Sam Bahadur (2023) Movie Script

May the Goddess bless you
with a shining destiny,
my son!
Hello, Cyrus!
Remember, I told you
about those thefts
at Perin Aunty's
and the other neighbours' homes?
The cops nabbed the thief.
Must we discuss this
in front of Cyrus?
The thief's name
is also Cyrus.
Then we must think of
a new name for Cyrus!
General Salute!
Present Arms!
Ground Arms!
What is your name?
Rifleman Harka Gurung, Sir!
Harka Gurung!
What is my name?
Sam Bahadur, Sir!
Sam Bahadur.
We'll be punished, Sam!
Haji's right, Sam.
Let's head back.
What happened?
Nothing, just checking
if you're still alive.
What nonsense!
Of course, I'm alive!
Then prove it!
Sam, we came here at 7,
it's 9.30 now.
This is how time works,
In some time,
it will be 10:30.
Then 11:30, and so on!
Sam, please.
Let's go!
What happened?
Am I boring you?
Of course not, sweetheart!
Meet my friends...
That is Maharaj Kumarjeet Singh...
And this is Haji Iftikar,
of the famous Iftikar family.
Maharaj, Nawab...
Do you think your friends
can be my friends, too?
And why not!
These modern day princes
are pretty faint-hearted!
They're scared of everything:
the Company Commander,
the Adjutant,
the Quarter Master,
and of their punishment!
Who knows, you might
scare them, too!
You're in the Army?
Yes, ma'am...
Corporal Sam Manekshaw
at your service.
I'm a Gentleman Cadet, but...
I can't promise
I'll remain a gentleman!
Okay, Sam...
You stay back...
The last bus leaves
in 15 minutes...
Haji and I are leaving.
What's the first rule
of the Army?
"No man left behind."
Well, where were we?
We're dead!
For his absence from parade
and indiscipline,
by order of Major Cowan,
Corporal Sam Manekshaw
is awarded punishment.
You have earned the
distinction of becoming
the first Gentleman Cadet
to be awarded a punishment
at the Indian Military Academy.
And you two...
It's not their fault, Sir.
I forced them and -
I said,
not one word!
The two of you,
along with Manekshaw
will be confined to barracks
with restrictions for 15 days.
One more instance,
and you are going home.
Am I clear?
Yes, Sir!
Yes, Sir!
That's two words, Sir.
Satisfied now? Huh?
That night was itself satisfying!
Enjoy your 15 day holiday, Sam...
In three weeks,
'The Butcher' will slaughter
your happiness!
Tikka Khan is coming!
Well fought, Khan!
Next time,
victory will be mine...
And then I'll offer you
the same consolation.
We'll see!
2nd Lieutenant Sam Hormusji Framji
Jamshedji Manekshaw...
Sign here.
Your next posting
is with the 4th Battalion
of the 12th Frontier Force Regiment
stationed in Ferozepur.
You are a Piffer now.
I am also a Piffer!
Look how pretty I am,
with my gorgeous light eyes
and fair skin!
Have you ever seen
such a pretty Piffer?
Hush, Dilsher...
He's the Platoon Commander.
Congratulations then!
We have a girl as our
Platoon Commander!
Even a girl can make this jump,
and a burly athlete
like you can't?
Lieutenant Manekshaw...
Actually I...
...want to apologize?
Sorry, Lieutenant.
Please, Sam!
I don't know anyone
at that party, Dilsher.
It's your friend's party,
you go.
You haven't really lived
until you've checked out
Lahore's party scene.
I thought of going alone,
but then I realised -
there'll be so many
pretty women there!
And who better than you
to teach me how
to charm them!
And I'm some expert
on charming women?
Drop the act, Sam!
The entire unit has heard
of your exploits.
Let's see you
in action tonight!
And I was staring...
not at the CO's wife,
but at the cake!
The CO's wife talked about
everything in the world...
but she never offered
us that bloody cake!
Who... is she?
Silloo Bode.
Colonel Bharucha's sister-in-law.
Excuse me.
Sam. Sam Manekshaw.
4th Battalion
12th Frontier Force Regiment.
I'm Silloo.
I'm sorry.
Usually, I have a lot to say...
Clever, funny things...
right now...
Thank God!
Because at every party,
every single guy says
the same boring things...
in an attempt to flirt.
I promise you,
I'll tell you something
that you haven't heard before.
That seems hard to believe.
But go on, try...
I'm going to marry you.
Whatever it is...
Say it after this dance.
"This little thing...!"
"This little thing left unsaid"
"is a now confession made."
"This little thing, oh look"
"is now a fable made."
"Not a cloud nor rain"
"on that magical clear night..."
"Hearts didn't connive"
"nor cross the minds..."
"But a spell was cast"
"in the silver moonlight."
"This little thing, oh look"
"is now a fable made."
"This little thing...!"
"The ground firmly beneath us"
"The skies far and away"
"The ground firmly beneath us"
"The skies far and away"
"But floating up two inches"
"doesn't happen every day"
"As hearts take flight"
"making earth and sky sway."
"This little thing, oh look"
"is now a fable made."
"This little thing...!"
Sam, welcome!
Here you are.
Where have you
been posted?
And when do you
have to leave?
Allied armies gather
for new thrusts
against further Japanese
penetration in Burma.
World War II has reached
India's doorstep.
To counter the
Japanese troops,
the Indian Army
has reached Burma.
As soon as we hit Sittang,
we'll give our soldiers
a meal break, Turq.
They've fought non-stop
for 4 days...
If securing the bridge
wasn't so urgent,
I would've requested
Colonel Edwards
to give us a day
before moving.
I'm pretty starved myself!
I'd give anything
for some Dhansak.
- Dhansak?
- Yes!
Most folks swear
by Rogan Josh,
but Parsi food
has my heart.
Come home for
a meal someday,
you'll be in for a treat!
Patra ni machhi, Akoori,
Lagan nu bhonu...
Chicken Farcha,
Salli Boti,
Lagan nu custard!
Oh, man!
Feed me some of that
delicious Parsi food again...
and Attiqur Rahman
will be your slave for life!
Just be my friend, Turq...
and every week,
you can enjoy both:
my company and
Parsi food as well!
Sounds great!
Down! Down!
Thank God,
our planes chased
the Japanese away!
- All okay?
- Yes.
Check the company
and report to me!
Slowly, slowly...
One, two, three...
Subedar Sahib!
Yes, Sir.
Get ready to move.
Meher Singh!
Come on! Get moving!
We have lost around 50 men.
Vehicles and equipment too.
From friendly fire
from our own planes!
A reconnaissance aircraft
relayed wrong information.
It was assumed
that the Japanese
were on the move.
It is unfortunate...
But we have our orders.
We cannot let the enemy
take control of the bridge.
