Samara (2023) Movie Script

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and relatives, also to Samara team'
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Om Jayanti, Mangala, Kali
Bhadrakali, Kapalini
Durga Kshama Shiva
Dhatri Svaha Svadha
I know ten lahks is a big amount
But it is to save your life
No one will come here to harm you
God will protect you
Everything you need will be delivered here
All right
We must go inside and catch him
There's no other way!
How many of our people are there?
Sir, Seven
Sir, is there any way to get
permission to enter inside?
No, at least ten thousand people
will be there
It's risky to infiltrate
a religious place to catch him
He is brilliant!
This is the best protection he can get
Hey, who are you?
Can you feel it?
Soon the world will pass
Do you see the light up
there in the sky?
It shows you the way,
run fast, and doesn't stop!
Don't fly by, hold onto it, your dream
Never give up when the ice grabs you
Never give up when the ice grabs you
The end is coming soon!
Few have the power, king and subject
In the eternal night,
the slave remains alone
You believed, always trusted
Now you are sitting here all alone
Wonder what will be tomorrow
You believed, always trusted
It is difficult to breathe,
death is coming soon
Your heart will soon stop beating
Few have the power, King and subject
In the eternal night,
the slave remains alone
Soon you will be free...
I got a call from the driver
You will get the promised amount
and I will get my commission
The guy is classy
So ask him to pay double
Or else Ganesh will take all the money
and you will be left with nothing
Is Ameer?
I'm Ameer Sir
This is the girl I told you
Okay, sit inside
She is a good girl
There will be no complaints sir
Sir, there have been no complaints so far
Thank you, sir!
Sir, Suri
You have changed a lot
Nothing, sir
Sir, my money
Can you pay?
Thank you
How much?
Sir, 50
Sir, I'll take the bag
No thanks
The car is ready
Suri, what's the name of this place?
The name of this place
To reach the place you mentioned, have to reach Burwa first
Why don't you type on mobile note pad?
We have a car
Isn't this the right Bus?
Yes sir
It's right
Then take the ticket
I'll refund all the cash...
Once I reach the money exchange
No problem sir,
you have already paid me more
Two Burwa
Yes, tell me
Sir, a new security officer
has taken charge today
He won't let you take this from here
Hey, go... go...
Didn't you say?
These unclaimed corpses are being
taken to the medical college?
And this is not the first time
I am doing this here
Say this too
Unclaimed dead bodies
Orphan corpse
Don't say it like that
They will have someone too
Although not official,
it is part of police clearance
Sir, such unaddressed corpses
are a nuisance!
And it's not a secret here
It is known to many people here
Now this and everything to come
will be in the records
There are procedures my friend
The bodies should be matched
with the missing cases reported so far
Their pictures should be publicized
We have to make sure if there are relatives
or anyone else to identify
Why handover it to relatives?
Is it for burning or burying?
Without benefit to anyone
Don't think it's dead now
They will acquit the VIPs who were
sentenced to be hanged in jail
They will reduce the number of criminals
who are not caught in the police records
I'm telling you this
because you are new
Sir, you may go
We will do this
Didn't I say?
There are procedures
Now you are the one who must leave!
If not?
Will be beaten
Now you are very angry
So at first
I will get beaten
Who will recognize this disfigured corpse,
died in an accident
Who will come and take it?
Act too smart and
this will be you lying here
I will make sure of that
Now, even your friends won't
recognize this face of yours
But some people can still recognize you
Your Mom can,
Then your Dad
They don't even need
your head to recognize you
Take him away
Then start doing the procedures
Call me on this number
if this becomes a police case
I might be in and around
some other morgue in this neighborhood
Sir, we have reached the place, let's go
- Here?
- Yes, come on
What's the name of this place?
Are you asking the name of the place,
where we got off the bus?
No, I am asking about this place
This is Burwa
Lost your pen?
Check again
This is the problem with public transport
Use this one
Thank you
- Thank you
- No problem, keep it
Are you sure?
Sure Sir
Thank you Suri
Okay Sir
Today I need you only till here
I have to go a bit further, but alone
Hence we will meet tomorrow
Same place, Same time
Okay sir
Thank you Suri
Thank you Sir
Just you!
And a few beliefs that don't have eyes
and ears are present here now
So you can talk
What happened to your eyes?
