Sammohanam (2018) Movie Script

This is really good
But why come to us?
Why not a more reputed publisher?
No, sir, they tend to be
too commercial minded
I like your passion too, sir
Passion isn't the criteria
We are always struggling to get funds
Doesn't matter, sir
I don't mind waiting
But why can't you publish this yourself?
You look affluent enough to afford it
That's my father's money, sir
I need an identity of my own
I'll be happy if a publisher
like you accepts my work
My dream is to be launched
by 'Anaganaga' publishers, sir
In that case
let's do this
Within 6 months
An interesting concept
If you bring it to me-
Don't you see,
even we need good artists?
Money may be
a little this way or that
I'll pray everyday
for this magic to happen, sir
Here, my boy
- My awesome 'Kannada' amma
- You came back just now?
Still making 'laddu'?
It's lunch time
I'm making this for Vatsala's grandson
His birthday tomorrow
I'll be done soon
- Your meeting?
- My 1st book will be published in 6 months
Anaganaga has made an offer
Taste this
Out of the world!
An international hand like yours
Instead of increasing your brand value
you're stagnating in this Bank colony
Brand means customers making
a beeline for our products
I shouldn't be begging them
Are you hungry?
Call your dad and sister
Lunch is ready
I'm almost done here
My dearest demoness
Hey Viju!
What are you up to?
I have 2 tests tomorrow
Botany and Dance
Preparing for both the exams
What about your meeting?
In another 6 months
...your brother's book
will be published
And create my signature
in children's world of books
'Children's book Illustrator
of the year award' for me
- Where is dad?
- Matinee show!
'I was an orphan stranded
You brought me home'
'Showered love on me'
[from the film 'Bangaru Papa']
'What more can any father do?'
Dad, lunch
'Bangaru Papa' the classic Telugu film
Legendary actor
Squeezes my heart with sadness
How can you watch it
for the 150th time and still cry?
Exactly why he is par excellence!
Can you name 1 actor
who can match him now?
Everyone delivers the same dialog
'Who is he?'
'Where did he come from?
Kill him now'
Hindi faces
Dubbed by someone else
Meaningless noises in nonsync
Let's eat
Poor SVR!
Is it necessary for you
to reach out to kids nowadays?
Which kid cries over a book?
You can only see iPads
or Smart phones in their hands
- Video games
- Otherwise TV or cinema
Don't blame cinema
What did cinema do to you?
Cinema is the main culprit
Crazy dance steps and violence
You think Mahabharata and Ramayana
were inspired by cinema?
- That's a different route
- This is the seed
Pass the 'laddu'
In 7D and 3D
Mobiles and iPads
Whatever the gadget
Will never die
That's for sure
I agree about literature
You call this cinema?
Good and bad co exist in everything
So many of your artists who scribble
in the name of modern art
...are frauds who earn in millions
If you can't understand
is art meaningless?
If you don't like it
is cinema worthless?
Don't fight
It's individual preference
We aren't fighting, dear
Shouldn't he talk sense?
Go ahead and create masterpieces
Who is stopping you?
- I'll do it
- Actions speak louder than words!
Show it in-deed!
I can give you ideas
for your concept if you like
Ask you?
What's so funny?
You think I can't come up
You have no idea
of my creative skills!
A day will dawn when all of you
will eat your words!
"For whose sake is this heaven?"
[song from 'Prem Nagar']
"This love-mansion"
Whose sake?
'Good morning, sir'
For whose sake?
For your sake, sir
My sake?
Who are you?
I am Das, sir
- Singer Yesudas?
- Plain Das, sir
Do you own this place?
I'm not yet cursed to work as
a gardener in someone else's house!
- What do you want?
- A house
We live here
We don't rent it out
I want it for a shoot
Film shooting?
In our house?!
Yes, my dear son
Really, dad?
Who is the hero?
Some actor called Kishore Babu it seems
Oh! Kishore Babu, huh?
His father is the producer
He has paid a hefty sum
to a heroine called Sameera
Or some such name he said
Sameera Rathod!
Dad, she is gorgeous
Will she be coming here?
This is her house in the movie
Will you stop shrieking?
How did you agree to this?
Shoot for just 20 days
Should we vote to decide?
20 days...?
In our house?!
Why get hyper?
They will go about their job
Amma, they shot in my friend's place
'2 days, just 2 days
They messed up the whole place'
He has agreed to 20 days!
Tell them 'no', dad
They agreed to my conditions
Why should I say 'no'?
What conditions are you talking about?
[clears throat]
I told him if he gives me a role
I'll give our place free of charge
He agreed at once
Did you also hear what I just heard?
What did you hear?
My dad will be an actor
Wowww, dad!
Are you mad or what?
You'll act?
That too in a film?
What's wrong?
It's my childhood dream
- You've never told me
- What would you have done?
Made me a hero, huh?
'You're talking as if I missed out
on a golden chance?'
I'm telling you now, right?
What about your job?
[clears throat]
I quit a month ago and
took voluntary retirement
I didn't tell any of you though
For 30 goddamn years
I worked like a donkey for the Govt
I did well for myself
I educated him
I'm educating her
I have a nest egg saved up
I've built a home
we can be proud of
My sacrificing time is over
Only one
If I perform once
I'll be happy
Like the legend S.V.Rangarao
Like Dilip
Veteran actor Marlon Brando
Universal hero Kamal Haasan
Only 1 performance
You'll see for yourself
You won't understand
if I tell you
Then past 1 month, instead of
your office where did you go daily?
Studios, my dear
To meet producers
Don't I have to ask for a chance?
I showed them my album
You made an album also?
- When was this?
- Show me
Policeman, beggar,
Village head
Dad, you are simply sooooper!
Underworld king
Amma, wait
Let me see
When did he click these?
Didn't he tell you?
'I had no clue'
Do you need all this
when you're so old?
You are too sensitive by nature
Cinema...that world is horrible, dad
They will spin all kinds of tales and
lure you into a web of make-believe
You sound just like my father!
Only because I shouldn't behave like him
when you showed interest in Fine arts
...I encouraged you
If it had been your grandfather
he would've pushed you
...into Engineering,
MBA or Accounts
Being an artist yourself I thought you will
understand my dream of being an artiste
My art makes children happy, dad
It gives wings
to their imagination
I don't draw figures ridiculously dressed
prancing around in foreign cities
This is a sanctified profession, dad
The life these film folks lead is fake
Even their emotions
Shut up!
This is my house, my wish and
pleasure whom I grant permission to
I can even strip and do
a hot number if I want to
It's my wish
That isn't the poin-
Shut up!
I shouldn't act it seems
Not grant permission to shoot
It's my house and my dream
I will act in this film
Heroine Haritha cannot sleep
unless she does 'that' every night
Look at that!
Notice your reaction?
That's what we want
This will be the opening headline
If you click and open
Heroine Haritha cannot sleep
unless she brushes 4 times
Sensational news
90% websites mislead like this
Based on the rating, viewers decide
whether to book for a film or not
Shall we also start
a website like that?
I am bored to death
with this IT job
I've even come up
with a cool name
- What?
Suits you to the - How dare you!
- Like your misshapen face
Don't you deride me
They are shooting
a film in my house
- What the hell!
- When did you come?
Movie or TV?
Maybe it's a short film
That's put him off
Who is the hero?
Some chap called Kishore Babu it seems
Isn't he the chap trying hard to impress
Telugu audience for the past 5 years?
That's the chap
with the lousy face
Who is the heroine?
Sameera Rathod it seems
Are you serious?
How long?
20 days
We must launch
What's up with both of you?
You know him well enough, right?
He's quitting his IT job
and launching a website
Only cinema gossip
views and movie reviews
Website name
If Sameera Rathod is in your house
I can add exclusive bytes, tips, clips-
Oh gawd!
Sky is the limit
Look! Not only overseas
My website will be #1 in outer space too!
We can share a room
What's your %?
Shut up
Why do stars drag you
like a magnet?
Their glamor, acting, dance
Everything is fake and awful
Why do you rush behind them?
