Sansar (1987) Movie Script

Hail Bajrang Bali,
please do my work.
Hail, hail Bajrang Bali,
hail Bajrang Bali.
Greetings Pundit-ji.
- Jai Shri Krishna.
Greetings Pundit-ji.
- Jai Shri Krishna.
Deen Dayal-ji, Deen Dayal-ji.
Come, come Pundit-ji.
- Greeting!
How did you come you come
to our house today.
This is the law of the world.
Without any work you do
not show affection.
I have brought such a news that.. will shower me with
gifts and compliments.
Where is Deen Dayal-ji?
- he must.. coming from the office.
Greetings Pundit-ji.
- Greetings, greetings.
Have you brought any
good news for me?
Yes, yes tomorrow some people..
..are coming to see
your daughter Rajni.
Oh wow!
- The boys father has a..
..very big factory for making
clothes in Kanpur. - Oh.
The boy is a hero.
- Hero?
I mean he is a diamond.
The boy is a very big officer
in Kanpur highway electrical.
Wow pundit-ji wow!
There shouldn't be any dearth
in the hospitality.
Don't worry. You first
go and bring them.
Yes, yes I will bring them.
Bye, bye.
- Bye.
Is it okay now?
Godavari, Godavari do you remember..
..that the groom's family is
coming to see our daughter.
If there will be any dearth
in the hospitality.
Them we will loose the relationship
and our respect.
Make very good sweets.
Sweets should be like
that, on seeing..
..the mouth should start watering.
And before taking in the mouth
the syrup should fall.
It fell.
- You shut up.
And sweets of carrot and
put dry fruits in them.
And make sweets of semolina
in pure ghee.
Just like slip when you keep your..
..feet on the skin of a banana.
Just like that the sweet
should slip in..
..the stomach when you
keep it in the mouth.
You are very smart sir, whose
stomach will this sweet slip in?
Gangu Bai, Gangu Bai
stop you nonsense.
I am not talking to you. I
am talking to my dear wife.
When your wife came in this house.
I came here as a servant
even before that.
I was so small when l
started working here.
Mistress, didn't the
doctor tell us..
..that he has sugar problems.
Shut up.
- He has sugar problems..
..that he is looking for a
chance to have some sugar.
You are very smart sir.
Gangu Bai, for God's
sake keep quiet.
Godavari, Godavari I was saying..
..that there will be four types of..
..guests so their
will be different..
..types of requests also.
Yes, yes that is right.
That is why I am telling you that..
..along with four different types..
..of sweets also make four
different types of delicacies.
So that you can get
to eat your fill.
Gangu bai.
- Sir, close this mouth of yours.
What will happen by
closing my mouth?
You will eat it then
when you will have..
..gas in the night then you will
shout Godavari! Godavari!
There is an auto-rickshaw going
on in my stomach!
How did the water of this
well dry up so much.
Sister! Sister!
Never interfere in my affairs.
Otherwise I will wring your neck
and throw you in the well.
Did you understand?
- Yes I understood.
In others house if
the family of the..
..groom does not like the bride.
Then the bride's family
become very sad.
But in our house if the groom's
family likes the bride.
Then father-in-law becomes very
sad. - Why daughter-in-law?
First of all that father-in-law
..everyone so much that he
cannot see anyone go away.
And second of all he
enjoys being a host.
The guests should keep coming.. this house for some reason.
And good food should
be cooked every time.
So that even the guests
should be happy.
And even father-in-law
should get to taste it.
This is the magic of your
hands daughter-in-law.
The feast outside and
the food in the house.
Both taste the same.
What happened daughter-in-law?
Should I give you some medicine?
No, no mother-in-law.
You just praised me
that went to my head.
Daughter-in-law burn some red
chillies and salt in the fire.
All the evil eyes will burn.
Really I have not seen this much..
..Iove between mother and daughter.
That is there between this
mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.
Oh God! I hope I don't cast
an evil eye on you.
Why do you keep troubling
me every time?
Last time some body had come.. see the bride from Sarnagpur.
This time some body is
coming from Kanpur.
Next time some body will
come from Nagpur.
My bank balance is getting over.. hospitality of the guests.
Why are you shouting so much?
Speak a little softer,
father-in-law is sitting in the hall.
If he hears then. - If he hears
then will he behead me?
On every 1 st of the month I give..
..8 hundred rupees note to mother.
I don't like this argument
for hundred-two..
..hundred rupees in
the end of the month.
Look, you prepare
the budget of the.. even in that there
are some exceptions
So if there are some exceptions.. the budget of the house, so..
..why are you getting angry in that.
So what else can I do?
Money doesn't grow on trees.
Look this exceptions
should not occur.
Either there is a marriage in
the house or anything else.
I am not going to give anything..
..more than 800 rupees.
How is that possible?
This is the question of
the esteem of the house.
Okay. I will do this the last time.
But next time at least
you try to understand.
Shiva, oh Shiva, Shiva.
Wake up, look what is the time
you are still sleeping.
Brother I have just
returned a little..
..while ago after doing night
shift in the garage.
Okay, okay, al right.
I am going to the office,
as it is I am late.
You go to the bank and have
this cheque cashed.
And give the money to mother.
Some people are coming to see Rajni.
She will need this money.
- Okay brother.
Shiva, even you are Rajni's brother.
The groom's family is
coming to see her.
Isn't it important for you to
know that who is the groom?
How he is and how is his family.
Brother, when the elders
are there in the house.
What will I say in
amid of all of you?
This fool is there,
to care of everyone.
Greetings, greetings.
- Greetings.
Welcome, we were waiting for you.
Come, come.
Where are you going?
If you will go inside
with them then..
..who will pay the rent of the taxi.
It is 32 rupees 60 paisa.
If they will not like
the girl then will.. return the 32 rupees 60 paisa?
You are from the bride's side.
Forget about getting anything.
Learn only to give.
Give it, give it.
Come, come sit.
Come Pundit-ji, even
you take a seat.
Jagmohan Lal-ji, he is the brides..
..father Deen Dayal Sharma.
He is a very big officer in
the government's office.
As soon as he keeps his
foot in the office.
All the big and small
officers stand up.
DeenDayal gets tired greeting them.
But they do not get tired
of greeting them.
And he is the grooms father
Jagmohan Das-ji.
All the big cloth manufacturing
mills run because of him.
As soon as the cloth
is manufactured.. reaches his shop.
All the big and small shops
function because of him.
He earns in lakhs and crores.
That's enough Pundit-ji you are
praising me unnecessarily.
Actually it is not
Pundit-ji's fault.
There us no difference between..
..his profession and
a lawyers profession.
Lawyers think that no matter how..
..much you lie I should
not loose the case.
And he thinks that no matter how..
..much he lies the relation
should not break.
Actually DeenDayal-ji I do not
have a big business of cloth.
I have a small clothes
shop in Gandhi market.
Then even you don't be in any
misunderstanding Jagmohan-ji.
I am not a big officer
in the office.
I am the head clerk of the office.
He must have lied about my son also.
That he is the engineer or a big..
..officer in AV electrical
in Kanpur.
Yes, he was saying something
like that.
That is a complete lie.
He is the junior clerk
in that company.
And this is my daughter Basanti.
She has completed her B.A this year.
That's all one son and one daughter.
After that did you agree
to the red triangle?
No, the God showed the red flag.
My wife passed away before time.
I am very sad to hear that.
Anyway, leave my sadness.
And tell me who all are
there in your family.
Before telling that
if we will have..
..some snacks, how will that be?
That will be very good.
Even if the guests forget.
But he never forgets
about the snacks.
I have given only four plates.
Give it only to the guests.
Don't even let him touch the plate.
Even I will see that
what he will do?
Mother-in-law, father-in-law has..
..the intelligence of a head clerk.
He will surely think of something.
At the right time everything
happens right.
Take it dear take it.
The sweets of this house
are very good.
Jagmohan Das-ji take it.
Give it daughter-in-law give.
Dear Pundit-ji has been coming.. this house for so many years.
Don't you know that he
has Sugar problems?
If he will have sweets he will die.
The sweet is very tasty.
Dear you have made it,
bring some more.
Jagmohan-ji, known I will
introduce you to my family.
Godavari, Godavari, Godavari.
This is my..
- I understood.
The lovingly you called
her for the first time.
And she came and stood here.
She is none other than your wife.
Greetings Bhabhi-ji.
Wow! Your intelligence
should be praised.
Sharma-ji, you are making
me shy by praising me.
Jagmohan-ji. Actually Godavari.. the one who should be praised.
She is not fond of eating herself.
But she gets happiness
in feeding others.
Especially me.
What a delicious sweet
she has prepared.
This is Vijay, my elder son.
He never lost in life.
He has always won.
He has now become a
chartered accountant.
- Bless you, bless you.
This is my other son Shiva.
His work is just like his name.
He can even give his
life for others.
He is a mechanic in United Motors.
- Bless you.
Jagmohan-ji, this is the result
of my life's biggest mistake.
His name is Vidya Sagar.
Wow Sir, EeshwarChand VidyaSagar.
He was a very learned person.
Yes and all my life l
will keep regretting.
That I have given that great
persons name to this donkey.
Why? What does he do?
He is studying in high school.
He has been studying in high school.
And he will keep studying
in high school.
I understood, I understood.
Actually he is making
his base strong.
He is making my base weak.
Yes I understood, I understood.
That who is neighing like a horse,
her name is Gangu Bai.
Father had brought him from Kanpur.
Her tongue works more
than her hands.
By the way she is not the
servant of this house.
She is the part of our family.
Now I will introduce to that
member of the family.
Who not only rules the house
but also our hearts.
Really, who is this great person?
Come dear, come.
This is our elder daughter-in-law.
- Greetings.
Her name is Uma. She is
the light of our house.
Dear give me some sweets.
Nothing happens without here
permission Jagmohan-ji.
