Sajini Shinde Ka Viral Video (2023) Movie Script

Which one was it?
-You managed to get her through her phone?
-She's not answering.
-Give it another shot.
-I have no idea how it got uploaded.
-Manav, you give her a call.
-Alright, I'll give it a try.
How could you not have the key?
I don't have it. She took it.
-Are you serious?
-Where did she go?
-Stop it right now.
-Look who's talking!
-Which one was it? Was it this one?
-Stop it, guys.
-This one! This is the one!
-Yeah, this is the one!
Don't be stupid, Sajini.
-Open up!
-Sajini, open the door!
-Sajini, please open the door.
-Open the door!
Some days in life don't
just become memorable,
they go down in history.
Just like this one.
I, Sajini Suryakant Shinde.
There's a word
in English for people like me.
"Wannabe. "
It means a person
who's always trying
to be someone else.
A good daughter,
a modern wife,
and a respectable teacher.
I was trying to be all three of those.
And today,
I have got the results for all three.
What are you wearing?
-Take it off.
-No! I like it.
Just let go of it.
Cheers to my fellow teachers.
Cheers to the official school trip.
Cheers to the robotics competition.
And cheers to our last night
in Singapore.
-Excuse me.
Hey, first gulp down that drink.
Bottoms up.
-Shots! Shots!
Please, no. No shots.
We got kids waiting at the hotel.
-Let's just finish up and bounce.
-The kids are sleeping
-and dreaming about robotics.
-Just one shot, Sajini.
-Come on now, go for it.
-Come on now.
-In one shot.
Come on, go for it.
-Drink! Bottom's up.
-Yes! Yes! Yes!
-Now that's what I'm talking about.
-Excuse me, guys.
-You can answer it later.
It's Siddhant.
-Tell him to call you up later.
-Just a second, guys.
-Happy Birthday to You!
-Thank you.
What are you doing?
What are you up to?
They're making me do shots.
Go! Enjoy!
What are you doing talking
to me on your birthday?
-Are you sure?
-Go, explore!
Be modern! Come on!
Enjoy. Just enjoy.
Party hard. I'll see you soon.
Love you.
I miss you.
I miss you too.
Happy Birthday, Sajini!
I teach physics
at K. P. High School, in Pune.
In physics, there's this rule,
"Protons are like the identity of atoms,
and electrons are like their personality. "
Shraddha, the principal just texted
in the group chat.
You haven't shared the pictures
from the competition yet?
I'll get on it right now.
While identity and personality
are both important for a person,
they shouldn't clash with each other.
Because if they clash,
there's going to be only one outcome
Come on, Sajini!
Come on, Sajini!
Go crazy!
-She's a teacher, right?
Is that really Sajini ma'am?
Come on, hurry up!
How much longer is it going to take?
Quick, delete it already.
I'm working on it.
I'm just a regular person,
not some superhero.
I'm deleting it now.
There's a bunch of angry parents
gathered outside.
Hurry up!
The school even sends messages
if our girls' ribbons aren't up
to their standards.
-She is right.
-And here I am,
-feeling ashamed even to say it--
We also know the rules.
The reputation of this school
is my responsibility.
And I've been doing it
for the last 30 years.
Ma'am, put yourself
in our shoes for a second.
Would you send your daughter
to a school where a teacher goes abroad
and does a sandwich dance
between two naked men?
-No way.
-No one would.
Look, he has arrived.
It's his daughter
whose video went viral.
I saw it.
-Greetings, sir.
-Greetings, sir.
Greetings, sir.
we've had a good amount
of rainfall this season.
You should throw her
in a well as soon as she comes back.
She is my daughter,
I'll handle her in my own way.
Did you talk to the boy's family?
Then what the hell
have you been doing all morning?
Were you searching
for mobile towers or what?
Oh, God!
Hey, Aakash, where are you going?
-Where will he go?!
New gift? Hot, right?
Yes! Totally!
Foreign country, Indian celebrity!
What happened to him?
Do you have a sister?
You're lucky.
Shiv, what's the update?
I am not able to delete it
from either of these two sites.
What if it was your fiance?
-Did I say something funny?
-Sorry, sir.
-Get on with it, man.
-Yes, sir.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
this is your captain speaking.
Welcome on board flight 4B7 with service
from Singapore to Pune.
Please keep your phone
switched off, ma'am.
Pause the video.
Sir, I didn't approve of this trip.
Look at her expression.
Even Sunny Leone
can't compete with that.
What do you say, Prabhu sir?
There's nothing left to say.
Let's just make the decision.
Sir, they're actually good teachers.
Then why didn't they think about that
when they were dancing?!
We regret to inform
you that the three teachers,
Sajini Shinde, Chavi Joshi,
and Shraddha Oswal are being expelled
from K. P. High School.
We'll continue to uphold
our tradition of discipline
and values in the future, as well.
What a
How dare she fire us!
I'll put up one post
and she will lose her job.
-What the--
-Relax. We'll get you a good lawyer.
Are you okay?
Come with us.
Pressure from students,
election duty, polio drops,
the pressure of results
We bear it all.
We tried living our lives for once
and suddenly we went from
being teachers to being disgraceful.
That's messed up.
You think you could've been more careful?
-Wow, thanks.
If film stars have fun, then it's fine,
but if teachers do it, it's a crime?
We don't deserve a life, right?
I get it.
I do.
But they don't.
I wish we never came back
from the US.
Sajini! What are you doing?
I can't call my parents.
Siddhant isn't taking my calls.
How has everything changed
in just one day?
I think you should go home.
I'll have my driver drop you off, okay?
Everything's going to be fine.
She's not a teacher!
She's a weird creature!
She is a beer pitcher!
Two waxed Santas!
Love her drama!
I'm sure her school teaches
subjects like
Seduction Science.
-Physical Proximity.
-Physical Proximity.
-Curious Chemistry.
-Curious Chemistry.
Instead of prose,
she teaches students how to pose.
And she teaches everything
from up close!
So, without further delay or hesitation,
let's watch
"The Great Indian
Teacher Sandwich video. "
"Sajini Sandwich. "
Why are you sharing dividends, man?
I've told you a hundred times not
to do this.
No, I'm in a very difficult spot.
I don't know how to handle this.
-You have to understand
I'll just call you back, yeah?
Yeah, I'll call you back.
-Please have a seat.
-Thank you.
-Siddhant. Hi.
-Sorry, I got late.
-No, that's okay.
There is a nice Italian restaurant
by the corner if you'd like to try it.
-But I love their coffee.
-I see.
The one without the froth?
-You can call for it if you
-would like to drink.
I'll be honest,
I've never met someone like this before
for an arranged marriage or something.
You wouldn't have been
here otherwise.
Especially not with
this science experiment.
-I'm sorry, I didn't get time to go back.
-No, it's okay. I know.
-I came directly from school, that's why
-It's okay.
Can I confess something?
You look
You look better than your pictures.
You look okay.
-So sorry!
-No, it's okay.
-I mean,
-you look just like your pictures.
-It's okay.
So, what am I looking at here?
What is this?
-Automated earthquake alarm.
Made it for a science competition.
And how does it work?
Wow, the first guy
who is interested in science.
I get a pay package
of 80,00,000 rupees, ma'am.
I get it for a reason, right?
My friends say, apparently,
I have an IQ slightly lesser
than Einstein.
It's around 150-160.
And my IQ is 1000.
That is what my friends say.
