Sage femme (2017) Movie Script

Come on. Push. That's good.
That's good.
Once again. That's it.
Breathe out. Now inhale.
Take a deep breath.
That's it. Come on!
Push hard, push!
In memory of Yvonne Andr
We're not quite there.
Let's start over.
Push again, push hard.
That's good.
That's it! Push again, hard.
You're doing good. It's perfect.
Look at your baby, Magali. He's here!
He's beautiful.
There he is!
You can grab him.
Put your hand here.
Here's your baby.
You did a great job.
It's a relief. I believe you.
He came out so fast!
It's fabulous.
He's going to fall asleep.
Look at the sweet hands.
He's falling asleep.
Have you made your decision?
I don't want to think about it.
You could go independent.
I'd like to,
but there's so much hassle involved.
It's not fair. We fought back.
-They can't do this to us.
-Apparently they can.
The monitor in No. 2 is going berserk.
Come quick.
The cord is wrapped around its neck.
Call Dr. Oudinot!
-My baby, my baby!
-Calm down.
Everything's fine.
Everything will be fine.
-How dilated is she?
-9 cm.
9 centimeters?
I'm going to do something you won't like.
It won't last long.
It'll take care of everything.
Hang on.
Don't push!
There you go.
You're fully dilated.
Now push hard!
That's it.
Here's your baby.
Shit, I'm late.
I didn't sleep a wink all night.
Between the kids
and Fred who's starting to freak.
I think I'm going to accept.
What about you?
I'd rather die.
Hi, Claire.
It's me, Mom.
I won't be home tonight.
I'll call you tomorrow. Bye.
Hello, I'm looking for Antoine Breton.
I found you in the phone book
and I was wondering
if you weren't his daughter?
This is Beatrice.
Beatrice Sobolewski.
Talk to you soon maybe.
It's Claire.
Stand in front of her
and pull hard on her arms.
It'll help the baby
find the right position in the womb.
Everything okay?
Of course it is.
-I can't do it!
-Sure you can.
You're lucky.
Your mother's been here for hours.
Evelyne is here. She'll help you.
You're not any better, are you?
She showed up all alone.
No family, no one.
She's bleeding
and she won't let us touch her.
-Elodie isn't here?
-She took the day off.
-We don't have her ultrasound?
My name is Claire. And you?
You haven't seen a doctor?
You have to trust me.
I'm here to help you.
But to help you I need to examine you.
Come on.
You'll be fine.
Is that you?
Yes, I'm late.
Dr. Mechelany Dentist - Periodontist
I'm here!
At the end of the hallway.
Come in.
I'm not fit to be seen.
Just like me, I fell back asleep.
Oh, it's you!
No, I really can't.
I'm not doing it on purpose.
You know very well.
I said I'd pay you back!
Rolande, I can't really talk now.
I'm not alone.
I don't quite know what to say.
Don't worry, we'll find something.
Grab the bottle and two glasses
in the kitchen.
And the peanuts!
I bet you're wondering
what I'm doing here.
The place belongs to my friend Raymond.
You don't know him.
He moved back to Beirut after the war.
But he kept the apartment.
He lets me stay from time to time.
You don't live in Buenos Aires anymore?
Buenos Aires?
I lived in Buenos Aires?
Goodness me, that was ages ago!
How old are you now?
49 years old.
And back then?
13 or 14.
You always did look older than your age.
Okay then.
The two of us sure had fun together.
You remember?
You forgot the peanuts.
Have a seat, take your raincoat off.
Don't just stand there.
I have an errand to run at Nation.
You could come with me.
No, I can't. I have to go home.
Here's to us?
To life.
No, thank you.
So, how is he?
I looked everywhere for him.
It's probably best I don't know.
He's surely remarried...
with a heap of kids.
Grandad 18 times over.
Why are you asking me this?
Why do you want news of him?
I don't understand.
I have cancer.
I'd been living
with a guy in Biarritz for two years.
It wasn't mad passion but...
He had a heart attack.
I was out on the street.
So I came back here
and found some old gambling buddies.
One of them is a doctor.
He had me take an exam and the ax fell.
A brain tumor.
But I found out too late.
It's never too late. You'll make it.
It's always possible.
That's not what he told me.
But I'm holding up.
How do I look?
Good. Real good.
I have to take some exams soon.
I'll know more then.
What scares me is losing my memory
or ending up paralyzed.
I don't care if I die.
I lived the life I wanted.
Francis, an omelet, fries and red wine.
-What'll you drink?
What was the name of that teacher
who came to the house?
-What teacher?
You see? I didn't forget.
His name is on the tip of my tongue.
Mr. Ayminor.
That was it!
It's surrealistic.
A music teacher named Ayminor!
So what do you do?
No, let me guess.
Social worker.
Librarian like your mother.
You're so serious.
I'm a midwife.
Here you go.
Taste this and tell me what you think.
No, thank you.
-Divine. A Cte-de-Beaune?
-Not far.
Gevrey-Chambertin. It's nice stuff.
You're like your father.
Not a drop of alcohol. Sports first!
He made up for lost time with me!
Where was I?
It must be wonderful
to see all those babies be born.
Yes, very much so.
