Sangathamizhan (2019) Movie Script

'Theni District'
'Due to air pollution'
Maharashtra Govt has banned
the operations of Sanjay Industries
'The case filed by the public against
this firm operating in Maruthamangalam...'
...has already met with 2 adjournments
With regard to this, the opposition has
not submitted any supporting documents
- Objection, Your Honor
- Objection overruled
It is the court's duty to allay
the fears of the general public
This is my humble request
Begin your argument, Mr Shanmugam
Ignorance of the general public
about Sanjay Copper Industries the reason for this fear
In the preparation of copper
we are introducing many reforms
We need extension of time to submit
supporting documents regarding this
'That's all, Your Honor'
After hearing the arguments
of both the sides
' much as industrial growth
is important to the welfare of society'
...we must bear in mind
people's security is more important
'Therefore Sanjay Industries'
...has to submit its justification in court
Until then this court notifies
interim injunction will continue
'Glad about stay continuing'
No big deal but make sure
you come for the next hearing, okay?
- I'll take care, you carry on
- Take photocopies
Come here
- Yes, comrade
- Are you all jobless?
Is your job just roaming around
court and filing cases?
If you can carry on atrocities
hailing from another town...
...can't we fight for our own land?
Stop it right here
Only then you're on safe ground
Otherwise I'll chop you to pieces
Comrade, if you hack us
one more will emerge!
- If even he's killed, same story
- How many of us will you kill?
Seeds have already been sown
They will sprout and spring up
Anyone who opposed us
has never lived you know
Hey! Not lived, huh?
In this world, someone or the other
will be born to oppose someone
You don't decide who lives
Leave that to God!
Do what you can
Come on, boys
- Relax, comrade
- Get going...go
Sir, we are in court
We will see them later
'Why get into a fight
with him unnecessarily?'
'Hey, trust me, I'm telling you-'
- Hello, bro
- 'Flirting, huh?'
'Nothing of that sort, bro'
- 'Hey...!'
- Vanakkam, bro
'Air is filled with jasmine scent, eh?'
Rainbow colors, huh?
Saro, you had zero demand in the market
But now you seem to be most wanted!
You are the one
who has forgotten me!
Shucks! I don't eat
old food nowadays
[whistles in appreciation]
- Hey...!
- Bro
- Who is this new chick?
- 'Don't know, bro'
Sir, I have an exam tomorrow morning
I came here only to take my exam
They brought me here even though
I tried my best to explain, sir
You brought a student here?
Are you brainless or what?
Bro, we didn't know-
- What is your name?
- Bhagyalakshmi, sir
I was just teasing these fellows
You don't worry
Wait upstairs for a while
You can leave early, okay?
- Hey! Take her upstairs
- 'Okay, bro'
Trust me and go up
Don't cry, dear
'Thanks, sir'
Chase these hookers away
Bro, what about that girl upstairs?
- What was her name?
- Bhagyalakshmi
Means the blessed one, eh?
Let me run up and check
how fortunate she is!
'Without realizing, I gave it to
the wrong hands and I'm in a mess now'
Raghu, please return all the costumes
I rented it 3 days ago
These costumes are needed for
shooting tomorrow, please give them
You go now, our boys will
return them tomorrow in the shop
2 chaps are standing out here
and torturing me for these uniforms
Please return them
- Check them out
- Yes, bro
Who are you?
'What do you want?'
You're asking me so decently
But he knocked my adam's apple out
You know how painful that can be!
How painful?
Hey, come here
I tapped gently
- But he used force, sir
- What's so important about the shoot?
Demanding our costumes
in the middle of the night
Actually, sir-
The day a policeman
dons his khaki uniform
...from that day onwards
he's bound by fairplay and justice
Whoever the criminal may be
he should beat him to a pulp
Tear his shirt to tatters
and drag him to court
One who fights against
bribe and corruption
Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth
be a rowdy to tackle a rowdy
But at the same time
one who is common man's friend
He is a true police officer!
- Am I right?
- Yes, sir
That's hero Vikram's dialog
as Commissioner in 'Saamy'
My dialog is your 'yes, sir'
Hoping one day we'll wear
this uniform and speak these words
...we say 'yes, sir' and salute today
Will your sins be forgiven if you
grab even that 'yes, sir' from us?
You intend returning our costume?
I've been saying I can't return
from the beginning
Okay, forget it
- Will Thangam dress store be open?
- Opens at 5:30 a.m
Will you ask them for 2 uniforms?
Forgive us if we troubled you
But this is an important request
Will you take off that uniform
when you drink?
It holds a special respect
Okay? Bye then
- Sir, shall we leave?
- Yes, sir
You hold your breath well
- You should've sung that SPB song
- I wasn't in films then
What is it, dear?
Why are you so petrified
as if I'm here to rape you, huh?
- It's wrong, sir
- All I want to do is romance with you
- Come on...come on
- I'm not that kind of a girl, sir
Which girl will accept
'I am that kind of a girl'?
'You can use me as you like!'
Stop kidding, darling
- Please don't, sir
- Stop your drama!
Lie down now
I beg you, sir
- Please, sir
- Please 'please' me!
Who is this bear walking into my den?
I'll be back, dear
Hi, glad to meet you
Means I'll punch you till you pass out!
All my boys are downstairs
How did you come up?
Go ask your boys down there
Why ask the one up here?
1 minute, sir
Thank you so much, sir
You shouldn't be silent like this
hoping a savior will come to your aid
Are you a police officer?
Whatever costume he wears,
he will live that character
I'm trying to become a comedian
He's trying for a hero's role in films
Perfect hero, right?
Sports a 6 pack too!
- Pccht! Forget that
- Okay
As far as I'm concerned
you are a hero
One day you'll become a star!
Okay, please bless me
Sir, why are you falling at my feet?
- You meant it, right?
- Yes
From the bottom of your heart?
You said it with love?
Then you are God, bless me
- Will I become a hero?
- Sure
If you say so
that's enough
Bro, won't her words come true?
You'll be a hero of the masses
Sing the hero introduction song
He is awesome
Sir, simply superb
Sir, repeat that shake
"Oh my God! Oh my God!!
Sparks will fly in total Tamil Nad"
"Oh my God! Oh my God!!
To our side we know God will nod"
"If we aim with 1 stone and hit
we get 2 mangoes to our benefit"
"Listen to my one liner
'No pain no gain' is the winner"
"Less talk work more you'll shine
'Zero to hero' is your tagline"
"Look for the route your heart points to
'Zero to hero' is the buzzword new"
"To gossip mongers don't pay heed
'Zero to hero' is your motto indeed"
"Turn a deaf ear, both in fact
'Zero to Hero' is your tag intact"
"Less talk work more you'll shine
'Zero to hero' is your tagline"
"Look for the route your heart points to
'Zero to hero' is the buzzword new"
"To gossip mongers don't pay heed
'Zero to hero' is your motto indeed"
"Turn a deaf ear, both in fact
'Zero to Hero' is your tag intact"
"Less tension more work, pizzazz
Don't get perturbed, don't stress"
"This is the 1st rule to success"
"Don't do it as a chore
Do your duty to the core"
"Warm fuzzy feelings encore"
"Life's data card will expire one day"
"Before that, unleash your power play"
"To fulfill goals main reason is attitude"
"So keep calm and carry on, dude"
"Less talk work more you'll shine
'Zero to hero' is your tagline"
"Look for the route your heart points to
'Zero to hero' is the buzzword new"
"To gossip mongers don't pay heed
'Zero to hero' is your motto indeed"
"Turn a deaf ear, both in fact
'Zero to Hero' is your tag intact"
"Oh my God! Oh my God!!
Sparks will fly in total Tamil Nad"
"Oh my God! Oh my God!!
To our side we know God will nod"
"If we aim with 1 stone and hit
we get 2 mangoes to our benefit"
"Listen to my one liner
'No pain no gain' is the answer"
"Less talk work more you'll shine
'Zero to hero' is your tagline"
"Look for the route your heart points to
'Zero to hero' is the buzzword new"
"To gossip mongers don't pay heed
'Zero to hero' is your motto indeed"
Gawd! He calls himself a hero!!
Sir, please don't sleep
Then Tamil cinema will go into slumber
Come what may
you are the hero
I'm the comedian by your side
What happened?
Hero sir!
Pack up!
'He who has 5 hands and face of an elephant
whose tusk is like the crescent effulgent'
'Son of Nandi, flower of wisdom,
He's Ganesha, I cherish and worship Him'
You are off to play cards
in our street corner, right?
Creating such a scene as if
you're working in a big firm?
Carry on, gambler
- Has he left?
- Yes
Shall we begin?
'Am I not one amongst the people?
Why can I not rule?'
'You are one amongst the people, but-'
- Leaving?
- Are you back?
You call this a profession!
[excerpts from 'Nadodi Mannan']
'But the atrocious taxes you impose
and the flogging whips you bulldoze'
'...have determined, as our king
you know to live but not to rule!'
Hey! Appa has come
What's happening?
If I tell you to study
do you ever listen to me?
What to do?
Like father like children!
- What is he doing?
- Practicing for 'Tik Tok' video
Is there money in it?
Hey! Do you call this a job?
Not only are you jobless
you're a bad influence on my kids
'Go out and look around'
Sons usually give their salary to
their parents on the 1st of every month
'Aren't you ashamed to stand
as an extra actor for a few 100 bucks?'
- What's in the bag?
- 'Murukku'
- Give me
- 'Look at his face!'
He'll become a hero it seems!
'Thinks he's Kamal Haasan'
'What am I saying and
what are you doing?'
Instead of munching this,
you can eat some crap!
Anger at the tip of your nose!
Akka, give me a 'dosa'
You still want a 'dosa' after the way
my husband insulted you?
Akka, that 'murukku' is stale
He was so concerned for my health
and you're blaming him
So now I am the culprit, huh?
My husband is working like a dog
doing 2 shifts instead of 1
Your father happily strolls
to the street corner to gamble
You are gallivanting
for a chance in cinema
Even after looking at him is it no one is
responsible in this house?
At least 1 person should
be diligent in our family?
If we are all spendthrifts,
won't we be penniless?
What are you saying?
How can we afford 'dosa' then?
You have a way with words
Make your own 'dosa'
Don't ruin the pan
trying to make a crisp 'dosa'
'Help yourself to ghee if you want'
'You're a great inspiration
to everyone, sir'
Worked for your boss, you climbed up
the ladder and now on par with him
'Today you want his daughter as bride'
Learn everything
but not this kind of stuff, huh?
'Good morning, sir'
'Long time!'
Thanks for your appointment, sir
What can my boss do for you?
My wife wants my son to get married
I spoke to him too
But he told me he has
already decided on the bride
Idiot! What if he brings some fool
and introduces her as his wife?
Then what will happen to our status, sir?
But do you know whose photo he showed?
Your daughter's photo, sir
That's why I came to
discuss this alliance
Hey Rohit!
What is this, sir?
Dad, ask them to let go of me
A businessman bred a dog as his pet
He took care of this pet
better than himself
The dog followed him wherever
he went like his faithful shadow
Almost as a family member
One day when he decided to
find a groom for his daughter
...that dog came up to him and asked
'You are looking for
a son-in-law all over the town'
'Why didn't you think of me?'
All said and done
it's just a dog, right?
Do I spare that dog's life?
Or should I kill it?
