Sahara (2017) Movie Script

Get ready. The storm will be over soon.
I don't feel good about this.
It's a lousy plan.
Okay, grab it.
- What's the matter with him?
- He's nervous.
Shh. Hey.
Hey, easy.
Whoa. Hey.
- Yeah!
- I'm all right!
Told you. We're not big enough.
Hang on.
- We did it.
- Yeah, 46th time's the charm.
Can't you just enjoy it for once?
Oh, so sweet of you.
There's two ways
we can handle this situation:
The cool one, or the uncool one.
Uh, c-c-cool way's good, right, ajar?
- Don't come any closer.
- Or what?
Don't answer that. It's a trick question.
Baby skin, baby sting.
Oh, not again.
I hate when this happens.
You guys really suit each other.
The big, bad bedwetters.
If you want this watermelon,
it'll be over my dead body.
And stay down!
George, why are you...?
- Go away!
- Hey!
- Move it!
- I was here first!
- So, girls, who's the man?
- Hide!
Come and get it. Any time, ladies.
All right, come on.
Come on. Kiddies, lighten up.
I brought some for everyone.
You're wimpy bedwetters
but we still like you.
Hey, guys, give our good friends here
ajar and Pitt their share.
Oh, no.
Leave them alone.
They're so little and cute.
I'm not little!
And we're not cute!
- Could have been worse.
- Oh, yeah? How?
They didn't beat us up this time.
I can't stand this anymore. I'm leaving.
Oh, yeah? Where are you gonna go?
You're kidding, right?
Oh, he's not kidding. Oh, boy.
Should I remind you
what happened to those who tried?
Or maybe bring you their skulls?
Green snakes, us, okay?
- We don't belong over there.
- We don't belong over here either.
Come on, we're losers.
No, no. Losers make fun of us.
- We don't have anyone but each other.
- No, no, don't do that.
- Wait. What is that?
- What?
Let me go!
You're hurting me! Let me go!
- Wow.
- Huh? You see? You see?
You can't get in
and you can't even get out.
Hey, you saw that, right?
You got that?
- Hello?
- Did you see that girl?
- We can't not go in there.
- Oh, boy.
She was afraid
to come out of the locker
she was as nervous
as she could be
You're hurting me!
Put me down!
I'm sorry to bother you, sir,
but she was heading towards the desert.
- Well, thank you, chief chief.
- No big deal.
This pretty green in the sand,
I can spot it from miles away.
Hey, don't you have an oasis to watch?
Yes, sir. I'll leave you with your family.
And sorry for the inconvenience.
How many times do I have to tell you?
It's dangerous over there.
What do you expect to find anyway?
What are you gonna do
if you come across a dustie, huh?
- Oh, yeah, yeah, go ahead, play deaf.
- Yeah, yeah.
Do you know
what those ugly snakes are like?
Beggars, thieves, liars!
They don't even wash, for Pete's sake!
No water. Hello?
I'm pretty sure they eat their own poop
and marry their children.
- Or maybe it's the other way around.
- Are you actually saying that?
Are you even aware of how lucky you are
to have been born here?
You've got everything.
- Security, a future.
- What future?
Sit around a stone all day
playing dead like you?
Okay, that's enough, young lady.
We're having the Spencers over for dinner.
You know, the ones
with the big south-facing stone.
I can't even imagine
what they paid for it.
Anyway, they're coming
with their son John-John.
- A really nice chap.
- What do you think?
That you can sell me
like it's the middle ages?
That's disgusting!
I can't stand this place anymore!
I feel sick!
I'm suffocating here!
Oh, my god, you're crying.
What happened?
Did you mess up your makeup?
Hey! No touchy.
Ah, teenagers.
So annoying, right?
- Okay. See you later, guys.
- Oh, uh, you're going out again?
- Yeah. The guys are waiting for me.
- And, uh, what are you gonna do?
The usual: Nothing.
Gary, won't you at least take off the wig?
I mean, really, it's been a...
