Saindhav (2024) Movie Script

Everything will change.
We will change everything.
We will change everything here.
We were told we would get real guns.
And this city would be in our control.
Like PUBG. Like Real-life PUBG.
Who promised you to give guns?
I won't tell. You have caught me
but do you know how many of us are being
trained in Chandraprastha right now?
Twenty Thousand!
All of us are trained,
we are just waiting for the guns to arrive.
They are getting the guns for us from foreign.
Once we get our hands on it...
There will be WAR! War on Chandraprastha.
We will change everything.
What is this, sir?
As expected...
The consequences of a failed administration.
Naive young minds,
especially the ones who are addicted to violent video games
and have affiliation towards weapons,
are being trained.
They are then used for the terror attacks
which happen in the city.
In order to neutralize the organisation, we kill our own kids.
Even organisations like Hamas
and ISIS get their manpower from here.
They have controlled the entire city by supplying guns,
drugs and fake currencies in Chandraprastha.
They are called the 'Cartel group'.
What happened until now is just a trailer,
but now this Cartel group is training thousands of
young kids in the city and about
to deliver a terror organization.
If that happens, Chandraprasth will be pushed into chaos.
Situations like civil war will ensue.
We have to immediately stop the
operations of this Cartel group.
It petrifies me to even imagine what you are saying, sir.
I am terribly disturbed by the fact that
the future of such young minds is ruined by them.
I have a doubt, sir.
Come straight to the point!
Why are they targeting only kids?
Most of the orphan kids have aggressive attitudes like pit bulls.
The group is using their anger against the society to their advantage.
The ones running this Cartel are famous industrialists.
They have unwavering support on different levels.
That's why nobody is able to keep a check on their operations.
Switch off the TV and get to work.
What happened, sir? Who was on the call?
Saiko is back, Kishore!
Do you know that Mitra has a son?
Our boss, Mitra?
Yes. Cartel leader, Vishwamitra.
He has no sons, does he?
He has. Abhimanyu.
Do you know what's the gift that Mitra gave to
his son for his 25th birthday?
His 50th murder.
Everyone was sure that Abhimanyu would
someday take over the Cartel from Mitra.
But where is he?
But Mitra sent his son abroad to keep him alive.
But why, sir?
Abhimanyu rubbed Saiko the wrong way.
Do you have any idea who have you antagonized?
Do you know who he is?
Dad, shut up.
Why did you disturb his family?
What's so dangerous about him?
What can a single man do to me?
Is this attitude arising out of your 50 murders?
People tremble to even think of the ones who were killed by him,
his killings are that gruesome.
You don't know anything about him, Abhi.
He is on his way to kill you.
Dad... Listen to me...
Shut up and go away. Go far away from here.
Please don't get involved in my business,
I'm happy to just see you alive.
Leave. LEAVE! GO!
Saiko has been inactive for the last 5 years.
But now he is active again.
Ask our boys to be prepared with weapons.
I'm sure, he will come here soon.
Hey, Brother Saindhav is here!
Brother... Brother...
Every day you drink alone at your home,
for once sit with us and accompany us, please.
It's okay. I'll leave.
Brother, please come.
Come. These are my friends. Come, I'll introduce them.
Sit, brother.
Today drink along with us, brother. Let's share our pain.
What is this? Pain, sorrows, mishaps,
are these an excuse to drink? Very bad.
"Hey, you are drinking while in the tears,
to wash away the pain."
"Try drinking with an elated heart, leaping in jubilation."
"The feeling with which you drink gets doubled."
"Will you double your happiness or pain?"
"Will you double your happiness or pain?"
"Will you double your sorrow or bliss?"
Refuse the lure, eschew the errant course.
Brother, wield it sagely, not as a remorse.
Refuse the lure, eschew the errant course.
"Handle spirits judiciously, use it wise."
"Crafted to bridge hearts, this libation divine."
"Yet, stay tethered to self, lest you decline."
Beware, don't be captive to this elixir's plot,
The misuse that turns you into a bottled lot... the wrong usage! The wrong usage!
"You must handle wealth's allure,
and cherish bonds that endure."
"Don't fall for the currency's shimmer,
lest humanity becomes a mere glimmer."
"Refuse the misuse, lead your own way."
"Do not misuse the money, a truth we convey."
Do not misuse the money, a truth we convey.
Refuse the lure, eschew the errant course.
Brother, wield it sagely, not as a remorse.
Refuse the lure, eschew the errant course.
"Handle spirits judiciously, use it wise."
You are late.
My friends had a small party, had been there.
Hey, darling!
What are you doing?
I was writing my homework, Daddy.
Aunty was helping me with it.
Is it? Naughty girl...
Listen, we'll leave. You join us later.
- Yeah, I will. Let me finish cooking the lentils.
- Lentils?
- You don't want?
- I love it.
Hot lentil with rice is getting ready for you.
Will feed me and Aunty too?
Yes, I will.
Did you eat, Daddy?
Me and Mano Aunty will eat later.
But why?
Answer her.
Tell me, Daddy.
Daddy will first finish the juice and then have food.
If I have the food first then my stomach will get filled...
and you cannot have juice anymore!
Yes! Good.
How was your day?
I had a meeting with Mr. Modi.
I gave him some tips on the administration of the country.
Just kidding, I did nothing.
Don't stop. Keep talking.
I like to listen to you.
Do you know my age?
Shh... Not this topic.
Hey... are you still awake, darling?
Daddy, I dreamt of a small puppy.
I loved it. I too want a puppy, Daddy.
Hello... Who will take care of that puppy?
Your father will be on duty and you will leave for school,
am I going to look after it now? No way!
Don't cry. I will get you one.
Okay. Shall I leave now?
