Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo (2007) Movie Script

- Jed!
- Hmmm?
Rafa's crying.
Jed, Rafa's crying!
Mommy will miss you!
Rose, don't forget to feed Rafa.
Make sure he doesn't get hungry.
It's just hard to feed him
because his teeth are growing.
If you need anything
call me right away, okay?
Angge, come on! Hurry up!
What are you doing?
My God! What's that?
What can I do...
I have too much milk on my breasts!
Hello Doc, sorry to disturb you this late.
This is Angie... it's Rafa again.
Tell him Rafa won't stop crying.
Rafa won't stop crying, Doc.
He's having a hard time breathing.
Tell him Rafa can't eat.
Yes Doc.
And he's having a hard time eating.
It's like... yes Doc.
Huh? Yes, his teeth are growing!
That's normal?
Normal?! How did it become normal?
Rafa's turning black out of too much
crying, how did it become normal?!
Give that to me.
Hello doc...
Kiss Mommy!
How does it feel to be a mommy?
It's hard but it's worth it.
What they say is really true...
that the moment you see your son...
you will forget all the hardship
you went through in your pregnancy...
and all the pain
you felt during labor.
You will really be a changed woman.
Friend, wait a minute, I am going to give
you the "Mother of the Year" award...
for your dialogue.
I'm not used to it!
- It doesn't suit you.
- You know what...
ever since Rafa was born...
Jed and I are lucky
if we get 4 hours of sleep.
I can't believe it dude...
you even asked for an NBI
and CIA clearance for your nanny...
And yet you guys still stay up late?
The point of Angie is that
since both of us are working...
we have to spend as much time
as possible with the kid...
so when we get home from work
we can still take care of him.
That way, we can have
our bonding time with the child.
Dude, your son is only
nine months old!
He doesn't know anything
about bonding!
That's not even my problem.
My problem is my wife.
Every time she has free time,
she always surfs the net...
and never stops researching!
The topic is- Child Rearing.
And you believe everything you read
in the Internet and books?
We don't want Rafa to grow fonder
with the nanny than us.
Jed! Hey!
What are you doing to your son?
Don't cry.
Look, we're bonding.
You told me to bond with him, right?
What kind of bonding is that?
When you shake the kid, it's as if
you're shaking a bottle of catsup!
He'll get dizzy!
Give him to me!
He's not dizzy... he's smiling! Look!
Where's the smile?!
Look, he's almost in tears
out of being cross-eyed!
Give him to me!
Jed, Rafa isn't included
in your Batman collection!
He's not a toy! It's not easy
to labor at this day and age!
One good thing about Angie,
she's very hands-on with the kid...
unlike other mothers out there
who leave their kids with the nanny.
The problem is...
sometimes it's too much.
I'm feeling feverish.
- You have fever?
- I think.
Oh no, you're right Jed!
Can you carry him for a while?
Get out of the room! Out!
Don't stay in this room!
Stay there! You have a lot of germs!
Don't come in here!
Of course, I understand.
I mean, that's our baby.
I know she wants to give as much time
with the baby as possible.
You know, whenever Jed comes home
even if he's very tired from work...
when he hears his son cry
even if he's about to sleep...
he's going to get up
just to take care of Rafa.
I'm afraid that
Rafa might grow spoiled.
I know what you're thinking.
I'm tired, I just came from the gym.
Why did you exhaust yourself?!
Let me just remind you,
I am entitled to my human rights!
Alright, let's do it.
You might sue me
for gross negligence.
Oh wait, it's Rafa.
Don't go away, I'll be right back.
That's so cute! You know what,
I think I want to have a baby.
Before you even dream
of having a baby...
you have to dream
of the baby's father first, Catalina!
You should look for a husband first!
It's your fault! You dumped Erwin.
He's not bad!
Yuck! I don't like him!
His genes suck!
Besides, I pity my child so much.
I don't want him to come out
looking like a...
Like a pus!
That's so mean!
I'm just telling the truth.
Hey Sandra, what's up with you?
You're there
but it's as if you're not with us.
You're so quiet!
Don't tell me
you had a fight with Ronnie?!
My God!
It's not you and Ronnie anymore?
You dumped Ronnie?
So what's the problem?
I'm pregnant.
- Look at my baby!
- Ice cream!
It tastes good right?
Hey look!
Look at my grandson!
Who are those people?
I haven't seen them before.
Those are mom's friends,
her supporters.
Why did mom invite those people?
For PR purposes,
she needs backers...
she's preparing for her candidacy
as councilor.
What? Mommy will run as councilor?
I just prefer not to talk about it.
But is that even right?
I only see you twice a month.
My God!
As if Cabanatuan is in another planet!
Look at Efren and Siony,
at least I see their kid growing up.
But your son,
he doesn't even know his grandma!
Come on mom,
Efren and Siony live here.
So obviously, you see their kid everyday.
So you see him growing up.
She's right mom, it's a long drive
from Manila to Cabanatuan.
Why? Am I asking
for your opinion on this issue?
Well, all I want
is a one big happy family!
That's important
to my career, you know.
Because we politicians
need a wholesome image.
We should have a happy family!
Oh, if you want an image
of a happy family...
let's invite Dad here...
with his wife,
and their son- Bronson.
- What?
- Yes mom, then let's all eat together.
Let's have our picture taken
then let's put it in a Christmas cards...
and give them away
to all your constituents...
if you want an image
of a one big happy family.
Are you crazy?!
That bastard isn't part
of our family!
Oh come on, mom!
Any way you look at it...
in the law of the church
and in the law of this country...
you two are married.
That father of yours,
is a disturbance to my political career!
My God!
I don't know about Mommy,
as she grows old...
she becomes more sensitive!
What sensitive? She's crazy!
Crazy is different from sensitive.
One day, you will just learn
that your mother got assassinated.
- Dad!
- Come on!
Even I am being ashamed
with what your mother's doing.
Doesn't she know that
I learn of every foolishness she does?!
Why do you even bother?
Your Mommy is forcing all her neighbors
to paint all their houses yellow.
I don't know what I can do
to your mother, Angelita.
Why yellow?
It's mom's favorite color.
Your mom is only a barangay assistant
and yet she acts like a dictator!
How much more if she becomes a councilor,
she's going to impose martial law!
What's wrong?
Bronson is just playing with Rafa.
Oh look... the baby is close
to his Uncle Bronson.
Bronson, come on,
say hello to the baby.
Hello baby.
Bronson, you talk to the baby
in English only, okay?
Okay Mommy.
Hey Bronson, don't play
with the child too much...
he might get cursed.
Yes Dad.
Jed, your mom feels bad
because you don't visit us anymore.
She thinks you've forgotten us.
Huh? We just had lunch in your place
last Sunday, right?
Oh, so that's it?
I didn't know their visits with us
are scheduled.
How many weeks
are we here in Manila?
We don't stay long, right?
The rest of the year,
we're in the US.
I know. Angie and you, work.
And you're tired throughout the week.
I understand.
So you understand?
What's with all the drama?
How can they drive all the way
to Cabanatuan just to see that family?
Mom? Is that the real issue here?
That we drive all the way
to Cabanatuan?
That's bad for my grandson.
How many hours do you drive
to Cabanatuan...
just to be fed
with Cabanatuan sausage?!
Don't you get tired of that sausage?
You know Jed, mark my words,
one of these days, you're going to die...
because of your cholesterol level
out of eating that sausage!
Charito, do not forget
that Belita is the mother of Angie.
So? I am the mother of Jed.