But your looks are a perfect ten.
Please tell me how it works!
Come on, tell me.
Alright, so we got this clip connector,
copper wire, and the battery here.
And we used a magnet to
-to make this pendulum.
-So when there's an earthquake,
this pendulum starts moving
because of the vibrations.
-And it sets off an alarm over here.
It's very good.
Really very good.
We're quite different.
But I like you.
YEAR 1930
Shit. This is where you're staying?
Don't be.
See, in life, you need
to make better choices and I might
help you with it.
I can smell it.
How was it?
Did you guys do it?
-Did you?
-It wasn't a Tinder date.
It's an arranged marriage.
So, how's the guy?
His biceps are not as big as your guy's,
but he's got a killer smile.
Since it's arranged, be extra cautious.
So what?
Who says love can't be arranged?
-You have my blessings.
-Thank you.
I've been calling
for the past 15 minutes.
Where are you?
I've been calling since yesterday.
Where are you?
I've been deleting your videos.
Siddhant, I'm sorry.
-I don't know how--
-No, no.
You don't need to be sorry.
I I first need to feel ashamed.
No, no, no
You told me to go out for my birthday,
have fun, and be modern.
So, I went out and just danced
I knew you'd blame me for this.
I just knew it.
I never asked you
to be that damn modern!
And I don't want to talk
to a woman like you, man!
What the--
Where are the other teachers?
I don't know. I'm not their leader.
Well, you acted like one over there.
I don't know where Chavi is.
And I can't get through Sajini.
I am on two blood pressure pills a day
because of you guys.
KALYANI PANDIBut I've found a way.
Which is?
An apology video.
Admit your mistake
and I'll try to save your jobs.
Thank you,
but I don't want your favor.
You don't want my favor.
You don't want my order.
What do you want then?
Some clarification.
What clarification?
You kicked Sajini off the robotics team
at the last minute.
Because you wanted to send your little
sidekick to Singapore instead, right?
Instead of defending her,
you expelled us.
Did you even think about Sajini?
Where she comes from?
Or was your compassion taking rest
towards all the small-town girls?
She was a teacher, not a kid.
How's she doing?
As if you care.
-Did you even talk to her?
-Of course, I did.
I'm the one who brought her back.
That apology video isn't happening.
And I won't let her do it either.
But remember,
it was your mistake.
Even though I said no,
you took her
to Singapore on your own dime.
And you were the one
who uploaded that video, right?
Everyone knows it was an accident.
An accident?
A principal who kept her image pristine
for 30 years
lost her reputation in just 30 seconds
because of this "accident" of yours.
It was a freaking accident!
Mind your language.
I'm a student counselor, not your teacher.
You could never be one.
What is it, Chavi?! What happened?
Did you read Sajini's note?
She committed suicide.
-Please come quickly.
-What?! What the--
I cannot take this pressure anymore.
It's all over.
Now I'll never become
what I wanted to be.
And the ones to blame
for it are just my dad
and Siddhant.
The mistake I made wasn't even close
to the punishment they gave me.
Her suicide note has your name on it.
You haven't done anything, have you?
Cops in movies are always
shown as rowdy,
and fearless, like celebrities.
But in real life, cops deserve
more respect than recognition.
Once the media starts understanding that,
we won't even have to do these seminars.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, ma'am.
Ms. Bela, you better get
to work right away.
Inspector Ram Pawar has already started
the initial investigation.
He'll be working with you
on this case, as well.
By the way, Bela has been running
the Women's Cell for the past five years.
She's very good at solving
missing women cases.
And the best part is,
she's available round the clock.
I feel like I am
the department's petrol pump. Tell me.
See you.
It's 306. Abetment of suicide.
It's quite common these days.
Could even be 309.
If we find Sajini, it might be 309.
Attempted suicide.
If you find her.
She dropped that note somewhere
around Lonavala.
But after that,
we noticed her moving around
Nagar Highway and Bangalore Highway.
So, we got two search
teams working on it.
We're also gathering a list
of her friends and relatives.
Phone tracing is in progress, as well.
We even circulated her photo
at all the toll stations on that route.
Just saying some technical stuff gives
you the illusion of doing
a lot of work, right?
That's all you can do
in a 14-hour shift, ma'am.
Do APIs always stick to their shift hours?
Well, I'm sure
you must be charging overtime, right?
Where's the family?
My family is in Satara.
The girl's family.
Her family is worried.
They should be.
Let's go.
According to my uncle,
marriage is like undergoing surgery.
The ones being operated
on are completely clueless.
You're supposed to be stitched up,
but you're the one getting torn apart.
So why get married in the first place?
Let me tell you,
I didn't even get to eat a damn thing
at my wedding.
So much tension in the night
the heart beats with might.
The reason?
How can a guy drink turmeric milk
when he's used to chugging booze?
You get it!
I want to tell you all something.
Before my daughter's wedding
This is a super famous play
called "Lagnacha Khel Khandoba. "
What does that mean?
Hiccups during marriages.
We performed it back in college.
Seeing my daughter
I played the role of a woman.
I wanted to touch her head and say,
"Though you will leave my side,
don't despair, okay?
You're getting married,
and starting a new life,
but that doesn't mean
we won't stay tight.
You'll go to your in-laws' place,
it's true,
but our doors will always stay
open just for you.
A father's love for his daughter
never fades too.
A father's love for his daughter
never fades too. "
You know,
if he was in England or America
He would have easily bagged
a couple of Oscars.
Damn it!
I wanted him to spread the light,
but he dropped it.
Deduct that from his payment.
-Be careful, man.
-That's enough.
Are you done, sir?
I want to talk to you in private.
They are all like family.
Everyone knows everything.
Start talking.
We wouldn't have this mess
if everyone knew everything.
Where is she?
I thought you came bearing
all the answers.
But you're just coming back
with more questions.
Her note has your name on it, sir.
You have to answer this.
What are you waiting for?
The fourth act?
Get out of here.
Get going.
Ramchandra Pawar.
What can I do for you?
Ram Pawar, sir. Your fan.
-Sit, sit
Sir, it is just preliminary questioning.
Please don't take it otherwise.
Like this?
Tell her to show some respect first.
Tell her to question the ones
who filmed that video.
Question the ones
who kicked her out of school.
But she won't question them.
They are city folks.
-We are villagers!
No, sir. What are you saying?
Entire Maharashtra loves you, sir.
What happened to your thumb?
I don't even care
about such minor injuries.
I got a huge swelling on my leg, as well.
You want to see it?
No, thanks.
Looks like it didn't stop you
from putting on a show.
The show must go on.
I was doing my job
on the stage even during her birth.
And I continue to do so even today.
Maybe it's you
who isn't doing your job properly.
Otherwise, you would've found her
and brought her here.
I'm doing my job, that's why I'm here.
I'm not interested
in all this drama otherwise.
Excuse me?
What did you say?
You think what we do here is a joke?
We may do drama on stage,
but you're doing it for real.
Instead of wasting time here,
you should've found her
and brought her here.
I don't know Marathi.
Then go learn it.
Don't come to our land
and dare to tell us what to do.
-Keep your attitude to yourself!
This is a place for artists,
not criminals.
Will you stay for dinner, as well?
He's asking
if we'll be staying for dinner.
Sir, please don't take it to heart.
I am there. I'll handle it.
-I'll take your leave, sir.
-It's okay.
Bhau, we have girls
from the orphanage waiting.