They are ordinary humans like us
Stars are NOT ordinary people
If we can spend money to watch them,
they have something we don't
No one knows what
Beyond the secret of
the creation of earth
I'll tell you when I know
What is your share?
For 20 days, man!
sketch your crazy pictures here
Great idea!
I mean, children are like flowers
You can paint them as tomorrow's citizens-
Hey! Vijay
Listen to me
Is it okay?
There's a delay in lighting
Your house is simply soooper
'That's why I abuse, don't spoil
my mood early in the morning'
- 'Das sir, any problem?'
- Nothing, sir
Tell me the restroom to use
Sure, upstairs
The shoot has started
Hurry up
'It's a close up shot, right?
We need 2 baby lights'
'Balance the background with skimmers'
Aiyo! Broke it, huh?
It's made of terracotta?
No wonder it broke easily!
Hey! Who the hell broke this?
Move aside, I say
Told them to use
the 2nd restroom
- Look at this
- Broke, huh?
No big deal
Modern art without head or tail
Good that damn thing broke
How can you be like this?
Go and shower
Shooting will start now
Listen, lad
No college today
Shooting will start
Go and freshen up
'Cook rice in this for the heroine'
That's my cooker, not yours
'How many times
should I tell them!'
Hey! Who are you?
It's okay, sir
Our owner's son
Sir, you want to use the restroom?
We occupied your room
Drinking coffee?
- We could've given you
- No need, sir
We'll serve you lunch
the 20 days we are here
Whatever menu you want
I won't take 'no' for an answer
Sir has agreed too
Look, he is discussing
the story with the writer
Regarding his character
Do that, sir
It's very good
What is he telling him?
Take a look
Everything is okay
Fantastic role
I'll tell you later
What the hell!
Give me a hand
Won't you let me relax for a minute?
Sorry, sir
Is everything okay?
I had to plead to get this place
You'll humiliate me
- I'll bear the entire expenditure
- No need
Make use of your brains
and eyes, enough
I'll tell the producer-
- What's your tearing hurry?
- They said heroine is coming
So you'll run over someon-
Oh gawd! She has come
Keep it in and switch on
the air conditioner
1 minute, sir
Sameera has come, bro
Take care of everything
Our heroine has come
Shooting will start in 40 minutes
Hey! Shot ready
Make it fast, quick
Entire schedule will be shot here
He is Mr Sarvesh
House owner
Look, how beautiful the heroine is
Why wear goggles at home?
Looks ridiculous!
- Not nice
- I'm going over there
I need to check the shots
'Where is my dialog paper?'
Almost done
Director will see it on that TV I think
- That's the TV?
- Monitor, ma
Can you see it?
- Tell her
- Madam, don't click any photo
- She's objecting
- Give it to me
- It's okay
- Give it
- What...?
- She doesn't like it, sir
Get lost!
'Don't overact'
Sir, you're creating a disturbance
Don't keep tapping your feet
[memorizing dialogs]
If you shift the frame a little to the left
you can get a better shot of the greenery
- What do you feel?
- Sir, don't disturb the director
I beg of you, sir
Kindly understand and cooperate
Vamsi, ready?
Can't you see a huge lizard
creeping up that wall?
Call yourself a cameraman?
Look at that lizard
Frame has to look good, right?
Cameraman will take care
Please don't interfere, sir
Please don't interfere, sir
What I'm trying to say is-
- Don't shout 'cut' etc
- Sorry, I was too tense
- Sorry, I was too tense
I've never seen
such a fat lizard in my house
such a fat lizard in my house
Maybe it came to watch the shoot
I think it loves to act too
I'll deal with you
after they pack up
after they pack up
'Didn't you tell me, father?'
'Only 1 wor daman needs
A whi piswha tabu ll he eds'
'Suresh, split the words properly'
- Only 1 word a man needs
- A whip is what a bull heeds
Not Daman & Diu!
'World Telugu Conference
is in this city now!'
I thought so too
What is this language?
What is Daman & Diu?
Forget it, sir
She is fluent only in Hindi
She is fluent only in Hindi
The dubbing artiste will improvise
Only 1 word a man needs
A whip is what a bull heeds
A whip is what a bull heeds
Your Telugu super star heroine!
While these heroines
murder Telugu...
murder Telugu...
...the poor Telugu girl
who dubs will improvise!
Why not pick a Telugu girl as heroine?
Please keep quiet
We Telugu actors don't get
to play the roles of father or villain
They stand behind these Hindi chaps
with folded hands and beg for these roles
- Beg...?
- Yes
You haven't even got your break, dad
And you're already complaining?
[muttering the dialog]
'Didn't you tell me, father?'
'Only 1 wor daman needs
A whi piswha tabu ll he eds'
'My betrothed is like a buffalo
Whip is the best option'
'What Kishore did was right'
'That's why I love Kishore'
'Shut up'
Shut up!
You must watch and learn, dad
'Only 1 wor daman needs
A whi piswha tabu ll he eds'
'Look at the plight of Telugu cinema'
She'll get an Oscar for sure!
'If a Hindi actor usurps
your role, it's wrong'
'If a Hindi girl steals
a Telugu girl's chance, is it okay?'
What's eating you up?
Stop this fight
That heroine is truly beautiful
'Her eyes, nose'
What perfect features!
Can't take your eyes off her face
Accept it, Viju
That's why people
go gaga over her
When we see such beautiful girls...
...we wonder if they ever
do normal chores
do normal chores
Brushing teeth etc
When is my scene I wonder
'Do what I say'
'If I like him, he'll be my son-in-law'
'He speaks Tegulu, not Telugu!'
That shot was sooper
But the Telugu was terrible
'If I like him
he'll be my son-in-law'
'Otherwise, chapter close, that's it'
I prefer the way he said it
Hey! Don't switch sides
Look there, Das is laying it thick!
I thought you can write only for A centers
But B & C will lap it up
Where was this fire
hiding all along?
We filled his wallet with fuel!
Stop pulling my leg
If we get a director
like our Surya...
...he's a demon who squeezes it out of you
What will he squeeze
until he gets it?
I want to discuss something
- What, sir?
- What about my scenes?
Aren't you the house owner?
Das told me about you
Wait and see, I'll pen a dialog
that will make you famous
Wait for a week
Entire film industry
will do a double take!
That's enough
Please start your work
I have some brilliant ideas too
If we put our heads together-
When did you come?
Just 1 photo with Sameera, dude
Hey, no
Get going
I missed out the 1st day
I've taken off today
Venkat & Ravi have also taken off
Introduce us and just 1 selfie
Is that my job?
Damn your website idea!
Not for my website
I don't even have WhatsApp followers
I was just frustrated with my job
- Come along, don't be mean
- 1st let's find Das
- What is it?
- Fans
House owner's son's friends
They want to click 1 photo
1 minute
- Sir, what happened?
- Relax, don't badger me
Come in
- Let me go
- I'll go first
- 1st I'll go
- Then me
I can't believe it
One with my goggles please
Just a silly habit
- Dude, come
- It's okay
You'll look like a hero next to madam
Go, take a snap
Why did you embarrass me?
Enjoy! Have fun
You and the others
Made fun of my Telugu
You are right
I'm try-ing to le-arn Telugu
Telugu is very easy
If you really try
you can speak fluently
That isn't the issue
I mean you, with respect
My Telugu dialogs
Can you teach me?
Yes, you
I get confused with
formal and informal usage
Don't you know?
I meant isn't Telugu
2nd language for this generation?
Not for me
I know Telugu
Then teach her
Till she shoots here
she'll speak Telugu properly
No one will tease her
You don't have a job
Your dad told me
I am in between jobs now
But I will get one soon
I'm an illustrator for children's books
You draw, right?
Maybe not the Telugu
spoken in our films
She says you'll be paid
I understood
Because you're an artist
You can
That's all
Just do this
Okay, I'll teach you
From tomorrow?
Where's my photo?
He has come out
What took you so long?
Of course it will take time!