Aunty, why don't you stay with us here?
Why do you go to your home every night?
Mano Aunty will move in with us after a few days.
What do you say, Mano Aunty?
As you say.
That's it!
That's it!
She's not your sister.
Call her sister-in-law or Bhabhi.
Mitra sir, greetings!
When will our ship reach Chandraprastha?
Six days, sir.
I've heard that three Customs Officers have received
the information about the location of our ships.
Don't worry, sir.
How can I not worry?
10 more days left
We have to deliver 20000 trained men
along with guns to the client at any cost.
Delivery will...
It must be delivered.
We have no other option.
Trust me, sir. I'll handle everything.
There will be no problem.
Deal it carefully, Vikas.
This is the biggest deal in Cartel's history.
Don't worry, sir.
The training of the final batch has been completed.
Training of four years. Four years!
Each kid will have a gun in his hands,
ben stokes!
Give a second thought to it, Mitra.
What's your problem?
Why do interrupt us every time?
Does it itch if you stay silent?
What is itching called in your mother tongue?
Do you have any itching
Hey, talk to me. What are you afraid of?
Saiko? He has been gone since 5 years.
Did anything happen so far?
He is busy enjoying his life.
He won't come.
Mitra, think about it.
There will be no change in the plan.
As soon as we get hold of the containers in the cargo,
start supplying weapons to the kids.
We are delivering the kids to the client in 10 days, as promised.
I like that! Mitra sir is always right!
Where do I lack?
I have money, I have style.
Even the height is more or less the same.
Then why can't I tell her?
I love you. I love you.
It's that simple.
But I can't tell her.
Sometimes I feel that I'll die without ever telling my love to her.
I am scared guys.
Vikas, who are they?
Them? Customs Officers.
Apparently, they know the location of our ship.
We are just sharing our pain. Just for fun.
Are you alive?
Come here.
ben stokes.
Now he is dead.
We should get her admission done
in some good school, Saindhav.
Did you speak to Glenfield management?
Yes, I did. They are asking for a recommendation letter.
Ask your boss Murthy to write a recommendation letter for her.
A Customs Officer's recommendation
should be enough to get her admission done.
I'll talk to him.
See you in the evening.
So you have already found a new family?
Take back all the cases that you have filed against us.
I won't.
Look... You left me, right?
What am I supposed to do now? Should I kill myself?
You need to be taught a good lesson.
You should never hit a girl again in your life again.
It was a moment of rage and my hand slipped,
is that a serious crime? Should I be jailed for that?
Is this a slip of hand? Is this a slip of hand?
Bloody rascal! Get lost.
Take back the case!
Saindhav, you don't have to be a hero and thrash him for me.
leave now.
You leave, this is my problem.
I can deal with it.
Oh my God! Are you hyping him up?
I am scared already. Hey, Bobbili Raja!
Wanna come?
Are you her bodyguard?
Can you come in once?
Here I am. What next? Will you hit me?
Hit me. Come on.
Hit me if you can.
If I ever see you in this colony,
even if I hear your voice in the surroundings,
you will find this grenade in your pants.
I hope you understand.
Now leave.
One minute.
Where is it?
- Guavas for sale!
- I'll thrash you if you don't shut your mouth.
- Are you on the morning shift, Saindhav?
- Yes.
Come in, Saindhav. Sit.
That's okay, sir.
What do you want?
I want to admit my child to Glenfield School, sir.
They are asking for a recommendation letter.
I know that you are not in favour of any recommendations,
Since it is for the admission of your child,
I don't mind, Saindhav.
I will write one for you.
You carry on with your work.
The principal is a crazy candidate,
she requires even the parents to speak in English.
If she asks you whether you can speak English,
just tell her that you can speak quite fluently.
Sure, sir. English shouldn't be a problem at all.
I am educated,
Just working hard to make ends meet, that's it.
you have a good day, sir.
Look what I got for you.
Wow! Puppy?
Daddy, shall I name it Pepsi? Why not?
Pepsi... Pepsi...
He seems to be a good man, Saindhav.
He gave you a recommendation letter in no time.
Why would he not? It is for his granddaughter.
That means...
Gayatri's mother is Mr. Murthy's daughter.
Then does he not...
No, he doesn't know about me.
He is also unaware of her death.
Is this why you never part ways with this port
and customs officers?
What were you doing prior to this, Saindhav?
Nothing great, Mano.
Hey, my baby. Come, sit.
Pepsi is so playful, Daddy.
- Do you like it?
- Yes.
What is this?
Today, my teacher asked us to write about superheroes.
Everyone wrote about Superman, Spiderman, etc.
But I wrote about you, Daddy.
And I won this for my writing.
What did you write about me?
My Dad is a superhero.
I hug my Dad whenever I am sad.
My dad always makes me laugh.
I am never afraid with my Dad around.
My Dad will always protect me.
My Dad is a superhero.
What does that N mean?
Naana-man! (Dady-Man!)
My darling!
"We soar as dreams in the vast expanse,"
"claiming the heavens as our own."
"Drenched in rain,
emotions dance within the canvas of smiles."
"This is enough, oh, this moment suffices."
"Let eternity mirror this, an everlasting embrace."
"A lifetime morphing into a myriad of centuries."
"Joy in every breath, a delightful echo."
"Joy in every breath, a delightful echo."
"A time where laughter was a melody."
"When hearts are entwined even though distant."
"Curtains are none, in bonds with one another."
"A truth akin to dreams, the beauty of this hour."
""Can we own this blessing, which made our hearts blossom.""
"On roads adorned with vibrant blooms, we stroll."
'A bond akin to the moon and its light ties something profound."
"In this breeze, in this bliss, we're indulged, hearts brimming."