Don't resort to murder, sir
Please let go of my son
'Set a thief to catch a thief'
is an oft repeated adage
- Do you know that?
- Of course, sir
Then I don't have to waste
my breath trying to explain
Get lost!
Where did I stop?
'If it pertains to my business'
...I will stoop down to any level
If it has got to do with my status
...I'll go the whole 9 yards!
I've signed on the dotted line, sir
Love you
Sorry, sir
Is it okay I'm here
in my shooting costume?
- I know the costumer, not to worry
- Not that, sir
- I'm there, right?
- True, right?
Sir, this looks like the haunt
of the rich and famous
In one go, can we spend
our hard earned money?
If the rich frequent the pub
every week, it is their hobby
We go when we feel like
to make ourselves happy
Then let us go in, sir
Didn't you want to visit a pub?
Then why this change of mind?
- Are you playing a double game?
- No, sir
You first
I'll follow, sir
What is this, sir?
It is jam packed like
a temple on new moon day
New look, sir?
Coolers and all
Gives a rich look, sir
- How is it?
- So you've come well-prepared
Yes, sir
Excuse me
[whistling loudly]
You called out decently
and it wasn't heard
My whistle did it!
Hi sir, what would you like to have?
- What is your name?
- Excuse me, sir
What's your name?
Which area?
Shantha kumar from Vannarapettai
Aren't you a local chap?
I'm also a local chap, eh?
Then why this English between us?
- How should you speak to me?
- Welcome, anna
Vanakkam, anna
Please sit, bro
- What is your order?
- That's the way to ask!
Hello sir, what would you like to have?
- Bring two 90
- Don't have 90, sir
Only 60 and 30
You are being impudent
Do you get it?
I follow the rules here, sir
You're running a booze shop
and what rules are you talking about?
- Get lost!
Don't stipulate conditions to customer
Customer is king!
- Understand, go
- Okay, sir
- Forget it!
- Apologize to him
Sorry, sir
Drink, sir
- Sir...?
- Hahn
It's jam packed here and still
one chap is ogling at another chick
- Who, sir?
- Turn this side
'That's the way, lovely!'
- Tell me, brother
- Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Why should I be ashamed?
If you are dancing with your wife
And some chap ogles like this,
how furious you'll be?
Why should I lose my cool?
That lady who is dancing
She's my wife!
'He's connecting person to person!'
Why aren't you dancing with her?
I don't know to dance
She dances really well
only with him
I'm just the audience, that's all
Why take it to heart?
It's no big deal, brother
Sir, am I making sense
or you think he's right?
Come what may, you are
people's favorite and always right
Why do you even doubt this?
- Tell me, sir
- Get my bill
It's on the house, sir
Today is madam's birthday
- She's paying for everyone
- Who is your madam?
Madam...there she is
Dai, bring the bill
for our booze, go
Who is the baby here?
Announce a break for 5 minutes, sir
You must be tired after drinking
Take rest for 5 minutes
Who is the birthday girl here?
You, huh?
Happy birthday
If it's your birthday
treat your friends
Why buy drinks for strangers like us?
- It's my treat
- Balls!
- Want me to repeat it?
- What?
Treat your friends or
your employees on your birthday
Or help out people
in your neighborhood
It will be a blessing
to your entire lineage
Only the rich who can afford come here
What do you gain
by giving him freebies?
- Listen here-
- Forgive me if I said something wrong
I won't apologize like that
because I'm not wrong
Sir, why are you talking to her?
- Go on, find your way out
- 'When did I speak to her?'
Hey! Whom are you
trying to knock down?
A man shouldn't look good!
'She would've hit on me
He ruined even that!'
- Sir, you keep going
- Leave me alone, sir
That's it, what I say goes
- Dai! Continue
- Who is this fellow?
- What, sir?
- What more do you want to do?
- Did I do something wrong, sir?
- When have you ever been wrong?
You measure every word you speak
You didn't even give the bill
You created a scene
to imprint your face in her mind
- Is that so?
- Of course
Won't that girl ask her friends?
Who is he? What does he do?
Where is he from?
Won't they also fill up the blanks?
Good lord!
You know it all
No one can fool you, sir
Don't know how I can match
your acting skill, sir?
Somehow please save me, sir
Come, sir
Let's go
He washed all the dirty linen happily
Why is he wringing me to drip-dry?
Happy birthday, my darling
Thanks, dad
I thought you would
call me at 12:01
I thought you will be busy
So didn't want to disturb you
- Coffee
- Okay
I'll call you back
'Maruthamangalam - Theni District'
- Won't you measure 1 kg correctly, bro?
- Go, lady
Your measuring sucks
If he says it is over
wait and watch!
- Measure properly
- Get lost!
Groceries are all over
Clear off, everyone
You gave hardly 10 people
How can it be over?
How will I answer the people
of the neighboring town?
Are people of this town mad
to tolerate this atrocity?
What are you doing with
the groceries you get?
I didn't get any stock
Do what you want
- We shouldn't spare him
- Take your hands off!
[overlap of angry voices]
Look here
No use talking to him
We will solve this
at the right place
Come along
Follow me
Collector has arrived
Get up, all of you
- Let's tell him our problem
- Yes, tell him everything
- Sir
- Good afternoon, sir
- What is this?
- They are waiting from morning
They are refusing to leave, sir
Why are all of you protesting
in front of the police station?
Sir, we have no access
to benefits granted by the Govt
Hardly 10 people are given groceries
in the Govt ration shop, sir
He claims Govt allocation was so low
We have no rice or lentils
to feed our children
Even our roads are not well lit
when we walk home at night
- Even that power supply is cut
- Yes, sir
We have no school facilities
for our children to study
Sir, our hospital is just
a namesake establishment
There aren't any doctors
nor any medical supplies, sir
Do you know how we suffer
to get drinking water, sir?
If we go to the neighboring town
to get water we are driven away
Should we suffer like this?
We are depending
on you to save us, sir
My hands are tied
You returned your voter IDs
and declined the need for elections
What arrogance!
Is it his words?
He's repeating like a parrot
what he has been taught
Is this how we get punished
for repealing elections?
What is the solution, sir?
Your wants will be fulfilled
only if you say 'yes' to elections
Withdraw your election repeal
Will we be alive
till we vote, sir?
It is all our wretched fate
'We won't gain anything
appealing to them'
- Let's go
- Calls himself a collector
- Clear out now
- It's a no win situation
What are the people saying?
Ignore their pleas
I repeated verbatim
whatever you asked me to
I don't know how long this will last
It is not your place to comment
They have started lamenting only now
It will change
Change is imminent
'Praise be to Kittappa'
'Avatar of Spirituality'
'Come stressed out
Go happy without a doubt'
'Praise be to Kittappa'
'Kittappa Astrology Center'
'Glory to seer Kittappa'
Praise be to the Goddess of
Spirituality and Self-healing
Bro, horoscope compatibility
is made for each other
If your sister gets married to this groom
100 years of prosperity and plenty
With name and fame
without disease or disorders
Blessed with healthy children
the couple will live happily ever after
Thank you very much, swami
- He got his due
- Here, sir
I don't take money
Thank you
I don't accept cash
Please hand it over to her
- I thought as much
- You charge Rs 1000 it seems
I don't have balance to give you
Let me read your palm also
- It's okay, I'll take leave
- Don't make a fuss
- Show your palm to him
- I feel shy
He should feel shy!
'He is in the cine field
Kindly predict his future'
Wow! This is superb!
Because your Venus is exalted have a good chance of
even acting with Super Star!
'Silence! Silence!!'
Due to transit of Jupiter to Capricorn
...director Mani Ratnam will call you
- Then?
- 9 planets are favorable
Not surprising if you co-star with
Nayanthara, Trisha and Tamannaah
- 'Bro'
- Swami
From my mouth to God's ears
my prophesy will come true
After it happens
you'll come in search of me
Even if it doesn't
we'll come in search of you!
'What a curse!'
- Congratulations, sir
- Thank you, sir
- I'll take leave
- Bless you
Hold on, sir
You'll leave as soon as
your job is done, huh?
Be calm and listen to
what's in store for my palm
Kindly take a look, swami
Come on
Show me your palm
Bro, don't show your hand to anyone
It will be chopped to pieces
That's all I can say now
I don't like to be negative
You look like a negative
that hasn't been printed
'Who are you to foretell, black ape?'
How humiliating!
Thinks he's Nostradamus
He predicts only with cowrie shells
May justice lift its righteous head
Jai Hind!
They made my skull piping hot!
Your faces tell me're slightly on the affluent side
But you want an alliance from our family
That seems like a surprise twist
We decided to find
a bride for our son
What does it matter
mansion or mud house?
Are you saying we live
in a mud house?
Father-in-law, please stay out of this
- Go and bring the 'bride'
- Okay
Our girl is so-so
Not worth seeing
You and your jinxed mouth!
Why do you spoil for a fight?
'Come to my home', huh?
Do you like her, son?
Very much
We like your daughter
Is that so?
Shall we discuss all the other details?
What is there to discuss, sir?
I won't give a naya paisa
in the name of 'dowry'
Did we even mention the word?
It's very difficult to find a good bride
Gold, right?
We can save later
He has come prepared to say 'yes'
I won't agree if you ask
for a bike or car
We have all that, sir
They are in favor of this alliance
'Why are you listing out
one by one from memory?'
Keep quiet, son-in-law
My granddaughter will
visit us every Friday
She'll go back to your house
only on Monday
Even I can't part from my son for 2 days
'She can stay with you
for a whole week if you want'
'How do I get rid of them?'
Here comes the star of our house
Good afternoon
'Vanakkam', sir
- Where do you work?
- I'm trying for a chance to act in films
Cinema, huh?
Dozens of youngsters are waiting
in every street with their photos
How can you survive on that income?
No, if I get a good chance
...I can earn enough to have
the income tax department raid me
My eldest son runs 6 xerox shops
'Why don't you help him?'
It is very remunerative
Why be obsessed with cinema
and make a joke out of it?
You're mistaken, sir
Get up, man
You keep jabbering
Get up, man
Who are you to offer
my brother a job?
How dare you call him a joker!
- Mind your words
- Get out of my house
Hey! Keep quiet
Why are you hitting our son?
Step outside and
hit your son all you want
'Serves me right for
seeking this alliance'
1 minute, wait, sir
I'll convince my family
Please wait
Let's talk it over
- Let him go
- As if we need his advice!
- Your dreams
- He's so thick skinned
- And goal they are trying to bury
- 1 minute
What did they say that was new?
As if you haven't said the same, huh?
They were quite decent
Why this sudden overflow
of care and concern over me?
I'll take your limbs apart
if you laugh like this
This sister of yours waits till the groom
gets down from the auto at our doorstep
And then announces, 'I love someone
I'll kill myself if I don't marry him'
'Did we raise her, for her to die?'
Why didn't you blurt this out
when you asked me to match horoscopes?
Did I give you this groom's
horoscope to match?
I gave you my lover's horoscope, bro
Why dress to kill
for a groom you dislike?
'Well asked, my son'
Your sister has even asked
...that lover boy to come here at 4:00 pm
He is coming with his parents
in an auto, on the way
Yes, bro
These people were glued to their seats
I went through hell
before I could pack them off
But you made it easy for us
Clear all this rubbish now
You can also step out
Why glare daggers at me?
