Sailor Moon S: The Movie - Hearts in Ice (1994) Movie Script

Earth, what a beautiful planet...
I shall make it
even more beautiful...
After that, Earth...
...shall become mine.
Japanese astronaut Himeko Nayotake
has been selected to join
the Luna Frontier Project
as one of its pilots.
She is shown here at NASA
busily preparing for
the upcoming
lunar exploration mission.
Here is a CG simulation of
what the Luna Frontier Project
launch will look like.
Wow! So that spacecraft
is going to the Moon?
I want to go to the Moon
on that spaceship with Mamo...
Stop daydreaming.
This is your last winter break
in middle school.
You should be focusing on studying
for your high school
entrance exams.
I don't expect you to understand
my feelings, Luna!
After all, you've never been
in love before!
I don't plan to...
...fall in love anyway.
What's wrong, Luna?
I think I caught a cold last night.
Usagi, I'm going to
head on back now.
Are you going to be okay?
I'll walk you home.
Don't worry.
I'll be fine on my own.
Don't make such a big deal
out of it, Artemis.
Y-You idiot!
You've finally come to.
Try not to move.
You still have a fever.
Rest tonight. Go back to sleep.
Was he up all night...
taking care of me. . . ?
Just for me?
Luna's missing?!
She didn't come home yesterday.
I wonder what happened to her.
Maybe her fever got worse
and she collapsed
somewhere along the way.
That's why I said
I'd take her home!
Where could she have gone?
You think she might have run away?
Usagi, did you do something to her?
Like bullying?
I would never bully Luna!
Well, maybe you said
something mean to her.
"You're such a klutz!"
"A total goofball!"
"And a crybaby!"
She's the one that says
all those mean things to me!
You know what, Rei?
Uh yeah?!
This is not the time
to be arguing!
Let's split up and find her.
Do you feel like eating?
Looks like you're all better now.
That's good.
Good morning, Kakeru!
Hime?! Welcome back!
When did you come back to Japan?
This morning on the first Airbus.
Have you been following the news...
about the Luna Frontier Project?
I have. Congratulations.
- That's it?
- Huh?
Never mind.
My first visit back
to Japan in a year.
So, what's new?
I discovered a new comet
two nights ago.
Yes. I saw it passing
near the Moon.
So I named it Princess Snow Kaguya.
You were looking at the Moon again?
But how strange. NASA hasn't said
anything about a new comet.
Are you sure you saw it?
I'm certain. I saw it with
my very own eyes!
Plus, this might be
a part of the comet.
It fell through the sky
the same night
I discovered the comet.
It's beautiful.
But the comet
disappeared right away.
Everyone at
the Space Development Agency
are questioning its existence.
But you believe me, right?
I really saw it!
Look, I also heard
you got laughed at
for claiming that there was
a goddess living on the Moon.
I think you're romanticizing
space too much.
But when I look at the Moon,
I can feel a mystical energy,
full of life, emanating from it!
I can't believe I'm hearing this
from a man who devoted
his entire life to science!
You don't have to believe me
if you don't want to.
Kakeru, you've always had
a brilliant mind...
Physics, biology, medicine,
and even aerospace engineering.
You've earned PhDs
in so many fields!
Everybody expected you to become
an astronaut one day.
So why do you say things
that aren't scientific at all?
What's wrong?
I'm not feeling well today.
I'm going to have to
ask you to leave.
I took a week off and came
all the way back from America,
from Marshall...
Just so I could see you!
I'm sorry.
Why can't I just tell her
that I'm happy for her?
She's about to realize her lifelong
dream of going to space.
By the way, what is your name?
I mustn't speak.
Is it Kaguya? Tama?
It can't possibly be Mike...
I see you have a crescent mark
on your forehead...
Like the Moon...
So you're called Luna?
That's right.
Your owner must be
a well-bred person
to come up with
a fancy name like "Luna."
Do you like konpeito
sugar candies?
Don't they remind you of
a shooting star?
"If I make a wish
while eating the candy,
then Princess Kaguya will
one day appear before me."
I grew up believing this story.
Hey, is it silly for me to think
that there's a mystical
goddess-like being on the Moon?
Are you saying that
you believe me?
There's an old fairy tale called
"The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter."
I can't help but think that someone
like Princess Kaguya from the story
lives on the Moon.
What is this heartache of mine?
...I've never felt...
...this way before.
The beautiful treasure that
I've desired since ancient times...
At long last, you will become mine!
Now go, my precious Snow Dancers...
Freeze Earth in one fell swoop!
It's snowing!
You're right...
- Look!
- It's snowing.
Mercury Star Power Make Up!
Mars Star Power Make Up!
Jupiter Star Power Make Up!
Venus Star Power Make Up!
