Sampoorna Ramayanam (1958) Movie Script

"'Om Namo Narayanaya'... "
"'Om Namo Narayanaya'... "
"'Om Namo Narayanaya'... "
"'Om Namo Narayanaya'... "
"'Om Namo Narayanaya'... "
"'Om Namo Narayanaya'... "
"'Om Namo Narayanaya'... "
Why have all of you
come suddenly today?
O Lord of the world, Hari.
You already know everything, Lord.
On the earth, Sin has been
born in the form of devil.
Having taken a boon from Shiv,
the proud Ravan has caused...
...terror on the earth.
The Vedas and Vedanta
are no longer safe.
It is becoming difficult
to perform sacrifices.
In order to save the world, you've
already taken birth in the form...
...of a fish, tortoise, boar, half
man and half lion and a dwarf.
Now we beseech you to take
birth in another form.
I empathize with your concern.
I accept your proposal.
I will be born as a human.
Laxmi will be born as my wife.
All you sages will help me
in the form of monkeys.
"The moment of auspicious
sun rise came... "
"The moment of a great,
auspicious sun rise... "
"The auspicious moment of
the end of darkness... "
"For begetting children, along
with his queens, Dasharath...
...performed the 'Putra
Kamyesthi' sacrifice... "
"The gods were pleased with
Dasharath's sacrifice... "
"The Lord of fire appeared with
an offering in a plate... "
"For the propagation of
Ikshvaku's dynasty... "
"The king distributed the offering
among his queens... "
"The moment arrived in the
auspicious month of 'Chaitra'... "
"In the light of the new moon
of the ninth and tenth day... "
"Hari and the Shesh serpent... "
"The conch and the discus... "
"Were born as Ram, Laxman,
Bharat and Shatrughan... "
"Not only in Ayodhya,
in the whole world... "
"There were festivals of joy... "
"There were festivals of joy... "
"Tilling the land of Mithila... "
"King Janaka used to look after
the welfare of the people... "
"The bullocks of his plough
stopped suddenly... "
"Looking at this, people
were surprised... "
"From the earth, an beautiful
trunk was pulled out... "
"In that was a little girl... "
"Whose face was radiant
like the rays... "
"On seeing the girl,
the people danced... "
"The people called her Sita,
the beautiful... "
"The people called her Janaka's
dear daughter... "
Ram, Ram!
Lord, have you seen
son Ram anywhere?
He hasn't even had his milk.
Listen, Kaushalya. Our Ram is
no longer a milk-drinking... who has to be fed by mother.
He is now a 16-year-old youth.
Whatever you say Lord, but
to me, son Ram is still...
...a child whom I put to
bed with a lullaby.
Sumitra, Ram?
You know very well, where
son Ram is elder sister.
Then why are you asking?
The right to fawn over Ram
is totally with Kaikeyi.
Lord, have you vowed
to give away my Ram... the younger queen?
I have given a vow,
but not this one.
Very good. All I want is
for Ram to remain mine.
Sister Kaikeyi, where is Ram?
"The fragrant flower-buds
called my heart... "
"The brightness of rays
spread everywhere... "
"Moment after moment, my heart wants
me to fly like a nightingale... "
"My heart... "
"Without any troubles, Mother
earth has given me birth... "
"It is a promise between the
mother and the daughter... "
"To meet in every age... "
"In these crazy moments
of the sweet meeting... "
"I have lost control of my body... "
"O mind, fly away... "
"My life is joyous... "
"The fragrant flower-buds
called my heart... "
"The brightness of rays
spread everywhere... "
"Moment after moment, my heart
wants me to fly like a nightingale. "
"My heart... "
"My love-struck eyes are looking
for your footprints... "
"I surrender my heart to you... '
"This is not love for
just one life... "
"These are the wedding vows
of several lives... "
"I offer my love to you... "
"What else do I say... "
"My life is joyous... "
"King of Ayodhya!"
"O King, don't delay it... "
If you want to save the sacrifices,
send Ram with Vishwamitra.
O Guru...
Don't let fatherly love come in the
way of the child's bright future.
We know better than you about
Ram's strength and power.
I am not taking your
help for my benefit.
Salutations to the Guru and father.
Bless you. This is sage Vishwamitra.
May victory be yours.
What sages say is
not without reason.
Vishwamitra knows about the
past, present and future.
He also knows the secret
of divine weapons.
To send Ram with such a great
personality is not only... honour for Ram, but it's
also good for people's welfare.
Sage Vashishth. Don't
waste your time.
There's no point in arguing.
I will leave now.
Wait, O sage.
Because of fatherly love, if
I have said anything wrong...
...then please forgive me.
I agree to send Ram to
save the sacrifices.
Laxman, son. Go with your brother.
O Guru, why is there darkness
in the morning?
This is an illusion created
by the demons.
We have to proceed carefully.
Ram, this is the magic
of demon Taadka.
Her two sons, Marich
and Subahu, keep...
...ruining our sacrifices.
She is not an ordinary demon.
She has the strength
of a 1000 elephants.
There is no end to her cruelty.
Taadka needs to be killed right now.
Ram, attack her. Kill Taadka.
Sure, Guru.
Are you hesitating because
Taadka is a woman?
Don't think about social mores
and don't discriminate...
...between male and female.
There is no time for philosophy.
Put your arrow to the bow Raghav.
As you say.
Hail you, Ram, hail you.
The killing of Taadka
is the beginning of...
...the protection of spirituality.
O progeny of Aryans, whoever
has control over thirst...
...sleep can attain all powers.
Now, I will teach you Bala,
Atibala, the two...
...techniques using mantras.
Then you will never be bothered
by thirst and sleep.
To kill enemies, divine weapons
will be of great use.
I will give them to you.
Again and again, Marich.
Again and again, Subahu.
Ram because of exemplary valour,
this sacrificial...
...region has been freed of the
terror of Marich and Subahu.
The sacrifice has been completed
without obstacles.
Your name is the protector
of people.
Now we will go towards Mithila.
King Janaka has Lord Shiv's bow.
Whoever can lift it will be
married to his daughter Sita.
That is what he has vowed.
Devas, Gandharvas and Demons,
no one has been successful.
By your tying the string of that
bow, you and the people...
...will benefit greatly.
The Lord of three 'lokas', the
jewel in the clan of demons...
...The greatest on earth, Dashanan,
welcome, welcome.