We need you only to stop a wedding
This is a match that should be confirmed
Better if you're absent, see you
Listen, Mr Murthy
If your name was not on
our Govt ID as head of the family won't have this roof over your head
We'll discuss all this later
Get ready, my dear
How much can I handle at this age?
- 'Irresponsible lot'
- Listen!
My bro-in-law is the breadwinner
'Even he is zipping his lips'
Are you creating a scene,
you addicted gambler?
I know how to get even!
Why drag my husband in
your father-son squabble?
I've buttered up your husband
He'll be in a good mood, go and check
- No respect for your akka
- Won't invite me for your wedding?
- You are 1st on our list, bro
- Smack you, get lost!
'Auto is here'
'Ask this man the address'
Which is Mr Murthy's house?
You are...?
No idea!
I'm hungry, let me
help myself to an apple
Come, we'll go in
Hi students, you all should
remember one thing
You are studying photography
For students taking up History and Math
classroom is their world
For you, world is your classroom
'You'll be exposed to a whole new world'
If you take just 1 shot should be lively
and well chosen
It should tell you a story
Your assignment this time
Within 7 days
you have to submit
- Sushma
- Sir
Your topic is 'Sculptures'
Go to Mahabalipuram
Go and click beautiful snaps
of the sculptures over there
I'll give you Ravindran's number
He'll be very helpful
You don't stand like a sculpture!
Okay, Savitha
- Sir
- Food photography
Then Kamalini
- Sir?
- 'Housing board lifestyle' is your subject
Actually you're very fortunate
'You'll get varied subjects
and expressions over there'
I'll refer you to one Mr Guru
I'll forward his number to you
'Contact him for any help'
[humming a song from 'En Annan']
Waitees, madam
- Why is he here?
- Muruga!
Sit down
Met him in the pub-
- 4-5 college girls are here
- What for?
Some project it seems
Went above my head
So I brought them to you
Did you get a commission?
I've brought them to you
Will I even dare to ask?
- I swear, no
- Then why bring them here?
'They have cameras'
Photo or cinema means in our area
I can only think of you
Don't lay it too thick
Bring them over
- Want tea?
- It's okay, Muruga
Then pay the bill
Isn't it wrong, sir?
It isn't a crime at all
to make use of chaps like this
Handle him with care
- Okay?
- Thank you
DD, sir
- Sir?
- Drunken dance
We saw her in the pub
Birthday baby
Try to look sad and pathetic
In the pink of health
drowning in those spirits!
Speak decently, sir
- Hi
- Sit down
- Would you like tea?
- No, thank you
What about you?
You won't drink here
What I can do for you?
First of all, sorry
That pub incident the other day
'I reflected on what I did'
What I did was wrong
- Oho!
- I'll change my ways now
Don't change your habit
for random strangers
Reform if you feel it is right
Or else maintain your attitude
- Punch?
- Sounds nice, sir
Come to the point
'Housing board' is a project
for my photography course
I'll express the struggles here
through the photos I click
You'll mint money
out of our hardship, huh?
Our struggles are of no use to us
Let them at least benefit
Expose only our struggles or what?
No, I'll showcase your happiness too
You'll be envious of us
Shall we?
- They will click you also, sir
- For sure
- They play out in the streets
- Politicians play in our lives!
Vanakkam, bro
Yellow shirt, Philips anna
Meet and greet him
They are here to click photos, bro
Ask them to do a good job
- Recognize this game?
- No, we don't
You roll this round ball
in shopping malls and show off
- Slow bowling or fast bowling
- This is our area's snow bowling
All smart kids but won't go
beyond 10th grade in our area
Isn't our Govt aiding them?
How? Education will give knowledge
Knowledge will give us jobs
Will it appease our hunger?
Click your photos
Hold your ammunition in your hand
Pick it up
Gather everything
She is Selvi akka of our area
'Look at her blushing'
When dogs sleep
she'll get up like a ghost
Knot her hair, pour the batter in a mud pot
...thinking of her mother-in-law and
sister-in-law, twist, turn right and left
She'll slide the fritters into boiling oil
and take them out crisp and crunchy
Wow! Our tastebuds will dance in joy!
But if akka washes her hands
I don't guarantee the taste!
- Sorry, sis
Why lose your cool?
Pose for the photo
- Go ahead and click
- Take it
Selvi akka, smile
That's my beauty queen!
He is our area's costume designer
He's the reason for our boys
being stylish and slick
If you give him a pattern
from a magazine or newspaper
He'll copy it to the T and
fling it on your face in 1 hour
Talent 100%
But poverty is 101%
That's why he's stuck in this hell hole
But he'll come up in life soon, bro?
Take your photo
Pose for the camera
This is our Mary akka's shop
Just like how 'bhajji'
is special in our beach
...our akka has the best handicrafts
to decorate your shelf at home
Mary akka
Flash your smile
This is the last stop for today
If you want more
come tomorrow
I'll take you around
You can click more
She said she would take a photo of us
- Ask her
- Hello?
Excuse me
You forgot to click us?
- Er...I forgot
- How can you forget?
I clicked the snaps
I forgot to show you
- Then show us
- Tell me your number
- 733...
- Tell me your number
Sir just gave you his number
I asked for your number
'He'll call me a hero everywhere
Now sudden 'Ghajini' memory!'
- Didn't get
- You will
1 minute
I like you
Don't get me wrong
I like you, wanted to know
if we can be friends
I got it
- Thanks
- Enjoy
Sir, look at this
What is this, sir?
That girl has clicked only me, huh?
Look...look here, sir
Here, in this corner
'Why are you hiding and peeping?'
Why didn't you come into the frame?
"In my eyes a butterfly smiles enticing"
"In my heart it sprouts wings rejoicing"
"In my eyes a butterfly
smiles irresistible"
"In my heart it sprouts wings invisible"
"Happiness in everything I see
My heart liquefies in ecstasy"
"In the palm of my hand tight
is my laughter clasped in delight?"
"In everything I hear, rhythm echoes to me"
"In all that moves, dancing feet I see"
"In my breath's journey
a fragrant festival spree"
"The wonderful wind whispers in my ear
Dusty earth chats with my feet so clear"
"Whose words will I hear?"
"Flowers stop me with their heads crooning
My companion pulls me fondly beckoning"
"Whose call will I comply unquestioning?"
"Beauty in all her grace
invites with a smiling face"
"Budding wings of love so true
bloom and blossom anew"
"Beauty in all her enchantment
allures with an air of amusement"
"Budding wings of love and shyness
bloom and blossom in earnest"
"Happiness in everything I see
My heart liquefies in ecstasy"
"In the palm of my hand tight
is my laughter clasped in delight?"
"In everything I hear, rhythm echoes to me
In all that moves, dancing feet I see"
"In my breath's journey
a fragrant festival spree"
"The wonderful wind whispers in my ear
Dusty earth chats with my feet so clear"
"Whose words will I now hear?"
"Flowers stop me with their heads crooning
My companion pulls me fondly beckoning"
"Whose call will I comply unquestioning?"
You called me so many times
I was in a seminar
That's why I couldn't answer
- Pick up that invitation
- For whom?
My sister's wedding
Take a look and contribute generously
Show your power!
The other day I saw you in the pub
You are here now, why?
- Because
- Let me answer
Elephant needs sugarcane grove
to appease its hunger
But an ant needs just the residue
When wallet heavy, elephant
when pocket empty be an ant
Aiyo! What a punch line, sir!
Hearing his punch lines
don't try to impress him
He won't fall for your bait
You tried to impress him in the pub?
Sir, you're Tamil Nadu's treasure trove
Don't try to slip away so soon
- Even I want 2 'idlis'
- My plate tempted you, huh?
"Like a delicate flower as a princess
I was wrapped in cool comfort of affluence"
'I wanted to tell you right then'
Actually I'm the hero
He's the comedian
"Inside a matchbox with bare minimum
I found the azure sky extend maximum"
"On a 'dosa' pan; way to my heart
I found love, never to part"
"In my eyes a butterfly smiles enticing"
"In my heart it sprouts wings rejoicing"
"Without knocking my world has opened"
"All of a sudden this has happened"
"In my eyes a butterfly
smiles irresistible"
"In my heart it sprouts wings invisible"
"Without knocking my world has opened"
"Vibes clicked and this has happened"
"Nothing else, I conclude
My heart doesn't need, dude"
"Dearest, we'll seize the moment
Hand in hand, with wonderment"
"Like a shooting star, love
I fell from the sky above"
"In one single day I lived a lifetime
Thanks to you, my love sublime"
"Beauty in all her grace
invites with a smiling face"
"Budding wings of love so true
bloom and blossom anew"
"Budding wings of love and shyness
bloom and blossom in earnest"
We've already invested a lot
for this project in Theni, sir
But as of now
It is a tough proposition considering
the present situation of that hillock town
You said there's land
available near Krishnagiri?
Either it is closer to residential areas
Otherwise it is reserve forest area
Bengal, Sikkim, Haryana
Only reason our projects
were rejected in these 3 states
Issues in the chemicals we dumped
I don't know what methods you'll resort to
'Construction has to start
within 2 months'
Only the good news
you've registered the land what my ears should hear!
How will we leave it?
I'll handle everything
Vanakkam, bro
Hello, Gopi, looks like
your business is booming, huh?
Don't rub salt on the wound, bro
I hardly get more than 2% commission
That corporate company is
looking for land elsewhere
He'll very soon ask us
to return his deposit
Don't give in to his demands, bro
The honey bee will
definitely build its nest
What actually matters is
who drinks the honey, huh?
I'll call you back in a while, okay?
Lunch is ready?
- Sir, 1 photo
- Oh yes!
Please click a snap of us
How are you, sir?
I'm fine, Muruga
How are you?
- Thank you, sir
- You're welcome
What brings you here, Muruga?
Director asked me to follow up
He has promised me a good role
Will you join me for lunch?
Let us eat with him
- We had lunch
- It's okay, come
- No, please carry on
- Okay, see you
- Thank you, sir
- See you, bro
Sir, Mr Ramji is your friend
Why didn't you accept his invitation?
One who sincerely invites won't ask
'Will you join me for lunch?'
He'll clasp my hand and say
'Let's go and eat now'
My father's pearl of wisdom, sir
Don't give me all this dope
just because you have a way with words!
You're truly a brain box
C.I.D Shankar, sir
Missed a good meal, sir
'Murugan, come to the hospital right now'
Which hospital?
'Meenakshi hospital'
Hey! What happened?
You're fine, right?
Need to do an abortion
- Abortion, huh?
- Sir! You never told me
When? You were with me all the time
As if I'll have an eye witness!
- Not me, sir
- Not for me either
- Then?
- My friend
Sir, you've climbed 1 tree and
plucked the fruits off another tree
Don't be so vulgar, I'm not
responsible for that either, sir
- Who is it?
- Revathy
I'll call you back, di
Smooth operator!
She and her boyfriend have
been dating from their school days
He is in the Navy now
They didn't meet
for a whole year
They met last month
She had missed him so much
Both were a bit careless
Ended up pregnant
You're saying it casually like how
our phone hangs suddenly
Will you be serious, sir?
- Hey! Tell me
- What was I saying?
Ended up pregnant
'What was I saying', huh?
