Sampoorna Ramayanam (1961) Movie Script

"With great faith and humbleness,
we present "Sampurna Ramayan"... "
"... at your service, but with this
plea, that the greatness of... "
...Lord Rama is impossible
to convey in many movies...
let alone one!
We begin the film with
The marriage of Sita
My dear invited valiant knights...
your fortune and strength
will be tested here today.
I've vowed that whoever
breaks this bow of Shiva here...
...will be wed to my
dear daughter Sita
Anyone amongst you can try
his luck and strength
"Lord of the three worlds,
Lord of the Lords... "
"Most powerful of all,
a devotee of Lord Shiva... "
King of Lanka, Ravana. "
- What do you say?
- Even if we all try together...
...this bow will not budge an inch!
I realise my mistake.
I invited cowards instead of heroes
The weak instead of the powerful
and made a fool of myself!
"Let alone breaking it, couldn't
one of you even budge it an inch?"
"Today I've realised, the world
is lacking in valiant heroes"
You may all go home now.
Let Sita remain unmarried
"And from today, don't consider
yourselves to be brave soldiers"
"O' King of Mithila,
take your words back. "
- You don't know how profound...
...a man Lord Ram is
"With his Guru's blessings, he can
toss the universe like a ball"
Reduce mountains to rubble
with just one blow
And this bow... he can snap it
to pieces like a lotus-stalk!
"Ram, King Janak is
very disappointed"
- Break this bow and make him happy.
- As you wish O' Guru. But...
I wasn't invited here
I invite you now Lord Rama.
Try your luck too
Dear Holy Mother...
Long live Lord Rama
"- Greetings, O' great one.
- All that later... "
"First tell me, who broke this Bow?
- Your slave, O' Lord"
"He's no slave, but an enemy!
- You're asking for trouble!"
"- Vishwamitra, who's this boy?
- My disciple. "
"Son of King Dasharatha, Laxman.
And this is his elder brother, Rama"
- But I can see no virtues in him.
- How can you?
Man becomes blind when angry.
- Listen boy!
- This boy talks too much!
Sound him about my nature.
- You made it obvious when you entered
You may not know this...
"But with this very axe, I've
destroyed your warrior race 21 times"
Then you couldn't have
encountered Rama and Laxman!
Laxman! Why are you bent
on dying at my hands?
Want to bite more than you can chew?
Do you think we're so cheap?
- I think you're a fool.
- It takes one to recognise another.
- Laxman!
- Please...
He doesn't know your wisdom and power
Then explain it to him.
I'm bad tempered and merciless
- No wonder you beheaded your mother!
- And now I'll behead you!
Wait! Behead me instead.
He's innocent. I broke the Bow
"You did, eh?
Then, I'll severe your head"
There cannot be two Ram's on earth.
It'll be either Ram or Parshuram
Why doesn't my axe lift?
Who has snatched all my power?
"Rama, pull the string of this bow,
and remove my doubt"
Enough! My work is done
"O' Rama of Parshuram,
hosanna to you"
"Now I neither want this bow,
nor this axe!"
Your Majesty...
I've some good news for you.
- That's why I'm so smitten with you.
"You'll be happy to hear it.
- Then tell me quickly, O' Queen. "
I've just fixed an auspicious day
with the Royal astrologer
To get the boys married once again?
- No
For the accession of our
Rama to the throne!
My dear!
- But...
- No buts and if's.
People want him to be the king
I wish him to be the king too.
You'll have to respect everyone's wish
I'll think about it.
- We don't have the time
Make arrangements for his accession
quickly. The Astrologer said...
...we have fourteen days from today.
The 15th day will make him King
"He'll become the King, not only
of Ayodhya, but the world"
This way there was celebration
all over Ayodhya
Today is the 14th day
of the celebrations
"In the presence of King Dasharatha,
the Royal performers... "
...performed the "Story of Madan"
To disturb Lord Shiva from
his deep meditation...
"Kamadev, invoked the
Lord of the Seasons, the spring. "
"Kamadev's wife, Rati, also joined
her husband in the dance"
"When all their efforts failed,
Kamadev shot the cupid arrow... "
And Lord Shiva's meditation
was broken!
Shiva's third eye opened
"And in the fire from it,
Kamadev was burnt to ashes"
Poor Rati, fell at Lord Shiva's feet"
In the end Shiva calmed down
and blessed Rati
"That she'll get her husband back
as Aniruddha, Krishna's grandson"
My darling Queen Sita will
wear this crown? Throw it!
See this one here.
No! That one
Let me see that. No...
There! This is better
"- Your Majesty, they're all nice.
- True. They are all nice"
You wear them all.
- I'll bear all the weight?
"Leave some for him too.
- Ofcourse, I had forgotten"
"Dress up my daughter-in-law,
while I see to my Rama"
"Manthara, one should watch
one's step on such auspicious events"
"She gets night blindness
during the day too, your Majesty"
Shut up!
Listen Manthara...
What's wrong with you?
Why are you crying? Tell me!
I'm crying over your misfortune.
I'm crying over your son's future
What did you say?
- I'm watching since 14 days...
Thought you'd see some sense.
But you didn't
What are you suggesting?
- You've gone blind with joy...
And somebody's paving
your path with embers
- Kaushalya
"What nonsense, you talk.
You home-breaker!"
This house will remain as it is.
But you'll have no say in this house
"- Why not? - From tomorrow,
Kaushalya will rule the roost"
I'll be very happy.
- Rama will be the King
That'll be fortunate
for everybody
"- But for you, it's unfortunate.
- Manthara!"
"The King loves you more than his
other wives, Kaushalya and Sumitra"
That's why Kaushalya
is jealous of you
"When Rama becomes the King,
she'll take her revenge"
And then your smile shall turn
into tears when you...
...and your son Bharat will be
thrown out on the streets!
This is what truth
rewards you with!
"Shut up!
- No, I won't. "
Because I'm loyal to you
O' Queen whether Rama becomes
the King or Bharat becomes the king...
"I'll always be a slave,
won't I?"
But whatever I heard
with my own ears...
...I've to tell you as my duty.
- What did you hear?
As I was passing Kaushalya's
quarters last night...
I heard her grind her teeth
and say...
"Let Rama become the King,
I'll then set that Kaikayi straight"
Did you hear this yourself
or from somebody else?
Such things aren't said in the open
Have I ever told you
such things before?
- Then, why would I start now?"
The King and Kaushalya have
planned all this on the sly
They sent your son to your parents
and are crowning Rama as the King
I myself asked the King
to Crown Rama
But I see through it all
Why do you think Kaushalya
loves you as a younger sister?