The one who has received many
boons, the Lord of Lanka...
...welcome, welcome.
Young Vibhishan, where
is brother Kumbhakaran?
You know brother, sleeping
for six months and...
...then eating voraciously... if
you ask me, I'll wake him up.
Let him be, don't wake him up.
This is Brahma's blessing to him.
Let him enjoy his sleep.
Victory! Victory!
Victory for the Lord of Lanka.
My victory?
With the astounding sounds
of the 'Rudra Veena'...
...I pleased Lord Shiv.
Asking for a faultless boon,
I became immortal.
I became the brave, 'Maheshwar'.
With my valour and power
I destroyed the Lords...
...of the eight regions and
became the supreme victor.
Victory has become my slave.
And victory to me?
If King Janaka knew about
your power and strength...
...why would he commit this mistake?
You have not been invited
for Sita's 'swayamvar'.
Sita's 'swayamvar'.
Yes. Whoever ties the string
of Lord Shiva's bow...
...will be married to Sita.
That is the vow King
Janaka has taken.
Brother Vibhishan, we will go to
participate in Sita's 'swayamvar. '
Let arrangements be made.
It is not right to go
without being invited.
I too know about right and wrong.
After destroying Shiva's bow,
when I return with Sita...
...arrange for a royal welcome.
'Har Har Mahadev! '
Those who have honoured my
invitation and have come...
...for my daughter Sita's swayamvar...
...I welcome you all.
I welcome you.
O brave ones. Whoever picks
up this Shiv's bow...
...and ties the string on it, my
daughter Sita will garland...
...that brave one.
I will perform the noble deed
of marrying off my daughter.
Now let all brave ones
show their strength.
Sure. That is what
we are waiting for.
You just see. I will break this
bow and Sita will be mine.
You have destroyed the honour
of a king's clan.
When Sita is not fit to be mine,
why become a laughing stock?
O Lord! Has the earth become devoid
of brave, powerful people.
Is there no one who can tie
the string on this bow?
Why not King Janaka? Look.
Shambhu, Shankar!
The one who had shaken
the Kailash mountain...
...for this Kaikeyi's son,
what is this bow?
This bow is not even as heavy
as the ash on my brow.
Listen! You so-called protectors
of knowledge, listen!
As soon as I break this bow, be
ready to shower flowers on me.
Hail Lord Shiv.
"The auspicious marriage of Ram...
...Sita is great for the
welfare of humanity... "
"The glory of the wedding
is pleasant and joyous... "
"The marriage of Ram, Sita is great
for the welfare of humanity... "
"The glory of the wedding
is pleasant and joyous... "
"The marriage of Ram, Sita is great
for the welfare of humanity... "
"Adorned, these friends have come... "
"Like statues of beauty... "
"With scented oil in the hair... "
"And the paste of turmeric
on their limbs... "
With fragrant flowers
in their hair... "
"They are like shades
of cool trees... "
"The beautiful young
girls have come... "
"With rose water in
their golden urns... "
"They lovingly bathe Sita... "
"They wipe her limbs... "
"They adorn her... "
"They say that if Ram sees her... "
"If he sees her, his
life will be made... "
"One friend comes and puts
red colour on her feet... "
"Others put a black
dot on her cheeks... "
"One friend, puts flowers
on her beautiful hair... "
"And adorn her forehead with
gem-studded jewelry... "
"The bride, Sita, the princess... "
"Look, how pretty she looks... "
"The beautiful, woman of
great character, Sita... "
"Goes to Ram, the divine and pure... "
"The lovable Ram and
the radiant Sita... "
"The beautiful, shy Sita... "
"In the wedding area, are
seated all the kings... "
"And King Janaka is
highly pleased... "
"The meeting of the bride
and groom is delightful... "
"Look they are showering
pearls on each other... "
"The pearls become divine jewels... "
"After touching them, the pearls
become precious gems... "
"Lord Ram as the groom, takes
Sita as the bride... "
"Looking at the wedding
of her daughter... "
"Mother earth is delighted... "
"The auspicious marriage of Ram...
...Sita is great for the
welfare of humanity... "
"The glory of the wedding
is pleasant and joyous... "
"The auspicious marriage of Ram...
...Sita is great for the
welfare of humanity... "
"The glory of the wedding
is pleasant and joyous... "
"The auspicious marriage of Ram...
...Sita is great for the
welfare of humanity... "
Who is Ram?
Ram from Ayodhya?
Ram who had come for
Janaki's 'swayamvar'?
Doesn't he know with whose blood...
Parshuram has bathed this axe?
When this Bhargava Ram is there...
...where did this Ram come from?
You have come on an
auspicious occasion.
Please bless the bride and
groom, O great sage.
O king, I haven't come to bless.
I have come punish that arrogant
who has destroyed the bow...
...that is worshipped in all the
three worlds and has been worn... Lord Shiv.
Where is that offender?
O Parshuram! What had
to happen has happened.
Please don't create obstacles
on an auspicious occasion.
Believe me. This is not Ram's
fault, the fault is mine.
You punish me.
But don't turn this wedding area
into a battle field with your anger.
The crime that has been committed
in this wedding area...
...the punishment for that
will also be given here.
Where is he?
Where is Ram?
Ram salutes Bhargava Ram.
So you are the one who has
destroyed the bow of Shiv.
I had vowed to tie the string
on the bow of Shiv.
That it broke in a second,
was God's will.
God's will! Look at your
pearls of wisdom.
This Lord Vishnu's bow.
Tie the string on this bow.
Because of his penance and
his victories, how proud...
...this Bhargava has become.
He couldn't even recognise Lord
Narayan standing before him.
Forgive me, Lord Ram, forgive
me, O Divine One.
What happened Ram?
Parshuram pride has been destroyed.
Stand straight.
Let me adorn you.
You are Ram's adornment, Sita.
Then why this Adornation?
The adornment of Raghu's clan
is the sign of my love.
The sign of my love is these gifts
of jewels for your adornment.
You are my adornment.
Then why this adornment?
O daughter of Janaka, the
relationship between a husband...
...and wife cannot be
measured by jewels.
Our married life should
be an example for others.
Lord, Bharat has come to see you.
My uncle has come to take me.
Father has permitted me.
Bless me, elder brother.
May you be happy.
O residents of Ayodhya,
I have grown old now.
For the sake of the people's
and the kingdom's welfare...