Do you have children?
I have a son.
What does he do?
Medical school. He wants to be a surgeon.
-What about you?
-You didn't use to be so distant.
-Did you have children?
-My god, no!
I'd have been incapable of raising them.
That having been said, as you grow older,
it must be practical to have kids.
They're there. They fill a void.
What do you say?
I wouldn't put it that way.
You don't want to eat?
He's dead.
It was in the papers.
It's on Wikipedia in black and white.
He committed suicide.
Shortly after you left.
I don't read the papers. I never have.
And I'm lost with Internet.
You really want to know?
He shot himself in the heart.
I found him at home.
The apartment on Blvd. St. Germain
where we all lived together.
I'm so mad at myself.
You can't imagine, Claire.
I couldn't. I just couldn't.
I thought that after all this time,
we'd meet up,
forget all that nonsense, and make peace.
What a fool I am.
You must hate me.
Where's he buried?
It doesn't matter.
Yes, it does. I want to see him.
He was cremated.
I took care of everything.
My mother and I threw his ashes...
in the Seine.
-I have to go.
-Me too!
Francis, put it on my bill.
Wait. I'll call a taxi.
I'll drop you off wherever you want.
Don't bother. Good-bye.
Give me your hand.
Come on. I said give me your hand!
It's my last ring.
The others have all been pawned.
I'll get them back one day.
-I can't take this.
It's an emerald.
Your father gave it to me in his heyday.
It has value. I'd rather you had it.
Go on. I have to get a grip on myself.
Shit, just my rotten luck.
How'd you like some
Belle de Fontenay potatoes?
You scared me.
I have too many.
Mr. Baron isn't here?
No, he's not.
-Who are you?
-His son.
It's an excellent potato.
Firm, tasty flesh. Sauted, it's the best.
Is he well?
Not really.
I came to give him a hand.
So what about the potatoes?
No, thanks. I already bought mine.
Come on, Mrs. Carrelet.
Be brave.
You're almost there. Don't move.
Take a deep breath.
Hello, doctor.
-How's life, kiddo?
Catch your breath, and we'll start again.
Breathe out.
Everything okay? Breathe calmly.
Easy does it. Inhale deeply.
You okay?
Film the baby!
You're doing good!
Super, don't let go.
We're almost there. We can see him.
You're doing great.
Sir, put your phone down and come here.
I'm going to need you.
Put your hands
under her buttocks and lift up.
Breathe out.
Lift her up a bit. That's good.
Very good.
Okay, let's go. That's good. Look at me!
Come on, Mrs. Bernard!
Catch your breath,
and we start over at once.
Push hard. Come on.
Here's the baby.
Claire, good timing. Can I have a word?
the hospital is making a good offer.
The new baby factory?
Not really my thing.
-Someone dropped this off for you.
-For me?
Must be true love!
Elodie and Sophie agreed. Others will too.
Forgive me, Beatrice
The working conditions will be great.
It's very sweet of you, Thomas,
but I've always made my own decisions.
I don't see why I'd change now.
No hard feelings. See you tomorrow.
My lettuce came out with the rain.
What about you?
Yes, mine did too.
-Do you use slug pellets?
-No way. No chemicals for me.
I have a great tip: cat litter!
You sprinkle a circle around each plant
and good-bye snails!
It's today?
-Didn't we say next week?
-I'm Lucie.
I'm happy to meet you.
Simon's told me so much about you.
At least we have dessert.
Maybe I can help you out.
I've got everything you need in my shed.
Who's that?
The neighbor's son. Mr. Baron.
Mr. Baron has a son?
Looks that way.
I didn't tell you. I found a summer job.
At a friend's father's practice.
-A doctor?
-Plastic surgeon.
He'll teach me how to use
Botox and collagen.
A few tricks that make money.
Can't you find anything better?
That's not medicine.
I need money, so I'll do what it takes.
Go pick grapes!
At least it's physical,
and you meet interesting people.
French, Italian or Spanish wine?
Ask the kids. I don't drink.
Always being on the road isn't hard?
I love it, always have.
My dad was a truck driver before me.
-You're a truck driver?
-An international truck driver.
and a Georgian Saperavi.
Excellent wine. Should I open it?
I don't have a corkscrew.
I forgot. You don't drink.
It goes well with that.
Is being a midwife a calling?
You're a midwife?
It must be fabulous
bringing babies into the world.
Yes. They spring out of nowhere.
From nothing in a sense.
-Who wants sugar?
-I do.
-You're never afraid?
-I don't have the luxury.
You'll see when you're a doctor.
It's a question you'll never ask again.
I hope I'm not too blunt.
We dissected our first body last week.
It was hard.
The guy was barely 50.
When we cut open the thorax...
and got to the heart...
Admit it. You almost fainted.
You moron!
It could've been anyone we know.
My dad or my mom. Or even you.
I understand.
A dead body is just a...
an object.
Whereas alive,
if you know how to use it properly...
I'm perfectly serious.
Bodies know exactly what they need.
The problem is the mind.
You have to let go of the mind.
That's the big problem.
I'm pregnant.
You heard.
We're going to have a baby.
What about college?
It's not the end of the world.