"Because she knows, your son
will one day become the King"
That's why she taught Rama
to love you more
She's great!
What didn't she try to make...
...her son's life happy?
What games she didn't play?
And there's you! A mother who
spoilt her own son's future
"Who's out to make him
a beggar, like an idiot!"
"You're not Bharat's mother.
You're heartless, sinful, murderess!"
"Stop it, Manthara!
Let it be for now... "
Let it be? How can I?
Bharat has played in my lap
"I've sung lullabies to him.
Caressed him, cajoled him"
How can I see him beg
from door to door? I can't!
Before that I'll bang my head
against a wall and kill myself!
Bharat... dear Bharat
I've given birth to Bharat.
But you're his true mother
You're willing to die for him
But I can't do anything now
What can happen now anyway?
"If you wish, anything can happen.
- How?"
"- Manthara...
- Yes, your Majesty?"
- Where's Kaikayi?
- She's angry!
"Angry? Why? What's the matter?
- I don't know, Sire"
My dear Queen...
you and in this mood?
"- Come on, get up now.
- Don't touch me!"
Not touch you? But why?
- You've always cheated me
You've taken advantage of
my naivety
Somebody has been
poisoning your ears!
No, opening them!"
"What are you saying, my love?
- Love?"
"You claim, I'm your favorite
and love somebody else?"
But when have I not
given in to your wishes?
What of those 2 promises you gave?
- When did you ask?
I'll ask now.
- Why just two? Ask for four!
What if you back out?
- Kaikayi!
I'm a Raghuvanshi.
- That's what I mean
Think it over again.
- I've thought it over
"If you don't believe it,
I'll swear on my beloved Rama... "
Today I'll give you
whatever you ask for
My first wish is...
I want Bharat to be the King
Bharat to be the King?
- Why? Got scared?
I had planned to do the same.
But... only forced me to
name Rama as my heir
And now these preparations...
these celebrations...
Let them go on. Call Bharat
and proclaim him the King
Or are you breaking the promise?
- Not at all
Bharat shall be the King.
- And what about my second promise?
I'll fulfill that too
Send Rama in exile for 14 years.
In exile for 14 years?!
"Mother, what's all this?
What's wrong with you?"
Have I offended you?
Has anyone insulted you?
"Why this silence, mother?
Tell me. Say something, mother"
"What's ailing him, mother?
What's wrong?"
"Tell me, mother. Tell me!
- That's why you're called here"
Then tell me quickly.
- I've taken two promises from him
- Yes. My first promise is...
Bharat be crowned as the King.
What can be more wonderful.
By relieving me of this burden...
"... you've done me a
great favour, mother"
He's unhappy with my second promise.
- What's it?
"It's very severe.
- Tell me, mother. "
You're to be exiled for 14 years
Is that all? He's in a shock
over such a small matter?
"Father, 14 years are hardly anything.
- No son, no. "
"I can't live without you
even for a moment, son"
"Don't leave me, my son.
Don't go... please"
"Life is useless without an ideal.
Being your son, if I can't... "
"... keep a promise given by you,
and fulfill mother's wish... "
...then I'm not worthy
to be your son
"... the earlier you leave,
the better for him"
Don't go, son... "
Rama, you and here?"
Your father must be waiting
for you and Kaikayi must be...
...dying to see the
crown on your head
True. She has crowned me
as the King of the whole world
And why not? She's responsible
for this auspicious moment
Really. Today is certainly
the most auspicious day for me
Bless me, dear mother"
The burden that will be put
on your shoulders today...
May God assist you to bear it.
And may you achieve your world fame
Hey! Forgotten your way
because you're so happy?
"No, mother.
I'm going in the right direction"
"Then, why are you going that way?
- To remove these clothes, ofcourse"
What for?
- To rule this world...
"one doesn't need these clothes,
nor these ornaments"
Neither power nor the army
"Rama, what nonsense is this?
- It's the truth"
I'm going to do penance for 14 years.
- What! Where?
In the forest.
- Forest?
Have you gone mad?
What are you saying?
Where are you going?
- I'm obeying father's orders...
...and going in exile for 14 years
"Rama, why this exile for you
instead of the crown?"
I didn't ask him that.
And why should I?
To obey him is my duty
It's your duty to obey me too.
I order you not to go to the exile
A mother has more right on
her son than the father
Kaikayi is my mother too.
She too wishes the same
That I go in exile
for 14 years!
"- Sita...
- Dear husband, I'll also go with you"
You'll not be able to bear
the hard life in the jungle
"I'll bear it all, but I won't be
able to bear our separation"
You'll learn as time goes by.
- That's what I mean
Your sweet smile will help me
to forget all my hardships
I'll sit at your feet
and find my heaven there
But... Kaikayi will
not accept this
"Suppose she says, your going with me
breaks father's promise to her... "
"Then what do I say to her?
- In that case, you must take me"
Else the promise will be broken.
- Really? How?
A wife is a husband's better half
I'm your better-half too.
Will you obey your mother...
Rama took Sita with him
to lessen his own sorrows
"If you don't take me along,
the same people will say... "
"Sita stood by him in his good
times, but when he went in exile... "
...she didn't go with him
Will you let me be abused like this?
- Never
- Dear husband...
- Sita...
Hurry and get Rama.
We'll miss the auspicious hour
"Why has the earth
become so hard... "
And the sky so misty
One moment back it was the crown
And the next, the exile"
On one hand it was father's word
And a victorious step-mom's trick
And on the other, there was... "
the huge kingdom of Ayodhya
Rama, history will never forget... "
...your eternal sacrifice
You left the edens of palaces
and accepted exile ion a jungle
"Please stop...
My dear Rama"
"My yearning eyes...
call out to you"
Please wait, dear Rama"
Let me see you for a moment
and have an eyeful of you
"So wait...
Wait, dear Rama"
- My dear Rama"
Life was going on happily
We lit lamps in every house
Who struck this fatal blow...
...and shattered our dreams thus?
Our songs of hope...
By walking away like this...
"you've put a full-stop
on our songs of hope"
So wait, dear exiled Rama"
"- Please wait.
- My dear Rama"
"You're taking away the grandeur
of Raghuvansh lineage"
"And also the smile from
everybody's lips here"
You're not just leaving Ayodhya
"you're taking her
very life with you"
Does hope hide disappointment...
Is joy another name for sorrow?
Wait, dear exiled Rama"
- My dear Rama"
Stop the chariot!
You may take the chariot back
How can I leave you like this?
If the people of Ayodhya...
"... and the King ask me,
Where is our Rama?"
What do I tell them?
Lord Rama... Please...
- There they go again!
What is it?