"Joy... Joy... A time so blissful."
"Curtains are none, in bonds with one another."
Beauty, akin to an innocent babe, graced on my palm.
- Mother's signature too.
- Her mother is...
"The arch of the colorful rainbow cradles you gently,"
Am I not her mother? I may not be her biological mother
but she is still my daughter.
"Joy in every breath, a delightful echo."
"A time where laughter was a melody."
"When hearts are entwined even though distant."
"Curtains are none, in bonds with one another."
Help! Help!
Please drive fast.
Gayatri! Dear...
- Where Is the doctor?
- That way, sir.
Gayathri admitted in hospital.
What happened?
There is no head trauma,
but she is unconscious. We are checking her vitals.
I don't know. She suddenly fell unconscious.
Daddy... Daddy...
What happened to me?
Gayatri, you have become weak eating the food prepared by your father.
Tomorrow onwards, I shall make food for you.
The child has a genetic disorder,
Spinal Muscular Atrophy.
What happened to my daughter?
Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA),
a neuromuscular disorder.
The treatment is not a time-consuming process,
one single dose of injection.
What's the problem, doctor?
The cost of that injection is 17 crores rupees.
Do you mean 17 thousand?
No. 17 crores.
What ridiculous? How can an injection cost 17 crores?
Kids with this disorder have a missing gene by birth.
It has to be prepared in a lab and artificially injected into the kids.
But how can someone pay that huge amount, doctor?
I can understand.
But you can find some NGOs working for this cause.
Dr. Renu, my fellow doctor runs an NGO for the same cause.
Immediately meet her.
She will explain everything.
Don't worry, Saindhav.
We will somehow arrange the money.
17 crores, Mano.
That's fine. We'll take help. We shall ask everyone around.
Ask Mr. Murthy, he will definitely help you.
Saindhav! Gayatri will be fine. Trust me.
Why her? Why did she do to deserve this?
- Vikas...
- Yes, Jasmine.
How are you, Vikas?
Did you hand over my area's business to Vikas?
Don't shout.
Did you hand over my area's business to him?
Yes. So?
Look, Michael.
It was a unanimous decision for the betterment of the Cartel.
Bullshit! You are trying to suppress me, right?
I got it, Mitra. Your problems with my father.
You are targeting me for the fight you had with him, right?
- Hey, Mike...
- Shut up!
I know very well how to deal with you two.
He is a deranged man, Mitra sir. Fool!
Our container ship will reach our private port tomorrow, sir.
We shall start distributing the guns from tomorrow
and the kids will be delivered within three days.
Hey, fool! Are you jealous?
How do say it in mother tongue?
Are you jealous?
Are you jealous?
I have climbed to top.
How do you say atop?
To the top.
I came to top position.
I worked very hard to reach where I am today.
I am an inspiration to my area.
I used to work for your father.
He would treat me like a pet dog.
But now we both are equal.
Are you jealous?
- Vikas...
- Stop it, Nepo kid.
Life has been very easy for you. No problems whatsoever.
But even today, I sleep with my shoes on,
anticipating the police chasing me.
You are a germ!
Germ! I will crush you.
I will be the one to get a bullet in your head. ben stokes.
This is Chandraprastha coast guard. Surrender!
Jasmine, coastguards. They have seized the ship.
What happened?
Is your ship seized?
Nobody can harm a fellow member
of the Cartel without any valid proof.
You were busy climbing your way up,
you must have forgotten the rules.
I have leaked the information without leaving any proof behind.
I am getting your ship landed at Chandraprastha port.
Deal with it carefully,
I've heard that the Customs Officer is too honest for your liking!
Jasmine, the containers must not be opened. No searching.
All containers have the same stuff.
Inform the media before intimating this to anyone.
Sir, shouldn't we inform the higher officials first?
They will pressurise us to keep this under the carpet, Ajay.
Just imagine their level of reach if they dared to transport
these many containers on a regular sea route.
Rattle the owners of these containers out of their holes. Call the press.
Okay, sir.
Are you alright, Saindhav?
I need to talk to you.
Come and meet me in my room.
Okay sir.
Enough weapons to run a private army,
Enough drugs for the entire population of Chandraprastha,
and enough fake currencies to destabilize
the economy have been retrieved from the containers.
Young kids are lured into criminal activities
using these weapons.
We have to stop this.
We will update you after identifying the owners of
these containers and taking appropriate action.
Let's all work together for a safer Chandraprastha.
Vikas, come here. Immediately.
Jasmine, meet the Customs Officer immediately.
Collect the hard copies. Thank you.
Ajay, move all the seized containers to the yard.
Customs security will take over from here.
Rs. 17 crores? What are you talking about, Saindhav?
I don't know what to do, sir.
They are asking me to approach NGOs.
I am taking Gayatri to an NGO tomorrow.
She will be very happy to meet you, can you pay her a visit?
I'll come to your home tonight.
Don't worry, Saindhav.
Thank you sir,
The deal was to deliver the kids along with the weapons.
But now the containers with weapons have been seized at the harbour.
Kids with no weapons are not of any use for us.
Brother has asked for an explanation.
Tell him that I apologize for the mishap.
I will rectify the situation and get the containers out.
This is not our gun, it's Brother's gun.
If you don't deliver the soldiers along with the weapon,
use this to shoot yourself.
My name is Jasmine. Vikas Malik has sent me.
The containers you have seized belong to Vikas Malik.
Is it? You have made our job easier.
Vikas has asked you to release them.
Has he?
Release the containers tonight.
Vikas will take care of any political pressure.
Is this an order?
You are free to assume whatever you want.
Tell your Vikas Bhai that
we will follow due process and take legal action against him.