- Must get the know-how, right?
Is it a brain box or a trash-can website?
You accept now
I have a tiny website in me
Shut up!
What did she want?
She wants me to coach her in Telugu
Coach her with all the dialogs daily
What did you say?
What else?
I agreed
That means you'll be with Sameera
from dawn till dusk!
Aww! Stop it
My mom sent it for you
Shall I wait outside?
'Undu' is stay, enough
- 'Undu chalu'
- Not both together
Just stay is fine
'Undu' means stay
Hello, 'cheppu'
I mean 'bolo'
Tell me
I'm shooting now
I can't talk right now
I'm working
'Why' means?
I told you not to badger me like this
Hey Kiran, get my smoothie!
Get lost!
Not 'kuthuru'
'Koothuru', long vowel
'Koothuru' means...
[wrong pronunciation]
Goddess Shakthi
'Puttin-' gawd!
[memorizing dialog]
Not 'adhu-ru'
Get everything ready
for the next scene
Where is Sameera?
I'll be back, dad
Anji, open the door
'Father, I love him'
Who do you love?
Me, right?
- I was rehearsing
- What...?
Falling in love, huh?
You can do that with me
If you teach me the scenes,
I'll teach you the dialogs
Are you that fluent
in Telugu to coach her?
My parents taught me when I was a toddler
not realizing it's a crime to do so!
So I became fluent
Let's watch your Telugu
When father and daughter
are arguing bitterly the heroine's uncle
Unforgettable character, sir
1st you're roaming like a rowdy
Then you become a Naxalite
After that you go to the Himalayas
and become a saint
Then you come back and
start a software company
Yours will be a pivotal role
of a millionaire
Sir, my character is out of the world
If you can give me
earth shattering dialogs to match
It will fall in place, sir
Like hail in a summer storm
'Professing my love is as natural for me
as it is for a dog to bark!'
'If you think I'm a toy breed
and threaten me'
'...I'll scratch you'
'If you scream
I'll pounce on you'
'If you provoke me...'
'...I'll sink my teeth into you'
'- Dad
- Shut up!'
'Manasa, what are you saying?'
'Then you are born to me by mistake'
'Birth of a girl is not
considered unlucky, father'
'It's the blessing of Goddess Shakthi'
'My bad karma, I was born to a father
like you who didn't want a girl child'
Hey! You aced it
Awesome job!
"You performed a miracle like lord Rama
You gave life to a stone called Ahalya"
Your coaching was perfect
House owner's son
is coaching her, sir
is coaching her, sir
Then continue this
At the same time teach
our hero to speak Telugu too
Muddling up rhyming words
Absolutely no depth in acting
Sir...sir, listen
I've kept a Black Label
in the car for you
"Swirling thoughts all over love-laden"
"At the time when stars descend from heaven"
"Whirling thoughts all over love-laden"
"Time when stars in descend from heaven"
"Who will be the proper guide now
to tell me what to speak and how?"
"Instead of saying something"
"Prim & proper with a deliberate meaning"
"With banter in a friendly way
Forgetting time ticking away"
"Let's have a good time anyway"
"Swirling thoughts all over love-laden"
"Time when stars descend from heaven"
"To be ecstatic to this extent"
"Novel experience, never before felt"
"Dont misinterpret please"
"Did you ask me at least?"
"Im in some world of fantasy maybe"
"Reading into your smile, dearie
more than necessary"
"Even if thats true, dont tell me"
"I wont be able to believe you really"
"Whirling thoughts all over love-laden"
"At the time when stars descend from heaven"
"When spoken, this doesnt seem right"
"Like a sandstorm in sight
thoughts quicken in their flight"
"Maybe the 1st phase of love is like this"
"Intoxicating haze like a mist of bliss"
"When will this shyness within
unlatch my heart to let you in?"
"To express the snuggled words anew
in my hearts atrium to you"
"Whatever this maybe
dont think, let it be"
"You ignite desires within me"
"Swirling thoughts all over love-laden"
"At a time when stars descend from heaven"
"Who will be the proper guide now
to tell me what to speak and how?"
"Instead of saying something"
"Prim & proper with a deliberate meaning"
Thanks to this blessed rain
whole city is submerged
Madam, traffic jam
in your route very bad
- Big bad jam
- Like 'jamun' in sugar syrup!
All pot holes are full
Stay here tonight
and relax, dear
Yes, dear
It's pouring cats and dogs
Your BMW will turn into a submarine!
Most important, we share
screen space tomorrow
We can even read and rehearse
In our scene-
Freshen up and
get into your normal clothes
- I'll finish cooking
- We'll eat
You can sleep in your room
This look was inspired by Brando
Muscles, cuts, everything
I followed Brando blindly
Like it?
'A street car named desire'
Have you seen that film?
Your father or grandfather
would have seen it
- What, ma?
- Not a single vegetable
Just 1 dry drumstick
and 2 tomatoes
- I'll buy now
- Anything, but no cabbage or cauliflower
I'll cook for that child in my style
Only if a heroine comes
you'll cook a feast for us
- Stop teasing me, go
- I'm going
you'll cook a feast for us
- I'm going
It's raining
Watch your step
'Just because youre my brother'
This is anger
'Just because youre my brother'
This is compassion
'Just because youre my brother'
This is enmity
I can give any number of
variations like this
Everytime I witness my range
I get scared of my own self
Do you know what's surprising
'That too, several kilos of it'
Amma, see you
Let me also come with you
I'll come along with you
It will become an issue
if someone sees you
It's risky and
we have to rehearse now
I can lend you my windcheater
Butterscotch in the rain
Hey, groundnut toffee
I never knew you have
such a simple wish list
If you spend more time with me'll get to know more about me
that's a lot interesting
I didn't know you could pick up Telugu
so well, that too in so short a time
What's in a language, sir?
All depends on the teacher
Praise be to my guru!
You are
...heroine Sameera?
"Something my heart took a liking to
Seeking an alliance totally new"
"Emotional memories like waves
chase me in magical ways"
"Is it love, invitation, desire?
Wonder what is this fire"
"Its all so awesome truly
In awe, whats in store for me"
"A warm light within me aglow
bathed me from head to toe"
"Through a sunbeam tenderly
now a dream drizzles daintily"
"Did a rapturous rhapsody beckon?"
"Did floral rivers echo in return?"
"Outside and inside, a celebration"
"Ready for what I get without hesitation"
"Outside as well as inside
Moments of bliss in this ride"
"Ready for whatever I get; no hesitation"
"Did this tune so unique
whirl us into this magic?"
"Has the fragrant jasmine
united us like a benediction?"
"For me you know
this tiny hope will do"
Aiyo! Got wet, huh?
Did you get the chicken?
Fans identified her, ma
- Is it so?
- Give her a towel
If she catches a cold
the shoot will get cancelled
My windcheater wasn't effective, huh?
Here you go
Take her inside
Go...go inside
Go, you must teach her
the dialogs tomorrow
Wipe your head
- 'My dear'
- Listen!
It's raining
Rehearse inside
Consonant 'La'
La in 'peLLi' as a hard emphasis
Who says it properly?
They say 'pelli' 'malli'
pronouncing the 'la' softly
If I crib, you get upset
- No one knows
- She isn't eating at all
Eat, my dear
My wife cooks the best chicken
Even I switched over
from veggies to meat
It's so delicious, aunty
What is the use?
Your hand looks like a drumstick
But heroines earlier were
pleasantly plump and round
Like this sweet 'laddu'
Eat well, dear
Heroines Savitri, Vanishri, Jayapradha
Look at my beloved wife Anusuya
Serve her, she should know
our Telugu hospitality
Aunty, shall I help you
wash the dishes?
The maid will come
in the morning
Shall we go up to the terrace
after you finish your ice cream?
The moon is out
and looks beautiful
We will all go to the terrace
and rehearse in the moonlight
I will rehearse with you
Let them go
My scene is with her
Both of you kindly escape!
- Hey, give that to me
- Take it
Cant you rehearse with me?
Scene has changed now!
