Salon Kitty (1976) Movie Script

Heil Hitler!
Heil Hitler.
Are we ready, Wallenberg?
It's a matter of days.
At Blitzkrieg. And we'll win it.
The Fuehrer has predicted
how long it will last precisely.
One year. Six months.
At the most, two months.
We won't even have enough
time to enjoy it.
We'll enjoy the time after the war,
Gentlemen, cheers to the war,
Germany, the Fuehrer. Sieg Heil.
I need at least 20 girls.
It'd be easy for you to find them,
except they can't just be beautiful...
...they also have to be intelligent...
...and especially of indisputable
national socialist belief.
You must comb through all Germany,
through every city, every region.
Sift through the countryside, the
factories, the universities, the offices...
...middle class or blue collar,
housewives or employed women...
...virgins or married ones,
examine them carefully.
But most of all, I repeat, choose them
based on their political belief system.
Heil Hitler!
These three anatomical exhibits
are the best evidence that...
...the racial theory,
the essence of Nazi ideology... based on scientific data
that has been rigorously tested.
Vices and corruption of an inferior race
are passed on...
...from generation to generation
by the chromosomes.
For example, the pigmentation of
this Negro is directly related to...
...the bestiality of his race and to
the impossibility to render it civil.
He died in physical stupor in a fire fight
with the police. Turn him around.
Instead, as we'll see,
this prostitute...
This prostitute, who died
during an attempted abortion... of pure Aryan race.
In spite of the vices of her profession
and the corruption of her life...
...this corpse,
even in the rigidity of death...
...keeps all those typical
characteristics of a superior race.
Are there any questions?
Professor, is it true that
Jesus Christ was son of...
...a Roman prostitute
and a German soldier?
Without a doubt!
There can't be found the slightest trace
of Jewish characteristics in Jesus Christ.
He was blond with blue eyes...
...typical signs of his German origin.
Can you tell me who was the first man
in the world, who realized this fact...
...and revealed it to the human race?
Yes, sir. Our Fuehrer.
Adolf Hitler.
He promised to free us in 6 months from
the Communists and the trade-unions...
...and he kept his promise!
Today Nazi Law is socially the most
advanced one on earth...
...much more than the Fascist Code
in Italy.
And so Italian!
I admire the Italians, mom!
Me, too, my darling.
They are more Mediterranean...
...but very likeable.
They are a bit too exotic,
too colorful for my taste.
But in our party there is
a lack of style as well.
All these brown shirts,
it's such a vulgar color!
And his manners, my dear.
Did you notice how he drinks his tea?
By lifting the little pinky up.
Miss Enkel, you are forgetting, just as
often as my dad and mom forget...
...the National Socialist cannot waste
any time on learning proper etiquette.
They are too busy re-establishing
order, which you can't stand up for...
...because you're too busy controlling
your pinky and choosing your colors.
Don't you realize that you are
a generation of dead people?
Good night!
National Socialism is still a great charm!
That's basically what we were hoping for
when we supported Hitler in 1933, right?
The most important thing is
to be on the side of victory, right?
Well... on history's side, my dear!
"Not for Jews"
The Fuehrer is asking
every one of you the following:
To contribute with your own means
to the military effort...
...for the triumph of
National Socialism of Germany.
It would have been easier
to choose prostitutes...
...but the Fuehrer has put all of his trust
in the political belief system...
...rather than their various techniques.
If there is good will, it'll be
easy to learn the technique fast.
It's like killing.
The first time one may feel remorse... induced to vomit,
even have insomnia.
But by the third time,
one sleeps peacefully.
By the fifth time, one eats a sandwich.
Actually, it gets exciting,
there is a stimulus.
They are just the same for you.
Heil Hitler.
Heil Hitler!
Comrades, take off your uniforms.
You will now undergo a group exam
by the SS of the Third Reich.
This will serve to free you
from your inhibitions... be more flexible in your service.
The best will be submitted to
a second test...
...a more detailed, more specific one.
This test was developed expressly for
you by our Center of Psychosomatics.
Your duty consists in rejecting nothing.
Coitus. Anal coitus.
Masturbation. And fellatio.
Attention comrades!
Have fun, comrades!
Arouse your own fantasy.
The Fuehrer and the Homeland
make use even of this.
- Heil Hitler!
- Heil Hitler!
Turn to the right!
March, right, left, right, left...
...two, three, four, right, left,
two, three, four, left, right!
Keep your distance, man!
Right, left, left, two, three, four, left!
Keep your distance!
Stop! Turn to the right!
Stand straight!
Go to the right.
Go on! Let's go!
