Sanju (2018) Movie Script

It's a joyous day for me,
because my autobiography,
is being released.
I'm a very misunderstood man.
If you want to know the real Sanjay Dutt,
read my autobiography.
It's my story,
but written by my buddy, D. N. Tripathi.
And he wishes that I read you a chapter.
"Chapter one...
Bapu and Sanju.
Bapu is Mahatma Gandhi.
And, Sanju... Yours truly, Sanjay Dutt.
Our lives have followed
quite a similar graph."
-Hey, Tripathi...
Killer opening! Moved me to tears.
Your wish is my command.
I've put my soul into it.
Mohammed... Sudama... come here.
Tripathi has written a rump-ripping book.
Read us a chapter. Nanny, take a seat.
The book is titled "Sage Sanju".
"Chapter one...
Bapu and Sanju.
Bapu is Mahatma Gandhi.
And, Sanju... Yours truly, Sanjay Dutt.
Our lives have followed
quite a similar graph.
For instance, we've both spent
a lot of time in prison.
He's a national hero.
I'm a Bollywood hero.
He was against violence.
He walked with a stick
but never used it as a weapon
I had an AK-56 rifle
and never used it either.
He dreamed of a free India.
I dream of... my freedom."
Maanyata, it's a slow starter.
Don't worry, the story picks up later.
Hold this...
pick up the bell... ring it.
Go around and worship me.
You've elevated me to Mahatma Gandhi
in the first chapter.
By the end, you'll turn me into god!
Find a temple for sale.
He'll put me on the altar.
Sorry, Tripathi.
Buddy, tell me...
are shoes allowed inside a temple?
Not at all, Sanju.
Then how dare you wear shoes
in front of God?
Sanju, I'd told you, I'm no biographer.
I'm a songwriter...
Sanju... please!
What about me reminds you of Gandhi?
I'll write another draft.
Shithead, you jacked my book!
Our correspondent is outside
the Supreme Court.
In moments, we'll know
whether the actor, Sanjay Dutt,
will go to prison or be free.
In 2006, the Anti-Terrorism Court
had sentenced Sanjay Dutt
to six years imprisonment
in the Mumbai bomb blast case.
He'd appealed to the Supreme Court
against the judgment.
The judgment was expected next week.
But we've just received information
the Supreme Court
will give its verdict today.
Stay tuned, as we report live
from the Supreme Court.
Dinesh, give us an update.
The verdict is out.
Sanjay Dutt will go to prison.
The Court has sentenced him to five years,
for possession of an AK-56 rifle.
When does he go to prison?
The Court has given him
a month to surrender
so he can complete his films.
His father, late Sunil Dutt,
popular actor and politician...
his mother, late Nargis,
iconic actor of the '60s...
the scion of this eminent family,
Sanjay, will go to prison.
Let's hear what people have to say.
Five years is nothing.
He should be hanged!
Traitor... a bloody terrorist!
Celebrities have it easy.
Such terrorists should be shot dead!
Come inside.
When the kids start school,
they are sure to be asked...
"Where's your terrorist-dad? In prison?"
It'll be easier for them to say,
"No, he's dead."
Suicide may solve your problem,
not your kids'.
They'll still be called terrorist's kids.
We decided to fight, didn't we?
-That we'll get the truth out there.
-Didn't we try?
What did we get? Bapu and Sanju!
That's what you get with knuckleheads.
Write it yourself.
Struggled with a four-line suicide note.
Imagine a 400-page book!
We'll find a good writer.
Why will they be interested?
It's said,
"Bad choices make good stories."
And you're the king of bad choices.
Some writer out there
will understand this.
Sanju, be respectful.
She's no Tripathi. She's Winnie Diaz.
World's top biographer.
She's down from London.
Control slang like...
rump-ripper, jacked...
Got it.
I won't take much of your time.
-I wanted--
-I can't write your biography. I'm sorry.
Why not?
...I asked around and...
And they said I'm a terrorist.
Who are these people? Do they know me?
Do they hang out with me?
Then how can they be so sure?
Their opinion is based
merely on TV and print news.
And these TV anchors, newspaper reporters,
who dish out opinions every day,
haven't met me either!
The media has maligned me.
So, I need a good writer
to present my side of the story.
You think millions
will read your biography?
It doesn't work like that.
Thousands of books
rot away in book stores.
Once in a blue moon a book comes that--
That's a rump-ripper!
My story's that!
What's there in your life story?
Give me just one hour.
Guns, drugs, alcohol...
Pick any chapter, I'll tell you the story.
I guarantee, you'll be jacked...
I mean... jack... it'll be a J K Rowling.
I have a month to surrender.
This time I may not survive.
One hour, please.
5 p.m. tomorrow. Right here.
At 6 p.m., I'll tell you
if I'm jacked or not.
From Amitabh Bachchan to Sachin Tendulkar
you've upset everyone.
So many heroes, but you'll pen
a terrorist's biography!
This is fake news.
He too is a fake.
This is a pressure tactic.
-Who are you?
-Zubin Mistry.
I construct malls.
I suggest you don't write this book.
And you came all the way to suggest it?
I'm here daily to jog. Saw you here, so...
Jog in a suit? Is work-wear shorts?
He hit me.
He's on cocaine, LSD, heroin...
A womanizer, too. Ask him his score.
Any number less than 200, he's lying.
Want to know his truth? Call me.
For once, I feel like thanking the press.
One headline, and you're here.
-Why did you get this printed?
-I didn't, Winnie.
Reporters live outside my gate.
They follow me everywhere.
If you were a doctor,
they'd print, "Sanju ill",
an actress... "Sanju's new lady."
They want spicy headlines. Not the truth.
-That's why we've come to you.
-Will he tell me the truth?
Nothing but the truth. Fire away.
Excluding your wife,
how many women have you slept with?
Look here.
Should I count the prostitutes or...
No, let's keep them aside.
Never kept a score-card.
But once, I did the math,
I recalled around 308.
I must've missed a few.
On the safe side, let's say... 350.
Do you know him?
Zubin! He was my friend.
I nicknamed him "God".
Since you picked him,
let's start with chapter "God".
1981... my debut film.
He was always on the sets.
Dad was directing me
and I was nervous as hell.
Is this love?
Yes, my dove!
Sonny, your lips are off sync.
Match them to the song.
And... a romantic reaction
when the girl sings.
But, Dad, where's the girl?
How do I react to a cold camera?
An actor's job is to imagine.
Imagine a beautiful actress
in front of you.
Ganpat, come here. Observe.
Is this love?
Yes, my dove!
In your absence
Day and night eclipse
And an hour is forever
Is this love?
Yes, my dove!
Come. Give it a go.
Let's give him a heroine.
Ganpat, come here.
Hold this and stand here.
-Don't move.
-Good idea.
Is this love?
Yes, my dove!
In your absence
Day and night eclipse
And an hour is forever
Is this love?
Yes, my dove!
Cut it!
Well played, Ramu. Ace!
-You've been smoking?
-No, Dad.
Now you lie, too?
Thousands struggle to be an actor...
with no luck.
You've got it on a silver platter,
respect that.
Drinking, smoking...
will show on your face.
The camera spares no one.
Quit smoking or I'll shelve the film.
Smoke with your left hand.
Fathers sniff the right hand.
Bro, I'm the first actor in the world
to romance a bandit.