Why do old people
need a romantic scene?
Can I ask you something?
Do you take care of everything by yourself?
Your parents don't chaperon you?
My parents don't approve
of me being an actress
What I wanted to tell you is-
In this film industry
you have singlehandedly-
It's dirty and tough, right?
Isn't it?
Is only the movie world dirty?
Is the rest of the world clean?
What kind of person am I?
In your opinion
Generally most people label the heroines
with certain biased opinions, right?
For the sake of
my career and success you think even I would
have compromised my values?
What kind of compromises do you mean?
I don't know
Tell me
Having fun
You want to know what I think?
But I know this for sure
You would never have compromised
your self respect for anything
You mean that?
How do you know?
Just my instincts
As a human being you would
rather die than sell your self respect
Am I right?
Don't you have a girlfriend?
Should everyone have a girlfriend?
Everyone doesn't need one
But why aren't you dating anyone?
I am not the kind
girls will die for!
Many girls have said this to me
Then they marry a business man,
a rowdy or a politician
Don't laugh
This is the whole truth!
What kind of a girl do you think
is your Miss Right?
Tell me
Go on, I'm waiting, all ears
Simple, unpretentious girl
A girl who genuinely cares
True love!
- Means?
- Not be judgmental
A girl who is understanding
Unconditional love
Fully conditional
There can be no love without conditions
If I am in love
you should also be in love
I agree to be in love
Look at yourself
I mean if your Telugu viewers
say so, it must be true
But all this
Exterior beauty will fade
gradually, eventually
Your skin will wrinkle
Your teeth will fall
Knock knees
Receding hairline
What I'm saying is-
Behind this beauty
Behind this face there is something more
For sure
there is an aura
Your personality, right?
That is the true 'you'
The real Sameera
I want that girl
who is truly real inside
So you want that real 'me'
within me, right?
Not within you
Generally within the girl I marry
There is an aura within me, right?
Can't you see it?
That isn't my intention
My grandfather once said
When my grandma passed away
He was by her side
He loved her heart and soul
Before she breathed her last
'The sadness I glimpsed in her eyes'
'Her anguish and pain'
'Broke my heart to pieces', he said
Love at the age of 95!
A week after grandma died grandpa passed away
How does a guy who talks like this
get a girlfriend?
'I will fight the entire world for you'
You must be so effusive
I cant do it
Now you know
No, you didn't
You didn't
What is the time?
Half past ten
Can you drop me?
Heroine's room
[loud snores]
'Your father looks at
the world with his eyes'
'That's why his priorities are
property and prestige'
'I see the world
with my heart'
Is that lipstick?
Remove that chair
'Listen, dear'
'Your father looks
'That's why his priorities are
property and prestige'
'I see the world
with my heart'
'That's why I see people
and their bonds of love'
'I don't believe in the system'
'I respect people'
'I won't give priority to marriage'
'I respect love'
'That's why'
'I stand by you and Kishore who is
willing to even shed his blood for you'
'I will oppose my own blood
my beloved brother'
'I will go against his wishes'
'Go, my dear'
'With courage in your heart'
'I have never derided you
even though you are my younger brother'
'Whenever you were in the wrong'
'I pardoned you'
'But if you take advantage
of this brotherly love'
'...I promise on our mother'
'I will teach you a lesson
from A to Z you'll never forget'
You lived the role!
Your soul literally migrated
into the character!
What, I say?
You have natural talent
Super, sir
I thought they went slightly
overboard with the dialogs
That's why I underplayed it
If this is underplay
imagine what 'upper play' will be!
1st time in my life
I delivered heavy dialogs
Okayed in the 1st take
Appreciate me at least now
You rocked, dad
- He was good
- Really good
Uncle, I never thought
you will ace it like this
After this film
you'll be busy 24x
I'll handle your dates
Believe it or not
No one has delivered
my dialogs so powerfully
After the 1st show...
...entire film industry
will line up at your door
You'll give Prakash Raj sir
a run for his money!
Thank God, I kept my word
and gave you a powerful scene
Today is the last day of shoot
Last day?
'Meant to be a surprise
Suresh and I planned this'
'We are hosting a party this evening'
Today is the last day?
- Why take all this trouble, aunty?
- A small gift to remember
Anytime you come to Hyderabad... must visit us for sure
I'm very modern
Our combination will be a hit for sure
I bless you to become a big star
like Savitri + Smitha Patil + Meryl Streep
Looks like we'll never get to hug her
So long as she doesn't fall at our feet
asking to be blessed!
'Bye, keep in touch with us now and then'
Uncle, I heard you aced
your performance
You missed my 'live' performance
Share that knack with us
Do you know the whole set
is praising you?
- You rocked it seems
- Sad, we missed it
'Once the film releases
you'll know my worth'
"O' my beloved star dainty"
"Whole heartedly"
"I urge you, once again"
"I ask you all over again"
"Come back into my life, my lovely"
"Bring your sparkle to shine on me"
"I request you wholeheartedly"
"I can't think of you as a long lost dream"
"Like a fairy tale of love as the theme"
"I wish to be with you always"
"I want to be with you always"
"Something that cuddled close to my heart"
"Suddenly has drifted far apart"
"Something that was a part of me
has abandoned me totally"
"Only today it dawned on me truly"
"Some kind of void; an empty state"
"My heart feels crushed and desolate"
"Time stands still in your absence totally"
"O' my beloved star lovely"
"When you are beside me, my precious"
"My song is like the full moon luminous"
"By my side when youre missing"
"I become a koel that cannot sing"
"To my life you lend a meaning"
"The wind that swings
my hearts wings"
"Whenever you arent near me, dear"
"Every minute is 1000 deaths for me, I fear"
"Come, my soul friend always"
"Your arrival is like the suns rays"
"O' my star-friend love"
"My treasure trove"
That's right
Move your hands wide after that
Draw the heroine close to you
Owner's son
Isn't there a scene where I hug her?
'- Didn't Madhu tell you?
- Let's shoot that'
What a pleasant surprise!
I'm here to attend a workshop
Our coach is here
to fine-tune Sameera's Telugu
I came here for a project
The hotel staff told me
about a Telugu film shoot
'Why is he here?'
How come suddenly?
He is here on some project
Heard we are here and came to see us
Das, take care of him
- Coffee or tea?
- No, thanks
You must drink something
'Did you notice the hand movements?'
When you spread
your hands wide-
Watch us rock it
Stretch your hand out
When it's broad-
Why has our chap come this far?
Trapped him also in your web?
Where are you staying?
Manu Allaya
How long?
Don't know exactly
I might even leave tomorrow
Are you free this evening?
Just 1 hour
Aunty's gift
So beautiful
My sudden visit
I hope I'm not disturbing you?
I didn't expect you
That's all
This workshop
All of a sudden, how come?
Workshop was just a cover up
I came all the way to meet you
Honestly I've come only to see you
I think I'm in... with you
For me to feel this way about someone
I'm not my normal self, Sameera
That day when we both...
...went out in the rain on my bike
The time we spent on the terrace...
For the 1st time in my life...
I experienced it
I felt like pouring my heart out to you
You're extremely sweet
That magical night
is unforgettable
...I never felt the same way you do
It has nothing to do with you
I am unable to reciprocate
the way you feel about me
I didn't come here
to make you feel sad
I came to tell you
how I feel about you
I've said it all
I don't mean to deride you
You think I've fallen for your glamor
I'm not saying you are
that kind of a shallow person
You aren't to be blamed at all
What I feel for only-
The way I feel
I never imagined
I would be in this situation
Don't apologize
I should be the one to apologize
I know how you feel
How I feel right now
No way will you know
Hey Viju!
Did you come just now?
How did it go?
Hey, did you see
Satyajit Ray's house?
I saw everything!
My dear son
I want to rest up
Don't disturb me
- What's up with him?
- He must be tired
Okay, let's continue our game
[song from 'Bharya Bharthalu']
Dad, ready?
I'm reminded of your office days
Where is Viju?
No idea
- Bro...?
