Sanshodhan (1996) Movie Script

Story: Govind Nihalani
Vanya Joshi,
Lalit Parimu
Manoj Bajpai
Uttara Bhavkar
Utkarsha Naik
Kavita Shayrath
Vineet Kumar
Anupam Shyam, Kishor
Kadam Aditya Shrivatsav
Harish Khanna, Ravi Kale,
Manu Verma Satish Rajwade
Sohita Thate, Anita Udgadda,
Manasi Upadhyay, Heera Desai
Parag Wagmade,
Ashutosh Rana, Sanjeev Vatsa,
Baba Majgavkar, Ajay
Upadyay Miskil, Gulam
Story: Govind Nihalani,
Tripurari Sharma
Screenplay: Tripurari
Sharma and Govind Nihalani
Translation: Tripurari Sharma
Main asst. Director and Production
manager: Shivaji Dasgupta
Art direction: Nitin Desai
Sound: Pankaj Seel, Prabhal Pradhan
Mixing: Adlabs
Editing: Govind Nihalani
Editing assistance: Srinvas Patro
Songs: Suryabanu Gupt
Singer: Sanjeev Abhayankar
Good fortune has
stepped into my home
Good fortune has
stepped into my home
My fortune has become favourable
Good fortune has
stepped into my home
Good fortune has
stepped into my home
Music: Vishal Bhardwaj
Background Music: Raju Singh
Executive Producers: Anil
Pandit and Govind Nihalani
Produced By: N.F.D.C. and UNICEF
Direction and
Cinematography: Govind Nihalani
Brides face is very bright... morning sunshine of Spring.
She is very attractive and beautiful
Now everywhere, there
is greenery everywhere.
Good fortune has
stepped into my home
In the sunshine,
we have welcomed her with aarti
Today she will get her
moon after showing her face.
Today she will get her
moon after showing her face.
The bride is very
different than others
Good fortune has
stepped into my home
My fortune became favourable.
My fortune became favourable.
How much is it?
- Fifty.
Did you measure properly?
Has the measure done
with one hand come to fifty?
Have you seen the bride?
- Vidya is my friend.
We will tell father
and call her here only.
Girna, we are not happy to
take the possession of your land.
But your loan amount
is increased too much.
We are getting only Rs. 2085
after selling your whole land.
My land is...
...the sign of our ancestors, sir
You are repaying the
loans of your ancestors only.
Kuditji, why are you not taking
him for mining work? - Yes Sir.
Are his land papers ready?
Take this paper.
Stamp it with your thumb.
Yes, put it here.
Come here. Put it here.
Put your thumb impression.
Girna, keep sitting.
Keep this thousand
rupees now. Is it okay?
If one's land has gone, he won't
be able to survive in this village.
Now this mine is only there.
If you get this younger one
then I will give Rs 400 more
He will not go to the mine.
- He will earn something.
He will also learn some work.
You do whatever you like.
But I will not send him.
I will teach him and I will
make him a capable person.
There is no school in the
village then how you will teach him?
There is a school, it is half built.
Other half will also be built.
School will open, somebody
will come to teach our children.
See Girna, I will tell
Thakur and I will increase... least 100 to 125 for him.
Now you think over it.
Thinking that Mohaniya will
become educated is just arrogance.
Whatever god has written
for us only that will happen.
There's a letter
from the Prime Minister
It's written in the
Panchayat Newsletter
Which I will now read to you
He has written that...
You... I mean the Sarpanch
The election of the village council
will be held for the welfare
and prosperity of the village
They have hopes
that the Panchayat...
will be able to fulfil them.
It has to be considered
The women, the under
privileged should be given...
a representation in the Panchayat... give them equal
rights and opportunity.
Seats should be reserved
for women members of all castes...
One third of the seats
have been reserved for them
So, this is the news
Yes, sir.
By the 73rd amendment
passed by the parliament...
and endorsed by the President
the Panchayat Raj has become
an integral part of
our constitution...
We cannot deny them
this democratic power
We can't keep it
pending for a long time
Elections will be held now
After twelve years!
Yes and we can't delay them either.
Your work load will
increase B.D.O. Saheb
But carry on with the elections
Let's see who will win.
Who can oppose you Thakur Saheb
I don't wish to
participate in this election
Yes Devidayal, I'm thinking about it
There's a quota for women too
Yes, he told me that...
amongst nine members
three women must be present
Then we'll have to
look out for them.
There's no one present here
That is why it's
important to give them a chance
When they lose an opportunity
you can say that we tried.
The govt. Feels that...
the Panchayat will work for
the poor and for the masses...
only when their
representative is present there
That's why women and the backward
classes have been given a quota
That's alright B.D.O.
Saheb but tell us...
has anything new been
decided on the Panchayat Powers
The welfare of the village
will now depend on the Panchayat
What should we do?
What shouldn't we do?
How do we go about it?
All the decisions will
depend on the Panchayat
Yes, you've put your
burden on us and you're happy
There will be a
change in the Panchayat
Only time will tell.
Till then you can
gauge your strength
Declare the date of elections.
It'll create havoc after 12 years
This is too much! Can't
you contest this election
How can I? I've never
stepped out of the house
I don't know how you
passed your internship
I studied at home and gave my exams
You don't have to go anywhere.
Just a signature is enough
Aunt was advising that...
...I shouldn't strain
and trouble myself
It can affect the child
Yes, it's a nice excuse
Why don't you ask Vidya.
She's passed with a first class
She used to address
meetings at the college
She's my childhood
friend She won't refuse me
If you say...
Shall I meet her?
Sit down
- It's alright, sir.
Please be seated be comfortable
I'll send a few
pillows to your place
You'll get used to it
You've worked hard all these years
Now you can lead a comfortable life
Chunni Singh
- Sir.
Take it Punaram
Where shall I put
the thumb impression
Here. Give me that one
Give me that one
I'm helping you to
contest the Panchayat elections
You'll have to get the
votes of your group.
But you're my lord, sir
Bear this in your mind
You'll be sitting with Kunwar...
in the Panchayat in
front of the people
Yes sir
Take this
Chunni singh is great. I've
just got to tell him and...
Have you filled the forms
for the post of Sarpanch
Yes, I will
Why don't you contest
for the Sarpanch's seat
No one will oppose you
Devidayal has become smarter.
He'll contest as a Sarpanch
And shall I oppose a contractor
Something new is
happening all the time
Why not do something new.
I'm trying for MLA's seat
If I don't go ahead in my old age,
I'll be known as a fool
Then forget the Panchayat dad
I've been working for 19 years!
If I'm ignorant I've had it
I've already fixed
three members for you
There should be
at least 5 members amongst...
...the 9 of the Panchayat
And you will also be
involved as a Sarpanch
Has my daughter-in-law signed
You're involving the
whole family in it
This election is no game
Devidayal and Janak
will fight tooth and nail
because the Panchayat has powers.
Every vote has value. And
we've to create our strength
That is why every
candidate should belong to us.
Dad, she is pregnant.
I'd forgotten. No...'s not right... will save our honour
No one can say that
we're cashing on her name
What about Bhanwar's wife?
