Salaar (2023) Movie Script

In a far-off place,
amidst vengeance and enmity...
flourished an inseparable friendship.
Who is it?
Hey, Deva!
Forget it.
- Let's leave.
- Tell Me...
Who is it?
Hey, Deva!
- Why did you touch him?
- Deva, stop!
I thought you were bringing a huge army...
But you've brought only this guy.
Just because you are born to my father
doesn't mean you have the right
to wear that nose ring.
You have to earn it.
Just tell me what I need to do.
Do you see that wrestler?
He is my champion wrestler.
He has never been brought down.
Any challenger here?
There is no man here?
Make him fall to the ground...
And I will give it back to you.
How is that even possible?
How can he make him fall to the ground?
Answer me, is there nobody here?
Absolutely no pressure.
The nose ring will remain
with me until then.
You can get lost...
Rudra, you are making a mistake.
But I thought you knew me.
But, you don't know about him.
He is a maniac.
Before he does something to you,
give back my nose ring.
If there is anyone, come forward.
Oh, really!
What's he going to do?
Tell me!
Come on!
Is there no man here?
What is he even capable of?
At least, there is one man here.
Get lost!
Hey, Deva!
I told you to get lost!
He is dead now.
Deva, get up!
Did he fall to the ground?
Let's help him.
Don't touch me!
Give it back!
Give it to me.
Touch his nose ring again...
It won't be an electric wire
in my hands next time...
it will be an electric pole.
Let's go!
In a far-off place...
If you lose a battle...
You lose everything.
I killed her husband.
- Hey, I should go first.
- No, I will go first.
- His wife belongs to me.
- No one touches her until I do.
Hey, listen! She is mine.
But I killed her husband with my
own hands, didn't I? She is mine.
I won't spare anyone.
I will kill you all.
Go away from here!
Sir, don't stand in our way.
This is your father's order.
Nobody should disobey him.
It should happen.
Leave them right now, and in return...
I will give you one of my territories.
Varadha, think again.
I will give you Bharghat.
Bharghat is mine!
Bharghat is mine!
- Out of all our territories...
- Bharghat belongs to me.
that is the biggest territory.
That is exactly why
I gave it to him, Baba.
Bharghat is mine!
No one outside of here
should know about this.
Get lost now!
Hey, let's go.
Yeah! Bharghat belongs to me.
I am here for you.
Don't worry.
You shouldn't stay here anymore.
You must leave immediately.
In a far-off place...
Even an unbreakable bond of friendship...
had to be broken.
Hey, make it quick.
Promise me...
that you will never
come back to this place.
You should forget whatever happened here.
Promise me.
For you, I will be a bait or...
be a shark.
For you, my friend...
whenever you call me...
I will come back to this place.
I don't know if you remember...
I used to tell you a story...
During the time of the Persian empire,
the Sultan wouldn't deploy his formidable
army no matter how big the problem is.
Instead, he would go to only one man.
He would bring whatever
the Sultan wished for...
and destroy whatever the Sultan rejected.
That man was called...
I remember, Baba.
He will come back again...
My Salaar!
The sun himself holding an umbrella
Came patting your shoulder
He pulls out the thorns from your feet
With the finesse of his teeth
He guards you like an eyelid
That is inseparable from the eye
Leaving the sky behind
He has come down to kiss the ground
He is the raindrop that never
Exposes you to the harsh sun
Even before you think of calling him,
He leaps into action for you
One is a sword
And the other is a conflict
One is a roar and the other a storm
Together they make deluge
One is strategy and the other an army
When they walk together
It's a great war
This is a friendship
Of love and loyalty
May it flourish a hundred years
Please, come with me.
I'll show you the stock.
- Hello!
- Bilal!
My daughter is on her way to India.
Have you gone crazy?
- Why did you allow her to come to India?
- I didn't.
She left without my knowledge.
What if they get to know
she is coming to India...
There is no "what if".
They have been searching
for the past seven years.
They would've known by now.
Radha Rama...
Just because she has been
sitting quietly in a corner
doesn't mean she is harmless.
You have no idea how powerful
Radha Rama is today.
After all, Radha Rama's maid,
Obulamma alone
has the power to decide the fate
of elections in two or three states.
We have finally found one...
but it's not him...
we found his daughter.
Krishnakanth had created eight fake
passports for himself and his daughter.
And one of the passports has been used
to book a ticket from the US to India.
Tomorrow at 6 o'clock in the morning...
she's landing at the Lal Bahadur Shastry
International Airport, Babatpur.
Apart from this, Obulamma
has two notorious henchmen.
Krishnakanth's daughter
has come to India, sir.
Krishnakanth's daughter?
Tell me, Obulamma.
Krishnakanth's daughter
has come to India...
I want her at any cost!
- Jessy!
- Sir?
I am preoccupied with the elections.
Leave for Babatpur immediately.
Okay, sir.
For what you did to them seven years ago,
there is no way they will
spare your daughter now.
Please do something, Bilal.
But what can I do now?
Only you know his whereabouts.
You remember the promise, Bilal?
Brother, show us the goods.
Get out! All of you, out!
You said you would show the goods...
The time has come to fulfill your promise.
I know you cannot come.
I need to bring someone to you.
Whatever you instruct me to do...
I will follow.
Three vehicles at the airport parking.
In the street next to the airport...
There are two cars and a delivery van.
Come on... come on!
What is going on?
Hey... hey... who are you?
Hey! No, no, no... No!
Let's go!
Go, go, go!
Go, go, go!
Who are you?
Hey, hey!
What the hell is happening?
Why are they attacking me?
There must be some sort of a mistake.
D-Did you see them, they...
They just shot that guy in the middle
of the road in broad daylight...
There is no time.
Listen to me carefully, Aadhya.
- Dad! Dad...
- The guy in front of you?
Do as he says.
I will get you out of there
very soon, my dear.
Don't call me under any circumstances.
No... Dad...
Listen to me, Dad.
No, no... no...
No... we need to call the cops!
We need to call the cops, please.
- You don't understand.
- Hey!
You shouldn't have come to India.
But you did!
You have no idea
what is happening here.
Even if I tell you,
you wouldn't understand
and we don't even have time for that.
In this situation...
There's only one person in India
who can protect you.
She doesn't easily trust
or accept any outsider...
You will have to convince her.
Come what may...
she should never get to know who you are!
Good evening, Teacher.
This is Diya from Vijayawada.
She speaks Telugu.
A distant relative of our bank manager,
Mr Ajay Kumar.
She wants to teach English
to the kids in our school.
That post is vacant.
Let's employ her.
She will stay in your guest house.
Uh... only if you agree.
What is your qualification?
Uh... English literature.
Her AADHAAR Card...