Dear give me some sweets.
Even though she is the
I call her my daughter.
- Give him some sweets dear. - Yes.
Not me dear to Sharma-ji.
Father do you have a coin?
- Why?
I want to toss it see
if I will be able.. see the girl today or not.
Why no, why not.
Uma, bring Rajni.
Come dear, come.
Sit here.
This is my daughter Rajni.
Either the name is Rajni
or Rajnigandha.
I have no interest in her scent.
Please tell her to sing a song.
- Song.
You want me to sing a song?
Yes, do you know how
to sing? Please sing.
Son there is only one song in our.. that we have
got as an inheritance.
Whenever some one comes
to see the girl.
She has sung this song.
My grandma had sung this song.. my grandpa and married her.
And even my mother had sung
this song to my father.
And even my wife sung this
song to me and married me.
And even my elder daughter-in-law..
I understood.
Dear, even you sing
the same song to him.
Look Rajni, I don't like
your dancing at all.
- Come out of the foreigner's.. and come into our country.
Sing a tune that has
the scent love..
..and sweetness of our country.
The same old tune. Why don't
you say it clearly?
That you don't like new age music.
You like those old tunes.
The older the music grows
the younger it becomes.
I love these isolated places where..
..only you and me are there.
You wearing a sari just like this.
And by adorning your forehead.
By becoming even more beautiful
than this scenery.
Stand before me just like this.
And there should be such
a song on your lips.
That I should fall in
love with you again.
" Radharani is dancing on
the shores of Jamuna."
" Radharani is dancing on
the shores of Jamuna."
" lnstead of the pot in
the two eyes of her."
" lnstead of the pot in
the two eyes of her."
" lnstead of the pot in
the two eyes of her."
"She has filled tears."
" Radharani is dancing on
the shores of Jamuna."
" Radharani is dancing on
the shores of Jamuna."
"On the shores of the Jamuna."
"On the shores of the Jamuna."
"This innocent age of yours."
"The veil is slipping of your head."
"This innocent age of yours."
"The veil is slipping of your head."
"Think before you do anything."
"The path of love is very narrow."
"The path of love is very narrow."
" And your body is very gentle."
" Radharani is dancing on
the shores of Jamuna."
" Your friends are watching you."
" And due to the shyness your eyes."
" Your friends are watching you."
" And due to the shyness your eyes."
" has become the tale of your love,"
" Why did you frame in your heart?"
" Why did you frame on your heart?"
"The photo of Mohan."
" Radharani is dancing on
the shores of Jamuna."
" Radharani is dancing on
the shores of Jamuna."
"The first thing that
the people will do."
"The will defame your name."
"The first thing that
the people will do."
"The will defame your name."
"They will blame you for it."
" Hide this in your heart."
" Hide this in your heart."
"The love of your life."
" Radharani is dancing on
the shores of Jamuna."
" Radharani is dancing on
the shores of Jamuna."
" Radharani is dancing on
the shores of Jamuna."
" Radharani don't go on
the shores of Jamuna."
"On the shores of the Jamuna."
"On the shores of the Jamuna."
Please stop, please stop,
please stop.
I liked your song very much.
I even liked you very much.
I am ready to marry you.
I will not take even single
money in dowry.
But you will have to promise
me some thing.
That you will never sing
a song to me ever again.
Well done dear.
Okay sir, we will leave now.
The remaining things I will let
you know in ten days time.
Sit down Pundit-ji.
If you have to take a decision
then why not now.
I don't have the habit of
stretching matters like rubber.
Tell me son, what do you think?
When the elders are present
then what can I say.
Son the decision is
yours in this matter.
When you people are
present here father.
Then how can I take a decision?
This is not the question
of minute or two minute.
This is the question
of your whole life.
Tell me clearly, if you
like the girl or not.
I like her father I like her.
You should understand my indication.
I understood son I very
well understood it.
- Yes. - Just see which..
..will be the best date for
marriage. - Yes, yes.
What are you saying daughter?
Why? Did you not understand
what I just said?
But Rajni, why didn't
you like that boy.
Before this three grooms
have seen me.
And all the three had rejected me.
Did I go and ask them the reason.
The likes and dislikes
of the bride..
..hold no importance Rajni.
Because their fate is decided
by their parents.
Just look at me, I married
your brother quietly.
Bhabhi, you are from the village..
..and I am from the town.
You are S.S.C and I am B.Sc.
I will take the decision
of my life myself.
Now will you go and tell everyone..
..about my decision or shall l!
No, you wait here I will
go and talk to them.
Sir, the 13th of this March
is very auspicious,..
.. after that there is
no other better date.
Father-in-law, just come
inside for a minute.
Just a minute dear,
we are deciding..
..on the date of the marriage.
The date will not go anywhere
But at this time it
is very important..
..for you to come inside.
Vijay, you decide the date of
the marriage with the guests.
I will just come.
Shiva, you just sit with
them I will just come.
VidyaSagar, you discuss it with..
..the guests I will just come.
You discuss it among yourselves.
I will just come.
Wait young man sit here.
If even you will go inside then
whom will we discuss it with?
If I don't like the groom,
then I don't like him.
I don't want to tell you the reason.
Look dear, if we have made
decision regarding you.
Then we have done it
for your good future.
Even I have taken my decision
for my better future.
I have to marry not you!
I have said it clearly!
I don't like that groom.
I don't like that groom at all!
- Shut up. - Vijay.
Do you think that you
are very beautiful?
That you don't like a very
good groom like him.
When she has said clearly that..
..she does not like the groom.
Then forcibly marrying here will.. neither good for
their family nor ours.
I will just go and talk to them.
Jagmohan-ji, as it is my daughter.. ready for the marriage.
She says wants wait
for five or six..
..months before the marriage..
Vidya, they left.
- Yes father.
They left the minute they
heard everything.
I am just coming.
Daughter Vasanti.
- What is it father?
I am going to the shop.
And I will go to the
market from there.
I will not be able to come
for lunch in the afternoon.
Greetings Jagmohan-ji.
You, why are you standing
at the door.
Come, come in.
Come in please.
I will set foot inside your house..
..only when you will forgive me.
What are you saying?
Come in come in.
Come sit, sit.
Now tell me, what mistake
have you made.
For which you are asking
for forgiveness from me.
Jagmohan-ji, you were insulterd.. my house because
of my daughter.
When I think about
that I feel like..
..that somebody has insulted me.
Deendayal-ji, you know that
I have a small cloth shop.
Everyday many customers come.
They see each cloth very finely.
What they like they
take along with them.
And what they don't like
they leave it behind.
My son is the bad cloth that has..
..not been selected
by your daughter.
That does not mean that
he is of cheap quality.
And there is no value
of him in the market.
I liked your home and
your family very much.
But I am sad that we did
come close to each other.
But we could not become relatives.
The difference between
you and me is that.
You could say all this and I don't..
..even have the courage to say it.
Vasanti dear.
- Yes Father.
Is there sweets made of
semolina in the house?
Bring it, Mr. Deendayal
likes it very much.
The Suji Halva! Wow!
There must be sweets
at least, bring that.
There must be jaggery bring that.
- Okay father.
All this for what Jagmohan-ji?
I will tell you. Dear
bring it quickly.
Keep I here.
All good things should
be started with sweets.
I want ask your son Shiva's
hand for my daughter Vasanti.
Do you accept this proposal?
Look, I don't have to
ask my daughter..
..for taking this decision.
I have nurtured my
daughter such that.
She will marry anyone
I will choose for her.
Did I hurt you?
Just like you are praising
your daughter.
Even I can praise my
son Shiva like that.
That whichever girl l
will tell him to marry.
He will marry that girl.
I did not tell this to hurt you.
I tried to soothe the pain
that you just gave me.
Jagmohan-ji, I accept this
proposal. - DeenDayal-ji.
Then this marriage should take.. as soon as possible.
I have a condition.
Until I will not find a
groom for my daughter.
I will not get Shiva married.
It is okay with me.
- Thank you.
Okay dear see you.
- Okay.
Where will you meet me tomorrow?
Wherever you say.
Borivali National Park.
- Okay.
Bye, see you.
I have just alighted
from a strangers..
..motor cycle in front
of your doorstep.
And you didn't even ask who he was.
You didn't even try
to find out that..
..what is relation
between him and me.
I wanted to know. But
I did not want to ask.
Because I was afraid that
my house would be defamed.
You have the right to ask
me. You are my father.
Really, I am your father.
After seeing all this I had
completely forgotten that.
I wanted to talk to you
about my marriage.
Oh, are you already married
or are you going to marry?
How could you even think
that I would..
..marry even without telling you?
I am really happy to know that dear.
I thought that I would have to
search for a son-in-law myself.
But you have made my work easier.
Now I just have to give permission
to your decision.
Okay, I will even do that.
After all I am your father.
Come we will consult the
others also. Come.
Vijay, daughter-in-law, come here.
Godavari. Shiva. VidyaSagar.
All of you come here.
All you must be surprised to see.
That why have I called all the
family members here together.
That is because that all of you
are a part of this family.
And a very important part
of this family is Rajni.
She has decided to get married.
I expect your help in this marriage.
Where the marriage will take place.
What all clothes and jewellery
will be made in the marriage?
What food will be made
in the marriage?
I will need your advice
in all these issues.
But if some one dares to ask
me that who is the groom.
Than no one will be worse than me.
Because Rajni-ji has chosen
the groom herself.
What are you saying?
Father is telling the truth mother.
He works in the office with me.
And before coming here I have..
..met his father and
decided everything.
He is ready for our marriage.
What is the name of
the groom, daughter?
Peter Fernandes.
- What?
There's nothing to be shocked about.
When shamelessness crosses its
limit, this is what happens.
Rajni, the boy is Christian.
No he's an lndian.
What are you about to do Rajni?
He's a Christian and you
know that your Father.. a pure Brahman.
