Salim (2014) Movie Script

Leave me, Please leave me
Sorry for the delay doctor.
Requested MRI report is ready.
Wait a minute, Who is calling at this time?
- What is it brother?
- Good morning sir, can you please come down and move your car?
Hello, I'm at Pondicherry with my friend
- Pondicherry?
- Yeah Pondicherry, What do you want?
- What's it?
- Can you please ask your wife to move the car
Watch your words? Who are you
to give orders to my wife?
Mind your words brother, she
is my wife and not yours
First cut the call I can't move the car now
- Where to? - ARTICO hospital
- Okay get on sir
- It's late for my exams please
- Come sit in the front
- Sit here - Thanks bro
- Can I sit here? - Sit down Mr Perfect
- What's this? - Tablet
Did I say it's a cutlet?
In such a big hospital with a reputed
pharmacy, I can't believe this.
What you don't understand? You didn't
give me the prescribed tablets
- More than that it's all dead - Dead?
You don't understand, It has expired
What's this? All these have expired
Do you want to taste them?
How careless you are?
It's side effects could even kill me.
Should I teach a pharmacist?
I can take this to the consumer
court You know, right?
- Sorry Doctor for being late - That's OK
- Doctor? - yeah
Could've said that earlier itself
Take care while giving medicines
- OK doctor
Got tensed unnecessarily
I had gone out What happened?
What happened!
Look where he jumps? You always
watch these Buffalo's fight
With you here, can I watch Midnight hot?
Instead we could see some Chef show
At this age, What are you
gonna do learning to cook?
You are talking too much, Did
you see that boys photo?
Which guy?
- The one your dad kept in your chemistry book
The chemistry didn't work out
That's why didn't touch it
Honey, Show her that photo
I must have no in-law troubles
They are not alive, is that enough
He shouldn't go out with his sisters
And cant have possessive
brothers They are all headaches
He is a loner
He must be well educated
He's a doctor at ARTICO hospital
Here, this is the groom as you
expected Have a look and tell
This guy!
Like I have the grooms photo,
Does he have my photo?
Then, We should give it, right
Oh, That's why he was blushing on seeing me
- Good morning doctor - Greeting sir
- Did you take the MRI scan? - Yeah doctor
It's normal
Why is last months income is very low?
Take file number 103
Don't worry that this medicine is costly?
I'll give you a cheaper medicine Get those
It'll have the same
effect Have it for 4 days
You don't have to stay in the hospital
Muthu, Help him to get these medicines
Like this he does as he wishes, Never
thinks about the loss for the hospital
- Maria - Sir
- Is the patient report for room 230 ready?
- Yes sir
A stout lady in Blue
jeans enquired about you
About what?
Is your full name was Salim
How many years you work here?
And if you would smoke
OK, Thank you
An important thing, come here
What is he thinking now?
Don't go Don't go
He's gone
Why did you call me?
A girl enquired about you
She was tall and chubby
What's happening? She was enquiring a lot
Like what?
How does Salim gets along with women
Is he a serious guy or playful
She asked,
Are we in any sort of relationships?
Thanks Madam I'll leave
With women...
Be careful!
- Hmm - OK Madam
Salim! Salim!
What were you doing in this room?
This is a danger zone
Wait a minute
Salim, an important thing
A beautiful girl enquired about you
What did she enquire?
"How about Dr Salim? What is the
relationship between him and Sahee
Do they have anything between them
What will he do in Sahee's
room" were all her enquiries
Why did she ask this to you?
She should have seen you and Sahee
That's why she would have enquired
Our Sahee is like a question paper
Looking at her we'll get
questions and doubts
Sir, a while back this
girl enquired about you
- She - Yes sir
- When did she go? - Just now
- Where - This way to the parking lot
I'll leave Saami
The speed he's leaving looks like
he'll finish his marriage right away
You all seen him right Is he good
He's awesome
If you don't want I'll take him
Why won't we do that?
Matter.. Sorry it's the Doctor
What shall we do?
- Wait - Start the scooty soon
Is there anyone left to enquire
You have enquired a sweeper how
many times I go to the bathroom
That's a lie
Asked when you'll go home
So, you've enquired the sweeper too
Got myself trapped
OK, Did you leave the watchman?
I asked if you would
smoke Is that a mistake?
How could I marry without enquiring
If you're a doctor should I believe you?
There are pseudo doctors and sex doctors
All those fake marriage
news in the paper scares me
How about without any enquiry?
They even say 1000 lies to get married
Shouldnt we at least enquire 5 people
This is my diary
What for?