Don't worry, Mitra sir. I'll take care of everything.
Can you not mess up at least one job? Useless fellow!
Go, make sure to get the containers released.
If you fail, I'll send you back to where you came from. Go!
Be careful, sir. Chandraprastha isn't as safe as it used to be.
Ben stokes.
I am an inspiration in my area,
how dare you raise your hand on me!
- He is not listening.
- Handle it, Jasmine. Handle it.
Handle him in our way.
Ben stokes.
At what time have you planned the attack?
As soon as he comes out of the office.
Nobody is answering, Jas.
What happened to all of them?
- Vikas...
- What the hell is happening?
Vikas... Don't fret yourself.
How can I not? How can be calm, Jasmine?
I slapped me on my face.
In front of everyone.
Ben stokes, I'll get the containers out
and show him my power. Come with me.
Hey, start the boat.
Follow me, sir. Let's go.
What happened to my Gayatri?
I felt dizzy and scared, Grandpa.
You have become weak,
so from tomorrow onwards eat well. Okay?
Do you sleep now?
Hey, who are you?
Now flash the light on me.
Flashing light on me, bloody!
Stop screaming!
- Sir, don't harm me.
- Where is the container register?
Sir, spare me, please.
Sir, sir, sir...
B24. Where is B24?
There. Above that, sir.
Get it down.
Biryani rice?
Where is my container?
This is the one, sir.
This is not mine.
According to the records, this is your container, sir.
According to the...
Oh. According to the records...
Jasmine, get me the Customs Officers.
I want my container right now.
Until then, I'm not leaving this place.
Take this report and shove it up your..
I want my container!
Get me the Custom Officer.
Madam, there is nobody here. The house is locked.
The Customs Officer is not at his home.
Crane operators must have helped him.
Get all the crane operators assembled here. Now!
Even if everyone helps, accumulating 17 crores is a big task.
Not about the money, sir.
Sharing with you will comfort us, that's it.
First, get to the NGO and find out what sort of help they provide.
Nothing to worry.
I'll be back, sir.
Where is Saindhav's house?
Are you here to have a tiff with Saindhav?
What's the problem?
Why do you care? Don't meddle in our business.
Sir, please sit here for 10 minutes.
What happened?
10 minutes, sir.
No, I mean, Saindhav has grenades
and guns at his home. Can you deal with it?
How do you know?
I recently had a dental appointment with him.
Shut up...
Where does he stay?
There he is. Go. Get him.
Be careful.
What happened?
He is the one, bro.
Then why are walking behind him? Go, get him.
Did Daddy leave?
How do you know?
He whispered in my ear that he is going
to meet some bad uncles.
Come with us.
I already met your friends.
I dispatched them to sea to catch some fish.
Every shirt has a collar but what matters is on
whose neck that collar is.
One must be aware of it and respect that.
If not, things will change very badly for you.
Bloody bitch, did you plan to kill all of us?
What nonsense are you talking?
Do you know who he is?
Crane operator working at the harbour.
He is not a crane operator, he is Saindhav.
Yes. Saindhav Koneru. SaiKo.
Yes, that's him.
You have seen the cruel side of Vikas Malik, right?
He is 100 times more gruesome than him.
You have sent us here to die.
If I make out alive, I will definitely kill you. Remember this.
You won't
You have blood in your toothpaste.
The name of the crane operator working
in the harbour is Saindhav Koneru.
He is SaiKo, it seems.
Congrats, Vikas. You have brought a big deal to the Cartel.
Cheers sir,
I should have killed you for what you have done along with him.
But I took salary from you, my hands are tied due to that respect.
I won't work for anyone from now on.
I would raise my daughter in this same city.
Until you don't meddle in guns business,
I won't meddle in yours.
But if you hand guns to young kids,
that won't be acceptable.
I won't let that happen.
Hey, cunning Fox!
I know very well that you are the mastermind
behind the deal with the terrorist organisation.
I will come back the day you hand over guns to the kids you are training,
that very day will be your death day.
Sir... Mitra, sir.
What about Saiko?
SaiKo is back!
"Burning anger
A walking war"
"Born from ashes"
Guys, Chandraprastha is not safe anymore for you all.
Be careful.
The great one-eyed Sundar has our back.
What can trouble us?
I lost this eye to him!
Is that gruesome?
Do you know he puts the revolver in the mouth and shoots?
We too shout people in their mouths, what's different with him?
When he shoots, the bullet comes out from the ass hole as
if he is aware of all the routes in the person's body.
What? From the ass hole?
"He stops evil
He shows you hell"
"Writing a new chapter"
Don't reveal any shocking news to Dad,
he has not fully recovered from the heart attack.
What is it?
Hello, tell me.
SaiKo is back.
Dad, some SaiKo is back it seems.
Dad? Dad? Dad!
What are you saying!
"Writing a new chapter"
Excuse me, madam.
My wife has filed a domestic violence case against me.
I plead guilty, madam.
Arrest me and keep me safe by putting me
behind bars for at least two years.
Things outside don't seem to be so good.
Please, madam. You can do it.
What happened, Saindhav?
Sir, come along with me. We have a small task at hand.
What happened?
Come along, sir. I'll explain.
What's that bruise?
A petty fight broke out in the union. That's it.
Vikas, I have arranged a Cartel meeting.
We have to deal with this matter sensitively, Vikas.
He is working in the same port
where our containers were seized.
He will definitely make sure to keep our hands away from it.
I warned you before leaving,
to not get the kids involved in this.
You didn't listen to me.
That means you are scared of me. Am I right?
You took my silence for granted, didn't you?
My silence too is deafening.
Listen carefully!
Did you hear?
That will be stopped!
The containers are not yours anymore.
