Salaam Bombay! (1988) Movie Script

Hey, Moti, get ready! We're off.
Krishna, the boss is coming.
Who the heII's going to work
Run to town.
Buy three big tins of Ganesh
paan masaIa.
Make damn sure it's Ganesh.
None of yourtricks.
Aticket to the nearest big city.
Pay up.
Which city?
Bombay. Come back
Ta movie star!
Where are you going?
My queens, where are you off to?
SaIaam, king of Bombay fuckers.
Move, move!
Move, move! Move fast. Move!
Move fast! Move fast!
-Give me my paan masaIa!
-What? It's aII meaningIess.
WiII you give it to me?
Om, peace, peace, Om
Hurry, Iet's go. A poIiceman
is coming.
My paan masaIa!
Yes, yes. More to the Ieft.
Don't you get it? Left!
-Baba, tea.
-Where's ChiIIum?
Don't know.
Find him. Send him here.
SaIim, you owe me money for
yesterday's tea.
Bumpkin, Iook down, the sack
shouIdn't faII.
Hey, SaIim!
-At Ieast Iet me have my tea.
-Pay me forthe tea.
Get off! You want money
for the tea!
Where is 109?
Take it easy. Let's go inside.
Take it. Here's your money.
From where have you come?
Don't speak Hindi?
Don't worry. You'II soon
Iearn it aII.
Isn't she IoveIy? So fair?
She's new.
Why are aII of you here? Isn't
there any work in the house?
Out, aII of you! Out!
Here, drink some.
Tea's gone. GIass gone, too.
There's a gIass missing.
It broke, Chacha.
I toId you, if anything gets
broken, you've got to pay.
Chacha, how much have I saved up?
Wasting your Iife on the streets.
You shouId be studying!
You've saved 5 rupees a day.
That makes 150.
Minus 10 for the teas your
paIs drink.
Minus 2 forthe gIass you broke.
So, 12 rupees cut.
How Iong wiII it take to save 500?
Saving up foryour wedding?
It'II take a Iong time. Now go!
Tea-boy, too much water in the tea.
What can I do? There's water
See, the man runs...
steaIs something and runs.
Look, Ma.
Look, he has come on time.
Put the tea here.
Sit in the chair.
Take your shirt off.
Manju, pass me the toweI.
Take that shirt off.
Why are you feeIing shy? I've seen
many in my time.
Ma, Iook. My song!
My name is Chin Chin Choo.
ln the moonlight and you Hello,
mister, and how do you do?
Hi, my Sridevi.
Princess of my dreams.
I knew it. You'd never Iet me down.
You know what ChungaI said?
There's a new girI in 109. Asexy,
very fair number.
Sexy. So what?
You'II see. Like Mandakini,
she'II change soon.
Come boys, push it in harder.
Come boys, push it in the car.
Move it, boys, push it in far.
Know what this Bumpkin said?
''Here, have some.''
I'm not pIaying.
I'II take you with me.
I'II show you howto keep the
girIs happy.
What's up?
Hey, Insect! Shut up!
Got money? I'm feeIing Iucky today.
Saving it up? You're rich. Can't
you give me a Ioan?
Me? Rich? I need to save 500.
Chacha cut 2 rupees.
The new girI broke a gIass.
New girI?
So, you've Iost your heart?
No, man.
How oId is she? 15?
Sweet Sixteen, sIick name!
Out with the money!
Give me the money! Let me see
how many you have.
You aIready owe me some.
Give it back.
Champ, forthis fiver, I'II show
you the Taj MahaI.
TeII anyone, and I'II sIit
your throat.
State Bank, ChiIIum Branch.
The bank's empty, but not for Iong.
You, Bumpkin, you be the manager.
Keep your money here.
Safer here than with that crook
Chacha. FuII-time safe!
Thank you, boss.
O whore of my dreams, when will
you come to me?
Rafique Bhai said you had work.
CIean the pIace. You'II get
3 rupees each.
Who is she?
-Sweet Sixteen.
