Samui Song (2017) Movie Script

Excuse me
May I borrow a light?
and a cigarette as well?
You forgot something.
Sorry about that.
Nowadays, before suffering
from lung cancer
we smokers have to suffer from
social stigma first.
Look at us, banished to the
parking lot like this.
My name's Guy.
Maybe people like us should
move to Turkey.
It's like a smoker's
paradise there.
You can smoke in restaurants,
pubs, and any bars.
Maybe they'll even let us
smoke inside hospitals.
When were you there?
I didn't say that I was there.
I heard it from a friend.
Your friend must have been
there ages ago.
It's not like that anymore.
That's a shame.
So what are you here for?
Lung cancer or social stigma?
I'm here for my mom.
- What's wrong with her?
- Oh, nearly everything.
Kidney failure, diabetes,
bone disease, deafness
and even Alzheimer's.
But she's lucky that she
has Alzheimer's.
How's that lucky?
She forgets she has all
those other diseases.
How about you?
What happened to your head?
But my car had it way worse.
Which car?
Don't worry.
I have to get a new one anyway.
Could you help me bring it here?
Can I repay you by
treating you to lunch?
Do you know how much
this bumper costs?
A meal won't be enough.
No, I mean repaying you
for the cigarette.
That question again...
Let me explain.
The way we recite prayers in a
language that we don't even understand
it's useless.
They're just ancient rituals
passed down to us.
It's much more useful to learn from
reading or from life experience.
But why is it bad to pray?
See, most people
when they pray they
also make a wish.
They wish to be rich
or successful.
They turn prayers into wish
fulfillment. Do you pray'?
- Yes.
- What did you wish for?
If my film earns 100 million baht
then I'll offer a pig's head.
Did you make it?
100 million?
Not even close.
- Did you make the offering?
- Yes.
Even though you didn't get 100 million,
you still made the offering.
It's true.
People are strange.
'If I pass my exam I'll run
a hundred laps'
'If I make 100 million I'll
offer a pig's head...'
- Vi.
- Hmm.
The Holy One asked
about you today.
I told him you were not
feeling well.
Why did you lie?
Not really...
I didn't know what
else to tell him.
Tell him the truth.
That I don't like him, I
don't look up to him
and I don't believe in his
absurd philosophies.
Just tell him the truth.
Can you at least attend
the blessing ceremony tomorrow?
If you don't want to get slapped
then keep your mouth shut,
you bitch.
If you don't want to get slapped
then keep your mouth shut,
you bitch!
Good night.
Good night.
Is that a new perfume?
What's wrong with you?
Somebody went shopping?
It feels nice.
How much is it?
Don't remember.
It's not cheap, Vi.
Tomorrow I'm going to a wedding.
There will be lots of
press there.
The press...of course!
In that case you must
buy a new dress.
I'm your wife.
If I look good, you'll
look good too.
That's so sweet.
For sure you made me look
fantastic today at the monastery.
And you didn't even need
an expensive dress to do it!
How could you do this to me?
That cult is making you
crazier every day.
You know that?
That so-called religion with
its so-called rituals
all made up by that
crazy old man.
And those women fawning over
him like groupies.
How can you look up to him?
- You're not making sense!
- Oh, now I know.
The reason why you joined
is because you want those sluts
to come your way, right?
But it's no use anyways...
because that little
cock of yours
isn't crowing anymore.
'Guy Spencer'
Why don't you divorce him?
Then I'll be flat broke.
If I divorce him, I
won't get a penny.
He has to divorce me.
It's in the contract.
That contract again?
He hits you too?
Last night. I was really scared.
Your story reminds me
of a friend in the Philippines.
Exactly the same case.
But my friend was lucky.
She woke up one morning...
and her husband disappeared.
He went to work...
and never came back.
How did he disappear?
No one knows.
He just vanished.
I wish that would happen to me.
Would you like it to?
It's possible.
You sound like you're
in the movies.
Lots of movies are based
on true stories.
I have to go.
Thanks for the lunch.
Thanks for the cigarettes.
I want to be in his film.
I'll even audition for it.
Why? His films make no sense!
That director makes movies that
no one understands.
He's harsh, and pays peanuts.
- Have you seen his movies?
- Once.
Slept through it.
- Which one?
- Can't remember...
The one where a guy wanders
around a ship the whole time.
When I woke up, he was still
walking in that damn ship.
I'm bored with soap operas.
Bored of being evil.
I want something different.
You can't afford to be bored!
What else do Thais watch
except for soaps?
