Sanitarium (2013) Movie Script

The madness...
is a disease that spreads through the mind.
Generating and disturbed twisted thoughts...
within the human brain.
Pushing us to commit horrendous acts...
that transcend the usual
imagining sphere.
Moves from one person to another...
without distinction of sex, race, age or creed.
Giving rise to unimaginable results...
we are unable to accept nor understand.
We can only attempt,
perhaps in some way...
contain these insane poor...
helpless wandering through the narrow limits...
of their inner worlds.
My name is Dr. Henry Stenson.
Welcome to the madhouse.
Give it.
Patient 49.
came recently with a very tragic story...
after losing everything that has ever loved.
Art is a very subjective means.
We see what we want to see...
in a painting, a book,
a sculpture or a figure.
Come here, I can not
and fix your hair.
Tilt your head slightly to the left.
That is.
Float down the stairs.
Fleet only.
Okay, let's see.
Edgar, you're the observer.
So you're at the entrance.
Hence you watch...
Roderick, what do you do?
Why are you always
arming problems?
Try to pay attention to the world.
What happened here?
Take your paint...
your beautiful painting.
're A wonderful artist,
Roderick, you must believe in yourself.
So, look at Madeline.
Now listen.
This is very important for all night...
want the three best look.
Have the electrified hair,
dear. That's better.
- Gus?
- Yeah, not me...
Sam is waiting.
It's time.
I just need...
few minutes.
Why always me doing this,
old friend?
Fast Finish, come on.
Is a great day for everyone.
- Gustav?
- What?
Yes you need to see a doctor
by these headaches.
Very grateful.
- Sam, you're ready.
- Ah, let's see...
... Nicky
opens doors.
Over here, ladies and gentlemen.
I would like to take this opportunity...
to thank Gustav Spiller
for this amazing exhibition.
Gustav Spiller, ladies and gentlemen, Gustav Spiller
Gustav, Gustav, come here.
In the last thirty years...
've had the pleasure of working
with many of the artists...
most renowned US.
But none are as unique as our present here
Bravo, Gustav!
Well, Matthew,
this great night.
I just talked to our friends in New York
and are very excited with this contract.
- Great.
- Nearly 6 million.
Will be good for all of us.
You said six million?
Here is my hero.
Isabelle... Thanks.
- Come on, waiting journalists.
- No, no...
- Yes, they are just a couple.
- OK.
Mr. Spiller...
Is it true you have an offer
to move his work to New York?
- Yes
- Does that mean you accept the offer?
- We are pleased to announce...
- No, I have no plans, I...
need my peers.
I have no plans to sell.
Not at this time,
and have no plans for the future.
Here I have everything I need.
I was right.
Is not that true?
Did you hear how everyone
said you were perfect?
Do not look well.
'm Fine, I'm fine.
'll Be back soon.
No, wait a minute.
You were not there.
You, friend...
were there.
'm exhausted, so I'll...
going to say goodnight
and see you in the morning.
Oh, my God...
can not be.
Is impossible.
I can not believe it.
Gustav, answer the phone.
's Me, Sam. Where are you?
We have to find a solution.
We need to give an answer.
And above all, hope you're well.
We've been through this before.
Please call me.
Serving the phone.
Sam is worried about you.
- I know what you Sam.
- It's a good deal.
- Is a tremendous business, the...
- I know, is a unique opportunity!
You decree what you decide,
whatever you do...
I will support your choice.
Are you doing more figures?
Is there a problem with that?
Just thought you were going to take a break
after exposure.
Well, I will not.
- Do not work too hard on those things.
- Are not things!
's Me.
You'm on your side, remember?
Have you taken your medication?
- Try sleeping.
- Thank You.
Tell Sam...
I will not.
I'm not going to sell.
Why do not you tell me?
You owe is your friend.
- Forgive.
- Okay.
'll Go see him tonight,
before you leave.
- Do it.
- Sorry.
Who would want to destroy...
my beautiful, beautiful friends?
Who would want robrmelos?
Who, tell me who.
What...? Sam?
I do not believe them.
I can not do that,
Sam is my friend!
Why would he want...?
No, I do not.
Nobody will separate them from me.
No, no.
Will I have dropped the keys, Sam.
- What?
- Will I have dropped the keys.
What the hell are they doing there?
Give me your hand.
A little more...
Oh, Sam, Sam...
Oh, my God!
What's happened?
Gustav, what happened?
Gustav, what happened?
It was a nightmare,
was just a nightmare.
've done something terrible.
I went to the museum to talk to Sam.
What did he say?
Going to robrmelos, Matthew.
That's ridiculous,
Sam is your best friend.
