Samantha Rose (2021) Movie Script

[theme music]
[distant traffic blaring]
[phone ringing]
- [ringing continues]
- Hi.
[woman] Hi, I'm Sam.
This is my voice mail.
Samantha, it's your mother.
I don't remember
what time you get off,
but please come home
right after.
I need to talk to you
about something, okay?
Just make sure it's yours.
[mellow music]
[bells jingle]
- [man] Hey.
- [Sam] Hey.
- How are you doing?
- Good.
How was your weekend?
[traffic blaring]
[woman over PA] Reaching Jackson
Heights, Roosevelt Avenue.
Transfers available
to 7 E and F...
[lock jiggles]
Listen, I need to talk
to you about something.
- Come, sit.
- What's it about?
Well, as you know,
Derek and I have been seeing
each other for some time now.
Two months.
Well, actually,
we're moving in together.
You can have the couch
for as long as you need,
but eventually we think
it's best for everyone,
especially you, if you
found another place.
Derek had a son
that's going through
exactly what you're going
through and he thought it was...
What is it that
I'm going through?
Well, some people just have a
harder time finding their way.
You made me break my lease
the last time I moved out.
That was different.
Derek is different.
And we both know you don't
do well on your own.
I need to say something, and it's
not because you're kicking me out.
- No one is kicking you out.
- Okay, Derek is an asshole.
What about... what about
what happened the last time?
- [ring tone playing]
- Okay? He's taking advantage of you.
This is not
what you think that it is.
Hi, sweetheart.
Are you outside?
Okay, I'll be right down.
[mellow music]
Hit me once for broke
Hit me two for the road
Well, Abilene was a scream
And a curse
Tell another joke
Before I go
For better or, baby,
For worse
Well, back when high was high
And low was low
And ten cent would buy you
The matinee show
Give a damn who the star
The theater was dark
And took you away
With a glow
If I had a dollar
For every wallet I stole
Oh, I'd buy this whole town
The judge and the pound
I'd let
All them bad dogs go
But I don't
So I'll spend...
[woman over PA]
Attention in the terminal.
Flight 2647 to Portland
now boarding.
We're going to start with those
needing extra time to board.
I took it spinning, love
With the top down
Rode her three times
Down the Highway Nine
May have broke a bone
Oh, I don't know
Anyway, I'm still alive
[music playing on radio]
Anybody here?
- [man] Oh, my God.
- Taylor?
Holy shit, you work here?
Yeah, part of the year.
You cut your hair.
Yeah... [laughs]
I did.
It looks good.
You look good.
Thanks. You too.
Um, you're probably wondering
where your dad is, right?
Oh... yeah.
Is he here?
Well, he's out running
a few errands right now, but...
he should be back in a few.
I have the keys
to his place if you want.
Yeah, that'd be great.
- Yeah? All right.
- Thanks.
- How is he?
- [keys jingling]
He's good.
You know.
He'll be happy to see you.
How long has it been?
I don't know, like,
eight years maybe?
Something like that.
It's really good to see you.
It's good to see you, too.
Hey, if you're maybe
around later,
if you want to go
away for a bit, um,
we should hang out maybe.
After I'm done here, of course.
Yeah, I'd like that.
Okay, I'm going to go.
Yeah, I'll see you.
[birds chirping]
[door closes]
[touch tones beeping]
[line ringing]
Hi, it's Diane.
I can't get the phone right now.
Please leave a message
and I'll get back to you.
- [beeps]
- Hi, Mom, it's me.
Um, I left my phone
on the plane,
so if you need me,
just call over here.
Um, I got extra food
for Philly.
It's under the sink,
and I also paid those bills.
They just need stamps,
and they're underneath the mail thing.
- [door opens, closes]
- Um, I think that's it.
Okay, bye.
[man] Hey, kid.
[laughs] Hi.
What are you doing here?
- [chuckles] I...
- I mean, I'm glad you're here.
- I... I just didn't...
- Um, I wanted to see you.
Oh, okay.
That's great.
You remember this little place
well enough, I guess?
[rock music]
[door opens, closes]
Freaking' out
on the interstate...
Is that my dad's old bike?
Still remember how to ride?
I don't remember
you knowing how to drive.
Didn't you fail your driver's
permit, like, three times?
Fourth time's a charm.
And I can feel
them staring at me
Baby, do you think
I'm doing something wrong?
And you got a lot
On your mind
And your heart
it looks just like mine
There's no use in wasting
Your time, anymore
I'm sorry I haven't
been myself
And something's
Got me down...
- I'm gonna introduce you to some friends.
- [Sam] Okay.
[Taylor] Sam, this is Vili.
Vili, this is Sam.
- Hey, Sam.
- Hi.
Vili is actually working
on his own wine right now.
Yeah, it's not really ready,
but you can try some if you wanna.
Please don't make her
taste that shit, Vil.
- [Sam] I'm sure it's great.
- It's not.
[Vili] Good things
take time and effort,
which isn't something
this guy knows anything about.
Sam, Matt Danger.
Matt, Sam.
Nice to meet you.
[woman] Who's this?
Oh, this is my friend, Sam.
- This is Allie over there.
- [Sam] Hi, Allie.
We're about to eat.
- [Allie] Oh, you're unbalanced, all right.
- [Vili laughs]
- [Vili] Oh, yeah. Yeah.
- [laughter, chatter]
- [Matt] Hey, Luna.
- Hey.
[Matt] This is Sam.
This is our new friend.
Luna here grows,
makes most of our food.
In general,
just a great artist,
a great person
like the rest of us.
Except for wino over there.
[Vili] Hey, I'll take that
as a compliment.
- It's great to meet you, Sam.
- Yeah, it's great to meet you, too.
Sam's an old friend of mine.
We grew up together here.
Oh, actually, I'm sorry,
I don't drink.
Oh, it's okay.
- [Sam] Yeah, is it yours?
- [Vili] No.
Mine won't be ready
for a while.
All right, tonight we have
a nice little pinot noir
from the upper elevation
of Underwood Mountain.
We know where Ray's is.
The palate is decadent
and refined,
medium body,
medium tannins, dry.
[sniffs] Right?