But, dad praised the cameraman.
"Well played, Ramu! Ace!"
However well I do, he never praises me.
He insults me publicly.
-Reason with him.
-That would be suicide.
You're too scared of your dad.
Hey, try this.
It bumps up confidence.
Gladiators would take this before a fight.
Put this in your nose... and snort it all.
I make my Pomeranian snort it
and he thinks he's an Alsatian.
Try it.
Hey! I've been taking it for years.
I'm stronger than you. Try me.
O light of my soul!
If you're heaven's king, I'm your queen
If you're the needle, I'm the thread
Then why our union
So half-baked, half-baked?
Dad thinks that I can't lip sync to songs.
I'm a fine catch, so are you
Marry me, my love
Let sparks fly
So fine, so bright
I'm a fine catch, so are you
But, I'm a free bird
Keep your fireworks
Too fine, too bright
Take my hand
Marry me quick
Make me yours in a click
Listen up, I'm a wild stallion
Why reduce me to a mere medallion?
I'm a fine catch, so are you
Marry me, my love
Let sparks fly
So fine, so bright
No way, love!
I'm a fine catch, so are you
But, I'm a free bird
Keep your fireworks
Too fine, too bright
That night, one more Pomeranian
turned into an Alsatian.
God's powder was magic.
My confidence was sky-rocketing.
-Where's the bottle?
-Your dad chucked it.
Damn! For how long will he control me?
My father controlled me for 60 years.
-How did he let go?
-He popped it.
Dudes, don't leave. The vodka's coming.
The bar's closed, Sanju.
Dad thinks cutting supply
will make us quit?
I have a back-up daddy
who'll fill up our mugs.
-Back-up dad?
-My girlfriend's pop.
Is daddy home?
Yes, don't sneak in through the balcony.
I'll ring the doorbell. Wake him.
At this hour?
What's so important?
I want something, baby.
I'll be there in five. Open the door.
Wake up your dad.
Dad, mom... wake up. Sanju's here.
At 1 a.m.? Is everything okay?
Took him six months to muster courage.
He'd said, once his career kick started,
he'll ask for my hand.
Just the hand, or all of you?
We'll ask for the 18-year-old scotch.
Will the old fart agree?
If he doesn't agree, we grab and flee!
Hello, child. How are you?
Before you ask for anything,
I have something for you.
Ten rupees?
My father's gift to me
when I joined the Navy.
He said, "There are two kinds of bills."
"Real and fake."
When you tug at a real bill...
it won't tear.
You're starting your career.
Life will pull you left and right.
But if you stay honest,
nothing can rip you apart.
My father's wisdom is now yours.
Homi, let him sit.
Now tell us.
What brings you here?
The real reason we're here is...
we have the midnight urge.
Can't control it anymore.
Look, we're weak with idioms.
Tell us clearly, what's a "midnight urge"?
Midnight urge means...
I'm 21 now. It's a biological need.
As soon as midnight strikes...
the urge surges.
I need it now... or I'm gonna explode!
But dad doesn't allow it.
He's orthodox. So I sin in secret.
Once, I was enjoying an 18-year-old
on the terrace... dad walked in.
I told him frankly, "Dad, I'm an adult.
My friends do it every night.
Their parents never object."
He said, "Alright, have your 18-year-old.
But don't hide.
Do it openly on the dining table,
before the family.
And that too, only once a month."
Daddy, how will once a month
quench this thirst?
Now I frequent the illicit joints.
16, 18, 21...
I grab whatever is available.
I park on a lonely stretch,
and indulge in the backseat.
Only fear is the cops.
They peek when you're about to peak.
Ma'am, try the backseat.
You were a Navy Captain.
You must've tasted the best
on every shore.
Be kind, let us taste some from your home.
-May we get one each?
Okay, we'll share one.
When daddy gets the urge,
you happily serve.
All we get is a "How dare you!"
Sorry, I've promised my friend.
I'm gonna grab one.
Soda or water?
And return my papa's box.
Can I say something?
Your papa was wrong.
Life doesn't just pull you left and right.
It also pulls you up and down.
I drank all night with my friends.
And returned home in the morning.
I'm going for a jog.
Sorry, sonny. I yelled at you publicly.
I'm stressed, so couldn't control myself.
A request...
Please focus on your work.
Your mother should feel proud
when she sees your first film.
She may not be able to see your next.
She has cancer of the pancreas.
I'm taking her to New York.
Sloan Hospital.
Why didn't anyone tell me?
She hid it from you
so your work won't suffer.
She's been in pain all year.
But acts fit in front of you.
Where are you?
In the dining. Want some tea?
Half a cup.
Hide it.
Don't cry in her presence.
She's acting. So must you.
Up so early?
Did you tell Sanju we're off to New York?
What? Haven't shared the news?
Take a deep breath.
You're gonna be shocked.
I've been offered a Hollywood film.
Now I'll mouth English dialogues.
James Bond.
I wish they had songs like our films.
This heart has lost its mate
No one knows where my liver went
A song here, a dance there,
and the Oscar's mine!
You shouldn't have retired!
Retired? I still act, don't I?
Dad took mom to New York.
And I started spending more time with God.
I was 18 when I lost my parents
in a car crash.
I was going to kill myself.
A fakir saved me.
He said, "The Lord who created pain,
also created a remedy."
Put it under your tongue.
It'll melt away all pain.
He gets it from the Himalayas.
So it's expensive.
But I'll send him the money.
The first time I did drugs,
was 'cause I was upset with dad.
The second time, 'cause mom was dying.
By the third time, I was an addict.
Then I got the news
that mom was in a coma.
Dad summoned me to America.
I traveled with my sisters...
and 20 grams of cocaine.
Being caught at the airport,
would've meant
20 years in prison... even for my sisters.
But back then, 20 years in prison,
versus 20 grams of cocaine...
my choice was crystal clear.
I was so irresponsible
that instead of spending time with mom,
I'd smoke away in the fire exit.
Then one night, walked into my life...
Mr. Kamlesh Kanhaiyalal Kapasi.
-What did you steal?
-O Lord Ganesha!
-This is Jesus' jurisdiction.
Lord Ganesha doesn't operate here.
What did you steal?
I'd gone to keep the idol inside.
I'm a fan of your parents.
Thought Lord Ganesha
will heal your mother.
But, what's "Twins"?
Eggs. Back home we call them Twins.
Hope "The Twins" haven't parted ways.
They are out of shape.
-To get The Twins back in shape.
Ever seen a topless girl?
Of course, I have.
-Where? On TV?
-No, live.
My physics teacher, back home...
his mother slipped in the bathroom.
I broke the door,
hauled her on my shoulder
and put her in the ambulance.
Stark naked... topless, bottomless.
How old was she?
Ninety. No, 91.
I did see stuff. I'm not naive.
-Ever had alcohol?
-Of course.
There's a saying back home...
"Jam-jam bam-bam."
Translate that.
"Jam-jam" is money.
And "bam-bam"?
Your jacket took away jam-jam,
I lost my bam-bam.
You owe me a blonde.
Cover me.
Don't! You'll land in prison.
Stop joking. We could've been arrested.
Noble cause, brother.
Your mom's in the hospital
and you're snorting?
Hey, Mr. Righteousness.
We've been friends for just five minutes.
-Control your emotions.