We'll make it.
-How far along are you?
-Three months.
I apologize. I'm reacting badly.
Simon and I gave it a lot of thought.
We want to be young parents.
My parents were your age when they had me.
All the more reason!
Please forgive me.
I'm very happy.
The tumor is relatively well-placed.
It's not pressing down
on the brain stem yet.
Will I need chemotherapy?
It scares me to death.
We'll only have a clear diagnosis
after the operation.
I can't tell you now.
And afterwards?
Afterwards there are various options.
Chemotherapy, of course.
But I also know a doctor in Louvain
who's developing a new protocol.
If you want to try, of course.
He takes 20% of your white blood cells
to make a vaccination.
A vaccination against cancer?
By mixing your white blood cells
with cells from the tumor,
we can reprogram them.
Once re-injected,
these cells hunt down the sick cells.
Like a sort of vaccination.
It's still in the research phase,
but if you're interested,
I'll find out
if I can enroll you in the trial.
What do you think?
-Where's Louvain?
-In Belgium.
Wonderful, I love beer.
So when can we start?
I don't want you shaving my head!
They'll drill a hole in my head,
pump my blood,
and god knows what else!
Who knows?
Maybe I won't wake up!
Or else completely paralyzed!
What do you mean trust them?
I can't trust anyone in this damned town!
I have to wait ten days!
I was ready to be operated on right away.
Could you spend the night
at my place tonight?
I'm so scared.
I'm begging you.
Yes, come for lunch!
What would you like to eat?
Where should I reserve a table?
Yes, we'll talk.
I have so many things to tell you.
See you on Friday, Claire. Thank you.
Porte de Montreuil, please.
Rue des Vignoles.
You lose.
Help yourself, Beatrice. You won.
Calf's head, I love calf's head.
Would you like to split
a prime rib with bone marrow?
I don't eat meat.
In your state,
red meat is not exactly advisable.
-Your doctor didn't tell you?
-I believe in the power of pleasure.
Don't count on me eating
vegetable broth and steamed broccoli.
Why are you always unpleasant?
The two of us need to have a serious talk.
About my funeral to start with.
Stop it. You're not going to die.
First, I don't want to be cremated.
I looked at coffins on internet.
They make these lightweight,
elegant little coffins
from corn stalks
or some other biodegradable material.
And they cost peanuts.
I'm not tight,
but that's money out the window.
What'll you have?
Hello, ladies.
I'll have the codfish.
-With green beans instead of potatoes?
If I can't have prime rib,
I'll take tenderloin, the biggest one.
-12 ounces.
-Perfect. Underdone.
With French fries and Barnaise sauce.
No, mayonnaise!
What kind of wine do you suggest?
A Bordeaux?
I'd suggest a Saint-Julien or a Graves.
-Saint-Julien. You'll have a glass?
-I don't drink.
And water, please.
Still or sparkling?
Tap water will do.
-What's your son's name again?
-What's he like? You have good relations?
He's ready to leave home.
Will you introduce me?
I'd love to meet him.
He's in the middle of exams.
Claire, I've thought things over.
I realize I treated you badly.
I'd like to pay my debt.
Pay your debt?
Yes, by leaving you something.
A tidy sum of money.
-No, no.
-Why not?
-Because there's no reason.
-Of course there is!
I'd be happy to know that when I die,
I'll make your life easier.
My life isn't hard.
It's my life. And I like it the way it is.
Wouldn't you like to travel
or take some time for yourself?
Are you alone?
Excuse me?
-Do you have someone?
Has it been a long time?
Can you tell me why you left
from one day to the next?
-You really want to talk about this?
I knew the question
would come up at some point.
You don't waste time, that's good.
Was it really about money?
Yes, but not only.
What are you doing?
Don't be silly. What's wrong?
Sit down.
We'll never understand each other.
We were just starting to be friends again.
Starting to be friends again?
You disappear for over 30 years,
and I'm supposed to jump when you need me?
I don't want your money.
I don't want to be indebted to you,
Beatrice Sobolewski.
-I don't need you to survive.
-Are you finished?
And one last thing.
I'm really sorry
about your health problem,
but before thinking about coffins,
try giving up smoking, drinking,
red meat and fries.
You'll stop feeding your cancer.
It might be worth a try. Don't you think?
A pain in the ass, just like her father.
Wait for me!
Why are you doing this?
You want me to have an epileptic fit
on the sidewalk?
That'd teach you.
We all make mistakes. Shit!
You've made mistakes too, haven't you?
Okay, I wasn't fair to him,
but he wasn't easy to live with!
How could I know
he'd kill himself over me?
It flatters your ego, doesn't it?
It's the very opposite! Claire, stop.
I'll faint.
Why did you come back?
I was at peace with all that.
When I found out I was ill
and could die any day,
I thought about
what had counted most in my life...
and it was your father.
He's the only man
who really counted for me, I swear.
What about the others?
You can spend years with a man
who'll always be a stranger,
and a single night with one
you remember your entire life.
Then why did you leave him?
I don't know!
I didn't want the dream to end.
He was finished.
He got this idea in his head
to get a job in a club,
buy a house, and move to the country.
Can you see me in the country?