I have hidden them.
I have no history of raising my hand on a woman.
Don't change that.
I won't tolerate it if you toy with the future of young kids.
You have to go beyond me to get the containers.
If you dare to even wander around the harbour,
I'll snap your necks, bloody!
Do not disturb Mr. Murthy for the containers.
I won't be so patient the next time.
I have other problems, do not disturb me.
Okay. Okay. I won't ask for the containers
nor will involve him in this.
If you meddle with Saindhav,
you are inviting death upon yourself.
Things will change very badly for you.
Forget about the containers.
Call everyone and inform them.
Let's face the consequences,
we have no other option left.
You...! What sort of leader are you?
Are you even a leader?
You slapped me! You slapped me in front of everyone.
But in front of him... You are pissing in your pants, are you?
Don't meddle with him. Don't meddle with him.
Shut up you old man
I will get it. I will get the containers.
Wait and watch.
And I would not spare you.
Stop him!
Stop him!
Jasmine, I will give anything they ask for to the one
who gets me his head. Inform everyone!
You won't be disturbed, sir.
Even the containers will stay away from Chandraprstha.
Dr. Renu...
Tell me, Renu. How can I be at your service?
But please don't ask for free distribution of medicines.
You know, we can't do that, right?
No, Yashwant.
We have to urgently give medicines to a lot of children,
they are in the last stage.
If you can release the medicines on a credit basis,
I will pay you back.
Renu, Renu, Renu...
Please don't make it awkward for me.
You know what, come with me.
Do you see this storage facility?
Each vile costs Rs.17 crores.
Do you know the cost we endure to maintain this?
Credit won't work, will it?
His name is Murali.
He has been working here for the past eight years.
His son also suffers from SMA.
same problem
He is guarding the same medicine which can cure his son
but he is neither begging for it nor asking for any credit.
I can only sympathise with such unlucky people,
but I can't provide them the medicine.
See, the medicine comes with a cost.
Put the money on the table and take the medicine.
There are a lot of buyers of these medicines.
Are you born cruel or has
this organisation turned you like this, Yashwant?
You are responsible to every child that
succumbs to SMA in Chandraprastha.
Remember that.
Shreshta! Get up, dear!
Get up!
Where did you go?
Where are you?
Stay calm, ma'am.
She will get scared.
When did it start?
Since an hour.
Do something!
Get ready for resuscitation.
Increase! Increase! Increase!
She's not responding!
Shreshta! Get up!
No, no, no.
Sh... Shreshta is no more.
Oh my, God! Shreshta!
Doctor, what's wrong with that girl outside?
It's the same problem as Gayatri's.
Saindhav, kids who were admitted here have the same problem.
Forty-eight kids are in a severe stage now.
If treatment is not timely,
children's organs might fail, leading to...
I don't intend to scare you.
I'm explaining the urgency.
How many more days can she be alive?
I've seen the reports, Saindhav.
She's running out of time.
She had an epileptic attack,
which means we have to understand that she's in a severe stage.
We have to give her an injection immediately.
Doctor said that it costs 17 crore rupees.
We're fighting for that.
You've seen that girl outside, right?
She would've been alive if she had received the injection a month ago.
There is no help from the government.
The company preparing medicines won't discuss
anything unless we make a payment.
In situations where I can't help and see the loss of these kids,
I cry within myself but extend hope to those surrounding me.
I'm sorry.
But there is hope.
We're running campaigns and trying to provide
medicines on time for kids.
Now there are 329 registered cases of kids in Chandraprastha.
This is the waiting list.
We're collecting funds for patients one by one
through social media and by running campaigns.
We're giving an injection to the first child
on the list immediately after collecting 17 crores.
Where is Gayatri on the waiting list?
Your diagnosis was yesterday, right?
Gayatri is in 329.
Long waiting?
We're trying our best.
Will you be able to save at least 10 kids from these 329?
I want to save each and every kid on this list, Saindhav.
What can I do?
My hands are tied too.
What happened, Daddy?
Nothing, dear.
Then why are you sad, Daddy?
Are you scared thinking about me?
Nothing will happen to me, Daddy.
You're there with me, right?
My super hero.
I'm not here to work for you again, Michael.
I'm in need of money.
I don't want any charity. Just one assignment.
I'll do anything in the world you want me to.
But I'll do work only for this time, Michael.
Ask me what you want me to do.
Get an injection for your daughter immediately.
Take it.
Kill Vikas and Mitra.
Cartel members are meeting today to discuss you, Saindhav.
You can do it today itself if you want to.
I'm not telling you to kill great people, Saindhav.
I do business as well.
But they're all secret businessmen
who enable kids to enter violence.
Killing them...
Total amount?
Get the injection immediately, doctor.
Excuse me!
I often see you in the wine shop.
Are you working here?
Yes, sir.
My kid also has the same problem.
We're running out of time.
Your kid has enough time, right?
Will you give me that injection, please?
I'll give it to you in time.
Please, brother.
Come, Gayatri.
Let's eat.
Take her and go to the hospital immediately.
- I got the injection.
- What?
I got the injection.
Take her to the hospital immediately.
- But how...
- I'll explain that to you afterwards.
My dear.
I have some work.
You'll go with Aunt Mano, right?
Okay, Daddy.
I'll miss you.
If I don't come back, then you have to take care of her.
What are you talking, Saindhav?
It's a check for the total amount.
Doctor Renu!
Do you want some cold drink?
Get the injection ready immediately.
I'll send it directly to the hospital.
Saindhav Koneru.
Do you only remember me when we fight?
I have to talk to you personally, Manas.
Send them out.
Cartels arranged an emergency meeting today in Fort.
I'm erasing Vikas and Mitra.