's Dead.
And Nicky.
You have not taken your medication, right?
Take a.
Gotta believe me, Matthew.
- I did not want...
- Calm down.
You have not killed anyone.
You look as if you had not slept for days
You know what...?
- Stay here tonight.
- No, I can not, I need to go.
Have to make sure you are well.
Let me take you home.
You and Isabelle are the only
where can trust.
- We ran out.
- OK.
Did something happen?
- Only Gus Gus still, it's nothing.
- You Sure?
Yes, all is well.
Well, I love you.
I love you.
Everything will be fine.
'll Go see Sam.
Everything will be fine.
I love you.
No, Roderick, I killed my friend,
I killed my good friend.
How could I...?
Yes, yes.
You're right, Madeline.
Now nobody will separate from me.
There is still one more, Edgar?
I do not understand.
- Sam, what are we going to do with Gustav?
- After New York.
'll See if I
rescue these contracts.
Okay, agreed.
Madeline, I...
'm not sure we have
to do this.
But you know how much I love you.
I also love you,
Roderick, but...
not in the same way that...
I love Madeline.
- What are you doing?
- What?
I said what I have to do.
Just one more, one more, and are safe.
Gustav, what are you talking about?
Madeline and Roderick, I was told...
Isabelle is jealous and wants to destroy them.
- My friends told me.
- Everything happened in your head.
- This is not true, not true.
- No, Matthew, is absolutely true.
Saw Sam and Nicky die.
Their lives disappeared.
By work of these hands.
Is mescaline.
You're hallucinating, Gustav.
What are you talking about?
was supposed to only were supposed
This did not happen.
As you're hallucinating, Gustav.
You did not have to kill anyone.
Not supposed to kill anyone.
Please let her go.
She did nothing, let her go.
- She did nothing, please.
- No...
- Let her go.
- No, no, no!
's All in your head.
Quedrtelos can.
You can have everything.
This is all your fault, Matthew.
You did.
Can you see what you've done?
Can you see what you've done?
- It's all your fault, Matthew.
- It's all your fault.
It's all your fault, Matthew,
all your fault.
It is said that art imitates life...
but perhaps actually be art
which manipulates life.
Said I could stay with everything.
Said he could...
said I could stay with everything.
Said I could stay with everything.
Said I could stay with everything.
We love you, Matthew.
We love you, Matthew.
never be separate from you.
In the final analysis,
who can say with certainty...
who the puppet and who is the master?
Dr. Stenson said he could see
files to write an article.
Let me see your ID.
Thank you, sir.
Come In.
Yes... There are too many files there...
Do you know of some cases juicy?
- Juicy Cases?
- I need something for the newspaper.
- 26?
- Sounds like a patient number.
Thank you. I owe you one.
Patient Number 26
The poor man leads us
long time already.
The disorder is...
can say that unique.
has been diagnosed with catatonic schizophrenia.
But no matter how one chooses to label...
his is, without a doubt...
one of the most disturbing cases
and fascinating at the same time...
with whom I have encountered
at this hospital.
- Yes, it seems.
- No, nor sticks.
Yes, right there.
It looks like a platypus.
- Is called platypus.
- No.
A giant platypus.
Is called platypus.
- You're so stupid.
- Steven, does not it seem a platypus?
It platypus.
And do not forget to bring money
lunch tomorrow...
And I need permits
because otherwise they can not come to the tour.
Okay, let's talk about yesterday.
Does anyone remember what we saw conflict?
- Yes, Claire.
- War of 1812?
Right. The War of 1812 was a
of the worst in US history.
Started by
forced recruitments made by the Royal Navy...
Steven, what is more important
out in class?
Okay, pay attention, okay?
- Yes, miss.
- Thank You.
Well, I want to read Chapter 4,
because that is all explained...
and the test will be about that,
so best to be prepared.
And do not forget to give your parents
notice of the meeting...
which handed out earlier.
Chau, Miss Lorne.
- Was a platypus.
- Platypus.
- Steven, your parents will they come tomorrow?
- I do not know.
- I would love to know.
- Not more than my father.
- Pardon?
- I just live with my father.
Well, then maybe your mother
can come another time...
- we just me and my dad.
- Well, I'd like to meet.
- Chau, Miss Lorne.
- Chau, beware.
Yes, we were taught today is re
- And we played the English teacher.
- It is very good that teacher.
- Yes
- is an idol.
- No, what happened?
- The apple disappeared.
- I ate the apple!
- Do Not! For real?
Why are you always so quiet?
Say something.
Clean the kitchen when you finish.
- Dad, there's a meeting tomorrow.
- I'm busy tomorrow.