- Lord Rama is here
What! My Lord Rama is here?
"Did you hear that, my dear?
- Yes, I did"
My Lord Rama is here.
Let's go... come on
Long live Lord Rama
Hosanna to Lord Rama
"My Lord, please come and
stay in my humble home"
No. We cannot reside in any town
or a village for 14 years now
14 years? As you wish.
But have something to eat atleast
"Sweet, fresh fruits.
Please come"
Hurry woman!
"Our heart is singing.
We feel really blessed today"
"So why shouldn't we celebrate?
God has come to our humble home"
He has come home...
"God has come to
our humble home"
"Our heart is beating
like a drum"
"And our bodies feel
like dancing"
In gay abandon...
"Today is really
an auspicious moment"
The waters of the river sway...
As do the playful waves
And the boat too
This hour seems so joyous
The earth is welcoming you
"And the heavens are
showering flowers"
To our house...
"God has come to
our humble home"
"We're very humble.
- We know no know-how"
We know no religion.
- Nor how to offer prayers
"Where do we put the flowers,
where to light the lamps"
"Or where to apply
the sandal wood paste"
"We really know
nothing about the rites"
"We're very naive.
- We know no know-how"
"We know no religion.
- Nor how to worship you"
"We just stand before you
with folded hands"
"So please accept us
O' merciful one"
"God has come to our
humble home"
"Our heart is singing.
We really feel blessed today"
"So why not celebrate?
For God has come to our humble home"
"God has really come
to our humble home"
You've returned Sumant?
Have the Prince's come?
Where are my children?
They didn't come.
- They didn't come?
They'll not come.
They'll never come
I'll go for my son...
I'll get him back
Long live Lord Rama
and Laxman
You're crying? Why?
Tell me
Your mother Kaikayi took two
promises from your father
"One, your accession to the throne
and 14 years in exile for Rama"
What do you mean?
"And after Rama left, your father,
the King... died!"
O' Father...
Mother! Mother!
What are you so happy about?
That you've become the King now.
- You witch!
Bharat! What's this?
With this poor woman's help...
"... you ended your marital-bliss
and wished me to be the King, right?"
The King died when he was
destined to. Why blame anybody else?
"She's the root of all this evil.
- Kaikayi... save me, please"
Shatrughan! What are you doing?
Let go of her!
Save her son.
- Save that evil woman?
On whose advice
you killed my father?
You... you're saying this?
- Today I'm saying it
"Tomorrow the world will say it,
future will say it... "
"As per the advice of this witch,
you've killed her husband!"
Killed the peace in our family.
Killed the mirth of this city!
I did it all for your happiness.
- A woman who kills her husband...
"... for the sake of her son,
is no mother. She's a vampire!"
I've always prayed for your welfare
and today you abuse me?
Your actions are abusing you.
Demanding explanation from you
Every mother wants her son
to be crowned a king!
You asked a kingdom for me.
But why send Rama in exile?
So you could rule
without any hindrance
You've made a mess
of my life now
You looked at Rama
as a third person
But why did you differentiate
Rama from Bharat?
Why didn't you throttle me at birth?
- Bharat!
"Think calmly, son.
- Don't call me "son"!"
I'm the son of King Dasharatha
who gave his life for his family name
Brother of Rama and Laxman
who obeyed their father's order...
...and accepted exile happily.
- Bharat!
"Brother-in-law of Sita, who gave up
royal comforts to serve her husband"
You mean nothing to me
From today Bharat is dead for you!
- Bharat!
Wait! Listen to me...
My son
O' Mother!
- Bharat! Dear son...
O' mother!
"You've come, darling boy?
You've brought back life in my eyes. "
"No, no! Because of me
you're living in darkness"
"No, dear boy.
Don't say such things"
Whatever happened was God's will.
- God's will?
But why didn't you stop Rama
from going in exile? Why?
"I did, Bharat. I did!
But I couldn't stop him... "
...from obeying his
father and mother
You're great mother!
It's mothers like you who
give birth to sons like Rama
You didn't stop him from
doing his duty as a son...
...but accepted widowhood and
separation from your son in silence
"Now that you're here Bharat,
I'll not miss Rama too much"
What I'll miss however
is the absence of my husband...
"Father! Because of me,
you lost your life. "
"Because of me, Rama, Laxman
and Sita went in exile"
And here I am still alive
for the royal comforts?
Shame on me!
Shame on my life!
"What are you doing, son?
You are our only support now"
"No! I'm a destitute myself
without my brother, Rama"
"I'm incomplete, incapable.
- Don't say that, son"
"No, mother. I'll go right now
and meet him in the jungle"
He's so merciful.
He won't reject my plea
"I'll go and get him, mother.
Just see"
Look! A fruit name after you
"My dear, because of your company,
this jungle is like home to me"
Brother... Brother...
"- Brother...
- What is it, Laxman?"
Bharat is coming to fight
a war with us
A war?
What for?
Greed of throne makes
foes of brothers
"Then for his sake,
I'll stay exiled all my life"
He'll never have to fight.
"Even if we're forced to...
I swear by you, O' brother... "
"... that even if Gods come to their
aid, Bharat and Shatrughan will die!"
"Laxman! At times,
anger leads to regret!"
Lord Rama...
O' brother...
- Bharat!
- Dear Rama...
"Had I not been born, you wouldn't
be in exile like this. "
It's all God's will.
- But there's a stigma against my name
You're wrong. Your name will
mean love and sacrifice
Dear brother...
O' ocean of mercy
"- Sita! Accept my respects.
- Be happy, Bharat"
Brother Bharat!
- Laxman...
You're very lucky to be in the
shadow of Rama and Sita
"I've spoken very badly about
you in anger, Bharat"
I deserve it
"Don't embarrass me, please.
Punish me severely"
"- I'm a lowly sinner.
- No, no. You're my dear brother"
- O' brother...
- Laxman
Sir! You've come here too?
Who'll advice my father now?
And who'll be his well-wisher
if not you?
The King's not around.
He died Lord Rama
Dear father
"Brother, the city's desolate.
The people are orphaned"
Our mothers are refusing food
because of your absence
The Palace is empty...
There's despair all around
"Only you can save Ayodhya
from ruin. So come, brother"
Come back to Ayodhya.
Please come
"Bharat, before this exile
duty was in my hands"
Now I'm in the hands
of duty
The ideals for which
father laid down his life...
"How can I break them?
Go Bharat, rule Ayodhya"
"No! I'll not go without you.
- Don't be adamant, Bharat"
Let me do my duty and you go
and serve the people of Ayodhya
That's my order.
- Order?
Okay. I accept it.
But without your inspiration...
I won't be able to do anything.
