San Andreas Mega Quake (2019) Movie Script

Death and destruction in
the streets of Los Angeles today
as the recovery from the
San Andreas quake is ongoing.
The long dreaded "Big One",
which broke
the Richter scale,
registering at a
record-breaking 12.7,
destroyed countless lives
as the military
continues it's cleanup.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Did you get a hold of
your daughter?
Yeah, yeah.
She's just been deployed
to Los Angeles
assisting with the evacuations.
She is a natural-born
survivor and fighter.
I'm sure you must
be very proud.
Yeah, yeah, I'm proud.
I just wish she'd chosen a
less hazardous career path.
The Army is lucky to have her.
Yeah, they are.
It's just that right now
Los Angeles is in ruins.
She's right in the middle
of all the danger.
Oh, I have it on
pretty good authority
that her dad used
to really love danger.
I mean, back in the day.
Oh, that was
a long time ago.
Yeah. The apple doesn't
fall far from the tree.
I suppose.
Doesn't mean I have
to like it, though.
But, no, really, I'm just
glad right now that Los Angeles
is finally starting
the cleanup process.
The place has been in ruins.
Shall we?
We got a lot of data to analyze
back at the office.
Hey, Werner?
Um, something
that I was hoping...
Come on, Christine!
Let's get back to the center!
Could it just be
an aftershock, Dr. Werner?
I don't think these
are aftershocks, Drew.
Berkeley's too far north.
You think these
could be foreshocks?
You know, L.A.
just had the big one.
The San Andreas
shouldn't be releasing
this much energy
so quickly afterward.
Let's see if we can
figure out what's going on.
It's like massive energy
from the quake
has lengthened the fault
even further.
It nearly stretches the entire
length of California now.
Another earthquake
near San Jose!
- What's that?
- It's a warning.
The seismic waves are
just under the surface.
They're the shallowest
I've ever seen.
S waves that shallow, it
could affect the entire state.
We need to find an epicenter.
See if there's a correlation
between the depth
and the radio output.
When we got hit
here in Berkeley,
I began triangulating
the information.
It turns out that
all these earthquakes
are immensely shallow.
And they're striking up
and down the fault
at a rate I've never
seen before.
Shallow earthquakes up
and down the fault line,
that's gonna be enormous
destructive capability.
Even relatively small quakes
will have catastrophic
And at this rate, that fault
line is deteriorating rapidly.
Now everything east of the fault
line should be relatively safe.
I mean, the ground is
gonna absorb most of the energy.
And the west?
Everything west of the fault
will fall into
the Pacific Ocean.
That's right.
And with the intensity
of these quakes,
it's only a matter of time.
Drew, alert the authorities.
Have them start evacuating
everyone east of the fault line.
On it!
You know what
we need to do, right?
We don't need her.
No, I... we can figure
this out on our own.
Look, I know that you guys
are divorced
and she left you
and that wasn't cool.
But she's the only person
who truly knows the device
inside and out.
That's what we need
to shut this down
before it destroys California.
After all, it's what you
guys built it for, isn't it?
Call her, Werner.
I will make her
travel arrangements.
Hello, Deborah. It's...
Jan, hi. Is everything okay?
Yes, yes, and you?
I'm fine.
Have you heard from Ingrid?
Uh, no,
but I keep checking my phone.
I'm worried. She should be
out of there by now.
Yeah. Look, I promise
I'll let you know
as soon as I hear anything.
Deborah, listen.
We're getting a bunch of
shallow quakes at a rapid rate
all up and down
the San Andreas fault line.
How shallow are the depths?
Some of the most shallow
I've ever seen.
What do you need from me?
You're gonna hate
hearing this,
but we need your help
with the seismic cannon.
Now if we can triangulate
a median center
of all the earthquakes,
then the waves from your cannon
might be able
to stop this thing.
Look, Jan, I'm sorry,
but you're the one
that allowed the Department
of Defense to weaponize it.
I cannot be responsible
if something goes wrong
with its implementation. No.
If we don't do something,
these earthquakes
are gonna get bigger
and bigger until
the second Big One hits,
a mega quake.
That's correct.
Just give me a minute.
Look, Deborah.
I want you to know I swear
I had no idea
what they were gonna
do to your device.
But right now, we have a
unique opportunity
to mitigate the effects
of this earthquake.
With your help, Deb,
we can restore your cannon
to be used the way you intended,
saving lives and preventing
the catastrophic destruction
of an entire state.
Please, Deb.
California needs you.
Ingrid needs you.
I need you.
Can you even get me to
California with enough time?
My people are securing
a flight to Reno right now.
From there, you get on one of
our private helicopters to here.
If you're in, I can have you
here in just about three hours.
Okay, Jan, I'll do it.
I'll do it.
Enable your location
on your mobile phone
and I'll forward it to
the proper channels.
I knew the government
would track my phone.
Hey, just be glad I don't have
access to your search history.
See you soon... and, Deb?
Thank you.
Yeah. I'm glad I can help.
I reached out
to Dr. Franklin.
She'll be
on her way here shortly.
Should I contact
the Department of Defense?
Yeah. We need to loop them
in immediately.
On it.
You really think they're
gonna let you tear open
their new weapon and
completely rewire it?
They have to.
So many lives at stake.
And right now,
that device is the only thing
that'll stop the quakes.
Without it,
all of Western California
will slip into the ocean.
Besides, it was our design
in the first place.
I hope they listen.
Deborah Franklin?