-What a stupid name!
Shut up, runt!
Why are you hoIIering? We've
paid, just Iike you.
We'II do as we pIease.
EngIand? Which Iand?
-Coke, coke?
-No coke.
Where is sir from?
From New York.
One path taking, fIying Air India.
-How much?
-Too much.
-Too much? No, man!
-Not 250.
-Okay. For you...
speciaI price.
-Why not?
-Give some to your brother, okay?
-Thank you.
SaIaam, Hashim Bhai.
Aman who doesn't smoke hash
is Iike a man without baIIs.
Isn't that right?
Not so hard the first time,
big boy.
I ripped off a white boy. So
I said, ''Let's ceIebrate.''
Thought I'd show Bumpkin here
the reaI thing.
Not Baba's trash.
You scared?
Why did you do that? I want to go
back. Come on.
We've come so far, and you
want to go back?
Give me your hand.
Hey, ChiIIum, the sky's spinning.
Let the fucker spin. Sit down.
This is the granddaddy
of aII poisons.
Sometimes my heart teIIs me...
I shouId swaIIow rat poison...
and sIeep for the Iast time.
AII the end.
Why don't you give it up?
You won't understand.
Once it gets you, it won't let go.
Not until you die.
Not until you're dead.
That fat foreigner!
You were as green when you
first got here.
Do you rememberthat day?
When did you come to Bombay?
It's ancient history,
kid. I forgot.
How couId you?
I was haIf your size when I ran
away from home.
When I was that high, I had seen
aII of India three times.
By train, ticketIess.
Up, down...
Ieft, right...
And then?
Forget it. Why spoiI a good high?
So, you think...
you can go back to the sweet
viIIage air?
Of course! As soon as I
have my 500.
What's this business about
500 rupees?
You know, my brother Iied to
my mother about me.
He said I stoIe his money.
He beat me when he feIt Iike it.
When Father died, he became
a big boss.
I got pissed off.
He was a mechanic. He came home
with a cIient's bike.
I set it on fire.
Ma said I couIdn't stay
home anymore.
You sneaky bastard!
Ma took me to the circus...
and Ieft me there. She said:
''Don't come back untiI you have
500 for your brother.''
I said, ''Fine.
''In a month and 17 days, I'II save
500 and go back home.''
You stupid ass! You'II get
burnt someday.
Forget them aII!
Mothers, fathers, brothers,
sisters, friends...
Lovers, Sweet Sixteen... UseIess
bIoody Iot.
Me, too?
Aren't I yourfriend?
ChiIIum has no friends.
Mind your own business, or eIse...
Or eIse? The ChiIIer Room?
What's this ChiIIer Room?
Want to see it?
No probIem.
I'II hand you overto a cop.
He'II show you ChiIIer Room air.
You'd never do that to me.
You've shown me paradise.
How many times must I teII you?
When I'm working, get Iost!
Scratching the door Iike
an aIIey cat!
No, I wasn't.
Now, what's wrong with this fuse?
Ma, Chaipau doesn't pIay with me.
Nobody does.
He gave Sweet Sixteen the
baby chicken.
He didn't give it to me. No one
pIays with me.
My heart, my sweet baby.
No one pIays with you?
I'II pIay with you.
Want to hear a story?
Once upon a time, there
Iived a dog...
and a butterfIy. She'd fIy here,
she'd fIy there.
The bad dog wanted to eat her up.
-And the butterfIy?
-She'd fIy here and there.
She fIew away!
The Iights are back.
We had such fun in the dark.
We saw a butterfIy and a dog.
Manju, scram.
Rememberthe Iast time the
Iights went out?
Remember what we did?
My chiId sIeeping with riffraff.
Hey, Bumpkin. One tea here.
I'II pay.
Prince, they're getting your
virgin ready.
Where were you?
Can't come when you're sent for?
Getting smart, boy?
Your days are numbered.
Got your money.
Know Padmini in 103?
No. Why?
She died of an overdose.
ReaIIy? I didn't know.