Nothing at all.
"What kind of inspiration?
- In the form of your feet, my Lord"
"From the seat of Ayodhya, your
wooden sandals will inspire me"
- Give these my Lord
- If that's what you want...
...then, take them"
"Raghupati Raghav, O King Rama,
Holy couple, Sita-Rama"
Long live Lord Rama
"It's not every day that
a cuckoo calls in the garden"
One doesn't repeat one's mistake
"Spring too comes once in a while.
Just as a flower blooms but once"
"These unruly tresses...
set aside your veil"
"They kiss the beauty
of your face"
"This sensuous cool breeze...
come closer to me"
"It says, love me.
Don't go away from me"
So come, let's love"
"It's not every day that
a cuckoo sings in the garden"
"My eyes full of mischief,
lined with kohl"
"They flirt with an
ascetic on the sly"
The buds beautify their faces...
and love tinkles the anklets
"My heart dances with joy.
And I lose all my senses"
So come, let's fall in love"
"It's not every day that
a cuckoo calls in the garden"
"One also doesn't repeat
one's mistake"
"Spring too comes once in a while.
Just as a flower blooms, just once"
"It's not every day that
the cuckoo sings in the garden"
"Be frank, Madam.
What do you want?"
- I'm married.
- So what?
A man can marry many times
I've vowed to be wedded
to just one woman
Very cruel!
So very beautiful
Marry me please.
- I'm already married
"If you don't believe me,
ask that lady over there"
I see.
She's in my way
"I'm the sister of the King of Lanka,
Shurpanakha. I'll chew you up!"
How dare they do this!
They not only cut off your nose
but humiliated the whole Lanka
And you're still calm about it?
- Ofcourse not
I'll not rest till I take
revenge on Rama and Laxman
I'll also humiliate Ayodhya
along with those two ascetics!
- I'll tell you how.
- How?
Abduct Sita!
So be it.
I'll make her my queen.
Lankesh! Why are you here?
- I want your help
You'll have to become
a golden deer for that
I intend to abduct Sita.
- I can't help you in this vile act
"Then, I'll kill you!
- Instead of dying at your hands... "
...better I die at Lord Rama's!
I'll get salvation then!
Go! Obey my command.
Sita... you look so beautiful
in these ornaments
Holy Mother Anusaya's gift has
brought a glow to your beauty
"Today, along with your beauty
their fate has come to light too!"
You're not really praising these
ornaments. You're praising me
"Well, you are the sweetness
of my life, Sita"
And what is the name of
the bitterness in your life?
Separation from Sita.
Even if it is for a moment
Look! A golden deer
"Surprising! Never read about it,
nor heard about it"
So see it with your eyes.
How beautiful it is!
There are many things that
look beautiful from afar
"Bring me his skin, my Lord.
I'll stitch a blouse from it"
It's a sin to destroy somebody
else's beauty to enhance one's own
It's not a sin to enhance beauty.
- But it can invite trouble
So! You won't fulfill
my wish then!
Ofcourse, I will!"
"- Laxman!
- Yes, brother?"
"Protect Sita.
And till I return, don't leave the hut"
As you wish
- Mareech!
- My Lord!
"Laxman, my husband is calling
out to you for help... "
...and you're still here?
Go and see what trouble he is in.
"He, whose very name obliterates
calamities, how can he be in trouble?"
If the time is bad anything
can happen. Go and help him
He ordered me...
- Don't make excuses.
Forget your duty.
- But it's my duty to protect you
Behind this excuse there lies
an evil selfish motive
Oh no!
"Without Rama, Sita cannot
walk on this earth, Laxman"
"Before that happens,
Laxman's body will become lifeless"
"If you look upon me as
a mother, then obey me!"
"If that's your command,
then I'll go"
You'll remain safe behind
this line drawn by me
Alms to the poor
Alms to the poor
"My respects, O' wise one.
- Bless you"
I won't accept alms from a
person in bindings.
"And I can't cross the line.
- Then, I'll go away hungry"
Wait! Nobody goes hungry
from Lord Rama's door
- Who are you?
- You will soon find out!
"- Laxman, you left Sita alone?
- You only called out to me"
That wasn't my voice!
There's something fishy in this
Let's go.
- Yes.
"Janaki isn't here, Laxman
- Brother, I have my doubts"
Look at this
- Sita...
- Mother...
"Sita, because they can't see you
two eyes are so very void today"
My dear Sita... "
"O' water, O' dry lands...
O' directions... "
"O' woods and groves...
O' trees and creepers... "
"Tell me the whereabouts
of my love... "
"Show me where my beloved
is hiding"
"How these moments have passed
without breath in life"
"The exiled Ram
is heartbroken"
"His voice is heavy
with infinite sorrow"
"While Ravana takes Sita
to Lanka by air... "
"When she got a chance,
Sita jumped off the plane"
Sita jumped off the plane
"Jatayu, a vulture
took her on his wings"
And landed that very moment
"Jatayu, the devotee of Lord Rama
fought with all his might with Ravana"
"But Ravana cut Jatayu's
wings with his sword"
"While Jatayu lay wounded
on the ground... "
"Ravana carried off Sita
once again"
"Just then Lord Rama comes
to Jatayu... "
"... who was calling out
to him in his mind"
"O' Lord Rama, said Jatayu.
A terrible thing has happened"
"Then Rama and Laxman, both
set out to look for Sita"
"But from behind,
a demon creeps up to them"
"And hurls Laxman
up in the air"
"Seeing this, Lord Rama
kills the demon"
"Laxman goes into orbit
in the blue sky... "
"But Ram-devotee Hanuman
comes and saves him"
"Hanuman was an eternal
devotee of Lord Rama"
He approaches Rama
to quench his life long thirst
"O' Rama...
Lord Rama"
"Taking Rama and Laxman
on his shoulders... "
Hanuman lands on a mountain
"He introduces them to Sugriv
who was fed up with Vali"
"Because of Hanuman,
Sugriv gained"
"When the trees were felled
with one single arrow... "
...Vali was killed
Long live Lord Rama
"They all thought and realised
the greatness of Lord Rama"
"Hanuman then asked Rama
to give him a personal token"
"Rama gave him his ring
and bid them goodbye"
The whole world is sleeping
peacefully and you're still awake?
How can these eyes give in to sleep
when they're dying to see Rama?
Even I can't sleep, Janaki"
"A sinner like you,
can never sleep peacefully"
"I'm not a sinner.
I'm your ardent lover, Sita"
I can give you
every comfort available
The happiness I got
at the feet of Lord Rama...
"... can't be compared
to any other joy, anywhere"
Ram is in exile!
- He's still my heartbeat.
