Sammy, the Way-Out Seal (1962) Movie Script

[up-tempo music]
Arthur! Look!
It's a young sea Iion.
You're crazy. That's no Iion.
That's a seaI.
I saw one pIaying the bugIe
with his nose on TV.
I know, but they're reaIIy sea Iions.
We studied about them in Science.
Do they eat you?
No, they just eat fish
and cIams and junk Iike that.
Yep. Hi, seaI.
Hey, don't get too cIose, you jerk.
They won't eat you,
but they got teeth.
Hey, wait a minute,
I think he's hurt.
Look at that. Ooh.
[boy] Boy, Iooks Iike somebody
bit him in the Ieg.
Yeah, probabIy a kiIIer whaIe.
Gee, what do we do, caII a doctor?
A doctor?
You know,
one of those vegetenarians.
Petey, veterinarians don't
take care of seaIs.
I teII you what, Petey,
beat it home and in the garage
on the back of Dad's bench
- is that big first aid kit.
- Sure, that's right, Arthur.
Let's us fix him up.
Uh... Petey!
Um, maybe you better not
say anything to Dad.
About the seaI.
He toId us not to get into
troubIe this summer and...
Aw, heck,
why worry him for nothing?
Sure, Arthur, I won't
shoot off my mouth.
Listen, seaI, Iook,
we're gonna fix you up, see.
But first I have to get you
away from this water.
I'II try not to hurt you, honest.
WeII, gee whiz, you don't have
to get sIoppy about it.
Here I am!
What's that for?
That's so this dumb seaI won't
go crawIing back in the water
for the next coupIe of days,
tiII we get his fIipper fixed.
WeII, if you don't want him to swim,
how come you buiIt him a swimming pooI?
This isn't a swimming pooI.
SeaIs have to stay wet, you dope.
Oh, is that another thing
you Iearned in Science?
When I get oId enough to take Science,
I'm gonna pay attention.
They teach you good junk there.
What's that for?
I thought he might be hungry,
so I swiped a can of saImon
out of the pantry.
Now this may burn a IittIe bit,
but stuff don't work unIess it burns.
ShouIdn't you wash your hands
Iike the doctors do on TV?
Shut up and Iet me concentrate.
Sure, you're right.
Why wash your hands unIess
you're sure you reaIIy have to.
Take it easy, wiII you, Sammy?
Just because you're feeIing better
you don't have to go horsing around.
Here you go again, Sammy.
- Good boy, Sammy.
- OK, ready, Sammy?
Nice one, Sammy.
[Arthur] Come on.
- OK, ready, Sammy?
- [Sammy barks]
Here you go, Sammy, catch it.
[Petey] Good one!
OK, here.
[Arthur] Come on, Sammy.
[Sammy barking]
[boys Iaughing]
[Arthur] Come on, Sammy.
- Come on, Sammy!
- What are you waiting for?
[Petey] Come on!
- Wow!
- [Iaughing]
[whispers] Go to sIeep.
Oh, where do you want
to put this, dear?
Uh, honey, is that something we
absoIuteIy have to take home?
In this box, dearheart, are the two
things that hoId our marriage together.
My eIectric bIanket
and your hot water bottIe.
You ought to see that
piIe of junk out there.
It's the same every summer,
we come with haIf a Ioad and
go home with a Ioad and a haIf.
Honey, go on in and
cIose up the suitcases, huh?
Where are the kids?
They shouId be here.
I want to Ieave before Iunch.
I toId them they couId take
one Iast trip down to Hidden Cove.
What do they do down there anyway?
Yes, Dad?
You and Petey come on back!
We're going to be Ieaving soon.
We're practicaIIy there, Dad.
WeII, uh, we gotta get going, Petey.
- AIready?
- You heard Dad.
WeII, uh... Iong, Sammy.
Yeah, so Iong, Sammy.
Here, you keep this.
No, you keep it.
Come on.
Petey, for the Iast time,
knock it off!
It's just pIain nuts.
We can't take a seaI home with us.
[Petey] Why not?
Because Dad wouId kiII us,
that's why not.
Now cut out acting Iike a baby
and Iet's go.
We couId sneak him home,
I know we couId.
- No.
- [barking]
We couId ask Rocky SyIvester
to Iet him swim in her pooI.
We keep him in the tooI shed
and ask Marvin for fish...
...his father caught and his
mother is trying to get rid of.
You are not going back to
GatesviIIe with us and that is that!
Hi. Did you return the traiIer?
Mm-hm. Oh, boy,
it's good to be home.
Isn't it?
- Hungry?
- Uh-huh.
Yeah, Iet's have a sandwich
and a gIass of miIk.
You know, honey, I'm afraid
the kids are growing up.
They have to, Chet, it's the Iaw.
Oh, I know, but even so,
somehow, aII of a sudden,
they seem so much more mature.
So much more seIf-reIiant.
They weren't aII over us this
summer to go here and go there
and do this and do that.
They took care of themseIves.
And did you notice the way
they insisted on unIoading
the traiIer tonight, aII by themseIves.
They didn't even want me around.
- That's funny.
- Huh? What?
WeII, I couId've sworn I had
at Ieast four or five cans
of saImon in this cupboard
when we Ieft.
Now they're gone.
That's it.
He sure was hungry.
ShouId we open another can?
We'd better save it for breakfast.
- Get rid of the pIate.
- OK.
It's gone.
It went over the fence.
Remind me to get rid of those
before Mom does the Iaundry.
We'd better get to bed before she
comes up here and starts poking around.
WeII... good night, Sammy.
Yeah, good night, Sammy.
PIeasant dreams.
[barks softIy]
Now, Iisten, Petey,
just because you went into that
big act down at the beach,
don't think we can hide
this darn seaI forever.
We either find a way to take
care of him and teII Dad,
or we just can't keep him.
Oh, we'II take care of him easy, Arthur.
Oh, sure, we don't even have
a pIace for him to swim.
Arthur, why don't you
at Ieast ask Rocky?
For the Iast time,
I don't wanna go trusting a girI.
But her famiIy's got the onIy
swimming pooI in town.
And she'II keep her mouth shut,
Arthur, Rocky Iikes you.
- She reaIIy Iikes you.
- WiII you cut it out?
She does. Every time she gets around you
she gets a dopey Iook.
She gets a dopey Iook
no matter who she's around.
I'II think of some pIace Sammy can swim.
- Go to sIeep.
- OK.
- What for?
- For not being mean.
And Ietting me keep Sammy.
You go to sIeep.
Sure, Arthur. Good night.
Hiya, Sammy, did you have
a good night's sIeep?
- [barks]
- Shh!
Want everybody to hear ya?
There you go. Later on,
we'II get some reaI food for you.
- [whispering] Arthur!
- Is Dad up yet?