I can't do it. It's not a crime.
He was a good man.
You were too blind to see.
And he was too blind to see me.
He was lacking ambition,
and he had a foul temper.
-A little like you.
-Don't make me cry.
Claire, I'm sorry.
I can't do it.
Why not?
It's my son Simon.
Simon, how are you?
I'm sorry for the other day.
I was a bit...
Wherever you like.
I'll hop on the metro. I'm coming.
-He wants to see me.
-Then go. Where does he live?
-In the 19th.
-That's miles from anywhere!
I'll give you money for a cab.
I could've come up.
I'd like to see where you live.
It's Lucie's place, not mine.
And she's cramming.
Come on. I need to go swimming.
Is everything all right between you?
I didn't spoil things the other day?
I have something important to tell you.
-I'm not going into third year.
-You're not?
How do you know? You just started exams.
I screwed up on my first ones.
You can take them over.
What's the big deal?
-How did you screw up?
-I'm not good enough, Mom.
How can you say that?
You were always top of the class.
That was long ago.
I've decided to stop.
-Stop school?
-Stop medical school.
Have you lost your mind?
You always dreamed of being a surgeon.
I think it was more yours.
No, I've decided to be a midwife.
With my two years of medical school,
I'll make a living in three years.
Is this because of the baby?
Why do you all want to be midwives?
It's not a man's profession.
The world's changing and so are men.
I don't know what to think anymore.
I feel like I made a mistake somewhere.
Can you hear me?
Look at me.
My baby.
Take her for an ultrasound.
She's lucky.
The accident took place nearby.
The clinic is shutting down,
we're understaffed.
Call Oudinot!
Remove the fat tissue.
Go on. Suck it out.
-Should I push?
Is that good?
Bradycardia. Her heart is slowing down.
We could lose her. Adrenalin.
We're losing her!
One, two, three.
Wake up.
Come on, please.
Come back, little man.
Stop it!
Come back.
Shut your eyes.
-It's a surprise.
Trust me and shut your eyes.
What are we doing?
Advance slowly, I'll guide you.
I trust you, you hear?
-I'm going to open them.
-Not yet!
We're almost there.
You can open them now.
Don't look down and you'll be fine.
I used to come here when I was a kid.
I'd wait for hours on end.
God knows what for.
-Are you hungry?
Wow, caviar!
You can drive a truck
and know the good things in life.
We have our perks, you know.
-I hope you like it.
-I sure do.
When I was little,
my dad and I ate it often.
Was he rich?
No, but...
Here. It stimulates the taste buds.
My father was a famous swimming champion.
He traveled a lot.
-Is he dead?
His name was Antoine Breton.
Does the name ring a bell?
Not really.
He won lots of medals in the 70's.
Two-time French champion
and the Olympics too.
I often traveled with him
when I was a kid.
-Is your mother still alive?
But we don't get along. I mean not at all.
To this extent, it's surrealistic.
We have nothing in common.
As if I weren't her daughter.
What about you?
Your parents?
They've reached the end of the road.
Or almost.
You have to die one day.
Can I ask you something?
What would you do,
if someone from the past reappeared?
Someone who hurt you.
I'd cross the street. Wouldn't you?
I don't know.
Who is it?
Someone who betrayed me a long time ago.
A woman.
What does she want with you?
She's very sick.
She needs a nurse.
I can't let her down.
I just can't.
I have to get going.
I don't feel well. It must be the vodka.
Alcohol makes me...
If I drink too much, I get emotional.
I like it when you get emotional.
You're beautiful.
You're here.
Yes, it's me.
You slept for 24 hours.
I'm not dead?
Everything went well.
How do I look to you? Fuzzy, clear?
My head is killing me.
How many fingers?
Don't give me the fingers routine.
I can see you.
One moment,
I thought I was on the other side.
That I'd never see you again.
I couldn't move.
Then I came round...
and you were there.
You know what I'd really love?
You'll have a fit.
Hardboiled eggs and mayonnaise.
I'm not sure that's healthy or not.
I'll find that for you.
How are you feeling?
I heard you were awake.
I'll come back later.
No, stay.
She's my daughter.
My daughter Claire.
I'll be frank with you.
The tumor was much bigger than we thought.
Your mother went into a coma
for several hours and that's not good.
I won't lie to you, I'm worried.
Hang in there.
-She said you're in the medical field.
-Yes, I'm a midwife.
When I die,
you can just throw me in a garbage bag
and dump me in the Seine.
It's forbidden by law.
The Seine is becoming clean again.
My son goes swimming in it.
What a pity. I might've bumped into him.
Why do you always seem out of sorts?
-I'm concentrating.
-You should see yourself.
I don't like to drive, I never have.
Especially when it's not my car.
What's the speed limit?
30 mph.
And you're at... 20 mph!
I don't believe it.
Turn left.
-Left, I said!
-Are you crazy?
I want to show you something.
Turn to the left up ahead.
And it's here. That's it.
That's where I grew up.
No, not up there. Down below.
The window next to the door. The lodge.
The lodge?
You're the first person I've ever told.
My mother was a concierge
and my dad a night watchman.
We lived there together, in one room.
There was a tiny kitchen. No bathroom.