Take a girl! Get up there!
Go on! Over here!
Marika. She is perfect!
Splendid ability to adapt, I must say!
Olga from Hamburg.
Martha from Danzig.
Margherita from Leipzig.
Lena from Dsseldorf.
- What is he?
- A gypsy.
Weak. Mediocre. No sense of race.
- Is she surely Aryan?
- Yes.
What a shame!
Susan from Berlin.
Courageous. Decisive.
Great in battle!
Unshakable belief in National Socialism!
Are there any more?
That's all of them, Commander.
I wanted to ask you what
we should do with the rejects.
Girls can be sent to the disciplinary
and re-education centers.
The men...
Dear Klaus, we cannot leave any
mouths behind that can talk.
Except that they can still be
useful in the work camps...
...or to Dr. Savage for his experiments.
Your problem, Klaus... you always want to prove
you have a better idea than anyone.
Let me repeat: Do exactly as I told you!
- Heil!
- Heil Hitler!
Where are you going?
Who are you looking for?
They are all the same!
What scares you the most?
Is it what you eat or what you drink?
Nothing scares me.
The paintings that were hanging here
were degenerate art...
...expressionistic, French stuff...
...and Jewish culture.
Thank you.
I'd prefer a cup of tea.
Those decadent habits of
the upper middle class!
No, quite the contrary.
Those from the upper class drink a lot.
I am angry like our Fuehrer.
Your damn middle class pride!
You haven't changed.
You are the same way you were
when you were born.
I believe in National Socialism.
Believing is not enough.
In order to be a real National Socialist... have to know how to
give yourself over, your origins.
You must be able to compromise
all the way.
You have to humble yourself,
in order to be...
Goodbye. Nice meeting you.
What do I have to do,
to give myself up?
You must humble yourself.
Take off your underwear.
Hurry up!
Lift your skirt.
Much higher!
Go over there.
On your knees.
On your knees!
Like a bitch on four legs.
And now come here!
Hurry up. Hurry up! Much faster!
You see, you are nothing.
Just a bitch.
A bitch controlled by me.
I like how you resist.
I like your dignity, your pride.
Go on.
Share yourself with me.
I'll share my power with you!
I disgust you.
Kiss me. Kiss me!
Do something, God! I am not part
of your world, right? Tell me.
You are part of a more precious world.
September 1, 1939
Declaration of war on Poland
Long live Zorro! Heil Hitler!
Heil Hitler!
Max, Klaus, Darling!
Champagne for everyone!
It's on the house.
Champagne, a kiss from Kitty!
From Kitty in person!
And discounts for the soldiers
on leave!
Are you talking about the cripples?
Oh, stop it, please!
Right now we're already dealing with
the first injuries and deaths of this war.
Young blond, romantic men suffering
next to the corpses of their horses...
...or near the wrecks of their tanks!
A heroic image, right, Cliff?
Dino! If there weren't any dead,
there wouldn't be a war...
...and Germany would not be able to
win and dominate the world!
And we wouldn't be here having
champagne and such a good time.
Well said! Cliff is much more fun
than you are, dear Dino.
He makes even more sense.
His America is further away from
Berlin than my city of Naples.
My friends! Girls! Gentlemen!
Play the National anthem immediately!
Otherwise be the conductor.
You are the usual party pooper.
Come over.
Today I stopped rationing champagne.
If you are not interested in my girls,
I think you will be in the champagne.
Forgive me, Kitty, but I can't.
I have tens of thousands of things to do.
I'll send you a car.
And put what inside of it?
Girls or champagne?
Just you.
Thank you, that's flattering, darling.
But it's been a while since I stopped
offering services so that I can get killed.
Well, as I told you, if you come over,
I'll be happy.
If not, you can keep your ass
glued to the chair. Bye!
The Gestapo!
Are you crazy?
You let those Gestapo brings me here
like a criminal, in order to tell me what?
That you have to commit my girls,
because they are foreigners...
...and close my nightclub?
The Party needs my place.
It's not up to me.
And whom the fuck would it be up to?
Himmler, Von Riebentrop?
They are all my clients, except you.
Have they gone crazy, too?
I'll make a call to all of them immediately.
I'll show you who Kitty is!
Do you think this is the right day, Kitty?
The war has just started.
What the fuck does the war
have to do with my work?
Do you want us to wear a chastity belt
just because the war has started?
Do you want my girls to
become little red swastikas?
Wallenberg, you haven't learned
a thing from the Roman Empire.
In order to conquer the World
one must be able to laugh, sing.
Unless you have no intent to close the
brothel, only to open a singing school.
Thank you very much, Kitty.