Uranus Planet Power Make Up!
Neptune Planet Power Make Up!
Pluto Planet Power Make up!
World Shaking!
Supreme Thunder!
Crescent Beam!
That was one creepy monster.
We have to transform!
- Look!
- Look!
Moon Prism Power Make Up!
Moon Cosmic Power Make up!
Hold it right there!
How dare you freeze
all the people in the city
who were enjoying
their winter break!
Yeah, how dare you!
We are the Pretty Guardians...
...who fights for love
and for justice!
I am Sailor Moon!
And I am Sailor Chibi Moon!
In the name of the Moon...
- We'll punish you!
- We'll punish you!
What's going on?
S-Stop it...
You're making me dizzy...
Careful, Sailor Moon!
Don't fall for its. . .tricks. ...!
R-Right. . .!
The real one... you!
Yikes! I guessed wrong!
- Huh?
- Santa Claus?
Merry Christmas!
And a...
Happy New Year!
- Tuxedo Mask!
- Tuxedo Mask!
The winter is harsh
in a snow-driven Northern land.
However, only lovers should be painting
this beautiful winter landscape.
Now, Sailor Moon!
Moon Spiral Heart Attack!
- Huh?
- What just happened?
- Huh?
- What was all that?
Everything's back to normal!
I did not expect to come across
such interference on Earth...
Snow Dancers, have you found
the crystal that landed over Japan?
Keep looking! I need it to freeze
the entire world.
Ages ago, when I first
approached Earth...
I was repelled by its light...
Since then, I've been forced
to endure a long journey...
I'm not going to panic now.
I'll just change my plan
to conquer Earth.
I'll find that Crystal.
Then I'll slowly make Earth mine
without anyone noticing.
What were those things, anyway?
Maybe they're new enemies
wanting to take over Earth...
Whatever they are,
we need to stay on high alert.
Look! It's Luna!
- What?
- Luna?
Where? Where?
I was so worried about you.
Hey, where did you get that ribbon?
Oh, this?
Come and visit anytime.
Th-That's not important right now.
I heard that there's a mysterious
comet passing near the Moon.
A comet?
I did some research.
But I didn't find any comets
like the one Luna mentioned.
If Ami's computer didn't
detect anything, then...
There's been no other strange
incidents since that last attack.
You think those weird enemies
are gone?
Sorry I'm late!
You're always late.
I got distracted by this hot boy
I saw on the way here.
Wait. Where's Luna?
She said she's not coming
because she has something to do.
Luna's been acting strange lately.
She keeps reading medical books
while eating konpeito candies.
Oh yeah,
she came over the other day
to borrow one of our medical books.
I saw her two days ago
near the Space Development
Agency Observatory.
I said "hi",
but I don't think she noticed.
It wasn't like her.
And what's up with
that yellow ribbon she's wearing?
She even stopped nagging me
to study for my entrance exams!
Definitely weird!
Hot! Hot, hot, hot!
- Dummy...!
- Dummy...!
I can't figure it out.
What kind of illness does he have?
I'm really sorry, kitty-cat.
But I need you to
go home for today.
You'll just get in his way.
In his way?
Is it because I'm a cat?
So, Luna's been acting weird
since that time she disappeared.
I wonder what's going on with her.
Usako, I'm sure Luna just wants
to have her own personal time.
You're being too clingy.
Don't pry too much.
It's not fair for her.
Me? Being too clingy?
Mamo, do you mean to say...
I get it. Mamo, you think
I'm a nuisance, don't you?
No, Usako,
I didn't mean it that way!
If only I were a human,
then I could take care of Kakeru...
Don't be silly!
You misunderstood me.
You don't like it
when I'm clingy, right?
I never once thought of you
as a nuisance.
Of course.
Usagi, you smell nice.
It's potpourri.
So, um..., what kind of things do you
talk about when you're with Mamoru?
Well, all sorts of things.
Except most of the time Mamo
is busy reading his difficult books
and doesn't pay
much attention to me.
If it's something
he's interested in, though,
he gets so excited and
wants to tell me all about it.
And then...
And then?
He falls asleep right away
on the sofa.
What's wrong?
He can relax like that because
he feels comfortable around me.
Mamo looks so cute and innocent
when he's asleep.
Almost like a child.
Um, so...
What does a k-kiss taste like?
Well, it's so sweet
that it would make you melt.
So sweet. . .that it would melt you?
- Mamo...
- Mamo...
Luna... You came to see me?
You know...
I used to dream of
becoming an astronaut, too.
But due to my poor health,
I was forced to give up that dream.
And it seems to be
getting worse lately...
I wish I could at least watch
Hime take off...
Hime is fulfilling my dream.
You'll also pray for her successful
flight into space, right?
It's really strange.