You aren't a good son!
How'll you be a good friend?
Get lost! I don't need a friend.
Hey, stop!
I just can't quit.
Alright, go!
If my friend was on drugs,
I wouldn't abandon him.
I'd thrash him till he quit.
Throw it.
-I'll quit tomorrow.
I promise, tomorrow.
-Let go my twins.
-Let go the powder.
-Twins first.
-Powder first.
-I'm desperate.
-It's the time to fight.
Say, "I'm a tiger."
-Now, rorr.
Once more.
I quit! I promise.
Never abandon me, Master.
Such words of wisdom...
Rorr, jam-jam bam-bam, twins.
Guess what?
You didn't twist my twins...
but this.
I was seeking drugs in New York.
Instead, I found a friend.
Kamlesh Kanhaiyalal Kapasi.
They call me Kamli.
As Sex-spear has said, "What's in a name?"
-Sir, will you have snakes?
Snakes. There are lots in the hole.
I'll get it, sir.
In his accent, snacks were "snakes"
and hall was "hole".
He brought back our smiles.
And miraculously,
his idol got mom out of coma.
Ready, everyone?
At your film premiere,
I'll sit between father and son.
As you appear on screen, I'll whistle.
At your wedding, I'll dance on the table.
Warn Ruby not to be embarrassed.
Mom didn't know Ruby wasn't talking to me.
Mom didn't have much time left.
I decided
I'd apologize to Ruby's dad
and ask for her hand.
I love Ruby and I want to...
I've come to apologize.
-I misbehaved that day.
-It's alright, child.
-A tipple often does that.
-No, Daddy.
I wasn't just drunk...
I had also done cocaine.
Let me confess. The next day I did LSD.
But I've been clean for a month.
I'll go meet Ruby.
Meet her on the 22nd
at Hotel Sun and Sand,
with these flowers.
-What's on the 22nd?
That's for your parents.
And that's for you. Write your name.
"Ruby weds..." Who's this Rustom?
All this for a 10 rupee bill?
I'll glue it up.
I'm glad you tore it. It led us to Rustom!
He's a doctor in New York.
Not a junkie like you.
Daddy, let me meet Ruby--
Then what should I call you? Old fart?
Meet Ruby over my dead body.
Fine, I'll wait.
For what?
For you to die, old fart!
Rascal! Scoundrel!
Get out!
I'll break your legs, you swine.
Every addict looks for an excuse
to start again.
My excuse was Ruby.
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby
Let's rendezvous
To have you back
Your old man I'll hack
It's a win-win!
He gets heaven, I get you
The world has no heart
So leave it, old fart
Goodbye, old man! Just die, old man!
Your daughter, don't worry
Once you're dead, we'll marry
The sincerest prayers are always granted.
The old man died
of a massive heart attack.
The news was tragic. But I won't lie,
I was ecstatic.
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby
Get set to rendezvous
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby
You and I, we'll rendezvous
This was my chance to win back Ruby.
I had to show her,
I was more reliable than her fianc.
A minor problem... I was stoned.
Don't abandon us, Papa.
-Sanju, that's not papa.
-Wake up.
That's not papa!
Ha! I wondered how he'd shrunk so much.
Is this our papa?
Why did you abandon us?
Wake up. Try!
He isn't waking up.
Mummy, don't cry.
Your son-in-law is with you.
Have you read the Holy Gita?
"Everything happens for the best."
"Nothing we create...
so nothing should we mourn."
Did you create this old man?
Gave him birth?
Let her grieve.
When my puppy died, I was bawling.
A full-grown husband's exit
deserves howling.
Take your time, Mummy.
But remember, only the body perishes.
The soul is eternal.
Away with this body.
Focus on the soul.
Papa conked and you say, "All okay?"
How shall we dispose the body?
Bury it? Cremate it?
God, that's not our papa.
Move that body. It's freaking confusing.
Move it.
So, Ruby...
What did I do?
No one can tell it's secondhand.
A very fair price.
Five hundred dollars.
What's this?
Robbed a beggar?
Robbed a barber! He cuts his own hair.
Puts three dollars in the piggy bank.
-Who's gonna count this?
-Call from India. It's Sanju!
Sanju, perfect timing.
I'm buying my first car.
I need you here, bro.
Ruby's getting married.
Please come.
-You snorting again?
-No. I swear.
Please... come down.
Sanju... Hello?
Sir, no need to count.
-The car will have to wait.
Need to buy a ticket to India.
Sorry, sir.
Didn't want the car? Why make me count?
Hello, Ruby.
I'm Kamlesh Kanhaiyalal Kapasi.
Sanju's friend.
Sir, can you go inside?
Take a loo break.
-Need to discuss a private matter.
Whatever the matter,
say it in front of me.
It'll upset you.
Take a stroll outside. Lovely weather.
Then name Ruby's favorite animal.
You live in New York?
Ask any jeweler there...
They'll all say... "Penguin".
-Know why?
For a month, Sanju hopped
from jeweler to jeweler
for a wedding necklace
with a penguin pendant.
And finally got it!
But when he returned to India,
he discovered that you were engaged.
He was shattered, so took to drugs again.
But yesterday, he braved up.
Flushed all the drugs down the drain.
Swore never to touch them again.
He prayed, "Lord, bring Ruby back."
Sanju's back.
Can you come back?
The wedding date, venue... it's all set.
Nothing changes, except the groom.
The wedding cards have been printed.
We'll put a "Sanju" sticker
over your name.
Don't sweat the small stuff.
Ruby, in America
there'll be no house help.
You'll be cleaning, mopping, washing...
Imagine washing his sweaty underpants!
I told you, you'd be upset.
Sanju will be at the Marriage Registrar's,
tomorrow at 4 p.m.
Mister, what's her favorite food?
Waffles. Sanju knows.
Her favorite film?
Mary Poppins.
Sanju knows. You have no clue.
Ruby, 4 p.m. tomorrow.
The Marriage Registrar's office.
Where did you get money for this?
Your wallet, checks... They're with me.
The wedding necklace...
What about it?
I sold it to God.
-Where's he?
-He isn't home.
I wait at the Registrar's office
and you get stoned here?
No sweat. We'll marry tomorrow.
You'd flushed the drugs!
Fished them out again?
Where's the wedding necklace?
Where is it?
Where's the bloody necklace?
The wedding necklace.
Please wait, Ruby.
I'm sorry...
He's not in his senses.
Won't remember a thing tomorrow!
I swear, he did buy the wedding necklace.
He's too far gone
and to expect you'll hang on is not right.
You move on, I'm with him.
Yes, Ruby.
Don't ever tell him what he did.
He'll be devastated.
Tell him...
that rotten Ruby never showed up.
You've been drinking?
What I wanna say needs courage.
So I downed a couple.
Tell me.
Your son will die before your wife!
-He can't handle his life.
He sees you nursing your ailing wife.
Any responsibility at home,
film industry, society...
he sees you never shirk it.
And your son...
He's an ordinary guy.
No goals, no purpose in life.
He says,
"There are three things to life, bro."
"C, B, S."
"Chew, brew and scr..."
The problem is, you want him to be you!
He's buried...
buried under the weight of your legacy!
He knows, however hard he toils,
he can never be as great.
So, he doesn't even try.
Feels a hero with nobodies like me.
"Yo, Kamli...", "Hey, Kamli..."