Yeah, yeah.
Love you, too, dad. See ya.
How did we end up with those kids?
Would you be a sweetheart
and go get me a nice pillow?
Ha ha!
Have you lost your mind?
Well, the oasis belongs
to the green snakes, right?
I'm not planning on dying with you,
you know?
- You don't have to come with me.
- And you're not gonna make me.
No one is ever gonna make me!
All right, come on, wait for me!
Let's go die together!
Just a little reminder for later,
this is when it all started
to go down in flames.
Right this second.
- What?
- Hide!
You're not in a secure zone, sir.
- Are you lost?
- Uh, no.
No. Well, yes, actually. I don't know.
It's extremely dangerous around here, sir.
You're at the border.
I'm afraid you can't stay here.
Dusties, they're not kidding, you know?
- Of course, yeah. I didn't know.
- Wha...?
You put yourself in peril,
you're putting me in peril.
You wouldn't want to put me in peril now,
would you? Hm?
No, no. Not at all. Absolutely.
All right, so you're gonna go slither
a little more over that way, please.
Thank you, officer.
Come on.
Dusties! Alert!
We're gonna die!
We're gonna die! We're gonna die!
Stop running around.
You're gonna get us noticed.
Stop! We're not the ones they're after.
Pitt, you there?
Please don't say anything.
You... you're a dustie?
Really? I mean, yeah, of course, I am.
But I've never seen you...
I mean, of course I haven't,
obviously, because I live here.
I've never been over there,
where you live.
Are you new here?
- How did you know?
- I don't.
I gotta get out of here.
They're gonna kill me!
Out? Which way? I don't even know...
I mean, sure, I know, but I...
Watch out!
Next time, watch where you're going,
you big lump!
Ajar? Ajar?
Step aside, sir.
Don't worry, everything's under control.
- I'm Eva.
- I, uh... ajar.
Okay, ajar. Follow me!
Ooh. Ouch!
You can't swim? How come you can't swim?
How come you can swim?
Look out!
What were you doing in the oasis?
You're a dustie.
That's why you can't swim.
Did you wanna steal something
or kill someone?
- You're not gonna kill me, right?
- Hey, stop.
Calm down. I'm not gonna hurt you.
I just...
I just wanted to come and live here.
The oasis? It's like the worst place ever.
It's ridiculously small,
you just keep seeing
the same boring people
who are only worried
about protecting their things.
It's... it's like being in jail.
Look, I'm not going back there.
I'd like to go further, you know,
find out what's beyond these rocks.
I can't believe
I'm actually talking to a dustie.
I thought you'd be more impressive
or something.
Don't need any help here!
- Is it true you eat your own poop?
- What? No way!
I mean, unless we're...
- So, who's the girl?
- Eva. Nice to meet you.
No trace of them, chief chief.
They probably drowned.
Okay. Go back to the station.
I'll take a last look around.
They lost us.
- Are you coming?
- Hm?
You... you want me to come with you?
Are you afraid of freedom?
- Ajar, don't!
- Ajar! Help me!
I'm coming, Eva! I'm coming!
All right.
I believe you know why you're here.
- Because you're jerks?
- We'll do the talking.
You're here because you shouldn't be here.
And why shouldn't you be here?
- 'Cause we're dusties.
- Exactly.
Now you seem like you're a nice kid,
but we have a problem.
- You got in illegally.
- It was a mistake.
We won't do it again, ever. Right, ajar?
We can't let you go.
We let one go, then everyone else thinks
they got a shot.
You understand this, don't you?
If anything happens to her,
I swear, I'll-I'll...
Kill them.
We don't really like your kind
around here.
Let me go!
- Ajar!
- You were saying?
Let him go!
- Hey, could you turn it down a notch?
- Put me down!
My head is literally ringing over here.
You should go easy on the pollen, sir.
Now please go sit over there and
I'll talk to your dad in a minute.
What? No.
Hey, I didn't take any pollen, sir.
No way.