This has got all the details about me
Read it, if you don't have the
patience please do give me a call
This is my number
To enquire about me don't roam around
the hospital and strain yourself
From the moment I saw you, I lost my sleep
Even in my sleep, my heart
throbs for your face
You fell upon my gaze And
became a part of my life
In a wink of my eye
From the moment I saw you, I lost my sleep
Even in my sleep, my heart
throbs for your face
Have to live a life of intimacy,
With you lying on my shoulder
When you walk away from me,
you make my heart wounded
Looking at your eyes, clasping your
fingers I'd like to sleep on your lap
When I melt in your love,
My lips will bloom a flower
Flying like a bird without
wings in this eternal world
In this rain I get
drenched, Melting into you
From the moment I saw you, I lost my sleep
Even in my sleep, my heart
throbs for your face
Wanna hear your words
filled with smile everyday
You are my world in the
place of no relations
When the heart is a cage,
I only want you inside
Like an object shadow on the
surface, We must live together
Lips are smiling, Loving the nature
Living my life for you and only you
From the moment I saw you, I lost my sleep
Even in my sleep, my heart
throbs for your face
- Hello Salim, Where are you?
- I've come sir
Oh Salim, come here
Come on man, Good evening
Sir is waiting for you
He's Mr Devraj, does lot of
social works just like you
Just like you, I am very
interested in social activities
I appreciate your service
But I don't get much time
I am a member of Annai Saradha trust
I collect donations whenever I find time
Your donations would help
the children's education
- How much do you want? - It's your wish
Thanks sir
Don't get excited There's more to come
This is for you too
What's this? - What Devraj
Don't forget me later
This 50 lakhs is for you
What do you want?
Didn't I say, Salim is very sharp
Look, you got to do me a favor
This is a advance for that
In the heart operation your gonna
do tomorrow the patient must die
The patient is my brother
Don't ask why It's small family problem
Salim I'll take care of the formalities
If you do this small help, you
can go places in just a day
Leave me, Please
What, are you scared?
For you your life is precious, It'll
be the same for others as well
You have come to the wrong person Reddy
If I see you again at
the hospital You'll die
Salim, That money
You'll never get back donations
To bring a juice they take
this long useless fellows
What's this?
Orange Juice This is what you ordered
Did I say I have memory loss
- Sorry
- When did I order, when are you bringing it?
It's fresh juice mam,
that's why it took a while
You should have said that when I ordered
I'm not paying to eat at the time you serve
Call the manager, right now
What's it? What's it Nisha?
Half an hour to serve a juice
They would have delayed it in the
Kitchen What would he do about it?
You shut up!
Not brave enough to question him
I don't like this hotel Let's leave
- You eat and come - Nisha
I'll wait in the car
Excuse me sir
What is this?
- 5 Rupees - I know
Tell me Salim Why are you doing like this?
This is what you got from a patient
you treated in the emergency
If we check them in OP it's a
minimum 300 in our hospital
Do you know? Tell me Salim
- I know sir - Then why
She fainted just in front of the hospital
That's why I brought her in
For that will you just charge them 5 rupees
They only had 5 rupees
You could've waited till
the relatives arrived
She doesn't have any relatives Sir
Am I running an orphanage here?
This is a Hospital You may go now
Some problem at the operation theatre
Saaminathan Sir called for you
Hello, Sir is in an emergency operation
Hello, who are you?
I'm the receptionist
I need to talk to Salim, can
you give the phone to him
Wait a minute madam
Don't know what I'm gonna do marrying him?
Hello, I'm doctor Saaminathan
Salim told you to get the
invitation and go home, After...
I don't like you
- Welcome - Greetings
- Are you fine? - I'm good
How is your health? - It's good
- Sir -Salim, How are you? - I'm fine
Sit down
Sire, My marriage invitation
You like Nisha, right?
I like her a lot Did Nisha say anything?
Nisha is a bit short tempered
She shares her views right on the face
You have to adjust with her
Hereafter, ensure you have a work life
balance and do things as her wish.
I've told a lot about you to Nisha's dad
Don't let me down
Okay Sire
- Groom is here - Where is my towel?
Towel.. - The groom is here
- Where is my towel? - It's inside
Nothing is at the right place
I'm at peace only when I leave this house
I told you to switch on the
heater Why didn't you?
Do you think I'll just keep quiet
I'll show who I am
- Is the Salad I asked for ready
- Sorry, I've only made Dosa
You do as you wish and just apologise
Who wants your apologies - Hey I'm sorry
I am apologising, right?
What?, Can't you come down to
get our wedding invitation?
I was upset sentimentally
In the operation theatre everyone
else can answer the call except you
You won't talk, right
Don't get angry, I took off
today for you Let's Go out
Why is he honking like this!
Do you know to drive? Do you have brains?
I was honking for a while Do
you think you own the road
He was talking to you
So slow!
There is no one in the road, No signals,
no police, Why don't you go faster
No use talking to you
Yeah tell
She just rings me up to frustrate me
Why don't you try Six packs like Surya?
It'll look nice on you
- Do you like Surya? - I like the six packs
Let's hear about the tortures men
goes through in their love life
Yeah Muthukumar
I fell in love by mistake
She tells me to take her places not letting
me to work and spending all my money
And she lies a lot
"That her friends lover took them places
and blaming for not taking her anywhere"
These women are all nuisance
Always understand the girls wrongly
Adding to that speaking about
them like this publicly
All men are useless
In public touches like this are common
You touched me intentionally You bloody..