After two days I have my eye surgery
at my sister's hospital
Nothing will be documented
And I don't like anything
to be documented
Just like you
Very soon I will transform
my devotees into your soldiers
Not only that, their faith in me
will also become yours
They will only obey you
Jan 19th is the date that
we have been eagerly waiting
All should happen properly
Trust and wait
I trust you
Are you disgusted by my appearance?
Is this your daughter?
What's your name?
What happened?
Hey James?
That's a rabbit
It has been playing with me
for the past three days
I'm gonna get him today
Sir... Sir... Sir
Is it a gun that kills people?
Do you want to kill someone?
Oh No...
Sir, I understand that you are not
someone who calls people like me regularly
You are right Geetha
Today is a very special day for me
Has someone made a promise
to you and broken it?
What promise?
Deepthi or Alan
Both of you are about to get married
In happiness and sorrow
In health and illness
In richness and poverty
Will you be a companion?
And all phases of life?
He is unsure
Are you unsure?
I can't do this
This is disgusting
What happens to you?
You've to leave this room right now!
Last day was sir's wedding anniversary
Today is his daughter's birthday
The guest room is next to Sir's room
You can go there and sleep
I will take you wherever
you need to go in the morning
Don't stop me now
I can take better
care of our daughter than you
Don't go to the court
If you try, you will fail
While this snow star shines in the sky
My whole heart is filled
with love for you
When your love grows
inside me like a bloom
When your love grows
inside me like a bloom
That colorful dream warms me like rain
Like dew falling on a flower petal
I'll melt in your love
There is love in the air,
And distance only in words
My love is silent,
But I adore your soul
Oh my love, what is
this thread that binds us
Every street, day and night,
You haven't gone yet?
I don't want this money
Let me go
One second
If you accept this money
You can do one more thing
that will make me happy
Your eyes are wondering
Wherever you go,
You are searching for me
Your eyes are wondering
Wherever you go
- Hai Dad!
- My dear!
How are you?
Happy Birthday
Thank you, Dad
Happy Birthday to you
Thank you, Uncle!
It's Uncle's gift for you, dear
Hey Alan, thanks for coming
Please Come
Oh sure
Did that aunt come with you?
We met here
That destiny
Our journey is of togetherness
When we are far or near
O beautiful...
My heart prays
For you in every heartbeat
Did you come with my dad?
My dad
Or James uncle?
Have you come with them?
Are you Malayali?
Maybe yes
My dad had a love before
A Malayali
I heard that she is very sweet
I have seen
some photos of that aunty
she is very pretty
Tell the truth,
are you really Dad's friend?
Why do you want to know this?
Did you ask this to get me
married to your father?
Jaani, Can you play this violin now?
Not now but Later
We would love to see you playing this
We all waiting for that
There is love in the air
And distance only in words
My love is silent
But I adore your soul
Oh my love, what is
this thread that binds us
Every street, day and night
You reverberate all around me
Your eyes are wondering
Wherever you go,
You are searching for me
Your eyes are wondering
Wherever you go
My back feels broken, walking so much
What's so special about this place?
After four days it will snow all over here
After that, I'll take
a photo of this place and show you
Only then you will realize
what's so special about this place
No way Once I'm back,
We can come here again, together
I don't need your help
to come here anymore
This is where my losses begin
One bomb blast rescue
Eleven soldiers were killed
The four who survived
are still living with disabilities
I remain in this form
My greatest loss is my daughter Jaani
I want her, Geetha
I don't need anything else in this life
I want to do whatever
she wants, the best way I can
It's not enough
Last Night,
Today it is too late
I can't find anyone else today
Apart from this,
I don't have any other work now
Isn't she a young girl?
Highly in demand too
Amir has my phone number
send your account number in it
I will transfer
That's enough!
Good Night Sir
Who is he to her?
Geetha's brother
Her own brother?
I turned into a butterfly
with burned wings
- Hey Suri
- Come, sir
No thanks
Shall we go to my car today?
It is not necessary
I drive well
Public transport always feels safe to me
More than a driver or a guide,
you are a companion to me
And for me a guide is not a driver,
but someone who can help me...
...reach wherever I want to go,
however, I want to go
For example, yesterday I lost my pen
Then you helped me
by giving me your pen
Good guide
Okay sir
Can you return my pen?
