Sandwich (2006) Movie Script

Popatlal, never has a bus stopped
at our doorstep. Explain this huge car
Must've come asking for address.
Let's clear the air
ls he the writer we called up?
- In Mercedes?
Sir, when I got your call,
I left my tea and came over
I'm a writer. What reminds you
of this worthless man?
Worthless? You don't know your worth
You've written a great story
What have I written?
- You have no idea what you've written
Something extraordinary?
- Fantastic! Mind-blowing! Terrific
Of all the directors, only you
figured out my script, sir
No one even acknowledged me.
- Asses all. What'd asses know?
But now you've found
a real connoisseur
I'll set them ablaze!
- The script and him? Clear the air
Get inside!
- Tell me
I took it out on him because of you.
- Explain it, please
He didn't explain the fire.
Isn't it wrong?
Sir, all these movies?
- I've seen them ten times each
You can't become a director otherwise.
- You mean you're making a debut?
First film, brand new, first venture.
- If it materialises
Who will act in it?
- The actors well, yes
your story is so novel, old actors
won't fit the bill
They won't give a damn.
- Hey! Well, listen. You and I
are debuting as writer and director
- And I, as heroine
Everything about us is new.
- Even the public
What rot! Let some thing stay
the way it is
What he means is if all are debuting,
no one will watch
You are making a mistake. Every
famous director once made his debut
A dynamic writer and a fantastic script
I'm going to ignite a fire
Ignite what? The film?
The audience? The cinema hall?
Stop interfering.
Am I not talking to him?
Excuse me excuse me!
Yes, my boy?
- What are you offering me?
A huge title in the credits.
What name would you prefer?
Name is Sher Singh. But I've thought
of Shekhar for the screen
That's nice.
- But I'm a bit cash-strapped right non
He's kidding. He roams around in
a Mercedes and cribs about money
You are mistaken. I had no money
for a cab, so I came in a Mercedes
Now it's clear.
- I'll make it more clear
I work in a car service center,
and this car belongs to my boss
I understand. Smart boy.
He works for a living
What about our livelihood?
- Shut up! Tell me, Popat
What does a writer earn per movie?
- Zilch
Something, for sure?
- Sure, I won't let you starve
I got it now I'll leave.
I know your fake types
Listen, listen
you can't shatter my dreams like this
I've got a great break. There's
happiness in this office after years
It's a question of my career.
Please please
- Look, I understand your grief
But how can I give my script away?
- Like this. Kid, you are worked up
I was kidding. You don't know
Chelaramani. I have raised the money
How much will you charge?
- At least
- Done
- Why do you look scared?
Not at all. Actually,
I'm expecting my girlfriend
If she spots me with you
- You'll be in trouble?
No, but it'll ruin my evening
You could say that I'm the heroine
of your movie
I haven't told her yet that
I'm working in movies. Because
these days even big budget films flop.
And ours is a low budget one
I have no idea whether it'll work.
- No Shekhar, don't say that
Don't say that. Our film will be a hit.
In fact, it'll be a super hit
If it's a hit, I'll tell her.
Can we meet later?
Why are you so scared
of your girlfriend?
Actually, I don't want to lose her.
She's one in a million
What do I say?
You are full of intoxication
If my heart goes hysteric,
don't blame me
How sweet!
- It's not just about romance
I want to marry.
- Congratulations
Thank you
Nisha? I mean, I was talking
about marrying her
I mean, marrying you,
not her
Won't you introduce us?
- This is my friend
- I mean, she's my boss' client
She buys cars from him.
- Client? Then why are you jittery?
Who is jittery? You are raving.
- Really? All right
Here make her your sister
Tie it to my wrist.
- You're kidding
It's a very serious joke.
- What nonsense!
I have made 40 sisters
You are 41st.
No way, Shekhar
We are not having an affair
But I never considered you my brother
A sacred thread?
No way, Shekhar
No way!
are you crying?
What the hell was going on?
- I swear, nothing
Tell me the truth.
- I swear, Nisha
Nisha, please!
- I'll kill myself
- Baldev, the silly: girl took poison
Madan, foolishness is
another name for love
Take it easy. Don't worry, everything
will be fine. How's she now?
Mr Chopra, the effect of the poison
hasn't ceased. The treatment is on
I don't understand what spell that
beggar has cast on Nisha
Doctor, how is she now?
- Not to worry. She is out of danger
Thank God
Thank you very much.
- It's okay
I'll fix that swine. I'm not
sparing him. I'll have him jailed
Papa, reason with him.
Anger will only make matters worse
One mustn't fuel a fire.
Let it cool down
Then we'll douse it with love.
- What do you mean?
A few more tiffs like this, and Nisha
will begin to hate that pauper
And that is when you find a suitor
and marry her off. Simple
If this is how she earns shame,
how will I find her a suitor?
When will your friend help?
His son Vicky will marry our Nisha
True, Madan. Vicky loves Nisha dearly.
That's why he's still a bachelor
Else, he'd have married long ago and
I'd be playing with my grandchildren
Excuse me, uncle can I meet Nisha?
Of course
If we can't be together, at least you
can give me a chance to die with you
Vicky, you know well that
I love Shekhar
But you can't stop me
from loving you, Nisha. Anyway
why did you take poison?
You wanted to die a cowards death, eh
- Who wanted to me'?
I just wanted to scare Shekhar.
But by mistake I consumed a bit more
Tie this on him
Hang on
- "Brother, honour this sacred bond"
"Brother, do not forget
your little sister"
Enough? Happy?
Nisha, do you think Shekhar
made me his sister out of fear?
Actually, Shekhar loves you dearly
That's why he tries to give in
to your foolish whims and fancies
I tell you, love is trust, faith
Suspicion is harmful, Nisha
'Shekhar really does something wrong
he will never tell you
- I will tell you
I will tell you
With what right did she
give me a sermon?
She exercised all her rights
as my sister number forty-one
Mr Chelaramani, where are we?
- At Swami Trilokanand's ashram
Know what? If he agrees to come
to our inaugural shot
we'll get tremendous coverage
And God says we are not different,
we are one
- What are you doing?
Stand up let go of my feet.
- No, Sire
I won't get up until you agree
to grace our inaugural shot
Chelaramani, try to understand.
I don't go for such occasion
My blessings are with you.
Take the offerings
Sire, this is my writer Shekhar.
He's got a great story
God too has written an interesting
story for him
Very soon he's going
to be married, twice
Wow! Congratulations
Congratulations, my foot!
Sire, the girl I love
doesn't even tolerate the shadow
of another girl touching me
Besides, I can't think of
marrying someone else
But this is God's plan.
And His will
will certainly be done.
- No no
Have a sweet
You'll have two wives
Ramsingh, call Bittu.
- Yes, sir
Where have you been? Your mother
called from the village
What did she say?
- Said something about your sister
She also wants you there at once
You're strange. My mother called
and you didn't take the message
Next time, I'll screw you.
- Excuse me!
I'm your boss,
not a telephone operator
The line had disturbances and it got
disconnected. Why don't you call her?
You're strange. We don't have a phone
nobody there has a phone
There's one in the council
that doesn't work for weeks
I'd reach there
before I get the call through
Brother! Look, Ma,
brother is here
What? Sheru, my son !
On time, son.
Bless you
Ma, what's going on?
- Chutki is getting engaged
Our Chutki is getting married?
- God has answered our prayers
Finally, happiness has come
looking for us
our little girl is
getting married, eh?
I'm so happy.
who is the bridegroom?
- You'll go mad on knowing it
He's not an ordinary person,
he belongs to a rich family
Who is he?
- The Collector's son Harpreet
Harpreet is marrying Chutki?
- For the sake of his sister Sweaty
For the sake of Sweety?
- Yes. She loves you dearly
Loves me?
- Yes. The Collector came seeking
the alliance. That's when I got to know
that she's been in love since childhood
She's crazy for you.
But I told him that I have a daughter
And my son won't even think
of marrying before her
I also told him that getting Chutki
married was very difficult
That's when Harpreet said,
he'd marry Chutki
I was stunned
I realised that a brother
is someone who sacrifices
his own happiness
Take it easy, don't ruin the henna
The henna will never fade, she is
marrying into the Collector's family
She's going to rule
Son, you've fallen silent?
Nothing, mother.
- I agreed without asking you, son
I was worried if Chutki
would ever get married
Well, it's good for you too.
Sweety is a nice girl
hope you are happy with my decision'
- I'm happy, Ma
His sister's wedding is just fixed
and he's in tears
He loves his sister dearly
Don't think so much, Mr Thakral.
Make the move
I'm still trying
to figure out your move
The rook moves straight, young man.
How can you move it diagonally
and threaten my king?
Don't forget, Mr Thakral,
it's a game
And in bad times
even a rook could go wild
Say it again
One runs only twice in life. In a race,
or when he's trapped in a case
Or if it's a wedding news.
- God! I'll drop dead if he agrees
Sis, he agreed to the wedding.
- I'm dead!
Exchange the garlands
Exchange the garlands
Let the bridegroom put the garland
around the bride's neck
The garland, Sheru
Go on
What happened to him?
His head was reeling
Where am I? Where am I?
I repeat. Where am I ?
- You are with me
What happened to you?
- What shouldn't have happened
What shouldn't have happened?
- What has happened
What are you saying?
- What I shouldn't be saying
God! Why are you doing this?
- I don't know why
Where to?
I had such colourful dreams
for this night
But I see everything in black and
white tonight. Why: is my head reeling'.-?
