Samantaral (2017) Movie Script

Hey, come quickly! Arko has started singing.
He, who studies, gets a car to ride
He, who doesn't study, gets no car to ride
Study the syllabus
And you'll be a genius
Don't ride an auto-rickshaw
And don't flay your wings
We don't care
For we play the holiday guitar
There is no routine
Only my friends are around
Let's look through the telescope And go to that faraway place
Where the colorful pictures Of temperance float by
Let's look through the telescope And go to that faraway place
Where the colorful pictures Of temperance float by
He, who studies, gets a car to ride
He, who doesn't study, gets no car to ride
Why do you yawn so loud?
Why so many classes were missed?
Did you fall in love? Oh, my! What a tragedy!
We don't care
For we play the holiday guitar
There is no routine
Only my friends are around
Let's look through the telescope And go to that faraway place
Where excitable exhaustion Comes home to rest
Let's look through the telescope And go to that faraway place
Where the colorful pictures Of temperance float by
Faraway place
Wait! I'm getting a call. Give me a minute.
Give me a minute.
Come home.
Yes, Rai, tell me.
Could you ask Arko if he would like rice or roti for dinner?
-Why don't you ask him? -It's your aunt.
Yes, what is it?
-Would you like rice or roti for dinner? -Rice.
Come quickly, son.
Your grandfather can't wait to see you.
Yes, I...
She hung up.
You've come back after 12 years.
It's been ages.
Dad is very excited.
I came because Grandpa insisted.
We also asked you, but you refused to come home.
-We asked you many times-- -Let it go, Uncle Supriyo.
Let's drop it.
How is Uncle Sujan?
He's doing fine as usual.
Arko is coming today.
I heard.
Who told you?
The day did.
People arrive on days like this.
It's so sunny.
Could you give me a bowl of rice?
I want to feed the birds. They might ask for food.
The birds
may ask
for food
and as well as water.
Why don't you eat in the meantime? I'll send the rice later.
Everyone needs to live well.
-How much? -It's 230 rupees.
Come in.
Hey, Arko!
Has it really taken you this long to miss me? Come in.
Yes, let's go.
-Hey, careful! -Oh, yes!
Come inside.
At last, you came.
The older he gets,
the closer he looks like Runi.
How are you, Grandpa?
What have you decided?
Jadavpur or Calcutta?
Let's see which one I can pass.
Dad, should I take him to Runi's room? I mean, will he be staying there?
Yes! Of course.
That is his room.
So, this is Arko?
Your Aunt, Piya.
Absolutely not! Get up!
Where is Uncle Kaushik?
He doesn't seem to have time to stay at home.
He has a lot to take care of.
He went to the office.
He has grown quite a bit.
Could I go up to the rooftop for a walk?
He hasn't forgotten the rooftop.
As a child, you wouldn't eat unless you were taken there.
You should take a look around.
-See you, Grandpa! -All right.
See you.
Take your luggage. Your room is next to Sujan's room.
Will he be staying here starting today?
Of course! Where else will he live? He has to complete his education.
He will live here while studying.
And he is also entitled to his share.
So, he will stay in Runi's room?
Yes. That's his mother's room.
That is his share.
Close the door.
-Hey! Why haven't you had your breakfast? -I will.
I've arrived.
I'm leaving. Close the windows before you leave.
At your uncle's place?
Is everything okay?
Everything is all right.
I just went up to the rooftop after meeting everyone.
Listen, are you free this evening?
Can you come over?
Don't ask questions. Just tell me if you can come.
Wait. Don't be in such a hurry.
I want to make our first meeting memorable.
What? But you have seen me.
Only in pictures.
Maybe I won't like you when I see you face to face.
Come on, you crazy girl!
Tell me where to meet you.
At the lake.
Lake? Which lake?
Dhakuria lake.
Get an Uber ride. It will take you there.
Okay, fine. See you there. Bye.
"I have brought the name of the unknown to this world
to the streets of the known,
I am a stranger,
I am the one who evokes laughter in society."
Uncle Sujan!
What was that?
I needed to see whether I was worthy enough to greet you.
Just because I'm older, it doesn't mean that you have to respect me.
You possess many great possibilities. I was paying my respects to them.
What possibilities?
You will become a great person.
When you become successful, this sky will light up in your glory.
Forty years and forty thieves.
No work in the day, and no sleep at night.
The world is burning.
-Hey, what are you doing, idiot? -You should hold it tightly.
-What have you done? -I am sorry.
-You are an idiot! -Why didn't you hold it tightly?
-Do you know how much these costs? -Don't touch me.
Hey! Wait, let me do it.
-What did you do? -You should hold it tightly.
-I am so sorry. -It's okay. Don't apologize.
Let me do it.
Right. That's nice.
Why are you doing this to me?
This situation, it should have happened like that.
-You idiot... -Why didn't you hold it tightly?
I really loved Runi.
Are you upset?
No, not at all.
Don't be upset.
Whenever you are upset,
just close your eyes and think.
There's so much joy!
The whole world will seem to be brighter.
Hey! Don't act like that.
Aren't you that fake guy?
I would recognize that snubbed nose anywhere.