If I slap you
- What happened Nisha?
- She is causing unwanted trouble here
They were molesting me Salim
We did it by mistake and she
is scolding us for apologising
OK leave that's nothing
They are all acting
OK leave
- Am I making a scene
- He apologised leave it
Should we leave it if they apologise?
- Whats the problem? - Nothing sir
- That's nothing sir
- Are they causing any trouble?
Let's not make this big Please leave sir
They did it by mistake Please leave it
I came out with you I should blame myself
They molested me intentionally
You are apologise to them
Is this why you brought me out
Nisha, Please listen to me
Nisha, look.. One minute..
Please come in for me
To watch the movie Is what
they showed not enough
I stopped it so that it won't grow bigger
Nisha, every one is looking at us
These guy could cause trouble for you later
If we do anything it would become a problem
This is the last time I'm coming with you
I came out with you! You
please go and watch the film
Auto, Go to Mylapore - Please listen to me
Please go sir
I put my trust in her, ruined
myself, got cheated Oh great Shiva
She tantalized me, changed my ways
and estranged me oh great Shiva
On facebook, she put up her
photo and waved out to me
She tantalized me, changed my ways
and estranged me oh great Shiva
Falling in love for us is tension,
Calling you her boyfriend is her passion
Over the phone she'll torture you
If you trust her forget about your future
I put my trust in her, ruined
myself, got cheated Oh great Shiva
She tantalized me, changed my ways
and estranged me oh great Shiva
I thought she was born for my love
But on someother guy's bike she goes
I don't have the six pack she asksfor
If I try for it, I'll only
be heading to the grave
She said you won't come as you
have some important operation
She is upstairs
Nisha, the groom is here
- What? - Today is your birthday?
You could've told me about it
I didn't feel so
You are a saint
If I say it's my birthday
Anyhow you wouldn't react
No Nisha!
This is you first birthday
after our engagement
I'm happy
Even you express your
happiness like a sick person
Shall I take you out somewhere?
Here is the sweet you asked for Sir
After 4 months she has
asked me to get her sweets
Even though there are
small gaps Saaminatha...
Why is he roaming around in the car park?
He doesn't smoke Has he lost something?
- What are you doing in the dark?
- Nothing, just thinking
Did Nisha say anything?
Tell me Did she say anything?
If she says anything its better..
It's 4 days I saw her
She doesn't attend my call
Is this a problem
It happens in everyone's life
I don't get anything
I think I'll remain a loner till death
Salim, Love is like driving
the car in a highway
It would be a fast fun ride
If you loose control it will finish you
Or you'll finish the one
coming opposite to you
Controlling yourself is your responsibility
What happened now?
Meeting her will sort all this
That's why, I've invited her friends for
a treat and asked Nisha to come along
She'll come, Just thinking
what to say to her
Shall I make you a write up
What is there to think?
Are you gonna write an exam?
You are going to meet your loved one
Like the way you miss her,
She too would be missing you
You always just concentrate on your work
Just think, She is gonna be
there just for your love
Think what to do next
Do as I say It will work well
If you meet her She will
look like she is angry
Don't get petrified
Just kiss her - Before everyone
Just try to pacify her and enjoy the day
Before he gets married she 'll become old
I've got the sweets for
my wife, I'm leaving now
- She won't take it in the wrong way
- She won't, She will be very happy
Give me a call once you are done
A doubt in everything
Wait, we are waiting for another person
Hello, Police station
Nisha, will your man be here?
Or has he failed again
During love if he is like this
What will he do after marriage
- Yes sir - Is Dr. Salim here
Sir, is at a operation
Please wait for a while
- Hello - Is Salim not there
- Where is he?
- He hasn't come out of the operation theatre
You called me, right? - Yes sir
What happened?
Excuse me sir You've got a call
Hello! What's the time!
- Sorry Nisha - Sorry!
Did I ask you to treat my friends?
You invited them
They waited for long You
can't attend my call
You insulted me before them
Why do you want to get married?
Why torture me?
I am critical too
Look there Look in her hand
Look in her legs
Looks to be a brutal one
I had a look
You would've to come to the station - Sure
I'll leave
Sir have searched
thoroughly, Body isn't here
Do you identify her?
Come let's go
It's not their daughter
You go - Please come sir
Please go
What happened? Get some water
Get up Mam Get up Mam
Who is it at this time?
Sir, I checked as you said A white
BMW crossed the check post at 7
I asked them to check who drove
the car in the toll gate cam
I'm Thambidurai
My daughter is like a child
Very loving girl
She doesn't even think to hurt an ant
To her...
They have burnt her...
What will I tell her dad?
We are all poor people?
Just 3 years more Then,
I'll take care of you
Tell dad not to work
anymore She was telling me
We put our heart and soul to make her study
We made her stay in a hostel
as our native is far away
Let my daughter open her eyes
and identify who did this
We shouldn't let them go
Don't worry
They'll find who they are
Your daughter will survive
I'll save her You be brave
The God's are all dead
To me you are the God
Please save my girl some how
- Hello, yes sir
- Salim, Who is that patient?