- I'm the conqueror of the 3 worlds
That's why you abducted me
I suppose. You rascal! A sinner...
"Sita! You won't give in, eh?
Then, I'll force myself on you!"
Ravana! Ravana!
Forgotten my curse? Remember...
"If you don't change your mind,
I'll have my own way!"
... how did this ring get here?
"- Can it be that he...
- Don't worry, mother. "
"- Who are you?
- Lord Rama's messenger, Hanuman"
Lord Rama's messenger?
A monkey?
This ring is it's proof
Dear husband...
"My husband...
He's well, isn't he?"
Yes, M'lady"
- And dear Laxman?
- He too
"Does my husband ever think
about me, Hanuman?"
"M'Lady, if you're missing
him so very much... "
he's missing you
many times more!
Dear Lord...
"Take courage, M'Lady.
When I go back to him... "
...Lord Rama's Army of Apes
will attack this Lanka
In that army...
...are all the monkeys like you?
- Yes M'Lady
- Then I've no hopes of freedom.
- Do you have a doubt?
"Hanuman, Ravana's army
has great warriors. "
So has M'Lord's
"If you don't believe me,
see this"
Praise to Lord Rama
"M'Lady, now are you satisfied?
Saw Lord Rama's glory?"
Bless you, Hanuman"
"M'Lady, seeing all those luscious
fruits on those trees there... " mouth is watering.
May I eat some with your permission?
Long live Lord Rama!
- Where's that destructive monkey?
- Meghnad...
Why do you want to
play with your life?
It's not a joke to catch me!
"Let's see how you escape
my "Brahma's noose"!"
Catch him!
"Father, he's the same monkey,
who has destroyed Ashoka forest"
Hey you! Where have you come from?
Who are you?
"- Meghnad, can't he see properly?
- Shut up!"
I want to know your name
- I'm a messenger of Lord Rama
What! Really?
- My name's Hanuman
And both you and your son
have witnessed my deeds
"Hey you, monkey!
Don't chatter so!"
Remember, you're our captive"
Your captive?
I got myself tied like this
out of respect for Lord Brahma
Else, see this"
Hosanna to Lord Rama
"- Saw Lord Rama's glory?
- Yes, I did. "
But your father's turning a blind
eye to it even after seeing it
Because it's the beginning
of his end
I made a mistake in asking
my son to bring you alive!
It's one of many
you've committed Ravana
You listened to your sister
and locked horns with Lord Rama
This is your first folly
You then abducted M'Lady Sita.
This is your second mistake
"And by not offering a seat to a
guest like me, is your third folly!"
A seat is offered to an equal.
Not a lowly monkey like you!
"That's your fourth mistake!
By nature, I'm used to a lofty perch"
Because I'm a monkey.
You didn't offer me a seat
Never mind.
I'll make a seat for myself!
Long live Lord Rama...
Now listen to me carefully.
Better mend your ways soon
Else you'll regret it.
- I don't need advice from you
"Today I've come to know,
you're a scholar only in name"
But actually you're an egoist
and a stupid fool!
"- Mind your tongue, you monkey.
- And you mind your senses"
Take M'Lady to Lord Rama.
He's very merciful
- He'll forgive you at once!
- I should seek mercy?
That too from Rama?
The winner of the three worlds...
A ten headed being...
I should bow to an exiled one?!
"The whole world bows to him.
And you call him an "exiled one"?"
"Hear me loud and clear, Ravana.
Mend your way when there's still time"
"Else, you'll die at the hands
of those very exiled one's!"
And this island of gold
will turn into rubble!
My son! Severe his head!
- Vibhishan!
"What are you doing, brother?
By killing a messenger... "
"... you want to defame yourself?
- He's right, father"
But I still want to punish him!
Monkeys are very proud of their
tails. Let's set it on fire!
Then set it on fire!
M'Lady! Ravan's Lanka
is being ruined. See that
"- Did you set Lanka on fire?
- Physically, Yes I did"
"- But it was My Lord's doing.
- Bless you, O' brave one"
"Seeing your devotion to my Lord,
I'll give you a blessing"
From today whoever applies
the vermilion and prays to you...
...shall have his wishes fulfilled
- Do me one favour M'Lady.
- Are you hungry again?
No M'Lady. I want some proof
that I've really met you
Take this hair-pin and tell
My Lord to liberate me soon
M'Lady has given this, My Lord"
My dear...
"Hanuman, how does she stay there?
What does she do?"
She just thinks of you. But...
- But what?
I'm scared that she may lose
her patience and kill herself!
"If that happens then without Sita,
Rama can't survive either"
Then hurry and end her turmoil.
- It will end
"- Who says so, you idiot?
- Lord Rama's valour"
"Don't think him an
ordinary mortal, brother"
For your own good and
that of Lanka...
"... better you take Sita back
to Lord Rama, and seek his mercy"
"I beg you, dear brother.
Ask Lord Rama's forgiveness"
You cur! You eat at my door
and sing praise of my enemy?
Get lost from here!
"When ruin is on cards,
sense deserts you"
True. We'll win no doubt.
But how do we cross the ocean?
We have talented youngsters here.
They just need an order from you... build a bridge
- Wait!
- Vibhishan? You and here?
- I've come to serve Lord Rama
Then come and meet him
"My Lord, this is Vibhishan.
Your ardent devotee"
Welcome Lankesh, King of Lanka"
- Be victorious.
- My Lord...
Long live Lord Rama!
"Everybody say Long live Rama.
And our work will be done"
"All the other names are untrue.
This is the only true one"
"So take Lord Rama's name
and our work will be done"
"If there's faith
in the strong one's... "
Then even the weakest are boosted
"See the magic of this name.
Even rocks float on water"
"Troubles vanish in a jiffy and
one cuts the stormy seas smoothly"
"And by the grace of Lord Rama
even a lamp burns in a tempest"
"Ra... Ra... Ra...
'Ra' has a lot of power"
"Ma... Ma... Ma...
'Ma' has salvation in it"
"This is the way to sail
through the ocean of life"
"Mere particle transformed into
the sun, in the form of a poet"
"Ruminating on the word
MaRa, MaRa-Ma... RaMa... "
"Even a robber
turned into a poet"
"So everybody take Rama's name
and your work will be done"
"All the other names are untrue.
Only this one is the truth"
"So hosanna to Lord Rama
and your work will be done"
Shall I fight Rama?
Or shall I return Sita?
I don't know what to do
- Compromise with Lord Rama.
- Who are you?
I'm wisdom.
I'm a scholar myself.
I don't need your advice!
"Rightly said, Lankesh.
Nobody is as wise as you"
"- Who are you?