What should I do, Kamlesh?
Sir, you...
Just be his friend.
Sit with him.
Drink with him.
Use a few cuss words, and say...
"Sonny, it's okay to be ordinary."
"You don't have to be Sunil Dutt."
"It's okay to be Sanjay Dutt.
Sir, please save him.
If he dies,
whom will I tell, "Let go my twins"?
Please, sir, save him.
Save him.
I showed the distributors your film.
They went crazy...
"What a freaking actor!"
Has mom seen the posters?
She's in hospital.
What happened?
She slipped into a coma again.
-I just met her yesterday!
-No, day before.
You've woken up after two days. It's okay.
I've spoken to the doctors.
They recommend a rehab center in America.
Please don't send me there, Dad.
Just a few days, sonny.
Come out. We won't send you anywhere.
I had one cigarette, you packed me off
to boarding school.
I was just six.
Couldn't even tie my shoelaces.
I missed mom.
Please come out.
I won't go anywhere.
I'll stay with mom in the hospital!
Dad agreed... on one condition.
That I wouldn't do drugs in the hospital.
And I promised.
I started spending
every night at the hospital.
I'd stare at mom for hours.
I'd hold her hand and talk to her.
The premiere's next week.
Won't you come?
Get up, Mom.
You gotta see me act.
You'll be proud, Mom.
Then one day...
I couldn't resist.
Mom never saw my film.
She died three days before the premiere.
She'd left a note...
"Even if I'm gone, the show must go on."
They call me Rocky
Yes, my name is Rocky!
Friend and foe
To both I say hello
Friend and foe
To both I say hello
They call me Rocky
Yes, my name is Rocky!
-Thank you.
Excuse me, Mr. Dutt.
Is anyone sitting here?
Yes... my wife.
Sanju, you'll be a film star!
Dad worries a lot about you.
I've been offered a Hollywood film.
At your wedding, I'll dance on the table.
What happened?
Mom opened her eyes before she died.
She touched my head to bless me.
Not sure if it happened
or I was hallucinating...
I'm a mess, Dad.
I can't tell what's real
and what's imaginary.
Are you real, Dad?
Buddy, listen.
Is that Mr. Sunil Dutt?
-Is dad there?
Please save me, Dad.
I want to quit drugs.
I want to live.
You'll be fine, sonny.
Dad got me to America for treatment.
I was given a list.
He was shocked that I was still alive.
My treatment started.
As the drugs stopped, my body rebelled.
A storm unleashed within.
Often I shivered as if inside an ice slab.
Biting cold I couldn't bear.
Often my body was ablaze.
I was burning.
Bombs exploded in my head.
My pulse would spike up to 150.
My hands would tremor.
Depression, anxiety... I couldn't bear it.
I couldn't take it. I ran away.
I was desperate for drugs.
The only person who'd lend me money
was 1500 miles away, in New York.
Like a madman,
I took off for New York... on foot.
I realized the power of attire.
When the clothes were clean, I got rides.
When dirty, I got alms.
Both served well.
A few days of begging
earned me a bus ticket.
In 12 days, I was in New York.
I'll have one drink and go back.
Never had a drink with you.
Just one and I'll go away.
When your mom was in hospital,
she'd send these recordings.
Ever listened to them?
Silly piglet, how are you?
Remember, when angry,
I'd call you "piglet"?
And you'd say, "Why are you
calling your husband names?"
"If I'm a piglet, my father's the swine!"
Hello, Sanju. This is Mr. Swine.
-Working hard?
-Don't worry about me.
I won't die before I see your film.
I'm by your side. Steadfast!
Like a Master said,
Wherever you go
My shadow will follow
Tell him your theory of the Masters.
Before the movies, I was a radio jockey.
I encountered thousands of songs
with beautiful, deep verses.
I accepted those songwriters
as my Masters.
When in trouble, I say,
"Guide me, O Master."
And a song comes to rescue.
So which Master can help Sanju?
Majrooh Sultanpuri.
Presenting from Sloan Hospital...
Water, please.
Dad, it's the tape.
Here's some water. Please rest.
What about the song?
Tomorrow, I promise! Rest now.
Which song was it, Dad?
Don't you ever stop
With your head hung in despair
After this woeful walk over thorns
You will enjoy
The embrace of blossoms
O wanderer
O Wanderer
Break every shackle
Smith each into
A sword
Fight every battle
Conquer every peak
You may be shattered
Show them you ain't battered
Hope still simmers in your soul!
When your spirit you wield
The heavens will yield
Lead you unfettered to your goal
If by miseries you're hunted
If your weapons are blunted
Stop failure's advances
With those broken lances
Climb every mountain
Conquer every peak
Strive, do not bow down
Attain what you seek!
Climb every mountain
Conquer every peak
Strive, do not bow down
Attain what you seek!
Take by the scruff of the neck
The dark clouds of misery
Rattle them till they reveal
The abode of Victory
With the stars you'll be crowned
The sky, your playground
Break away from the herd
Fortune will be yours
That so far frowned
Stop failure's advances
With those broken lances
Climb every mountain
Conquer every peak
Strive, do not bow down
Attain what you seek!
Climb every mountain
Conquer every peak
Strive, do not bow down
Attain what you seek!
Attain what you seek!
Attain what you seek!
Fight every battle
Conquer every peak
He's off drugs for 18 months.
Wear sunglasses,
our boy is glowing like a floodlight.
As your Sex-spear says,
"All's well that ends well."
Take the bags. The taximeter's on.
Hurry up.
It's not "the end" yet.
The doctor warned, he could relapse.
If he starts again, he'll die.
Please keep him away from bad company.
Thank you, son.
Dad, you carry on. I'll join you.
For how long can we stop him?
Now he must fight his own battles.
Let's go.
I thought you wouldn't meet me.
How could I not?
I thought of you every day
the past 18 months.
I have a special welcome-back gift.
Haven't seen such fine stuff in 18 years.
Just to celebrate your return.
Normally, I don't share
such exclusive stuff with anyone.
To your health.
Bro, that's my dose. It's potent.
Too strong for you.
Doesn't such potent stuff
ruin your health?
Your parents must've
gifted you strong genes.
How are they?
They're fine... by the grace of God.
They're reborn after the car crash?
Glucose powder suits me fine.
Now try that!
I cracked it!
You took glucose and fed me drugs.
You aren't an addict, you're a peddler!
Posed as a friend for my money.
Bro, I'll return your money.
Great idea!
Return those five years
which I was too numb to feel.
My father hasn't slept in five years.
Return that lost sleep.
I lost Ruby. Can you get her back?
My sisters stopped smiling.
Return that smile.
Can you? You peddler!
My real gods.
And one more.
Lord Ganesha, MD.
He's lived with me in prison, too.
You're crying?
Was the story so bad?
Will you write it?
We'll continue then.
Winnie, do you have a boyfriend?
-Yes. Why?
-Tell him, he's very lucky.
'Cause I'm intelligent and good looking?
-'Cause I'm going to prison.
-Stop it.
When he's happy he blabbers.
So, you met the terrorist.
Also figured why you're
desperate to stop me.
Once a drug-peddler, now a big builder.
Even his lies seem true.
Ask him why his best friend, Kamlesh,
hasn't spoken to him in 20 years.
Ask him.