I mean, you know me. Come on.
Go back to the tank, please, sir.
You don't want to see
what's gonna happen here.
Yeah, well, don't go blabbing
about pollen around my dad, okay?
I think it's better if we kept it secret.
- What's he saying?
- I don't know.
I think he said, "let's order pizza."
Let us go or I'll kill him.
- Oh, yeah. That makes more sense.
- Don't try anything.
- Sergeant, don't move.
- There. Yeah, you see? Listen to him.
Hey, you're not really my style, bro.
Pitt, get on his back.
Now if you follow us, he's dead meat.
You got that?
You do what you're told or he's dead. Go!
Now go up!
No, no, higher, higher.
Yeah. Go!
- What do we do, chief chief?
- Catch them.
And bring that freak back alive.
The sergeant?
No, the worm with the rug.
- Oh!
- Keep flying.
They're after us!
Keep going. Keep going.
- Pitt, throw something at 'em!
- What do you want me to throw?
Hey, my wig! Are you crazy?
It's the symbol of my individuality
and my belief in personal freedom.
Ajar, flip the bird!
Hang on!
Whoa, you sure showed them.
Hey, just drop me off over there
by the palm tree.
No way. We gotta save Eva.
- Huh?
- I beg your pardon?
Eva? Like, my sister? What?
We're her only hope.
You don't even know her!
If you guys are, like, talking about
my sister, let it go, seriously.
Did you hear that?
She's this guy's sister!
There, another palm tree,
that'll be fine.
Ajar, we never do anything right.
She'd probably have a better chance
without us.
I hate doing this,
but do you have any idea who my father is?
- No.
- Really? You don't know?
What if I tell you he's the richest,
most powerful snake in the oasis?
What if I told you I don't care?
I'm hesitating between
you're either super brave or totally dumb.
We're toast!
All right, people.
Everyone in place now.
Kick it up a notch. No pain, no gain.
And bend and snap, and bend and snap.
And suck it in, big girl.
- Hey, the new girl's up.
- Hm?
Welcome! We're so happy to meet you.
- I'm Lily belle.
- I'm Lulu belle.
- We're twin sisters.
- We're twin sisters.
- We're both Geminis.
- We're both Geminis.
Hmm, you've got potential, girl.
I feel like you're a bit
on the chubby side.
Better get into some Pilates for a while.
I'm sorry, what?
You think that just anybody
can get into miss Rita's ballet company?
- Oh, so it's "miss Rita's ballet company".
- Precisely.
Who made dancers out of you?
Who taught you everything?
Him is the he-who-must-not-be-named.
- Yeah, you can't say "Omar" or...
- You just said it.
- What did just I say?
- You said what we're not supposed to say.
- You said, "Omar."
- You just said it!
- What? I didn't say Omar. You said Omar.
- You just said it again!
I'm Pietra.
The company has one prima ballerina.
- You just said it again.
- Me.
Keep that in mind
and everything will be just fine.
No, everything will not be just fine.
It's a mistake. I shouldn't be here.
I was just slithering by and I...
I can't even dance!
Hello. Everything is going to be fine.
George is here.
- Who?
- George.
The George. Me.
Is this your first tour?
Don't answer. It's obvious.
So fresh, so pure.
She's adorable.
I see great things for you, for us.
Do you...
Feel it?
That chemistry between us?
Oh, what is happening to us?
A wild one. I love it.
Oh, chill out, I was just kidding.
Girls, really.
Don't worry, you're not that fat.
Check this out.
When you get hungry, you do this and poof!
- You're not hungry anymore.
- You're one of us now.
One of us! One of us!
One of us! One of us! One of us!
You guys see this?
- It's...
- High.
It's beautiful.
This is a once in a lifetime experience.
Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.
Wow, funny skin.
- It's a dustie skin.
- Oh, yeah?
- It looks more like you haven't...
- There!
That way!
- What do you think you're doing?
- I'm not gonna let you murder us!
Oh, great.
What's with him?
