Samson and the Mighty Challenge (1964) Movie Script

Samson and the Mighty Challenge
- Zeus, my father?
- You have to make a choice, Hercules.
- I see Father.
- Hercules, you have two roads in front of you.
The left is the path of virtue,
the right is the path of pleasure.
I get it, Father!
So I'll take the one the right.
- Hercules, virtue is on the left!
- But Father, do I choose or You?
I have been running for virtue for many years.
Now I have decided to take the path of pleasure!
Lydia's kingdom is said to be famous
for its beautiful women.
Be careful, Hercules, if you regret your decision,
do not ask my help, for I will not give it to you.
With women, Father, I don't think I need any help.
Thank you for the warning!
Do not be mad at me!
I warned you, Hercules!
- Do you want to take a bath already, girls?
- No, we'll wait.
- But tell me where Omphale is?
- I don't know, I saw her on the rocks.
She probably wanted to be alone.
Omphale, where are you?
Let's go, she'll catch up with us.
I'm going to take a bath now.
Okay, we're coming with you.
- Omphale! Omphale!
- Come on, are you coming?
- Let's go.
- Yes I'm coming.
Omphale, don't go too far!
It's dangerous!
- Omphale!
- Omphale!
Look, he saved her.
Thanks, stranger!
I think the Gods sent you our way.
Without your help,
Ompahale would have been dead.
Nemee, our Queen will be grateful.
- Lydia's queen?
- Omphale, she's her daughter.
Get him!
Stop it!
Stop him!
- My queen, save me. They want to arrest me.
- I know that. I gave the order.
My queen, it's not my fault.
It's Neptune, the god of the sea,
he is the one who caused the storm.
After all, it's my ship that's sinking.
I don't care about the ship,
but about the cargo of gold you were carrying.
You could have tried to save it.
So... what kind of a sailor are you?
But how? The gold was in the hold.
As the ship struck the rocks,
the waves tossed us all into the water.
You already told me that.
Now the treasure is at the bottom of the water near the harbor.
And every time I look at the sea,
I remember the treasure below.
And why wouldn't I sentence you to death?
Come on now, answer?
- That's enough! Get him out of here!
- Guards!
Have mercy, please! My queen!
The life of a poor sailor will not reward you
for the wealth you lost!
I beg you!
- Come on, come on, don't confuse me.
- Spare me and I will serve you all my life.
Are we done for today?
The ambassadors of the King of Knidos,
have been waiting for your answer for 4 days.
Omphale refuses to hear about it.
My queen, you are too lenient with your daughter.
Omphale cannot refuse all suitors.
The king of Knidos will be an ideal husband,
and we can use the alliance with him.
Yes, I know, I know.
Remember that mountain tribes
are like a thorn in our side.
Eventually they will end up attacking us,
and I do not guarantee victory.
But what is happening?
But what is Omphale doing on that horse?
Are you Nemea, Queen of Lydia?
Yes, she is!
Put me down, she'll notice you right away.
What are you saying there?
I didn't do this to be noticed.
And after I saved you, I think...
Okay, you saved me and I thank you!
Come on, put me down now.
Now, ask my mother what you want.
Omphale, can I know what happened?
Why did he save you? Come on, explain everything.
I'll let him tell you! He claims to be Hercules.
Hercules? Yes, I'm going to my room.
Are you really, Hercules? Hercules, the real one?
Yes, Hercules, son of Zeus and Alcmene!
- And you saved my daughter. Thanks!
- But what are you doing? I am not a God.
- I should kneel in front of you.
- You?
Yeah, this way I could ask your daughter
to marry me and I, look...
I want to marry your daughter, Omphale.
- Also him...
- What do you mean by "him too?"
- Omphale has many suitors.
And you did well to reject the others.
This is how you will give your daughter
a husband worthy of her beauty:
Hercules, a Demi-God!
Well, it's true, that's good luck.
But maybe my daughter isn't worthy of you.
Omphale, she's just a Princess.
A hero like you would like a queen.
Do you want to abdicate
in favour of Omphale?
You are certainly very generous, but...
No, I was really thinking that...
Of course, of course, the Queen is very generous...
But if the gentleman is satisfied with Omphale...
Even the fools can see that Hercules is in love with you.
But today, he saw me for the first time in his life.
- What are you saying there, it struck him like lightning!
- Son of Zeus, he's used to lightning.
Stop it now!
I don't like these jokes, love isn't like that.
Even Hercules is serious, he didn't laugh.
Now, you've pissed me off. Come on, get out of here!
All of you leave! Outside, I said!
Yes, yes, yes, it must have been my father.
And because he didn't allow me to feel pleasure,
made me fall in love with Omphale.