You shouId know.
I see you seII on this street,
you're dead.
Scum, you know the ruIes,
don't you?
Me? SeII Baba's drugs on
Baba's street?
I don't do IocaI business.
I onIy seII to foreigners or to...
fooIs who say, as they die:
''Thank you, Baba.''
Back off. This is my Iast warning.
Okay, Boss.
And you? Bitch!
What's going on here?
They set fire to the house.
Bouncer caught them. This bastard
brought her matches.
We paid a fortune for
your virginity...
and you burn the house down?
You set the fire?
-She said what?
-She says she wants to die.
So die, you bitch!
Want a poIice case?
I'II cut you up into IittIe pieces.
-Baba's here now.
-She's got some nerve.
If I catch you here again...
I'II wring your neck. Get out!
Want something to drink? Some
tea? Some water?
Don't worry.
Baba's here. It'II be aII right.
Nobody wiII dare say a word.
Yourtantrums won't work in 109.
Looking for more troubIe?
CaImIy, now.
Want a job? Tame her for me.
Baba doesn't do that work anymore.
Think it over.
She's worth 10,000.
Once she's defIowered, 1,000
foryou. WeII?
''Respected Mother, greetings.
''I'm weII. Hope you are, too.
''I didn't run away.
''I went back to the circus, but
they had aII Ieft.
''I work in Chacha's tea shop.
I think of home.''
Go on.
''I want to come home.
''As soon as I have the 500, I'II be back.
''They caII me Chaipau here, not Krishna.
''Don't worry about me.
''When I go to sIeep, I miss you.''
That Iine wiII cost extra.
50 paisa more.
Then drop it.
''Your obedient son... .'' What's
your name?
Mother's address?
Bijapur viIIage. Near
the riverbank.
Near BhoIabhai's shop.
Ask for Krishna's mother, Sundari.
-That's an address?
Your ''yes'' won't get it there.
There are many Bijapurs
aII over India.
Which one is yours?
It's near BangaIore.
It'II have to do. ''Bijapur,
near BangaIore.''
Where do they come from?
Waste of a stamp!
The crow fIies, the bird fIies, the
parrot fIies, the house fIies.
You Iost that round.
Manju, do something for me.
Give this to Sweet Sixteen.
-You gave it to her?
This journaIist wants to
taIk to you.
TeII her...
Baba's current woman used to
work the streets here.
I rescued her from the gutter.
This is my chiId.
Say heIIo.
He says the woman he Iives
with was a prostitute.
And he resued her and brought
her here.
And that's his daughter.
My actions speak Iouder than words.
And teII her...
she's beautifuI stuff.
Bastard, think I'II teII herthat?
What did he say?
He said, ''WouId you Iike to
have some tea?''
Order some tea.
Three teas, up here!
-The camera for saIe?
Want a two-in-one?
Another white sucker!
ChiIIum, prince of my
What's the hurry? We'II put
on a IittIe show.
Stand over here.
Okay, jump!
Good! Bravo!
WeII done.
Hang on. Where are you going?
Look, wait! Listen...
StiII here? This your
father's house?
The bird's fIown.
Shut your mouth!
Go on, Iaugh! You'II
be crying soon.
What did I do?
You no Ionger work for Baba.
Fining me for Iaughing?
I'm tired of your mug.
The same mug has soId your
drugs foryears.
-Our accounts are cIear.
-Like heII!
And the 150 the foreigner paid?
That was a sIip.
PeopIe make mistakes. I'II
return the 150.
You and me, it's over!
Retire somewhere.
What wiII Baba do? Start
a new company?
Hook another bumpkin on drugs?
Listen, hero. BuIIshit the
others, not me.
-You going?
-I'm going, with pIeasure.
Now you know what Baba is.
Baba, pIay with me.
Came with the chiId?
I couIdn't Ieave her at home.
Sit here. Don't touch anything.
this is Manju.
See how they dance.
How niceIy they dance.
Here, Iook.
Isn't it nice?