And I don't want to accept that excuse.
But you know, I understand.
You know I...
- Jocelyn, for a while.
- Yes Ma'am?
What's this?
What's that?
Don't ask me!
You're the one who bought this!
Oh yeah.
And you asked Jocelyn to keep the package
so I won't be able to see it.
Jed, two weeks ago
you bought a pair of rubber shoes.
A week before that,
you already bought another pair.
I know how much
a pair of these costs!
Anj, what's the problem?
Jed, we have a lot
of expenses every month.
We need to learn how to budget.
My mom doesn't even hag me
about my shoes.
If only I knew that Angie
would make an issue out of Batman...
A wife is different
from a mother, Jed.
A wife is packaged with a contract,
a mother, no.
That's why I don't want
to get married.
You mean, even if...
Oh, so the girls have told you
about the condition of Sandra?
And you still won't marry her,
even if she's pregnant?
- My God
Sandra, don't you think
you're on the losing side here?
What if in the future,
Ronnie decides to leave you?
That's fine. Who says I need Ronnie
to raise the baby?
If there's going to be a problem,
then goodbye!
This baby is still mine.
What do you think of your baby?
A souvenir?
So what do you want to hear first?
The good news or the bad news?
The bad news first.
I guess you've heard.
Maricris has resigned.
Therefore, her position
as EP of the show "1 on 1" is vacant.
We need an immediate replacement.
Okay. So what's the good news?
You're to replace Maricris.
You're the new EP.
Please tell me
that you didn't accept the job.
Please tell me you didn't accept it.
So you accepted it.
Will you please not shout?
I'm not shouting Angie.
I just raised my voice for emphasis.
Look, in your show
with Cathy Molina...
you almost had to camp
inside your studio.
And yet, you still accepted
another job.
Jed, I don't have a choice.
Of course you had a choice.
You had a choice.
No Jed... I don't have a choice.
Because if I declined the job,
I might seem uncooperative.
- Why?
- Wait...
Because this means that
the management has a huge trust on me...
that's why they gave me a new show.
- This is my chance...
- Angie, wait, stop!
Quiet! Listen, okay?
I just want to remind you
that you already have a son.
Okay Jed, correction.
We already have a son.
Oh yes. Okay.
Aren't you the one who keeps on insisting
that we spend quality time with Rafa?
Let me ask you now...
how much time
can you actually spend with your son...
now that you have a new show?
How much money do we need
for our expenses every month?
With the number of bills we have to pay,
with all the loans we have to pay...
and how much money do we make,
considering our salaries combined?
Okay... Good.
Now you understand
why I accepted the job.
Good night!
Angie, what's the matter?
I am fixing a lot of problems
right now, Norbie.
So I guess you heard that
Sir Andy is the one assigned...
to accompany Sec. Alfonso
in the Washington trade mission?
So Buddy here is going
to sub-host "1 on 1".
That's right!
So in the next six weeks...
you and I are gonna be
working together, Angie.
Good evening, Ma'am.
You know what time it is?
Have you had dinner, Ma'am?
Just fix me some coffee, Jocelyn.
Thank you.
It's 2 in the morning.
I know. I have a watch. See?
It's small but I can see it. 2:05.
Besides, what's your problem, Jed?
I called you, right?
I called to tell you
that I'm still in a meeting.
Who the hell goes
to a meeting at 2 in the morning?!
At least, when I go home late,
I always come from work.
I don't come from playing poker with
my friends and drinking the whole night!
Hey Angie, don't you walk out on me!
Wait, let's talk about this.
Lord, I am so exhausted!
Jed, please.
Can we not talk about this
because I'm so tired?!
I wouldn't be able to sleep.
I need to sleep.
Didn't we agree to settle
all our issues before we sleep?
Can we just not settle it now, Jed?
Not now, Jed!
Because | I'm really tired.
This is how tired I am!
Because my job is not like your job!
I don't just sit around
and ask my assistants to work!
- Okay, that's fine with me!
- Okay, fine!
Rafa is crying.
You're right, let's go.
Does your new job require you
to stay inside the studio every night?
Jed, do you have
a hearing impairment?
Didn't I tell you
that after our live telecast...
we have to do pre-production
for our show to be aired the next day.
That's my point.
Your old show only airs once a week.
Now, your new show airs everyday!
- Angie? Hi! Hello!
- Hi! Buddy, this is my husband Jed.
- Jed. Nice to meet you dude.
- Dude.
Buddy is the host of my new show.
I thought Atty. Barrameda
is the host of your new show?
Apparently, your husband doesn't watch
your nightly shows, Angie.
Oh yeah, you wouldn't expect him
to watch news...
when he gets home,
he always watches sports channel.
Buddy Rivera? That handsome dude!
He's a ladies' man!
I always see him hanging out
in Makati and Eastwood...
- you know who he dates?
- Who?
- Sexy celebrities! And models!
- We're dead!
We're really dead!
How's that Jed? Isn't he
with your wife until 2 AM everyday?
Guys, it's like this.
You know, if the wife gets successful...
the husband gets left behind.
Stockup. He's just home. Right?
- Joke!
- That's right.
Dude, let's drink some more.
Angie, your mother is waiting for us
in Cabanatuan.
Yes, we know
that you are very busy...
and it's hard for you to drive
from Manila to Cabanatuan.
We're very sorry mom, we stayed up late
because we had to edit a video for...
It's okay...
I know we can't force you.
Mom, it's not like that.
As if I don't know that only one call
from your mother-in-law...
and you're already there
in their house.
Mom, that's not true, we weren't able
to go to Cabanatuan...
because I got home very late.
I couldn't wake up
because I was so tired.
Okay, I got the picture!
There's a saying, if there's a will,
there's a way but you have no will...
that's why you say, no way!
- Dude, are you sure you can go home?
- I'm fine. I'm not drunk.
Alright. Bye.
Take care.
I knew it. I knew it had to be you.
Who are you with?
Actually, I'm meeting up
with some friends...
but I got here early because the others
are still in their meetings.
Do you want me to hang out with you
while you wait for them?
Your wife might be waiting
for you Jed.
And I know how sensitive she is
about you seeing me so...
Here he is
when he was six months old.
What's the name of your baby?
His name is Rafael.
So we call him Rafa.
But I'm sure, when he grows up,
we'll call him Paeng.
He looks like your wife!
Excuse me, I look like him!
Jed, how can I forget
how your wife looks like?
Trust me... your son looks like her.
Well, Jed,
I have something to tell you too.
I'm leaving for London
in three weeks.
I'm getting married!
Mariel, I'm really happy for you.
- Stop it!
- Don't be naughty.
- Stop it! Stop!
- Here you go again.
- Let's go. Come on!
- What happened?
- Let's go!
- What is happening?
Wilbur, I need you to do me a favor.
Did you see that woman? Long hair?
Wearing black?
- Where?
- Don't look!
You always hit me!
That woman, wearing black,
and that guy with the pointed nose...
take a picture of them!
- Huh? Why?
- Just do it! There!
Let's go. Hurry!
Where have you been?
Why did I get home earlier than you?
We just had a good time
chatting with our classmate...
the one from Sydney...
Randy Arcilla.
He's already going back to Sydney.
What a long chat.
Wait, did you just get home?
Oh, maybe you're already the one
closing the gate of your station...
or maybe you also enjoyed
chatting with, what's his name?
With the host of your new show?
Does your question mean something?
Or are you trying to imply something?
Me? Implying something?
Of course not!