I knew it.
Go and get the blueprint of the cartel meeting immediately.
I'll get my weapons ready.
Okay, be here.
I'll come.
Did they say that they'd give money if you kill me?
You should be alive to kill me.
I'm sending your boss, Vikas Malik, to hell.
Go and take your money there.
Where is Dad?
Daddy went out because of some work.
He will come to the hospital.
Did he go to the bad uncles?
You can take this box.
Things will change!
This is the meeting spot and this will be the route.
Should I accompany you?
No, Manas. This is my war.
Stop eating like pigs, we are in grave trouble.
They have given us an ultimatum to deliver the kids as per their demands.
They want to execute a terror attack
on Chandraprastha and deliver manpower to Palestine.
I can't handle their coercion. On the other hand,
this SaiKo has hidden our containers.
What should we do now? What's the solution?
Hey, who are you?
I work for Sundar.
Big Brother speaks a lot;
talks a ton but actions are hollow.
Vikas, hold your tongue.
What should I hold back?
You are the one who decided to let go of the containers.
I will get the containers and I will get his had too.
Look, what's happening
Get up, everyone.
Go and finish your education first. Go!
If they ask you your cause of death,
tell them that you are sent by Saiindhav,
and you'll be treated well.
Did you think I was unaware of your plan?
I baited you here so that you could kill Vishwamitra.
These old hags are not letting me do my business.
I wanted them out of my way.
Listen, my men are at the hospital, within the next
15 minutes they will kill your dayghter and your girlfriend.
Don't waste your time here by begging for their lives!
If you meddle with Saindhav, you are inviting death upon yourself.
You disturbed my family,
things will change very baldly for you.
All the best, Ben stokes!
Dear, Lavanya.
How does my darling feel now?
I'm good, Daddy.
Thank you.
- Go upstairs, quick.
- Okay, doctor.
Get it in and prepare the vial.
Sorry, Saindhav.
I'm in a bit of a rush,
three kids were facing shortness of breath upstairs,
I'm doing the best I can.
I have to take her.
Come on, Gayatri.
- Check the vitals.
- Okay, doctor,
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
Will you speak now?
Hey, who are you?
Medicine vial...
Saindhav... Saindhav... Saindhav...
Doctor, what happened?
Someone... Someone took the vial with them.
- Who?
- I don't know. Some lady was there.
What happened?
Hey, Vikas!
Why did you mess with her?
I've been holding myself back since the last 5 years.
If she pounces on us,
we must simply lay dead; she's an insane lady!
Don't waste your time and come to me, let's talk.
Vikas... Vikas...
Don't step ahead. If you step ahead, I'll call her.
If I call her, she'll not even pick up the call,
simply destroy the vial.
Why are you always so angry?
It's dinner time, come, let's have dinner.
You are my guest, how can I not feed you?
Excuse me, get the main course for Sir.
Hey, buddy... What are you doing here?
Tell Saindhav how did you come here?
Attitude? You are giving me attitude, is it?
Give this.
Ben, attitude?
You will kill me, is it? ben strokes!
You killed cartel leader, Mitra.
And I killed him. Tit for tat.
Now, it's me, all alone, single-handedly...
Cartel leader, Vikas Malik!
Get me a tea.
Do you want the medicine vial?
If so, you better keep your ideals aside and give me the containers back.
Give my containers to me and get your medicines. Simple!
Hey, cunning fox! Do you think I'll be scared?
I won't give you back your containers
and I will get my medicines from you.
I will change your single-handed equation, wait and watch...
After you left, Gayatri had shortness of breath.
From now onwards,
she must depend on the oxygen cylinder to breathe.
I couldn't do anything, Saindhav.
I couldn't save anyone.
Tell me where is your boss. Tell me.
Go and check what's happening.
What the...
Hey, who are you? Who are you?
Kids are losing their lives
and you are concerned about your business, are you?
Leave me. Please.
Tell me where are the vials.
Come, come on!
Saindhav, the vials are missing.
Tell me, where are the vials. Tell me.
I knew you would come here for the vials.
I knew exactly.
Tell him who I am.
Vikas is the owner of the company.
When you challenged me that you would
get the vials without giving me the containers,
that very moment I understood that this would be your next destination.
Not a single vial; You won't find a single vial
in the whole of Chandraprastha.
Hide all vials.
If you want your vials, give me my containers back to me.
Don't stare at me. I feel very insecure.
You won't return? You won't?
Don't look at him.
Jasmine, show it to him.
Hey, Vikas!
Jasmine, he is hurting me.
I want my containers back by tomorrow night.
Saindhav, I want my containers back or else I will destroy everything.
Madam, put some sense in his brain.
He will give us the medicine if you return
his containers to him, why won't you?
What's there in those containers?
How are you related to them, Saindhav?
My past is not so great that I'll sit and narrate it to you.
I used to work for them, for salary.
I did several heinous crimes for them.
The only good thing in my life was getting married to her.
Do you know what she asked me while she was breathing her last breath?
Saindhav, you are working for the people
who are providing guns to the hands of children,
how can I die peacefully while you are the guardian of my child?
She died before I could promise her that I would change
and would not let something like that happen.
She died, burdened with that pain.
What should I do with the promise that I could never make?
I won't let the guns get into the hands of the kids.
I won't give the containers back to him.
Then what should we do?
Daddy, did you forget?
What did I forget?
Today is my birthday.
No, he did not. He remembers your birthday.
He has arranged a surprise for you.
Would you like to see it?
She is looking at you, Saindhav. Please...
Shall we go out?
"Oh, my cherished one, oh, my cherished one,
you are my divine gift."
"Your well-being, your joy,
the fortitude that propels me forward..."
You got me here.