Bhabhi, when Father isn't
telling me anything you..
..don't have to give your opinion.
I' m the daughter of this house.
You came over here after
your marriage.
When my family members aren't
telling me anything.. don't interfere in my life.
Mom, I am going to the Union Office.
I will be back after sometime.
At this critical stage, instead
of giving your opinion..' re walking to
the Union Office.
When Bhabhi is told not to
interfere in this issue then l..
..don't care for any
of the marriage..
..taking place in this house.
- Yes Shiva.
If you' re agreeing to this
marriage then tell me.. much money do
I need to chip in.
Because I have to give an ARJl
to the company for the loans.
That means you' re ready to pay
for your sisters marriage.
Not for my sister.
I am ready to ease the
pressure on my father.
No. I will never accept
this marriage.
Mother, only your blessings are
welcome, but not your decision.
That means you will elope with
that boy if we say no?
Those who are not confident
of themselves elope.
Itis sufficient for me to go to
St. Mathews Church and..
..changed the rings and marry him..
..or going to the registrar office
and make him my husband..
..Iegally with just
a signature of mine.
..or go to lord Shankaris temple and
marry him by exchanging the garlands.
Father, Rajini is..
Daughter-in-law, the bus no.
1 and bus no. 3..
..goes to St. Mathews Church.
And the bus no. 10 goes to
the registrar office.
And for Lord Shankaris isnit
there nearby our house. Am I right?
What are you saying, father!
You want Rajini to marry
a Christian boy?
Donit say anything,
When my daughter has decided
that her father..
..doesnit have the capability.. look for a bridegroom for her.
..then how does it make a difference
if the groomis name is Pitamber..
..or Peter Fernandes
or Peer Mohammad.
Itis does make a
difference to me.
Why would it make a
difference to me?
Why are you standing silently?
You are the eldest son of this house.
Why donit you go and
talk to Rajini? Go.
Rajni, you' re marrying on
your wish and not on ours.
So listen to this carefully.
You have to wear the same
sari which you' re..
..wearing now when you
will leave this house.
Because none of us will pay a
single penny for your marriage.
I don't need any help from
anyone in this house,
Thank you very much.
- Mention not.
Oh god. What's happening?
What's happened to you?
You' re telling your
sister to wear the..
..same sari and leave the house.
If you don't like this marriage
then tell her that..
..if she does that
you will kill her.
And if you cant do this then
do all the rituals and..
..send her happily to her home.
But you left both this option
and chose the third option.
With that you will be free
from your sister and..
..the money for the marriage
will be saved.
This is the correct thing
which I am doing.
Why should we suffer when she
is doing something wrong.
I won't spend a single penny.
She is announcing her decision
openly in front of everyone.
These kinds of girls should
be thrown out of the house.
I understand that it's natural
for you to get angry.
But if Shiva is ready
to help Father then..
..why are you doing this? You
give according to your budget.
I will speak to Father about
meeting the guy's father.
Uma, she will always interfere
in others life.
She welcomes problems. She
will take the burden on..
..her head and then this
fool has to carry it.
Mr. Deendayal, I believe
in all communities.
But I don't believe
in caste and creed.
The child in the womb doesn't
belong to any community.
He has no caste. In Godis eyeis
everyone is same.
The only difference is that we lit
candles in the church..
..and you lit Diye in the temple.
You say Om and we say Amen.
Kids of every religion stay nine
months in their mothersi wombs.
And after death every human being
needs the six feet.. under the ground.
You can burn him or bury him.
You' re right Mr. Albert. But my
intension was to tell you..
..that my daughter knows nothing
about your community.
Tell me one thing.
Which girl on this earth will
be aware of the custom..
..and manners of his
husband's house?
Before the marriage I wanted
to tell you the..
..weakness of my daughter.
She gets angry very soon.
She is unaware of what
she says in rage.
Then we will forgive her and forget.
Don't worry Mr. Deendayal.
If she can't change for us then
we will change for her.
Thank you very much.
By telling whatever was
there in my mind and..
..Iistening to your answer
I am tension free.
Thank you very much Ulaberd.
Listen. Listen. - What happened?
- You' re going to be Grandfather.
What? Grandma, Grandpa. Oh Godavari.
What a news you've given!
" I am very happy today.
I am very happy today."
" Don't ask why but l
am very happy today."
" I am very happy today."
" Listening to the news I feel
like doing something."
" I am very happy today.
I am very happy today."
"The heart is beating fast. Tell
whether it's a boy or a girl."
"Tell. Please tell."
" You' re sweating in embarrassment."
"Tell me which month is going on."
" Her anger is seen on her
face and there she abuses."
" A flower has blossomed.
So please don't hide it."
"So this beautiful smell
won't be able to hide."
" What you were about to whisper,
please say it aloud."
" I am very happy today.
I am very happy today."
"There is something wrong."
" Look there is something wrong."
"Something will happen for sure."
"The black crow on the
roof is saying that..
..someone's going to
come in the house."
" Bhabhi has held the stick."
"The cold water has gone hot."
" A different thing has happened."
" Every chicken gives an egg."
You have failed once again.
Brother, please leave me.
Today, I won't leave you.
Shiva what are you doing?
Will you kill him?
What has he done?
Bhabhi, he has failed once again.
The entire family works hard.
Everyone hopes that heill study well.
But he doesn't seem to be
affected by all that.
Father expects a lot from him.
But he has ruined all his dreams.
What are you doing?
Please forgive me daddy?
You didn't let your
father eat the food.
You will neither let us live
happily nor let us die properly.
You have become shameless
by the daily taunts.
But why are you spoiling our
dignity in the colony.
Useless. Why were you born?
Brother. Bhabhi.
Why didn't I die? Why didn't I die?
Vidya, what are you doing?
At least you forgive me, Babhi.
I will forgive you. But you
have to promise something.
You will pay attention
towards your studies.
Yes Bhabhi. I promise you that
I will work hard and pass.
All right. Now stop crying.
Lakshmi listen.
- Yes.
All the work is done?
- Yes.
It's too late. You leave now.
You didn't eat your food.
I' m not hungry. I will
eat later. You go.
Rajni. Rajni.
Daddy, you didn't eat your lunch.
I am sorry. I was late in
the office. Where is Rajni?
Okay Rajni. I will take
a leave. Good night.
Peter you' re a literate person.
Is this your manner?
Even you' re literate. Are these
manners to stay in a house?
I wasn't dancing in the
middle of the road.
I was learning dance in
my own bed room and..
..that to with a lady teacher.
You' re a married woman.
Do you still need to wear
these kinds of clothes?
Donit be silly. You are born in a
broad-minded Christian family.
Being broad-minded doesnit mean that
we will tolerate anything.
I am a true Christian and for me
my home is my Church.
I had told you from the
office that I will be..
..coming late from the office.
..and told you to serve
the meals at time.
I told Lakshmi to serve
the food to Daddy.
Oh you mad girl. There is
a difference between..
..daughter-in-law and a maid.
Listen to me. Change these
clothes and wear a sari.
I want the same Rajni which
I had loved. Let's go.
For filtering
- For filtering.
And destroying
- And destroying.
Disease causing germs.
One minute Bhabhi.
You' re feeling sleepy Vidya.
Go and sleep.
We will study the rest tomorrow.
What are you saying Bhabhi?
I don't want to take
a risk this time.
I will work hard and l
will pass this time.
You are not there in
the morning. Tell me.
That's not the issue Vidya.
Your Brother has completed
his night shift..
..and he needs rest after that.
Bhabhi, what is the
relation between my..
..studies and brothers rest.
Your brother has arrived.
Vidyasagar is still studying.
Keep it up.
Did you see Bhabhi?
Brother praised me looking
at me studying.
Bhabhi, you come fast. I need
answer for some question.
I will send your Bhabhi in some
time. Let me get refreshed.
Whatis the matter today?
Instead of getting fresh at
the well you came are..
..getting fresh in the bathroom.
You didnit get me?
This Vidhyasagar has
put us in the trouble.
I have to teach him all the day.
We are newly married,
but see what is..
Then letis meet in the morning.
In the morning? How can I meet you
in front of everyone!
My life has become very dull.
Darling, donit worry at all!
Open it. Open it.
Sister-in-law. What are you
both doing here?
I am getting fresh. - If you are
getting fresh then go to the well.
Vidhya, the thing is that I came
so late and tired..
..thatis why I didnit go
to the well. - I see.
Sister-in-law, what does
encyclopedia means?
Yes, it is something related
to the cycle.
Itis not about cycle, what
encyclopedia means is..
Ok. Ok. Go and teach him.
Go and teach him. Go.
Sister-in-law, what does
troublemaker means?
Vidhyasagar. - Hey, go and
teach him. Go. Go.
May all the evil eyes shall destroy!
May all the evil eyes shall destroy!
- Gangubai.. long will you do this cast off.
Once we do it perfectly then no
evil eye will trouble you.
I should get your letter in
every two days in Bombay.
Or else I will catch a
train and will be back.
Why are you worried daughter-in-law?
Every daughter goes to her parent's
house fir her first child.
You shouldn't worry.
No I am not worried. But I think
that you' re very worried.
I am worried. I am not worried.
I am waiting for the day
when you will bring a..
..cute grandson in this house.
And that grandson will play with me.
Why? If it's a Granddaughter,
won't you play with her?
I have an X-ray machine
in place of my eyes.
I can tell you that I will play
with a grandson. A grandson.
Oh father.
Vidya, listen. Please
don't waste your time.
Work hard and study
well. Understand.
Understood Bhabhi. But please
return before the exams.
On one side there will be my
efforts and on the other..
..there will be your blessings.
After this I will see
who will fail me.
All right. I will be back.
Basanti, I should hear a
good news from you too..
..when I will be back.
What good news, sister-in-law?
Shut up! You wonit understand it.
Sister, I wish he would have
understood it.