At night I slept on a cot in the hallway.
I thought you were a Hungarian princess
with Russian blood?
I always loved spinning tales.
Even more when people believed me!
Your dad loved thinking I was a princess.
It made him love me madly.
He was silly when it came to those things.
Does it shock you?
I don't like lies.
In reality, my name is Beatrice Sobot.
One day I added Lewski
because I thought it sounded chic.
I don't regret it. Hang on.
I'm not going to bite you.
You have an eyelash.
There you go. Blow and make a wish.
Make a wish.
Then I'll make one for you.
I need to pick something up at Barbs.
Could we make a small detour?
At Barbs?
Dr. Fessenberg discharged you
on condition that I take you home.
He was adamant.
Total rest until new orders.
I have time. Eternal rest can wait!
Go to the end of the street.
-We already drove past here.
-No, we didn't.
Yes, we did.
Turn right here.
Turn right.
Park there. It's right across the street.
It's for deliveries.
I don't want to get a ticket.
A parking ticket, big deal!
Who gives a shit?
Park there, I said!
I'll only be five minutes.
Are you okay?
No, not at all.
I'm dizzy.
What did I say?
This was the last thing to do
in your state.
-I'll take you home.
Go back to the car. I'll be all right.
-You want me to go for you?
-Would you do that?
If you tell me what to do.
You have to go upstairs.
Take the stairs up to the top floor.
It's Rolande's place.
Tell her that I sent you.
You'll make something up.
What the...
I put them in here.
I don't believe it!
I forgot them when I left the hospital.
Do you happen
to have your checkbook on you?
Could you write
five 1,000 euro checks for me?
5,000 euros?
I don't have that in my account.
She won't cash them in right away.
I'll pay you back before.
I'm not writing five 1,000 euro checks
for someone I don't know.
I have enough problems as it is.
What's this scheme?
I don't want my checkbook taken away.
5,000 euros!
I'm at the edge of the abyss.
I could die tomorrow!
And you lecture me!
For your information,
5,000 euros is two month's wages for me.
I said I'd pay you back next week.
You pulled that one
on my father enough times.
What's that mean?
I know very well it's because of you...
that he died penniless.
Because of me?
Did your mother tell you that?
When he stopped competing,
we were flat broke.
I'm the one who made a living.
I have my flaws, but I'm not petty.
Or stingy either.
Okay, fine. Shit.
-You're saving my life.
-I sure hope so.
Who's there?
I'm here on behalf of Beatrice.
She said you were expecting her.
Why didn't she come?
She's sick. She said you'd understand.
I'm her daughter.
So she has a daughter now?
Since when?
Mom is in bed
with a nasty case of the flu.
She said she's sorry.
Come in, hon.
This way.
A glass of port wine?
Thank you.
Have a seat.
You have the checks?
Oh, yes, the checks!
Here they are.
You won't cash them in straightaway?
Not until her luck turns, hon.
I know what she's like.
We've known each other for ages.
Watch out! My glass is on the floor.
I think it's all there. Check and see.
Do you have something to put it in?
I have to giftwrap it too?
Tell her I said not to push things!
Or take 6 months to pay me back.
Like last time.
Here it is!
Don't take 6 months
to pay me back like last time.
She's a real character.
You're pretty when you're naughty.
But that raincoat has to go.
How about some oysters at Terminus Nord?
It's around the corner.
-There you are.
I was afraid you'd gone.
I got some ham and a few groceries.
I have to go.
You're not staying?
I have to bring the car back,
and I told you,
I work the graveyard shift.
Did you take your drops?
Can anyone stop by tomorrow morning?
A friend?
A friend? I don't have any friends.
It doesn't matter.
I was at the neighbors' place.
They're having a BBQ.
I came to give your keys back.
Thanks for lending me the car.
You want to join us?
I can't, I have to go home.
I'm on duty tonight. I'm already late.
That's nice.
What is it?
It smells good. Is that for me?
Come on.
I can't open it. I can't see a thing.
-Who's the owner?
-A Lebanese man.
His estate dragged out for ages.
He died three years ago,
but his kids live all over the world.
They're far away and don't care.
You said you wanted moldings, right?
Exactly 2,100 square feet.
Ideal for a young couple starting out.
You could even knock down this wall.
The apartment has 7 fireplaces.
Lots of Lebanese lived in the area
during the war.
Some have moved back home since,
but they kept their apartments.
Just in case.
-Have you had many visits?
-You're the first.
This is the largest of the three bedrooms.
Slightly over 200 square feet.
With a nice view.
But the big advantage
is the large adjoining bathroom.
Press down a little.
I can't manage.
It hurts in the beginning. That's normal.
The pain will go away.
There, I think he's got it.
That's good.
I'll be back.
Francis said I could stay with him.
But you understand, it's awkward.
You think I could stay with you?
Just for two or three days.
What a weight off my shoulders!
I have an errand to run,
and I'll be there.
You'll send me the address?
Francis, can I leave my luggage with you?
-I'll pick it up later.
-No problem.
Okay, 100 more.
-May I?
-Help yourself.
My cut.
Is Mantes-La-Jolie really jolly?