It was gifted to me by my girlfriend
Oh Yeah, Of course
- Thank you
- Thank you, sir
Just ask when you need it
You see
Good companion!
Sir, hurry up,
The next bus is only after 3 hours
Come, let's go
Stop there
Hurry up
There seems to be
no room inside the bus
Let's get on top
Yes Tell me
Sir, These are footages from
our CCTV cameras in Burwa street
The person in the video matches
the caricature you mailed us
It's him... find him at any cost
Is there a money exchange
somewhere on the way?
Last week I went there with a customer
Just in 10 minutes
I've done, sir
Another thing
The deal that you made
in the church yesterday
Someone says it's not gonna happen
What are you saying?
How did you know
about our private deal?
Your pen wasn't stolen yesterday,
I stole it
Then I gave you my pen
It's not just any pen
It's a voice transmitter
It is very expensive
And the one who gave it,
highly resourceful
Calm down, Sir
This is not that kind of
a public transport as you think
The entire public on
this public transport is my people
I'll secure your bag first
After that, I'll take you to another
public transport that is safe for you
That's the job I've undertaken
I know who gave you this quotation
But I know him way better than you
You don't know anything about me
You just know my name
Catch him...
Don't let go...
Hurry up...
Don't you want to see
who will be left in this game?
You are going to see my real face now
Is that your father's girlfriend?
I don't know anything,
no one is telling me openly
James uncle hasn't picked my call
since he left from here
Why don't you ask to your Dad directly?
Anyway, dad will tell me if he thinks,
it's something I need to know
This is just a CID job of mine
Just a time pass
Wait a minute, Dad is calling me
Tell me, dad
I'll come soon to bring you here
I will discuss this in detail
once I'm there
Now I am ready to accept all your terms
Okay, Dad! Bye
Are you happy?
I never knew
she was worth this much sir
You should take this
as a one-time settlement
But one day, if you feel bored of her,
don't hesitate to call me
You will definitely get bored,
I'm sure that
I have something to say
Open the door
Then, as I said earlier
Final settlement
Can you guess where I am now?
At some restaurant with Dad?
Shopping with Mom?
Oh No
Only you and I know this place
I have already told you not to go alone
Jaani will come
Deepthi has no other objections
I've already talked to her
But I have some problem
I have arranged a team
The project is a research on
hospital facilities in India and abroad
Jaani will lead the team
It will take about a month
You can take her after that
Let her do it, I have no objection
Thank you, Alan
Jaani is like you
Very Intelligent
Oh okay... now you hold a moment
Is Jaani's father?
No... No...
This way
My dear...
My dear...
Look at me
Don't come near
I said step back
I'll call the police
Whoever comes, there should be
an expert forensic officer with them
Jai hind Sir
Jai hind
This is Dr Azad
He will join us to detail
the medical aspect of this case
A local goon
And he was also working
as an unauthorized guide
Did you check his ID?
Yes sir
This is the passport we got from the scene
Milan Bava
Age 34
Born in Germany
His mother is an Indian
Then this pen
It's a pen come recorder
Lost your pen?
This is the problem
with public transport
What happened to your eyes?
After two days I have my eye surgery
at my sister's hospital
Nothing will be documented
And I don't like anything
to be documented
Excuse me
It's a crime scene
We are on duty here
No... I'm not on duty
Not only that
Your superiors told me to come here
So should I stay or?
The information obtained from this...
...Mainly leads to two points
From his plan,
it doesn't lead us to any specific clues
The second thing is the date of assignment
Jan 19th
Jan 19th?
Yes sir, that we have to find out
Then this knife
It's used in the fight
Not only that, both of them have
needle marks on their bodies
Besides that bottle,
Milan also had a jet injector
With two dosage
One of them was injected
at the back of Suri's neck
It looks like an actual gunshot
But they used this syringe
If you look at the wound on the neck,
it doesn't look like a syringe puncture
It is not the same as an injection
it seems to be stabbed in a rage to kill
Second shot
On Milan's neck
Sir, there's something else too
that's confusing
Based on the autopsy report,
The cause of death of both of them was...