I've heard she's studied in college
Yes Bhanwar is my friend
I'd helped him with his fees
Try to recollect how
many favours you've done
Enough to trust him
This will be one more favour.
We can get the
votes of his caste too
Will you sign here
and here.
What papers were they?
I don't know.
Here take this.
The rest you can complete.
I'll leave now
In the 73rd, amendment
the ladies are the pawns.
Ghanshyam has used Pushpa Bhabi...
but he will attend the Panchayat.
We should also make our
wives contest in the election
Get her name registered in
the forthcoming election
Yes why not.
But I will not stay
at home like Pushpa
I will attend the Panchayat
Oh, come on Bhabi.
Yes, I mean it. Think over it
Devidayal, I'll be contesting anyway
So what.
There's no rule that a
wife cannot be a candidate
It is important that our
party wins in the Panch
Have faith in me
Your joys and sorrows will be
shared by Janak and Krishnabai
On one side is Kunwar
and on the other is Bhanwar
Highly educated are our women.
Tomorrow will be their turn
Vidya Devi is today's lady
On one side is Kunwar
and on the other is Bhanwar
Highly educated are our women.
Have you registered
my name anywhere?
Yes for the Panchayat membership.
That's all
Why didn't you tell me?
You'd have known once
you win the elections
Do you know the
responsibilities of the Panchayat
That's why I've sent you there
You're educated and intelligent
Anyone can shoulder
responsibilities of the house
So why not bear the
responsibilities of the village
Thank you very much
I'll have to listen to you
here and the world outside
Do I say anything. I
only listen to you
And the villagers are calm people.
There's only the
heat that you've to bear
Take your veil or else...
Welcome. Thakur Saheb
The elections must be held
uninfluenced and in calm conditions
It is going on, isn't it?
- Yes sir, as you please. Come in
I'll follow the line
it's a democratic country
No Thakur Saheb, you can go ahead
How are you, Bhanwar
- Everything fine, sir
Victory to Sarpanch Indersingh
Victory to Sarpanch Indersingh
He's won, He's won
Indersingh has won!
Victory to Thakur Indersingh
Victory to Thakur Indersingh
Victory to Thakur Indersingh
Victory to Sarpanch Indersingh
Victory to Sarpanch Indersingh
Victory to Sarpanch Indersingh
Victory to Sarpanch Indersingh
Victory to Thakur Indersingh
Victory to Thakur Ratansingh
Congratulations Kunwar
Congratulations Bhanwar
You are looking good
- Give it to me
Hey what's this. - Keep
quiet I know you're in the Panch
You've won. But it is my Victory
The Panchayat is great
The Panchayat is great!
How can I sit along with
the Thakurs in the Panchayat
We are friends Bhanwar
Sir, this is equality.
But I will not celebrate like this
I will invite you home,
and toast in the same style
In a glittering glass!
You can give me drinks in an
earthen pot I'll accept it
No, it's a bygone style...
Now it's the English style.
In a glittering
glass that too English
You'll know my status then.
Fine, I'll come and
have it in a glass.
It's a promise
True, but I shouldn't say this... are in the habit of promising
Yes the mood is right
I was telling Chunni Singh...
that a telephone should
be installed in your house
Telephone? - Yes, you are
a member of the Panch now.
Am I?
- Your wife is!
But you should have a telephone
You have listened to me
and fulfilled our wish
Now it's our turn
What's the necessity of a telephone
It is necessary and
will be installed.
That's a promise.
Be happy. Daka be
with my daughter-in-law
It's alright. Don't be scared.
You know them.
Indersingh is there too
I'll be at the shop
Come Daka
Come Be careful
Be victorious
Welcome Indersingh
Please be seated
You have elected me as the
Sarpanch and given me respect
I'm thankful to you all
If given the
permission may I say something
Please do. We are here to listen
After twelve years the
elections have been held.
And you can see the results
The villagers have
made their decision
And it's my duty to
fulfil their dreams
In the presence of all the members
Pushpaji is not present
I've come in her presence
He's her husband
You are aware about the
circumstances of the village
You know the needs of this village
and it's customs
Where are you
dragging him. You beasts.
Leave him alone
Where are you taking him?
How can you be so cruel! Leave him.
He cannot walk. I beg of you
Look Kanwalsingh I beg of you
Wait, he cannot walk are you blind
Shut up, don't talk too much
You don't clear your debts and...
So do you plan to kill him
We are just taking him to the quarry
not to the guillotine
Help. Please come forward
They're making a
sick man break boulders
Somebody please help me
Don't just watch,
please come forward
Leave him... leave him...
Where are you taking
him? What has he done?
Ask them. He drinks
and sits at home...
and never bothers to work
Where will he run away?
Can't you stop them?
We don't know what
terms they're dealing with.
What can we do?
For a few days till he recovers.
They've got to fulfil
their duties and we've got ours
If you need the money
don't pay us a penny
But don't trouble a
sick-man leave him
Leave him.
Kanwalsingh I beg of you...
Leave him... leave him...
So many of you standing
here can't you say a word
Can no one help?
That lady talks a lot.
One has to reap what one has sown
Once the soil is useless
there only remains the hay
But one does sympathise.
You witnessed it that's how you know
Or else who
understands a woman's problems.
I perceived yet I couldn't
understand their problems
What could you have done?
It's not a woman's job
You were allowed to go
because of Indersingh
Don't I know how women are
treated amongst these men
As long as I'm there,
there has to be some
value for my presence
But always think before you talk...
so that you don't regret later
I still regret
When your father-in-law expired...
the brother-in-laws
took over our fields
I went to the Panchayat,
I begged of them
Nothing happened, I
came back empty handed
I became a laughing stock
and had to close my doors
Yet if there was
someone in the Panchayat...
who could sympathise.
Wouldn't it change my fate.
But it wasn't so.
If you could
help someone today...
...wouldn't it be nice
If we give joy to
others we will find joy
Why've you come?
Whatever happened the other day...
It's the same old thing.
The Thakur has won again
I wanted to help but I was helpless
When it concerns us, you
people are always helpless
It's always the other way round
No it isn't. But...
Why are you
rubbing salt on my wounds
Didn't Indersingh
make you a candidate
What has he got to do with it?
They're sailing in the same boat
It was Chunni Singh and his
rogues who dragged my husband
They were Thakur's men.
Don't be so naive.
I'm new to this village
I'm not aware of this
place If something happens...
You can wait and watch
How they will make my
husband slog at the quarry
Someday. They'll
take my son away too
They can't do that
They will. Everyone
has to face the same fate
Does your son go to school?
It ran for two months.
Ask anyone if he ever bunked school.
My son should be
educated what more do I need.
The School opened
and closed down too.
I don't understand
No one knows
The poor teacher.
They were so lecherous.
- The men of our village, who else?
She stopped coming here.
They said that a permanent
structure will be constructed
A big building I was hired to work
They didn't pay us. The work stopped
What more can I tell you.
There's corruption everywhere
Whatever happens the
school has to reopen
Everyone says this.
But when it comes to
the Panchayat it's a zero
I mean to say Devidayalji...
The school building is
empty and is not being used
So why not use it as a
go down for the Panchayat
But what about the school?
I mean what will
happen to the school?