Why the hell is my head reeling?
Please lie down
What are you doing?
- Serving you
Don't serve me.
- We'll be together all life
I'm your wife. You can't stop me
from serving you
Don't serve me.
- Please lie down
Why is your head reeling?
- Don't serve me
I'm so very afraid.
- Me too
Why are you covering your face?
"O my beloved"
"Your love, my love"
"0 my love"
"I've fallen in love!
Goodness, I'm in love"
"I never knew when you stirred
my heart"
"I've fallen in love!
Goodness, I'm in love"
"I've fallen in love!
Goodness, I'm in love"
"I never knew when you stirred
my heart"
"Crazy in love,
I've forgotten the world"
"I've realised, and I admit
I've taken a risk"
"I've fallen in love!
Goodness, I'm in love"
"0 my love"
"O my beloved"
"Draw my silken tresses"
"with your fingers"
"Caress my cheeks"
"seduce me"
"I don't know how the kohl in my eyes
spread all over me"
"I never knew when you
stirred my heart"
"I've fallen in love"
"Sweetheart, I'm in love"
"In ecstasy, I revel"
"My life is now fixed
with yours"
"in your love, sweetheart"
God! What have I done?
Unwanted nuisance.
Oh, what have I done?
God! What have I done?
It's not even a week since
the wedding. What's the hurry?
Brother, you could wait
for a few more days
Chutki, it'd kick up a storm here.
- A storm?
I mean, people over there will
kick up a fuss. I got jobs unfinished
You can start some work here, son.
God has bestowed everything upon us
What's there in the city anyway?
- You have no idea, aunt
It'd be better for all of us
if I stay in the city
I mean, I have dreams in the city.
I've embarked on a huge project
I'm interested in writing.
I have to complete the project
If it's a huge project, why don't you
take Sweety and your mother along?
It's not such a huge project
and it hasn't taken off yet
God knows when it'll take off.
- ls it Ma?
Yes, it's me. When will it start?
I've been hearing that for 5 years now
Ma, you and your son are lucky that
it has taken only five years
You have no idea, the
film industry run is a marathon
I'll take your leave now
Bye. Be in touch
I said
- What?
Will you be going for film shoots?
- Of course
You'll explain scenes to heroines?
Yes, the writer does it. In the film
industry no one else understands Hind
When you go to explain scenes,
don't wear that clean-shaven look
Wear a stubble,
keep your hair unkempt
and wear unionized,
old fashioned clothes
What for?
- I'll be ruined
if some heroine falls for you
- Shut up!
Sorry, I hurt you.
- Never mind
Please don't weep.
- You won't understand my feelings
There's violence, drama, emotion
and sex in my heart
You won't understand. Don't worry,
I'll be all right
Don't weep.
- I won't. Move!
Please don't weep.
- I won't
Wow! Amazing. We took a great shot
of the entourage
got a closeup of the ass on the horse
- Wonderful
Baby, somehow get into the hall,
we'll also catch the marital vows
Hang on. Sir, if they find out that
we are shooting their wedding
for our film, they will shoot us.
- For that ominous face
at least speak positive.
- You'll know when they slipper you
- Nothing, go ahead
Has Nisha's father rented out
his villa for the shoot?
He'll hire a villa? Out of question.
- Shut up, will ya?
What's going on?
- There's a wedding going on
Who's marrying?
What are you doing, Nisha?
- Stop! Or I'll shoot
Listen, dear
- Stop, Papa. Or, I'll shoot myself
No, Nisha
- Enough of this emotional blackmail
I won't marry Vicky
Listen to me. Vicky is a nice boy,
he loves you, he'll keep you happy
I don't want to be happy.
I will marry only Shekhar
Shekhar is not to be found, Nisha.
He has betrayed you and vanished
What are you doing?
- Shekhar? You are back?
Papa is forcing me to marry Vicky
You always desired to marry me off
with great pomp and splendour, Papa
Of course, I will marry but only
the one I like
Shekhar, we are marrying right now
Right now? Listen to me
I won't hear a thing
Yes son, come and marry her
What are you saying, Madan?
You yourself had fixed this marriage
Yes, I did. And now I'm calling it off
Please son, marry her now
What nonsense, uncle! How is
that possible? I came to explain things
I want to say something.
- I don't want to hear a thing
Nisha, your problem is
you never lent me a ear
I'll count only till three.
- You are educated
At least count till hundred.
- One!
Now how do I explain?
Come over here, we need to talk
- Damn
Mr Chelaramani, reason with her!
- I can't. Why don't you give in?
Son, you know how stubborn she is.
She'll shoot herself. Please agree
How can she shoot herself?
Listen to what I have to say
I can't marry you.
- What? Why not?
You love me, don't you?
- I do, but I must talk to you
She's going to shoot herself.
- Nisha, don't do it, I say
- No!
- Yes
- No! No, please
Yes, yes
The garland, son
The garland
Come to your senses, Shekhar
He's reeling.
- Get onions
What are you saying? Why didn't you
tell us before the wedding?
What do you mean? Wasn't I trying
to say something then?
She held a gun at her temple
and you forced me to marry her
I was stunned
Uncle, what's going to
happen of me now?
I'll take care of everything, son.
But don't tell Nisha anything now
I never wish to tell her. But if things
are cleared on the nuptial night
all the other nights go smooth.
- No, no
Uncle, please tell her everything.
- No, son
Look son, Nisha never got love.
As a kid, she lost her mother
ind I was always caught up in business
- I understand
She only has your love.
;he can share everything but your love
I know.
- Then why are you sitting here?
Go she is waiting for you.
- Please take care of everything
I will take care of everything
- Can't find conviction in you, Mr Ran
What are you saying? Day or night,
I'll manage everything
I'll manage the days and nights, you
take care of the problem. Smart Alec
What is he saying?
- I'll manage your days and nights
Rao, until I tell Nisha
this must remain between us
Nobody will know, sir
You have this strange habit of
maintaining a diary
You just said nobody must find out,
and you are putting it on paper?
What are you doing here?
- This isn't right, Nisha
I wanted to marry you
and take you away
But you never mind,
it happens
I went home empty handed
But I shall have you, Nisha.
- Are you in your senses, Vicky?
Yes, I am in my senses!
- Stop it, Vicky
Stop it!
- You belong to me. Only me
Nisha, you are mine, you can't belong
to anyone else
What are you doing?
- Shut up
Where to?
Back off, or I'll shoot!
- Really? I'll bomb you
if you touch my wife.
- I'll shoot you
- Papa!
Stop, swine!
- Shekhar
I need to tell you something
Stop! Don't step forward
Nobody comes here, officer!
Else, I'll blast the gas station
I'll blast it!
Don't step forward!
I'll shoot
No Vicky, no! No
Sweety, how long will you wait
for him here?
When he returns, he'll come
straight home, won't he?
He used to come once in a fortnight or
a month, but this time he's an ass
He's a fool. One doesn't
forget his wife like this
No mother, he won't forget me
I mean, he won't forget us
I feel he's in trouble
that's why he's not coming
You will manage daddy's business
from now on
This seat belongs to you now.
- What's the need to do business?
We have property that can feed
seven generations
What about the labourers and their
families who depend on our business?
We can't let them starve.
- You are right
But what do I tell the one who
employed me in my bad times?
How can I desert him?
- He can employ someone else
You don't understand, Nisha.
He depends a lot on me
If I quit, the showroom will shut down.
And there are other things too
how do I explain?
- Not a word
You are the Managing Director now.
Mr Rao, help him out
But Nisha, try
- Be seated please
Show me
What's your problem?
It's a business worth millions
and you are worried about that job.
- Mr Rao, you don't understand
I'm a writer. What about my ambition?
- Everything will be fine
Use our files to write your
movie scripts, no one will find out
What happens to our business then?
- I'm here. Don't worry, I'll manage
You mean I won't have to work?
- No. At the end of the month
you will check the accounts
and sign some cheques, that's it
Mr Rao, how do I repay your favour?
Just sign my salary cheques
You are very practical
I've smiled after a long time.
Pray that
there's no fresh trouble
Hold this
What's the matter, Sweety?
Are you all right?
I'm fine, mother.
- Then?
Is it true, Sweety?
Thanks a million, Lord.
MY; m?
I'll write a letter saying
he's going to be a father soon
Just watch. He's going to
come dancing here
"My land produces gold and pearls"
Congratulations, Mr Shekhar.
You are going to become a father
Thank you very much
But how do you know?
Strange. I just examined Misha
You mean Nisha too?
Nisha too?
What does that mean?
Who else is pregnant?
- Bye. See you again
Thank you for the news.
- Hello?
You are raving.
Who else can be pregnant?
Then why did you say "Nisha too"?
- No, I said "Nisha hee"
What does "Nisha hee" mean?
- It means hee-hee-hee
You cut short my laughter. Silly
You are too much, Shekhar!
- Too?
Me too? Or only me?
- Only you
Honey, I'm very happy today.
But something worries me
- Yes. You know
destiny has once again heaped
dual responsibilities on me
What do you mean?
- I only worried about my wife and job
But now I'm worried
about my wife as well as my baby
And as you know, when responsibilities
increase, one has to work harder
run here and there
Reform, swine!
What did you say?
- I said
sometimes here sometimes there
"My Prince Charming is hopeless"
"I'm his wife"
"He uses excuses to stay away"
"He is a liar"
"My beloved is hopeless"
"He always has alibis up his sleeves"
"He forgets his way home"
"He's such a madcap"
"Come home soon, my love,
I'm growing rather restless"
"Else, this Punjabi girl will die"
"Without 'you,
these nights seem longer"
"When will they grow shorter?"