What is this Shiva?
For the first time I am seeing
a mark on your forehead.
Did you visit a temple?
Yes Bhabhi. I went to the temple.
I went to pray for a lovely nephew.
Take these blessings.
Where is he from such a long time?
Tell me dear; isn't a passenger
accompanied by his luggage?
I won't give you an extra
single penny except..
..what the meter says.
Sir, at least give 2 rupees extra.
You move on.
What are you doing? We are
going for a sacred work.
Give him 2 rupees extra.
Please give him. We' ll
give you. Let's go.
You generous daughter!
Do you know how.. this money earned?
You sit inside daughter-in-law.
Vijay, you aren't intelligent
if you always..
.. worry about money.
Sir. How will a pregnant woman
travel in this motor?
Didn't you get a taxi?
You keep quiet. It takes 1 2rupees
in scooter for station.
And it takes 40 rupees
in taxi for the same.
Do you know that?
All right. Please don't argue
now. Sit inside daughter.
Sit Uma.
Sister, please bring a
beautiful son like you.
But not like Sir. He is always
worried about his money.
Please come fast. Please come fast.
Thank you very much.
Good night.
- Good night.
Hello Daddy. Did Peter
give a call from Delhi?
Yes. He gave a call. He will
be back by tonight's flight.
Thank you. Good night Daddy.
One minute. Peter asked
about you on the phone.
I told him that you
haven't reached yet.
It was 8:00 at that time.
Its 1 1 :00 now.
Your office is over by 5:00.
Where were you after that?
There was a marriage
anniversary of.. of my colleague.
I was in that party.
Okay. Did you wear this
in your office?
No. I was wearing
sari in the office.
But I took a parcel of this
dress along with me.
That means you knew that
you have to attend..
..a party in the evening.
You could have told me.
But you didn't find that important.
You could have at least
informed the maid.
But you didn't find
that also important.
Who was the man who dropped
you right now?
Daddy I just want to say that
I am a fire in every thing.
Very good.
But if the person who
dropped you would be..
..burnt if he is cotton
Daddy, he's a colleague who
works with me in the office.
I have travelled with
him for a lot of time.
And Peter knows about this.
But does Peter know anything
about where you came from?
Look. Peter is the rider and
you' re sitting behind.
If you shake little bit also,
then the vehicle..
..will loose its balance.
Vehicles in the context
of life over here.
The vehicle of our life
will move steadily.
It' ll loose its balance only if an
old black cat will pass our way.
By the way, old cat
over her wasn't you.
Hi Dad. My Delhi trip was
extremely successful.
What happened to you Dad?
What's the matter?
Nothing my son.
Vidya's study is over.
Are you the only one in the
house who should care..
..for your brother's good
performance in his exams?
What are you speaking?
Everyone in the house is worried
about his results.
Did your elder brother ever
ask about his studies?
Did he ever tell him to come
in his room and study..
..since Bhabhi isn't present?
Did he ever help him in
his studies? Tell me.
Your motive behind this question
is Vidya's studies..
..or physical relation with me.
Look, Rajini, I am telling this
to you for the last time.
I donit doubt you at all.
But I donit you to do anything
that people would talk..
..about you in a wrong way.
I thought that you will
treat my father as God.
But you arenit treating him as
even an ordinary human being.
You went on dinner last night.
It was not your mistake.
But you didnit inform father
before leaving and..
..that was definitely a mistake.
You came with Saxena on scooter. I
donit have any problem with that.
But you returned at 1 1 Oi clock.
That was definitely your mistake.
Have you ever realized that we
arenit married since 60 years..
..but itis been just six months.
And in these six months even
didnit even..
..spend six nights together.
Peter, there is no one
in my life except you.
This doesn't mean that
l' m your slave.
In didn't get freedom
in my own house.
I married you thinking that I will
get the freedom which I want.
I broke the shackles of my house
and married you.
But I was wrong. I was a slave
in my house and over here too.
I can't be a daughter-in-law
of a rich family..
..and act like a slave.
What? What are you saying Godavari?
I am telling you the fact.
I searched everywhere.. the house but couldn't
find Basanti.
- Yes.
Did you send daughter-in-law
Did you people quarrel?
Why aren't you speaking?
Basanti is nowhere in the house.
Why are you quiet?
All right. Godavari,
I will search her.
What's this? Rajni is
coming all alone.
What happened dear? You are
alone with your belongings.
I will stay over here forever.
What nonsense are you
speaking daughter?
I didn't like him.
Whom didn't you like? The
servant of your house.
No. Peter.
Rajni. Respect your husband.
He has tied a knot with you.
She just exchanged her
ring with that man.
The respect for ring is fulfilled
if a girl is engaged.. a pure relation
with her husband.
But when the girl doesn't get
the status of a wife then..
..these things become
normal jewellery.
It becomes a drama. I have no
faith in these superstitions.
We are in a big mess.
What do we do now?
I can't understand whom
to think about?
About my daughter who was
to handle her family..
..but came back for no reason.
Or do I think about the
one who came to bring a..
..Iight of happiness but
without telling anyone..
..she has left us in darkness.
Father, you think about sending
back your daughter.
I will bring my wife back at home.
You must be thinking, why
hasn't your father..
..asked anything and also
about you being back.
I won't ask.
To interfere in their household
matters won't be appropriate.
Then whom do I say my tragedy.
The one whom you married
in front of the fire.
If the problem is created
by him then?
Then you should ask your Father.
That's why I came over here.
I think you are unaware.
I' m not your father now.
The day you were married l
was no longer your father.
Deendayal is your father now.
Without informing and
permission from..
..anyone you can't stay over here.
You can remove me from this
house but you don't have..
..the right to tell me to
go back to their house.
I can stay in a hotel or anywhere.
But don't tell after this
that your dignity is hurt.
I spoilt your respect.
Where are you going? Either
a river or well.
Or a place where you
will get freedom.
I don't have the guts
to stay in freedom.
I am not even a coward to jump
in a river and kill myself.
I' ll search for the solution
of my problems.
But where are you going?
I am going to my husband's house.
Very good daughter.
This is the only way a married
woman can achieve happiness.
If you want I can help you?
I don't need your happiness.
That's very good.
Why did you stop? Did
you change your plan?
Shiva. How are you?
- Greetings father.
Father I was carefully listening
to what you were saying.
If you were listening carefully
then try to understand.
You work in a garage so I will
explain you in your terms.
If the engine of the car is spoilt
then you repair its spare parts.
If the engine of the car is fine
then the car will run smoothly.
Father, you have a shop of clothes.
I will explain you in those terms.
- Explain.
If I buy clothes from
your shop, then I can..
..cut it in any way so
that I can wear it.
But I wont return the same
clothes to the shopkeeper.
Very good, son. We have
understood each other.
We will leave now. Let's go.
The way your son has gone
to persuade her wife..
..the same way Peter
will come over here.
I know these men very well.
Why are you quiet daddy?
This ship which we call
as a house is sinking.
The cracks in this ship
needs to be repaired.
And what if you can't repair it?
Then you have to save
yourself from it.
How do I save myself? I am
the captain of this ship.
Those who know how to
swim save themselves..
..before the ship sinks.
- Yes my son.
When the ship is about to sink
its rats who run away first.
You' re a literate girl.
But now I understand that
you have just read books.
You know nothing about
this worldliness.
If you need a husband then you
have to wait for a while.
A husband-wife relationship is
not only a physical relation.
Sometime we need to compromise..
..according to the situation.
No one should know what
happened between us.
You go to house and I will be
back from the Union Office.
This is the months spend.
Keep it in the temple.
Mother, count the money
and keep it yourself.
I have never counted the money.
It will be the correct amount.
But still Mom. Just count it.
What's this Vijay? Its
only 400 rupees.
I used to give 800 rupees
for both of us.
Since Uma is gone to Bombay,
I am giving only my share.
Vijay you' re the eldest
son of this house.
If you do this what will be
the situation of the house?
Mom, in today's world we need
to keep a track of our money.
You should have been in
my womb for 9 months..
..but you took 9 months and 20 days.
I didn't leave you after that
thinking that my work is over.
Very good, Godavari. Very good.
For the first time.. delivered an intelligent
statement after marriage.
May I know what Mom said that
made you feel so happy?
I will explain it to you my son.
We feed the cow so that
it will give milk.
But if the same cow starts
making a deal then..
..what will happen to the milkman?
I' m sorry to say that you
haven't treated me as..
..a cow but as a bullock
who has to carry the..
..burden on his shoulders. Until
when will I carry this burden?
Even I have my responsibilities,
my family.
I will be having a child
within some days.
I cant waste my money
like this Daddy.
Very good son. Spending
money on Mother..
..father, brother, sister
is a waste of money. Yes?
Yes. Am I the only one
who has to remember..
..duty and advices? Being
an elder brother I should..
..spend on my younger
sister's marriage.
And the younger sister has
left her in-laws and.. staying over here. She
has left her job also.
But that's not her mistake.
No one will ask her anything.
But Daddy, I have to pay
for all what she eats.
This is not justice.
I have neither told anyone to
help me in my marriage nor..
..did I ask anyone to
feed me over here.
Daddy if you don't like
me staying over here..
..then I can stay in a hotel.
Yes. Girls like you
can stay in a hotel.
You will do a lot of things with
this ego of yours and I know it.
Vijay. You' re forgetting that
Rajni is your own sister.
This is not what I say Daddy.
But this is what her husband
and father-in-law were..
..telling that she used to roam
around with men's late at night.
You' re not explaining her.
Instead you' re pinpointing
at my mistake.
This is too much Vijay.
You've no right to say anything
to my daughter.
Leave this house immediately.
- All right Mom. I will go.
Until now when I obeyed you,
I was your eldest son.
But when I told the fact
you all felt bad.
This girl who came to live over
here happily when she left..
..the house without informing
anyone you all suspected her.