Yes, I meant the same too
The building is empty
because its half constructed
If its completed
then there's no problem
You're forgetting,
that the land on which
the school stands...
was given to the panchayat by us
But for a school, wasn't it
Are you questioning
me about my property
The work for which the land
was taken by the panchayat...
will have to be completed
Who will say that the
building is meant for the school
I Suggest that the
building must be constructed,
and painted first...
and plastered well.
Then put a black board too
A Master should be appointed.
Yes we will think about it
We will construct it but
what's the use without a Master
Whose responsibility is
it to hire a Master...
the Panchayat isn't it?
If you all agree I will
apply to the B. D. O...
then let's wait for an answer.
You are avoiding my question.
It's two years since the
master stopped coming.
But listen to me
It didn't make a
difference to anyone
I think the villagers would
like to do something about it
Sure. When have I refused.
If the Gram Sabha was
called and an opinion taken
If we call the Gram Sabha
for every small reason...
then what's the use of the panchayat
Look it's ringing
Yes it is.
Kunwar Saheb has said that
we should inform him about it.
Call him immediately
What's your number?
- 1, 4, 8
Bhanwariya you've got telephone.
It has just arrived
It's working Give me a packet
Here take it
The Panchayat has
worked wonders for you
I heard Indersingh has got a mobile
Indersingh has sent the phone here...
And in return took
away a working hand
What do you mean?
I had started the
topic of the school... the meeting was it wrong.
But your wife spoke
about the master...
and Indersingh took an opportunity.
But a school without a master...
He has the same opinion
Let B.D. O saheb reply
You don't understand. Once
it's used as a go down...
then forget about the school
Once it's turned into a godown...
then Thakur's work will
increase and so will yours
That's nothing.
Store your goods today...
when you get the opportunity
sell it at a higher cost
Did you hear that?
The whole village is
discussing about it
We are not far behind
I feel so hungry that I
feel like eating continuously
You will feel hungry.
You are not eating alone
There's one more
life you've to support.
Did brother-in-law
talk to B.D.O. Saheb
I reminded him but
he's so forgetful.
He's promised.
He was the only one
in the Panchayat...
who wants to turn the
school in to a godown
You have seen how green
the fields are this year
We have taken over 5 more fields
There'll be a good harvest
Do you know when the
harvest is good the prices drop
Wait for sometime our
house will be cluttered
Where will we keep them.
When the place is empty...
Why not make use of it
I will stitch a
Jaipuri skirt for you
And if the school reopen?
Look Vidya, you may not feel
but we consider you one of us
Do something Madam.
Talk to the Panchayat...
But reopen our school
The Panchayat
considers everyone's opinion
But you said that they're
planning to turn it into a godown
There's yet time for the harvest
Time does not stand still.
I don't know how
long my husband can work
Once he stops working...
they'll drag Mohania
to work at the quarry
And make him break boulders
Why are you saying that?
Let him learn to read, and
understand their accounts
I won't send him to the quarry
Tell me, Ms. Vidya
Where are you off?
Just here
Are you writing to your parents?
- No
Who have you complained about?
It must be about me
Give it to me I'll post it
No its close-by, I'll post it
Don't you trust me. Give it to me
Don't worry, I'll post it
What happened?
How much do you know
about this village
Me? - How big is it. How
many wells does it have.
Nothing - You could inquire.
I would've told you...
then you wouldn't have done this
This is a matter of a school
He had promised that...
he'd meet B.D.O Saheb
and call the Gramsabha.
He didn't have the time
Indersingh is very
close to B.D.O Saheb
There must be some reason...
That's why he opened
this letter and stopped it.
Was it fair enough?
Vidya the respect and...
the membership that you've achieved all because of Indersingh
He has always favoured me...
...with fees, clothes and food
Mahisari asks me about it
And Indersingh questions me.
In front of everyone.
Mahisari hopes of educating her son
And we've to favour Indersingh
Madam, Mahisari has called you
Four men came and left Hira.
He is in a bad state
You leave, I'll be there
Come quickly. Or you'll be too late
We must take him to the hospital
We must get a camel cart.
At this hour of the night.
He was ill then.
I had seen him when
he was dragged away
We will see at dawn.
If she has asked for me,
She must have hopes.
One helps the
enemy in such condition
There she comes
The day you saw him was the last
I couldn't do anything to help
I know how much you can help...
...I knew this would happen
Since the day he was born
he's trying to repay his debts
If he had to die, he
could clear the debts...
he could have freed us of it
Do not wish from the dead.
Only then will they find peace.
How can his soul find peace
when I'm restless here?
Console yourself Mahisari
Once they go to the
quarry they return like this
I've lost three sons
Don't say that auntie...
...It frightens me
Send Mohania, everything is ready
He has to perform the rites
He has to tie the
turban and light the pyre.
And he has to repay the debts.
No, Mohania won't tie the turban
Mahisari the son
has to light the pyre
One is dead now it's his turn...
I won't let my son pay the debts
I will light the pyre.
He was like a brother to me
Don't be stubborn,
one has to perform
the rites Mahisari...
Or his soul will not rest in peace.
Go Mohania, go my son
Come Mohania
68 sacks from Tanaji.
45 sacks from Punaram
150 sacks from Shamji
81 sacks from Gopalji.
76 sacks from Lakshman.
Kunwar we need the godown urgently
It will be ready
You are early Devidayalji
I was in time but you are late
Devidayalji you've got
to live in this village...
...and so do we
We have been and we will
I don't want people to
talk about our relationship
It's up to you to make
and break them
I just met B.D. O Saheb and
passed a scheme for the village
A road will be
constructed towards the temple
100 men will be hired
We can take the permission and
complete this building construction
What is the budget?
1.5 lakhs
Only for the school
There's no budget for the school
We're using the money
from the road budget.
And then we can decide what
the building can be used for
The budget is too less
for this work
Half of it will be
used for plastering
Complete the walls and the roof,
the plastering can be done later
It's impossible to
increase the budget
When shall we start?
As soon as possible
Come on, slowly...
- Yes
Empty this
Build the walls quickly.
Our children are roaming around
Hope the school bell rings quickly.
Mohania come here.
Here take this mistriji
Come quickly Kalubaba this too
So little. Only 12 rupees
They have sent only this much
They had promised 22 rupees
They promised. But now just this
We have paid the
same rates to everyone
They said the same thing last
year and promised to pay later
They haven't paid as yet.
When work began they promised
to pay everything and now this
Let bygones be bygones
The money belongs to the Panchayat
You are a member and you don't know
I can only pay this.
Either take it or leave it.
Take what they're paying
You've to look after Mohania
Take what you get. And
what happens will go on
We'll have to take a stand
Either take this or nothing
Take this or leave it
You've taken your share. Now leave
May you be blessed with a son
Come. Please be seated Bhanwar
Jijaji Prasad
- Yes, sister-in-law what is it.
You're in a hurry
Nothing special.
I just want to introduce
Bhanwar to B.D.O. Saheb
We are planning to open a
new ration shop in the village
He already owns a shop we are
going to include the ration quota
Don't forget to
mention about the school
You're very keen on it.