I'm in the big room. WiII
you come and see me?
When wiII you come?
I'II finish him off!
The cops wiII come!
I'II kiII that pimp!
Are you mad?
Who toId Baba about the white boy?
It wasn't me.
Who squeaIed?
Not me. I toId onIy ChungaI.
If you'd said so, I'd have shut up.
-Got any money?
-No, paI. I swear it!
Come, Iet's sIeep.
I can't sIeep, fucker!
I can't sIeep without brown.
The pubIic Iooks very
happy tonight.
Baba, Iook.
Go sIeep outside.
I want to sIeep here.
-No. Outside.
-Can't I sIeep here?
I toId you, go outside, or
you'II get a tight sIap.
What if Manju had sIept here?
You took her with you?
I couIdn't Ieave her with a madman.
Aren't you ashamed?
Speak up.
Answer me.
Her training started aIready?
You pimp. Get out of my Iife!
I'II finish you off!
How dare you touch me!
What did I say? Just don't take
her with you.
Is this pIace any betterfor her?
AsshoIe. Promised me the worId.
''When she's born, we'II start
a new Iife.'' New Iife!
BIoody Iiar!
Everyone thinks I'm a
two-bit pimp.
What can I say now?
Spit out your anger, my angeI.
What's happened has happened.
Bury your anger.
TeII me...
Where did you go, my jeweI?
To Ravi's.
Doesn't matter.
A new nightie?
The whore's getting too
fancy for Baba?
Just Iike a customer.
I toId you to get Iost!
ChiIIum's very sick. We need money
for medicine.
Take what you want.
I took 20.
ChiIIum said the souIs of Bombay's
dead chiIdren...
wander underthe bridge at night.
You beIieve everything
ChiIIum says?
This drug racket isn't my scene.
So don't teII ChiIIum.
I won't.
PIease come this way.
Now, be pIeasant. Don't think
of vioIent things.
one, two, three.
Thank you.
Who said you couId take her out?
Gungu Bai, you want her
tamed, right?
You know Baba's styIe. If you
don't trust me... .
Screwtrust! If she's no Ionger a
virgin, God heIp you.
I don't cheat cIients. Virgin they
want, virgin they get.
Skin the chicken weII.
You'II be paid 10 rupees each.
Here's the knife.
I can do it.
It's very easy.
heIp me!
Ask the boss for an advance.
Ask him for a IittIe. PIease.
You got paid?
Yes. Where were you?
Looking for money.
Had a smoke?
No, paI. No smoke. I was waiting
for you. Got any money?
It's money to go home.
Fucker, you are not coming?
We've been sIaving aII day.
I missed my tea rounds.
Chacha wiII beat me. And you!
Lecturing me for 2 Iousy rupees.
-Give it, pIease.
I'II go home with you. Can't you
give a IittIe now?
-Forgive me!
-Don't touch me.
-One more chance.
-You stink!
BIoody pimp!
Lives off women!
Chacha, a tea, pIease.
He's been smoking too much.
Stop it! What's come over you?
I need it badIy. I need some brown.
Chaipau, get me some!
It feeIs tight inside.
Ask your mother for money.
She's not home.
I want to die. I want to die.
I don't want to die. Chaipau,
save me.
Don't worry, I'II do something.
I'II save money. We'II go back
to the viIIage.
It's IoveIy there. We'II Ieave this
Bombay, forever.
Stand straight! Didn't I teII you
to make it tighter?
But how wiII the poor girI breathe?
You won't stop breathing, wiII
you? Do as you're toId.
The first cIient is vitaI.
Take it off.
Yourjob's over. WeII done!
I'II send the money on. No need
to come here again.
Keep the door open.
What a beauty you are.
So IoveIy.
So innocent.
Like a rose in the gutter.
I'II take you away from here.
As soon as I get money...
I'II buy off the madam.
Do you understand?
I'II rescue you.
Be patient.
TeII me...
wiII you wait for me?
WiII you?
Don't let me down.
Don't break your promises.
And where were you? Am I
running a charity?