Now show me the way out from here...
"You are the celestial being who graced my existence."
"My heart was filled with life,
the instant you chose me as your father.."
"Oh, my little one, let me frolic with you,
rediscovering the world through a child's eyes."
"Allow me to be your companion in all your whimsical adventures."
"May you absorb all my years and remain ever buoyant."
"Dearest, oh, my dearest. Dearest, oh, my dearest."
"Oh, my cherished one, oh, my cherished one,
you are my divine gift."
"Your well-being, your joy,
the fortitude that propels me forward..."
"I believe that in a past life, you were my mother,
but in this life, you've become my daughter."
"I aspire to gather all the smiles in the world,
string them into a garland, and present it to you..."
"Your life is a reverie; may each season
gracefully unfold in your journey."
"You transformed my tears into tears of joy."
"You are the enchanting figure that brought fortune to my life."
"You are the moon that descended to waltz upon my heart."
"Dearest, oh, my dearest. Dearest, oh, my dearest."
Daddy, you look very handsome when you smile.
Please smile, Daddy.
"Your well-being, your joy,
the fortitude that propels me forward..."
"I believe that in a past life, you were my mother,
but in this life, you've become my daughter."
The Israeli army has killed 624 youths who were involved
in the terror attack which took place last week,
out of which 320 youths were residents of Chandraprastha.
This news has shocked the government.
In the past, as many youth from Chandraprastha
have been involved in terrorist organizations like ISIS,
Forgive Mom.
I unwittingly joined this,
and now they threaten harm to you if I attempt to leave.
I am dying. Sorry, Mom
I want the kids to be delivered by tomorrow.
How long should I wait?
Now he will get his gun out.
What did I tell you?
I told you that you will get your delivery.
I told you, didn't I?
Are you threatening us?
Jasmine, relax.
Jasmine... Jasmine... Calm down.
Don't mess with her. Okay?
Come... Come..
You will get your delivery. Tell them.
Get lost!
Jasmine, why are you so short-tempered?
I don't understand these girls.
Are the vials safe?
All safe, sir.
We have stored them in portable freezers. All good, sir.
If any problem arises, load them in the flight and fly them away.
Done, sir.
Done, sir.
That side.
Hey... Call Saindhav.
Call Saindhav and convince him to give us
the location of the containers.
Why should I convince him?
He is doing a noble deed.
You piece of shit, the vial I am withholding
can save your granddaughter's life.
Granddaughter in mother tongue?
Grand daughter.
Gayatri is your Granddaughter.
Why is he laughing?
Hey! Why are you laughing?
So far, I was doubtful of my future.
But now that I know that I am important to Saindhav,
I can be sure that I am safe!
I saw fear in your eyes when Saindhav came to warn you.
I can see the same fear now as well.
You very well know that if you harm me or the vials,
he will kill you the very next minute.
You cannot get your hands on the container,
but keep the granddaughter and vials safe.
Until they are safe, you are safe!
Go, get lost.
Done with the build-up of your hero? Finished?
Come here. I have something to tell you.
Come, I'll tell it discreetly.
Bloody, everyone wants an elevation for the hero!
Benstokes! Thrash him...
My father's murderer, Saindhav and Vikas
who escaped alone despite knowing the plan
I want both of them.
Tell me, Manas.
Abhimanyu is back. He is going to simultaneously
attack your and Vikas's house tonight.
Gayatri! Vials...
I'll deal with it.
Tell me.
Mano, take Gayatri and get out of the house.
What happened?
Mano, a few men are going to come to
the house to kill me and my daughter.
I don't have time to explain, just do as I say.
Saindhav, what are you saying? Where are you?
I can't come, Mano. Vikas is about to be attacked as well.
If I don't save him, we will never find the vials.
Do as I say. You both will be safe.
Get Gayaatri out of the house.
Okay. Gayatri, come.
Don't take your car.
Go to the end of the street.
I'm going.
Stop the vehicle.
Turn left.
Saindhav, it's a scrapyard.
You will find an old car there.
Take off the sheet.
You'll find the keys over the front wheel.
Get in and lock yourself.
Start the car, Mano.
- Saindhav.
- Get down.
Saindhav, they are here.
They will shoot at you, Mano.
Don't be afraid!
Brother, it's a bulletproof car.
Press the damn accelerator!
- Saindhav...
- Where are you?
They have surrounded us, Saindhav.
I don't know what to do.
Don't be afraid.
come on.
Look for the 'mode' button.
Press it thrice.
Now hold the button.
Mano, how many are left?
I don't know, Saindhav. There are quite a few people left.
- Don't be afraid.
- Saindhav
Hold the button next to the 'mode' button.
Grenades incoming!
go away.
Open the door. Open the door.
Saindhav, they are near the door.
Don't open the door. Stay silent
Phone, please.
SaiKo, safe!
Manas, take Mano and Gayatri to the house.
Vikas, you are alive today because you still have the vials.
Let's end this now.
Come to the port in one hour along with all your men.
I will give you the information on the location of your containers.
Can I trust you?
Do you have any other option, you, cunning fox.
Jasmine, go along with him.
Be careful.
I don't want my daughter to be anywhere near you.
Stay outside the gate.
It's getting late. Find out where they are.
We are supposed to go to the right.
Saindhav, where are you going?
Sir, not responding to the calls.
Only you can do this, Murali.
For your son and my daughter.
They must have transported the vials in these vehicles.
We can get the GPS locations that are recorded in the tracker.
Keep everything under control.
Hey, go stop him.
GO! Now! Fast!
Come on, get the vials. Faster. Make it fast.
Hey. Move, move. Move! Careful...
Faster, faster, faster...
Have you loaded everything? Keep it safe.