It is a heritage site for lovers in Kolkata. The Dhakuria lake.
Every couple has been on a date here.
I'm sure many have broken up here as well.
They couldn't be a couple forever, could they?
Love is not everyone's cup of tea.
But you are quite good at it.
You seem to be quite comfortable.
Once you get into college, you will see how tough life is.
Then why are we trying to get into the same university?
Don't expect anything from me.
Are you planning to become a monk?
No! In reality, I'm not pressured at all.
My parents are dead. I'm all alone.
If our relationship goes well, then I am there for you.
Why did you smile?
No, tell me!
You said it so easily!
"If our relationship goes well..."
No, a truth is a truth, after all.
From three years of flirting on Facebook to... You know what I mean?
My grandpa insisted.
That's why I came.
Otherwise, you wouldn't have come for me?
-Hey. -Yes?
Wouldn't you have come for me?
I would have to think about it.
I'm not kissing you right now.
I'm just looking at you.
Titli? Wait!
When you first smiled at me
My heart became yours
When you first touched me
My heart became yours
The winter paints the picture Of spring in my eyes
The winter paints the picture Of spring in my eyes
As the lazy sun sends his messenger across
When you first smiled at me
My heart became yours
In the shade of the sun
Light and shadows do combine
Leave them so I can gather them
On these familiar and winding routes Spring seems to befall us
So that we can spend life together With love
It's night in my heart My heart knows about it
It's night in my heart
My heart knows about it
Only our eyes speak
In the crumbling corridors
A few pages flutter silently
Today, even the breeze is drunk
The vibe of a holiday Drives me to the scent of a caper
I am so much in love
To the girl I know well And whom I tell everything
To the girl I know well And whom I tell everything
Only our eyes speak
When you first touched me
My heart became yours
When you first smiled at me
My heart became yours
Has Arko returned?
Not yet.
He has come home after so long and you...
What's the matter?
Has Kaushik said anything about Arko?
The way Piya reacted to Arko staying in Runi's room...
I don't think they have accepted Arko's return.
Arko has changed a lot.
It's very normal. He has grown up.
He just grew up too fast.
You were the one who raised him.
Ever since Runi died, he has considered you to be his mother.
He doesn't call me his mother.
Your parents... How did the accident happen?
I must have been around two and a half years old.
My father's head was on the steering wheel,
and my mother...
Ever since then I've been in a hostel.
From the age of eight.
Why did you never come home?
I just felt lifeless at home.
I felt weird.
Although my aunt was very caring,
it's normal, I guess, but I would really miss my mother.
But now I've gotten used to it.
I would get mad for no reason.
I would get mad at everyone.
Grandpa, Uncle Supriyo...
I used to feel bad about the fact
that everyone except my mom was living in the house.
My parents' death was like a nightmare.
-Let's go! We're running late. -Yes, let's go.
Don't be naughty.
-Runi don't go! -Now, we will go home.
See you, Sujan.
Runi, don't go! Runi!
Do you want to say something?
I know.
If Runi and Sanjay had listened to you that day,
Arko would not have had to grow up in his uncle's house.
Why did they die?
You warned them against going,
You saw the accident in your dream, didn't you?
Sujan, you're crazy! It won't happen.
You say that we got into an accident in your dream?
Do you know how old I was when I started driving?
I've been driving since I was 18 years old. Don't worry about it.
Let's go.
-It's time to go home. Let's go, Runi. -I'll visit once a month, okay?
-Please don't be sad. -Arko, look at me.
I feel uneasy. Runi, please don't go.
Oh, God! You will drive them mad!
-They have to go! Don't scare them. -No.
-Let's go! -Please be nice to him.
-You know his condition. -Okay.
-Please don't scold him. -Don't worry. Just go!
-Okay. -Let's go.
-Why are you scaring them? Let's go! -See you!
Come along.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Are you a fortune-teller?
Do people need your permission to take a shit?
Scream in pain.
-It hurts. -Louder.
You abnormal bastard.
Arko is alone. Arko!
We're so happy that you are back.
Your uncle used to say,
"Arko could have stayed with us while he studied.
Why did he ever go to a hostel?"
Your uncle hates the fact that you stayed in a hostel.
I hope you feel comfortable here.
Your grandfather and uncle are so happy.
And I am very happy.
I am like your mother, right?
Don't ever think that you have no one,
-Hey! -Yes?
Let's go. Breakfast is ready.
Today, you can go without eating.
But starting tomorrow, eat a rice meal before going to the university.
Okay. Let me just get dressed.
He has a weird disease.
Don't be an idiot. The disease must have a name!
I don't know because...
To be honest, I have never tried to find out.
Does he have a neurological disorder?
He speaks better than most mentally stable people.
Listen, I have a brother at Columbia University.
Would you like to consult him?
Oh, well, actually, I don't know.
I have to speak to the other family members first.
Then what do you know?
What? I know you.
I think
our Facebook relationship,
will really run the course.
You look nice in pictures,
but as a person you are...
You are really ugly.
-I'll slap you. -I'm guessing you used Photoshop.
If only we could use Photoshop on our real skin.