- I don't know sir
- The police enquired you, Is she your relative
- No sir - OK, Who'll pay the fee
Still the admission fee hasn't been paid
Is the fee a big thing or her life
For these cases the government
hospital are the right place
Case with money are private and
problematic cases are for the Government?
If money is the problem I'll pay it
Do you know the hospital rules?
- This is not the time for rules
I've to save this girl - Why?
Because, I'm a doctor
OK, I'll tell this to
the MD You talk to him
- Hello Sir - How is that patient?
She is still unconscious, Will
call you if she gets conscious
Okay, Thank you
You came late You saved a girls life
You forgot your wife
You never bother that I'm waiting for you
All that is fine
Will you sleep leaving the door open
Salim, You know I love you
Salim, Where are you?
I'm home
I came home late
Why is MD angry on you
- He wants to meet you urgently
- Will come and explain to you
I need to talk to you An important thing
Can you switch off the phone and sit
I think you're still angry with me
Sorry, The mistake is mine
Have coffee I'll be back
I'm not interested in this marriage
I've lost interest
- In the marriage - To be clear, with you
I've lost interest in you
Did I do anything wrong?
- You don't do any, that's your mistake
You are not by my side when I need you
If I want you at 5 you're
available only at 6
You are a man of rules,
principles and ethics
Never speak a word in anger
You don't drink or fight
There is no pepper and salt
Straight forward Very honest
For others you are the right choice for me
You honesty makes me very scared
I'm restless
Just take a tablet and sleep Everything
will be fine when you wake up
You can't treat this
problem with just a tablet
Don't be in a haste
Take the invitations I'll
talk to you in the evening
After deciding I am not for the marriage
What would I do with this trash
I thought over for 2 weeks
to come to this decision
From the moment I saw you, I lost my sleep
My heart longs for a life with you
We ll live forever together
From the moment I saw you, I lost my sleep
My heart longs for a life with you
Have to live a life of intimacy,
With you lying on my shoulder
When you walk away from me,
you make my heart wounded
Even in my sleep, you are in my dreams
Unable to forget your
love which ends my life
Floating in the surface,
flying in my dreams
Drenching in rain of love
- Where is the patient? - Shifted sir
Shifted? Where? - Don't know sir
- Hello sir
- Where is the patient I admitted yesterday?
Her relatives told they'll
treat her in another hospital
She just has her parents
Tell me the truth Was payment the problem?
Nothing like that They took
her to another hospital
- Which hospital? - Don't know sir
Our ambulance right?
- No, Some private ambulance
Sir, MD invited you to
the party today evening
Tell him I'll come
Last year, The profit of
our hospital is 140 crores
In that 10% 14 crores, I'm gonna gift
you for making the hospital grow
Next year our target is 300 crores
And the share for you - 30 crores
This is your hospital
If this grows You'll grow
I'm gonna gift Reddy a BMW car
It costs 83,60,347... - Thank you sir
After the party you must
go home in this car
Jain, a free seat for your
daughter in our college
For Sahee's co-operation
A small house in Neelangarai
I mean a flat
A gift will come for all those
who have come for this party
Salim is gonna leave us
Sorry Salim You're dismissed
This is the prize for the business
that Salim made for the hospital
Very good human being Service minded
And an example doctor He deserves it
Honoring Salim's goodness This
will be Salim's farewell party
- Cheers! - Cheers!!!
What is this? Where are you going?
This is not right Stop the music
What did I say? This is your party
Stay.. Drink.. and pay for all this
What do you say?
This is Salim's party He's to pay, right?
Where is my bag?
Where is my bag?
Be careful!
No one likes a person to be himself
We must learn to be as they like
And that's called adjustments
Or we are unfit to live in this society
They all can beg. One who is against
the society is all good guys
What's happening here?
No parking!
Look.. Who is wrong here?
Those who have parked at
the no parking are right
But I'm bad
Who are you? That's my bike
What's that? What?
Have I become good like you all?
Now Am I good?
Tell! Tell it!
Who are you to fire me?
I'll throw you all out of my circle
I'll chuck you all out
See! See here!
Sorry brother Sorry
Get up Get up!
This is One way Not your way
What's that?
Why have they kept it? Why?
Rules are to be followed
You're a police!
Why police?
If you don't follow the rules
who will follow it then
Sir, please tell
Getting drunk, he is teaching us rules
Take him to the station, We'll
teach him our rules there
I didn't talk anything wrong
Sir won't do it again
Sorry Sir - I didn't call you
Sir, he looks educated and
innocents Let's leave him
Go and do your work
- Sir.. I'm a doctor
- Doctor? Do you've a ID card
Why are you looking like this?
I missed it on my way
Missed it? Only if you
had one can you miss it
Doctor means you must be treating someone
Not teaching rules in the middle of
the road That too to a police man
If you are educated, will
you question the police?
For people like you bashing you
will teach a lesson for others
Sorry, I did it by mistake
I told you to go and sit Go and sit!
