Sammathame (2022) Movie Script

[indistinct chattering]
Why are you sitting alone,
while everyone is lighting the crackers!
Go and light the crackers.
How can I celebrate it by myself?
Come man.
Mom, see there.
I'm going to office,
Go to school by locking the house.
Okay father.
[indistinct chatter]
Get down.
- What for Mom?
Come and have food.
Krishna, I'm also coming.
Jump like that.
One day you'll break your legs.
I'll be careful, Mother.
See how strained you are!
I'm not hungry but..
It's so yummy to eat.
Bring on, Mother.- Eat.
Our house isn't glorious
without Mom, Father.
I didn't like it.
No matter what, A girl child
is a Goddess in every home.
A house without them, remains like this.
Then get me married, Father.
Tell me in which standard
you'll get me married?
Despite of my poverty, I lost your mother.
Study well and earn lot of money.
Hey, get your bike away from here.
Hey, you guys are not coming into frame.
Don't be selfish while capturing selfies.
They are sending us by paying.
- Yes.
[indistinct chattering]
The first thing in the morning
is, Going to Hyderabad..
New car.
You had lots of wishes,
but I didn't have a single strand of hair.
You'll got 'em.
Throw it.
I've cleared all my exams,
as you sat infront of me.
Won't you accept my proposal even now?
You are leaving for Hyderabad.
- I told you Gowri..
that I'll love after getting married.
Even my parents are looking for alliances,
you can marry me and love me, right.
How is that possible, Gowri? We met like
classmate, I've to meet my soulmate like my wife.
That'll only happen in Arranged marriage.
Not by pre-planning things!
You are showing off,
as you are going to Hyderabad.
What if you like a girl, there?
and she rejects you..
Then you will understand.
You wanted to go for an arranged marriage.
What if she doesn't look good?
If you called me at that peak moment,
I'll obviously reject you.
I'll call you, but I won't propose you,
I'll say my Angel's name to you.
Is it a Pencil brand?
You're my only friend
who got job in Hyderabad.
I said you'll suffer hairfall,
Is there anything before you leave?
Everyone care only for their needs!
Fine, come..
'Let's have a booze until it dawn'
What's with this alcohol, man.
My head is hurting.
- Hey, I have packed only some pairs of clothes.
Buy some new ones,
as you are going to city.
Your husband will say useless things..
except about my marriage.
- Huh?
You never bothered about my marriage,
You won't even think about it when I go there.
The photo over there is to remind
you about my marriage..
daily when you look yourself in the mirror.
I'll say only one thing about that..
I'll get you married only,
after you get settled.
That's why I'm going by leaving you alone.
From tomorrow onwards..
No one will be there..
to pass orders on me!
Hey, how far is Hyderabad?
Don't worry about this.
'Go safely and come with profit'
It's not what I expect Uncle.
'God bless you to get married soon'
"This is the beginning of the story"
"He's in search of his dream by
stepping out the fence of his eyes"
"Hail lord. He's a wholesome man"
"He's set out by changing himself"
"He's got a list of his wishes"
"Where is the girl who fulfills his wishes?"
"He's the one who can't be
judged by the whole world"
"Hail lord Krishna,
this guy resembles Lord's smiles"
"He's into the town,
as if they are buzzing about the Lord"
"Hail lord Krishna,
this guy resembles Lord's smiles"
"He's just like a boy in our neighborhood"
Are you newbie to the next door?
As I'm new, but I don't know
about your next door.
You came here and why are you
talking with people here?
I'm frustrated on you, Bug off from here.
Need to have a look on them.- Friends?
Yeah, Friends.
- Sanjana.
"He blames his legs for the time which is running"
"He blindly believes in good"
I gave you 500.
It's is 500, sir.
"He's got a list of his wishes"
"Where is the girl who fulfills his wishes?"
"He's the one who can't be
judged by the whole world"
I'm unable to understand this,
Could you please have a look on this.
Give space to it, brother.
- Space!
Is it enough?
Space, brother.
Is it enough?
- Space.
- Space, huh.
[famous soap opera, theme song playing]
[phone ringing]
- Yeah dad.
Home loan is confirmed.
We can construct a new house.
If you come here..
you can look after the construction
and my marriage too..
Will you make me do the first task,
while the second is pending.
Fine, come here. My roommate is also
vacating the place.
We both can stay here.
I can't come now.
I bought a lot of vegetables.
They'll be ruined.
- Father, come here.
I'll come once the things got sorted.
Hang up the call now.
Come without fail.
- Hmm, okay.
He always wants the things
to happen in fast pace.
They used to stay on top floor of his home.
Now moved to Hyderabad.
Working in Software Industry.
Their own house is in construction now.
Dad is highly recommending them.
As they didn't responded for your photos,
He asked for your latest portfolio.
She didn't even see those last ones.
I don't understand who's the bride here.
Where is she?
Why isn't lighting up?
Play the video again.
I'm smoking.
It's her first time in this video.
You are smoking like a pro.
I have to!
She'll be on time.
Your grandma's alcohol bottle
quantity is decreased it seems.
She's suspicious on you.
You better take care.
Moreover she's shouting everywhere.
Why will I drink?
It means after everyone are into deep sleep.
Say It.
A glass of.
She's always suspicious on me.
Everyone is behaving like sneaky-brats in this house.
She's changing herself like a chameleon.
If I say something,
they say stop talking drunkard.
I'll look into.
I'll look what they'll say today.
Hey bison.
I'm in the middle of my chants,
and you calling me as bison.
Tell me, Mother.
I just had a half at night.
Look at the picture of the alcohol bottle
which was snapped by your wife.
Now the bottle was empty.
I want to know who the hell completed the bottle.
What I'm doing now?
and what the hell you are asking now?
Why are ringing your bell like that?
Did you drink?
Just kidding.
What happened grandma?
You are shouting about Alcohol early in the morning!
Stop acting. I strongly suspect you.
Hey, what is this in between of my chants.
Get lost from here.
Everyone have their own chants.
- She always talks about her alcohol.
[chanting - Hail Alcohol!]
They are constructing at a slow pace.
It seems bathroom is wider.
- We can change ourselves at any place.
But what about our ladies situation?
They have to dress up inside,
so it has to be wider.
We are getting matches from US.
- Gosh! my daughter is sweetiepie.
She has to be infront of me.
You can dress up inside, right.
We aren't supposed to do like you.
What you mean by that?
She's saying indirectly to, Shut your hell up.
- Is she innocent!
Her husband's gonna die.
Fine, go and fill the water.
'Born is truth, death is a lie'
it was said by Ms. Jyothi.
Who's Jyothi?