So gentlemen...
talk to your men now,
and get them ready.
This won't be easy...
Is war ever easy?
Sittang Bridge.
It's the only way
to get to Rangoon.
If Rangoon falls,
we fall too.
So we just cannot
allow the Japanese
to capture Sittang Bridge.
Opposite Sittang Bridge
is Buddha Hill,
and on the left
is Pagoda Hill.
Apart from reinforcing
the bridgehead,
we have to capture
these hills too.
It will help us guard
and secure the bridge
in a better way.
And yes...
Because time is short,
the wounded and deceased
will not be brought
back to camp
until the operation
is complete.
Any doubts?
Any questions?
I know...
this is your fifth day
without sleep.
You've had your first meal
in four days
here at Sittang...
And we lost 50 of our men
on the way here...
That too, because of
a misunderstanding.
"He alone is brave"
"Who fights for
the downtrodden"
"He may get cut
into pieces"
"But he'll never leave
the battlefield!"
I'm sure you've all heard
this holy verse before.
I'm just reminding you...
It's our turn to fight tomorrow.
Bole So Nihaal!
Sat Sri Akal!
Are we ready
Subedar Gurbaksh Singh Sahib?
Yes, Sir. We're all set.
They are on Buddha Hill!
They are on Buddha Hill!
The Japanese have reached
Buddha Hill before us!
We must capture Pagoda Hill
before them. Now!
Bravo Company shall
stay in reserve.
Alpha Company,
charge to Pagoda Hill!
Meher Singh!
Move, fast!
Keep going!
Don't let the enemy
reach the peak!
We have to get the Japanese
off Buddha Hill too,
Subedar Sahib.
You guard this position
with your platoon...
the rest will charge
with me.
Bole So Nihaal!
Sat Sri Akal!
Don't stop!
Charge ahead!
Meher Singh...
I had said...
Only once the operation
is complete...
Bravo Company is also
reaching Buddha Hill, Sir!
It is too late to
operate on him.
He will not live.
His eyes were open
moments ago.
Please treat him!
Can you hear me, son?
How do you feel?
I'm OK!
What happened to you?
A bloody mule
kicked me!
Anyone with this
sense of humour
is worth saving!
Get him ready
for surgery.
For gallantry,
during the action
at the Sittang Bridge
on the 22nd and 23rd
of February 1942,
Major General Cowan
awards Major SHFJ Manekshaw
an immediate Military Cross.
Congratulations, Major Manekshaw.
Thank you, Sir!
Well done, Sam!
You definitely owe me
a Parsi feast
at your home now!
You'll be back much
before me, Turq.
I'll be tied up here
in these bandages,
for a while.
In British India, it was the
wedding of the daughter
of the Indian National Congress
President Jawaharlal Nehru.
Several members were
present on the occasion
and blessed the new couple,
Indira Nehru and Feroze Gandhi.
Good choice...
Parsis do make good husbands!
The true answer
to this question,
I would like to hear
from Mrs Manekshaw...
Do Parsis really make
the best husbands?
I'll only let Mrs Khan
in on this secret,
Major Khan!
And not in front of
the two of you, for sure!
Sherry, Maja...
say goodnight to Major Khan.
But Silloo, the custard!
Custard on Sundays
for you.
You know the rules.
Goodnight, Major Khan.
- Goodnight, Father.
- Goodnight, darling.
Goodnight, Silloo.
Goodnight, Silloo!
Major Khan,
we'd love to meet
Begum Sahiba someday...
the Missus has instantly
become 'Begum Sahiba'...
Then why such formality
towards me?
Not 'Major Khan',
please call me Yahya.
On one condition...
You too, must call me Silloo.
Definitely, Mrs...
So next time,
please bring Begum Sahiba along,
She was a bit unwell today.
Or else she would've
loved to come
and listen to Sam's tales
from Burma.
Yahya, when I think of Burma,
I'm reminded of
the doctors there...
Those bloody buggers,
I tell you...
They gave me such
bad stitches...
that by the time
I returned to India,
they were infested
with maggots!
Even the maggots were
better than those doctors.
Thanks to them,
I didn't get any infection.
Excuse me.
war gives us stories...
but to women...
they give nightmares.
Get custard made tomorrow.
They're kids, Silloo...
Where to?
My room...
Because of these?
Because of your snoring, Sam!
The land will be divided.
Areas with Hindus in majority
will become their country.
Areas with Muslim majority
will become the Muslim nation.
What mercenaries
the British are...
The price they've made us
pay for our freedom!
Turq has chosen Pakistan.
He was saying that
Mr Jinnah has personally asked you
to join the Pakistan Army.
What have you decided?
You're not a Hindu.
How are you an Indian, then?
I was born in Amritsar,
my wife is from Bombay,
and I work in Delhi...
How much more Indian
can I be?
Morning, boys!
What's happening?
We've been given orders, Sir...
Indian and Pakistani territory
maps are being divided.
The maps falling
in Indian territory
will be with the Indian army,
and the ones falling
in Pakistani territory
will go to the Pakistan army.
The maps of the Pakistan areas
will not leave this office
until the Indian army
has a copy of them.
Is that clear?
Yes, Sir.
- Sir.
- Yes?
Major Khan hasn't asked
for Indian maps...
I know.
- But... how do...
- Because I know Yahya.
He can feel the oncoming Partition...
but he can't fathom it yet.
Congrats on the Frontier Force Regiment,
Captain Farid.
And to you on the Madras Regiment,
Captain Srini.
This one...
to all the brothers
in this room!
I love you more
than life itself.
Speech, speech, speech!
Speech, speech, speech!
Okay, okay...
To the fatal choice!
Punjabi! Punjabi! Punjabi!
Tonight, I raise a toast,
to the cruel choice
before us!
They make a goddamn porridge...
then ask us to separate
the oats from the milk!
The colour of this uniform
is seeped into our blood...
And now they ask us
to choose another colour!
They slit us down the middle
and then ask us
to choose one side
of our heart.
To the Army!
To the Army!
To the Army!
To the Army!
To the Indian Army!
Every morning,
I'd wake up thinking:
I'll meet Sam again today.
But now...
now, after this Partition...
I have only one wish.
That I never have
to meet Sam again.
I'll really miss you.
And your bike too.
You both have taken
such good care of me.
Keep the bike, then.
Hey, Sam!
Thank you!
1500 rupees.
You're selling it?
How heartless!
Not heartless, sensible.
I'm leaving the bike outside...
send me the money later.
Goodnight, my friend...
And goodbye.
Long years ago,
we made a tryst
with destiny,
and now the time comes
when we shall redeem
our pledge.
At the stroke of the
midnight hour,
when the world sleeps...
India will awake to
life and freedom.
Maharaja Hari Singh
has made an appeal
to us and Pakistan...
The Standstill Agreement...