Vijay, you can say anything about
your sister but you've.. right to say anything
about your brothers wife.
Especially when Shiva
isn't present at home.
Daddy, why is this strange
behaviour with me?
Why don't I get the respect what
Shiva gets in this house?
I am elder to him. He
earns just 525 rupees.
I earn 1725 rupees. 1725 rupees.
Is it? - Yes. - Daughter-in-law,
come inside.
A person who earns 525
rupees quietly.. 450 rupees in the house.
And the one who earns
1725 chips 400 rupees.
That's the difference.
What a stupid argument?
- That's what you think.
If I would have provided Shiva
the same education like.. then he would have
been earning well.
Did I tell you do that with Shiva?
No. no one said anything.
I couldn't provide education
to both of you because.. that time I wasn't
earning well.
To send you college I made
him work in the garage.
To see you in convocational
clothes I made..
..him wear hand-woven cloth.
To see your degree, I gave
him a cutting plyer.
Shiva is invaluable.
The one who can't understand
him is a fool.
What are you speaking?
If he would have studied
are you sure..
..he would have excelled?
This Vidyasagar is also studying.
What's the result?
Brother, this time I will pass.
Every time you say that you will
pass and every time you fail.
You are very smart brother Vijay.
From a long time l' m listening
nonsense about your father.
Today son helps his father
in every respect and..
..Iessens his burden. But in turn
you' re blaming your father.
Don't speak too much.
Go and do your work.
Will Rajni go back to her
house if you give 400 less?
Will Basanti's mistake be forgiven..
..will Vidyasagar pass in his exam?
- This is too much.
Elder son is giving tension
due for his money.
All the other children give
some or the other tension.
I am hurt badly.
Godavari, return him the 400
rupees which he gave you.
We will feed him for free
in compensation..
..for giving him birth.
I' m not from those who will eat
for free nor that foolish..
..that I will waste my
money for someone else.
Mr. Vijay Kumar Sharma,
do you know whom..
..are you speaking to?
Yes. I very well know
whom I am speaking to.
I' m speaking to a person
whose backbone is broken.
The one who can't improve
his children's mistake.
The one who can't structure
his house properly.
I' m speaking to a very
weak and old man.
You at least know that this
old man has given you birth.
He has carried the burden
of the house on..
..the same backbone.
On the office table, before
the bending of the backbone.. was me because of whom
you got the degree MCom.
I don't know all this.
Don't you know that l
paid 20000 rupees for..
..your job in the company?
And for that I kept my provident
fund and gratuity on mortgage.
Don't you remember the one
who did so much for you?
Don't you know the officer
Deendayal who.. in the government office?
- I don't know.
Once you were badly injured
in a bus accident and.. were fighting for your
life. At that same time..
..this father of yours donated
3 bottles of blood.
Don't you know this much also?
- No, I don't know. I don't know.
You useless, dog. You've no
right to live in this house.
Get out of this house right now.
Mr. Deendayal Sharma.
I had taken a loan of 18000 from
the office for the marriage.
The day I get my money properly,
I will leave this house.
Godavari, you draw a line
in between the house.
This line should be
much powerful than..
..the line which Laxman
drew for Sita.
Mr. Vijay Kumar Sharma, there
is no need for something..
..strong to compensate
with the broken hearts.
We just need a straight line.
I swear on my late Mother that
neither me, my children.. wife will cross this line
nor you will cross this line..
..and come to the other side.
I will return your 18000
which you gave for..
..the marriage within a year.
Even if I have to keep
myself on mortgage.
In case I die in between please
don't see my dead body..
..don't put fire on me and just
don't come. Now get lost.
" Look at it. This is the world."
"This is the world. Look
at it. This is the world"
" Look at it. This is the world."
" lts selfish and a friend of money."
" Look at it. This is the world."
" What a story of happiness,
what a story of sorrow."
"The life of a man is
like a game of chess."
" Look at it. This is the world.
This is the world."
" Look at it. This is the world."
" When a son is escaping
from his duty..
..his father felt as
if he's lost a hand."
" Mothers heart is broken
and she is distorted."
" And in this way the house
is divided in two halves."
" Where there was love now
there's a wall of hatred."
" Look at it. This is the world.
This is the world."
" Look at it. This is the world."
Bhabhi, brother has arrived.
Go and open the door.
Even you' re his brother.
You are awake too.
You open the door.
All right.
I had ringed the bell. Didn't
you hear it? - I did hear.
Then why did you disturb
the one who is studying?
Why? If your brother did so did
he get bruises in his legs?
What is this? You didn't
wash my loincloth.
No! - Why? - I forgot.
- I forgot?
He's studying late at night.
Did you make coffee or tea for him?
- Why?
I don't know how to prepare it.
Basanti, I want to speak
to you personally.
Please come on the back
part of the house.
I won't come anywhere.
I' m feeling sleepy.
Don't forget that l' m your husband
and l' m calling you.
Oh! You remember that
you are my husband.
But I've forgotten this long back.
Good night.
What happened?
Why have you arrived with
a garland over your neck?
Godavari, a person in the
office is gifted a..
..garland when he's
free from the job.
So, you' re retired?
But you are only 53.
Who are they to retire me.
I retired myself.
Voluntary retirement!
And I took this retirement
because the son..
..whom I gave birth, sheltered
him needs his 18000 rupees.
Where will I bring such
a huge amount from?
My savings is my provident
fund and gratuity.
That I will get only
after my retirement.
That's why I told the office
people to retire me.
But you lost your
5 years of service.
When I lost the pride which
I saved for 53 years.
When I lost the son whom
I nurtured for 33 years.
Then it doesn't matter if
you lose a job of 5 years.
Its okay if its gone.
Shiva, a servant never takes a
back seat if he losses a job.
I have arranged for another job.
From morning 7 to 1, I will
take care of the accounts.. Pannalal's shop.
I will get 250 rupees.
Then from 2 to 5 I will work on
my provident fund and gratuity.
It's a government related matter
and it will take time.
Sometime a person passes away and..
..he gets his pay after his death.
After that, from 10 to
morning 5, I will be..
..a watchman in Gandhi colony.
If you get a job for me from
6 to 9 then let me know.
Father, isn't your responsibility
You leave it to me. I will work
and return all his money.
May you prosper in
your life, my son.
But your brother has taught
me a lesson that you..
..shouldn't believe your
son too in this world.
I will work on my own.
Father, do you know
the consequences if.. work so much at this age?
Result? I will die, that's it.
That will also be good for this
home in some ways.
After that you will get the
money of life insurance.
All the money will be paid at once.
What was the hurry in
coming back so soon?
You should have come after
three or four months.
Received a telegram and you came.
Mother-in-law had
said to come soon..
..along with your son.
Anyway, tell me how is
mother-in-law and father-in-law?
For so long they have not
written any letter to me.
And even the letter
that you sent me..
..You did not tell me
about their well being.
We are going home. We
will go there and talk.
Listen, is there any good news
from Rajni and Basanti.
We will go home and talk.
Okay, at least tell me is Vidya
working hard this month.
Will he pass this month
I said we will go home and talk!
Okay Shiva..
Listen, brother, it is raining
heavily in Mumbai.
Hasn't it started to rain here?
Oh God! - What is the matter?
Is your head paining?
What will you take
to shut your mouth?
Look, my dear, our house has come.
You can do all this even
inside the house..
..get down, the meter is increasing.
Did you hear? Even
you learn from him.
Come in.
- How can I go inside like that?
I have arrived with the future
of this family for first time.
You go inside and
tell mother-in-law.
She will first welcome him..
..and do the veneration
to remove the evil eye..
..cast on him, and then
we will come inside.
There is no veneration here, nor
will anyone welcome you here.
Now we have no relations
with mother and father.
There has been division
of the house.
You see this line. This
is the mark of division.
If you even mistakenly step..
..your foot on that
side of the line.
Then you will see my dead face!
Mr. Deendayal Sharma, I had
taken a loan of 18, 000..
..rupees from the office
for the marriage.
The day you will return
that amount.. me with the interest
I will leave your house.
I have taken my bath.
Serve me lunch now.
Uma. Why are you standing here?
Come inside. Come.
All this has happened when
you were not present here.
How I have separated
my self from them..
..that only I know.
But if you try to regain
the relationship again..
..than no one will be worse than me.
I am going to the office.
There is a lot of work.
I maybe late.
Try to understand. Smile.
What kind of a mother is she..
..the child is crying away and
she is sleeping soundly?
"Sleep, sleep, be quiet, sleep."
"Sleep, sleep."
" Who are you trying to call
by crying, my child?"
" All the people of this house
have forgotten you."
" Who are you trying to call
by crying my, child?"
" All the people of this house
have forgotten you."
"Sleep, sleep, be quiet, sleep."
" You are the full moon
of the dark night."
" You are the flower of the autumn."
"This is your mistake, why will
anyone will remember you?"
" You are the star of my eyes."
" Who are you trying to call
by crying, my child?"
"The cradle has broken."
"The thread has broken."
"The child is crying,
the mother is crying."
" Who will sing the lullaby?"
"Come, let us cry together
on our misfortune."
" Who are you trying to call
by crying my, child?"
" For some people, money is so dear."
" For some people money is so dear."
"There is a division of everything
in this world."
" In this house even the
love has been divided."
" Who are you trying to call
by crying, my child?"
" All the people of this house
have forgotten you."
"Sleep, sleep, be quiet, sleep."
"Sleep, sleep, be quiet, sleep."
'Oh Goddess Tulsi, before we
used to walk around you.'
' But now we turn around
on the spot.'
' Please forgive us.'
Why are you doing all this work?
Give it to me, I will do it.
After the delivery, the body of..
..a woman becomes very weak.
Let it be Gangu-bai, if I will
think about the weakness.
Then how will I do the
household chores?
Now that I have become an orphan.