What should I do to compensate for my actions, Your Majesty?
That sounded like something from Lu Xun's works.
Do you want some chocolate?
A cigarette.
I will slap you.
Then I want to have some phuchka.
Uncle Sujan?
What are you doing up there?
I'm crying.
They won't let me go out.
They will never let me go out.
Have they confined you to this house?
Since when?
Since a long time ago.
That's why I'm crying.
Will you go out with me?
Will you?
Come on, tell me.
Will you come with me?
I'm not crying anymore.
Come on. Get down.
Get down. Come on!
Come with me.
I'm not crying anymore.
-I am not crying anymore. -Wear your slippers. Come on!
I am amazed and I am wondering
I see my song finding itself here
The sky
Adorned with stars and sun
And this world full of life
Within this glorious vast expanse
I have found
I have found a place for myself
I am amazed and I am wondering
I see my...
I should wear my slippers.
You're really something.
-Arko! -Do you want some lentil?
You, kids, just can't get enough of WhatsApp!
Have a seat.
I hope you are not having any problems.
That's enough. I need your permission for something.
It's nothing really. This is for the people in the office.
So, Sheshadri wanted to know if we could have
-a gala at our house. -You want some roti?
Just one, please.
A small party.
Why do you need my permission?
Since we are planning the party on the rooftop,
we were wondering if dinner could be prepared
in one of the rooms there.
What we mean is...
It would be difficult to keep carrying food upstairs.
Couldn't it be held on the terrace on other floors?
No, that's impossible.
So, you want to use Sujan's room or Arko's room?
-I need to think about it. -Don't think too much.
Even I don't need to give it so much thought.
We will do it in Runi's room, but now...
Eat up!
Is Uncle Sujan not eating?
Are you crazy?
Don't involve him. Just eat.
Every day, I serve his food in his room. You have your food here.
-Is he eating alone then? -Why are you talking so much?
Do you really have to be that concerned for a crazy person like him?
That's enough!
Grandpa, I also need to ask for your permission.
Is it possible to take Uncle Sujan out of the house?
He said that he feels trapped here.
Don't even try to do that.
First of all, don't end up doing something that will bring shame
to this family.
And secondly, we never allow him to go out, so...
you're not allowed to take him out either.
-What's wrong? -What happened?
My phone is ringing.
You don't have your phone with you.
What's this?
Sit down.
I invited them today.
I need to make sure that everyone has eaten.
It's very important.
Uncle, who burdened you with this responsibility?
The birds know
that I won't destroy their nests.
Even the trees know too
that I won't chop them down to make a house for myself.
They know it.
Okay, so they are eating. But what will you do when you feel hungry?
Today, all the food is for them. They should eat it.
I won't feel hungry tonight.
They are my guests. I have invited them.
-Titli! -Yes?
-Do you know how late it is? -Yes.
-Shut the computer down and go to sleep. -Just five minutes more, Mom.
You keep on saying five minutes.
It's always five minutes!
Can't you be disciplined...
Hello? You're still awake?
How can I fall asleep without talking to you?
What's up?
Listen, my brother, Sambit, said that an email won't be enough.
He's coming to India. You could take your uncle to meet him.
Was he ever treated?
I'd need Grandpa's permission for that. I don't know if I could take him.
What do you think of your uncle?
He speaks like a genius.
No, I mean...
Wait, I'll call you back.
Okay, tell me why you're here.
I'm hungry.
I told you so.
Wait, I'll tell someone to prepare food.
No, who will you talk to?
Everyone is asleep.
Kaushik and Priya will get very angry.
I'll give this to you.
-This whole chocolate? -Yes.
-Is it good? -Very good.
Now I will get a bed of thorns.
A bed of thorns?
Why all of a sudden?
In the midst of the war, is it possible to get a bed of cotton?
Kiss me
As if tonight is the last night
As if tonight is the last night
What song was that?
Somewhere in Ecuador
San Salvador, or Mexico,
an estranged lover is singing this for her beloved.
-Should I play? -Will you play?
-That's perfect. -Is it okay?
Kiss me
Kiss me a lot
As if tonight is the last night
Kiss me, kiss me a lot
For I am scared of having you
And losing you again
I look for her on the land and in the sky
I do not know myself
I look for her on the land and in the sky
I do not know myself
I wander around while being clueless
I wander around while being clueless
Who am I?
And who is she?
Will you stop singing?
Just stop it!
So fucking crazy!
Is this a time to sing a song? Fucking idiots.
Arko! Get up!
Get up!
What happened?
Where is your uncle?
Did you leave the door open?
Did you?
I had warned you many times, but you ignored it.
I can't handle this.
Does that mean we have no responsibility? We should go to the police.
Go and blame the one who had left the door open.
I can't do anything.
Such boldness! How could he do that?
He didn't take him out. What can Arko do if Sujan escaped by himself?
What do you mean?
If he hadn't left the door open, Sujan would not have gotten out.
-So, how will we handle this situation? -The one to be blamed, sorry.
Tell him to take responsibility. I can't do anything.
I can't do this anymore.
I can't take responsibility of a madman!
I can't! That's it!