How much should we donate to them?
Give them all of it.
All of it?
From this show and the next show.
Let it all go as a way to repent.
Okay, Bhau.
Not again!
Damn it.
Good girl.
Come here, my little goons!
Come over here,
my mischievous gang!
Come on guys, time to eat.
She had an official invite,
so why didn't you send her
to Singapore?
Internal policy.
Internal policy or internal politics?
What's the deal with the construction
in the back?
We're building a new wing, sir.
-For the English medium kids.
-I see.
So, what do you do?
I'm in charge
of the computer department.
-What's your name?
-Milind Sabne.
-Sabne, you're based in Pune?
-No, sir.
Before this, I worked
in Chandrapur for three years.
-Madam got me a job here.
Let's see when they decide
to make me permanent.
We all have a madam making
decisions nowadays.
Ours is no different, man.
Set up a suggestion box
and I need the CCTV footage.
I just hope that Sajini's safe.
If she comes back safely,
would you take her back?
I wish I could.
Welcome to my humble abode.
Today, we're having
a bottle gourd dish for lunch.
I already finished the lentils
This was made fresh this morning
Anyone who wants
parathas can have them, no problem.
And for those who don't,
they can use them to,
you know, slit their wrist.
Not fair.
I dare you to eat them.
Every time he goes away
-I know, I know, I know, I know--
-Enough with the "I know" nonsense!
Can't you see I'm trying
to make a reel here?!
She looks different
from the rest of her family.
Urban, smart, philosophical posts
Everyone's a philosopher on social media.
Check it out.
Dreams, reality,
the sky, the land, mistakes, punishments
They are all oxymorons.
But she also made some funny reels
with her roommate.
One thing is for sure, ma'am,
I think she's hungry for love
and attention.
That's not just her problem,
it's the whole generation's problem.
YEAR 1930
"Life is a blessing, not a curse.
Tell this to yourself,
and to the universe. "
You are Chavi, right?
She didn't tell you where she's headed?
You wrote this "greeting card" poem?
"Joint" family?
What's this?
Sajini's alarm.
Sajini's alarm?
Sajini's project, ma'am.
An earthquake alarm.
She has caused an earthquake herself.
Where were you when she went missing?
I was hanging out with Manav,
my boyfriend.
Photos, belongings, bills, receipts,
and substances
Grab everything.
How was her relationship with Kadam?
Tell me everything and tell me the truth.
Don't all couples argue, ma'am?
You give me space
and I'll give you privacy.
Did they fight, as well?
Yes, occasionally.
So, they fought occasionally
and got frisky the rest of the time?
Hey, IT Park,
where have you been hiding?
Hello, Chavi?
Who is this?
Bela Barot, Women's Cell,
Crime Branch.
I won't talk to you without a lawyer,
ma'am. Please.
Well, sadly, that works over
in America, not here.
But hey, if you want to lawyer up,
make sure you get a good one.
Because you're going to need it.
Excuse me.
Excuse me. Sorry. Sorry.
She mentioned you in her note.
She's missing, and maybe even dead.
Sajini isn't dead.
You think you get to decide that, as well?
If she's so scared of you,
she might as well kill
herself out of fear.
Oh, no!
I look like Tokyo, don't I?
Yeah, Ahmednagar's Tokyo.
Your bro's Arturo, your dad's Berlin.
Your uncle's Helsinki, your mom's Lisbon.
The Shinde Heist!
You want to try the bruschetta,
it's very nice.
It's very soft.
It's just like you.
What? It was a joke!
What's wrong with you?
Every time! I can't crack a joke or what?
Come here. Come, sit.
Why are you sitting there?
Try this.
I'm sorry.
First, tell me
when are you meeting my dad?
He texts me every day.
He keeps texting me, as well.
He keeps sending me
different kinds of flowers,
with "good morning" in all caps.
It's very irritating, man.
He treats you like a son.
He loves you more than Akku.
I just want you two to be friends.
Then my life will be "set. "
It will be "set"?
Be good to him.
I am always good.
You should know that.
This Siddhant Kadam, he seems shady.
Let's go grab him.
It's clearly a 306 case, ma'am.
Abetment of suicide.
That girl mentioned him
in her suicide note.
Act 306 is a section under IPC,
not some traffic ticket
you can charge anyone with.
We can't just go and grab
or charge anyone until we find Sajini.
And the girl is still just missing.
Don't presume that she is dead.
To discuss the Pune Teacher's
obscene viral video
we have with us Kusum Bhide
from the State Commission for Women.
Look, she's a woman, a teacher.
Nobody cares.
Nobody is doing anything.
I'm the only one actually looking for her.
I've posted it on 40 WhatsApp groups.
I've informed all the nearby bus stations
and railway stations.
I've been personally going
to her hangout spots.
Everybody else is caught up
in the "drama. "
What's the drama called?
Shut up and eat quietly.
Don't act like you're so smart.
Why are you lashing out at me?
Did I make her disappear?
You think you can make her disappear?
He tried to flush his ninth-grade
mark sheet when he failed,
but it came out of the bathroom.
You'll realize my worth later.
-Sit down.
-Let me go!
The father doesn't have value.
The mother doesn't have courage.
Kick him out.
Bhau, next week will be the final show.
The sponsor has
canceled all our upcoming shows.
Uncle, this perfume is for you.
And for me?
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
-Sis, me first.
-Come here.
Have the whole piece.
That's enough.
Did you ever think
you'd be clicked having
New York Sugar-free cheesecake with a
handsome boy at your home in the village?
Did you ever think?
That you'd take a day off
and travel all the way
from Bengaluru to Nagar just for
a nice girl's social media post?
I did, I did.
But this is the last time.
After this, you'll have such a great life
that you won't feel like coming here.
Is there no fork?
Brother-in-law took the cream,
can we at least have the cake?
Come, join us.
Come on!
This is why I am here!
Did you have the cake?
-He did.
We all did.
-Want a drink?
I don't drink that much.
It's imported.
You know, Sajini
She's always been like this.
She used to take her lunch
to school and feed it to hungry dogs.
That's her.
Are you calling your son a dog, sir?
Come on, drop it!
Why insult the dogs?
-She's like glue.
Just like glue.
-She keeps everyone together. Always.
She's different from all of you.
I mean, she
Don't worry.
She's my daughter.
And him?
He's mine, as well.
-Good morning, ma'am.
-Good morning.
You wanted two constables, right?
They're here.
And they're young.
Track Sajini's brother Aakash
and find out whatever info you can.
-Okay, madam.
-Yes, madam.
We'll get the CCTV footage
from that area today.
Good morning.
Morning. Good morning.
She's made no transactions through
the bank, card, UPI, or ATM.
I wonder who's supporting this girl.
Do you know
where her phone was activated?
In Bengaluru.
Call Shetty.
Ask him to track Siddhant.
I messed up big time when I was a kid.
I had locked Sajini
in the storeroom with two vada pavs.
When they found out,
they beat me with a bat.
I still have the brand on my back.
Are you serious?
If I had been in Sajini's place,
they wouldn't even
bother looking for me.
They don't even reply to my messages
in the family group.
I have to post on my birthday just
to remind them it's my birthday.
That's how messed up they are.
Bro, everyone must be
worried back home.
They don't care about their daughter.
They're just putting up a show.
It's all about maintaining
their reputation.
I'm not just saying
this because I'm drunk!
I swear.