She called me and said
she wants to commit suicide
I suggested it is simpler to go in
for an abortion and I brought her here
Hospital is insisting on formal
approval from my parents
Or my husband
That's why-
You brought your friend
who wanted to kill herself her foetus can be killed, right?
Decent name for it
is abortion, correct?
- What happened?
- I need time to think
Brainwaves don't flash
in the wave of a hand, no?
Let's go and talk to your parents
Which parent will accept and forgive
after having stepped out of line like this?
So you realize it is wrong?
- Very good
- If you can help, do so
Otherwise I'll handle it
Don't be sarcastic
I know her parents very well, okay?
Confirmed, they won't accept this
Where is this 2-legged vehicle rushing to?
Look, I don't know her parents at all
But I can assure you 101%
they won't accept her condition
Still we have no choice
Let us go and meet them
Talk and try to convince them
If they don't accept her
we can plan our next step
Come on
'What are you saying?'
'I pampered you because you're my daughter
and you've brought disgrace to our family'
Why don't you just die?
I trusted you completely
You made me bow my head in shame
Why didn't you elope with him then?
- How dare you come home!
- What are you hitting her?
I sent her to study and
she loves some riff-raff
Why hit her mercilessly like this?
She is pregnant, I say
Appa, let go of her
Stop it, dear
- Listen to us, pa
- Just follow me
- Don't protect her
- Listen to us, pa
Why are you behaving so inhumanly?
What a disgrace!
Sir, come when
you're done hitting
We are guests
waiting to talk to you
Who are you?
Kamalini's boyfriend, sir
Only then he will take us seriously
- Kamalini, what is this?
- Uncle
Sir, why are you so short fused?
Revathy was scared to tell you
So she told her friend
she wants to commit suicide
Worried her friend will die...
Kamalini decided to kill
the foetus and so she called me
Revathy is your heir
That baby is your lineage
How can I decide for you?
So I sent her back to you
But your anger got the better of you
What else do you want me to do?
If our child has a problem
as parents we should be accessible
She shouldn't be scared
how her parents will react, sir
Then there's no bond, sir
I'm a random stranger and
she asked me to sign her abortion
I'll teach her a lesso-
Sir, why are you so over emotional, huh?
Your brain can't think logically
when your emotions take over
But I'll help you
I'll give you 2 options
Option number 1!
You can beat her up till 5:00 pm
or 5 weeks locking her in
You will get her baby aborted
and find a groom of your choice
Then what will happen?
Your loving bond between
your daughter and you will sever
Option number 2!
Do a background check
on her boyfriend
If he's a good chap
get them married
You'll have a grandchild in 10 months
Who knows how famous
this baby will become?
How many people are waiting
to applaud your grandchild's feat?
I know what you're thinking
How your relatives will react, right?
Please ignore them
You'll spend your hard earned money
They'll find fault with your feast
after licking the banana leaf clean!
Can we give up our child's life
for their jealous comments?
Sir, I know that girl
for a very short period
Even I realize she is good as gold
Imagine your feelings as her father
I understand your plight, sir
What is your name, sir?
Nice meeting you, sir
Take care, sir
Come on, let's go
- How can you leave?
- What now?
Mission accomplished
Their family problem
They can handle it now
- Why should we hover around?
- What if something drastic happens?
Nothing to worry
When I spoke for so long, he thought
for a second without losing his cool?
Problem was solved right then
Good character and anger
go hand in glove
Anger evaporated with those blows
His good nature surfaced, all is well
- How are you, akka?
- Come in
Go and sit there
Bhai, 2 glasses tea
My hand!
- Butter biscuit
- Bro, butter biscuits
- Fresh ones please
- Okay
Wonder what's next!
- Sit down
- You take a seat
This is my area
Please sit
'Muruga, be brave!'
Muruga'nna, soooper coolers
- Thanks, my pet
- My pleasure, bro
Take your coolers off please?
He just complimented me
I need to look at your eyes
and say something
Go on
What I wanted to say was-
Malefic effects of Saturn, huh?
- For 7 and years
- Jinxed-mouth!
Ignore the ill-omen!
You continue
Biscuit fell into the tea
Why don't you blurt it out?
Don't hum and haw
- Sorry
- Don't feel bad
I'll eat that bit in the end
Tell me whatever is on your mind
Er...I didn't realize
at first when I met you
You, your area
Your people
This tea shop
Bhai the owner
Even this butter biscuit
I didn't realize I will like this much
Why should I meet you in the pub?
Why should I fal-
Fall flat for you
Love, huh?
I thought as much
Why today of all days
my biscuit fell into the tea?!
The day I met you
I made up my mind
You should never like me
at any moment in time
You are up there
and I am way below
You don't have to climb down for my sake
I needn't climb up to your level either
It will take time
and I'll get tired
Let me repeat the same dialog
Our brain won't think logically
when our emotions take over
- No-
- I'll help you
I'll give you 2 options
Option number 1, we can be in love
and roam around park, beach, theaters
Even our montage song will be cool, okay?
You'll get me branded shirts
and we'll go on long car rides
Your father's BP will shoot up
seeing us together
Will I be able to face him?
No, I can't because I have
a family to take care
My ambition plus my people
who depend on me
Then option number 2!
We meet on the road
10 years later, serendipity
I introduce my wife and you say
'This is my husband'
But instead if you dare call me 'bro'
Girl, I swear you've had it!
I somehow think
option #2 will work out
Give it a thought
I think your tea is cold
Shall I order a fresh glass?
- Bhai, 1 glass-
- No need, anna
I'll go home and drink, bro
You called me 'anna'?
See you, bro?
Thanks, 'na
So soon, huh?
Fast as lightning!
Bhai, give me your new biscuit
- This packet?
- Yes, that one
Bro, how are you?
- You, huh?
- 'Sleeping, bro?'
What do you want now?
Making sure others don't sleep
I wanted to know
if you were sleeping soundly
A girl came of her own accord
and professed her love to you
'What should you do?'
Accept your feelings for her too
'Or deny it'
Instead you're doling out advice
Giving me options
'What do you think of yourself, huh?'
Listen, if I see you face to face-
In my area, a girl called Kamala
'...fell in love with one fellow
When he denied his feelings for her'
...she tortured him
to the worst possible extent
Unable to cope, imagine
if he surrendered to her!
Are you fully tanked?
Don't even for a minute think
I drank because of love failure
I am drinking with full confidence
my love will succeed, huh?
You have the gall to give me options!
'Listen now to my options for you
Either you profess your love to me'
I'll respond likewise
and we can have a gala time
Or else shut up and hang around
with me like we usually do
'Let it be 6 months or 1 year
Whenever love blooms, let it blossom'
Till then let it be my one-sided love
I'm fully sloshed
'I intend having a 'rock & roll'
session with you'
I've got 2 left feet
Try to stop me if you can, da
I said I've got 2 left feet,
you drunken female!
Jujujuju...go to bed, baby
Baby, huh?
"Ruling king"
"Ruling king pulling heartstrings"
"Look what glad tidings
the future brings"
"Kamala is a girl so stylish
She is yours to relish"
"Aiyaiyo! She's a live wire
Kamala your heart's desire"
"Kamala is a glam doll snazzy
She is all yours, joyous and jazzy"
"Aiyaiyo! She's a holy terror
Kamala your heart's tremor"
"Kamala, o' so classy
My glam-doll; lovely lassie"
"Without giving us a green signal
you stand tight lipped, hey girl!"
"Kamala, o' so snazzy
My Miss World; lovely lassie"
"Without nodding your head
you stand there lips zipped"
"Hiccups overlap
Maybe a booby trap"
"If you inch any closer to me
my heart goes bumptey-bump, baby"
"My status is single
I'm ready to mingle"
"If love breezes in with a chime
attend to your duty full time"
"Kamala, my flower, my love
Kamala, my lotus from above"
"Kamala, o' so classy
My glam-doll; lovely lassie"
"Without giving us a green signal
you stand tight lipped, hey girl!"
"Kamala, o' so snazzy
My Miss World; lovely lassie"
"Without nodding your head
you stand there lips zipped"
"Is your heart kindled by fiery desire?"
"Via a current wire
her eyes electrify fire"
"Is your heart sparked by red-hot desire?"
"Via a current wire
her eyes inflame fire"
Don't hit my navel!
- Okay, huh?
- Okay!
"Ruling king"
"Ruling king pulling heartstrings"
"Like a myna clinging to a current cable
you made my heart flutter so vulnerable"
"Firing a love-rocket on a single daredevil
you made my mind go bonkers and yell"
"I'm iMac apple
You're high volts, pal"
"Don't power me up inside
Don't take my heart on a terror-ride"
"You play games with your iBall gizmo
Fireworks flare up in my brain as dynamo"
"Kamala is a girl so stylish
She is yours to relish"
"Aiyaiyo! She's a live wire
Kamala your heart's desire"
"Kamala is a glam doll snazzy
She is all yours, joyous and jazzy"
"Aiyaiyo! She's a holy terror
Kamala your heart's tremor"
"Kamala, o' so classy
My glam-doll; lovely lassie"
"Without giving us a green signal
you stand tight lipped, hey girl!"
"Kamala, o' so snazzy
My Miss Universe; pretty posy"
"Without nodding your head
you stand there lips zipped"
"Is your heart kindled by fiery desire?"
"Via a current wire
her eyes electrify fire"
"Is your heart sparked by red-hot desire?"
"Via a current wire
her eyes magnetize fire"
"Ruling king"
"Ruling king pulling her heartstring"
"Look what glad tidings
the future brings"
"Kamala, the lotus-eyed one
Kamala, forever full of fun"
Vanakkam, sir
Please take a seat
How much is the current rate
per acre near Krishnagiri, sir?
Krishnagiri, huh?
Sir, I know the agent
you're dealing with over there
We have our informers
Yes, I don't deny it
So are you saying you won't be
building your factory in my town?
What can we do, sir?
We've waited long enough
Your townsfolk are not being cooperative
You've lost your MLA clout
On what basis do you want us to wait?
True, I lost my political post
But do you remember
who is responsible for it?
I got into the bad books
of my Party higher ups
Bad name with the people too
Having lost my political clout
I've been working for your factory
to be set up in my town
It is just a matter of time
'I will definitely win this election'
'Why are you glaring at me?'
Govt supply of groceries,
electricity, water supply, road
I've disconnected
all these for my people
They will automatically come to me
Only with the below poverty line
...we can ask and get what we want
Sir, I'm a business man
But I'm a politician
My ideas are on a different plane
You are trapped in a lion's den
Hereafter the lion decides
whether to release you or not
Let's wait and see
We'll see
He doesn't know
...who the lion is!
I don't believe he will
come over to our side
He has no other choice
He has to depend on us
Bro, this is the chap
chasing our madam
- Hello
- 'Where are you?'
Movie is about to start
At the signal, give me 10 minutes
'Don't lie'
Just say 'I'm at the signal
I'll be at the theater in 10 minutes'
She isn't believing me
'He is at the signal'
'In 10 minutes he'll be
at Woodlands theatre'
Okay, make it fast
I don't want to miss the 1st scene
Hey! 1 minute
'If you are man enough
come out, I say'
'TN 10 AV 8049'
That's my bike in the parking lot
Hey! Who is this
screening such a note?
Brother, show me your face please
You are a man for sure
but that's my bike, sit down
- I'll go and check?
- I'll come too
You sit, I'll be back
Leave some for me, okay?
