Sanctified (2022) Movie Script

[music playing]
You're a nun.
That's mighty astute of you.
What the hell are you doing out
here in the middle of nowhere
by yourself?
If you would just help
me cross the river,
then I can be on my way.
That all?
Any other ways in which we might
be of service to you today?
I assume you know
the laws of God.
Thou shalt not murder.
The almighty forgives those
who repent and seek him.
Tell your friend to keep
his nose out of my cart.
Always curious.
He's always on the lookout
for something shiny.
- West.
- Damn it to hell.
What did I tell you
about using names?
I found something.
Well, Sister,
what's in the chest?
My business is none
of your concern.
Give me you rifle.
Please, don't.
[music playing]
Here's a heavy son of a bitch.
Forget it.
I said, forget it.
Get the horses.
So you don't forget.
What are you doing out here?
The Lord God smiles upon those
who give aid to his servants.
Would you please help
me cross the river?
This is the bad land, Sister.
There ain't no God here.
Let's go, go.
[music playing]
[flies buzzing]
[music playing]
My boys are back,
safe and sound.
What news you bring?
It's enough to retire on.
You see that, boys?
Unlike you sorry
sons of bitches,
the Vetter brothers
know how to get it done.
West, you come with me.
A job well done deserves
a shot of my finest.
[music playing]
Not as quiet as I used
to be, it would seem.
You dry?
It would appear so.
Oh, I despise getting old.
It takes away everything
we admire about ourselves.
It constantly reminds
us of the oncoming dark.
I think it's about
time we consider
moving on from this place.
It doesn't seem like there's
much land left in this country
for men like us.
I just wish that I could
be here to see the day
when you take over this outfit.
I don't want to lead
these men, Shaw.
I ain't got land.
I ain't got a house.
I ain't got a woman.
There's nothing that's mine.
I don't think I can
live like that forever.
West, when I found you, you
were no more than a kid,
and I took you in.
I tried to pass on part
of myself, I suppose.
That is the only way
to achieve immortality
on this shit-filled rock.
This life, it's all
just a cruel joke.
This world is a kingdom of
pain, chaos, and suffering.
And we take what we want
when we want, and how do we pay?
In blood.
That's my boy.
Good night, Weston.
[music playing]
You need something?
What the hell you so
jumpy about, Emmett?
Shaw says we're moving out.
Well, it's about time.
We ain't going.
What do you say?
Get to start over.
Let me try our
hand at one of them
almond farms out and about.
So what's your plan then,
just tell Shaw that we're done
and then bye?
I say we take our cut
and don't look back.
Stealing from Shaw?
It ain't stealing.
He'll kill you.
Hell, he'll kill a lot of us
just like he did with his gang
back in Colorado.
That's a tale, Emmett.
I believe it.
Shaw's been real good to us.
So long as it
serves his purpose.
Yeah, not always.
I mean, he brought us
up like we was his own.
You and me are family, OK?
You and me.
Ow, shit.
Tomorrow morning.
We'll meet McCain.
That's where I stashed her cut.
I need something new, Emmett.
So do you.
Trust me.
California is going
to be good for us.
I promise.
Is your mind set on this?
[music playing]
You looking for
something, Weston?
I wouldn't run if I were you.
There is not a creature on
this Earth who can outrun
my little angel of death.
After all that I have given you,
this is how you repay me.
Treachery is not a wise
move, generally speaking.
But when it's done to me,
it's particularly hazardous.
Did you really think that you
could purchase your freedom
without the shedding of blood?
Where's my brother?
Now, that is an
interesting question.
Come out, boy.
[music playing]
What have you done?
It's going to be all right, Wes.
But right now, you have to go.
We'll see each other again
somewhere down the line.
Ain't that what you said?
That's right, Emmett.
That is what I said.
[music playing]
In my younger days, I could have
gone on like this for hours.
You know, I've always
admired your knife.
The design of it, so clean.
I'm going to teach you
something that my father taught
to me before I returned
the favor to him.
If you stab an
animal just right,
it's not the puncture
wound that causes death.
No, it's the
removal of the blade
that ushers in the darkness.
Like father, like son, my boy.
[music playing]
[music playing]
[non-english speech]
Good for you.
It's the removal of the blade
that ushers in the darkness.
[non-english speech]
Here you go.
Take a drink.
That's it.
Been out for quite some time.
How long?
A few days.
Looks like these need changing.
I'll get the water boiling.
Do I know you?
The nun.