I got to leave It's an emergency
Shut up and sit
I'm telling you keep irritating me
Look what I am gonna do
Preaching rules to the police
All this should have come before you talked
Hello uncle - Hello
- What is the problem between you and Nisha
- Nothing
We are giving out invitation and all of a
sudden she is telling to call off the marriage
Whom you are talking to
You can do nothing Call anyone you want
Whoever it is tell him to come
here I can't give you the phone
Just once An important call sir
Go sit down
What's the noise there? Ask them to come in
What happened?
He isn't attending
- He called me - Men would be like that
Catch him!
Accused is here Come sir
Go to Anna Nagar
Be quick
Get down
Get down!
You thought police are cowards
I'll kill you here Get down!
I'll make you go to jail for
sure I'll show you who I am
What are you looking at?
The phone looks costly
You took this phone and ran away, Let
me see what have you got in that phone
You have an affair with women too
Which area pimp is he? -
he is my father in law
You said you are not married
My marriage is next week
The marriage is done I'll put an end to you
It'll take 2 years for you to come out
Non Bailable case as well. It'll
minimum take 3 months to come out
I'll inform your father in law
No sir! Please! This is my life!
He isn't attending - hello
I'm G3 Police inspector
Will you get your girl
married to an accused?
Don't shoot me! I'm a family man
Only during my training
days I have ran so much
For 10 years I 'have not
even jogged for a while
But he made me run
No one should know about the
pistol I'll show him who I'm
Never spoke a word in anger
You don't drink or fight
There is no pepper and salt
I'm not interested in this marriage
You can't come out of jail for 2 years
Salim.. you think you are Gandhi You idiot!
Now you got to know what
happens if you oppose me
Hereafter it's all about
what I do in operations
I'll be there at 10 Don't sleep
For a car, you play around with
lives and you're the best doctor
That too twice
It's all for the service I rendered,
I can make you jobless forever
Another word, I'll postmortem you alive
Stop the music
I thought you won't come back
You just keep coming back
Get me a small It's a small right?
Take him out!
What, take him out?
Are you running a hospital?
That's a mafia group
You play with patient's life
and call me a trouble maker
From birth to death all you need is Money!
Money! Money!
Salim! Salim! Stop!
You know about them Then
why all this anger?
How did you get a gun?
This is not right please listen to me
You don't panic I didn't do anything wrong
I swear I have never done
anything wrong to anyone
Here, no one likes a person who is right
He says I'm not fit for work
She says I'm not fit to live with her
What are you saying? The Invitations!
She dumped me long back
They are chasing me where ever I go
It's like going mad
A policeman wants me to get arrested
just because I spoke rules to him
- This gun? - It's his
Instead of living 2 years in jail
I want to live a night as I wish
bye Saami
Your mascara memerizes me
Your wild talk flatters me
Does my mascara mesmerize you
Does my wild talk flatters you
Hey you bewitching beauty
You're the minister for my alliance
Hey you dashing man
You're the moon of my night
Your mascara memerizes me
Your wild talk flatters me
Does my mascara mesmerize you
Does my wild talk flatters you
I feel a shock, I feel a
shock, I feel a shock
I lose my breath when you collide with me
The wind blows, the wind
blows, the wind blows,
I start to sweat just by
looking at your stare
You're a sea that's rough
I'm a boat that floats on it
Lips of sugar, Body of fire, total glamour
That causes fever
Your mascara memerizes me
Your wild talk flatters me
Does my mascara mesmerize you
Does my wild talk flatters you
On your sexy hips, I
find myself addicted to
A little up and I let myself slip,
And caused death of this man
On a hot night the moon is bright
To beat the heat, reduce the
sweat, use me as a cooler
Arrogance, arrogance, arrogance,
Your beauty has an arrogance
Lose it, lose it, lose
it Lose your inhibitions
Gold silver diamonds are what this statue
is cast of, In front of you, alive
Your mascara memerizes me,
Your wild talk flatters me
Does my mascara mesmerize you
Does my wild talk flatters you
Hey you bewitching beauty, You're
the minister for my alliance
Hey you dashing man, You're
the moon of my night
Your mascara memerizes me,
Your wild talk flatters me
Does my mascara mesmerize you
Does my wild talk flatters you
Hey! how did you come in?
Look who it is?
Leave me! Please!
Minister Dhavapunniyam's son guru has
been kidnapped at gun point by a stranger
Flash News
Minister Dhavapunniyam's son guru has
been kidnapped at gun point by a stranger
He is been locked up in the 15th
floor of white palace hotel
Police forces are in
full swing to rescue him
Till now there is no reason
stated behind his abduction
Sources have said they could
hear bullets sounds over there
Do keep listening to us for
more news and information
Move the vehicles from there
More police forces have been
deployed for the minister's son
Evacuate the guests safely
Get the full details of all those
who stayed with the ID proof
Arrest anyone whom is a suspect
Enquire who the witness is I
must meet her immediately
Have you seen him before this?