'He is at the signal'
'In 10 minutes he'll be
at Woodlands theatre'
Who are they?
They called me out and
now they are running away
They got scared of me, not you
They are my dad's men
Is your father Baashhaa of Bombay?
I have to call and tell my dad
before they go and report to him
- He's your father, right?
- Yes
Why such a serious tone?
Call him
- 'Hello, appa
- Where are you?'
Didn't I tell you
not to step out?
You go to your home now
'Let go of me'
'Let me go'
Let me go
Let go of me
"Look at him, the spark in his eyes
He's dynamite; a real prize"
Looks like you're in Chennai now
Hey! If anything untoward
happens to my daughter-
Nothing will happen
I would like you to be present
to witness whatever happens
I've shared the location with you
Come as soon as you can
'I'll be waiting'
Whether you like me or not
you've got no choice but to marry me
And there's no change in that
Are you very confident?
- I'll hit-
- Do you have full faith?
What's that stare in aid of?
Half an hour ago
if you had kidnapped me would've kidnapped
only Sanjay Yadav's daughter
You made a mistake
You kidnapped me right in front of
the man I love with all my heart
Didn't you see his eyes when you hit me
and shoved me into the car?
I saw the blind fury in his eyes
Wondering about your fate
under that rage of fury
...scares the hell out of me!
Better if you leave me right here
For your own good
Hey! Are you threatening me?
Chee chee! You shared
this location only with my dad?
I shared the same with him
I swear on everything sacred
Until 10 minutes ago that girl and I
shared only a decent bond of friendship
But the moment you hit her
in front of me
Imagine, that fury within me
is refusing to simmer down!
Only then I realized
how much I love her
'Sorry, we kidnapped madam unknowingly'
I don't want any of you
to come and say this
I'm not in a mood
to forgive any of you
If you have any idea like that
...kindly delete, okay?
My anger will abate only when
I bash you up in front of her eyes
That's my 1st gift to her
Okay, baby?
Trying to make trouble?
Leave now
Right away
Who said his name is 'Murugan'?
His name is Thamizh!
Murugan who is in love
with my daughter
Who is he?
What does he do?
Where does he live?
I need all these details
I have to meet him
Yes, sir
'Do not chop down trees
Do not fell them please'
'Persevere to preserve
Trees we will conserve'
'Few Months Ago'
'Do not destroy nature
We will protect trees forever'
'Do not chop trees down
Do not fell them to the ground'
[slogan shouting continues]
You are all girls gathered here
If the problem magnifies and you get hurt
you have to take your exams tomorrow
Won't you find it tough?
Go home now
We appreciate your concern
We can take care
You carry on
After all you're a female!
What temerity, huh?
If a girl is protesting so bold and brave
and raising her voice, shouldn't you know?
There is a man behind me!
Who is that man?
Call him here
- What is the issue, darling?
- Listen, dear
They are planning to chop this tree
which is an obstruction to this shop
How many generations
it would have witnessed
If they want to chop it so coolly
how can we accept it?
You'll bring the roof down even if
a plant is uprooted, imagine a tree then
Who is that monkey, dear?
"Hey there! Move, dude
I will rip your ears into two"
"Who came spoiling for a fight?
I'm king of blows; to wrong the right"
This chap?
Where are you off to?
"Move aside, hey you!
Your face will be minus ears 2"
"Who wanted to pick a fight?
I have come to wrong the right"
"Even fear will flee; terrified
with a glimpse of him, petrified"
- Oh gawd!
- Wait
- Isn't it this buffalo, dear?
- Yes
He is sitting in cool comfort, that's why
Land, trees, air is for everyone
You have the right only to enjoy nature
You have money to
buy an air-conditioner
For those who can't afford
trees supplement as air conditioners
Only because of chopping trees
we are already buying water
- Moron!
- Don't you watch the News on TV?
People waiting for hours
for water, carrying pots?
Even after watching it
won't people like you change?
If humans get angry
they will resort to only blows
But if Mother Nature gets furious
she will wipe out everything!
Let's preserve the existing trees and
save them for our next generation
Stop felling trees
If you do, she will protest
If she opposes, I have to show up
But sir is very busy
Do you get it?
He has reformed, darling
You had better grow few plants
in front of your shop
- Come, my dear
- Okay
Sister-in-law, Thamizh isn't here as yet?
He went to bring Thenmozhi
He'll be here any minute
Hello, Thamizh
Welcome, Thamizh
Let's make this festival
the most memorable one
I must tell you this also
Kuzhandhaivel has got
the MLA seat once again
We must unite and make him win
How can we dispute your words, sir?
We'll always be 2 steps behind you
What do you say?
- Yes
- Of course
"I am as happy as can be
Nothing else is necessary"
"My home sweet home and hometown
charming and cheerful all around"
"No comparison to the love I'm bound"
"Seas can run dry if that's possible
Mountains can even tilt or topple"
"But true love will never wane, impossible"
"What else is necessary?"
"I lead a life most satisfactory"
"What else do I need, tell me?"
"What else is basic necessity?"
"This life is heaven on earth in totality"
"Every day is a festival gregarious"
"Like golden drops of honey nectarous"
"Shoulder to lean on as bonds bloom"
"Dreams feathered by a peacock plume"
"Even if this world opposes vehemently
a brave heart that defends diligently"
"This family has a proud lineage steadily
to sacrifice their own life so speedily"
"When you walk by
with your hawk-eye"
"Even eyes that don't notice
will immediately realize"
"Whatever you say is our oracle"
"Sir, we consider your word as gospel"
"We are on cloud nine
What else do we need divine?"
"Your family is known for its generosity"
"Like father like son you see
He is our aiya's progeny"
"What else is compulsory?"
"I lead a life most satisfactory"
Please come in
- Hello, how are you?
- Very good, bro
Please sit
You found your way here only now!
Ma, with whose permission
are they here to see me as a bride?
They just wanted to see you informally
Tomorrow isn't your wedding!
Because they are appa's relatives
don't act smart, I'll poison the coffee
Anyhow you'll eventually get married
- Why be so rude?
- Let go, aunt
This groom lives in London
You can happily sightsee
whole of London, right?
Manju, will you divorce your husband
and marry this London chap?
- I can go and suggest
- Your tongue is your worst enemy!
- 'Rajeswari'
- Your daughter, no?
Please bring Thenmozhi, dear
Don't make me talk unnecessarily, ma
- I don't want this
- Listen
'Thenmozhi is so grown up now'
- 'We saw her when she was young
- Yes'
- 'How are you, dear?
- How are you all doing?'
- We are fine
- Doing good
Okay, bro, we will take leave
Why leave so soon?
You can have lunch with us
We'll come another day, bro
- Why don't you eat?
- When we come with our son
- We'll take leave now
- Thank you, take care
I can't get married to a stranger
and live somewhere else
At least one of you try
to understand my feelings
- Thenu, this groom lives abroad
- That's why, dear
My uncle Thamizh also worked in Dubai
Didn't he come back for us
because he was so homesick?
Thenu, stop beating around the bush
Why don't you be frank and say
'I'll marry only Thamizh'?
Is it so, my dear?
The entire town's gossip is
I'll become your daughter-in-law
But you and aunt have never
felt that way even once, right?
Aunt, Thenmozhi is very talkative
You think I won't be
able to adjust here, right?
This family is my breath
All of you please
understand how I feel
- Don't cry
- Looks like you are going out somewhere
She says if she has to get married
she will marry only you
Did you say so, Thenu?
From childhood we've played together,
made fun and teased each other
How can you assume
I'll marry you because of that?
I don't know if you will marry me or not
But I know you like me a lot
I believe you won't reject me
- Uncle, where is the groom from?
- Our town only
But he lives in London now
London bridegroom is it?
Say 'no', pa
Why are mother and daughter conspiring?
- Wait
- Uncle...uncle
Why are you jumping to conclusions?
- Father
- Tell me
She is the bride of our house, our gem,
jewel in our crown, she belongs only to us
Tell them we don't fix
any alliance outside our family
- You're such a minx, son
- Are you happy now?
Now you must blush, dear
Am I not right?
Hit him
Beating me before we get married?
I don't want her
She's all yours
Wait, dear
- Screw you!
- She wants me even before we get married
Enough of all this banter
We can fix an auspicious day
after the festival and get you both married
Hello, sir
Please come here
Speak in Hindi
Anyone knows Tamil?
- What, madam?
- What is happening here?
We are preparing this ground
for a copper factory to be built here
Copper factory?
People in our town own this land
How can a factory be built here?
'What are you saying?'
'From our forefathers' time
this has been agricultural land'
'You tricked us by making us
part with our documen-'
- Yes, sir
- What happened?
People of this town are objecting
to a factory being constructed here
- Has the property been registered?
- Yes, sir
Then toss the legal document
on to their faces!
'This is our Marimuthu bro's land'
Kumaresan anna's land
- Show
- Look here
- Kumaresan bro's land?
- This is Sekar anna's land
- How did they get ownership?
- Don't know
Thamizh is here
Let's discuss it with him
I'll get back to you
Hey, come
- What's the problem?
- Factory is coming up here
Good if a factory comes up
Why protest for that?
Not an ordinary factory
It is a copper factory
which will affect people's health
What are the repercussions?
'Show me'
'Toxins from copper when melted
will disperse in the air'
'When people inhale, it will
irritate their respiratory tubes'
'And affect their lungs and lead to
miscarriages in pregnant women'
'It can affect even the next generation'
'A similar factory was
built in Maharashtra'
'People protested with
great difficulty and closed it'
- How did this happen?
- Means?
Can't happen without your knowledge
You would've only given the documents
A real estate group brought this land
in bulk intending to plan a layout
But I was not aware
of this factory plan
Your uncle Kuzhandhaivel
is completely in the loop
How did they get hold of
our people's lands?
All because of corporate rascals, bro
Everyone has bought 10 acres each
from registrar's office to mill owners
I think they sold each land separately
and handed it over to a corporate firm
This won't be accepted
anywhere else in our country
- What can we do now?
- We can't touch them
Bottom line, we can't even go
anywhere near their area
I was also wondering what to do
You gave me the perfect idea!
- Have they left?
- They got scared and ran away
Sir, shall I-
Get into the car
All get in
Leave now
Right away
Take your vehicle and leave
'Listen, dear'
Your father wants to talk to you
- Tell me, pa
- 'What's the point in beating him?'
- This factory is bad news
- 'I know'
- 'You're hitting the wrong man, come home'
- No, but-
'Just listen to me'
Who the hell invented this wretched phone!
'It's wrong'
'I can handle it'
Hello, Devaraj
Is it something important
you want to discuss?
I believe a proposed factory here
will be hazardous for the entire town
Someone has fed you
wrong information
If this factory-
Hey! Get up
Get up, I say
Treating an elderly gentleman
with scant respect seated like this
You are speaking out of turn
- Do you know who I am?
- I care two hoots, da
First you find out about me,
my father and our entire town
Thamizh, let me handle this, okay?
Sanjay sir, please wait
Gopi, escort sir to the other room
- Please come, sir
- Wait for a little while
Devaraj, you're speaking
without knowing the actual facts
Most of our people will benefit
jobwise because of this factory
Our town will also prosper
Can you explain how?
Air we breathe is more important
than the money lining our pockets
Who needs a factory
which pollutes our atmosphere?