A brave girl, the daughter of a Queen.
The perfect dynasty!
Yes, that's true, but now let's see what she thinks.
Yes, of course, Ompahle will be happy to get married.
There is no marriage proposal every day,
coming from the son of Zeus.
- But forgive me...
- Think of the advantage of having
Hercules, on our side. We will be the strong ones.
We will no longer have to
be afraid of the mountain tribes.
But how did you get here?
The walls of the gardens are high, difficult to climb.
And for you, that's a deadly risk.
If my mother's guards find you here...
She is right! Listen to her, Inor. Leave!
Because if the guards get in here, it won't end well.
Your eyes are more dangerous to me than their swords.
Yes, you joke with those swords!
But why is bad luck so attached to us?
It would be enough if your father
were a little more reasonable.
As long as he is the leader of the mountain tribes,
he will never obey your mother.
And what should my mother do?
She's not the one to give up!
I'm not saying that. But let's not forget that,
your father killed my grandfather.
Because your grandfather killed mine.
Omphale, your mother wants you
to get down quickly!
Caco? Caco?
Yes, yes, Caco, I remember!
But it wasn't a hard fight.
He was just a lame beginner!
He dare to steal two bulls from my herd.
You understand, from me.
The bulls I had from Gerione.
Your tenth fight! Tenth, bravo!
And do you know what he did?
He took refuge in a cave.
I found him and broke him like this.
- Well?
- It won't go down.
This time, you will have to use your
authority as mother and queen!
It would be the first time I'm risking.
Dear Hercules! Good appetite!
- So you broke the news to your daughter?
- No, not yet!
And why not? When I decide something,
I prefer to do it quickly.
Too bad, you know too little about your Omphale.
And I don't know you very well either.
My fame is recognized everywhere in Hellade.
It's true! As famous as they all are.
And that everyone would be happy to tell them.
What do you mean by that?
Well, I can't offer the hand of my daughter,
to a man pretending
to be, Hercules?
What if you weren't Hercules?
If you weren't a woman, this insult
would have stuck in your throat.
All right...
If my word isn't enough...
I'll make my father say who I am.
I hope you believe Zeus?
Zeus, my father, show them who I am!
Watch out for lightning, don't be afraid.
Zeus, did you hear me?
These mortals don't believe me.
Zeus? You hear me?
Zeus! But what is happening? Zeus!
Yes, how stupid I am!
Now I remember, he warned me not to invoke him.
I forgot.
Excuse me, I don't want to upset you, but...
Nemea was right.
- But you cannot prove that you are Hercules!
- I know I know!
But I can show you a proof of my power.
I can tear down this column!
And everything in the Palace!
No, are you insane? Wait...
If you want to prove how strong you are...
why don't you do something useful!
- Yes, it will be better that way.
- Agree!
- But what?
- The Ship, my Queen!
- Say what?
- The ship...
Yes... the ship!
Are you able to pull out a ship off the seabed?
Come on, all together! Row harder!
Stop it!
Look, here it sunk.
We have reached this point where
the tide and the storm are not visible.
I at least, didn't see her.
All right, I'm coming down! Give me the rope!
Take this, we'll attach the other one
to a thicker one.
In the meantime,
we're going to land next to those rocks.
- Thanks!
- We thank you!
- Look, he did it.
- Will he succeed? With such a big ship?
- Of course. He really is, Hercules!
- Yes, he is.
My queen dived into the water.
Come over! Come, my dear,
see how Hercules recovers the ship!
Even if he recovers Neptune himself,
I will not marry him.
Listen, my girl...
For the first time in your life, you will obey your mother!
But I do not understand.
Besides being the son of Jupiter...
That piece of man that is...
I mean, he's... tall, handsome, strong...
If you like it so much, excuse me,
but why don't you marry him?
What a conversation!
Where is he? I don't see him.
You can't see him, my queen,
he's at the bottom of the sea.
My queen is back on the surface!
Forget it!
- What a shame!
- Omphale!
- Succeeded!
- A strong man! What a man.
- You saw?
- Yes I saw. And?
Aren't you a little moved?
That man did this for you.
Imagine that he is strong,
if he really is the son of Zeus.
Listen to me,
either you marry Hercules or no one!
I don't want to marry anyone.
I will remain alone!
But what a character!
Look, I did it.
You are convinced that I'm Hercules.
If one day you need me,
I will remember that you saved my life.
Really? - Yes, if you hadn't recovered the ship,
I would have been dead... - What?
Because of a ship?
I think there must be a real treasure inside.
- There is a treasure on board.
- A treasure! Let's not exaggerate.
We better have left it at the bottom of the sea.
After this effort, how can I tell him that
Omphale doesn't want to marry him?