Pilot Bill Roberts.
Welcome aboard.
Follow me.
Let's strap on our belts.
This looks like
a military aircraft.
Are you in the service?
Retired Army.
What's this?
Like the emergency brake?
Don't worry.
You're in great hands.
You're gonna want to see this.
Put it up.
Is this it?
Are we too late?
No, they're just foreshocks,
but they're everywhere!
And they're progressively
getting bigger!
At this rate, we have
less than 12 hours
before a mega quake.
Come in, Mission Control!
We've had reports of
seismic activity coming in
and out of your
designated landing zone.
Proceed with caution.
Over and out!
We're gonna hit the ground!
Hold on to something!
Everyone okay?
You okay?
You good, Drew?
Dr. Franklin's Air Transport
went down on Mount Eagle.
Try to find the median center
of all these earthquakes, okay?
That's gonna give us the best
location to stop this thing!
Excuse me.
Yeah, Dad, it's me.
What... where are you?
Did you evacuate?
Uh, no, no.
I'm still in Los Angeles.
- Are you safe?
- Yeah.
Well, how are you able to call
me if you're still on duty?
Uh, the mission went
completely FUBAR, Dad.
I'm the only one left.
Found the last live line here.
I tried to call my CO,
but they're not answering.
I think they moved out
without me.
Dad, I wanted to give you
a call one last time in case...
No, no, no.
Don't say that, honey.
Look, you need to get
as far away from Los Angeles
as possible, okay?
It's not safe.
ASAP, baby, okay?
If you move out now,
you might be able to meet up
with some other
military personnel.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Help! Help!
Is there someone
with you, honey?
Dad, I have to go.
People here need me.
No, Ingrid. You need to
get out of there right now!
Dad, I came here on a mission
to get people to safety.
And that's exactly
what I'm gonna do.
I have to go!
All right.
Just, uh...
Just be safe, okay?
This thing's gonna get a lost
worse before it gets better.
I want you get out of there and
head east as soon as you can.
Okay, I'll call you
as soon as I'm safe.
I love you, Dad.
I love you too, honey.
Oh, thank God!
Are you okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I think so.
I don't know where my pilot is.
I think he may be dead.
Where are you?
Uh, we crashed northeast
of the landing site.
Okay, I think I see you.
Hold on.
I'm on my way.
Oh, my God.
Stay calm.
Forget it.
It's too heavy.
Save yourself.
I've flown emergency
choppers for decades.
I've seen this exact
same wound several times.
I'm just gonna lay here
and enjoy this view
while I can before
they get you out of here.
Before they us out of here!
You're not gonna let one
bumpy landing take you down!
Thank you.
I wish I could share your
confidence right about now.
Make sure you guys finish
what you guys came here to do.
- Deb!
- Oh my God!
You okay?
I'm shook up,
but I'm okay, I'm okay.
Oh my God, baby.
We gotta go.
We gotta go now before
the roads get worse.
No, no, no.
We can't leave...
No, no, no. We got an
emergency team en route.
- We can't leave him.
- This your bag?
- Yeah.
- Yeah? We gotta go!
- Come on!
- Let me get my computer.
What happened to your leg?
Bike accident. I'll tell
you about it en route.
Let's go!
Oh, God, he just...
Deb, I'm so sorry.
Nothing you could have
done about it, okay?
He knew the risks of
that job when he took it.
No one could have
predicted this, Werner!
We sent that man to his death!
A lot more people are gonna
die if we don't get you
safely back to
the headquarters and find a way
to stop these quakes
from happening.
He just...
He would have wanted you to
get back and stop that same fate
from happening
to countless others.
That way, his life wouldn't
have been in vain.
- Okay.
- Okay?
You're right.
Did you bring your laptop?
You okay?
Well, it's been one hell of
a morning, I'll tell you that.
- Here.
- What?
You're bleeding.
- Oh, my nose.
- Yeah.
- Did I get it?
- On your lip.
- On my lip?
- Yeah.
It's dripping on your lip.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
Here. Check out what
we've been dealing with.
Oh, wow. Oh, wow!
Okay, I see what you're
talking about here.
This is a massive
expansion on the rift!
Were we right?
Do these earthquakes
have the potential
to knock everything west of
the fault line into the ocean?
Deborah, is it as bad
as I think it is?
Yeah. In fact...
Look, I don't know if the cannon
is gonna be enough to stop this.
I told you it was bad.
Hold on!
You okay?
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I'm okay, okay.
Okay, if what I'm looking at is
right, and I believe it to be,
the entire California coast
is gonna break off
into the ocean in
a matter of hours.
This is the data.
My colleague
said the same thing.
I was hoping he's wrong,
but I guess not.
Go, go, go, go, go!
Deb, you okay?
For someone who's been
in a helicopter crash
and a car crash, surprisingly.
I'm okay, I'm okay, I'm okay.
Is the truck okay?
It looks all right.
Here goes nothing.
Oh, thank God.
Have you heard from her yet?
Yeah, I heard from her
just a little while ago.
- She's okay.
- Okay.
I can't believe
she's still in L.A.
She's doing what
the Army tells her to do.
You know, I think she
really likes the structure,
seeing that she didn't
have much of it at home.
Good one.
Hello? Is anybody here?
Hello? Can you hear me?
Is there anybody here?
Hello? Can you hear me?
Yes, I'm with the
United States Army, miss.
Do you need help?
Yes. I'm trapped on
the third floor.
The door to my office
is blocked.