Yes, Dad?
What's wrong?
Nothing, Dad.
Was it so important?
Just think about your father. He must be going through a lot.
Won't you look for your brother?
I'll search...
-Take the keys. -We have no respect left.
Why doesn't he die already?
Why are you saying that? He's your brother!
What? "Brother"?
I wish I could have broken his bones. Let's go!
-I'll teach him a lesson. -Bye.
How could he...
At least you should look for him!
At this time...
I don't like this. We can't enjoy our life.
We can't even have a party at home.
I shouldn't have gotten married!
But this isn't my fault.
Weren't you aware of your brother's condition?
Why did you hide it from me?
Please stop it.
It's not possible to live with a disgusting parasite like him.
Aren't we supposed to have a life?
-Are you going? -Yes, where is Uncle?
-Take it. -Give me the key.
-He is talking to Poltu. Let's go! -Let's go.
What's wrong?
Nothing, Dad. Please go to your room.
Let's go!
Everyone is tense and...
I've briefed Poltu. He's familiar with the places around here.
Don't you recognize me?
I'm Poltu! The son of Mr. Ghosh.
Yes. How are you?
If you get any news about him, please let me know immediately.
-Definitely. -Of course.
I am going to the police station.
-You should take Poltu's phone number. -Yes.
Uncle, don't worry about it.
-I've informed others, too. -Oh, okay.
Tell me your phone number.
Yes, Grandpa?
Check out the Orphan House.
Check out the Kumortuli...
Check out the Kumortuli at once.
He used to go there often.
Excuse me?
Have you seen this man?
He is the man who used to touch the wet figurines.
Everyone thought that he is mad, so they chased him away.
He doesn't come here anymore.
Why did he want to touch the wet figurines of goddesses?
I hope he won't get tied up at home.
-If he isn't a pervert then-- -You would know if you spoke to him.
What would I know?
He has a strange streak of sanity, Titli.
That may seem like insanity to normal people.
Yes, Poltu?
Your uncle is in the red-light district.
-What? -In fact, he is enjoying.
Uncle Sujan.
Uncle Sujan.
What is it, Arko?
Let's go now.
Why do we have to go?
Let's get away from here.
Let's go!
Let's go home now.
-Look, everyone is... -Let's go home!
Let's go!
-See you! -Get inside!
-How are you doing? -I am great!
-Okay. -Get inside.
Praise the Lord!
What are you doing?
Welcome back.
-Why are you hitting him? -Don't hurt him!
-What are you doing? -Don't do this.
-Don't hit him. -Let him go.
-Let him go. -I told him
-not to do this! -What are you doing? Leave him alone.
-Uncle Kaushik, listen to... -Why are you hitting him?
Just shut up! Move aside.
Hey, come here!
-He will die. -Let him go! Leave him alone
-Do you want to kill him? -Leave him alone.
-Uncle Kaushik, please don't this. -Don't you have a conscience?
What? Listen to me.
Only one of us can stay here, either he or I. You decide.
It's not possible for me to stay with him.
-I can't waste my life on him! -Go away.
For God's sake!
-I'm crying. -No, please don't cry.
-Take him to his room. -Come, let's go.
Let's go.
What is wrong with Uncle Sujan?
What's the deal?
You have trapped him in this house, and you don't even get him treated!
He is bound to die in this situation.
He has a problem
that can't be treated
by a doctor.
problem is
Okay, fine. But there must be a way to solve this.
Could you get me some water?
Listen, Grandpa, times have changed.
There are many kinds of new treatment available. Try to...
Let him live the way he's living now.
If you
let him go out,
this will happen again.
If you don't get someone treated and counseled--
You don't need to worry. I will take care of it.
Dad, don't say a word.
Something I didn't receive
I don't know
About it
Something I didn't receive
Something I didn't receive
I don't know
About it
Something I didn't receive
I felt very bad.
When Uncle Kaushik was hitting you.
When did he do that?
What do you mean?
He didn't hit me.
He was crying.
He was crying because I was missing.
Don't you remember what happened we went home?
I'm great!
Please don't ever leave us.
-Please don't leave us again. -You're also crying? Oh, my!
-Do you know how much I love you? -I love you too.
I will never leave you.
His brother hit him,
but he thought that he hugged him?
That means, he always believes
what he wants to believe,
regardless of the reality.
Why does this happen?
It has thousands of emotions, reflexes, and if one of them is damaged...
What fascinates me is the fact that somewhere inside him
is a good human being.
He is very soft and emotional.
You know what the problem is, Arko?
There are people around us, who pretend to be normal.
But it's not possible to understand the insanity
they are suppressing.
For example, the Diamond Harbour's incident,
a boy went to his aunt's house-warming party.
And the villagers accused him of being a bull thief
and stoned him to death.
They aren't sane.
They all need treatment.
But they pretend to be normal.
No one is even trying to find out what disease my uncle has.
The rest of your family has more of a problem
than your uncle.
Lack of awareness, right?
-Be careful. -It's all right.
I can stand.
Hey, Mr. Sheshadri, what's wrong?
Let's go inside. Don't stand out here.