You asked me something,
I just asked you back.
Catalina, what's up?
Friend, are you in a good mood?
Isn't it too early
to talk about your lovelife?
How's that rocker guy you're dating?
He's okay.
But that's not the reason I called.
So what's up?
Friend, don't be surprised, okay?
It's not that I'm intervening...
Catalina, too much suspense already.
What is it?
It's a miracle!
You got home earlier than me.
Can you explain this?
What explanation are you talking about?
You're busted!
Who sent you that?
That's not important
and that's not the issue here!
I know who this giant creature is!
This is your mistress
who looks like a four-kneed faggot!
Angie, we just bumped into each other
and we just had coffee.
Wow! Coffee... bumped into each other...
how sweet!
You two are too old for an eyeball!
Before you become hysteric,
will you please allow me to explain?
I want a clear explanation!
Angie, she's getting married!
See, she's getting married,
why are you guys still meeting up?
We didn't intend to meet up...
we just bumped into each other
and we are just friends!
Why didn't you tell me
you bumped into her?
Why did you use your friend
from Sydney as an excuse?!
Do I have to report
everything I do to you?
Oh sorry Jed,
I just thought I'm your wife.
And besides,
I'm the mother of your son.
Sorry, if I'm interested to know
the things you are doing!
Damn you!
Don't you damn me.
Damn you!
She's a pest!
That giant lustful creature
is a pest in my life!
One more and I swear, I'm going to call
my father to teach that woman a lesson!
Look at the mess you did!
Jed might be thinking
I can't do what he does, huh?
He doesn't know what I can do...
I'm losing my patience.
I can also do what he does!
Angie, don't tell me you're going
to find yourself another man!
What's surprising with that?
Hey! Even if I already have a son,
I'm still beautiful!
I'm beautiful...
I'm very, very beautiful!
Angie, why are you in a bad mood?
Because my workmates aren't here yet.
I've been waiting for a few hours now.
We still have to go to Dagupan
to shoot some video...
and until now, they aren't here yet.
Anyway, I'm on my way to the cafeteria.
Do you want to have a cup of coffee?
No thanks, my workmates might
get here anytime soon.
- Thank you.
- No problem. I understand.
Anyway, have a safe trip... and smile.
We called Ma'am
but she cannot be reached.
We also called the doctor,
he's also unavailable.
- How did that happen?
- His phone might be turned off.
We called the doctor's clinic
but no one's picking up.
So Rafa has been sick
for a while now...
why didn't you do anything?
Why didn't you call me?
Sir, we called your office before 6,
but they told me you already left.
We don't know your cellphone number.
We only know Ma'am Angie's.
Hello mom.
Ma'am Angie, have you spoken
with your husband?
Not yet, I told you
my phone's battery's dead. Why?
Ma'am, he has been calling,
it's about your baby.
It's alright... everything is fine.
What happened?
They just overreacted.
Your son just got feverish.
But everything's fine now.
Nothing serious.
- It's okay.
- Thank you.
Your son is sick.
It's okay.
Can we talk?
We don't have to, Jed.
I know what you're going to say.
I know exactly
what you're going to tell me.
About my job,
and about taking care of Rafa.
You don't have to lecture me.
Why don't you want
to listen to my mom?
She got a point.
You don't have to work.
You know why?
Because I'm not your mom.
And more than that...
no offense meant,
I don't want to be like your mom.
Angie, let me ask you.
What's more important for you,
your own happiness...
or your son's happiness?
Excuse me, not your husband's...
Because a husband could disappear...
and could even be dumped
and replaced for the better.
You should learn how to sacrifice.
You can't get everything you want.
But you also worked mom, right?
Why? Do you think, I enjoy pouring
all my energies in making these sausages?
Of course not!
But I've decided
I need to double my efforts...
just in order for me
to provide for my children!
Don't waste any of your time.
Embrace your son,
shower him with kisses...
but I'm not saying
your husband is right!
And your twisted mother-in-law!
You have to sacrifice,
no matter how little.
that's what being a mother is about.
Well, it goes the same for fathers.
Parents sacrifice for their children.
Mom, a lot of people
just do not know...
That even if you're crazy...
you're still the best mother
in the whole world!
Yes of course!
And besides,
you're exactly like me.
And you know what I think?
It really runs into the family!
Kiss daddy.
I thought you have taping on Tuesdays?
Why are you home this early?
I already talked to Norby.
I have resigned in my other show.
I've been noticing that.
Your silence.
Come here.
Why did you do it?
What... for me?
Well, not just for you.
For us.
Anj, you know
I still want you to be happy.
Stop it.
I made this decision...
because I think this is what's
good for us at this time.
And please stop asking questions,
because I might change my mind.
I'm sorry.
For what?
I don't know. For being...
What's the term? Irresponsible?
That would do.
But you can use childish.
Or spoiled brat.
Or for being a jerk.
But I'm fine with irresponsible.
Wow, thank you. You're so sweet.
As always.
Anj, are you sure
with your decision?
Wouldn't that affect your career?
You know Jed,
I also realized something...
being a mother and being a wife
is also a career.
- Jed?
- Hmmm?
I have something to tell you
but promise me you won't get mad?
- What's it?
- Promise?
Will you please stop seeing
that fag Mariel...
because if you won't...
I'll strangle you
like there's no tomorrow.
Don't do that!
I'd really do that, Jed!
Kids! Guess what animal this is?
If you guess this one,
I'll give you a prize.
- Can you do that Rafa?
- No.
Who wants this dog?
- Happy birthday Rafa!
- Thank you.
It's nice!
Go! Go go go!
Rafa, careful!
Nanny... Nanny...
Carlos, did you hear that?
She got that from her nanny, mom.
We already told her
not to speak Visayan with Rafa.
She should speak Tagalog.
But the boy
should be talking in English.
Let him learn English in school, mom.
He should speak Tagalog
because our son is Filipino.
It would be awkward
if we have a Filipino son...
who keeps speaking in English,
I don't think that's right.
But he's not talking in Tagalog.
You're making my grandson a Visaya.
Hi Charito.
Rommel, it's nice seeing you again.
You've met my son, right?
- Greet your auntie.
- Good afternoon, auntie!
How are you doing?
I'm doing fine.
Your son speaks English very well.
We train him
to speak English at home.
You see what I mean Angie?
Our point is that when Bronson grows old,
he will surely work in a call center.
So while he's young,
he should learn how to speak English.
Hey Rafa. Eat now.
Eat the ice cream.
- Very good!
- Mom...
careful in feeding Rafa
with ice cream.
Why? Is my grandson sick?
Is he not allowed to eat ice cream?
Come on, eat!
It's not that, mom.
Angie just doesn't want Rafa
to eat too much cake and ice cream.
Come on, he's not allowed
to eat ice cream?!'s for Rafa's good.
It's good that Rafa is trained
to eat healthy food this early.
Excuse me Angelita,
I don't know any kid with hypertension!
It's better that while he's young,
he is trained to eat fruits...
- vegetables and fish.
- Angie, we'll go ahead.
It's a long drive home. We're still
going to fetch his mother in Cubao.
Oh Dad, wait a bit. Wait for me here,
I will pack some food for you...
so you won't get hungry
on your way home.
- Wait a minute. I'll be back.
- Belita, we'll go ahead.
Bronson, say goodbye
to your Auntie Belita.
We'll go ahead Auntie.
Take care of yourself.
Same to you!
God bless!
God bless you too!
Having a child
can get really exhausting.
Sometimes, when you get home and
your kid hugs you, you're already tired.