Voter ID...
Class X, intermediate
and degree certificates...
I have verified them all, Teacher.
You can check them too.
Where did you work before this?
Siddhartha Convent.
Are you going to teach the kids?
Or her?
Where did you work before this?
Siddhartha Convent.
Why did you quit from there?
In spite of you being highly educated, why
do you want to work in a place like this?
That's what I...
Mr Sarpanch,
I don't think she is up to the task.
She can leave.
We will find someone else.
What makes someone decide
to settle in a new city
is not that place...
but it's the people who live there.
I have roamed several places
and finally come here.
Like how you are apprehensive
of trusting an outsider...
I am very apprehensive as well.
Let us both take a chance.
If it doesn't work out...
I will leave.
You will stay next door.
You and the way you teach
should be liked by the children, not me.
You get three days' time.
If the children don't like you,
you must leave on the fourth day.
Hey, get up!
If you don't bring your parents tomorrow,
or don't turn up at school,
I will personally come and drag
each one of you.
Don't tell lies.
Who is telling lies?
Hey, get going.
Children are like molten iron...
Mold them well,
they become lamps that spread light.
If you don't,
they become blood-shedding...
Get freshened up and come.
I will get you some food.
I did as you instructed.
She has agreed.
Please let me go.
Hey, Sarpanch!
- Jessy?
- Sir... that girl is missing...
She hasn't been eating
since yesterday, madam.
I want him...
I want him...
For the past seven years...
you have been sitting
like this in darkness...
on the floor...
trembling for vengeance.
I know for a fact that no hunger matches
the hunger for vengeance.
Krishnakanth couldn't be traced.
But his daughter has come down.
Our men failed to catch her.
But no matter where she is, I'll find her
and make her kneel in front of you.
Even to exact your revenge,
you need to stay alive, Rama!
Our time has come.
- I want him...
- Our time has come.
Before searching for that girl
they will make sure
she doesn't get out of India.
- File a case against the girl.
- Please, sir!
It won't happen again.
- Charge her with murder.
- Murder...
- Whose murder should I mention, sir?
- Please, sir!
Do your job.
They will file a case against her and
inform the Embassies and police stations.
You got to take a look at this.
Aadhya Krishnakanth, 28 years old...
US National, murdered Jessy Bhagga
and fled near Varanasi outskirts.
- Hey...
- Brother?
Send our men in all directions.
Bus stations, railway stations, ports,
airports, highways, borders...
Their men will be everywhere.
- She shouldn't escape.
- Okay, boss.
They will certainly find a way here.
They are searching for this car.
Dismantle it immediately.
Could you find the vehicle
in which the girl was taken?
Found it on a CCTV footage.
They left that van at a warehouse
and took a black SUV.
Obulamma has already
instructed Hazare to find that girl.
Why are we also searching for her?
We are not looking for the girl...
Nor are we looking for Krishnakanth.
For the past seven years...
We are searching for him!
We searched every nook
and corner of the country.
We have access to every single
CCTV camera in the country.
But not a single CCTV could capture him.
We don't know where he is.
But... What is the relation
between the girl and him?
There is a relation!
Wherever she is...
he is bound to be there.
Check where that vehicle is.
Is anyone out there?
- Good morning, Teacher.
- Good morning, Teacher.
Though we locked her in,
the English teacher has come today.
Someone locked the door from outside.
- That's why I...
- Chandram.
Take this teacher to her classroom
and tell her the syllabus.
- Yes, madam.
- Let's go.
Hitler has left.
Take the syllabus.
Take the children. Teach the class.
And take care.
Okay, y'all just stand...
Sorry, sorry...
Come on.
Class is over!
When the children have no interest,
why are you forcing them?
I won't send him to school from tomorrow.
Do whatever you want.
I will burn you all to ashes.
What you guys are doing is a mistake.
Do you want them to become like you?
Hey! All of you are
attending school from tomorrow.
She sounds crazy, doesn't she?
Even I used to think
about her the same way.
Most of those who live here
work in the coal mine.
Their kids also used to work
in the same mine for daily wages.
Three or four years ago,
she came to this place
and literally begged everyone
to get the school renovated and reopened.
Since then, she has been educating all
the children in this school.
I must tell you about
another interesting person.
Her son and her are like
the South Pole and the North Pole.
Hey, you! Are you blind?
Can't you see?
But it was your mistake.
No problem, Uncle.
Sorry, brother.
I will move back.
Though he looks tall and imposing,
he doesn't even retaliate
when someone behaves rudely with him.
He doesn't mingle with anyone,
he doesn't talk to anyone, or get angry...
But when he is with kids...
he becomes one of them.
What is this suspense?
Should we wait for you so long
every single day?
Hey, like a batsman sent to bowl,
they gave me all sorts of assembling work.
Had they asked me
to disassemble something...
I would've done it in a single strike.
Whoa, whoa, whoa...
He hit a sixer against your bowling
and you are saluting him?
You are always playing with us.
Don't you have friends of your own?
Hey, pass me the ball.
How many times should I tell you?
You should be home by 6:00 p.m.
I tell you once and isn't that enough?
Do you need a daily reminder?
If you repeat this one more time...
I won't be late from tomorrow, Mom.
Excuse me.
Bilal said I can leave today.
Just one more day.
I want him... I want him...
I want him... I want him...
I want him... I want him...
Stop! Enough!
Stop it... Just stop it!
Nobody can teach any of you.
Why are you doing this to me?
Very bad.
It's impossible to teach you.
So bad!
- Good morning, Teacher.
- Good morning, Teacher.
Please, sit down.
Your teacher is tired today.
She cannot teach today.
She will go to the market
and get the lights.
Only one run, man.
Where is the ball?
Look there.
You are playing cricket without me?
When will you come to play cricket?
I will make it tomorrow.
Hey, let's go. Got the ball!
You asked me to tell you if she goes out.
Hitler has sent the English teacher
to the market.
Hello, hello! Madam!
I bought you for double the price
just now... you can't go anywhere.
You are my property.
I am your owner.
Hey, you got me a nice property, man.
Leave the girl alone.
Hey! The hero is here.
He is going to beat us all
and take her away.
Look, look, look.
Hit me, come on, hit me.
Oh, it hurts!
Oh, it hurts!
It hurts really bad!
I thought he is a hero.
Hey, it's the cops!
Let's go, we'll get her later.
The vehicle was last seen
at the Navada toll in Bihar, sir.
We don't know
which way it went from there.
Where could it have gone?
Send her picture to all our men.
I will send it immediately, sir.
What is taking Hazare so long?
Is he not capable
of nabbing one helpless girl?
Madam, it's Nayak!
What is it, Nayak?
The consignment you were asking
about has arrived at Khandla Port.