"My Prince Charming is hopeless"
"My beloved is hopeless"
"Where are you lost?
You have no idea what I'm worth"
"If I am upset,
I hope you will pacify me?"
"Madcap, madcap"
"For not coming home,
he makes a thousand excuses"
"My beloved"
"is hopeless"
"I'm his wife"
"He uses excuses to stay away"
"He is a liar"
"Your daddy is hopeless"
"Your papa is hopeless"
I hope you will return soon?
- Oh yes I'm not going away
All appointments cancelled today.
Just one show tonight
I wanted you home soon because
tomorrow is Tuk-tuk's birthday
We got to buy him a gift.
- That reminds me
If I have my way, I'll give Tuk-tuk
a new gift every year
Sometimes a sister,
sometimes a brother
Tuk-tuk might come in.
- He can do no harm to me
What happened, son?
- You got a phone-call, Papa
This is what you call spoilsport.
- No papa, it's called bell-the-cat
-low dare you talk back at your father?
- You are too much
Clever rascal
Hello? Who's speaking?
Get to Kamalistan Studio
at once
Are you crazy? No power on earth
can tear me apart from my wife today
I got three powers standing before me
ls it? Who are they?
I'll destroy them
Your mother
Your son Toni
Finally, your wife Sweety
Shall I have them delivered to you?
- Are you crazy?
Stop the three I mean,
stop the party
I want to settle the deal at any cost.
Hold on, I'm coming
Ma my respects
Toni, my son. How are you?
- Papa
How've you been, Sweety?
- Better, now
No letter, no telegram
how did you get here?
What are you raving?
We couldn't help coming here
My poor daughter-in-law, she doesn't
tell me, but I know how she feels
She's been waiting for you.
- Don't be so uneasy
Shut up! We can stay away no longer,
we have come here for good
la, I have no home, no accommodation
- I've been hearing for 7 years now
that you are building a house.
What, are you building a Taj Mahal?
Now that we are here, we're staying
Wherever you live,
we'll live there, happily
Really? Will you live happily
where I live?
Mr Chelaramani, tell her that
a sheath cannot hold two swords
I can't. I can't pay
for your new house
Sure, scrooge, you don't even buy tea
for your unit
Coming, Ma
Mr Chelaramani, you've already
swallowed my script
Filthy Mind, give me an idea at least.
- Really? Then listen, Shekhar
My idea will set fire
- To your idea? Or your filthy mind?
Shut up! There's a watchman of a villa
who is bitten by the acting bug
His boss is always away. I'll give
the watchman a role in my film
He will give your family a shelter.
- Where did you flick the idea from?
Congratulations, lady. Everything
s fine. We've managed accommodation
I told you ! Once we reach Bombay,
everything will fall in place
Aren't you happy that we have
come to stay with you?
What are you saying? I'm so happy.
- You aren't wearing a smile
What are you saying?
I'm laughing
Laughing? Or are you crying?
- This is how I laugh these days, Ma
And this is how I cry
He is right.
Now stop laughing and come on
How don't sit there! (I'm-an
Stop, Stop
Come, Toni
I want ice cream, Mama.
- No, dear
After you come home from school,
I'll make carrot-halwa for you
Ice cream gives you a sore throat.
- I'm not a singer. Buy me ice cream
Shut up, devil. If you say that again,
don't call me mummy
All right, I'll call you aunt.
- Shut up
Stay here, I'll go
and meet the Principal
Excuse me, Mrs Nisha. The Principal
wants to talk to you about Tuk-tuk
Let's go. You wait here.
I'll be back
Come here.
- Who? Me?
Yes. Come here
I told you not to eat ice cream.
It gives you sore throat. Throw it away
What are you doing, aunt?
- Will you call me aunt?
Because I didn't buy you ice cream, eh
Who are you calling mummy?
Your mother is right here
What are you doing?
If you have ice cream again
- How dare you touch my son?
You bought him ice cream, it doesn't
mean you can lay claim to my son
You are raving.
Are you mad?
To hell with "mad"!
I'm not scared of your English
Shut up! What do you think
of yourself? He is my son
How dare you say that? Thank God
I didn't bring my husband along
Or, you'd have laid claim on him too.
- You are crossing your limits now
I'll call the police. Ask anyone you
want, my son's been studying here
for the last five years.
- Five years? We haven't been here
for five days. It's his first day,
but no more. Come on, son
- Stop, or I'll call the police
Oh, will you? Aren't you trying
to steal my son away?
Bloody oaf! Help!
- Let my son go
He is my son !
- He is my son !
Let him go, will ya?
- He is my son
Toni, stop kidding.
Tell her you are my son
I'll buy the ice cream stall for you
Really, mummy?
Oh God
Oh my God! He looks exactly
like my Tuk-tuk
And he looks like Toni.
- Carbon copy!
I can't believe my eyes!
It's a miracle
Mysterious ways of the Lord.
Forgive me for brawling with you
Oh no, it's all right. In your shoes,
I'd have reacted the same way
You are very sweet.
- Not Sweet, my name is Sweety
And I am Nisha. Nice to meet you
Nice to meet you too.
- Come home sometimes
fly husband will be stunned to see him
- My husband will collapse
So, promise?
- Promise
Hi Nisha.
Know what happened at school today
What happened?
- I saw a kid who resembles Tuk-tuk
Did she find only his school
for admission?
What did you say?
- I said
how can he resemble Tuk-tuk?
They may have the same features
but not the same looks
Shekhar, I couldn't believe my eyes.
- I see
I felt as if I was watching Tuk-tuk
in the mirror
- The entire school was stunned
Both the children are carbon copies!
- This is amazing
amazing. You mean, we have lookalike
in our son's school?
You think it's a joke? All right,
me him for yourself when he comes our
Why would he come here?
- He has become Tuk-tuk's best friend
What are you saying?
How could this happen?
Toni has become Tuk-tuk's friend?
Toni? How do you know he is Toni?
How do I know? You just said
Toni and Tuk-tuk are friends
Did I say that?
- Did I hear it on air then?
All right, I must have said so.
- You did say that, honey
What this "must" ?
And Tom's mother Sweaty
she is very sweet
We too have become best friends
Did you go to the kid's school?
Or to a kitty party?
How dare you make friends? You haven
been in the city for a day
how dare you make friends?
There's nothing in it to lose
your temper like actor Dharmendra
As if Dharmendra is your brother
He may not. But for me, every man
is my brother except you
That's very good. But remember
if you talk to your friend again,
it'll be bad for you
What's the harm in getting acquainted
and making friends?
(you don't know, Ma. The Maharashtriar
woman she has befriended is very rich
Anyone can become a millionaire by
answering a few questions these days
What else? Toni will grow up to be
an actor, and we'll strike gold
Sweety, you are not getting my point.
- Then explain
I don't want my wife and son to
get a complex by seeing
a rich man's family.
- Complex?
Right. When you see Nisha's clothes
and ornaments, you'll suck my blood
Yes. And when Toni sees Tuk-tuk
getting off a Mercedes
he'll hate his school bus.
- Nothing of the sort will happen, Papa
Right. Tuk-tuk and Toni
will be best friends
I don't want any social dramas in
my house. You folks don't understand
Tuk-tuk, come here
I mean, Toni, come here
Come on, I say
Sit on my lap
and swear by me
Near that you won't meet Tuk-tuk aga
I won't meet him.
- Bless you, son
You are ruining the lines
on my palm, kid
- That sounds familiar
Stunned, aren't you? I told you,
he looks exactly like our Tuk-tuk
Come Toni, sit
Why did you call him papa, son?
- Of course I won't call my dad mummy
Good Lord!
- Oh my God
Good God! Nisha, it means
even the fathers look alike
They don't look alike,
you are my father
What a surprise!
Eighth wonder
He's not ready to listen to me.
- But Papa
Shut up! I'm not your papa.
I'm your uncle, son
Here's strawberry milkshake for you.
I'm your uncle
Have it. Uncle is feeding you fruit
Uncle is giving you sandwich
Uncle is giving you biscuits.
Have it, son
Amazing. What a surprise!
Why don't you speak?
Speak up! Isn't this a surprise?
Thank God you've come.
- I come everyday
What's so great about it?
Toni was saying Tuk-tuk's father
looks exactly like you
ls it? That's amazing
I'm feeling very queasy about it.
I've seen it in the movies
Stop watching movies, okay!
And what are you queasy about?
It's no good. Do you think
I have married Tuk-tuk's mother?
Do you think I'm playing both sides?
Am I such a scoundrel?
Sheru, what are you doing, son?
I've been telling her since morning
that, my son will never do such
a filthy thing
But she hasn't stopped crying
since morning
Weeping since morning?
)h, you've been weeping since morning
no, don't, Sweety
You are so naive, Sweety
You mustn't relate with movies
Movies run for three hours,
while we have to live a lifetime
Don't be apprehensive it scares me.
- Toni told me
The rascal! Come over here
Let the scooter go.
Take off your glasses
Turn that cap
and look into my eyes
Why did you go to Tuk-tuk's?
Didn't I forbid you?
I had gone to pick up my notebook.
I can't break the promise you gave me
You did break the promise, Smart Alec
What's this?
- What? Nothing
Go and play.
- What is it?
- What was Toni saying?
