Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns (2013) Movie Script

What's that?
Not that.
What is it?
Not that. No!
What's this for?
People have an eye on you.
To get their hands on you.
Will you kill them all?
I will if needed...
They are well-connected people.
It's hard to escape them.
I will abduct you.
I like your attitude.
Don't waste them unnecessarily...
I can't go through all this.
I know.
You need to be 'Handled with Care'.
The elections are
coming up next year.
I was thinking of
running as a candidate.
You will lose.
I know.
First time is only
to gain experience.
Next time, I will surely win.
And then, we'll get married. Proudly.
You mean, another five years.
Oh, yes, five years.
What if you lose again?
Then I'll have to abduct you.
Why don't we get engaged till then?
Prince Inderjeet Singh
with Princess Ranjana.
What's this for, sister-in-law?
Param's got ajob
with the police force.
Very good. Bravo.
He's younger to you.
Yes, but he's still my brother.
Now he's a police officer.
On his way to Jhansi.
Where are you going
dressed so quaintly?
Did you join the circus?
There's a political
meeting at the town square.
I've been invited to give a speech.
If you find the time,
come and root for me.
Don't start abusing instead.
Otherwise, I will have to come
down to the police station again... bail you out.
Father, people love
to hear me cuss as well.
You're a teacher,
but people call me 'Raja Bhaiyya'.
Good day, Raja Bhaiyya.
Everyone's here?
We're just waiting for Mr. Mehra.
Go inside and take a seat.
Who is Mehra?
Did you tell him I am coming?
- Yes, I did.
Come on, let's go. - Let's Go.
This way. - Listen.
Keep this. That's 2000. - Yes.
Publish my photo
in the newspaper. - Yes.
Come, brother. This way.
Come, brother.
Are the arrangements okay?
- Wonderful.
Hello, sir. - Welcome, Mr. Mehra.
Take it.
Will I have to come
down to the police station?
Listen to me, brother.
Brother... listen to me.
Stand up. - Brother...
I paid you for the
entire face. - Yes.
All you published was my hand.
I will return your money.
All of it. Every cent.
What? - I swear.
I will return the money.
You think I was beating
you for the money.
Experts feel that this
election will be fought...
...on just one issue,
and that's division of the state.
The government will have to...
I hope you will cure me
before the next elections, Bakshi.
You will be walking without
any support within a year.
That's my guarantee.
Which fool brought these video games?
He doesn't want me to get well soon.
I want to dance without
anyone's support.
Greetings, Her Highness.
Son, I want to see you dance as well.
Greetings, Rani Ma.
After you're cured...
...your first duty is to
give this family a successor.
Your daughter-in-law
is no longer fit for this job.
She's just my official wife now.
And the government's
good for nothing.
Then get married again.
How did come up with that idea?
It's like showing
Switzerland to the blind.
Ranjana. Bunny's daughter.
Did you have a word? - Yes.
So, should we start
packing for Switzerland?
Hello, It's Rudra Singh.
Hi, Rudy. How are you?
There's a problem.
Official? - No, personal.
The government took away our powers,
but not nature.
So, who was it?
Dhanraj Makhija,
a businessman from Agra.
I would get him small
tenders in my area.
One day he visited me
in the hotel with his wife.
This time,
it was a 2 million bridge tender.
Rudra Pratap. Remember I told you...
I'm sure the bridge was
constructed the same day.
The rascal made a video.
He's threatening me now.
Wants all the tenders in the area.
A businessman,
who's not scared of the MLA.
You must be the only
politician in the country...
...who doesn't scare anybody.
Forget that, what's the solution?
Makhija's trying to blackmail you,
using his wife.
Maybe he wants to
get rid of his wife too.
But, I'm sure his wife
has no clue about it.
And you will tell her.
And explain her everything
while wiping her tears.
Where to bring him, how?
And yes, he should be alone.
We've been going around in circles.
Was it the one we just passed by?
How would a factory
look in such a small space?
Rudy's giving us a big contract.
He wants us to see the land.
But you've no patience.
It's not about patience.
We're no longer in Rudy's area.
And this is Aditya
Pratap Singh's area.
Yes, so what? They're friends.
Maybe they're planning
something together.
Be quiet.
No need to fear anyone.
Except me.
Inform the police 15 minutes later.
Send 50,000 to the police station.
Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail!
Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail!
Let's get out of here.
Yes. - Sir, the police
have arrested my son-in-law.
They arrested him for stealing.
- Call from the CM's office.
Say that I will call him later.
And, Kanhaiyya, call the SP?
The irrigation process between
Satpalgaj to Mejha is stalled.
The budget's been sanctioned.
But ma'am hasn't signed it yet.
Leave the file here.
Collect it in the evening.
And, take me to Choti Rani,
I want to talk to her.
Rudy. I'll see you
in 10 minutes. - Okay.
Choti Rani!
When did you arrive?
You're not well.
I am absolutely fine.
First, go wear something decent.
I've forsaken all
decency in front of you.
So, why this formality?
You call me by my name now.
Earlier, you would say
'Choti Rani' so romantically.
Let me warn you. - Yes.
Don't try to seduce me.
I won't fall for that again.
And you don't look
nice doing all this.
I feel like paying for it.
Fine, pay me.
That will make me happy.
You've become so cheap.
I don't have loose
change to spare for you...
You're the local MLA.
I'm leaving this file behind.
Sign them when you're
back to your senses.
Saheb. I need some money...
I've spent it all.
Saheb. Saheb, please.
Saheb, I really need money.
Come on, move your hands faster.
It'll start raining any moment.
Bunny uncle's sent an invitation.
Polo Match.
Will you go?
He didn't reply to my proposal.
No need to go.
I wouldn't have if you hadn't
shown me Ranjana's picture.