Daughter-in-law, Daughter-in-law.
The time when you called
yourself an orphan.
My heart just skipped a beat.
May anyone take care of you or not..
..I am still there for you.
Here look, I have brought
this for you from my house.
These are sweets made especially
with dry fruits.
You will be strong again
after eating this.
Here take this.
I have made this in my own house.
In my own house.
- Is it? - Yes.
You made these sweets
in your own house?
Than how did it reach
in mother-in-laws jar?
The jar was in the house and
the house was in the jar.
And both of them went
inside each other.
Gangu-bai, what ingredients
have you used in this?
In this.
- Yes. - In this.
I used jaggery, flour, lentil.
- And many more things!
Yes, after taking all this l
mixed them all properly and..
Gangu-bai, I know who has
prepared these sweets.
On hearing to me, this
jar has crossed..
..the line, and come here. The
one who has sent these sweets..
..go and tell her, that
just like this..
..even she will have to cross
the line and come on this side.
There is no need to tell her that.
She has heard all this already.
Every one is smart here.
Greetings, sir, l
am the laundry man.
Tell me, what is the matter?
I have come to ask for the payment..
..of the clothes that l
had washed last month.
What is the amount?
- The total is 68 rupees sir.
Here take 34 rupees.
- 34.
And take the remaining 34
rupees from that side.
And from the next month if you..
..will not bring a separate
bill for me.
Then I will not give you
single penny. - Yes, sir.
Sir. - Yes. - Laundry man.
- What does that mean?
Laundry. - Meaning? The one
who washes the clothes.
Meaning? - Sir, the
one who washes and..
..irons the clothes, he
is called a laundry man.
Then say like that, what
I can understand!
What do you want?
- Money.
Then give me. - I will not give
you, but you will give me.
How much do I have to pay you?
- 34 rupees.
Have you brought the bill along?
- Yes.
Then read it out, which clothes
have we had washed.
On the 2nd four terrycloth pants..
..and four terrycloth shirts.
On the 9th, five terrycloth pants
and five terrycloth shirts.
On the 18th, six terrycloth pants
and six terrycloth shirts.
And the total comes to 68 rupees.
The sir on that side has give
34 rupees of his share.
And has said that remaining
34 rupees..
.. I should take from you.
All the clothes you have counted..
..that have only terrycloth
pants and shirts.
Isn't it?
- Yes.
- According to the deal the..
..union has done with
owners of the company.
The company has our uniforms washed.
- Father I have only three..
..half pants and three shirts.
I wash them at home.
- Do I wear pant and shirt?
Did you hear what all of them said?
- Yes, I have heard.
And regarding me I have stopped..
..wearing pants since
7th March 1968.
Now go and ask him, if
he is short of money..
..then I can help him.
But, because I don't trust anyone.
He will have to give me in writing.
And he will have to have it
attested by two officers.
If it is okay with it, then
I can pay you the amount.
Laundry man!
- Yes. - Come here. - Coming.
I am not used to take loans
I am used to give loans.
Did you hear what I said?
- Yes, I heard.
Here, take your 34 rupees
and go from here.
Uma, did you hear what my
respected father is saying?
I was hearing everything.
It seemed like he has installed
a loudspeaker in his throat.
Am I the only one
who wears clothes..
..washed in the laundry?
Yes, of course, even you know this.
We used to wash our clothes
in the house itself!
But you are safe from one thing.
- What?
Look, you and your family live in
the half portion of this house.
If they send you a court notice..
..and ask you for a
rent of 500 rupees.
Rent? 500 rupees?
- Speak softly.
If they will hear, then the court..
..notice will come anytime.
If you would have known
about this earlier.. would have never
divided this house.
Isn't it?
Did you understand?
I am telling you the truth, Uma.
You are a great lady!
If there was a daughter-in-law
like you in every home..
..then there will be no problem
or trouble in that home!
This life is like a car, Albert sir.
If you drive it carefully,
it will ride smoothly.
But the first car that we have
to bring on the right track.. your daughter-in-law, Rajni.
You think is it wise?
If a married woman fights
with her husband..
..and comes and stays
in her parents house..
..then how insulting it is?
The whole society looks
down on her. - Correct.
You are absolutely right.
All right, just as you said, l
will come to your house at 1 1.
But what will I have to
do after reaching there?
All the drama, along with the
dialogue, I have written in here.
This is your copy..
..I will have one copy with me.
If you forget something in between.
Then I will prompt you from behind.
You just muster some courage,
and come home once.
Courage? Am I afraid of someone?
Yes, but who will argue
with me in your house?
Will I have to do all this?
Yes, Gangu-bai. Only
you can do all this.
Oh God, I cannot argue with him.
First of all he is the relative
of this house..
..and he is such a big man!
I start trembling with
fear when I see him.
Gangu-bai don't you wish the..
..condition of this house
to become better again?
But then, I wish that!
- Don't you wish that..
..Rajni spend rest of her
life with her husband?
Oh God, I really want it!
Then you will have to
argue with Albert sir!
You are really smart. You
have involved me in this.
Okay, now tell me, what
will I have to do?
I will cut that Albert
Fernandez to pieces.
Sir, lift your leg, lift your leg.
Our group is on this
side. Here. here.
On that side is our opposite group.
Start. Start.
- What? - Start.
Listen, I am standing here
next to the window.
I will not move from here.
- No, no. - Are you ready?
Yes, yes you don't worry.
I have memorized all the dialogues.
- Okay.
What do you think? Should I start?
- Of course.
Is there anyone in the house?
Oh God, do you have eyes or not?
Such a big woman is standing
in front of you!
And still you are asking that
is there anyone in the house?
I don't want to talk to you!
I want Rajni, do you understand?
She has not come yet.
Sir, what are you uttering
in English?
I don't like the purr
of the kitten at all.
She has come! She has come!
Sir, if you don't know Hindi..
..then speak in Marathi, understand!
It's you. Come, Please come.
Doesn't anyone have manners
in this house?
Doesn't anyone care about the
honour of the some one else?
A married woman, has left
her husbands house..
..and is living here since so long!
Don't you have decency to explain
her and send her back home?
He has come here to create trouble..
..he has come on the right time..
..when there is no
man in the house..
..and no policeman in
the neighbourhood.
- You keep quiet!
If you don't give answers to people
like this on their faces..
..then their arrogance
does not shatter.
What? You called me arrogant?
You must be feeling tired
of standing and speaking.
Please come in and take a seat.
- Why are you calling him in?
Listen one thing clearly,
Albert Fernandez! - What?
Listen one thing clearly!
Our daughter will come at 10
or 12 or 14 in the night.
You don't need to interfere
about that!
If our daughter wants, then she
will not return the whole night!
The women of this house
have full freedom!
And look at you! You doubted our
daughter for such a small thing!
Shame on you! Shame on you!
- You keep quiet!
This is the man who doubted you!
He created such a big issue
out of such a small thing.
Hey Fernandez, gone. Gone.
Those days are gone when
men used to doubt women.
Now if men will doubt women then..
..we will catch him by the hair
and throw them in the fire!
Understand! - Gangu-bai. -
Unless this thing does..
..not go inside his small brain.
Till then he will not understand!
What, I have a small brain?
I had thought.,
..that I would forgive you
for your misbehaviour.
But now the water has raised
above the level.. now I will have
to go to the lawyer!
For what reason will you go to
the lawyer? - For separation.
What does that mean?
- Divorce, divorce.
You will have to go to the
lawyer for your son.
But I am the lawyer
of my daughter here.
Go away. I divorce my daughter
from your son right here!
- You keep quiet.
This old man has lost his mind.
- What?
What did you say?
- You called me..
.. an old man who has lost his mind.
Al right, I will bring the lawyers
notice with me tomorrow.
Why are you threatening
about notice?
If you are a man then take
a decision right now!
- You keep quiet.
Go, go, go and bring a paper from..
..your lawyer with your son's
thumb impression on it.
Even we will have a paper
signed by our daughter!
- You keep quiet.
Sir, if your moustache is real.
The you will set foot
in this house..
..only when you will
have the divorce..
..papers with you, understand!
Okay, okay now I will come in this.. with the divorce papers!
And if I will not come with
the divorce papers.
Then my name is not Albert
Fernandez, understand?
Yes. Yes, you can go.
What does he think?
He doubts my daughter.
Albert sir, thank you very much.
What thank you, your Gangu-bai..
..fully shredded me into pieces.
She has been doing drama
for the past 25 years.
That is why she is so good.
She acts in the drama.
- Yes. - Where?
In our neighbourhood.
When there is Ram Lila playing there.
She does the role of Shrupnaka.
But Albert sir, the
way you helped us.
Thank you very much for that.
Thank you.
- Shrupnaka.
No, father, no.
The woman who does not respect you.
Is not worthy to be my wife!
No, my son, don't think like that.
This issue had started with me.
And I will have to find
a solution for it.
And for that you went to that
house to be insulted.
My respect would be on you
and Rajni living together.
I will be happy, and also proud.
These are your divorce papers,
Sign on them.
What are you saying, father?
On one hand you are saying..
.. that you want us
to live together.
And on the other hand
you are telling.. to sign this divorce papers?
How can both things be possible?
I don't understand!
This is the way the chess
is played my son.
And anyway your sign on
the papers will be dummy.
But with this paper I will bring
your wife on the right path.
Mother-in-law, mother-in-law.
I have fever since last night.
And also I have lot
of pain in the chest.
Did the child drink milk?
- No.
He is crying with hunger.
No, I am unable to feed him.
I think there is some problem.
Oh God, the milk must have clotted.
" When the thorn pierced the foot."
"Then the hands and feet
stopped working."
" When the tears filled the eyes."
"Then even the heart
filled with sadness."
" When the pain of the wound."
"Spread all over the body."
"Then love crossed all
the boundaries."
" Who can control the heart."
" Look, this is the world."
"This is the world."