All right.
What's your name?
- Sadie.
- Sadie.
I'm gonna find a way
to get you out, all right?
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you so much!
Of course.
All right, don't worry, miss.
I'm gonna find a way up to you.
And we're gonna get you out,
all right?
Jan, everything okay?
Yes, yes.
Drew? Christine?
This is Dr. Deborah Franklin,
expert seismologist.
And volcanologist,
but hopefully
it doesn't come to that.
Let's hope not.
Hi, I'm Christine.
Nice to meet you.
Welcome, Dr. Franklin.
We've heard a lot about you.
- Hopefully, all good things.
- Yes, ma'am.
Have the foreshocks
gotten any stronger?
We felt a couple
on the way over.
They're up 5.5.
Still growing,
but at a steady rate.
Great. Drew?
Any updates?
D.O.D. needs to know
where we want the cannon.
Okay. Did we find the
center of the quakes yet?
We're still trying to
find the exact coordinates.
The waves are so strong
and moving so fast,
it's proving to be
extremely difficult
to find an exact median.
Any way we can get that thing
to triangulate faster?
We need to get
the cannon loaded ASAP.
Every second we waste,
California gets closer
to utter destruction.
With the intensity of
these foreshocks
and the speed of the wave,
I'd say we'd be lucky
if the computer can find
any pattern at all.
I think I can help
you with that.
Take a look.
Wait. What did you do?
So using the software you
gave me and the algorithm
I developed to track the flow of
magma beneath the earth's crust,
we should be able to use
the disturbances
of the natural slower
flowing magma
rather than the unpredictable
fast-moving S waves.
How long will
this take to install?
Not long.
It is good to go.
Plug it in.
How on earth did you
let that woman go?
Let's just focus on saving
California right now.
Wait. What happened to the map?
Damn it!
- Sadie?
- Hello?
I don't know what happened.
It merged seamlessly
on my computer!
Every minute we waste
trying to fix it is a minute
that we don't have
finding the center!
Everything west of the
San Andreas fault is at risk!
Hey, yelling at her
is not gonna make her
work any faster, Jan.
Sorry, Deborah.
All right, and I got it.
We're set.
We just need to reboot.
Thank God!
How long is this gonna take?
Just a couple of minutes
and we are good.
Oh, my God, the computer!
If we lose it,
we'll never find the center!
- Drew! Drew!
- Drew!
Oh, God!
Drew! Drew!
- Hey.
- Oh, thank God, he's okay.
You okay?
Buddy, come on.
You okay?
All right, let's get him up.
- I'm good, I'm good.
- You all right?
You all right?
Whoa! No, you're not.
Christine, get him to
the break room, okay?
Get you off your feet, buddy.
Take a break.
We're gonna need you.
Watch your step.
Oh, great.
We lost the monitor.
All right, we need
to find the center
and then alert the D.O.D.
into play immediately.
Are you sure this cannon
of yours is gonna work?
I mean, is it gonna stop
these quakes
before they become
a mega quake?
I designed it.
I will work.
You gonna play nice with
the D.O.D. when they arrive?
As long as they don't
get in my way,
I will be perfectly
civil to them.
That's not saying a lot.
Hey, they were the ones
that took a life-saving device
and turned it into
a war machine!
Deb, they haven't used it
on anyone yet, okay?
- I've made sure of that.
- Not yet.
Deb, I know how
you feel, okay?
You know how I feel?
To create something that
could potentially save lives
and they turn it into something
that can destroy
entire countries?
You know how I feel?
That's a decision I made,
all right?
They offered us
more money to help fix
and make your machine work.
Well, you were stupid to think
that they would use it for good.
- Stupid!
- Yeah. And you know what?
That's a decision that
I've had to live with
every day of my life!
I don't blame
you for leaving me.
Then why don't you
tell that to Ingrid?
You made your
decision and I made mine,
and she'll see that.
If we even survive.
Deb... the D.O.D.
is with us on this, okay?
They want to save lives
just as much as we do, okay?
The D.O.D. is en route.
Most of California is
evacuating as we speak.
What are you doing
back on your feet?
You are so lucky to be okay.
You could have been
seriously hurt.
It'll take more than
that to stop me, ma'am.
California's my home.
We gotta save it.
Take it easy, Drew.
What you did was a stupid
albeit very heroic thing
you did back there.
It was either me
or California.
All right, let's find
the center and save California.
Are you still alive?
I heard a crash below.
I thought that was
the end of you.
I came here to get you out.
That's exactly
what I'm gonna do.
Can you describe
what you see around you?
I guess I'm pretty close
to the middle of the hall.
The door is blocked,
so I can't really go anywhere.
Let me see what it
looks like on my end.
We calculated
the quake's center.
36.8 degrees north,
121.4 degrees west.
Hollister, California...
well, just outside it.
- Great.
- Okay.
We think we finally
calculated how many hours
- till the mega quake hits.
- So how long do we have?
- Approximately six hours.
- That's no time at all.
Then we need to get moving.
Call the D.O.D.
Let 'em know we need
that cannon in Hollister.
I'm on it.
Do you really think
the cannon will work?
Yeah. So my invention
takes seismic waves
produced by an earthquake
and matches their intensity
with an opposing wave.
- Newton's Third Law?
- Precisely.
How does it calculate
the intensity of the waves
- it needs to generate?
- That's a great question.
So the reason we want
to go to the center
is so we can analyze a number
of factors: depth, intensity,
ground type, and
then we send a pulse
to neutralize the quake
before it hits.
