Your reward is forfeit.
I should slit you, traitor.
- Assaulting a magistrate
is punishable by death.
- Mine or yours?
Don't ever let a blade
through that door again.
Strip her down to her skin next time.
Oh god! Keltus, what do you want?
I have enough troubles with
bounty hunters and cultists.
I don't need the church as well,
meddling with my business.
I'll be damned! Have some decency!
- Hail, magistrate.
Hail, Ambassador!
What is this about?
The Dwarves are joining
up with the Shadow now.
Elves too, from what
I've seen this morning.
That one claims she was cursed.
Did you have to drop his
bloody arm on my table?
You should have brought
this Dwarf to me for a trial.
Don't question my methods
and I won't report yours.
Are the hands of the Prophetess so clean
that you follow her without question?
My orders come directly from the Lady herself.
I have nothing to doubt
and I answer to no one.
You are young still.
With few regrets.
You have a prisoner named Maggut Guilbrow.
I need to ask him a few questions.
Beautiful flower, trapped in an ugly place.
So sweet to my lips and tongue.
Sister, you bear the mark.
And an elf, no less!
How precious!
Listen carefully!
There is a box,
heavy, laden with gold.
Which gold must be
taken to Garret's Crossing
by the second watch of the new moon.
If by some chance you are...
You must take our place and exchange
the gold with Kullimon's raiders
for the sacred vessel which the
Shadow sought these many years.
Where is the gold?
- In the hollow of a tree.
Just after the Bleeding
Stone you will find it.
At dawn collect the blood from the altar
to fill the vessel.
- Where is the Bleeding Stone?
You bear the mark.
Sure you know that.
Where is the Bleeding Stone?
You impostor!
I see you saved Drennon the trouble of an execution.
You bear the mark, yet you murder
your own Shadow brother.
Did he speak before you killed him?
I know you are cursed with the mark
by the Orc Shaman,
who calls himself Fang-Tor.
Right before I cut off his head.
Release her to me!
By authority of the Prophetess.
Tell no one Maggut Guilbrow is dead.
Burn the body.
Death, death is upon you,
wandering warrior.
Step aside!
The stain of spilled blood
leaves a mark, does it not?
I speak of you, Keltus.
How do you know me?
I have seen you before,
near the temple.
You've come a long
way to play at riddles.
I meant to speak plainly.
A hero is known by his deeds
but judged by his heart.
Who has your heart,
Keltus, wanderer?
Friend of yours?
Come on,
there's a long way ahead of us.
You know I can help but I'm
gonna need your help first.
I don't need your help, Human!
- Really?
I freed you from execution.
I work alone and my work is
far from finished. I go South.
You know, the priestesses of the
Order can remove the mark.
It's your choice.
Maybe you'd rather see yourself decay
as the undead contagion festers in your blood.
Which it does as we speak.
- What priestesses?
Where are they?
- I serve my mistress
the Prophetess of Ari-Alia,
I am their ambassador.
What do you want with me, Ambassador?
- You have the mark!
But unwillingly. That makes
you special, maybe even unique.
I need you to infiltrate the Shadow
and bring me information.
And you'll see to it that
I'm cured of this?
Cure me first and then I'll help you.
- The priestesses are days from here.
I need your help now.
The rat-faced human
that I killed in the prison
told me to go to the Bleeding Stone.
The Bleeding Stone?
What did he want you to do there?
I'll tell you when we get there.
That's more than a day on foot.
You said you work alone.
Unusual for an Elf.
Where are your kin?
- I have no kin.
Your fighting style is Elahrian.
- Yes.
A High Elf then. From the Garuun-Dan.
- Yes
But surely too young to have fought in the Orc wars?
You are a survivor.
You know, I read the history,
the whole clans were starving.
Forced them to your forests. There was a famine.
- Bite your tongue, Orc lover.
Hey, I am no fan of the Orcs.
But I am no fan of Elves either.
You and I have no friends,
we share that at least.
The Bleeding Stone is on that far ridge.
Well met, brother of the Order.
- Not so well for you, it seems, Kullimon the Black.
You're the one they call 'Wanderer'.
You're younger than your reputation implies.
Was it not so long ago you were a
commander of a horde of Orc raiders?