Tell me when the delivery should be made.
Didn't I ask you to deliver it to Nepal?
Don't call me again.
Whatever comes up...
Vedha will take care of it.
That's it?
Only these many?
They didn't even bring weapons with them.
That one man is enough.
Hey, Nayak!
How are you?
It's a hundred million dollar consignment.
A small one.
But if you deliver this properly,
you will get many more big deals.
You are the right guy for this job.
I will have a look at the Nepali girls.
He doesn't even look interested.
Don't disturb me until we reach there.
Don't worry.
No one can stop the consignment
once he stamps that seal on it.
Will he be able to get out of the port?
This is how you flush
a hundred million dollars down the toilet!
Sir, sir!
The cops have stopped us!
Open it!
Hey, close the door!
Close the door!
Hey, let them go.
Open it!
What is it?
Nothing, sir.
We were tipped off a month ago, sir.
Why did we let them go, sir?
Did you see the seal?
Do you know where it came from?
Before you could think of even saying
the name of the place, they will kill you.
The seal?
Who stopped it?
Call the control room and tell them
nobody should stop the seal.
What are you saying, sir?
The seal?
I will inform everybody immediately.
Send information to all the check posts.
Yes, sir.
I heard about it as a child.
That some tribes rule that place.
That they have built huge
walls barring outsiders
and that they have the largest army
with the most advanced weapons.
But isn't that an urban legend?
I don't know if that place exists or not
but the fear we get when we hear its name
is absolutely true.
I told you.
There is nobody in India
who can stop that seal.
Hey, they're painting, be careful.
Hey! Stop that.
It's my birthday today.
Hey... Don't you know that you must
wish me exactly at midnight?
Sorry, Pari. I forgot about it.
Happy birthday.
Okay, fine. Come.
Let's cut the cake.
You must come...
- You should cut the cake.
- It's your birthday. You should cut it.
No, you should cut the cake.
- You must cut it.
- No. You must...
Take this knife and cut it.
- Please cut the cake.
- Hey!
Hey! Move out, quick!
That thing...
Give it to me.
Just for the sake of a knife!
That too a plastic knife.
Yes, Teacher?
You remember the song I taught you?
Yes, Teacher.
Sing it.
In every story it's the demon
Who unleashes violence
And to oppress that demon
Rises a king...
In his quest to quell the enemy
The king has embraced savagery
He has made violence
A habit and forgotten kindness
He slayed the monster,
Fighting resolutely
Filled with ire, he has turned into
A monster himself
Be determined
Dare the most powerful
Time to prove your patience and skill
Forgiveness is a noble way to win
Won't anger prove to be your weakness?
Stop a war with a smile
And show the world
Your merits shall remain
Etched on time
Like letters on stone
Your flaws shall be erased
Like lines on sand
Chandram, Chandram!
Where did he go?
He has to take
Deva's lunchbox to the coal mine.
I shall take it.
Let me be useful at least for this.
This girl?
Sir, she is in my city.
She is here in Tinsukia.
- What happened?
- We found the girl.
She is in Tinsukia, Assam.
It is near the borders of Burma.
There is a coal mine on the outskirts.
A lot of Telugu people have migrated
there to work in the mines.
Are there any CCTVs in that town?
It's a very remote place, sir.
They don't even have
banks or post offices.
Maybe he too must be...
- Sir?
- Leave for Tinsukia immediately.
Come on, guys.
Who are you sending?
I'm sending Selfie.
Keep sending photographs from Tinsukia.
Okay, sir.
Let's go.
Oh damn!, this girl is good for nothing.
Actually, I was...
I know.
You are going to say
"one more day", right?
- Baby...
- Hey!
Wow! The selfie looks amazing.
Come. Let's go.
Is this the guy who brought her here?
Hey, he must have done that by mistake...
He is not capable of doing that.
My goodness! I don't know from
where the Sarpanch got this girl.
She is absolutely good for nothing...
She took one box and forgot the other.
She never does anything right.
Where is she?
Hey, hey! Who are you guys?
Where are you dragging her?
Let her go!
I'm talking to you...
Why are you guys not helping..
Go, save the girl.
There are so many men here!
Can't any of you save her?
Oh, no! Please, can no one save her?
You? What about you?
Please, someone stop them!
No one will stop them and no one can.
There is only one person
who can stop them.
And that's you.
Oh, no! Oh, no!
There are so many men out here.
Is no one capable?
Your son is here as well, right?
Why don't you ask him? Isn't he a man?
Oh, damn!
We have left him behind.
Cut his head off and bring it to me.
The ash formed on the burning
coal needs to be blown away by the air
so that the heat inside can be felt...
Hey, they are going to kill him.
What can the poor guy do?
He is like an old rusty
vehicle that would never start.
It was me who bound you
not to raise your hands on anyone.
Now, I set you free
from any bounds whatsoever.
They must stop.
Either plead with them.
Or make them bleed.
Like he said, just one strike!
Does that hurt?
Go upstairs and pack everything.
You need to finish packing by today.
I am responsible for all of this.
I had convinced Deva
that she will be safe here.
I don't care about that.
Right now, all that matters to me
are my son and I, nothing else.
Neither do I have the leisure
to think about anyone else's problems.
Village after village, town after town,
city after city...
We have been moving
for the past seven years.
I thought we have finally found
some peace here.
But now we have to get going again!
Where should we go from here?
Tell me, speak up.
Because of you, my son had to... again...
Take that girl and go away, Bilal.
This is my mother.
I came to India for this.
My mom always wanted to come to India.
But my dad would never allow her.
And my mother's last wish...
Was to bring her remains to India.
I know I have asked you for a lot.
Can you do this
one last thing for me? Please...
The children didn't like you, nor did I.
Take her away, Bilal.
That girl...
None of these jerks can
do a simple job properly.
Rinda, there is a change
in the delivery point.
There is a check post near Budherabad,
under the control of the local Maoists.
They are our men.
Cross the check post and you
will reach the borders of Burma.
Deliver it there.
Along with that consignment,
you need to bring a girl as well.
Where is that girl now?
On the way to that check post, you
will find a small town named Tinsukia.
You should bring that girl from there.
Don't forget the seal.
East seems to be lucky for us.
Drive towards that direction.
The delivery point has been changed.
Let's go there.
- Sir.
- Let's go to the Burma border.
Once you cross the border...
It's okay, Deva. I will take care.
Let's get going.
It's been so long since I saw you.
How are you?
It's me that you wanted, right?
I am here.
Kill me if you want
but please spare my daughter.
- Seal...
- Okay, sir!
Stamp the seal on the girl
and then put her in the truck.
The girl is already in the truck.
The seal has been stamped as well.
They are bringing her here.
I am anyway going to kill you.