This is Pakistan's response.
Pakistan has agreed.
That until talks take place
between their leaders
Pakistan will not take
any action on Kashmir.
That means we'll
have to accept
the Maharaja's request too.
I don't think India
should agree.
Neither should you disagree.
Until the Maharaja
makes up his mind,
which country he wants
to be a part of...
Don't say yes...
Don't say no.
Did you advise
Pakistan similarly,
Lord Mountbatten?
Because they have accepted
the Maharaja's request.
I wonder why...
What a great parting gift
they've given us!
They came to one country,
and they're leaving behind two!
Hindustan and Pakistan...
Hindus and Muslims...
Divide and Rule!
What a legacy these
Britishers are leaving us...
Even Pakistan army soldiers
who were on leave...
are crossing the border
in truckloads
to attack Srinagar!
And you all knew
about this.
The CGS,
the Officiating DMO,
and the Defence Minister!
When were you planning
to inform me?
After the Pakistan flag
has unfurled over Srinagar?
The intel wasn't solid.
Kalkat's report-
I don't want to hear a word
from you anymore.
Major Kalkat, you tell me.
I'll decide
whether the intel
is solid or not.
'Operation Gulmarg'
is a masterstroke, Sir.
One solution to Pakistan's
three problems.
The Pathanistan Movement
will be crushed.
The tribals will get land
for settlement,
and Kashmir will belong
to Pakistan.
And you're sure
the Pakistan Army
is involved?
Yes, Sir.
Pakistan Commander-in-Chief
General Messervy
sent the operation plan
to Brigadier C P Murray.
As soon as I found out,
they put me under
house arrest...
But I escaped.
Brigadier Murray knew,
but he still didn't
inform us...
Is the Partition between us
not enough...
that we have to be
at war now, too?
Kashmir needs our help,
Yes, but we need
Maharaja Hari Singh's
decision first:
That Kashmir is
a part of India.
Leave for Srinagar
right away...
Take Manekshaw with you.
Keep both the airfields ready...
and keep a unit at hand,
on standby.
Also, find out how many
more Dakotas
we have on the ready.
Relay all this information
to Srinagar airfield as well...
I need all of this done
in the next hour.
Our pilot has informed us
that the Srinagar airfield runway
does not have lights.
So we must take-off
for Delhi before sunset.
So we have only
half an hour to do this?
According to the latest reports,
the armed tribal groups
have reached Baramullah.
Only 35 miles away
from Srinagar.
If they get to Srinagar
with the Pakistan Army's help
and capture the airfield...
the Indian army will not
be able to reach Srinagar.
We will lose Kashmir.
Secretary VP Menon and-
You've taken so long
to arrive...
while those plunderers
are taking over Kashmir!
Seems like I'll have to
handle this on my own.
I'll fight...
I'll fight with my army!
Your Highness...
We came as soon as
we got the news.
I've been calling for help,
for so long...
And you just got the news?
You've come too late.
This is my home...
and to protect it,
I'm ready to spill blood...
whether it's mine,
or of my enemies.
Your Highness...
Please come.
You want to spill
blood, right?
Please come...
The M1 Garand...
30 caliber, gas-operated,
8-shot, clip fed.
Easy to fire.
Easy to handle.
And reloads in an instant.
A trained soldier can
fire 15-20 accurate
shots per minute
to a distance of
about 300 yards.
I'm sure you'll easily manage
8-10 shots at the very least.
This is war, Your Highness.
My soldiers and I
are trained for it.
You please handle
the politics,
as you are trained for it.
Your Highness...
Please come.
I'll see you at the airfield,
Mr Menon.`
Is it done?
But there's no point...
We won't be able
to reach Delhi.
How will we take off
in this darkness, Sam?
I can now see
why I was asked
to take you along.
What's the matter, Sam?
Mission accomplished.
Bosses will be happy!
My boss won't be happy.
I had promised her
that I'd be back home by 7.
And in any case,
only your mission
is accomplished.
Our mission will
begin only now.
In a fierce war
spanning 2 years
the Indian Army
and Air Force
secured Srinagar
and cleared Kashmir
from Poonch to Dras-Kargil
of the Tribal and
Pakistani invaders.
Even the song is
not playing now!
He has become the Commandant
of the Staff College,
happily running the place,
training officers...
And what did I get?
A matchbox-sized kitchen!
If Sir keeps getting
promoted like this,
I'll soon be cooking,
sitting inside a saucepan!
This is Akashvani.
And now the news.
The Indian National Congress held
a special election in Delhi.
The Congress Committee
has selected
Mrs Indira Gandhi
as their new President.
Major General Manekshaw...
I must admit,
you run a tight ship here.
Thank you, Sir.
What could be more reassuring
for a Defence Minister...
Than knowing that
the responsibility
of training this country's officers
is in your able hands!
Right, Kaul?
Thank you, Minister.
I have some suggestions
for your training module, Sam...
which can make it better.
Of course, Sir!
I'm sure we can
greatly benefit
from your extensive
war experience.
By the way...
Which front did you fight at?
He may not have
field experience,
but he surely has the
mind of a strategist.
I'm sure!
This way, gentlemen!
There's something else
I wanted to ask you, Sam...
I wanted your opinion...
on a few Officers.
My opinion goes straight
into my Officers'
Annual Confidential Reports,
I don't mean 'your' Officers...
I'm talking about your Chief.
What do you think of
General Thimmayaa?
Please don't.
Today, you're asking me
about my Chief...
Tomorrow, you'll ask
my Brigadiers and Colonels
about me.
The Army's discipline
is its very foundation.
Don't shake the Army's foundation...
What happened at the DSSC
was totally out of line, Sir.
So what if I don't have
war experience?
I'm his senior officer,
and the Chief of General Staff!
That's why he's jealous of me.
And that's why he hates me!
No, no...
Sam doesn't hate anyone.
He just loves himself more.
The only problem is
that everyone else
loves him too.
Especially PM Nehru.
We must do something, Sir.
Apart from anti-national activity,
there are other
serious charges too.
An enquiry must be done, Kaul...
But Anti-Nationalism?
This letter, such charges...?
You've seen his office, right?
It's been 14 years
since Independence
but he's still loyal
to the British.
He's forgotten
that his seniors and ministers
are all Indian.
His biggest problem is...
Not one problem...
There's a list of problems.
But is this list
enough for an enquiry?
We're talking about
Major General Sam Manekshaw, Kaul...
not some junior officer
or Corporal!
Of course, Sir.
this enquiry will take place
under the General Staff Branch.
Impressive, Kaul!
So it's your field,
and your rules...
You've set this up
quiet efficiently!
Manekshaw residence.
Sehroo Bhai.
Silloo... what's the matter?
No, it's nothing...
Just that inquiry.
And Sam?
You know him...