Couldn't say, love. I'm from Paris.
Are you serious?
You dumbshit!
Are there any shops around here?
What kind?
Places to buy good stuff.
Like cakes,
cheese, good wine and cigarettes!
It's me.
-Fourth floor.
-The elevator's out of order!
One more.
You all right?
I lost my balance!
-Is this your son?
-He's grown since then.
He's sweet.
It's exactly how I imagined it.
I'll show you around?
The kitchen.
Here's a closet.
The restrooms.
The bathroom.
I emptied these drawers for you.
That's my son's room.
You'll stay in my room. It's over here.
You don't have any photos of Antoine?
That's the only thing I kept.
It's an excellent mattress.
I made some room for you in the closet.
It's simple but comfortable here.
Are you okay?
I don't feel very well.
Come with me.
I'm so cold. Could you draw the curtains?
Did you take your medication?
Not since this morning.
Why not?
I don't like the taste.
I don't like the taste.
Come in.
She doing better?
She hasn't woken up yet.
Thank you for coming.
Hang on.
Come in.
I brought some wine. Good stuff.
It was a present.
I brought it for Simon and Lucie.
We'll put it here.
I don't want her to find it.
Why not?
She has a fondness for booze!
-So this is your place?
It's nice.
What's wrong?
Having her here isn't easy for me.
Then why did you invite her?
I told you. I can't help it.
She has no one else.
That's the kitchen.
If you're hungry,
there's brown rice and vegetables.
Otherwise, help yourself in the fridge.
Make yourself at home.
Come here.
This is my son's room.
You can sleep on the top bunk.
I'll be gone all night.
I'll feel like a kid again!
Here's the bathroom.
I took out a clean towel.
The restroom.
It's non-smoking here.
I'm totally inflexible about that.
I'm late. I have to go.
What do I do if she wakes up?
What do I say if she's not well?
Her medication is called Rebanil.
It's by the coffeemaker in the kitchen.
If there's a problem, call me.
I'll leave my phone on.
-I have to go.
-I thought of you all day long.
I have to go.
Just looking at you.
Do you have a cigarette?
I believe smoking is forbidden here.
I haven't smoked in 10 days.
You should carry on.
Who are you?
A friend.
You don't have a name?
A name isn't a person.
My name is Paul.
And you?
Is Beatrice your real name?
I hated it as a child.
I found it commonplace.
In any case, I hated myself from A to Z.
I was always the tallest kid at school.
I dreamed of having my legs cut off!
I was sure it would be nothing
for a good surgeon.
Just take a chunk out with the bone,
like Osso Bucco.
Will you buy me cigarettes tomorrow?
You'll have to ask the boss.
Are you her boyfriend?
This song is fabulous.
I loved Serge Reggiani so much.
I'm going back to bed. Good night.
Good night.
Is anyone here?
Is anyone here?
You laugh, but in big structures,
you can recover overtime!
Big deal, overtime days!
You can't abandon us.
I'm not! I just don't agree with...
Again, again. Keep going.
That's it. Good.
You okay?
Hold my hand.
Take a deep breath.
Here it goes again.
Come on.
Push. That's it.
That's it, very good.
Breathe out hard and long.
Keep going.
Breathe easy.
I can see the hair. You want to feel?
Come here.
Put your hand here.
You see?
Here we go again.
Push again.
-You're doing great.
Here he is!
My sweetheart.
I didn't know it could be like that.
You were lucky. We're taking inventory.
The clinic is closing tomorrow.
Really? Why?
Too run-down. Not profitable enough.
Same old story.
And yet I was born here.
You were born here?
What's your name?
My parents are from Limay.
I remember you and your mother very well.
You really were a teeny, tiny baby girl.
Oh, my goodness. I'm so touched.
I need to sit down a minute.
-Are you Mrs. Breton?
-Yes, that's me.
-How long ago was it?
-28 years.
Almost a lifetime.
We often talk about you.
Without you, I wouldn't be here.
I remember. You had a real problem.
We had to change all your blood.
But there wasn't any.
We looked everywhere!
I think we even sent someone
all the way to Rouen.
And you gave me yours.
It was a stroke of luck.
We have the same rhesus.
I should've come to see you sooner.
-To say thank you.
-What for?
-Why thank me?
-Because I wouldn't be alive.
Him either.
There's no need to thank me.
I was doing my job.
What will you call him?
My freedom, for years I kept you
Like a rare gem
My freedom, you're the one
Who helped me set sail
We followed our hearts
We traveled wherever the winds took us
To dreamily pick...
I'm eating whole wheat bread
and drinking thyme.
In reality, it's to make Paul happy.
The night wasn't too hard?
It was okay.
We had a last minute delivery,
but I managed to get some sleep.
We listened to Brel and Brassens.
Barbara wasn't our thing.
But I always loved Reggiani.
Ferr is nice, but he's depressing.
He's the greatest of all!
Did she take her meds?
Yes, she took her meds.
And she's paid her debt. Or almost.
Here you go.
What's that money?
It's what's left over
from Rolande's money.
I lost some, but I intend to win it back.
You went gambling?
I have to pay you back, right?
Last night? Did you take her?
No, not last night.