We'll go.
We will all go.
We've to win this match.
Greetings, Her Highness.
Hello, Her Highness.
Polo match?
Looking for a groom for Rachna?
You know everything that
goes around in this kingdom.
I'll come to you when
I start looking for one.
How are you, Madhvi?
- Very well, uncle.
Is Vishi back from Dubai?
He'll be here soon.
Maybe his flight is delayed.
Hi Aditya.
Did you forget about my proposal...
...or, you didn't
think it was important?
Let's go inside and talk.
People are eagerly waiting for you.
Hello, Sheena, how are you? - Hello?
How are you?
I'm fine, how about you?
Hello, Ranjana. - Hello.
How are you?
- I'm fine, how about you?
So, what're you up to these days?
Looking nice. - You too.
Thank you.
Sir's busy in a meeting.
He'll call you back later.
Yes, sir.
Didn't you take
a bullet in the chest?
Your master survived as well.
Yes. - How?
Those who speak less, live longer.
So you think by doing
this we'll be richer.
You can consider that.
With four different states,
we'll receive more funds.
More development.
But, you will still be
in power in all the four states.
You will benefit
from the development.
I... am not in favor
of dividing Uttar Pradesh.
This can be your personal view,
but the other MLA's...
That's them.
Ask them.
Listen. Where did they come from?
They are sitting there.
I see. - Yes.
I see.
Hello, Virender Singh.
Look, I must know the
number of MLA's supporting us.
Only after that,
will I bring this up in the assembly.
Mr. Tiwari. - Yes.
We'll discuss this
personally and let you know.
Fine. But, hurry up.
Because the CM's facing
a lot of pressure.
And, please control him.
Every issue is a
matter of pride for him.
We'll let you know soon.
What happened?
I'm certainly losing this election.
Because there's been
no development in my area.
And now, no one will
vote you for who you are.
And now, we're running independently.
Where will the funds come from?
People address us as 'Rajaji'.
If we separate, we'll lose power.
We'll have to join his party and
then, I'll be called a politician.
It's not music to my ears.
There are other
ways to collect funds.
Let's discuss this later.
It's time.
The horses must be getting restless.
Come on.
Let's move.
Let's go.
Bunny uncle.
We need to talk.
Don't worry.
It's a different issue.
Is it true? - One moment.
Is everything okay? - Yes thank you.
What were you doing?
We've guests over.
I was with them.
Yes, I saw them coming.
They didn't look royal to me.
They look more like
government officials.
They've lost what we still maintain.
Do you get it?
They can't ride a horse?
What do you want to say?
Are they discussing your marriage?
Not that I heard of.
You want to marry Ranjana.
Okay, you might start
walking in a year or two.
But you're a married man.
Bunny uncle,
you sound like a democratic.
I am a king!
I can afford an extra wife.
And I don't need any
government fund for that.
I heard that Aditya
Pratap Singh's here too.
How does he look?
They all look the
same on a wheelchair.
He took a bullet, but survived.
I know.
Do you know why he survived?
He has to die by my hands.
It's not possible. - Only if you try.
And you can.
You're a king, so am I.
But your blood's cooled down,
not mine.
Yes, son.
Who... who's with you?
Pardon me, Your Highness.
But, master wants to speak.
Don't you see I'm
speaking over the phone.
It's important.
This is just as much important.
Call from Dubai?
I heard that your son Vishi
was caught red-handed with drugs.
They've strict laws.
And drugs is a serious offence.
You're such a lowly man.
If I can get your son in
trouble in Dubai from here...
...then your home's
just 300 kilometers away.
I can get Ranjana abducted.
Many kings have abducted
their brides in the past.
We don't call them lowly but gallant.
A few affluent Sheiks in
Dubai studied with me in London.
We're good friends.
Come down to my place with the token.
I'll keep Ranjana happy.
You have forgotten our
relationship by mistake.
Didn't you think it
necessary to keep it in mind?
If I can get your son in
trouble in Dubai from here...
...then your home's
just 300 kilometers away.
Father, did you just fire a bullet?
Yes. I did.
But why?
I wanted to kill myself.
But then, I thought about you.
That's fate.
Sure you got ajob,
but where did you get transferred?
Do you get me?
God's trying to say something to you.
Here, talk to brother.
Yes, Param. When are you joining?
Speak slowly.
No, I could send...
- Yes, Your Highness.
I'll send your stuff over.
You mean, I am more like security.
If you hand me over,
brother will be set free.
We've been humiliated, dear.
Aditya Pratap Singh has mortified us.
I am retaliating.
And you are my weapon.
That doesn't make sense.
What can I possibly do?
I am not sending you alone.
Your Highness,
Inderjeet Singh's here.
Send him in.
Your Highness.
You played well today.
Three of our riders were tired...
I would have scored two more goals.
And then...
Why did you hit the
ball towards Aditya Singh?
It was a mistake.
I wanted to turn,
but the horse didn't... the shot went straight.
You did the right thing.
I know that wasn't a mistake.
You were trying to fuel the war...
...your grandfather lost
to Aditya Singh's family.
You were just inflaming that.
It was a mistake, Your Highness.
I couldn't control myself.
Aditya Singh wants to marry Ranjana.
When I refused...
...he got my son arrested
for drugs in Dubai,
I'm giving my approval
for the engagement.
But... I want Aditya
Singh dead before the wedding.
The government wants
to finish his power.
And I want his honor...
You can take his life,
if you're interested.
Channel your anger properly.
Kings don't look
nice out on the streets.
Please listen to me...
I just don't understand.
This doesn't feel right.
Your Highness.
I can end my war by
taking Aditya Singh's life.
But, finishing his power
and honor will take time.
And, after that's done,
I would like to marry Ranjana.
Trying to take advantage?