It's a problem if we find her,
and it's an even bigger problem
if we don't.
What do you mean?
I mean, she'll have
to answer for everything!
Tell him how dangerous my dad
and uncle are!
My dad is a goon
who accidentally became an actor.
He'd rather donate ten lakh rupees
than give me two lakh fifty thousand
for my business.
what's up with sister Ranu?
Did you hear anything about her?
How long has it been?
Are you kidding?
Who's sitting up there?
Let it go, Aakash.
Has it really been fifteen years since
Ranu's case?
Damn it.
I don't even remember
what she looked like anymore.
I have her photo, I'll show you.
-That's our family matter, how did you--
-She was also family.
She disappeared 15 years ago,
or was she made to disappear?
What a family!
Ma'am, let's focus on the present, okay?
You couldn't find our daughter,
and now you're digging up old graves.
Oh, you mean there
are graves in the house?
-Should I expect bodies?
Tell her to show some restraint,
at the very least.
It's just a saying, you know.
Don't you understand these things?
I understand everything, Mr. Shinde.
Your attitude, your arrogance,
your pretentious generous acts.
I've been in Pune longer than you have,
so, let's not even talk about your pride.
Your daughter turned
on her phone in Bengaluru.
Hey mister, call my brother.
My brother-- Tell him!
-Call my son-in-law.
-Go ahead, and make the call.
She turns on her phone
and he turns his off.
Finally, after four days,
I see someone shedding real tears.
At least you seem genuine, ma'am.
Listen, Ms. Bela,
trying to threaten, scare,
or embarrass us won't get you anywhere.
We'll stay here for two days.
You should find our daughter.
We'll take her along once you do.
Please do stay.
If she's not found in the next two days,
we'll have to arrest you.
She mentioned you in her note, sir.
All the hidden secrets
will start coming out one by one.
So, are you leaving or staying for dinner?
Come, come. Hurry, let's go.
Okay, sir.
Hey, get up!
He's running away, go catch him.
Hey, you! Stop! Stop!
Baban, stop him!
Are you okay?
Do you have anything to do with this?
Are you out of your mind?
Ma'am! Check this out, it was just
uploaded in Sangameshwar.
Look, she's standing next
to that stall, sir.
Pause it.
Sajini visits Sangameshwar
every six months.
She follows a pattern, ma'am.
First, she goes to her boyfriend
in Bangalore.
Then, she visits the temple here.
And after that, she goes home
to Pune.
The description matches perfectly.
Sometimes, I think you're smart.
But then you come up
with silly stuff like this.
She's a lefty.
But she's using her right hand
to eat the offerings.
Even lefties in our country use
their right hand for that, ma'am.
She's having something sweet.
So what?
Sajini has juvenile diabetes.
If you want to find evidence, find
something more sensible, Sherlock Holmes.
Why are you laughing?
Do you even know
what juvenile diabetes means?
Lalit, they're looking
for me everywhere, man.
Then don't run! Stop running!
And start building your support
as soon as possible.
Ma'am, you keep tweeting
and we have to keep following.
Why are you putting pressure on us?
Because you're not doing your job.
See, I just want my friend back.
And you think she'll come back
after reading a tweet?
That girl has been through a lot.
She too deserves to have some fun
on her birthday, right?
This is ridiculous!
Why do women always have
to justify every single thing they do?
Here we go again with playing
the woman card!
Woman card?
It's about feminism.
Really? Which feminism?
The one where women hold wine glasses
at kitty parties and give big speeches?
You know we give 50 days
a year for public service?
We make sure that women feel
empowered and safe.
I'm a student counselor in colleges,
at all-girls schools.
This is not a part-time activity,
it's a way of life.
How? Could you explain?
I could explain, but unfortunately,
you're not part of my kitty party group.
-Excuse me?
The Group Admin Syndrome.
You better find my friend.
Today, it was just the admin
who showed up,
tomorrow the whole group might
show up, as well.
Pune used
to be all about retired people,
but now it's all about stress and tension.
It's a total mess.
Pune has turned into Mumbai!
Outsiders come and make the town dirty.
And don't get me started
on their accent!
They call Hinjawadi, Hinjewadi.
And Pashan has become Paashaan!
And they say Baaner instead of Baner.
And these newspaper guys
print whatever they feel like!
My club's news gets
just one small column,
but your daughter's news
gets four full columns.
Next thing you know,
you'll be making the headlines too.
Doctors and lawyers scare
you for no reason.
You see
his daughter has him cornered,
leaving him no choice
but to sit under a sword.
If she comes back,
he'll be charged under section 306,
and if she doesn't,
they'll charge him under section 506.
A little fear is good for your health,
they say.
Sir, please,
how long is this circus going to continue?
I've watched your plays.
You have amazing comedic timing.
Fine, I've got five-pointers for you.
That's enough! You won't interrupt.
Or would you prefer to wait outside?
Do you love your daughter?
What kind of question is that?
There are scarier questions
asked inside the courtroom.
Yes or no.
Have you ever laid a hand on her?
Which father hasn't?
Have you ever scared or threatened her?
It was for her own good.
Do you know where she is?
What will you do if she comes back?
I can answer that.
I have one ready.
I think you need to be more careful
about your brother than your case.
Chavi! Chavi!
-It's it's me, Siddhant.
You're okay, no? I'm sorry.
Yeah. What could possibly
be wrong with me?
No, you're looking nice.
I wanted to talk to you in person.
We couldn't have
this conversation over the phone.
What is it?
-Did she say anything to you?
She just disappeared?
How can she just disappear?
Man, she just disappeared!
Look, she can be a bit crazy sometimes,
but I never expected her
-to go to this extent.
-Tell me about it.
She was about
to get your name tattooed on her.
I don't care, Chavi.
I really don't care.
I want to get out of this mess.
I think you should know one thing.
the poems she used to send you,
she used to get them written from me.
Those shitty poems!
I can't believe you're talking
about poems!
I don't care!
Chavi, you know,
I was a good boyfriend.
I am I am a good fianc, right?
She knew everything.
Then why did she mention me
in her note?
And the pressure
the police are putting on me!
If the police ask you anything,
please, Chavi,
only say good things about me.
You know, right,
I have no one else apart from you
to fall back on.
We are in this together.
-You go now.
Brother-in-law! Sometimes up,
sometimes down, sometimes left
I've been hanging around
Sis's house for two days.
I didn't see you there.
Why were you waiting outside
her house?
-What's going on?
-I wanted to find you.
I followed Chavi and found you.
Who is he?
Why were you following Chavi?
That's what I keep telling my friends.
How can one person do all
of this by himself?
What are you saying?
She's your sister's friend.
What are you saying?
You know how much
I loved Sajini, don't you?
-I still do. I mean, I still do.
Look, Aakash,
you've always respected me.
And maybe you'll continue
to do so in the future, as well.
I will.
Because you're going
to marry Sajini when she comes back.
You will marry her, right?
You will, won't you?
Let's go!
Quickly bring four chapatis here!
Hey, Sunder! Come here.
Get me some biryani, alright?
Wait a second!
Make it a vegetarian one.
What does Shraddha Oswal think I am?
Does she expect me to run whenever
she'll use her online whip?
I've already got such a great team.
Drones are outdated,
the cyber cell is frustrated,
higher-ranking officers
want quick results,
and lower-ranking officers just want
to go home.
Table number five!
Yes, tell me. What
Here's your parcel.