Kuzhandhai, we work hard and earn
only for the benefit of our next generation
By affecting our health
and our future generations
...why do we need that damn factory?
Devaraj, when a new factory is built...
...people are bound to object
You're getting emotional
listening to all that
Then how will our nation
become a superpower?
We are mainly an agricultural nation
If you leave our farmers in peace
we will become a superpower
It is no longer in our hands
Kuzhandhai, you are the MLA of our town
If we face any issue, you are
supposed to stop it and it is your duty
But if you instigate the issue!
I can't do it
Then that proposed factory
will remain a pipedream!
Do what you can
Come, my son
What gross injustice!
How can any man
stoop so low, Thamizh?
Who, ma?
Appa's friend?
He has been like that from birth
Only we got to know about him rather late
Dai, how long will you
keep discussing this?
If you know someone is a wrongdoer,
you shouldn't harp on it, just let go
How can we let go?
Think he'll stop his plans
because you opposed this factory
He is moving everything legally
We should also get a stay legally
Big deal 'legal'?
Even if we take that route-
Uncle, only if we get a stay in your name,
you have to run from pillar to post
Let us get the stay
in your son's name
Vanakkam, leader
Vanakkam, Thamizh
Please take a seat
- How are you, sir?
- Good, tell me
I've been warning you
from the beginning
Kuzhandhai is a bad apple
You were the only one who trusted him
and embraced him as your good friend
What happened now?
Just tell me
why you are here
Nothing much
My leader wanted me to
meet you and get your support
I'm not in a position
to talk about support now
You can please leav-
Listen to me
Both of us can-
Hasn't he made it very clear?
No, Thamizh, how can he build
a factory disregarding our objection?
We'll take care of that
You get going
Lady Luck will knock at your door
only once, kindly think and then decide
I'll take leave, sir
Stupid of me to have thought
I can line my pocket helping them
I hate these mediators
and party volunteers, pa!
Now all these politicians will step
in here asking you to support them
In the end only our family and
our townsfolk will be the worst sufferers
Please take a stand, uncle
What decision can I take, dear?
Stand against him
in this election
Let's see
Is this a game?
To impulsively compete and contest?
He has the authority already
Plus enough money power
Don't you know what happens
when power and money merge?
Who gave him the power?
We were the ones who loaded him
with all that authority
Let's snatch back the power
Hey! Don't talk like an imbecile
He has the back up
of a political party
Our entire town supports us, pa
In that case, you contest this election
Have you gone mad or-
Only you will contest
Whoever has dreams and desires
only he can bring about a change
Only he can guide the people
towards progress
I understand your feelings
If someone commits a crime, I feel
like beating him to a pulp, hacking him
I'm not patient like you
The day I become as experienced
and knowledgeable as you
I learn to think and
I'm as patient as you
I'll contest then
It is your time now
Do something useful
- Well said, Thamizh
- Old lady, stop dear father Devaraj
Don't talk nineteen to the dozen
- Come
- Please come, uncle
Vanakkam, aiya
Sir we have told Thamizh
whatever we thought sounds right
Whatever you decide
we will obey implicitly
- Please let us know, sir
- Yes, sir
- What is this, Thamizh?
- Aiya has accepted
Long live Devaraj aiya
Long live Mr Devaraj
'Marudhamangalam constituency
Candidate A.Devaraj, symbol plough'
'Tamil Nadu Assembly By-Election
Public campaign for Kuzhandhaivel'
'District Collector's office, Theni'
'Results of the election held in
Marudhamangalam will be announced now'
'Independent candidate
Devaraj contesting against'
'Kuzhandhaivel of
People's Progressive party'
'...has won by a huge
margin of 90,000 votes'
[loud cheering]
You contested against
your own friend and won, eh?
I am so happy for you
I'll always be true to friendship
But I won't become a slave!
Congratulations MLA Devaraj sir
Let your service continue
Dai Thamizh
- What, pa?
- Somehow I feel
- Very scared
- Scared...why?
How will we uphold the trust and faith
our people have lavished us with?
We can do anything we want
by serving our people
- Let's see who will stop us
- Listen
This is the problem
Your anger scares me
What are you trying to say?
Don't lose your cool
This is how I don't want you to react
Listen to me patiently
Think and then decide
Only if need be
Lose your temper!
You got this MLA title
And I didn't realise
you were advising me
But people have been waiting
for a long time MLA Devaraj sir
Come, meet and greet them
Devaraj aiya, long live
Long live
Devaraj sir
[crowd cheering]
I've trusted you and invested
a mountain load of money till now
How could you lose like this?
It is said a lion will be respected
only till it roams in the jungle
The same lion if it enters the town
...even the street dogs
will bark at it I believe
I should be the one to get angry
If he gets the stay
doomsday for us!
Don't be hasty, sir
So what if we lose?
There will be another election
'Won't we win then?'
What rubbish he's talking, huh?
No fireworks before Deepavali,
our festival of lights, sir
Did he say so?
- Vanakkam, sir
- Welcome
- Lawyer Gopal has come
- Good morning, sir
I've completed the court formalities
Please take a seat
If Thamizh signs the documents
tomorrow, stay is confirmed
- Thamizh, will you go?
- Anna
Tomorrow is our temple festival
Can't you finish this 2 days later?
Our people's problems are
as important as our temple festival
Isn't that why our lawyer
has come in person, huh?
- Thamizh
- Appa
Go sign and then come
to the festival directly
Until then we'll take care
- What do you say?
- Okay, sir
I'll take leave
- Tomorrow then
- I'll be there for sure
- Where are you?
- What, darling?
Your parents asked for you
Lawyer's office
I told you, no?
All the couples here
are enjoying themselves
'Why can't you hurry up?'
Okay, I'll come
I got dressed in a sari
just for your sake, dear
I'll be there!
I'll just tell aunt
where uncle is and be back
- 5 minutes
- Come soon
She is asking for a 'laddu'
Find out what she wants
You want a 'laddu'?
Thenu, buy it for her
- She's very stubborn
- Hold my hand
How long will it take?
I'll be there, Thamizh
I had a flat tyre on the way
I'll be there in half an hour
I've been waiting for so long
I'm on my way
- I must attend the temple festival
- 'I am coming with you too'
We can go together
- Who wants tea?
- Me
All I asked was tea
Not anything else, go!
Amma, I'm feeling sleepy
Amma, we'll go home
She's feeling sleepy it seems
You be here
I'll take her with me
I'll also go home, ma
You watch the events and come
- They will be having fun
- We can also join the fun
Why feel bad?
Why are you here?
- Not attending the temple festival?
- Lawyer said we have a hearing on Monday
He asked me to wait
- Hearing on Monday?
- He said he'll be here now
Your hearing is only next week
- Really?
- Why did he say this?
- Yov Gopal
- Hello?
Thamizh has come
You said you're in Theni it seems
Hey! Ramana
Don't blabber something
'Just keep saying I'm coming
whatever Thamizh asks you'
'Got it?'
If you betray those who trust you
whom do we trust then?
- Thamizh?!
- Tell me the truth
In that temple festival-
- What's happening?
- What are you doing?
Thamizh knows our plan
How do you know he knows
our plan? Just don't blabber
Bro, give 2 'laddu' to this little one
'Help yourself
How can I refuse you?'
Give this little girl 'laddu'
- Thenu!!
- Have you reached?
I'm on the way but ensure
everyone evacuates
- Aren't you coming?
- Thenu, I'm scared
1st ask everyone to leave the premises
Tell me why
Even I don't know
Just ask everyone to leave
But tell me-
- Appa
- For just me, 1 individual
...they have killed so many innocent people
We haven't done anything for all those
who trusted and voted for us, Thamizh
Even now it isn't too late
Go on your bended knees,
beg forgiveness
And get the hell out of this town
I'll spare you then
Do you listen if I tell you not to keep
the gas cylinder near the stove?
Throw these eyesores
into the blazing flames
Save my child!
Please save my daughter
'Please save my baby'
'Aiyo! Oh God
Please save my baby'
Someone please save my child
Someone...please help me
Save my baby
- Kavya
- Amma!
I've verified everything about him, sir
His name is Murugan
He has no mother
Father's name Gurumurthy
He has 2 sisters
His akka's husband works in the railways
His younger sister got married just now
What does he do?
He's trying to get a break in films, sir
- Cinema?
- Yes, sir
Bring him in
You go first, sir
Good morning, sir
How are you, sir?
- Sit down
- No, it's okay, sir
Please sit
Please take a seat, sir
Tell me, sir
I heard about it
You and my daughter-
Enquire about me in my area, sir
I respect women
- What, sir?
- Yes, sir
My daughter told me
1st you were just friends and then
she was the one who compelled you
Everything I know
- But
- Sir
'As is batter so is dumpling'
Popular proverb in our area
You've raised your daughter like sweet
dipped in ghee, in the lap of luxury
You'll find it bitter to get her married to
a caramel candy that's worth just 2 bucks
I like you very much
You too, sir?
- So you approve of me as groom, sir?
- Yes
Let's finalize right now, when, where,
and what time can we fix the wedding?
My father is total junk, sir
Before this wedding
you have a task to complete
In Theni my friend Devaraj and I wanted
to set up a factory for the town to prosper
The MLA of that town was apprehensive
of my friend usurping his post
He put a spoke in our wheel
My friend's son
Looks ditto, carbon copy like you
- Like me, sir?
- Yes
- Sir, he looks ditto me
- Yes, sir
Continue your story, sir
He killed my friend and son to safeguard
his MLA post and ruin our business
- Sir, I got it
- Really?
I must live that character's role
and contest the election and win
Your factory should be built and we must
help the townsfolk, that's all, sir?
- That's all, no?
- Sir
Why is it a surprise, sir?
That's a double action script for you
If a father and his sons live in
different places and then they unite
That is Kamal Haasan in
'Aboorva Sagodharargal'
If different fathers and sons are born
in different places and they trade places
That is superstar Rajinikanth's
'Rajadhi Raja' and 'Billa'
It's as simple as this, sir
Why do you have such a shocked look?
You walk, talk, eat, sleep
Tamil cinema, sir
Sir, he's a legend!
He's my inspiration
Forget him for a moment
If I have to take up this project
I have some prior commitments, sir
I have a family, some issues
and a huge debt to repay, sir
Shall we settle for 5?
He starts sky-high
with 5 lakhs, sir?
If that isn't enough
we can close the deal for 7
7, sir?
If we put our heads together
he hikes up the amount
- What do we do, sir?
- Let's keep whispering
How are you, sir?
'Is your grandma doing good?'
- She insists on eating 'paya'
- 10, final
100 million
What about GST and tax?
'GST, Income tax
All that I'll take care'
Don't worry, okay?
Sir, it is double okay for me
Sir, then the character
I have to play, his name
I'll do all my homework and
be on my toes when I go to that town
You meet the village officer
called Venkatesh
Sir, our payment isn't inclusive
of that Venkatesh's amount, right?
10 crores
100 million
All yours
- Happy?
- Happy, sir
I'll text you my account number in
the morning Kindly transfer the amount
What did you say his name was?
His name
The next time you'll see me
only as 'Sangathamizhan'
Seems like good quality
Bro, Thamizh is not dead it seems
- What do you mean?
- He's coming into town tomorrow
'Who is this joker?'
- Thamizh?
- Thamizh anna?
How are you, bro?