...not due to any kind of poison
entering the body
But a deep knife wound
And the bleeding that followed
Suri was the first to die,
Minutes later, Milan also died
Then about the injector gun
Sir, for that
We will have to wait for the test results
That bottle is broken
Something seems wrong
But as Jaani's father, Dr Alan said
This bottle didn't break
because it fell on the ground
These bottles are bullet proof
It's really hard to break
At first sight, it looks like it's broken
But it's not
It's evident, sir
Someone has knowingly
or unknowingly opened this
That bottle
Is a highly secure medicine carrier
But I'm wondering
How these bodies decayed
in minus degrees, in the snow
But the needle mark was seen on
Milan's body on this side of the neck
If this is not suicide, then
When someone self-injects in an attempt
of suicide or something else,
They would inject
above the left or right elbow
He will never try to inject himself there
Make sure that this news
doesn't get leaked to the media
There should not be a picture
or a line of news about this
Without my permission
You get me?
Yeah, I'll take care of it
Also, we need
More team from forensic
But the doubt is still on
Milan's gunshot position
What do you mean?
Sir, It's not poison
It's kind of a method
It's like some terrorists use cyanide
when death is imminent
Let's assume
It could be that the people behind Milan
had instructed him to use this injection
Instead of Cyanide
as this is only known to them
...would be to use this injection
known only to them
And if my guess is right
The equation should be the same
for both the syringe and carrier case
Suri attacked Milan and...
...similarly, Milan attacked Suri
They probably fought over
the contents of that bottle
When Milan saw death in front of him
He might have shot the syringe
And opened the carrier in an attempt
to destroy the contents in it
Look here
What if Suri has done that?
But there are no fingerprints of Suri
Either on the gun or on the syringe
Neither Milan nor Suri
I think there's a third person
Dr Alan Moses
Has anyone else touched
this girl apart from you?
No, I didn't allow that
That's good
As you said
something is wrong
But until we find out what it is,
you both must go in home quarantine
A house where only
you both would live and where... can maintain
a distance from each other
Hope you get me
These corpses should be treated
like a virus-infected bodies
Do you understand?
What do you mean?
I'm not implying anything
This may be just a normal
personal animosity or... argument or extortion
or something else
...quotation or whatever it is,
That has resulted in a duel
and ended in murder
Or is it something beyond that?
Is it something beyond that?
This is an extremely different
and dangerous game
Jaani's drawing set and
Violin is in her room
Pack those too
Hello sir
I'm now at the girl's house
Will leave from here soon
Okay sir
Where are these two going?
His own place...
150 kilometers away from here
An isolated house
150 kilometers?
That's not possible
We should relocate them ourselves to some
place where medical care is easily accessible
It should be a place
where medical care is easily available
They should be moved there okay?
I gave them permission to do so
Some random guy, working as a security
staff at the medical college mortuary...
...has been given special posting
at my jurisdiction... Awesome!
It's too bad...
Dear... Please put the dog in this
Please listen to me
I'll feed it with apple, orange
and take good care of this Dog
Apple for the dog?
Doctor, it's a huge risk,
if this dog gets out
Please try to understand
Please, dear!
Brother, give me some time
I have kept a tab for you
As a doctor, I would suggest you,
listen to him
Or else, it might cause problems later
Did you see a girl sitting there?
You've been summoned to treat her
That is your only Job!
Will anything happen you
because of me...
Nothing will happen
It's just a doubt
You are also a medical student
If we face such a case,
should we not do the same?
However, if something happens to you
because of me, I would be shattered
Who is this?
You can share it with your dad,
no matter whoever it is
I like him, dad
He seems to be under a lot of tension
He called me a lot
Pick up the call
There is nothing to fear
I am going to someplace with my dad
'Chandrathaal 94 KM'
You are the misty in Kashmir
Do not worry anymore
In my heart, so lovingly
A wing will fly high
My heart's beloved flower
Go to sleep
Heart's wind
Eyes are looking for
To see you
The burden is on me
The life that departs
is urging to join with me
You are my bud
You are my world
Like a shining star in the sky
You are my beloved daughter
You are the misty in Kashmir
Do not worry anymore
You are the answer to the time
Do not disappear so soon
You are the misty in Kashmir
Do not worry anymore
You are the answer to the time
Do not disappear so soon
You are a trickster to the fire
Have lots of pain
Drizzles of flowers
which holds a breath
'Will not let you lose your life
In the hands of wind
Spread your wings
In the language of cold
Burn your loneliness
Don't get lost, dearie
You are my hope of ray
You are the misty in Kashmir
Do not worry anymore
You are the answer to the time
Do not disappear so soon
Do not disappear
I'm Honey I believe Eliza Mam
has told you about me
Come in
Do you teach Kathak here?