I'm writing a book
on your friend, Sanjay Dutt.
He's not my friend.
But he says, "Kamli is my best friend."
In a past life.
Then in this life, why are you
glued to the TV watching his news?
-You called from India?
-Right. And you hung up.
So, I'm here.
Look, I promise, I won't even
mention you in the book.
-Shall we sit somewhere?
I know a great place.
Follow Aunt Annie.
Remember this place?
He loves you. Why did you cut off ties?
Do you know what RDX is?
It was used in the Mumbai bomb blasts.
And where was it stored?
In a truck parked at Sanjay Dutt's house.
He knew Mumbai would be bombed,
but kept mum.
-Who told you?
-The man who loved him the most.
Sunil Dutt... his father.
Tell me your side of the story.
If he's a terrorist, I'll scrap the book.
I flew 12000 km just to meet you.
And I wasted 12 years of my life with him.
No more time for him.
He's the one with no time.
He's off to prison.
Know what he's taking along?
This story has four characters.
Sanjay Dutt, Sunil Dutt,
I, and the Babri mosque.
Babri mosque was demolished
on 6th December, 1992.
Riots burned the country.
Mr. Dutt was then a Member of Parliament.
He'd stopped making films.
All his time was spent serving people.
When riots erupted in his constituency
and Muslim homes were burnt,
he plunged into relief work.
And his son, unconcerned,
lived in his own world.
He was no longer the drug-addict.
He reigned as an A-list film star
those 12 years.
As for me... my IT business
was prospering.
I made tons of money.
But had one grouse...
I was still a virgin.
Then I met a girl, Pinky.
I flew every weekend to Mumbai,
hoping to get lucky.
The result... I was jetlagged 24/7.
Still on the runway? Not taken off?
Sir, we've landed.
This time, Sanju had
invited Pinky for dinner.
The mission was to make sure I score.
Pinky loves pink.
She asked for a pink t-shirt.
So you bought the store?
Control... You're drinking too much.
Need courage to open my account.
Account! Which bank?
My aunt's cousin is a banker.
You'll be done in a jiffy.
-You need an account, too?
-No, I have many accounts.
What's all this?
All for you.
This pink t-shirt, sweater,
This pink nightie, just for you! Try it.
No, I'll stick to the t-shirt.
One moment.
Do you know why
nighties are called nighties?
'Cause they are worn at night.
Scriptures say,
hour and attire must match.
I've got her in the nightie.
-Your job is to get her out of it.
Don't overdrink,
or there'll be no bam-bam.
I'm out of here. Freshen up.
I'll change, too.
On a journey to the moon
Let's dance, let's swoon
It's one night's delight
Then our paths will divide
On a journey to the moon
Let's dance, let's swoon
Just one night's delight
Come, set me alight
Kamli, wake up.
Get up.
Time for bam-bam.
Wake up. You're a tiger.
Come on.
You are no saint
Nor am I
It's one night's delight
Let's not be uptight
On a journey to the moon
Let's dance, let's swoon
Just one night's delight
Come, set me alight
Baby, you ready?
Have breakfast, Kamli.
-You're meeting some girls today.
-I have a girlfriend.
Forget her. She's a floozy.
-Shush... she'll hear you.
-She's gone.
You were very irresponsible last night!
You passed out and I had to bam-bam...
and then wrap up your pink store.
Chill, I'll set it up
for the next attempt.
Tell me you're lying.
I was checking her loyalty towards you.
I held her hand,
she rubbed it with her thumb.
That's all she does.
Never goes further.
With me, she went further, bro.
I said, "Nightie."
She took it off?
It was clear,
she can't be my sister-in-law.
No one cheats on my best friend!
It was guilt-free bam-bam.
What's her name?
You slept with her
and don't know her name?
Name after the game? Bad manners!
You swine!
I've unveiled her true colors.
You should be grateful.
Hey, Sanju.
Your pop's buddying up to the Muslims.
-Drill sense into him.
-Who the hell...?
You half-Muslim!
Your sister is sizzling hot.
Shall I get her raped?
It's a stone. Could've been a grenade.
Your pop's loading trucks
with relief material, right?
-I'll bump him off.
-Let's get out of here.
-We've got a threat call.
You wake up late. I've already got five.
Barking dogs seldom bite.
Out here you can be shot.
We'll shield him.
We'll take the bullet.
We'll defend Mr. Dutt
till our last breath.
With that toy? Does it even work?
Yes, it does.
When did you last fire it? World War II?
Stop it, Sanju.
Hurry, load the truck.
Reason with dad. He never listens to me.
Look at him, and then at yourself.
He helps strangers.
While you bam-bam your best friend's girl.
Hey, Kamli, remember the strip club?
I lost out on a chick for your jacket.
Remember, you owed me a blonde.
Let's say Pinky is the blonde,
and we're square!
I'm in New York on the 22nd.
I'll wait outside the same club.
Wear that red jacket
and I'll know you've forgiven me.
Kamli, please forgive me.
They say, "Life is what happens
when you're making other plans."
While he was planning his trip,
life had other plans.
Twelve bombs exploded that day.
250 people died. 800 were injured.
Police investigations revealed a name...
Tiger Memon.
In the riots following
the Babri mosque demolition,
Tiger Memon's office was burnt down.
He struck back.
As the truth unfolded, many were arrested.
Kamlesh, read the news?
No. Why?
Your friend was involved
in the Bombay bomb blasts.
He's been arrested.
He had an AK-56 rifle.
Did you possess an AK-56 rifle?
No, sir.
Did you possess an AK-56?
I'll tell you, sir.
I'll tell you everything...
but please don't tell dad.
I knew you'd come.
I'm glad.
Sir, I'm sure the AK-56 charges are bogus.
-Here's Sanju's confession.
-Read it.
Dad would send relief material
to riot victims.
Majority of them were Muslims.
Some people didn't approve.
They thought dad was pro-Muslim.
That's when the threats started...
to murder us and rape my sisters.
I was terrified.
Then there were two attacks on dad.
I requested special protection,
but was denied.
I feared a mob attack any time.
Hanif and Samir, producers of my film...
suggested I keep... an assault rifle,
for protection.
In January, Samir, Hanif,
and Salem came home.
They gave me three rifles
and some bullets,
which I kept in my car.
Soon, I panicked.
I'll keep only one rifle
till the riots end.
Please take away the rest.
They came back two days later.
I returned two rifles.
Kept one rifle and 250 bullets.
On 2nd April, I went to Mauritius
for a film shoot.
I got news of Hanif and Samir's arrest.
I feared they'd rat me out.
I called my friend, Yusuf Nulwala.
Yusuf, go to my house.
Go to my room.
You'll find a black bag.
There's some stuff in it.
Destroy it.
Then one day, dad called.
The papers say,
you possess an AK-56 rifle.
AK-56? No, Dad!
I've got you a meeting
with the Police Commissioner.
Come to Bombay.
Dad informed the cops about my arrival,
and assured them he'll get me
to the police station.
Mr. Sanjay Dutt.
Deliver the luggage to his father.
Come with me.
-What's the problem, officer?
Sir, what happened?
Get in.
Last time, we won the fight against drugs.
But this time...
the battle will be tougher.
-I'll need you, son.
-I'm not going anywhere, sir.
The "snakes" are in the "hole."
Grab a bite.
Sleep in Sanju's room.