I'll have to remember
Vidya is worried because Devidayal
paid only 12 rupees to the workers
Yes the rate is 22 rupees. I know
without going through the files
But he spent a lot on the election
Now he will complete it somehow
If I had spent from my
pockets it would be fine
Won't I get any Prasad
This is all yours.
Unless someone gives it
to me how can I take it.
Panchayat is like a Prasad too.
Unless you say so,
how can I take it.
But you have been
working for so many years.
Yes people requested and I did.
Then you will remember...
that a few people
didn't get wages last year.
Is that so? It's strange.
There are no whereabouts.
Which scheme were they working for?
Jawahar Rojgar Yojna
I mean which section.
Education, Irrigation, P.W.D.
D.W.C.R.A., I. D, R.P.
I don't know.
What was the job?
I mean digging?
Measuring? Did they get
hourly wages or daily wages.
Or the way it's been
written in the yojna.
When was it?
Last year.
Who will remember it now?
It must have been closed down.
But they were saying...
Yes... we have to close
the account in the same year.
Everyone was paid then and there.
But Mahisari was saying.
And you suspected the
Panchayat because of her.
Tell me the truth.
Was it last year?
You're making no mistake!
I mean you must have
received the money and...
We do spend sometimes
you know. Or misplaced it.
One forgets such a meagre sum.
It was not a meager amount...
If I had the money I
wouldn't lose the land.
Hirna would've been saved.
The money was important.
She's still working.
But refusing the wages.
How come?
- I've got this.
And I feed Mohaniya
and put him to sleep.
I don't have to burn
the lamp in the night.
You suffer so much.
If I had the same strength...
I don't know what I would have done
I always come back half way.
It's the Panchayat's job
and I'm working for it.
But yet I don't know the truth.
Maybe I haven't tried.
But I'll find out.
I'll know the truth.
That lady has come with a
request from Paldi Meena.
She wants to meet you.
I can't meet her now.
Tell her she'll have to wait.
- Fine.
Don't worry,
come on Wednesday
your work will be done.
Yes, speaking.
Tell me.
No, I saw last night.
Send this file forward.
Saheb has left.
I'll wait for him.
He won't come now.
You're worried unnecessarily.
There's a lady in our village...
who toils in the hot sun everyday...
and then goes home.
No one listens to her.
I have gone
through your application.
I would like to tell
you one thing frankly.
Nothing can be done about this case.
The file has been closed down.
What do you mean?
We've made all enquiries.
Complete and closed.
Without paying them?
The money has been sent from here.
Go through it once again.
Maybe you've overlooked something.
Our records are complete.
Can I see the record?
No, that's not permitted
It's a question of our prestige.
You won't listen.
Then take permission,
I'll come again.
I'm trying to tell you.
Her name is Mahisari.
You said it was Paldi Meena.
The rate was 22 rupees.
March, April, May.
The payments were made.
Look here.
Is that her thumb impression?
How do I know. We filed
the papers we received.
But she wasn't lying.
I know her, you can meet her too.
I don't get paid to see their faces.
You don't believe me.
Look here...
...the name of the
village Paldi Meena
A complete record of
the school building.
On September 16 a
check was conducted.
It was complete.
A total budget of
556143.75 rupees was given.
But its incomplete!
I'm showing you the documents.
The work is going on.
I'll take you there. Come with me.
The inspectors
report is all complete.
And the work that's going on,
where's the record?
There's no work
going on at the school.
But the work is in
progress people are working there.
Maybe you're mistaken.
Me! I'm watching
the work in progress.
I could've believed you...
but I've submitted
the entire cheque.
Whose account?
The work was completed
on the Sarpanch's order.
It must be Ratan Singh then.
But he was questioning me about it.
What happened?
Do you remember the
first lesson of your school.
Why, no I don't.
I remember.
In the first lesson of
my book it was quoted
Always tell the truth. Don't steal.
It is a sin to lie.
Never cheat anyone.
It is a sin to lie,
it is a sin to steal.
I don't know how these
children will learn this lesson.
Their very
foundation is based on a lie.
What's there, is not and
what's not there, is!
What's wrong with you Vidya.
Do you see this building?
It is supposed to be ready
Totally ready.
It has no roof, no doors,
no windows...
no floors and they
call it complete!
In English its ready! File closed.
Sir, a baby girl.
Not a boy?
Did you hear.
You were the first
child of your mother.
It was the same with me too,
but not with you.
Everything's going wrong.
It's in our hands to set it right.
The world thinks that a
girl and boy are equal.
It's the new generation.
Yes mother.
You've haven't changed yet.
Bhanwar will be here any moment.
Here take these for the baby.
I don't feel like going there.
He has seized the money of
the poor of this village...
He submitted a false report
that the school is ready...
so much betrayal and
untrue worthiness.
He put me up as a
candidate with the same money.
If people come to know
this how will I face them.
Don't be silly.
How could you have known
Even if I had known it,
wouldn't have stopped him
I'm shocked.
Aren't you ready as yet?
Be quick. You
should've been ready by now.
I won't come nor shall you go there.
That place is too dangerous for us.
Their favours are troubling us now.
What are you saying,
won't you come?
Don't be stubborn on this occasion.
I don't want to go.
What is the child's fault.
Go see her and meet Manju too.
A small gift for the baby's arrival.
She has everything Devidayalji.
What was the need for this.
Please don't refuse.
Chunni Singh please take it up.
Congratulations Indersingh.
- Thank you.
A grand celebration on
the birth of a daughter.
You've set a tradition.
How are you?
Thank you.
Who is she?
How are you Vidya, it's okay.
She's Vidya a
candidate for the Panch.
Is she related to you
- In a way yes.
She's the same one who came
to inquire about the school.
Let's meet Indersingh.
Oh here's Bhanwar Singh.
- Devidayalji.
You've given the
panchayat members...
...too much
concession Sarpanch saheb.
What can we do
without your permission.
Give me a clue.
Excuse me.
Yes Bhanwar.
Kunwar Saheb, congratulations.
And you sister-in-law.
- Thank you.
Meet Mr. Sharma, our B.D.O.
- Namaskar.
She is Vidya, and he is Bhanwar.
Vidya is Bhanwar's wife, a Panch.
I've got to see the baby.
Yes, why not.
Bhanwar is a hardworking
man of this village...
and my childhood friend.
- Is that so?
Do you remember,
I told you about the
license for a new ration shop.
It was for him.
It will be done.
Come to my office and fill
a form and leave it to me.
Thank you Kunwarji.
Welcome Srimalji - Hello Ratansingh.
You haven't missed out anyone.
Please be seated, your
presence has blessed my house.
I am blessed because you threw us...
...out of this dirty village.
You must be joking.
This is for the baby, from us.
Oh there was no need.
It's a gift.
Chunni Singh take it up.
It's a special gift for
our daughter-in-law.
Why did you resign as Sarpanch?
I've lost my sleep over it.
Oh come on. Here, have this.
I hope you are not
jealous of our new found joy.
Srimal Sahab, let the party decide.
Let them decide who gives the vote.
Isn't it the truth?
But how much truth is there in it?
Who can tell?
Hello Srimalji, I'm Devidayal.
Come Mr. Sarpanch.
- Namaskar.
Madam there's one more chain.
Let me see.
Here there's one more for you.
My darling will wear so many chains.