- Show me your hand
Look into my heart, sweetheart
You look great tonight.
Let's go inside, we need to talk
Aren't you ashamed?
- It'll be behind a closed door
You look amazing when you are angry.
- Toni was saying
To hell with Toni!
Listen to me..
What? My drawing was
in your papa's palm?
Yes. Looks like your dad
is my dad too
No way. My Papa doesn't lie
That's what I think about my Papa too,
but I have doubts
If it is true, my mummy will
kill herself. She loves him so much
My mummy will kill him.
She too loves him dearly
We must do something about it.
- What?
Toni was insisting that I turn modern
to drop him at school
That's why I bought
fashionable dresses
Well Sweaty, since how long
have you known Tom's papa?
Since childhood
Since childhood?
You tell me, how long
have you known Tuk-tuk's papa?
Since my last birth.
- Relationship of lifetimes! Like mine
Do you understand, Toni?
- Looks like Papa has been
playing double roles
since his previous birth
He is here.
- Sweety
A miracle again? What am I seeing?
Why the hell do they meet?
Oh my God!
He looks exactly like Shekhar
Amazing. Carbon copies.
Who's my Toni?
Is it you? Or is it you?
What are you doing?
- What happened?
It's you, Sweety.
The moon behind goggles!
Why are you wearing trendy clothes?
- Toni was insisting
Shut up! Don't blame Toni
for your need for style
Well, you look great. Julia Roberts.
- What are you saying?
I feel like holding you tight
and kissing you
She's my friend Nisha.
- Greetings, Ms Nisha
My son Toni told me that I and
his friend's father look alike
I'm really stunned to see these kids
Now I want to see myself
I mean, I want to see my lookalike.
What's his name?
- Right. Excuse me, Sweety
ls Nisha, I want to ask you something
Does he really look like me?
Exactly like you.
- It's worrying me
I must meet him.
Why don't you call him? Mr Shekhar!
He's not home. He's in the office.
- I see
How do you know he's in the office?
- She told me
Did she? She must've told you, indeed
That's fine
But it's very sad that I came
to meet him and he's not here
Never mind.
- I'm worried
You can meet later. He's in the office
'right now, you can talk over the phone
Great idea. Talk to him
over the phone
I told you to switch off the phone!
- It's for Shekhar. Shall I hang up?
No, don't
- Hello, Shekhar? It's me
Hi sweetheart. I was about
to call you. Why did you call?
I told you about someone
who resembles you. remember?
Where is he?
Let me talk to him
Hang on, he's here
Please come, he wants to talk to you.
- ls he on the phone?
- I cleared the air for you
Your voice is not clear. It's amazing.
I came over to your house
met your son
he looks exactly like my son
'hey resemble so much. I'm so kiddish
- Kiddish?
I mean, I'm so happy.
So, how have you been?
I haven't been paid for three months.
- I know that
My Ma is very sick.
- It's very sad
The roof of my house has crashed.
- That's very good
Very good? I had a buffalo,
and that too vanished
It was likely to happen.
- I have a sister who is still single
At least she must get married.
- I understand, you are very busy
Oh no, I'm absolutely free,
please talk to me
No, we'll talk later, you are busy.
I'll come again. Okay?
For first timers,
you guys really hit it off
He talks so sweet, he's very sweet.
You must be having diabetes then?
Pardon. . f?
' Okay, bye
Let's go. And take Toni along,
not Tuk-tuk
Why don't you identify him?
- It's easy, both are our kids
let me embrace them.
- I'm always confused
Bye, Ms Nisha.
- Okay, bye
It's been so many days since
I came here, but you are really
I should have time to spare.
- And when will you have that?
I feel as if I'm still
in my village
You are as far away from me
as you were back home
You come home tired in the morning
and then you leave again in the evening
I hope you are not working
as a watchman, Papa?
Shut up, little rascal
I mean, he has become ill-mannered
in my company, Ma
But he is right.
Do all writers work at nights?
Ma, you don't understand the ways
of the film industry
All the work is done at night.
Strange ways
What the hell!
The director thinks at night
The writer writes at night,
the producer gets finance at night
the heroine gets ideas at night.
I can't help it. Nights, nights!
Sweety, you don't understand
Actually, I'm stuck in a weird story
Once I decode it,
I'll take you out
Once the two start living together,
I'll be at peace
What do you mean?
Aren't you living together?
- What?
I mean, we are not staying together
all the 24 hours. I'll leave, Ma
Papa, you forgot to wear your shoes
fly darling son, you polished my shoes
What for?
Just like that.
- My son won't do that for no reasons
May I help you wear them?
- No, I'll put it on, on the way
- Bye, Papa
Yes, Toni?
- It's done, Tuk-tuk
Good, good.
- I made a mark on his shoes
When your father comes home,
if he has the mark on his shoes.
- Okay
If you find the mark, then understand
that our father is two-in-one
Okay. Bye.
- Bye
Papa's yes-man ! How long
will you wait for him? Go to bed
I have very urgent work with Papa
Tuk-tuk, my son
- Papa!
You're back?
- No, it's my ghost
Why do you look so tired?
- I was dancing all day in the office
'why don't you give me straight answers
- You are asking crooked questions
Won't a person get tired
after working all day?
Why work so hard? Always working!
You don't have time for me
You come home tired late in the night,
and then you leave early morning
God knows what's wrong with you !
- You come home tired in the night
and then you leave early morning?
Same lines at both the places!
Clever devil. What are you staring at?
- Your shoes
Do you also want to polish them?
- Let me take them off
Really? Why will you take them off?
- My teacher says, there's heaven
at the feet of our parents.
- The teacher seems much interested
When did she tell you that?
- This evening, over the phone
Teaching you over the phone, eh?
All right, take them off
One is helping me wear them,
the other is taking them off
ls it time for a shoe-beating?
What is it? Why are you
staring at me? What happened?
- Your tone and your expression
tell me that something's wrong.
What happened?
A lot has happened.
- A lot?
What is he stamping his feet for?
That one did something to the shoes
And this smart one saw something
and says a lot has happened
Something's fishy
Hi Tuk-tuk
Hello Papa.
- Hi
Not papa. Uncle
Not uncle, Papa. We have found out,
you are not different
you are one and the same.
- The two of you are raving
Tuk-tuk drew on his daddy's palm,
how did I find it on my Papa's palm?
Yesterday he made a mark on his daddy
shoes. How did I find it on my Papa's?
It means you are the same
from palm to toe
You are mistaken, son
We are not mistaken.
We give you two days
You will tell my mother the truth.
- My mother too
Else, we'll expose you.
- Really?
After two days
you will expose me?
Yes, we will
Save my masquerade
Save my masquerade
Save my masquerade!
- Shekhar
Stop hanging like Damocles' sword
over my head. Sit
I got an idea.
- Who?
I got.
- Clear it
If only you let me speak.
- Go ahead
Thank you. Shekhar, if your wives see
their husbands together
How? Explain it. Shekhar is not
a film scene that we can copy
It's so confusing. Make it clear.
- I'm the director
I'll shoot them in double role,
it'll save his masquerade
But Shekhar, it'll be expensive
I'd rather spend than earn infamy
Mr Chelaramani, my sons
are smarter than me
It's a matter of pride but I don't know
Why it hurts. Please save my masquerade
Save my masquerade.
- It'll be fine
Ms Nisha, you should've come to
the party, you'd have had such fun
Your husband and I had
so much fun
the entire party was left gaping
with their eyes wide open
Their voice went digital.
- Really?
And what happens later is the
funniest thing I've ever seen
The two of us saw ourselves
standing right before us
Four of you?
- Yes, four
Then I saw a video camera on.
We were actually on a video screen
That's when I realised that
it was a stealth shot
- Since it was amazing, I thought
of giving you a recorded cassette.
Shall I play it for you?
- I'll show you. Just watch
So you took the video guy
along with you, eh?
Smart Alec
Ms Nisha, your son is amazing
You must've seen a lot of detective
movies while you were pregnant, I guest
He's just the size of a carrot,
but he's a self-styled detective
When you go to grand parties,
you don't take the video guys along
So just watch
and pass no comments
Enjoy the video
That's funny
Oh my God
Which means even your son Tuk-tuk
suspects you?
And why not? He's Nisha's son
But why does he suspect that
the two of us are one and the same?
He said he'll expose me.
- Expose?
If the two of them see us talking to
each other, they will be left gaping
In fact, all the four will be
left gaping. Count the big girls too
Anything to say, Tuk-tuk?
- No, but I want to
show you something.
Pirated cassettes of "Twins" and
"Duplicate" ? What does that mean?
In Duplicate there were
two Shah Rukh Khans
But are there really
two Shah Rukh Khans?
And in Twins, there were two
'Salman Khans. But are there really two
But you guys are two
Yes, and we are seen together
We can shake hands, wring ears,
even hug each other
Why don't we see you guys together?
- Why don't we see you guys together'
Your daddy is a busy man
Your daddy is a big man,
he has no time to spare
As for me, I have enough time
Ms Nisha, I'm taking this no more.
Next time, tell Shekhu to be present
- Shekhar. He's my friend now
From now on, we will play together,
hold our noses, wring our ears
hug each other
we'll do everything together
But how? And when?
Sire you remember me?
Yes, you remember me.
I'm the one with two wives
As you said I'll be married twice,
I am
But these days, I'm in trouble.
- Don't consider it to be trouble
Please explain. If this is
not trouble, is it a joke then?
This is not trouble. This is what
you movie people call a trailer
The real trouble is yet to come.