My queen, in the interest of the Kingdom,
Omphale, must yield.
I know, I know, but it all happened so fast,
in such a short time.
If it's about more time, Hercules will wait.
Yes, and who will persuade him to wait? You?
No, not I, my Queen, but... The Oracle!
No, my queen.
What you are proposing to me is a sacrilege.
Yes, sure, we know that, but...
you say this all the time.
This time it's different:
Hercules is the son of Zeus.
And his father might get angry if we laugh at him.
A self-respecting Sibyl must think about these things.
A Sibyl who holds this post must obey her Queen.
Is that clear?
Very clear! That's enough!
The Oracle must say that Hercules will marry my daughter
before the mountain tribes,
conquer the Kingdom of Lydia forever.
On Jupiter! This is war!
This kingdom has been waiting for this
opportunity for many centuries.
With Hercules on our side,
we'll finally get rid of Lyco
and his tribes of barbarians.
May the will of the Gods be fulfilled!
Yes, the will of the Gods. It's the only solution.
And why?
Because my mother will definitely consult with the Oracle.
She always does that when she
has to make the most drastic decisions.
And when it suits her,
she bribes the Oracle to lie in name of Goddess Astrea.
Well, it should be enough, because the Oracle
will say that Zeus will oppose this marriage.
Then we can...?
Yes, yes, but don't get your hopes up!
If what is said about Hercules is true,
he often disobeys his father.
That bastard! Children must always obey their parents.
Excuse me, but are you kidding me?
Well, as long as the child
is the son of a deity!
Listen... my advice would be to touch
him at his most sensitive point... pride!
- Explain yourself?
- You have to create a challenge.
The oracle will have to say that
whoever wants to marry Omphale,
will do so after defeating the
most powerful man in the world.
Well done, but he's the strongest man in the world.
No, Samson, he's the strongest man in the world!
You don't know who he is, because you're ignorant.
Samson, is much stronger than Hercules.
- But tell me, are you well?
- Very well.
Hercules, did he fight another army?
Samson did. And he won.
He struck down an entire nation, the Philistines.
- And he did it with a donkey's jaw!
- And why with a donkey's jaw?
Who knows, he didn't find anything else.
All right, all right, but Hercules is the son of Zeus!
So? Samson is protected by another God,
who is much, much stronger than Zeus.
His name is Jehovah... as I remember.
Mikron, but how do you know all this stuff?
Because I'm educated.
You will see that tomorrow at the Temple,
the things that will be to your liking.
My people, worship your sister Astraea...
For legislating justice
and for guaranteeing the honesty of the answers.
All the people in Hellade consulted her.
We always listen to the Oracle for alliances.
- Wars, marriages...
- Okay, okay, let's do it fast.
My queen, I am ready to ask the Goddess what you want.
Hercules! Our father agreed on your marriage to Omphale.
Thanks, Father!
And thank you sister Astraea!
For nothing, brother!
But, beware... our father sets a condition,
You will be cursed if you do not obey!
You will have to fight with the
most powerful man in the world.
Only if you can beat him,
Zeus will allow you to marry Omphale.
The strongest man in the world?
But, excuse me, my sister,
the strongest man in the world, it's me.
How should I fight myself?
You are not a man Hercules, you are a Demigod.
The strongest man in the world is Samson!
- Samson? And who is Samson?
- I do not know.
I'm not the one who has to tell you that.
Find him and watch out for his donkey jaw!
I'm going to tear this Samson to pieces, Father!
May I know where you got this Samson from?
Samson? And who is Samson?
- Weren't you talking inside the statue?
- Me? I don't know anything about that.
Suddenly I saw the stars,
so many stars, then the darkness.
I warned you, Zeus will be angry.
But then... She was truly the Goddess!
That's enough for me!
If you still want to talk to the Oracle, you talk to the statue!
We were lucky!
Zeus could had strike us with lightning.
Then we'll have to try to find this Samson.
Yes, that's what the Oracle said, we have no choice.
Yes, my good friends, it's a real tavern.
It's about, I'm very thirsty.
- Where you go? Come here.
- I'm going for a drink.
- We have no time to waste!
- Let's have a few drops.
Hercules, is waiting for Samson,
so he can marry Omphale.
- And I owe him my life.
- Yes, we know that.
That's enough! Outside.
Pour. Come on, pour. Easier!
With elegance!
You know nothing.
That's enough! That's enough! If you kill all my servants,
can you tell me how i will serve you?
If you served me quickly, that wouldn't have happened.
That's right, that's right, but if you only paid me once...
To pay? I don't want to hear that word again.
- It hurts me, do you understand?
- Okay, okay, I get it, I'm not saying it anymore.