But before I do that, you must
watch your daughter die in front of you.
She can leave. We will find someone else.
Give me!
The children didn't like you, nor did I.
If they take us to Burma, we can't escape.
Answer some of my questions first.
Who are the people who want to kill me?
What did my dad do to them?
Why was I asked to stay with you guys?
Why did his mother react
so much, over a plastic knife?
Why doesn't he cross
the boundaries set by his mother?
And what is this?
Hold on to the pole.
If you know
who my daughter was with all these days,
you will release her.
Hold on to the pole tightly.
The trucks have been stopped...
He has stopped the truck.
Someone stopped the truck?
Who the heck is he?
You should have hacked him on the spot.
The person who stopped the vehicle is...
No one can do anything to him.
Give it.
You can stop a river with a dam but...
How can you stop a mighty ocean?
I never told you about this, Obulamma.
If I had, you would have definitely
stopped me from doing this.
Thanks to your daughter, I found him...
He should have been killed
the moment he was found, right?
But no one can do anything to him..
That's why I put the girl
in the truck with the seal
and made sure
that Devaratha stops that truck.
The people who want to kill you...
Your father...
Him, his mother...
And the seal, all of us have
one thing in common...
You know what happens if that
seal is stopped by anyone, don't you?
You know whose seal that is!
Someone has stopped the seal.
For the first time ever...
- And the one who stopped it is...
- I know.
Varadha Rajamannaar!
No one other than him can stop it.
Khansaar changed
the fate of a lot of people.
But, what changed
the fate of Khansaar was
when two best friends...
became arch-rivals.
My plan was amazing, wasn't it?
Now a war will happen
between the two of them...
And only one will survive.
- Hey, Pilot...
- You said no one can stop that seal!
The Salaar of Khansaar!
No one can stop that seal.
The Salaar to Varadha Rajamannaar.
But he is the one who created that seal!
Salaar Devaratha Raisaar!
What happens now?
It's the rule he defined.
No one can break it!
Up... Up...
I am here for you.
Whoever stops the seal must die.
Some stories are frightening to watch.
Some stories are frightening to listen to.
But this story is...
frightening to even think of.
Do you want to listen to his story?
This story began a thousand years ago.
Dacoits more savage than Mahmud Ghazni
and Genghis Khan lived back then.
They would not just loot a village...
but, they would burn
down the village to ashes.
They would take everything
they looted, back to Khansaar.
A forest situated between
mountains and the ocean.
There were three tribes
among those dacoits.
The Mannaar tribe.
The Shouryaanga tribe.
And the Ghaniyaar tribe.
The three tribes flourished and prospered
unchallenged for hundreds of years.
They turned the forest
into a formidable fortress.
The British who could
reign over the entire world
could occupy the whole of India but...
In Khansaar...
they couldn't even set foot.
Every time the British attempted to do
so, they ended up losing their own army.
After Independence, the newly
formed nation had a huge issue...
What needs to be done with khansaar?
The then leader of the three
tribes, Shivmannaar came to Delhi.
Erasing Khansaar from the Indian map...
He warned that the constitution of India
won't be applicable to Khansaar but...
every rule set by Khansaar
will be applied to India.
Money generated through all
the illegal activities in India
like smuggling, gambling,
money laundering, drugs, land
petroleum, fake currency
and arms, used to run according
to the percentage fixed by Khansaar
and were operated by their agents.
To prevent the law and order
from interfering with their activity,
they began to dictate politics.
With this weapon they had created
no one dared to confront them.
People feared to even say
the name "Khansaar".
They turned this business
which was run with fear
as the only investment,
into a most profitable one.
Fully aware of the violent nature
of the tribes, Shivmannaar...
decided to develop Khansaar into
a system as their earning grew infinitely.
Drafting a set of rules to be
strictly adhered to by everyone,
he named that book "Constitution".
And according to that Constitution...
he divided Khansaar into 101 parts
and pointed leaders to those parts.
He crafted a bracelet
as a symbol representing a leader.
He then divided the leaders
into three major groups,
61 Leaders with only one
vote each as "Governors".
Eight leaders with at least
three votes each as "Lords".
And with 15 votes for himself, Shivmannaar
announced himself as the King of Khansaar.
One Day, Shivmannaar died...
According to the agreement between the
three tribes, after Shivmannaar's death,
the leader of the Shouryaanga
tribe, Dhaara had to rule Khansaar.
But, Rajamannaar never wanted to give
away his father's throne to anyone else.
Everyone is eying my throne?
Not a single soul from
the Shouryaanga tribe should be spared.
Can we confront them?
There is only one way to kill them all.
Men, women, kith and kin...
they must be killed while
they are asleep, spare no one.
Even if just one life is spared...
the Shouryaangas' vengeance
is unimaginable.
That day, the entire Shouryaanga
tribe was completely eliminated.
For the massacre Rajamannaar
caused, everyone else bowed to him.
He built the biggest
walls around Khansaar,
assembled the largest armies,
and made Khansaar
the most powerful place ever.
Rajamannaar extended the 61 Governors...
Out of the eight Lord positions,
he appointed five of them
from the Ghaniyaar tribe.
And Naarang.
He gave the rest of the three Lord
positions to his own family members
Om, Rajamannaar's
first wife's elder brother.
Bhaarava, Rajamannaar's son-in-law.
Rudra, Rajamannaar's son
by his first wife.
Radha Rama.
Rajamannaar's daughter
by his first wife.
Rajamannaar's honor and pride.
Though there were a lot of differences
between the Lords and the Governors...
Nobody ever dared to go
against Rajamannaar's will.
The people who were
violent-natured for over a 1,000 years
had been suppressing
their nature for 25 years
until, that day...
Father, is it true?
Are you going out of Khansaar?
I will go instead of you, if necessary.
Temples are built to propagate religion.
Kingdoms are ruled to propagate legacy.
Khansaar is built
to propagate only one thing...
I have maintained it until now.
No one should cross that line of fear.
Who has crossed that line now?
I am going out
of Khansaar to find that out.
Rama, until I come back, I am
leaving Khansaar under your watch.
And I have all the trust in you
that you will take care of it well.
Okay, Father.
My King.
I know that nobody will
disobey your decisions.
But, as your son-in-law,
I would like to ask you something...
When will you forgive him?
- Who?
- Your son...
Why did you throw away the bracelet?
Answer me, why?
He threw away the honor I gave him.
He lost his right to be my son.
But, he was just a ten-year-old.
Why are you concerned about it?
Because no one else has the
courage to stand before you and ask of it.
Because, even now, you leave a chair
vacant for Varadha on your dining table.
Whenever I see your father, Shivmannaar,
he reminds me of Varadha, because of that!