Sire, my life has become
a documentary on earthquakes
And you say it's just a trailer.
So what lies ahead?
You will know when it hits you, son
You will know
You will know then
Why did he keep repeating it?
A tempest is approaching I guess
I must do something.
How many more acts will you perform
For Nisha, you are right now
If Shekhar is to fly in
Sher Singh must go somewhere.
- Where?
Thank you
The flight from Singapore has landed,
he should be here now
I'll leave now. It's also time
for Tom's papa to arrive
What are you doing here? Have you
planned to stay here for good?
Oh no, I was actually leaving
- Never mind, I'm here
Actually, I'm going on a trip to Goa
for fifteen days
I thought of meeting my wife
before leaving
A new excuse
See you. Take care.
- Bye
Hi carbon copies! What are you
copying from each other?
No, we are making maps
I'm drawing Singapore
while he's mapping Goa
These boys are devils
Bye Sweety. Bye, Ms Nisha.
- Mr Sher Singh, please wait a while
our friend should be here any moment
- No, I'm going by car
Have to negotiate the hills, you see.
- Yes mummy, he has to go
If he doesn't go,
how will he return?
So confusing.
It's not very clear
Moron ! If Sher Singh doesn't leave,
how will Shekhar return?
What are you guys trying to say?
My Papa leaves
and returns as his papa
I never noticed this before
You are unnecessarily taking
the kids seriously, Ms Nisha
Such coincidences happen sometimes.
- Not sometimes
It always happens
I think you must stay back today
What are you saying, Sweety?
If I stay back, who will earn bread?
I'm not asking you to wait a lifetime.
Please wait for a while
- You're not going to miss the train
You're going to Goa by car,
you could drive a trifle faster
I don't mind driving fast,
I don't have a problem
Mr Chelaramani is scared of the hills,
he gets uneasy travelling at nights
Sir, you said you are an all-rounder,
how come the hills make you uneasy?
Please explain
Hill rides make him puke
Sher Singh, why do you make excuse:
Wait for a while, he'll be here now.
Let's sit together and enjoy
Why'd I make excuses? I also
want to enjoy. It's their problem
They are busy guys. Ask them
As you wish, guys. Tell me
Well, let's all enjoy.
- Yes, let's enjoy
We can't enjoy!
- Why not? Explain
My film is already delayed by 7 years.
If it is delayed more, I'll die
You have taken 7 years
to complete 7 reels
A delay of seven hours
will not harm you
Besides, it's the duty of the father
to clear the children's suspicion
Don't blame the children
for your suspicion
Don't take undue advantage
of my leniency
And don't try to be an obstacle
in my path. The name is Sher Singh
That doesn't give you the right
to always roar and shut me up
Let me see how you go out today.
Implore you ! For the sake of your son
Are you trying to put me in a bind?
Not trying, I am doing it.
- For the sake of my son?
- All right then
Yes! Yes!
All right, no problem.
It's all right
It's all right.
I'm bound by an oath
Lord, please save me
from this calamity
Else, I'll drop dead
Who the bloody hell are you?
Who the hell are you ?
Me? What a thing to ask. I'm me.
Shekhar. Nisha's husband and
this house is mine
Nisha look what's wrong with
Sher Singh. He asks me, who I am
I'm not joking and you better get
serious and tell us who you are
And what for are you here ?
- Why does a man come home ?
This house is mine, it's my wife and
my kids. Now what's your act?
You've gone mad ?
Nisha, darling where are you ?
- Oh-ho ! He calls my wife that !
I'm going to carve you up
in a hundred pieces
and I'll feed you to the vultures
Mr Sher Singh, mind your language !
How can you become so abusive ?
Never mind his language,
you know what Sher Singh just said ?
Oh I'm too angry to talk about it.
Rather Sher Singh,
what you've dared to say to me,
let's see you telling my wife
Why don't you speak ?
What have you been telling him ?
Sweety Oh Sweety
Nisha, I'm Sher Singh and I am Shekha
and I'm husband to both of you
Sher Singh !
We're amiable folks, but it doesn't mean
we'll let you get away: with insulting us
Good lady, before I do something nasty
take your husband away
Else, what would you do ?
- Get out
Get out of my house
Shut up ! And listen to me, Nisha
He is a cunning and dangerous impostor
He wants to use my helplessness
and he wants to usurp my place
Listen please, I think you're ill.
- Shut up, nothings ill about me
But why don't I make him ill,
let me break this chameleons legs
Good lady, now this is too much !
One more minute and I'll call the police
And what will the police do ?
- Shut up, silly
I'm calling the police
True, I ask for clarifications, be it
anything. But for a change, I'm clear
He is Sher Singh. He is Shekhar.
He's husband to both these women
And he's the writer
of our film. Clear ?
I see, film company-wallahs ?
Yes !
And now this fraud invades
the writer's life
So you clear out this fraud, quick.
- Quick ?
That never came clear
Never play with Pange. Clear ?
No, abundantly clear
You know him that long to be guarantor
- No ! I don't even know him
He's the one who'll vouch for him, he's
the writer's employer vouch for him
What are you saying ! How can I vouch
for him, I barely know him. Period
for how long five years ?
- I know nothing
What've I known him for 5-7 years
Mark my words
- One minute
What proof that you are Shekhar ?
What proof that you are Pange ?
Do you see two of me ? No, right?
Answer, what proof have you ?
Aw about someone who was my landlady
before I married Nisha ?
How about my boss who owned
the car showroom where I worked ?
Oh yes, here's my Singapore ticket
And my passport,
at least you won't find it flawed
Excuse me
Not his ! It's my passport ! I don't
know how it came to be with him
And I had no plans of visiting
Singapore, I was lying to Nisha
Look, you are making lame excuses.
Still, I give you one more chance
-lave you any proof of being Shekhar
- Have I
I have.
- Show me
I have my proof !
Tuk-tuk, you remember marking my arr
and Tony spied you. And Tony
nu marked my shoe and Tuk-tuk knew
You remember ? Tell him, tell him
Say it.
- Mister, don't psyche the kids
If you have solid evidence,
the talk about it
Solid evidence diary !
He night when Nisha's daddy was killer
I confessed to him about my bigamy
And he wrote it down in his diary
I'll show you the diary ! Now!
Excuse me Madam is it true that
your Daddy wrote diaries ?
Yes, Daddy wrote his diaries everyday
Look, this diary is proof of my honesty
oak, we got married on June 16. Read
- Show me
Tl happy, my daughter Nisha is married
Shekhar is such a gentleman,
he loves only Nisha
Today, I have a son,
my son-in-law
There's nothing in it,
like what you say
He even switched the diaries !
I even copied the handwriting
of a long-dead man ?
This man came after loads of planning
he did big-time planning
her Singh, step floundering and get 01
or else, I'll have to arrest you
Are you dying to go to jail ?
- Hold on a minute, he's threatening
Doesn't mean he has got me, has he ?
he's playing cop, it means, I'm thief?
No !
- My last point. If he is Shekhar,
let him give the combination to the lock
in the safe. Only Nisha and I know it
Have the scoundrel speak ! Speak
Damn you
What's he, man or bug ?
- Low did this creep get under my skin'.
Get out, vanish
A spy destroyed my life?
Shut up !
'You're Shekhar, are you ? The property
the business are all yours ?
What's your turnover for the year ?
- Who cares for figures
I don't care, I'm a fun-loving Punjabi,
I eat, drink and make merry
Accounting is Mr Rae's job
Officer ! There's one man !
One man can unravel this conspiracy
Our accountant, Mr Rao
nu mean, I kept Nisha in the dark about
something as grave as your other woman
How preposterous
Are you in your senses ?
I'm not that bad ?
- You're worse
This chameleon bought you out !
I'll kill you
I'm going to kill you
I won't spare you.
- Back off. No manhandling
It's a conspiracy to trap me
And I I've one last proof,
to establish my bonafides
one last resort ! I'll go to any extent
but I won't lie when I swear by my kid
I swear, I am Sher Singh
and I am Shekhar, too
I too, swear by my son, I am Shekhar
- He swears falsely upon my son's life
Enough. No playing with Pange
Trying to enter their homes or offices
s no good for you anymore, ever again
Sweety oi Sweety !
Where is your mother gone ?
You did not stop her ?
Oh Sweety!
Oh, I am ruined !
Oh, what a liar you were
All those nights you went after her,
on the pretext of story-sittings
Sweety !
- What a fool I was !
Sweety !
- Your Sweety is dead !
No ! I'll never let you do that !
Let go of it
Let me !
- I was such a fool !
Let go of the stove.
- I won't let you commit suicide
I still got to cook dinner, let go.
- I imagined you'd kill yourself
It'd land my mother in jail.
- For what sin will I kill myself?
God ! I thought you were a superhero,
you turned out to be a philanderer
No Sweety, I'm not !
- Sweety, what a terrible thing to say
What has the dear boy done ?
- That you ask the boy you trusted
You will despair !
- My Sharon, what we you done ?
Why don't I hear your voice ?
- Because his heart isn't in it
My son's father says,
he has two wives
What !
- Oh God !
He has two wives !
- Yes ?
And that boy who resembles Tony
- Oh yes!
He is his son ! Nisha, the other woman
- Oh !
Oh God !
- Mother !
Oh God ! What've I done ?
I never imagined it'd come to this
Mother ! Don't punish me so harshly
for so small a wrong. Ma, hit me !