-Please open the door. -I'm looking for the keys.
Let's go.
Just wait for a second! Light the cigarette later.
It's a madhouse in there. What will I do?
I'll be on my way.
-What? You can't even stand straight! -Wait.
-I'll go inside and switch on the light. -Okay.
Don't light it. We're going inside now.
-You can smoke in peace in the room. -Wait!
Is the bastard...
My brother? Yes, he is inside.
-Okay, let's go. -Hey, fucking crazy!
-Let's go. -Yes.
Come in.
Hey, Sujan!
I'll fix your stubbornness! Come out!
Just wait and watch.
Go to your room.
Oh, wow! Just call Sujan.
Didn't you hear me?
Go to your room.
Oh, boy!
You may know me.
But you don't know how bad I can be.
Jim Morrison. Our nephew, Arko.
Don't act smart with me.
Or else, I'll teach you a lesson.
Got it?
I will murder that madman one day.
Why don't you say anything to your uncle, Kaushik?
Who am I?
What do you mean? You're not an outsider. You should say something.
Let me give you an example.
They even have a problem with me living in my parents' room.
Strange people.
And I know that they will send Uncle Sujan away soon.
But if they lock him up like this without treatment, he'll never get better.
And sending him away will be very unethical.
-Anyway, we're here. -Yes, let's go.
We're already late. Hurry.
Due to strong tidal waves and earthquakes...
South America was reduced to dust by the overflowing lava.
Gang rape has now become a renowned sport all over the world.
-What is this? -A calling bell.
Then why didn't you use it?
Listen, we don't have much time.
We need to tally the members of your family for the upcoming election.
Please tell me the names.
I see. Akhilesh Chatterjee.
-Yes. -Supriyo from the Chatterjee family.
You won't be eligible this time.
Kaushik and Piya.
-Mr. Kaushik... -What about Sujan Chatterjee?
Next time, you can enlist his name with mine. Bye.
-It's not there? -Listen.
Next time, ring the bell.
Let's go.
Here you go.
Talk to them and finalize the amount.
Do they keep them?
When you are giving them money, they will surely provide a service.
You need a ladder.
If the main door up there is locked, you have to use a ladder to get in.
It's not too far away. It's near Durgapur.
How long will I have to be there?
Two days. I'll pick you up the day after tomorrow.
No. I know it won't be two days.
You won't come back, will you?
Of course, I will.
What are you doing?
Kaushik! Wait!
-Uncle Kaushik! -Kaushik!
-Drive faster! -Brother!
-Uncle Kaushik! -Kaushik, wait!
-Stop! -Kaushik!
-Uncle Kaushik, stop! -Kaushik, please stop.
Uncle Kaushik!
So, my decision was wrong?
I thought this was the right thing to do, so I am doing it.
But could you do this?
You should have discussed it with us.
How could you take him
without telling anyone?
How could you?
-I informed Dad-- -No, you didn't!
Why did you take him out without informing anyone? Why?
Listen, Kaushik. Just because I don't say much
doesn't mean you can do whatever you want to do.
You are not thinking rationally.
I mean, who will take care of him?
If he stays with us, then all of you will be troubled.
But if he stays away for a while, we will get used to it.
Listen, what is your problem?
I'm having problems with my social life.
But Uncle Sujan wants to stay with us. Where were you planning to keep him?
-Where will you keep me? -Just look at him!
Where will you keep me?
I am waiting for God's mercy!
-Look at him. -Yes, so?
-Listen to what he is saying. -Yes, so?
A mental asylum is the right place or him. He'll be taken care of there.
-That's all I want to-- -Who said that? He is not mad!
Who said that to you?
-Kaushik... -Tell me!
So, from now on, you'll be responsible.
-Okay, done? -Yes.
In the future, I won't be responsible for anything.
-It's my responsibility. -Okay, fine.
-Let's go. -Let's get him.
Now, you are on my team.
Captain and vice-captain.
Always returning just to meet again
Keeping all our wishes on a familiar land
Holding out a hand to give some shade
To this love
Everyone wants me to dream
Everyone wants me to dream
There is a thought and a tune Floating in the air
Always returning just to meet again
Keeping all our wishes on a familiar land
Holding out a hand to give some shade
To this love
Everyone wants me to dream
Everyone wants me to dream
"For as long as I have been alive, the sky seems to have merged with itself,
taking the color of the unconquered blue,
it becomes bluer and bluer.
I want to see,
where that sky does float
in this vast infinity.
I want to see and I want to sit on the grass of Bengal."
It is the wall that writes letters In the room and on the roof
We are all witnesses
In the vacant courtyard I collect the sunlight
As my hands are plastered with peace
Where my heart wants to eat rice
Is on the plate of love
Always returning just to meet
Keeping all our wishes on a familiar land
Holding out a hand to give some shade
To this love
Everyone wants me to dream
Everyone wants me to dream
There is a thought and a tune Floating in the air
There is a thought and a tune Floating in the air
And this final denial is like a picnic
As we all walk on the same land
And this is the chance
To live together
Whatever days may lie ahead
Should be brightly lit
Always returning just to meet again
Keeping all our wishes on a familiar land
Holding out a hand to give some shade
To this love
May I come in?