- Your companion, Ego!"
"An egoist falls hard, Ravana.
- Who are you?"
Your guide, subuddhi"
Keeper of the weak!
Can you ever guide me properly?
"Had it not been for me, you'd
have made Ravana into Rama's slave"
Ill-advisor! You all will send
Ravana to his ruin one day
"Ravana, beware of this lot.
I pardon you"
Love! Ravana don't be led by him.
Fight a war with Rama
You will win!
Sita will be yours too!
"- But, who are you?
- Your well-wisher, Greed"
- Greed is correct.
- Who are you?
Who inspired you to abduct Sita
"If you return her,
people will call you a coward"
- Lankesh!
- Who are you?
Mercy. Don't listen to others.
"Lust, Anger, Ego, Greed
will ruin your reputation"
Listen to me. Return Sita
and seek Rama's mercy
"- Shut up, you coward!
- Who are you?"
"Ravana, you're the conqueror
of Heaven, Earth and Hell"
"Who isn't afraid of you?
Fight Rama, I say!"
"Battle it out with Rama,
and he'll be victorious"
Hear! Hear!
"Laxman, you're taking me on?
Save Laxman, please"
"- Very difficult.
- Don't say that, sir"
"I'm willing to die in his place.
Save him somehow, sir"
There's but one way.
If anyone brings Sanjivani herb...
...then I can save him
"Let me go, My Lord.
I'll get the herb"
- Before the sunrise however.
- How do I recognise it?
It emits light...
That's Sanjivani's identity
Bless me, My Lord"
- Praise to Lord Rama.
- But hurry back
Every bush emits light here.
Can't make out the real one
I'll carry the whole mountain.
He can pick the herb himself!
Brother Laxman...
Open your eyes... Laxman...
"Wake up, Laxman...
How will I face mother Sumitra?"
Wake up, brother"
Hanuman has come
Better hurry, sir"
I had asked you to bring the herb.
You brought the whole hillock?
What could I do? I saw
light in every herb and bush
So I got confused.
Thought I'd take the whole hillock
So you can pick what you want
- Where's Meghnad?
- Laxman!
Brother, you?"
"Coward! Hearing my challenge,
you're folding your hands?"
"I'm not bowing to the warrior,
but the scholar in you!"
War is fought with
a scholarly-warrior
Then arm yourself!
- Take guard!
His naval contains ambrosia.
That's why he doesn't die
"Shoot an arrow in
his naval, O' Lord"
Long live Lord Rama
"Laxman, Ravana isn't just a scholar
of our vedas"
He's a great politician too
"Before he dies, go and learn
politics from him"
"- O' renowned scholar, Ravana.
- Who is it? Laxman?"
- What do you want?
- I've come to learn politics from you
What did you say?
Learn politics from me?
"- Who sent you?
- I did. My respects, sir"
A long life to you
See Laxman? See how you
and Lord Rama differ
Knowledge is procured sitting
at the feet. Not on the head!
Listen carefully, Laxman... "
"Harmony, cost, punishment
and division. "
One who uses these qualities
fairly as per the circumstances... a true politician
Teacher, minister, doctor... "
watchman, neighbour... "
...and brother. One should
never have enmity with them.
"Knowing this, you locked
horns with Lord Rama?"
Had I not done that...
how would I have won?
Won? What do you mean?
"Lord Rama, I didn't let you come
in Lanka, while I lived"
"But today, I'm going to
Heaven in your presence"
Lord Rama...
Lord Rama...
"Sita is pure. With her touch,
I too have been purified"
Accept her, Rama"
- Dear husband...
- Dear Sita...
Praise Lord Rama.
And mother Sita too...
"Hanuman, what do you
want as a reward?"
- An eternal place at your feet.
- We'll never be away from you
My Lord!
I want nothing else now.
"Hanuman, you risked your life
to reunite me with my husband"
And you should go unrewarded?
In form of a gift...
...take these necklace of beads
"Hanuman, why are you
biting those beads?"
- I'm looking for Rama in them.
- Surprising!
"An intelligent devotee like you,
searches for Rama in these?"
"If there's no "Ram" in them,
they mean nothing to me!"
- Then your body's useless too.
- Why?
Because it has no Rama
"O' learned one,
my body has no life in it"
- But it has Rama and Sita in it.
- Any proof?
"A devotee's reputation
is in your hands, My Lord!"
Praise Lord Rama!
"Raghupati, Raghav, King Rama.
Holy two-some, Sita-Rama"
"Forgive me, husband.
I'm innocent"
- Have mercy.
- Show mercy?
To a slut like you? Get going!
Why are you hitting her?
What has she done?
I'll tell you. She was away
two nights without my permission
- I had gone to my father's...
- Lies!
I won't repeat this mistake
You may or may not.
But I can't forgive you
"A spoken word, a woman's foot...
Once it's out, it's out forever"
From today you're dead to me!
I beg you dear husband.
Don't discard me like this
Get lost!
I'm no Rama to keep
you in the house!
"Shut up! You talk like this
about the great glorious, Rama?"
"Not just me, but every child
in Ayodhya is saying it"
Ram accepted Sita even after
staying with Ravana for months!
But I'll not accept her!
What a joyous day!
Mother has asked me to tell you...
"- What?
- Well, just that... "
Come on, tell me"
- You're not to eat spicy things.
- Put your step carefully
And what about you?
- What will she advice us?
The usual. Not to lift
heavy things. Not to eat mud!
Your Majesty!
His Majesty is here
"- Welcome, your Majesty.
- I've come to congratulate you"
"Sita, this is a very happy
moment in a woman's life"
- And isn't it so in a man's life?
- Why not? Your joy is my joy too
- Sita's desires?
- Are my desires too
"- Tell me, what do you desire?
- Don't know why, but... "
...I feel like visiting groves
and wives of the ascetics
That's a very pious desire.
I'll make arrangements right away
- What's your complaint Lady?
- My husband has discarded me
- I want justice My Lord.
- You'll get it in the royal court.
Take her respectfully
to the guest house
Dear husband... are you worried?
- No.
How cruel are those husbands
who throw their wives out
They're heartless.
They aren't fit to be humans!
I can't stand injustice to woman
Long live the King!
"O washerman, what you said then,
you'll have to say it here"
I... I...
I just...
You needn't be scared.
Say what you want to frankly
I've been humiliated by this
woman in my community
She stayed out two nights
without my permission
"Dear lady, you should apologise
to your husband for this folly"
- I'll never forgive her!
- Oh! Why not?
"Not just me, but the
whole community has doubts"
Doubt without proof is futile.
And to doubt a woman's character...