That means,
I will have to fight with you next.
I accept.
You want this war, don't you?
So be it.
And it'll be a fierce one.
Swear on you.
It wasn't supposed to be like this.
Come with me. Ratan.
Yes, Her Highness.
- What are you doing?
See whether the red lamp's
been lit or not. Okay?
Light-up all the lamps.
Hurry up, and I want this polished...
Listen. What's going on here?
The master has thrown a party...
I hope you didn't have
a problem finding the place.
No, not at all.
We saw a polo match
after a long time.
Hello, Madhvi.
I didn't know Saheb's thrown a party.
He didn't tell you? - No.
No one tells me anything these days.
You don't talk to me either.
We would if you stay in your senses.
Don't create a scene today, Madhvi.
Anything special?
Your presence here is supporting.
You know I was against it.
Glittering dreams.
Beautiful dreams.
Glittering dreams.
Beautiful dreams.
But... if you wake up...
Dreams shatter like glass... Hey.
Some fall here, some there.
Some fall here, some there.
Careful with that platter.
The drink's untouched.
Don't let it slip.
Or it's no good.
All those dreams in your eyes.
Will spill over.
All those dreams in your eyes.
Will spill over.
Some which got spilt over...
...some magical dreams.
Some fall here, some there.
Some fall here, some there.
Love's divided here...
like a deck of cards.
If you win the game, you get lucky.
These mischievous dreams
are just an illusion.
These mischievous
dreams are an illusion.
If you let dust gather on it,
it's worth nothing.
Some fall here, some there.
Glittering dreams.
Beautiful dreams.
Glittering dreams.
Beautiful dreams.
Goodnight, Aditya, love you.
Bye, Rudy. Bye.
When will Vishi return?
He'll be back in a day or two.
All this is against everyone's will.
Forsake your anger.
It's the beginning of a new relation.
I'm not uttering a word.
You asked Ranjana to stay back.
Did I say a word?
The only reason I asked
Ranjana to stay back... so that she could
understand me, know me better.
If she stays here...
What will the people
say if she stays here?
I want her to see her defamed.
So that anyone thinks twice
before sending a proposal.
Come closer, because
this moment won't come again.
Take me in your arms,
and let those tears fall.
Wonder if love will
ever dwell in these eyes.
We might not meet
again in this lifetime.
Hold me close...
Stop that music!
...this night may...
Glory to... - Madhvi ma'am!
Glory to... - 'Choti Rani'!
Did you sleep properly?
I know you like photography.
What else do you like?
Why don't you tell me
about your likes and dislikes?
I'll keep it in mind.
My likes and dislikes
are not the law here.
Seems like that.
If I make a mistake,
I'll be punished.
Don't say that.
I fell in love with your picture.
I'll just be an image for you.
I won't make a mistake.
I will keep trying...
to bring you to life.
The day I get up from this chair...
I'll marry you.
I get it.
I'll call you later.
How's everything?
- Everything's fine.
No problem at all.
It's all your grace.
I meant our area.
There's prosperity in our area.
Everyone's happy.
What do you do?
I am the PA to His Highness.
His Highness?
I mean, your PA.
What are his appointments for today?
Nothing important.
I can see there's nothing
special going on here.
People are simply loathing around.
Where's the money?
Where does he keep the money?
There's no money here.
Only sir keeps them.
I need some money.
Madam... I've some money.
I'll take them from sir later.
How far is Jagdishpur?
How long will you keep
up with this hunger strike?
Greetings, Her Highness.
Until our last breath.
Come, sit.
How can they mow down
our fields and build a highway?
That will change the entire
geography of the village.
Her Highness,
what are you doing here?
What brings you here?
It's a hunger-strike,
I thought I should pay you a visit.
If I don't, who else will?
Our battle is with
the central government.
It's not your fault.
And, it's not in your power.
So, what can you do?
I know it's not within my power.
But your grief's intolerable.
Who's drinking?
Umesh, you?
Everyone's here on a hunger-strike...
...and you're drunk.
This is an agitation,
tie him up to the tree.
Let me know if you need anything.
We need a lot of things,
Her Highness.
I'll leave.
I'll send you some help.
Who is that?
Hello, Madhvi.
I hail from this area.
I'm returning after
a number of years.
So, I want to make an investment
Nothing special. I just
want to do something for my land.
Is he the new collector?
I'm not expecting profits,
just a big name for myself.
First tell me your name...
...then I'll tell you
a way to make it big.
Inderjeet Singh...
You take your name with pride.
What can I do for you, Mr...
Inderjeet Singh.
Just your support,
and soon you'll feel proud too.
Why do I get always get men?
Why not poets?
I will learn, gradually.
In your company.
You don't make a poet.
They're born.
You love someone.
You never love someone.
One always falls in love.
And it shows.
Leave that.
What do you want?
I'll be right back.
This is a donation for your party.
I won independently.
I have no party. - Yes.
It's our first meeting,
I can't be too brazen.
Keep up the hunger-strike.
We'll keep up this hunger-strike.
Don't give up. - Never.
Glory to... - Madhvi ma'am!
Glory to... - 'Choti Rani'!
Let's form a party then.
You're now my treasurer.
A man, poet and a treasurer.
I need all three to look after me.
Do you have a card?
It's under print.
You try.
Guns don't interest me.
I'm not interested in guns either.
It's a necessity to stay alive.
I've... taken up photography.
Like you.
Pick up the gun.
Here you go.
Take this. 22.
It's a one of the best rifles.
Take it,
Vishi will be set free tomorrow.
You won't applaud, right?
Because, I might like it.
Hand me that gun. Come on.
Looking at your condition...
...its best to keep
this gun away from you.
You don't always need
a gun to kill someone.
Just like you took mine.
No bullets fired.