Now that's incredible.
it's pretty damn awesome.
All right, folks, listen up!
We got less than six hours,
all right?
Let's get moving!
Well, well, well.
We have our
deployment orders, Ji.
Apparently they found
someone who can turn
this whole chaos maker
into a lifesaver.
I don't mean to talk
out of turn, Colonel.
Was that a joke?
I've seen what that thing
can do firsthand.
There's no way it can do
anything but destroy.
I don't see how anyone can use
a seismic cannon for good.
I know the eggheads who
invented this damn thing.
I can confirm it was invented
with the intention
of saving lives and
preventing earthquake.
But we saw
the potential it had.
An untapped weapon
with unlimited power.
Well, thank God
we never fired it.
Might start a World War III.
So, where to, sir?
Hollister, California.
38.6 degrees north,
121.4 degrees west.
Let's rock and roll, sergeant.
Yes, sir!
We ready?
D.O.D. will meet us
in Hollister.
Great. How about us?
Call us the chopper?
I tried, but all of
the helicopters
are being used for evac.
We wouldn't be able
to get one to us in time
even if it were
I hope you
put gas in your truck.
All right, we got a
90-minute drive ahead of us.
Let's go save some lives.
Isn't this the most
heavily mitigated building
in the State of California
to prevent
against earthquake damage?
Everyone take cover!
This is registering at a 6.5!
These quakes are getting
even stronger with time!
Everyone okay?
You okay?
You good.
Drew, you good?
- Yeah.
- Deborah?
We only have four hours.
What do you mean?
I mean, we only have
four hours, not like
the original six I calculated
earlier, but four hours!
What happened?
Why did that change?
The S waves are getting
even shallower.
They're making new lines against
the fault with every quake.
They have to be
practically near the surface
for that to happen.
They are on the surface.
This is unlike anything
in recorded history.
This is bad.
I want to save California,
but I don't know how much more
of this I can take.
Look, we have to try.
There's millions of lives
on the line, okay?
We don't have any other choice.
Drew, tell the D.O.D.
about the new timeline.
All right, everyone, let's move!
- Sadie, are you in here?
- Yes! Yes, I'm right here!
All right.
You're right, though.
The door's completely blocked.
I'm not gonna be able to get
through this on my own.
I'm gonna need something.
- Well, hey, check the closets.
- What?
The company, we were doing
some renovating.
Maybe they left some equipment
tucked away in the closets?
Right, yeah.
I think I remember
passing them on my way up.
- I'll be right back, okay?
- Okay.
Oh, my God!
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
Don't worry.
Hey, are you okay?
Besides the state plunging
into the ocean, yeah.
Sorry, I'm just
worried about Ingrid.
Me, too.
Can you...
They never prepare you for
the worrying you do as a parent.
I know.
At least she still
speaks to you.
She won't even pick up
the phone when I call.
There's still time
to change all that.
I have a feeling after all this,
she'll come around.
It's up to her if
she wants to see me again,
if we even make it out of this.
It looks like California
has a bit of activity.
Foreshocks or aftershocks?
Definitely foreshocks.
But not too strong yet.
They are 5.0s because
they're further down
the fault than our 6.5s.
But I imagine the timelines,
as we get closer,
they're gonna get worse.
Any other changes with that?
No. The timeline
is holding steady
at four hours for now.
- Knock on wood.
- Let's hope it stays that way.
Drew, you keeping in
contact with the D.O.D.?
Yes. They're landing about
15 minutes ahead of us.
All right.
Let's get this crate
on the ground.
Those eggheads will
be here soon enough.
Yes, sir.
What the hell?
You feel that, Ji?
Yeah, I sure did, sir.
Oh, one heavy mother!
It is a seismic cannon, sir.
- Hey, Deb?
- Yeah?
There it is.
Here we go.
Well, I'll be...
Colonel Lockner.
I's a pleasure to see
you again, sir.
Pleasure's all mine, Doctor.
I'm Dr. Deborah Franklin.
You have the bastardized version
of my invention under that tarp.
Well, nice to meet you,
Dr. Franklin.
We parked a safe distance
from that epicenter?
Because I don't want that bird
destroyed if we can avoid it.
Oh, yeah. We're just
outside the worst of it.
Want to pull the truck up?
Will you boys
help us load this up?
Can't wait to see
it in action.
Me, too.
Hold on!
Everybody all right?
- We're okay, we're okay.
- Yeah, we're okay!
Hold on!
- We're okay!
- Stay right there! Stay calm!
- Yeah, guys, we're good.
- Hold on!
All right!
Just sit tight!
Hold on here a second!
Put it in reverse.
Take it easy.
Go easy.
- Got it.
- Let's do it.
Steady, steady, steady,
steady, steady, steady.
We're not getting
any traction!
Get into the back! Go!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
No, no! No doors! No doors!
Get out the windows! Go out!
- Go!
- Okay.
Come on, Christine!
I got you!
Be careful!
Go out the window!
Right here, Christine!
Come here!
I got you!
Colonel, we still need
more weight in the back!
All right, you
listen to me, son.
We got 180 extra pounds up here.
I'm gonna head into the back.
I'm crawling in the back!
Stay where you are!
Yes, sir.
No, no! No doors!
Not through the door.
Not through the door.
- Punch it!
- Everybody hold on!
Hold on! Hold on!
You heard her, sergeant!
Punch it!
Sir, yes, sir!
Hold on!