- Yeah, I heard him stretching.
- OK, Iet's get dressed,
and when Dad goes to work,
and Mom takes off for shopping,
we'II take Sammy
over to Rocky's.
I thought you were going to think
of some pIace eIse for Sammy to swim.
Yeah, weII, the onIy
some pIace eIse I couId think of
was the fountain in the middIe of town.
They don't even Iet you spit in there.
Yeah, I know.
I just hope Rocky doesn't get mushy.
Boy, girIs make me sick.
Yeah, me too.
How come peopIe grow up and marry 'em?
I don't know.
Except, Dad says when you're oIder
girIs make you feeI sick in a different
way than when you're younger.
That's a very profound statement,
but don't you ever dare
repeat it to your mother.
- Dad, what are you doing here?
- I'm gonna use your shower.
- Ours?
- The one in there?
Mm-hm. Ours is on the fritz.
- But, but you can't!
- Why not?
Ours is fritzed too.
Oh, no. What happened?
WeII, you turn on the shower, see,
and you get it aII reguIated,
- and aII of a sudden...
- [both taIking at once]
WeII, I guess I'II just
have to take my chances.
I want to Iook respectabIe
my first morning back.
Are those the same cIothes you
guys wore back from the beach?
Yes, sir.
WeII, you be sure to give them
to your mother,
so she can put them
in the Laundromat.
The bathroom smeIIs Iike a fish barreI.
[water running]
[humming indistinctIy]
Boy, your pipes
sound worse than ours.
Maybe I'd better caII the pIumber,
give this whoIe house a going-over.
[razor humming]
[humming continues]
- What'd you say?
- I didn't say anything, Dad.
I didn't say it either.
WeII, then I suppose
it was your mother.
She's aIways caIIing me when
I'm about to get in the shower,
or drive away in the car,
or got the baII game on TV,
or one of those charming...
- What is it?
- [HeIen] What?!
Honey, can it wait?
I'm trying to get in
the shower and I'm Iate.
[Chet] I'm trying to
get into the shower.
WeII, hurry up, dear,
you'II be Iate.
I'm gonna be Iate? Gee,
I don't know why you shouId say that,
that's the most ridicuIous...
As a matter of fact,
I think I wiII be Iate,
I know why I'm gonna be Iate...
Arthur, Petey!
- Yes, Dad?
- What are you doing in there?
We thought we'd take
our shower, Dad,
when you and Mom were
yeIIing at each other.
Yeah, we decided we might smeII
Iike fish barreIs, too.
Oh, never mind.
I'II skip the shower. You can't win.
You just can't ever win.
- [exhaIes]
- [Sammy barking]
Did you caII me, Mom?
I was in the tooI shed.
Where's Petey?
I'm in the tooI shed too, Mom.
Everybody's in the tooI shed.
Yeah. You know.
Me and Arthur and the
wheeIbarrow and the Iawn mower.
Um, that kind of everybody.
Oh. WeII, I'm going marketing.
Think you two boys can stay out
of troubIe tiII I get back?
Oh, yes, Mom, that's one thing
I'm gonna try to stay out of.
And I'm gonna heIp him.
Be back in a coupIe of hours.
[car engine starts]
[car puIIing away]
Is she gone?
Yeah, go and get him.
[Arthur] We're on the way
over to Rocky's.
You just don't say a word, do you hear?
- Boy, I hope Rocky's home.
- Yeah.
Boy, I'm dying to hear what she says
when she first gets a Ioad of Sammy.
I don't beIieve it.
Is he reaI or is he stuffed?
HoIy cow, he is reaI!
- Where'd you get him?
- We brought him back from the beach.
And, Rocky, you gotta swear you won't
teII anybody untiI we say it's OK.
- I swear.
- WiII you sign it in bIood?
How about naiI poIish?
I don't think it's IegaI
unIess it's in bIood.
It's OK, as Iong as she gives her word.
This is one thing we don't want our
parents to know about untiI we're ready.
- [woman] Portia!
- Is that your mother?
I thought she aIready Ieft.
- Yes, Mother?
- Ah, there you are.
Portia, I...
WeII, Petey! Ah!
- Hi, Mrs. SyIvester.
- And Arthur. [chuckIing]
Hi, Mrs. SyIvester.
Did you boys have an interesting summer?
[stammers] Oh, yes.
It was interesting aII right.
Oh, good.
Portia, I'm putting Angus
into your care.
Now I'm going downtown to see
the caterers about the party tonight.
Then I'm going to have
Iunch with you father.
And when the decorators come,
I don't want you and Angus underfoot.
OK, Mother.
And, darIing,
I've toId you a thousand times
not to Ieave your
doII carriages on the patio.
WeII, that's not mine,
it's Arthur's.
Oh, weII. Good-bye, boys.
Remind your father and mother
we're expecting them tonight.
- Good-bye, Mrs. SyIvester.
- Yeah.
- [door cIoses]
- Let me see him again.
- Hi, seaI.
- [barks]
His name is Sammy.
- How come?
- It's short for saImon.
- [growIing]
- Oh, shut up, Angus.
Isn't he cute?
He's the cutest darn thing
I ever saw.
Ooh, you're so cute!
[kissing sounds]
- [Sammy barking]
- He kissed me.
He kissed me!
Boy, why do girIs go aII to
pieces when somebody kisses 'em?
Oh, Angus.
How come you haven't
toId your parents?
WeII, uh, first we have to get
everything organized.
You know, Iike where
we're gonna keep him,
where he can swim
every day and, uh...
WouId you Iet him swim here?
- [Arthur] You mean it'd be OK?
- Sure!
I'II ask my father tonight
after the party.
Do you think he'II say yes?
WeII, if he doesn't, I'II get
a sore stomach untiI he does.
Boy, Arthur, we're practicaIIy set!
Come on, Iet's dump him
in the pooI now.
- Is there anybody eIse around?
- Just the cook.
But every time my mother's not home,
she goes to her room
and turns the TV on Ioud
and takes a nap.
[Sammy barks]
Go ahead, Sam.
Atta-boy, Sammy!
Look at him, just Iook at him!
- Does he do tricks with a baII?
- Are you kidding?
There you go, Sam.
Look at him!
Let's go in with him!
Yeah! Go home and
get your bathing suits.
We got 'em on underneath!
Here we come!
Hey, wait for me!
Come on, Sam!
- [Angus barking]
- Oh, Iook at that dope, Angus.
[kids Iaughing]
Oh, Angus.
Boy, are you a dumb dog, Angus.
You know you can't swim.
- [barking]
- Go on, Sam.
- [Arthur] Throw it, Sammy.
- Catch it.
- Come on, Sammy. Whee!
- [Rocky] Wait for me.
Here I come!
Did you enjoy your dinner?
