Salvo (2013) Movie Script

Hell in Palermo has no end.
Scorching heat with temperatures of 40 degrees...
and, like every summer, a rash of arson.
The increase in power consumption due to
the use of air conditioning
caused an overload of the power network.
The fire damaged several power networks,
causing blackouts across the city
and putting to the test the patience of the residents.
Come on! Come on!
Where are you going?
Who organised all this?
What difference does it make if I tell you?
Renato Pizzuto.
Hello, Cinzia.
Nothing special.
No, I havent checked.
Operator gonna work!
Leave my brother out of it.
I have not told her yet.
You dont know what's best for me!
I'm happy here.
Dont worry!
I'm busy. Kiss Auntie for me.
Good morning, Miss Rita.
Always listening to this song...
And you always say the same thing.
Miss, Tell your brother that watermelon
will be delivered tomorrow.
- Need anything else?
- No, thank you.
Always at your service.
Rita, where are you?
Rita get out!
Where were you?
Is everything okay?
He wants to see you.
Tomorrow morning.
Good morning.
Come in.
The air-conditioning.
You moved it.
Can we put it back?
It doesnt work.
What doesnt work?
Until yesterday it worked fine.
The room was cool.
My apologies. Must have been an overload.
The air conditioning... broken.
The surges yesterday...
Okay, I dont care about yesterday.
Fix it.
Are you waiting to set the table?
I'll do it.
He organized everything.
I wonder how long he planned it.
our own neighborhood.
We must be more careful.
I want to...
check the breath of those around me.
Where's he buried?
In his house.
You brought me something?
lived with his sister.
She's blind.
What's her name?
She never left the house.
Shes dead also.
You are tired.
I did not sleep at all tonight.
It's so stuffy down here.
These are tough times...
We need to change the way we live.
Like rats.
This is our life.
The only one we have.
We need to eat, by God!
I said, eat.
Only the dead do fasting...
and we're still alive.
You can pick it up on Friday.
- Say hello to your mother.
- I will.
We've seen the air-conditioning.
It's a simple fix.
We just need to wait for a part.
Only a couple of days.
- You come with me, he has to eat.
- Leave him there.
But you will eat?
It may bother you.
No it wont.
He can not stay home all day.
He needs to be walked.
I'll take him for a walk later.
You wont eat?
Come and eat.
Get your hands off me, you bastard!
Come on!
You better wait here for now.
After what happened,
there are cops everywhere.
What the hell is this music?
Turn it off!
But what's gotten into you?
What are you doing?
Leave him!
Calm down!
Why isnt he sleeping in his room?
I told you, there's something going on.
He is not eating.
A person needs to eat.
- Should we wake him up?
- Dont do anything!
But why is he on the sofa?
He doesnt give a damn about us.
And after all we do for him!
Have you seen his hands?
Come on!
Enzo, hurry up!
Lunch will be ready in five minutes.
Sit down, please.
Should we set another place at the table?
The tuna is so good, isnt it?
The dog stinks.
He needs a bath.
Hey, you...
He left.
What do you want from me?
What do you want from me?
I havent been here in years.
Not since the good old days.
Get outta here!
Don"t like the visit?
Did not think we'd find out where you went?
Come on, guys. Let's go.
Let's see who's inside.
Get out!
That's none of your business!
You know how many are buried back there?
I'd say more than a hundred.
Now they are dust.
We didnt always kill them immediately.
We had to wait.
But they always ended the same way.
Pizzuro is buried there with the others.
But you...
didnt kill his sister.
How long will this continue?
A week?
A month? And after that?
Give her to me.
Give her to me...
and we can all go home.
Very well.
Finish your work.
It's the only choice you have.
I hope...
Dont waste our time.
Dont be an idiot!
You should do what he said.
Kill me.
Go back to them.
You can not change what you are.
Are you hungry?
Of course I am.
Whats your name?
Its boiling out here, let us in!
Come on! We got him!
That way! Follow him!
Dont leave the cabin while the ship sails.
Dont be afraid.
I'm not afraid.
Are you coming with me?
I cant.
Dont waste any more time.
you need to go.