Slap me ! Give me a thrashing,
but please, don't leave me
Please don't leave me, Ma
Son ! Where are you ?
Oh Nisha, dearest wife !
Nisha you pushed me away ?
Look at me,
I'm your Shekhar, Tuk-tuk's Papa.
- No
For your sake, I renounced a world of
women. The law might ask for proof
but how can you not know who I am ?
Nisha !
How dare you step in here
Keep your voice down
You don't see ?
Husband and wife are talking
Throw him out
You cannot throw me out
Put that stick away
I'm going away, you needn't
Back off
And you Nisha hear me out.
No impostor can be a lover
Nisha, your eyes can be fooled.
But in your heart, you'll always know
Nisha, you are being defrauded
Beware of this impostor
Take care
He won't relent, will he ?
I forbid you from coming here
Put him in the slammer.
- Wait a minute
No policeman can cuff Sher Singh
What's so different about you ?
- I'm willing, why should you drag me '
I'm coming, let's get talking
As for you!
You two?
What's that get-up ?
He other day, we watched you in action
So, our reaction
Your fists speak faster than words,
so we thought we needed protection
What's your business here ?
- To bail out Sher Singh
No ! He isn't much of an acquaintance'
- Go on
Between men, it's a duty, no?
To help one another?
Smiled, is snared.
- Tea for my guests
Say, Sher Singh is Shekhar ?
Yes. One and the same.
- The same
But I can't give a guarantee.
How can I stand guarantee for a man
Absolutely clear
Fetch Sher Singh
Sher Singh, you're out on bail,
don't think you're free
What else, if not free ?
Sher Singh, I want to help.
- Sure
Because I think you're honest.
- Indeed
But you can't enter Nisha's house.
- What if I use the backdoor ?
You got no way in, you just cannot.
- What kind of contention is that ?
What kind of choice have I ?
- Over here this Shekhar
You know, this Shekhar
Not Shekhar, he's not a bloody Shekha
I'm both Shekhar and Sher Singh.
He's masquerading
He has links to the top brass.
- The top brass is involved ?
Yes. I've orders to handle this case
very strictly. So my hands are tied
Strange, the hands of the law, tied ?
And the hands of criminals, untied ?
And the public at large, crippled.
I mean, public interest is sacrificed
And no one dares touch the ones who
lot their hands in the whole damn soul
So whose is the hand ?
- Hand ?
I mean, the complicity of it
Oh forget it and think it this way
the police, and I mean you, wish to
help a man in trouble, no ?
Yes and ?
- May I make throw a suggestion ?
Say it.
- Finish him, in a fake encounter
No, don't be cross, I've one more option
I can kill him, you get me off the hook
Get off my table
Like this ?
You take him away, now,
or I'll arrest both of you
Did I suggest the impossible ?
Listen, get me a tea.
- Yes sir
And a pill for a headache.
- Sure sir
Mr Shekhar
Hi, here we are.
- Welcome
Here you go.
- The cheque cashed ?
You forged the signature beautifully,
no one even suspected
One more cheque for 500,000. Sign it.
- One more ?
The boss says, no problem, go ahead.
- Aren't you being too greedy ?
Considering the risks, no
Papa, ball
Shut up
How many times I've told you
not to barge in when we're talking
And what good are you, governess ?
Get out of here
Come, Tuk-tuk
Bravo, true sons of Sher Singh !
But how did you find out he's not me 1
That man smokes cigarettes. And you
hate cigarettes like Mummy hates you
do wisecracks, smart aleck. Don't rub I
and put your minds together and thin
My mind isn't working.
- How about stealing his cigarettes ?
Smoking can be proof for the police ?
Ho use. He has smoked out every pro:
'his villain hides behind a smokescreen
I got to blow that smokescreen
It you must handle your mummy for me
my prestige is in your hands
Papa, don't worry !
His every song
I'll turn into sorrow.
- Bravo !
You and I and solitude
Am I in a soup ?
Come into my embrace
Please, I need some space
The air is charged with Iowa's musk
and my; heart
is gone wild
Awakening, of myriad emotions
warn a flaring of storm
Please, relent
Please, desist
Waiting, is more endearing,
let the longing linger
Every breath torments
- Wait, a few more moments
If only I can touch you
- You're touched
What's tiring, my love
is this endless yearning
You and I and solitude.
- What a terrible soup
Come into my embrace.
- Please, now I need some space
The air is charged with Iowa's musk
and my; heart
is gone wild
How clever, bravo !
What a job you've done !
Now, how about some ideas,
if you don't mind. This torture
has left me disturbed in the mind
You guys, you give me some thoughts
- Papa, for all the tales you spin,
you can't fix your own tale ?
- You've my scriptwriter's genes !
What a lead ! Now let me think
The pen, mightier than the evil
now gives a tough time to the devil
The villain's end is disaster,
the story is penned by the writer
By his mother !
- Papa !
I don't think I swore
low did this kind of a problem crop up
- Money isn't important, life is
Denied life, it's all a graveyard.
- But why must this happen ?
Why indeed
Obeisances, holy men.
- Saturn is inclement
negative forces are at work, tough time
in the making, a threat to his life
A life-threat !
- Nonsense
You see, the difference it'd make,
if the coconut fell two inches closer ?
Holy fathers !
- Be warned by me,
that was the third accident of the day.
Only God can save you from the fourth
And no escape?
What are you doing ?
Let's go
Stop child !
Do not avert your face from the gurus'
The gurus are omniscient
Oh ! I see the angel of death
look up there
What should I do ?
- To save your husband's life
you must make penance for 21 days.
Will you do it?
I shall
Child, you know what penance entails'
Abstinence, not only from food
total abstinence. Including husband.
Wear a Keep safe distance label
I shall do all you wish !
- Misha, I don't believe this
Do not touch !
Stay away
Don't touch !
- Misha, don't believe in all this
I said, no !
- Misha
Don't touch me !
Bless the gurus
Relax man, 21 days will pass.
Cut the crap and say why you called n
Boss wants to meet, to make sure you':
not frustrated and doing silly things
Where is he, call him.
- Right away
Mr Rae '2?
Mr Policeman ? Welcome
What gives ?
Call your boss.
Let's talk it out with him
Boss ? Who's boss ?
No one else's here but the two of us
How did you know
that behind the mirror
Mr Baldev Chopra, I've come to know,
you're behind whatever there is
Behind Rae's treachery, you are
Behind Sher Singh's ruination, you are
And behind the fake Shekhar's
masquerade, you are
Fake Shekhar ?
You are taking big chances,
do you know what you're saying ?
What little I know is enough
for sending you to jail for life
Do you remember the night?
It was your son Vicky
who killed Nisha's father
Don't come near, I'll shoot
I'll shoot
Several people lost their lives
But Vicky escaped unhurt
'hen he got to you, a happy amazement
was shining in your unblinking eyes
You are alive ?
Thank God, you're alive
But Vicky's face was burnt
It was plastic surgeon Dr Modi,
who fixed it
Doctor, you've worked a miracle !
No one can tell, his face was burnt
No big deal, Mr Chopra
Science has progressed in rapid strides
If I wish, I can plant your face on his
Or his face on yours
Thank you, doctor
Vicky's face was fixed, not his fate.
To escape indictment for murder
Vicky found himself a prisoner,
confined in his own house
And Rae was telling you that Shekhar
had discovered the grand theft
Rao, you got two options. Either you
find the money, or you go to jail
No, I got a third option
I'll blackmail Shekhar.
- Blackmail ?
Yes, he has two wives
And he's been telling his two wives
that he's two different men
me Sher Singh ; and another, Shekha
You've shown me the way to a fortune
In a moment, a dangerous plot
was born in your mind
Your son Vicky underwent
plastic surgery, once again
You spin an interesting yarn, but
- I even have proof
Really ?
Inspector Naik
'he smartest of criminals get caught for
the silliest mistakes. Your mistake
as giving Dr Modi, a cheque of 500,00
and I wondered what this between
Shekhar and a plastic surgeon ?
I called Dr Modi in for routine enquiry,
the man was honest,
he rattled off the whole story
Mr Chopra, the story is over
Now get ready to spend
the rest of your lives in jail
Now, come on
What will you get
out of sending us to jail ?
Maybe you'll make it to page three
on some newspaper ?
I know, you are scrupulously honest
but honesty pays little
To live in a world of your dreams,
one must be a little dishonest, yes ?
Of course, to keep a secret a secret,
I'll pay you. 2.5 million
5 million ?
10 million !
Oh my God !
Oh such longing, such yearning
is mine, I miss you, my: love
.re you throwing the bread in my face
I say, give me some respect
Why haven't you drunk your milk ?
- I don't want to
Like your father,
you want to drink my blood ?
Always no-this no-that !
Why are you beating the kid ?
Oh, am I to spoil him rotten, so he can
become a philanderer like his father ?
Behave yourself !
I've told you the circumstances
of that marriage
Oh, I'm like a drum, bearing the brunt
of emotional outbursts on either end
Oh, you wouldn't give it out,
until it got drummed out of you
If you hadn't evil on your mind,
you would've made a clean breast of it
I might have even forgiven you.
But no, you lived in sin for 7 years
Oh, those night-long story-sittings !
low I know what sittings were all about
Earning me about socializing with Nisha
it'll give our son a complex
Complex ! How could you say,
the story would out !
Phony conversations on the phone,
Ir Shekhar-how-are-you-and-what-not
You wouldn't give away the duplicity
and fool I was I never made you out !
Stop playing that record !