Sister Hildegard.
This is going to hurt.
Hold still.
I said hold still.
Then don't touch me.
If I don't change your bandages,
your wound will fester,
and you will die.
I'm dying already.
Aren't we all?
Where are you taking me?
Where North?
Hauling supplies.
You give me a straight
answer, woman.
What are you talking
about supplies?
What you doing all
the way down here?
Are you lost?
A nun lost in the Badlands.
You are lucky you're
still alive, Sister.
So are you.
What do you want?
A thank you out of me?
Next time, just let me die.
I have recently found myself
in need of a new guide.
And what happened
to your old one?
Well, that sounds like
a swell job opportunity.
How did he go?
I'm not entirely sure.
Got up and wandered
off into the hills.
Found him the next morning.
Looked like he'd been
mauled by some animal.
Well, your proposition
needs work, Sister.
I don't plan on picking up a
new profession of nun guiding.
So you are going to have
to find somebody else.
[music playing]
So what's in the chest?
Nothing you need to
be concerned with.
Whoa, stop it.
Hey, put that down.
What's the big deal?
It ain't been
consecrated yet, right?
Put it down now.
Make me.
[laughs] Oh, come
on, Sister, you
ain't going to
pull that trigger.
Fine, just one.
[music playing]
You want some?
All right, then I will
continue to indulge.
Get up!
Mr. Shaw.
Mr. Shaw.
Damn it.
Mr. Shaw, you got to come quick.
You want to hold on a minute?
Take a goddamn breath.
Now, what is it that requires
my immediate attention?
I am in the middle
of something here.
It's my brother.
He's gone.
[music playing]
Saddle up the others.
Mr. Shaw, ain't West
been through enough?
No loose ends.
[music playing]
What are you doing?
Man's got to eat, Hildy.
Can I call you that?
Put those back.
Beans are for eating, Hildy.
It's Sister Hildegard.
Now, if you would
kindly put those
back where you found them.
You know, for a nun,
you ain't that generous.
Generosity is not--
Shut up.
Excuse me?
Shut your mouth.
Give me that damn rifle, woman.
Don't you cuss at me.
Give me the damn rifle, please.
You need to trust me.
I don't.
[music playing]
Grace and peace to you.
Oh, oh, I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Good afternoon there, Sister.
If you don't mind me asking,
what are you doing out here
in the wilds?
Traveling North,
doing the Lord's work.
You know, I always
did respect those
who commit their lives
to a higher calling.
That's not for me though.
No, Ma'am.
Hunting, trapping, fishing,
and all of the above.
If it crawls, flies,
hops, swims, or runs,
it's likely I've killed
it, skinned it, or eaten
it, and probably all three.
You alone?
It's just that it's mighty
dangerous for a woman as
agreeable as yourself to be
out here traveling in solitude.
I mean, God only knows
what might happen,
what characters you might run
across out here in the wild.
You seem like a
good Christian man.
Indeed, I am.
But like all men, I have needs.
I think I done soiled
myself again, Sister Sarah.
What's this?
What's happening here, Sister?
I can't seem to
control my bowels.
Afternoon, Sir.
I gotta lay back down.
He's my charge.
A loathsome man, really.
Self-important and stubborn,
but suffering with an affliction
of the worst kind, leprosy.
As I'm sure you're
well aware, we sisters
often care for the
infirm and downtrodden
in our society, even those with
poor, ungrateful attitudes.
He's the reason I'm
traveling North.
The last wish of a
miserable, arrogant wretch.
Watch it.
Best to be careful
around the wagon now.
He's mighty contagious.
Oh, no, I don't
want none of that.
Come on.
[music playing]
Sister Sarah?
Miserable, arrogant wretch?
[music playing]
Get up.
[music playing]
How do you know that's
West's fire, Mr. Shaw?
You seen anybody else wandering
around out here lately?
[music playing]
Take me to the valley.
Lay this out for me.
I'm a young cowboy, and
I know I done wrong.
You have an excellent
singing voice, Hildy.
You never spend any time
at the Painted Lady brothel
down in Kansas City, did you?
No, no.
For a minute there, the nature
of this entire excursion
was about to change drastically.
I never did understand.
With all of the pleasures
that this world has
to offer, why would you want
to go and take up the cloth
and hide it away from
it all in some church?
I was married once.
[music playing]
I had two little girls.
It was just before harvest.
I loved my husband,
but he would drink.
He had this fire inside of him.
Sickness of the mind,
the doctors called it.