That's my sister,
She teaches them
All the students are from my Orphanage
We have quite a few people here
that includes boys, girls, and children
My Dad started it
Everything my Dad started
continues in the same way
And it will continue to be
so, they are my brothers and sisters
So the one who teaches?
One of those sisters
I have something to discuss with Antony
Yeah, carry on
Got his body?
No We stopped searching
There's only a 10 percent chance
that he's alive
He's not the only one
I've not been able to capture
any of his seven associates alive
While they were trying to
abscond in the snatched
police vehicle, they
crashed into a chasm
Not a single body has been found yet
Anything Unusual in that
Their people were following them
We were close to him at an arm's distance
But yet, we could not find him
He was also near us,
but we could not find him
After diverting the attention of the
police and the escort with a drone...
...a small blast was made
Ahead of the vehicle in which those
seven people were traveling
Ramanujan or Milan,
They could have saved all seven and yet
On that day, through that drone operation, they
were able to lose control of that vehicle...
...and made it fall into the chasm
So, what was their plan?
Possibility of a Bio-war
Maybe this is just my guess
Either through dead bodies that are
somehow left in public areas
Or through newborn babies
Or through animals
In the last 24 days,
I have personally visited mortuaries...
...that are known for dead body trade, within
100 kilometers range of the accident site,
...of those seven missing convicts
...manipulating the dead body trade...
But there was no result
These are my findings as per
the information given By Eliza
My prayer is that none of this is true
We should discuss this in detail
Sure, Sir... We can discuss
this when you have time
Now I know you are the
one who should hear this
Now, it's time to tell you
I'll listen, Go ahead...
Why did you come here?
I didn't come here to stay
You Stay there
Just put it there.
I will take this and put it inside
Hai, Pianist
How are you?
Maximum two weeks
After that, let's get to
know each other in detail
Sir, We are going
Sir, Antony is very strange
He has worked in low to high positions,
...from police to forensics
Very difficult to handle
He is going to complicate this
As sir said, we have not even
heard about some of his appointments
See your findings, in this case,
are good but not complete
This strange guy will help us
Milan Baba
Deric Adam is his other identity
Don't know which is the original
The fun factor is, both these identities
were legal in both countries until this time
Based on a vital information received
by the Indian secret agency a few days ago
The medical box he carried
was a bio-chemical weapon,
...stolen from a virology lab
outside of India
But the stolen property had
another claimant Milan's partner,
...the master brain of the theft
The third person, whom you are looking for,
who was at the scene of the murder
The footprints were found
at the scene of the murder
And the footprints found
at Ramanujan's last hideout...
And the fingerprints found
on the injector gun are all similar
They are found to be similar
Good Bye... My friend
As per the informant's final information,
They were planning to
initiate a bio-war in India,
that would soon become
a worldwide catastrophe
Normally 80 percent of the information
we obtain this way ends up being fake But...
This information was from
that remaining 20 percent
Ramanujan was found by
NIA's secret agency around
...the same time Milan's
decomposed body was found
But he was lethally
wounded while he escaped
I don't know if he died
He also had major injuries
when he was escaped
Who is that informer?
I don't know who that informer is
or from which country that informer is
I don't even know what his intention
is in providing us with the information
Now, is there someone
above Ramanujan or Milan?
There may be
But, there is only one
left to bring us to it
He's the one whose voice we heard in that
pen recorder The one who talks to Milan
That second person,
That voice,
If we notice its ambiance,
I think he is a priest in a church
Or a meditation center where Christian
religious ceremonies etc... take place
Yes, I think so
But what about the date?
When will I get the lab reports?
Just a matter of some hours
The date heard on that
pen recorder is January 19
That date is not just another date
That day is Pulse Polio Day
If something goes wrong
with the polio vaccine,
There would be no other
bigger bio-war in the world
Excuse me, Sir
Actually, Who is he?
Which post?
and which department?