[Vili sipping wine]
Ah! Wow.
- What's everyone think?
- [Luna] I like it.
Tastes like wine.
[Vili] Yeah, there's more
to it than that.
[Sam] Everything looks really great.
Thank you.
[Luna] Of course.
- You grew up here?
- Yeah, till I was 15.
And then I moved back to Queens with
my mom after my parents split up.
The Big Apple.
That's what they call it, right?
- [Luna laughs]
- Yeah.
[Luna] I've always wanted
to visit the Guggenheim.
[Sam] Yeah, you should.
The architecture is insane.
What brings you back here?
Um, I had a few days off
and I've been wanting
to visit my dad.
[mellow music]
[no audible dialog]
We parked in the back
By the 18-wheelers
You had a joint rolled
I shoot a cigarette
Out of the box
And as we stood there Spitting
smoke back To the clouds
Then I had a thought
- If we die here On this Canadian highway...
- [camera shutter clicks]
This is quite a group
you've assembled here.
Yeah, they're all right.
[Sam] How long have you guys
lived together?
A few years, most of them.
Luna showed up last year
from Costa Rica.
We all work the harvest
around the year,
and then Allie and Matt
play in a band together,
and Vili does
whatever he does now.
[in British accent]
Eh, Samantha Rose!
You're gonna want a picture of this.
- [laughs] Fucking Matt.
- [Matt] Whoo!
[Sam] I don't think
Allie likes me.
[Taylor] No, she's fine.
It does take her a little while,
though, with new people.
How about you, though?
How's New York?
It's good.
Um, I work
in a photo studio there.
- Wow, you're really doing it.
- Mm-hmm.
This is so nice now.
If we die here
On the old sewered highway
I'm sorry I didn't
keep in touch.
It's okay.
I always knew
you'd come back someday.
Do you know how much
You mean to me?
I should've called, though.
You guys just gonna watch
or you gonna come in?
I don't have a suit.
Sam, you don't need one.
- [Sam] Oh, my God.
- [camera shutter clicks]
Come on!
I'm not kidding.
- Come here, boy.
- No! Fuck, no!
- We fell fast 'cause We were lonely
- [chattering]
No, fuck that, man!
I had arms, you had
A hotspot, baby, to dance
And as we stood there
Puffing smokes...
- [shouts]
- Allie!
[Luna] Ah!
- Hey.
- [Matt] No, don't do it.
- Don't do it, Al.
- Come here.
Come here. Jump.
Hey, Vili.
[Vili] It's shrinking.
It's not little!
If we drink ourselves
To death
But you know how much
You mean to me
How much you mean
To everyone
But especially me
[birds chirping]
[camera shutter clicks]
[quiet chatter]
[camera shutter clicks]
- [background music]
- [chatter]
[server] Here you go.
- [Sam] Thank you.
- [server] You're welcome.
To you.
So, the shop looks good.
I saw Taylor
is working with you.
Yeah, he's a good kid.
You drink iced tea now?
Hmm, yeah.
You know, it's not bad.
How long has it been?
I'd get my two-year chip
next month.
Had a couple of false starts,
as you know.
Didn't want to jinx anything by
making a big deal about it this time.
I'm doing good, though.
Yeah, I... I got your letters.
[server] What can I get
for you, hon?
Um... you go first.
[Dad] Um, I'll have
burger, fries.
[server] And for you?
- Um, do you have a veggie burger?
- [server] Yes, we do.
- Okay, I'll have that.
- [server] Perfect.
- Thank you.
- [server] You're welcome.
Are you okay?
This is strange, I know.
Look, I don't really want
to talk about everything.
I just needed to get away
for a few days.
- Is that okay?
- [Dad] Yeah, of course it is.
Mom has a new boyfriend
moving in, so.
How's she doing?
She's okay.
Ups and downs.
It's been a rough
couple of years.
[man on TV]
Eight men.
We won't have
any trouble handling them.
- All right, men.
- [dramatic music]
[knock on door]
[knock on door]
- Morning.
- Hi.
- Got any plans right now?
- What?
Today's the first day
of the harvests.
We're gonna be picking
at a few vineyards close by,
and I thought
you'd like to come.
We're also gonna be
staying the night.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, sure.
- Cool.
- Just give me a minute.
- Yeah, take your time.
- [rock music]
- [indistinct chatter]
Even if we hated
On your way
You kept complaining
About my way
It was on you
[Matt] I'm just saying,
you know.
- You don't really get kind of... outside of a steamboat.
- [mumbles indistinctly]
- [Allie] You're wrong.
- I don't care that I'm wrong.
It's about the two of them
together, you know?
[Allie] No,
George Harrison forever.
Okay, guys,
we're spending $35 total.
- That means total.
- Got it.
[Taylor] We share most of what
we make and Luna manages it.
Did she get elected
town treasurer?
[Taylor] Self-appointed,
actually, but she's probably
the least bad option
we got, you know.
That's not even food.
[rock music continues]
- [Matt] Let's go!
- [engine starts]
Oh, real nice.
Honestly, there's not
much to it, really.
Just pull from the back, make sure the
berries are, you know, weighed evenly,
and the color
is about the same.
- Wanna try?
- Yeah.
- [Sam] This one?
- Yeah.
That's perfect.
Look at that.
You're becoming a natural.
[no audible dialog]
[Matt] All the greats
have had it, you know?
That thing that just
reaches out and grabs you,
and says, "Fuck you,
world, listen up."
Except wearing lipstick and shit
on stage does not make you an icon.
It just makes you some other
dude trying to channel Bowie.
Okay, A, don't hate
the comparison.
We could all do
a hell of lot worse than that.
And B, I'm just saying that
that shit works, you know?
It's memorable.
Like, think about
Kurt Cobain, you know,
that whole
troubled mind thing.
Think about, like, KISS.
Yeah, but that's not
stage craft for Kurt.
[Vili] Yeah, and KISS
just generally sucks.
Sucks to the tune of they're
on pinball machines.
- It's not about that.
- Have you played it?
- No, but I do love KISS.
- [snaps fingers] Thank you.
Think about, like,
The Doors, you know.
- Like, think about Jim Morrison.