He is also your blood, my King.
He also deserves the honor
which Rudra gets.
For the past 30 years,
I have been sitting on this throne
and taking decisions only for Khansaar.
For the first time,
I am making a decision for myself.
All I want is one of your chairs.
I believe you are the only
one who would give me...
anything I ask for,
without thinking twice.
Hence, I am asking you...
I wish to see my son, Varadha Rajamannaar,
as a Lord while I am still alive.
He is the son
of Rajamannaar's second wife.
As he had sacrificed his bracelet
when he was a child,
he couldn't become a Lord since then.
Though he is designated as a Governor,
he always lived with
the confidence of a Lord.
Will you give it to me, Ranga?
You shouldn't ask me, my King.
You should only command me.
I am going out of Khansaar
on a very important errand.
Once I come back, all the formalities
of making Varadha Rajamannaar a Lord
should be done by you, Bali.
Yes, my King!
Do you know why he asked
for your chair out of all of us, Ranga?
I am sure you know it.
Your father picked up the bracelet
he threw on the ground
and became a Lord, which doesn't
give him the same honor as winning...
It felt as if a bone was thrown to
a pack of dogs and one dog got it...
But my dad had genuinely won that day!
Had he asked for my life,
I would have willingly given it...
How can I give away my chair?
Give it up.
Will you give it up...
King Rajamannaar's orders...
cannot be defied.
There is another order
more powerful than Rajamannaar's orders.
Khansaar Constitution.
And in that book, there
is a very important rule.
"The strongest shall prevail...
The strongest shall...
Ranga, yours is a new vengeance.
But Rudra's vengeance started
from the time Varadha was born.
You might wonder why I'm showing so much
concern for you and what's in it for me.
Today he has asked you to give away
your chair.
Tomorrow it could be my turn...
But that is not what
the Constitution says.
I will defeat you.
And you defeat me.
Let us fight.
The strongest shall prevail.
The strongest shall...
Is Rudra off to kill Varadha?
I can't believe this...
Rudra has sent for Pandit.
When Rajamannaar returns...
Varadha will become a Lord.
My Brother will become a Lord.
But by the time Rajamannaar returns,
what if Varadha is not alive?
The strongest shall prevail.
The strongest shall rule!
You want to slit his throat...
But I want the Mannaar
tribe pride he is wearing...
The Constitution!
Rudra, it's the Constitution!
No one should disobey it.
Who was the one to stop me?
Who stopped me?
You are standing
in the court of our King Rajamannaar.
In his presence or absence...
no one should raise
their voice or run their mouth.
It was me who stopped you.
How can you to take that decision?
Because I am representing the King now,
and that's why all of you are still alive.
If the decision was mine,
all of you would have been
beheaded by now.
From now on, I order
to stop any sort of violence
between the Lords and
the Governors of Khansaar...
I am imposing a ceasefire.
On the orders of the acting King,
a ceasefire is imposed
in Khansaar from today!
The Constitution.
All stand equal before
the Khansaar Constitution.
The book gives the right to everyone
in Khansaar to defy even the King.
I, Rudra Rajamannaar,
in the rank of a Lord, propose
a voting to lift the imposed ceasefire!
As per the Khansaar Constitution,
after nine days,
the decision of whether the ceasefire
should be imposed or not will be taken
by the voting process that
will be held in Kotagada!
No one wanted to wait
until the voting day.
Right from the Lords to the Governors,
everyone began to gather merciless
and immensely powerful armies.
Rudra has called for Pandit...
Naarang has assembled the Russians.
Gurung has assembled the Serbians.
Even the Governors have
gathered at least fifty men each.
Today, there were about
700 new entries at the gate...
Not sure how many more armies
might enter Khansaar going forth...
Do you know how intimidating
each one of them were?
And the kind of weapons
they were carrying...
You tell me.
How many are we bringing?
Tell me.
Which army are we going to bring?
Brother, tell me please.
Where is our army?
We also set out to bring an army.
In just one jeep and
with only one vacant seat...
Even I was curious to see the army
that was supposed to fit in that seat.
Hey, Deva!
My dad has assigned me some work to do...
I can't come out with you...
You can leave.
- Hey...
- I said I can't come out...
Do you remember me?
Your voice might have changed.
But the way you call me hasn't.
Other than my mother,
there is only one person
who calls me Deva in the entire world.
Varadha Rajamannaar.
How are you, mother?
I am starving...
Cook something for me.
It's been so long since I ate your food.
Why are you still here?
I told you I am not coming...
Hey... Where is your nose ring?
Would you...
Who took it?
I will tell my mother and come.
On one side, Varadha wanted
to take Deva with him at any cost...
On the other side, Deva's mother had
made up her mind not to send him along...
- I think Varadha needs me...
- But...
Go with him...
Let's go get it.
- Sir...
- Need to make an entry.
- Rani... Rani...
- Surabhi!
- Rani!
- Surabhi!
Please, let go of her.
She will never come back again.
How many, sir?
Only one.
Isn't there anyone else, sir?
I didn't call anyone else.
What is your name?
Which tribe?
He is an outsider.
Take his prints?
I am praying to our Goddess to save us.
Surabhi, no matter how much we pray,
no Gods step foot on this sinful land.
How many times should I tell you?
He got scared just by looking
at the wall.
Be careful, sir.
Whoever steps inside...
Never come out.
What are you doing now?
Huge walls are built out of fear.
Not out of fear of those going out...
You said Gods won't come for us.
So, I am praying in the opposite way.
but out of fear of those coming in.
Hoping at least a demon
would come to our rescue.
After 25 years,
for the promise he made...
he came back
to the land where he was born.
- Baba, this is...
- I know.
Don't look around...
No one else will be coming...
Of course, I know.
Varadha has made an entry
in the register for his army at the gates.
Only one entry has been made at the gate.
Only one?
You brought only one man?
We needed a whole army,
and you brought just one?
- Him, of all people?
- I forgot to ask.
Did you make all the arrangements
for Deva's stay here?
Yes, I did.
Have you forgotten?
Because of that one decision
you made for him 25 years ago...
Our lives are so miserable even today.
And yet you have brought him back.
- Let him eat.
- You be quiet, Baba.
- Even now he could...
- Rinda!
Inform Satthi that the curry
is not spicy enough.
Deva won't like it.
When you serve him food, serve
a cup of raw chilly powder as a side.
Everyone in Khansaar desperately
wants to hack us to pieces...
Do you have any idea?
You didn't have to take
such a desperate decision now.
I want you to sit on my chair
while I am still alive
and fulfill my wish
of seeing you as a Lord.
- But, Dad...
- Hey...
Until now, I have been fulfilling
your wishes without you asking for it...
Just fulfill this one wish of mine...