Oh! Wine!
- Is that Samson?
- Let's hope not.
Should we ask him? Brave man, is that Samson?
No, that's Ursus, a slave who escaped from Rome.
The biggest robber in these parts.
- Has it always been that way?
- Yes, always.
Eats, drinks and when he gets angry
he breaks everything!
- Well, try not to upset him.
- He gets angry on his own.
- Please help us.
- We can't, we have to go!
Help us, please!
We'll do it, we'll do it,
but now we have some work to do,
then we'll be back. Let's go good friends!
Nobody wants to give us a hand.
Careful! The damned! I'm going for Samson.
No, better find Maciste,
that way you don't have to pay him.
Come on, run! Tell him about our misfortune.
Come on, go!
Hey, is anyone here?
- What do you want?
- We were sent by the Queen of Lydia.
- I have never heard of her.
- Does not matter.
We were told that Samson lives here.
I'm his wife, Delilah.
If you want to communicate him something, tell me.
Actually, we want to talk to him!
We brought some presents with us.
Do you see those horses over there?
- They are loaded with beautiful gifts.
- Fabrics, wallpapers, perfumes, jewelry...
Are they all for us?
Yes, they are sent from Queen Lydia.
Come on in!
I'm going to call him.
What do you want?
Some people are looking for you to talk to.
Tell them to wait, I don't have time!
Faster with those animals, let's finish already.
I told you to tie four.
And now, open your eyes wide!
So how do you feel?
And this one is called quality fabric!
Feel, feel how delicate it is!
If you agree to come with us to Lydia,
Our queen will give you 300 pieces like this!
Do you like it, my dear?
Only women of low morals wear such a thing.
Certainly, our costumes are much more
austere than yours.
How are the women in Lydia?
They are the most beautiful in the world.
You heard, my dear, that guy who provoked me
claims to be the son of the false God
worshiped in those parts.
I think I need to teach him a lesson.
At times like this,
you have to think first, before you say no.
- We can buy three cows...
- Yes, yes, I heard.
The wine is over.
Let's go to bed!
You'll leave early tomorrow morning.
Surely you're not sorry I'm going with them to Greece.
You are my master, you can go where you see fit.
Our women have many virtues,
the first of all being obedience.
Well good night, strangers!
Tomorrow morning!
Very well.
Tomorrow morning, at first hour, we'll pick you up.
You will find me with the horse already saddled.
Good bye friends! Tomorrow morning.
- Easy with that door! Samson!
- Forgive me, my dear.
- Excuse me, I missed it.
- Of course, always the same story!
One day, after I go back, I'll have to change that door.
But didn't you say there's no more wine?
Otherwise they wouldn't have left
and you wouldn't have eaten!
If you ate a little,
you would sleep more easily, you know.
I'm not hungry.
- But what will I do in Greece without you?
- How affectionate are you?
And how beautiful you are.
You know, I'm going to miss your affection.
I would have taken you with me,
but... it's not possible.
The animals and the crops...
Anyway, I won't stay there long.
When I get there, I'll teach Hercules a lesson...
And I will return immediately to the woman dear to me.
It's time to go, Hob! We're going to Greece.
Looks like there are a lot of beautiful women out there.
Not to love them like Delilah.
But, always Delilah... always Delilah!
What's wrong with me?
I think...
She did it!
- You did it?
- Yes. Of course it was me.
They're the most beautiful women
in the world in Lydia, right?
You would have liked to go alone, right?
You bastard!
- Samson! Are you ready? Samson!
- He's not coming.
What do you mean he doesn't come anymore?
He said he was coming last night.
- Overnight he changed his mind!
- Wait a moment!
- Let me talk to him!
- It's useless, he's already talked to me!
Now get off my property or I'll call the dogs on you.
What manners, you hear, what do we do now?
We must go back without Samson.
Hercules saved my life.
But that's Samson!
We can't force him to come with us!
One moment, I have an idea.
Remember that guy at the tavern, Ursus?
Now, let's go see him.
With elegance!
Taste these goodies.
I'm sick!
I'm a cook, but if you ask me to dance...
I said dance.
- Yes Yes Yes! La la la, la la la...
- Wine!
Where's my wine?
- It's here! This is the best!
- And you, dance! Dance!
- And you sing something happier!
- But I only know this song.
Don't you want to sing?
I didn't say I didn't want to sing...
but I don't know any other songs.
Then let's change the singer!
It's still here. Come on, go!
Go, right?
- What? No!
- Yes!
No, no, no, I refuse that! Why?
I don't do bullfighting. Listen! No!
Do you understand, you're playing Licia.
The bull will play Serf.
No! Sir, sir, save me from that brute!
He thinks he's at the circus.