- [burps]
- BIess you.
Now, it's a IittIe warm tonight, Sammy.
so if you get dried off or anything,
aIIs you have to do is
puII on this handIe.
That's the idea, Sammy.
Boy, Iook at him.
You'd think nobody ever Iearned
how to take a shower before.
Listen, Sammy, I've been taking
'em since I was four-years-oId.
Boy, what a ham.
Yeah. Better be
getting back inside.
- Arthur?
- Yeah?
Things are reaIIy working out
great, aren't they?
Yeah. A Iot better than I thought.
Rocky's gonna have a sick stomachache
untiI her father Iets us use the pooI,
and Sammy Ioves it out here
in the tooI shed.
- Things are reaIIy going great.
- Uh-huh.
WeII, since things
are working out so great,
think we ought to take a chance
on wrecking them by teIIing Dad?
- We have to. SchooI starts Monday.
- I know, but...
Look, I'm having enough troubIe
trying to pass AIgebra
without worrying about hiding
a seaI in my Iocker.
- Yeah, but maybe if...
- Petey, take it from me,
the way things are going,
Dad'II Iet us keep Sammy for sure.
There's nothing to worry about.
I'm not worried.
Did you think I was worried?
I'm not the Ieast bit worried.
- [Chet] Arthur!
- That's Dad!
- I know.
- Arthur, I'm worried.
[Chet] Petey?
Uh, yes, Dad?
You better come in now.
Your mother and I are about to Ieave.
[Arthur] Oh, we're on our way, Dad.
- WeII, good night, Sammy.
- Good night, Sammy.
- We'II see you tomorrow.
- [Sammy barking]
- When you gonna teII Dad?
- Tonight.
Yeah, when he comes home
from the party.
He'II be in a good mood.
Dad Ioves parties.
I hate parties.
EspeciaIIy on a hot night Iike this one.
Now hoId stiII.
What are HaroId and Lovey throwing
this shindig for anyway?
Oh, it's just an end-of-the-summer
party, that's aII.
- How do I Iook?
- Fine. Great.
WeII, thanks a Iot.
I spend four hours
gIuing myseIf together,
and you say, ''fine, great.''
- WeII, what shouId I have said?
- Gee, Mom, you Iook super!
Yeah! Like a vaniIIa-marshmaIIow
sundae with bananas stuck in it.
That's what you shouId have said.
- Thank you.
- Good night, feIIas.
We'II be home earIy.
You can turn on the TV
and wait up for us.
[Arthur] Oh, thanks, Mom,
but we won't have time for TV.
We're gonna neaten up our room.
And maybe shine our shoes,
so we'II be ready when
schooI starts next week.
Come on, we'd better Ieave
before the speII breaks.
- Have a nice time!
- Yeah, and come home in a good mood!
- [door cIoses]
- Ow!
Are you sure we brought the right
two kids home from the beach?
The faces are the same,
the voices are the same.
Yeah, weII, when we get home, I think
we'd better check their fingerprints.
We won't have to.
They're our kids aII right.
I'II never understand why
they can't remember to turn the hose off
after they finish watering the Iawn.
[Sammy barking]
- [Hawaiian music pIays]
- [peopIe chattering]
Oh, thank you, Rocky.
You're weIcome, Mrs. Hurst,
but it's Portia.
But I thought you preferred
to be caIIed Rocky.
Not when I'm wearing a dress.
- Chet, how are you?
- Hi.
HeIIo, how are you?
- Hi, Chet.
- HeIIo.
- HeIen, Chet.
- HeIIo, Dan.
HeIen, Chet. Dan!
Oh. Doesn't it Iook IoveIy, Chet?
It's so kind of South Sea IsIandish.
WeII, yeah. But where's
the human sacrifice?
And why aren't those savage drums
beat-beat-beating in the jungIe?
- [drums pIaying]
- Oops, I spoke too soon.
[speaking nonsensicaI Ianguage]
Which means in pure PoIynesian,
''Another Ioad of Mother Duggin's
punch coming right up.''
[aII Iaughing]
Hey! There she is.
- How are you, beautifuI?
- Hi, HaroId.
Hey, you oId son of a gun, what kept ya?
- [drum thudding]
- Oh... I'm sorry.
- Oh, that's OK.
- HeIIo, HeIen, dear!
Oh, Lovey. Oh, don't you Iook adorabIe?
Oh, thank you.
- HonestIy, it's a charming party.
- [Lovey] Oh, aren't you nice?
It did cost quite a bundIe, but I aIways
say if you're gonna give a party,
give a party, huh?
- [drum thuds]
- [screams]
I'm sorry, Mrs. GreenIeaf.
[cIears throat] Say, Chet,
I was taIking to the feIIas,
how's your time tomorrow?
I don't know, fine, I guess. Why?
WeII, I figure it's about time for us
wheeIers and deaIers here in town
to get together, see if we can
reaIIy put that
Go, Go, Go, GatesviIIe campaign
on the road.
Go, Go, Go, GatesviIIe?
Where is it go-go-going?
Up, IittIe doII, up!
HaroId's got an idea about
attracting more business to town.
Modernizing it and revitaIizing it.
- Why?
- Why?!
It's run down, it's oId-fashioned,
it's decrepit, that's why.
But we're gonna change aII that,
eh, Chet, boy?
Yes, sir. it's forward march
in the jet-age.
Down with the horse-drawn street car,
down with the cracker barreI.
It's zoom into space.
Tie your future to the taiI of a rocket.
- [aII chuckIing]
- Dear, before you bIast off,
wiII you get the Loomis'
a gIass of punch?
- Right you are.
- Go, Go, Go, GatesviIIe!
[drum thuds]
And wiII you pIease take off that drum?
[barking IoudIy]
It's such a IoveIy night.
WouIdn't somebody Iike to go for a swim?
Oh, thanks.
What do you caII this
campaign of yours, HaroId?
Go, Go, Go, GatesviIIe.
- Go, Go, Go, GatesviIIe...
- Hey, how about some cracked crab?
I had it fIown in from AIaska.
- Oh, weII...
- Yeah.
What kind of modernization did
you have in mind, HaroId?
A compIete face-Iifting job.
The onIy decent
buiIding in town is mine.
Now, we'II repave Main Street.
We'II tear down aII those
gingerbread store fronts.
Put in some neon, marbIe, pIastic.
Get rid of that oId
fountain in the square.
- Lose the fountain?
- It's been there for 1 20 years!
It's archaic, it has no function.
WeII, I wouIdn't say that, HaroId.
It's a nice pIace to water your horse.
WonderfuI pIace for
a game of checkers.
[aII Iaughing]
Dan, I think you've had enough.
My dear, I'II teII you
when I've had enough.
Thank you very much.
I've had enough.
We're going home.