Lots of former Calvary
men suffer from the same.
Something about
killing other men.
It changed those boys.
He killed my little ones.
I shot him.
[music playing]
[branches cracking]
Stay back.
Don't be afraid.
It is only me.
What is it that you need?
[music playing]
I know your wounds.
They're made from hatred.
Hold here.
The great mystery brought me
to you
and brought you to me.
We are the sons and daughters
of the great mystery.
[music playing]
You're on the path.
[music playing]
What are we doing now?
[murmurs under breath]
Are you a believer, West?
In clean rifles?
You bet your holy ass I am.
Do you fear God?
Let's not go down
that road, Sister.
Well, it's a simple
enough question.
Do you fear God?
You're talking about
some supreme being
of unimaginable power
that created everything
that is and was and will be.
That's one way to put it.
No, Sister, I do not.
I've seen enough to know if
there is a God, he is mean,
or else he just
don't give a shit,
and I don't know which is worse.
Well, Weston, I'm truly
sorry to hear you say that.
We are born into this world
through pain and suffering.
That's true, and
we live in pain.
Most creatures on
Earth will die in pain.
Life and pain,
the two cannot be separated,
but the answers that you seek
are found in places like these,
Weston, it's in the darkness,
it's in the most violent places
that his love shines
ever brighter.
I need to piss.
[music playing]
Ah, give me a minute, will you?
I'm pissing as fast as I can.
Riders coming.
[music playing]
We got to get off the trail.
[music playing]
Wes, put it down.
I said, put it down.
You know I ain't doing that.
Do it.
[music playing]
[music playing]
[reading under breath]
You got clipped last night.
Yeah, I noticed.
You got any more of this shit?
There's a trading post up ahead.
I saw a sign a ways back.
No, we need to steer clear.
You'll stay hidden in the back.
The Lord will protect us.
Stay down.
I'll be out soon.
[music playing]
Isn't this a sight?
An honest to God
Sister of the Church.
Good afternoon.
You been traveling
out here long?
A few days now.
I'm headed North
to join my sisters.
I have not been up in
those parts in some time.
One of my men is missing.
He was a dear boy of mine.
We fear he may be
injured in the shoulder.
You haven't seen anybody
wandering around these parts,
have you?
No falsehoods now.
I don't see how any injured man
would last very long out here.
You've been into some trouble.
I can handle myself.
I have no doubt.
Not a soul in this
wagon, unless, of course,
that is the Holy Ghost
you are transporting
through our forsaken Badlands.
We are none of us forsaken who
turn to our Lord for succor.
Sister, may I. [groans]
We all have our crosses to bear.
Mine are my knees,
twisted up from years
of hard riding.
Sir, I have not come across any
others these past few weeks.
What do you think?
Am I getting the truth here?
Nuns don't lie.
Wisdom of Solomon.
Well, best be on my way.
I hope we find him before
he is face down in the dirt.
Good day, Sister.
[music playing]
How far are we from my sisters?
A week or more in this wagon.
A few days on horseback.
When are you going to explain
that unholy amount of gold
that you're hauling?
It's a monstrance.
Mon-- what?
A monstrance, a vessel
for the sacrament
of the body of Christ.
Are you talking about
taking communion?
Well, that is a lot of gold
to be transporting alone
without any protection.
The Lord will provide all
the protection that I need.
He also provides liars
and thieves in abundance.
He provided you, didn't he?
That's what I said?
You haven't stolen anything
from me, have you, Wes?
Oh, something ain't right
about stealing from a nun.
I don't think that's
going to end well.
I thought you didn't
believe in the almighty?
What is it?
It's nothing.
Is it your foot?
I'm fine.
Let me see.
Come on.
It's the least I can do.
When I was a kid, I'd
run away with my brother
for days at a time and
catch our own food.
He was a tenderfoot like you.
Where is he now?
He's dead.
I'm sorry.
It wasn't like we wanted
to live on the land.
Our old man was--
he reminds me a lot
of your husband.
Takes his pain out
on those around him.
He does it without
cause or reason.
I still feel it when that
North Dakota cold sets in.
One day, he was there,
and the next day, nothing.
I was 10.
It is the darkest
struggles in our lives that
bring us the most meaning.
Without those experiences,
you wouldn't be ready for God
to use us for his
greater purposes.
[music playing]
I'm going to ask
you one more time.
Have you seen a wounded man
wandering around these parts?
I think-- I might have
happened upon a sister.