No accusations. Right?
How do you like it here?
Feels nice.
You're getting used to this place.
It's been just two days
and you're already lying.
What's wrong, Sunder? - Sir...
Yes, dear. I know.
It's a mad house.
But I feel bad for Madhvi.
I think she needs a doctor.
That woman is very smart.
Inder met her today.
He charmed her and
she was more than willing.
She said You can be my treasurer.
Father, I'll talk to you later.
Okay, dear. No problem.
Do you have a license for this gun?
What the...
Look at you.
Something's still missing.
You're just...
Greetings. - Okay, okay.
I'm new on this job.
Give me some time.
Soon, I'll look fitting.
He's joined the police force.
And do you know where
he's been posted?
That's been bothering me as well.
I mean, out of all the places in UP.
It's such a big coincidence,
Your Highness.
This isn't fluke,
someone's pulling the strings.
We aren't fighting without a reason.
We're building an army.
You need to check these files.
Requests from irrigation,
forest and PWD departments.
Greetings, madam.
It's nice to see you here.
There's a lawyer, Madhukar Asthana.
He's filed a PIL against the DM...
...regarding the road construction.
He's really troubled.
And wants your help.
What's... a PIL?
Greetings, sir.
He wants to speak to you.
Suddenly, you just realized
your responsibilities.
You know how to sign.
Just sign where I tell you to.
If you need some money
take it from Sunder.
Sir has sent some money.
I don't need it.
Sir... - You can go.
Does the car run smoothly?
- Yes, sir. It does.
Kanta. - Yes, Your Highness.
The shrubs have outgrown.
Get them trimmed.
Your Highness, I'll get
some clothes stitched. - Yes.
Ranjana has sent some designs,
they're just right.
No need to ask me for everything.
It's your money,
I'll have to keep an account.
I'll deduct it. - What?
Deduct? How?
From your dowry.
Yes, that's right.
Madhvi's calling.
I think she needs you.
Keep your clothes on.
She's takes them off.
If your clothes come off...'ll never be
able to repay my debt.
No, Your Highness.
I'm not that weak.
Focus on the issue. - Yes.
That's the only weakness
we kings have...
...which turns into our defeat.
Right? - Yes, that's true.
It's Inder.
You called? - Yes.
Hello - I...
I... need help. - Help for what?
I want to learn politics.
I want to learn politics.
Madhvi, just like poets are born,
so are politicians.
Why do you want to
learn such a vile thing?
Just maintain your decree,
I will handle the politics.
Hello, Mr. Tiwari - Hello.
Good morning, sir.
Sir, there's a letter
from the Ministry.
And, there's another letter...
Sir, the Collector
from Mejha is here.
And ajournalist from the Indian Age.
Indian Age? - Yes, sir.
Send him in. - Yes, sir.
Listen. - Yes, sir.
Is it a man or a woman?
It's a man. - I see.
Fine, send him in.
Sir, your signatures... - Go out.
Good morning, sir. - Good morning.
Please close the door.
I see.
I am Indrajeet Singh,
from the Indian Age. - Okay.
We're starting a new column.
We'll be publishing the profiles...
...of the top five
politicians of the state.
Please take a seat.
Look, everyone publishes
about their work.
How's the personality?
Personality! How is it?
I mean, Prabhu Tiwari
as a person is...
He's nice.
So, shall we start? - Yes, please.
No problem.
Are you sensitive? - What?
I mean feelings, emotions?
- Sensitive?
Yes. I am a sensitive man.
So, what is Prabhu Tiwari?
Suppose, we need to describe
him in one word. - Yeah.
So what example will you give?
An honest man.
No, no human.
Compare yourself to something.
Something like Prabhu
Tiwari is like water. - Yeah.
Or he's like fire.
Or like a cycle.
It keeps running without fuel.
More output, less expensive.
Then Prabhu Tiwari... is an ox!
Ox? - A hard working ox!
That can have other meanings, sir.
You're not smart.
Then forget it.
Your next question please.
Allow me... - Just delete it.
Say that you're a tomato. - Tomato?
It looks nice.
Use it in pickles,
or in food, eat it raw, it's healthy.
Everyone eats it.
It does have a lot of variety?
- Yes. Of course.
Mr. Inder, excuse me.
That makes two. - Two tomatoes?
No. One is sensitive.
And the second is tomato.
Yes, right. Okay.
This is Indrajeet speaking, and...
...Prabhu Tiwari is a very,
very sensitive tomato...
So, sir. Do you like reading?
Reading? - Yes.
I like reading a lot.
In fact...
I've read more autobiographies.
Pundit Nehru. Gandhiji.
What are human values? - What?
Human values. - I see.
You know, human.
First, know the people...
...then become their leader.
You can dream about
the moon later...
...first learn to live on earth.
Just a second. Let me write it down.
I always write these things down.
Excuse me.
The laptop...
What... is it? - Please don't bother,
please, please.
The door's opened too.
Do you know how to turn this off,
Mr. Inder?
I'll try. - Please. Please.
Who touched my laptop?
Who touched my laptop?
- Just a minute.
Mr. Inder,
you've seen such a vile thing...
But, please don't
forget to mention...
...that I am a honest man.
Would... you...
like a cold drink? - Yes...
Let it be. - No...
Let it be. - Pande...
Sir, don't bother.
Send two cold drinks...
- Let it be...
That's not done.
What other hobbies do you like?
Nothing much.
Do you every cry?
It's my... humble request.
Don't mention these things, please.
It's not for the interview.
I meant,
bad days are around the corner.
I've heard that the
Chief Minister's changing.
He's facing difficulties
dividing the states.
Who told you that?
The CM's not being changed.
Those four MLAs, the four kings.
They aren't agreeing.
Aditya Pratap Singh's stopping them.