Padma come to Vidya Auntie.
Look Padma such a big sky.
It has spread far and wide.
Look there's a bird flying.
It's flying in joy.
Look how high it flies.
Padma will also fly. Come on.
Come on fly.
Come on fly Padma.
There are a lot of guests
Yes, there are.
Everyone thinks that If
I wanted to celebrate.
I should've given birth to a son.
When there's no
manliness why blow the trumpet.
But I thought... - Nothing,
it's one more advertisement.
There was a time
when we lived in luxury.
Now we need to advertise.
Sometimes for the panchayat and...
...and other times for the
progress of the village.
There's no need to do all this... have enough
by the grace of God.
Oh, I have the Midas touch
We have a marble quarry.
There's enough money...
but I feel lonely.
There's no one to support me.
If I can be of any help.
You can trust me.
Can I trust you?
Why not. If you...
I can trust you but
what about your wife
What are you saying Kunwar.
She's digging out old
records behind our backs.
This is not a matter of trust.
I respect you.
That's why I was quiet.
You won't get a chance
to complaint henceforth.
Yes, why not.
It's a promise.
If we achieve this...
we can share the quarry too.
Five rings for five fingers.
Five nails.
Pearl in this one.
Sapphire in this.
Ruby in this.
Tell me what's on your mind.
You! I'm looking at you.
If you want to.
When I look at you I think...
If you help me I can do a lot.
I am wondering how to
break this cycle of sins.
Forget it and you'll see...
how it will change our lives.
Even after knowing the truth.
I don't know. Who
knows that you know.
But keep quiet, just quiet.
It's a greater sin to
keep quiet after knowing.
No one knows anything about it.
Everyone should know about it.
Forget about the
village and the Panchayat.
Let's talk of something else.
It's only an advertisement
There's trust and promise.
Have you forgotten
the marriage promises.
Have you?
Am I not your first love.
Don't think of anything else.
Don't test me.
Just once.
You've not told me anything Madam.
Their papers fool proof.
The school
building is also complete.
And everyone has
been paid their wages.
Do you know the meaning of this?
There's so much corruption.
They say that papers don't lie.
If it is my thumb impression,
then you can cut this finger.
B.D.O. Saheb has closed the file.
So will it be the same
again as it always happens.
No. We'll reopen that file.
What are you saying
Vidya? It will create havoc.
They are irked because, I've
not given birth to a son...
and now your Panchayat enquiries.
Our family will be
ruined and she will be blamed.
They'll say she's inauspicious.
You talk to your husband.
This should be
discussed in the Gram Sabha.
If doubts are cleared...
the matter will stop
here in the village.
So the matter is out in the open.
What's there to think.
Why be embarrassed
when it's out in the open.
Do what you can with this money.
Look Bhabi the carts
are going to the school.
Carts going to the school?
Today's a holiday,
they're bent on seizing it.
Teju go and bring
everyone to the school. Run. - Okay.
Look Bhabi there
they come. Come quickly.
What happened, Teju!
- Don't ask questions.
Hurry up. - Come on.
Let's go to the school!
School? - Come quickly!
We've to save the school!
Ms. Durga, Mr. Kalyan!
They will take over our school,
come on.
Look, they are here.
Come on, hurry up!
Come on!
Let it pass!
Come on!
Come on, hurry up!
Give way Mahisari.
Move or else there'll be bloodshed.
This is a school not a godown.
We have orders. Move away.
There'll be bloodshed.
Go away.
Mahisari move.
- Go away.
I'm telling you to go away.
- Go away.
I'm telling you to go away.
- Go away.
Go away.
Go away.
Go away.
Go away.
Go away.
Go away.
Go away.
They have evil on their minds.
If we hadn't come on time...
Thakur would've seized the school
They're all corrupt.
Thakur as well as Devidayal.
We've got to do something...
or else they'll grab the school...
And prepare false papers...
like they did with our wages.
I'm not connecting.
Neither at Indersingh's
nor at B.D.O.'s office.
What can the B.D.O. Do?
- He'll sanction your work.
Did you see how he cheated
us in the name of school.
He must have made over 150,000.
I had made proper payments.
It must be 12 rupees.
But Thakur took everything.
It's not a matter of
12 or 22 rupees...
but of the papers
which are different...
from those of the land.
It's a new paper with old promises.
Only the written word is true.
It's the Panchayat's
work and their money...
and we have elected the Panchayat.
We don't know what's cooking inside.
We'll question the
Gram Sabha about it.
Then why don't you call them.
I had requested, but...
If they don't listen to her
how will they listen to us.
I won't let them put a
single brick unless...
they tell us the truth.
Won't it stall the school work?
We should know
what's going to be built.
What if they take more time.
Let them take. The
school work shouldn't stop.
It will stop. We need a
place to run the school.
We need someone to run the school.
Why can't we run a school.
Why don't we do it?
We will run our own
school In this very place.
Why not?
Yes Madam.
But it's not so easy.
It's a responsible job.
Why don't we share
the responsibility.
Madam, you teach our kids.
You have studied at college!
Come quickly. Teju
bring them quickly.
Mohania here.
Come on greet your 'didi.'
Do you know my name?
- No.
My name is Vidya.
- Vidya 'didi'.
Have you come to study?
- Yes.
Come on talk.
- Yes.
Will you study together?
- Yes.
First, let's know each other.
First let's play a
game to know each other.
Put your slates down.
What is my name?
- Vidya 'didi'.
What is my name?
- Mohania
Vidya has caught Mohania's hand.
What is your name.
- Tinku.
Mohania has caught Tinku's hand.
Tinku has caught Chandu's hand...
and Bhairav has caught...
What is going on here?
School is in progress.
Has the construction work stopped.
Yes. Let the
Panchayat tell us whether...
they're building a
school or a godown.
Who advised you to
stop work. Your Madam.
We decided mutually.
We'll all study..
- Together.
They are being stubborn.
It's necessary to hit back.
Sir, they are showing their fangs.
Didn't you have any idea...
that Vidya would've joined them?
I had an idea.
So, does Bhanwar need a commission.
I've promised a big sum.
They won't listen to you.
If you wish to...
I have an idea.
Let me try it my way.
Have you enjoyed your leadership.
There were dreams of
the marble quarry...
He has returned the
Ration shop application too.
I had thought we could earn more...
and improve the
condition of our house.
But how can we.
She's worried about the village.
So what if it hasn't worked out.
We are living in comfort.
Do you call this comfort.
Torn slippers and broken tiles.
We won't suffer because of it.
But I'll always remain like this...
I will never rise.
We won't have two
chairs for the corners.
Look you want to
improve this house...
but there's something
more important than that.
We will have good floors and a fan.
Is it too much?
We don't need evil money.
What evil money?
Are we living on ill-gotten money.
Our elders have earned
She talks like an enemy.
I feel that we will
buy these things...
slowly in due course.
Never. It will never be made.
If you think of the
village it will vanquish us all.
I didn't join the
Panchayat out of choice.
You dragged me into it.
But for the panchayat
not to run the school.
What is the Panchayat for.
For the people, isn't it?
If they want to...
They want everything
- Shouldn't they hope.
This is my house.
And my wishes will be fulfilled.