- Jyothi.
She's goddess.
- Goddess.
You guys won't bother about present,
but you'll spend lots of money to know future.
She won't speak as you says.
It takes 30rs for Trisha.
And 40rs for Anushka.
Then call Trisha.
It seems you watch her movies.
Your luck is dancing over there..
and your bad luck is roaming with you.
Nothing good is happening to me.
You look like an aged man,
but you aren't married yet.
You have some doubts on marriage.
Yes. Is it love or arranged marriage.
Which marriage I'm going to do?
Is it love or arranged?
The one you loves, will have
an arranged marriage with another.
Do you want me to say your next?
No need.
What else is there to listen?
Did you even say a single good word? You..
If you pay good, then my words also will be good.
You can cheat me, but you can't cheat my parrot.
You say I'm an idiot by seeing my money.
- It seems giving money to bad luck..
crazy guy.
- That guy is correct to him.
I'll say you some..
qualities in a girl,
whom my friend is looking for.
If you say like that to him..
- What if I say like that?
You'll get..
through him only.
Call him.
- Hey Krishna..
Itseems he says something about your wife. Come.
There's marriage glow on his face.
The girl you are longing for is gonna come to you now.
-Come man.
Come, I'll tell.
Why are you pushing me?
You'll be shocked..
by seeing her beauty.
Exactly. Even we want that.
She's the finest girl, in the whole universe.
We want the same.
You can't afford her good qualities.
- Exactly, we also want the same.
She greets everyone by hugging each other.
Exactly, you want the same right?
I don't want that.
I want a girl with full traditional values.
Let him know what's your traditions?
'She's a girl who wears Jeans'
'She is a addict for night parties'
'She is pro-drunkard'
'She'll smoke, dance and enjoy herself'
Is it okay?
What are you waiting for?
Sir, your friend asked me to say like this.
That's why I said like this. Please leave me.
- Do you have only this topic?
He needs some money, it seems.
How dare you.
Hey where are you going?
It seems this is not enough to you.
I'm saying for money now.
How you can go by disturbing like this?
Tell the truth and go.
I won't say and you don't beat me.
If you give me a demo,
for a girl you are looking for.
I'll ask my parrot and tell you.
I saw a girl in a function.
Thanks, brother.
Krishna, is your father didn't come?
Yeah he came.
Must be somewhere here. - Okay okay.
She's Maanvitha, my matriculation classmate
we met after a long time.
You look more younger than me.
No one believes if we are couple.
I didn't saw your shirt properly but..
it was cool.
You are mistaken..
- You don't even to eat properly.
Look out.
You are mistaken.
The moment when she started talking..
I'm started craving about a girl like her.
I know eyes will speak but..
I experienced it for the first time.
Her nose pin..
brought glow to her lips.
The light from her ear rings..
hid the remaining world.
What do you say?
- What I have to. You got a point.
She won.
This guy. I met him on that day.
You spoke with him? Why did you meet him?
We played truth or dare. We've to speak
truth for Truth and do an act for Dare.
They asked me to talk with him, like his wife.
- Did you?
It's like her dress dancing..
while she's walking.
Dress has to dance?
I'll take your leave sir.
She'll come.
You will find her.
I had a magic for that, come here.
- Hmm?
'Inky Pinky, I have to bless with a good wife'
Where else he will beat me again.
- I saw a alliance to you.
I want to inform you after they agree for bridal glances.
Whos' the girl. dad?
- We can talk about that later.
Dad, are you sitting or standing now?
I came away from the people and talking with you.
Go and have your seat, I will be there.
No need. I'll send her photo.
- Yes.. Yes..
"Let the glittering frock and trouser,
play on the small footsteps"
"Let the shine of the finest
diamonds be on the cheeks"
"The facial features of the finest woman are"
"so adorable"
What the!
"Being unaware,
I saw you in dreams"
"And met you somehow"
"You mistook me for someone"
"O' Soul, please stop from running"
"I'm feeling my solo life so bore"
"And you entered in slow motion"
"Don't dream, bro"
"Her calculations are different"
"Meet her once and see what happens!"
Even if it's a lie..
Could you please say, I love you.
I won't lie.
"Will she always be moody
can't she enjoy humor"
"She won't work
won't her soul stop her"
"They both are two poles"
"Will these two poles attract?"
What are you doing these all?
- What man.
You are only to bring me alliance.
Nothing else you have to do.
I'll marry her.
- Fine, do as you like.
"Don't dream, brother
Her calculations are different"
"Meet her once and see what happens!"
What Krishna, what brings you back.
Saanvi is the name of my Angel.
Alas! You did it finally.
Nothing like that, Gouri.
I want to say this,
as you are important to me.
What next?
What else to be.
"As if like a rangoli
And like a lullaby to a kid"
"Won't I be tugged to her?"
"Like my mom and my wife"
"Won't she change..
and make me sleep by rubbing my hair"
"Just like a waves less shore"
"My heart is waiting,
It's some happiness till the end"
"Just like a waves less shore"
"My heart is waiting,
It's some happiness till the end"
Who's bothered about horoscope these days?
We need to beware of their health reports.
For health sake.
- You can talk with them.
I said them at the first itself.
- We don't care about horoscope.
Have some sweets.
He's diabetic.
You can eat them, right.
Why are you laughing?
Eat some uncle.
I want to talk with groom.
Our daughter wants to talk with boy.
Let them.
- In Person, uncle.
Didn't you hear that?
I'm little tensed.
Go and talk to her.
Fine, he moved.
- You won't leave if won't move.
It's better these guys talked each other.
Well said.
In our days we don't have all these.
It'll be nice if she talks first.
You were silent that day.
Let's talk after a minute.
It was so difficult to talk,
even she started.
I understood your problem.
Let's play a game.
We have to talk through,
the lyrics of the songs.
You start first.
'You won't meet my eyes,
You won't mix our words'
'Am I not beautiful?
Am I not good?'
'You seem like a treasure
which I got while ploughing'
'You're so adorable'
'O' girl, You're so adorable"
'The guy approached slowly
and started his flattery'
'No, No don't say like that'
- You started singing.
What's your religion?
Why did you ask like that? I'm Hindu.
I'm mean DC or Marvel.
DC means Superman and Batman.
Marvel means Ironman, Spiderman and Hulk.
I don't know any of them,
except Balaya Babu.
She's talking cool.
Let's ask what we are prepared.
Is pink, your favorite color?
Nope, it's black.
Do you need that?
What's your count?
Any relationships or something in the past?
Didn't you love anyone till now?
I always wanted to love after marriage.
That's why I didn't preferred the love.
It's a mistake to love someone
and marry another.
