Salaakhen (1975) Movie Script

"Take Guddi, eat grams."
"Why are you eating, one by one?
Eat all together, just like me."
"if I do that, they'll get over.
From where will you bring more? "
Why? Didn't your
father get anything today?
He hasn't come as yet.
When he comes he'll bring
many things. He told me so.
"C'mon, at least
you have someone."
I have neither
father nor mother.
"You must be feeling
very sad, isn't it?"
Why should I feel sad?
You and your father are there.
Both of you are my very own.
"Raju, we'll go
to the fair tomorrow."
I'll take money
from father. - Guddi?
There's father. - Have you
both seen the film? -Yes.
How was it? - Good.
"Look, today I've brought a
lot of food for both of you."
And I brought this
cake too for you.
"Raju, how many papers did you
sell, son? - All of them."
"Did you sell all? Good.
Come, have food. "
"Papa, we want to go to
the fair. We want the money"
"Yes, yes, we'll surely go to
the fair, tomorrow."
"I've earned quite some, today."
"Enjoy the fair, as much as
you want, tomorrow. "
"Let's go, to some
solitary place."
"O friend, let's go,
to some solitary place."
As I am scared we
may get separated..
"Scared that we may separate
in this fair of the world.
O dear friend!
This childhood
is so lovely..
"Innocent as
the blue skies.
This childhood
is so lovely..
"Innocent as
the blue skies.
Let's swing and
touch the clouds..
..Let's swing and
touch the clouds..
We don't want to live in
all this mess of the world.
"Let's go, to some
solitary place."
"O friend, let's go,
to some solitary place."
These balloons fly without
spreading any wings..
..And they look
so very lovely.
These balloons fly without
spreading any wings..
..And they look
so very lovely.
Hold the string tight lest
may slip out of hands.
Hold the string tight lest
may slip out of hands.
In this crowded
fair of life.
"Let's go, to some
solitary place."
"O friend, let's go,
to some solitary place."
Dreams of future
blossom in our eyes..
..And our breaths are fragrant
with the fragrance of flowers.
Dreams of future
blossom in our eyes..
..And our breaths are fragrant
with the fragrance of flowers.
You are my
dream of tomorrow..
..Whom I can call
my very own.
You are my
dream of tomorrow..
..Whom I can call
my very own.
We have to walk together
in this fair of life.
"Let's go, to
some solitary place."
"O friend, let's go,
to some solitary place."
O dear friend!
"Where had you been? I've been
searching for you, for so long."
What is all this
that you brought?
"Thief, thief.
- Catch him, catch him."
"This is the same thief,
who has stolen my purse."
"Bloody pickpocket,
take out my purse."
"What are you talking about, sir?
What purse, which purse. "
"You are lying, you rascal.
I myself saw you pushing."
"Sir, my children were
lost in the fair.."
"..and looking for them, I was
going around, here and there."
"Rascal, you're lying.
I'll smash your teeth."
"Police, police."
"Papa, papa."
"Hey mister, why are you
troubling this respectful man?"
This poor person is a family man.
Does he appear a thief to you?
"My purse, my purse.
- Thief, thief."
"Go, the thief is there."
These diamonds that see
are valued at two million.
And these are the
insurance papers.
I insure all my jewellery.
"The diamonds are first
class, Mr. Haridas."
it's just that the price?
"Mr. Advani, I'm quoting a
very reasonable price."
You show the goods
to your party.
"If they agree to the deal, ok
or else I've another customer."
"Ok, I'll show these
diamonds to my party. "
The boss forgot
his cigarette case.
"Thief, where did he go?"
"Mr. Sardarji, what did you think
while naming your truck, Anarkali?"
I never think. I've just
named it as Anarkali.
"But Sardarji, why do you compare
this truck to Anarkali?"
The legend of Anarkali
is a romantic legend.
"Oh! Brother, there is no
difference between.."
"..a lovers' meeting,
and the frontier mail."
"How is that, Sardarji?"
"Love, does not, differentiate
between castes."
Frontier mail doesn't
differentiate as per caste.
"Just as, everybody boards
the frontier mail."
"So also, you and Lalaji
have boarded on Anarkali."
And I always board it.
"What are you
saying, Sardarji?"
"As the topic has come up,
listen about Anarkali too. "
"Sure, sardarji. "
The sister of Heer was more
beautiful than Anarkali.
Ranjha took Heer.
And king Akbar
took Anarkali.
"And in the battle of Panipat,
king Jehangir slapped thrice.."
..and took Anarkali away.
"Ok, Ok. And then?"
"Yes and then, poor
Akbar cried in Agra.. "
"..on the banks of the river
Jamuna, naked and starving."
And he made the Taj Mahal
in Anarkali's memory.
"I've increased my knowledge
a lot, hitchhiking from you."
"As the topic of knowledge has
cropped up, Mr. Maulvi.."
.. then listen to this one.
I am a B. Sc.- B. Sc.?
"Yes, B. Sc. Bishan
Singh Chadda."
Reduce the speed.
"What are you doing, Sardarji?
- Don't worry, God is happy. "
Do you know who I am?
"Enough sardarji, I wish to
alight here. - Ok."
Your Anarkali has stopped
after covering a long distance.
That's why I've
named it Anarkali.
"I apply the brakes at Delhi,
and it stops at Agra."
Two plates of Ientil;
fry it nicely.
"When Khalsa rules, no
one else will remain."
"Greetings, to the
government. - Government?"
"The government, that takes
care of every minute."
"You're always alert, and we're
always concerned with you.."
..and not with Delhi.
"That's why, you are
our government."
Sardarji? - Yes.
Did you give a lift
to anybody recently?
"I didn't give, but my Anarkali
has definitely given a lift."
Why? Is there
any trouble? -Yes.
We are looking out for a thief
who was on a truck like this.
"Oh! Government sir, then I'll
be of great use to you. "
"Amongst the two people,
who were on my truck.. " was very talkative.
"And when he alighted,
he greeted me too."
"And the other person,
he was very strange."
Strange? How strange?
"Strange, very strange. "
"I mean, he alighted from the
vehicle, like a thief.. "
..and ran away
like a thief.
"Government sir,
listen to me."
"Go down the left of the bridge,
which is a minute behind."
And catch that Lalaji
with the muffler.