You're a cat, but I feel like
we understand each other.
The Earth and the Moon must
look so beautiful from space.
I wish I could show it
to you, Luna.
Come here...
You smell nice, Luna.
So relaxing...
Mamo looks so cute and innocent
when he's asleep.
Almost like a child.
I want to go to space
with you, too.
Guess what I saw this morning!
Luna looking all happy
after a night out!
That can only be love.
Luna's finally fallen in love.
Wait, but there's no real proof
to say that she is.
What about that yellow ribbon?
It's got to be love!
I think so too!
Come on you guys, be more
considerate towards Artemis.
Oh. sorry!
What do you mean?
Are you saying
you didn't know, Usagi?
Know what? What?!
How Artemis feels about Luna.
You mean he loves her?
You figured that out just now?!
I thought they were
just good friends.
You dimwit...
In love, huh? So jealous.
Yeah, we're so busy studying for
the entrance exams,
that we've got no time for love.
Not me! I have Mamo!
Let's just ignore her...
Did she really have to
brag about it?
Yeah, seriously...
Still, it'd be nice to fall in love
with someone after the exams are over.
All this talk is making me think
about my old crush. I miss him.
I wonder how my first love
is doing?
Yeah, same here...
Those monsters haven't appeared
since they last attacked.
Yes, it's peaceful.
Are you sure about that?
Haruka, do you sense something?
No, but I've got this bad feeling...
So do I, but I can't quite
make it out.
It's as if time has stopped...
Enjoy your moment of rest
while you can, Sailor Guardians.
It's been a while...
Umm... Yes...
Luna, if there's something
worrying you, then...
Sorry, but I'm in a hurry.
I'm sorry, Artemis...
Is that the person
Luna's in love with?
Kakeru, I'm leaving Japan today.
I see. So this is it, huh?
Good luck with your mission.
Thank you.
Kakeru, when I get back from space,
I'd like to stay by your side, and...
You can't be serious.
You and I live in
two different worlds...
Including the way we see things...
You only see the Moon
as a physical object
floating in space!
We're nothing alike!
I'm sure you'll find someone
that suits you better.
Is this how you always
thought of me?
That's how you felt
about me all along?
You're right...
Unlike you, I never felt
a mystical presence
like Princess Kaguya on the Moon.
- But. ...!
- That's enough!
Kakeru does have
feelings for Himeko...
It's him, isn't it...?
Kakeru is such a fool...
Trying to hide his illness
from Himeko...
Even though he loves her so much.
Oh, Luna...
I know it's silly, Usagi.
I'm just a cat...
But I really thought
he was my destined partner...
Someone I could be with...
But for him...
That person wasn't me.
I wish I could become
a human girl...
If only I could stay
by his side as a human...
Then I could confess
my feelings to him,
without having to go through
this heartache.
I found it!
It appears the crystal
has increased its power
by absorbing your life energy.
I knew it. That comet,
Princess Snow Kaguya is...
"Princess Snow Kaguya"?
What a lovely name!
Yes, my avatar is slowly
approaching Earth.
And you...
You will soon become part of
my beautiful collection,
along with the rest of the Earth
that's about to freeze over.
I guess the enemy hasn't given up!
We have to go tell the others!
The crystal from that comet was
causing Kakeru's illness.
But everything's going
to be okay now.
- Not yet.
- What?
But Why?
As long as that crystal
still exists,
the evil aura will not go away.
The time has come to turn Earth
into a beautiful world made of ice!
I remember now!
-- Huh?
-- Huh?
Something I read in
an ancient manuscript.
"In ancient times,
there appeared an evil star
scattering ice crystals...
Crystals covered the Earth,
vast lands froze,
darkness prevailed...
But the power of love
and friendships,
Silver Crystal Power,
melted the darkness
and saved the Earth..."
Those were the words.
Do you think "the evil star"
refers to the comet
Luna was talking about?
What does "power of love
and friendships,
Silver Crystal Power" mean?
In any case,
it's true that a nefarious star
has slowly made its way
to take over Earth.
We won't allow that to happen!
Take care of yourself.
Good luck!
Thank you.
Excuse me...
Oh! So you're the owner
of this kitty?
Miss Himeko, please postpone
the Luna Frontier Project.
There's a comet heading our way.
And it has an ice witch on it!
What are you talking about?
I know this is hard to believe,
but she's trying to
freeze up Earth.
It's too dangerous to go
to space right now!
That's ridiculous.
Stop babbling such fairytale
nonsense in this age of science!
What should we do?
I wonder...
If Kakeru could meet
Princess Kaguya of his dreams,
he may recover enough strength
to dispel the evil energy.
Princess Kaguya?
If only I were a human girl,
I could pretend to be
Princess Kaguya for him.