- Oh, God!
Do you think that that guy didn't
understand the power of persona?
Are you seriously gonna put yourself
in the same level as Jim Morrison?
I'm just saying
that that shit works
because it's memorable,
you know?
It cuts through the static
or whatever, you know.
Like, straight up, no one even
knew who I was in middle school
until I showed up to class
in sixth grade wearing a bikini.
And that was polarizing.
God, I love that story.
Do you play with them?
when His Majesty let me
join in for a jam sesh.
- What do you play?
- [Vili] I play bass.
Fuck off, Allie.
[Sam] So then, what do you do
after the harvest season?
[Vili] I teach coding
to kids in France.
Wow, you speak French?
[speaking French]
[Matt] Oy, vey, Mr. Pretentious
over here.
My grandparents made wine
in the South of France.
Luna, you got plans tonight?
Yeah, I do.
- Uh, no, thanks.
- All right.
Tomorrow, then.
Sorry, I'm just
really not interested.
All right.
Don't pretend like you haven't
been catching eyes with me, though.
- [Sam] I think you have that backwards.
- I just smiled.
- [man] See?
- She said no.
What about that
don't you understand?
What about this conversation makes
you think you're involved at all?
The part where you made
my friend uncomfortable.
- [Matt] S'up, y'all?
- Do you know this dude?
Oh, yeah, he's Brad.
He's a fucking creep.
- [Luna] Guys, it's fine. It's fine.
- I'm not a creep.
It's fine that you guys
might not get paid tonight.
- [Matt] Fuck off, Brad.
- Please don't do that.
You gotta take it up
with George next week.
[Luna] That was not part
of the arrangement.
Well, the arrangement changed.
Let me know
when you change your mind.
You don't have to be slumming it with
the help, not with a body like that.
[both grunting]
[Luna] Vili, help!
[mellow music]
[no audible dialog]
They like you.
[Sam] What are their names?
This girl here is Bella
and that one is Mack.
Yeah. Yeah. Hi.
I used to ride horses over in
White Salmon when I was younger,
but I haven't seen one
in years.
Hi. Hey.
I grew up on a cattle farm
in Costa Rica,
so the smell of horse shit
just reminds me
of being a kid, being free.
[Sam] What made you leave?
[Luna] I worked at an ad
agency with my cousin,
and it was for sure a big step
for my family at the time,
but I was miserable.
So, you just left?
I left, started over.
That's what I'm doing now...
tracing my steps back to the places
that make me feel like myself again.
[mellow music]
Late afternoon's drifting
Some skin, some bones
He said it's the sexy part
Of your torso
Blue jeans, white shirt
Whatever happened
To slow dancing?
Whatever happened
To slow dancing?
I'm gonna find
That last tender place
And I'll sink my teeth
Right in
Watch that golden light
Turn into a quiet night
Whatever happened
To slow dancing?
Slow dancing
Whatever happened
To slow dancing?
Slow dancing
Slow dancing
[others snapping fingers]
- [Matt] That was pretty nice.
- [Allie] Thanks.
Did you write that?
Yeah, it's something
I've been working on.
- [Sam] It's beautiful.
- Thanks.
All right, Al,
I'll play something.
[Sam giggles]
- If you insist. [chuckles]
- [Taylor] Damn, Matt. [chuckles]
[clears throat] The artist
formally known as Matt Danger.
- I don't really do barn performances.
- [Sam giggles]
- [Allie] Well, this is your stage, so.
- Guess so.
[clears throat]
Um, this one's called
"Nobody's Lonely."
Nobody's lonely
Everybody's having fun
Except you
Nobody's lonely
Everyone knows
Something cool to do
Somebody to talk to
Someone to ease their pain And
make their brains Feel less askew
Everybody except you
Nobody's lonely
Everybody's hanging out
At the barn
Without you
Nobody's lonely
Everyone knows
The coolest place to go
Everybody showed The coolest
time blew All their minds
And they took
Lots of photos
But you didn't know
This is obviously about you.
'Cause nobody's lonely, Vili
Except you
Nobody's lonely
Nobody's lonely except...
- App designers.
- [laughter]
All right, that's the song.
It's not about you.
It's about society.
- [Vili] Oh, jeez.
- [Matt] Or you as, like, a microcosm of society.
- [Vili] Ah.
- [laughter]
I didn't know you played.
[Taylor] Just a little.
[Matt] Whatever you're doing
is gonna beat the bass solo...
I can't believe you brought
an acoustic bass to this.
- Who sits alone in their room playing an acoustic bass?
- That is so you.
It's fun. It's a vibe.
Can you even hear that?
Every time you guys talk
like this, it makes me
just want to buckle down
and work on my app
so I can bust out
of this liberal shit hole.
- You're working on an app?
- [Vili] Yeah.
[Matt] Oh, God, kill me now.
It's a machine learning app
that generates melodies
over chord progressions.
[Allie] That defeats the whole concept
of art as an original act of creation.
- And it will never work.
- [Vili] It already works, you know.
Rock and roll has been
going on for 50 years,
and we're still trying
to reinvent the wheel.
You know, technology
is the future.
It's inevitable that we're
gonna be using technology.
- [Matt] You're in a barn. [laughs]
- What you're describing is so...
[Sam] You truly believe that?
Nothing's original anymore?
Well, I mean, I can't
speak for all art forms,
but music specifically works
within a finite field
of notes, rhythms, and timbres.
And when you look
at classic rock, for example,
you're hearing things that are
reminiscent of Bach and Beethoven.
So when you look at...
when you look at music
from more of a modeling
standpoint, at least, I think...
What a terrible way to talk
about something that's so...
[Vili] But that's the point,
you know.
We live in a world
of algorithms, not symphonies.
And no matter
what you say, all of us,
all of you, are trying to reinvent
the wheel with rock and roll.
We're born
a few generations too late.
Well, I'd rather die trying than live
in the world that you're describing.
[Vili] And I can respect that,
[Luna] What about people,
Aren't they original?
I think that deep inside,
everyone has something pretty unique.
Like, when I look at you,
for example,
I see something that I've never
really quite seen before.
[Matt] Bullshit.