Ask him anything,
the answer is the same:
"I'm OK!"
Anti-National, and you?
I think this is personal.
This Kaul...
He's always been
jealous of you.
Professional disagreements
are routine, Silloo...
Why would Kaul have a
personal problem with me?
You never see any problem
in anyone, Sam...
You think everyone's
good at heart.
What if...
What if they win, Sam?
I already won
my life's biggest challenge
the night you agreed
to dance with me
at that party.
I'll handle the other
battles as well.
I'm OK!
Trust me...
And everything will be OK.
I promise.
Come inside...
Sherry's getting her
boyfriend to meet us...
That Batliwala?
Sam... the house is that way.
Our daughter will become
'Sherry Batliwala'!
I can handle the inquiry,
but this is too much!
This Court of inquiry
has assembled
to investigate into the
incidents of impropriety
by Major General Sam Hormusji
Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw,
Military Cross.
That have been brought
to the notice
of the convening authority.
Everything alright?
This... isn't right, Sir.
Things will be alright...
It will be OK.
The first matter against
Major General Manekshaw is
Is it true that
at the Staff College,
instead of Indian leaders,
you've put up portraits
of British Viceroys,
Army chiefs and Generals?
Yes, it's true...
because the DSSC
trains Army Officers,
not Politicians.
The second charge is:
Violating the orders
of your senior Officer.
Wilful Disobedience.
It says here,
Major General Manekshaw,
that you received a letter
from the office
of the Chief of General Staff
B M Kaul.
That you deliberately ignored.
You mean he was expecting
a response to that?
My apologies
that I failed to send
an appropriate reply.
Let me correct that
mistake right away.
The CGS's letter asked
for 50 soldiers
to complete the construction
of barracks swiftly.
I will not give my soldiers, Sir.
But yes, if he requires
workers or labourers,
I know a few contractors.
I can connect the CGS to them.
Perhaps they can also explain
the difference to him...
About what labourers do...
and what soldiers do.
Sir, someone in the mess
told me...
So you never actually heard
Major General Manekshaw
say this in person?
No, Sir.
No, Sir..
Colonel, did you
or did you not hear
Major General Manekshaw say:
'He doesn't want his Officers
'to marry women who
resemble housemaids'?
It is time to conclude
the findings of this
Court of inquiry.
I agree, General.
We needn't waste
any more time
on useless questions.
Major General Sam Hormusji
Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw...
This Committee believes
that all charges
raised in this inquiry
are unjustified.
They are utterly baseless
and without any merit.
This enquiry is
It took some time...
But I had told you...
It will be OK.
The most important thing in
a sandwich isn't the bread...
but the filling in between!
There should be more of it!
The market is short
on supplies
because of the war.
Very soon, the sandwiches
will have no filling at all!
These Chinese!
The very mention of them
makes me fume!
That's it!
I'm banning fine china
in the house.
From now on,
we'll only use steel.
Boycott China!
I've been saying
this for ages,
Filter coffee tastes better
in steel mugs!
And I also taught you
how to make authentic
filter coffee, didn't I?
Your filter coffee is
far from authentic!
God knows how
Madam tolerates him!
And now, an important
After China's attack on Assam,
Prime Minister
Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
shall address the nation...
Chinese forces have been
aggressively attacking
our borders.
Right now...
Enemy forces are
at Assam's doorstep.
And Assam is in danger.
We have lost
Bomdila as well.
At this moment,
my heart truly goes out
to our brothers and sisters
in Assam.
It pains me to think
of their suffering,
No, Prime Minister!
This isn't right.
'My heart goes out
to the people of Assam'?
He sounds so helpless!
If the Prime Minister
is going to comes across
as feeble and helpless
who will give hope and
courage to our people?
"Indian and Chinese,
What backstabbing brothers!
Of course he's helpless.
What about the promotion?
Any news?
You should have been
a part of this war, Sam...
You're a soldier.
You belong at the front...
with the other soldiers.
I know that Swami wants me
out of the house...
but you, too?
I don't want you
to go anywhere, Sam.
I just want you to reach
where you're destined.
But your destiny is
not going to fulfil itself.
Tell me, what do I do?
What do I tell you Sam?
I can't fathom anything myself.
This war, this defeat...
I can't see my own future.
How do I tell you about yours?
I'm sorry, but
this is important.
Please give us 5 minutes.
Prime Minister.
After your speech,
there's chaos in Tezpur.
People have lost faith
in the Army,
and the Government.
China may have betrayed us,
but we've been careless too!
We've failed to prepare
our troops
to combat the Chinese army,
or provide them with
weapons and equipment.
Instead of making
our Army combat-ready,
we were making them
do construction work!
Krishna Menon must resign.
Y B Chavan will be our
new Defense Minister.
Kaul must go too.
But in this situation,
who can replace him?
I know.
The gentleman in
the waiting room -
Please send him inside.
I believe you know
Major General Sam Manekshaw.
Sam, Indira.
We'll rehearse the
Christmas Day scene.
It's Christmas morning.
Everything should be
relaxed and easy.
Bert and Lorraine
will be seated together.
Take your positions.
What happened?
How did it go?
Very good.
Finish your rehearsal,
I'll wait.
So let's take it
from the top...
Where's our next posting?
Tezpur, Assam.
But not 'our' posting,
just mine.
It's a non-family station,
The on-ground situation
is still dangerous.
I know.
It's just that...
It's not easy.
I know.
I know how tough it is
for you,
for us,
for the girls...
That's where you belong, Sam.
With your soldiers.
We will all be OK.
How is she?
She dresses well.
And she's definitely,
less emotional
than Prime Minister Nehru.
And is that a good
or bad thing?
Time will tell.
The morale of the soldiers
is down, Sir.
We have failed in
encouraging them to fight
or even lead them well.
Delhi is so far
from Assam,
it feels like no one
remembers us.
Your quarters are
this way, Sir.
Commander Sir.
Good evening, gentlemen!
Good evening, Sir!
What is the most
precious thing
for any human being?
Stop thinking about your own
and others' girlfriends!
Answer me, boys!
His life, Sir.
But for a soldier,
even more precious
than his life...
is his honour.
His uniform.
And to protect this honour,
a soldier can even
sacrifice his life.
Yes, Sir.
You haven't eaten today?
Am I right?
Yes, Sir!
From today,
no officer or soldier
shall withdraw from his post
without my written orders...
And I am
never going to give
those orders!
there will be
no more withdrawals.
Sam is here!
Yes, Sir!
This is the Commander Sir
we needed...
Who tells us what to do!
I know what to do.
We've been studying
the movements of the
Chinese forces for a while.
Our team has prepared a plan.
We need to strengthen
our forward posts,
protect our passes,
and most importantly...
we must secure our
borders with China.
Chairman Mao has
declared a ceasefire.