Our Kevin is a naughty kid!
Who is he playing with?
That's Dennis. Rafa's best friend.
He's our next door neighbor.
His dad is really nice.
Very friendly.
How long have Kaye
and Dodie been married?
- Three years, right?
- Around three years.
- Yup.
- Hmmm.
Why don't they have a kid yet?
I don't know, but looking at Dodie,
I don't think he'll make it.
- Hi Jed.
- Hi Dad.
You're opening your son's gifts?
- No Dad, I'm just segregating the gifts.
- Why?
What we do, instead of giving them
altogether, we give them little by little.
So he won't get bored easily.
Maybe every two or three weeks.
And then, toys like this,
we don't give them at all.
Imagine, he couldn't eat chocolates,
he can't eat ice cream...
he can't play toys.
Well, not all toys, only those that
are suggestive of violence...
like guns, swords and the like.
They won't even allow him
to watch cartoons.
Even cartoons?
Did you see him, Efren?
Rafa is so excited to eat ice cream.
He swallows very, very quickly.
How could he not eat what you feed him...
even if he's full,
you keep spoon-feeding him.
I just pity my grandson.
He lost a lot of weight.
- Rafa has love handles already!
- No... he looks chubbier before!
How can Rafa not lose so much weight?
All he eats are vegetables!
He's starting to look like a goat!
That's Angie's fault.
You're blaming her again.
you want to be scientific about it?
That's genetic.
Isn't Angie's mother, crazy?
And you're amazed that
she will inherit her mother's lunacy?
It's the influence of Charito!
I swear.
It's that woman! She's crazy!
Are you kidding me?
- What's funny with what I said?
- Ten days in Spain?
Yes! Didn't I tell you about our friend?
His name is Kenneth...
he migrated to San Francisco,
then he moved to Barcelona to work.
He's inviting us.
And I think... we both need a break.
Plus it can also be
our postponed honeymoon.
What's wrong with you, Anj?
Tell me the truth.
Are you cheating on me again?
- What?!
- Answer me.
Are you cheating on me?
What made you say that?
I don't believe your sweetness right now.
Men are always like that.
You only become sweet,
when your conscience bugs you...
and when you go back to your old ways!
So come on, admit it.
Are you seeing that faggot again?
So we're going to leave Rafa here
for 10 days?
Angie, Rafa is 4 years old already,
he's not too much of a burden anymore.
And Susan is there to take care of him.
Oh, so you think
I'm going to be at peace...
with the fact that we're leaving him
with Susan?
Alright, then let's leave him with my mom.
Jed, you know I love you.
And I don't want you to get hurt...
but I'm really gonna hurt you
if you do that!
Okay, then let's leave him with your mom.
You're making it worse.
You wanna get admitted to an asylum?
If we leave Rafa with my mom,
he's gonna look like a sausage!
Okay. You got other suggestions?
No problem!
We're gonna take care of Rafa.
Are you sure?
Wouldn't it disturb your work?
Oh, 10 days is nothing.
Doods and I can handle it.
Right Doods?
Why aren't you bringing Rafa along?
Jed and I have decided that this is
going to be our second honeymoon.
That's fine. Leave Rafa with me.
I will take care.
- Then you can leave Rafa with us.
- Mom...
Yes, is there a problem?
You mean you're going to leave Rafa
with Kaye?
- Are you okay?
- That's okay, mom.
But what does she knows
about taking care of a kid?
I think it's better for the boy
to stay with us.
Jerome, I don't see the logic
of all of this.
- Charito...
- Yes Carlos, tell your son.
No, I'm telling you. We should respect
the decision of Jed and Angie.
It's your call. He's your son anyway.
I just wanna let you know...
that I want to take care of my grandson,
because I love him.
But if you can accept the fact that you're
just leaving Rafa with someone else...
as the saying goes...
I got the message.
There. All done.
Anj, will you stop worrying?
What can I do?
This is the first time we're leaving Rafa.
Anj... don't worry, okay?
It's going to be okay.
This is our first trip abroad.
New experience. We'll enjoy it. Trust me.
It's going to be a trip
that we won't forget.
Rafa... be good, okay?
You follow everything your nanny
and your aunties would say, okay?
Yes Mommy.
We will only be away
for a short while.
We'll be back right away, okay?
Rafa can manage...
you're a grown up now, right?
Of course Daddy.
Come on, you guys go now.
I'll take care of the kids.
Let's go guys.
It's traffic going to the airport.
- Let's go, Anj.
- Okay.
It's Alex.
You guys are leaving now?
- Yes.
- Happy trip, guys!
Thank you. Alex, can you please check
on the house from time to time?
Oh, and Rafa too.
Please look after him.
No problem neighbor.
As long as you're happy.
- Thank you.
- Thank you Lex!
- Happy trip!
- Let's go.
Rafa, we will miss you!
- Bye!
- Bye Mommy!
- Okay, bye now!
- Embrace your dad.
You guys enjoy!
What? I don't understand you, Sir.
What? Yes, yes, yes.
- What did they say?
- I'm going to kick these guys!
My luggage isn't here yet!
How did that happen?
We checked in together in Manila.
That's the point.
They might have loaded it in another plane.
Don't tell me your luggage has its own mind
and it travels everywhere.
- I don't know.
- 'Cause you're so disorganized!
- Gabaldon!
- Valeriano!
Very good!
How are you, dude?
Dude! What happened to you?
You look like a father!
Oh come on, look at yourself.
You look like a scientist, bro!
Oh wait, this is my wife, Angie.
- Hi.
- Hi Angie.
You're a pity.
This guy was able to fool you?
You married him?
My body was full of MSG
when he proposed to me.
Dude, I'm sorry.
My wife is just very sweet.
- That hurts!
- How sweet!
Don't worry. The airline will deliver
your luggage here as soon as it's found.
Jed, I need your passport
and your credit card.
You can handle it, Anj.
Just use your credit card.
I need your passport!
Ken, where do you stay here?
In my girlfriend's place, actually.
- You have a girlfriend here?
- Of course!
- Spanish?
- Pure.
When you see my girlfriend, you're
going to regret that you got married.
- Chick?
- Of course!
Kindly check on Rafa
more frequently, okay?
Susan always has a hard time
following my instructions.
Okay. Bye. Thanks!
Angie, it's 1 AM in the Philippines.
Do you know that?
We are six hours ahead
here in Barcelona.
You will cause the maids insomnia
because you keep annoying them.
I'm just making sure.
My son isn't beside me.
I just want to make sure he's okay.
What about my luggage? Any update?
Now look who's annoying?
You just asked me 15 minutes ago and I'm
still going to give you the same answer!
I can't lose my luggage, Angie!
All my things are in there.
Okay. Here. Wear these socks.
Wear this bonnet too.
This could work.
I'll wear your panty instead.
I'm sorry Mr. Valeriano,
but we have checked with the airline...
and they have not found your luggage.
How can this happen?
I was with my wife when we checked
in our luggage in Manila.
They said they are doing everything...
If they are doing everything,
how come they haven't found it yet?
Wait Angie, I'm still talking to this guy!
Can you please relax first?
Your temper wouldn't bring
your luggage here!
- I'll talk to him. Relax.
- Okay.
Excuse me. We will come back later
to check on the luggage, again.
But please, if the airline calls and finds
my husband's suitcase, please let us know.
- Get it?
- Yes Ma'am.
Very good.
Thanks a lot!
If there is any way
that we can be of assistance...
please do not hesitate
to inform us of your needs.