No sir
This hotel has CC Cameras right?
Can you identify him in that?
Surely sir
Zoom in
Go to camera 4
Zoom in that person
Go to camera 2
He's the one
He's the one - Zoom in
Look if his face is registered
clearly in any other camera
No sir, This is all we have here
In such a big hotel you
just have 7-8 cameras
Our guest are important Vip's
They don't like having many camera's
Why because they ll get
to know what they do
Johnson! I need to talk to him immediately
Why have you imprisoned us
Do you know, who I am?
If anything happens to
us You won't get away
Better leave us!
Every minute I'm here The
danger is for you not for me
Leave me Leave me!
This is the important place
Second wing this is your area
- 3rd wing take all the tall buildings
near the hotel to your control
-4th wing take over the Stairs
Guru! Hello Guru!
- Hello dad - What happened?
You're safe right? Can't you
be careful Are you hurt?
- yeah dad - Why are you crying?
You dad is the minister of this
state You are born to rule
Be brave I'm there
But Guru you don't talk with him
I'll take care, Don't
act in haste Be patient
He's playing not knowing the after effects
Who is he? What have you done to him?
I don't know dad I've never seen him before
How does he look?
He looks decent
Give the phone to him I'll talk to him
He's listening dad
Hey, Who are you?
You know who I am, If anything
happens to my son, That's it
Wherever you are, I'll make you disappear
Who is the one dealing this
case Call him immediately
What happened? - It's connecting
What the hell are you guys doing there?
Why don't you come and join us in this hell
Hello, this is Home minister Thava punniyam
Sorry sir, I thought it to be a wrong call
If anything happens to my son
You know about me, right?
Rescue him quickly, How long will it take?
We have to talk and only then decide
When will you talk?
Talks are in place sir
We have lost all our respect as they
think police are for their service
Connect a call to him
What are you all doing?
Who are you? Do you think we have no work?
What do you want?
I need respect
I'm Chezian DCP, crime branch
The head of this operation, who are you?
What do you want?
I need a cup of tea
What happened? What did he ask for?
He needs a cup of tea
Sir, we've got his photo
Police have published the
photo of the kidnapper
Any information regarding him can be
addressed to the police department
The informer details will be confidential
and a sanction would be
rewarded for the information.
This is more than what I expected
I never thought your life
would have so much value
Sir This is Dr Reddy. I know about
the guy whom you are looking for
His name is Salim He too is a Doctor
You don't worry We just found the guy
We can find the motive
We've sent extra police force
just in case he is a terrorist
We can easily rescue your son
- Good, you've found me
- I don't need your appreciations
Who do you work for? Which group?
Sir, Salim is just a name
If this name makes you think so
You can call me Vijay, Antony
Instead don't just imagine
things, That's wrong
You don't advise us on the wrong deeds
You don't know the wrong your
doing Send them down first
I'll give you half an hour
Best joke
You are giving me half an hour
I'm giving you half an hour, Siluva, the
rowdy of north Madras should come here
Why should he come? I can't
Send them down first
What are you doing there?
Don't panic, I aimed near his legs
Now I'm aiming at his legs
I should never hear the word impossible
I got a call from there
What's it?
He has asked to bring Siluvai
- For what? - I don't know
If they don't bring Siluvai
He'll shoot it seems
I thinks this might be serious
How dare you slap a police?
What do you think of yourself?
Have got the call from minister,
Wanted you to come over there
What do the police think about themselves
How can you arrest me? What
do you think of yourself?
You're educated right
Do you know the rules?
He has no one and is an orphan
So I accepted for the marriage then
I didn't like him, so ditched him
I know nothing more
I knew he would do something mad
That's why I called off the marriage
Because I said no he has
started acting weird
I'll take care of everything
What's the room number?
No.. no you shouldn't go there He has a gun
He has a gun..
I know Salim very well
You know he loves me
- he'll listen to me
- You're taking unwanted risk
Just be cool
Commando, Salim's lover is coming up
Do keep an eye on her
I doubt her as well
I'm Nisha
Salim, do you hear me?
Are you mad?
Will you do anything if I
call off the marriage?
Salim you are committing
back to back mistakes
I've lost all my respect because of you
Please listen Leave them!
Just open the door Salim
Siluva is here Don't
allow any press members
Siluva is here I need to see the boys
No chance
We did what you said Now you do what I say
You can't see them Maybe
you can talk to them
You've 30 seconds Your time starts now
- Hello - Is this Guru - Yes sir
Have no worries
We'll save you Answer me in yes or no's
Does he have anything other than the gun?
Just tell us
We're there Don't worry
Guru! Guru! - No sir
the 30 seconds I gave is over
Salim, tell us what your problem is
I'll try to help you to my best
Target on gun point sir
please listen Don't complicate things
Weapons are never a remedy
Don't try to brain wash me
Do what I say?
Home minister should come here now
Bloody rascal, I thought you were
innocent Now your playing with us
Waiting for order sir
Don't think that you can achieve
everything through this act
Don't underestimate the police,
If you wanna live release them
This is my last warning too
Another time you say the minister won't come here.