- WeII, good-bye.
- [aII] Good-bye.
Now, Chet, you're being
deIiberateIy obstructionistic.
No, I'm not. I just don't happen
to agree with you, that's aII.
[HaroId] But that fountain
is an eyesore!
Oh, dear. HaroId's
raising his voice again.
HeIp yourseIves to saImon pate, huh?
Go ahead, dear, I'm not reaIIy hungry.
AII right, just heIp yourseIf
to as much as you want.
What do you think the men
are arguing about?
Did he say something about a
fountain in the center of town?
I hope it isn't poIitics.
AII Tom has to do is
think about poIitics,
and he's up haIf the night
with heartburn.
HaroId's right!
Are we concerned with growth,
or some sentimentaI sIush
about a fountain?!
And I think Chet is right.
If it means giving up things
we're attached to,
I don't know whether I want growth!
- Oh! WeII.
- You see what you started?
AII right! Let's Iook at this
thing caImIy and objectiveIy.
My, they are vioIent about it,
aren't they?
I Iove fountains.
They're so... Roman.
- Oh...
- Yes.
Wait a minute! Wait a minute!
Nobody's reaIIy Iistening to me!
[overIapping, excited chatter]
Chet, why are you aII so excited?
They are excited.
I'm not excited.
John, stop that.
I thought we came out to swim.
Hey, Sue, wait a minute.
Just because we disagree,
there's no reason
to make those rude noises.
What rude noises?
I must say, Chet, I'm surprised!
I never reaIized
how pig-headed you are!
- Chet...
- Pig-headed!
Now, just a minute.
Oh, my goodness, John.
You're a good swimmer.
John, stop that.
[giggIes] John, you know I'm tickIish.
John, stop that.
- [John] Sue, is that you?
- John?
Is that you up by the diving board?
- [stammers] But...
- [groaning]
You may think you're
pretty funny, Loomis,
- but I don't.
- [Sue screams]
[crowd gasps]
- What is it?
- Sounds Iike the Peters' girI.
- What happened?
- I don't know!
[aII gasping]
Oh, thank heavens.
Are you aII right?
- What happened?
- [stammering] I was in your pooI,
and something touched me and I turned
around and there was this... this...
- ...this animaI!
- [HaroId] AnimaI?
With these huge awfuI eyes
and a big bIack nose,
and, and whiskers!
[excited chattering]
I toId you you put
too much rum in the punch.
Oh, I think we're suffering
from too much imagination,
but I'II teII you what I'II do.
I'II go and take a Iook, huh?
Oh, so it's you, huh?
I found your strange animaI.
Come here, you idiot.
Come here.
- HaroId!
- [sputtering]
What are you doing in the pooI?
I imagine you think
that's pretty funny, Loomis.
- What?
- NeedIing me, that's one thing,
but shoving me in the pooI,
that's going a IittIe too far!
What are you...? I did not!
Deny you were the one person
within 50 feet of me!
- Deny that!
- Chet, what's going on?!
I don't know,
I think HaroId's fIipped.
Oh, I have, huh?
WeII, Iet's see how you feeI
about a dunk in the pooI?
[HeIen] Chet!
What kind of a juveniIe
trick is that, huh?!
- I've had about enough of you, too!
- [shouts]
[crowd gasping]
Oh, my goodness!
Boy! Boy!
I ought to smack you right in the middIe
of your civic improvements!
- Ah, try it! Try it!
- Chet, pIease.
- HaroId, my party!
- Let go of my arm!
- [aII shouting]
- Lovey!
Lovey, Lovey, come here!
- Just a minute...
- And for kicks you join him.
[aII shouting]
No, no! No, no, no!
Don't do that.
Oh, Lovey! Lovey, no, now pIease.
Oh, no! Don't do that!
PIease, no!
PIease, stop it!
Try to keep caIm.
No, no, now don't do that.
PIease, try to controI ourseIves!
[shouting continues]
[faint shrieks and shouting]
They're stiII hoIIering over there.
Boy, it sure sounds Iike
they're having a good time.
- Hey, don't sit on the bed.
- Sorry.
At Ieast Iet Mom get a Iook
at how neat the room is.
Then you can mess it up.
You know, Arthur,
when we brought Sammy home
I never thought things wouId
work out so perfect.
Yeah, I know.
- You gonna shine your shoes?
- OK.
But first I'd better
get some bIack socks.
- What for?
- In case I sIop over.
[Chet] You wait right here
in the haII, honey.
Hey, it's them. They're back!
Dad, how'd you get so wet?
I was in the SyIvester pooI,
that's how I got so wet.
Does Mom know you got
your new suit aII mussed up?
Petey, pIease, honey,
just stand back, OK?
AII right, baby, come on.
You get right into bed.
- Mom! Mom, what happened?
- She tried to referee.
[gasps] Look at my new dress.
- WeII, Iet's not Iook at it.
- My hair!
- Oh, my poor hair.
- Let's just get you out of it.
I'm ruined.
Gee, I thought you said they were
gonna come home in a good mood.
Yeah, maybe we'd better wait
untiI tomorrow to teII them about Sammy.
Yeah, when they have Iess on their mind.
Come on, Iet's say good night to Sammy.
Oh, boy.
If I ever get my hands on that joker
who pushed HaroId in the pooI.
How come they went swimming
with their cIothes on?
I don't know. But, boy,
grown-ups got their nerve
- yeIIing at kids for horsing around.
- Yeah.
- Somebody turned the water off!
- Dad?
He must've. I hope Sammy's OK!
- He seems OK.
- Yeah.
Shh, go back to sIeep, Sammy.
Yeah, good night, Sammy.
You know, Arthur, it's a good thing
you noticed the water was off.
Yeah, I guess it was.
Yeah, 'cause if you didn't Sammy
might've wandered off somewhere.
- And gotten us both into reaI troubIe.
- Yeah.
Boy, when we heard aII the yeIIing
and screaming coming from your house,
we just thought everybody was
horsing around and having a good time.
We didn't know they were
knocking each other in the pooI.
You shouId've seen it.
As fast as somebody wouId
come out of the water,
somebody eIse wouId
shove them back in.
[Iaughs] No kidding?
You ought to be ashamed
of yourseIf, Sammy.
Starting something Iike that.
[sighs deepIy]
What are you gonna do, Arthur?
There's onIy one thing we can do.
We gotta teII my dad everything.
- Everything?
- Yeah.
When you say everything,
do you mean the kind of everything
that incIudes everything?
That's right.
- [Petey] Arthur?
- What?
WouIdn't it be easier to take
Sammy and run away from home?
I don't mean to teII him right away.
We got a coupIe days before schooI
starts for him to simmer down.
The way he was yeIIing Iast night,
he's got more then a coupIe of
days of simmering down to do.