Can we believe what he says?
It is confidential, Now you just obey
Search deep throughout the forest
Milan's palm has been
mauled and taken away by...
...a fox or a wolf or some other beast
which is quite common in this forest
We should be able to locate a declining
or dead animal through this combing
But in case, we find an aggressive,
rabid beast, Shoot...
Use a tranquilizer gun with a sedative
shot If there are many animals...
...then shoot only one
She is Doctor Eliza
Head of our virology department
And He is Dr Zakeer, Zakeer Razakhan
He is a scientist known all over India
Son of Ahamad Razakhan
He is also a professor
I've seen the test results of Milan,
Suri, and Jaani...
It's scary
Now if we close an eye to this, this
could be a threat to the entire humanity
From Milan to Suri and through them to Jaani,
these super germs have been transmitted
All we know is that this is a super germ,
till we get any more information regarding this
But what's a super germ?
This is the life story of David Hilbert,
a scientist of German origin
Tears of an Animal
Shortly before his death, he passed it on to his
daughter Susan Hilbert, who was a theatre artist
A Long time back, during World War II,
a group of scientists...
...led by David Hilbert created HTW,
at the behest of Adolf Hitler
Four dirt poor people were paid and
bought and were experimented on
This book says that the experiment
was successful at that time
But the results of the
HTW scared even Hitler
Hitler saw the condition of those four
people who were subjected to the experiment
...realized that, if the result
could not be controlled
It might turn against him And hence
it was not used as a strategy in war
After instructing the
scientist to end the mission,
The four subjects were
locked in a cell and burned
In this book,
Describes the psychological
that he went through...
...during the time of the death
of those four people
Hilbert's daughter, Susan Hilbert turned that
very poignant chapter of the book into a play
It was performed in various
parts of Germany in the late 1960s
But unfortunately she was
arrested by the government
And put in jail
Also, the court has banned
this play and the book
Possession of this book and these
visuals are still a crime in Germany
The test results we obtained are very
similar to those described in this book
There is no mention of it
anywhere except in this book
To understand better,
we have to monitor Jaani closely
Once opened, it can only survive for
a maximum of 30 minutes in the atmosphere
But once it enters the human body,
Even if he dies, this will last for weeks
It can withstand any weather conditions
Especially in snowy areas like here
Yes, once opened it only
lasts for 30 minutes
That is why Ramanujan
was forced to apply the... of the dosage destroyed
by Milan to Milan himself
One out of two people who
implemented this plan is no more today
The two infected bodies, Milan and Suri
We cremated their bodies as per protocol
without even inquiring if there were any heirs
We took the captured wolves
to our lab, we tested them,
...and they were not infected
with the HTW virus
If any animals other than wolves,
That gets us into more trouble
Now Jaani is our only hope
The first living infected case
We want Jaani to be the last case
And this is the plan
But there are some hurdles bro
One is her father, Dr Alan
Second, Her pet dog
And on top of that, the distance
between them and us, is created by us
Do we have any solution for this?
Hitler foresaw the possibility of his scientists
joining hands with enemy nations in...
the future and developing HTW for them
Fearing this, he created a vaccine against HTW
But there's no legal information about HTW
or its genome in any lab across the globe
Only a nationwide Or a worldwide outbreak
of HTW can bring that Vaccine out in the open which country, where, and in
whose hands the vaccine is available
And the vaccine is named as
It means, Protected By God
It's too close to me
This is not a big task
Now you both stay away
from here for a while
Why are they here?
Hai doctor
As expected, there's a slight
problem with your daughter
Only your daughter has,
This virus belongs to the flu category
The only way for us to know
is if Jaani has any symptoms...
...other than the usual fever,
sneezing, and headache
The reason is,
Although it belongs to the flue category,
...its genome has not been reported
anywhere else in the world
So Alan put your daughter's
sentiments aside...
...and it's time to do something practical
To assess Jaani's progress, we need to
install a CCTV camera in her room
Why is he behaving like this?
Just a CCTV
He had already set it there
Daily footage?
You just have to ask him
He will give you
Sir, then you may go now
Call me if you need anything
My team and I will always be here
Tell this to your sir too
What about the test results?