Drew! Drew!
Please! We have to see
if he's okay, please!
Ji, go down there
and check on their man.
We ain't leaving
nobody behind.
Be careful.
You all right, soldier?
I feel about
as good as I look.
Okay, come on.
Nope. Absolutely not.
Can't just leave
a man behind.
It's okay.
I don't wanna slow
you guys down.
I'm not gonna be responsible
for countless more deaths.
You're a real hero, you know.
What you did up there,
I didn't think you were capable.
California's my home.
I'd do anything to protect it.
Now go.
Stay with us, okay?
What would Drew say?
Let's save California.
That kid died a hero's death.
We should all be lucky to go
out with that distinction.
All right, let's move 'em out.
Are we at the correct
Yes, Colonel, this is it.
- Get that cannon out.
- Yes, sir.
That's not good.
It's all yours now, Deb.
Think you can get restored her
back to her original intent?
Yeah. Give me five minutes.
I got this.
Oh, boy, what did these
idiots do to my baby?
My God.
All right, make that 10 minutes.
It isn't funny, Colonel.
- You okay?
- I'm fine.
Thank you so much for saving me.
Of course, ma'am,
but we need to get out of here,
we're not safe.
Before this place caves
in on both of us.
We can get
out of here, okay?
Okay, I've got everything.
Let's go.
Okay, that ought to do it.
- Well, I hope so.
- Sit right here, sir?
Ask the doctor.
This is her show now.
Yeah, this'll work.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll grab the detonator.
The shocks are getting
rapidly more intense.
How long until
we reach full capacity?
Okay, we've got
five minutes to warm up.
And then I need to know the
instant an S wave hits, Werner.
- Can you do that?
- You got it.
How's it looking, Doc?
It should be
ready momentarily.
Okay, everybody
needs to back up!
Oh, no, no, no, no!
What? What happened?
I don't know, I don't know.
Give me a second!
We don't have many
of those left.
What's the ETA?
Deb, we have less
than 60 seconds!
- There's no way!
- I can fix it! Just trust me!
The second that hits,
you tell us!
- Can I help?
- I got this.
I believe you,
but we need it now.
Okay. Just hold on
these two buttons.
- Let me try something.
- 30 seconds!
Great! Are we set?
Just keep holding the buttons!
15 seconds!
Two, one, go!
Hey, we just
stopped a mega quake!
Why the hell aren't
you guys cheering?
- What happened?
- Oh, no.
What's it saying?
I don't think we stopped it.
I think the cannon sustained
damage in the earthquake.
It's only showing 8% loaded.
Damn it!
Well, it must have
done something.
I mean, the mega quake
didn't happen.
Yet. We stopped it here.
But we moved it
somewhere else.
- Precisely.
- Any idea where that might be?
Probably a place that
already is a hotbed of activity,
you know, path
of least resistance.
If I had to guess,
I would say...
9- Los Angeles.
- Well, that's great.
- Excuse me?
I mean, the place is already
destroyed and evacuated, Werner.
What the hell's
another earthquake
in a completely ruined
and empty city?
It's not completely
empty, Colonel.
My... our daughter is in L.A.
evacuating people right now.
Well, then you need
to call her.
And you tell her
and everybody she's with
they need to evacuate now.
Oh, it's far worse
than that, Colonel.
The entire San Andreas fault
is burning hot right now.
Look, the mega quake is gonna
originate in Los Angeles
and it's gonna rip up the coast.
It's gonna break
the state into two pieces!
There must be something
we can do.
I mean, can't we fix the cannon?
No. It's not worth the risk.
If something goes wrong again,
it'll just do worse damage
to California and
the surrounding states.
It's not good,
it's not good.
Then we need
to focus on Los Angeles.
Whatever we need to be doing,
we need to be doing it there.
Is there a time change
to the occurrence in L.A.
different than what
we've already established?
Well, we're still holding
steady at four hours.
That'll give us enough time
to get in and get out.
Right. We'll take a chopper.
Ji, take the truck.
- Bring back the bird.
- Sir, yes, sir.
All right, listen up.
I'm gonna go check on Evac,
make sure we're still getting
everybody as far east
as possible, all right?
Excuse me.
Is that your phone?
No. My phone
hasn't been working.
Well, it's not my phone.
Oh, thank God!
Please tell me you're
not still in L.A.
No, I am. I'm stuck
in this building.
Trying to find a way out.
Still saving lives.
No, you need to get
out of there right now!
Why? What's going on?
Okay, listen to me, honey.
Los Angeles is about to
be ground zero for a mega quake
so catastrophic it's gonna
punch everything west
of the San Andreas
into the ocean.
- How long until the mega quake?
- Not long.
That's why you need to get out
of there right now.
Dad, I...
No, no, no, no. You just
listen to me, okay, baby?
You get out of
there right now!
If anything were ever
to happen to you, I...
Okay, okay, I promise.
The second I get out of here,
I'm driving east as
quickly as I can.
That's my girl.
I love you.
I love you, too.
I love you too, sweetheart.
Mom, is that you?
Yeah. Hi.
Hi. It's good to
hear your voice.
Listen, Ingrid, your dad and
I are trying to do everything
to stop this quake
from happening.
But we need you to get out
of Los Angeles ASAP.
Well, you guys are
working on it together,
it must be serious.
Just get outta there, baby.
I love you guys.
- Love you too, honey.
- Love you, Ingrid.
- Everything okay?
- Yeah.
We need to get
out of here now.