- Go and call him
I don't know
'Lock the door and come'
Father, you said I shouldn't
be an actor, right?
Watch me in action today
Sure, my dear girls
Where is the driver?
We are late for the movie
Get in, let's go
Vijayee bhava! Praise be
to the sentinels of heaven!
I'm just starting, right?
"Change gear, son
Speed up, come on"
- Go...go
- Wait
We are late
'My film is bound to
be a soooper hit'
You're now a star
We've been waiting for you
These fans are having a rollicking time
- Who has got the tickets?
- I have them, dad
Do you all have tickets?
Park and come in quick
I'll be there
Let's go inside
The show will begin
Come on
Film has begun
Look! 'Thanks' card
Sit down
Relax, there's still time
I must watch this film
from the beginning
Vijay, hurry up
This is your seat
I'm in the front row
to whistle and have fun
'Stop whistling
Everyone is looking at us'
Stop it
'She's simply gorgeous!'
'It didn't hit me
when I saw her at home'
'When I see her walking here
wow....she's hot, man!
There it is!
Our house
Our house looks so grand, right?
Who built it?
'Didn't you tell me, father?'
'Only 1 word a man needs
A whip is what a bull heeds'
'Listen to me'
Stunts are realistic, right?
'What are you saying?'
'You have tarnished my reputation'
'Birth of a girl is not
considered unlucky, father'
'It's the blessing of Goddess Shakthi'
'My bad karma, I was born to a father
like you who didn't want a girl child'
Look how natural her Telugu dubbing is
Credit goes to Vijay
As thorough as gutting a fish!
Even I'll take utmost care
if I was coaching a heroine
- Will you do the same to a villain?
- Watch the film
'Didn't you fall for my beauty?'
'Beauty, huh?'
'I don't want your bloody beauty'
'This beauty will fade eventually'
'Your hairline will recede'
'Your skin will wrinkle'
'Your teeth will fall
You'll have knock knees'
'I didn't fall for your beauty'
'It isn't even permanent'
'Behind this beauty, behind this face
there is a soul, a person'
'An aura, a character, a personality'
'I love all that'
'My grandpa loved my grandma deeply'
'He was at her bedside
when she passed away'
'He said his heart broke when he saw
the pain in her eyes before she died'
'That is true love'
'That's how I feel about you'
'I'll tell your brother'
'I mean the world to him'
Dad's entry now
'- Let go of me
- Please don't, dad'
'I will take my Sameera with me
and no one can stop me'
My scene has been cut
- I acted in that scene
- Sit down
- My scene should have been next
My scene isn't there
Do you think
they jumbled the reel?
They must have chopped it
How can they do it?
Serves us crazy people right scene has to come next
I'm leaving
See you later
- Where to?
- You watch the film
With my punch dialogs
it was so brilliant
I don't know why it was cut
Wait, Sarva, let's see
if the scene has been shifted
No, it has to be here
What do you want, sir?
'Why are you glowering at me?'
My scene should be there
Let's wait, Sarva
'Every man who rubs the wrong side
of his razor sharp son-in-law'
'...will be butchered'
'Your knife is for hunting
Mine is for stabbing'
'I kill like an Express train
I don't stop like a Passenger train!'
'Hey sweetheart, your dad
has waved his green flag'
'Will you come with me?'
How can they cut it?
Let's discuss this
1st you get up
'Let's go, Sarva, get up'
They...they cut my scene
- Come with me
- My 1st film
- Where is Viju?
- Here he is
I'll call Das and ask him
What a terrible film!
Who will watch such a bad film?
Thank your stars you didn't
act in this awful film, Sarva
They might have cut the scene
to trim the length
Common man will love it
May be uncle's scene was a lag
and so it was edit-
According to the script, uncle
Doesn't matter
You'll get another chance
'This is common
Don't let it affect you'
- Where did you go?
- I came out for a cup of tea
Why watch a film
if dad's scene is cut?
Hey! 'Kummestha'!
Film is kick ass!
You saw?
- Why so much violence and hacking?
- They hacked me!
- I'll hack the director and Das
- 1 minute, wait, uncle
You acted so well
'Even I was shocked
Don't know why it was edited'
I was brilliant
I gave my house free for 20 days
Snacks were served free
I'll kill each and every one of them
What do you mean 'relax'?
You get the car
I'll go with Jippu
- What?
- I mean
My friends have opened
a costume workshop
Divya wanted to come
- I'll be back in an hour
- No need
Shut up
Come home
What's your problem?
Mom knows
Shut up!
Are you mad or what?
Want to gallivant on a bike?
- Let go
- Viju, stop it
Let me go
- Viju, stop it
Switched off!
All their phones are switched off
They should be tied to a bier!
I'll teach him a lesson
Don't talk back
This isn't the right time
Some other time
We'll meet up later
Why are you on his side?
Who is he to stop me?
When your dad is upset
you want to go on a joy ride?
Well said, ma
I'm still unable to reach
any of them
'What happened?'
'Your scene was cut!'
- Shut up
- Hey! Stop quarrelling
Haven't we had enough
of raised voices?
Why are you bullying me like a rowdy?
of raised voices?
I'm not a school girl
I know what's right or wrong
You'll ruin your life with such chaps
I have seen his friends
You know, he roams
with 100 girls like you?
- Did you see?
What is the guarantee
I don't roam with 100 guys?
Will you hit me?
Try it
It's alright if you flirt
with that heroine, huh?
Shut up!
Divya, go
I said, enough
I'm not an idiot
You can't run my life
'Stop moral policing me'
Even you?
Room service for everyone today
I'm the only one who's free
without mood swings
Sit down, ma
Had lunch?
Yes, dear
What happened in Manali?
I saw the dirty clothes you had
stuffed into the hotel's laundry bag
I'm mad with myself, ma
I used to be sure of my judgment
of all my actions and decisions
But in the case of this girl
What did she say?
She said she didn't feel the same
about me and apologized
Well, it happens
She is a super star
I am just an illustrator
Just because she said she doesn't love you
don't demean yourself, dear
How did I make the mistake
when there was no chance at all?
Because she is genuine
and good at heart
I thought so too, would be lovely
to get her as my daughter-in-law
Just as you have the right
to declare your love for her
...don't you think even she has
the right to reject you?
Ma, I didn't go to violate her right
I just went to profess
my love, that's all
That's besides the point
What I'm trying to say is-
It isn't possible to be liked by everyone
Before I met dad
I fell in love with someone too
My college senior
Curly hair
Aquiline nose
He was like hero NTR
in 'Pathala Bhairavi'
Unable to bottle up my feelings
I professed my love one day
I was a fast chick!
But he apologized courteously
He said he was already in love with
another girl and intends marrying her
I was in hell for 6 months
After that traumatic phase,
in a drama festival in college
As cheerful as a pumpkin
Sarva walked into my life
Always laughing and
making others laugh
Happy 24x7x366!
He proposed to me
as if he was joking
He said he wanted to marry me
Agonized by my earlier rejection
I turned down his proposal
Do you know with what dignity
your dad handled it?
With utmost grace and understanding
He never broached this topic
During that bad phase
Sarva was my best friend
Later when I came to know
another girl was in love with Sarva
I rushed into his arms literally
asking him to marry me
A real man knows how to handle it
even if the girl rejects his love
It isn't such a dreadful humiliation
All this is common in life
Falling, picking yourself up, moving on
It's all a part of life
That's all
I've never yelled at Divya like this
After a couple of days,
get her an ice cream
And praise her Bharatanatyam
Then she'll stick to you like glue
If you want, go and stay
with Murthy for a few days
His weird attitude will make you
zip zap zoom like a newly serviced car
How is dad feeling?
Don't do the empathy
and encouragement routine
I'll be staying with Murthy
for a few days
See you
At least you have good friends
My 'friends' are
laughing behind my back
You at least tried to do
what your heart desired
Those who laugh
can't even chase their dreams
What you said is true, son
Cinema is a make-believe world
A world of hypocrisy and false praise
Opportunists who take us for a ride
Just because there are sharks in the ocean
Look, will those beautiful fishes
leave their home?