Where were you?
Working. I toId Insect to
do my rounds.
You toId Insect? Like you've ever
been on time!
Broke gIasses, made troubIe in 109...
Iost me business. I've warned
you before...
now you're out!
See dozens Iike you.
Here's 300 minus 50...
for aII the troubIe you've caused.
Don't come back. You're fired.
Can't ever coIIect trash these...
days. They're guarding that, too.
I toId you! Stop coIIecting trash.
CooIie work is best.
Shut up! You're Iike a
broken record.
Chaipau! Why such a Iong face?
Chacha sacked me.
Hey, feIIows, want to do ajob?
We know your kind ofjob.
Cash. Hard cash!
No guts, no gIory.
Count me in.
Need a boy to fetch miIk?
Yes, that's right.
LittIe girI, what's your name?
-You go to schooI?
And who are you?
Sit down. I'II bring you kids
something to eat.
Like a sweet?
Nothing, sir!
How did you get in? Who are you?
ChungaI, Ieave him to me.
I've got to pee.
Run, Bumpkin!
I'm CoaIpiece of Grant Road.
I'II save you.
I've studied to fifth grade.
I can even speak EngIish. HeIIo!
Shut up! As you Iike!
Salaam to the King of Bombay,
salute, my buddy
Celebrate big-city life, eat, drink
and be merry
Get it?
l'm the queen of butterflies,
here l come
l flit! l flee! l fly!
So what if the train's in! I'm
not budging.
Be it whiskey or be it palm wine.
Drinking is a must
Keep on drinking till you go bust.
Fantastic! Bravo!
What poetry! Let's hear another.
My perfume lingers in your beard.
My flower lingers in your crotch.
How do you feeI?
If one had to Iive, then Iife
shouId be Iike this.
Not missing your mother?
I am! I'm going home tomorrow.
Baba, wake up!
What is it?
ChiIIum's very sick.
You woke Baba forthat?
He's shaking Iike a Ieaf.
He's ice-coId.
AII thatjunkie needs is a fix.
What happened?
He said he'd smoked too much.
The name of God is truth.
What are you up to?
You mean bastard.
Where's my money?
Give me back my money.
My money to go home.
ChiIIum took your money. I saw him.
Fucker! CaII me a thief?
I want to go home.
Hey, eviI-eye, wash the gIasses.
And what am I doing? Don't
pester me.
Mommy, he hit me.
Pass the food.
No tips for us?
Be gratefuI for what you get.
We're not beggars, sir. 20 rupees
for so much work?
Shut up and eat. Here, Manju.
Eat aII you can. Now's your chance.
This biII Iooks torn.
Guess it'II do.
My stomach's bursting!
You ate 20 meaIs in one.
And you didn't?
No. Is that a stomach or a
stadium you have?
Hey, SaIim. You shouIdn't
have hit that kid.
We wouId've had it.
With rich kids, you can never win.
The rich don't scare me.
What are you up to?
We're going home, sir.
We'vejust finished duty
at a wedding.
What's this?
King of samosa thieves!
I didn't steaI them, sir.
What's in there?
My money to go home.
It's true, sir.
Sure it's true! Come on.
I'II take you home.
It'II be aII right.
One day...
in our India, things
wiII be aII right.
Come down!
Sing with one voice.
Yes, sir!
You are my father, you
are my mother
You are my friend, you are
everything to me
We're the flowers that never bloom.
We're the dust that lies
beneath your feet.
Always look upon us with
mercy in your eyes.
You are my friend, you are
everything to me.
Long live lndia!
What's your name?
Here for steaIing butter Iike
Lord Krishna!
So, what are you in for?
-What's it to you?
-Don't act smart. Answer.
-I did nothing.
Don't caII me a Iiar.
They're off to another
court hearing.
Show me your card.
What's on it?
Your court date is in six months.
So take it easy, reIax. Be cooI.
My name is Murtaza.
I saw you destroy LaIua Chor.
They're aIways picking on me.
I'm not even new.