You seem to have
a lot of information.
How do you know?
I am a reporter, sir. Journalist.
I know in which direction
the wind is blowing, and how?
Tell me something else.
How about I fix
a meeting with Madhvi?
What good will that do?
We need Saheb's approval.
Madhvi doesn't listen to Saheb now.
I will make Madhvi join your party...
...and you give her some small post.
Something like a Welfare program.
Mr. Indrajeet. - Yes.
Did you play this adult film?
Independent MLA candidate
Madhvi Singh from Devgarh...
...was appointed President
of 'Women's Welfare Program'.
It's just cheat, lies and deceit.
It's a place for selfishness.
- I take your leave.
I only compromised for Ranjana.
That's all.
Revenge is bloody.
Greed, desires, lust, anger.
Revenge is bloody.
Greed, desires, lust, anger.
Every culprit's innocent.
There's anger in love.
Even the dead are restless.
Jealousy's your only strength.
Who was he?
The Prince of Jagdalpur.
I have just barged in.
I am climbing up your stairs.
The colours of the walls are fine.
We'll need some curtains.
Yes, change them.
Your fragrance...
How are you?
Can't sleep.
Let me help you.
How does this open?
Where does it open from?
Take a look.
Will I have to tear it? - No.
Hold on for five seconds,
you can do it, sir.
Bravo. You can do it, sir.
My father-in-law's father.
Back in those days he
owned an air-strip. - Okay.
Two planes. - Right.
He never got along with the British.
But he completed his
entire education in England.
This is our ancestral sword. - Wow!
Hemangi. - Yes.
Come on.
Ma'am, tell us something
about your cuisine.
How was it before
and what is the change?
Back then we had a lot of people.
We always had some guest over.
Parties. Servants and maids.
Today, we cook as much
as any normal family.
But, there are few
recipes we still make.
Excuse me.
Good afternoon, Your Highness.
I want you to leave.
This... this won't take
more than half an hour, sir.
Seriously. Come on.
Hey you, camera. Please.
They're just asking normal questions,
nothing political.
What were you showing them?
What we were...
There are just a handful of us.
Take a picture,
we might go extinct someday.
We're still alive.
We haven't perished away.
We've a history.
And we'll keep making history.
This is my home, not a bloody museum!
Take your gun out.
We'll venerate him.
No, brother.
You've already anointed
him with your blood.
There's no need for this.
- Look here.
Grandpa's watching.
You already...
It'll hurt...
What are you doing, Param?
Just a small one.
It's hurting...
- Grandpa's asking for sacrifice.
It's hurting. - Let go.
Slowly. Slowly!
Chetia. Chetia. Chetia.
Call for you.
UP 17 X 3851.
Get down.
Get back.
Hold him. Hold him.
Hold him. Hold him.
They were in my pockets.
Found it.
Got him! - I hit him first.
The pain!
That's not him.
It's not him.
He's not the one in Ranjana's photo.
How can that be?
Madhvi's going with you. - Yes.
Mr. Saxena is royal blood.
His father was the Principal
Secretary, Madhya Pradesh.
Often money's not their weakness.
Return it to her. - Yes.
The highway's become
dangerous these days. - Yes.
You carry a weapon, too. Show me.
I do, but never use it.
Hand it here, Mr. Jaiswal. - Here.
This can take your life,
don't treat it like a bride.
Where you seduce her for two hours,
and the rest in two minutes.
This is how you use it...
Careful, the bride will die.
Sit down.
Sit here.
Ranjana says she's going back. - Yes.
She's bored here.
She has read all the all the books...
- Please leave.
You will be late for the meeting.
I am travelling out of the city.
If I could have my gun back.
I was about to give it back.
No need to be scared now.
I'm always scared.
What if the gun
turns brazen like you?
And fires on anyone, anywhere.
Please excuse me,
I'm waiting outside.
Now you humiliate me
in front of strangers as well.
Every time I look at you,
I feel like misbehaving.
Don't talk too much in the meeting,
Just smile a few times.
And no drinking.
Master, Vasant's here.
Don't treat her like
that in my presence.
I didn't say all that to please you.
Do you know why men
use more abusive language?
Because they don't cry much.
I'll be back in a while.
Stay quiet.
They killed four of our men.
And Chetia's... missing.
So, why come here?
The police isn't behind this.
Has it fired from the rifle?
It's someone else, Saheb.
Don't come here for a few days.
I will call you.
And stay low, understand
Yes, Saheb.
Look after yourself.
Have you ever met the Secretary?
No. Never.
I've heard that he's a difficult man.
Madam, excuse me.
You better not drink today. Please.
You just said he's a difficult man.
So, I'll have to act difficult too.
Mr. Jaiswal, this project
is important for the government.
This bridge will
benefit four districts.
Sir, we've studied the project.
Now, you guide us.
The forest department's
involved in this.
Waterworks too.
They'll all give preference
to their candidates.
There will be a tender.
You can fill that too.
Madam, sugar?
As much as you like.
When things aren't our way...
Then, why don't you add
sugar as much as you want.
Whether you get the tender or not...
...but you will surely
get a good cup of tea.
I've heard a lot about you.
Mr. Jaiswal.
Yes, madam.
Will you please leave us alone?
Okay, sir.
Please go out.
Just arrange for the money.
And soon.
Consider it done.
I never waste time.
Driver, let's go.
Madam, how was the meeting?
I've requested him.
Let's wait and watch.
You've requested him,
he'll definitely say yes.
I've to go somewhere, alone.
Where can I drop you?
Drink? - Now?
I never drink during the day.
People like you give
a bad name to nights.
I'm busy during the day.
So, did you do it?
It's done. - Done?
You will get the tender.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
You look different.
It's just...
I got this stitched in Lucknow.