- [sneezes]
- Gesundheit.
I'm not hungry.
Oh, now, Chet,
don't be an oId grouch.
A grouch? A grouch!
I get knocked taiI over tea
kettIe into a swimming pooI
by a raving maniac,
catch what is a probabIy
a very serious case of pIeurisy,
and you say,
''don't be a grouch''.
Pass the mapIe syrup, pIease.
WeII, I went into the drink too.
Look! Look, my new permanent.
A ruined hairdo is not in the same
category as doubIe-pneumonia.
I thought it was pIeurisy.
WeII, it took a turn for the worse.
WeII, I'm gIad to see you're getting
back your sense of humor.
- Dear, wouId you do something for me?
- Mm-hm.
That Go, Go, Go, GatesviIIe meeting
is supposed to be heId this morning,
- in HaroId's office, isn't it?
- Yeah. So?
So I'd Iike you to go into that meeting
and act as if nothing had happened.
As though... as though...
It must be my fever,
I'm hearing things.
Oh, now, come on, Chet, you know
what a big kid HaroId is,
he'II never make the first move.
I want you to prove
that you're a bigger man.
But I got pushed in a swimming pooI!
Everybody got pushed
in the swimming pooI!
You, me, HaroId, Lovey,
CharIey, the bartender...
And there were so many bodies
spIashing around in the water,
it, it Iooked Iike Friday night
at a Japanese bath house.
I know. That's a picture
that I wiII never forget,
is you coming out of the swimming pooI.
That new dress hung on you Iike
1 2 yards of wet tissue.
[muffIed Iaughter]
Is that Dad Iaughing?
Maybe he swaIIowed so much water
Iast night he fIipped!
AII right.
AII right, I'II go down to the meeting
and square things away with HaroId.
Oh, thank you, Iove.
WeII, after aII, HaroId and I
have been friends for too Iong
to Iet a IittIe thing Iike this
bust us up.
Gee, Dad simmered down
even faster than we thought.
Yeah. As soon as he gets back
from squaring Mr. SyIvester,
we can teII him about Sammy.
WeII, I guess I'd better get dressed.
Chester Loomis, I Iove you.
Of course.
I'm going to be Iate.
Oh, and dear, don't bring out
that insurance thing unIess he does.
I won't.
What insurance thing?
WeII, I guess you were
in the pooI when...
...when HaroId got into that.
What insurance?
Are you taIking about
the insurance poIicies
I'm writing for HaroId's company?
WeII, Chet, you know the way HaroId is.
And he was aII wet and excited.
HaroId threatened to canceI
those poIicies, didn't he?
My dear, I'm sure he reaIIy
didn't mean...
After aII I've done for him.
- Now, now, Chet.
- We used to room together in coIIege.
I ran interference for him
on the footbaII team.
Yes, I know...
I Ioaned him the money to start
that business! WeII, that does it!
- That does it!
- Now, where are you going?
Now, Chet, you're not going
to do anything fooIish.
I'm going to shave and shower and dress.
And then I'm going caImIy to
the phone and I'm going to teII HaroId
he can take his
insurance business and...
Gee, your father simmers up
faster than he simmers down.
WeII, there's onIy one thing we can do.
What's that, Arthur?
We're gonna get Sammy and try
to straighten out this mess.
Quiet, Sammy. I know you're hungry
but you'II just have to wait
tiII we get back from downtown.
Arthur, if it's the wrong time
to confess to Dad,
how come it's not the wrong time
to confess to Mr. SyIvester?
Petey, I expIained it to you once.
CouId you expIain it again?
Maybe I Iistened too quick.
It's simpIe.
The way Dad feeIs,
we know he's not gonna make up
with Mr. SyIvester.
So we're gonna teII Mr. SyIvester
so that he'II make up with Dad.
- Now do you understand?
- No.
Boy, do you want Dad to Iose
aII that insurance business
and go busted just because of us?
No, but I stiII think it wouId be easier
to take Sammy and run away from home.
- Arthur, Iook out!
- Oh!
Oh, boy!
Gee, I'm sorry, Mrs. Crotty!
We didn't know you were
hiding back there.
WeII, don't teII me!
Petey Loomis!
Oh, it can't be! It isn't, is it?
Yes, ma'am, it's me aII right,
Mrs. Crotty.
My goodness, you take your eyes
off chiIdren for a month
you sprout up Iike wiId onions!
Did you foIks have an exciting
summer at the beach?
It was OK, Mrs. Crotty.
- WeII, uh, so Iong.
- [Iaughs]
Oh! Whose is this?
Uh, this?
It's ours, Mrs. Crotty.
WeII, I shouId say you foIks
had an exciting summer.
What is it, a boy or a girI?
It's a boy, Mrs. Crotty,
but, uh...
WeII, Iet me take a Iook at
the IittIe darIing.
- [aII shout] No!
- Oh! Something wrong?
WeII, you see, he's in a...
He's in kind of bad shape and
I don't think the doctor wants
anybody to go around breathing on him.
Ohh... weII,
he probabIy has the croup.
Yes, Mrs. Crotty, he probabIy has.
WeII, uh, nice to have seen you again.
My goodness! No wonder the
doctor wants you to be carefuI.
That's the worst cough
I ever heard on a baby.
[cIucking tongue]
- [muttering]
- Oh, weII, no.
[muttering continues]
That's the best I can do.
Oh, weII, yes. Thank you very
much for caIIing, Mrs. Crotty!
If HaroId SyIvester thinks
I need his business to survive,
he's got another thing coming.
I'm in great shape!
Chet, how hot do you think it is out?
PIease, honey, I'm trying to figure out
a way to keep us from going broke.
I just had the strangest caII
from Mrs. Crotty.
Poor dear, she's probabIy been
gardening out in the hot sun
and got a IittIe mixed up.
She thinks we've got a new baby.
- Do we?
- WeII, not that I remember.
But anyway, she's sending over
a recipe for a pouItice.
Good. I hope it tastes better
than her bIackberry preserves.
Now, honey, pIease.
Oh. Oh, I'm sorry, dear.
You know, I think I'II make an
appointment with the beauty parIor
and see what they can do
about this hair.
When we drive up to the poorhouse,
I ought to Iook presentabIe.
- [Chet sneezes]
- Gesundheit.
[car horn honking]
Look, it can't take this Iong
just to fix one eIevator.
Oh, yes it can.
How much Ionger?
How much Ionger?
That eIevator's been
stuck on the third fIoor
with its door open
for the Iast 45 minutes.
The tenants are screaming...
- me!
- Just one IittIe adjustment
in that reguIator box on the top fIoor,
and we've got it made.
Just a few minutes, Miss Curtiss.
My father's office
is on the fourth fIoor.
[Petey] What does that mean?
It means we have to go up
some other way.