Is there any other
way out of here?
Do you know... parking lot,
parking garage,
fire escape, anything?
Yeah. Right this way.
All right, team.
Here's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna get onboard
that chopper.
We're gonna fly our
asses down to Los Angeles
and we're gonna devise
a plan on the way.
No. We're not going
anywhere until
we have an exact plan in place.
- Hold on.
- What is it?
It looks like
magmatic processes
have increased since after
we tried the cannon.
Deborah, the rift.
Is it still showing
as being shallow?
Is this still correct?
Yeah, it looks like
the depth is consistent.
Well, I don't think
it's gonna work.
Anything is worth
a shot now, Jan.
What if we we made
a volcano from the tar pits?
The fault line runs right
next to the La Brea Tar Pits,
which would be the easiest place
to access the magma below.
If we created a volcano...
Then the resulting lava
would flow into the shallow rift
and potentially
seal the fissure.
I love it.
Okay, I'm in.
Okay, but the magma
at the location we choose
- would need to be thin.
- Why is that?
Well, with thin magma,
you have more gasses
that are released and,
with that,
you wouldn't
have an explosion.
- Which is not what we want.
- No. We don't want that.
Okay, well, it looks
like it's this location.
Yeah, the lava's thin,
the magma's thin.
I don't mean to rain
on y'all's parade here.
But how in God's green earth
are you gonna create a volcano
just out of nowhere?
That's the million
dollar question.
Well, the seismic cannon
would have been strong enough
to agitate the magma below
and bring it to the surface,
but it's busted.
How long will it
take to fix it?
It'll take longer to fix
than California has to spare.
It's not an option.
Aren't you Marines
combat engineers?
Yes, we are.
Could they use an explosive
device to raise the magma?
Do you seriously think
we're gonna be able
to access enough explosives
to create a volcano
with one simple
phone call, do you?
Well, I...
There's protocol!
There's a hierarchy!
Well, I hope they show
some leniency, given that this
is a potential
cataclysmic event, Colonel.
Well, I'd like to see you
tone it down, civilian!
Guys, we're on
the same team here!
Why don't you
back off, woman?
Hell, you been after
my resignation ever
since the Department
of Defense took over the
control of your device!
Excuse me?
Yeah, that's right!
You don't think I've seen
the letters, your emails
and every interview
you've damn well done?
Now I don't know how
much further up I can go
with Command to help you,
so back off me!
- You hold on a minute.
- For me?
Who do you think
I'm doing this for, Lockner?
It's Colonel to you.
Okay, yes.
I was and, frankly,
am still upset
with the Department of Defense
for stealing my device!
The D.O.D.
funded your device!
And then stole it and
altered it against my will
and against the better judgment
of the entire
scientific community!
You weaponized earthquakes!
We tried to turn
the tide, ma'am.
You were trying to kill
thousands of people.
Their blood would
have been on my hands!
That was not my intention
when I created this device!
But now we can put
the past behind us
if you can just get us the
explosives we need to fix this.
Lockner, we can save millions.
And you can make up
for all that you cost me.
Look, you cost me a lot.
You cost me my job.
My marriage.
But all of that
wouldn't matter for a second
if you can get
the explosives we need.
Can you do that?
Can you get us
the ordnance, Colonel?
Well, we'd need a BLU-117
hard target bomb,
and that weighs 2,000 pounds.
How do we get one of those?
I make a call.
Okay. So we drop the charge
at an appropriate depth.
We get a remote detonation
and I think this could work.
Well, if anybody can figure
this out, it's you, doctor.
Right. So the blast itself
may only penetrate
a few hundred feet.
But even thin magma
has a high viscosity.
And the shockwave
that's resulting from this
would be enough at that depth
to send the resulting
magma into the fault.
- Sounds good to me.
- Okay.
All right,
I'll make the call.
Thanks, Colonel.
The chopper's ready
for the cannon, sir.
Leave the cannon.
It's just gonna weigh us down.
But, sir....
Now you listen to me.
When we get out of this mess,
we'll come back here
and collect it.
Right now,
it's a 250-pound paperweight.
Let's load up.
I've always wanted to say it.
It's fun.
- Come on, let's move.
- Let's go, Deb.
Yeah, uh, I need a minute.
Don't worry, ma'am.
You're safe with me.
Yeah, I've heard that before.
Sorry. Force of habit.
I think you're
more nervous than I am.
Well, we're about to find out.
Ji, this is something
you can do, correct?
Affirmative, sir.
No problem.
We need a medium duty crane,
rig it onto a solid surface,
a normal remote detonation
battery pack.
Fuse it to the bomb,
scramble the sonar
and program it to work
with our depth meter.
Shouldn't be a problem at all
as long as we get it on time.
166th Tiltrotor Squadron,
Sea Elk.
Captain Fiske.
Colonel Rex Lockner.
Tango Tango Romeo Sierra
one seven niner six four Zulu.
Authentication confirmed.
This line is secure.
What can I do for you, Colonel?
I need a BLU-117
conventional bomb,
directional shape charge,
downward radius.
Need a medium duty crane.
I need a...
Looks like we're
making good time.
Can you imagine if we had
to drive the whole way there?
No way we'd make it.
I'm the last person
I thought would be appreciating
the Department of
Defense right now.
But I got to say,
they're killing it.
- Right?
- Yeah.
See? I told you
they're not all that bad.
Did you get a chance
to call your daughter?
Yeah, we talked to Ingrid.