...I should become free of my
burden of responsibilities.
It is now time to pass this burden
onto eligible, young shoulders.
You too love Ram and
see him as eligible.
I have decided to enthrone
prince Ram.
I want to know your opinions.
We agree with your decision, O King.
Victory to Ram! Victory to King Ram!
Victory to Ram! Victory to King Ram!
Victory to Ram! Victory to King Ram!
Do you see O Guru, the
delight of the people?
Ayodhya is showering
its love on Ram.
Any auspicious time?
This is my duty.
And this is what the gods wish.
Tomorrow is an auspicious time.
Enthroning him during this period
will be very auspicious.
"Hail King Ram... "
"Hail King Ram... "
"Ram will become king... "
"The Awadh city is swaying
and dancing... "
"Ram will become king... "
"The Awadh city is swaying
and dancing... "
"The perfect human, Ram
is very compassionate... "
"The son of Raghu's clan
is very gracious... "
"When Ram sits on its throne... "
"Ayodhya will become like
a city in paradise... "
"Ram will become king... "
"The Awadh city is swaying
and dancing... "
"The auspicious bell
has been sounded... "
"The auspicious moment
has arrived... "
"The mother cow is swaying
in celebration... "
"The auspicious bell
has been sounded... "
"The auspicious moment
has arrived... "
"The mother cow is swaying
in celebration... "
"Look at this celebration, the
Nandi bull is also dancing... "
"Look at this celebration, the
Nandi bull is also dancing... "
"In all of Ayodhya there
is a wave of delight... "
"Ram will become king... "
"The Awadh city is swaying
and dancing... "
"Ram will become king... "
"The Awadh city is swaying
and dancing... "
"Looking at the celebration
of the people of Ayodhya... "
"And learning that Ram
will be enthroned... "
"In the wicked mind of Manthara... "
"There arises a fire of
anger and jealousy... "
"Like a poisonous snake,
to take revenge...
...she pours venom in
Kaikeyi's ears... "
"In the pure heart
of queen Kaikeyi... "
"She causes disturbance
and fills revolt... "
"Manthara tells Kaikeyi... "
"If Ram is king, then
listen, O queen... "
"Your only son will
be his servant... "
"You too will be a servant
in this palace... "
"Don't show mercy
to your step son... "
"Look for your own benefit,
Queen Kaikeyi... "
"Just like repeated utterances
arouse love... "
"Repeatedly saying bad things
also create unpleasantness... "
"The words that she disliked then
are liked by Kaikeyi now... "
"When the end is near, the mind
works in the wrong direction... "
"She hampered the enthronement
ceremonies... "
"Misled by Kaikeyi... "
"Shed all her adornments... "
O Queen, why are you doing this?
Look, I haven't done anything.
In the presence of the Kings
of the eight regions...
...during the fight between
Gods and Demons... had promised me
to grant two wishes.
I ask for them today.
You have the right.
You ask me.
But young Bharat's enthronement
in spite of Ram being here?
That with Ram here, it is
impossible to enthrone Bharat...
...I know very well.
That is why Ram, dressed as
a mendicant, will have... go the forest for
14 years, today itself.
That is my second wish.
What? A stay in the forest for Ram?
What a stupid and heartless
woman you are!
What kind of a mother are you?
I am a mother and that is why I
wish for the well-being of my son.
If you don't do this,
I will consume poison.
Don't say that.
Instead of the people's beloved
Ram, I agree to enthrone Bharat.
But don't be so heartless.
Ram is my life.
The descendant of King
Harishchandra who sold his wife... keep his word, is ready to go
back on his word because of his... for his son.
O wicked woman!
I didn't have an idea that I will
get punished so severely for...
...pampering a woman.
The one whom I have always
addressed as my Ram... will I tell him
to go to the forest?
Expecting the rule of Ram to
begin at the break of dawn...
...the people are swaying
with delight.
How will I show this face
to the people of Ayodhya?
Queen, Ram wants to see you.
Send him in.
Salutations, mother.
Ram has come for your blessings.
Mother, what has happened to Father?
Since he couldn't say what he
wanted to he has lost control.
Your father had granted
me two wishes.
Today, I have asked for them.
The first wish is Bharat's
The second wish is 14 years of
stay in the forest for you.
This is what he is
hesitating to say.
This is the cause
of his disturbance.
You too are my respected mother.
Your command is as honorable
as father's.
Mother, the sun can change its
speed, but a father's word can...
...never, never be empty.
I promise that my dear young
Bharat will be the king.
And he will ascend the royal
throne of Ayodhya.
I will give up all the royal
luxuries today itself.
As you wish, I will dress
like a mendicant, mother.
To obey your command and
to keep father's word...
...I will stay far from
Ayodhya for 14 years.
I will stay in the forest, mother.
O mother, more than my own mother,
Kaushalya, you...
...have taken care
of and pampered me.
To repay the debts of my father,
this is the opportunity.
I don't want anything
more than this.
I don't want anything else.
Bless me, mother.
Bless me.
Queen, this mendicant's clothes.
Janaki, you in this attire?
I am your shadow.
Keeping your father's
words is your duty.
Staying at the Lord's feet is mine.
What are you saying, dear one?
This is not possible.
How will bear the troubles
of the forests?
The open sky, the wild
animals, insects...
When Ram is protecting me,
what do I have to fear?
Whether I stay with you in
the forest or in Ayodhya.
For me, both are the same.
Don't say no, Lord.
- Brother!
Salutations, brother.
Laxman, you too?
Just like the flame is with
the lamp, with Ram...
...there is Laxman.
Lord, this Urmila hasn't
come here to stop you.
You serve your brother
and sister-in-law.
I will spend 14 years
just thinking of you.
You go happily.
I will bear this separation
O my dear.
Dear Ram, because you were
born to Kaushalya, you...
...have got a stay in the forest.
Elder sister, your Ram's sacrifice
will remain an example for ages.
In the service of his elder
brother, even my Laxman's life...
...will become meaningful.
You are an example of human duty.
And Ram is an example
of devotion for father.
Laxman is the example
of brotherly love.
Sumitra, you who are selflessly
sending your son with...
...his elder brother.
Kaushalya, who has given
birth to a son like Ram...
Both your motherhood
has been blessed.
Sita's devotion to her husband...
Urmila, who has chosen to bear
her husband's separation...
...have enlightened humanity.
Ram! Dasharath's Ram! Where are you?