I don't think we
should violate it.
I agree with Panditji.
There is no need
for deployment right now.
A wait-and-watch position
is what we should take.
Besides, since you've
taken command,
the situation has
improved significantly.
The situation has returned
to normal with
great difficulty...
We should let it
remain normal.
Normal, Minister?
The situation was
so 'normal',
that my soldiers
wanted to leave
not just their posts,
but the Army itself.
They don't want 'normal'.
What they want is a chance
to win back their lost honour.
They want reassurance,
that our government in Delhi
hasn't forgotten about them.
They don't want 'normal',
They want to win.
And I want to win.
China will withdraw
its troops
before the passes
close down.
Or their supply line
will be cut off
and we'll crush them.
I don't think they will
make that error.
Instead of waiting for them
to make a move,
we must secure
ourselves first.
And if you can't
trust my soldiers
and give them
this chance,
I'm afraid I have
nothing to do here,
please send me back.
You're not going
anywhere, Sam.
Our soldiers are
raring to win.
If we don't support them,
who will?
So we'll just let our soldiers
become cannon fodder?
It is a soldier's duty
to die for the nation.
I beg your pardon, Madam.
A soldier's duty is
to kill the enemy and
protect the nation.
Okay, Sam.
What do you suggest?
Shall we head
to the Ops room?
We've identified some posts
which must be secured.
Shall we go to
the Guest House?
I think it's the heat
and humidity, that's all...
You will feel better in
two minutes, Prime Minister.
I'm sorry, Madam...
You don't have
security clearance
for the Ops Room.
Please wait here.
That's the spirit, gentlemen!
Yes, Sir!
5 Div will dare their lives
to protect their land
and honour.
Yes, Sir!
And no one can snatch
this away from you!
Yes, Sir!
- Badri Vishal Lal ki!
- Jai!
- Badri Vishal Lal ki!
- Jai!
India's first Prime Minister,
Mr Jawaharlal Nehru
has passed away
due to a heart attack.
74-year old
Pandit Nehru's health
had been on the decline
for a while.
The entire country
mourns his death today.
On the face of it,
since China declared
a ceasefire,
both armies decided
to lay low.
But the flames of discord
rising in Nagaland,
are being fanned
by China.
We also need to control
the civil unrest in Calcutta,
Mr Defence Minister.
So tell me Sam...
what have you thought?
Where do you want
to be posted next?
I wasn't aware that
the Indian Army
gives its Officers a choice!
Or is it because
you want to
send me somewhere far off?
What do you think, Sam...
Which is the most
challenging posting
in the Indian Army?
China on one side,
East Pakistan on the other...
and problems all around!
Why did you have to pick
the Eastern Command?
Just choose any
nice photo, Sam...
It's been a year since
Sherry's wedding,
and you still can't decide
which photo to frame!
You can't take a
single decision at home,
God knows how you
manage the Army!
Doesn't listen to anyone.
Just does his own thing!
What's the matter, Swami?
What's the matter?
Before my transistor
can find its frequency,
your new transfer order arrives!
At ease, boys.
What's going on?
The Rifleman is
saluting me, Sir!
I can see that.
Any reason?
I was on my rounds, Sir.
Rifleman Tamang
didn't salute me.
For not saluting
a senior Officer,
I've given Rifleman Tamang
a punishment of
a 1000 salutes!
It was an honest mistake, Sir.
I didn't see the Captain.
Good job, Captain.
Thank you, Sir!
That's how we maintain
discipline in the unit!
Carry on!
The Army has a rule -
a salute must be
reciprocated with a salute.
So Captain,
you will return every salute
from Rifleman Tamang.
Very well!
Come, Behroze.
Sir, just a reminder:
Today is the soldiers' feast.
We will drink rum, Behroze.
Arrange rum for everyone.
In the Congress Party's
legislative elections,
Mrs Indira Gandhi has
beaten Mr Morarji Desai
by a margin of 186 votes.
Winning a total of 355 votes,
Mrs Indira Gandhi is elected as
India's third Prime Minister.
That I will bear true faith
and allegiance
to the Constitution of India,
to the Constitution of India,
as by law established.
as by law established.
- Hey Joe...
- Yes, Sir.
- How's your wife?
- Fine, Sir.
Still afraid of her?
Not at all, Sir.
No fear!
No fear!
Well, those who claim
to have no fear...
are either liars,
or they are Gorkhas!
- Right, Sir!
- Right, Sir!
Hey, Behroze!
Whenever I look at you,
you must have a drink
in your hand!
That's an order!
Sir, why do you call Behram
This bugger, I tell you!
Got selected in the Army,
and got posted in Signals.
One day, during lunch,
he calls me and says:
'Sir, if I can't work with you,
I'll quit the Army!'
I was hungry,
and the line was poor...
I heard Behroze
instead of Behram.
And ever since,
he's Behroze to me!
Party over, gentlemen!
We have to get to work.
Sir, how did you know...
It has to be an emergency,
or you'd never disobey
my direct order.
Now tell me.
There have been attacks
in Lunglei and Aizawl.
Mizo National Front.
The MNF troops have made
the villagers' lives hell.
They take away their rations
and forcibly induct
their children
into their army.
Some of the locals
are our informants.
We call them 'Kawktu'
in the Mizo language.
Apart from the locals,
some Army and Police Officers
have also infiltrated the MNF.
Sir, this is Officer Khuliana,
from the Manipur Police's
Intelligence branch.
He looks barely 14 or 15.
He's 16, Sir.
He calls himself
Lieutenant Miram.
He's my son.
I am sorry, Brigadier Miram.
No Sir...
no one forced him
into this.
It was his decision
to join them.
Please have mercy on me!
Have mercy, please!
He was caught returning
from an MNF camp.
He had gone to call
his brother back home.
Sir, he was trying to bring
his brother back home.
Do they have reasons
to return home?
Escort them back
to their village.
No further action.
Let's go!
Thank you, sir! Thank you!
My son!
These people are in a fix.
If they don't help the MNF,
they're brutally harassed...
and if they do, the Army
and Police punish them.
Nurse ask him to keep quiet!
Crying like a baby!
Two attack units
were deployed
at the MNF's Vairengte base...
but here the wounded soldiers
are from only one unit.
How many bullets
did you take?
That's it?
Crying over one bullet?
I had 9 Japanese bullets in me!
But I didn't die,
I became an Army Commander.
You'll also become
a Subedar Major.
Now stop crying.
The second unit
is the one
that withdrew
without a fight.
That's why none
of their soldiers
lie wounded here.
That's right, Sir.
How far is the market
from here, Behroze?
From the Army Commander.
'If you can't wield guns,
you might as well
wear bangles!'
Charge! Charge!
The bangles did
the trick, Sir!
Both units together
have captured
five insurgents in Serchhip.