I'll be here for a while.
Switch off the fan.
Sir, it's hot.
He sleeps without a fan, too.
For security reasons,
Sanju was kept in isolation
in a windowless cell.
His only companions were ants.
It's been seven days, soldiers.
When will I get bail?
Tell me.
Sir, the pot is overflowing.
Please help!
He suffered inside prison
and his dad, outside.
Look, the terrorist's pop.
Give him a shave.
You're done.
Come, wash your face.
You speak English!
I've done my Masters. Even had a bank job.
How'd you land here?
My wife cheated on me.
I killed her!
Chopped her into pieces,
stuffed her in a bag
and left it on a long distance train.
A porter saw me,
and here I am.
-I'll skip the shave.
Need a beard for my next film.
I'm playing Santa Claus.
He had a big beard.
I've to let it grow.
Hello! This is Sunil Dutt.
A moment.
Mr. Dutt.
Sir, the minister's bathing.
Morning, noon and evening?
He's always in the bath!
Health reasons, sir.
He has a fungal infection on his thigh.
I'll pass on your message.
Everyone avoided Mr. Dutt.
Terror charges being stigmatic,
no one wanted any involvement.
Partner, we've been roomies for 180 days.
That's longer than any girl
I've been with.
Supreme Court will hear
my bail petition today.
Which means I'm a free bird.
I'll miss you.
-Your bail's been rejected.
Bail is always tough in the Terror Act.
Dad, what's up with my bail?
Don't worry, sonny.
We're going to the Supreme Court.
You get better.
Why are you lying?
I know my bail's rejected.
I've been in for six months.
You know the Prime Minister...
the President... speak to them.
What have I done?
Killed anyone? Fire a bullet?
Just kept a gun, for your protection!
My protection?
I'd rather you shot me with that gun!
He'll never appreciate me.
Praises my sisters all the time...
"Ace! Well played!"
I want to die.
Please help me.
There's cyanide in the tea.
Drink up.
Vodka in the tea?
Now chill! Don't blabber about dying.
Think of your dad!
He strives from dawn to dusk
for your bail.
Begs lawyers, politicians, cops...
Sleeps on the floor
'cause you have no bed.
Doesn't use the fan
'cause you don't have one.
People call him, "Terrorist's pop."
You've twisted his twins,
now spare him your suicide!
Fight! You'll definitely get bail.
Once out of prison...
get a sexy girlfriend.
I'll get you drunk and bam-bam her!
Then, we're even.
"I want to die." Enough! You're a tiger.
"Rorr"... come on.
He spent 452 days in prison.
The Supreme Court finally
granted him bail.
But his name was now
synonymous with the word...
The public and the press hated him.
He was being tried under the Terror Act...
he feared his bail would be canceled.
His only hope was political intervention.
An influential minister in the capital
agreed to meet him.
Hello, sir.
Come... sit.
How's daddy?
He has a fever.
Very good...
What brings you here?
Sir, I'll be honest.
I did possess a gun.
I should be tried under the Arms Act.
But they've slapped me
with the Terror Act.
If I was involved in the bomb blasts,
would I return to India?
I could've run away from Mauritius.
Taken asylum in another country.
-He's dozed off!
-Speak louder.
Sir, I got a gun because
I feared a mob attack.
If the minister really slept
or play acted to avoid us
is still a mystery.
How's daddy?
-He has a fever.
-Very good...
What brings you here?
Our legs brought us here...
we'll go back swimming.
Very good...
Let me know if I can help.
It was evident, we were on our own.
I decided that until Sanju was cleared
of terror charges,
I'd be by his side. But the next day...
Babu, where's Sanju?
In the preview theatre.
No one goes in. Mr. Dutt's orders.
Tell the Court, you knew about
the bomb blast conspiracy.
please wait outside.
Where are you going?
FBI raided my office.
What's that got to do with the FBI?
My company works with
the American government.
Now they'll investigate our association.
Terror charges freak them out.
Sorry, buddy.
I've put you through all this...
-Call me when you get there.
-No... my phone will be tapped.
We must disconnect for a few years.
Don't worry. I understand. Go...
Hey, Kamli. You're a tiger.
Let's go.
First time ever I lied to Sanju.
I can be friends with an addict.
Even with a guy who slept with my girl.
But with a terrorist? I'm no fool!
Every time I drink, I miss him...
yearn to call him.
Then I remind myself...
there was a truck full of RDX
at his house.
He's a bloody terrorist!
Are we done?
Mail from Winnie.
Where's she?
She won't write the book.
Sanjay Dutt was given 30 days
to surrender.
That time is over.
He's on his way to prison.
Clothes off.
Raise your hands.
You dropped Sanju's story
for a book on museums?
-Museums don't lie.
-Nor did Sanju.
But a news report
became your gospel truth.
What's this?
Prison has a community radio
for prisoners' reform.
Sanju hosts a show.
He wants you to hear this episode.
Took great pains to smuggle it out.
My number.
You'll need it after you're done.
Howdy, Yerwada!
This is your buddy, Sanju!
Today's topic is "newspapers."
There were no newspapers 400 years ago.
News traveled word of mouth.
Then, someone printed the first newspaper.
Soon, selling news became big business.
Today, India has 105,437
registered publications,
thousands of radio stations,
TV channels and the internet.
And they're in a rat race...
fighting for readership.
More readers means more money from ads.
And how do you lure readers?
With the truth?
With news that's spicy!
And how do you do that?
Easy! With a question mark.
When I was on bail,
these question marks were on my tail.
Dad decided to fight back.
Mr. Dutt, what a surprise!
How many pages does your paper have?
-Twenty four.
-Cut it down to eight.
Then you won't need
fake news to fill pages.
Please come.
If our reportage bothers you, sue us.
How can I fight you?
You have James Bond with you.
James Bond?
James Bond has a license to kill.
He has legal immunity.
Similarly, you have these question marks.
In Court, you'll state,
"This isn't confirmed news."
"Just speculation.
Don't miss the question mark."
"According to sources..."
These are your James Bond!
Bandu Boss, I'll be there. Tell me when.
Last day of Ganesha festival.
Your son graces events by gangsters.
Cops have 60 such phone taps.
He's not focused on work.
His last 12 films tanked.
His bail can be revoked.
In short, he's finished!
Then state that with conviction.
Put a full stop. Not a question mark.
Mr. Editor, don't write his obituary yet.
My son will rise again.
I'll prove you wrong.
I'm around, and so are you.
We'll meet again.
A lousy editor writing me off
was unacceptable to dad.
He resolved to get my life back on track.
If you hobnob with gangsters,
won't the press hound you?
Gangster? Who, Dad?
Bandu Boss.
Aren't you attending his event?
What's the option? They're dangerous.
Don't go.
They'll kill me. They shot Gulshan Kumar.
-Fired at Rakesh Roshan.
-Don't go, sonny.
If the snoopy press
ensures my safety, I won't go.
Why are we here, Dad?
When I was to marry your mom,
a notorious don... Mastan, got livid.
"Nargis is the pride
of the Muslim community."
"If a Hindu marries her,
we'll slaughter him."
I called him and said...
"Let's meet and talk."
He agreed. 1 a.m... right here.
-You came here alone?
My Master was with me.
-Which one?
-Sahir Ludhianvi.
I reached an hour earlier.