"If he doesn't turn out to be
thief, punish me instead of him."
Turn the jeep.
Stop or I'll shoot.
"Don't worry Guddi, I'm there,
I'll sell more newspapers."
"I'll sell race books, I'll work
hard, but I'll take care of you?"
"Raju, Raju."
"Raju, take your money, son. I'll
give you more papers tomorrow. "
"Bravo, you have started
working hard, nowadays."
"Try your luck, brothers.
Take Ten for one, Ten for one."
"Come play, Ten for one.
Try your luck."
"You'll get, if you play."
"Queen, open the card.
Go on; take your hand, off."
You dare to play.
Open the card; don't cheat.
"Queen, give me Rs.10.
Get out."
"Don't cheat, or I'll kill you.
Give me Rs.10."
"Run, police has come."
Rascal? Are you running
a gambling den?
"It's not me, sir, it's him.
He has run away."
Come to the
police station.
"I'm not running a
gambling den, constable."
I had just gone to play.
"The bastards cheated, took my
Re.1, and beat me too. "
Are you telling lies?
"Leave me, sir,
she may be hungry."
She has nobody
in the world but me.
"I'm innocent, I promise
on God I innocent."
"Allah. You tell me first,
as to what your name isl?"
Are you lying to me?
Your name has been written as
Raju in the challan.
The people just call me that.
My real name is Chander.
"Whether your name is
Chander, Raju or Kaju."
Listen to my name.
My name is
Abdul Rehman.
And when they hear the
name of my school.
"Abdul Rehman Children's Home,
the best of the child.."
..pisses in his
pants. Understand?
"Get to that
corner, c'mon."
I'll take care of
you tomorrow. huh!
"If you try to escape,
you'll be punished."
"No, I cannot stay here."
I cannot stay
for so many days.
"Rehman uncle,
I'm innocent."
"I promise on God,
I'm innocent."
"Oh! Son, a little ago, you
were swearing on your God."
"Now, you've seen me praying so
you're swearing on my God."
First tell me how
did you come out?
Out! The door latch was loose.
The door latch was loose
"I will fix your latch, c'mon."
"I'll put you in the room with
a big lock, that you'll repent. "
"I beg of you, uncle Rehman. "
Guddi has nobody in this
world. Please leave me.
God will bless you.
Your God will bless you.
"You're very smart, now I'll
have to put a Godrej lock."
"Sometimes he takes his God's
name, sometimes, my God's name."
You'll grow up
to be a rogue.
"Leave me, uncle, have pity,
you too have children."
"Farida, what are
you doing here?"
"C'mon, go inside? Go."
"C'mon, come."
"Sir? - Run away from here,
before somebody comes.. "
"..or else I'll be in trouble.
Run, run away."
"Guddi. - Guddi's uncle has
taken her away, Raju."
"Where? Tell me, Gopi,
where did he take her?"
To his village.
"Come play, Ten for one."
"The person, who
plays, will win."
"Coward, you got me caught by
the police, and you escaped."
"Give me, my money.
You, swine."
I'll take revenge
on every one of you.
"If you're brave, then come,
and fight me. Come."
Come here.
"Take out, the queen."
Try it again.
From now on your leadership
will not be accepted.
My leadership
will be accepted.
Consider this that
your father has come.
The showers of the rain..
..Burn the heart!
..Burn the heart!
..Burn the heart!
..Burn the heart!
..But the time that is lost
never returns back again.
..But the time that is lost
never returns back again.
..Don't know when the sun
will bring dawn.
May it not happen
that the beloved..
"Comes to the door
and returns back.
..Burn the heart!
..Burn the heart!
..Burn the heart!
..Burn the heart!
Play some more.
I've won as much as
I wanted to.
"Our money, wasn't less
hard earned, Chander."
Why did you play then?
You should've given it to
some temple. - No nonsense.
And I don't
tolerate misbehavior.
"The next time,
before talking to me.. "
..wash your tongue
with some perfumed soap.
Stop the car.
"Gopi, close the shop."
"Listen, is this, your shop?"
Yes. - Is your name Raju?
"You used to sell newspapers,
in your childhood, isn't it?"
"In my childhood, I played gilli
danda, slingshots and flew kites."
"In my youth, I like to ogle."
- Yes, my name is Temnath."
My father's name was Raj...
Oh! My guess was wrong.
I thought that.
I know what you thought.
"Nowadays, girls seek excuses
to speak to boys, madam."
"No, I'm not from among those
girls. I'm sorry."
"Babla, o Babla."
Didn't the Iaundryman
bring the clothes?
What's happened?
"Forgive me brother, I couldn't
see in the dark."
"How has it become
dark, suddenly?"
"The power has gone off. This
municipality too, is strange."
"Sometimes, they put the power
off, sometimes, water."
What shall I do now?
I don't even know the way.
Oh! IS it?
You can go as soon as the light
comes on. Hold on to my hand.
"Yes, hold my hand, or else
you'll stumble.."
"..against something, and
fall. Come, come. Come."
Be careful.
This is my room.
Haan! Your room?
"Yes, don't be afraid,
the door is open."
"Sit here. Come, careful, Good. "
Where have you gone?
- I'm here.
On this side of the room.
I'm not even getting a candle.
When will this light come on?
"When it went the last week,
it came, after two hours. "
Two hours? I'm going?
- Why?
It's too dark here.
It's darker outside.
- I'm afraid.
I'm here with you.
Will you reach me home? - Do
you think I can see in the dark?
"Wait, wait. Let the light come.
- No, no. I'm leaving. "
"But wait, be careful."
I'm sorry; we bumped
into each other again.
"Didn't I say it's dark,
let the light come? "
"You can go now, there's light
inside too, and outside too. "
Didn't you go?
"I'm not afraid, now."
"But, I'm beginning
to get scared, now."
Of what?
Forget it.
"C'mon, I'll drop you,
at your place."
"NO, I'll go."
"Maybe this area is
new, to you."
"To me, now this city
itself is new."
Yes. I was born here.
"Now, I've returned after many
years, the world has changed."
Oh! But how did you
come into this place?
"I came, searching
for someone."
Did you meet him?
I have full faith in God.
May God keep you well; I'm
going to break your legs today.
"Since childhood, you've
been twisting my ear."
"Think of it,
now I've grown up."