And who is this? What do you want?
Here are 100 gold coins. Do you want them? Here!
I want to do business with you! But this is real gold!
- And you want something in return?
- Of course!
Then you're stupid.
The money is in my hands already.
Yes, and if you do me a favor,
you will receive a bag twice as big as that.
First time the bag!
No! You will have it after that.
But, first time, the commission.
Look Maciste, the one down there is the tavern.
I will tear this Ursus to pieces!
Let's go!
Remember, you have to be very careful!
- You said that before.
- I know I know.
And I'll tell you one more time. Samson is very strong.
I wouldn't want him to get upset.
Okay, rest assured, I'll use my intelligence.
So? He agreed? Let's hope he succeeds.
Thank you noble knight, thank you!
Where's Ursus? I will teach him an unforgettable lesson.
- You bother yourself for anything.
- For nothing?
Yes, Ursus is gone. This good gentleman
helped me get him out of the tavern.
Well, if that's the case, I can go back to my business.
Wait. You don't want to drink a cup of wine!
Yes! But I didn't come for...
You warned Ursus that Samson has a hard bone!
- We should have warned Ursus!
- Oh, him, of course!
I warned him and he said he would use his intelligence.
- Who let you in?
- Samson!
- Are you Samson?
- Yes.
Samson! Samson!
- Thank you, Maciste!
- For what?
Tell me, will this music last a long time?
Forgive me, gentlemen, Maciste gives us a helping hand.
If he had fixed all our damages,
it would have lasted longer.
I couldn't punish Ursus, but at least I was able to help.
- You are a reliable friend, Maciste!
- I'm leaving now.
- Stay and eat something!
- No, I don't want anything for free.
If you still need me, you know where to find me!
All right, thank you!
It's good to see honest individuals sometimes.
- Come by again!
- Agree!
- Where am I? - In good hands!
- There!
- Not here again?
Look he's here.
Oh my God!
Calm down! Don't be afraid, Ursus is ours now.
- Are you satisfied?
- Is he dead?
No, he will be fine. I just hit him in the head.
He just has to recover! Hostess, get a bucket of water!
Wait! When he wakes up, he will be angry.
That is, Samson, you understand, Samson!
- So what?
- He's the strongest man in the world.
- That? You make me laugh!
- Laugh if you want. Zeus told us that.
- What do I do? Do I throw the bucket on him?
- She throws it?
Quick, quick, call Maciste back! Ursus has returned.
Come on, hurry up, run now.
No, that's not possible. I can not believe.
- But that's the truth, I swear. My strength lies in my hair!
- Why in the hair?
I don't know why either, but that's the way it is.
With my hair cut, I'm weak,
I can be defeated by anyone.
- I'm helpless! I'll prove it!
- No!
But why don't you believe me?
Why come to Lydia anymore?
I want to go back to my house.
What do you say? It seems like an excuse to go back.
Of course, how could someone lose all his strength,
if his hair is cut.
If there's an excuse, we'll find out soon.
Listen to me, buddy? Want to win another bag of gold?
This way, I'll end up being honest.
You should thank Delilah for cutting my hair.
Nice excuse! Why don't you say you're a coward! A sheep!
Wait for my hair to grow back, I'll make you regret insulting me!
On Zeus! He doesn't fight back.
And you say you're the strongest man in the world?
You're a coward! And I don't like cowards!
And now...
Do you know what we're going to do?
- Where is he, where is Ursus? - Maciste! Finally, you're here!
That's the one over there!
- You've been the one so hard on this man?
- Yes, I was, why?
Apologize immediately. Apologize!
I said, apologize!
Come on, let's talk peacefully.
30 coins on Ursus! 50 on Maciste!
No, not my ham!
A moment? May I?
Let's continue!
Be careful, Samson is running away!
Stop! Stop!
Come on, get up!
- When you're done, also paint it!
- Of course, sir!
Maciste, come here!
Sit down!
Samson says, you can come with us to Lydia to fight Hercules.
- Me?
- Yes, you are the strongest man in the world!
You haven't lost your strength forever.
Wait for the hair to grow. That's an idea, just wait a month.
And should Hercules wait for you to marry Omphale?
No, that's not right for Zeus! He saved my life!
- He saved my life! I understand, but...
- That's enough!
You will come to Lydia to fight Hercules!
Yeah, but... what about my strength?
It doesn't matter if you've lost your strength.
We need to know if Hercules,
will win as the Oracle said and if he marries Omphale.
Come too, Maciste, what do you say?
As for the hair,
this will remain our secret!
Of course!
- Swear!
- I swear! Sure, I swear.
I swear.
- What's your problem?
- If Maciste comes with you, I'll come too.