I may have the lost the battle
but not yet my last breath.
What's this? Your consort?
Surely your prophetess frowns
upon her henchman befriending an elf.
Now, you have the habit of killing prisoners before
I have a chance to question them.
What news from Warspire?
- Hard times, Human.
Good raid targets are
not easy to come by.
Rumor has it the monastery
was sacked just two days before.
Leaving many dead.
Sounds like a certain someone I know.
Cut me down and I'll tell you about it.
It was the shrine of Noc Benari.
They are monastics.
They have taken a vow of poverty.
They have nothing of value there.
Nothing of value to me or to you,
but beneath the shrine
is the tomb of Odus the Tall
and in that tomb were some artifacts.
One of which was very eagerly sought
after by an agent of the Shadow.
Which artifact?
Cut me down.
Which artifact, Kullimon?
The Bone Vessel is what they call it
- The Bone Vessel?
It's said it holds the Ashes of Amun Khan.
It's a fake, like most relics.
Fake or not, delivered into the right hands
it's worth a small fortune in gold.
Where will the exchange take place?
- I will take you there.
With your wounds you are too slow.
Go back to Warspire. This is my affair now.
I too have unfinished deeds.
I go to face the horde one last time.
Kill me if you must.
I will not tell you the place.
Go on, kill him. It is at Garret's
Crossing at new moon.
The girl speaks truth, but there
are details of which she is unaware.
If it's the vessel you want,
you'd be fools to refuse my help.
I care nothing for this so called Bone Vessel.
I would rather saw my left arm off
and be done with the both of you
than work with this pig faced scum
Your curse! Your days
are numbered, Shadow child.
It is I who shall refuse to accompany you!
She is not controlled by the Shadow of Death.
Yet she would kill an unarmed,
wounded, kneeling opponent.
The goddess sent me to each
of you, all for a noble purpose.
It is no coincidence we will
go together to meet our fate.
Had enough?
There may be a time and place
for you to kill each other
but it is not here and not now.
I do not serve your Goddess and I
do not live or die by goodwill.
So long as her goals and my own are aligned
I will go with you.
I care nothing for the gods. I do as I please.
But I will travel with you two fools to
the Bleeding Stone and no further.
That's for my part. Keltus will see to it
that his priestesses remove my mark.
And if I again choose to end
the life of a worthless Orc
do not get in my way or it
will be yours that I take.
To the Bleeding Stone then. We'll march
through the night if Kullimon can handle it.
Even dripping in blood
I out walk you, pale-skin.
There's movement out there.
I can sense it.
Yet I see no warmth
and hear no beating heart.
Not all that walks has a beating heart.
A weapon.
Thanks for your help.
- It was a puny lizard.
No match for Keltus the Wanderer.
The Bleeding Stone,
was a meeting place for the Warlocks.
Ancient worshipers of an Elder God.
Nemyt, what was it Maggut wanted you here for?
He told me to wait for the Moon Zyneth
and then to collect the blood from the stone.
This is not something my raiders care about.
It was not needed for the exchange.
Only the Shadow wants this blood.
We should leave it be.
The Horde was to be paid in gold.
- How much?
A thousand coins worth.
- Which we don't have.
Nemyt, it's time to tell us everything
Maggut Guilbrow said to you in that prison.
He became suspicious of me when
I asked where the Bleeding Stone was.
He couldn't tell me anything
more so I killed him.
You should have left him for me to question.
We wait here and see if the Bleeding Stone
lives up to its name, then collect the Blood.
We may need Nemyt to pose as
a true Shadow agent before long
and the blood may
make all the difference.
In the meantime get some sleep.
We won't stop again before we reach Garret's Crossing.
Where is the brat?
- She left in the woods only moments ago.
Looks like she knew just when to leave.
Which way out of here?
If we can cut them down
I guess we can outrun them.
Cowards run, warriors fight.
Then we fight.
Too many of them!
Killing gets us nowhere!
Killing is all I can offer.
Let's not be too nice.
From which hell did they come from?
They were watching all along.
When you left they closed in.
- You're one of them. That's why.
Where were you?
- I couldn't sleep.
I just saved you!
What do you want from me?
Do you think I'm evil?
You think I'm one of them?