I told her to get out
as soon as possible.
I sure hope
she listened to us this time.
I hope so too.
I've been running Dr. Franklin's
numbers pretty consistently.
And it looks like four hours
is our best case scenario.
Well, that's too far for
either one of us to jump.
Are you sure we can't
go back the way you came in?
No. Everything caved in
on the way up.
I'm not even supposed
to be here!
I'm supposed to be up
north with my friends...
Sadie, Sadie?
I need you to calm down, okay?
I need you to be here with me.
I need your help just as
much as you need mine, okay?
And we're gonna get
out of this, all right?
Do you trust me?
I need you to stay right here
and I'll be right back.
I have an idea, okay? Okay.
We're too high up
to use it to go down.
Well, we're not
using it for that.
We're using it to go across.
Can you give me a hand?
Here we go, one, two three.
After you?
We all set?
It's on the way.
We're good to go.
Good job, Colonel.
Is there any way we can
pick up the pace here?
I'd hate to run into a time
crunch if we can avoid it.
I don't wanna push
this bird too hard.
We didn't have time to do
a full and proper inspection
before takeoff.
And there's a chance
it took some damage
from the quakes we're endured.
We're getting there faster
than any ground vehicle.
I guarantee you that.
You got any family
in California, sergeant?
I do not, sir.
Close friends or folks
you can't imagine losing?
I'm afraid not, sir.
Well, if you did, wouldn't you
do everything possible
if it was in your ability to do
so to keep that from happening?
Of course.
Well, I got a daughter
in Los Angeles.
I can't imagine living
without her, especially if I had
the chance to save her and
missed by just a few minutes.
All right, you got it.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Hold on!
I told you we shouldn't
speed things up!
Hang on to something!
This isn't gonna be fun!
Manual fuel! Manual fuel!
Caution! Caution!
Manual fuel!
Hold on, Christine!
Hold on!
Deb, you okay?
Oh, God.
Deb, you okay?
Yeah, yeah.
Are you okay?
The computer's good.
Where's Lockner?
- Colonel!
- Ji!
Oh, thank God.
You think
that's the first bird
- I've ridden in hot, do you, Doc?
- No.
I told you we shouldn't
have sped that thing up!
Oh, I'm sorry.
I was under the impression
that you could do your job!
I been flying that bird
for years
and I told you we shouldn't
increase our speed!
Look, I'm just trying to save
my daughter
and get to Los Angeles
a little faster, okay?
We were getting there
just fine until you made me
go against
my professional judgment.
Now we'll be lucky
to get to L.A.
so we can waste more time
saving your daughter.
What did you say,
you piece of...
Hey, hey, guys!
We cannot fall apart now!
We've come too far. No!
Stand down, soldier.
That's an order.
The guy's just trying
to save his family.
Hell, as a man with a wife
and two daughters at home,
I know what he's going through.
But, sir...
No buts!
So what?
We crashed a damn chopper!
You think a bird going down
has ever stopped me
from getting finished
with every mission
I've ever had in my career?
Now I know it
looks grim out here.
But it usually does before it
starts getting better!
And that's just the way it is!
But we can't be
at each other's throats,
not when we got lives to save!
Do you get that?
From now on, I'll let
you handle the seismology.
And you let me handle
my area of expertise.
All right, let's try
and find a truck.
We have a mega quake to stop.
I think I saw
something that way.
Hey, guys, I don't think we're
gonna be able to find a car.
Everyone's evacuated.
Well, we can't lose hope now.
We're the only ones
that can save California.
Guys, maybe...
Well, out with it.
Maybe we should think about
ourselves for a second.
What if we run out of time?
You're not saying what
I think you're saying,
are you, Christine?
I'm just saying what
if we don't find a car?
I mean, we keep getting hit
with these quakes and, you know,
they keep slowing us down.
You get that
thought out of your head.
We will find a car.
We'll drive to L.A.
And we're going to save Ingrid.
What if we don't, Werner?
I mean, look at us.
This is who's left.
We had a perfect plan
and everything went wrong.
I just don't want
to lose anybody else.
Christine, look.
I know it's been a rough day.
Understatement of the century.
Maybe, but, you know Drew.
I didn't know him that well.
But if he were here,
I know what he would do.
Do you know what he would do?
- What?
- He'd keep fighting.
He loved the BEWDC
and he loved California.
He wouldn't let anything
stop him from saving California.
He laid down his life
so that we could keep going.
I know it's scary, okay?
We're all scared,
the most scared I've ever
been in my entire life.
But we can't let fear stop us
in our tracks, all right?
We have a responsibility
not only for the lives
of millions of Californians,
but to save our own as well.
- For Drew.
- For Drew.
Hey, guys!
I found something I think
you're gonna like!
What do you got?
Come on!
I'll show you!
All right, your turn.
I can't do it!
I can't do it!
Yes, you can, Sadie!
I got you!
I can't do it!
I can't do it!
Sadie, don't let go!
- I can't!
- Sadie, don't let go!
Whatever you do,
don't let go, Sadie!
You can do this!
Just keep looking at me.
Hold on.
You can do this, Sadie.
See? Told you that
you could do it.
Let's just get outta here.
- No keys.
- Want me to see if I can help?
Be my guest.
This ought to be good.
Oh, this ought
to be real good.
Well, well, well.
What do we have here?
I grew up on the
south side of Chicago.
It looks like
a war zone out there.
Deb, how much time
do we have left?
57 minutes.
We gotta move!