With Sita and Laxman, they
have gone to the forest.
O demon! This deed of yours will
not let you live in peace.
Get out of here. Get out of here.
Ram! This is the result
of multiple marriages.
Because of some good deeds
of the past incarnations...
...I had a noble son like you.
But on the words of a woman, I sent
you to suffer in the forest. - Lord!
Lord! - Ram! You were the
breath in this body.
How will I live without you?
I recall Shravan and
his father's curse.
Today, that curse will bear fruit
and take my life. - Lord!
Ram! My child! Ayodhya
has fallen silent.
I can't live without you. Ram!
"Madrika is great, Lord
Ram is great... "
"On the boatman's boat has
come the boatman's Lord... "
"Madrika is great, Lord
Ram is great... "
"On the boatman's boat has
come the boatman's Lord... "
"Ram is very gracious... "
"His feet have touched the boat... "
"Ram is very gracious... "
"His feet have touched the boat... "
"Our hearts are vibrating
with joy... "
"Madrika is great, Lord
Ram is great... "
"On the boatman's boat has
come the boatman's Lord... "
"Obeying his step mother
he gave up the empire... "
"Obeying his step mother
he gave up the empire... "
"Bearing troubles, he is
going to the forest... "
"Bearing troubles, he is
going to the forest... "
"Destiny is great, the one whom
these hands seek for support... "
"Destiny is great, the one whom
these hands seek for support... "
"The same venerable one
is sitting on my boat... "
"Madrika is great, Lord
Ram is great... "
"On the boatman's boat has
come the boatman's Lord... "
"Madrika is great, Lord
Ram is great... "
"On the boatman's boat has
come the boatman's Lord... "
"Ram, Janaki, Laxman... "
"Ram, Janaki... "
"Ram, Lord, my Ram, Lord... "
You have spoilt the
name of motherhood...
...It is a sin to even
call you mother.
A stay in the forest for brother
Ram and enthronement for me?
How did this thought
come to your mind?
I will go to the forest.
I will hold his feet
and beseech him.
I will convince him.
Somehow, I will try to bring
him back to Ayodhya.
Otherwise, I too, I too will serve
him and stay in the forest.
Bharat, son.
No. Don't call me son.
You are murderer of your husband.
You too are dead for me.
O Janaki, the way we are moving
in these wild forests, when...
...father comes to know about
this he will surely be sad.
But Laxman's service and your
company is making Chitrakoot's...
...natural beauty even
more attractive.
Looking at this peaceful life
here, even father would...
...have been happy.
Brother! Bharat is coming
to attack us.
Laxman! In your anger,
you suspect Bharat?
Forgive me! Forgive me!
Is everything fine in Ayodhya?
Elder brother, Ayodhya
is now silent.
Father has died.
O guru, by obeying his father,
Ram has been blessed.
By serving mother Sita,
Laxman has been blessed.
By performing the last rites
of father, Shatrughan has...
...performed a son's duties.
It there was one unlucky person,
it has been Bharat.
Brother, why should I suffer
for mother's crime?
Ayodhya's throne rightfully
belongs to Ram.
Don't say no, Ram.
In my selfishness,
I had become blind.
Now don't punish Kaikeyi more.
Don't say that, mother.
Is it not my duty to obey
my dead father's command?
With the elder brother alive, it
is a sin for the younger one...
...ascend the throne.
Thinking of your younger brother
as your child, don't refuse...
...Bharat's request, brother.
Bharat! You are well-versed with
what should be done, and you...
...are also aware of the
practice in Raghu's clan.
Don't request me to shirk
my duty, Bharat.
All of you fulfill mother's wish.
Do your duty till I return.
I am not fit to do that.
O personification of restraint,
O great one, your wish is... command.
Please give me your sandals
and bless me, brother.
Till your return from the stay
in the forest, these sandals...
...will be on the throne.
With these sandals on my head, I
pledge that if after 14 years... do not return, I
will immolate myself.
Rama! Rama!
Rama! Rama! Rama! Rama!
Rama! Rama! Rama! Rama!
Are you listening? The Rama
chanting of this parrot is...
...imbuing very good feeling
within the body.
We'll take him to Ayodhya.
Great! What a scene! Shiny moonlit
in this dark forest!
What's your name and to
which place you belong?
My name is Rama and
I am from Ayodhya.
Then who's this lady?
- She's my wife Sita.
My name is Suparnakha.
My body is very soft.
I am the only sister of
King Ravan of Lanka.
I belong to big and powerful family.
How handsome are you looking
at this moment?
I would like to marry you.
What a daring?
Not daring, she is hopeful.
Yes I am hopeful!
Look, I am already married so
I would not be worthy for you.
But you need a smart one. Isn't
it? Let me show you that.
My younger brother Laxman
is also very smart.
You can try your luck there.
He's also single.
I'll make him agree. He
is single and so am I.
Wow! You are really much
charming than Rama is.
You'll be good match for me.
Just look me once, I am solo in
millions. Give me a kiss first.
You took my heart! But I am
like a servant of Rama.
Would you like to be a maid to
sister Sita after marrying me?
Don't worry dear! There would be
no crisis when I'll kill Sita.
Don't wait for anything
Laxman. Punish her.
Brother! Ravan!
Sister Suparnakha! Who made
this condition of yours?
Who has injured your
nose and your ear?
One bestial did this.
Who's he?
He is a man but very cruel one.
He belongs to Ayodhya and
called himself Rama.
He's very proudy, wild,
obstinate and willful.
That stupid has a very beautiful
wife with him brother!
How can I define her
beauty before you?
I was interested in bringing
her to Lanka as your queen.
Her brother-in-law cut my nose
and injured my ears and...
...abused you by challenging you.
Just stop it! I am very angry now.
I'll finish those wild people
in return of your condition.
Hail Lord Shiv.
Om Namah Shiva! Om Namah Shiva!
I thought that Lord Shiva has
come to reward me in return...
...of my prayers but this is you.
Marich! You need to go
Panchavati right now.
You've to take away Ram from
Sita with your magic.
I'll manage rest of
the things on my own.
Ravan! There's no gain
in fighting with Rama.
Don't teach me about gain and loss.
If you didn't go there,
I'll first kill you.
It was just an advice. Death
is both sides for me.
Through Rama I'll get
final liberation.
Dear! Strange deer.
Yes! This is a gold deer.
- I've never seen such a deer.