I want you to tell me the truth.
The truth?
You swore to help me!
To rid me of this curse.
You tell me the truth, Keltus!
Am I just a pawn in this game?
Can your almighty Prophetess help me?
Can she?!
And if she can't, then what?
- She will save you.
This, this isn't me.
They did this to me and
I'm gonna make them pay.
And I believe you can, Nemyt.
If you can resist long enough!
Enough! We must leave!
To Garret's Crossing. Now!
Before the next night falls.
Human flesh is weak.
My wounds from that damn cross
are just old scars.
- The flesh is weak, but the mind is sharp.
The mind too is weak.
You have feelings for the Elf brat.
She is fighting the curse.
Even you must admire her strength.
Her heart is black or the curse
would not have taken to her.
The Shadow has claim only on souls
blinded by murder and hatred.
She was cursed as she killed
Fang-Tor Bloodmoon.
The Shaman lord?
I suspected she was in league with the Shadow.
It was he who poisoned Mulgrut's mind.
I owe her debt for killing him.
And now she's cursed because of it.
And there's one other thing.
She was a child of the Garuun-Dan.
I should have known.
- She is consumed with vengeance.
The skies were free of rain these years.
The clans were starving.
We went to the woods many times, to survive.
We wanted food, nothing more.
The Elves were hidden in the trees.
We didn't even see them as our hunters
were slain by Elven arrows.
Every party returned with diminished numbers.
Without food.
At last we gathered a war party.
And in desperation attacked the Garuun-Dan.
Their women fought as valiantly as the men.
And we spared the children.
She has nothing but her revenge.
No family, no people.
She kills without remorse.
Is she so different from you, wanderer?
Your order is not known for its kindness.
In service of a higher purpose.
The prophetess remains pure but her servants...
they do as they must.
No one's here. We're early.
Why do we assume the Shadow hasn't
already sent an agent for the exchange?
As long as we are here first
it won't matter.
Keep watch!
I gotta take care of this.
The elf retrieved the bones.
And I will return them to
the temple for destruction.
And you trust her for this task?
I see no other option.
I promised her the priestesses
would cure her of the contagion
and remove the mark.
- She is an Elven murderer.
And soon will be the servant of Goth Azul.
Her usefulness is at an end.
You will kill her.
I had planned to do so.
You are my loyal servant, Keltus.
None to soon. Here comes Mulgrut
my former first captain.
Good, they are early.
Nemyt, you ready?
As ready as I can be to face a horde of dogs.
Hold nothing back. Mulgrut
has a keen eye for treasure.
And if something should go wrong?
- We're on our way.
You make for a small target.
- Thanks.
Beware of Mulgrut. He has a coward's
heart but a cunning mind.
If they can fear you
you will succeed.
Burning field. Broken spire.
The coward soils his pants
as I light him on fire.
The common tongue doesn't do justice.
Does the Shadow send in a child
to do with Mulgrut, the Warlord?
And where is Kullimon the Black?
Does he send his whores
to deal with the Shadow?
Kullimon the Black is now
Kullimon the worm food.
You are a kneel fight,
barely initiated to the Shadow.
How is it you have gone to the ...
- I have come for the vessel.
I have the payment in full.
This purse is light.
Do not think to make a fool of me, Elf!
The Shadow cares nothing for money,
we wouldn't cheat you over a few paltry coins.
One thousand as agreed.
Why should I not keep your
treasure along with the vessel?
Are you fool enough to trifle with the Shadow?
My life means nothing and now
yours hangs by a thread.
Give me the vessel!
Kethku, give her the vessel!
Another day, Orc scum and I would
bleed you like the filthy pig you are.
Seize her!
Tell me, dark rider
does this Elf ride with you?
A thief and impostor!
Give me the vessel!
No, not so fast.
She has paid the price.
How do I know...
You dare to mock?
Give me the vessel!
You lust for power,
Mulgrut the Betrayer!
And power you shall be granted!
Banded murderers and betrayers,
join with the rising Shadow
and take upon you the Power of Goth Azul.
Bothku Vir Otumnai Ger-Havock..
Ha, i'm immune.
At last!
I am immortal.
We serve Goth Azul!
Go to the Dimwood Pass.
And now you, plaything!