What do you mean sister?
Catholic woman.
No-- you see,
I thought she
was traveling by herself.
I come to find out she was--
she was hauling some
impaired bastard.
He was-- he was real hurt.
He was sick, really sick.
What exactly did she say?
Look, I don't know.
I don't know.
I am going to show you something
that my father taught to me,
and you are going to
show me everything.
Oh, no.
This should have done me in.
You got the healer's touch.
After the war, I heard the
Union hospitals needed nurses.
So I went.
I was 16 years old.
I saw much worse than
that little scratch
you've got there.
Met my husband in
that hospital too.
He came in all torn to bits.
It wasn't the
physical wounds that
caused the most pain though.
I say we're all better
off not being born.
I know that goes
against everything you
religious types believe.
What will you do after
we've reached my sisters?
It seems to me I've got
some unfinished business
to attend to.
And what good will it do you?
Not about good.
Those who live by the sword--
I know the rest.
When we forgive
those who trespass--
It ain't for me, Sister, OK?
I do not buy into
your way of life.
You have a fire
inside of you, but you
are a good man at the
core of your being,
and you may not know it
yet or understand it,
but you were meant for
so much more than this.
The only God I
know has dragged me
through this shit
my entire life.
No, God does not harm
those that he loves.
God loves all of his children,
and he watches over them.
Did he watch over yours?
This is all just a cruel joke.
[music playing]
I will pray for you.
[thunder crashing]
You do that.
[music playing]
Good morning, Sister.
It's time to get up.
Let me go.
Don't-- don't struggle, please.
The Lord--
Don't rattle your bones
at me, Holy woman.
There is no Lord in
these Badlands but me.
String her up.
Mr. Shaw, I don't
know about this.
When I found you and your
brother, Wes was older.
He was always hard
with me, demanding,
and we took to each other
because that's all I know,
how to raise and lead hard
cruel man in a hard cruel world,
but you were younger.
You always needed
from me something
I was not capable of giving.
I failed you,
as a father,
and I'm being completely
honest with you now,
and I think we both know that
it is time for you to be honest
with me, completely.
[music playing]
Come on.
Did he do this?
Shaw has her.
The nun?
Where did he take her?
No, Emmett, where
did he take her?
Back-- back to camp.
It's OK.
Don't do that.
Don't do that.
Please, help me.
[music playing]
I would have liked to
have seen California.
My brother.
It's OK.
It's OK.
[music playing]
Weston, I know you can hear me.
Let her go, Shaw.
She ain't done nothing.
Now, why would I do that?
Got nothing to do
with you and me.
[music playing]
Your savior's here.
Call to him.
Call to him now.
Tell him you're all right.
My help comes from the Lord,
the maker of heaven and Earth.
I'm going to give you five
seconds until I turn this nun's
head into a soup bowl.
[music playing]
Weston Vetter, the
man who wouldn't die.
You were like a son to
me, you and Emmett both.
Don't you say his name.
Was I unfair to
you, untrustworthy?
What exactly did I do that
would cause you to take from me?
Had you but asked, I would
have given you anything.
Weston, my boy, this
is not what I wanted.
Look at what you made me do.
I took what was owed.
No boy of mine would
take from me and not pay,
and we always pay, Weston.
Ain't that right, boys?
How do we pay?
In blood.
How do we pay?
In blood.
How do we pay?
In blood.
Kill him, god damn it.
[music playing]
look at what you've done.
Walk away, Claire.
I don't want to do this.
Neither do I.
[music playing]
I'm going to kill you, boy.
[music playing]
My Kingdom for a horse.
You never begged me for
anything, did you, Weston?
You're not like
your little brother.
He was begging on his
knees since the moment I
found you both, all
the way to the end.
Why would anyone with
sound mind beg for anything
from this land?
He rooted and wallowed
in his pleading.
So I stuck him like a pig.
You son of a bitch.
Don't, please.
You're too late for me, Sister.
I've staked my life upon a cast.
I must stand the hazard to die.
[music playing]
I always thought
you'd be the one
to kill me, Weston,
like I was for my
father before me.
I guess the joke's on me.
[music playing]
My boy.
[music playing]
I was always proud of you.
[music playing]
Keep it.
[music playing]
I don't know if you
exist, but if you do,
take this woman
into your embrace.
Sanctify her at the
foot of your throne.
Maybe, if I can do
this one good deed,
you'll forgive all the
other wrong that I've done.
[music playing]
[speaking German]
[music playing]