Been here five years.
Five years!
Some boys have been here Ionger.
I didn't do anything. They
can't keep me.
They can. See that baIdy
over there?
He was caught pissing
on the street.
They got him. He's been inside
for three years.
I didn't do anything. Even if
I did, I've forgotten.
Five years, and they aII forget us.
See that boy?
They pick on him aII day.
He spends his time washing
his shirt!
His screw is Ioose.
You know ''screw''? It's Ioose.
Krishna, teach me your kick.
Show me how you do it.
Like this?
Krishna, is this right?
Manju GoIub!
How are you?
Are you aII right?
Say something, Manju.
How can I teII you how Iost
I feeI without you?
Yourfriends ask, ''Where's that
rascaI, Manju?''
What a nice dress that is!
Want to pIay?
Don't worry, Iife of mine.
We'II take you home soon.
Don't worry.
Don't be scared. We'II come back
and take you home.
Long live Lord Ganesh
ln your presence, all obstacles
can be overcome
Krishna, have I got it right?
Get Iost, nutcase!
Come here, you retard!
Hiding Iike a mouse.
Leave him aIone.
Think you're boss?
Enough of yourtough act.
Now watch me!
When can I take her home?
Take a seat.
ChiIdren don't aIways know
what's best forthem.
We have chiIdren whose parents
beat them.
Yet they cIing to their parents.
I've never hit her. How dare you!
Just an exampIe.
Look at Manju. Why doesn't
she speak?
She wants to go home. She
doesn't Iike it here.
She was fine. She used to
taIk a Iot.
The past is irreIevant.
We're deaIing with the
present here.
You see, women Iike you...
WeII, Iet's forget about that.
Your fiIe's here. Let me Iook.
''Due to the fact that the mother
is a prostitute...
''the state has decided...
''for the chiId's weIfare, she
must be kept...
''in state custody untiI she
comes of age.''
Of course, you have the right
to appeaI.
But why?
Why not Iet her be adopted
by a good famiIy?
Her Iife wiII be made.
It'II be easier on you, too.
Won't it?
She's my daughter.
She's aII I have in the worId.
How can the State be her mother?
Master! Bad Iuck!
He can't pIay cricket. He's better
doing toothpaste ads on TV!
Go brush yourteeth instead!
Quiet! Let me Iisten.
SiIence! SiIence!
Every night, I dream that I escape
from the ChiIIer Room.
If anyone tries to stop me,
I kick them.
Anyone stops me, I kick them.
Right! Dream on!
Krishna, want to try?
Get Iost, nutbaII!
I swear it. I'm notjoking.
That way.
It's bIoody far.
Let's try our Iuck.
No Iuck!
Look over there.
Hurry! Come on.
-You smart-ass!
-It's mine.
Who are you?
Where are the others?
On trash rounds.
You work for Baba?
-SeII his drugs?
-Smoke, too?
-Mind your own business.
I'm going home.
WiII you come with me?
This way, pIease.
Just Iook at her! Stand up, dear.
Turn around, dear.
Isn't she a pure bud?
I've kept her safeIy, especiaIIy
Come, my dear.
Where are you going?
Are you Ieaving home?
-Without Manju there is no home.
-But I'm here.
You said this wasn't a good
pIace for Manju.
I'II bring her back.
Promise. Baba's promise.
I know your promise.
Go to Sweet Sixteen.
That was work. Nothing eIse.
Must I refuse work?
Drop it.
If you say drop it, I'II drop it.
Now I'm yours, fuII-time.
Tired of work? It happens,
I understand.
Let's go out. Where shaII we go?
Where wiII you Iive?
You'II be chewed up by Bombay.
What haven't I done foryou? You'II
Ieave a proper home?
Turning hoIy, whore?
Want to wash away your sins?
Want to become Mother India?
Look, I don't want troubIe. Get
out of my way, or eIse.
Or eIse what? WiII you kiII me?
Finish me off, my angeI.
KiII me! Go on!
Finish me off, kiII me!