Tell the CO to send
the bangles back.
And Sir...
The casualties also include
SS Lieutenant Miram.
For protecting our country...
against insurgent attacks
in North-East India...
And displaying unmatched bravery
and exceptional acumen...
Lieutenant General Sam Hormusji
Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw
is awarded the Padma Bhushan.
Lieutenant General Manekshaw.
Thank you, Sir.
My dear fellow citizens,
Asalam Walekum.
Today, I address all of you
for the last time
as the President of Pakistan.
This is Radio Pakistan.
Pakistan Army Commander-in-chief,
General Yahya Khan
shall now address the nation.
Fellow Pakistanis...
You have already heard
Field Marshal
Mohammad Ayub Khan's speech
which was broadcast yesterday.
He called upon me
to carry out my prime duty...
of protecting this country
from utter destruction.
As proclaimed earlier,
I have imposed Martial Law
throughout Pakistan.
I urge everyone of you
to cooperate with
my administration.
Egg fried rice,
tamarind and lemon candy.
Don't try to make
sense of it, Behroze...
Maja is pregnant,
and these are Silloo's orders.
I need to take these home.
Good afternoon, Sir.
Connecting to
General Kumaramangalam.
Good afternoon, Sir.
Maja's sleeping!
Do you know
who you're about to kiss?
I'm about to kiss someone?
Chief of Army Staff,
General Sam Manekshaw.
The promotion's great...
but what about the
size of the kitchen?
It had to be you, Sam!
One last question, General.
As Army Chief,
you must have
a packed schedule
in Delhi.
what brings you
to Pahalgam?
Is war on the anvil?
Oh no, sweetie...
I like meeting
my soldiers often.
I feel alive around them.
Now, is there anything else?
No, thank you.
Very well.
He is Lieutenant Colonel
Depinder Singh,
my Military Assistant.
Will you please escort
the lady out, sweetie?
You call everybody 'sweetie'?
Honestly, I thought you
were flirting with me!
had I been flirting,
this interview would've
gone on much longer.
For Inspection... Port Arms!
Ground Arms!
What is your name?
Rifleman Harka Gurung, Sir!
Harka Gurung!
What is my name?
Sam Bahadur, Sir!
Sam Bahadur.
And now, international news...
American President
Mr Richard Nixon,
who is currently
on a world tour,
will soon arrive in India.
Get ready for the spectacle, Dippy!
May I ask you a question, Sir?
Apart from my wife's
phone number
and my bank account number,
you may ask me anything!
Don't you miss the action, Sir?
Being in Delhi,
away from your soldiers?
We're going to Delhi, Dippy...
You'll realise that
battles aren't fought
only on the front.
President Yahya Khan
has finally lifted
Martial Law in Pakistan.
The way General Ayub Khan
was overthrown...
What's new?
Yahya Khan himself was
appointed by Ayub Khan.
They were friends, right?
We were friends too.
Jai Hind, Sir.
Lance Naik Tejinder Singh, Sir.
You might not remember,
back in 1954, my unit
was in your Brigade.
- Lance Naik Tejinder Singh?
- Sir.
Army Number 33 52 312.
Your first dinner function, Dippy?
Ready for some lessons?
You have a new name, Sir.
'Sam Bahadur'.
You've been called many
names by many people, Sam.
Often behind your back.
But this name
is my favourite.
Is this table fine, darling?
I'll get you a drink.
How are you, Mr Sam?
Fine. And you?
All good! One moment...
Oh hello...
One whiskey,
with lukewarm water.
So, Mr Sam...
One moment.
Young man!
What is your name, son?
Lieutenant Amar Sharma, Sir.
Lieutenant Sharma...
This is Defense Secretary Sarin.
He was a bit confused
that you're his server.
That's been cleared now.
Come, son.
I need to meet some people,
Will you be alright?
I'll be OK.
Sam told you about
some lessons, right?
Yes, Ma'am.
About how all battles are...
Let me give you
a lesson, too.
How to conduct
business at a party
where you've brought
your wife!
As soon as you arrive,
seat your wife
at her favourite table,
get her favourite drink,
and once she settles,
disappear for 10 minutes.
Don't believe me?
Go to Sam, and watch.
I believe Army Cantonments
must be self-sufficient.
Our soldiers deserve
a good life.
And besides,
it's important to know,
exactly who lives where!
Ex-servicemen should have
a minimum pension plan.
It's their right.
One day, I'll retire too.
I must have enough money,
to entertain my
special guests then!
You are too charming, General!
Thank you, sweetheart.
It's all thanks
to your presence!
You are looking lovely,
Prime Minister.
Thank you, Sam...
You're in the news
quite a bit these days...
We can talk about me
another time, Prime Minister.
Can we discuss
the budget now?
Mr Sam...
Is this an occasion
to discuss the budget?
Mr Sarin, could there be
a better occasion?
The Defense Secretary,
Defense Minister
and the Prime Minister,
are all here...
I need equipment
for the Army.
When I asked for
a budget hike
I was told that
the file would have to go
higher up for approval...
I fear that by the time
the file reaches you,
I would have retired.
I'll look into it.
Thank you, Prime Minister.
I'll take your leave now.
Didn't I tell you, Dippy...
Battles aren't just
fought on the front!
Correct, Sir.
I learnt a lot today.
But the most important
lesson I learnt today:
No matter how many wars
a man wins,
he's no match for
a woman's mind!
Hello, Sir.
Sir, he wanted to meet you.
I've heard a lot about you.
Dippy, schedule a meeting
over tea?
Who is it?
Who else!
Is everything alright,
Prime Minister?
Is there a problem?
Problems are many, Sam.
Well, you always have
this shoulder to cry on...
And what if I tell you
that you are my problem?
What have I done?
You haven't done
anything yet...
But do you intend to?
As in?
As in, a Coup...
Martial Law?
Like what's happening
around us...
What do you think?
You can't.
I can't,
or I won't?
There's a difference in
capability and intent,
Prime Minister.
I have no interest
in politics.
The Army is my life.
There's a nursery rhyme:
'You mind your own business,
I'll mind mine.
You kiss your own sweetheart,
I'll kiss mine.'
Prime Minister.
I'm sure you understand
why I was worried.
Despite the landslide win
of the Awami League
and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman,
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
has boycotted the Assembly.
If you want to give
equal rights as a Pakistani
then you have to give Bengal
their right to live...
because they have been exploited
for a long, long 23 years...
It cannot be
tolerated anymore.
There seems to be
no end in sight
for Pakistan's political woes.
Let me warn you
and I warn the world
that this will mean war!
I'm saying it clearly!
This time, the fight
is for our liberation!
This time, the fight
is for our Independence!
I have given my blood.
And I will give
my blood again.
I will liberate the people
of my country!
Your country, my country...