"That's my helplessness,
or else.. "
wouldn't I, have
put you in the chiller?"
This is the limit.
The wedding troupe
has come and gone.
"You fed the poor children,
the festival food."
You should have
thought of your sister.
"On the day of the festival,
she waited a lot for you. "
She didn't even eat the sweets.
"Greetings, brother."
"May God bless you,
and get you married soon!"
"Go on, brother.
- What is this?"
This is the sweet.
"I've, freshly prepared
them just now. - Yes?"
"Ok, take this, your gift.
It's made from fake pearls."
"But, when my God and
uncle's God will smile on me.. "
..the real one will also come.
If it be the Will Of God.
"And what about my veil, brother?"
That will come too.
Take this.
For how long will you
cover your sister's chastity?
Do you know anything?
The date of her wedding
is coming close.
"You didn't tell me uncle,
how would I know?"
"When is the wedding? - On
the 29th of this month, son."
So soon? - Have you made all
the wedding arrangements?
"No son, as of now, I haven't
done any arrangements."
But God is great.
"You will be involved with Allah
and, the wedding day will near."
"How much money, do you want? "
If you try to make an assessment..
"..Then, it's a matter
of Rs.5000, son."
RS. 5000?
Doesn't matter.
"Do one thing, uncle.
Give me Rs. 250."
"Rs. 250, what for?"
"I have Rs. 250, so with Rs. 500,
I can go to a big place.."
.. and do a big thing.
What will you do?
"Don't ask me that, or else,
you'll bring Allah in between."
"Good, bad, crime, and then
the tables will be turned."
"Tables, this means that, you'll
gamble. No, this will not do."
Didn't I tell you?
"Uncle, it was you who said that,
God feeds robbers, and thieves."
"Gamble bad, game worse. "
"if I, even touch this
sinful money, I'll rot in hell. "
I don't want to fulfill my
needs through sinful means.
"Uncle, where are you doing
something sinful?"
"Listen to that, prayers
are being recited."
"You go on the right path,
I'll see to the rest."
"Chander, are you trying to lead
me into sin, along with you?"
"The time of prayer, will pass
because this argument."
"Give me Rs.250 fast,"
"Look, there is an amount under
that pillow, which is now, yours."
"But remember one thing that, in
this crime, or in the intention.."
"..of crime, I will
have no share."
"Whatever it is that, you
are doing, is for your sister.."
"..if you invest this money,
in a wrongful act.."
"..then you'll have to stand
before God, not I
Farida. - Yes brother?
"These are Rs. 300, I'm taking,
Rs. 200 from these."
You keep the balance
Rs. 50 for yourself.
"If uncle touches them,
then he'll rot in hell."
"Now that you're going,
will you return at Bakri-id?"
"I'll come, I'll come."
First let me make arrangements
for your wedding.
"Meet him. My younger
brother, Ganga."
"Younger than him, is Raja.
No.1, in card game."
What's the matter?
Raja is not to be seen today?
A new bird has arrived.
He's cleaning him up.
Show. - Is that all?
Open it.
"I'm dead. He has won,
a game of Rs. 5000, totally."
"Just cash, these tokens.
- So soon? Play some more."
"No, my need has
been fulfilled. Cashier."
"What are you doing, mister?
Play some more."
"Your luck is in form, today."
IS it?
So do one thing.
"You take my luck,
and give me cash."
"Hey mister, this club
belongs to Raka and Ranga. "
And we have some rules here.
"That a person,
who wins a big sum.. "
"..cannot leave easily
from here, isn't it? "
"Ok, I'll go out
with difficulty."
"Bring the cash, fast."
"Boss, I'll take care of him."
"Take, Rs. 5000, cash."
"if you have the guts,
then pick it up."
Catch him.
"He has killed, my brother.
He's a killer."
"Son Chander, I cannot
understand, the ways of Allah. "
But I have understood it.
When has the wedding
date been fixed?
On the 29th of this month.
And you're going
inside for 3 years.
"It's all right,
uncle, don't worry."
Allah is almighty.
"That's true, son.
That's true. "
"Get down, get down, fast."
"How is this graveyard
here, corporal?"
"By seeing this, you
can make out that.. "
" one can escape,
from this jail."
If somebody dies by chance.
He is either buried or
cremated here. Understand?
Understood. - C'mon.
"Hmm, do you know,
of any handiwork?"
"I know a very good handiwork,
sir, but I cannot do it here."
Put him to carry stones.
What is it?
I thought I'd get a
cigarette or a beedi.
"This is a bullet.
Here, you keep it."
"You keep it. - You keep it.
I'm telling you, to keep it."
"Just see, he must
have hidden a pistol, too."
"Don't do this, next time."
I don't tolerate
this nonsense in jail.
"Master, he's very strong.
He's stronger, than us."
Where did you steal bullets
from? - That's private affair.
What affair is it?
"Do you drink in jail too? - No,
I didn't consume any liquor."
"it's only that, I've drunk
so much in the past.."
"'s still rotted,
and I'm still drunk."
"He's lying. He distills liquor
daily, and drinks it daily."
"Yes, yes."
For how many years have
you come? 15 years. - No.
10? - NO.
"Not even 5 years.
No my friend, 3 years."
"For how many years,
have you come?"
"Oh, this is my house. Who
leaves his house and goes?"
"I cannot stay here,
for even 3 days."
Do you know magic?
Let me see the goings
around this place.
Then I'll show some magic.
"What are those,
small cabins there?"
It is called a dark cell.
"Master, if it weren't for
this then, we'd escape long ago."
What do you mean?
"It means that, if an unlucky
person, is locked in there.. "
"..sometimes his body remains
here, and soul goes up."
"That's why; complete your
sentence here, silently."
Don't try to run away.
"It's difficult to pass 3 days,
with the fire of vengeance."
How will 3 years pass by?
"The day he's released,
that day itself."
The bullets are less.
We'll need more.
"Who showed you this idea,
of making a bomb, brother?"
"Intellect You know Michael,
the brain, which is in the head.."
" called, the kidney."
"We call it, brain."
"if I call it a kidney, then
you too will call it a kidney."
I'll call it a kidney.
Let him say it.
"We'll have to do something.
Yes, tell, tell, tell and tell."
Fatso - Yes.
"I'll break your
teeth, tomorrow."