Love and marriage are different,
don't unite them.
You are kidding right.
You know me very well.
But again.. Look, my dowry is
the investment for my goals.
Fine, if I marry you, I have to
give back some to your sister.
You said, it's love from three years.
I started believing you from two months..
and you talking like this.
I swear I won't see your face again.
If I say yes to you,
I have to sacrifice everything.
You said it, right.
Get lost.
Finally, they talk about marriage.
- Roshan..
Hey, Roshan.
I never felt bad about that.
I felt bad as I let him to do.
Excuse me.
He looks more beautiful than in photographs.
- Right. Even I feel same.
What happened?
What happened?
- Krishna
What happened?
- I don't know.
What's wrong with you?
What are you upto?
Calm down.
If you damage my vehicle, then.
This is my vehicle man.
Stop speaking in Hindi.
I'll pay your expenses to repair
Gowri is calling.
I will slap you.
This is the first one right.
It's common.
I imagined a life with her.
He completed all his studies in city.
Why you are not looking the bride?
Why Saanvi's here?
- Hmm
Why's Saanvi is here?
Look at her face.
You'll look for what you want.
Look clearly.
Then why I felt like that?
Is she feeling shy more than me?
Last time..
let's talk for a minute.
One minute or my foot.
Do you have any bad love experiences?
Thank God.
Do you want me to say anything about me?
Or about you?
Why is she's giving 'Huh',
expression for everything?
What are you talking with my Lover?
I'll break you into pieces.
Why is he calling you as Lover?
"The drizzle dripped
By rising a feel in my soul"
"All our feelings got wet
and made our bodies crave"
"What made your dupatta slide?"
"My shyness ran away in
the route of my youth"
"Let's play by the hills, forests,
valleys and rivers"
"Let's enjoy by the kisses and hugs"
"My girlhood was elated by
the touch of my dearest"
"My age was beyond control
by seeing you flutter"
"My desires doesn't seem to
waste time as we are together"
"I'm showing my willingness
through signals, O' dear"
"I can't stop this music,
as you did some magic"
"It's my luck,
as you are coming in my direction"
"My girlhood was elated by
the touch of my dearest"
"My age was beyond control
by seeing you flutter"
Ta da.
Are you getting married or what?
- Yes it is.
Costly wedding card!
He's feeling bad.
Everyone's getting married, except me.
You have to come. I had tons of work, Bye.
- Yes I will.
That's called Love.
No matter what, how many times
you guys says it's love..
it's not love for me.
Why did you conducted alliance here?
It's 20st match now.
That's why we arranged like this.
Do you have any problem?
I thought, my wife has to be my first love.
and moreover I have to be
first love for my wife.
Oh, then It's a problem.
All the best.
You'll never get married.
"My eyes which doesn't want to sleep,
should become red by our sleepless nights"
"Can I control you,
My Prince in this passionate war"
"Let me sleep in your lap,
as I can't bear it"
"Did I ever deny your wish?"
"I always say to you"
"My girlhood was elated by
the touch of my dearest"
"My age was beyond control
by seeing you flutter"
It's difficult to get a good alliance.
You should have a reason to say NO.
Do you know why you rejected her?
If I knew, why would I get scolded by you.
What's this?
What did I say now?
Brother, Chutney.
Why did you called me now?
You have to call me when your
neighbor knocks your door.
He don't know anything.
I said a lie that we are lovers.
Don't ignore me as he is coming towards me.
Hang up the call.
Come with me.
Beside Sanjana's house..
you have to vacate urgently.
Don't make it worse.
What did you say?
With whom you are talking?
Saddam.. are you mad or what?
It's you, who held the collar?
I said a lie that we both are lovers.
Are you nuts?
I'm completely against to Love and
I even don't know how it'll be!
Don't you know what's love?
Do I look like a fool?
- yes.
Tell me, am I looking like a fool.
I'll break your teeth.
What's wrong with you?
Will you beat me like this?
Kids know what love is.
Are you fooling around?
You are making me more frustrated.
Tell me what is love.
You want to know what is love.
Did you ever feel flabbergasted
by seeing a girl?
Then that is called Love.
How it can be?
- Last chance please.
Tell me.
Do you feel every face resembles her face.
Hey, come here.
You say yes to everything,
but you won't agree that is love.
Brother, don't beat me.
If you raise your hand on me, it is love.
- Again love?
Shut up.
It is love man.
- Who will do this now?
Brother don't beat me.
If you beat me,
I'll repeat the same thing.
It is love, man.
Now say.
Now say, that's love.
It is called as LOVE.
It's not love.
I swear, I don't know what is love.
If anyone tries to influence me,
they will get what they deserve.
We fixed for the term,
Marriage after love.
A guy who don't like love before marriage,
fell in love, before marriage.
These are the headlines of today.
Okay, right. Done.
If Saanvi came into Headlines means,
ours is love.
Ours is love.
fall in love.
What's wrong with me?
If present is damn cool.
Then why to think about past.
'When lovers said that,
they dream with their eyes wide open'
'I thought they were mad'
'But now'
Some people may meet us few years ago,
But with some people..
Take a ticket.
But with some people..
Some people may meet us few years ago
- Son, where you have to go?
To Lakdikapool?
- Gimme 20 rupees.
It's a new shirt.
Are you going to propose a girl?
But how?
- What else it would be.
Youth has to be in chill.
All the best. Move..
Ticket, Where you have to go?
Come into bus, don't stand on footboard.
- Chill.
Get inside.
Get inside and take your tickets.
No. No at all.
Let's feel.
Bro, you have to be chill.
All the best.
Revive me man.
She look damn hot.
Shut up.
Madam, you look cool in this dress.
- Everyone wears this dress or what?
She's taking something.
Hey.. Hey..
Leave it.
It seems she didn't like us.
Leave it.
How much time we've to wait for the train?
Okay, dad.
What did the girl say?
- Play the game, man.
Did she remember me?
Hello.. Hi..
Who are you?
Well, on that day at bridal glances..
It seems she hates the race of male.
I think she's asexual.
It seems you had a mother and sister,
that's why you don't know their value.
Ask you, I'll tell you.
Hey, remove your hand.
Despite of playing your game,
why you doing this?- How dare you..
Do I have to repeat the same?
Shut up.
What are you looking for?
Oh, Lord Rama.
Nope, it's Krishna.
Hold him.
If you came for a train get into it.
Otherwise the result will be like this.
Come here.
You, come here.
Sorry brother.
No brother.. Sorry brother.
I want to hold.
I remembered when you said Sorry.
I shouldn't behave like that, I'm not
prepared that day., I'm extremely sorry.