What, like, you look at me
and you see, like,
kind of, like, an old-school,
classic-model type,
musician, rock and roll,
or whatever.
I see a big, beautiful heart.
I see a fucking survivor.
A rare kindness.
You're just brilliant.
Thanks, Luna.
And I see somebody searching.
A sojourner.
[cattle mooing]
Good morning.
[Taylor] Morning.
tell Matt today is the day.
Just do it.
[Matt] Mm-hmm.
[Matt] Mmm?
Today is the day.
[folk music]
[indistinct chatter]
Oh, Miss Misty
Was a stone-skinned gal
She didn't stick around
In one town for too long
"'Cause too long is too long"
She said
She said
"I'll be gone by morning
Don't come looking after me
Got to get back to that place
I've never been
Hey, Vili, you watching?
T-Bone City, up the 215
[both making animal calls]
She traded in her daddy's
Old Packard Super Eight sedan
- [Matt] Ready?
- For a Vincent Black Shadow Machine
Yeah, she opened him up
Some 50 horses hot
Foaming at their mouths
In a dust cloud headed south
On down the devil's backbone
Down his crooked legs
"Fly Away Old Glory"
Ringing in her head
I'll be gone...
Wanna try it?
Come on, you'll love it.
Is it safe?
Trust me.
[both] Two, three.
[music continues]
[laughing, chattering]
The big magnolia
Down by Bueller's pond
In a hand-me-down sun dress
And roper boots
I could go on and on
With my bolt action .22
I'd knock the blossoms down
Misty'd catch them in her skirt
before they hit The ground
- [indistinct chatter]
- "I'll be gone by morning
Don't come looking after me
Got to get back to that place
I've never been
Never been before"
[phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
- Hello?
- [Mom] Samantha, thank God.
- Where have you been?
- Hi, Mom. I'm...
I really don't appreciate
you not returning my calls,
not to mention
just up and leaving
without anything more
than a note.
Sorry. Dad's been asking me to
come out here for more than a year
and I just thought this was
as good a time as any.
Well, it was very embarrassing
for me with Derek,
not even knowing you had left
until he saw your note.
It was very selfish.
I thought you'd want
the place to yourself.
That doesn't mean you just
fly across the country
without even telling me
about it.
What if I needed you?
And how did you lose
your phone on the plane?
And why didn't you
realize it and go back?
I called the airline and they
said that they're looking for it.
How's your father?
He seems good,
you know, different.
Well, don't fall
for the whole new person story.
No one ever really changes.
Anyway, we got this cheap
wine, which made me look cheap,
so I had to go back
to the store.
How are things going
with Derek?
It's going very well,
as much as you probably
don't wanna hear that.
Mom, I want you to be happy,
you know that.
Well, you sure do have a strange
way of communicating that.
I feel great, though.
- I think he's my soul mate.
- Good. I'm glad.
Just... no matter
how good you feel,
just remember to take
your meds, okay?
You don't have to talk
to me like that.
I'm not a child.
I'm not the one
leaving phones on airplanes.
Mom, just promise me.
Okay, yes, I promise.
Jesus, enough already.
Something good
comes along for me
and all you ever see
is the other side.
So, what's the deal
with Allie?
What do you mean?
- Like, have you two ever...
- [chuckles] No.
She and I met a few years back
through Matt, actually.
Um, and she scared me
at first,
but she is
a really good friend,
Sort of helped me through
a pretty dark time in my life.
What made it
such a dark time?
Well, my mom died.
- What?
- Yeah.
I'm so sorry.
I had no idea.
It's okay.
I'm... I'm okay.
What happened, if you...
I mean, you don't have to talk about it.
- I just...
- No, I... I don't mind, honestly.
And don't feel bad.
But, yeah, um, the doctor said
that she had a brain aneurysm.
And I came home one day
on my senior year,
and she was just on the floor
in the kitchen.
That day, that year...
Yeah, and I never thought
something could hurt
so much for so long
like that.
Yeah, it's been
almost about five years
and it still feels like
a couple of weeks ago.
But, like, what can you do?
I loved her so much.
Yeah, she really loved you too.
[mellow music]
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
- Okay, good night.
- Good night.
Maybe you wanna
hang out tomorrow,
just the two of us?
Yeah, I'd like that.
Wear something nice, but not,
like, too nice, all right?
- Bye! Have a good night, guys.
- Good night.
[birds chirping]
[mellow music]
You have to do this every day?
At least twice a day, ideally.
- Feels kind of great.
- Right?
How many bottles
will this make?
This should be
about five cases,
and each case is 12 bottles.
So it's bad.
You have an awful lot
of bad wine on your hands.
Yeah, except it's not
gonna be bad, Matt.
Vil, tell her that thing
that your grandma used to say.
Uh, my grandma used to say
that when you bottle wine,
you're bottling
a moment in time.
The sun, the smell, the grapes
in the vineyard air
all go into that moment.
And when you open the bottle,
you have access
to that moment.
- God, I fucking love that.
- [Vili] Right?
She was a great lady.
- She doesn't make it anymore?
- Sadly, no.
Uh, but she stayed at it
right up until the end.
She had me doing exactly what you're
doing right now when I was eight or nine,
and the grapes came up so high
on me that I could barely move.
I still have a bottle of hers that
I'm saving for just the right moment.
I'm just glad that she didn't live long
enough to actually taste that wine.
Pain might have
killed her sooner.
[Vili] God, Matt,
you're such a dick.
[Matt] I'm just kidding.
[Taylor] Looks like
you're about ready to go.
[Vili] Ah,
two and a half minutes.
- [exhales]
- [Sam] Ooh. You good?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- [Sam] Come on, just tell me.
- [Taylor] No.
[Sam] Please?
[Taylor] Okay, I'll give you
three chances,
and if you guess it,
I'll tell you.
[Sam] All right.
- Suzanne Whitman?
- Fuck, no.
- Okay.
- Not even close.
Beth Lyman?
Almost, but no.
She works on a cruise ship and
she sends everyone postcards
like we're, you know,
still in high school or something.
- It's kind of weird.
- [distant train horn blares]
Okay, okay.