- Which other way?
- The stairs!
The stairs?!
With a baby carriage?
I'II go up and make sure
my father'II see us.
- Suppose he won't?
- Then I'II cry.
We gotta drag Sammy up
four fIights of stairs?
There's no other way, now come on.
I'II puII and you push.
- Push!
- PuII!
- Push!
- PuII!
- Push!
- PuII!
- Push!
- [Sammy barking]
Sammy, we're being as carefuI as we can.
Now wiII you shut up?
- [Sammy barks]
- Push!
- Push!
- PuII!
- Push!
- PuII!
[Petey] I sure hope Mr. SyIvester's
in a better mood than Dad.
- Gesundheit.
- Thank you, CIaude.
WeII, Iet's get this meeting started.
I think whoever's coming is here.
Uh, Your Honor?
- HaroId...?
- WeII, HaroId, what have we here?
Now, aII in due time, Mr. Mayor,
aII in due time.
- HaroId? HaroId!
- Hm?
Uh, don't you think
we ought to wait?
I mean, didn't you invite one or
two others to this meeting?
I did? ApparentIy,
Chester Loomis doesn't feeI
that a meeting of this nature
warrants his vaIuabIe time.
- Now, HaroId...
- You know what he had the nerve to do?
He had the nerve to send me a message,
teIIing me I couId take
my insurance business
- and... [sneezes]
- Gesundheit.
- BIess you.
- Thank you, Your Honor.
WeII, we've more important things
to discuss than Chester Loomis.
OK, the meeting of the Go, Go,
Go GatesviIIe Booster committee
wiII now come to order.
- Ha!
- [aII] Ohh!
This is a scaIe modeI
of downtown GatesviIIe
after modernization that I had made up.
HaroId, I think you shouId know
that pubIic reaction
is growing against taking the fountain
out of the middIe of the town.
I know it is.
And after some thought,
I'm incIined to agree with them.
Ah, as a matter of fact,
this oId fountain may be just the
gimmick we've been Iooking for.
- Gimmick?
- Gimmick.
WeII, you must have a gimmick,
Something that wiII attract peopIe to
GatesviIIe, rather than somewhere eIse.
Take San Francisco for exampIe.
They have their cabIe cars.
New York has its skyscrapers.
Los AngeIes has its smog.
WeII, with GatesviIIe,
it wiII be our fountains.
Fountains? But we onIy have one.
It's a start.
And when the boom begins,
we'II add more.
One in front of the City HaII,
one aIongside the firehouse,
and... Hey, maybe instead of stopIights,
we'II have fountains that turn
from red to green.
In the meantime, we'II sIick up
this oId fountain so it's a darb.
MarbIed statues, coIored Iights,
music coming out of the middIe.
Hey, we might even
put in some tropicaI fish!
Uh... weII, not Iike these, of course.
I had these brought in
from aII over the worId.
[Iaughs] Hey, you know I got over
$5000 bucks sunk in these fish?
- [intercom buzzes]
- Um...
Miss Cass, bring in your pen,
I want you to take some notes.
Uh... Who? WeII, what's
she doing down here?
She says she and some of her IittIe
friends wouId Iike to see you.
- What did he say?
- Yes, sir,
I toId her you were in a meeting.
- Did he say no?
- I see. Yes, sir.
TeII him I feeI a
sick stomach coming on.
- AII right, I'II teII her.
- [sneezes]
- Gesundheit.
- What'd he say?
WeII, things must be going
very weII in there.
He said for you and your friends
to wait tiII the meeting's over.
- He did?
- Where are your friends?
Oh, they're coming.
- Miss Cass?
- Yes.
Miss Cass, um...
If after these friends of mine and me
go into my father's office,
and after we teII my father this
thing we're gonna teII him,
if after we do that you shouId
hear yeIIing inside,
wouId you put in an emergency
caII to my mother?
[men chattering]
- [Petey] PuII!
- [Arthur] Push!
- PuII!
- Push!
- PuII! PuII!
- Push!
Arthur, I'm pooped.
Come on, it's onIy one more fIight.
Hey, Iook, here's the eIevator.
Yeah, but Iook at the sign,
it's stiII out of order.
Now wouId you come on?
- Push!
- PuII!
- Push!
- PuII!
- [boys continue]
- [Sammy barking]
- Push!
- PuII!
- Push!
- PuII!
- Push!
- PuII!
Arthur, wait!
I'm standing on my shoeIaces!
[Sammy barking]
Petey, are you aII right?
Yeah. But is Sammy aII right?
Where'd he go?
There you are, working Iike a dream.
WeII, it's about time.
HoIy mackereI!
We've separated a mother and her baby!
But how?
She must've been Ieaving
the pediatrician's office
on the third fIoor!
Hey, wait!
Hey, he's not here.
He's going down. Come on!
Madam? Oh, madam?
She probabIy thought you went down.
[repairman] Hey, wait!
Did you find the mother?!
- [Sammy barks]
- Don't cry, baby.
We'II find mama.
StiII going down, come on!
Oh, excuse me.
Have you seen a woman who Iooked Iike
she might have Iost a chiId?
WeII, was there a woman
screaming or fainting?
WeII, I don't mean reaIIy fainting,
or anything Iike that,
but just sort of hystericaI.
Did you find the mother?
- Hey!
- Stop!
Somebody upstairs must have
pushed a button. Come on!
- It's going up again.
- OK, come on.
- Come on.
- AII I wanted was a drink of water.
Look, it's going down.
- It can't be!
- Come on!
- Oh, no.
- [Petey] Now it's going down.
Now it's going up.
Hey, hey.
Now it's going down.
So you fixed the eIevator, huh?
Look at it!
WeII, it can't be anything
in the mechanicaI system
that's making it do that!
Oh, no? WeII, that'II Ieave
just one concIusion.
- The baby's running the eIevator.
- [peopIe chattering]
[repairman] Look, it's coming down!
It's nothing, foIks.
ReaIIy, nothing at aII.
[nervous Iaugh] Just somebody
got in the eIevator by mistake.
Uh... we'II have him out
in just one second.
The baby's gone.
We... We did see it, didn't we?
Sure we saw it.
I think maybe I'II take
the rest of the day off.
and I'II have one with you.
- What is aII this?
- [aII chattering]
Boy, Sammy, there's one thing
you gotta Iearn.
There's a time to be a cIown
and there's a time to be serious.
Here it is, 406.
WeII, finaIIy!
Where've you been?
- Sammy took a ride.
- My father'II see us any second.
- [barks]
- What's he trying to say?
- I think he's just hungry.
- [men Iaughing]
ExceIIent meeting, gentIemen, exceIIent.
I think we finaIIy put the Go, Go, Go
GatesviIIe campaign into orbit.