You already apologized.
I didn't mean for that.
Who are you?
I got it.
Sorry for everything.
What are you doing here?
It's unprepared question.
Will you speak through lyrics?
Won't you speak in words?
Oh, that one.
It's not good for us.
If you say so, let's sing.
Shall we start?
Come to the point.
Thanks brother.
One moment please.
Even though we maintain relation
with some since years..
they won't feel close for us.
But with some,
even if we meet a few days ago..
will become very close to us,
and I felt that by seeing you.
We can't know, if experts flirt with us.
but I can sense,
while you are flirting with me.
First compliment.
Okay, I'll see you later, Bye.
We can consider him.
was cool.
Your favorite color.
Oh, you remember it
How to speak with you?
How would I know that?
What's this?
I know this.
Shall we meet?
Your choice.
Where's that place?
She replies with Hello, and had food,
and in home, never says a lie to me.
Lucky man, I am.
Alas! those are common things.
not any precious things to say lies.
I hate women who lies.
It's not that I'm drunk now.
If I'm not wrong, she won't lie.
I can't move this.
What to do?
Not even having a knowledge
of punctured bike..
and you said If I'm not wrong.
That hurts more than this.
- Fine.
Who's that?
Is she thinking that am I camera or what?
Why she's doing like that?
- Let her.
Sorry boss, she's drunk.
- No.. No..
Even we are.
- Okay bye.
One minute, I'll be back in moment.
What's wrong with her?
Oh, you thought like that?
She kept now.
How much?
- Hundred?
Go she might wait for you.
It seems you spent a lot on her.
Krishna, Well I didn't came here as
I saw you. - Tell me.
Lend me 2000 rupees man.
['Jabilliki Vennalaki', song playing
from the Telugu film, 'Chanti']
coming babe.
Fifty thousand?
Our entire village will eat with it.
I never thought money will spent like this.
Lucky boy.
Even vehicles stop by giving a dash to us,
but these girls don't. - It's pub man.
This how it works.
- I hate this culture.
Instead of having this torture..
it's better to push your bike.
- Move.
Don't fall man.
I have to maintain tubeless tyres.
Once I texted that, I want to talk
with you in person..
she sent location to meet.
Until now, I never know,
how a pub works.
You going to pub. That's enough,
what you are planning to talk?
About marriage.
An unromantic robot is,
taking about Romance.
What to do then, everyone is resembling her.
- Why are you flustered?
Idiot, concentrate on game.
I'll call you later.
Everyone is looking like Saanvi, okay.
But if a girl dressed like this
also resembles Saanvi means..
Hey, hi..
How long you are here?
Actually, it's been a traffic.
That's why I'm late.
One minute.
What happened?
Isn't my dress good? Is it odd?
If no one see this, that'll be fine.
What you like to have ma'am.
Let me see the menu.
Two steps backward.
What happened?
A sentiment.
Towards that side, please.
Sure sir.
Why to have Boost and Bournvita now?
I'll have one Thumsup.
Excuse me..
Will have some alcohol?
Everything is unexpected here.
What else to do.
One bucket of beer, chilled..
And one chicken lasagna.
Make sure that the cheese is starched
with some oregano and chilli flakes..
with baked barbequed cornflakes
crossed chicken strips.
What you want?
It's enough.
You said a lot.
It'll enough.
It's one item sir.
Double egg spicy noodles.
Thanks to the lovely audience.
This is Pragathi, signing off.
and handing it over to DJ Mike.
We expect a lot.
But reality will be far,
different from that.
You look alike pro-drunkard.
One moment please.
This bottle is yours, right.
Now you like alike pro-drunkard.
Horror genre is like my favorite genre.
We can understand that.
I'm a big time..
I'm a big time foodie.
I eat a lot.
So, what else.
- Yeah, I tried once.
But, some sort of respect.
Might be weed or stash..
Break your teeth.
Didn't break yet?
If we went into some stranger's
wedding party and danced there.
people has to think, whether
we are human or a snake!
What, enjoying music?
What, is this music?
Did anyone call this as music?
How music has to be?
Gimme that pen.
'Cozy girl..
Next immediately.
Don't forget it.
Don't you like this place?
It's one of the finest place's in the city.
Take a look over there.
It's good, right.
Look there.
No one's there are above of 21.
We can easily say they are minors.
How they can allow them into bar?
What else we can say about this place.
What are you doing?
What's wrong with you
What are you doing?
It's none of your business, okay.
There's an age limit to consume alcohol.
May I see your ID?
We showed them at entrance.
What's your problem?
Wait, what's your problem?
Is this your bottle?
Oh sht, everyone is watching us.
How embarrassing this was.
Why? Why you kept quiet.
Dude, it's gonna problem.
- Excuse me madam.
What happened?
- How can you serve alcohols to Minors?
Don't you have sense?
- Sorry madam.
Come here.
Madam, our guy allowed them by mistake.
Gimme that phone, If I raise a complaint
they'll seize everything. -Ma'am..
Sister.. Sister..
- Please madam.. Please
Sorry, Sister.
- Please spare us for this time.
Madam, I'll send them home in a cab
and I'll take that responsibility.
You do that first.
- Sure Ma'am.
How cutely she got reacted to my point.
Sister.. Sister..
I hate people who shows fingers on me.
She became like this as none guided her.
If we guide then she'll rock.
Kill you idiot.
Get out.
I dreamed about a girl like 'Radha'..
but unable to identify
that I got a girl like 'Satyabhama'
Every girl will change her surname,
after her marriage.
Before that, I have to change this girl.
['Lux Papa', song playing
from the Telugu Film, 'Narasimha Naidu']
"Cozy girl, shall we go for a lunch?"
"Will you feed me the delicious sweets?"
"Will you give your beauties to me?"
Did you see that?
What Krishna, it seems you are
going home early these days.
New works are assigned.
Wow.. what are those.
What I have to say.
"I'm racing towards you like a bullet"
"I got committed to you"
"By seeing your chocolate smile..
..I got melted like a hot cake"
"I watch your eyes daily"
"And need nothing else except those"
"Don't rip my soul apart dear"
"Don't throw me into love"
"Don't fill my little heart,
with your love and don't torture me"
"This joy was after you entered my life"
"I love myself and started
giving myself to you"
"Your words are so intoxicated
than any other thing"
"I agree to all hurdles if you are with me"
"Don't rip my soul apart dear"
"Don't throw me into love"
"Don't fill my little heart
with your love and don't torture me"
Is girl or a girl, important in your life?
For me?
- Hmm.
Fine, it's getting late. you go.
Tell me.
My goal is to get a girl in my life.