I want to talk about Titli.
She doesn't want to meet.
But I'm coming.
That is why she doesn't want to meet.
I didn't do anything.
I know. But she thinks you're in the way.
Uncle Sujan?
Take it. This is a box of coloring pencils from my childhood.
But why?
I made a mistake.
I was in the way. I won't do it anymore.
-Are you upset? -Yes.
Because of Arko?
He's not answering my calls. He is not meeting me.
Please tell him that I'm sorry.
Starting tomorrow, Arko will come to meet you. I won't come.
I won't come because that's not right. Only Arko will come.
In the crumbling corridors
A few pages flutter silently
Today, even the breeze is drunk
The vibe of a holiday Drives me to the scent of a caper
For this love knows no bounds
In the crumbling corridors A few pages flutter silently
Today, even the breeze is drunk
The vibe of a holiday Drives me to the scent of a caper
For this love knows no bounds
It's night in my heart My heart knows about it
It's night in my heart My heart knows about it
You are my beloved
When you first smiled
At me
My heart became yours
What are you saying?
I will take you with me. I don't like it anymore.
Why do you always give me such pain?
I can't live without you.
Who is responsible for the child?
Me or you?
Do you love me? Please tell me.
Do you love me?
Then why do you give me such pain?
Uncle Sujan?
Arko? When did you arrive?
A little while ago.
The door was open.
It was left open for the maid.
It must be blood.
That's not blood.
It's a lipstick stain.
Oh, I thought it was blood.
You didn't ask further?
Actually, I was so dumbstruck that I didn't know what to say.
Was he ever married?
Didn't you ask anyone at home?
I can't understand what you are saying.
In Sujan's room?
Exactly! None of you were at home, the door was open,
and I wasn't supposed to be home then.
We had gone to our colleague's place. But what you are saying...
Even I can't believe it.
Listen, if others find out, this could be scandalous.
Have you ever seen a woman in his room?
-Who knows what you saw? -I saw it clearly!
Grandpa had gone to Mr. Bimal's house. and I wasn't supposed to be home.
-And I saw the door was open... -Okay.
Your uncle will be fine, but if you tell...
Why would I make this...
Sweetheart. Now, please listen to me.
If your uncle, Kaushik, and his wife hear about this, they won't spare him!
-You don't know anything about it? -No.
I'm sure that your family is hiding something.
He is a grown-up man.
He may have a lover.
That's not impossible.
And you must remember
that the woman who meets him
does not find him insane.
And that is why she comes there.
What if he has a child?
Then maybe your family hasn't accepted it.
If we do not know anything about Sujan's past,
then it will be impossible to plan for his treatment.
What are you going to do?
I think this family is very stupid.
How can they trap a man inside that house and refuse to get him treated?
Take the Kumartuli incident for an example.
I mean, a man goes to the red-light district
and touches the wet figurines of goddesses!
Maybe that is why they have locked him up.
And maybe that's why they are not saying anything.
Isn't that so?
But the most important question is...
Who is the woman that comes into his room?
It wouldn't be odd if she is a prostitute.
-A prostitute? -No, I mean,
he might be in a relationship too.
Should I go over to your house tomorrow?
I will pursue the Ram Oil Shipping Corporation's order.
And you will give me whatever is in your capacity.
But before that, we will have the rooftop party first, won't we?
Do as you wish. It is such a huge, open space. Use it.
There is a madman on the rooftop as well.
Hey! How are you?
I had imagined
that I would meet you on the rooftop one day.
Arko loves you a lot.
I have a lot of birds. They love me too.
I've heard that you talk to birds.
Arko told me.
It's possible to communicate without speaking.
Isn't it?
You and Arko love each other.
Who said it first?
Arko or you?
How did you understand?
You started meeting each other.
And then someday,
something inside you said, "Oh, I love him!"
Don't you love anyone?
Won't you get married?
I need a body.
A body like yours.
Who do you think you are? What do you think you were doing?
Who do you think you are?
This is why they locked you up.
-They were right. -Wait, Arko, listen to me.
-Sorry to introduce this pervert to you. -Listen.
Arko, listen.
-Arko, don't do this. -Just get out!
Don't do this. Just listen.
What? Come in.
I thought I could give you 1,000 rupees
from the pension,
but I can't find the passbook.
So, Grandpa...
Has a woman ever been to Uncle Sujan's room?
Was he ever married?
No. Why?
His illness is something else. It's not very normal.
So please don't hide anything from me.
Just tell me why you have locked him up--
Here is my boy, Arko!
Your aunt is calling you. Dad, he'll be back.
You need to explain something to Sujan.
Let's go.
Somewhere. Now let's go!
-Now, come. -I won't go!
-Your time is up. -What's your problem?
Now you have to go.
-No. -Don't worry. I'll take care of it.
-I won't go! -Don't start again!
-Come on. -I won't go!
Do as I say!
So you'll stay, and we have to suffer?
-Uncle, it's just one or two days. -No, I'm afraid.
-You will be back. -No, move.
-He refuses everything! -You won't let me come back.