- Do you understand, Ma'am?
- What did he say?
I don't know.
- Valeriano!
- Gabaldon! What's up?
Jed, Angie,
this is my girl, Teresa.
- Hello.
- Hi Teresa! Nice to meet you.
Kenneth has been saying
many nice things about you.
Jed, she can't understand you.
She can't speak English well.
English, a little I understand.
Ah, we're not going to have a problem.
- What?
- What?
Don't confuse her.
- I'm sorry.
- Let's go.
Is it really like this in here?
It's almost 11 and yet
there are only a few people out?
Oh, the people here are kinda laid back.
Everything opens late
because everyone gets up late.
We have our lunch here at 2 pm,
sometimes at 4pm.
Dinner time, 10pm to at least 11pm.
Right, honey?
Where are we going?
- Let's finish this so we can go now.
- Sure.
Oh, so that's why you don't want
to go back to Manila.
- Good morning, Ma'am!
- Mamita!
How are you my little boy?
Oh, you're a pity.
It's okay, Mamita. My nanny's here.
- Good morning Ma'am!
- Oh, don't mind her!
That's why Mamita is here.
Because I love you so much!
Look! Look, what I've brought you.
This is all for you
because Mamita loves you.
Why? You don't like
what Mamita brought you?
Mamita, Mommy said...
What did your Mommy say? What?
Ma'am, Ma'am Angie made it clear that...
What?! I am the one who's here,
thus I'm the boss!
- Get it?
- Yes.
Huh? What time did they fetch Rafa?
- What's the matter?
- Where did they bring him?
I don't know, ma'am,
where did they bring him.
They left me here.
- They're not home yet?
- Yes Ma'am, they're not here yet.
That's what I've been saying Jed,
I knew this was going to happen.
I asked Kaye to watch over Rafa,
she's not doing her job!
- Angie, our son is with my mother.
- That's the point! That's the point!
The reason why I'm hysteric is
because our son is with your mother!
Wait Angie, what's the matter here?
Do you know Jed's mother?
- Of course, Auntie Charito.
- Now you're asking me what my problem is?
Wait. Here, I'm already calling Mommy.
Hello mom?
Hello Jerome. How's your vacation?
Are you and Angie, okay?
Yes mom, we're fine.
Are you with Rafa?
Yes, he's with me.
Who told you? That woman huh?
You know that nanny?
She's very nosy!
She does not know her place!
Can you believe, she does not allow
my grandson to go with me?
Mom, she was just following instructions.
What do you mean?
You instructed her not to allow
my grandson to go with me?
- It's not like that, mom.
- What? Where did she take him?
- Mom, where are you right now?
- I just took Rafa shopping.
Wait. Here, talk to your son.
Here's your daddy.
Dad, Mamita bought me some toys.
- Rafa, can I talk to Mamita?
- For a while.
Jed, enjoy your vacation.
Rafa and I are okay.
Give my regards to Angie.
- Goodbye son.
- Hello mom...
What happened?
Where are they now?
They're alright.
They're on their way home.
There you go.
Let's go now.
Rafa, are you okay?
My tummy is aching.
The child might be having a gas pain.
Rafa... come here.
Let me see.
Why is this child so bloated?
Ms. Kaye, it's Ma'am Angie.
What are we gonna tell her?
Answer that.
You answer that.
- Hi Ma'am.
- How's Rafa?
He's okay, Ma'am.
Let me talk to him.
Ms. Kaye!
- Why?
- Ms. Kaye, Ma'am wants to talk to Rafa.
- She wants to talk to him?
- Yes.
- You imitate Rafa's voice.
- I can't Ma'am. I'm a Visaya!
- Angie! How are you, my friend?
- I want to talk to Rafa.
Don't worry, he's okay.
I know he's okay.
But I want to talk to him.
Best friend, I have something
to tell you, but...
- don't panic, okay?
- Panic?
What again happened to Rafa?
Catalina you witch, tell me the truth,
what happened to Rafa?
Oh my God!
Where is my grandson?
Bring everything in... everything!
Angie, can you please relax?
Nobody dies out of gas pain!
That's not my point, Jed.
My point is that your mother
is getting on my nerves...
she's intentionally annoying me!
You promised me
that once we're here on a vacation...
we're going to leave
all our problems in Manila.
So please, can you stop whining?
Are you guys okay now?
You guys are so funny.
You're so childish!
Lighten up guys...
this is your vacation.
- Honey.
- Honey.
Jed, I can't take this anymore!
Spanish kissing.
It looks good Angie.
Ma'am, I'm begging you,
please come here now.
What's the matter?
Hey, that's enough!
You and Jocelyn,
prepare my bed now.
- Do you get it?
- Yes.
I'm living a peaceful life.
You guys are disturbing me!
You're all not doing your job!
Go! Work!
No, it's okay dude. I understand.
We're the ones who are disturbing you.
I'm sorry, Valeriano.
There's just a problem here in the office.
But tonight, let's get together
with Teresa.
- Alright. Take care.
- Okay, bye.
Jed, I have a good news for you.
- They've found my luggage?
- Yup.
Thank God! Is it there now?
- They found it, but it's not yet here.
- Huh? Why?
It's still in New York.
Auntie, I'd just like to ask,
how long will you be staying here?
Oh, until the couple gets back here.
Oh my God.
Auntie, does Angie know
that you're staying here?
But I'm sure, my daughter
is going to be happy.
You know, my daughter is very kind.
She didn't want to leave Rafa with me
because she's so shy.
- Shy.
- She's so shy.
Some more questions?
- We'll go ahead
- Bye, Auntie.
I told you.
We should go to Casa Battio.
Is it just near?
- Check please.
- The bill.
- She got what I meant right?
- Maybe.
Jed, let's buy something
for our family and friends.
You know them. They're definitely
going to ask us for something from here.
What's happening with you?
Jed, what are you looking for?
- Here's the bill.
- One moment please.
Why? What's happening?
What are you looking for?
My wallet is missing!
- How did that happen?
- Angie, where is it?
Didn't you leave it in the cab?
It might be under the table.
- Or under the table cloth.
- Just stop talking.
And just help me find it.
Didn't I tell you to take extra care...
because there are
a lot of pickpockets here?
My mother is staying in the house now?
How did that happen?
What's the problem?
why did you let it happen?
Why did you let her stay there?
Tell her to go back
to Cabanatuan now!
You want me to go to your house now
and drag your mother out?
I don't wanna get mugged!
I told you to watch over the house.
How did my mother get in?
Rafa... Rafa, it's dirty.
- Mamita... Papito.
- Rafa.
They let Rafa play here alone?
Belita, you're here?!
we're halfway around the globe.
Tell me...
At this point, what can you do?
Nothing right?
So can you please just relax?
Gabaldon, are you okay?
Come on, let's go.
I think there's an issue.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
Where are we going?
Where do you wanna go?
Ken, are you okay?
What's the problem?
I've been pissed off
with this woman since last night!
She's so careless!
Our house almost got on fire
because she left the gas range open!
Take it easy dude.
How can I take it easy?
What if our house exploded?
We had an agreement that she will quit
smoking now that we're together.
Looks like we're involved in this issue.
Don't shout at me!
Dude, just relax.
- What?
- Jed, stop them!
How can I stop them when I don't know
what they're talking about?
Gabaldon, are you okay?
Do I look okay?
Let's go... damn it!
Let's go home Jed...
Are you really staying here
while Angie and Jed are away?
Of course...
for the sake of the children.