Plus, aren't you famous
because of those bitchy roles?
Whenever you're ready, sir.
Young people are
always in a hurry!
- Isn't that right, Deputy?
- Yes, sir.
Do you have beer?
Yes, sir.
Please bring three bottles.
Maestro. Shall we?
Please follow me.
Just a minute!
She's all yours.
Close the door.
Close it.
You don't need to wear that.
What can I do for you, Sir?
Have a seat.
Would you like more beer?
Let's give your wine a try.
Something classy.
This is a very nice one.
How about some music?
Yeah, it's a bit quiet, huh?
This music is perfect
for this wine.
This one's more perfect.
For sure.
I love eating tasty young liver!
And love the young eating liver!
Been eating it since young,
you'll see my iron power
Too sweet, too fat, too dull,
I want none of 'em
I could die for tasty liver!
I could die for tasty liver!
Before I sleep I must have my
liver, liver, liver, liver!
Liver, liver, liver...
'Did you sleep well, beautiful?'
I'm getting some milk.
Need anything?
You scared me.
You're getting milk now?
The story of your friend
in the Philippines...
is it true?
My friend?
The one whose husband
Are you sure about this?
Yes, I'm sure.
How much do you charge?
In the Philippines?
No, in general.
It depends. But your case
doesn't sound complicated.
Should be around...
800,000 baht.
How much do you usually pay?
If I were you,
I'd even pay 2 million.
Think about it. Once your
husband is gone, you're free.
You'll still be rich.
Everything will remain the same.
No one will hit you any more.
Or force you to sleep
with some monk.
How about the police?
Won't they get involved?
Yes. But you're an actress,
you can handle it.
That's a minor detail anyways.
The important thing is...
be nice to him.
- To whom?
- Your husband.
Oh, and that monk too.
The plane arrived
exactly on time.
I'll get Somchai to
bring Dondee here.
Did you kill him?
What did I tell you?
Didn't we agree... That you
don't need to know any of this?
By tomorrow, this person will
be gone from your life. Done.
In two or three weeks, you'll
need to report him missing.
And they'll ask you all
sorts of questions.
If you're not innocent,
you won't act convincing.
Then you'll screw me over!
That's why I told you not to
come back until I call you.
So Jerome's dead?
Yes! Your husband's been lying
dead in that cabin for hours!
Happy now?
Good morning.
Is this Mr. Jerome
Beaufoy's residence?
Sorry to disturb you.
I'm Captain Somyos
and this is Lieutenant Kong.
Can we a have talk inside?
Did your husband come
home last night?
Jerome was home. He
didn't go out.
Miss Viyada.
A foreigner was found injured
500 meters from here.
He has been identified as
Mr. Jerome Beaufoy.
Where's Jerome?
We sent him to the hospital.
His condition is serious.
What happened?
A car accident?
Were you together last night?
But then I went to
the supermarket.
Jerome was in the studio.
I was tired when I got back
so I went to sleep first.
What time did Mr.
Jerome go to bed?
I don't know.
I mean...
we sleep separately.
- Hello.
- Where are you heading?
Just on my way home.
Your driver's license please.
Is there anything wrong, Sir?
License please.
Thank you!
Thank you.
How are you doing?
Come stay at the
monastery tonight.
You shouldn't be alone right now.
Jack will bring you.
Please let us through.
No pictures please.
Out of our way please.
Out of our way please!
- Can we interview you?
- Out of our way please!
May I come in?
Is the room okay?
It's fine.
Are you comfortable?
Yes I am.
If you need anything, just ask.
Have a seat.
Could you please leave?
I'd like to be alone.
She's gone.
We can't find her anywhere.
'Guy Spencer'
Chaweewan Spencer!
Total is 3,261 baht.
Could you tell me which medicine
is the least necessary?
All of them are, otherwise the
doctor won't prescribe them.
But I don't have enough cash, so I can
only pay for what's most necessary.
The cash machine's in front.
Thank you.
What if I buy some first
and take the rest later
then which medicine is the
least important?
You need to ask the pharmacy.
I'm just the cashier.
Where's the pharmacy?
Over there.
But you have to pay
for the prescription first.
May I borrow it for now?
You must pay first before
you can take the prescription.
I don't have enough money.
If I can just borrow this
prescription to show the pharmacy
then they can tell me which
medicine my mother needs more.
I'll pay for the rest later.
But the cash machine's outside.
Yes, you've told me twice already! But
there's no money in there either!
If you cancel some items, I'll have
to recalculate the entire bill.