- The teacher...
- Have you cleaned the kitchen?
- Yes
- Then to bed..
What did I say?
The kitchen is a grime.
Of beer bottles, dishes in the sink...
- left everything clean.
- Pardon?
I did not ask excuses.
When I tell you to do something,
go and do.
You do not understand, right?
's Just you and me here
and you can do whatever you sing.
This is my house and do what I say.
guess I'll have to punish you for not obeying
Strong pushes, come on.
Come, come.
- Good morning, Steven.
- Good morning, Miss Lorne.
want to see something cool?
- Clear.
- Follow me.
- Go do bell.
- Why?
- Just do it.
- Okay.
Well, contemplate...
- Porn magazine my brother!
- Pigs!
- Shut up, Claire!
- How tremendous Minon.
- It looks like your mom.
- It is more like yours.
- Look at those tits.
- Do not touch!
Comes someone!
Steven! Are you okay?
What happened?
Are you okay? Breathe.
- What is your name?
- Papito.
You want to sit?
How's your name?
But the shell re...
Arise God.
- Steven.
- Yes, miss?
Can I ask you a question?
How did you get those marks?
Okay, I just want to help.
Was a classmate?
Is everything okay at home?
Ever your dad has...
That is, your dad...
Oh, hello, sir Nansworth.
Am the Miss Lorne, Steven
- Hello.
- Hi.
- What did?
- Well, he...
I fished with this.
So what?
- Well, I...
- Why this made me come?
Why a porn magazine?
Steven, come on.
- I noticed the marks.
- Pardon?
In his neck.
So what?
What are fingerprints.
- Children get hurt.
- From an adult hand.
I do not like where this conversation
Well, it's my duty as a teacher
care for my students.
How old are you? 23?
I do not like at all
neither you nor your insinuations, pendejita.
Working 12 hours a day
and look after him.
I do not need anyone meta
my privacy and my son.
- Is not your concern.
- But, Dad...
Chito mouth!
I'll handle this.
- Hello, Susan.
- Hello, what brings you here?
Have the direction of Steven
Know I can not give you that.
I know, but forgot
notebook and you need to do a task...
so it occurred to me I could
take him on my way home.
You're lucky to have a teacher like you.
No, wait here.
How did you get those marks on your neck?
Answer me.
What is your problem?
Do you think you'll do with this
Like this? Huh?
Like this? Do you like it?
Idiot son of thousand bitches!
You'll see what awaits you.
Exemplary punishment awaits.
Hi, yes...
- Steven?
- Miss Lorne.
Oh, my God.
Steven, are you okay?
My God, listen, I called
police are on the way...
The police never could figure out what happened.
And soon after, the boy
was brought to the asylum.
Of course, one can only imagine what happens
in the fragile head of an eight
years exposed to such horrific traumas.
Worlds are created.
The mind does everything necessary to protect...
such terrible experiences.
The mind is incredibly tough.
can create worlds of fantasy...
to protect us from reality
and blind us to the truth.
The worse the truth, the greater
On the other hand, fantasy
can also be more real...
than we could ever imagine
Most of his days were passed
sat with rapt gaze...
but sometimes, when you observe the clouds,
can see him smile.
- What is your name?
- James.
And how you got here, James?
- I do not remember.
- Try again.
No matter.
You are not real.
None of this is real.
Day 640.
I have to think well.
Matthew, chapter 24...
verse 13.
"He who endures to the end will be saved
"He who endures to the end will be saved
"He who endures to the end will be saved
Still missing something.
What is escaping me?
This event let us...
very near the end of the cycle of 5125 years...
the Mayans called...
baktun .
In the coming weeks...
will show that this is not hysteria.
The baktun ends here.
is not a hoax.
Y is complete...
is not a conspiracy,
is reality.
The thirteenth baktun.
I'll show...
of a logical, practical and scientific...
The event took place in 1984.
that this is inevitable .
This event leaves us very near the end...
5125 years cycle
the Mayans called...
Anyone else?
All Right.
I love you.
I'm alone.
I'm alone.
I'm alone.
I'm alone.
I'm alone.
Okay, Kyle, Caleb,
need to pay attention...
because if anything happens
is important to know this, right?
Are you listening?
Very well.
This is the pantry.
And here is where you
hydroponic garden.
These are water tanks...
as we can not rely on the rain...
have two,
both located here.
And there is a pipe that goes from the hydroponic tanks
piped down here,
to the hydroponic garden...
and that serve to irrigate, we
fresh vegetables.
Now, Caleb, Kyle, you will sleep here...
and Mom and I will sleep here, right next
, okay?
Great, right?
This is what will keep us safe.