"Or I'll break your head,
or your legs."
"Break it, break it, Now."
"But why, boss?"
We have to collect bullets.
Poor John went
to heaven.
"Whether he's gone to heaven or
not, he's got out of this hell."
Boss. - Hmm.
What are you thinking?
A plan to escape.
"How many days are there,
for the 29th?"
"28, ah, 8."
"Hmm, it's all right."
"I got an idea, from John's
death. - What is it?"
Come with me.
Where's the body?
"In our room, I've placed
it nicely, on your bed."
"Do you know me, Nlehra?"
Yes. - Name?
Amount? - 5000.
"Then take it out fast.
Notes of, 100 will do."
"50, in all."
"You've delayed, cashier."
"Brothers, it's good to have
met you all, together."
My sister is getting
married next week.
"Instead of giving you all,
separate invitations.. "
" is better,
I've met you all."
You should surely come.
- We'll definitely come.
Along with the band.
"To play it, preceding
your funeral. "
Your weapons are weak.
This is bomb No. 2.
"With No.1, I've broken
down the gate of the jail."
Shall we try it?
"Bloody No.2, has failed."
"10 for 7, 10 for 7,
Lucky no. 10 for 7."
Lucky number.
Give me one 10 for 7.
"Keep the ticket carefully, hero.
There's a good prize on it."
"if I get it, I'll
give it to you."
Seeing my long and
lovely tresses..
..The whole of
Bengal goes crazy.
"If something happens in your
heart too, then let me know."
Seeing my long
and lovely tresses.
My youth is just
like flowers..
..And people call me
the Queen of Kashmir.
My face is like the
morning in Benaras..
..And locks like the
colorful evenings of Avadh.
Seeing my
wonderful youth..
..The whole of Punjab
has gone crazy.
Seeing my
wonderful youth..
..The whole of Punjab
has gone crazy.
"If something happens in your
heart too, then let me know."
Seeing my long
and lovely tresses.
When I wear my drape
over my shoulders..
..L look like the
damsel of Brij..
When I go to fetch
water at the well..
..The lord of Brij (Lord Krsna)
stops me on my way.
My fame is not hollow..
..The whole of Rajasthan
waits for me.
My fame is not hollow..
..The whole of Rajasthan
waits for me.
"If something happens in your
heart too, then let me know."
Seeing my long
and lovely tresses.
I have brought for you the
beauty of the entire nation..
..And for your sake
I've come all decked up.
My beauty has created
waves everywhere..
"..And in everyone's heart,
my prettiness has immersed."
Seeing my gait..
..The whole world
has gone gaga over it.
Seeing my gait..
..The whole world has
gone gaga over it.
"If something happens in your
heart too, then let me know."
Seeing my long
and lovely tresses.
Ladies and gentlemen.
"Now, we'll draw the lucky
numbers in front of you."
The lucky number is 1011.
I mean 1011.
We have lost by 1 number.
"1011, this is your number."
Go and take the prize.
"Lucky man, lucky man."
Hello. - Hello.
"Is yours, the same number
too? - No, our number is that."
"Listen, listen."
What is this commotion?
"Don't know, may be some ruffians;
I don't know what, they want."
You go into your room.
Hey! Call the police.
"Listen, you hide in the bathroom.
Nobody will come there."
What is it?
Come out.
They have gone.
My flat is nearby. If you
want you can stay there.
You're injured.
"Bleeding has stopped, but it's
necessary, to show it to a doctor."
"No, no. it's not necessary,
to show it to a doctor."
Your treatment is enough.
Have you been
a nurse before?
"No, I've suffered
many wounds."
You didn't tell me
anything about yourself.
"You too, didn't
tell me anything."
"it's better if you don't
know anything, about me. "
"it's good; we remain as
strangers, to each other."
"After some time,
I'll go from here."
"And after some time, you'll
also forget, the whole thing."
"Will it be advisable, for you
to go out, in this condition?"
"As long as you keep me under
your care, you'll be in danger."
I'm not afraid of danger.
I'm not afraid of anyone.
"Not, even of me? - No."
"if you were a bad man, I'd have
known on that day itself.. "
"..when it was dark,
and I was helpless."
"Do you think,
I'm a good man?"
"I've not heard, anything
about you, as yet."
Is your name Seema?
It's written
on this letter.
"Oh, the postman
must have put it."
"At least I came to know
that, that is somebody.. "
..who will write to you.
You are not lonely
in this world.
"In a way, I'm alone."
"The one, whom I consider
dear, is too far."
"Dear Guddi, yours and my days
are coming, to a close."
"I'll be free from
jail, after 10 days."
"Then I'll live on my life,
by holding you, to my heart."
"The sorrows that you've
suffered, in separation.."
..they will be
just memories.
"Come to meet me,
if it is possible."
Your unfortunate father.
"15 years, is a long time."
"In a way, you have spent
whole lifetime, in jail. "
"But you never disclosed, where
you have hidden those diamonds."
"Jailor sir, you've repeatedly
asked me, this question for years. "
"For years, I too, am repeatedly
giving you, the same reply."
Hmm. That you don't
know anything about it.
It's a strange thing.
The owner of the diamonds got
his insurance amount.
"And you've, served
your sentence."
"Yet, the insurance co. could
not make up for the loss."
"Gentlemen, today I'm opening a
very old case, before the board."
"15 yrs. from now, diamonds
worth Rs. 2 million.."
..were stolen from
Haridas Jewellers
"And, our insurance company
had insured them."
"The thief was caught, but
the diamonds disappeared."
"You know that, our company
had to settle.. "
"..the insurance claim,
of Haridas Jewellers."
"That thief Ramlal, prisoner no.
301,is serving out a sentence.. "
"..of 15 years,
in Lakhanpur jail."
"And, he's going to be released
within 10 days, from today."
"it's obvious that, he has
hidden those diamonds somewhere."
"This will be the time,
when we have to take action. "
"What's your plan, Mr. Sinha?"
"This is Mr. Gautam,
our security officer."
"As soon as, the prisoner is
released, he'll follow him."
"But Mr. Gautam, will you be able
to recognize such an old prisoner?"
"Yes sir. I've got the latest
photo, of the prisoner.."
..from the
jail authorities.
"David has brought us,
very important news."
This prisoner no. 301 who is
going to be released from jail..