...without proof is a heinous
crime in my eyes
Isn't it sin to accept her back
having proof of her folly?
He's slinging mud at
the dignity of the King!
My job is to clean mud
not to sling it!
- You're crossing your limits!
- But I'm telling the truth
Quiet! In my realm everyone's
equal and free to voice his opinion
"You can lynch me if you like,
but I ask you this"
How many amongst you will
take back a wife...
...who has stayed in the house
of your enemy? Tell me
Answer me
"Today, the King and his people
both shall get justice"
Sita has been tested-by-fire
in Lanka.
We didn't see it.
Do the people of Ayodhya
doubt Sita's innocence?
"Tears, and in your eyes?
But why?"
I have to abandon Queen Sita.
- Abandon the Queen?
- What's her crime?
- That she's innocent
And even then you'll abandon her?
"The people doubt Sita,
who stayed with Ravana"
Doubt! What right do
they have to doubt her?
"If a King has a right over his
people, they too have a right on him"
I'll have to abandon Sita
to support the people
"Laxman, take her to
the grove tomorrow"
No brother!
I'll never obey this order from you
"Laxman, this is an acid-test.
Be firm like a rock. "
No... I can never do this.
I just can't.
Then shall I accept that
Laxman will not obey Rama henceforth?
O brother!
Then leave Sita
in the grove tomorrow morning
Life without ideals is useless
At times, an ideal life is futile"
"Excuse me, Your Majesty, but
nobody can meet His Majesty today"
- Why not?
- Because those are his orders
Can't even I meet him?
A devotee can't see her Lord?
Why? What's the matter?
- Nobody can meet His Majesty.
- You don't know it...
...but he has arranged
for me to go to the grove
May be he has forgotten it.
Just sound him and he'll run here
"- Go on. Go and tell him.
- How, your Majesty?"
"- He has locked the door.
- Not of his heart, I hope!"
Dear husband...
Open the door
Open the door, please"
He really has shut the door.
He's so busy with the
welfare of his people...
...he can't even hear me!
This royal duty sure is queer
"Our life in exile was much better.
There, he was only mine"
"Here, I've to share
him with everybody"
Your Majesty, the chariot is ready"
Laxman, your brother's so good"
I just said I wanted to see
the sacred grove and he arranged it
"Laxman, why don't you talk?
Are you angry with me?"
- No.
- You're crying? What's the matter?
"Stop the chariot at once!
Stop, I say! Laxman! Stop!"
"Tell me, why are you crying?
Answer me"
For my sake, Laxman"
"Because you stayed in Lanka,
the people here criticize you"
- And you're crying for that?
- No.
I'm crying because even after
knowing you're innocent...
...Lord Rama has decided
to abandon you!
Lord Rama has abandoned me?
O Lord...
"Mother Ganges, hide me
in your lap of waves"
"My husband, Lord Rama
has discarded me"
A mother's door is always
open for her daughter
Even a father has a special place
in his heart for his daughter
"- Who are you?
- Your father, Valmiki"
"- Please let me die, O sage.
- You alone don't have a right... "
"... over your life, my dear.
You'll have to live for Rama's heirs"
How can I? Where will I go?
Where will I stay?
- In my hermitage.
- What if the wives of the sages ask...
why did your husband discard you?
"I'll answer for you.
Come, my dear"
This is your hermitage
- Gautami...
- Master...
Yes, Master?"
- This is...
- She's my daughter.
Her name?
Her name is... Vandevi
Where has she come from?
- From her in-law's place
She has now come to me.
- Will she stay here for some time?
- How nice!
Come, my dear. "
Sita! Sita!
My Lord...
"Master, what shall we name them?
- Name?"
He will be Luv.
And this will be Kush
One who is invincible is Luv.
And the one who purifies...
...the atmosphere is Kush.
Luv and Kush
Twelve years have gone.
I abandoned Sita for my people
"Sometimes I wonder, why didn't
I abdicate instead?"
"Master, what do the people
want from me?"
"They want you to be an emperor
and wish you to perform "Ashwamedh"
Really? And who will sit
beside me when I do it?
- Your wife.
- Sita?
- You've abandoned her.
- Then?
You'll have to remarry
"Sir, can a woman marry another
man when her husband's alive?"
Then how can a man remarry
when his first wife is still alive?
"I'll not do this injustice.
Sorry, but I refuse to marry again"
I'll never marry again.
"- What are you doing, boys?
- Punishing this washerman. "
He's the cause of
mother Sita's sorrow
- So we'll punish Rama too.
- To us they're both equally guilty.
"Don't say that, boys.
Rama is people's guardian"
- Very law abiding and just.
- In Ramayan you blamed Kaikayi
"And you call Rama, the one who
abandoned Sita, a just King?"
"No boys, Rama didn't abandon her.
He forsaked his own wishes... "
...for the sake of his people.
He taught the world...
...the kinds of sacrifices a King
has to do for his people
- Rama is the best.
- Then are we anything less?
How can you be? You're also
the progeny of a great person
Now go and study.
Go on
And who's your father?
- Didn't Master say...
we're the son's of a great man.
- And what's his name?
- His name?
- Tell us... come on
They'll tell only if they knew it!
- The poor things have no father...
So how will they know his name?
- Shut up!
Why? What's the matter?
Why are you so upset?
- Boys insult us.
- They make fun of us.
Because we can't tell them
our father's name
"Tell us Mom,
who is our father?"
You boys didn't ask till now.
- So we're asking you today. Tell us
Your father's name is...
- Yes Mom? Hurry up
How can I?
Do you have any difficulty
in telling us?
"- Is he sinful?
- No, no... "
Is he a demon then?
- No
Is he cruel or a killer then?
- No! No! No!
O' clouds...
"pour out as a proxy
to the tears in my eyes"
"O' lightning, represent my feelings
with a thunderbolt"
"O' clouds, pour out as a proxy
to the tears in my eyes"
"O' shroud of mist,
hold back the thunder within. "
"Today make do with
my compassionate voice"
"My eyes are one
with the rainy season"
O' clouds...
pour rain as tears through my eyes
"I'm swallowing poison
thinking it to be nectar"
"Like a fish helplessly striving
for life without water"
"I am being restless
with the jolts of fate"
O' clouds...
"pour out as a proxy
to the tears in my eyes"
"O' lightning, convey my heartfelt
with a thunderbolt"
"O' clouds, pour out like
the tears in my eyes"
My dear...
O Sage...
- I understand your problem
How long will I hide their
father's name from my sons?
The time is ripe. Your sons
will know their father's name
And the world will know
their lineage
Long live the King of Ayodhya
Lord Rama...
- Mom! Mom!
- What is it children?