Rudra Mannaar has sent you a message.
Lord Rudra sent a message?
I will do anything for him. What is it?
He asked you to make sure
that Varadha doesn't get any sleep.
Baba, we are going out.
Please call Deva as well...
There's so many of us. Why do we need him?
Hey... Come.
Go, get him.
I will hit you...
Why are you walking, my Lord?
Hey, hold an umbrella for him right now...
Where is the umbrella?
I know exactly what kind
of circumstances we are living in.
I also know we are surrounded
only by enemies all over...
What is it?
More than the fear of getting killed,
I dread the humiliation
that we are yet to suffer...
Who is that?
All of them are desperately
waiting to chop your head off...
I feel like doing it right here,
right now, and then bury you.
If we want to stay alive here...
However large an army we get,
it won't be of any help.
In Khansaar, nothing can be
calculated by using a calculator.
That's why I brought a maniac
who can't be calculated.
But, what is he going to do?
Hold the gun tight.
You have to keep your body
upright while pulling the trigger.
you can fire only if you
turn the safety switch off.
A mechanic would know how to use
a spanner and a wrench but...
how would he know how to use a gun?
That's it, right?
Let's go.
At your service, my Lord?
Hey, I don't see any vacant tables?
I will get the tables ready
for you at once, my Lord.
At times, I feel it's better
that he doesn't do anything.
How many times should I tell you
to fold your hands and stand!
Where are you going?
We have some other work to do, let's go.
- No, actually...
- Come on, come...
Rudra on one hand and Ranga on the other.
Now, my son, Vishnu
as well is humiliating you...
Being Rajamannaar's son, it is extremely
painful for you to bear all that.
Do one thing.
Chop your head off
and place it at my feet.
It's my mistake...
I didn't notice...
How many more times
would you hold me back?
How long can he hold himself back...
Even I don't know.
Hey, leave me...
Khansaar's King,
Rajamannaar's son...
Varadha Rajamannaar!
See his plight now!
I have absolutely no value here.
- Baba...
- Hey!
- Hold on.
- Bilal... I will kill everyone...
Deva! Please sit down... please...
None of my people are happy
that I brought you here.
They are just not saying it out loud...
But I'm sure they are cursing me.
You never bothered to even
ask me why I brought you here.
- You won't ask me.
- Brother, you've had enough.
Let's go.
Hey... come here, my dearest brother...
Brother! Let me go, brother.
Hey, you guys bring him home.
I am really scared, my friend...
Not that something will happen to me.
Not that the little honor
I have left will be taken away...
I am only worried
about my younger brother.
You must make sure
nothing happens to him.
You must look after him.
You must take care of him...
You must...
You only should take care of him.
You have six hands and yet...
Not one is extended to help
We are in deep anguish
And you are nowhere to be seen
Why do you harbor anger
Against the fragile
To hail you with raised arms
There is no strength left
Even with ceaseless worship,
We remain untouched by mercy
We called you again and again
Yet hope has faded away
Along with Rudra, Ranga and Bhaarava,
another ten Governors have teamed up.
They will also try to influence
the others to take their side...
Rudra, no matter what you say,
we won't go against our King.
When I become the next King, I will
definitely tell everyone around me
that there lived a very
loyal man like you...
But, my Lord...
You cannot win without the Ghaniyaars.
And, none of the Ghaniyaars
will go against their leader, Naarang.
What if Ranga tries to influence
some of the Ghaniyaars to take his side?
Even if one of the leaders from
my tribe goes against our King,
I will kill all of them
with my own hands, my Lord.
- Children, Naarang.
- What?
Hey, Pandit!
He is wearing the bracelet.
We can't touch him now...
Just be patient for four more days...
I also have a wish.
What is it, Naarang?
A wish of a Father,
unlike our King Rajamannaar's.
Oh, God! They are here again!
After the ceasefire voting...
I wish to see my son in my chair.
As soon as the ceasefire voting gets
over, your son will become a Lord, Uncle.
Brother, Vishnu is in Mahara.
He has ordered us to come.
This bloody...
- Hey!
- Sir?
Under no circumstances should
Deva know where we are going.
Even if he comes,
what is he going to do anyway?
Hey, tell him.
Hey, Deva shouldn't come there.
Hey, where is Devaratha?
How do I tell in a way
this idiot understands?
Where is he?
It's better if he doesn't understand.
Vishnu has a procedure.
First, he flies the kite high.
Hey, stop right there.
Then he cuts the string himself.
Whichever house
the kite lands on...
He takes one girl from that house.
Oh, God! No!
First get inside! Go inside!
Oh, no!
Oh, yeah... we got our chick.
- I'll go, Mother.
- Mother, please let me go.
You must take care
of our mother and little sister.
You are too young.
Just keep quiet.
I am going. That's it.
No one is stopping me. Swear on me.
No, no. I will go.
Swear on me.
Oh, no!
It doesn't matter, it will hurt the same!
It doesn't matter who goes,
I'm a dead woman either way.
O Goddess! Save us, please... please!
Oh, no! What do I do?
I don't know which girl is
going to be mine today, but...
I cannot bear the suspense...
- Surabhi!
- Surabhi!
- Surabhi! What are you doing?
- Hey, Surabhi!
- Surabhi... Surabhi...
- Open the door! Open the door!
Hey, who called him here?
Follow the procedure.
Stand with your hands folded.
Sir! Please spare her!
Sir! Please spare her!
Sir, sir...
She is just a kid.
Where did you all go today,
leaving me behind?
That territory is called Mahara.
I beg you, my Lord.
It's like a poultry.
Vishnu chooses a hen every day
and kills it.
Please don't destroy her life.
Let's take her home, my dear.
Hey, I don't have the patience.
Leave her alone.
Just give us two minutes, dear Lord.
I will get her ready like a lady.
- But, instead of the hens, it's...
- Baba.
We have other important things to do.
Let's go.
O Goddess Kateramma!
Your rituals are wrong.
If you want the Goddess
to listen to your prayers...
Go to the animal market...
From the herd, select a nice and
healthy ram with strong twisted horns.
Hey, stop it!
Dear Lord!
Hold it by the horns and drag it down.
Garland it, apply turmeric
and vermilion on its face...
Then, sharpen the sword against a rock.
Hey, I am warning you!
I won't tell you again.
Water should be sprinkled on its face.
As soon as it shakes its head...
Shall I go to the fair now?
Hey, go and kill him!
Look at what he is doing, brother!
Kill him!
Hack him to death!
Goddess Kateramma didn't come.
she has sent her son for us, Mother.
Brother, he will kill Vishnu.
If he dies, you know
what our plight will be, right?
Varadha! Stop him right now!
I have been watching him since childhood.
He won't stop.