"..In 10 days, will be abducted
by us, before that."
"So that he may not be caught,
by the insurance people.."
..and so that he may
lead us to the diamonds..
.. Which he has hidden.
"For that, a jailbreak
is necessary."
Have you seen
Lakhanpur jail?
Speak. - No sir.
Have you seen
Lakhanpur jail? - No sir.
You? - No sir.
"You? - No sir,"
"You? - No sir,"
"You? - No sir,"
I've not seen it too.
"But it is very difficult,
to break this jail."
"And only one man,
can do this job."
"Who had broken
it once, before. "
This is that man.
"Yes, it's a fact that I've
escaped, from Lakhanpur jail."
"But it was not,
for my own freedom."
"I wanted to get out,
before the 29th."
"Today is the 29th. I'm out
too but it's, of no use. "
"I never felt so enraged for
someone, as I feel for myself."
Will you not
reveal your ambition?
This is about
a girl's honor.
If I had not
loved her so much.
I could understand
a little bit.
There is great
power in love.
"The girl, who got your love,
must be very fortunate."
This is a strange relation
Seema. Her name is Farida.
Your name is Chander.
It's very difficult.
"No Seema no,
you're mistaken."
She's like my sister.
"Tonight, she is
getting married."
"And I had promised, Rehman uncle,
that I'll bring Rs.5000."
"That's why I,
escaped from jail."
You'll get Rs.5000.
"You, you!?"
"But why, would
you help me?"
"You too, are
helping somebody."
And when I see somebody
helping another person..
..Then some forgotten
memories get revived.
"I had thought that, I'll lose
me prestige, in this old age."
"I'm sorry uncle,
I as a little late."
"But tell me uncle, how did you
make all these arrangements?"
I had some Ioan
amount with me.
"Had you not come today, then
I would have lost face, son."
"How would I, have
shown my face to God?"
"But, how did you manage
to come so soon, my son?"
"Uncle, Allah is great."
That's right.
"Namuna, call Farida soon."
"You too, see your sister
in her bridal garb, today son."
"Allah, keep my daughter,
away from the evil eye."
"How sweet, is
my doll sister."
C'mon the Kazi
is calling.
"Son, you've met your sister,
now meet your, bro-in-law."
"Why did you stop, son?"
"Uncle, this police, here?"
"Yes son, I forgot to tell you."
"After marriage, your sister
will be going, to the big house."
The big house?
- My daughter is very lucky.
"Live long son, live long."
"Ahmed, son, meet
your bro-in-law."
This is also my son. He is
like a brother to Farida.
Move the flowers
from Ahmed's face.
"I'm going, uncle."
"Lift, lift."
"Leave me, at the
next turn please."
My God. Where did
these come from?
"You had invited us, for
the wedding, haven't you?"
We've come.
"Oh, and where
are those bandsmen?"
They are not required.
"The two of us, are enough."
"Fill up the tank,
at the next petrol pump."
Yes sir. Fill up the tank.
"Ranga, I'll check whether
anybody is following us."
"Mr. Rehman, you're a Muslim."
"The accused Chander,
is a Hindu."
What is your relation with him.
"Sir, my relation
is of humanity."
"Why did you, help
the accused to escape."
I prevented one of my
sons from killing the other.
"The law sees the incident,
not the emotions. "
Have you ever thought
of the consequences?
"Inspector, put Mr. Rehman
in the prison."
Come father.
Why am I brought here?
"I have to take,
a job from you."
I don't work for others.
Do you a reply to this?
"That's why, I want
to make you my companion."
And if I refuse?
"You are, a very
popular man."
Your photos have been
printed in the papers.
"And you know, as to
why they've been printed."
Tell me the job.
"You'll have to go,
to Lakhanpur jail."
"This is the job,
of the police."
"We want to send you
there, through us.. "
..not through the police.
But why?
"You'll have to free,
one of our men."
You've escaped
from that jail once.
"You know, those
conditions very well. "
"You'll be able to do,
this job easily."
"I'm sorry, once a lion
escapes from a cage.. "
..will never even come
near it again.
"Not even for
Rs.100, OOO?"
"Yes, and an
international passport."
"The asylum in other countries,
to escape from the police here."
"Hong Kong, Japan, Africa. Go
wherever you, want to go."
"And after that, I'll be
properly known as a criminal."
"The person, who gets caught
is called, a criminal"
"The person, who escapes
is called smart."
"I'm sure, that you'll escape."
"I want, Rs. 5000 now,
will I get it?"
"I want to repay, someone
for doing me a favor."
"You'll get an extra Rs. 10,000.
For your own personal expenses."
"Take as many weapons,
as you want."
"But you'll have to bring,
that man to us, within a week."
"Give him Rs.10, 000. Cash.
- Yes sir."
This is that man.
"Does a beautiful girl, by
the name of Seema, live here?"
"Come in, you don't
have to fool me."
I learned about the
commotion at the wedding.
"When you've recognized me then,
how will I fool the police?"
How do these film
heroes do the makeup?
"The public recognizes them, but
the heroine, doesn't recognize. "
"But here, the
tables have turned."
"What's the use,
of a disguise?"
I had told you first also that
it's not advisable to go out.
Where are you going?
"Lakhanpur, there is a great
festival fair, of the Goddess."
"I go there, every year."
"Oh, your destination
and mine, is the same."
"I'm going, to Lakhanpur too."
"Do you believe, in God?"
Till today I did not have
the need to tell God to do..
"..Something for me, so I can't
say if I have faith in Him."
"I'm going there,
for some work."
"if I succeed, I'll
earn Rs.100,000."
So much of moneyl?
Take this. Rs. 5000 that
you'd given me as debt.
Your money
was very lucky.
Where did you bring
so much money from?
"Actually, I agreed to do that
job tp repay your debt."
What's the job?
"A man has to be freed,
from difficulties."
This is a good job.
I'm very happy.
"Maybe you don't know, that
you have one good quality."
To be of
help to others.
What are you looking?
I'm not looking.
I'm searching.
"The moment of happiness, for
which my soul is yearning."
"Seema, I'm too helpless."
"I too am yearning, for
a moment of happiness."
You too are helpless.
I too am helpless.
He is a convict
escaped from jail.
"The public is being informed,
that if they see a person with.."
"..this description, then
report to the police, fast."