Not Kelly Brennan?
No way.
Oh, my God!
- Wow!
- Stop.
- Oh, my God.
- Okay, all right.
- My choices weren't endless.
- Yikes.
Who'd you go with, then?
Junior year I didn't go.
my mom had a really bad
break-up in the morning,
so I had to stay home
and take care of her,
and I canceled on a guy
named, uh, Mike Murphy.
- [laughs] Mike Murphy?
- Yeah.
- That's a solid name.
- Yeah.
Uh, he never spoke to me again, so.
And then senior year,
I went with a guy
that I had just
started seeing,
um, who was four years
older than me.
His name was John Lansing.
What about you,
Who did you go with senior year?
Dropped out because
of my mom, you know.
Just needed to start working.
And your dad offered me a job,
which I'm really grateful for
because I didn't know much
at the time
and, you know, he showed me
everything I needed to know.
It was just really giving me
a hard time.
You didn't want to go back?
Didn't really saw the point.
I just needed to stay busy.
[Sam] The crowd goes wild.
[Taylor] Come on.
- [folk music]
- [Sam laughs]
[Taylor] Oh, shit.
- [Sam laughing]
- Oh!
[Sam laughing]
Come here. No.
Everybody tries
To make me dance
But I just want
To sit still
And stare right at you
With my strongest gaze
It's an innocent
Youthful thrill
And hold your hand
On my front porch swing
When the summer night
Sends a chill
And dream of driving
Way up north
Though I know
We'll never get our fill
[Luna] It's... all the rain
and the spring,
it makes the soil
super fertile.
Everything grows
really easily.
So do these weeds.
This one is insane.
[chuckles] Thanks.
Um, they're mostly just
concepts for paintings.
But I think that's what I like,
when they're just potential.
Have you ever
sold your work?
Actually, for the first time
this year,
a gallery took
a couple of my paintings.
One of them sold,
and I couldn't believe it, really.
Oh, I could
totally believe that.
My dream is to have
an artist residency
on a property
up in the mountains,
a place where artists
can come, create, heal.
How do you know you could
do it, like, be an artist?
I don't know.
I guess drawing
and painting
just make it easier for me
to live with myself.
- [Matt] You don't know how to shuffle.
- [Sam] I don't... me?
You haven't even started yet.
- Two fives.
- [Matt] Bullshit.
- [coughs] It was real, dude.
- Really?
- Yikes.
- All right, one, two.
- [Taylor] All right.
- [Luna] Bullshit.
- [Sam] No, we're not.
- [Vili] Hey!
[Sam] That sucks.
Like, when you've gotten
so good at cards
that you've gone to, like, the World
Series of Poker, or whatever the fuck,
I would pay to have the entire
deck stacked against you,
just bad hand after bad hand
after fucking bad hand.
- [Sam] What's a rich-person prank?
- Two fives.
It's like where if you had
unlimited resources
to mess with somebody
at your disposal.
[Vili] Yeah, I had one where Matt's
playing the biggest show of his life
and everyone in the audience
is a paid actor,
so he plays this first song,
which is inevitably
and everyone just starts
filtering out one by one
until he's left playing
to an empty room,
which, incidentally, perfect title for
that memoir you've been working on.
All right, I got one...
where Vili here, when he gets
to his fucking dream paradise,
when he's in, like,
the startup whatever the hell he does...
- [Vili] Don't doubt it.
- ...gets that dream house in Pasadena or a fucking Mars,
- wherever you go when you're rich.
- [Vili] One of the two.
Where you got
your dream house
and I pay to have it completely
leveled when you're gone,
rebuilt like at the end
of Freddy Got Fingered,
upside down.
I've got one, but I'm not
even going to tell you guys
because I'm probably gonna
do it to one of you.
[Taylor] Okay,
I'm actually scared.
But I do like the idea of
cutting the brakes in the truck
right before Matt
goes to drive.
- [Vili] Whoa.
- Okay.
Well, one, that's not
a rich-person prank
because it doesn't cost
any money.
And two, that's called
murder, you fucking psycho.
[laughter, overlapping chatter]
[Matt] Fuck it.
It doesn't matter.
- [Sam] It doesn't matter.
- [Allie] Just somebody go.
- Sam, tell us something interesting about you.
- Bullshit.
- No, it's real.
- Damn.
When I was younger,
I used to sing opera.
Yeah, I had this lady come
to my house every weekend.
[Vili] Oh, fuck, dude,
opera's fire.
- I love opera.
- [Matt] Word.
- [Luna] No.
- [Vili] Oh.
[Matt in British accent]
Not me.
And I can balance
anything on my head.
- Really?
- Yeah.
[Luna] Show us.
[Luna clears throat]
Oh, my God.
- [Matt] Wow!
- [Taylor] Wow.
- [Luna] Wow.
- [Vili] That's pretty cool.
- That's a life skill.
- [Allie] I can hold...
[Taylor] Please don't
drop that on me.
[Allie] I can hold my breath
so my body doesn't even move,
so I'd be perfect
for, like, a crime show.
Like, the beginning scene
when there's a dead body?
[Vili] Whoa, so true.
[Sam] One three,
Uno out, bitches.
[Vili] All right,
second place, then?
I just don't care.
I'm done.
Well, I can do
a sick Australian accent.
- [Sam] Really? Do it.
- [Taylor] Let's hear it.
[in Australian accent]
G'day, mate! Danger's me name.
Playing music's me game.
[Vili] Please, next time you
think to do that, spare us.
You sound like
a fucking pirate.
I'm pretty good
at masturbating.
- What, anywhere?
- [Sam] Oh, my God!
- Yeah.
- [Sam] In a room with four other people?
[Vili] Wait, yeah,
you're right next to my bed.
- I'm quiet.
- Dang.
- [Sam] Oh, my God.
- [Taylor] You are a deep sleeper.
[Vili] That's true,
lots of wine.
That's another life skill,
no doubt.
No boo, no boo, no boo.
[piano music]
[indistinct chatter]
[Matt] Al, Al, Al.
[chatter and music continue]
- [birds chirping]
- [music playing over PA]
- [Taylor] Go ahead.