I'm telling you not
to meet those people.
This is not possible.
They have been deceived
and I will support them.
So go over there
and don't look at me.
Look at me.
Why are you quiet.
Look here.
You raised your hands on her!
Don't you know...
your good fortune arrived with her!
I brought you up with love and care.
That's how you got this.
How old were you? Four years?
Your uncle wanted to
adopt you but I didn't agree.
Or else you'd have
questioned me why I left you.
Why are you telling me this?
Because one has to
look after one's child...
when it is born.
You cannot shirk responsibility.
Tie it tightly.
It has become useful now.
We have pitched tents
in several villages.
It has become useful now.
Our children will not suffer.
What is this? 'B'
'B'! - 'B' for buffalo.
- 'B' for buffalo!
Good. Now next is 'C'.
What is this? - 'C'!
- 'C' for..
Cat! - Very good.
Now next is 'D'.
- 'D' for dawn.
'D' for dawn!
It's for four forty five.
Take 5 rupees 15 paise.
The children have learnt to write.
Is that so.
Auspicious money for
an auspicious work.
Whatever you say it's
because of these women.
What others couldn't
achieve these women have!
If she had told us
she'd run the school...
I'd take the Panchayat's permission.
It will be cold at night.
Go sleep inside...
She toils in the sun
everyday with sand in her hair.
She stinks.
Bhanwar you...
It is happening because of you.
If you didn't support,
would she step out?
No, but you support her...
She's worked magic.
There are many who can
worry about the village.
But who will look after this house?
Tell me what can I do?
The hearth is better than
the harsh dust out there.
This dust is sacred to me.
But you're married.
I can't let Banwar suffer.
Give me some more time mother.
Just a little more.
They won't let the school run here.
Their behaviour has
made us more determined.
We will have to turn
this anger into a Morcha.
They may return.
We will have to guard this place
Or else they may ruin everything.
Henceforth, this will be our home.
I won't move, I
will guard this place.
We will take turns at housekeeping.
We will decide this together...
you will have to excuse me at night.
I'm sorry for this.
There it goes.
Let us begin.
Madam is with us, isn't that enough.
Mohania and I will
stay here tonight.
Yes tell the
Collector on our behalf.
No the situation is
not out of control.
Kunwar is behind it.
It may take 2 days.
Does the Collector
saheb plan to come here.
There's tension and its summer.
It's very dusty why trouble him.
The car may belong to the Govt...
but the petrol is public money...
it is our duty to save it.
Bring him a few days later. Get it?
Thank you.
Thank God the B.D.O. Respects us.
Don't delay. We've got to win.
I've sent for Bhanwar.
But he hasn't come.
He'll repent. Can't
you make the child quiet.
Kalubaba someone's approaching.
Don't know who they were.
But they planned to frighten us.
We've got to meet the
Sarpanch and do something.
Won't you join us.
You didn't ask us and
ran the school on your own.
Everything was so sudden...
and I didn't start the school.
Mahisari, Bisani and
many others were there.
Do you call it a school.
It's in ruins. There
are no books to teach.
Vidya is telling the truth Krishna.
At least support
us in the Panchayat.
Come to discuss with the Sarpanch.
Have you submitted anything
in writing to the Panchayat.
What difference will it make.
But it will be in black and white.
There are two parties.
Devidayalji's and Kunwar's.
And you've created enmity with both.
You should have thought earlier.
If I were to decide,
I'd do that forever.
But you were right about the papers.
What's the matter?
Had you sent a message
I would have waited.
The Panchayat wishes that
You have written down
everything that's good.
Our village has made progress.
B.D.O. Saheb has called me and...
I'm going for a meeting.
I will give him this
and discuss it with him.
We wanted you to know about it.
You want a school!
Give me some more time.
Everything will be alright
Who are you?
What do you want?
We would have supported him.
But did Bhanwar ever help us.
He has incurred a loss
and now he's helpless.
He added fuel to the fire.
Have you made a report?
Yes but the register is locked up...
and the Inspector has the keys...
Will he come to see the loss.
I will leave after
he comes. Give me tea.
If you live in water don't
fight against a crocodile.
If you've got to stay
here be along with them.
But you are listening to your wife.
There she comes...
with her troop! She will report.
You couldn't manage.
She'll do it in a minute.
Have you reported.
What have you come for?
I came to tell...
- Go away from here.
Don't try to act smart.
I know what to do.
Sit here.
Mother sent me here. She's worried.
It's late...
yet no one from the police
station has come to check.
They won't.
Aren't you happy?
It was all because of you.
You've got to be
frightened of the villagers.
Who are they scared of?
If you hadn't interfered
in the school matter...
no one would've touched us.
You don't realise. Those
who broke our house...
Can destroy this entire village.
Shouldn't we stop their arrogance.
But who is it?
You know them! Why
don't you tell me.
I had warned you.
Even if you knew
about the corruption...
be blind don't
aggravate this situation.
You did this because you
were Indersingh's friend...
or were you scared of him?
Were you prassurised to make
me a candidate for election.
But you said...
We don't interfere in
these matters in this village.
It's a relationship.
Which is always the Thakur's.
We know the consequences and
it's not necessary to talk.
And the result? The
account books vanished...
those who worked
hard didn't get paid.
Do you understand
the meaning of this?
They don't have oil
to burn their lamps.
They will light their oven
but won't bake anything.
Don't tell me anything.
I've seen enough!
You belong to this village.
You know the problems.
Why are you so
ignorant and blind to it?
I've some aspirations, some dreams.
I've some like you too.
Yours are being fulfilled.
It's Mahisari's dream,
The villagers dream.
That's why it's my dream.
Whom did I come to in this village?
To you, isn't it?
To make a home with you.
To be happy. To laugh.
Where has it all gone?
It can be rebuilt again.
It may be difficult.
Dreams collapse...
so that we can aim higher.
But one has to put back...
the one which has been shattered.
Where can I start?
No one will give me a
loan in this village.
Take this.
Keep it.
Vidya, I'll sell what I have.
Go, run along.
They want this
chaos so that we move.
No. Madam.
- Throw it, Throw.
I'm sitting here you can attack me.
There was commotion.
But you are behaving innocent.
Who sent the tractor to the school?
Who knows. We didn't send it.
What's happening Devidayalji...
you were against the Thakur...
You talked about the school.
But when the building
came into your hands.
Why are you quiet now?
Beware of what
you're saying Bhabi.
I'm aware of it, all these months.
That's why I'm asking.
You were elected
because of your money.
Krishna, is this the way to talk.
That too with Devidayal.
It's alright Janak.
She's from the Panchayat too.
Much water has
flowed under the bridge.
If we don't do anything now
the Tehsildar will point at us...
and the matter will
reach the highest level.
It's good.
Indersingh will get scared
and do something drastic.
His end is near.
People will ask
you what you've done.
It has been prepared by my mother.
She still grinds
almonds in this age.
You've undergone so much
and you didn't inform us.
We will set them right.
When I can't fulfil your
wishes how can I take favours.
You don't trust us Bhanwar.
But I heard and sent
for you immediately.
I've always
regarded you as one of us.
More than a blood-relation.
The soul is greater than blood.
There's no doubt.