Day 641
Matthew, chapter 24...
The sounds were very clear last night.
The din was repeated,
but hardly open my eyes...
sounds begin.
I think I can be suffering from a neurological syndrome
high pressure.
Are you trying to fool?
Who laughs now?
The word designates a planet Nibiru
The Twelfth Planet.
In the writings of Dr. Sitchin
about Nibiru, Planet X...
the Annunaki
the existence of... is also mentioned
An alien race,
according to him, created man...
more than 300,000 years ago.
Many researchers, including myself...
believe that 2012 will mark the return of
Wave time zero.
At the end of time...
the ebb and flow of novelty
will be increased...
attraction of the teleological end of the universe.
Can also refer
to this as the "black path".
Could this be the true
wave zero time?
The change in position of the zodiac...
is causally associated with the astral
location mapping.
It's hard, I know.
Sometimes these things
pile into my head...
and there are many who suddenly
cease to make sense.
Allison, I wish you were here
I just want to hear.
James, please listen to me.
Not want to know any of this.
I just want my husband back.
"And in that hour came a great earthquake
and a tenth of the city was devastated...
y were killed in the earthquake seven thousand people ..
and others were frightened
and gave glory to the God of heaven.
The second woe happened...
more, behold, the third woe comes
presto "
I'm only
I'm only
I'm only
We need one more.
James, have spent all our savings
You've exhausted all our credit cards
There is nothing left.
Day 642
My condition seems to worsen .
Strange sounds disturb me all night
seems as if... Voices...
sound higher and almost
I understand what you trying to tell me.
You have to open the hatch.
're Not real.
're Not real.
're Not real.
're Not real.
there anyone want to introduce.
Is Dr. Williams..
Hi, James.
Allison, please
not let them take me!
Not let them take me!
Please stop them!
Day 643
Or maybe...
I can no longer sleep.
seem to be increasing.
I'm starting to hallucinate again...
and I can be in the final stages of
high pressure neurological syndrome.
You have to listen.
Hear what?
Your lies?
This is all in my head.
This is not real.
I know what happened, I saw it, I saw it.
I know what you think happened
, James.
But the truth is that
failed the end of the world.
All Things
and all are still here...
waiting to come out.
Does my wife?
Will my children?
Does my family?
You really are good?
're Lying.
I know you're lying,
can not be otherwise.
You were boarding
when you disappeared.
I have been waiting
I Internado why?
Do not you remember?
You had a nervous breakdown.
I did not collapse!
Can you hear me? Can you hear me?
I know have died!
I do not believe anything you say,
this is just another hallucination.
James, please listen.
No, no.
If that's true, then
Where is my wife?
Why is not she
here to tell me?
Calm down, James.
Do not be afraid.
What calms me?
Would you calm down?
My wife is not here because he died
All died!
The December 21, 2012
everything was destroyed, everything.
Your predictions were wrong.
I became obsessed.
I'm Not Obsessed!
James, you have to open the hatch
I know what happened, I know.
I saw him, saw his ships.
I heard bombs.
I know they arrived.
I know.
's All here.
Lynette Jones,
abducted at age 13...
aliens to implant communication devices.
Lenny Captain Hammer,
member of Majestic 12 disappears.
The Mayans did not predict anything,
were giving us a message.
But we destroyed almost everything, so it was incomprehensible
and so the Earth was destroyed.
We did not understand the message.
And now...
am the only one left.
I'm the only one who has some idea how to stop
how to keep safe.
Will you do what you have to do?
What you have to do...
James, you know
what you have to do.
My family still alive?
Try and stay calm.
No, I can not,
want to talk to them.
You know that's not possible.
Why not?
Try to remember.
Tell me why!
Because you killed.
No, it can not be.
It can not be, it is impossible...
Try to remember.
She would not allow their children
believe in you.
No, enough.
I was leaving, James,
and your children get along with her.
This is not happening...
's all in my head, it's not real,
is all in my head.
killed, James,
You killed your family.
opens the hatch.
All is well.
some of his nervous breakdown?
Remember that his wife brought him here after...
Anyway, do not worry.
Is now here and look after you.
Do not you see, doctor...
this room...
this place...
is just another one of your games?
Human Usan as we used guinea pigs.
Want to see how many times can destroy us.
And it's not just out of curiosity.
They do it for fun.
They laugh now...
watching me talk to someone that does not even exist.
Not that it matters much.
All dead.
'm The last man.
And I'm alone.
hear that?
They laugh at us.
They laugh.
Dr. Stenson, telephone.
Right back.
They laugh!
I told him what you think happened,
guess I believed completely.
Yes No...
Day 640.