I found a decent tailor in Lucknow.
Like they say God made men,
and the tailor made gentlemen.
You wish to be a king too.
No, Madhvi, I am.
I thought I would tell
you this on a better occasion.
So, today is the time.
The ruins near the river
in your area used to be our fort.
Saheb's ancestors
decimated my entire family.
Only one boy survived,
who continued the lineage.
It's been three generations...
...but, no one ever thought
of winning that fort back.
I wonder why these thoughts...
...have been troubling
me since my childhood days.
Do you have anything else to say?
Anything else?
Madhvi, I was just trying to tell
you the truth that's in my heart...
No. You've a sharp mind.
Very sharp.
You're... getting angry...
I've no friends.
Not a single one.
Don't say that. You've me.
You'll see me in the tears...
I mean, in your tears.
For you, I hold no value.
But soon you will yearn for me.
See, I turned a poet for you.
So, when will you be a man?
Whenever you want?
Just give the orders.
Who do you want to kill?
We will help each other.
But it'll be my decision
to end this war.
I want to finish Saheb's power.
But he should be unharmed.
I'm not concerned about his health.
When I've his power.
Every time you look at me,
do you feel love?
Every word you say casts a spell.
See, you're lying.
But I trust you.
Come on.
He thrashed me severely, brother.
Made me drink chilly water.
Don't spare him.
Don't spare him.
Don't spare him.
Don't spare him.
Don't spare him.
Throw them in.
I'll tell you where to go.
He beats really cruelly.
Come here.
Brother! - Shut up!
Come here. I won't hurt you,
I just want to talk.
Come on.
He won't spare you. - Sit. Sit.
No, brother. - Shut up.
I won't beat you.
I just want to talk.
Look, I can kill you right now.
You will die.
Speak up, and you could be spared.
Get it.
No. No, brother.
Kill him.
That's been taken care of. Okay.
He was a traitor.
He had to die.
But, the one you're
asking me to betray...
...will never spare us alive.
This is a serious matter.
Don't make it confusing.
Everyone has to die.
You can die today,
or maybe live for a day or two.
Wait until the next elections.
Or the next Shahrukh Khan movie.
There's nothing wrong.
Who informed you that...
...the highway gangs
are being brought here?
We don't know anything.
Sir, it must be the one
who's bringing those dacoits here.
We'll wait a while and see.
Bring them, but who?
What's going on? Media?
Just a minute, sir.
They'll testify in
front of the media...
...and it will become public.
No one will call
you to set them free.
But... who gave you
permission to do all this?
Sir, I didn't have the permission...
...but, I did the right thing.
You can get your picture taken.
Chauhan, bring them out.
Sir, let us talk to them...
- Stay back!
Back. Back. Move back.
They are criminals, not politicians.
Stay back.
Maintain distance.
Someone wants to talk to you.
Just because you're from
a well-known newspaper...
...doesn't mean you do as you please.
Sir's right here,
there's a protocol to be followed.
Sir. - Yes, go ahead.
How long have you been
committing these loots?
For the past two-three years.
Ask him who he works for?
So, who do you work for?
Kanhaiyya, he's our chief.
Kanhaiyya... Saheb...
Are you here to arrest Kanhaiyya?
Vasant's given a false statement.
You were supposed to get arrested...
...but, he took
Kanhaiyya's name instead.
Sir, here's the death certificate.
You can take the
dead body for cremation.
Show me.
How did he die?
He couldn't tolerate
this humiliation.
And he died of shock.
I know it all.
You're the real chief.
He was just a soldier.
You're a soldier too.
So, who is your chief?
Just tell me.
You won't like to hear it.
You won't be able to
endure two shocks in one day.
Hello. - Can we talk?
I can't say it over the phone.
Can you come over here?
So suddenly? - It's urgent.
Fine. Tomorrow then. - Make it today.
I'll have to pack.
Pack only for day.
And come today.
Yes... Yes Saheb.
That's been done, madam.
And the new file's been passed...
- Madam.
Madam, our application...
Pass me the N65.
Turn the phone on, sir.
Stop that car at the left.
I'll be right back.
I've been calling you for two hours.
My phone was switched off.
It wasn't working,
so I gave it for repairing.
I just got it back.
Look, I've been called to Devgarh.
- Devgarh?
So suddenly?
For how long?
I was asked to pack only for a day.
One day? - Yes.
Greetings, Her Highness.
What brings you here?
I'm counting the trees in this area.
My car's broken down, give it a push.
Come on.
Something doesn't feel right.
Is Saheb planning the wedding?
I don't know,
just keep your phone on.
Hello. Hello...
Jagdish, we've guests. - Yes
Show her to her room...
...and tell her we'll
meet over breakfast.
Take me in your arms...
...this beautiful moment
might not come again.
Maybe we won't meet
again in this lifetime.
Take me in your arms...
I'm fortunate to get these moments.
Take a good look...
What are you doing here?
I came to see you.
We couldn't meet this morning.
So, I thought that
maybe you're angry...
You... came all the way here!
Maybe we won't meet
again in this lifetime.
Where? - Inside?
Take me in your arms...
I thought you might be angry,
so I must apologies.
Take it off.
You're here to apologies,
so you'll have to bow down.
I called you in a hurry.
I apologies.
It was no trouble coming here.
It's just that I
didn't know why, so...
Your eyes convey that
I troubled you a lot.
A gift for you.
This cannot make up
for the mistakes I made...
. but, I called you
here to say that...
...I'm breaking this engagement.
You cannot always do as you please.
You cannot break this engagement
as and when you please.
Since I made this mistake,
everything's going wrong.
And, I am responsible for it?
It's in the air here.
Every good thing gets spoilt.
There's a conspiracy
behind every relation.
I don't want you to
be just a lifeless image.