"What happened? Why did
you, stop the car?"
"Is there a bus
depot here, nearby?"
"I don't know, why?"
"I think you make the rest
of the journey, by bus."
"it'll be dangerous for you,
if we travel together."
"And, it'll be dangerous
for you to travel alone."
Don't be stubborn. You've
just heard the news.
"The police is looking out for
me, everywhere. With me, you too. "
"I will not change my mind,
because you are shouting."
"Take, instead of gnashing
your teeth, eat an apple."
Lakhanpur is a
small hamlet.
"That jail is situated
about 5 miles, from there."
I know it.
"Then why are you, going
into the jaws of danger."
I want Rs. 1 lakh.
Who is that man?
"Police checking, what will
happen? I told you, first itself."
"Shut up, you don't say
anything. I'll see to it."
"Hello, Miss Seema."
Where are you going?
"Lakhanpur. There is a festival
of the Goddess, there."
"Very good. I have
my duty there, today."
He's with you.
He's my husband. - Oh!
"By the way, I liked your
program, very much that day."
Thank you.
"My sister is also learning
dance. She wanted, to meet you."
"They are trying, to do a charity
function, for blind children."
"if you could give, a little
bit of your time. - Why not?"
"You, come to the
theatre sometime."
Thank you.
"I've, held you up
unnecessarily. - Yes."
"Actually, we're on the look
out for an escaped convict."
"That's why, this checking.
Don't disclose it, to anyone."
"But what's that,
got to do with you?"
"You people, can go.
Lift it up.
"Bye, bye."
Yes inspector.
"License, please."
"Yes, take this."
Name? - Gautam.
Where are you going?
- Lakhanpur.
"It's surprising; everybody's
going, to the same place."
Take your car forward.
Now tell me. Had you
come alone without me?
It would have been good. You
wouldn't have to tell one lie.
Which lie?
Am I your husband?
"What could I do? I couldn't
think of anything, in a hurry."
"Now, first only, think of an
excuse, for the road ahead.."
"..or else, you'll have
to tell another lie."
"Let him go. He's in a
greater hurry, than us."
"He's alone. And a lonely man's
speed is always, fast."
"Yes, he wants to get,
to his destination quickly."
"I too want to
go fast, you too. "
Sometimes peoples'
destination is the same.
Only the paths
are different.
"It's the same, inspector."
"Don't tell me,
he's following us."
Go on.
He's not going.
Following us.
"Maybe, he
suspects something."
"Whether or not,
we're husband and wife?"
What are you doing?
- Clearing his doubt.
"What suppose he wants,
some other proof?"
"You too, respond. "
We've been fooling
him up to this time.
"We'll keep him, guessing
for some more time."
"We haven't lost
our way, have we?"
"What can be said,
in this storm?"
"I'm sorry my car,
has broken down."
"Can you give me a lift up
to Lakhanpur, please?"
Are you going to Lakhanpur?
"Yes. it's good,
that I met you."
"Or else, I don't know where
I would go, in the darkness."
"it's raining, very heavily."
Do you live in Lakhanpur?
"People wanted me to stay there
a lot, but I didn't like it."
"it's a very small
place, isn't it?"
There are only two things
that are famous there.
"One is the Goddess' temple,
and the other is the jail."
Where will you go?
I cannot hear anything.
You go on your way; I'll
search my own destination.
Thanks a lot. I'm
going to the village..
"..To see, if I
can get a mechanic."
"Come, we'll
worship the Goddess."
"My company, with you
was up till here only."
"You go to the temple, I..
I want to attend to my work."
"Without taking the blessings?
First, touch the Goddess' feet.."
"..and then, you can go."
"Hey mother, today, I'm not
asking anything from you."
"I'm only asking you to give
him success, in his work."
"Everything ok?
- Yes, everything is ok, sir."
No problems? - No sir.
Dreams of future
blossom in our eyes..
..And our breaths are fragrant
with the fragrance of flowers.
Dreams of future
blossom in our eyes..
..And our breaths are fragrant
with the fragrance of flowers.
You are my dream of tomorrow..
..Whom I can call my very own.
You are my dream of tomorrow..
..Whom I can call my very own.
We have to walk together
in this fair of life.
"Let's go, to
some solitary place."
"O friend, let's go,
to some solitary place."
O dear friend!
Raju - Guddi.
"Raju, Raju! - Guddi"
"Raju, Raju!"
"Guddi, you were so close."
And you were so far.
Guddi - Raj...
"O Goddess, I never asked
you anything for myself.."
..and you gave me everything.
"Praise to you, O Mother,
praise to you."
"Yes sir, I'm sure that,
this is that fugitive."
"No sir, he has escaped,
but we're searching for him."
Chander has escaped again.
In the Lakhanpur fair. I don't
know why he went there.
How I wish that brother had
not committed that crime.
He wouldn't be
running around like this.
Listen; bring the
keys to my room. - Yes
"Hello, I was wondering,
if I meet you, I'll thank you."
For what?
"Bring the keys, quickly. - Yes."
"And at the same time,
bring tea too for madam."
Sit down. I was feeling bored
sitting around the full day.
"Where's, your companion?"
"He's gone out, for some work."
"He hasn't returned
as yet, I'm worried."
"Don't worry; he'll be
around here, somewhere."
Do you like reading?
"Yes, time does not get wasted."
"You always get,
something useful."
Your keys.
"Sir, you have a trunk call."
Trunk call? - Yes
"Didn't you get tea, for madam?
- I'll bring it, right away."
it's ok.
How can this be?
"You will not go,
without having tea, please."
I'll just come.
Hello? Yes sir.
There was no problem.
"It's just that, my car
broke down on the road."
Don't worry; it's a
question of one night only.
"That prisoner, will be released,
tomorrow morning at 10 AM."
As soon as he comes out.
"Yes sir, yes sir."
"No, no danger at all."
"I have weapons,
for my protection."
I'll work very efficiently.
Nobody will ever come to know.
Baba! - Guddi.
Baba. - Guddi.
"Why are you crying, Guddi?"
"There's a distance,
of only one night."
Tomorrow's morning
will shine.
"Shining, like
diamonds and pearls."
"I'm afraid, father"
"Somebody is going to create
darkness, in our lives, forever."
"I've come, to tell
you this, father."