Did they request you
to take care of our grandson?
Yes, what's wrong with that?
I'm the grandmother of the child right?
The nanny told me...
one time, you brought Rafa with you...
then when you came home...
Rafa felt sick.
Aren't you needed at your job
in the city hall, in Cabanatuan?
That's okay, I keep in touch.
You know... first, I am a mother.
Then second only, I am a politicians.
Got the message?
- Mamita...
- Rafa, why are you crying?
Rafa, are you hurt?
- He has a lump on his head!
- What!
- Come baby, come baby.
- He has a lump...
Let me see...
Oh there's a lump! Why?
What happened?
Did you fall? Did you bump your head?
- It's Dennis...
- Your playmate?
- What did he do?
- He hit me here.
- Oh my God, what a wicked child!
- Where's Dennis?
- Belita, wait!
- Carlos!
- Belita... Belita.
- Belita...
Hey kid! Hey!
This honeymoon should've been fun.
Sorry Anj ha.
Why are you sorry? I'm okay.
My feet are tired after roaming
around the whole of Spain.
I'm fine here inside the room.
It's better if we just stay here.
- Angie...
- What?
You look like you wanna do something.
What are you thinking?
Why me?
You should be the one
because you're the man.
I don't think it's right
for the woman to think of...
what should be done in a honeymoon.
Alright... let's start
this honeymoon! Hola!
Wait... pick up the phone.
Jed, answer it. I'm getting annoyed.
I can't concentrate. Pick it up.
- Hello, Jed?
- Hello?
Jed, so sorry to bother you. There's a
problem here and I want you to know.
What's the matter?
Do you know what
that woman did to my son?
Yes, we were there.
That woman hit my child!
Then she pinched him!
That is why...
- we are apologizing for what happened.
- Goddamn it!
My mother hit Dennis?!
Then she pinched him...
then she cussed at him...
- What?!
- The kids are fighting now.
What did Alex say?
I will sue that woman!
- Mr. Guevarra, will you please calm down?
- She hit my son!
- Maybe she didn't mean to do that?
- She didn't mean to do it?
She made my son's head her target!
Now you're telling me she didn't mean it?
Bring out that woman!
Bring her out!
What! I'm here now!
- What do you want?
- Oh my God. Please Carlos...
- Stop them.
- What's your problem?
What's your problem? What?
Do you know that
I can sue you for what you did!
You hit my son!
That evil son of yours
hit my grandson first!
It would be better
if we settle this inside.
No. Rafa, come here son...
show your lump on your head!
Don't be shy... come on!
Is that reason enough
for you to hurt my son?
My son is six years old!
So what?
Who do you think you are
to just come here...
and just do this to my son!
- Hey... hey...
- Belita, please... stop it.
Shut up!
Do you know who you are talking to?!
Do you know
I am a duly elected official...
in Cabanatuan city?
You know that?!
I don't give a shit!
Well, you're sorry.
I'm not giving my shit!
Do you think
Alex will really sue my mother?
Or maybe
he's just trying to terrorize her?
- Jed...
- Anj...
- Don't you think it's better if...
- Yes.
You know what I'm gonna say?
I'm going to call the airlines.
We're going home the day after tomorrow.
You're right.
Kevin, Rafa...
Stay here in the kiddie pool.
Don't go near the big pool.
Did you imagine that there will be
a time in Sandra's life...
when she will really act like a mother?
Why? What do you think of yourself?
Wait a minute...
why is it that you and Dodie
do not have a child yet?
I'm really impressed with your wife.
Even if she has a daughter,
look at her body.
She's still sexy!
- Of course!
- Other women out there...
when they have a kid...
they care about their bodies no more.
Their bodies
take the shape of a cabinet!
Dude, if that happens...
You're going to dump Sandra?
Why, Jed?
If Angie would turn into a hippopotamus,
would you still get turned on?
You guys are mean.
Don't play clean!
Dodie... even just one of those...
you're not game?
That's just trouble.
I can impregnate
any one of those women!
Yeah right!
Do you think if he knew
we already have husbands and kids...
he will still pose in front of us?
You're the only one with kids...
I don't have one.
The nerve!
You sit in during the editing...
because I wanna see it
before it gets aired.
- Yes Ma'am Angie.
- Okay, go ahead.
Angie, you have a visitor.
He's been looking for you.
Who's it again?
Boyfriend? Our mother?
Are you sure?
Maybe they're just friends
and you're putting malice into it.
They're kissing lips to lips
in front of us!
Is that what friends do?!
I'm so pissed! It's so annoying!
Now that she's old?
Now that her hips are falling apart?
She still managed to flirt!
I've been emoting here...
And you're just laughing!
What do you wanna be my reaction?
Daddy, why is Mommy angry?
Mommy's not angry.
She's just emotional because
your grandma has a boyfriend already.
Ah okay.
It's not funny, Jed!
I'm so pissed!
Your brother and your mother
are not in speaking terms...
It's as if they don't see each other.
Where did mom meet that bastard?
In the City Hall.
What? He's also a politicians?
No. He's vice's cousin.
Where's mom? Why isn't she here yet?
- She just bought food.
- Hello everybody...
we are here!
A baby roasted pork, for everybody!
That's right!
So you came from abroad?
Yes... Douglas is from Chicago.
That is in the US.
That's right. You know...
I stayed there
for almost forty years of my life.
That's a lot.
Are you still single?
No. I got six children...
and they're all married.
So you already have a wife.
He's a widower.
Tell you what... three times!
You've been a widower three times!
You got it honey.
They're all dead!
That's why Douglas is very available.
Right honey?
You got it sweetie pie!
Jed, stop me.
I'm really going to hit my mother!
Stop me.
I'm going to hit
her with this roasted pork!
Mom, will you be honest with me?
Is that guy your boyfriend?
Angie please stop it!
My goodness, what a question!
Mom, what?
Is that old man your boyfriend?
We're more than friends!
That answer is so showbiz mom!
Okay, let's put it this way.
We're special friends...
exclusively dating.
Come on Angie...
what's the matter?
Okay, Douglas is a widower.
I am separated.
He's free... I am free...
So what?
It's free for all!
I don't want to bring your mom
when I give you the news.
She might get panicky again.
Does Maricris know?
Is she coming home from the States?
Your sister wanted to come.
But I told her...
that we should wait
for the result of the test.
But is it sure that Mommy
has a tumor in her breast?
What did you tell her?
Hey, don't worry...
Let's just wait for
what your dad is going to say...
because he's a doctor.
He'd be able to tell the condition
of your mom, right?
Don't be like that Jed.
Your mom is already in a panic.
Don't show that you are also.
She will lose her strength.
That's okay.
Everything's gonna be okay. Okay?
- Good morning.
- Where's Daddy?
They're upstairs. Come in.
- Hit
- Jerome!
I have cancer!
How'd you know that?
Why do you keep arguing with me...
this is my body!
I know that this tumor is cancerous!
Mom, we're going
to the hospital tomorrow.
And then the doctors
will take out the tumor.
And they will analyze it.
Only then will we find out
your condition.
- No!
- In the meantime...
Fourth stage!
I know it's fourth stage!
Mom, don't say that.
- Maybe fifth stage! Maybe fifth stage!
- Mom, cancer only has four stages.
Only four.
- Jed please.
- Mom, your body is very strong.
You're very healthy!
We're all gonna pass away first...
trust me.
So what's the diagnosis?
We're only going to find out
the result of the biopsy tomorrow.
How's Mommy?