Yes, ma'am?
Did you really save my name as
"Dooberman Madam"?
It's spelled as "Doberman. "
Not "Dooberman. "
Everyone is sick of me, right?
Tell me the truth.
It's not like that, ma'am.
Everyone is worried.
I mean, it's a complicated case.
And you handle the Women's Cell--
Ram, you know
why they assigned this case to me?
Not because I am competent,
but because I am a woman.
And when you want
to do something exceptional in life,
that's when they make
you seem ordinary.
That's the saddest part of our lives.
You just summed up my 12-year-long career
in one sentence.
I'm so dumb.
I sent you a message
that was intended for others.
Sorry. Sorry, ma'am. I'm sorry.
Sorry. Extremely sorry.
"Dooberman Madam"?
We guys have this thing.
This thing?
-Does the whole department call me that?
-No! No!
No, it's not like that.
We respect you, ma'am.
We really respect you.
Sorry. Sorry.
Hey, bring his Veg. Biryani.
First finish this.
Sorry, ma'am.
"Dooberman Madam. "
How do I look, sir?
You look great!
Right, Sajini?
-How does he look?
Let's start the wedding preparations,
Yes, sir.
Which one would you prefer,
linen or safari?
What do you think, Sajini?
Ministers wear linen!
And secretaries wear safari suits.
Secretaries, really?
He'll wear a three-piece suit.
What's this nonsense?!
Who taught you
to make coffee without sugar?
Make sure she learns all
the household chores
in the first month of marriage.
How to make tea, coffee,
round chapati,
two vegetable dishes for lunch
and dinner, and the works!
Sweets during festivals, as well!
She forgets to put the whistle
on the pressure cooker.
She leaves the milk on the stove
and steps outside.
The milk then turns into rabdi,
and her mother has
to wash all the utensils!
It's just coffee.
She'll be more careful next time.
Right, Sajini?
"Sajini Bani Suhagan"
was my first major film.
After that, we had her.
I fought with everyone
in the family and named her Sajini.
I thought my daughter
would make me proud.
And what did she do?
She mentioned my name
in her note and ran away.
She even mentioned my name, sir.
What haven't I done for her?
I even bought sanitary pads for her
when she got her period.
She mentioned my name!
Did she visit you in Bangalore?
No, sir.
Sajini went to Bangalore.
-Hey, IT!
Her phone's location was traced near
your company.
Who said that? Who told you that?
The police.
Did the police say that I did all this?
What did the police say?
What did they say?
That I made her disappear?
And what about you?
You wanted to hit her just
because she didn't get the sugar, right?
Sit down.
Did you see this card?
We got it today.
We finalized the design. Take a look.
Check if your name is correct.
If it is, take it with you.
We'll bring the rest
of the stuff home, okay?
This is for you.
And this is for you.
My in-laws have been staying
in room 304 since the 18th.
Actually, I'd like to pay for their stay.
Sure, sir.
-Got it, sir.
Sir, they checked in
on the evening of the 17th, not the 18th.
Are you sure?
Before we start,
let's all close our eyes,
and let's pray for Sajini.
Let's tell her, "Sajini,
we really love you. "
-Do it!
-Really, ma'am?
"We're very sorry
and we want you to come back to us
because you are the best teacher,
you are the best daughter
and the best friend
anyone could've ever asked for.
We miss you. "
Thank you.
And now that we all are here today
are you all here with me?
Are you all here with me
in this quest?
Let's find our Sajini.
Ma'am, they're all going
to go look for Sajini
with welcome drinks
and starters in hand.
-What are we doing here?
-One account,
one movement to bring our Sajini back.
Let's find Sajini.
So what if Sajini isn't
at our school anymore?
She's still in our hearts.
We'll all pray for her together.
I'll fast for the next seven days.
For personal repentance.
I demand Kalyani's resignation.
How could her administration
be so reckless?
We need to get 10,000 signatures
for our online petition.
"Zomba Zombie, " shot four, take one.
Cut! Cut! Cut!
What are you doing, man?!
How many times do I have to tell you?
Sir, I found an ID card.
We will bring her back home
and we will not hold back.
No matter what!
-We will not hold back.
Hello! I want to talk! Hello!
Not on my stage. Back off.
-One second, Shraddha, I want to talk.
-Shut up. Back off.
Shraddha, please, just a second.
It won't take long.
What have you done to Sajini?
Just let me talk!
I am sorry, everyone.
I'm Siddhant Kadam, Sajini's fianc.
I've been on the run,
but it's time to come out in the open.
You all know
about the five stages of grief, right?
You all know about it.
I'm in denial right now.
If you hear anything about Sajini,
call me.
-Here's my Sorry.
This is my number.
-What did you find?
-There was a film shoot near the dam.
They found some things in the water.
Who does it belong to?
What did you say the name was?
Her full name is
Sajini Suryakant
Ma'am, this is my company's
visitor card, I agree,
but she didn't actually meet me.
Please, believe me.
You are looking at the front side of
the card, I am looking at the backside.
Ma'am do you know
about the five--
-Get back. Sit back.
Is this fine?
Ma'am, do you know
about the five stages of grief?
You know about the third-degree
of the special branch?
No, right?
-Don't give me this philosophical crap.
-What I'm trying to say is
Even these emotions aren't his own.
He's using Google quotes
for that, as well.
What are you doing in Pune?
Why? Is it a crime
to visit your hometown?
Don't answer a question with
another question. Answer the question.
Why was your phone off
for three days?
First, you chose a girl
you could dominate.
-Then you tortured and abused her.
After that video, she mentioned
your name and disappeared.
Then her phone was switched
on right outside your office.
Then you disappeared from Bengaluru.
Who and how many people will
you make run after you?
I'm scared. I'm really scared.
For myself and her.
You're scared now,
but you were the one scaring
her back then.
We have extracts of your chats.
-What the!
That's exactly what we thought
when we read them.
"What the!"
I noticed your pattern.
You first charmed her,
did her favors,
and then you tortured her.
And in the end, you abused her.
No, that's not true. You
are accusing me of things I've not--
Hey, smart-ass!
Easy, Ram.
Who forced her to have
sex without using protection?
-That too three times!
Page 12, 27, 54.
And your last message was,
"I just wish you would disappear. "
I just wish you would disappear?
That note, these messages,
and this card.
All of this is admissible in court.
You can definitely be charged under
section 306 if not 307.
Abetment of suicide.
Minimum ten years.
No, it's not.
Lalit Gandhi.
Siddhant's lawyer.
Ma'am, you and I both know
the intricacies of Section 306.
By the order of the honorable
Supreme Court,
merely saying something derogatory
doesn't amount to instigation.
Your client abused that girl
emotionally, verbally, and whatnot.
He said some things in anger and haste.
Okay, let me put it this way.
Are you sure Sajini is dead?
Did you find her body?
My client wasn't with her
when she went missing.
If any one of these things is true,
then you can keep him.
And if not,
you do not have the right
to keep him even for a second.
-I think he is.
-God, how creepy!
You know they have enough turd
to suck you up.
You almost ended up in jail.
-I know.
-Your past is completely against you.
So it's time you work
on your shitty present.
So no phone calls,
no messages without consulting me.
Even your shirtless DP
would go against you.
So, keep your shirt on
for the next few days.
I got it.
I understand.
Thank you, man.
You sent her some really
derogatory messages.
What are you talking about?