Consider this as rehearsal, huh?
Try even harder next time
Don't look at me like that
You're a brilliant actor
Brushing my ego aside
I'm admitting it
Nothing happens without a reason, dad
We have to wait for the right time
Go back to your movie watching spree
Forget this as a bad dream
Mom told me about
your love story just now
Do you know that?
Everyone is looking at us
What are you do-
We welcome the hero
who hugged Sameera!
Get lost!
Whatever, it was wrong of Sameera
to steal your dialogs
Look...take this
Drown your sorrows in this elixir
Only cowards and incapable idiots
resort to this, Murthy
I might take a sip
just for fun sometimes
Not now
Don't drink, making an excuse
of keeping me company
As it is you are brainless
At least let your liver be intact!
Do you know, in Urdu
lady love is called 'Jaane jigar'?
'Jigar' means liver
'Kaleyam' in Telugu
'Jaane jigar' means
'Darling, you are as precious as my liver'
That Urdu philosopher knew
if the liver fails, love doesn't die
I'm moving to the hall
I'll stop with these 2 glasses
Don't kill me with your advice
'Welcome to
Thakadhimi Thom'
'My name is Girish'
'We have the lead pair of
'Kummestha' with us in our studio'
'Kishore and rising star Sameera'
Hey! Vijay
Come to the hall
1 minute, just come
'It will be a kickass session'
'Are you ready?'
'You can also call them
and talk to them'
'This is your 3rd consecutive hit'
and talk to them'
'Sameera ma'am, how are you
enjoying this success?'
'All of us worked really hard
to give our very best'
'I feel so satisfied my hard work
has reaped rich rewards'
'Bravo! Wow!
Did you hear her Telugu?'
'These words are
tongue twisters even for me!'
'Did your Telugu improve
because of this film?'
'Or was it a gradual process?'
'I have been trying for a while'
'But I took special care
for this particular film'
'I had a coach specifically
to teach me the right accent'
'I rehearsed daily'
'That's all'
'Coming back to the film'
'The scene audience went gung ho about'
'When the hero and heroine
profess their love'
'From the time this film released'
'This is the talk of the town'
'I would have got
a minimum of 1000 phone calls'
'That scene wasn't
by the dialog writer'
'When our team was discussing it'
'Sameera came up with an idea'
'She wrote all the main dialogs'
'Wow! Sameera?
Are you a writer?'
'Has Sameera worked in this film
even as the writer?'
'Not like that'
'Somehow that day
it just came to me'
'I don't know
I just blurted it out'
'She's just underplaying it'
'All of us fell for it at once'
'Time now for our callers
to ask their questions'
'If you call the numbers scrolling below'
'you can talk to
Kishore sir and Sameera ma'am'
'You can congratulate them'
'Even express your love!'
Give me your phone
I said, give me your phone
Are you calling this show?
'Who is speaking?'
I am Kumar
From Kukatpally
'Mr Kumar, please reduce
the volume in your TV'
Okay, I'll do it, sir
Reduce it
'Tell me'
I want to talk to Sameera madam
'Hi Mr Kumar'
Hi Sameera madam
How are you?
'I am fine
I'm first class
I am your biggest fan
I've watched all your films
Including your latest film
Wow! What a film!
'How many times
did you watch it, bro?'
Only once
'What did you like in this film?'
What I liked?
Sameera's acting,
dancing, dressing sense
Sameera madam, I heard you now
You're so fluent in Telugu
Who coached you
to speak fluent Telugu?
Tell me, please
I'll hug your coach
Madam, tell us
'Actually I don't know where he is now'
'He's very busy'
'Kumar sir, ask your question please'
Sorry, I'll ask now
You were talking about
that 'I love you' scene
That was simply too good
But I have a niggling doubt
I don't know why, madam
Those dialogs don't look like your writer,
hero or you sat and improvised together
It sounds more as if someone
professed his love honestly
You copied it from someone
Isn't it true?
'Mr Kumar, in a spur of the mome-'
Wait, Mr Kishore
Let Sameera madam speak up
'We are her fans'
Tell me, madam
Did you really write those lines?
'I really felt those dialogs'
It isn't about the feel, madam
Who spoke those lines to you?
'I'm referring to only those lines'
'Hasn't she replied, bro?'
Hey Kishore!
Shut up, man
Your face is blank
when you deliver dialogs
If you show any expression
dialogs stutter and falter
'1st learn to act'
'Who the hell are you?'
'Please sit down, sir'
'We shall take a short break now'
You're insulting us
with these cheapos
'Sometimes this is unavoidable'
'But you must be alert
when a mass hero is your guest?'
'Won't my fans get hurt
and create a ruckus?'
Why do you take
all this trouble, aunty?
It's difficult for him
to stomach your cooking daily!
He'll starve to death
I am just joking
I made egg curry
Came out well
So I brought it for you
I'll get the door
What brings you here, dear?
I came to see Vijay
I went to your place
Uncle said he's here
Uncle said he's here
I came to-
I saw your performance on TV
After I met you, I thought
I was biased about film people
You slapped me in my face
and proved me wrong
What is the difference
between you and that director?
He promised to give
my dad a chance to act
Utilised our house for 20 days
and chopped his scene ruthlessly
I guess exploiting people
is common in your profession
I have no problem
that you didn't love me
But something I've never told
anyone at any point of time
My feelings I trusted you
and shared with you willingly
You changed them into dialogs
and gave yourself a pat on your back
I hate myself
for even talking to you now
"Eyelashes damp and forlorn
Away from you, all alone"
"I am left all alone
A story fading into oblivion"
"Without you how can I survive?"
"How do I erase your memories that revive?"
"Eyelashes damp and forlorn
Away from you, all alone"
"I stood all alone
A story fading into oblivion"
- I'm hosting a party for you this evening
- I'm not attending
If you don't come
it's okay, I'll call Jippu!
"Where are those moments special?
Where is the past that was so real?"
"My mind keeps searching in vain"
"My life at a standstill now
With all routes blocked somehow"
"Life crawls once again
Loaded with anguish and pain"
"My choked heart is mute now"
"Makes my anguish unbearable somehow"
"How do I reveal
the truth I feel?"
Anaganaga is proud to publish
your book, launch is this month
"How do I forget truly
memories of you totally?"
"Eyelashes damp and forlorn
Away from you, all alone"
Listen, my 1st book
has been published
Awesome news, dude
'This is the house of Sameera,
the rising star heroine'
'About 2 hours ago'
'Sameera was lying
unconscious in her portico'
'Her friend Ramya found her
and she has was rushed to the hospital'
and she has was rushed to the hospital'
'Primary evidence suggests
attempted suicide'
attempted suicide'
'In which state of mind, did Sameera take
this decision is yet to be investigated'
'Did you watch the news?'
'Doctors said she has to be
under observation for another 24 hours'
'Sameera Rathod fell from her balcony
at her residence in Gachibowli'
'...thereby suffering severe head injury'
If you keep crying
what will people-
Over there
She's upstairs
ICU room #-
Before I could go to her house-
Wait, Ramya
I'm going to the police station
You go inside
Ramya, will you be here?
I'll be here
You go
- Take care
- Come with me
- How is she?
- Status quo
We must talk to the doctor
Doctor, how is she?
But stable
We'll know only tomorrow
Luckily she is responding to the treatment
We'll wait and see
Look at him
Sheer torture
Become worse
these past 2 months
What is his name?
Amit Malhotra
They studied in the same acting school
'Sameera was the best student in her batch'
'Amit was her senior'
'Their friendship started casually'
'If one's acting is
praised sky high'
'at that impressionable age,
anyone will flip for it'
'That's how she fell for him'
They became close friends
'Since she lacked support
from her parents'
'...she derived comfort from
Amit's encouragement'
'She gradually became fond of him
and trusted him'
'She believed his admiration
to be sincere'
'He treated her like a princess'
'So slowly she started feeling
grateful towards him'
'That's natural, right?'