No need to be afraid
This is a special category of flu
But let's not trouble anyone
We will leave here once you are fully recovered
Even after I recover,
I don't want to leave this place, Dad
I just wanna stay here with you
That's enough dear,
you don't have to go anywhere
Let's stay here
What happened, Dad?
Nothing, Dear
Sir, all of them were with Suri that day
They know Suri but they don't know
about Milan or Ramanujan who were with Suri
For them, It is just a quotation for money
I'll get back
You go ahead I will call you
Come on
Please be seated
There are about ten thousand
priests in India alone
There are many, who got involved in activities
like this and got expelled from the church
Many of them have even built their
own churches and even denominations
From my official investigation, this voice
doesn't seem to resemble the voice or...
...speaking style of
any of the current priests
Then again, there are some whose diction
matched some of those words in the audio
I've mailed you the voice
and details of those people
But none of them have any eye problems
or surgical history as you mentioned
It might just be my guess
that it would be a priest
Anyway, thank you, Father
Very soon I will transform
my devotees into your soldiers
Not only that, their faith
in me will also become yours
They will only obey you
Jan 19th is the date that
we have been eagerly waiting
Trust and wait
I trust you
Nothing, dear
Sir, this fourth voice that we're looking
for, can we share it with the media?
Yes, but if Ramanujan is alive
somewhere now, it is unlikely that...
...he would have any knowledge
of the owner of this sound
Since we haven't yet revealed
the news of Milan's death,
That fourth person might be
waiting for Milan somewhere
In search of this fourth person,
if we publicize this voice
...and about his surgery, which
he himself says, will have no evidence...
Even if that brings us some result, if any
of Ramanujan or Milan's companions are alive,
we still have a risk of him falling into
their hands before us, and getting killed
Any other way?
Arrange a meeting
with Dr Alan right away
Okay, Sir
Dr Zakir should be with me when I meet him
Come in
Doctor, I've deliberately done you
wrong and it's time to correct it
And we need your help
A big help
Azad, please...
As I said earlier your daughter is
not suffering from the common flu,
It is a HTW Highly Toxic Weapon
We now have a person with us who
can speak authoritatively about this
Dr Zakir...
I'll explain it to you
It is transmitted only
through blood and saliva
Once you are infected then
slowly get aggressive to others
Your instinct would be
to bite and attack others
And once you've reached that stage...
I don't know you might not recover it all
The complete information
about it is inside this
Is there any way to save my daughter?
Alan, is there any problem?
Hey, Nothing
I want to see her
You don't need to see anyone right now
Why the hell are you angry with me?
she is our daughter
Our daughter, upon whom you
and I have equal rights
she is in trouble now
They all are trying to make sure that it doesn't
escalate and become a bigger problem
A doctor who tries his best to
make sure that even a terminally...
...ill patient is without pain
and suffering till their last breath
I can only assure you of one thing now
I'll take care of our daughter
till my last breath
Kill him...
He tried to bite me...
Kill him
Kill him
Kill him
Kill him...
Kill him, dad
I'm Dr Alan Moses
As part of planning a bio war in India,
Milan, and Suri were killed
Accidentally my daughter
Jaani got infected with a very...
...dangerous super germ from their bodies
Police are now looking
for someone related to them
If you do not want anyone else
to experience my daughter's situation,
If the person is in a place you know,
or if he is among you,
Then notify the police immediately
Now you are going to hear his voice
[In two days, I have surgery
at my sister's hospital]
[Nothing will be documented]
[and I don't like anything to be documented]
Alan here
If you can do anything,
Sir please do it immediately
I will call you back
Ashok... Sir
Contact all media immediately
It should be in the media
as soon as possible
Arrange an immediate meeting with Susan
Susan Hilbert
Mom, this is an emergency video call
A police officer from India
They also have the
support of our local police
Hai Ma'am, this is Antony
That ten-minute video you just watched,
it's very heartbreaking and devastating
This is a case that my team and
I have been investigating for several days
And I suspect something big and bad
Also I have information
connecting towards you
No, it's a completely fake story
Do you know that it's illegal to publish
or circulate this story and video?
You have only watched a drama
that I have performed in the past
For that I have been struggling for years
Please don't punish me again
Me or my deceased father
doesn't have anything to do with this
Please, mam. Try to understand
I have to save that...