I... have stolen many glances of you.
Hello. - I want to talk to you.
But, can't do it over the phone.
Shall I come over, or will you?
I am coming.
I... I want to tell you something.
You have many enemies, Saheb.
Why are you telling me this?
Your pictures made me turn a traitor.
You were right.
There's something in the air here...
...that spoils every good thing.
Every corner... of my heart echoed.
The moon smiled from the clouds.
I was betrayed.
How far have I come?
Now, I need to stop.
And fill the void.
Every corner of my heart echoed.
The moon smiled from the clouds.
Why do dreams make me smile?
Even the nights look pleasant.
How are you?
All fine.
Why are you answering in-short?
Anyone around? - Yes.
I see.
Don't worry, Ranjana.
Just a few more days,
and then its all over.
Bye, darling.
What? - Come on!
Come on, smile now.
One smile.
This day will be recorded in history.
These four independent MLAs'...
...who were against the division
of the state are now in favor of it.
And, they've also
joined the CM's party.
Madhvi Singh's is in
direct collision course...
...with her husband,
Aditya Pratap Singh.
And all these
developments indicate...
...that the division
of the states is certain.
The question is,
why isn't there any development.
The reason behind it isn't
just corrupt politicians.
Just like the vast population
is a issue for the country...
...similarly one state cannot
cater to this huge populace.
Far sightedness.
One needs far sightedness
to do this task.
This state can develop only when...
...four new states are born.
Vande Mataram!
Vande Mataram!
And, these four MLAs
have proven my point.
Her determination, hard work... appreciated by our government.
Don't be scared. I'll help you.
Where do you want to go?
You took the gun out.
Did someone scare you?
I took the gun out long ago,
but you just saw it.
Have we met before?
But I know you.
I... am Indrajeet Singh.
You shouldn't have
approached me from the back.
Firstly, I'm wounded.
And my enemies have always
attacked me from behind.
If I had fired...
A Thakur would've died
at the hands of a Thakur.
Next time, it will face-to-face.
I know my kin, my family
will be hurt by my decision.
And to save it, I can leave home.
Wow! Wonderful!
She speaks well.
Yes, she didn't have
this quality before.
And you will see the
effect in a few years
It's a new development. - What?
Wonder who she's been influenced by.
Who says you can't
make a hole in the sky?
Who says you can't
make a hole in the sky?
Try hurling a stone
with all your might.
Wonderful, Madhvi.
This is the daily routine.
Rudy. Where is she?
Where's the real deal?
Lts coming, Tiwari.
Sit down. Be patient.
My eyes are getting sore.
She's coming.
She's here.
Here I come. - Come here.
Shall I tell this to the media...
Shall I tell this to the media...
My beloved talks about
politics behind closed doors.
My beloved talks about
politics behind closed doors.
Shall I tell this to the media...
My beloved talks about
politics behind closed doors.
My beloved talks about
politics behind closed doors.
You were a man. Tall and strong.
Never feared anyone.
Since you became a politician,
you've lost all zest and zeal.
This bed was meant for two,
but now it misses all the action.
It now prays for solace.
The heart desires
those good old days back.
My beloved talks about
politics behind closed doors.
You would hold me so romantically.
You would cajole me each time I was
upset, those were beautiful moments.
You take me in your
arms and shout slogans.
I don't like that.
Be the minister of my heart.
Don't trouble me anymore.
Don't let those bad
days come back again.
My beloved talks about
politics behind closed doors.
Shall I tell this to the media...
Shall I tell this to the media...
My beloved talks about
politics behind closed doors.
My beloved talks about
politics behind closed doors.
My beloved talks about
politics behind closed doors.
My beloved talks about
politics behind closed doors.
Where are you going?
Come here.
Come on.
Where should I hide?
Caught you.
I want to play too.
I'll give you a chocolate?
Did you say anything else to Saheb?
No. Just praised you.
You don't know Saheb.
He can do anything.
And that Ranjana.
He's very close to Saheb.
Will you do something for me?
- Just name it.
Kill that Ranjana for me.
Will you kill her?
Father, I'm sure it will
be in everyone's interest.
Just talk to him.
It's father.
Good morning, Bunny uncle.
I want to apologize.
Yes. Rudy's under pressure as well.
Madhvi's with you too.
I don't like our personal
argument getting public.
I admit my mistake.
I just want to meet once.
Call Akshay and Ishaan.
I will call Rudy.
Don't tell Madhvi about this meeting.
I want to surprise her.
I'll call a few journalists.
Why do a good thing
when nobody's watching?
What's all this?
Seems like the entire market.
What do you want?
Looks like he's prepared
for an entire army.
So, Aditya, what do you want to say?
What do you want?
I want everything to be normal
once the bill's passed tomorrow.
We'll call-off this engagement.
And throw a big party...
...where we'll tell everyone
about our association.
I want to surprise Madhvi as well.
I hope you didn't
tell Madhvi about this.
I... You asked me not to.
So how could I?
We're a man of our words.
Great. Wonderful.
We've always considered
you a family member.
Not just me, all of us.
But you always bullied us.
See. It's karma, Aditya.
And we meant nothing to you.
Come on, come on, guys.
Let's all have a drink.
- Aditya, want some?
Don't drink too much.
You'll fall short of it.
How do you have a phone?
Fine, bolt the windows from outside.
Aditya, how did you
bring the phone inside?
All these things, the juice, water...
...all that's for everyone.
It means, you all will have
to stay in this room for a few days.
You must have felt really
happy seeing me apologize.
Pardon me,
but your happiness was short-lived.
Has he lost it?
Have you lost your mind?
Rudy. Don't get too excited.
Excited. What excitement?
I'll have no qualms
about killing you.
I've can stand up now.
And now, I'll bully you more.