Will you let me eat, or not?
You're taking off
every time I reach for a morsel,
why did you serve food
if you want me to starve ?
Take the call
Sweaty, how are you my; child ?
Sweaty , what 'vs the matter '2?
What's wrong, baby ?
- Please, I beg you
I'm so happy
Who the hell is this ?
You've made my wife cry
Who the hell are you ?
- Son-in-law, it's me
Father-in-law ! H? respects !
- Never mind, whys is Sweet? crying ?
It's nothing, she's getting emotional,
saying what a cartoon her daddy is,
he doesn't even care
to contact her for months
Let me talk
Son, let me talk to Sweaty.
- She's gone hello, I can't hear
Speak up I can't hear.
- What's happening ?
Speak up.
- Why was Sweet? crying ?
Speak up.
Any Problem ?
- Talk to me
Can't hear her voice
must be disconnected
I've lost my voice,
after all this screaming
If word outs about your fraud,
you've dug your grave
I'll dig a grave for the man
who's turned my life into a maze
But what's my look-alike looking for ?
- The wealth, what else ?
- He'll make that clear
Fool, if it wasn't for the wealth,
would he pose as Shekhar for Misha ?
He could've stayed
Sweety's Sher Singh
Oh, now I realise !
- Thank my stars, he does
That takes me to the bank
Sher Singh has changed his signature
Modi got his money, Rao got his,
you got yours and in time for my turn,
Sher Singh changed his signature ?
Pange, Sher Singh isn't the simpleton
you make him out to be
That's a scoundrel of as writer and
a fighter and he even threatened
to vivisect me.
- What was vivisect ?
Dissect me to pieces.
- Irrespective, if you betray me
I'll tear you to pieces.
- Hey Pange !
No messing with Pange
I must have my money in a week
You get me ? Else
Mr Pange
- Mr Pange listen
Oh my God, now what?
Nothing will happen
I'll steal the money
and Sher Singh will take the rap
Come inside a hundred woes always
come my way, you're welcome too
So who is it ?
Oh Mummy !
' My baby !
Son, look who's here
Father-in-law ! My deepest respects !
Mother-in-law ! My deepest respects !
How come you came without telling ?
'Are known men to marry: second wives
without telling anyone. Am I unwelcome
Water, please
What do you mean to say ?
If my daughter isn't happy,
your sister won't be happy either
You will forsake your second wife
or you can keep your sister at home
The wife won't let me eat,
her brother won't let me drink
Come on Sweaty.
- Where ?
But this is home for me, would I forsake
my home to live with strangers ?
Strangers ?
In marriage, your daughter
is estranged, no ?
And you never sacrifice the joys of
your family for the woes of strangers
You'll forsake the one you were sworn
1 marriage forever, come joy or sorrow
What fault is hers ?
But my child
- Now she is your child
If anyone torments her,
it'll be the death of me
Let's go.
- How can you leave like this ?
At least you'll stay for tea ?
won't impose myself upon my daughter
Indirectly, you are refusing me
your hospitality ?
Understanding, I leave to the best
of your abilities. We are leaving
We'll see you off
Mother !
You're great, Sweet? !
You are no lady I mean,
you are a goddess
Despite all that happened, for whatever
you have done for my family,
you must be so big-hearted !
~ Not that big-hearted ! Don't touch me
I'm not hurting you, am I?
- Coming from you, one and the same
ls that so ?
You hurt if I even touch you ?
Then hit me Sweaty, hit me
After what you've done for my sister,
I'll suffer you without a whimper
Hurt me more Sweaty,
throw me out of this house
That's what you want, isn't it
so you can walk straight into her arms
God ! What've I gotten myself into ?
What am I to do with this man ?
If I was human, you'd do whatever
I'm becoming like a drum,
for taking it on my nether ends
Soon, the transmogrification
will be complete. I am drum
Boy, you are crying ?
For my papa's troubles,
he has turned into a drum
Drum ?
My mummy won't talk to him.
And my stepmother won't let him talk
This fake papa has put my papa
into a lot of tensions
What am I to do, Oh what do I do ?
Tell me something
- Yes please?
That's for me.
- Attitude
If the documents are so important,
Why are you putting them in my safe 1
Let's go in, I'll tell you.
Son, you stay here
I go to do it because of Sher Singh.
'here's no knowing how much he know
He might whack important papers.
- How right, I never thought of it
I suspect Sher Singh is right outside.
The bag is right behind you
The property papers are in the safe ?
- Yes
And the jewellery is in the bag ?
- What need for the jewellery ?
If you keep the jewellery,
what will my wife wear ?
Sure you don't know me ?
Shekhar, alias Sher Singh
Sher Singh?
- Yes
No !
- Yes
Yes ! Daylight robbery !
Nisha, Sher Singh also knocked me out
like this
Papa ! Run away from here !
- What happened ?
Duplicate papa pretended to be you
and he stole all Mummy's jewellery
The police is looking for you
Wait here
Oh sweet angels !
Are you running from the law ?
- Hot running away, running to the lam
And thanks to my lucky streak,
I've got bailors with me
Meet Mr Chellaramani.
- All my money for your bail?
Get me, this is the last time
I'm letting you off on bail
he next time, I won't need you because
once I'm done with the impostor
his ears will be shaken
and his heart will hear no more
You mean, his ears will hear no more,
his heart will be shaken
Something like that
What would you do to do that ?
- Something to make his Soul wonder
And his mind will tremble.
- The mind will wonder and
Soul will tremble.
- Something like that
What would you do to do that ?
- That which I'll do to you
when I find out.
- What !
Meaning, you'll know when he does it.
- What will you do ?
You're screaming like my opponent's
lackey would. I haven't decided,
how can I tell you what I'll do ?
But one thing's for sure
I'll do something for sure
What's this something ?
- Something can be anything
You should've found out
what he's thinking
I asked and he said,
he hasn't thought of anything
So until he thinks of doing something,
we keep thinking fearfully
of what he might be thinking.
- With fear in our hearts
Why didn't you do something about him
- You could've done so much to him
like putting him away for four months
- Like I rule the roost?
;mall-time crime doesn't count. He'll b'
out on bail. It takes big-time crime
Murder frame him for murder!
- Then I can even fake an encounter
somethings got to be done ! Then Nisha
ends up with Vicky and we get the mom
Vicky? That means, he is
hope he won't end up killing you when
you're pulling off the fake encounter
That too, might happen ?
- Anything might happen
What happened ?
- I just don't trust that guy
I think someone was over there.
- Who?
Yes who is this ?
I'm Maggie
And I'm the noodle. Go on
- What?
I mean, just go on.
- I've found out who the look-alike is
I know who's behind the whole plot
Whose plot is it, Maggie say it !
I can't say over the phone. I fear for
my life. I think they're after me
Please see me at Victoria Fountain.
- A bath, a change and I'll dash for it
Just come over, never mind the change
- In a minute, just you wait
Stop here
No change, sir.
- It's okay
Maggie she made a noodle out of me
Now tell me, who are these guys
after me, what do you know ?
Maggie, I'm talking to you
and you're staring like a zombie ?
Maggie, don't you understand,
I need to know who's after me
Maggie what's the matter with you E
They did it to her!
I hope I don't get framed for it
Auto rickshaw
Nothing could be a worse piece
of evidence ! Where's my loincloth ?
Anything found ?
A loincloth
A loincloth ?
But this is Sher Singh's loincloth
This means,
Sher Singh committed the murder
Sher Singh Sher Singh
Stop !
- The cops are looking for you
And you're walking around
like a free bird ?
But no need to fear. We've such a piece:
of evidence against that fake Shekhar;
not even the police can save him !
- These fools think, I am Sher Singh
But where is the evidence ?
- Not here
Then where ?
- Where no one has ever been
So this is the proof
you were cheating me
It's called cheating the cheater
- Undress, why ?
Unless you undress, how to make him
Shekhar and you a Sher Singh ?
And unless you are Sher Singh,
how can the police go for you ?
I'll make sure you cops are transferred
Sher Singh, stop
You what are you doing here ?
- Where else should I be ?
Not at your papa's birthday party ?
- ls his dad as much of a scoundrel ?
What are you wondering ?
- How I forgot my papa's birthday
That's why I tell you
not to drink so much
Get to the party.
- Party ? You aren't coming ?
Forgot again ? The private airplane
is being delivered today
We bought it with Nisha's money.
- With my wife's money ?
Your girl won't let you touch her,
take her up in the plane, have fun
What happened ?
Wonderful idea.
Why didn't you say it before ?
I know, you must've a bank of ideas.
- Oh sure
Let's talk all about it in the car.
Let's go party
Vicky's dad?
Many happy returns of the day.
- Let's have a wonderful evening
why are you standing so far ?
Won't you give your daddy a hug ?
God bless you, son.
- Thank you, Daddy
Rao, I gave you a job to do,
what are you doing here ?
I was on my way there,
Vicky forced me to come here
So Rao works for Chopra, also for Vicky
and he's the mole
Mr Chopra
Doctor and Rao
And Chopra, in league
Shekhar, how are you ?
- Okay
Okay ?
- Absolutely fine
Let me take a look
Yes, perfectly fine.
- Sure it is
Like I told you, as long as you take
the pills, you'll be fine
What pills
- In plastic surgery, it happens
Replacing one face with another
is no easy undertaking
I hope the irritation isn't persisting ?