Until that guy stops breathing...
He won't stop.
Are you going to hit me?
Do you know who my father is?
Tell him to stop, Baba.
How dare you!
Kill that scoundrel
Just two minutes...
I will get him ready like a Lord.
I am just checking
if you are real or not, son.
Vishnu has been killed.
Was it him?
Why did Deva react so violently
for someone he didn't even know?
I don't understand it even today.
I understand!
In every girl who is in distress,
he sees his mother.
How dare he touch the girl!
A kid at that!
Whatever he did that day
affected not only us...
but the entire Khansaar.
This shouldn't be happening.
Especially during the ceasefire.
This is going to impact
the upcoming voting.
The ceasefire was enforced
so that Varadha wouldnt get killed.
How could he go and do this?
It wasn't Varadha who killed him.
It was the new guy.
What do we do, Uncle?
For now, they have been
arrested by the Mannaars.
But we cannot take
any decision about this right now.
The decision will be made
by Naarang at Velamgadi.
He will surely not spare Varadha.
I heard you will hand over
Varadha to Naarang in Velamgadi.
Is he going to kill him? Is he?
But it's my prerogative to kill him.
Since it was the new guy
who flouted the rules,
you must convince Naarang
to punish the culprit.
If Varadha dies, I will be happy.
But I must follow my dad,
the King's command.
Uncle, I will speak to Naarang.
Please go to Varadha immediately.
I haven't asked you
for anything since childhood.
Do something, please.
I want Varadha.
Tomorrow at Velamgadi...
Naarang is going to pronounce the verdict.
All the arrangements have been made.
What does it mean?
If you want to save your skin,
don't open your mouth.
What does it mean?
My Lord...
This is not the right time to say this.
You have all the rights to do whatever
you want with the one who killed your son.
Varadha didn't kill your son.
The one who killed him is the new guy.
Remember that!
My Lord...
My Lord...
If we want to lift the ceasefire,
Naarang has to go against Rajamannaar
and kill Varadha.
It's true that Varadha
didn't kill your son.
when your son was mercilessly
being hacked to death...
He stood there without doing anything.
The verdict at Velamgadi today
has nothing to do with Kotagada.
Don't move until further orders.
All of you remove the cartridges
from your guns and put them away.
Until I say, no weapons should be used.
Somebody's head will roll today.
As soon as it is done,
come and inform me.
I will take care of everything there.
But you must remain silent.
This is the guy who knocked off Vishnu.
I believe he killed as many as 25.
Will it be his head or Varadha's today?
He has picked up a sword!
He is going towards Varadha, bro!
He is going to kill your rooster.
It was me who killed your son.
Do whatever you want with me.
Don't touch Varadha, sir.
- Sir, Varadha is innocent, sir.
- Deva, stop.
I did it.
Don't touch Varadha, sir.
Sir, you can hit me or kill me.
But don't touch Varadha.
Deva! Listen to me.
Stop right there.
I killed Vishnu with these hands.
Kill me.
What are you doing?
Please don't touch Varadha, sir.
Hey, bring him aside.
Hey, get back.
He didn't do anything...
It's all because of me...
Kill me.
I told you...
I told you not to touch him!
Didn't I tell you not to touch him?
What are you looking at?
Shoot him down!
Load your guns!
No one touches him.
Is it Varadha's head?
Or the new guy?
The new guy decapitated Naarang, Rudra.
You muted me in Khansaar.
But he decapitated
two people at high volume.
Maybe he doesn't know the rules...
Even if he knows them,
he doesn't follow them...
Of course it was.
Varadha said it correctly...
Seriously, he got himself a maniac.
Before Devaratha was brought
here, we were on a frying pan...
getting our lives fried
and burnt every day.
He killed the son...
and threw us into the fire.
I thought at least our bones would remain.
But no.
Now he has killed the father as well.
What he will do next is...
Brother... brother... brother...
You gave him a pet name when he was young.
What was that?
I forgot! I forgot! I forgot!
Can you remind me?
You gave him a name with a lot of pride!
What was it? Tell me.
Tell me, brother. Tell me, tell me...
Tell me!
Hey, brother! Hey, brother! Tell me!
- Hey...
- Hey, sit down!
I warned him not to touch you.
He paid no heed.
You heard me, right?
How could he touch you!
No one should touch you!
I should be saying sorry.
It was all my fault.
No matter what happens here,
I didn't want to involve you
and restrained myself several times.
But I couldn't anymore.
I knew this is how it would end
once you come here.
You would have done great
anywhere but here.
What could be more important
to dad than this?
He doesn't answer my calls at all.
Uncle, did you hear anything
about the King?
If he doesn't turn up,
we will anyway lose.
There are 101 votes in total.
Since Naarang and Vishnu are dead,
they will invalidate their four votes.
97 votes remain.
With nine votes of Bhaarava,
Ranga and you, our votes would be 24.
We cannot trust the remaining voters.
Zorani, Acharya, Mishra,
Akram Pasha, Shukla...
I will bring them.
But you must hand over Varadha
to me after the voting.
What are you going to do with him?
What is our vote count
including all of them?
Including the King...
Forty eight.
Forty eight.
I will show you
what I am going to do with Varadha.
We have tried all combinations.
We have finally come
up with a new cocktail.
We also subjected them to intense torture.
The color red triggers them.
Hey, get up!
I am getting 100 more like them.
Let's assume that the King would be back.
We need Varadha's vote also.
I came to know that you share
my father's blood when we were children.
I have despised you ever since.
But for this obstacle,
I would have shown you
my hatred right now.
King Rajamannaar won't turn up
for the voting tomorrow.
Everything will go as I expected.
Take this as an advice or a warning...
If you vote to lift the ceasefire...
I will kill you!
A man goes to any extent
for something he loves.
But for something he hates...
he goes even beyond that.
I hated you even before
my younger brother did.
King Rajamannaar is coming
to Kotagada tomorrow.
If you vote for lifting the ceasefire
and disrespect him,
I will definitely divert all my hatred
towards the one you love the most.
If things don't go as I say tomorrow,
drag his brother out and behead him
once the voting is over.
If you have even an ounce
of Rajamannaar's blood in you,
you will make the right decision.
Bhaarava, I am very scared.
Do you think voting will go as we expect?
It has to.
And it will!
Finally, it's our time.
Hear... hear... hear!
Following the discussion
on ceasefire nine days ago,
the voting process will be
held at Kotagada today.
To make a decision on this, first
the Governors, followed by the Lords,
and finally the King
shall use their voting right.
Those who want the ceasefire to end
shall place their bracelets
with tickets on the left side.
Those who want the ceasefire to continue
shall place their bracelets with tickets
on the right side.