I'm good and you?
Thamizh, I'll take care
of everything for you
Don't worry about anything
Sanjay sir has briefed me
Please look depressed and distressed
- Coolers, get the luggage
- 'He thinks I'm a coolie?!'
I thought you were dead
Only after seeing you
I am able to breathe normally
Without you in our lives
all of us felt orphaned
He has destroyed our town
- Shouldn't spare him
- He's back, he'll take care
How are you, anna?
Bro, we never thought
we would see you again
Everyone died in the fire accident
in the temple festival, bro
No one left for me to call as 'family'
Bro, you should keep the baby I'm carrying
in your lap and have her ears pierced
Now you are back
This is all we need, bro
- He'll do it, don't worry
- That's enough, bro
The lady holding a plate to
welcome you is your grandma
Thenmozhi's mother is the one
standing before the pillar, your aunt
The 2 brats standing below
are your sister's children
Bless you, my grandson
'Whole town fell for this ploy
But his dog knows otherwise!
'Thank God it can't talk!'
How are you, aunt?
'Go inside'
Refresh yourself
We can have lunch
'He has started living his role at once'
Thamizh, your acting skill is A1
Maintain the same grief
I'll see you later
Take care
- We'll also leave, bro
- See you
See you, uncle
Give it, bro
She's my sister
No chance in a million years
Forget all that
Where was Thamizh all along?
And what was he doing?
'He has a valid point'
Let me test him
Listen to me, tell me the truth
without pushing it under the rug
I'll come clean
Who are you in this house?
I am the servant here
Thamizh fled to Bombay from here
and stayed there for 3 months
Beat up a gang of rowdies to a pulp
He took a bus to Pakistan and
shot all the terrorists over there!
He came via the sea to Chennai and
knocked down all the politicians and thugs
- After that?
- Then he got homesick
He made a beeline back home
Is that all?
I imagined the worst
and had nightmares
Even I thought you will be
my worst nightmare!
- Hello?
- Now what?
Okay, what were you doing?
If you are a servant you stick to that
Not think of yourself as James Bond
The hero won't like it
if you do so
'What audacity!'
'Where did you pick him up?
He is 101% carbon copy, sir'
His family believed his story
People of this town fell for it
'Our party took his word for gospel'
He is on his way to meet Kuzhandhai
If Kuzhandhai also swallows his story-
Vanakkam, uncle
How are you?
- Who the hell are you?
- That isn't relevant now
When someone greets you
learn to return the gesture
Sir, I think he found out
I'm duplicate, let's scoot now
Why do you jump to conclusions?
You let your charisma flow
I'm there to support you
- Who are you?
- You guessed right, I'm not Thamizh
- Sir?
- Waitees
But I'll do twice the good
Thamizh will do for this town
I've been getting to know
the townsfolk for the past few days
What loving care, concern and gratitude
You're betraying your own people
grasping for some pipedream
Is this fair on your part?
Do you think of yourself as Thamizh?
We buy a mobile for 100000
But the same duplicate mobile
is available in the market
Don't I know the plus and minus
of the original and duplicate?
- Sir
- What, sir?
He speaks like a phone mechanic
Maybe he is one!
You're right
I am a duplicate
But a duplicate phone
heats up very fast
And head will explode
You may roam around
with 'posh and class'
But you don't know
my skill en masse, right?
Wait and watch!
'Take pictures of our town?'
'- Village photography is my project
- Why is she here?'
'She has come to snitch on you'
- When did you come?
- Hi Thamizh, hi bro
Ma, I need some time alone
To talk personally
- Thamizh go and talk
- No, it's okay
- Aunt
- 'Amma, let us go in'
Madcap! What will my aunt think of us?
You forgot your town
You even forgot your name
As if it's that tough to forget me?!
Not like that-
Don't be scared
I told everyone you are my friend
and I'm here to work on my project
I fell in love with Murugan
I'll learn to live with Thamizh
'Murugan, huh?'
Take her suitcase inside, da
Shall we talk as we go?
Who is that girl?
Says she fell in love with Murugan
and she'll learn to live with Thamizh
What is happening here?
'How do I cover up now?'
Let me explain
This girl fell in love with Murugan
- Who is Murugan?
- God
- Which place?
- Tamil Nadu
So Thamizh and Murugan are linked
Since Thamizh looks like Murugan
she says she'll live with Thamizh
'He fell for my yarn'
Is that all?
I imagined the worst and
thought I'll get nightmares!
You have an uncanny habit of
grasping like camphor catches fire!
Then what?
Can I lead a good life?
Only in this house the servant
doubles up as James Bond!
James Bond! Wash the tumbler
and make me a good cup of coffee
Will you ask me
any more questions?
'Govt Hospital
Hospital has a new look now
You should've seen the hell hole we had!
Two of you hold it
Stop it...stop it right there
Who gave you permission to unload
private equipment in a Govt hospital?
Sir, we are only trying
to help the people
Who are you to help them
without Govt authorization?
You asked the right question frankly
so much so I feel like dying of shame!
1 minute
Please come aside
- I don't get my palms greased
- Neither do I offer bribes
I don't think he gets it
Kindly explain
- Come
- He's educated, go
- Talk to them, sir
- What can I say, sir?
When you get into politics one day
this will serve as a good experience
- When did I tell you politics was my goal?
- That's the normal route for any actor
Some act and get into politics
Some step into politics and act
Some act to get into politics
We will enter politics after acting
But we won't act after we enter politics
That is 'us'
Is my logic right?
What should I do now, sir?
People are facing an issue
Go and resolve it for them
People's leader
People's spokesman
I'll come when I should, sir
- Everything is wrong
- Tamil Nadu is waiting
Everything is in place
Otherwise Thamizh won't get involved
- What have you studied?
- Do you know to read English?
- Of course
Give that to me this
These equipment should have
reached this hospital 6 months ago
- You've signed this
- Me?
Your name is Sadhasivam?
Isn't that your signature?
- Yes
- That's all
Problem solved
You can go
Are you here to create a problem?
Hello, sir, shall we
create a problem?
- 'I am free to pitch in'
- Gone case!
We have no problem
All the laws are in place
Brother-in-law, go and tell
your father-in-law, 'bilal' is all fine
- It's called 'by-law'
- You know, eh?
- So instead of correcting me
- Don't butt in
Go and straighten up
the man who sent you
He and his fancy tie!
- Acting smart with me?
- 'Earns his money playing his card right'
Superb act!
'The collector you sent
did his job perfectly'
'He isn't to blame'
But I had the hammer to nail
his coffin, we've sent it to you
'Come up with a sound idea next time'
This is just the 1st round of our game
"There are ways to protect a millionaire
who swindles playing unfair"
"But there's room in prison
for only the poverty stricken"
"Fund for spaceships flow in plenty
Do we need toilets as basic amenity?!"
"Land is available to build many a mill
Why do we need fields to till?!"
"Won't the horizon light up?"
"Can't you climb to the top?"
"If truth is your loyal voice"
"Won't victory be yours to rejoice?
Rebel to revel, my boys"
"Won't times change in our favor?
Won't the scenario turn as a makeover?"
"If united we stand in compliance
won't ruling party change hands?"
"Won't our life tide over this sadness?
Won't our gloom give way to gladness?"
"If we are the change per se
won't everything modify anyway?"
"There are ways to rescue and restore
a man who swindles in millions and more"
"But there's room in prison
for only the poverty stricken"
"Fund for spaceships flow in plenty
Do we need toilets as basic amenity?!"
"Land is available to build many a mill
Why do we need fields to till?!"
"Saw tears of joy replace drops of distress
We saw pleasure climb into hearts of kids"
"In eyes small and innocent
dreams enormous and eloquent"
"Shall we break the barriers right now
that hinder such dreams to grow?"
"Political parties old and obsolete
Create a new one with laws concrete"
"Sit up, sprint to victory
Record a new chapter in history"
"When every word begins with 'I'
the world won't resolve to rectify"
"Shout your slogan as 'we' and parade
Protest to put your point across; persuade"
"You are the rebel with a cause, comrade"
"Tomorrow is ours, never to fade"
Their behavior is atrocious, sir
It is my duty to inform you
and I have done my duty
We've come here to act for money
Being the local village officer
why are you reporting to a Bombay boss?
I am very fond
of my kith and kin
But my loyalty is only to my boss
"Won't times change in our favor?
Won't the scenario turn as a make over?"
"If united we stand in compliance
won't ruling party change hands?"
"Won't our life tide over this sadness?
Won't our gloom give way to gladness?"
"If we are the change per se
won't everything change anyway?"
"You are the rebel with a cause, comrade"
"Tomorrow is ours, for sure it won't fade"
Let them shoot in any language
I am the hero
That's for sure
1 minute
I'll call you back
Get up, why do you always
act coy in front of me?
KTV channel showcased
'Thotti Jaya' last week
I dozed off watching it
Just like in that film
I had a dream I got trapped too
My knight in shining armor
came and saved me, huh?
I lost my heart to him
that very minute!
Hero of 'Thotti Jaya' is Simbu, right?
You should feel shy and smile
like this looking at him, no?
I was playing Gopika's role in the dream
And weren't you in Simbu's shoes?
'Then shouldn't I feel shy
looking at you?'
Hey! Careful
If you have his welfare at heart...
...bring him to the venue of my choice
He should not file his nomination
Okay, sir
'Why are you taking this route?'
It's very windy, trees would
have fallen blocking the road
Mr Astrologer pro! If you had taken
the main road, we would've reached
Is he new to town?
Doesn't he know?
You drive, da
Why has a post fallen down?
No one should get down
till I tell you to
That goes for you too
Hey! Sit down
I said 'sit down'
I think something wrong
is about to happen
- Nothing of that sort
- His gut feeling is right
What do you mean?
They have planned to kill Thamizh
How do you know?
They asked me to bring him here
What the hell?!
I informed Thamizh
He knew and still came, huh?
"His foreboding blows unloading
See the sparks in his eyes exploding?"
"Tuck your tail, pipe down
Hell swing you mid-air all around"
"His death blow; you're no more
His iron grip as never before"
"Why mess with him now?
Try and escape somehow"
"His foreboding blows unloading
See the sparks in his eyes exploding?"
"Tuck your tail, pipe down
Hell swing you mid-air all around"
"His death blow; you're no more
His iron grip as never before"
"Why buy trouble now?
Try and escape somehow"
I have to go file my nomination
My grandma told me not to leave home
at an inauspicious hour, won't augur well
Only Yama, Lord of Death
chooses the inauspicious hour
- So shouldn't you have been careful?
- Sorry, sir
- Take them back home safe
- Okay, sir
'How is that?'
"Watch his style"
"His walk, dress, grip on parasol
Watch his style"
"Everyone trembles in fear"
"He threatens one and all in 5th gear"
"His name and fame creating history
in every (wo)mans lips as a story"
"Residing in our hearts for eternity
Our peoples treasure is his identity"
Hello, Kuzhandhai, true to your name
you are behaving like an imbecile kid
I underestimated you
You are slightly intelligent I must agree
I am not a villain in films
the way you seem to think
Are you wondering why
I am mentioning 'films'
I know who you are and
the aces tucked up your sleeve
From A to Z
How are you, Murugan?
Get lost, man!
If you had asked me
when I came to see you
...I would've myself told you A to Z
and given my Govt ID in your hands
Instead you think you're Poirot
Asking me 'How are you, Murugan?'