I guarantee you that you will be back soon.
I will bring you back, okay?
-Wait a minute. -I will go.
-Because Arko will bring me back. -I will!
-Arko will bring me back. -I will!
Let's go. Come.
-Let me find your slippers. -Please do this for us.
-Wear it. -Arko will bring me back!
-Wear it! -Yes, I will.
-Why are you... -I'll take him.
-Let's go. -I am going...
-Will Arko bring me back? -Promise.
-I promise I will. -Let's go.
-Come. -We're running late.
Don't stick your head out.
No, I'm not going away for long. I'm coming back.
I'll be back! Arko will bring me back.
Will you bring me back, Arko?
He'll have a good life, won't he?
There was no other choice. It should have been decided earlier.
Actually, the thing is,
if whatever happened with you,
happens to other women in the party,
then who will take responsibility?
He didn't do anything wrong.
Then what was it?
Is touching a girl's chest a new way of greeting?
Don't talk like a fool!
Girls can understand.
He was trying to find something.
Oh, really?
What was he trying to find?
Everyone is crying in unison Please listen, Oh, Father!
Do you think he will be able to return?
-Get off. -Where?
Get off!
But it's raining.
Wait, I'll teach you a lesson.
Get off!
-Get off. -Mister...
I'm getting drenched.
Mister, where are you going?
I'm getting drenched! Mister!
Don't leave me!
I don't believe it!
He can get into an accident.
What will you tell your father and brother?
I'll tell Dad that he has disappeared from the asylum
and died in an accident.
Anyway, don't worry about this.
You must do your best today, darling.
You must.
-Sir, this is Kaushik. -Hi.
-Hi. -And sir, this is Piya. Kaushik's wife.
-Hi. -Hi.
Please have a seat.
-Yes, please. -Please!
Pour some of that.
Yes, get that here.
Is that a deal? Done?
I told Raman.
-He is falling head over heels. -What is that bastard saying?
He has agreed.
Your deal is almost done.
-Listen. -Yes, tell me.
-He has asked me to go to an outing. -For one day?
Tell him that I can't do it.
Don't be like this.
-What? -We need to get him on our side.
It's just a matter of one or two days. Please.
Hey, stop. I found him. Stop the car.
Come on. Get in the car.
-What did I do? I'm not going anywhere! -Hey, get in.
I won't go! No.
-No! I won't go! -Get in.
No! Why are you hitting me? I won't go!
I'm back!
-Which place is this? -I am back.
I was in deep trouble. Where is my brother? Move aside.
I'm back.
I am back. I was about to die.
-They saved my life. -Uncle Sujan!
Hey, Arko!
I was about to die. They saved my life.
-They are my friends. -What are you saying?
I about to die, and they saved me.
-Do you want to see how? -Show me.
Sir, actually...
-Sorry, sir. -Disgusting!
Sir, please...
Before I held an important party at home,
I left him at the asylum.
He escaped, tagged some rubbish people along with him,
and ruined the party!
He destroyed it.
Don't get mad.
He made a mistake.
I will talk to him about it.
There is no point anymore.
Let me say something clearly.
I am going to a party. I do not want to see you when I get back.
And if I do, then I will shoot you dead.
I think we should try a different approach.
What are you saying?
I know what I am saying.
There is a limit to everything.
I think we crossed the line.
If he hadn't interrupted the party, my life could have changed for the worst.
And I wouldn't be able to face anyone.
Not everything can be judged from the outside.
I don't know what you will say,
but I don't want him to leave this house.
What are you doing?
If you could understand that, you wouldn't have asked questions.
Kaushik, we made a big mistake.
Shut up, please.
I don't know how to make up for this sin.
-I don't know. -Piya?
This is an important deal.
It was very difficult for me to arrange another party.
But before that, I need to deal with Sujan.
Don't hurt him!
What are...
Say it again.
Don't hurt him.
So much sympathy is not a good thing.
Let me repeat it.
There is a party.
You have to meet Mr. Raman.
I won't go.
-I won't go! -Come on.
-I won't do it. -You will!
-I won't! -You have to meet!
No, I won't!
What's wrong?
Did something bad happen?
Sujan, you will stay in this house.
You can't leave no matter what anyone says, okay?
We will all stay together. How can anyone live alone?
Why are we like this?
Everyone is good.
You are very good.
See you.
The deal is conditional.
Excuse me for a minute.
-Sir... -I'm leaving.
I'll take care of it, sir.
-Kaushik, what happened? -Wait...
-She left! -Wait.
You are acting as if you had never slept with anyone before marriage.
I'm telling you for the last time.
Not a prostitute.
People only remember your achievements.
Not who you slept with.
Well, I remember.
Self-respect is very important to me.
I can't do it!
I have seen enough of you being a prude.
When you fall all over those people, then I guess you won't have a problem.
Relative of patient Suparna Roy...
Aunt is out of danger.
Uncle Kaushik may become blind.
Relative of patient Suparna Roy, please come to the reception desk.
Relative of patient Suparna Roy,
-Yes, tell me. -please come to the reception counter.
Just stay downstairs. I'm coming.
I'll be right back.
How are they?