"You are at fault for my sleepless nights"
"My love is limitless"
"Let's get united,
And hug me without declining"
"I listen to you everywhere
It's so exciting than melodies"
"Even the whole world becomes half
and a minute be a whole"
"I agree because of this feel"
"Don't rip my soul apart dear"
"Don't throw me into love"
"Don't fill my little heart
with your love and don't torture me"
[vehicle revving]
I always wanted to ask you one thing,
what's wrong with your Watch?
It's a contrast of your character.
People shouldn't understand me like you do.
"I'm racing towards you like a bullet.
I got committed to you"
So, let's start the part with
this paper dance challenge.
Girls and boys have to dance on paper.
Who keeps their legs out,
they'll be out of this game.
Do you know this game?
Not at all.
A guy should show his swag to look manly.
But he's managing with a small smile.
So did he change the meaning of manly?
The rules in the second round are..
Paper has to folded into half,
and has to dance on that paper.
Likewise, there'll be four rounds.
Four rounds in four folds means?
We have to stand on one leg
and hold girl with two hands.
That's the game.
Nice game.
They are couples, right?
Nope, they are friends.
Worst game.
Guess who?
- Who's this?
- What's up?
-How are you ?
I'm good, how are you ?
I'm fine.
- Long time.
It's been a long time, I'm here.
Is it.
- Yeah.
It's been so long, meeting you.
Krishna, will you have some?
Is that prepared by him?
Who's he?
He's my classmate,
we have a get together next week.
Then why didn't you call me?
You are not our classmate, right.
Maanvi, give that tissue.
Hell with this cold.
What's cold with you?
There's a pool party next week.
It's a pool. Please.
No doubt, it's swimming pool.
I thought you'll come,
but you turned up us.
Hello, the pool is famous in that resort.
No matter what, I'll get into pool.
Please don't say that again and again.
It's disgusting.
Get together means, is it only for girls.
- No, there'll be boys too.
I said right.
Could you please stop.
Will you come in a day?
No.. we go at night and return in morning.
Maanvi, please stop.
Let's have this.
- Huh?
Deepu is crying to come near you.
Why to cry for that?
Dude, look at it.
It was so happy.
She craws for everybody's cries.
Except mine.
Name is cool.
Let's go together.
- I'll pick you up then.
I thought to guide her.
When to guide, when to change.
You are saying friends.. Night.. Resort..
Will your parents agree for this?
Why I'll say like that?
Dad, there's a night-out at Maanvitha's den
- What you guys do there?
We'll watch a webseries together.
Why do you waste your time like that?
Your mother watches TV Serials
and you watch those web-series.
It's just naming.
No need of going.
Then I'll watch serials with mom.
No thanks, go and watch your web-series.
- That's it, everything will get
set with a small lie.
A lie?
Do you lie?
Are you serious?
Do you think, that I'm innocent.
Alas! Why did you stopped?
Laugh, it's a comedy to you right.
I don't like it.
I didn't like what he did.
I'll call and tell him.
What's this.
Hey, no.
No, Taanvi.
No, Taanvi.
What happened, you left with
so much of anger?
You can stay in home,
if your parents didn't like that.
They won't let me to go,
if they know the truth.
Then don't go as they don't like.
I want to go, Krishna.
I don't like you going there.
Okay. Why you don't like me to go there?
Do you want reasons about that?
Stop it, Krishna please.
- What you mean by stop?
What he said?
- he didn't like I'm going to party.
Why should he like?
Why the climate changed into serious, Samba?
It's seems a hurricane indication, Babji.
Why did you get fever?
I scared.
For what?
Climate changed right.
- Hell with the climate.
Enough with these water.
- Samba, why the climate isn't changed?
He's coming.
- It seems that hurricane gonna arrive.
Is fever your friend?
It went you needed.
I'll be look fairer than you.
We can accept now,
you're looking good.
Saanvi, I'm talking with you.
- I didn't want to talk to you until you did.
Tell me.
I'm down, come.
I'm at your door, Saanvi.
Come down.
Is it that important to go there?
What do you think,
I'll do after going there?
There'll be some crazy tasks.
Enough, you annoyed me enough.
I want to go, and I'm going.
Who are you to say, No.
Saanvi, this is the first time
I'm saying this to a girl.
I never thought I'll say this.
It's not like that.
It's like an armour.
It's Armour. if anyone hugs you
He'll die.
What else?
Don't you understand, yet?
You are always mine.
I love you.
As you said that in anger,
even I got angry.
And now.. I'm here.
First time, another's feelings got into me.
It's good, right.
I'm running out of time.
I'll go.
We can talk tomorrow.
Wait Saanvi.
I want to talk to you for two minutes.
Yeah.. Yeah..
By the way you looking really gorgeous.
Tell let him go away from here?
Go and stay there.
And by the way, your favorite color
is black and I'm wearing black.
Some dogs are shouting, Saanvi
Don't bother about them.
Tell me now.
You are playing a double role now.
What else I can.
After hearing your love story..
I took lot of time to digest that,
now he's interfering in the middle.
He will hold your eyes,
and call you gorgeous.
I have to do those all.
He's just a friend.
Classmate. I'll say you,
if there's anything.
I'm getting late, I'll go.
I'm asking you in normal tone,
about your program.
I would have stopped you if I want.
These are the words which irritates.
How can you stop? - By smacking the mirror
or by head of the guy inside the car.
Why are you angry on him?
How can you say like that about my friend?
I'll rip alive if anyone
does things like this.
Did the crackers lit well?
If anything remains keep them in your..
Hang up the call.
It seems, she didn't accepted him.
Wonder how he reacts for this.
Say it for five times.
Tell me.
Drop wherever you are.
I'll come and pick you.
Did you hear that?
This climate was very rough.
Stop that texting first.
You'll text me in Google Pay,
as I blocked you in all other apps.
I never thought you'll be here.
- Otherwise, you won't leave me.
Well, in the resort..
- Is that not enough?
Do you have to be angry or I have to?
- I have to stay or not.
You have to be angry.
Tell me.
Well, in the resort..
Are you mad?
Why are you here?
I proposed to you,
you have to reply me.
Whether a yes or no.
Let's talk tomorrow.
I don't want your acceptance
after you going inside
If you say yes, then don't go inside.
Don't you listen to me,
I said let's talk tomorrow.
She said she'll talk on tomorrow, right.
What's your problem brother.
Go away.
Keep going.
You tell Saanvi.
Is he disturbing you?
Won't you guys do friendship
without touching each other?
We are talking by saying love right.
You heard it, right.
If you are friend,
you have to away from these.
You want to do that much of ruckus.