No one will be alive here
Target missed sir
Sorry sir
Who asked you to pass the order
Is killing him important to you?
Do I look mad to you
Emergency Some one fell from the top floor
Some one fell from the top floor
One of the hostages has been pushed to death
the moment there was a sniper shot fired
Hostage has been taken in an
ambulance to save his life
I asked you to bring the minister
And you are planning to kill me
You underestimated Salim, Mr Chezhiyan
If you want the remaining 3 alive
minister should come here immediately
Everything has an end You too have one
I'll get you and kill you dammit
Good luck sir
Salim has asked for a direct
talk with the minister and hence
wanted the minister to comedown
to the spot immediately
With one hostage dead the
minister has agreed to get
on to the spot to keep the
other 3 hostages alive
There is been lot of questions
surrounding the incident
It's been said just to bring down the
minister one of the hostages has been killed
Who is Chezian here? - I'm Chezian sir
What does he want? Why did
he ask me to come here?
I'm here now Now ask him to release my son
Call him!
No, you won't deal this I'll talk to him
Hello, this is the home
minister What is it?
What do you want? Ask what you wish
You are fighting with the government
I'll give you as much money
you need Now send my son down
You won't get into any trouble
The government is in my hands
You'll understand I think
I'll settle a amount that
you wouldn't have dreamt of
But release my son - Sir!
- I'm talking over here Why are you disturbing?
- It's been disconnected long tome back
I'm chezian
For now I'll talk to no one other than you
Why? Because I'm doing what you say
Don't even dare to stand in front of me
You don't scare me
As you are hot now I'll
give you a hot news for you
From yesterday night a
life is slowly fading out
If you go to the address I
say You can save that life
We are not gonna get scared for your dramas
Do you want the address or not
- What's it?
- We searched the house, there is no one here
You playing, there is no one at the house
No.. I tied him up in the fridge
Water.. Water
He had tied up a person in the fridge
He is conscious. Bring him here
Which hospital are you taking me to?
Not hospital We are going to the hotel
I need no food Take me to the hospital
keep quite for a while
Have you done anything properly
Trusting you will only take me to hell
Tell me what happened
What are you doing staying alive
Fear for his life, uttered the truth
Don't you have brain? What's the
point in looking stout and arrogant
You should have grown some brains
What did you say?
- Sir - What? - DIG Kumaravel is here
Tell him I'm coming
Nothing should happen to the boys
Can you come by for a minute
Please wait outside
What did the Chief Minister said?
- You can do anything without hampering
the political party's reputation
So you mean to say even at
the cost of my son's death
To shout like this why did you go there?
I need my son safe That's it
I don't mind about party's reputation
No sir He didn't mean that
Your son should be rescued safe and the
party name should not be spoiled as well
I too know all that
Don't ever try to do something
which would affect his safe rescue
If so then you all will
face the consequences
Tell this to your CM
Sir, Salim?
I'm Narmadha's dad
I don't know where my daughter is
I need to see her Everyone
say they don't know
They said you treated her
Even though I have got no
money Take any organ from me
I've got no one other than them
All I need is my wife and daughter back
I need to talk to Thava Punniyam
- Sir - What's it?
Why do you hang the phone while talking?
That's wrong
You know who I am and why
I have got you both here
Listen to me
I'll send you home royally
With loads of money
Go to foreign and enjoy your life
Why get into these unwanted stuff
You can have these conversations
with social evils like you
Do you think this is a political meeting?
Just listen to me
If you talk anything I'll
slit your son's throat
Where have you kept
Narmadha and her mother?
You got to confess the truth about
your son and his actions to the media
I must see it Understand!
Or you won't see your son alive
Narmadha? I've never heard that name before
Where will I go and search her?
So you don't know her...
Come to the hotel entrance
Alert the rescue department
Quick Spread the net
Catch it!
What do you want? You want us
to find Narmadha and her mother
You've got police to do that
Group of boys have got courage to abduct,
rape and deform her face with acid
Who is responsible for this?
You just watch and let things happen
Now watch this too
Switch on the speaker
Thava Punniyam You've got a nice name
You must bring Narmadha and her mother here
You got to confess everything
to press and media
More quicker you do, keeps your son safe
Else every 10 minutes he'll
have his fingers chopped off
Go GO!
We are in a critical stage Please
tell me the rescue possibilities
Attacking is the right move
Causing no harm for the
boys what plan do you have?
I've a attack plan But..
We can't assure the safety of the boys
Looks like you guys will kill my son
You must say, as you've
speaking with him for a while
By now you must be able to guess his mind
What do you think would be his next move
He's not a psycho or a terrorist
Looks like a good fellow He's determined
So... If he doesn't get his
demand he'll kill the boys
For that
You want me to confess everything to press
and media, Just keep your mouth shut
Why is he not picking up the phone? If not
he may lose his position, keep him informed
All are waiting for our
leader's political career end
But the leader believes in our support
Please come here
Very difficult situation
for the minister, right?
