Sami (2001) Movie Script

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What's up?
That's my favorite.
I bought...
I used to have...
It's nothing.
I bought a new tape.
It cries... It's nice.
I had eggs frying
with bacon.
Also a soup boiling.
So you...
You don't like it?
I do...
Lamb, that is good.
Here we are.
You have any children?
I had a girl.
Not any more.
It's going to be cloudy
today. Let's go.
No! I'll go on my own!
You gave me the key.
You hungry?
I sold a lot today.
You have rings under your
eyes. You didn't sleep much.
Why do you
treat me like that?
The sea...
You know, then you
lose your child...
the way i have,
you begin to...
And so it was.
Lapitch and Gita
grew up and became big.
Lapitch and Gita
grew up and became big.
Lapitch remained a shoemaker,
and Gita forgot that she had
ever been with a circus.
Then Gita and Lapitch
became even bigger,
Then Gita and Lapitch
become even bigger, and then they married.
Later on they took over
business from Master Scowler,
who had already
become very old.
Gita and Lapitch had...
Later on they took over
business from Master Scowler,
Gita and Lapitch had...
...four... children...
...and three apprentices...
Let's go to your place.
You are sick!
I am alone...
You piece of shit!
You should be locked up!
Under surveillance!
You son-of-a-bitch!
Hello! Our professor grew up!
After how many drinks?
Look, the devil himself!
Really, this calls
for celebration.
I was telling everybody
he'd become a great man.
Galus! I have to tell others!
Come, let's drink,
to this important event!
Come, let's go home.
Professor, don't let him!
Don't let him drink again!
Close the door.
Lock it.
Which sound?
I want music.
You didn't put perfum?
- No.
Want some?
I want nothing.
Want some chocolate?
I'm alone.
Go away.
I can't keep on
apologizing to you.
I went to fetch gasoline.
Ten minutes. I told you.
Go away!
You can't keep on
following me, I...
All right, Mom will
do it the way you want.
Since the accident...
I'll be in ten minutes.
For mice...
- Huh? - Poison.
You have mice?
Take off your shoes.
You can put on my slippers.
Or you can be barefoot.
Turn off the light.
Turn it off, please.
I was alone for a long time.
Me too.
And, what?
How is it...
to be alone?
One shouldn't be alone.
I don't want tea.
Let me look at You.
A while longer...
Just for a while.
Stay here,
I'll be right back.
Go to the room!
Go to the room, I said!
I'll just wash my hands,
then we'll go.