- You go repair the wall!
- Yes, sir, but I'm leaving with you tomorrow.
And I will go, where you go.
- I must obey my Oracle.
- You all have an obsession for the Oracles, in Greece?
My oracle is an Italic one.
I interviewed him in Rome and he said:
"Ursus, the son of a dog, one day you will meet someone
who will break your bones as you deserve. "
"He will be your master and you will serve him,
You will obey him and follow him
everywhere like a loyal dog. "
- What is he doing? He follows us?
- No, I didn't see him.
- Of course? There it is.
- I've had enough!
Leave! We don't want you to come with us.
Leave! Leave!
Is Lydia's cheese good?
Take some too. Hercules likes it too.
Every time I went to town,
I saw a restless crowd. He didn't sit still at all, poor thing.
Of course, after a hard work, it's clear that his appetite is gone.
- What kind of work was he doing?
- The walls!
After demolishing the old walls, he built others.
Much stronger and much taller.
Hercules is always happy when he can be useful.
He's not always very happy,
when Nemea makes him do that.
Keeps him in shape, exercises, until Samson arrives.
That's how he built half the city.
I wouldn't want to be in his place.
- In place of Hercules?
- No, in place of Samson.
Hercules will destroy him because
he made him wait so long.
He said he would make him pay for
the walls and everything.
- Shut up, you animal!
- He said he would break him to pieces.
Don't listen to him! Where are you going!
Samson! Hei, Samson! Samson?
- Where are you going, Samson?
- You could have told me he was Samson!
Hercules! Hercules, Samson has arrived.
Where is it? Bring him here to me quickly. I will break him to pieces.
He's at the Palace, eating.
But Hercules... tell me,
I hope you won't fight him here in the middle of the road?
And why? Do you want to wait more?
Tonight, tonight, you won't have to wait, don't worry!
What happened?
Inor went to talk to his father.
He told me to warn you that tonight...
Come on!
My son! Finally. We were just waiting for you.
- I need to talk to you right away.
- Look at this and Diomira.
The tribe and its warriors are fighting alongside ours.
Dad, listen to me...
Diomira and I made an alliance.
Do you know what that means?
War! War against Nemea!
We will initiate the attack after marriage!
- What marriage?
- Ah, yes!
I have not told you. And the condition imposed by Diomira.
That way our tribes will become one.
Diomira is young, healthy and robust.
I accepted immediately.
Well done, you did very well, Dad.
I always thought you should remarry.
You will be the one to marry Diomirah.
- Me?
- Of course! I already gave him my word.
I understand.
You're getting married tonight. After sunset.
Then together we will initiate the attack!
It will be the end of Lydia's Kingdom!
We will destroy everything!
And we will have no mercy on anyone!
- Where are you going?
- I'm going to change.
- Where?
- To change!
Remember that:
After you are married you will have to watch him!
I was told he likes to bathe.
No, not again!
Who do you take me for? I'm Hercules, don't forget that!
Son of Zeus, will not agree to a fake fight!
Good good! But speak slower!
You want all to know that Samson has no strength!
What impression will you make to defeat him.
With or without force, I will tear that soft-witted to pieces.
Yes, that's true!
But the poor man came here to do you a favor.
Yes, but he brought a bag of money with him.
And if I break his bones,
it's even worse for him that he accepted.
That's my decision.
And tell him it's useless to run away,
because I'll find him anywhere
and I will prove them all,
that the strongest man in the world, it's ME!
Everything is fine, wonderful, Hercules agrees.
You told him not to hit me hard, did you?
Yes, he said he has to simulate hitting you
with fists, just to look real.
- Your money, have softened him.
- Yes, but if it hurts, I want double!
What a beautiful evening!
The strongest men in the world together.
Muscles, which move stones,
but not famous for their intelligence!
Nice woman.
- Beautiful dress!
- Very pretty.
Who did it?
I do not know! Maybe a professional did it, I imagine.
- A little bold, what do you say!
- Yes, maybe a little.
If only I had my hair!
- Think about the fight, it's better!
- I'm just saying.
Well guys? It's a little hot here.
I really don't understand you, why do you want to get married
when you have such girls? I think you're crazy!
Yes, yes, it's not bad. But I prefer more shy, reserved girls.
One like Omphale.
The wind was so strong, and the ship was ready to break.
And do you know what I did? I had a really great idea.
I told them immediately to lower their sails,
and I abandoned the ship, swimming to shore.
Your dress will cause a scandal!
- Put a shawl on your shoulders!
- So you see that!
All I have is this.
Now it's time to make me another dress!
For a new one I will need another fee.
Otherwise I'll come naked!
- You'll be like other taxpayers!
- And don't bite your nails!