Bangladesh! Bangladesh!
Brave Bengalis take to arms...
Liberate Bangladesh!
Brave Bengalis take to arms...
Liberate Bangladesh!
Free it! Liberate it!
Liberate Bangladesh!
Please! Please!
The Butcher.
Tikka was known as
'The Butcher' in IMA.
In '69, after brutally crushing
the Balochi movement,
he became
'The Butcher of Balochistan'.
And now, after the operation
at Dacca University,
I guess he's become
'The Butcher of Bengal'.
This butcher
has murdered hundreds
of people, Sam...
Do you know what
he's been doing
in East Pakistan?
His soldiers are making people
dig their own graves
before killing them.
3 million refugees
have entered India from
East Pakistan till now.
Bengal, Assam and Tripura...
I'm getting telegrams from
Chief Ministers of every state.
You will have to enter
East Pakistan, Sam.
That would mean war...
Then so be it.
Are you ready for war?
Because I am not.
Please agree, Mr Shyam.
April is coming to an end.
The snow will start melting
in the Himalayan passes
and open the way
for the Chinese forces.
In East Pakistan, the Monsoon
is about to arrive.
With snow melting above
and the rains below,
the movement of our forces
will be restricted
and they won't get
Air support either.
The result will be the same
as it was in 1962,
Defense Minister.
You may not have a problem
with being in such a position,
but I certainly do.
I don't want to lose.
But we'll do as you say,
Prime Minister...
Now give me your orders.
Let's reassemble at 4.
Please stay back.
Prime Minister, before
you say anything further,
I have a question for you:
Shall I hand in my
resignation now,
or tomorrow morning?
What you just told us,
is it true?
Telling you the truth
is my duty.
Fighting wars is my job,
Prime Minister...
And I fight to win.
Prepare for war.
Only preparation...
No immediate action.
The war will begin
on this day.
Whether we start it,
or them.
The refugees pose
a human problem
and it has to be settled
on that basis.
At the same time,
the problem of our
relations with India
is a major factor.
Any initiative, Mr. President,
that you might find
possible to take
in solving the problem
and other related issues
would be an act of
historical significance.
Send it to President Nixon.
The phone, again.
Must be her again.
What are you doing, Sam?
Breakfast, Prime Minister.
Have breakfast with me today...
By the way...
What are you wearing?
I beg your pardon,
Prime Minister?
In full uniform, now!
Prime Minister.
Mr Kissinger,
Ambassador Keating...
General Manekshaw.
President Nixon has
received a letter
from President Yahya Khan
that makes his intent
very clear
about East Pakistan.
You know Mr Kissinger,
there is this boy
in Rajiv's class,
who thinks it is
his business
to stick his nose
into everyone else's business.
But instead of going around
asking for help,
I told Rajiv
to sort it out directly
with the bully.
Please ask President Nixon
to restrain the powers
in Pakistan
with regard to this matter.
I am sorry, Madam...
but neither President Nixon
nor I can do anything
in this matter.
This is a ridiculous situation.
You can't go to war
over a few refugees.
The number is 7 million,
Mr Kissinger.
I know this is a tough situation,
Mrs Gandhi....
but the global repercussions
of any hostile action
taken by India,
will be...
What do you plan to do?
I have no other option...
I will turn to
General Manekshaw.
I would suggest
that you insist
upon Pakistan
to make conditions right
for those 7 million refugees
to go back
to their country.
If you don't...
He will.
Well played, Prime Minister.
"Our borders beckon"
"From the frontiers"
"we will call"
"Hail Mother India!"
"On the forehead is inscribed"
"the glory of my country..."
"It is my mark, my pride!"
"Our borders beckon"
"From the frontiers"
"we will call"
Doing well, Kalkat!
"On the forehead is inscribed"
"the glory of my country..."
"It is my mark, my pride!"
"We soar like the rising sun"
"Crumble mountains
in our wake"
"In our beating hearts"
"a storm rages away..."
"There's a fervour in our frenzy...
We conquer the fray!"
- Jai Hind, Sir!
- Jai Hind!
"Onwards and upwards,
we march on"
"Stop for none,
submit to none"
"We march on!"
"Onwards and upwards,
we march on"
"Together as one..."
"United, we march on!"
Always remember,
we're soldiers...
Not thieves.
During war,
eye only the enemy.
Not anyone's money
or belongings!
I am the son of Garuda,
say O my friend!
Sacrifice Supreme Duty!
The Jat is strong!
Victory to God!
Ever powerful!
Hail Goddess Kali!
Here come the Gorkhas!
"With raging rivers we flow"
"Ever watchful in our way"
"The will is unbendable"
"Every duty is obeyed"
"There's a fervour in our frenzy...
We conquer the fray!"
Rhino Charge!
The Battalions need equipment, Chief.
It's time for Air support.
"Stop for none,
submit to none"
"We march on!"
No soldier of mine
will ever touch a woman.
Before soldiers,
we're gentlemen...
When you see a Begum,
put your hands
in your pockets,
and think about Sam!
Brave Madrasi!
Hit and kill!
Say victory to King Shivaji Maharaj!
Victory to the Great Lord Badri Nath!
Victory to Birsa Munda!
Victory to Lord Hanuman!
Victory to King Ramachandra!
Say victory to India!
He who says 'God is truth'...
Is ever blessed!
Blackout drills will begin soon.
Our radars too,
are operational now.
I can assure complete
Air superiority
over East Pakistan
in a few days.
Our Western and Eastern fleets
are absolutely ready.
We'll target Karachi
in the West,
and the Eastern fleet
along with INS Vikrant
will make the East Pakistan
seaboard in-operational.
"Our borders beckon"
"From the frontiers"
"we will call"
Intelligence reports
are up to date.
Our network is
stronger than before.
"Our borders beckon"
"From the frontiers"
"we will call"
"On the forehead is inscribed"
"the glory of my country..."
"It is my mark, my pride!"
Victory to Goddess Kali!
Victory to Goddess Jwala!
Victory to Goddess Durga!
Victory to Mother India!
"Onwards and upwards,
we march on"
"Stop for none,
submit to none"
"We march on!"
"Onwards and upwards,
we march on"
"Together as one..."
"United, we march on!"
"Onwards and upwards,
we march on"
"Stop for none,
submit to none"
"We march on!"
"Onwards and upwards,
we march on!"
"Onwards and upwards,
we march on!"
I've come here
to meet all of you...
To salute all of you.
At the end of the war,
some of you
may not be here...
Whether we survive
or we perish...
the pride of our uniform
shall live on forever!
This refugee situation
is out of control.
But we shouldn't
be the ones
to start the war.
We won't have to.
I know Yahya well.
He reacts with emotion,
not intellect.
Prime Minister.
Are you ready for this, Sam?
I'm always ready, sweetie.