But our valuable soldiers are already
singing about Germany's greatness.
Don't you think our valuable soldiers...
...would like to spend half an hour
in bed in order to come...
...before they leave?
But of course. But don't forget that
many of them are married.
The wives are for breast-feeding.
A soldier also wants to shoot his bullets,
not just those the army gives him.
Wallenberg. Sometimes I feel
you don't understand these things.
Is that just because I am not
interested in your whores?
But that's not the point.
There is nothing I can do.
I am sorry, Kitty.
You have to close your nightclub.
What a pain in the ass!
You can ruin me this way!
At least give me some more time.
6 months?
Not even a day. I told you.
The Party needs that place.
But I could help you.
I could provide you with German girls.
You could get a little villa
in the Green Forest.
I thank you, but Kitty has always
been at the center of Berlin...
...and she has always used
an international set of girls.
You are making a big mistake, Kitty.
I would give you skillful, beautiful,
and elegant girls... a private, quiet, discreet area.
Really a high-class place.
I'd even offer you a great price.
And if I refuse?
I don't think that's a good idea.
I really don't think it's a good idea.
You wouldn't just lose your license.
Evidently you still don't know me,
If necessary, I'll go to Hitler myself!
Don't move. Nobody move!
They will miss...
They'll miss this panoramic view.
Schatzi, I don't care about
changing my address.
Love is the same everywhere.
Thank Heavens.
I don't have to change my profession,
I don't have to find someone else.
After it's all over, he'll send me to a villa.
I'm such a mess!
What's the matter? Are you crying?
Yes, and I don't know why.
I don't know. I swear I don't know why,
stupid girl I am.
For Heaven's sake, girls, relax!
We are not in the army.
Frankie, bring something to drink.
Something strong. It's freezing in here.
Good girls, very good!
They can certainly listen very well,
Wallenberg, but that's not enough.
They come off as amateurs.
Look at this one.
Good for a trip to the country,
but not for fucking like a pig.
Look at this one!
A child in her arms...
...and an iron in her hands,
and you'll have the perfect homemaker.
They have no passion!
This one is so refined, she even
makes me feel uncomfortable.
Imagine the poor guy
who has to screw her!
She's made for a parlor,
not for a nightclub.
What we need here are girls,
who are soft and warm and...
...most of all always ready
and able to smile in any situation.
Technically they are perfect.
I hope they don't greet their clients
when they enter the room.
I felt so at peace with my other girls.
They could give a dying man a hard on!
All right, loosen them up.
After all that's your job, not mine.
They say you've been extraordinary.
Teach them to become like you.
No, no, no. They are all beautiful,
perfect, too perfect, boring.
They look like printed postcards
the soldiers send to their moms.
I need specialists -
girls who can satisfy any request... fulfill the strangest desires,
the most complex perversions.
The clients of Salon Kitty
have imagination.
If any of them doesn't not live up to
your expectations, let me know.
I'm responsible for them all.
Who would have known that.
We'll have to take up teaching.
And now, Wallenberg,
this is your battle point.
You don't rush and do your work
I want to control the girls' relationships
and collect any information they gather.
To trust is fine; to not trust is better.
Execute my orders to the letter
to the best of your ability.
And, have fun, Wallenberg.
- What's your name?
- Susan, General.
Why do you look at me this way?
You're looking at me as if you know
we have known each other for years.
All Germany knows you, General!
You are the conqueror
and destroyer of Poland.
You can also destroy my body
with these, General.
Don't talk about Poland.
War is a sacred thing - besides,
it's too big to fit in this room.
Put on my boots.
Sure, General!
- Do you know how to sing?
- Yes, General!
Well, then march and sing!
Is that fine, General?
- Take off the pants!
- Of course, General!
And stop calling me General!
Call me Greta.
Do you like it? Can you feel it?
It burns, right?
Tell me that you like it.
Tell me that it burns!
Spread them! Take it, yes, yes!
Take it!
It's of a comrade, a top General of
the Duce, by the name of Cavelucci.
Tell me you like it.
Tell me it burns you!
Tell me it's killing you!
That it's splitting you in half!
Tell me, tell me
it's splitting you in half!
Give it to me! Give it to me!
- Tell me it's killing you, tell me!
- You're killing me! Give it to me!
- Tell me, it's killing you!
- Give it to me!
Tell me!
Tell me, tell me, and tell me!!
Yeah, I like it very much!
I'm the infamous woman! Oh, yes!
Later on!
I like it!
You'll notice in a month or two, if I am
right, the military bases will change.
The British will start telling us that
in Oslo and Copenhagen...