Even before the course ended
Sameera got a break in a Telugu film
'I was the one who showed
her album to a director'
'Amit pretended to be happy
in the beginning'
'Her debut was under a prestigious banner
and a renowned director'
'Sameera became a sensation
in her very first film'
Her 2nd film was also
with a renowned director
'The film was a soooper hit'
'After the success of both her films'
'Amit started coming
to the shooting spot'
'She couldn't stop him'
'He usurped all the credit
for her success'
'And enjoyed all the benefits
that came with it'
'But he was frustrated
he didn't taste success'
'On the other hand,
Sameera's growing popularity'
'It turned him into a parasite'
His demands increased
'His true colors showed up'
'Managers told me not to let him
come to the shooting spot'
'They said he was a headache
they wished to avoid'
'I conveyed this to Sameera'
'Sameera is by nature
a sensitive girl'
'She was breaking her head,
wondering how to break it to Amit'
'Finally she gained courage and told him'
'Amit made it look like
Sameera betrayed him'
'And left in a huff'
That was when
his torture intensified
'He accused her of being selfish
and not supporting him as a friend'
'He claimed success had gone to her head'
'Poor girl!'
She tried her best
to understand his frustration
'She somehow wanted to
change him into a better person'
...her goodness of heart
he took for granted
'That scumbag!'
'Sameera realized Amit
was becoming psychotic'
'She tried so hard to keep him
at a distance'
But he didn't relent
He called and started
pestering her 24x
'After shoot started in your house
his torture became even worse'
'You can't even talk to me now?'
'Sameera can't snap ties that easily'
'That was his strength'
But the joy I saw on her face
when shoot started at your place
I've never seen her
like that in my life
'Everyday she was genuinely happy
and so full of zest'
'She'll count the hours
for the shoot to start'
Do you know why?
To meet you
'Whenever she spent time with you'
'she realized you were the one
truly close to her heart'
'Her love deepened gradually'
'Talking freely to you'
'Sharing her likes and dislikes'
'She loved the time
she spent with you'
'The moment she saw you
her face would radiate joy'
On the last day of shoot
in your house
'Poor Sameera!'
'Do you know how upset she was?'
Amit's torture on one side
'Kishore crossing his limits
on the other side'
The cast and crew I worked with
in the 1st 2 films were so decent and good
Kishore is so bad
Just the opposite
'Do you know how
many scumbags think...' actress is ready
to sell her body?
'Don't come if you find it so tough'
'If you come, you should
be prepared to do all this'
Then they lavish praise
on the 'Goddess of Arts'
I'm not saying all women are angels
A few of us may set bad examples
'Doesn't the same
apply for you men?'
When you came to Manali
the same evening
Amit landed there
He came directly to her hotel
Sameera had gone to meet up with you
Kishore staying in the same hotel
told Amit that Sameera had gone
'to meet her boyfriend from Hyderabad
and added fuel to the fire'
Like a drunken monkey
in wild fury he called Sameera
'Scared he might land up there
she left immediately'
From then onwards
her thoughts are only on you
'Sameera didn't give in when Amit
tried to extract information about you'
I will not spare him
'For the 1st time he saw
anger in Sameera's eyes'
'He started threatening her'
'She became very tense'
She was careful not to let him see
even a photo of yours
She was so worried
he might harm you
Meanwhile her film got released
You heard those lines
'And threw her out of your house'
That writer came up
with such lousy dialogs
She showed him the language
of real people in love
And blurted out your words impulsively
of real people in love
'The writer stole your dialogs'
Sameera was extremely dejected
after you threw her out
'Amit on the other side'
She tried one last time
to patch up with Amit
That rascal then gave her
another piece of shocking news
'A Bollywood producer was willing to give
Sameera and him a break in Hindi films'
'He wanted her to
spend a night with the producer'
"Sameera lost her cool completely'
If she didn't comply
to his demand...
he threatened to upload their photos,
videos on Facebook and Twitter
He was ready to disgrace her
and ruin her career
'He set the 15th of
this month as deadline'
I said, 'Enough is enough
Let's go to the police'
'Sameera refused'
'She said she would
deal with Amit later'
'If we registered a case'
'...and the cops interrogated Amit'
he'll drag Vijay into this mess
Then the media will
tarnish Vijay's reputation
'She was adamant your family
should not be dragged into this'
She told even the police
it was an accident
Where is Amit now?
I got that son of a gun's address
'I heard he stays here in Hyderabad
He is neck-deep in debts in Mumbai'
What are your plans, dude?
- Planning to kill him or what?
- Keep quiet!
You need to take off 1 more day
You have to attend
2 major events
'Your book launch?'
'Book launch and
Amit's deadline coincide'
Can you get 2 more strong chaps
other than the 3 of us?
Venkat and Ravi will be ready
for this kind of work
What kind of work?
Who the hell is it
early in the morning?
Shut up!
Shut up, I say
If you don't shut up
I'll kill you, rascal!
Calling out to the security, eh?
Tie him up securely
Tighten the knot
Hold the gun
- Why do I need a gun?
- Hold it
Why me...don't giv-
Ready, boss
I've been waiting for ages to play
a pivotal role in a scene like this!
- Chair!
- Get him a chair
Who are all of you?
Your name
Amitabh Malhotra
We don't have much time
'Stick to your dialog paper'
Shut up!
When I'm going full swing
why bug me with your silly dialogs?
I delivered my dialogs
Like bullets from a gun
Everyone applauded
and said I was awesome
But what did they do?
The most important part
They cut it
'Cut it' means?
Looks like he won't stop
till he gets an Oscar
"What are you seeing?"
"Your face, my darling"
"What do you want, ask me"
Your finger, buddy
I didn't know your dad
is such a psycho, dude
Even I didn't!
Our schedule is very tight
We have murder assignments
in Afzal Gunj, Dhoolpet, so hurry up
In Marredpally too
Do you know Sameera?
Unless I show him in 3D
he won't understand
Oh God!
What is this strip-tease?
When did your dad
get all these tattooed?
I have no idea
Look at me
Your dad is showing us
'Ghajini' the film
What do you know, pipsqueak?
Original version is 'Memento'
Christopher Nolan
They copied it
From English films
French films
Korean cinema
They copied
Scene to scene
Frame to frame
Aren't you ashamed?
How dare you blackmail my Sameera?
This is my portion!
How dare you torture my Sameera?
Our boy is now gutsy
Love made an illustrator of
children's books react like hero Prabhas
Let him go, sir
You are butting into my frame
This is a rare chance for me
Stop fighting,
focus on the villain
I'm your boss, I say
Have you heard of
Mumbai underworld?
You've heard of Mumbai underworld?
They are my friends
He has solid network!
Just 1 call from me!!
My dear boy, you have friends
in Mumbai underworld?
'Sathya' the movie
Do you know who bro is?
We pl...anned this
As a surprise
Don't stop
Stop what?
My pant-
I'm unable to hold on
Why the hell didn't you tell me?
Maybe they use guns in Mumbai
In the south
the system is different
Haven't you watched Hindi-dubbed
Telugu films in Sony Max?
'Narasimha Naidu'
'Samarasimha Reddy'
Did the knife penetrate deep
or not is the issue
Praise be to Sameera!
This is good
The reaction shot when we discover
Rajinikanth is 'Baashaa'
If he said 'Mumbai underworld'
as if I'll pee in my pants!
I wet my pants a little already
I have 4 points to ask you
First point
You got any videos or photos
of Sameera and you?
'Not just the photos
Take his laptop too'
Give me your phone
I don't have it on me
You scoundrel!
No, don't
If you have any backup
and you upload it...
...I'll come to Mumbai and pickle
you to pieces, got it?
Move aside
I'll miss my flow of thoughts
Now the next one
2nd point
Chotu, shoot him
Are you a family of hired killers?
Does aunty prepare bombs
along with her 'laddus'?
Keep quiet
Your pant is already wet
I know-
Chotu, shoot him
I am to blame
Please forgive me, sir
Got scared, my boy?