Our identity lies with
our help for others...
...and trust in others.
This shows how much
one can trust others.
Trust is the root
of all relationships
If there's no trust, then his
relationships are all false.
Those who have betrayed
us can betray you too.
I shall go and meet Manju.
So many days have
passed but you're still shy.
She's very simple.
You should help her.
They are problems of the Panchayat.
Not of the kitchen.
I think she's careful
about what she does.
When did I refuse. But
it's the game of politics.
Women shouldn't interfere.
You mean when the question arises.
I think Vidya has influenced you.
Even friends become
strangers after marriage.
But look at me.
I gave Vidya a seat and a chance.
Who knew her?
And now she's out to ruin us.
You should've called us.
- I was confused.
Don't do anything
that'll harm your prestige.
I'm not against you
or your family Manju.
I am against the corruption here.
The poor have suffered.
I think you don't know that
I had suggested your name...
and he fulfilled my wish.
I didn't tell you to.
He got you elected...
gave you respect and honour.
People have voted for me...
I need to rise to their expectation.
You are betraying
those who have helped you.
Whom are you talking of.
This is our village. Our land.
And a few people have played games.
This house and a few
people from this house.
The villagers have been cheated.
I can't join hands with the corrupt.
Enough Vidya.
I've got to live here,
and bring up my daughter.
I've to tend to her.
How will you save her from
what's happening outside?
This is too much for me.
Do you know what he says...
she's brought ill
luck since she's born...
Why don't you kill her!
This is Mahisari's doing.
She's out to avenge us and
she's taken Vidya's support.
And you let her go?
I was like a glass.
If anyone filled it, it
didn't make a difference...
because I was of no use to you.
You had promised me Bhanwar.
But when one dies,
one opens one's eyes...
one can see the open
sky and the dry sand...
One questions every heart
beat that gives life...
and the breath that it shares...
You hadn't made any promises?
It or your wife?
If Vidya hadn't
interfered it would be the same.
Look Bhanwar, Vidya
has tutored you well...
or else you would
repeat what I would say.
Every man tries to learn the truth.
He has the right to think and know.
You mean to say that I
don't have a heart?
We don't have any feelings.
We only know to
complaint and mislead people.
I meant to say that...
It's alright Vidya.
Say something else.
Bhanwar. Let her speak!
Let us also know
what the matter is...
that has wrecked our relationship.
You may have forgotten,
but I remember...
Remember well...
how you stood under the
window one afternoon...
alone and sad...
you were trying to hide the fact...
that your name was struck off...
from school as you hadn't paid fees.
Your face revealed everything
You've done many favours...
But did you ever ask my
mother-in-law what the problem was.
You kept on helping him.
But you didn't help us to get
our land from our relatives.
You didn't get to
the root of the cause.
Don't talk about our house.
It's not the solution for our fight.
But favour is the main cause.
I helped Bhanwar in his bad days.
Was it a mistake?
Why are you talking of mistakes.
It can be rectified with trials.
But we can't shun
our responsibilities.
Listen to this.
We've made him independent and
she talks of responsibilities.
Yes. Give equality to women
so that they can kick us...
the ones whom I trusted
have now become enemies.
Are relations based on obedience?
Are good relations formed when
one is dominated by another?
Can't there be equality?
I am a woman. Can't
I walk on this land?
Doesn't my heart beat?
Why can't I speak out the
truth that I experience.
The money belongs to every
house and every child...
it can't be used for the
luxuries of one house.
How can I believe in it.
I didn't say it was your fault.
The women of this
village are quite sly...
they shed a few tears
so that we trust them.
But we have the papers
and the records too.
Not all that is
written is the whole truth.
Fine, but this money
is given by the govt.
This is not their hard earned money.
The money is meant for
them for their work...
and it is my duty to
see that they get it.
You mean to say it's stolen.
It's not, it is a
sort of adjustment.
They have sent the
money and those who...
have to receive it have no idea.
What's wrong, if we have used it.
We have done a lot for this village.
We give them the time
and contest election.
No one asked you to.
You're doing it for
your selfish needs.
People who were called to
work at the school building...
were labourers.
We are taking their
hard earned money.
We are starving
them for our luxuries.
You have so much hatred and
doubts against us in your mind.
I never thought that
you'd misunderstand us.
Then please help us.
Make the records public.
Let the Panchayat see the papers.
The Panchayat has some limitations.
There's a system.
Which is decided by a few people.
Why not?
These women have taken the
Panchayat's building into custody.
Have they captured it or saved it?
If they hadn't.
The school would've been
turned into a godown...
and the matter
would have been closed.
We can create records...
which can cast
aspersions on your behaviour.
You have seen
records are fabricated.
You are involved with them.
So can be charged too.
I'll believe what the villagers say.
It was my duty to warn you.
You will be responsible
for everything henceforth.
Don't consider this school...
as your personal loss or victory.
Keep in mind the
elections next year.
If I keep quiet,
people will take advantage.
Be cool.
Leave everything to me.
If these women have...
taken over illegal
custody of the building...
they'll repent for it.
They have to be taught a lesson.
It's the police.
They are trying to frighten us.
Anyone there? - Madam.
After all they're the police...
what can we do at
this hour of the night.
Answer us.
We are the Police.
We have to keep quiet.
Whatever happens we won't budge.
We have the children with us.
What if something happens?
Let them hit me or shoot
I won't move from here.
We know that you're inside.
Come out quietly.
If the police force us,
the children will get hurt.
Shall we leave the school then?
I'm warning you,
if you don't come out,
we will have to come in.
Fine this is the last
warning either you come out...
or we'll have to take action.
You've come alone?
They don't want to.
- Then we'll have to arrest them.
Because you have unlawfully
taken custody of this building.
Custody? In fact we
have prevented misuse.
We are running a school here.
It's the law that matters.
Tell the others to come out quietly.
They won't.
You are trying to force us.
We are sitting calmly.
We are not doing anything wrong.
You won't listen.
Come on let's bring them out.
Hey... wait...
What are you doing?
Do you think this is right.
Are you justified.
I had warned you earlier.
Does it suit you... you are
beating innocent children.
Stop this. Please stop it.
Please stop it.
This is a matter for the Panchayat.
I'll call the Sarpanch.
It's alright...
Please come out all of you.
...go bring the Kunwar here.
Kunwar saheb is
wanted at the school.
He hasn't returned as yet.
Strange. The police has
come to the village...
and Kunwar Sahab has vanished.
What's wrong, any
problems at the school
Yes there's tension.
But the entire village is present.
I'll inform Kunwar
saheb when he returns.
You may go.
Madam, the police has
arrived at the school.
Teju had come for Kunwar
saheb but he's not there.
Teju said not to worry.
The villagers are present.
- I don't know. Let me see.
What's wrong Inspector?
Illegal custody.
We've to empty the place.
Is anyone hurt?
Madam, Kunwar saheb
will come when he returns.
But I must say
these women and children
have courage.
It's alright Kalubaba.
Do you have tea leaves.
There was so much tension
weren't you scared?
I was, for a minute I shivered.
Then I saw their faces
and decided not to move.
Didn't you think of me.
After all they were the police,
anything could have happened
It's strange.