...the language will be English,
my favorite project!
English is a nice language!
A tongue for your huge cunt,
and a beautiful ass.
Klaus! Type the report with
the very same words.
The first copy is for the Chancellery.
The other is for the Reich fuehrer
Himmler - urgent, an absolute priority!
Without checking it first?
Klaus, how many times do I have to
repeat not to be zealous?
I assume total responsibility
for this operation!
Honestly, I was skeptical.
Material coming from who knows where!
Girls who are not ready.
They made me spit blood.
I swear that for a few days
I expected a catastrophe!
But now it's sold out every evening!
You can see from the champagne!
Now it can be found only at your place.
I know where to get it.
Riebentrop is my friend.
Oh, well, then it's him
who gets you this, right?!
Are you from the front?
You made love to me
as if you hated me.
No, that's not true.
Would you like to do some more?
Me, too.
Of course. Of course.
It's your profession.
It's a pity, though, that
you don't know what it means.
Why are you here?
Are you on leave?
Don't you want to talk?
I like to screw.
But if you are not into it...
I am into it, too.
That's not true.
Why do you say such a thing?
It's not true.
But in the end I don't care.
You are here for this, right?
So, open your legs.
With pleasure.
Not that way.
No. Without anger.
With tenderness.
Let yourself go.
Margherita's report.
Hans Reiter,
lieutenant of the Luftwaffe...
...on leave from the front,
not willing to talk.
He only wanted to make love.
He made love more than once.
You're beautiful.
Even if you are just a whore,
making love with you is nice. I like it.
I hate life.
But I have nothing against you.
Are you on leave for a medal?
Yes, so that I can hang it
on my shoulder.
Are you still going to fight?
Maybe I'm not a good soldier.
When do you have to leave?
Soon. In 10 days.
That's an eternity for making love.
Yes, an eternity that ends too soon.
If I could take you with me, so that
I can screw you anytime I want to...
It's really nice with you.
You're exaggerating.
Do you regret not coming along?
No. It's just that it's unfair
when you are exaggerating.
Would you regret it, if I fell in love
with you... just a little bit?
Do you think it's ridiculous?
Love is a word used by a man and
a woman spending time in bed together.
Sure, sure, sure.
Hurry, hurry, over here!
Get into the shelter!
Where is the shelter?!
Over here! Hurry up!
To the shelter!
Hurry, hurry, and hurry.
Over here!
Congratulations to myself
for having found you.
I have a gift for you
before I return to the battle.
I saw light underneath the door.
Aren't you afraid?
The British will never bomb Berlin.
Marshall Behring himself told us so.
That's not a good reason for
getting drunk completely naked.
- Would you like to drink with us?
- With pleasure.
- Today is a very important anniversary.
- Of what?
It's exactly a week now
Margherita and I know each other.
I wish you hundreds of these days!
The same to you, Margherita.
I don't like anniversaries.
I only like to drink champagne...
...with him, or maybe
not even with him.
I love champagne, and that's all
there is to it.
Too many good wishes are
a bad omen.
Why? Hans!?
What did I do wrong?
Hans! Hans.
Departure for Kronewald from
platform 1.
The train!
The next train for Kronewald will leave
in 20 minutes from platform 1.
Left, left, two, three, four.
Man, you are not doing it right.
Why, Hans? Why?
From lmola to Warsaw...
Demolished houses, burned fields,
dead horses rotting in the sun.
And men, women, children,
piles of corpses.
Silent deformed bodies,
bloated and decomposed.
We slaughtered everybody!
I, too, beat these poor citizens,
who couldn't defend themselves.
People screaming,
with their arms up in the air.
Was I born for this?
I thought my future was building houses,
creating space to live and make love...
...but instead I've become
the architect of a graveyard.
No, Hans. No!
Margherita! Margherita!
My God, Hans.
Now here, love me.
Now you're starting to understand
what your despair is about, right?
It's our last day. Stop talking.
I'm sick of slaughtering human beings.
But you're a soldier.
It's your duty to fight.
Of course. I kept my head down
without discussing why until yesterday.
But I have made my decision now.
I want to fight against Hitler...
...against his madness...
...against this violence,
which is corrupting us all.
Lieutenant Hans Reiter stopped by
today as well, before leaving.
What do you have in mind?
As soon as I'm back on the base,
I'll defect on my airplane.
That's treason!
He said very little - almost nothing.
Little bits of sentences.
He is the reserved type,
but a genuine and honest person...
...always confident in his
National Socialist belief.
Margherita. Man belongs to mankind.
Not to a country,
to a race or a religion.
I'm at peace with myself.