Yesterday afternoon before I came.
That was the last thing to do.
Don't make a fuss over nothing!
It's bad enough that I lost.
I stopped by the garden this morning
and brought back the first radishes.
Your tomatoes look good
but they need watering.
Okay, okay.
I'm sorry. I'm tired.
I need a cup of coffee.
I'd like some coffee too. With milk.
Milk coffee is not what's best
for the liver.
Oh, yeah? What's wrong with my liver?
Your liver was hit with
a general anesthesia. It needs a rest.
Okay, then make it black.
Make her a milk coffee.
Stay out of this, please.
I'd rather you left.
Okay, I'm off. See you round.
I wanted to invite you for dinner.
Is there a nice bistro around here?
Tonight I'm in Switzerland,
then Poland, and back through Germany.
I'll bring back some pretzels.
You sure know how to talk to men.
Why didn't you introduce him to me?
Is he Simon's father?
Simon doesn't have a father.
I raised him alone.
Could I have a TV in my room?
I watch TV at night
and if I don't have one, I can't sleep.
Take the one in the living room,
I never watch it.
I'll bring it in for you.
-Are you okay?
Hang on.
These past two days
my body's started going to pot.
Are you holding me in your arms
or am I dreaming?
You're dreaming.
-You don't have a fever.
-Keep your hand there.
I have a cramp.
I get cramps now in my shoulder and arm.
Don't move.
I didn't imagine you with a man like that.
Strong but...
intelligent and sensitive. It's nice.
You made a good choice.
What does he do?
Paul? He's a truck driver.
An international one.
A truck driver.
That's one fantasy I never had.
Does he have tattoos all over?
No, it's how he makes a living.
He's a man who wants to be free.
He's a free spirit.
Driving makes him feel alive.
Your father did the same
when he stopped competing.
He'd get in his car
and drive for hours on end.
It was impossible to know where he'd been.
It drove me mad with worry.
Have a seat.
I haven't seen you
here at the bank for a while.
What can I do for you today, Mrs. Breton?
I'd like to take out a loan.
Getting a new car?
No, not at all.
It's personal.
I heard the maternity clinic shut down.
Yes, we're taking inventory.
Have you found a new job?
I haven't started looking.
-And you want to take out a loan?
I received my redundancy compensation,
but I don't think
that will be enough to...
I need to take some time out.
I forgot the pretzels
so I didn't dare to call.
How's she doing?
What can I say?
I'm going to the garden. Want to come?
There's no room in my life, Paul.
I have nothing to give a man.
Did I ask you for anything?
I made a simple proposal.
I'm going to the garden. Want to come?
-I haven't even touched you yet.
-Oh no?
-It's almost healed up.
-Want to see?
-No, I don't want to see.
I love it when you pamper me.
It takes me 35 years back.
-Let's wash my hair.
-No, it's too soon.
I can't stand looking like this anymore.
But you're getting prettier each day.
Unemployment suits you.
Give me a towel.
I've never seen you so happy.
Okay, I'm ready.
Paul isn't back yet?
It's boiling hot. You want to kill me?
Hang on!
There we go, that's the right temperature.
Not so hot.
We had so much fun
back on Blvd. St. Germain.
The three of us laughed all the time.
I never understood
why your dad married your mom.
That's the liver.
She wasn't a woman for him.
She was pregnant with me.
He never told me that.
They met on a train.
It all happened very quickly.
She refused to abort,
so he married her out of duty.
Is she still mad at me?
She's mad at the entire world.
She had to struggle alone. Always alone.
She wasn't a happy woman.
She could've been happy
with you as a daughter.
I would have been.
You have gifted hands, like your father.
You're sure you don't have
any photos of him?
I never kept anything.
I guess I can't reproach you.
After Blvd. St. Germain,
I always lived out of a suitcase.
I have slides.
Lots of them.
I was too afraid to watch them alone.
Oh, my god, what a hunk!
Don't you feel like a drink?
Paul will think
I'm a bad influence on you.
Here's to us!
To life!
Such cute bathing suits.
Who is it?
Oops, sorry.
Who on earth was that?
-Is that your son?
-Let me introduce you!
I thought it was Antoine!
Did you grow a mustache?
Come here. This is Beatrice.
She's a childhood friend.
-Hello, ma'am.
And he calls me ma'am.
What? What did I do?
Beatrice can't get over
your resemblance to your grandfather.
I didn't know my grandfather.
It's beyond resemblance.
It's very troubling.
Pour me a glass. I need to get a grip.
Can I watch too?
Sure, if you want. Have a seat.
-Where'd you find all this?
-In the garage.
Why didn't you ever show me?
I don't know. Because...
I couldn't.
It's eerie.
-Is it the baby?
-He's expecting a baby.
There you go.
This looks good. Let me see.
It looks good.
It looks just fine. Perfect!
-Can't tell if it's a boy or a girl.
-Yes, you can. It's a boy.
You sure?
Show me. I'll tell you right away.
I'm a pro too.
The little thing there.
I see it.
It's a bit too soon to be sure.
They told us it's a boy!
Whatever. I have to go.
I'm meeting up with a friend.
We're going swimming.
And on top of it, he swims.