So much has taken
place but I felt calm.
I was confident that you
would come. Mother too.
- Yes truly.
We were waiting for you, all night
The police was here,
there was tension
That's how they were ready to talk.
These women have ruined us
They don't know anything...
and are planning to do satyagraha.
Believe me Krishnaji
this matter will be discussed openly
What is there to discuss.
We've got to take a decision.
I have been taking
decisions Krishnaji.
She has a request
And there's a reason why
I was not fulfilling it
Her request is to
call the Gram Sabha.
I think we will do it
That's good
We've to give a 21 day notice
We will announce it in the village
That in 3 weeks the
Gram Sabha has been called
'Listen everybody'
In 21 days, next
month on the 12th...
The Gram Sabha has been called
in front of the Panchayat house
All the villagers,
people over 18, boys and girls...
should be present.
Let bygones be bygones
I hope everything goes
fine with this new issue.
Which new issue?
The one you started.
What do you know about it?
You mean, I...
I mean that you shouldn't interfere
You mean I shouldn't muse over this.
What is the need to think?
You have all the comforts
servants, clothes, jewellery
And if I say that
this jewellery hurts me
So now they trouble you?
Fine, discard them.
But you can't live here without them
Go and see the place once,
where you plan to go
Because once you leave
this place, you cannot return
No one will bring you back
Nor will anyone come for you.
That's my father's rule
Where are you going?
Are you coming. It's time to go.
Come quickly.
Gramsewakji, is everything ready.
Everything is fine sir.
Madam hasn't come as yet.
She will. But the ground
is empty. No one has come.
Who are you?
- Go away
We're going to the
Gram Sabha. Let us go.
There's no Gram Sabha.
Please return.
Make way
- Don't step forward
We won't go back, leave us
I'm telling you not to step forth
I might hit you! Get back!
- What are you doing?
Aren't you ashamed to
hit a lady. Move away
- Calm down.
Don't step forward..
- Do whatever you can.
I'm telling you, don't step forward.
- Run..
Tell us what shall we do?
The villagers haven't come...
...and our quorum is lacking.
The Panchayat members who made
this din about Gram Sabha...
haven't arrived as yet
We were not in favour
of the Gram Sabha...
but since everyone insisted.
You can change your mind.
Let's see later.
There must be some reason.
We'll wait for some more time.
B.D. O saheb, you...
We're already late by an hour
You can think over and decide.
Friends as you can see...
in spite of informing everyone...
the villagers haven't
taken it seriously...
...the panchayat members
present here, have decided...
the meeting shall be adjourned.
And B.D. O saheb has consented to it.
Sarpanch saheb we request
you not to adjourn the meeting
What happened?
I'll tell you.
Vidya bahen...
please come here
Come here
Please come here.
I was just telling these people.
People? Where are they
A good question. Where are they?
It's already late
Can I say something
Yes. Please do. Please come here
Whom shall I talk to?
Where are the people?
But yet I will tell
those who can hear me...
I know why you haven't come here...
You have been threatened
Someone has hired
goons to terrorise us
I can say this
because I was attacked too
We were stopped from coming here
Sisters and brothers.
We've got to overcome this fear...
And be brave, fight
against this terrorism
How long can we fear these
people and stay indoors.
I know it's not easy
to fight hired goons...
because they're violent.
But this is the time...
when we can stand up
and fight against them.
It has been proved that...
...we can achieve our
aims without violence.
This forum has
been set for you'll...
so that you can openly
talk what you always wanted...
...When you go about everyday.
The matter of workers,
the children and...
their education, their school.
This is the time to tell them
So that not only the Panch
elected by you can hear this...
...but the entire
village will know...
what you really wish.
What you want, will be
noted by the Panchayat
If you don't come out
today the entire village...
will be terrorised
by this fear forever
The silence will never be broken
They will stop you
from speaking henceforth.
We will be silenced forever...
and our dignity be destroyed
We will be silent like slaves.
I will not allow this I
will not let you do so.
The school you can see
is half constructed...
how is it complete in your records?
It's an old story. Leave that aside
No Kunwar saheb, it's not right...
you'll have to answer him.
If it is being completed...
isn't the money used
from the road scheme?
Who will give the
accounts of this scheme?
We want you to re-open
all the papers and...
records in the Panchayat...
in front of the
villagers so that they can see.
You're betraying us by
not building a school
but something else
There's nothing like that
It is, Sarpanch Saheb.
He has given this
land to the Panchayat.
Won't you let him talk
No one has given this
land to the Panchayat...
it belonged to the village...
But this family built four
walls and claimed it as theirs...
then they gave
donation for the school...
and now want it back
along with the building.
Kunwar Saheb may not be aware...
but his father cannot refuse this
All elders of my
age are aware of it.
In the year 1945 during famine...
these walls were built
and I laid the stones too
They gave us a handful of
grains and seized this land
Where are the
documents of the school land?
Why, why do you need
the land documents?
The matter was
related to the building
The land was discussed too
Kalubaba revealed that the
land belonged to the village
I told them, it belonged to us
Unless I prove it.
They won't stop talking.
The documents must be around.
I always keep them.
Are the documents true or false?
What do you mean?
Are they telling
the truth or are we?
What can I say. Our documents prove.
That is why it is
important to find them
But he said that, and the
entire village listened.
What can you do even if
you find the documents?
I will go to the court
and prove it through them
We can win the case with
the documents that we have...
and you can prove your
rights over the land...
but you can't prove
anything to the villagers
Why? - Because they believe
that they know the real truth.
We can fight this case
with the documents and win...
but the facts they know...
will never be wiped
out of their minds
They'll believe it.
When the birds have
already pecked the harvest
We can't get our grains
by running after them.
She's left, Kunwar Saheb
She's left
Where to?
To her brother's place.
She said that she would
bring up her daughter there
It's alright, you may go.
There's no need to
write anything more.
Give it to the
Panchayat in the village.
Don't consider your
resignation as your failure.
In politics a
resignation proves one's loyalty
You can prove your merit
by agreeing to your faults
You've to work for your
seat in this democracy.
You don't win or lose forever
Everyone came running. But
how could his tiny feet.
Go or you'll be late
I'll go to my school
5 rupees onions and
6 rupees potatoes...
I've got to store goods.
Madam I can't believe that...
a school has been
built for our children
It was your dream.
I don't know about the dream...
but I wanted my son to be educated.
It was your desire
which has brought us here.
It was not just dream. My
mother had dreams too...
but she took them with her.
But you didn't hide
them or wish them away.
You shared them...
That's how we knew there
were others who wished the same.
Sometimes I'm worried.
What if we had lost this fight?
The cause would
still have been just.
We have achieved this together.
Let's see what happens in the future
I only know one thing
that these men want to rule.
They will dismiss these
women from the Panchayat.
No Mahisari
it isn't so easy to
dismiss women from the Panchayat.
It's impossible.
Our law now says
that men and women
have equal rights...
in running the village.
Let's begin our prayers.
Our village..
Hopes exist in this village.
How many dreams have been buried?
Can you recall and tell me
Let me know just once
what aims the village has.
We will have to
struggle to accomplish them.
Really struggle
And we will win.
The women will shine.
Their hopes will rise and smile.