"In my neighboring room, there
is a man, who has your photo."
"He was telling someone
over the phone, that.."
"..tomorrow morning, as
soon as you come out.."
"Tell me child,
who is he? Who is he?"
"I don't know him, father,
but that man, is dangerous."
His intentions are not good.
"Who knows, with what
intentions he has come here."
"I'm afraid, tomorrow's freedom.."
"..might be, another
imprisonment for me."
"Don't say that, father.."
Nobody can keep you
away from me now.
"I'll remove all the
thorns, from your way."
"I hope, I hope,
he was with me."
Who is that?
"Raju. You remember
Raju, don't you, father?"
Raju? - Yes Raj...
"Raju, that newspaper boy.
- Yes."
"Yes, yes, I remember."
Where did you meet him?
I met him and lost him.
"But, I have full hope, father
that he'll surely come."
"And even if he doesn't come
then, I'll somehow fight with.."
"..your enemies, myself."
Would you have a little liquor?
"Yes, why not."
"You aren't worried, about my
coming here, suddenly, are you?"
"I would call this,
a favor from you."
"I got bored, being
alone the whole day."
Your companion.
He has left me.
"It is because, of this
happiness, I want to celebrate."
"In my opinion,
this is a sad thing."
"I had asked for liquor, mister."
"We'll mourn, for the
separation of my friend later."
"What if your friend,
comes here suddenly.."
..and sees you in
this mood in my room?
"He will not mind it, because
you're standing away from me."
Come closer and sit here.
Near me.
Come on. Come on.
"I thought you,
were very smart."
"Yes, I had not thought,
that you're this smart."
"I cannot tell you now, as
to how handsome, you are."
"The amount of magic,
in your eyes.."
..will be known only
when the magic works.
"At this time, at this time,
I want your support."
"Will you, be able,
to give me support?"
I don't like commotion.
"If your friend,
confronts me then there will.."
"..definitely be a commotion.
- Then c'mon,let's go somewhere."
"You got a car, we'll
go somewhere far off.." the darkness
of this night.
"If tomorrow, in the brightness
of day, someone.."
"..comes to search us,
they will not come to know."
There is one problem.
"Even if I wish, I cannot
go anywhere tonight.."
..under any circumstances.
"The job, for which I've come,
has to be done, tomorrow."
"Ok, let tomorrow be."
Why should we waste tonight
by worrying about tomorrow?
"Close the door,
dogs are barking outside."
Enjoy that..
..The youth may
not last forever.
Enjoy that..
..The youth may
not last forever.
These lips may not have
the same youth forever.
Get me a drink..
..There is nothing
to think in it.
Just do this much..
..There is nothing
to think in it.
This night..
..This night may not
remain as romantic later.
While the youth lasts..
..Let us fulfill
all our desires.
Let us bear the accusation of
having committed this lovely sin.
Every phenomenon..
..Every phenomenon is mortal
and may not remain forever.
This night may end
and dispel some illusions.
This night may end
and dispel some illusions.
Let us do our deeds..
..So that nothing is
left for tomorrow.
The story which is today..
..May not remain
the same tomorrow.
Enjoy that..
..The youth may
not last forever.
These lips may not have
the same youth forever.
"Your, release order has come."
"You will be released,
in two hours."
"When you go out, try to live
your lives, as good citizens."
"Do not commit, any wrong,
do not commit, any crime."
"C'mon, c'mon, mister,
why re you waiting? C'mon."
Open the door.
Rs. One lakh.
"Feel it, it's hot."
"Had you ever seen,
such a lot of money?"
Enjoy yourself.
This is your passport.
"You fulfilled, your
promise, we fulfilled ours."
Are you happy?
I'm happy.
Will he survive?
"Don't worry, in just one
injection, he'll start running."
"You go, good-bye."
"Seema, forgive me, for
leaving you like this."
"Look, your prayers were heard."
My job is done.
"Why are you crying, Seema?"
"Now, I'll never go,
leaving you behind."
I'll take you wherever I go.
I have Rs. One lakh.
Now we can live happily.
"What's the matter, Seema?"
What happened?
"My father, Raju, my father."
Your father?
What happened to him?
"I'm ruined Raju,
my wishes got muddled."
"Seema, tell me,
what's happened to him?"
"Raju, do you remember,
he was serving a sentence.."
..when we were young?
"Yesterday, he had just a few
hours, of his sentence, when.."
"Seema, tell me as to,
what has happened to him."
A cruel fellow rescued him
from the jail.
You've come back.
"I've come to return,
my earnings."
"Surely, the
passport is false."
But the notes are real.
"Look master, you had given me
money, to bring this man here."
I'm giving you money to
take him away from here.
You too had
made a deal.
"I too, am making a deal."
Give him to me.
So you too came to
know about the diamonds?
What diamonds?
I'm talking
about this man.
"I have to take him,
away from here."
He may not
live for long?
"He will not die,
as long as I wish."
When I wish it.
The same applies to you.
"You don't know, how important
his life is to me."
I know that his
life is important.
That's why; you
were given Rs. One lakh.
But you have
been unlucky.
You have turned betrayer.
"Money can buy everything,
but it cannot buy a man."
"Up to now, this was
my way of thinking."
But you've brought me
down to such a level..
.. That I started
dealing in men.
Come - Where will
you take me now?
"First I had brought you,
at the wrong place."
"Now I'll take you,
to the right place."
"Father, father."
"I knew that Raju will
rescue you, father."
"He has rescued you,
isn't it father?"
This fellow? Don't take
the name of this fellow.
"This is the same ruffian,
who had kidnapped, me from prison."
"This rascal has
stained, my freedom."
"How could you, not
recognize him, child?"
"Raju, you?"
"Yes. I'm that,
cruel person."
"Didn't I say that, I have
to rescue a man from troubles?"
"At that time I did not know,
as to who that man would be."
At that time there
was a Satan within me.
A Satan of Rs. One lakh.
"And that money he has earned,
by selling me to gangsters."
"Then why did you,
rescue me from there?"
"So that you pressurize me, to
tell you, where the diamonds are?"
"Yes. Diamonds,
worth Rs. 20 Iakhs."
"For which, I have suffered, the
trials of prison, for 15 years."
"So is it true,
what the people say?"
"That you have stolen,
the diamonds?"