- He's asleep.
- Oops.
Now? Really?
Sorry, my bad.
No, no!
Okay, definitely not super brave.
Super crazy.
- You almost got us killed!
- I said I was sorry!
How are we ever gonna find Eva now?
Dude, let it go already.
- The girl's off limits anyway.
- Oh, yeah?
- Why'd she kiss me?
- I don't know.
You were the exotic tourist.
The kind you forget right away.
Okay. I'm kinda bored right now.
You don't need a hostage anymore,
and my sister's obviously safe
with you two.
I'm gonna leave now, okay?
Yeah, okay, bye.
We have places we need to go.
Come on, up.
Dustie, dead ahead.
Lunch break.
You're here
because you shouldn't be here.
Great. Just great.
Hey, geniuses!
Batman? Robin?
Okay, so who's Batman?
And who does Robin?
I'm Gary.
So you guys are, like, buddies?
That's weird.
A snake and a scorpion?
I mean, I say that
but nothing ever really shocks me.
My friend Peter once dated a frog, so...
Does he ever shut up?
The desert is super dangerous?
They even blow things up out there,
just for the fun of it.
You should save some saliva, you know?
Desert and all.
Okay, do I need to remind you two
that if you had dropped me off
like I told you to, we...
Shut up!
Ever hear of non-aggressive
verbal communication?
Guess not. Okay, I'll shut up.
Are you sure this is the right way?
I can't really imagine a whole camelcade
going through here.
Exactly. They have to go around it.
But we can go through it
and beat them to the other side.
I know! We can do like tuaregs
and follow that bright star.
What about that cluster over there? See?
The one that looks like
a weird-shaped goat.
I see two weird goats down here.
I mean, seriously, you guys don't
even know how to get out of a maze?
Everyone knows how to do that.
All you have to do
is keep going in the same direction.
Left again.
Uh. Mm?
Okay, so, goat.
Wait. It wasn't the right left.
Hey, leftie, you all right in there?
Gary, where are you?
- Say something!
- Here!
Gary, where are you?
How are you ever gonna get me
out of here now?
Why didn't you warn us?
Hey, you're the rescuers here, I believe.
Okay. So now what?
Well, we only have one choice.
Don't forget the grand finale.
Flower, seahorse, flower, butterfly.
- Oh, I love your voice.
- Okay, enough babbling. It's time.
Time? Time for what?
I can't tell you to break a leg, right?
Come here now. Watch and learn.
Okay, um... just a sec.
Lords of the desert for millennia,
sons of the sun.
Beautiful for some,
terrifying for others.
But there lies a power
that masters their souls.
Carved in the vertebra of a seba python,
by a voodoo master from Benin
- thousands of years ago.
- Uh-uh.
The flute of kpassenou.
You, stop! Freeze!
Do you want to end up as a belt?
Get down, now!
Wow, was that your first time?
Your very first time.
- Oh, your voice is just so beautiful.
- Yours is.
- Oh, my goodness.
- That was terrible.
Dance is not just undulating around.
Everyone, lights out! And you, watch it!
What just happened there?
It was... it was stronger than me.
That music, I couldn't fight it.
And you even loved it, didn't you?
You're done, girl,
just like the rest of us.
I don't know about you
but I'd love a little break,
like, a pollen break.
Do you guys have some?
Come on. I'm sure it's pollen land
where you're from.
You know I'm right.
Awkward contact. No touchy.
we are light
you are light
we are all light
Great. Bugs.
Welcome, strangers.
May the light be with you.
How may we enlighten you?
Well, we're trying to reach the west end.
The west end, we're frickin' lost.
Would you happen to have seen
a camelcade around here?
The camelcade path, very simple.
All you need to do
is follow the pole star.
These guys were following a goat.
Can you believe that?
Mr. "left, left, ooh, a hole."
Well, at least I wasn't following a goat.
Just sit back and watch.
People, lights!
Let's start
with this long string of stars.
This is our galaxy.
The milky way.