"This is the world."
" Look, this is the world."
I am a mother of four children.
Only a mother can understand
your pain.
And so I crossed the boundary.
That is why I have broken
the promise..
..that my husband had given me.
God, please forgive me.
What have you named the child?
Lovingly Munna, and real
name is Deen Dayal.
You have named him after the
person, whose name I cannot utter.
Okay, I am leaving.
Godavari, you have proved that..
..the husband is a stranger,
but the son is your own!
That is why you crossed the line,
and went to the other side!
Women like you give
more importance.. a son than the husband!
But, please listen to me first.
What are you doing?
When the wife dies, then,
after the last rituals..
..the husband has to take a bath!
This was that bath!
No, don't say like that.
For God's sake, don't say like that.
To hate you, and go away..
..I don't have the guts,
or the strength!
But now, you will not talk to me
until my last breath. - Oh no!
Sir, sir, oh my God.
What is this sir?
You are drinking in the garden
in the middle of the night.
Have you gone mad in your old age?
Everyone is searching for you there.
Come on, sir. Let's go home.
Which house are you talking
about, Gangu-bai?
In that house, where the son
does not belong to you.
Even the wife does not belong!
There is no respect,
and no boundaries!
You call that a house, Gangu-bai?
Let's go home, sir.
I have even lost my job now.
There is still one thing
that belongs to me.
And that is, this alcohol!
" All my life I ran in
this race of life."
" All my life I ran in
this race of life."
" Now what is the use?"
" Now what is the use?"
" Now what is the use of this
old horse, shoot him."
" All my life I ran in
this race of life."
" Now what is the use?"
" Now what is the use?"
" Now what is the use of this
old horse, shoot him."
" Leave me, I say leave me."
" Leave me I say."
" Whatever I gave to my children,
it was my duty."
" Whatever I gave to my
children was my duty."
" Whatever I took from my children."
" Became a loan from me."
" Even the loan is okay."
" Even the loan is okay."
" Even the loan is okay, but they
even added interest to it."
" All my life ran I in
this race of life."
" Now what is the use?"
" Now what is the use?"
" Now what is the use of this
old horse, shoot him."
" Where do the children now respect..
..the love given to
them by the mother?"
" Where do the children now respect..
..the love given to
them by the mother?"
" Forget about the love, they
even disrespect them now."
"These selfish people."
"These selfish people."
"These selfish people did not
even leave me worth anything."
" All my life I ran in
this race of life."
" Now what is the use of."
" Now what is the use of."
" Now what is the use of this
old horse, shoot him."
Mother-in-law, will
you not talk to me?
Your father-in-law has
made me silent..
..because of that matter,
Father-in-law has stopped
talking to you.
He has not refused to spend
his life with you.
Unless we solve this problem
from the root.
This problem will not be solved.
This house has become
quagmire, mother.
We will break this one by one.
Only then it will break.
I did not understand,
I will explain everything to you.
You just tell me, will you help us?
My help, what help?
Today that Albert sir is coming.
I will shred him into pieces.
You just agree to everything I say.
What do you mean? - You did
not explain the plan to her?
I will explain it to her.
- Be careful.
Look! You are the servant that
had insulted me! - Yes!
I have brought an answer
to that insult.
Here are the divorce papers.
This Gangu-bai called me arrogant..
..she called me an old person
who has gone mad.
She also called me narrow minded!
And you kept listening to
all this insults quietly!
Jamuna-ji, no Kaveri-ji,
no Godavari-ji.
Even you see it clearly, here
are the divorce papers!
Next, you are the defendant
in this case.
No you are the opposition.
No whichever side you are,
see it clearly.
My son has signed on these papers!
You can use this as a divorce paper.
And after that, you can
fill in the amount..
..that your daughter requires
to spend the rest of her life.
After that, your daughter will
not interfere in my son's life!
And my son will have nothing
to do with your daughter!
Here is the legal proof!
Please, keep this with yourself.
My dear relative, I am
really proud of myself.
That what I had said that
day on your doorstep.
I have done it.
Haven't I done it, Gangu-bai?
Yes you have shown it
and I have seen it.
Now tell me what do you want?
The divorce papers with my
daughter's signature on it?
Then wait here, I will just
bring the stamp paper.
Wait, you don't have to go anywhere.
I have brought it along with me.
You keep it along with
you. Very smart.
You have made all the
arrangements and come.
Rajni, write your name in
capital letters on this.
Mother, please tell her.
Come on, and write.
Do we have some respect or not.
Quickly, sign on this and give him.
No mother, mother
please explain her.
Dear, it is the question
of our respect.
Come on do it.
Come on. - Mother, mother
let us think it over.
Albert. - There is no one here,
even then you are acting.
You are calling me Albert!
Forgive me, forgive me,
forgive me, forgive me.
Ok. Ok, Gangu-bai, tell
me what is Rajni doing?
She is inside, crying.
Rajni, Rajni dear, if you want,
we can be friends again.
There is a very important
function in our house.
It is important you attend it.
On Saturday, the 18th of this
month, my son Peter and..
.. Marie D'Sousa, the daughter
of my friend from London..
.. are going to get married
in the St. Peter's church.
Here is the invitation card.
Please attend the marriage dear.
Okay, I am leaving.
Hey beware, if you will make
noise then I will stab you.
If you will stab me,
then I will die.
Tell me truly, who is the richest
person in this colony?
I want to rob his house.
What is your name, thief brother?
What will you do with my name?
I cannot do anything, but
if I knew it then. - Bholu.
Bholu brother, I work here as
a watchman just for namesake.
I can't even catch the thieves.
Can't you see my age?
Actually I have taken
some loan from my son..
..which I have to repay.
But if you will loot here,
than I will loose this job.
But you tell me, why
do you rob people?
To feed my family, I have come.. to rob for the first time.
You look like a respected
man by appearance.
Tell me, how old is your son?
- 5 years.
Then wait for another 25 years.
When he will grow up and..
..cover your wishes with
the shroud of loans.
Then you will realise
that why didn't.. kill your son
in the cradle itself?
I will give you an advice.
You throw your son from the
fifth floor of some building.
Yes, and become a watchman
in some colony.
Because it is better to die
as a watchman, than a thief.
Give this knife to me.
And start doing some work.
- Bye, go.
Yes I have seen it, you go.
I will come myself and
talk to the shopkeeper.
This way we will be bankrupt.
What is all this?
- Why? What happened?
The bill of the general
stores is 300 rupees.
What used to be the
bill in that house?
The total would be
around 400 rupees.
If for eight people,
it was 400 rupees.
Then for two people, it
should be 100 rupees.
This is a bill for 300 rupees.
What do you think? I waste money.
Look, you need this
medicine after food.
The price of the medicine
is increasing everyday.
If you will not have this
you will fall ill.
After the bath this scented powder.
It's only for you.
And this is your hair oil.
You need two bottles in a month.
The how much you apply on your hair.
You drop that much on the floor.
And this toothpaste, only for you.
I brush my teeth with
the neem-stick.
Even in that house everyone
uses neem-stick.
Here is your shaving cream.
And here is you' re
after-shave lotion.
I don't use all this.
And yes, do you know what
is the price of ghee?
65 rupees per kilo.
If there is even a little
less ghee in the food.
Then you get very angry.
And then, what are my own
and the child's expenses?
Baby oil, baby food and sometimes
doctor's expenses.
And the rest are all your expenses.
In that house your expenses would.. around 100 or 1 50 rupees.
But no one ever calculated it.
If you had known before,..
..that the expenses of the house
would increase so much..
..then you never would
have divided..
..the household. Isn't it?
Daughter-in-law, you had..
..a bath at this time of the night?
This is horrendous, mother-in-law.
- Why?
Vidya studies in their room,
for the whole night? - Yes.
Now I understand the whole matter.
Shiva, there is a call for you.
Hello, Shiva speaking.
Shiva, I am Bhabhi speaking.
Look Shiva, if you don't want to.. to me, then don't answer me.
But listen properly to what I say.
It is very good that you are
concentrating on Vidya's studies.
But for that, why are you
making Basanti suffer?
Shiva, you have proven that
you are obedient son.
And a very good brother.
But you still have to prove that
you are also a good husband.
Do you understand
what I mean to say?
Mother, next week my engineer..
..friend is getting
married in Allahabad.
It is very important for me to go.
If you will give permission, than
can I take Basanti along?
Why? She is your wife,
you don't have.. take permission from
me to take her along.
Basanti, make arrangements
for going.
If the both of us will go together.
Than engineer sir will
be happier than us.
- Will you have tea dear?
No mother, today is the 18th.
Are you fasting? That you will
not drink tea on the 18th.
No mother, the date
today is the 18th.
I know that, dear.
Yesterday was the 17th and
tomorrow will be the 19th.
Than surely today will be the 18th.
Today is Peter marriage.
Peter, who is this Peter?
Oh, the one who had sent
you divorce papers.
Whether he marries again
or goes to hell.
Why should we worry about him?
He had sent the divorce
papers not me.
You and Gangu-bai forced me to.
Oh my God, how smart
are you acting now?
You yourself argued with your
husband and father-in-law!
You insulted them.
You had said it yourself.
That my husband will come
to ask for forgiveness.
My husband will fall at my feet.
His husband turned out
to be very smart.
I know my husband very well.
You have done it and
now you bear it.
I was innocent but you could have..
..given me the right advice.
Advice, advice is given to
people who have brains.
Gangu-bai! - At that time your
brain had stopped working.
But now you have become smart again.
Mother I am going right now.
I will go and ask for forgiveness..
..from father-in-law and Peter.
If you are going then wear
some nice clothes and go.
There is a marriage going on there.
What are you saying Gangu-bai.
I am not going to attend
the marriage.
I am going to stop it.
How will you stop it?
The invitation card..
..for the marriage must have
reached to the guests by now.
Mother-in-law, it seems
like this time..