What is this act, huh?
You really have a silver tongue
Even the Smart Alec Thamizh couldn't
cope with my political moves
You're just an ordinary actor
As far as you're concerned
politics is money, power and authority
But to me it is duty,
responsibility and trust
Shall we see which wins?
Whether your authority or
the trust these people have in me?
Escort this kiddo Kuzhandhai home
We'll meet in the arena!
"Admire his style"
"His walk, dress, grip on parasol
Watch his style"
"Everyone trembles in fear"
'Cast your vote
on chair symbol'
'Let your support be
for chair symbol only'
'Whatever the circumstances
even if I lose my life'
'...I won't allow that factory
to be constructed in this soil'
'But a huge conspiracy is going on
to build that factory in our town'
'The person you look up to as God'
'...that Thamizh is planning
to destroy your lives'
'Where was Thamizh all these months?'
'What was he up to?'
'He has a girl tagging along with him'
'Do you know who she is?'
'None other than the daughter of
the factory owner wanting to destroy us'
'Last but not the least
let me assure you'
'I won't let down the trust you've placed
in me all these years, my dear people'
I shouldn't have come here
You're being hassled
only because of me
Nothing of that sort
You are not to blame
He dug his own grave
Promising to lay roads,
dig up ponds, distribute water
...will the opposition sit quiet?
He will strike back
So should this town stagnate like this?
Seeing the people's reaction
looks like we are in danger
Before they turn violent let's apologize
and leave this place silently
And where do we go?
They've come trusting us
We have to respond
What is our reply?
Life or death
Let my people decide
No need, don't go
Thamizh, I believe your girlfriend
is the daughter of that factory owner
Kuzhandhai is announcing this
all over our town
You intend marrying her it seems
and the factory will be built here
We are not suspicious of you, Thamizh
You are like a son to all of us
'How will we doubt our own child?'
How will you have the heart
to backstab us, bro?
If a factory is constructed here
because of you and we die
...we'll consider it a privilege, son
- Bro...please
- 'Listen, Thamizh'
People will tend to gossip
adding 4 + 4 as 5
'Don't take it to heart'
We wanted to assure you to be strong
And tell you we are with you
What do you say?
Your daughter's problem
is the talk of the town
Sir, if the case is not
withdrawn this time
...the stay is confirmed, sir
Tell me, Vinoth
Thamizh anna, the children in this school
who ate the midday meal have been poisoned
'I'm so scared
Come soon, bro'
Hey! Where?
Give me a hand
Give me this child, bro
- Go there
- Check what's happening
Hurry up
I heard some kids in the school
are suffering from food poisoning
'Somehow I think'
...someone must have
mixed poison in the eggs
Hey! They are innocent children-
No time to rebuke me
Pick the call on the 2nd line
- Hello
- 'Bro...!'
'Patients in the hospital are
vomiting blood, come soon, bro'
- I'm coming
- 'Come soon'
You go, I'll handle this
- Rush
- Move aside
Thamizh anna
Hurry up, bro
Come...come and see
Look at this pathetic plight
'This morning children were poisoned'
Now adults share the same fate
I hope your equipment list was
all good to take them to safety
Then they can be saved
'Pick up your 2nd line'
'Thamizh anna, come soon
Our town bus had an accident'
- Highway, bro
- I'm coming
Please bear the pain, ma
It's alright, ma
I believe there was
an accident on the highway
Hope there were no casualties
We need only 1 finger, right?
To cast a vote in my favor!
'I think this is enough for now'
Sir, just 1 question
- Your shirt is torn
- Blood stains
Listen, everyone
Thamizh has hacked
our leader's arm
- Come and help
- Move aside
I'm alright
Don't worry
I strongly condemn the atrocity meted out
to my party candidate Kuzhandhaivel
Should the opposition go to the extent
of murder fearing defeat in the election?
The police force should immediately
arrest independent candidate Thamizh
He has shed his blood and sweat
for Maruthamangalam constituency
He will recover and work for the welfare
of the people and his constituency
Bro, confirmed, we will ace this election
'The by-election in Maruthamalai
is due within the next few days'
'Mr Kuzhandhaivel, ex-MLA and
candidate of People's Progressive Party'
'...has been assaulted in his residence
by Sangathamizhan, his opposing candidate'
'Vanakkam, sir'
You've become talk of the town
in 1 day, Kuzhandhai?
It is your blessings, leader
'He acted rashly on impulse'
Thank your stars
it works in your favour
Yes, sir
What is your conflict
with ex-MLA Kuzhandhaivel?
'Why did you attempt to kill him?'
Only now I feel I'm seeing
the Thamizh I know
You have a problem
confront me directly
What did those poor people do?
Showing your bravery on
innocent children and elders
- Aren't you ashamed?
- What can I do?
Those brainless people trust you
I decided right then
I should not target you
But aim at those people
If you want to protect
the welfare of the people
...withdraw your nomination
and leave this town at once
I can slit your neck
this very minute
I will rob you of the same money, power
and authority you want to grab for yourself
And make you stand in the middle
of the road, want to see me do it?
If you call yourself a man... whatever fraudulent dealings
you are capable of
And show me you can win this election
Meet you at the arena
The media witnessed you entering and
exiting in anger from the ex-MLA's house
Are you denying it?
So you will trust me
if there is strong evidence?
For sure, sir
Move aside for the police force
Sir, please give me
your WhatsApp #?
- What for?
- I have a task to complete
99421 98999
Why say it so menacingly?
Show some respect
Take a look at your phone
'He spoke and walked away
Why are you just gawking at him?'
'He barged in and chopped my arm'
'You are being a silent witness'
'The members of the Press
standing outside didn't see this'
'Even you didn't see it?'
'Chop my arm'
'How can I do that to you, bro?'
'Do as I say'
Hey! Our leader
Ssssh! Let me talk
Tell me, sir
Yov! What have you done?
- No, sir, please hear me out
- Hey! Why should I listen to you?
Shut up and listen to me first
'Kuzhandhaivel's drama
of chopping his own arm'
'...has created a stir
in political circles'
'I dismiss Kuzhandhaivel from
the Party on a permanent basis'
'Hereafter there's no connection whatsoever
between Kuzhandhaivel and Party volunteers'
'Does that terrify you?'
'Are you petrified?'
'If you toe the line and
sign the documents'
' can step out
with your life intact'
Otherwise I can't guarantee
for your lives at all
No one is around to
crash the gates and barge in
Thamizh who is your savior
isn't alive either
You aren't aware, right?
'The man you think is Thamizh' Murugan!
He is the coolie I have planted
He's a fantastic actor
He conned the whole town
He deceived his own family
He was even able to make
all his friends believe in his duplicity
Every single person
All - are - stupid - idiots!
Are we the idiots?
Don't let your tongue run, sir
You are wrong if you think he is Murugan
He is our Thamizh anna
Careful, take her
- How are you?
- I'm good
How are you?
I'm fine
I've betrayed you so much, Thamizh
But you saved my daughter
I'll be loyal to you
till my last breath, Thamizh
Please forgive me, Thamizh
Take care of your child
You think you brought him here?
He came here through you!
'Murugan worked with
Thamizha anna in Dubai'
'His friend'
'Thamizh anna lived as Muruga
in his house in Chennai'
'His family is aware of everything'
'He visited that pub
only to meet your daughter'
'He created a deep impact
in your daughter's mind'
- I'm really proud of you, Thamizh
- Thank you, sir
Take Gopi to Bombay
No one should suspect anything
I'll handle this, Thamizh
Instead of creating a scene
call your dad now
'If he wanted to seek revenge
he could have killed you long ago'
'With the same legal loopholes
through which you entered'
'He was waiting to turn the tables on you'
'He returned as Sangathamizhan
to his hometown'
Good show
So if you are alive
...the factory won't be constructed
Where is Thamizh?
'Listen to me patiently'
'Think and then decide'
'Only if need be
lose your temper!'
I totally underestimated you
I didn't expect you to grow in stature
and stand before me so soon
You know if God has decided
to send someone as godsend
...even if you try to shut the gate
and lock it up, the lock won't work!
'Want to know why?'
Because HE holds the key!
"Hey there! Move, dude
I will rip your ears into two"
"Who came spoiling for a fight?
I'm king of blows; to wrong the right"
"Even fear will flee; terrified
with a glimpse of him, petrified"
Will you sign at least now?
Or shall I kill you and then
use your thumbprints?
Let go
I'm alright
What the hell?
You backstabbed your homeland and
your own people for some random stranger
It's a sin to even touch you
Come on
'In the given time
allotted by the Court'
'Since Sanjay Industries was
unable to justify its actions'
'And based on inquiries'
' has been proved beyond doubt
this copper factory will pollute'
'...the environment and surroundings'
'Any industrial firm should function
only for the welfare of the people'
'Bearing in mind it should not be
for the personal gain of any individual'
'...this Court has banned operations
of Sanjay Industries on a permanent basis'
'Further the Court orders the owner to
return land(s) acquired from individuals'
'What is your comment on your victory?'
This isn't an individual's victory
This is the reward
for the unity of my people
Having enforced a ban here, can you
affirm the same even in Tamil Nadu?
I am not an astrologer!
If the people in other cities and towns
are as united as my people here
...they will get only what they aspire for
I believe no one can thrust
what they don't like
Are you implying political heads
duly elected by the people
...are committing these crimes?
I feel there is no use pointing fingers
at who is right and who is wrong
Because if that is our intention
...we can do it lifelong
It doesn't give room for progress
So what are you trying to say?
I have a lot of work to catch up on
Let me attend to it, thank you
Muruga, how are you?
Thamizh, you achieved it!
I should really thank you
Thank you very much
Not only did he fool me
but tricked you too, right?
He didn't fool me
Height of loyalty!
You love me
That's true, right?
Do what your heart tells you, Thamizh
I'm there for you
You achieved your goal
- How are you, bro-in-law?
- So proud of you
Keep chatting, I'll be back
- Okay, Mr Gambler?
- Very happy indeed!
How did you accomplish all you had to
and now you stand here so silently?
Don't pull cuss words out of my mouth!
You kept projecting me as hero
and you grabbed the title!
Don't jump to conclusions
based on what happened here
You're always my hero and
I'm the comedian by your side
- Tell him
- Go to hell!
I'll stick to comedy
till the very end
Our combo is a successful one
Don't desert me, sir
subtitled by rekhs
assisted by harini
"Oh my God! Oh my God!!
Sparks will fly in total Tamil Nad"
"Oh my God! Oh my God!!
To our side we know God will nod"
"If we aim with 1 stone and hit
we get 2 mangoes to our benefit"
"Listen to my one liner
'No pain no gain' is the winner"
"Less talk work more you'll shine
'Zero to hero' is your tagline"
"Look for the route your heart points to
'Zero to hero' is the buzzword new"
"To gossip mongers don't pay heed
'Zero to hero' is your motto indeed"
"Turn a deaf ear, both in fact
'Zero to Hero' is your tag intact"
"Less talk work more you'll shine
'Zero to hero' is your tagline"
"Look for the route your heart points to
'Zero to hero' is the buzzword new"
"To gossip mongers don't pay heed
'Zero to hero' is your motto indeed"
"Turn a deaf ear, both in fact
'Zero to Hero' is your tag intact"