- Not just that..
Do I have to say five times?
Sorry.. Sorry.
Sorry is okay.
Is hug ok too?
Even rain too.
Am I taking you towards the car?
I tried to break those car's windows.
How can I expect that,
we'll be in the same car.
I can understand your problem.
I'm talking through words,
rather than lyrics.
What? Are you trying to
learn my game to me?
'It's so nice just like heaven'
Don't you think I don't know old songs.
'Come my lovely hero, I'll give you a kiss'
Did you see that, Samba?
How the climate is turned into romantic.
Do you want me to do that with me?
Not for kiss,
I'll send you with a punch.
I wanted to, but what I did.
I thought to come, but where I came.
I'm here, before the shop opens.
He'll get angry..
and get into clashes..
but he'll understand.
I said, I love you.
Tell me now.
Either yes or a no.
What? Here?
Then go for that place.
It's not the place.
Let the moment come.
Even I'm studied in English medium,
but I'm unable to understand some words.
Stop laughing.
- Tell me Krishna.
She need some moment, it seems.
I felt those will be found in Goa.
Who can know Goa more than you.
You stays there only, right.
For how many days, did you plan?
I planned for four days.
Could you send some locations in WhatsApp.
- What you mean by sending locations?
I come and show you guys everything.
Stop being a third wheel.
Fine Gowri, someone is calling me here.
I'll call you later.
Can't we google it, Krishna.
You lost to your situations all these days.
Finally, you got a chance
to wear a gold chain.
4 days, 96 hours.
I have to change her.
She have to change.
- Krishna.
How is it?
Color isn't good.
One second, Saanvi.
You asked me book tickets, right.
I saw them but for today.
Within two hours the flight.
We have to be there in one hour prior.
You have to say this one
hour prior to me, right.
Don't you do anything properly,
Hang up the call, I have to run now.
Hell with her.
This shirt was good.
- It's the same shirt.
Ok dad, I had a work for 4 days 96 hours.
Hey.. Hey..
Hey.. Hey..
Hey.. Hey..
Didn't you come yet?
I thought you're here and I came inside.
- I'm on my way..
I'm faster than you.
Traffic is terrible here.
Luggage check-in is done.
I'm coming.
Come fast.
Saanvi, someone's is in my seat.
Say to the airhostess man.
Hello Airhostess.
- Yes..
Someone is in my seat..
My seat.
You are here and..
Move aside. Nothing it's my girl.
Mistake happened.
- Sure sir.
Your Hindi is super good.
From which school?
- International school.
School name is International.
[airplane whooshing]
"I never thought that,
you'll be my dream-girl"
"I never dreamt that I'll fall for you"
"I always feel it special,
even if it's a repeated one"
"The love isn't enough,
The time we spend won't be sufficient"
"The love tale of Krishna and Satyabhama.. going to start slowly"
"The love tale of Krishna and Satyabhama
their drama is impressing us"
I thought that of enjoying in beach,
but this rain..
Do you remember anything?
Or do you remember of day-dreaming?
Dreams are meant to be dreams.
How they can be real.
If we wish heartfully..
our dreams come true.
I love you, Krishna.
I don't need anything other than this.
Just One thing.
Don't ever..
lie to me, Saanvi.
I won't, Krishna. Promise.
Then from my side..
"It's her beauty which is making,
me loose my control"
"My hand is not listening to me"
"Stop blabbering,
and will it listen if I slap"
"This anger isn't real
it's ok for you too"
"You'll just scold if I kiss"
"The love tale of Krishna and Satyabhama
is going to start slowly"
"The love tale of Krishna and Satyabhama
their drama is impressing us"
"Your dress is so good
it is tempting me"
"You'll look more tempting,
in traditional attire"
"I've my own wishes
How can you force me to follow you"
"Stop this fight in this duet
I'll not comment if you say so"
"The love tale of Krishna and Satyabhama
is going to start slowly"
"The love tale of Krishna and Satyabhama
their drama is impressing us"
You never expected a girl,
like this Krishna.
Not like a complaint.
She's good in her own way.
But your expectations in the beginning
differ from these.
Do you have a clarity that, She's the one?
To whom these glances are for?
If it's for someone, why would I tell you?
For me.
If you won't come and talk to them,
they'll arrange alliances like this.
He's a Music composer in Film industry.
No need of you going and play.
Call your parents and say no.
You didn't listen to me.
Atleast listen this.
I'm saying the truth.
How can you listen to you everytime?
I came to know about love by
watching my parents.
I know how their bonding is.
You better have interest
on husband than serial.
- You better have interest
on wife than phone.
You said you'll come on tomorrow.
- How's the trip dear?
What happened?
I wish to have such a bond
between me and my husband.
I felt that with you,
and I can't feel that with none.
I didn't like you getting angry.
I didn't like that.
I don't want to speak with you.
So, you don't talk with me
until I speak with you.
Brother, pull the vehicle.
Come to my home in the first hour tomorrow.
So that, I can drop those glances.
Saanvi, two things are running in my mind.
Will Saanvi listen to me or not?
I'm unable to take that
judging mentality from you.
You won't.
Everything will not fall
under a good place.
You talked the shit out of you.
We can't talk with people
who shouts for everything.
I'm done talking to you.
Don't text me or call me anymore.
It's been tension all these days.
Suddenly you came after four days,
what happened?
If you don't want to say, leave it.
Don't be tensed.
It's not good for health.
With whom will I share, other than you.
Whom else is there for me
to say these, Father.
When these hair-ants will
go away from your hair.
As my Bujji aunt, said..
they'll go once turmeric rice
falls on my head.
Let your elder sister do that.
You can think about it later.
It's yummy.
Did you mix your love in this?
There'll be some.
There should be magic in the hands.
I thought to do Double Kha Meeta,
but I don't have magic in my hands.
Double Kha Meeta.
You're my sweet, darling.
What's the problem, Ma..
Is it I went to Goa with my friends?
You should ask about my marriage,
not to force me to do.
What? Did we ask you to go and get married.
We asked you to go and meet the groom.
Don't show your anger here.
I asked for shells, what are these?
What happened to her?
Is it? Did you ask for shells?
I didn't hear that.
It seems you lost your sense of hearing.
Why are you angry?
Watch your words.
Do you have anything to speak?
Go on.
What happened, dear?
She thinks she's convincing me everytime.
No way.
I'm just adjusting.
Better she understand that.
Come on dear.
It seems she got possessed.
You'll give more freedom and has more temper.
- Krishna messaged me.
He'll be at balcony gate by 7.
All this because of him.
I love her a lot but..
I'm unable to get a clarity about marriage.