Though Varadha Rajamannaar is a Governor,
since he is an offender presently,
his right to vote shall not be
put to use unless it is a tie.
The voting shall begin now.
The voting should end
within the given time.
Governor 1!
Governor 10.
Governor 41.
Governor 6! Governor 13!
Governor 26.
Governor 16.
Governor 24.
Governor 17!
Governor 33!
Governor 21!
Governor 39!
Governor 55!
Governor 45!
No information on the King yet.
His flight arrival
is not scheduled at Khansaar.
Now the Lords will cast their votes.
Only the King's fifteen votes are left.
If he doesn't turn up
before the time runs out,
only the bracelets already used
for voting will be counted
and the verdict on
ceasefire will be announced.
Shivmannaar's son!
Khansaar's King, Rajamannaar returns!
Since it's a tie
with 48 votes on each side,
the verdict shall be based
on Varadha Rajamannaar's vote.
Make your disgrace complete now.
Others' voting is not in our hands.
But your vote is in your hands.
It doesn't matter what they think.
What decision are you
going to make for yourself?
Spell it out.
It doesn't bother a hunter
if he can't find a prey.
But not being able to hunt would kill him.
Isn't it enough?
This is enough.
In that case,
declare the hunting season open!
I was waiting for you say it.
Khansaar must turn red!
Either with blazing fire...
or with their blood.
More than the redness of a raging fire,
the crimson color of flowing blood
is always beautiful.
Thank you.
With your advice,
I have taken the right decision.
I too have...
the Mannaar blood
flowing through my veins.
Tonight at 12:01 am,
based on the result of the votes,
the ceasefire has been lifted!
Now the rooster is yours.
They lifted the ceasefire?
Against them?
I mean how?
But the most important problem
was to survive the night.
Oh, are you saying that your people
are in trouble because of us?
Varadha has cast his vote
to lift the ceasefire.
Get everyone out.
Begin with his younger brother.
Sharpen the swords.
People only talk about hunting tigers.
It's very boring.
I don't like it.
More than tigers, I like to watch
how wild dogs hunt.
Do you know what a wild dog does?
It skins its prey and eats the flesh
while the prey is still alive.
I wanted to kill you myself.
But I have no capacity for such violence.
That's why I have raised
some wild dogs.
I gave them all kinds of drugs
and made them rabid.
When they tear at your body,
your blood will spout with a hiss
and I would relish the sight!
Now, they have renewed hope to live.
After a long time...
they have started worshiping again.
Don't be scared.
Nothing will happen to them.
You won't even be able to cut the skin
if you whet it like that.
Bend it and whet it.
It must cut through his bones!
You want me to give you a tattoo now?
All that I can see around you
is death, sir.
Do you see it too?
What do you want me to tattoo?
Whatever you see in my eyes.
It's done, sir.
Where are they all going?
They must have found
something redder, sir.
Have you ever seen
the hunters being hunted?
You will see it now.
Your grim reaper is here.
You gave them drugs and made them mad.
But he was born mad.
Release the remaining dogs!
Why are you so late?
The tattoo took some time.
You are tired with so few?
Hey, if I had a sword in my hand as well
I would have hacked them all by now.
Here, take the bigger one.
Why didn't you come
back here for 25 years?
Why haven't you called me
back here for 25 years?
I should have.
Don't you know how to whistle?
Have you made friends there?
More good looking than you.
But they are girlfriends.
I have some too.
But I beat more people than you.
Move it!
This started when you declared
you wanted to make Varadha a Lord.
We are all violent men.
Violence is in our blood.
For 25 years, I kept the trait suppressed
which is 1,000 years old.
I have a childhood story.
This was bound to happen some day.
The ceasefire was only an excuse
to fight amongst themselves.
I would stand on the terrace
every day looking at the entire Khansaar
and dream that one day
all this would be mine.
Enough fighting for land and honor.
Whatever I can see...
I want it.
Everyone is after my chair.
That is exactly why they will join hands.
The first to join hands...
will be our own blood.
You thought I would kill you.
How can I kill my own blood, Uncle?
If you and I join hands
the Mannaar emblem will be found
on every territory in Khansaar.
What do you say, Uncle?
What makes you think that uncle
and Rudra will join hands against you?
Why do you think Rudra invited Pandit?
I know exactly what Pandit is capable of.
The reason for my trip out of Khansaar
was a huge weapons deal.
The order was placed from Khansaar.
Do you know why Rajamannaar
obliterated an entire tribe
but spared us, the Ghaniyaars?
Because we have no unity.
I won't sit around and wait until
what happened to them happens to us.
Khansaar is going
to break into pieces now.
If we stand united,
the whole of Khansaar will be ours.
More terrible than the other two...
The sin I committed 25 years ago
has come back to hunt me down.
Tell me.
Where are they?
Where is Bhaarava?
Your husband is not
a Mannaar as you believe.
Do you know why I built
such huge walls around Khansaar?
Do you know why I hold the deadliest
weapons and maintain a powerful army?
Because I always have this fear
that one of them could be alive.
The Shouryaangas.
Bhaarava is a Shouryaanga?
Our moms and dads were
falling victims there
and yet do you know how
carefully they hid us?
Wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait...
The Shouryaanga army has been
lying in wait for the past 25 years,
all the while, causing internal conflicts
in Khansaar to weaken it.
We still feel the pain.
We have been living in hiding...
We have changed our names.
We have changed our identity.
All for this day...
When will you forgive him?
- Who?
- Your son.
If you don't eliminate
your enemy by tonight...
The Constitution.
Naarang must defy Rajamannaar.
He must kill Varadha.
You beheaded our deity!
To burn you alive along with your chair...
All the Shouryaangas
are eagerly waiting there.
Except one.
remember Dhaara?
Our leader was supposed to sit
on the throne that day.
But you killed him.
His son is alive!
Your son, Varadha, rescued Dhaara's son
and sent him out of Khansaar that day.
You must leave immediately.
Why did you throw away your bracelet?
Why did you?
We have been looking
for him all these years...
But he has returned by himself.
Varadha has got his
army registered at the gate.
Only one?
You all saw what he has done ever
since he stepped into Khansaar, right?
Vishnu was killed.
Was it him?
Our leader!
I will get our army ready, Father.
He is a...
Wait, wait... wait...
I need a drink.
Do you have any alcohol?
Inform our Mannaar army
to stay on high alert
not just at the Khansaar gates,
but throughout the city!
On one hand, all of Khansaar
was ready to go to war for the throne.
On the other, thousands of Shouryaangas
were ready to burn the chair down.
But Deva had promised
the same throne to Varadha.
The right to sit on that throne
belonged to...
Does Deva know about this?
If he finds out?
No one should survive.
You asked me about the name
I gave him as a child...