Hick! Hick!
- Samson, are you married?
- Yes, my Queen, very married.
Well, what are we waiting for,
will we start this fight once or not?
Yes, yes, we'll start soon.
My queen, take the initiative!
Friends, please, please!
Now, begins the battle
between Hercules and Samson.
Remember not to put him on the floor right away!
Stop! Shake hands!
You've hurt me!
Omphale, where are you? Omphale!
Don't do anything crazy! Do not leave, please.
Let me go, I love Inor, I will never marry Hercules.
Omphale, you will regret this one day.
No! Farewell!
Omphale ran away!
No! It can't be!
With the son of that wretched bastard,
of that rascal, with the son of that infamous traitor!
Calm down Queen! Let's think of Hercules!
I can't calm down, do you remember
what happened 20 years ago?
My queen! It's weird and that's not the point.
Hercules, will go after those beasts,
believing that Omphale was abducted
by the mountain tribes! Do you understand?
No! Yes, he will go after them.
He will fight against them and
so our problems will disappear.
You couldn't have had a better idea, my Queen.
- I?
- Yes.
Adored son-in-law, I have to give you bad news.
Again? What happened?
Did something happen to Omphale?
Yes, she was abducted.
But don't worry!
But how can I not worry?
My queen wants to say that
she knows where she is.
She was abducted by mountain tribes!
We will send the army after her.
What army? I'm going alone!
To get Omphale back, I don't need any help!
Give me a horse! Where is this mountain?
All I need is a horse!
I will do one last mission
but this will really be the last!
I swear to my father Zeus!
Now my mother and father will be on our trail.
And where are we going?
Far away, where no one will be able to find us.
But are you sure you won't feel sorry?
No! Never!
I love you. And should I regret it?
It will be like I was sorry I was born!
To see the light of morning every day! To cry!
To laugh! To be happy! Because that's love.
Rest assured, no one will separate us!
That's how you get caught, even if it's my warriors.
You are that woman's daughter.
That woman is the Queen of Lydia!
And it will make you regret bitterly if you treat me badly.
She's all like her mother!
You were lucky, son.
If my warriors hadn't captured you by this time,
you were already married.
Yes, I will definitely do it.
Omphale, is a wonderful woman.
I thought the same thing 20 years ago,
about her mother.
Even if you didn't know that,
we had a secret love like yours.
But fortunately for me,
Zeus opened my eyes in time.
And he will open them for me again!
And what conclusion did you come to?
Do you want me to leave?
Yes, Inor is right.
You better stay here.
If that's the only solution,
I have to congratulate my son.
- Thank you, Dad!
- With pleasure, son!
Come here!
There is only one way to get
a woman out of your head.
Eliminate it, make it disappear forever.
What do you want to do?
I asked you what do you want to do?
I will burn her and throw the ashes in the wind!
Catch him!
Calm down! Calm down, son!
I'm doing this for your own good!
If you kill her father, I'll take revenge.
I won't have peace until I do!
Get him out of here!
Get him out of here!
I will not allow you to touch it!
Let me go!
Let her go!
Let me go!
Let her go!
- Inor!
- I will get my revenge.
Let me go! Inor!
You tried to trick me, Nico!
You swore to me that your son
is in love with me.
That's not true, I love Omphale!
And even if you kill her, you won't
be able to make me give up on her.
Don't listen to him, he still feels ill!
He doesn't know what he's saying!
Come on! Do it quickly.
Hey you, come back!
I told you to come back!
Lagor, you idiot!
- Inor has always been my friend!
- I'm with him!
Catch him!
Catch him!
Alarm! Alarm!
Alarm, alarm! Hercules is coming.
Get him!
What happens here?
Hey! Hey! Stop!
Hey! Stop!
I'm Hercules!
Stop! Where's Omphale?
Where's Omphale?
It's all that woman's fault!
I have to kill her fast!
Where's Omphale?
No, Inor! No!
Let me go. Let me go.
If you want Omphale,
you have to kill me first.
If there is nothing else to do!
No! Stop, Inor!
- Defend yourself! Defend yourself!
- No, Inor!
Hercules, do what you want.
If you spare his life,
I will sacrifice myself for you.
I will agree to marry you.
What! Is marrying me a sacrifice?
And who is he?
I love him and I will always love him!
And only if you spare his life, I will marry you.
Otherwise, otherwise I will commit suicide.
The Council Chamber is about to fall!
If I think about it, it's Prassitele's column!
It has destroyed a lot.
Who will pay for all this?
- But why did he get angry?
- Omphale, keeps calling for Inor!
And that's how my Palace goes!
And the rooms are destroyed.
That dumb girl of mine,
can't stop talking about Inor!