Good-bye, ma'am.
I'll walk you out.
I don't have a home address.
I thought I might be eligible for some aid
even if I didn't work.
A little something.
Okay, thanks.
Take them.
-Is the big day soon?
-In two weeks.
-Have a good day.
Hello, ma'am, how can I help you?
Here you go.
I'll get the owner.
Hello, ma'am.
-It's not a fake, I promise you.
-I can see that.
But it's not for our clientele. I'm sorry.
-Make me an offer.
-I'm not interested.
-Please, don't insist.
2,000. It's nothing.
I must ask you to leave my shop.
It's worth 8,000!
You can give it to your wife.
I'm asking you to leave.
Listen, here's the truth.
You see those boys outside?
They're my grandkids.
They're my daughter's children.
Her husband left her.
She has no job, no money.
And to top it off, you're smoking.
Stop lecturing me.
This is Mantes-la-Jolie. Do you hear me?
Who do you think you are,
trying to pawn a solid gold watch here?
Never seen anything like it.
-Put your seatbelt on!
-You sound like my mother.
What are you doing? Beatrice!
I don't believe it.
She's impossible.
Where is she?
Beatrice, please!
Get in the car.
Get in! Come on, please.
Leave me alone!
She's impossible.
Don't you think you're overreacting?
-Leave me alone.
-Where are you going?
I forgot. Running away is your specialty.
What do you want me to do?
Do you think I haven't understood?
I'm dying. I know it.
And I want to live. Live!
I've never been sick, never had aches,
never complained!
Nothing could stop me.
And here I am,
a pathetic thing dependent on you.
How do you think I paid the hospital?
I have to sell this blasted watch!
You know what he always used to say?
That you were the one he loved kissing.
You gave everything in a kiss.
You keep making me cry with your nonsense.
Come on. Let's go.
-To my garden.
You've never seen my garden.
It's full of flowers.
Come on. It'll do you good.
That raincoat has got to go!
I know, you already told me.
As soon as I'm back on my feet,
I'm getting you a new one.
You should see yourself from behind!
Look at that beast, covered with pollen.
He looks like he's drunk.
Reminds me of someone I knew.
You see that?
He stuffs himself silly and falls asleep.
Fresh peas in a pod. Yum!
I used to sneak them at my grandma's.
-Did you plant everything?
-Who else?
It's heavenly.
You live in heaven.
Would you like zucchini for dinner?
It's absolutely delicious.
Okay, but not with your awful brown rice.
We'll get some veal chops on the way home.
Or that prime rib I've been dying for
since our lunch...
when you treated me so badly.
Want to go for a ride?
The wolves have left Paris
By the North, and by the South
The wolves have left Paris
You can smile, sweet Elvire
The wolves have left Paris
The wolves! The wolves!
What's this thingy here?
It's the air con!
It's not bad for cigarette smoke either.
Is it easy to drive?
Want to try?
A man with a truck like this,
I'd follow him anywhere.
What do you say, Claire?
What are you waiting for?
It's a real home.
Perfect for someone like me
who couldn't stay put.
So how do I drive?
Like a real pro.
My dear Claire, I'm on my way.
I left two suitcases with you.
I won't need them where I'm going.
You can give my clothes away,
but keep the silk shirts.
They'll look nice on you.
Give Paul my love.
Thank him
for that unforgettable truck ride!
Give my love to Simon too.
And to Lucie, who I didn't get to meet,
and their little man.
He'll be someone. I'm sure of it.
He's desired.
It wasn't really the case for you or me,
but we didn't do so badly.
I love you.
We're the best equipped
in the Paris region.
In medical imagery alone,
we have a 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner
and digital technology
for stereotactic breast biopsies.
Your ex-colleagues
will be thrilled to pieces.
I'll introduce you to our head midwife,
Jean-Christophe Lefbur.
Soon we won't say midwife anymore.
The term will be officially replaced
by birth technician.
So I've heard.
Like pink coats. It's pass!
We already have a good hundred midwives,
and a team of ultrasonographers,
nurses and nurses' aides.
But that won't impact your application.
To the contrary! We hope to surpass
the 4,000 mark this year.
4,000 births?
Don't worry.
You won't have to work weekends.
You can have
professional training if you like.
What I'd like, is to put my experience
at the service of young pregnant women.
Experience doesn't count much nowadays
compared to new technologies.
The world is changing!
I believe that tomorrow's medical world
will barely resemble the one you knew.
Here we are.
I can't do it. I just can't.
I'd rather do anything at all.
I'll sell the apartment if I have to...
but not that.
Or else I'll open a school.
Whatever you decide, I'm with you.
Here, I picked up your mail.
Someone has to say no
to those money-hungry maniacs.
Pass my knowledge on.
That's what I want to do.
I feel capable now.
It's true. We have to prepare the future.
No worry. We'll eat our potatoes.
The raspberries need picking!
You like raspberry jam, don't you?
I need to take a piss.
Look at this!
Tell me life isn't beautiful!
Pick some strawberries
and green beans for dinner tonight.
I can't believe
they're driving all the way here.
She's more than eight months pregnant.
She could go into labor here.
That would be just my luck.
The rowboat.