They both survived, but...
Uncle Kaushik may have lost his eyesight.
My aunt is out of danger though.
But she has fractures.
Will your uncle get his vision back?
Right now, the doctors can't tell yet.
Let's go. Anyway, how did you hear about the news?
I didn't get the news.
I called to tell that Sambit had called you, but you didn't answer.
When I called on the landline, your aunt, Rai, told me everything.
Okay. So what did Mr. Sambit say?
Let it be. I'll tell you later.
Hasn't anyone from your family come?
Yes, Uncle Sujan... Where is he now?
-No one else? -Grandpa had come.
But he was very shocked, so I sent him home.
But first, tell me what Mr. Sambit said.
This is only possible in our country.
-Patient of cabin number 12, -What?
Mr. Kaushik Chatterjee's relative, please come to the reception counter.
-Give me two minutes. -Patient of Cabin number 12,
Mr. Kaushik Chatterjee's relative, please come to the reception counter.
There's Arko.
-Arko? -Yes?
How are they, today?
Aunt is better today. She ate. But she was crying.
And uncle is still the same.
Go home now. You have been put under a lot of stress. Go home now.
-Okay. -Take some rest.
You need to be back in the evening.
-Okay. I'm leaving the reports here. -Okay.
-Listen. -Tell me.
Your food is in the kitchen.
-Just heat it up a bit. -Okay, don't worry.
-Sweet boy. Be careful! -I'll call you. Okay
-Listen. -Yes?
-Let's go visit them. -Let's go.
What do you want?
Tell me.
Why do you keep doing this to me?
I can't live like this anymore.
I've been waiting for you.
Why do you keep rejecting...
Look at me.
No one believes me.
I am a woman.
My whole being is that of a woman.
I am actually a woman.
I can't explain it to anyone.
No one believes me.
Arko, please look at me.
They used to beat me up since childhood.
They tie me down and beat me up.
They don't allow me to shave.
They have forced me to become a boy.
Arko, just look at me once.
At least you should be able to look at me.
Hey, Arko!
I look for her on the land and in the sky
I do not know myself
I look for her on the land and in the sky
I do not know myself
I wander around while being clueless
I wander around while being clueless
Who am I?
And who is she?
After Supriyo,
the next child your grandma gave birth to
was a fearful sight to behold.
His identity as a transgender almost surfaced.
But your grandma
held on tight
and made him live like a boy.
He went to school until fifth grade.
One day, the boys in his class
saw his private parts in the toilet.
After that,
a clerk
took him to his home.
We couldn't find him all day long.
When he returned,
he was burning up with fever.
That was the last time he went to school
and played around.
We tried to shift our attention
to our next two children, Runi and Kaushik.
But Sujan...
He was like a thorn
in our throat.
We couldn't take him outside.
When relatives came over,
we couldn't introduce him to them.
So you just locked him up.
You had also beaten him for no reason. On the day of Saraswati Puja.
What could I have done?
He went outside wearing your mother's saree.
My father was a school principal.
I have been a teacher for 30 years.
We were considered
to be a very respectable family.
So how could I...
My heart felt like it was being torn apart.
But I didn't know what to do.
He may be a much better person
than others,
but I
I forced him
to behave like a man.
But it didn't work.
It didn't.
It's impossible.
Come, we'll stay together
We'll be happy
We'll be in love
Hold my hand
To close
The distance between us
To come closer
Sit comfortably
Come along with your neighbors
I will devote myself and help you
Sit comfortably
Come along with your neighbors
I will devote myself and help you
-Uncle Sujan? -My heart is
Like an open courtyard
My heart is like an open courtyard
My heart is
Like an open courtyard
My heart is
Like an open courtyard
Sir, this was found on the dead body.
Who is Arko?
That's me.
Please have a look at this letter.
Pass him the register. Sign here.
I thought about it and decided, I didn't mind not seeing another morning.
I hope that everyone is able to see the free sky beyond the closed walls.
I hope that everyone is allowed to express themselves.
I have left my eyesight behind for my brother.
I don't know whether he will see the world in a new way through my eyes.
People like me want to live with a smile on our faces.
Not in the fear of society.
Without constant insults and oppression.
We want to live like human beings with human beings.
Respect people, Arko.
All kinds of people.
I am sure that you will stand up for human beings like me.
If a man desires to be a woman, or a woman desires to be man,
it is not wrong, it is not a sin.
It's just a game played by nature.
Beyond the realms of our knowledge, there are many different kinds of people,
who live or want to live in different ways.
Those people
and the way they live
are not wrong or perverted.
It is merely a parallel.
My heart is
Like an open courtyard
My heart is
Like an open courtyard
I'm present in the dream
I'm present in the evening
I'm present in the tiny bird
Which is sitting on the parapet
I'm present in the sunlight
I'm present in the cloud
Trust me
I'm present in the flowers
Sit comfortably
Come along with your neighbors
I will devote myself and help you
Sit comfortably
Come along with your neighbors
I will devote myself and help you
My heart is
Like an open courtyard
My heart is
Like an open courtyard
My heart is
Like an open courtyard
My heart is
Like an open courtyard