I'll make him my pet,
please bring it for me.
You've never asked for anything.
Let me bring it.
Brother! It can be a devilish
magic because we've never...
...seen or heard such type
of creature before.
If it is magic, I'll destroy
it otherwise I'll bring it.
To fulfill her wish
is my first duty.
Her protection is your
responsibility now till I return.
Laxman! Sita! Laxman! Sita!
Laxman! Sita!
Laxman! Have you heard? Your
brother is in trouble.
Brother is in trouble!?
It's impossible.
May be... but it was only his voice.
This is definitely a sign of
trouble. Go for his help.
Don't worry mother! This
world will be ruined if...
...any trouble falls on him.
Laxman! This is my order.
Go for his help.
Sorry mother! I can't disobey
my brother's words.
Now I understand. You had
this in your mind that if...
...anything goes wrong
with my husband...'ll forcefully marry me.
O my God!
What've you said mother!?
I've always bowed my head before
your feet as your son.
Such a disgusting blame! Such
a disgraceful feeling!
I should've died here before
hearing this sentence.
Why am I still alive after
hearing this sentence!?
Why am I still alive?
If is this your order,
I am bound to go.
But I request you mother...
...before I return back with brother.
Don't go out of this Laxman
line drawn by me.
Never ever come mother!
'Har Har Mahadev'!
Give something to saint.
You'll get much better blessings
if you cross the line.
This is drawn by my brother-in-law.
I can't cross it.
Why don't you take it on your own?
But how?
This line seems to be
the sign drawn on my...
...Lord Shiva's face. I can't
insult it by crossing it.
You can give by coming
out of the line.
Come out!
Master! Master!
Master! Master!
Don't spoil your sweet
voice by calling him.
Your Rama can't come here.
Laxman! You've left
'Vaidahi' all alone!
There was no other option, brother!
I was forced to come.
You said it right.
It was really a devilish power.
Let's see what trouble
has fallen on Sita!
Sita! Sita! Sita! Sita! Sita!
Sita! Sita!
Laxman! A big trouble
has fallen on us.
Master! Laxman!
Sugreev! Whatever wrong
Bali has done to you.
He'll have to pay very soon for it.
Respected Jamvant sir, I am living
in this single hope only.
Rest Assured sir! God will help us.
Hanuman! What's this?
I was offering my prayers to
God and all of a sudden...
...I hear one call and this
jewelry fell into my hands.
It may belong to someone. Hanuman!
Keep it with you.
"Why did the soul get
apart from body?"
"How's his constitution?"
"Why did the soul get
apart from body?"
"How's his constitution?"
"O flying birds have you seen. "
"Have you seen where dear Sita is?"
"Where my Sita is?"
"I search her in pieces of earth,
in forest, in lost garden. "
"A flame has risen within the body.
Worried heart is crying. "
"Ascetic heart is anxious
in love and in departure. "
"I've lost my love. What
happened in a blink?"
"He's in heartbeat, in my senses... can I live without him?"
"I am feeling asleep. I've
pain but can't share it. "
"My body and soul are asking
when will you come my Ram?
Say to my master.
"O flying clouds go and
say to my master. "
"O flying clouds go and
say to my master. "
"That I am helpless here. "
"That I am helpless here.
You are my life my Rama. "
"Where are you my Lord?"
What a fair lady! What a beauty?
The most beautiful creation
of earth is rewarding Lanka.
I've loved most of the beautiful
ladies of heaven but...
...they are just a small
fry before you.
I've fallen in your love, dear!
Look up and see my face
you charming lady!
You stupid! You bastard! You've
brought your death.
You've stolen me, you cheater!
Don't you know I've nurtured
from fire. Don't come near.
You'll be burnt to ashes
if try to touch me.
O beautiful lady, don't you
know that Lord Shiva has...
...given me a blessing
that I'll never die.
Death can't touch me.
Accept me. You'll always be happy.
You'll get everything
you wished for and...
...will become queen of Lanka.
Maids! Take care of madam. See
if she faces any problem.
"I wait for Rama at
every single moment. "
"My eyes call you O Rama!"
"You are great, powerful
and soft-hearted. "
"My days are numbered. "
"I'll die very soon, please
come to see me!
"Please come Rama!"
"Ahilya became stone by
bad deed by a saint. "
Then received her original
human form when came in...
...touch with great Rama's feet.
"This forest is lonely and all
the trees are calling you. "
"Come my Rama, listen
to my request. "
"You are very soft, very good. "
"Come on my Rama! Come Rama!"
Shabri! - "Who is this calling?
It should be my Rama. "
"Who is this calling?"
"I am blessed, my Rama has come!"
"My life is blessed now,
Rama has come!"
"You are great, you are kind. "
"You are gentle, you
are tender heart. "
"Come on my Rama! Come Rama!"
"I used to see your dreams
in sweet fruits. "
"I've chosen few fruits from
the branches of trees. "
"I'll give you these fruits
by tasting it first myself. "
"I am blessed, the moment your
feet touched my house. "
Let me taste it first.
No need to wet your eyes
in the memory of mother.
Don't worry at all; I can't
see tears in these eyes.
You've faced a lot. Thousands
of troubles have fallen on you.
By moving forward from here,
you'll meet monkey king...
...Sugreev. His friendship
will be worthy for you.
Mother! We aren't only relaxed
by meeting you but also...
...received guidance to move ahead.
Do continue giving this
guidance to wanderers.
You would be blessed with
everything. Take care.
My Lord!
Hanuman! Look who's coming there?
I don't know but they are looking
like spiritual beings.
May be, but my guess can be
wrong too. Get it confirmed.
You both are looking very simple
but having bows and...
...arrows. You are...
We are children of king Dasharath.
He's Ram and I am his
younger brother Laxman.
We know you Hanuman!
- My name too!?
From your gold necklace,
I recognized you.
Gold necklace!? Why am
I unable to see it?
You won't get it.
This is my father's
blessing that only... Lord Ram would
be able to see it.
You've come after so long Lord Ram!
Laxman! Look.
I used to see them whenever
I would bow my head to...
...mother's feet.
Sita! My love!
Lord Ram! I am also experiencing
the pain and...
...shame produced by
wife's departure.
Yes my lord! He has an evil
eye on Sugreev's wife.
Bali has insulted Sugreev by not
only taking her wife but...
...also thrown out from his kingdom.