I let Sahir's song
play in my mind on loop.
When the don arrived,
I said, "I love Nargis deeply."
"I want to marry her."
"And I'll keep her happy forever."
"If to love someone is wrong, shoot me."
"If right, give me a hug."
On our wedding day,
the biggest bouquet...
came from Mastan!
-What song was it, Dad?
-Will you sing it?
Sing along with me.
Vicious or vile, let no power
Ever let you cower
-Dad, not here.
-Come on, catch the beat.
Vicious or vile, let no power
Ever let you cower
Look evil in the eye
Your head held high
So what if this be your last breath?
Rejoice, you never died before your death!
Sonny, go... let Bandu Boss have it.
He'll never call again.
Every shackle
Smith each into
A sword
Hey, the great Sanju!
Boss, look who's here.
The star!
No calendar at home?
You're ten days early!
Welcome... sit.
May I speak in private?
In private?
They're family.
Close your ears.
We reject condoms
and eject large families.
Now tell me.
I can't attend the Ganesha festival.
Are you sloshed?
I've already announced to the world.
My parents are joining, too.
I too have a father. He disapproves.
He approves when you meet
the gangs in Dubai?
Did I have a choice? I was scared.
You ain't scared of me?
Boys, show him fear.
Wanna see your brains?
Blow them out, but first... hear me out.
If I attend your event,
the press will print...
"Sanju-Gangsters Romance."
If I don't attend, "Gang kills Sanju."
Either ways, it'll make headlines.
But, the second headline
won't shame my dad.
He'll cry gallons.
But when he faces the world,
his head will be held high.
Not bowed down in shame.
If this makes sense... fine.
If not, shoot me.
-Shut up!
I'll leave now.
If I've overstepped, I'm sorry.
Bandu Boss never called.
But he showed up!
It's a family tradition.
No murders during the Ganesha fest.
Decided to kill you after the fest.
These ten days, I only thought of you.
You risked life to keep
your dad's head unbowed.
Who does such a stupid thing?
Head, a few degrees up or down,
what bloody difference?
I prayed to the Lord for you.
Told him, "He's one gutsy guy."
"Help him. Get his charges dropped."
The Lord said, "Bandu Boss, done!"
Here are the offerings.
Success guaranteed!
-Lord Ganesha...
-Glory be thine!
Be thine!
Stay in touch.
Let's go.
Get Bandu Boss teary-eyed often.
Free sweets will follow.
Sir, it's the director.
Yes, bro.
Where are you? We are ready to shoot.
Insane traffic on the highway.
A truck hit a car.
Hey, move that taxi.
I've called the landline.
Landline's for all and sundry.
You're my bro, always call on my cell.
We missed the sunrise shot.
Shoot it at sunset.
The audience won't know shit.
Now hang up or we'll miss the sunset.
Time to introduce you to Master no. 2.
He'll teach you to respect work.
If you keep missing sunrise shoots,
the sun will set on your career.
Do good work and the press
will change its opinion, too.
Good work?
With such trashy scripts.
Kinky King, Rowdy Romeo...
Munnabhai MBBS, Punky Prince...
Aamir and Shah Rukh grab the best.
-Do you read these scripts?
-Cover to cover.
All read and rejected.
"Munnabhai MBBS." Read this one?
-I did.
-What's the story?
It's trash!
There's a hospital...
where a patient gets murdered...
every day!
Then kidneys are stolen.
It's a horror story.
I need a family film.
The draft I read has no murders.
-Why did you read it?
-I'm playing your father in this film.
I'll set up Master no. 2 in your car.
Listen to the song on loop at full volume.
If you shirk from work
You get no perk, you jerk
Turn it off!
It's Mr. Dutt's order to play this song
the whole month.
And check that you lip sync.
If you shirk from work
I am singing.
You get no perk, you jerk
If duties you duck
You land up in muck
On bankruptcy's brink
Not a dime for a drink
Toil hard buddy
Listen to your daddy...
-Lip sync fine?
Report to dad. Bloody snitch!
Dad signed this film after a 12 year gap
just to discipline me.
Must an ER patient fill an admit form?
He was always punctual on the sets.
-Has the hero arrived?
-Yes, sir.
So I too, had to be on time.
Shall we rehearse?
Just for the shot, Dad!
Hey, pal. No fear, I'm here.
You lied to me shamelessly for ten years.
"Now that your father's proud,
why'd you fret?"
That's my dialogue.
I'm playing the father.
But, Father...
I couldn't become a doctor."
You lied to me shamelessly for 10 years.
Now that your father's proud,
why'd you fret?
Once again?
Prison time was easier than this.
Dad's discipline roasted me.
But, I won't ever forget
that "magic hug" scene.
Your mom gets a thousand hugs.
Spare one for dad.
Neither of us heard it
when the director called, "Cut!"
We were weeping.
It was a lifetime since we had hugged.
...Sanjay Dutt for "Munnabhai MBBS."
Go on, sonny.
Mr. Dutt, didn't I tell you
that Sanju will be back!
Really? Did you?
Didn't I?
-I told... someone.
Our Associate Editor.
Told him to print, "Sanju will be back."
He must've forgotten.
Make it tomorrow's headline...
"Sanjay Dutt is back."
Without a question mark.
Look, Munnabhai's pop!
Look, the terrorist's pop!
What happened, Dad?
It's the second time
you've made me cry with joy.
The first time dad cried with joy
was in our preview theater.
That day a headline read,
"RDX truck at Dutt house."
Tell the judge that you knew about
the bomb blast conspiracy.
The first time dad cried with joy
was in our preview theater.
That day a headline read,
"RDX truck at Dutt house."
But that's another episode.
I'll save it for another day.
Let's get back to dad.
I got another chance to make dad happy.
Dad was being honored
at a Consulate dinner.
You guys never praise me.
So, here I am as chief guest.
Dad was unaware, his son would
sing his praises tonight!
I was to make the introduction speech.
Dad, I'll be back.
Sir, there's a minor problem.
Today's headline said, "Blast suspect
to attend diplomatic event."
The Embassy wanted you off the guest list.
We said, "That would be rude."
"We'll seat him away from the diplomats."
My speech... When's that?
Sonny, what's the problem?
I'm right here. Read out your speech.
I wanted everyone to hear it.
Learn to ignore such people.
Time for Master no. 3.
I'll set the song in your car.
Anand Bakshi.
He'll teach you to deal with humiliation.
Hey, pal. No fear, I'm here!
Go, sleep.
Wish I'd read him the speech,
for... the next morning,
he didn't wake up.
If life had a rewind button...
I'd go back and read him the speech!
Today, I'll try the impossible...
an attempt to thank dad.
In the past, I never found the words.
To define what dad's done for me...
every word fell short.
...a wife dying in the hospital,
a son destroyed by drugs.
Dad fought all alone.
He's the reason I'm alive.
Tried to thank him then
but couldn't find the words.
Dad walked long peace marches
from Hiroshima to Nagasaki...
Mumbai to Amritsar.
But none wore off his shoes as much as
the jostle between courts and cops.
Legal costs forced dad to sell his house.
Not once did he complain!
Wanted to thank him then
but couldn't find the words.
Now, after a lifetime,
I've found the words.
You deserved a better son, Dad.
One who'd support you... not be a burden.
One known for his honesty,
not his travesties.
One more like you and less like me.