Chandraprastha Tower, this is Victor Tango Foxter
Alpha Sierra requesting immediate departure.
Victor Tango Foxter Alpha Sierra, clear for take off. Runway 09.
No! Fly man.
Get down, Scoundrel.
There is no change in our plan, Manas.
Take care of things outside the premises!
I'll get the vials for every child who is suffering from this problem.
Get everyone assembled here, doctor.
Can you please come to the hospital urgently?
Is everyone here?
Everyone on our list.
- How long will it take to give the injections?
- 10 minutes.
I can stop them for only 10 minutes, be on alert.
Manas, what are you doing?
Hey! Manas!
Jasmine, why are you late?
Vikas, he tricked us.
He didn't get me to port, instead, he took me to
the place where we had hidden the vials.
He saved Murthy and the vials and brought them to the NGO.
What are you doing here with that gun? Go!
Jasmine! Don't leave. Stay there. I'm coming.
Saindhav! You made a mistake by blasting my containers.
Are you giving the medicine to the kids?
Every single life in there, including your daughter...
How do you say daughter in mother tongue?
Everyone, including your daughter, is going to die.
There are 325 kids upstairs, awaiting a second chance to their lives.
I won't let any of them be harmed, scoundrel!
Get him!
Get in! Get in! Go...
Go in and get the vials.
Where are you taking the vials?
Saindhav... Saindhav...
They are taking away the vials.
Blow up the building!
Don't you go to the gym?
Aim properly. Can you see this?
Saindhav... Saindhav...
Load the ballistic.
Aim at him. Look, he is there.
Aim at him
Wake up the child, dear. She needs to be injected, right?
Where is Jasmine?
Doctor, please administer the injection to my child as well.
Gayatri died before we could get her here.
Saindhav is not doing this for his child.
Despite knowing that his daughter is dead,
he is still fighting this war for all the other kids.
"Deep down my heart there is sorrow
Where is yesterday's happiness"
"If you leave without intimating,
there will be no one else for this father like you"
"Im at the same place"
"Always you
"Should float in laughter"
My little mother"
"It is an infinite void"
"Time has put me in hell"
Daddy, there are many kids like me in the hospital.
What about them, Daddy?
Please help them too, Daddy.
You are daddy man, aren't you?
"If there is another birth, I will be your father
You come as my home little flower"
Mano Aunty, take care of Daddy!
"Is All this fight
All these effort"
"Just to see this heartbreaking end
All my dreams dying"
"You are an unforgettable memory
How to believe this bitter truth"
Happy Birthday, Daddy!
"Tears of slippery eyes
You stay with your mother"
Come. Come. Fast. Fast.
"I believe that in a past life, you were my mother,
but in this life, you've become my daughter."
Saindhav Koneru, the crane operator
who stole the vials costing Rs. 6000 crores,
has surrendered himself to the police!
Vikas Malik has gone missing.
Our sources have reported that Genezo company's owner
Vikas Malik has not lodged any formal complaint.
Saindhav is stubborn about speaking only in the court.
The court hearing is due in another two days.
So the case is very clear, your honour.
My client has been robbed of the opportunity
to provide medicines to the needy,
incurring a loss of over Rs. 6000 crores by this man, Saindhav.
So, I request the court to prosecute him as deemed right.
Sir, no need for any prosecution. I plead guilty. I did it all by myself.
Moreover, I didn't come here to confess my crime;
I have come here to inform you about my one more good deed.
Yesterday night, I killed Vikas Malik too,
the last member left in the Cartel.
Now hit me.
It's okay. Leave it. Remarry. Marry again.
You can have kids again.
You still have the strength and I suppose erection too.
From bottom...
Ben stokes, this is upwards.
From bottom, I came all the way up.
Hard work. My blood will give birth to another 100 like me,
I'm an inspiration to my community.
You are not a great person that your absence
needs to be filled by another 100 people, you son of...
Jasmine. I love you, Jasmine.
What is this? Please take her out. What is this nonsense?
I'm handing over a Cartel-free safe Chandraprastha, sir.
Please take care that they don't take over the city again
and destroy the future of our kids. Thank you.
Thank you.
(humming song)
Hey, your cellmate.
This is not a permanent solution.
What Saindhav has done is an alarm
to the government and Pharma companies.
Saindhava Koneru gave the details of the war training
for the kids in Chandraprastha forest to the police.
The Chandraprastha army saved hundreds
of kids and sent them to Boston school.
The Prime minister has promised the citizens that no child will ever die
in this country due to lack of treatment for SMA.
Your Gayatri resides in every child that you have saved, Saindhav.
Saindhav, you have saved all of their lives.
Fix it. Don't miss it.
Do you have a phone?
What did you bring?
Saindhav Koneru. I followed him for years without his knowledge
and have consolidated all the information I gathered as a story.
I have written about all the ruckus he created when he was in the Cartel.
His life is as spicy as it can get.
Go ahead and publish it. It will be a blockbuster.
"Burning anger
A walking war"
"Born from ashes"
"Are you ready?
Death is a fact"
"He is the death"
"He stops evil
He shows you hell"
"Writing a new chapter"
"Writing a new chapter"
"The game begins
The hunt begins"
"The blood will flow as rivers"
"The festival has begun
Killings have begun"
"Writing a new chapter"
"He Stops evil
He shows you hell"
"None other than Saindhav"
"No fear
The target will not let go"
"Damage is not measured
Won't forget the bet"
"Fall and rise besieged force"
"He won't spare you"
"You can't hold him
You can't survive against him"
"You will loose yourself"
"You can't stand against him
You won't survive against him"
"Disturbing lifes
Changing fate"
"Enemy's karma"
Things will change very badly.