He kept wanting to make love.
And we did as it is the right thing to do...
...with a soldier who prepares himself
to go back to battle.
Margherita. Man belongs to mankind.
Not to a country, or to a race or religion.
I'm at peace with myself.
Did she write down in her report
the name of the officer for certain?
Yes, Commander.
Captain Hans Reiter.
He is precise and faithful.
He'll get back to the base today.
Take care of this immediately!
Yes, Commander.
Captain Hans Reiter.
Have you fallen in love with him?
Go ahead, drink. I'm sure by now you've
also learned to love champagne.
You met with him everyday, correct?
It was he looking for me.
And you? Is that it,
you only spread your legs?
I told you to come in only if I call you!
Get out!
Goodbye, Miss.
I'm Mrs. Wallenberg.
I married her a long time ago.
I must say she is a great wife -
discreet, faithful.
Get out!
No, wait!
lmagine her as Hans Reiter.
Show me what you did to him...
...because it's not in your reports.
What's the matter? Is your pride
keeping you from doing it?
Stop it!
Go away!
I didn't expect you'd get caught
in the net of silly sentimentality.
Maybe I overestimated you.
Why? Who do you think I am?
Your Hans will never understand
what you are!
What does he give you?
And you?
Look here!
Look here!
You see?
I'll take everything
that can be sold.
It'll be mine, like you.
I want you too to become
part of my private dream.
Another ghost like your wife?
A desire. And it's your duty.
Do I have to lose my body,
and my whole self?
Do you prefer to stay the way you are?
With your wretched little love story?
I aim higher. That's why I am a
National Socialist.
I have a goal: Power!
And with you,
my power will be complete.
What is your ridiculous love for
the pilot compared to all of this?
It's not love.
I have a letter from him.
I could destroy it.
Heinzberg, n. 10. My Love:
I just got here less than an hour ago...
...and I already miss you,
need you, want you.
It did not go through censorship.
Nobody else read it. Just you.
As you can see, if I want to,
I can do anything, you know?
I know.
I can treat feelings as if they were things.
Isn't that great?
Yes. It's true. It's wonderful. Like magic.
It's will, not magic.
And that goes for you, too.
You are mine, because I want it.
By now you belong to me -
you've become mine.
The one I protect. My accomplice.
Say it! Say that you are my accomplice.
Say it! Say it!
You're mine. Betray him.
My love, you're mine, I miss you,
I need you, I want you.
I miss you, I need you, I want you.
The lonely butterfly.
I don't like clowning around.
If you are skillful, you'll get rich fast.
You are so special -
that's why the neurotics like you.
You only think about money.
Sure, honey, what else can you think of
in this profession.
After you've made enough of it,
you drop everything...
...go free and go back to being
a respectable and proper person.
You really think like a servant.
You have no ideals.
You are no National Socialist.
My dear Susan,
first of all I am a madam.
In spite of your ideals, Hitler,
your husband, your daughter...'re nothing but a whore.
A whore!
I am not, I am not,
and I am not!
Stop! Stop!!
Jesus and Mary!
The profession of a whore seems
easy, comfortable, full of luxury.
Many of them fall into this trap.
When they realize that, it's too late.
Well. My dear Hilda, dear Hilda.
Aren't you taking off your clothes?
Go over to the bed. Go to the bed.
Turn off the light. joining the political
leadership of our Party.
And then those two institutions will
together educate the German people...
...render them powerful, and they will
carry the German state...
...the German empire
on their shoulders.
...and that one would admit
the truth about Germany...
- What is this?
- Bread.
I had it prepared by the best baker
in Berlin. It's perfect, isn't it?
Put it between your legs. Not inside.
On the outside!
Now I'll hold it steady, so that
it really looks like it's yours.
Stroke it, stroke it. Come on!
Work with me!
Good girl, good girl!
Heil Hitler! Shit! Heil Hitler!
Ass! Shit! Heil Hitler! Sieg Heil!
Sieg Heil! Shit! Shit! Sieg Heil! Shit!
Sieg Heil! Heil Hitler! Shit! Shit! Sieg Heil
Poor girl. I should have told you.
I should have refused to work like this.
Calm down!
I'm sure there won't be
any more incidents of this kind.
In any event, contact me immediately.
I'll take care of it personally.
Like you did today?
Like I did today.
What are you looking at?
Leave while there is still enough time!
This life is despicable, of shit, vomit,
come, urine, of pigs, of fools.
Leave! Leave!
And you. Especially you.
What need drives you to be
so humiliated by men?
You are so beautiful, so delicate.
Save yourself, Margherita.