There, you can spot the w of Cassiopeia,
and right there on the side
is the upside down house of Cepheus.
The constellation is very visible...
Hey, you know where
we can score some pollen around here?
Okay, never mind.
And watch the drooling, buddy.
It's kinda gross.
Here, we come to Ursa minor.
See this star at the end,
brighter than the others?
That's the pole star,
also known as the north star.
This is great!
Yeah, super amazing.
Surely you'll join us
for our humble dinner.
Well, we're kind of in a rush, but sure.
It's very nice of you.
Let's start with the welcoming song.
Thank you, strangers
we will always keep
a sweet reminder of you
deep inside our tummies
illuminated by your delicious limbs
- We're gonna go.
- Yeah, let's go.
Hey, I know these primitive peoples.
They took us in. They're gonna feel hurt.
Hey, we're gonna feel hurt!
We're the dinner, peanut brain!
So paranoid.
So scorpion.
- What?
- Yummy. I can't wait to eat.
Quick, get out!
You know who my dad is, right?
Pitt, use your claws!
Ajar, if you're gonna do something,
now's the time!
All right, don't move!
Okay, I'll stick around.
- The punishing light! No!
- No!
- No, no!
- Punishing light!
We made it. We're on the other side.
You see?
We just have to follow their tracks.
Let's go.
Oh, please.
I guess it's super sad about my sister,
but, honestly, she's probably been eaten
by one of your hungry desert buddies
by now.
Listen, ajar,
I don't like agreeing with him,
but he's got a point.
Thank you, Batman!
I just wish I could do one thing right
for a change.
Are you insane?
A dustie in love with my sister?
I mean, besides, look at your skin.
You haven't even shed yet.
You have a better chance
of dying in-in-in this place
than anything ever happening
between the two of you two.
Hello? Wake up!
Come on!
Well, I guess you're gonna need someone
to write your will.
No way! Are you kidding me?
I don't know if you're aware of this,
but it's all just sand around here.
Welcome to the desert.
Well, I knew
what I didn't want to know
and I saw
where I didn't want to go
so I took the path
less traveled on
and I'll let my stories
be whispered when I'm gone
when I'm gone
when I'm gone
when I'm gone
well, in this life you must find
something to live for
'cause when the darkness
comes a'callin'
you go back to where you were before
'cause this life
is as fragile as a dream
and nothing's ever really
as it seems
as it seems
as it seems
as it seems
well, I lost my innocence
when in I let him dive
but the way that he looked at me
made me feel alive
and now I know
nothing at all
but the release that comes when you're
in mid-fall
in mid-fall
in mid-fall
in mid-fall
as it seems
Oh! Oh.
Just a couple of grains.
Two. Three.
I'm not gonna make it.
Tell my father I...
Well, we all die someday.
Oh, no! They did it! They actually did it!
They blew up their bomb!
A curse on both your houses!
Psst. Hey!
Shut up!
- Honey, what are you doing?
- I'm just enjoying the view.
- Huh?
- Huh?
- Uh, he's not really gonna...?
- He is.
Oh, that was gorgeous.
That was... ew!
You wanna see more of that?
Are you into this somehow?
Come on, honey,
there's fresh water in the car.
- Ho ho, say "cheese."
- Oh, no, please, I look awful.
You look great.
All right! Let's go, my friends.
Where did I leave my keys?
- No, Gary, don't move!
- My precious.
Uh-oh, folks.
Seems like we invited a little snake
into the car.
Don't panic. Just lift up your feet.
Oh, you're a bad little snake.
You're a...
Gary, quick, get out!
Careful, my friends, don't move.
Okay, everybody, now just relax.
Now there's a cobra.
Come back here!
Got him! How exciting!
- Pitt!
- He hasn't even shed his skin yet.
I can't.
Don't be such a drama queen.
He's tough.
He'll just put everyone to sleep with
that little stingy thing he does so well.
- This is all your fault!
- True that.
Since the beginning, you've been nothing
but a giant pain in the tail!