..that Rajni express
has really left.
It is good, it seem like it
will stop at the church.
No, no seeing here it
seems like that..
..Rajni express has
left the parents.. and will only stop
at her husband's house.
Come, come Rajni dear.
I was waiting for you.
Father-in-law, that marriage.
Marriage, what marriage?
Whose marriage?
Peter's marriage.
- Peter's marriage.
Who told you?
You had given me this invitation
card and invited me.
This, I had printed just one
card for giving only to you.
And I had to pay 65 rupees
for this one card alone.
And that argument between
Gangu and you?
And that divorce papers.
That was all a drama, dear.
And what about your London-friend
John DiSouza? - That was a life.
And Mary DiSouza?
- That was also a lie.
Look daughter, for Peter
you are Mrs. Fernandes.
And for me you are Rajini Fernandes.
Than why did you do this
drama, father-in-law?
I had done this drama
to unite you and Peter.
Till I am there for
you canit separate.
Where is Peter, father-in-law?
Outside in the car, waiting for you.
Peter. Peter I love you.
I love you too, Rajni.
I love you.
My son. This is a Church.
And I am father.
People worship here. You can do the
other things at home.
Yes please. - Can we get a
double room in your hotel?
Yes sir, for how many days do
you want it? - For three days.
Okay, sign here.
The key for 407 please.
The room is very nice isn't it?
- Yes.
Now tell me when is the marriage.. that I can get ready.
Now for three days we
have lots of time.
What do you mean?
My dear, we did not
have the chance.. be alone in the house.
That is why I have brought you here.
Okay listen, I will
go to the market..
..and make the arrangements for..
..our auspicious day
and auspicious night.
Basanti, look what all
I have brought for you.
What happened basanti.
I started shivering and
also got fever. - Fever.
You have very high fever.
I will get the doctor now.
Mr. Shiva, your wife has measles.
- What?
But there is no need to be worried.
She will be fine again
in a few days.
But you will have to take
some precautions.
Do you understand what I mean?
I understood it very well doctor.
I know what precautions
to take during measles.
Okay, I will leave now.
- Just a minute doctor.
Give these sweets to your children.
And offer these flowers to God.
- Thank you.
" What a wedding night this is."
" What a wedding night this is."
" What a husband he is."
"One is the meeting of the bodies."
" And other is the
tune of the heart."
"The body and beauty are a not..
..going to be there
with you always."
"This is a truth and people
are unaware of this truth."
"This is not the relation
of the body."
"This is the love of the heart."
" Look, this is the world."
"This is the world."
"This is the world."
" Look, this is the world."
I have passed. I have passed.
- Bless you son.
- Bless you son.
- When you have touched..
..the feet of mother and father.
Then there is no need
of touching my feet.
Here take, your gift.
Go and enjoy with your friends.
Thank you brother, thank you Bhabhi.
Mother, I going to give the news..
..of my passing to my friends.
What are you doing?
- There is a strange confusion.
I have gathered all the
new and old containers.
But I cannot calculate how much..
..milk the child has
drank this month.
What are you saying?
Does any mother or father keep..
..account of how much milk
his child has drank?
I don't like calculating
everything at all.
What will I do if you don't like it?
You just like to call
in the office..
..and say that you need
this you need that.
There are that expenses
there these expenses!
We have to go to the doctors!
We have to go to him!
The salary gets spent even
before coming in hand.
Before when we used
to live together..
..I used to give only 800 rupees.
But nowadays 1 500 rupees
is also not enough.
I don't know how will l
get rid of this problem.
If you knew this before that all
this problems would arouse.
Then you would never had the
house been divided, lsn't it?
Mr. Vijay Kumar Sharma.
According to my promise I have..
..made arrangements
for your principle..
..amount along with the interest.
Pick up this money and
tell me quickly..
..that when are you
vacating this house?
Father I have realized my mistake.
Please forgive me.
Because of my foolishness
this household shattered.
I promise you the.
That I will keep my entire
salary in your hands.
Let me be a part of this
family once again.
I beg of you.
Shiva, the house should be
vacated by this evening.
Tell them that there
is no need to leave..
..anything behind that
belongs to them.
And not to take anything
that belongs to us.
I give you this responsibility.
After they have left, wash
the house with phenol.
Until then I will sit
in the temple and wait.
Oh my God, he is smart.
That day when you divided
this house in two parts.
In had cursed you a lot.
But today that you have
admitted your mistake.
And even asked for forgiveness.
Even then he did not forgive
you like a big-hearted man.
Even I will see that how
he will not forgive you.
Give it to me. Give the child to me.
I will see the sir.
He is very smart.
Sir, just like you have decided.
They will vacate the
house today itself.
They will not take anything
belonging to you.
But whose possession is this?
Is this theirs because he
was born in their house?
Or is this yours because he
was born on your family.
All the grandsons of the world hit
their grandpa while playing.
But what kind of a grandpa are you?
You hit your own grandson.
Are you very arrogant?
The elder son who will perform
your last rituals.
You threw him outside the house.
How will you get salvation!
And the grandson who is going
to show you the way.
You even refuse accept him
You wonit get a place even in hell.
Your spirit will wander in place..
..all over the place, all the times.
20 and 25 are the age
to take revenge.
And 50 and 55 is the age to forgive.
Look at your age.
It is nice to be an elder.
But it is even better to be great.
Please forgive me.
I have stayed and worked in your.. since my childhood.
That is why I had the courage
to say all this.
Sir, I am leaving this
child here and going.
If you think that this is a burden.
Then leave it here.
But if you feel that he is your own.
Then bring him along.
My dear son, our house has come.
The child is feeling sleepy.
Say grandfather.
Wake my dear son.
How much are you sleeping?
What are you watching Vijay brother.
Go and ask for forgiveness.
Father, I have realised my mistake.
Please forgive me also.
Vijay, I have forgotten that
incident like a bad dream.
Wait. Where are you going?
From where I should have never left.
There Uma.
Are you going there forever or
will you return on this side.
I am asking you because if you..
.. are going there to
return back here.
Then I will go with you happily.
But if you are going there forever
then listen one thing.
You separated from them
to save your expenses.
But after the separation
your expenses increased.
If you are going there
to save your expenses.
Then will you get the same
respect there again?
Father and mother are your elders.
If they will say something
then I will feel bad.
But don't forget that
your elder brother..
..and his wife also live there.
If they will say something
Then I will not tolerate it.
What are you saying daughter-in-law?
When the enmity is finally ending.
You are starting it again.
The seed of enmity has already..
..been sown in this house.
Now nothing can be done, Gangu-bai.
Nothing can be done.
I am telling you, think
about it once more.
You went through so much trouble
to end this enmity.
I not only tried to end the enmity
in this house Gangu-bai.
I also tried to end the
hatred in their heats.
I always wanted that all
of us to live together.
And this house should always
be filled with happiness.
Daughter-in-law, you
are so intelligent.
Then why are you talking like this.
I am intelligent mother-in-law.
Then why did you punish
me for his mistakes?
What mistake did I make?
When I came in this house for
the first time with the child.
You did not even come to do the..
..veneration to remove the evil eye.
Alright, if you could not have come.
Then you could have sent Gangu-bai..
..and completed the rituals.
But after seeing the child
and me you behaved like.
A illness has come in this house.
If I would have been intelligent.
Then would I have kept quiet?
Tell me mother-in-law.
- You called me.
Did you take permission from
your father to talk to me?
That day when I called
you in the garage.
You did not even ask
me that Bhabhi.. are you? How is your child?
Even you did not leave any
chance to hurt me Shiva.
Bhabhi, the elders may
have made mistakes.
At least come this side for my sake.
Mother, I am going
to give the news..
..of my passing to my friends.
You were the one who
hurt my feelings.
If you will become a successful.. after completing
your education?
Won't I feel happy in that?
If you had told me that directly..
..then how happy I would have felt.
Forget it. Go away from here! Go!
You all don't think that
I am taunting you.
Or that I am pointing to
your wrong behaviour.
But I understood one
thing very well.
Only a husband is responsible..
..for the respect and also
the insult of a wife!
What a fool I am.
I had thought that in my own home..
..I would have the love of
a father and mother-in-law.
We all would stay together.
I will get lots of love.
But that was my mistake.
I am such a big fool.
A joint family is like
a branch of flowers.
Even if a single flower
breaks from it.
It cannot be joined back.
But thank God, the flower is
saved from breaking away.
Today Is a very auspicious day.
Today, every one is together again.
But by staying away, if we meet..
..only on special occasions
and festivals.
And ask each other, how are you?
How is everyone at home?
Then this love will prosper longer.
But if by staying together
we will fight again.
And again these boundaries
will be drawn.
Then I will not be able
to tolerate it.
I will die.
That is why it is better
for us to stay away.
Rather than staying together and..
..drifting apart from each other.
Daughter-in-law is this
your last decision?
Come, father-in-law, please come.
You have come for the first time
in your daughter-in-laws home.
Should I make sweets for you?
Will you eat it?
Father-in-law, being the
eldest daughter-in-law..
..of this house, I have
fulfilled all my duties.
But as you had said, it is better
that we live separately..
..but not forever.
We will come here every Sunday.
Because we cannot live more than..
..six days without
seeing each other.
We will sit together and have food.
But in the evening we will
return to our own home.
And this will keep going on
until the rest of our lives.
Isn't it right?
"This is the World."
" Look this is the world."
"This is the world."
"This is the world."
" Look this is the world."
"This is a lesson that everyone
should remember."
" in every happiness and sadness."
" We should always be together."
" We should live together happily."
" We should stay a little
apart from each other."
" Where there is this distance."
"That is a happy family."
" Look this is the world."
"This is the world."
"This is the world."
" Look this is the world."
"This is not the story
of happiness."
"This is not the tale of sadness."
" Life is a game of chess. "
" Look this is the world."