- In time, every itch will go away
If you're in love,
let it rip
If you're dying for someone,
let it rip
If you're silent, your heart will rip
in Iowa's grip
Those heartfelt passions,
don't keep unsated
Don't wait till time
and seasons have fled
Listen my lovely,
don't drive me crazy
in tosses of your tresses
Till gone, the glint in your eyes
and dreams have faded, waiting
in silence, your chance is losing
In pursuits of amour,
games of the heart
lives in wandering, are lost
If you're in love,
let it rip
If you're dying for someone,
let it rip
If in silence, let my heart rip
in loves grip
That happens yes Vicky ?
What are you trying to do
dressed like Sher Singh ?
I was forced to dress like this !
And I'm not trying anything
except to escape from the police.
- What rot ! Even last night
you were partying with us.
- It wasn't me, it was Sher Singh
What !
- Last night, I partied with death
What do you mean to say ?
- Sher Singh's Johnnies led me to him
hen they made a Sher Singh out of me
set the cops after me and
rent to partying pretending to be Vicky
- Oh my God
I Dad what's Sher Singh doing here
Shut up ! I'm not Sher Singh !
- Then whatever are you ?
Dad, I'm your Vicky, your son.
- You're the son, I'm not?
You expect them to believe you ?
You take them for outright morons ?
Now, Pange's going to get you
No need to use the phone
Pange has arrived and heard
He says he is Vicky.
Even you say, you are
Go on, prove you're saying the truth
Yes, the truth will out in two minutes
What proof have you ?
- Daddy, what proof do you want?
About the time when
nu caught me smoking when I was kid
Or do you wish to see the revolver
I used to kill Nisha's daddy ?
Ow about the passport that Mr Rao stole
for me from Shekhar's residence ?
Dad, he's using our bag of tricks upon
us. Last night when you were drunk
he must've gotten it out of you
and now he's trying to be clever
Mr Rao I'm Vicky man, come on !
Head to toe, from shirt to loincloth
you've got Sher Singh screaming out
Hold it ! If you are Vicky, then say,
where is the video which Mr Rao filmed
The video I studied to become Shekhai
where is it ?
Inside my locker at the health-club.
Next, the locker number ? It's 111
This creep has gotten into my skin,
get rid of him, Mr Rao, get rid of him
Reminds you ? It's Sher Singh-speak
low watch me take the truth out of him
if you are Vicky for real then,
what did Sher Singh say exactly
when you quizzed him
about his company's turnover
I don't care, I'm a fun-loving Punjabi,
I eat, drink and make merry
Proved. Who was the Punjabi ?
Sher Singh
Who ate and drank and made merry ?
Sher Singh
That's Sher Singh for you
Dad Mr Rao what are you up to ?
- Do you take us for fools ?
No ones falling for you.
You are Sher Singh
And he is Vicky. Proved
Daddy, come to your senses
or I'll beat you into it
You talk of beating your daddy ?
He can never be my son. Take him out
Beauties, both
Two together could drive a man crazy
You you're back home ?
Come, let me give you
a proper welcome
No need, cut it out and make tea for m
Sure, first I'll tell your mother
her brave son has returned
She is cynical or is she ?
But it's time to telephone that bastard
Might be Pange
Sher Singh
Not Pange. Someone else
Who is that ?
Vicky speaking
You're still speaking ? Speak
Guess where I'm speaking from ?
You use an orifice other than
a mouth to speak ?
I'm speaking from your house
Where I fall silent,
you begin to speak ?
It's not only about speaking,
it's also about seeing
before my eyes, your pretty wife
[u tricked the other woman into penance
but this one, I'm not going to spare
Silly, you got yourself a wrong number
And you're in for lots of disturbance
Sher Singh! Completely unabashed
And that disturbance, from a woman ?
Must check her out
- What is it ?
Come to the bedroom, we got to talk.
- With you in the bedroom ? Never
Come quietly, or I'll force my will.
- You'll force your will?
Oh no !
- Mother-in-law !
He means rape !
No Mother ! I never meant that.
- How shameless !
You rape me ?
Get out !
- Oh no !
Oh these women !
mother-in-law did he run away
to the other woman ?
Are you blind ?
- What rot !
What !
- You bumped into me
I did ? You rascal !
Weren't you whistling at me ?
You want to mess with Pange ?
I never whistled, when did I ?
You didn't ! Then go whistling now
I'm a policeman.
Never mess with policemen
But policemen can mess with girls ?
Strange ! When did I mess ?
You mean, we're messing with you ?
When did I?
- Bash him up
What's going on ? Stop
Stand aside
Sir, it's her doing
No, it's her doing Oh no !
They're all in it together
He's lying !
- He slammed into me
Then I asked why are you teasing us,
he said, you're good for teasing only
What a loafer, he even whistled at me.
- I warned him, I'd call my husband
e says, I'm here. You need a husband
- And you know what he did to me ?
Mr Pange, you've brought the
police department to shame. You're fire
Sher Singh, what are you up to ?
I needed the money, that's why.
Try to understand me
What are you up to ?
- The door won't give
Imagine what'll happen
if I break the steering wheel
An accident.
- Correct
Here you go
Sher Singh, you're being foolish,
you'll kill is both
Not us. You alone
Sher Singh ! Save my life !
The wife I love less will die ?
What are you saying ?
Nothing except fate's writ
What a terrible writ
Worse, isn't clear. Which wife does
he love less, which one is to die ?
N time, comes answer to all questions
- I need answers, I've two little sons
They need their mothers. Please pray,
let this crisis blows away
He has turned the tables upon us
Yes, paid us back in our coin
Daddy, you're the world's first father
who tattooed on his son's arm,
his worst enemy's name
I only got it tattooed with an SS.
Where did you get the NH ?
I got it done to say,
Sher Singh, I'm not
Thanks be, we're alive.
What must've happened to Mr Rao ?
I've my doubts he's alive
I'd much rather be dead
Mr Rao !
Mr Rao, what've you done to yourself,
have you taken the wrong pills ?
No !
- How did this happen to you ?
Sher Singh threw me into a jungle.
- Into a jungle ?
1 you know what happened to me then
- What happened ?
I can't begin to re-live it !
- Mr Rao, you must tell us
- Whisper it in my ears
Say it.
- In my ears
What rot ! A bear in the forest ?
It went to that extent ?
Bloody bear !
Vicky my son
It's me
Dad, what've you been up to ?
I've been looking for you for 4 days
While you were looking for me,
I was looking for Sher Singh
I'm Vicky ! Sher Singh, I'm not!
Hit him you hear ?
Listen to him, he was hard to find
Get to the mansion in Panvel,
we're waiting for you
Enough of this cat and mouse game,
we'll put an end to it today
Why only the game,
it's endgame for you too, bloody dad
You !
What are you doing here ?
I only came to tell you
that our husband has landed in a trap
But you don't worry, as long as
lam alive, he can come to no harm
Tuk-tuk has no one but me
in this whole wide world
If something happens to me,
please take care of my son
Daughter-in-law wait, listen
Welcome, son
Daddy, where is Shekhar ?
Shekhar ? Shekhar, you are
I mean, where is Sher Singh ?
Sher Singh ?
Pange, show him Sher Singh
Sher Singh, I'm not
So what do I mean to say if I mean to
ay, I'm not Sher Singh. Means, you are'
Jr whatever he did to you, you can take
revenge and count the bones you break
What are you doing ?
Hit the bastard, smash him
Over here
That's it
Now move, over
I take your life or I let you live !
Do you think you deserve it?
Stop it
Misha. . . Sweaty
You'll do nothing of the sort, Vicky.
Or, I'll pump all six into your brains
If you're alive afterwards,
I'll vivisect you
Silly ladies, I'm hero. He's villain.
I mean, I am the Sher Singh
And he is he is that Vicky.
Hey, why don't you tell them ?
Like what ? O'dearest wives, will you
stare at it or do it? Kill the creep
You'll make widows of yourselves, he's
a conman, saying all that for effect
Don't you dare do anything to my son
If anything happens to my Vicky,
no name's getting out alive
No ones walking out alive
He's a conman and that's his daddy,
saying his enemy is his son
he's confusing everyone, don't listen
to him. Listen to me pay attention
You think he is your husband ?
- Yes
50, at least allow me to shoot that guy
Now, I'm undone we've lost it
Get up, son.
- Rise and shine
Did that hurt, Shekhar ?
How you recognise me ? Finally you do
Until husbands are broken men,
wives seldom realise !
Why did you women come here ?
For your life !
- To save you
To save me, or to trap me ?
Who told you to come here ?
- She did.
She's the root cause of all trouble.
- You stupid bloody village girl
Stop this screaming match !
Dad, shoot everybody. Except Nisha
Emotional for Nisha ?
Now what ?
What's happening ?
- This country is saved !
Cops in time !
Tu k-tuk !
- Tony
Tu k-tuk-Tony
Catch them !
- Go
Them !
Tony run.
- You too, Tuk-tuk
Drop it
Nisha, I love you Nisha
I love you too
The wife lesser loved, will die
Papa, will my mummy live ?
- Yes son
pa, nothing will happen to my mummy
- Nothing will happen to her, son
Congratulations. Both are saved
What rot ! How could both be saved ?
Both are alive, but how could it be ?
How strange ! Both your wives survive:
and you aren't glad ?
No, of course I'm glad.
But how come both are alive ?
By our Guru's grace,
everything can happen
Absolutely true. But the god man?
- My very thoughts
how could the god man flop
in the climax ?
I said, the wife loved lesser dies.
But you have loved both equally
So they live