Don't we all send such messages
to our girlfriends?
What are you saying, dude?
No, we don't,
It's just you.
My video has leaked.
I have run away from my house.
I am scared of my father
and my fianc.
I wrote a note for them.
And I have come to my favorite place,
waiting for someone to call me,
ask me, and make me understand.
But there is no one.
I felt all alone and I jumped.
There's phenol
and three knives at home.
There are two medical stores right
around the corner.
There are three under-construction
buildings in the area, seven floors high.
And despite all that,
she fixes her hair, gets ready,
writes a note, comes here, and jumps.
It just doesn't fit the scene.
Will you do one thing?
Find more information on Suryakant.
You know, I know that what
you're saying is not in the script.
But the audience has no clue.
Fetch him some water.
To them, it's all just an act,
a theater play.
This is my wife.
No matter how much
you act in front of her,
she'll always believe it's real.
And then there's this lady,
no matter how much
truth you tell her,
-she'll always think it's an act.
Sir, can you come
out for five minutes?
-Right now?
-Just five minutes, please.
Sir, please.
What's going on?
Just step outside, let's talk.
Hey, lady!
Hey, lady!
-Open the door!
-Take a seat.
What's she doing?
-Just having a chat.
-Like this? By deceiving me?
Please have a seat.
Mrs. Urmila
Please sit down.
Can we talk in private?
They're family, aren't they?
Don't worry.
Just tell me the truth.
You two came here
on the evening of the 17th, right?
He knows everything. You--
You were in Pune that night
when Sajini disappeared.
Your car was spotted where she stayed.
Why did you hide this fact?
Why'd you keep it a secret?!
Your car was also
spotted near the dam
where Sajini's belongings were found.
Too much of a coincidence,
don't you think?
Ram Pawar
Inspector Ramchandra Pawar.
How much longer is this going to take?
As long as it takes for your wife
to spill the truth.
Don't say anything.
Your husband could end up
with a ten-year prison sentence.
There is a woman
who lives in that area.
We went there.
We left the hotel
and went to her house on the 17th.
The next day,
we went to Sajini's house to see her.
But she didn't answer
when we called, so we came back.
It's so shameful.
The night she disappeared
and possibly died
you didn't even try to stop her?
What are you talking about?
You were sound asleep
in a hotel just four kilometers away
when it all went down.
What kind of mother are you?!
You are her mother, aren't you?
Are you a mother?
Even if I were, I wouldn't
have lost my daughter like this.
we were waiting for you.
No matter how she is,
she's our girl
and she's gone missing
because of you.
What have you done now?
Sir! Sir!
Don't threaten my client.
We're here because you wanted to meet.
Which batch, son?
2010, sir.
Is my Bhandari case still part
of the syllabus?
It is, sir.
But I'm a lawyer now,
not your student.
I'm senior
to his father by four years.
Never mind.
So, my client has suffered
psychological, emotional, social,
mental & physical loss
because of your client.
But he is kind. So he'd let it go.
But of course, with an apology.
What apology? There is no apology.
He's under a lot of distress,
his career is at stake right now.
You can't compare a one-year acquaintance
with a 25-year relationship.
Sir, I understand that but--
Hold up,
let me give you five points.
It was an arranged marriage.
Siddhant used to physically abuse Sajini.
Sajini's missing note mentioned him.
Siddhant's character is questionable.
And Siddhant is the only one
who absconded after Sajini went missing.
We've got everyone's alibis.
Okay, but how are you going
to prove that he's responsible
for the abetment of her suicide?
Hold on, man.
Too much English.
It's impossible to understand.
I can prove
that Siddhant left Sajini
with no choice but to end her life.
And sir, even I'll prove
that they left their daughter
with no option but to commit suicide.
Is this okay, sir? I said it in Hindi.
How well do you know your client?
Because after
what I'm about to tell you,
you won't just leave this room,
but also your client.
Should I keep going?
Your client bought a house worth
80 lakh rupees in Bangalore
with money taken from my client.
Can you prove it's not indirect dowry?
Uncle? Sir?
Dad it was a loan.
You said it was for Sajini's well-being.
You know how much
I loved Sajini, right?
I still do.
Sir, my client is innocent.
And honestly speaking, right now, both
our clients are in this mess together.
So instead of pointing fingers,
why don't we agree to a settlement
and find a way to save them?
These corporate guys always prefer
settling instead of fighting in court.
Okay, fine.
I have a better offer.
Where here it is.
This is Siddhant Kadam's statement saying
he knows what he did
to Sajini was a mistake.
And that my client, Sajini's father,
Mr. Suryakant Shinde,
has nothing to do with it.
So you want me
to give his head on a platter
so that you can sacrifice
him whenever you want?
That's a quintessential
criminal lawyer trait, isn't it?
Sir, this meeting is over for us.
We are done.
Alright, then I'll see you in court.
And I'll see you in jail.
Barot won't let you off the hook.
Stop threatening me, sir.
I'm just warning you, son.
I'm just warning you.
-Then let me warn you, as well!
No. No, don't.
-Hey, hey
-What is it?
-Sit down.
Please shut up.
You've had your say.
Can I speak now?
All the time
I'm some roadside guy or what?
My parents are really worried!
-I don't know whether I--
-It's okay, just--
No, I don't know whether
I have a job, Lalit!
They just don't seem to care.
One of their daughters
went missing fifteen years ago.
They made the other one disappear!
They even look like bloody criminals!
Shut up! Don't you know
when to shut your mouth?
Don't do it, sir. Be careful, sir.
Watch out, sir! Watch out! Please!
Sir, relax!
-Don't do that.
Let's have a seat and talk. Please.
-Let's sit and talk calmly.
He was in Pune on the 17th
when Sajini disappeared.
What happened to Sajini?
Hey Bela, any progress on Sajini's case?
Sir, we found a shoe
that matches the description.
We sent it to the lab for testing.
That's alright,
but that counselor Shraddha has put
up hoardings all over the city.
You're not on social media either.
Sir, how can I do my job
if I spend my day on social media?
Then do your job. Okay?
Get on it.
Thank you, ma'am.
You work, ma'am?
Yes, I'm a student counselor.
Softer, darling.
-Oh, sorry.
Your hair extensions say otherwise.
What does your husband do?
He runs a travel company.
Oh, I see.
So whenever there's a problem in life,
you can just take a faraway trip, right?
Yes, of course.
And add to other people's problems?
-Don't you have any shame?
Hello, Hashtag Sister!
Your friend is missing because of you
and you're here getting a facial?
-What do you mean?
-You wanted to talk, right?
So tell me, why did you
involve her in all of this?
-Why did you take her there on your dime?
And why did you record her
and post it?
I have a bunch of questions
lined up, ma'am.
Should I post them
on social media, as well?
This has nothing
to do with Sajini's disappearance!
Of course, it does.
In this case, you are the prime
instigator and one of the suspects.
But I have not killed her.
But it is because of you,
she is where she is.
And you better not forget that.
You and Kalyani are no different.
That's what Kalyani did, as well.
On the morning Sajini went missing,
she called me to the school
and blamed everything on me.
How pathetic!
Are you done?
If those hoardings don't come down
in two hours,
I'll have all your social media
accounts blocked.
Then you can continue with your
"kitty party" activism.
What a pity!
Someone rightly said,
"A woman is a woman's worst enemy. "
This woman card is not like an ID card
that you can use anywhere.
Next time, use it more wisely.