It's true. I wasn't very helpful.
And now my best...
My only friend is getting crushed.
Yeah, probably.
Can you stop that agreeing thing
you've got going on?
It's really annoying.
Okay, sorry.
What? How was that my fault?
Who wanted to play knight in shining armor
with my sister?
- I'm gonna kill you!
- You're just saying that.
Hey! Watch it, okay?
I'm pretty well trained in Kung fu
so you don't wanna get me mad.
Dragon tail.
So, have you learned your lesson?
You've had enough?
We've gotta find that camelcade.
That's our only clue so far.
We get Eva,
but we don't go home without Pitt.
"We get Eva,
but we don't go home without Pitt."
Flower, George, flower.
Yes, just like that.
Eva, good move.
Butterfly, seahorse.
Again. Let's sweat it out.
It took me 20 years to get it right.
Twenty years?
You've been locked up in here
for 20 years?
Yes, my dear.
Dance is a demanding art form.
- What about you?
- Me?
- It's my 11th year of success.
- Eleven?
This can't be.
Oh, these kids.
They think everything should be
handed to them on a silver platter.
- I understand, you know.
- Please, I need to be alone right now.
Try to overlook my very good looks,
my irresistible charm.
I'm not just a swift-tailed
string of muscles.
I'm a snake like you.
With a heart like yours.
Can you hear it?
Boom, boom, boom, boom.
It knows what you feel.
The uprooting,
the solitude, the confinement.
That's the price we pay
for the life we chose.
- I didn't choose this.
- Even better. It chose you.
Destiny brought us together.
Ha ha! It's fate.
No one is going
to come rescue you, sweetie.
And all around us,
it's pretty much just sand and death.
But, if you still want to escape,
I know a way.
You really want me out of here, don't you?
Sooner or later, Omar is going to make us
dance against each other.
I'd just rather skip that part.
All you have to do is drop onto the sand
without a sound.
It's daytime.
He has no reason to be playing his flute.
No one's going to see you.
You just go and you're free.
You did this?
There was a time when I too thought
the sand was shinier
on the other side of the rock.
But it's all just sand.
- Thank you for... oh.
- Go.
Just what do you think you're doing?
It ain't strolling time, miss.
Well, actually, there's been a mistake.
See, I shouldn't be here.
Hey, Jerry.
"I shouldn't be here."
They're all the same!
Back inside.
- Oh, will you just go away?
- Stop!
We got a wild one! Escape alert!
She's getting away!
What is this?
Snakes who'll end up as belts
or designer shoes.
Oh, my god. That's horrible.
I have a better idea.
I should've let you finish me off,
now that I think about it.
Plus you'd feel really bad right now.
So you actually have two modes, huh?
Crazy angry wrestler or silent antisocial.
So sophisticated.
- Whoa!
- Hey!
Move over! Dibs!
What is that?
Uh... hi.
Would you by any chance know where
we could find water or shade around here?
Ask him if he ran into a camelcade.
Why don't you ask him?
I don't talk to stuff I don't know.
Pardon me, sir.
You wouldn't have come across
a camelcade by any chance?
You mean a camelcade
heading towards Souksoukville with men,
one of whom traveled with two hampers
from which a green snake
was dangling, attempting to escape?
Yes! Yes, that's it.
- Nah. Doesn't ring a bell.
- What? How's that possible?
Which way is Soukso...
Whatever its name is?
I'm sorry. You were mentioning
a certain city, I believe?
A little city from the 15th century
protected by 18-foot fortifications
with a network of streets
that's been classified as Unesco's...
- Yes, yes. Where is it?
- Nah. Never heard of it.
Wait! Wait!
Come back!
Well, at least we're slithering
in the right direction.
Oh, yeah? So where's Souksoukville?
Oh, you're such a
"the glass is half-empty" kind of guy.
So scorpion.
You've hung out
with that doofus for too long.
Don't you ever talk about Pitt like that.
There you go again.