- Someone has to stop him!
- Good idea! But who will do it!
But isn't anyone here to do it?
Isn't no one here to do that?
Do you keep eating and
don't hear what's going on?
It is not good to interfere between husband and wife!
Now, that's enough!
I don't like aggressors!
Even though he's the son of Zeus,
I'll take care of that!
Wait a minute!
Where's the idiot who knows that dog Inor?
- Inor? I do not know! Who is he?
- I haven't heard of that name.
Go after him and get him to marry Omphale!
I said Inor must marry Omphale.
Didn't you hear what I said?
But it's absurd.
But, Hercules, you fought so hard...
I said, she's going to marry someone else,
I don't know what to do with a wife,
crying for another man all her life.
- But you don't have to...
- What?
They're already many cuckolds in Olympus.
Who will make me do this? Excuse me.
- Tell me who's going to make me do this?
- Zeus!
- Zeus?
- You don't remember what the Oracle said!
Zeus established that: If you defeat Samson,
you have to marry Omphale.
Yes, you are his son,
you can disobey him if you want to.
But I can't risk the life of my city
and to be struck by a flash of Zeus.
When my father gets angry, it's bad for me.
Damn it! I didn't think of that.
The true son of a God must let her go.
I'm sorry, Hercules.
- So you've changed your mind?
- What? No, no, I don't!
But I forgot about the Oracle!
Of Zeus!
Well, why are you laughing?
There's nothing fun about that.
Hercules, do you promise not to get
angry if I tell you something?
- Let's hear it? - Swear you won't get mad!
- All right, all right, I swear!
- And swear you're not telling my mother anything!
Yes, yes, everything you want!
Enough, let's get this over with.
Then you must know that: The oracle was false.
- What?
- Yes Yes! It was fake.
- What else did he tell him now?
- I do not know.
But what's going on here? Don't ask, please!
Where's Hercules? It's here unfortunately.
- Hercules, my friend!
- Get out of my way!
You! So it was you?
Come here! Help! Come here!
Hercules, leave Micron alone!
What do you want from him! What did he do to you?
Calm down, please!
What harm did he do to you?
I'll get you! You idiot!
Come on, get down!
I said get down,
before I take down the tree.
Stop Hercules, you've promised not to get angry!
But I didn't swear I'll spare the one up there!
I'm going to kill this little one!
But what did I do to you?
May I know what I did to him?
Omphale told me everything.
All right. I spare you.
But come quickly with me and confess to Nemea.
Astrea's voice was my voice.
- But Nemea can kill me.
- Alright. Then I'll go tell her.
No, Hercules!
You swore you didn't say anything!
If I don't talk, it's worse for you.
If your mother doesn't know the truth,
she will never allow you to marry Inor.
- She'll listen what the Oracle will have to say.
- The oracle?! Is it at your disposal?
I will speak for Astraea, if you agree with that!
Do you understand?
Alright. I agree with everything.
The sooner we do it, the sooner we finish.
You swore, Hercules.
And let someone else say that women are fickle.
Look at the people! Hercules, he first wants her,
then he doesn't want her, then he wants her again!
But I don't understand why he
wanted to consult the Oracle again?
But she's in love with Inor.
What does he want to prove with this?
Maybe she wants to marry Hercules?
- Excuse me, but you don't understand women.
- Quiet!
Inor! Oh no, Inor! What are you doing?
- He's really brave, that boy.
- He's in love.
Calm down!
Hercules, I told you...
she wouldn't marry you.
You idiot, that Oracle,
will say that you can marry Omphale.
Yes, it's true, Inor.
Hercules, will help us, believe him.
Micron is inside the statue.
If I had my strength,
I would have helped that boy!
I would have caught Hercules like that!
It was me? But then...
- But what kind of bad jokes are these!
- My hair has grown back!
On Zeus!
I Hercules, put to the ground?!
How can I endure this?
On all the Gods of Olympus!
Why do I have to be thrown in the water all the time?
Hey friends, calm down...
Hercules, enough!
Stop it!
Don't make me lose my temper!
- Stop the nonsense, Micron?
- But Hercules... I'm here.
- But then who's in the statue?
- I don't know?
Zeus! My father!
Hercules... I don't care if you're the strongest man
or if Samson is.
So, stop destroying your sister Astraea's Temple!
And you, Nemea, Queen of Lydia!
Hear me out!
Omphale your daughter must marry Inor!
Make peace with the mountain tribes!
And please, don't bother me anymore!
- We've almost arrived! Goodbye!
- Goodbye!
Do you let me go alone?
But why are you afraid?
You have regained your strength now.
Well, I'm not afraid of the journey, it's about the arrival.
I was thinking about my wife.