I wanted you to earn and grow.
As wanted, you came here step by step.
Never got tensed.
If all this tension is
because of her then..
She's not the correct one.
What's this torcher to me?
What's your torcher to me?
If I didn't answer,
will you call to my family.
Did I do that?
Yeah, you won't do as I said..
but you'll do all these.
I'm angry.
I'm angry.
- What's new in that?
You're like that since you got
landed from flight, like a ghost.
Even you said the same.
I'm here to listen all your scoldings.
What happened now? You are crying.
- Oh sorry, I have to take
permission for that.
Fine, sorry.
What, do I have to say for five times?
Sorry.. Sorry.
I showed my anger on my mother..
my dad scolded me.
- Shells man.
I'm suffering and you are laughing.
So now, you want me to
stop talking with you.
I think you didn't understand yet.
For me suffering means,
not to talking with you.
Not to meet you and see you.
These are all my sufferings.
Then don't suffer.
Where's all your anger,
after talking to me for two minutes.
You are cutie.
I said right, your feelings
are becoming my feelings.
Then don't go for that
bridal glances, Saanvi.
I won't.
You won't right.
I don't have sight until now.
I just got that.
Love at first sight.
Introduction is waste of time about me.
Because I'm the top music director.
Did you listen to my compositions?
I heard them.
You copy tunes from others.
Boss.. Boss...
Without listening to me..
you asked another singer to sing.
That song..
Hear, it was a big hit.
- They recognized it was a copy.
Social media is trolling you.
Wrong time.
By the way,
my bloody assitant..
I want to be a great singer,
I'll be a singer one day.- You..
You can give your shake hand
after you become a singer.
Then can I stay here?
Go and wait.
Jealousy boss.
What did you said?
- Nothing boss.
I liked you a lot.
Did you?
I liked you a lot, Did you also..
Why will you even come for these alliances?
You can say at your home, right.
There's an argument at home.
If he says this..
It's not like that..
I'm suffering from a disease.
Is not a cancer, right?
- IV!
My parents didn't know about this.
Their dream is to see my marriage.
You have to fulfill that.
Sorry I can't.
Leave me.
Think about it again.
What to think?
See that blood.
I can do a help to you.
As you are saying this was
not aware of your parents.
I'll say I didn't like you.
But you said love at first sight.
Did I?
- Yes.
Bloody.. Idiot.
Boss got a master stroke.
How dare he can ask me stand outside.
I think I saw his face in the morning.
You are asking to pull me up, Baldy?
I'll get your hair transplantation.
- No boss, please.
From today, I want to quit smoking.
But why? - Do you know how
it was if our loved ones obey us?
In return we want to do something.
What else to do.
Cigarette is not good for health.
From today onwards,
my health is not just mine.
I didn't get you.
I'm saying about, you respected me and
you didn't go the marriage, right.
Alas! what happened?
Wait, lemme get water.
This is was cool.
It will look good on you.
Is it.
- Yes, ma'am.
Saanvi, have a look on this.
- It's my size, pack it.
This is good.
- Do you like this?
Pack this one.
But you like this, madam.
- Well he likes this.
- Right.
Hello. - This is Devi Astrology.
Your horoscope of today is super good.
I got it.
There's exchange for it, right?
We have ma'am
I packed the thing you liked.
Tell me, what else.
What's that disturbance?
Do you hear that?
How many times I have to say
not to attend calls from headset.
Yeah, I'm taking them off.
Is it clear now?
It is crystal clear.
Tell now.
You love orange lays right.
But you love blue right.
You are changed.
- What?
You are my Goddess.
With my friends.
Drop me a photo.
[camera captures]
"I never thought about this"
"I never thought about this"
Hello.. Check..
As per request of devotees..
As none is giving you a chance..
you took a chance for your own.
What'll be the situation of people.
You said temples in outskirts are peaceful.
Let's break up.
Aiyo! I forgotten again.
Song change.
What happened?
You killed her in life span
with your sweetest voice.
Hello.. Hello..
Sorry for the inconvenience,
let's go for another beautiful song.
Is your health good now?
What the hell he's doing.
I'm talking to you.
Save me, Lord Sai Ram.
Throw him.
[overlap of voices]
Throw him away,
he shouldn't see the temple again.
Hey who are you?
Why did you brought me here?
Our hands are sufficient to close our ears
by listening your songs.
How we are supposed to beg?
- What are you talking?
Mind your..
If my boss knows this means..
Temple will be here.
You guys won't live.
- Who the hell is he?
Who the hell is he?
Excuse me beggars, side please.
Why did you doing this to him?
He ruined our survival.
What this stomach?
He look like you guys,
but he never come across you.
What are you talking?
Why the hell he is our competetion.
He ruined our money by singing.
We faced a loss.
We need justice.
I got it.
Your voice got reaching miles by miles..
You have to pay them.
He will.
- Boss.
Don't you have anything than this?
Okay, I'll pay.
You have Google Pay?
Google Fay, Phonefe, PayTM fey
All cards are acceptable here.
You dumb.
It's not fe, it's pay.
- Whatever.
Where to scan.
What is that?
You said you will buy me a jewelry
when you got your first job.
But you bought to the child.
Those words are true.
But present.
whether I can make my daughter's
marriage or your Jewelry
I can't do both.
In that case do your daughter marriage.
My mother is gold.
Enough of these.
this is the first time I ever
wearing this much costly dress..
they also gave neck buttons.
My responsibility will be done,
with his marriage.
Uncle Krishna?
- He is getting ready in 601.
Gowri, How are you?
What's going on here, Krishna?
What happened?
Actually I started for your engagement.
How's the baby ?
-She's fine.
My brother-in-law came to drop
and pick me up in the airport.
While on our way he saw your invitation
card when he seeing baby photos.
Who is this girl?
He did Bridal glances with Saanvi.
But that's not the problem,
the main problem is.
Hello brother.
Did you remember me, that day
You and Saanvi Came to temple we met there.
Hi Saanvi.
Saanvi, that's your name right?
Then why wont you respond last time.
How's your health?
My colleague.
I had fever last time when I met him.
Don't say any lies to me.
Like that you say to your family.
I won't Krishna.
Then don't go to the Bridal glances Saanvi.
Okay I won't.
Yesterday you didn't went to
the Bridal glances on my word.
Did you kept any secrets from me?
What secrets?
I'm very serious right now,
did you kept any secret from me?
Suddenly, What happened to you?
Answer the damn Question Saanvi.
No, I didn't.
Say the same thing by swearing.
Went to Bridal glances,
that you didn't like.
You kept it from me.
Said something in the temple,
when I saw him.