Our enemy
has provoked us
yet again.
We've tolerated enough.
the time has come
to give the enemy
a crushing response.
Pakistan has attacked
our Airfields!
Tell me.
and Agra.
This is the day we've
been preparing for.
Gentlemen, let's get them.
What happened?
Are you OK?
I came running, so...
Why running?
Because General Candeth
had to call me.
You all prepared fully
for the war...
but no one remembered
to put a phone
in this room!
The people of East Bengal
are sacrificing their blood
for their freedom.
At this difficult hour,
all citizens of our country
must stand united
to face all hardships
and dangers ahead of us.
India stands in
complete solidarity
with our Bengali
sisters and brothers.
We salute their
immense courage!
Joy Bangla!
Joy Bangla!
Joy Bangabandhu!
Joy Bangabandhu!
And remember!
Pakistan must never
forget this war!
Also get me the Eastern and
Western Army Commanders
on the line immediately.
Sir, Admiral Nanda
and Air Chief Lal
shall meet you
in half an hour.
Is that alright?
Sam was right.
Yahya will not be
able to resist.
Madam, may I ask you
In the middle
of your speech,
you got news of
Pakistan's attack.
But your face didn't
as much as twitch.
And you're smiling
even now.
Sam had written down...
when the war will begin.
"Our borders beckon"
"From the frontiers"
"we will call"
"On the forehead is inscribed"
"the glory of my country..."
"It is my mark, my pride!"
In the Eastern sector
all three Indian Armed Forces
along with the Mukti Bahini
launched attacks on
Sylhet and Chittagong.
In the Western region,
the Indian Air Force
bombed 13 Pakistani airfields.
Battles continue in Uri, Poonch,
Shakkargarh and Chhamb.
Our troops are under pressure
in Chhamb, Pratap.
We need to divert
Air resources for
ground support.
But our Air Force is busy
attacking Pakistani airfields.
I've already diverted
Air support, there Sam!
For heaven's sake,
leave the Air battle to me!
It's crucial that we damage
Pakistani airfields,
or their aircrafts will continue
to attack your troops!
In Sylhet, the Indian Army
defeated the Pakistani forces,
deploying a Helicopter
attack for the first time.
Pakistan has sunk
the Indian warship,
INS Khukri.
The bombing of Chittagong port
by the Indian Air Force
along with INS Vikrant
has enforced an
effective blockade
in the Bay of Bengal.
We lost INS Khukri
35 nautical miles
south-west of Diu Head,
Prime Minister.
But with the Navy's
second missile strike,
Karachi port is still
And in Longewala,
after the joint actions
of the Air Force and Army
12 Infantry Division
has cleared the enemy
from Jaisalmer sector.
Give me an updated report
at 5, Chief.
Prime Minister.
What's new in this report?
More stories of our defeat?
"Our borders beckon"
"From the frontiers"
"we will call"
"On the forehead is inscribed"
"the glory of my country..."
"It is my mark, my pride!"
By sea, by air
and on land...
From all sides,
the Indian Forces
are now closing in
on Dhaka.
"Onwards and upwards,
we march on"
"Together as one..."
"United, we march on!"
"Onwards and upwards,
we march on"
"Stop for none,
submit to none"
"We march on!"
"We march on!"
The people of this area
are against you.
They hate you.
The Indian Army
has surrounded you.
The Indian Navy
has shut down your ports.
Your Air Force has
been destroyed
in East Pakistan.
The Mukti Bahini
and people of Bengal
are ready to take revenge
for your crimes.
Why do you want to
waste your lives?
Don't you want
to return home,
to your family,
to your children?
Don't waste any more time.
There's no shame
in putting down arms
in front of a fellow soldier.
This is the Indian Army's promise:
You will be accorded
the respect
that befits a soldier.
This is the Indian Army's promise:
You will be accorded
the respect
that befits a soldier.
Pakistan has transmitted
a surrender proposal, gentlemen!
Victory to Mother India!
The Indian Army's
onslaught continues
on the Western front.
On the Eastern front,
Pakistan's defeat
seems certain.
So what if the whole of
East Pakistan falls?
In the UN Security
Council meeting
held at Pakistan's request,
Pakistan's Foreign Minister
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
put forth his stance
on the issue of ceasefire.
We will fight.
We will go back and fight.
I will not be a party
to the ignominious surrender
of a part of my country.
You can take your
Security Council!
Here you are!
I am going!
I don't agree, Prime Minister.
It was wrong of us
to put the Indian Army
in a defensive position
on the Western front.
Now to suddenly
halt action there,
without giving our forces
a proper chance...
This is just unfair,
Prime Minister.
It has to be done, Sam.
Go to Dhaka tomorrow
and collect the surrender papers.
Aurora should go.
Are you sure?
All the world admires
a deed, well done.
And I think,
with all modesty
we can say
that we have done
this action
And Madam wants
this gentleman
to become the Field Marshal!
India will never have
the post of Field Marshal.
I sent a proposal to
make you Field Marshal...
And you go and do this?
'Pakistan would've won the war
if I was their Army Chief.'
Really, Chief?
It was a joke.
I also said that
Yahya didn't pay me
for my bike,
so I took half
his country away.
London is my favourite
city in Europe...
They forgot to write 'Europe'.
You know me, Prime Minister.
We soldiers can fight enemies
from outside the country,
we can defend ourselves.
But not with those
within our country...
Here, it's your duty
to fight for us,
Madam Prime Minister.
Oh yes,
I am both delighted
and proud
to be promoted
as Field Marshal.
Happy and honoured!
Will that be all?
Just a few photos, Sir.
But... I'm not even ready!
You look beautiful, Silloo.
Any special plans tonight,
Field Marshal?
It's New Year's Eve.
Tonight, my wife and I...
we will go places.
- Thank you, gentlemen.
- Thank you, Field Marshal.
Great timing for your promotion...
Just 15 days before retirement!
"Doesn't slow down"
"Nor turns around"
"Just keeps going on..."
"Not much is heard or said"
"He believes in soldiering on"
"History will forever wonder..."
"What a man he is!"
"He is God's chosen one..."
"He is our special one!"
"He is God's chosen one..."
"He is our special one!"
"Every crease on his forehead..."
"A mark of his destiny"
"Every word spoken..."
"Is etched in eternity"
"History will forever wonder..."
"What a man he is!"
"He is God's chosen one..."
"He is our special one!"
"He is God's chosen one..."
"He is our special one!"
You won't be on duty
from tomorrow...
It will seem very strange.
Don't you worry, sweetie...
A Field Marshal is
always on duty!
"Life's ups and downs"
"Each moment lived
with passion"
"This fierce and fearless soldier"
"Dedicated to his nation!"
"There will never be another"
"Like this wondrous one!"
"He is God's chosen one..."
"He is our special one!"