Anything is better than this life.
Save yourself.
Save yourself.
How were you able to
keep it hidden until now?
Close-fitting clothes.
When I took my clothes off,
it was easy - no one cared.
I could do it until a few days ago,
but now...
You should've informed us immediately.
Why haven't you done so?
I want to keep the baby.
It's mine.
And the father?
It's mine!
Are you saying you want to keep
a child from government control?
Have you forgotten that
you're still a member of our SS?
It's mine.
Psychologically the girl is lost as to what
her mission objectives are.
We cannot leave a whore like
her around. She knows too much.
Dear doctor, the solution is your job.
Heil Hitler!
You're Margherita, right?
Hans Reiter's girlfriend.
We were in the same squadron.
He talked a lot about you.
Yes, I know him.
He has been here.
Did you know
he was in love with you?
Those things can happen.
Fortunately he got over it fast.
I don't think so. Actually...
Too bad. One should never
fall in love with someone like me.
I am a whore.
Where is he now?
Why? Don't you know?
He was hanged...
...a few days after he went back
to the base...
...because of despondency
and anti-patriotism.
It was an order from Berlin.
He was planning to desert.
That pig!
We thought he was a good comrade.
Instead he was a shit.
He played a National Socialist with us,
then we found out he saw us as killers.
What a coward, a traitor, no balls.
Fortunately he gave himself away.
They hung him, that son of a bitch,
from a butcher's hook.
I enjoyed watching him dangle,
that bastard, like a slaughtered pig.
I took the joy of spitting
on his dead body.
- That sounded like a gunshot.
- Margherita! Help!
Open up! What happened?
- Margherita!
- Open up! Go get everybody!
Put me through to Wallenberg's
office immediately!
Wallenberg, it's Kitty.
There's been an accident here.
An officer killed himself
in the bathroom.
When do you think
you are going back to Berlin?
I don't know, mom.
Darling, are you on leave
because of your health?
Yes. Let's call it that.
It's a nervous breakdown
because of too much work.
And they are fine with that?
How do they think about it?
Who's they?
What do you know about them?
You don't even know what I do.
All you know is that I left home one day.
You never found out what I was doing.
You never allowed me to.
Nor did I allow you to register me
with my National Socialist Party.
This was different.
Your father is being childish.
I still won't bring anyone with me.
Yet, you despise us!
That's true.
I despise your hypocrisy -
your fear of knowing the truth.
You hide in silence under
the pretext of law and order.
And of tradition!
Tradition! Look at yourselves.
You are like two mummified insects.
Why should people like you be saved?
For the future of Germany, my dear!
Our generation must preserve...
Preserve what? Your own skin?
Your own stuff?
Keeping your eyes shut, so you won't
see anything and won't have to think.
A few months ago you were telling
a totally different story.
For you, Miss.
Who wants me?
Madam Kitty Kellermann.
What? Kitty?
Tell her that I am not home. No, wait.
Have her sit down on the porch.
What type of work do you do
in Berlin, Margherita?
Invent one yourself, dad,
one that keeps you most at peace.
I understand you, darling. I would've
acted the same way in your place.
But I cannot keep covering up for you.
Wallenberg wants you back.
Now you're a pimp for Wallenberg,
aren't you?
I'm nobody's pimp. Even less of
a politician like Wallenberg.
But don't forget that a German officer
was killed in your room.
That's not just stupid, but also
dangerous considering who he is.
Are you blackmailing me?
Let it be known that I don't care.
Go ahead and tell him,
if you want.
Tell him it was me -
I killed that pig to avenge Hans.
I didn't know you loved him that much.
You don't need to come back tomorrow
nor the day after tomorrow.
Rest a bit. In the meantime
I'll keep trying to calm the waters.
There's nothing to calm,
because I'm not coming back.
Don't lie - that won't help.
And write the report yourself:
Margherita Abandons Operation Kitty!
What operation?
The one that has people
hanging from butcher's hooks.
I don't know what you are
talking about.
The operation you conduct, Kitty.
Yours is a brood of spies...
...who drink champagne, screw, and
tell everything they hear to Wallenberg!
That's not true. There is not
one trace of truth in your story.
Stop playing the role of Kitty.
I don't ask you to justify yourself.
I don't give a shit if you're
Wallenberg's accomplice or if I am!
Me? Who really is the accomplice
of an SS captain?
You betrayed me!
You spy, spy! Spy! Spy!!
Spy in my nightclub - an honest,
clean welcoming brothel!
I hate you! I hate you all!
I never soiled myself
in all this political crap!
People can do whatever
they want there.
The sex there is clean!
Now I understand everything!