We are friends now. A friend
in need is a friend indeed.
I'll kill Bali. I'll bring back
your wife from his hands.
I'll teach him a good lesson.
Monkey community will be always
very grateful to you...
...for this favor. But are you
capable to fight against Bali...
You coward! How can you dare
to keep an evil eye on...
...younger brother's wife?
Your death is near.
Come and fight with me,
you rascal! Come out!
You scoundrel! You cheater!
Your death has come today.
Rama! You should've told me before
that you can't kill Bali.
I would not have gone for
another insult then.
Don't suspect me. I was fully
ready to kill him but it was...
...very difficult to recognize
both of you.
Laxman! Put this garland
around Sugreev's neck.
Sugreev! This is lucky garland.
Now challenge to Bali.
Lord Ram! Don't forget this garland.
Bali! Come out. I am back again.
Why are you playing this game
of death and life, you stupid!
I should've killed you
at that time only.
Master! Don't go. He has just
quit the war then on which...
...basis he has come back?
Yes daddy! I've heard that two
strangers named as Rama...
...Laxman have come here.
Rama's wife has been kidnapped
by any devil and...
...they are searching for her.
Uncle Sugreev is helping them.
Gutless Sugreev! What
can he help them?
Let him first save his life.
Either of us will survive today.
Dear! - Lord Ram! You are such
a great man but still...
...did this unfair work?
Don't talk about fair and unfair.
Younger brother's wife is like...
...a little girl on which
you had an evil sight.
You knew everything and still
killed me. Was this a justice?
Whether a monkey or any
human who's unaware of...
...faults if being killed,
it is not injustice.
O Lord! I was flawed. Please
forgive me. - Brother!
Brother Sugreev! My son Angad
is being orphan now.
Don't say him orphan. I'll make
him king of Kishikindha.
Son! - Daddy! - Son! Lord Ram
works as a panacea when...
...there's no way to come out from
illicit deeds. Remember it.
Lord Ram!
- Dear! - Daddy!
Sugreev! Be a king and start
formulating Kishikindha's work.
We need to start searching Sita
after rainy season stops.
Lord Ram! Forgive me, I've
forgotten my duty in the...
...pleasure of kingdom.
I'll send all the monkeys
in each direction.
Vinuda! You go to east
with your team.
Sushiji! You go in west
with some warriors.
Heyshidwali! You'll
have to go in north.
Angad! You go to south with
Hanuman and Jamvant.
- Yes Lord!
Take this ring. Sita won't suspect
you through this ring.
Jamvant uncle! Lanka is
situated across this sea.
Its very large and deep. We need
to cross it and you are...
...the only capable person here.
Yes, Angad! There was a time
when I used to be capable...
...but I am old now.
I can try to cross the sea
but can't come back.
Then who's the capable one
to cross the sea among us.
Indeed, Hanuman is the
only capable among us.
Hanuman! What are you thinking
with this ring in hand?
Sir, Lord Ram gave you this
ring with confidence.
Cross the sea and enter into Lanka.
Find mother Sita and
prove yourself. - I!?
Stop! Who are you?
You are entering without the
permission of Lankini.
This much daring are you?
Hey Lord! I am withdrawing. The
moment I'll be killed by...
...someone, I'll get relief
from this body also.
This was God' saying.
It'll be the reason of Lanka's
destruction. Yours master...
...will be praised. Go and enter
Lanka without any fear.
Hey Sita! Now stop being stubby.
I am dying for your love, darling.
Since I've brought you here, I
couldn't concentrate on work.
Not even in prayers.
Listen my dream girl. Accept
my proposal and embrace me.
You stupid! Your end is near now.
I am Lord Ram's wife...
...and he is such a great man
that he can forgive you too.
I've forgiven people
but never asked for.
For whom you are rejecting me,
might've died in forest.
Don't spoil these moments. I am
dying to receive your love.
You Obtuse! You will embrace
your death. - Sita!
Your husband isn't God. To cross
this sea, fighting with...
...dense evils isn't a child's play.
If you didn't get agree within
the given time period... witches will fix up your
mind. Your life and death...
...both are depended here.
This is my last warning to you.
Make her understand.
If she didn't realize
it easily, do it hard.
Make her understand
otherwise kill her.
Get me informed after
following my order.
Get this mulish agree.
Otherwise I'll eat her.
I'll chew her.
- I'll snatch her fair cheeks.
My master! Now death is
the only way for me.
"Stop! Stop! Wait for
Lord Ram. He'll come. "
"He'll kill Ravan and give
pleasure to all saints. "
"He'll take you with himself. "
Trust me mother. I am Hanuman,
Ram's messenger.
This is a magical environment
and you are also its part.
How can I believe you?
Have a look on this ring and
satisfy yourself mother!
Hanuman! Where is my husband?
Kishikindha's king has become
his friend and he's there only.
He always remembers you.
You've made me relaxed.
- Mother! Any order for me?
When cruel Ravan was scolding
you, I felt to teach...
...him a good lesson. I am to
take you back before sunrise.
I'll take you back on
my shoulders, mother!
Your service will get a good
recognition, Hanuman!
Ravan has insulted by bringing
me here. I want Ram to come...
...and take me away from his hands.
This is also a question...
...of woman's identity.
This is the duty of a decent wife.
I appreciate and salute you. Give
me a sign of our meeting.
Take this bracelet.
Mother! Any message for master!
Lts not a message but ask him
to forgive me for the bad...
...words I've had spoken
to him at that time.
I've got my punishment.
Forget that.
Ask him to take the revenge
of my insult by coming here.
He won't get me alive if couldn't
come within a month.
Do pass this message to Lakshman.
I would always be very
great full to you.
Have patience mother.
May I leave now?
- Take care.
Mother! I've been hungry for long.
If you permit may I...
...satisfy my hunger at Ashok
Vatika by having some fruits?
Don't behave like uncivilized
while having them.
Before leaving this place
I need to show my powers.
O monkey! Have you destroyed
our garden?
I won't leave you.
Jambu will jump before me!
You obstinate monkey! I am
Ravan's son, Akshay kumar...
...I will cut your
tail from my sword.
You are threatening
me through sword!?
Scream, and call your father
to cry on your death.
What!? Did he call Akshay? A
greatest warrior in the whole... is being killed
by a simple monkey?
He isn't a simple monkey, my lord.
He has killed to many...
...great soldiers. To fight with
him is like fighting with death.