She's sad. Very depressed.
We will have the results of the biopsy
by tomorrow afternoon Dr. Valeriano.
Thank you Doc.
There are the two of you.
Your mom has been looking for you.
Come on.
So how was Jed taking it?
He's so worried.
Dodie and I also want
to go to the doctor.
Why... who's sick?
We've been together for 3 years
and yet we still don't have a baby!
What if Dodie is a burnt out bulb?
What is he? A light bulb?
Fine, so we can understand each other...
What if Dodie's barren?
How are you sure
that Dodie is the problem?
I'm not infertile!
My sister is married for 7 years
and they have 5 kids.
Then my brother is expecting twins.
That means we're good at producing kids.
So I'm not barren!
With the number of men
who came into my life...
I ended with someone who's dried up!
Charito, I don't understand
why you should feel that way.
I expect you to be happy!
Is there someone who's in the hospital
and yet she's happy?
Mom, the test already proved that
there's no abnormal growth in your body.
Not yet.
They just haven't found it yet!
Good morning.
I have the results of the biopsy.
Here it is...
The tumor is benign.
It is just some abnormal development of
fatty cells that somehow...
solidified and...
So there's nothing to worry about.
- No!
- Huh?
I want more tests!
But mom, you are okay!
Why do you know better than me?
This is my body!
I know there's something wrong!
I demand! I demand more tests!
Dad, maybe what Mommy needs...
is a drug test.
Your brother is here.
Which brother?
It's Otap Ma'am.
He's upstairs. He brought his luggage.
You're a bastard Otap!
You left the house? You packed your stuff?
You want Mommy to kill you?!
I don't want to stay there anymore.
Every time I see Mommy
with her boyfriend, it ruins my day!
Now that old guy
is at home almost everyday!
- And besides...
- What again?
- Sis...
- What?!
Last night, that old guy
already slept in Mommy's room.
My God, it's true!
Charito, Angie told me
you are here in the hospital.
She said you're in a bad condition.
That's why we went here right away...
I might not be able to see you alive.
- Thank you Belita.
- Wait!
Charito, I have something for you.
You know... something to munch.
Oh my God!
Oh, so rude of me!
- My special someone... Douglas!
- Hi Douglas!
I tell you one thing,
I hope you get well soon.
Charito, she's dying!
Oh Lord!
Such a beautiful woman
and she's dying... that is bad!
Yes! Very bad!
Why do you look happy?
Oh sorry. Excuse me. I'm so shy.
Sorry. Sorry.
Charito, while it's not too late...
I just wanna let you know...
that I forgive...
- What?
- That I forgive you.
Charito, I want you to be...
To be rest in peace, before you face God.
I forgive you.
Good morning sister!
- Good morning sister!
- Brother Cenon!
Sister Celeste! Welcome!
Dad... something wrong?
Your mom...
What happened to Mommy?
What's that noise inside her room?
- I think you better see it for yourself.
- Hallelujah!
Praise the Lord!
Mind and body! Amen!
Daddy, is Mamita sick?
Rafa, Mamita's sickness
can't be cured by medicine.
I'm going to the hospital.
What?! You're going there again?
Jed, you're not able to rest there.
You might be the one who'll end up sick!
What can I do? My dad gave me a mission.
He asked me to convince Mommy to go home.
She only listens to me.
What about you? Your problem?
Until when is Otap staying here?
That's why I'm leaving
for Cabanatuan tomorrow.
I'm going to talk to Mommy.
I'm going to straighten
her twisted thinking.
So what are you going to tell your mom?
Any suggestions?
Just don't raise your voice
when your mother is shouting.
Jed, when did I raise my voice
on my mother?
You're shameless!
In front of Efren and Otap,
you allowed him to sleep here!
He got dizzy. His blood pressure
got high. He can't go home.
So there, I asked your Uncle Douglas
to sleep in the room.
What's wrong with that?
You made him sleep in your room mom!
On your bed.
You two were alone inside that room.
Now you're asking me
what's wrong with that?!
What do you think of me?
A teenager who grew up with no morals?
Your Uncle Douglas and I are behaved!
He's not my relative
so I'm not calling him uncle!
Hey... hey... hey!
- Are you shouting at me?!
- I'm not shouting mom.
I'm just raising my voice...
to make you understand
what I'm trying to say.
That what you're doing is embarrassing.
You didn't even give us any shame!
Oh so!
You're ashamed of me!
You're ashamed of me! My golly!
After everything I did for you
and your brothers!
Now you're telling me
those hurtful words?
You're going to come here
and tell me you're ashamed of me?!
Who could appreciate what you're doing?
You're so old and
yet you still curl your hair!
You still wear that kind of earrings!
And look at your blouse...
your cleavage is showing!
Is that right? I don't think so!
Oh is that it?
You're telling me I'm old...
so I'm embarrassing?
Hey Angelita! You might be forgetting...
I am your mother. You are just my child!
You don't have any right to lecture on me!
Got it?
Look at what your mom sent me.
- What's this?
- Read it.
She's asking for an annulment.
She's becoming a flirt now that she's old.
She wants to marry that fake American!
Babes... that's okay with you right?
I mean you and Belita have been
separated for a long time now...
and you both have your own lives.
When your marriage gets annulled,
it means...
you can already marry me!
- Is it not baby?
- I love you Daddy!
Mom... you are not that sick.
it's harder when
you're alone here at home...
now that you're just recuperating.
It's really hard getting old.
Mom, you're not that old.
Jed, it's too good you're still here.
You're very patient with me.
You know I have a lot of problems
with my family...
and also with my work!
But you... you have nothing to do
but stay in your mother's house!
Why? Is your family the only one
who has right to have a problem?
Hey... you are the one who told me...
100%, authenticated,
confirmed, certified...
your mom is not sick!
My mom's sickness is grave...
it's in her brain!
She's getting crazy!
There's no cure for that.
I can't leave my mom!
If I leave her,
she might say something.
Did I tell you to leave her?
My point is that...
The more you encourage your mom
with what she's doing...
the more she's thinking that
she's an effective actress.
You have the guts to say that...
Because it's not your mom
who's demanding!
If you're concerned
with your mother...
I'm also concerned with my mom.
Until now, you and your mom
aren't talking yet?
My saliva got dried up
talking some sense into her...
My jaws are aching
and she still won't listen.
I give up.
With her alone, I've reached my quota
for my problems this month.
Excuse me, are you Mrs. Valeriano?
- Yes?
- For you.
Kindly sign here.
- Thank you.
- Okay. Thanks.
What's that?
- Dunno.
- Who's it from?
Invitation from my mom!
Why do you look pale?
I'd like to make
a very important announcement.
We're getting married.
I'm so happy!
Did you hear what I said?
We heard it clear Mommy.
Come here. Stay beside me honey.
You cute little devil you!
- Give me a hug!
- Yes, my Douglas... my love!
Mom, can we talk for a while?
Wait, where are we going?
We're just going to talk!
Let's go!
- Let's go! Come on!
- Wait for a while.
- Excuse me honey!
- Okay.
What's up?
Listen clearly to what I'm gonna say...
and don't speak until...
- Angelita...
- Until I finish what I have to say!
Don't answer back mom. Please!
I'm listening now.
Can you please stop this mess
because you're not funny anymore!
We're all getting pissed at you!
What are you talking about?
You're going to marry that man?
My God! What's wrong with that?
The moment that father of yours...
stops all the drama...
and agrees to sign the papers...
Why not!
You're too old to get married!