We'll make great swat.
For the horde.
Take her to Dimwood Pass.
I'll go after the Shadow agent.
I must retrieve the vessel.
- And I have a vendetta to settle with the horde.
You would leave the girl to her terrible
fate after she did her part to help you?
My only responsibility
is to the Prophetess.
May your enemies suffer and your friends...
May your enemies suffer.
Prophetess, guide me.
After Mulgrut has
had his fun with you
he's promised you to me.
I've bled the Bleeding Stone
if that's what you were looking for
Ambassador of Light,
you will give in to the Shadow.
Your soul is empty.
- You stole the ashes of Amun Khan.
I'm taking them back!
- You cannot kill me.
You belong to Goth Azul now!
Your faith is weak, your mind is doubtful.
In death you will serve our master well.
I will never serve Goth Azul.
Save me!
You have failed me, Keltus the Forsaken.
You are forever cursed.
The goddess remembers you no more.
I don't lay with fish.
Play with us.
- Yes, come play with us.
Come, play with us.
Are you not Kullimon the Brave?
Kullimon the Conqueror?
I don't have time for
this, water whore.
There is still fight in you, that is good.
It means more fun for me!
- Don't touch me.
But I am Mulgrut!
Warlord Of the Battle Grave!
And Slayer of Elves.
I'm going to enjoy this.
Mulgrut, the horde is hungry.
They have not hunted in days.
The hunger will pass.
The warriors, they are restless.
They ask why we must wait here.
They do not serve the Shadow.
The horde serves at my pleasure
and my pleasure is here, in Dimwood Pass!
Now go and muster my horde.
For the bloodsport.
Horde, Pak-Chut!
And now, my plaything...
I will teach you of much suffering!
The Horde kills for honor
in battle, Mulgrut.
Is one bound girl
the best you can do?
No! Kullimon!
It is impossible!
How fares the Horde under
Mulgrut the Betrayer, Kethku?
Have you spent that gold?
Have you hunted?
Have you seen victory in battle?
Or instead have you been cursed and enslaved
taking orders from a human master?
Silence him!
I challenge Mulgrut for the Horde.
You have no right to challenge.
The Horde has already chosen between us!
Do you fear to bite me,
Mulgrut the Cursed?
I, Kullimon the Black,
again Master of the Horde.
But this Horde is cursed.
A curse which I alone have escaped!
You all belong to the Shadow now!
And my revenge is complete.
Kullimon is not one of us!
Shadow warriors, immortal brothers,
It is I, Mulgrut,
who has power over death.
It's us!
What are you doing?
Now we can go.
Kill them.
And here you are again, Keltus, Wanderer.
Though you're alone.
So very alone.
I've been watching you, Keltus,
judging you.
Your sword is keen.
Your devotion is absolute,
but your heart is empty.
You can not defeat Goth Azul like that.
Who are you?
I am your oldest friend, Keltus.
Your only friend.
You have been cast off so I claim you as my own.
The Shadow rules over the dead
but has no real power over the living.
You still feel pain.
That's a good sign.
There. Good as new.
An old Orc healing trick!
It seals the wound shut.
Stops the bleeding.
You touched me.
Never do that again.
I make no promises.
But I respect your request.
Where is Keltus?
He went after the Shadow agent.
You're surprisingly resistant to the curse.
My kindred, they succumbed very quickly.
That is because they are weak willed pigs.
As are all Orcs?
Not all of them.
So what will you do now?
What I've always done. I'm gonna
punish those who have wronged me.
- No.
He is what he is,
I always understood that.
The Shadow then?
They cursed the wrong Elf.
And they are gonna regret it.
- You should rest, regain your strength.
I'm strong enough.
I work alone.
- Alone you will fail.
Keltus was right.
I was meant to help you.
Thanks for saving me.
We must continue.
This is my domain.
What is this magic?
It's not magic.
It's a machine, it's a powder.
Dwarven devilry!
I'm gonna break your scrawny neck, coward.
I will collect your heads.
Orc and Elf kind!
Come, catch me!
Now! He's reloading.
She is one of us.
But you are an outsider.
All hail the God of Death.
I bring the thunder!
And I bring the rain.
A little sooner would have been nice.
I just saved you from a one-armed Dwarf.