Say Now.
Say what you wanna say now?
Is that all are is there,
any things like these?
I'm talking to you.
Tell me the truth.
Is there any thing like these?
I trusted you..
I think no fool in the world fooled
so many time like me.
I don't wanna hurt by telling you that lie.
To protect your feelings.
What is that?
To protect feelings?
Don't say that?
You pretended at me.
What so necessary for that?
When you stressing me,
be like that be like this.
I was missing myself.
How's the days going?
there's a doubt about the safety
of a girl when a girl went out.
Such as when I think on.
That's why I said no.
Missing feeling?
Still telling you that you will understand.
I don't have brain.
What's going on here?
The engagement to be done but not now.
I thought you would change.
not I don't think so.
Even so.
There's no point in scolding you get to
know your father who raised you like this.
Not to mention, there's no mistake
that we have to slap him.
There are no girl is correct for you Krishna.
even I'm also.
Marry your own reflection in the mirror.
What are you saying?
You raised a hand on a girl?
- You don't know any thing Dad.
Stop it.
Did you know what happened?
What ever so , you raised a hand on a girl.
Not to mention you.
we should beat the man who
raised you like this.
Beat him to the pulp.
To the pulp.
-No father no.
Father, what happening father?
Father what happening father?
What happening father?
What's happening father?
Back pain my son.
Why the back pain suddenly?
Saanvi, this may be a symptom
of heart attack.
Nothing to worry, it's a mild heart stroke.
He's fine now.
They shifting to another room,
you can visit now.
He'll be fine, if he take rest.
Sorry my dear.
To all.
Krishna, we don't meet anyone
in our life for nothing.
Whether a blessing are a lesson.
I thought you are a blessing.
But it's a lesson.
How is it now father?
What father, you won't speak to me?
there's no way you have tears in your eyes father.
I didn't do anything wrong father.
I told her before there's no way like this.
Really I didn't do anything wrong father.
Can you lift this bed?
I think you are in your first of your are second at that time.
You bunk your class's and went for a movie with your friend's.
You remember what I did when I know that?
There father's earned for them to spend like that, but not me.
Sorry father.
I won't do ever again.
Did you do that?
After few time like that.
Even so I get angry but I understand.
- you didn't talk to me father.
For two to three days.
Even so why I changed.
You get used to it.
At first , it's new right.
Not listening to you.
Getting used to it gradually.
Not get used to it, I understand.
Even so he's my son he won't see the world through my eyes.
I understand he has two eyes and he see's different world from me.
Not habit.
That's my mistake for beating you.
But why did you remain silent?
In return you can shout are even can raise a hand on me.
What are you saying father?
Why I have to get beaten?
Beat me now father.
Gave birth and raised me.
You don't need a reason to beat me.
You have a reason for beating you.
But what reason for her to bear that?
For twenty five years she lived her life in her way.
Now you came in to her life.
And you wishing that all the
thing must be done in your way.
You lived other's life too.
Yet why they still live like that?
I will be at down stairs.
Where is Saanvi?
She's went.
- Dear , what's this, please stop.
You slapped our girl?
- Dear, leave him he say Saanvi went away.
come on dear.
You said something about days.
If the days are bad, the days must change.
Not girls.
- leave it dear come on.
"Will the time stops"
"It won't hold"
"There won't be a minute
If the earth stops rotating"
"How it'll be
if our soul changes"
"There isn't a right
on any others"
"I didn't know this
and never known to this"
"Will the time stops
It won't hold"
"There won't be a minute
If the earth stops rotating"
"You treated her like this
as she believed you"
I love you.. didn't listen what I said
last one at least listen for this one.
Not everything will happen
as per your wish.
"Even you live her life
as you want her to be like you"
"Is it love
Don't know as you cheated yourself"
"I didn't know this
and never known to this"
"All the angry moments,
are turned into bad memories"
"By doing all this, and looking for a place
this is the tear of uneligible"
"Is it love
Don't know as you cheated yourself"
Is this your daily task?
Don't bring this marriage topic to me again.
Get promotion right.
"I didn't know this
and never known to this"
Every one around me is wishing me,
that means there is an improvement in our life.
But I'm not able to feel that.
All my mind is with her.
Look at this.
This also from her.
You saying she went to home when
you went to meet at her office.
You saying she went to home when
you met her in her way to office.
You saying she went to home when
you met her at MMTS.
Where she would go, home right.
Aunty I wanna talk to Saanvi.
She's not at home now.
Up there in the balcony.
There would be a fight now,
if uncle were at home
Listen to me.
She wants only the truth.
She in home.
She don't wanna see your face.
I think the lighter is not getting light.
Get to the top.
Saanvi I wanna talk to you for two minutes.
For two minutes.
What now?
I really have to talk for two minutes only.
Okay listen to me then.
I don't wanna meet and disturb you again.
But I'm not able to do that.
You said to me marry my own reflection.
I tried that also.
Even there You also there.
You even gave time to talk here.
But there you slapped me hard.
For these days I thought
that its safe as I like.
Now I understanding every thing.
If there any problem in
any matter with you.
In that same matter.
You accepted me as I'm even
you have problem with that.
I would a big idiot if I miss you.
Love in not conditional its unconditional.
Like these I understand every thing.
Long time ago.
My friend said while pointing you.
And asked "Is she really your lover".
I hesitate to answer.
But now if she ask same question now.
I will tell her without hesitation
and with full of confidence.
I like you so much.
That's why.
I don't wanting you.
[alarm ringing]
Every time the thought,
I don't want you..
I'm convincing my self with something.
I love you Saanvi.
The time is not enough.
Meaning of not enough time is.
Not giving another two minutes, Saanvi.
It means to give your life time.
I don't get it whether
I have to consider these words..
are those from the other day.
Help me regarding this Krishna.
If you do anything I won't ask anything.
I won't ask, weather you kill
a person and went into jail..
even without asking anything,
I will arrange a bail for you Saanvi.
If I have to kill anyone that's you.
You wanna kill me?
Kill me.
Kill me.
It's good at least she laugh.
See I'm telling you.
If I do drama that's me,
you have to accept me as I was.
Stay as you are.
Don't press me to be like you,
that's enough.
If that's so.
You don't like tattoos right.
Why that .
I know you would say something like that.
That's why.
That is.
What's that?
I said that's all. not that is.
This is all good but.
There is no fool in the world,
fooled this many times.
The vehicle stop there this time.
What, did you feel like hearing
these type of words anywhere.
or fell like saying it.
Say it five times.
Did I have to say it five times.
Five times?
- Hmm.
No matter how many expectations we had..
but we have to accept the
person who'll come for us.