- Please let us go with Master.
- Where is he going?
- Ayodhya!
"Yes. There we'll see
the Master's ideal... "
"the hero of his epic "Ramayan",
Lord Rama!"
See the cruel people there!
Then why go to such a place?
"We'll apply the dust on which Sita
has trend to our forehead, mother"
"What's the matter, Mom?
What's wrong?"
"- What is it, Mom? Tell us.
- It's nothing, son. Nothing"
Any idea why the Master
is going to Ayodhya
I'll tell you.
Go and study boys. Go on
I've been invited to Ayodhya.
- An invitation? From Ayodhya?
"Yes. Lord Rama is performing
the "Ashwamedh" ritual. "
He's performing "Ashwamedh"?"
Yes. He's truly a rare king
How can he do that ritual
without a wife beside him?
"He had abandoned me physically.
Today, I'm no longer in his heart. "
"You tell me, O Sage.
How do I live? On what hope?"
Take courage. I'll go to
Ayodhya and see for myself
"If Lord Rama has remarried,
then he's not the hero of my epic... "
...but some other Rama.
"My devotion, my faith and even
my epic poem Ramayan is untrue!"
We can see dents even... the glory of Rama
And recite Ramayan to you...
"... written with the
the tears of a woman"
We'll have the stars
convey it to you...
...the new resonance of the embers
We're not reciting the hymns...
but a song of atrocity
"Till the sorrows of the Sitas'
of this country aren't crushed... "
O' Ram...
"your Ramayan will
never be complete"
It will never be complete
"The sorrow of
the Sitas' of India... "
"Till a man tests a woman...
- And find faults in her"
"As long as he doesn't trust her.
- He'll test her by fire"
Until this stigma on womanhood...
"these flames will not accept
this act of sacrifice"
O' Ram...
"... your Ramayan will
never be complete till then"
It will never be complete
The sorrows of Sitas' in India...
When the Ruler of Rama's Raj...
Listens to a washerman...
The mother of India's future...
Will be abandoned in a grove...
The poet Valmiki...
"Till the quill of poet Valmiki
is filled to the brim to write... "
O' Ram...
"your Ramayan will not
be complete till then"
It will never be complete
"Till the sorrows of Sitas'
of this country aren't crushed"
O' Ram...
"... your Ramayan will
never be complete"
It will never be complete
The sorrows of the Sitas' of India
When moral becomes immoral...
"And torments
a woman's pious life... "
"Then the sun sets on the
decency of a chaste woman"
"When Goddess Jagadamba
Herself burns in the flames... "
"The Goddess burns
in the flames... "
- See Luv? Lord Rama has gone.
- He's as bad as his subjects!
Let's go, Kush"
Heard what those boys said?
Even after seeing Rama's sorrow...
"And hearing Sita's story,
don't your hearts ache?"
The story doesn't erase the
stigma from Sita's head!
Let Sita always be pure.
But remember...
The stigma on the people of
Ayodhya will never be erased!
He's right. Till this wicked
washerman is living...
...the stigma on Ayodhya
will never be erased
Dear children, Luv and Kush"
"Tell me, what did you
see in Ayodhya?"
"We saw the cruel people there.
- And their puppet, King Rama"
Saw the cunning man who killed
Ravana with Vibhishan's help
Saw that coward who killed
Vali from behind a tree
Saw that sinner who threw
Sita out of his house!
"Had I not been scared of Master,
I'd have killed Rama there and then!"
My dear...
You shouldn't have hit the boys.
- O wise one...
They were mocking Lord Rama.
- I had given them the right to do so
Let them judge Lord Rama
from their own experience
- You mean Lord Rama...
- hasn't married again
O' Master...
"Dear Lord, I doubted my husband.
I'm guilty. "
Please forgive me Lord Rama.
Have mercy
- O' Mom! Mom!
I'll not hit you again.
I'll never raise my hand on you
- Don't cry...
- O Mom!
- What is it?
A beautiful horse has
come in the grove
Really? Let's go
"Let go of the horse boys.
- No, we won't"
- You won't?
- No!
"The King of Ayodhya, Lord Rama...
Lord Rama, eh?"
"After the ritual of "Ashwamedh"
this horse is let loose"
Whoever stops this steed
will have to fight the King!
"- Boys, let this horse go.
- It belongs to Lord Rama"
We know
"Your Majesty, those ascetic boys
have wounded Laxman"
Get my chariot.
I'll test those boys myself
Stop right there!
- Who are your parents?
- We don't want to name our father
And our mother is Sati Vandevi.
- Vandevi?
And we are Luv-Kush
- Why did you stop my horse?
- To fight you!
We defeated your brother
and send them packing
"Don't scold, Sire.
Take your bow and arrow"
That arrow with which
you killed Vali from behind
That arrow with which you
killed Ravana with Vibhishan's help
"- Such pride?
- Not pride, but confidence"
Then shoot!
- Stay guard
- Hosanna to Master.
- To our Mother...
- Stop it, boys"
Get aside, Mom. "
Step aside and
watch Lord Rama's defeat
Whom you praise night and day.
- Take your bow!
- Wait boys... wait!
This conflict between father
and sons will create havoc!
"Great Sage, Valmiki...
My respects, sir. "
Bless you
Luv-Kush are your own sons.
Sita's blood runs in their veins
- O' great one!
- Yes
"Luv-Kush, fall at your
father's feet and seek forgiveness"
"- Go on, pay your respects.
- On Master's orders... "
we bow to you, father"
- My dear sons! Luv-Kush.
- Father...
Dear Sita...
Dear husband...
My Lord...
Tears in your eyes?
His eyes never dried of tears
after separation from his Sita
"Dear Rama, your people
have no doubt"
O Wise one!
- Dear husband...
- Sita...
Today all my wishes are fulfilled.
The boys got their father's love...
I got my rightful place
in your heart
"Master got the fruit of his penance.
His epic "Ramayan" is complete now"
O Mother Earth...
"By giving birth to me,
you made my life worthy"
Today which other woman
is luckier than me?
"Take Sita in your lap, Mother.
Take me, Mother"
"Make me one with you, Mother.
O' Mother... "
"Give me a place in
your heart, Mother"
Mother Earth!
Give me back my Sita
"Lord Rama is ordering you!
Be quick, else I'll send you to Hell!"
No, Mother Earth... No... "
I beg you for my Sita...
"Please return my
beloved Sita to me, Mother"
Blessed are you, O Sita. "
Holy as the water of the Ganges
In the history of virtuous woman,"
your name will be at the top
The saga of Valmiki's epic
poem is now complete
"Sita became one with Mother Earth.
And "Ramayan" was completed. "