- [chuckles]
[camera shutter clicks]
[Taylor] Nice.
So, what's my dad like
these days?
You know...
pretty quiet, I guess,
keeps to himself.
Likes the work.
Yeah, he seems
really different.
People change.
It's been a long time.
Yeah, I guess.
He's happy to have you
here, though.
That's for sure.
Does he say anything
about me?
Little things here and there.
Like, he'll mention you
as if you're still here, but...
I guess it helps.
I'm gonna go pay.
- Okay.
- I'll be back.
[bells jingle]
I'll drive.
You remember how?
Taylor, I taught you
how to drive.
Just don't kill me.
[serene music]
[indistinct chatter]
[indistinct chatter]
[indistinct chatter]
[music continues]
[camera shutter clicks]
It's so beautiful here.
[Taylor] I always pictured
bringing you here.
Really? Why?
It's gonna sound strange,
but remember those blanket forts
we used to make as kids
at my mom's place?
- Yeah, I do.
- [both chuckle]
Every time I'm out here,
I... I just think of that.
I don't know why.
Taylor, I lied to you.
I lied to you
about New York.
I don't work
at a photo studio.
I work a graveyard shift
at a copy and print shop.
I'm afraid
to show my photos.
I don't think
they're any good.
And my life looks nothing
like the one that I pictured.
I'm sorry
that I lied to you, but...
Don't apologize for that.
None of that matters to me.
I think just being back here
has made me realize
all the dreams that I've had
that are slipping away
without me even realizing it.
Maybe that's why
you're here now...
to find that.
What did that 15-year-old
want with her life?
I wanted to be
a photographer.
I wanted to shoot
for magazines.
I wanted to travel the world.
I wanted to move to LA.
Why LA?
I had this book of Stephen Shore
photographs from his LA series,
and I was just obsessed
with it.
I would look at those photos
and I would just think,
"I belong here."
[Taylor] Yeah?
You know when you're a kid
and you think
you are the only person
that has a dream like that?
I don't think anyone sees the
world the way you do, Sam.
It's all just...
more complicated now.
You don't have to
figure it all out tonight.
We can just pretend
things are simple again.
[serene music]
The waves got high
Didn't they?
I know I tried
But I lost the way
I didn't know which way
To go, so I held on
I cannot lie
I promise you
Through it all
It was always you
I prayed that I could
Stop loving you
Now we're staring
At a shipwreck
Oh, my God, I never thought
That we'd get lost at sea
How did we?
It takes two to keep going
It takes one to let go and
You're lost at sea
How did we?
When there's no anchor
There's no safety
You started drifting
I tried to save you
But you let go
Now we're staring
At a shipwreck
Oh, my God
I never thought that
We'd get lost at sea
How did we?
It takes two to keep going
It takes one to let go and
You're lost at sea
How did we?
How did we?
How did we?
[music playing over PA]
And I'm glad for you.
It must be nice having
your little vacation out there.
But what you need
is a real plan.
Derek always says
this thing that I just love.
A goal without a plan
is a goal.
No, wait, that's not it.
It's a goal
without a plan is a...
[sighs] Oh, well,
I forgot the last part.
But the point is you need to
get serious about your life.
Remember, this is
an opportunity for you.
A wish!
That was it.
A goal without a plan
is just a wish.
All right, just something
I've been working on, you know.
It's not like a...
like a solo project.
- It's more of, like, a side thing.
- Okay.
Allie is going to hate it.
It's like when Lennon
first heard "Yesterday,"
and he's like, "There's no way we're
gonna release that as a single.
- It's too soft."
- Okay, just show me.
All right.
- And the guitar is not mixed at all.
- Matt, just play it!
All right.
- [acoustic guitar music]
- What I need is
- [Taylor] Thanks.
- What I need is
What I need is
- What I need is...
- Ten bucks, best out of three?
- What I need is...
- [Allie sighs] I got five.
- What I need is...
- You shoot first.
That'll do.
[song continues]
- [rifle clicks]
- Shit.
[song continues]
Can't see it.
- [rifle clicks]
- [Vili] Come...
All right.
What I want is, want is
Want is you...
- As if.
- Pay up, motherfucker.
- This gun fucking sucks.
- You suck.
- Pay me.
- Double or nothing.
I'm like a hillbilly Lara Croft.
- [rifle clicks]
- Shit!
[song continues]
- [song fades]
- I really, really like it.
Yeah, it's... it's really good.
[Luna] How can you not see
there's something broken?
[Vili] Yeah, but what are you even
talking about, like, anti-capitalist?
That's like me saying
I'm anti-oxygen.
I depend on it
every day of my life.
We're actually a lot less
dependent than you think.
Guys, this bread's
not even expired.
This is what
the system produces...
need and waste
It's fucked up
on so many levels.
But there's always been need.
That's intrinsic to humanity.
There's always going to be
some kind of need.
You just think you're gonna
make a fortune someday,
and maybe you will,
but the rest of us probably won't.
I saw a documentary one time
that said that, like...
um, that, like, half
the food on Earth is wasted.
Matt, I seriously doubt that.
It was a pretty compelling
Yeah, well, so there's waste.
That's just a byproduct
of being able to produce
whatever you want,
whenever you want.
That is some free-market
bullshit and you know it.
It's not free market!
I'm just being realistic.
I'm not gonna fucking sit here and
have a conversation with you guys
about some utopia that's
never gonna actually exist.
You sound like
a fucking libertarian.
So what
if I am a libertarian?
Libertarians are just hippies
that grew up and bought guns.
Well, I'm glad you read
your first Noam Chomsky book
and now you're an expert on
oversimplified global economics.
Like, Jesus Christ,
you and Matt should make
a really compelling
documentary about it.
- That sounds cool.
- [Luna] I don't think it's nave
to think that there could be
something better.
Yeah, well, then show me system
that actually exists, you know,
and we can sit here and have an
intelligent conversation about it.
But until then, I'm gonna try to work
within the system that actually exists.
What's your plan?
No, like, your life plan.
What do you mean?
Like, if you could
wake up in 10 years,
what would you be doing?
I'd be here with you.
- I'm serious.
- So am I.
You never thought about
going back to school?