...18 years old girl and her father
from this deadly virus
You are the only one who knows the
truth and can save us I need an answer
I told you it is just a fake story
A drama to trick people
it's a closed chapter
I don't trust anyone in this world
Madam, the car is ready
Yes Reena
I've sent you a viral video on WhatsApp
From the police department...
hey are talking about a voice in that
It seems to be your brother's
Wait... Let me check
After two days I have my surgery
at my sister's hospital
Nothing will be documented
You are not allowed to enter
What won't let us in?
He is our master
She is inside
Please, sir allow us to see them
Please do a favour for me
Alan, I know what you going through
Your daughter's life has never been
valued by Antony or anyone else with him
They are like a wolf in sheep's clothing
Like your dog
That means...
I'm sorry to say
Your daughter is like that dog to them
If your daughter dies
then their liability ends
They will be able to close the most high-profile
case they've ever faced without breaking a sweat
And that's the end
I know someone who can
help you and your daughter
Can you Alan, who loves his daughter
so much, risk not meeting him?
We only need some time,
while Jaani is asleep
If you give him just some of your time,
I'm sure that she will be cured
Trust me.
It's my word I pro...
The video that you uploaded that day...
the target, the fourth person in it
Neither you nor Antony
will be able to find him...
Alan, that fourth person...
He is your last hope
Are you asking the name of the place,
where we got off the bus?
No, I am asking about this place
Until this place enough today
Sir, that voice doesn't match
with the voices we've gotten
Even after comparing it with
the voices of various priests...
...from older sermons,
we couldn't find any similarity
Are you feeling scared, Alan?
I'll do anything for my daughter
Alan, This is the fourth person
I spoke about
Not just Antony, but no one
can reach here and find him
Because the only person who knew
his where abouts has been with me
Cristeena, Abraham's only sister
But they are not the ones
who would save your daughter
Meet the man...
Dr Alan Moses?
You clearly know that...
Worldwide research needs to be
conducted to develop a vaccine against HTW
But no one will do that just
for you and your daughter alone
We have only one way before us
to make that happen
Now Jaani is the only person in
the world who is infected by HTW
You must give her to me
Through her, we are going to
spread this Highly Toxic weapon
and create a war across the globe
Army medical corps
Yes, I'm a soldier
At this moment, it's not my daughter
that's important to me
But my people and my country
I'm with the man who's
trying to stop this war
With him
Hey, you?
I found it before you did.
Do you know how?
The video uploaded by Alan was
not initially spread to the public
But was first circulated to
all doctors in India
We made the news public once
Abraham's sister Christina was found
Who the hell are you?
Many people have asked me
this question many times and...
I haven't answered them
But to you, I will answer
Antony Jai from heaven
But now there is absolutely
no chance of returning to heaven
Because I have a speciality
None of the cases I have
investigated have yet to seen a court
Ramanujan, there are other
stories you don't know about
The day I die and reach hell,
I will tell you those
I'm leaving, sir
Even if I fail, sir, you must win
You will definitely win
I want to lie down with my head
on Daddy's lap for a while
But dad, don't untie the rope
I myself cannot tell when I will get sick
My dear, do you want to lie on my lap now?
No dad, I just said that
No Dad...
Don't untie, Dad
Please don't do it
Dad, don't untie
Dad, no
Full moon
Is it snowing dad?
I want to see it
When I recover from this illness,
Will you take me for a night drive, Dad?
Fellini dad is always busy
He never takes me anywhere
I'll take you
Dad I feel like my
whole body is getting hot
I feel like I'm burning
Antony... So this is the end
Sir, In 1941, during the development of HTW,
one of the leading scientists in...
...the team of Susan Hilbert's father
David Hilbert is indicated to be an Indian
We have got some information about him
I'll come soon
Yes, you are right Kishore
Everything ends with Jaani and Alan
The end
Hi mam, I am your big fan,
I love your Drama
But now I've called
you to discuss a business
What business?
Two idiots
As you said...
So far I have said...
...only the chapter on
Ramanujan and Milan...
I have to save that 18-year-old girl
and her father from this deadly virus
You are the only one who knows
the truth and can save her
Antony, this book has everything in it,
that my father knew about the vaccine called SAMARA
You will get the original copy soon
This is the fake one
Just to help me get out of the
dangerous that's coming my way
This is the beginning of it...