That son would've never loved you as much
as this no-good sonny does!
I could never say it, but...
You're my strength,
my solace,
my pride.
You're my world, Dad.
Love you, sonny.
Had dad lived another year,
he'd have witnessed what he yearned for.
...I do not find you to be a terrorist.
I was acquitted from the Terror Act.
I got six years under the Arms Act.
The judge clearly said
I was not a terrorist.
But the next morning,
no headline read "Dutt not a terrorist."
All said, "Dutt gets
six years in the blast case."
Till date, I'm branded a terrorist.
Master no. 3 was to teach me
to deal with insults.
But with dad's death,
that song remains a mystery.
If you can crack that song, do tell.
Until tomorrow,
Sanju says, "Adios, amigos."
I want to meet Sanju.
How are you?
They don't let me step out,
the rest is fine.
Yeah. Sticklers for rules!
Weren't letting me in, either.
Missing me? Boyfriend vamoosed?
I'm no Pinky.
-You met Kamli?
In your recording, you say...
on the day the RDX news appeared,
your dad cried with joy.
Kamlesh has a different version.
When he came to the preview theater,
your dad was urging you
to confess in court
that you knew about
the bomb blasts conspiracy.
The moron!
Get Kamli here.
-Tell me about it.
-No. I'll tell him directly.
It's hard to get permission.
Remember this number, 88.0.
-What's that?
-A radio frequency.
There's an FM mic in our studio.
Park close to the prison walls
and tune in.
Kamlesh won't come.
Tell him... 6th June. He won't refuse.
It's his dad's birthday.
Bloody emotional blackmailer!
Will you come?
Howdy, Yerwada!
This is your buddy, Sanju!
Today's topic is "friendship."
My best friend was Kamli.
Great guy. But fell prey to drugs.
No... not the psychotropic drugs.
But the ones that are slid
under our doors, daily.
We have them with our morning tea.
Drugs called "News."
These drugs are sold on TV too.
Haven't you heard those
cacophonous debates
that numb our minds?
Courts take years
to just understand a case.
But these panelists
pass verdicts in an hour.
Back then, a headline said...
It was fake news.
No cop, no prosecutor,
no witness ever said
there was a truck with RDX at my house.
So, why this headline?
During riots, a truck with relief material
was parked at our house.
Some jerk spread a rumor it had RDX.
And a journo printed this spicy news.
Read my Supreme Court judgment.
I was never accused of possessing RDX!
But which journo bothers with facts?
All they want is "Breaking News!"
This headline worked like a drug.
In Kamli's head,
I morphed into a terrorist.
He put a full-stop to our friendship.
Didn't even notice
that the headline had a question mark!
This news shattered dad.
In desperation, he brought in a lawyer.
-What's this?
-Your ticket to freedom.
Sign and turn approver.
-Government witness.
Tell the Court, you knew about
the bomb blast conspiracy.
Kamlesh, please wait outside.
-I knew nothing about the bomb blasts.
-But tell the Court that you knew.
Tell them who got the RDX,
who made the bombs,
and who planted them.
-I know nothing!
-I'll give you the names.
You help the State with missing links.
In return, the State
will let you go scot-free.
-I'll be branded a terrorist.
-You're already branded.
It's a lie, a sign will make it the truth.
The country will spit on me.
Leave the country.
London, Kenya... Pick a place.
And dad? My sisters? Dad, heard that?
Don't worry about us. Leave the country.
Sir, I don't have a law degree.
In fact, I'm a college dropout.
But I know, this is rotten advice.
I brand him "Terrorist's pop"
and run away?
People will hate dad.
His life's work, respect...
All down the drain!
-Listen to me...
-You listen to me.
Get lost!
You might be a great lawyer,
but with a broken nose,
you'll look like a clown.
You're going to pay for this.
What happened, Dad?
Ace, sonny!
For the first time,
my father cried with joy.
That day, I was his hero.
The same day,
I turned villain for my friend.
Hey, Kamli. Hope you can hear me.
When I come out...
meet me once, buddy.
If you do, I'll be happy.
If you don't,
I'll live with your fond memories.
I'll remember, the first nude girl
my friend saw was 91.
I'll remember, he perked me up
with vodka-infused tea.
And to meet me, he bought an air-ticket
with the pennies saved for his first car.
Hey, Kamli. We're getting old, bro.
Give me one last hug.
Tiger, this one's for you.
On the pathway of time,
At this bend
I am glad I met such a friend
Scars are healed
And sorrows end
Just at the thought
I have such a friend
On the pathway of time,
At this bend
I am lucky to find such a friend
Sanju, take care.
Sanju! Here...
A picture, please!
Did you marry?
Opened your account?
Bam-bam without marriage?
At 80, we'll go to the holy river
to wash our sins.
If I don't sin, what'll I wash?
My underwear?
One pic, please!
Look here.
The book?
Master no. 3's song...
Named the book the same.
I've cracked it, too.
Really? Which song?
Hey, terrorist! Give me a bloody pic!
Let them talk
Let them mock
The path beckons
You just walk
Let's go, Kamli.
Let them talk
Let them mock
The path beckons
You just walk
Papa, what's this?
A story of two dads.
Your dad and my dad.
Read it someday.
And be like my dad, not like your dad.
Your son resembles your dad.
It's him, reincarnated.
Just kidding.
Woke up this morning
Opened the newspaper
One fake news
Gave me the blues
Yesterday, attended an event
Bored, I snoozed for a moment
The two-minute nap
Was a front page snap!
"Dutt drowned in booze"
Was headline news
Snooze turned to Booze!
Snooze turned to Booze!
Who was the jerk
Who did this dirty work?
The paper just said:
"According to sources."
Who is this Mr. Sources?
What are his resources?
Who turns a local spar
Into a global war
Man! That is rough!
Sanju says, enough is enough!
Sanju says, enough is enough!
Sanju says, enough is enough!
-According to the sources...
-Zip it!
Enough is enough!
Enough is enough!
Anyone in limelight
Is in Mr. Sources' sight
Like a lamb to be slaughtered
You're gonna be rogered
If a tabloid carries your mug
RIP, your grave is dug!
Mr. Sources has it figured
Repeats a lie till truth is buggered
Turns a lie into Gospel truth
Man! That is rough!
Sanju says, enough is enough!
Sanju says, enough is enough!
Sanju says, enough is enough!
I pulled up a reporter
Told him, "Control Mr. Sources"
"Bro, you have a kid and wife,
Let me also have a life"
"My brain is fried
In the car I've cried"
"Popped pills to sleep
Yet counted sheep"
He listened to my plight
Then replied
I rejoiced, thought it was
The end of the story
I rejoiced, thought it was
The end of the story
-But the next day, in the paper
-Saw a new whopper
Another fake news
Gave me the blues
Once more the reporter
Fried me proper
Dutt pops pills in the car
Suicide attempt by the film star!
Who was the jerk
Who did this dirty work?
The paper just said:
According to sources.
Mr. Sources, the undertaker!
I'm alive and kicking
He put me in a coffin
He flips my life
Into endless strife
Man! That is rough!
Sanju says, enough is enough!
Who turns a local spar
Into a global war
Mr. Sources has it figured
Repeats a lie till truth is buggered
Sanju says, enough is enough!
He flips my life
Into endless strife
Sanju says, enough is enough!