How long before that chopper
gets here with the explosives?
They're in the air!
Should be 10 or 15 minutes!
Is this still a foreshock
or are we too late?
All right.
Let's go check on those pits.
Deb, any changes?
No, we're holding strong,
but these quakes are just
gonna get more intense
until we get the big one.
God, I hope the chopper's okay.
Me, too.
Gotta work with what we got.
These pits are how deep?
About 23 feet
and, obviously,
the pressure fissures
go much deeper.
Sir, how much time do you
think we'll need? How far?
Well, we're gonna need
at least a mile clearance.
Not because of
the blast radius, uh-uh.
Because all these
remaining structures
are gonna come
crashing down on us.
Forward, forward!
Keep going!
Hold! Hold!
Give me a hand with this,
All right.
Everybody clear the area!
Chopper setting down!
You don't think
that Ingrid may...
She's long gone by now.
At least I hope so.
We need to move
that damn explosive.
Everything we needed
was on that wreck.
Well, in all my years
of education, research
and scientific discovery
leads me
but to one conclusion.
Well, what's that, Werner?
We push it... together.
Where do we need to get it?
Deep into the pit, guys.
- All right.
- Get it to the edge right here.
Push, push, push.
Come on.
So where are we exactly?
Sometimes when we
have an overflow of repairs,
we outsource to other hangars,
small Humvees, aircraft,
nothing too big.
Okay, well, I don't know
what you're talking about.
Do you know how to fly
one of those things?
Yeah. Sort of.
What do you mean, sort of?
I mean, I was two tests
away from passing my exam.
Well, it's either this
or we try and
get outta here on the ground.
Come on.
Okay. Put these on.
Looks good.
- Great. You ready?
- Mm-hmm.
All right.
Something must have shaken
out there in the quake.
I'm gonna go check it out,
all right?
Push, push!
It's growing in intensity!
- Two, three! Push!
- We don't have much time!
Less than 20 minutes!
Right to the edge
of the rift, come, come!
Okay, guys, right to
the edge here!
Right here! Come on!
Move it!
Okay, we've got 20 minutes!
Are we ready?
Just about.
All right.
Ready, sir.
Okay, looks like
we are all right.
We are right on schedule, guys.
Oh, thank God.
There's only millions
of lives on the line.
Yeah, right?
No pressure.
No pressure.
Hey, this is crazy, but if
we survive this thing,
you, me, Ingrid,
go get dinner?
Something like that?
I think she'd like that.
Hey... hey, guys,
is that what I...
Lockner, what happens if
the bomb falls into lava?
A quick and painless death,
I can guarantee you that.
All right, we need
to get back up top now!
Do you know what's
wrong with it yet?
Got it!
All right.
You ever flown in
a helicopter before?
No, but I like
roller coasters.
This is nothing like
a roller coaster.
I told you I was gonna
get you out.
You all right?
Yeah, yeah, small victories.
All right, Sadie.
you are my navigation.
There should be
a compass over near you.
Can you tell me what
direction we're going in?
Uh, south.
South. All right.
Well, if we're going south,
then east must be...
- Oh my God!
- Whoa!
- Sorry.
- Yeah.
Hey, at least we're not
on the ground, right?
Let me boost you up.
No, no.
If I fall, then you're not...
You're not gonna fall.
I got you.
- Let me boost you up.
- Okay.
- That's okay. I got you.
- Okay.
Stand up straight!
Straighten that leg out!
Straighten this leg out!
Stand up!
Christine, you're next.
Let's go.
- Right here, right here.
- Okay.
Stay with me,
let me pick you up.
- Okay.
- All right, go!
Straighten that leg out,
straighten that leg!
All right, Lockner, you're up.
Let's get you outta here.
Let's get outta here.
Two, three, go!
All right, come on up.
What are you doing?
Only one of us can
be boosted up.
Hey, my daughter
might still be in L.A.
I need to be the one
to save her.
Your daughter needs you.
Let me stay here.
- Listen...
- I'm not gonna waste
any more time arguing.
I'm gonna boost you up,
throw you the detonator.
Then you can pull me up, okay?
- You ready?
- Yeah.
You ready?
One, two, three!
Come on!
Okay, Ji!
Toss me the detonator!
Ji, no!
What are we supposed
to do now?
We will wait
and we see
if the bomb drops
into lava and does the job.
We can't leave this to chance.
What the hell
are you doing, Jan?
I'm doing what I have to do.
Look, this thing has to
go off at exactly the right time
or it's all for naught.
What about Ingrid?
You're gonna have to meet up
with her on your own.
Deb, look...
I've raised her
the last few years alone.
Now you get your second chance.
I see why our daughter...
why she joined the Army.
She got it from you.
I want you to take over
my position at the BEWDC.
Have confidence
in your abilities, okay?
I do. You're ready.
Colonel Lockner, it's been
one hell of a day.
You know, it's all thanks
to you and your man
that we're ever here doing this.
I appreciate it, sir.
You're a hell of a marine.
Thank you for your service.
Thank you.
All right, how much time we got?
60 seconds.
You better start running.
- Dr. Werner?
- Sir?
You're a good man.
Thank you, Colonel.
Wait, wait! Don't...
I love you.
Dad, climb up quick!
Baby girl!
How'd you find us?
We were going east
like you said.
When I flew over the tarpits
I saw the downed helicopter,
so we thought we'd check it out.
Couldn't have been luckier.
I'll say! Woo!
Looks like
it's actually working.