Why are you avoiding me?
I'm just avoiding problems, Chavi.
So, now I am a problem?
I wish you would have taken
a stand, Manav.
It would affect my job
and my family, Chavi.
I can't.
Everyone wants to escape.
Even you.
Otherwise, you wouldn't have left
her alone that night.
Look, I was scared.
But I don't want to be scared anymore.
You look for yourself, Chavi.
I don't have what it takes.
I have to save my goddamn job.
Can I get a bigger tire?
On the outside of the shoe,
there's water, algae, sand,
cement, iron rust, and plastic.
And on the inside, there
are dead skin cells, blood spots,
and a tiny piece of fingernail.
What about the blood spatter?
It's vertical.
Like the finger broke after a big fall
and the blood clotted
after hitting the ground.
The impact was strong.
Jumping into the water wouldn't
cause such a strong impact.
You dug deep, right?
We need to close this once and for all.
Yeah, Dad?
He called me home urgently.
So, it must be something important.
Now he'll realize my worth.
How long have
you been doing this, ma'am?
Thirty years.
Wow, thirty years!
-Yeah, thank you.
Hey, Milind!
The suggestion box?
It's over there.
-I'll get it.
-No, I'll take it.
So Mia Khalifa!
No, sir, I'm not into that.
You're at the age to explore.
Keep doing your thing.
Being a principal is not
as easy as it looks.
I wish someone would explain
that to Shraddha.
I did.
She took down those hoardings.
After all, a school's reputation
is not more important
than a teacher's life.
Sajini was our beloved teacher.
You gave them everything, right?
Yes, ma'am.
You'll become permanent next week.
Thank you, ma'am.
It's my promise.
The food was damn tasty.
-Thank you.
Siddhant only comes here to sleep.
-It's for the best.
I was saying,
once all this is over
we'll cover all the expenses
for the wedding.
Well, Siddhant got the wrong idea
because of the lawyer.
He thinks we're some sort
of gangsters or mafias.
I know we're not as educated as him.
But we're not criminals either.
I don't eat garlic
or onion during the month of Ashadha.
Ask him.
the snacks I had
in the afternoon are acting up
-That way.
-Then go and do it.
Sitting here won't work.
-I'll be right back.
-Go. Hurry up.
You liked that carpet, didn't you?
We ordered one for you.
You didn't have
to go through the trouble.
-You watch this TV show?
Is it good?
The fianc turned out to be
the killer in this one, as well, right?
I was offered a role in it.
I turned it down.
TV kills an actor
and their acting skills.
Once Sajini comes back,
we'll all sit down
and finalize everything.
I suggest you come
to Nagar for a few days.
Or else, Dad will drag you there.
Should we go now?
-See you.
The food was really tasty.
All okay?
Don't mind what I said.
I spoke to your parents
and told them,
that once Sajini comes back,
we'll all stay together, right?
You didn't have
to go through the trouble.
-It's okay.
-You're just too much.
What do I do?
-Is it open?
-Yeah, it is.
There it goes.
-Are you coming along?
-Then close it!
I kept it inside.
Take care.
Let's go!
See you!
Anyways, when you'll go,
I'll be bloody lonely.
If my family finds
out that I spend half of my time here,
I'll be lonely forever.
That's good.
It's anyways impossible
to tolerate Aakash.
Akku is my darling.
And who's my darling?
Who's my darling?
What the--
What are you recording?
Are you crazy or what?
-If my family watches it
they'll kill me.
Even I can kill you
but with love.
So, trust me.
I've been trying to call you, man.
Did you see this?
Damn it.
Let me talk to Dad.
Let's set up an interview,
three lakhs plus taxes.
Five million viewers.
It's the best news
channel in Maharashtra.
See, you're a possessive, classist idiot.
But you're not a criminal.
So, we'll have to improve your image.
We've to change people's
perception of you.
Do you know anyone
who would say good things about you?
Like the good things
that you have done in life.
How dare you call me?
Chavi, this is Siddhant.
Aakash showed me your video.
Now I know what you truly are.
You're every girl's nightmare.
Chavi, you're misunderstanding--
If you try to contact me again,
I'll come to your house
and slap you hard.
Hold on, Cha--
You still feel you're innocent?
I am innocent.
Sajini's roommate Chavi
has posted about you.
She has made some serious allegations.
What do you have to say about that?
All of them are absolutely--
Be calm.
It's true
I'm an easy target for allegations.
Why do you think
Sajini took such a big step?
I don't know. What should I say?
Focus on mental health.
Maybe she had a moment of weakness.
You know people with mental health
issues have no objectivity.
They are volatile.
And I think Sajini couldn't take
the shame at all.
What did you find shameful about it?
Be honest.
I found it shameful.
I'll be honest, I found it shameful.
And I--
Well, anyone could have found
it shameful.
I said some mean things to her.
But I was the one
who stayed up all night
and deleted those videos.
Her family didn't support her either.
So you think her family is
to be blamed for this?
Deflect the blame.
I don't know if they are,
but all I'm saying is
that family is not safe for girls.
They have they have a history.
A history of violence?
Then what's the police doing about it?
I've lost faith in the police,
to be very honest.
They should have
at least found Sajini by now.
But instead,
they're busy accusing me.
You tell me,
I'm just a simple guy
from a middle-class family.
I'm an easy target.
-And they know that.
They should put him
in the Bigg Boss TV show.
-He's sure to win.
-Just a simple question.
Who, according to you,
is responsible for Sajini's death?
Who do you think is responsible
for Sajini's death?
Out of syllabus!
Who said she's dead?
Who said that?
She's watching this.
She's watching everything.
She'll come back. She's alive.
Hey, you're watching this, right?
Ahmednagar's Tokyo
I know you're watching this.
I know you're watching this.
Wherever you are, however you are
just come back, man!
You see what people are asking me?
You see what you've
What are you doing?
Unmodern, uncool, wannabe,
no matter who you are
you belong to me.
-Just come back, man!
I'm ready for any kind
of investigation, man.
I'm ready for any interrogations,
but you should come back.
He is quite an actor!
I know I've been difficult.
But I want you back.
I. Want. You. Back.
What happened? Are we done?
You know what, Siddhant?
I would have actually believed it
if we hadn't been together in college.
The honesty I saw on your face
I kind of fell in love
with you today, man.
It was exceptional.
I mean, you could be
a serial killer, dude.
You have the potential.
Hey, who is this guy?
-You're toast.
-Step out!
-Come out!
-Come out of the car now!
-Who is this guy?
-Are you deaf or something?
Come out of the car now!
Sajini's brother.
-Come on!
-Real brother?
-Yeah. My brother-in-law.
-Come on out!
We don't even take pictures with girls
and he is recording videos!
-Rascal! Come out of the car now!
-Come out!
You're too eager
to speak in an interview, right?
I'm going to scratch
your car now. Wait.
Hey! Hey, brother!
I'm going to hang you upside down
and cut you open.
Hey! Stop!
Move out of the way!
Hey! Damn you!
-Come out!
-I'm a lawyer.
I don't give a damn
if you're a lawyer or a judge!
-Come out!
-Have you lost your mind?
Do you even know
who you're messing with?
You shouldn't have cursed.
You want to hit me?
Will that help?
Will it bring his sister back?
You'll get into trouble, as well.
Do you have any idea
whose car you've damaged?
Go home.
-How'd you get here?
-My friend
What happened?