Tariq. - Vishnu.
What's happening?
Please be quiet.
Calm down.
Quiet! Quiet!
They're unreachable
since yesterday...
...and they had to be at
the assembly, but they are missing.
How can I answer
you without asking them?
It can be a conspiracy.
- Of course it is.
Or, someone's pressurized them.
Who could pressurize them?
They could've been kidnapped too.
What have you done about it?
- Tell us.
Madhvi ma'am...
Madhvi ma'am.
Madhvi ma'am, please wait.
Hey, you blue shirt.
What were you saying?
Sir, the opposition
can be behind this.
The opposition can't be behind this.
All the goons are in his party.
Say that openly. - It's true!
I won't tolerate this misbehavior.
The division's been annulled,
will the CM be changed too?
Just a minute.
Jai Hind, sir.
Yes, sir.
Sir, let's wait for a few days.
I'm no longer the
party's spokesperson.
That means the CM's changed.
We've been deceived!
We've been deceived!
They should've told us they
weren't coming to the assembly.
Is Saheb behind this?
Of course. - No photos.
It's Saheb. - No photos.
We've been deceived!
Why are you stopping us?
You're getting violent these days.
Control yourself.
Now they'll publish nonsense
about you every day.
Take some of this,
and get some sleep.
When I turned to my right
I saw a big fully grown tiger.
I had no idea... - My God.
Hello. - Ranjana.
I want to meet you tomorrow,
in any condition.
I've a plan.
Just one blow.
Where? - At my palace.
I love you, my darling.
This was our hall.
We used to have parties here.
This was the biggest
fort in the area.
Now do you understand
why I took so much pride?
The gun Saheb keeps waiving around... need to get that.
You've to kill Madhvi.
At night.
At the time she listens to the music.
No one has a gun in the house.
Listen. - Yes.
Saheb and Madhvi's relation
is spoiled, everyone knows that.
No one else will be accused for it.
Saheb will be arrested for murder,
case closed.
Can you do it?
Come. I'll introduce you to someone.
This is my younger brother,
Param. - Hello.
Hey. Who was that?
Stay here. I'll be right back.
See anyone?
Ranjana, leave now.
Whoever it was, he was sent by Saheb.
He has seen us together.
But, listen.
What will you say to Saheb?
I'll say that I wandered
to this place accidentally...
...and you caught me.
Fine, you go.
And, will you handle it? - Yes.
What about the gun? - I will try.
Look, just get the gun.
I will kill her.
I can go to any limits for this war.
Brother, we shouldn't
be sitting out in the open.
You never know who might attack us?
That's the reason I'm
sitting out in the open.
I want someone to attack.
Let him.
So I would know who he is.
What are you staring at?
Anything interesting?
Who are you talking to?
You rascal.
Beat him.
After travelling towards the jungle
for 12 kilometers from Bandnapur...'ll come across a mud house.
You will find all your answers there.
Hold it. Hold it.
Turn around.
Turn around.
So I heard right about you.
Kanhaiyya never dies.
And he won't die today either.
You wanted to know my chief, right?
So, tell me.
Inderjeet Singh.
My elder brother.
And do you want to know
something about your family?
Your great grandmother
ran away from home.
She betrayed the one she eloped with.
Then your family decimated
her entire family.
And the one she ran away
with was my great grandfather.
By the way, the women of
your family are really famous.
I heard that your wife was
having an affair with some Bablu...
Let's get out. Quickly.
Is the press around.
Aditya, rascal.
Don't abuse him.
No one will talk about this anymore.
Hello, congratulations.
What do you say, Kanhaiyya?
Was I right to remarry?
All I wish is your
good health, Saheb.
That's all I care about.
Everyone said Kanhaiyya
is Saheb's shadow.
But now, you've to hide from
your own shadow because of me.
That's fine, Saheb.
I never liked the crowd anyway.
As soon as I reached there,
that was it...
You were saying...
Param sir was a daring officer.
He would've survived
if he had taken us along.
He asked us not to follow.
And asked us to
surround from the back.
Hello, I wanted a favor.
For the last time.
There was once a king and a queen.
Go inside and tell them.
You can go inside
only over my dead body.
Sir. This man shot my brother dead.
You cannot even touch him,
- Please arrest him.
Look, this is a police case.
If you interfere,
you'll have to pay for it dearly.
What can you do? - What's going on?
Saheb! You will have to come
to the police station with us.
We've an arrest warrant for you.
To hell with your arrest... - Sunder.
Come, Saheb.
Go inside and get the evidence.
Let me talk to the CM.
Hello. - Sir.
Here's the revolver, sir.
Hey. No one will take any picture.
Let's go, sir.
Let's go, sir.
Sir, we won't tolerate
violent behavior.
What's happened?
What's going on?
Someone has sent this for you.
We had a seen a dream,
but couldn't fulfill it.
We had to fulfill it together.
And you suddenly
disappeared from the scene.
What happened?
What happened, Ranjana?
I've a personal war.
Mine alone, and I'm ending it.
And I am winning it too.
I can't celebrate my victory.
I will definitely trouble you.
You cannot forget me.
I'll come in your dreams.
There was once a king, and a queen.
Greetings, madam.
Glory to... - Madhvi Devi!
Today, you've all gathered here...
...for Aditya Pratap
Singh's birthday.
And I'm grateful for that.
When will Aditya Pratap
Singh be released?
I wish he was here right now.
Glory to... - Madhvi Devi!
Glory to... - Madhvi Devi!
Glory to... - Madhvi Devi!
Take me in your arms...
...this beautiful moment
might not come again.
Madam, you have four more
meetings scheduled for today.
If you want I can confirm with them.
Yes madam.
Conference room is in the left side.
'Why do I always get men,
why not a poet? '