Oh Douglas is still strong!
He still goes to the gym.
Besides, why do you want to marry him?
Why mom?
Because you want to be a US citizen?
That's why you want to marry him?
Is that it?
You of all people...
who wanted to do nothing in her life
but serve the people of Cabanatuan...
Now you're the one
who wants to go to America...
to make a snowman.
You're hurting me.
Fine mom.
I'm sorry.
Sorry if I'm hurting you
with what I'm saying.
But I just want you to understand
what I'm trying to say.
Do you get it?
Okay, okay.
Just give me one good reason
why you want to marry that guy?
I have many reasons.
But I'm only giving you one.
I wanna be happy.
What else makes you happy, mom?
We, your children, are here.
Your grandchildren are there.
Fine, think what you want to think.
If I'm selfish, then be it.
If I'm crazy, then be it.
Laugh at me. That's fine.
Just these final years of my life...
I just want to taste the happiness...
I never experienced.
That's it.
If you don't get it then let's forget it.
Jed, when are you giving Rafa a sibling?
Mom, it's already difficult having one.
We're not yet ready for another.
Why are you rushing Jed and Angie?
They're very busy.
Precisely, they don't have time
for their family.
Yeah, they don't have...
they don't have time.
Jed is always with you.
He doesn't even go home.
His work is already affected.
- Sir, it's Ma'am Angie.
- Thank you.
Hello Anj.
Can you please come home?
What's wrong?
Please, just come home.
Anj, I can't.
I'm having dinner with my mom.
- And besides...
- I know your mom needs you there.
But I need you here now.
I am your wife, Jed.
Okay, relax. I'm going there now.
Thank you.
Angie has a problem right?
I have to go, mom.
Finish your food first.
- The whole day you've been working...
- No Charito, he has to go.
- Go ahead son.
- Yes dad.
Bye mom.
You know Carlos...
you always contradict me
in front of my son.
And when you do that...
you humiliate me.
I know you're the mother.
But the moment
he decided to get married...
his responsibility is with his wife
not to the mother.
I should know.
That's what I did when I married you.
You were just surprised.
You're also like your mother.
When you get carried away,
your mouth has no brake.
I hate myself Jed.
I feel like I'm a very bad daughter.
Your reaction to the situation
was just normal Anj.
But you know...
I saw something in my mom
that I don't see in her before.
Even if she's very brusque...
Even if she's very loud...
She's still sad.
Yeah, mommy said it's hard getting old.
Your mom admitted
that she's getting old?!
Wow! Are we going to be
like them when we get old Jed?
You know... they used to say,
it's hard being parents right?
But you know,
I think it's also hard to be a child.
Of course!
It's hard parenting our parents.
But they also say...
while you get old,
you become like your parents.
Don't say that.
Hey Jed, when you get old like your
mother, I am going to divorce you.
That's bad.
I've been trying to call you
in your cellphone.
It's always busy.
If it's not busy, no answer.
And then I tried to call you
in your office...
you're always in a meeting.
Jed, you might be...
Mom, I'm sorry.
I just have a lot of work.
Yeah, I understand.
I wish I have more time
to spend with you, mom.
But I also have a lot of obligations.
And yes, I know it's not a good excuse.
I'm trying to be the best son there is.
But you know mom...
I'm not a bad son either.
You know why?
Because | I'm trying to be a good father.
And a good husband.
And a good son at the same time.
I never had the guts to tell you this.
Because I find it cheesy.
Mom, I wish I could say it.
More often...
But I can't do it.
But I'm gonna say it to you anyway.
I love you mom.
Jed, that's what I've been
waiting to hear all this time.
- Sis.
- What?
- Is mom there?
- Yes.
We want to surprise her.
Your timing is perfect.
Where is she?
She's inside her room.
She and Douglas just broke up.
There you go!
God has answered all your prayers.
Are you happy now?
Oh come on.
Don't deny it.
That's what you really want to happen.
For Douglas and I to break up!
Mom, it's not that.
Of course I want you to be happy...
Even if you already look stupid.
Just now!
Now that it's all over!
What happened to the youngest
loveteam of the Philippines?
My plan is...
I want to bring along Otap...
so he can enroll there for college...
I pity that brother of yours.
But he said no!
It's not part of the deal!
He wants just me.
Just me alone.
Deal or no deal?
I said, no deal!
We're just here for you mom,
no matter what.
Whether you like it or not.
We're just here.
Oh my God!
I can tell it!
What again mom?
What's the problem?
I almost made it!
I'm very excited
to smell fresh air in America!
But now, nothing happened.
I'm still smelling the scent
of my Cabanatuan sausage!
That's fine.
Just stay here with us.
We're just gonna take care of you.
Mom... Anj...
are you done there?
Rafa is looking for her grandma.
Grandma! Grandma!
Where's my grandson?
- Come.
- Grandma!
Kiss Grandma! Kiss!
My chubby kid!
Angie, this is too much!
How many visitors are you expecting?
We have a lot of food!
Sandra and Ronnie might arrive...
- with their families.
- Mommy! Daddy!
Rafa, why?
She's here!
Merry Christmas everybody!
Mom... I thought you said
you're not gonna be able to make it?
Efren brought us here.
They're on their way to Siony's.
So we thought we'd drop by here.
So... I am here!
Merry Christmas!
Belita, Merry Christmas!
Bronson... Rafa... come in now.
They're looking for you.
Just wait nanny, we're still playing.
- Come in.. Come in...
- Rafa...
Why don't you play with your
Uncle Bronson inside?
- It's hot here.
- Yes dad.
- Neighbor!
- Alex!
- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas!
- Did you get the biscotto we sent you?
- Thank you very much!
Here's our gift for you.
- That's sugar-free.
- Thank you!
This one is for Rafa.
Rafa, what will you say?
Thank you Dennis.
- Daddy! Daddy!
- Where's my grandson?
They're here!
Merry Christmas!
And also with you.
We apologize for what
happened with us before.
Of course mom.
He and Rafa are okay now.
Well, that's good.
If you are sorry then...
I am to apologize.
Alright dude, we'll go ahead.
Merry Christmas!
Jed, who is the wife of that guy?
I don't see her.
Mom, Alex is a widower.
That's good!
Bronson, you're not gaining weight
because you don't eat much!
See, you don't want to eat.
Come on, eat cake.
We have a chocolate fountain.
Come on... Eat.
I'll give you some cake.
Wait a minute!
Why is no one eating my purple yam?
You Charito?
No. Thank you.
I've had too much for lunch.
Well, that's fine since
you're gaining weight.
Her face is so round!
And her belly is protruding!
Angie, why are you the one
who's losing weight?
Yes Angie, you know I noticed
there's something different with you.
Are you alright?
Are we gonna tell them now?
Is there any problem?
No mom, we don't have any problem...
well, you know Angie...
for the past few days,
she's been complaining a lot.
So have you consulted the doctor?
I thought at first, I don't have appetite
because I'm always tired from work.
Then later on,
I got addicted to pickles.
All she eats are pickles, mom.
Morning, noon and night.
She even dips them in mayonnaise.
And why?
Jed and Angie, does this mean?
Yup! Rafa is going to be
an elder brother now.
- Yes!
- So happy!
Isn't it Charito?
- Yahoo!
- This is the best...
Christmas gift you have given us.
- Yes!
- That's true!
Mom, you know what,
I have a lot of cravings now!
I thought I just wanted
to eat something...
I didn't know, I'm already pregnant
and I'm craving!
Right Bronson?
My God!