I hate to have to kill everything twice.
You still resist the curse.
I was wrong about you.
There is so much strength in you
and good left in your heart.
You came back.
We have to kill them.
- I know.
I lied to you, Nemyt.
The Prophetess would
never have removed the mark.
You did your part and
you nearly died. I'm sorry.
I do not know how to save you
or even if you can be saved.
Then I will resist it for as long as I can.
So what now?
The Shadow agent has
the ashes of Amun Khan.
And the blood of Goth Azul.
He took the canteen
I collected at the Bleeding Stone.
When they are mixed together
at the entrance to the underworld
they will raise an Avatar of Goth Azul,
Lord of the Dead.
With him at their head, their
legions will march across the land,
their ranks swelling with the
corpses they reanimate.
And then they will be unstoppable.
That sounds bad.
They wait at the Well of Demons.
Their leader Goth Azul was
imprisoned in the underworld.
So where is this Well of Demons?
Nemyt was drawn to them,
she is leading us right to it.
If anyone had told me I'd be joined
with an Elf and a Human Cleric
I'd have cut off his manhood
and fed it to him.
Good thing I like you two.
What's happened to you?
You're different.
I've left the Order.
And I follow Tarsa,
an Elder God.
It's okay. I was healed.
There is hope for you yet.
Let's get this done.
What are they waiting for?
Lots of innocent people down there.
And the death offering is
enough to please him.
Goth Azul will speak
and the ritual will begin.
Shadow brothers! Prepare to
witness the rebirth of your god.
Now is the time!
Start the ritual!
Are you alright, Nemyt?
I am drawn to the Well of Demons.
But I can resist.
They would sense Kullimon
or me among them.
They will accept you.
You can get close enough.
Close enough for what?
- Disrupt the ceremony.
Get the Bone Vessel or the blood.
Kullimon and I will provide distraction
to enable you to approach.
Let's say she gets close enough
and even gets the vessel.
What then?
She wouldn't make it
out of there alive.
No, but I can break the Bone Vessel,
throw its ashes to the wind.
But they tear her to pieces.
There must be a better plan.
This was always the plan.
It's why Keltus broke me out of prison.
I will do it, but swear to me:
If this curse overtakes me you will hunt
this body down and you will destroy it.
Burn it until there's nothing left.
- I swear.
I believe in you, Nemyt.
To die in battle
is the greatest glory.
To chose to do so,
is the greatest honor.
Who knows? Maybe even an Elf
can journey to the Hall Of Warriors.
My vengeance on your kind
is satisfied, Kullimon.
You have killed enough Orcs?
- No.
There's one I'm glad I didn't kill.
Throw them in.
No, no...
I sense something.
She's not gonna make it.
She stopped. The curse
was too much for her.
We will do our part.
Have faith she'll do hers.
Come on.
Kill the intruders!
They took the bait.
You ready to die?
I tried that once before.
Didn't suit me.
Your heart is black,
your soul is dead.
Now fall on your sword.
Fall on your sword.
You will obey.
- No.
It is time, nothing can stop us now.
Kullimon! Nemyt!
I promised you pain and death.
Elf. Witch.
With the ashes of Amun Khan
and the blood of Goth Azul
the God of Death is reborn!
There is no escape
for you this time.
Yes, Kullimon.
So we meet again
for the last time.
Your pet Elf is about to die.
You will die of shame,
Mulgrut the Damned.
I ...
... am ...
... immortal!
I ... I failed.
You did your part.
Now Keltus must do his.
She's dying.
We have overcome the Shadow.
You're free.
Help me, Keltus.
What ... what happened?
You died!
- What?
You brought me back.
As I was brought back.
So, Your Holiness...
Any magic left in those puny hands
to heal an old Orc's wounds?
I don't want to waste it.
Anyway, you heal quick, don't you?
75, 150, 600 men.
We need a big bag.
Better get moving.
The sun's coming up.
This is dragon country.
Do you not know the bounty
on all these heads?
Haven't you learned your
lesson about bounties?
Fine. I'm coming back later.
We're splitting that money three ways
- How about we all fight for it?
Why not? You'll end up with nothing.
- Fine by me.
You two will kill each other
and I walk away with the gold.