They changed the nightclub -
they changed the girls.
They were hoping they could
change Kitty as well.
I will kill that Wallenberg!
I'll destroy him,
I'll squash him like a worm!
I'll go to Hitler!
It really matters to me!
Calm down, Kitty. Calm down.
I thought that you were on their side.
Am I so stupid. How could I have
ever thought the same about you.
Forgive me. But...
Kitty, how did Wallenberg know
every word I said in that room?
We were by ourselves.
How did he know about his feelings...
...his decision to switch sides?
They hung him for that reason.
It was you who hung him on that hook.
No, not Hans.
I didn't write a single word in my report
about what Hans said to me.
At first I didn't want to admit I loved him.
But now I know I do.
I understand what he meant by saying:
"I'm tired of slaughtering human beings."
He was sure that I'd come to
understand that, too.
Kitty! Would you want to be
on my side?
No, never on that side.
Don't you understand that I've changed?
I'm coming out of a nightmare.
I need your help!
Make up your mind and wake up!
I don't understand anything anymore -
absolutely nothing.
Wasn't it you who said it's easier
to talk amongst women?
Let's try.
What would you like to do?
lmmediately go back to Berlin,
Find out how Wallenberg learns
everything the men say in our rooms.
I want to clean up my place, Margherita.
I want it back the way it was,
as clean as it was, at any cost! Clean!
I'll leave, piss, and be back!
He'll end up a bit dead in the bathroom,
but he has forgiven the whole thing.
I don't remember the rest.
Kitty, are you here
to make eyes at me again?
I've known many men in my life,
but none as irresistible as you.
Why do you resist me then?
Well? What's going on?
Transforming this antique nightclub
into a Spa of the ancient Rome?
Kitty, get a sheet for yourself.
We have to talk, if you decide
not to be a clown for a moment.
As you wish. Tell me, tell me.
I found out why Wallenberg made me
change my location.
They're spying on us.
The girls are SS agents.
Everyday they report all the silly things
our guys squirt out while fucking.
The girls are from the SS?
Fuck me...!
I've known whores, but women like...
forgive me, Margherita.
That's not all.
The rooms are full of microphones.
No, not the bathrooms!
Of course, the noise of the shower
prevents them from listening.
Don't think the Nazis are so democratic
they let people piss in peace!
By the way...
We need your help.
To do what?
To destroy him.
It's a bit unusual conspiring
in a bathroom, even for an Italian.
However, it seems right that
the shit ends up in the toilet.
Hurray, hurray, Paris!
It's ours! Hurray!
A toast to the German soldiers
marching under the Arch of Triumph!
Heil Hitler!
Heil Hitler!
One more time!
Sieg Heil!
Heil Hitler!
- Long live France!
- Louder!
- Long live France!
- One more time!
Long live France!
Heil Hitler!
Hello? What happened to you?
Where are you?
In Paris, darling.
I tried to call you earlier.
You know that we Italians are
at war now, too.
Yes, just in time before
the inevitable triumph.
The government decided I am the best
war correspondent and I couldn't refuse.
What about me?
Did you forget about me?
No. Nobody forgets your kisses.
Act as if I'm right there with you.
Yes, of course, but it doesn't help.
I miss you too much! Thank you anyway.
No, darling, thank you for what?
I beg you, no, Kitty, a duty-bound call.
Listen, do you remember last time
in Margherita's bathroom?
I left the shower on,
and now it's filling up the whole room.
Go to Margherita's bathroom,
and turn off the shower, understood?
Go there immediately.
Be there at ten o'clock on the dot!
At ten, you got it, Kitty?
Bye, Kitty.
A kiss.
I beg you pardon.
Is there something wrong?
I'm fine, thank you.
I know everything.
Dino told me to provide you with
a radio transmitter.
Here it is!
Turn in on, and I'll record every word
for you at a distance of 1 kilometer.
If we want to fuck Wallenberg,
we'll use the same technique.
I hardly see you anymore.
Why aren't you saying anything?
Talk to me. Please, talk to me.
Do you like it? Tell me.
Slave and master.
Oh, God. I missed you so much.
Drink it.
I hate whores - paid lavatories.
And what am I?
Even if I don't do it for the money,
I'm still a whore.
You are my creature.
I invented you -
you're my accomplice.
Tell me anything you like - everything.
Who knows when I'll be
able to see you again.
No, wait. I want you to stay
as long as possible.
And your wife?
I sent her away.
She has the right to a day off.
She is still your wife.
I'll be strong enough to
free myself from her soon.
Kiss me. Please, kiss me.
Your illusions don't belong in here.