Bravo! That's exactly my point.
So which items do you
want to cancel?
I don't know.
I'm not a doctor.
That's why I need to show the
prescription to the pharmacist
and ask them which is
least necessary!
But the pharmacist can't change the
prescription. Only the doctor can do that.
So can I ask the doctor...
The doctor will only change
the prescription
if you bring Chaweewan Spencer
back for a re-examination.
Hey aunty.
Hey, keep an eye on her.
'He'll be back'
I'm not your damn sister.
Just because Mother
allows you to use our last name
doesn't mean that we are family.
I'll let you in on a
little secret.
Mother picked you up
from a dumpster!
Our clan only has one daughter,
Vipawee Wongduanrassamee!
Can we please talk about
Mr. Parames?
What? You still have
things to say?
...Parames and I are
getting married.
- You're lying!
- It's true.
Mother's given us her blessings.
It's not true! How dare you!
'No need, you're fine now'
Today we have the latest news on
the case of Mr. Jerome Beaufoy
the French millionaire
who died yesterday
after being in a coma
for over a month.
He was married to famous TV actress
Viyada Worapetcharat
who mysteriously vanished, leaving
two soap opera shoots in turmoil.
Evidence shows that Mr. Jerome
was assaulted and killed
while he was working in a
studio at home.
Police believes that this is a
case of premeditated murder.
Forensics confirm that the victim was struck
repeatedly in the head by a hard object.
Police have now launched a
massive manhunt for the suspect
Mr. Jerome was a long-standing
member of the Buddhakaya sect.
Maestro was a good person. I could
never imagine him having enemies.
He was a kind man with a
generous heart.
I never once saw him do
anything bad.
It's hard to imagine someone attacking
him so viciously like that.
We will return with
international news.
Let's go to the temple.
What did mom say?
I want to go pray.
Where are you heading?
We're thinking of finding
a hotel in town.
Why don't you just stay here? You
mother seems to like this temple.
We have a few vacant cabins.
I don't want to be a bother.
Oh it's no bother!
Just stay here. Why
waste your money?
Then...I'll go ask her.
Where is she?
Hey... Good news, guys.
We forgot to bring the screen.
Help me!
You bastard!
What did you do to her,
you bastard?
Let's bring her down first.
Come sit down first.
Good evening Aunty.
He's asleep now.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Let's take a shower together!
Why don't you go first?
But I want to shower with you.
Give Mommy a kiss.
Turn off the lights.
Turn it off.
Lock the door.
Sit on the sofa.
It's incredible...
Plastic surgery nowadays.
If you're here for your money
you're a few years too late.
If my mother were still alive
then I'd need the money.
But now...
this is all that's left of her.
Open the bag.
I'm sorry about your mother.
Don't you dare talk about her.
Open the bag.
Open your mouth.
Open it.
Open your mouth.
Open your mouth! My
mom's watching!
I brought laundry.
Just leave it there.
- How is she?
- She refuses to talk.
Nice. Good shot!
Hold it.
Now kick.
Kick it here.
Good job.
Now hold it.
Here, son.
Mom, quickly!
End slate!
Cut cut cut.
And mark!
See you tomorrow.
See you.
Chermarn Boonyasak
David Asavanond
Vithaya Pansringarm
Written & Directed by
Pen-ek Ratanaruang
Story by Pen-ek Ratanaruang,
Raymond Phathanavirangoon
Producers: Raymond Phathanavirangoon,
Rasarin Tanalerttararom
Executive Producers:
Thanawat Lertwattanarak
Chayamporn Taeratanachai,
Srirat Chuchottaworn
Pichai Chirathivat,
Chaichat Boonyarat
Perapol Suwannapasri,
Karn Promayorn
Co-Producers: Arunee Sriruk
Maximilian Leo, Jonas
Katzenstein, Frode Sbstad
Director of Photography:
Chankit Chamnivikaipong
First Assistant Director:
Cherdpong Laoyont
Editor: Patamanadda Yukol
Production Designer:
Pawas Sawatchaiyamet
Art Director:
Wittaya Chaimongkol
Original Score: Koichi Shimizu,
Saowakhon Muangkruan
Sound: Richard Hocks,
Akritchalerm Kalayanamitr
Costume: Visa Kongka
Casting: Sukumaporn Suthisrisinlpa,
Tipwarin Luthisotvithi
Special Thanks: Wilawan Aow,
Vichet Tantivanich
Rudeewan Toatong, Lee Chatametikool,
Chayaporn Maneesutham