Meghnath! I got a great shock
with Akshay's death.
I too daddy. Don't worry, I'll tie
that monkey in a tight rope...
...and bring him here.
Prince! All this destruction
is being done by this monkey.
Come Ravan's son. You'll suffer
same as your brother.
Your death is in my hands monkey!
You are not a simple monkey.
You need something special.
Daddy! He's responsible
for all the destruction.
Who's behind you, proudy monkey?
Whether I am proudy or you, Ravan!?
Stop all this. Don't forget
you are our prisoner.
Don't feel that your son has
succeeded in bringing me... I've come on my own.
Such a powerful monkey! Who are you?
I am Ram's messenger. I
came to see mother Sita.
I thought, why I should inform
you about my visit.
So, just entered the garden.
I am a monkey and jumping...
...playing is very
usual thing for me.
I ate sweet fruits, and
destroyed the bitter one.
And taught a good lesson to those
who tried to disturb me.
Hey Ravan! I've heard that you
are very disciplined and...
...great king. You've forgotten
to follow a simple manner of...
...offering a chair to the messenger?
Respect is given to one who
belongs to same status...
...not to a monkey like you.
I'll make a chair for
myself on my own.
So you know magic also!
Don't call it magic. It's
a trailer of great power.
If you are intelligent, be warned.
Go to Lord Ram and give
back mother Sita to him.
Ram, Ram, Ram! I don't know
him. What special he has?
"Lord Hari is incarnated in the
form of Ram for social sake. "
"He's that Ram who had ruined...
...Lord Shiva's bow to pieces. "
"He's that Ram who killed Bali.
Bali, who defeated you. "
"He's that Ram who'll
defeat the whole army...
...with a single arrow. "
"My Ram forgives everyone who
keep chanting the lines...
...of his prayer. "
"The mantra of Lord Ram
will save your life. "
"Ram, Lord Ram, Lord Ram. "
"Ram! Ram! Ram-Sita! Sita-Ram!
"Ram! Ram! Ram-Sita! Sita-Ram!
"Ram! Ram! Ram-Sita! Sita-Ram!
"Ram! Ram! Ram-Sita! Sita-Ram!
"Ram! Ram! Ram-Sita! Sita-Ram!
"Ram! Ram! Ram-Sita! Sita-Ram!
"Ram! Ram! Ram-Sita! Sita-Ram!
Meghnad, if this song will continue
for some more time...'ll drown the Lanka
in its effect.
Kill this rude immediately.
Messenger killing is not
recommended in politics.
Don't call him a messenger.
This accused is a killer of my son.
This is true but why should
we take improper step?
Ok, Meghnad, let Ram
also come to know...
...the result of entering in Lanka.
Give such punishment
to this rude monkey...
...that nobody will dare to enter
in Lanka again. Fire his tail.
This will also serve entertainment
to the people.
O God of fire... down your power for Hanuman.
Mother, I hope nothing
is wrong with you.
First you tell me. Did you
come here in search of me?
Or to fire the Lanka?
Actually, I had come in
search of you only.
But they fired my tail
so I fired their Lanka.
Let me take your depart! My Master
will be waiting for me.
I got the news of mother
Sita, My Lord.
She's fine.
Here's her hair ornament.
How to describe her suffering
over there in Lanka?
If she won't be freed from
cruel Ravan immediately...
...she won't survive more.
This is her message.
Ram and Ravan's war is unavoidable
Sun has spread its first
ray in the sky.
This is the auspicious time
to proceed for victory.
Order the soldiers for march.
Those monkeys... they will fight
with the king of Lanka?
Lankesh's bravery is praised
in all the world.
Ram will fight with Ravan
with the help of monkey?
- Yes, sir. - Durmukh! - Yes, sir.
- Order sir.
Give orders to our soldiers
for attack. - Yes, sir.
Lankeshwar, bravery is not
calculated with war.
Be polite. Don't push Lanka
in the fire of war.
Don't take this sin in your share.
- Vibhishan!
Let go off your attachment
with Sita.
Don't destruct Lanka. - Enough!
You're my younger brother.
You'll teach me the morality,
duty and my responsibility?
I don't have so much knowledge.
I'm just a well-wisher of Lanka.
You're a fool without brain.
You're a black spot to our lineage.
Learn something from Laxman
who sacrificed his...
...entire comforts just for
servicing Ram in the forest.
Even though being my brother
you don't want to...
...accompany me. Now I don't
even want to see your face.
Now we don't have any relation.
Get out from Lanka.
As your order! Now I'll
go under his shelter.
Hail Lord Ram!
Shri Ram, my Lord, how can
we cross the ocean...
...along with our soldiers?
Shri Ram, My Lord, take
me under your shelter.
Take me under your shelter, My Ram.
My Lord, Ravan's brother Vibhishan
is not trustworthy.
Devils know miracles. Give
me an order to kill him.
So what if Ravan's brother
has come under our shelter?
Even if Ravan himself will come...'s my duty to protect him.
Vibhishan, don't worry.
- I'm obliged, My Lord.
Lankesh punished me for saying
that Sita's kidnap is...
...unreligious. I'm so obliged
with your grace.
Vibhishan, you've come
on the right time.
Give us the solution to cross
the ocean along with... entire soldiers
and enter into Lanka.
There's only one solution.
Build a bridge.
Build a bridge on high waves?
How's it possible?
It's possible if ocean
itself will help us.
O lord of Ocean! Ram is
folding his hand and is...
...requesting. Please help me.
If you didn't co-operate for...
...the protection of religion
I'll have to punish you.
My, Lord Ram, I committed an
offence. Please forgive me.
I'll make your way easy.
Get build a bridge.
"Bridge is getting build... "
"A stone is swimming on the water... "
"Bridge is getting build... "
"A stone is swimming on the water... "
"This is the way for
everybody's upturn. "
"It's for the creation
of everybody's life. "
"The stoned heart has also melted... "
"This is the personality
of Shri Ram. "
"Bridge is getting build... "
"A stone is swimming on the water... "
"Hanuman and Angad obeyed
the order of Sugriv. "
"Then all the monkeys came... "
"Everybody gathered and worked... "
"... for the creation's better. "
"Bridge is getting build... "
"A stone is swimming on the water... "
"The squirrel is pushing
the sand on stones... "
"Nal, Neel is throwing the stones. "
"The army is amazed to see this. "
"The bridge has been built... "
"This path is for the
people's upturn. "
"This path is for the
people's upturn. "
Master, is war necessary?