- I knew that bothered you.
- No, it doesn't.
I'm just wondering
if you've ever thought
about doing something else.
Sam, I don't have
what you have.
For me, there's no special
gift or secret skill,
but I'm happy here
and I wanna share that
with someone.
[chatter on TV]
[chatter continues]
I don't understand why you can't
just tell your partner your number.
They separate the numbers
at the beginning
before she gets
the first clue.
You could definitely make up
signals, though, like...
- [snickers] Very subtle, though.
- [chuckles]
I got you some of that
non-dairy ice cream in there
in case you want some.
- I didn't even know that was a thing.
- [Sam laughs] Thank you.
[phone ringing]
- Hello?
- Samantha, it's your mother.
- Hi, Mom.
- I was just thinking about you
and wanted to see
how you're doing.
I'm good. I'm actually in the
middle of something right now.
Can I call you back later?
Oh, real quick
while I have you.
What's the Wi-Fi password?
Derek is trying to log in
with his laptop computer
and I don't know
the password.
- It's on the back of the router.
- No, I already looked.
It's not.
Just give it to me.
- Okay, it's H-N-S-N...
- Wait, hold on.
Sweetie, I have
the password.
Okay, say it again.
- I-V-V-7.
- I-V-V-7.
No, that didn't work.
You must have said it wrong.
Okay, say it again.
I'm going to write it down.
Okay, it's written on the
back of the router, though.
Okay, I'm ready, go ahead.
Okay, it's H-N-S,
"N" as in "Nancy,"
I-V, "V" as in "Victoria," 7.
Okay, here, try this.
Oh, good, he got the password
off the back of the router.
When you're back, you should change
it to something easier to remember.
Oh, I did want to make sure
you're still helping with rent
this month.
Derek's in between jobs,
so that would really help.
Yeah, okay.
I gotta go.
[receiver thuds]
[tools whirring]
[music playing on radio]
Oh, my God!
I can't believe
you still have this.
She still runs good, too.
I can't believe
you still have this.
[Dad] It wasn't mine
to give away.
Plus, I always kind of hope somehow
you might have use for it one day.
Yeah, I still remember you
picking me up from school in it.
[Dad] Yeah, me too.
Can I ask you something?
Of course.
How do you know
what the right thing to do is
when it isn't clear?
I'm the last person
who should be offering
anyone advice, especially you.
I'm serious.
In the program, you know,
we have that prayer thing.
"Serenity to accept
the things I cannot change,
courage to change
the things I can,
and wisdom to know
the difference."
It's a lot harder
than it sounds.
But except that you can't
save anyone,
or fix anyone, or change anyone.
That's where it all starts.
That's where you stop thinking
you control that much
and start to realize
how little you really do.
Yeah, well, that's easy
for you to say.
You're not responsible
for anybody.
Believe me, my whole life
has been filled with mistakes,
things that I'm still
trying to make amends for,
but I can't be responsible
for anyone else's life,
just like you can't be
responsible for your mom's.
- Somebody had to be.
- When you take on the weight of someone else,
it holds you back, and it cripples
them from growing themselves.
Is that what you think
I'm doing, I'm crippling her?
I think you have a big heart
and you don't want her
to feel pain.
But you can't do that forever.
Right now, you need to do
what's best for you,
not her or anyone else, you.
So, is that what you did?
You just did what was best
for you?
Because you weren't around when
I was the one taking care of her
and trying to put myself
through high school, okay.
So you don't get
to write your letters,
you don't get to call me
on my birthday,
and you don't get to tell me this
bullshit 12-step speech, okay.
It's too fucking late.
All I know
is a person's life is defined
by just a handful of choices.
Yeah, well, you really missed
some of those, didn't you?
[distant music playing]
Hey, look, it's Ansel Adams.
- Cute pics here.
- Give me those.
- Really edgy.
- I'm serious, give them to me.
- [Allie] What are you so upset about?
- [Taylor] Hey.
Why does she have these?
Al, give those back.
- Fuck you!
- [Taylor] Hey.
Hey, stop. What...
I... you left those in the back of my
trunk and I thought it would be nice to...
I didn't ask you to do that.
I thought the whole point was
for people to see anyways.
No, I don't need you
to do shit for me, all right.
- I don't need you to fix me.
- That's not what I'm doing.
Okay, so then what is it
that you're doing?
What is this?
I love you,
but you have to let me.
- It's not that simple.
- [scoffs] Why?
Why does it have to be
more complicated than that?
Because this isn't a life,
It's cute,
but it's also pathetic.
I'm fucked up, but at least
I live in the real fucking world
where people don't grow up
to be painters
and rock stars
and drink wine all day.
I think you should go.
[clicks tongue]
[solemn music]
[crickets chirping]
[TV playing in background]
[phone rings]
- Hello?
- [woman crying]
Mom? Is that you?
- Is everything okay?
- I'm okay.
- Mom, what's wrong?
- He... he left.
- Who left?
- Derek.
Derek left just now.
What do you mean he left?
He just moved in.
He said I was weak
and that this just wasn't
working out for him.
Then I got upset and he told
me there was another woman,
Lisa, who he had ended
things with a few months ago
but he said he loved her and wanted
to be with her instead of me.
So he's gone, and I'm alone,
and I need you to come back
- and take care of me, Samantha.
- Mom...
Okay, just listen to me.
Just take a shower,
get something to eat.
Okay? Breathe.
Everything's gonna be fine.
I need you here.
Thought you'd want
to have these.
Sorry for being an asshole.
I was just playing around.
I know.
I'm just going through a lot,
and I definitely
took it out on you.
This is just the first place
that's ever felt like home,
so I got really protective.
Taylor is like a brother to me.
I just don't wanna
hurt him, you know.
And I definitely did.
I think I'm just scared.
What are you scared of?
Getting close to somebody,
them leaving.
I don't know,
just all of it, I guess.
I think you're a good person
and you'll figure it out.
But what the fuck do I know?
I'm not really
into that type of stuff,
but those photos
are pretty cool.
[distant train horn blaring]
- Hey.
- Hey.
What are you doing
in the rain?
I don't mind it.
Just taking a break.