"Yes, it's true"
"But nobody will know, where
I've hidden, those diamonds."
"What have you done, father?"
"Up to now, I used to think,
that you were innocent."
"I used to think, that you
haven't stolen, those diamonds.." injustice has
been done to you.
"You're a thief, father
you have robbed."
"Why did you do
it, father, why?"
"I did all this,
for your sake, child."
"When I was away, for
years I was thinking.. "
"..that when I come out from
jail, I'll sell those diamonds.."
"..and buy, happiness for you."
You also want to buy
happiness for me by..
The money obtained from
robbery, and Raju too."
"I had waited for both of you,
by bearing, so much of suffering."
"Was it all, for this day?
This dreadful day? "
"Will my life, always stand
between two, criminals?"
"Return those diamonds, father."
"Return them, to whoever
they are so that.."
" may, die in peace."
"No, this cannot happen."
"I've played on my life,
for those diamonds."
"Your happiness is, in diamonds.
Why don't you understand?"
No. I don't want them.
"I don't want, those diamonds."
I want them.
"I'll deal with you, too."
"First, let me deal,
with this old man."
"So, old man. Tell me,
where those diamonds are?"
"Tell, where are
those diamonds."
"What are you, doing?"
"Why have you, come here,
to spoil my game?"
"Do you think, that by using
force, this old man will talk?"
"Hah! You're a duffer, master
you are, a complete duffer."
Now see my plan.
"I've been smart, to
have brought him here."
"He would have kept mum,
till his last breadth."
He'll talk here.
"He was alone, there."
"Here, his daughter
is there. - Raju."
"Rouge, rascal, you are raising
your hand, on my daughter?"
"Leave me. I'll
suck, your blood."
Did you understand?
"The reason, I fought with you,
was because I wanted.."
" cash on, the sympathies
of the, old man."
"You had your doubts, about my
faithfulness, isn't it, master?"
"So, see my unfaithfulness."
"Raju, have you gone, mad?"
"Very smart. You have
fooled me, too."
"Keep watching master, there's
a lot more, to come now."
"No, no."
"Raju, leave her.
Leave her, my son."
Son? Do I have any father?
I don't remember it.
"Do you remember, as to
who, your father is?"
"We are all, members
of the same family."
"Shameless, selfish,
not respected."
"Oh, my Mother."
"Wait, I'll tell you,
where those diamonds, are."
"I'll tell you,
I'll tell you."
Get inside.
"You may know, some address,
some symbol, something."
"I remember, just this that,
there was, a small temple."
"There is, one temple there."
Stop the car.
Is it this temple?
"Yes, this is the temple.
It hasn't changed, at all."
"And here somewhere,that tree.. "
where all my life's
earnings, are buried."
"Everything has
changed, here."
"First there was a forest now,
this factory, this godown."
Where is that tree?
"There it is, over there."
"Do you remember clearly, that
this is the same tree?"
The jungle has been
cleared completely.
"But this Hanuman's tree is,
as it was, as before."
"But how, shall
we reach there?"
"There are, security
guards here."
"The walls of the Lakhanpur jail,
could not stop my intentions.. "
..then what are these
guards going to do?
"All, of you hide
here somewhere.."
"..and two men, come with me.
"What is it, sir?"
"Come on, the
field is clear."
"Where, are the diamonds?"
"Where, are the diamonds?"
"Behind, the idol.
- Then remove them."
"Hanuman ji, will protect you. "
"Bring those, diamonds here."
What is this?
"That was also a bluff;
this is also, a bluff."
"I'm a cardsharp, isn't it?"
"And today, I have the queen,
king, and the ace too."
"Chander, this move,
will cost you much."
"That move will cost me,
since I raised my hand.. "
"..on my Guddi,
before you rascals."
I was going to shame
that innocent girl..
"..Whose respect, and honor
was important to me.."
" front of
you, hooligans."
"How heavy, must have
been my heart, then."
Raju. - Son.
"Let's split them, Chander. "
"Half the diamonds,
for you half for me."
"No master, these diamonds
are neither yours nor mine."
I'll return them to
their rightful owners..
"..And do penance, once and
for all, for all my crimes."
"Understood, master?"
"You'll never be able, to
escape from the law, Chander."
Listen to me.
"I need these diamonds, more
than, the insurance people."
"You, need them too."
"My only need is that, I get
myself cleared, of all charges."
"If you come in my way, then
your own bullet'll kill you."
"And this will be, a very
big tragedy, for you."
Get inside.
"Wait, my son, has a lot of guts."
"Let me see, some
more of his bravery."
"Hold it, If you
move even one step.. "
"..I'll riddle you all,
with these bullets."
"Bravo my son, take
care of, all of them."
Hands up.
"I'll not die, of my
own bullet, child."
"if you're a cardsharp,
I'm also a player."
"And, a good player opens
his cards, at the right time."
"Give me, these diamonds now."
"I'll get some colorful glass
marbles, for you, to play with."
"Give, give. give."
Allah O Akbar
"Anarkali, walks
like a peacock."
"O god, what is
this, happening?"
"Oh, sons of Kumbhakaran,
you're celebrating, Diwali.."
before, it
actually is Diwali"
"Get up, get up."
If you light up all the
crackers today itself..
..Then how will I
give the delivery?
"Give me back, those diamonds,
or else, I'll torch this girl."
"You're being cruel,
to a girl?"
"This is one thing, a sardar,
cannot tolerate."
"Chander, I'm thanking you,
on behalf of the company."
"it is because of you, that the
company got back, the diamonds."
"it is also good, that
Chander has been cleared.. "
..of the murder charge.
"But Chander, as you had
escaped from prison.. "
your 3rd trip, to
Lakhanpur jail is pending."
"And considering this act
of yours, the company.. "
.. will try its level best
to appeal to the government..
..To forgive all
your past crimes.
"And even if they don't
succeed in this, then son.. "
"..don't break these walls and
doors, in order to escape."
"Do you time, or else, you may
have to go a 4th time."
"Ok, uncle."
Great God!
"Brother, I want to take her,
with me, but she doesn't listen."
"if she goes with you, then
who'll, look after uncle?"
"Uncle. - Yes, son. "
"Now take care, of
this second one."
She is my wealth.
"Take care of her,
till I come back."
Great God!
When will you come back?
"If you say so,
I won't go at all. "