They are not illusions.
My wife's grandfather was Jewish.
It could be dangerous for you,
too, if they find out.
Not anymore, once I have the power
of being respected - Hitler's power.
Are you crazy?
The bedroom secrets of all Germany
are in my hands.
Those of Riebentrop, Gbels,
Keitel, Jodel...
...even those of Heinrich Himmler.
I know every single weakness
of each of them.
The type of cocaine they use.
Their impotence, their perversions...
...the larcenies, the betrayals,
their rivals.
A variety of cowards!
And what do your superiors
think of this?
Soon they won't have
any time left to think.
It wasn't my idea at first,
I admit that.
But I already know how to free myself
from all of them, as soon as I want to.
Maybe you're under the
illusion of power.
It's true.
Every single word of mine is true.
It's true! It's true!
Get this into your head for good!
I don't give a shit about
National Socialism...
...just as no one gives a shit
about our leaders!
All of them have just one goal: power!
There are no ideals,
no belief system!
You are the one who
has illusions, Margherita.
You, and millions of Germans like you
who believed in us.
It was a way to put
all of you at our feet.
...a middle-class girl... the mercy of a pimp.
To get you and all that you represent,
I've reduced you to my level.
Like all the others.
A band of gangsters.
We turned everyone of you into
a criminal...
...a murderer, a thief,
a corrupt accomplice...
...and a slave!
I believe you.
I don't want to talk anymore now.
Touch me here.
Let me enjoy it.
Let me feel your power.
I will appoint a whore as
the first lady of the Third Reich.
You pimp!
A whore and a pimp who
salute each other in public:
Nobody knows anything
about the two of us here.
Only I do.
A pimp, and you - a whore.
A whore...
...and a pimp.
What's the matter, doll? Are you
starting to have enough of all of this?
I'd like to see you in my shoes, with
legs spread from the morning to night.
I can't deal with it anymore.
Why don't you get out of it?
I would, if I could.
You are a gentleman.
Why won't you take me to America?
Why don't you?
Of course. You have to put
something on, though.
I'll get my stuff, and we'll leave.
Listen - listen.
Hurry up!
Roosevelt is waiting for us.
I'll be right there.
Filthy coward!
Commander Wallenberg is
not in his office!
I didn't come here to talk with him.
I'm here to accuse him of betrayal.
Do you realize what you are saying?
Of course.
I am a National Socialist, and I know
that traitors are to be squashed...
...without any pity,
regardless of who they are.
Do you have some evidence
you can show me?
This is my report.
You will recognize Wallenberg's
voice on this record.
How did you find out about this?
I am his lover.
We'll take action, and
we'll listen to this.
You have to listen to it
and take action immediately.
My statement is professionally
bound, it's official.
If you don't think you can do it,
just let me know.
I'll go directly to the national leader,
I will take care of it immediately!
Don't worry, comrade!
- Heil!
- Hitler!
Come on in.
I have been informed there will be
an urgent and secret meeting...
...ordered by the Fuehrer.
My wife's grandfather was Jewish.
It could be dangerous for you, too,
if they find out.
Not anymore, once I have the power
of being respected - Hitler's power.
Are you crazy?
The bedroom secrets of all Germany
are in my hands.
Those of Riebentrop, Gbels,
Keitel, Jodel...
...even those of Heinrich Himmler.
I know every single
weakness of each of them.
The type of cocaine they use.
Their impotence, their perversions,
the larcenies, the betrayals...
...their rivals.
A variety of cowards!
What do your superiors think of this?
Soon they won't have
any time anymore to think.
Heil Hitler!
It wasn't my idea at first,
I admit that.
But I already know how to
free myself from all of them... soon as I want to.
Maybe you are under the
illusion of power.
It's true.
Every single word of mine is true.
It's true! It's true!
Get this into your head for good!
I don't give a shit about
National Socialism...
...just as no one gives a shit
about our leaders!
All of them have just one goal: power!
There are no ideals,
no belief system!
You are the one who
has illusions, Margherita.
You, and millions of Germans like you
who believed in us.
It was a way to put all of you at our feet.
You - a middle-class girl... the mercy of a pimp.
To get you and all that you represent,
I have reduced you to my level.
Like all the others, a band of gangsters.
We turned everyone of you
into a criminal...
...a murderer, a thief,
a corrupt accomplice...
...and a slave!
I believe you.
I don't want to talk anymore now.
Touch me here.
Let me enjoy it.
Let me feel your power.
I will appoint a whore
as the first lady of the Third Reich.
You pimp!
A whore and a pimp who
salute each other in public.
Heil Hitler!