Why did you do it?
Why did you do this?!
I didn't know!
-I'm hurt.
-Are you hurt?
Be careful. Baby steps.
We're almost there.
-I'll do it.
-let me.
-I'll do it leave.
It's right here.
Did you make tea for me?
I'm leaving
Leaving everything behind.
You stay in Pune for a couple of days
and suddenly you grow a backbone!
Stop worrying about me
and start worrying
about your daughter.
She couldn't even gather
the courage to call you.
That's her problem, not mine.
Yeah, it's her problem.
She was always caught up in,
"How will dad feel?"
"How will he react?"
"What will he say?"
She was even scared
to think about you.
Of course, it's her problem.
She wouldn't have done this
if she cared about her family.
And you wouldn't have done this
if you cared about your family.
Be grateful that I didn't leave you.
I kept you with me.
You kept me or that woman with you
because you can't stand being alone.
The only thing that saddens me is
that my daughter had to go missing
for me to realize that.
You know
what's the scariest moment
in a performance?
It's when the performance is over
but the curtains won't fall.
I've been pretending
to be tough all my life.
And now,
the curtains just won't fall
on this act of mine.
The visiting card does
not have Sajini's writing.
It has someone else's writing.
The biggest regret of my life
"dot-dot-dot. "
This year "dot-dot-dot. "
Even in her suicide note,
there's "dot-dot-dot. "
We use this pattern
when we want to emphasize something.
It's called ellipsis.
We didn't find it in any
of Sajini's older posts.
Ma'am, let's check the school again.
-I can't see anything here, sir.
-They didn't put
a single CCTV camera here.
Yes, sir.
Check the upper floors.
Who was on duty here
on the night of August 17th?
-No one, sir.
-No one, sir.
It was our day off.
-Day off? Why?
-Yes, a day off.
It was a new moon night, sir.
We don't work on that day.
-Mrs. Urmila, it's Bela Barot.
I couldn't find your missing daughter,
but I'm sending you the address
of your other daughter.
Bring her home.
On that day, the same thing happened
with Dada's daughter, as well.
Ranu, forget about falling
in love in this house,
you can't even breathe
here against Dada's wishes.
Instead of living a suffocated life here,
you should go far away
and live a peaceful life.
Run away.
That's all I can do for you.
I searched for her everywhere, Dada.
I couldn't find her.
I think she ran away.
Post an ad in the newspaper.
For a missing person?
For an obituary.
It's a part of a hearing amplifier.
Let's conduct a Kastle-Meyer test on it.
It's blood.
Check if the blood on the shoe
and the blood on the amp are the same.
Good morning, everyone.
Today, on Teachers' Day,
we honor the dedication
and commitment of all our teachers.
And pray for Sajini ma'am's well-being.
Mrs. Kalyani Pandit
will be joining us shortly.
Hey, Milind!
Look what we found!
I'd like to have
a word with you, alone.
What happened?
A lot.
This is Milind Sabne's hearing aid.
We found Sajini Shinde's blood on it.
And his phone's location
perfectly matches with Sajini's.
But he still won't spill the beans
on why he did this.
I can't believe
you did all this to Sajini.
What am I going
to tell everyone out there?
I'll help you with that.
What exactly did you say
to Sajini Shinde that night?
Excuse me?
Let's refresh your memory.
After you sent her that message,
expelling her
On the night of Janmashtami,
Sajini Shinde came
to meet you at the school, alone.
Why are you here?
You think the management
will let you off easy?
Ma'am, it's me.
Your Sajini.
Favorite student, and brightest teacher.
I need you.
It's not in my hands anymore.
You should just leave.
I have nowhere to go, ma'am.
Then record a video
and blame it all on Shraddha.
Can you do that?
Then be ready
to face the consequences.
Good luck surviving
without a family, a fianc, and a job.
It was really an honest mistake.
It was my birthday.
-It was a private event.
If you want to dance naked
then you better do it at home.
This is an official trip.
There are rules here,
both on and off campus.
Don't try to play the victim
after acting vulgar, got it?
Either make that video or get lost.
Now don't waste my time.
Milind Milind!
-Call the police.
No! No, a teacher from
our school committed suicide.
It would ruin the school's reputation.
They will blame you for it.
We didn't kill her.
Who's going to believe that, ma'am?
-All the blame will fall on you.
on both of us.
All the blame will fall on us.
You were with me.
So, what now?
Ma'am, let's hide her body.
Let's hide her body.
You can do it, right?
Keep her phone on for a couple of days.
Get the ID from the lab.
First, go to Bangalore,
then Sangameshwar,
and then the dam.
You remember everything, right?
But first, upload this message
to her account.
Do it.
There's a common pattern
in Sajini's posts and your yearbook.
The ellipsis
at the end of each paragraph.
But none of Sajini's previous messages
or writing had that pattern.
So, Milind did exactly what you told him.
He went to Bengaluru
and switched on Sajini's phone.
He went to Sangameshwar
and uploaded her photo.
And in the end, he threw
Sajini's belongings into the dam.
You did everything right.
But you made two mistakes, though.
First, Milind just cut-copy-pasted
all your messages as is.
That's why they had those
"dot-dot-dots. "
Then, ma'am,
you made a small mistake.
Sajini's father said
We'll go home with her.
Kadam said
Sajini isn't dead.
Shraddha even put up hoardings
around the city
"Where is my friend?"
But you were the only one who said
Sajini "was" our beloved teacher.
Throughout the investigation,
you were the only one
who referred to her in the past tense.
Because you knew she was dead.
We'll keep on investigating,
but today, on Teachers' Day,
you will step outside,
and address this question
in front of the whole school.
Was your school's reputation more
important to you than a teacher's life?
Students and teachers,
I would like you
to welcome Kalyani ma'am,
who has been an integral
part of our faculty
and has given more
than 30 years of service.
Please clap for our principal,
Mrs. Kalyani Pandit.
A good girl,
a modern wife,
and a respectable teacher.
Today, I got the results
of all three exams.
You can probably tell
from my face how it went.
So, I just wanted
to say goodbye to all of you.
Dad, I love you.
I thought I was your life,
your pride, and your joy.
But turns out,
neither am I your life nor
I love you.
Mom, learn to speak up.
You can't stay silent your whole life.
You have to speak up sometimes.
Akku, you have to study hard.
Stay away from trouble.
And even if nobody loves you,
I definitely do. Okay?
You're my life. You
should stop overthinking.
Sid Siddhant
I love you.
All of you
the good, the bad, the ugly.
And you don't have
to be ashamed of me anymore.
This is getting too emotional,
so I'm going to stop recording now.
Sorry and
miss me.
There was a lack of sufficient
conclusive evidence
to prove any suspects guilty
of Abetment of Suicide under section 306.
However, the court believes
that Mrs. Kalyani Pandit
And Mr. Milind Sabne
both are guilty under section 201.
Causing the disappearance
of evidence of the offense
and giving false information.
The court hereby orders
three years of rigorous imprisonment
to both the accused
and a fine of 2,00,000 rupees each.
In court, judgments are delivered,
not answers.
Who was really responsible
for Sajini's death?
The school whose reputation
was more important than a teacher's life.
The family that had placed the burden
of honor on their daughter's head.
Or the society
that knows how to point fingers
but not lend a helping hand.
No one wants to die.
Everyone just wants to alleviate
their own pain.
I wish I could tell Sajini
that the real courage is in living.