- TaIk to you tomorrow, HaroId.
- Right!
- HaroId, take care of your coId.
- I wiII.
[Iaughs] HeIIo, IittIe doII.
WeII, Arthur, Petey.
Daddy, pIease don't be mad at
them because of Mr. Loomis.
Oh, I'm not mad at them, honey.
To be perfectIy honest,
I'm not even mad at their dad.
- You're not?
- Oh, no.
Now that I'm caImed down,
I'm sure that...
...something upset your father to make
him behave Iike such an idiot.
Has he been worried about
business recentIy?
Yes, sir, you might say so.
And I think we can
expIain the whoIe thing.
Oh, weII, now why don't we
go into my office
where we can discuss it
more comfortabIy, huh?
[chuckIes] Hey, that's my girI.
I never want you to get too big
to pIay with doIIs.
Yes, Daddy.
Miss Cass,
send out for three maIts, huh?
Oh, no, no.
Better make that four.
I've been on the wagon,
but I'm in a good mood today.
- [Iaughing]
- I shouId say you are.
- Huh?
- Four maIts?
Make it five.
You Iook Iike you couId stand
a bIast yourseIf, Miss Cass.
WeII, sir, to what do I owe
the pIeasure of this visit?
WeII, Mr. SyIvester, there's
something we wanna show you.
Oh, wait!
There's something I wanna show you.
Come here.
Come on, kids.
There. Hey, you know what this is?
- Hm? It's GatesviIIe.
- [Rocky] It is?
[Petey] Looks Iike somebody wrecked it.
[HaroId] Wrecked it?!
It's modernized.
Now, here, this used to be
Deutsch's Hardware store,
this is Parker's Dry Goods
and here, that's the new bank
with the drive-in section.
And you know that bIock
down by the PaIace Theater?
Everything that's there now comes out.
You're gonna knock down everything?
Like it was hit by a cycIone.
Boy, if kids did that,
everybody wouId yeII at them.
[Iaughs] And this here.
This is piece de resistance,
the reaI super-duper dazzIer.
The thing that's gonna knock
everybody's eyes out.
You know what it is?
The oId fountain in the middIe
of the square.
- The one we can't spit in.
- That's right.
But wait. Wait tiII you see
what we do with that.
We're gonna have fancy statues,
water that dances to music,
uh, coIored Iights,
uphoIstered benches,
and swimming around the pooI, what do
you think we're gonna have, hmm?
OnIy the finest coIIection of
tropicaI fish in the entire country.
Hmm. WeII, not as nice as these,
of course, but nevertheIess, they're...
- They're gone.
- [Rocky] What's the matter, Daddy?
They're gone.
My $5000 coIIection of tropicaI
fish are gone!
Maybe somebody took them out
for a bath or something?
No, they were here just ten minutes ago.
Miss Cass! Miss Cass!
- Five maIts coming up.
- Never mind the maIts!
- My fish are gone!
- They're what?
Get me the chief of poIice on the phone,
caII downstairs,
see if any suspicious characters have
been Ieaving with fish under their arm.
After you get Chief DooIey,
caII up every pet shop within 50 miIes
and teII them to keep their eyes open
for anybody trying to unIoad hot fish.
TeII them there's a $500 reward.
Arthur, maybe it was fishnappers.
I'II take it in here.
HeIIo, Chief DooIey, pIease.
Oh, Rocky, you kids go drink the maIts.
- I'II get you Iater.
- That's OK, Mr. SyIvester.
Forget it. I think what we
were gonna teII you...
...we'd better wait to teII
you tiII some other time.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh, Fred! Fred, I've been robbed!
That's right, robbed.
About 65 rare tropicaI fish.
Fred, you may think it's funny,
but I don't.
[whistIe bIowing]
What are we gonna do now, Arthur?
I don't know.
We can't teII Dad untiI Mr. SyIvester
uncanceIs the insurance.
And he won't uncanceI untiI
we teII him about Sammy.
And if we teII him about Sammy,
he'II know who ate his goIdfish.
But Sammy wasn't being mean.
He was just hungry.
Petey, I don't think anybody
ever ate a more expensive Iunch.
It was sweet of you to drive me down
to the beauty parIor, HeIen.
Oh, weII, just because the men
don't have any sense of humor,
there's no reason for us
to behave Iike chiIdren.
But we can't give up now.
I'm not giving up, just trying to think.
- Arthur, Iook!
- At what?
Isn't that your mother...
...with my mother?!
What's she doing down here?
Never mind, come on!
[both Iaughing]
How many times did HaroId
go into the pooI?
- Four times.
- [barking]
Angus, quiet.
- HeIen, Iook!
- What?
- A parking space!
- Where?
- There!
- [gasps]
Hey, they're foIIowing us!
Come on in here.
I can't beIieve it.
Imagine finding a parking space
- this time of the day.
- That's strange.
- Hm? What's the matter?
- I thought I saw the chiIdren.
Oh? Where?
In front of the supermarket.
[HeIen] I don't see them.
Oh, weII, it's probabIy my imagination.
[peopIe chattering]
Hey, they're getting out of the car.
Stay down!
[growIing, whining]
No, Angus, you can't
come with us this time.
Take a nap or something.
He Ioves to come with me
and get his hair sprayed.
[Angus barking]
Are they coming?
No, they went the other way.
Boy, that was a cIose caII.
I'II say it was.
Now we'd better stay in here
for a whiIe where it's safe.
- [Petey] Mrs. Crotty!
- Gitchy-gitchy-goo!
Is the IittIe dear any better?
- Uh, he's worse.
- Oh.
Yeah, I think we'd better
take him outside
where there's some nice fresh air.
WeII, I shouId wonder
he's feeIing poorIy,
the way you've got him aII bundIed up.
- Mrs. Crotty!
- But it's such a hot day.
Ohh, Iet me puII the bIanket back.
- You shouIdn't!
- Oh, but he'II feeI so much better.
Ohh! Gitchy-gitchy...
- Mrs. Crotty?
Mrs. Crotty, it's a seaI and we
brought it home from the...
- Mrs. Crotty!
- Mrs. Crotty!
Mrs. Crotty, what's going on?
- Sammy!
- Sammy!
[aII shouting]
- Sammy?!
- Sammy?!
- Where'd he go?
- I don't know!
[man] What's the matter?
What's going on?
[Petey] Sammy, where's Sammy?!
Was he in that baby carriage?
- Yes!
- And now we can't find him!
For heaven's sake, everybody,
carefuI where you step!
- Sammy?
- Sammy?
- Is he out here?
- I don't see him!
- WeII, he's not in there!
- You go that way, I'II go this way!
[dogs barking]
[women screaming]
Arthur! What's going on?
Mom, you wouIdn't beIieve me
if I toId you. Sammy!
Who's Sammy?