There, an oasis!
Yeah, right. I'm not falling for that.
- I swear! There!
- Huh?
See? Right direction.
- We gotta get going.
- Oh, come on!
Five more minutes.
Look at all these blisters.
I can't possibly make another move.
Okay, we'll spend the night here.
- We need to regain our strength.
- Really?
The desert is ruthless.
Even to its own children.
Eat or be eaten.
Sometimes it's a place for many.
Other times, only one can survive.
Writing a session to reach my goal
I'm on a mission and I face the law
hope to grab that delicious soul
gonna chew it 'til the break of dawn
feelin' all right to get the big prize
and breakin' legs, tellin' lies
it's a well-known trick
before the money rises
watch out
hear the nations tearing up the world
your imagination
is your greatest Pearl
out of 100 tricks and time to pay back
winner takes it all
I won't lose that fight
come back, call out,
make my people shout
from dust to dust
here's my masterpiece
and soon the dawn will come
Ah, a real bed.
Come on, troopers!
Only eight hours left to get there!
You're gonna have the opportunity
of seeing an Australopithecus skull.
- And they named her Lucy.
- It's just a pile of bones.
- Thousands of years old bones.
- Okay, so old bones.
When I think about all my girlfriends
at the death sting concert,
just how did I end up here?
Maybe we should take a break, honey.
It looks really fine right here.
Something moved!
The shoe, it moved.
It could be a mongoose or a gerbil.
Everyone, get behind me.
Hey, you in there! Get out of there!
See? You overreacted again, honey.
You keep making a fool of yourself.
Good evening, sir.
Would you mind if we rested
in your humble home for the night?
Uh, I...
I can't feel my tail. This is the end.
I don't blame you. Well, maybe I do.
Bury yourself in the sand,
that'll make you feel warm.
- What are you thinking about?
- Pitt.
And Eva.
We may never see 'em again.
Well, you can thank life for that.
I'm sorry, what?
Well, at least you've had that, a friend.
About my sister, I still think
you're better off without her, but...
Wait. You don't have a friend?
What? Of course I have friends. Tons!
I mean, do you know who my father is?
You know.
You never told me,
how did you and Pitt meet?
- His family was killed by the tuaregs.
- Oh.
- Barbecue? Keychain?
- We never knew.
He got away, god knows how,
and he ended up in the suburbs with us.
Two losers among losers.
We hit it off right away.
Yeah, kinda like us.
I mean, except I'm not a loser, of course.
You think Eva...?
I mean, do you think
I stand a chance with her?
I know we were only together
a few minutes
but I thought I felt something there.
Oh, pollen.
Oh, precious.
And then, I ran into Gary,
and using just my claws,
I freed him from the atrocious mucus
while ajar was just...
You are so brave.
Really? Well, I... huh.
Why don't you
come with us, sweetie?
Oh, that's really nice of you, but ajar...
You're a scorpion.
You belong with scorpions.
Leave him alone, you guys.
Can't you see
he's gotta go find his friend?
Ew, that was so dripping with love.
No way. Shut up, you little dung beetle.
Okay, let's get going so we can reach
Souksoukville before the storm.
You'll get to see the tuaregs
and their show with the dancing snakes.
- Huh?
- You don't want to miss that, believe me.
Where did he fall this time?
Gary, where on earth are you?
If you got yourself into another hole,
I'm gonna...
Over here!
Check it out! It's a Fogara!
Kinda like an underground river.
- Fascinating.
- Don't you get it?
These things bring water
to villages, cities.
Like Souksoukville, for instance.
We get in, take a ride, and there we are.
Uh, no.
- We'd better stick with the surface.
- Oh, it's gonna take days.
We're not even sure that foga-thing
goes to Souksoukville.
Well, it goes somewhere.
Listen, I can't swim, okay?
I live in the desert.
We don't do a lot of surfing over here.
Well, looks like we'll die
in the storm anyway.
Besides, i... wait, what?
I can't believe the last thing
I'll ever see is your face.