Even if you could become a human,
you and Mr. Kakeru can't...
I don't care what happens to me.
I just want to save Kakeru.
He's dreamed of meeting
Princess Kaguya since he was a boy.
If he meets her, I know it will
give him back the courage
and strength needed
to fight off the evil energy!
But there's no way a cat
can turn into a human.
Extreme cold weather has
affected every corner of the world.
Even this African savannah has been
hit by a massive snowstorm.
ls that...
It must be her doing!
Below freezing temperatures
and heavy snowfall
will be hitting Japan as well.
Usagi. We've located
the enemy's base of operations!
All of you will freeze
to your doom!
Answering the call from a new era,
Sailor Uranus,
here to fight with brilliance!
Also answering the call
from a new era,
Sailor Neptune,
here to fight with elegance!
And Sailor Pluto,
the Guardian of Time!
We will not let our beloved Earth
be played to your liking!
So you've come, Sailor Guardians.
But it's too late!
Deep Submerge!
World Shaking!
Dead Scream.
You're just wasting your time.
Snow Dancers,
don't freeze them yet.
Torment them!
It doesn't matter how many
of you there are.
Play with them all!
Shine Aqua Illusion!
Venus Love Me Chain!
Sparkling Wide Pressure!
He went outside in that condition?!
Hime is in danger...
Princess Snow Kaguya is planning
to freeze the Earth...
Somebody tell Hime...
about Princess Snow Kaguya...
- Deep...!
- Fire...!
- Crescent. . .!
- World. . .!
It's over, Sailor Guardians.
Hold it right there!
- Sailor Moon!
- Sailor Moon!
So the last Sailor Guardian
has arrived...
What do you think?
Beautiful, isn't it?
Soon the Earth will become a world
made of snow and ice,
and be part of my collection!
Your collection?
Sorry, but we're not interested in
becoming part of your display!
You will be put to sleep covered
in eternal ice!
A world where no worries exist...
Only peace and quiet...
It will be wonderful.
Thanks, but no thanks!
We fall in love, and sometimes
our hearts get broken, too.
And the pain from our unrequited love
would keep us up all night.
We experience sadness and hardships
all the time.
But it's also what
makes us feel alive!
Happiness is something you obtain... overcoming the suffering
you've gone through!
Silence! Those who defy me
will feel my wrath!
This universe belongs to me,
and me alone!
You only think about yourself.
You'll never know how wonderful
it is to love someone!
I don 't care what happens to me.
I just want to save Kakeru.
Crisis Make Up!
If only I were a human girl,
I could pretend to be
Princess Kaguya for him.
Rainbow Moon...!
This time,
I will finish you off for good!
You think a world covered in ice
is beautiful.
It's nothing but death!
You're in pain. I'll put you out of
your misery forever, now!
A world where everything has
stopped moving is not beautiful!
Super Sailor Moon, no!
You'll die if you use
the Silver Crystal!
Not on my watch!
Come on, we must protect her!
"The power of love and friendships,
Silver Crystal Power,
melted the darkness
and saved the Earth..."
That's it!
The power of love and friendships,
the legendary Silver Crystal Power!
Sailor Chibi Moon, go protect
Sailor Moon with the others.
To a world that nurtures life!
- Silver Crystal Power!
- Silver Crystal Power!
Take this!
This light?! No, it can't be!
The stars above nurture life as
they continue to move across space.
Listen, can you hear
them breathing?
We were given life...
on this small star called Earth...
We may be small
and insignificant...
But it is those lives that I wish
to nurture and cherish...
Just for one night...
Please change Luna
info a human girl...
Into Princess Kaguya. . . !
Who are you?
Princess Kaguya.
Princess Kaguya?
Am I in space?
The sunrise is incredible...!
I never thought I'd be able
to see such a spectacle...
Are you...?!
Kakeru, I finally made it...
Space is beautiful...
The sun is rising across Earth.
A goddess...?
The Moon Goddess?!
Kakeru, what you said was...
You must live!
So that you can be there to welcome
back your true Princess Kaguya
when she returns to Earth.
You must live for the person
that loves you.
My dream has come true...
Thank you, Lu-
I can't stay by your side forever...
I love you, my spaceman.
- Usako!
- Usagi!
Miss Nayotake, how would you
describe your time in space?
- What was it like?
- Tell us!
Just one word!
I saw Princess Kaguya on the Moon.
What? Oh that's funny.
You had this line prepared for us?
So what was your impression of
being in space for the first time?
I'm happy for you...
Luna, are you really sure
about this?
Yes. After all, I'm just a cat...
What's this?
Konpeito candy?
Welcome back, Luna.
Artemis, but why?
I'll always be by your side.
THE END Film 1994 Toei Animation 60.,