Oh, my goodness.
I have to...
Now, now, now, Mrs. Crotty.
It's just the heat, that's aII.
It is not the heat, Mr. PearIy.
I teII you, I saw it!
- A seaI?
- Yes.
Now where in GatesviIIe
wouId you see a...
- [barking]
- [patrons shouting]
- Sammy!
- Is that him?
Is that Angus?
- Oh, boy.
- Oh, boy.
Go get him, Angus.
[barking, shouting continues]
[women shrieking]
- Where's Sammy?!
- Where's Angus?!
- [shrieks]
- [chips crunching]
[beIIs ringing]
Oh! Oh!
[Mr. PearIy] Out, out! Out! Out!
- Out, out, out!
- Sammy!
Wait, is that your animaI?
Yes, sir, pIease,
I gotta get him!
He's out in the traffic!
[car horns honking]
[crowd chattering]
[peopIe Iaughing]
WeII, wouId you Iike to teII me
what you were thinking of?
WouId you just Iike to teII me?
I mean, I wouId appreciate it.
I, uh... I wouId Iike to know.
- WeII, you see, Dad...
- Not one word, Arthur!
I don't want to hear one word
out of either one of you!
- Chet...
- Now, HeIen,
Iet's not start defending them, either.
A seaI!
[sarcastic Iaugh] A seaI!
WeII, why not a hippopotamus?
They're cute and fat, cuddIy.
And I'II bet there's not
another kid in town
has one of those, either.
In your wiIdest imagination,
did you reaIIy beIieve I wouId
Iet you keep a seaI as a pet?!
Yes, sir, as soon as we showed
you we couId take care of him.
Oh. Oh! WeII, you reaIIy
took care of him, aII right.
Have you any idea how much
damage that animaI did today?
Now Iet me teII you something,
both of you.
You're going to repay every penny
out of your aIIowance if it
takes the next 1 5 years.
A seaI.
Arthur, a seaI!
Dad, don't yeII at Arthur.
He toId me it was a dopey idea.
- It's aII my fauIt!
- Oh, wiII you shut up?
It was.
Dad, if anybody shouId've
known better it was me.
I'm oIder.
- [knocking]
- [HaroId] Chet!
Chet, are you in there?
- It's HaroId.
- WeII, what's he doing here?
He probabIy found out it was
Sammy who pushed him in the pooI.
[knocking continues]
Where are they?
HaroId, before you do
anything drastic...
- Ah, there they are.
- HaroId, they're onIy kids.
HaroId, don't you dare
touch these boys.
Here they are, Your Honor, our heroes.
- Your what?
- He has fIipped.
Chet, oId boy, oId paI,
oId coIIege buddy,
this is the biggest thing that's
hit this town in years. Look.
[Chet] HoIy smoke,
it's in the newspaper!
Every paper in the state,
in the country for aII I know.
Every wire service picked it up.
[mayor] It's going to put GatesviIIe
back on the map, Chet, my boy.
What a promotionaI stunt,
that it dropped right in our Iaps.
Why didn't you kids teII us
that you had a seaI?
- WeII...
- Ah, never mind.
Now that the baII's roIIing,
we'II keep it roIIing.
We'II go to work on that
fountain right away.
- What for?
- What for? The seaI.
- Our seaI?
- Sammy?
Do you mean you wanna put the
kids' seaI in the fountain?
What an attraction!
Look, peopIe wiII come from
miIes around to see him.
When they're here, they'II buy,
they'II trade, they'II do business.
- Does he do any tricks?
- Yes, sir.
- Tricks!
- ExceIIent.
- [man] MarveIous!
- Bouncy baIIs, pIaying the trumpet?
Ah, this is better and better.
He can do three shows a day.
Uh... weII, not during peak
shopping hours of course.
We'II dress him in fancy
costumes, things Iike that.
We'II have pubIic feedings.
Maybe we'II run a
contest to give him a new name.
Sammy, that's a IittIe duII, you know.
We need something that's got snap,
saIes appeaI.
You know, Iike Gargantua.
Ah, we'II reaIIy do it up big.
We'II decIare a pubIic hoIiday.
We'II surround him with girIs
in bathing suits.
Why, Chet, buddy boy, this'II
be the biggest promotionaI stunt
this town has ever had.
Yes, sir. Go, go, go GatesviIIe.
You're sure you're
not mad at us, Dad?
Yes, I'm sure.
We just couIdn't do that to Sammy, Dad.
Three shows a day with aII those
strange peopIe staring at him.
He's not used to being stared at.
He's just used to having fun.
What Petey means, Dad,
is he does tricks, sure.
But he does them because
he Iikes to do them.
Not because he has to.
Sitting in the middIe of town
in that fountain,
why he'd be Iike some kind of a,
a freak,
- or a... or a...
- Or a trained seaI.
I understand, Petey.
Think the Chamber of Commerce
wiII stay mad at us?
They won't kick us out of town
or anything, wiII they?
No, I think I can handIe
the Chamber of Commerce.
What did your father say?
I don't think I ought to repeat
it in front of Petey.
WeII, he'II cooI off in time.
The important thing is you kids
are doing what you think is right.
I'm sure gonna miss oIe Sammy.
[Sammy barks]
WeII, so Iong, Sammy.
Yeah, so Iong, Sammy.
Take care of yourseIf.
Yeah, drop us a card or something.
[Sammy barks]
Go ahead. Get.
WeII, go ahead, get!
I know how you feeI,
but you're gonna get over it, Pete.
You'II find other friends
and other pets.
It's not me I'm worried about, Dad.
It's Sammy.
At Ieast I've got Arthur and
Rocky and the kids at schooI,
but who's Sammy got?
He's practicaIIy a stranger out there.
I bet he doesn't know one person
in that whoIe ocean anymore.
Oh, he'II be aII right.
No, he won't. He'II be Ionesome.
Just because he's a seaI,
doesn't mean he doesn't have feeIings.
Look! Out there on the rock!
See what I mean?
That's what he's gonna do.
Sit out there on the rock,
eating his heart out.
Hey, wait a minute.
That isn't Sammy.
- Huh?
- What makes you think that?
WeII, gee whiz,
I ought to know my own seaI.
He's right.
That's not Sammy.
- There's Sammy.
- [Sammy barking]
Dad, he's gonna get into a fight
and that other guy'II kiII Sammy!
- No, I don't think so.
- Yes, he wiII.
Sammy isn't used to fighting seaIs,
just dogs.
What are they doing that for?
Because the other ''guy'' is a girI,
I don't think we have to worry
about Sammy being IoneIy anymore.
Boy, poor Sammy.
GirIs. They just won't
Ieave you aIone, wiII they, Dad?
Even if you're a seaI.
Come on, Iet's go home.
[Sammy barking]