I take that as a yes.
- Oh, boy.
- Look out.
- Swim!
- I'm trying!
When I was young, I used to wait
on my master and give him his plate
and pass him the bottle
when he got dry
and brush away the blue tail fly
Jimmy, crack corn, I don't care
Come inside!
Huh? Oh.
Okay, we've gotta find the man
who kidnapped Eva.
- Uh, Omar?
- I don't know his name.
Tall, skinny, scary-faced?
- His shop is that way.
- Huh?
That's him.
Let's use the rooftops. It's safer.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
Look, Eva. Shh.
Let me speak.
I understand why you and I
will never be a thing.
It's no problem.
We are all looking
for different things in life.
You'll see, you'll get used to it.
It's not that bad a life.
It's just...
It's not what I imagined my life
would be like.
It never is.
Oh, boy.
Hey, where are you going?
You know what? You're right.
It's not like we crossed a whole desert
and almost died, like, 26 times
in horrifying ways to get here.
So? Are you coming or not?
Have you seen this guy?
You don't stand a chance
with a guy like that.
So out of your league, bro.
- Are you done?
- Well, that depends.
Are you just gonna stand there and whine
or are you gonna save my sister?
Did you put up with me
all those miles for nothing?
Huh, huh? Yeah!
- Ajar?
- No, it's George.
- Oh, it's my brother!
- Your brother's name is ajar?
- He's her boyfriend?
- That's so romantic.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
She's dating her brother?
Wait. Just hold it there.
I can't hold on anymore.
Who's there?
What have you done?
- Ajar, you came.
- Let's go!
Trying to escape, my cuties?
Do you really think
you can get away from me?
You stupid worm.
You think your venom can hurt me?
Gary! As long as Omar has his flute,
he controls us.
Your venom runs in my veins!
You're mine!
No! Ah! Come back!
That belongs to me.
- Oops again.
- You're going to pay for this.
You're all going to pay!
Ajar! Oh, no.
Ajar. Are you all right?
- Oh, please, no.
- Breathe.
- Ajar!
- I knew it.
- Oh, sorry.
- Still hurts.
Your skin.
That's gonna be high maintenance.
You... you crossed the desert for me?
I would have crossed a thousand.
- So, who's the man?
- Pitt!
Oh, buddy, I missed you so much.
- Is this new?
- Long story.
You remember Eva?
I don't believe
I've met your friend over there.
Yeah. Um...
Ajar, this is Emily.
Emily, this is...
Oh, Pitt told me so much about you.
I mean, the glow worms,
the snake killer birds,
the attack of the mongooses,
the ride on the back of the oryx,
the man-eating lions.
I know about everything.
And knowing Pitt like I do,
I'm sure he was really modest about it.
Here we go!
Welcome, my friends,
to our discovery tour of the Sahara.
By the way, do you dance?
You know, I just love dance.
Ballet, tutus,
all that kind of stuff.
That is so weird.
Because I just love
handsome, super rich heirs!
We were so meant for each other.
I know. You're wondering if ajar
and Eva will go back to the oasis,
love each other forever and help everyone
live happily ever after as equals? Hm?
Uh... yeah.
Mm... No idea.
I cross the desert to reach my goal
they call me a loser
I don't care at all
I'm trying to find
miss sweet, miss soul
they say I'm too shy to play this role
I feel all right
I know where I'm from
you can lean on me
soon I'll take you home
we're gonna work this out
it's gonna be all right
what people say
let them say
I'm on my way
gonna make it sway
what people say
let them say
I'm on my way
gonna make it sway
imagination is there another world
your imagination's the greatest Pearl
got a million dreams
I want to give back
I'd rather be a dreamer
than wasting my life
come back, come back
just hold on tight
I'll play my tricks
from the morn to the night
I can feel the heat
and I feel all right
yeah, I feel all right
what people say
let them say
I'm on my way
gonna make it sway
what people say
let them say
I'm on my way
gonna make it sway