What is he going to do?
That's not a problem sir
Just 6 months or a year
- His son will come out of jail,
- I don't understand
Sir he becomes 18 only after 3 months
So the case will be filed as child accused
A year or 2 he'll get out
So sir is planning to accept it
Silence Remain Silent!
We've very short time
Please co-operate with us
Addicted to drugs, my son and his friends
are responsible for a
girl's rape and murder
I feel ashamed and guilty for that
I got to know this truth
just a few minutes back
To bring this truth only Salim
has took them as hostages
According to me what he did is not correct,
He could have addressed to
me or to the law and order
Even though he did it in a wrong way
but has a got a good cause in it
I always want everything
to happen abiding the laws
So in my son's case, law and
order will take its action
Criminals would be punished
I would not get into this
investigation for sure, Thank you
Have furnished all the
information to the police
One by one please. Every
question would be answered
You've been murdered
There is no one to question this?
There is no one to question this?
Do kill me as well and
bury me along with them
Even if the world washes its hands
on you And drags you to the streets
Until the end fight it out
Don't lose heart at any moment
Who is good And who is bad
Is there a righteous one
in this world, You tell me
Let bygones be bygones
Let bygones be bygones
Even if the world washes its hands
on you And drags you to the streets
Until the end fight it out
Don't lose heart at any moment
Tonight 2am I'll release 2 boys
For my safety, Guru will be with me
I need a car for me to leave from here
Tonight by 2 AM me and guru
will be leaving the hotel
After our car crosses Thiruvanmaiyur
No one should follow us
If anyone does
Guru won't be alive
That is not possible We
won't accept what you say
The car will be ready at 1.50 AM
But handover the boy here
I know about you and your politics
I wanna finish off the deal mutually,
Do understand and speak officer
First bring him out, then I know
how to get my son out of it
Please Salim listen to me,
Minister's son is just 17 years old
He is gonna suffer a lot
in juvenile prison,
He is a small boy, Please
don't do anything to him
-40 Years
I've never stood like this before
in my political career of 40 years
But today all went for a toss
in front of press and media
I am dead
From that minute I am dead
He should die, I want him to die
The moment I get my son back, I
want the news about his death
Don't bow down to an immoral person Don't
lose yourself for measly propositions
Don't just be a face in the crowd Don't
shun away when there's any wrongdoing
You may lose your life, let it go
There's no injustice in that
God is on your side, why worry
Let bygones be bygones, Let bygones
be bygones, Throw it all away
Even if the world washes its hands
on you And drags you to the streets
Until the end fight it out
Don't lose heart at any moment
Salim is calling someone from his mobile
- Who is that? - Saami how are you?
Salim, How are you doing?
Yeah I am okay saami, Can
you do me a small favour?
Tell me
There is an ATM card in my hospital room
Do withdraw the money and hand it
over to Annai Sardha orphanage
If possible you go and handover it
Poor children they'll be
waiting for my arrival
Do convey my sorry to Nisha
Poor girl, I think I got too much angry
I don't know whether I'll
be alive by tomorrow
There are quite a few pigeons at my home
Not sure what they ate for the past 2 days
Do handover them to someone
who can take care of them
They've been living with
me for quite sometime
Don't lose just while leading your life, Don't
pass away having lived just for yourself
Don't let the scars bring you tears
Your tears won't melt away time
Even if a wild elephant stamps you
Stand your ground and live on
You fall like the rain You
will rise like the tide
Even if the world washes its hands
on you And drags you to the streets
Until the end fight it out
Don't lose heart at any moment
Who is good And who is bad
Is there a righteous one
in this world, You tell me
Let bygones be bygones
Let bygones be bygones
Throw it all away
Even if the world washes its hands
on you And drags you to the streets
Until the end fight it out
Don't lose heart at any moment
Take my car
We've got the car like you asked for
Even if a wild elephant stamps you
Stand your ground and live on
Don't be a passer by And just
be a burden to this world
Even if a wild elephant stamps you
Stand your ground and live on
You'll fall like the rain
And rise like the tide
Even if the world washes its hands
on you And drags you to the streets
Until the end fight it out
Don't lose heart at any moment
You don't worry Sir, We can rescue him safe
Guys at last you made him sit on the ground
We devised the plan with that
vehicle to rescue your son
But we didn't expect him
to ask for your son's car
What's the point in having so many policemen?
He just walked away
We've been silent because it's your son
I know how to rescue my son
Get down
- Are you alright? - I am fine Daddy
- Where is he? - He dropped me and went off
I am at ECR but don't
know my exact location
Hey call those guys
He has dropped my son at ECR
Do tell our guys over there to pick him up
If they could find his car on
the way ask them to crash it
My next news I hear
should be his death news
Sir it was not him who drove
the vehicle, it was your son
- Are you alright? - I am fine Daddy
- Where is he? - He dropped me and went off
I am at ECR but don't
know my exact location
You just stay there our guys will
come and pick you up in five minutes
To be continued...