I'm sorry for everything
that I said.
I didn't mean it.
Yeah, I know.
It's just that...
nobody's ever
really looked at me
the way that you do.
Or cared about me
the way that you do.
I do care.
I can't stay here.
Yeah, you made that
pretty clear.
My mom wants me
to come home.
What do you want?
I don't know.
[mellow music]
I step outside and make
My way on from Carolina
Any way the weather blows
Home is where I find ya
We ache inside To ride the
mighty wind And nothing more
Oh, I just wanna See you
there sleepin' On my floor
Well, I don't really like you
I just wanna kiss you
I don't know how to love you
But some days I miss you
I just wanna see you there
Sleepin' on my floor
With the ache inside To ride
the mighty wind And nothing more
And I'm calling
On angels now
I want them to set me free
I hope that they're real
Though sometimes it feels
Like nobody's listening
[no audible dialog]
When I was only 12 years old
And my parents went a-walkin'
I hate those wicked words They'd
say when they Started talking
He was headed
For the open road
She turned
And slammed the door
Learning love Ain't easy,
child When all you see is war
And I'm calling
On angels now
I want them to set me free
I hope that they're real
Though sometimes it feels
Like nobody's listening
[line ringing]
[music playing on radio]
[Dad] Took her out
this morning.
Running fine.
Put in new oil
and topped out the fluids.
Steering was drifting a little to the
left, but should be centered now.
I put some oil in the trunk.
It doesn't have a leak,
but just in case...
Okay, I got it.
[keys jingle]
There's a map
in the glove box.
It's prettier route
if you take 26 down to 97.
Thank you.
You should stop and see
San Francisco on the way down.
That's the farthest south
I ever went.
Everything below that,
you'll have to tell me about, okay?
- [music playing on radio]
- [indistinct chatter]
No, I can't.
That's too unpretty.
- [Sam] Guys, come on.
- [chatter continues]
- We're taking a photo.
- [chattering]
- I mean, weddings are open... weddings are open bar!
- [camera shutter clicks]
- I need to take another.
- I wasn't even ready for that.
- Yeah, I wasn't ready either.
- [overlapping chatter]
- Samantha Rose, let us know, please.
- Give us a countdown.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Three, two, one.
[camera shutter clicks]
[Matt] Nice.
That was fucking beautiful.
- Right, yeah.
- [laughs] All right, guys, wait.
I have a surprise for you.
Follow me.
- [Sam] What is it?
- [Matt] What is it?
- [Allie] God.
- [Luna] Hmm, let's see.
[Sam] Taking us
into the woods?
- He's taking us to prom!
- [Sam] Oh, my God! [laughs]
- [Vili] It's time.
- [Sam] Oh, my God, Vil.
- [Taylor] No way.
- Allie, for you, obviously.
- Thank you, sir.
- Is this your wine?
- You bet your ass.
- [laughs]
- [Vili] Matt. Lu.
- Thank you.
- Water for Sam.
- All jokes aside, pretty excited.
To friends, to family.
[all] Cheers.
swish, smell, sip.
Ah. [chuckles]
That is rich.
- That is... that is terrible.
- Tastes like fucking poison.
- It's the worst thing I've ever tasted.
- Oh, my God.
- My tongue is numb.
- [laughs]
Sorry about that, guys.
[Matt] But you're gonna
get it next time.
- All jokes aside.
- [Vili] We'll see.
Sam, I drew this for you.
- Thanks.
- [Matt] Did you give a gift?
- I think it's brave what you're doing.
- [Vili] Yeah.
- [Sam] Thanks.
- [Vili] I can't believe it was that bad.
[Matt] It wasn't that bad.
Also, I didn't...
I didn't realize that we were doing gifts.
She did.
Eh, it doesn't matter.
But I'm happy to send you
my new song when it's done.
I'd like that.
- [Matt] It's gonna be rough now.
- [Vili] Probably will be.
Don't worry.
Love you, kid.
- Make better wine.
- [laughter]
I'll try.
Yeah, we don't have to hug.
It's okay.
Um, take care of them.
Yeah, I'll make sure there's
no skanky bitches around here.
[Taylor] So, I heard they closed
all the roads out of here.
Wow, all of them?
Yeah, they're saying
it's gonna be a while.
Are you sure
I can't change your mind?
I think I'm in love with you...
but I need to be sure.
And if I don't
do this now, I... I won't.
Don't say that.
Some shit you say
at the end of things, you know.
I promise I'll write.
I hope you found
what you're looking for.
[mellow music]
[line ringing]
Hi, it's Diane.
I can't get the phone
right now.
Please leave a message
and I'll get back to you.
- [beeps]
- Hi, Mom, it's me.
I can't come back there
right now.
For so long, I think
I've been trying to save you
but you don't need any saving.
You're a good person
and you're gonna be fine.
I just need to figure out
what's next for me.
I'll get a new phone and I'll
call you once I get there.
Don't forget to eat
and to get outside.
And if Derek calls again,
tell him to fuck off.
You deserve better than that.
I love you.
[mellow music]
[indistinct chatter]
It's like a dating app,
except it's for finding friends.
[Taylor] How does it pick the
people it matches you with?
You fill out a questionnaire
and then they match you
with the people that you have
the most shared interests with.
God, that sounds awful.
I miss you.
You're just lonely.
That's not the same thing.
I miss you.
[folk music]
[camera shutter clicks]
August, honey
Tasted sweeter with you
Sticky fingers
From your old residue
Do you remember
You used to breathe so loud
Do you remember
The taste, the sound?
And it sounded
So damn good
And it tasted
Just like it should
We don't talk about it
We don't have the time
We thought love was something
We weren't meant to find
But now you're a stranger
And I'm still July
But don't you remember
August, honey, you were mine
[no audible dialog]
Well, I've loved you
From the start
And I've loved you
From the start
We don't talk about it
We don't have the time
We thought love was something
We weren't meant to find
But now you're a stranger
And I'm still July
But don't you remember
August, honey, you were mine
We don't talk about it
We don't have the time
We thought love was something
We weren't meant to find
But now you're a stranger
And I'm still July
But don't you remember
August, honey, you were mine