I didn't mean that shooting
Cinema shooting
Confession time
Tell me, how did you
torture Sameera-
Not Hindi
Ask him in Telugu
How did you deceive Sameera?
How did you torture her?
What demands did you make?
Speak up, scumbag
- I'm Shyam, Anaganaga
- Once upon a time?
Shyam from 'Anaganaga' publishers
Oh! Sir, it's you?
Tell me
Where is Vijay?
He isn't picking up my call
The book launch is at 6:00 p.m
The media has been pestering me
He has gone shopping
for today's function
Ask him to call me
as soon as he gets back
- Ask him to call me
- Any information?
I couldn't reach him either
Come by 6'o clock
I must try my hand at it sometime
My 3rd point
Call Sameera
I'm going
I'm going back to Mumbai
Not Hindi
I'm going now
I'll never come back
Why are you speaking in Telugu?
I am sorry
Forgive me
I'll never show
my feelings for you-
Hey! 'Show my face to you'
Not 'my feelings'
I won't show my face to you
Never again
My 4th point
Last but not the least!
There's a flight within 2 hours to Mumbai
You'll board that plane
Shall we go now?
You and your friends could have
bashed up Amit on your own
Dad, if my friends and I hit him
...he'll become more violent
and harass Sameera even more
The machismo of such scumbags
last only till they trap decent girls
They are real cowards by nature
No point just hitting them
Must scare the hell out of them
Why waste an actor
sitting right under my nose?
That's why
Dad, what is this?
You are the one
who really gave me a break!
Not really
- Where were you?
- No apology is good enough, sir
- Where?
- It was an emergency
Where? When? What?
Our family is here
What is this avatar?
I brought a change of clothes, just in case
Come in
Button up your shirt please
Everyone is waiting
Hurry up
You made our chief guest
wait for 45 minutes
Sir, it was an emerg-
We got to know just now
Please take your seat
I can sit here, right?
'Warm welcome to everyone here
Our apologies for the delay'
'Our Telugu audience
has been enchanted by...'
...our chief guest Sameera Rathod
'I cordially invite you on to the dais'
All of you must be aware
Sameera recently met
with a terrible accident
I was not sure
if she would attend
But she readily agreed
and kept her word
Thank you so much
for your presence here, Sameera
I invite our artist, R.Vijay Kumar
on to the stage now
'Without further delay
we shall release the book'
- Dad!
- Sit down
'When A Star Stepped Down To Earth'
Let us hear the story
'Bujji was a good boy'
'His parents doted on him'
'But he was such a shy boy'
'So he had very few friends'
'He spent long hours by himself'
'Playing all by himself'
'During summer nights
he used to lie on the terrace'
'And loved counting the stars in the sky'
'He considered them to be his friends'
'One night a star descended
and started to chat with him'
'Bujji was surprised'
'That star bowed down
to the ground and asked him'
'Will you come with me?
I'll show you the entire sky?'
'Bujji's cup of joy overflowed'
'The star took his hand
and led him high up to the sky'
'Bujji was in a daze'
'He ran a race
in the Milky way'
'He played 'sky or ground'
with all the planets'
'He played hide and seek with the moon'
'So many such magical nights'
'One night the star suddenly vanished'
'Bujji searched high and low
but all in vain'
'He yelled his throat hoarse
but the star didn't reply'
'He started crying'
'Hearing his loud sobs
his parents ran to console him'
'When Bujji told them about the star'
'...his mother smiled gently'
'Must be a bad dream
for my little madcap'
'She pacified him and
tucked him into his bed'
'Though Bujji pretended to sleep
he didn't stop looking for his star-buddy'
'Many days passed by'
'One night that star reappeared'
'And greeted Bujji'
Bujji asked angrily
'Where have you been?'
'Do you know how many lonely boys
like you are out there?' replied the star
'Don't I have to greet
all of them?' asked the star
'Really?' asked Bujji
'Cross my heart' said the star
'After many days
a smile flashed on his face'
'The star never left Bujji's side'
This is the story of
'When A Star Stepped Down To Earth'
Greetings to everyone gathered here
This is really a lovely book
Mr Shyam and Mr Vijay
Very good indeed
We'll give you more than
Looking at this cover
reminds me of my story
When I was a little girl
I used to befriend many stars too
I became a star
Many people think stars are
not like common people
But people in my shoes wish
we could lead a normal life too
It's tough to keep
acting all the time, right?
Like Bujji even I fell in love with a star
But I was unable to
express my love to that star
But there were more reasons than one
The soulful words
that star shared with me
I stole those lines
and used them in my film
That star...was heartbroken
It vanished from my life
But like someone said
even if I am now a star
I am a normal girl
who wishes for love and care
Like the star in Bujji's story
...hoping the star will shine
back into my life someday
That hope still glows within me
I wish this series succeeds
in a very big way
I would like to leave
For accepting our invitation and gracing
this occasion, thank you very much, Sameera
Give that letter to Sameera
Tell her I'll call later
Sameera ma'am, wait
Where is she?
She just left
Oh gawd!
You be here
- Call Vijay
- Okay
'We shall distribute the books
to those present here from the media'
Please share a few words
With your permission
I would like to do something
I'll tell you
'Hey! BMW
'Pull the car to the kerb'
Vijay, uncle, Amit
If I should tell you
it's a long story
Pick up the phone, Sameera ji
He is calling you
I was worried
you wouldn't pick my call
It was on silent mode
I didn't notice
I would have kept calling
till you noticed it
Whoever that star was in your story
he must be a real fool, you know
To have lost a girl
as wonderful as you
'That too, just for a few dialogs'
Poor souls! I am making
no sense whatsoever to the media
I am the star in Sameera's story
I didn't vanish anywhere, Sameera
I am right here
You are the one who walked away
Leaving me
I even know why you did so
That's why in front of everyone here
With the world as witness
I would like to apologize
I hurt you
I love you like crazy
All the crazy stuff I never thought
I would ever do in my life...
...I have done that
in 1 single day
I was scared I might lose you
I have a small request for you
Just once more
Won't you come to my terrace?
I can tell you many more dialogs
for you to copy once again
I have gone far away
Doesn't matter
I'll come even if you are
in another galaxy
No galaxy there
I'm near Wipro
Harakiri! Going to another galaxy
is easier than coming there
But I'll do my best
"Through a sunbeam tenderly
now a dream drizzles daintily"
"Did a rapturous rhapsody beckon?"
"Did floral rivers echo in return?"
Let me test it
Sir, stop!
"Outside and inside, a celebration"
"Ready for what I get without hesitation"
"Outside and inside, a celebration"
"Ready for what I get without hesitation"
"Did this tune so unique
whirl us into this magic?"
"Has the fragrant jasmine
united us like a benediction?"
She looks like Sameera Rathod
- Yes
- Shooting, huh?
Looks like a romantic scene
Something like that
Come close to me!
Only you should play that role
- What, Mr Prasad?
- I'm directing a film
- He'll be the heroine's father
- No chance
- Enough of being conned once
- When?
You stole my son's dialogs
- He had lost his mind then
- You must do that role
I'll go on a hunger strike
in front of your house
'Say 'yes', uncle'
- Then 1 condition
- Tell me
Sign a contract you won't cut
even 1 frame of my character
- It's on record
- Yes
Let's discuss my role
Divya made the chicken
Is Sri Venkateswara Creations
a big banner?
'You bet!
Mr Dilraj owns it'
Someone called me
from that banner
Asked if I would be the caterer
for their next film?
'Wow! Really?'
My son keeps saying this
To take my brand to the next level
'You'll ace it'
Tastes good?
No need Bharatnatyam or Botany
Don't disturb the lovebirds
Coming to my matter
Instead of starting is better to stick to my job
Far away from the internet
But close to my friends
My plan is to settle down happily
"I'll conquer the world; everything"
"With my desires blossoming into spring"
"In that moment so right
when my dreams and our bond unite"
"Me and you, you and me
thats the way well always be"