Mandodari, the war signal is
rung at the apposite side.
Didn't you hear it?
I'm hearing it. But
can't there be peace?
It's still not late. Sita...
- Hand over Sita to my enemy Ram...
...and go to his feet with apology?
This is what you wish?
He just crossed the
ocean with monkeys...
...does that mean he
has won the battle?
Devil king Lankesh is
helpless and powerless?
Are you doubtful to this
leader of so many devils?
You couldn't cross the line of
Laxman for the protection...
...of Sita. After that your brave
soldiers couldn't' move...
...Angad's leg by an inch...
...who came with the peace message.
That day the messenger Hanuman...
...fired the golden Lanka.
Powerful devils also were helpless
to do anything to him.
We couldn't' even save our
dearest son Akshay Kumar.
We are just lamenting for our son.
Queen, lamentation is not the...
...characteristic of a brave mother.
You're a brave man's wife.
Pray to the Lord Shiva.
Pray for your husband's victory.
Greeting, the king of Lanka!
Ratikal, Mahakal...
...Vidyunman, Nikumb, Mahodath
and other warriors...
...have scattered the money's
in the battlefield.
Well done! You gave me good news.
In the beginning our warriors
could taste the victory...
...but later they couldn't stand
at the rain of Shri Ram's...
...arrows. Everybody died over there.
Shame! I'm not ready to listen
to the news of defeat.
Go and awaken Kumbhakarna right now.
As your order!
I awaken with the snap of fingers.
Why such noise to awaken me?
We are battling with Ram.
Our brave soldiers
are meeting death.
King has awakened
you just for that.
Meghnad is expert
in miraculous war.
Why to worry? I'll finish
his miracles in a moment.
Laxman, don't leave
me alone, my brother.
What will I answer to Urmila? How
will I face her, to mother...
...Sumitra and the people of Ayodhya?
If you won't be there this war is
useless, this life is useless.
Don't be so dishearten, my Lord.
There's no risk to your
brother's life.
- Order!
My Lord, his pulse is still there.
- Really?
No doubt. He's just fainted.
Hanuman, you'll have to
give the treatment. - I?
There's a Sanjeevani herbs on
Draunagiri mountain in west.
It shines during the nighttime.
That herb should come here
before the sunrise.
- Don't worry.
Nothing unusual can happen
till this Hanuman is there.
Hail Lord Ram!
I don't know which is that herb?
Let me take up the entire mountain.
Mr. Sushen will identify it himself.
Sugriv, can you see this
light? Has sun risen?
No, My Lord. It seems Hanuman has...
...brought the Sanjeevani herb.
This light is of that.
Mr. Sushen, there's no place
to keep the entire mountain.
You only identify it
yourself and take it.
- Brother!
My Lord! - Hanuman, you've
given new life to Laxman.
How will I pay to this
obligation of yours?
Anjani's son. May you always... immortal like Sun and moon!
Meghnad, now with a single
arrow of mine...'ll no longer remain alive.
Hail... - Brave Laxman! - Hail...
- Brave Laxman!
- Meghnad!
I'm helpless, papa.
I can't even fold my hands and
greet you. Please forgive me.
- My son!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Oh! So much brightness! My
life will get a meaning...
...if I can die with his hand.
I'll be successful if
I could kill him.
Ram, do you want to see this
Lankadhish's bravery?
Here are my arrows.
I can kill you but before
that listen to my request.
Brahma's son Paulasta
saint's son Lankesh.
Entire universe is praising...
...your bravery and priest nature.
You've pleased Shiva by picking up...
...the broad mountain of Kailash.
You're such a great
devotee of Shiva.
You've win over eight 'vidbhavuk'...
...and made them your servant.
You're such a brave man.
The winner of three worlds,
Lankesh, you're a great...
...politician, knowledgeable...
...and master in Vedas
and spirituals.
Having so much knowledge
you kidnapped my wife.
Do not be a part of
such disgraceful act.
Repent for your mistake, Lankeshwar.
Give me Sita back with
complete respect.
This is for everybody's benefit.
And you'll be out of it unspotted.
Listen, forgetting the enmity
the way you've praised... fame and me. This Lankeshwar... thankful to your greatness.
But Sita will be yours
till I'm alive...
This is impossible in this life.
Now anything can happen.
Either I'll win or die.
This is the unchanging decision
of this Lankeshwar.
Ravan, your charioteer is injured.
You're also tired.
It's against the rule to
fight if an enemy comes... the helpless situation.
It's also not a Kshatriya's
Take rest today. Come tomorrow.
This hall of my Royal court
always used to bright with...
...presence of my soldiers,
friends, brothers...
...sons and cabinet ministers.
And today...
Today Lanka is empty
like a graveyard.
Shall I remain alive to
see my dear one's death?
I had got the boon of
immortality for this?
Son, well wishers, relatives,
Nobody is alive now.
Why Lankesh will remain alive? Why?
No. I must remain alive. For the
peace of the those souls...
...who sacrificed their
life for Ravan.
I must remain alive to kill Ram.
Can you hear it, Sun?
My heart is burning to take revenge.
Now rise it soon.
Hail Lord Shiva!
Lankesh, after so much
of destruction...
...your proud has still not gone?
Stop your rubbish, if you've guts
fight with the ten headed.
Do not find ways to
escape with talks.
Today will be the decision
making war.
Death from anyone of
us is final today.
My Lord, Ravan's death is
not possible only with...
...separating his heads. The nectar
pot hidden in his naval...
...contains his life.
Traitor! You're the cause of
the destruction of Lanka.
You'll always get the
curse of people.
Ravan, braves never die.
Their fame always keeps them alive.
This defeat is also their victory.
Ramchandra, you're
an incarnated man.
I'm paying for the deceitful
act of mine.
Please forgive me, Ram! Ram! Ram!
Bharat, this thought of entering
in fire is improper.
Ram will come on time.
Hail Lord Ram! Hail Sita!
I'm Ram's messenger.
Ram, Laxman and mother
Sita is coming here...
...after getting the
victory on Lanka.
Hail Shri Ramchandra!
Hail Shri Ramchandra!
Hail Shri Ramchandra!
- Brother! - Bharat!
"Ohm Namaha Narayana!"
"Ohm Namaha Narayana!"