Santa Jaws (2018) Movie Script

No, Santa, please, don't do this!
Ho, ho, ho, Jenny,
you've been naughty...
...and the spirit
of Christmas demands a sacrifice.
Somebody, save me!
You better watch out,
you better not die!
-Stop right there, Santa.
Casey, I knew you'd come.
Are you going to shoot me like
a naughty little boy...
..or fight me like a man?
No sugar cookies for you.
You're going to eat your words.
And a very good night to you.
See you in jingle hell!
You saved me!
My hero.
You know you're the only
one I have in the world.
Casey, Casey...
Hey, Cody!
Are you done yet?
I dont know. I just...
I don't think we should end up
like that.
Do I detect trouble in paradise?
What are you girls talking about?
Having a little love respect?
Cody's latest brain child.
He wants to end it with ruby
slippers, instead of going dark.
Look man, I just think we could use
a little more redemptionism.
Maybe you can check it out.
I'll see if I can squeeze it
into my schedule.
Now... Who here is good with knots?
I'm certainly knot.
Come on.
Are you excited?
Tomorrow is the first ever Big Easy
Comics Christmas Eve party.
Yeah. Of course I am.
It's just... You know.
My mom has me help with the
Christmas Eve community dinner... her restaurant.
You'll still make it to the party
though, right?
Yeah. If I can escape my parents,
You have to escape your parents?
Houdini that.
That's gonna be the biggest
party of the century.
This is funny.
Yeah. That's because I wrote it.
-Next Frank Miller over here.
-Thanks, man.
This elf kill is savage.
Sometimes you are just
gotta jump the shark.
You know, your cartoon
about school uniforms... more likes
than the Winter Dance.
Yeah. It's my magnum opus.
Alright, I'm out here, guys.
-Later, man.
-Live long and prosper.
JFK to MSY is nothing.
Try flying to Hong Kong and
back and six times a quarter.
It's humid here.
This is going to be
terrible for my hair.
No, we're not giving them A Series.
Have you seen their
projected earnings?
That is a terrible idea. You've got
to be kidding me with that.
No, no. I'm not listening.
Somebody is at the door.
Can you just do
what I tell you to do.
Put the phone dow, Mikey.
Come on.
-Look, I got to go.
-Mikey, Merry Christmas?
-Merry Christmas, Pop.
-Oh, man. How you doing?
-I'm good, good.
-Good, good, good.
And you must be Georgia.
-Uncle Mike, how are you?
I'm good.
You still pitching?
I'll be starting this season.
You know,
before I went to Cornell...
...I used to threw the ball
around a bit.
Had a mean slider.
-Cornell talk already.
-I heard that.
-So, Georgia, what do you do?
-I'm a model.
-Model. For whom?
I don't think I know them.
-How was your flight?
-Not bad.
Try flying to Hong Kong
six times a quarter.
How you guys been?
Like chickens running around with
their heads cut off.
The Christmas Eve dinner tomorrow.
-Big brother.
-Who you calling big?
We were sorry you weren't
able to make the wedding.
Well it was in Monaco.
And you gave us a week's notice.
Cody, how are you, kiddo?
Good, uncle Mike.
Still drawing those
cartoons of yours?
Comics. Yeah.
Comic books. I stand corrected.
You follow each other
on Snapster.
Yeah. What's that?
Are you sure?
Yes, send it to me.
Thank you so much, John.
Have a Merry Christmas.
I just got a call
from Principal Matuzzi.
He said you drew an
offensive cartoon...
...that's all over social media.
I have no idea
what he is talking about?
Looks like your artwork to me.
The institution of uniforms
at a public school is unjust!
Clothes are an expression
of our individuality.
And if we start to suppress
free speech now...
...we're headed towards
-Take it down. Now.
-Oh, great. Merry Christmas.
-What about the first amendment?
-How could you be so selfish?
Your father teaches at your school.
You're embarrassing this family.
Hey, Come on.
It's not that serious.
Yes, it is.
You're grounded.
For a week.
But tomorrow's the Christmas Eve
comic book party.
Well, you should have
thought of that before.
Go to your room.
-With pleasure.
We should get going. Have to close
up the restaurant for the night.
Will you guys be fine settling in?
-Sure, yeah.
-I'll get them set up.
-Thanks, son.
-We'll be back before you know it.
-It's really nice meeting you.
-Same to you.
-Don't be long.
-We won't.
Who wants eggnog?
Home made. Made it myself.
-Hey, Uncle Mike.
I didn't see you there.
-Don't worry, I won't narc.
Papa still hates me smoking.
You know, I have a lot of frends
in the art world...
...if you ever wanted
to visit New York.
That'd be awesome.
But Mom would never let me go.
You should take it
easy on your Mom.
You know she was a bit
of a rebel in her day.
Ask her about her punk
rock days sometime.
I gotta take this.
-Hey, you forgot...
Here you are at Christmas.
Live your dreams.
Tony. You better be in bed.
I can't stand her.
They don't care about me.
No one has my back.
I'd be better off without them.
Isn't that right, Santa Jaws?
Rise and shine, little man.
What time is it?
It's time to go fishing.
Are you serious?
Did you forget about our annual
Christmas Eve fishing trip?
I'm really tired.
And grounded.
-I know.
And I know that it's your comic
book store Christmas party today.
Maybe we'll drop by on they
way back, what do you think?
Our little secret.
All right, all right.
I'll be in the truck.
-Come on.
-They're biting.
Oh, God.
Cody, are you all right?
I'm fine. Just trying to catch that
gopher mom was on about.
Totally done at.
Lemme help ya.
-Okay, thanks.
Just like your grandfather.
Not a creature was stirring, except
for me looking like an idiot.
Come on, let's ride.
Just you and me, out on the water,
Christmas tomorrow.
This is it.
This is the good stuff.
I guess.
I guess?
You usually love fishing.
Someting wrong?
Nothing's wrong.
Something's wrong.
Does it have to do with that girl?
What is there to say.
She just moved here. She's some
track and field star. I mean...
She sounds pretty cool.
I tried to talk to her
in the cafeteria once.
I ended up spilling
milk all over myself.
It was bad.
I understand feeling embarrassed.
I've definitely had my moments.
But if you don't face your fears..., you'll just get better
and better at avoiding them.
Maybe it's worth another try.
Thanks, papa.
All right.
Now pass me my thermos.
I got a little eggnog
I make every year.
Bragging about it myself.
There you go.
Oh, yeah.
You want some?
Sorry, grandpa.
-No worries, bud.
I got another one right over there.
I'll grab it.
Santa Jaws.
-Uncle Mike, you coming with me?
-Ready when you are.
Dad, Mom,
something terrible happened!
Cody, what are you doing?
You're supposed to be in your room!
I was fishing with Papa.
And something got him!
-What are you talking about?
-A shark. A shark got Papa!
-Cody, don't make things up.
-I'm serious!
Do I need to go inside
and wake him up?
-Yes! Go look in his room!
-Don't be ridiculous.
We will not engage in this fantasy.
I'm telling the truth.
You're grounded for another week.
Now go to your room now!
You know how important
honest is in this family.
And dragging your grandfather
into this who loves you so much.
-Are there really sharks here?
-Now give me your phone.
-We have to do something!
-Hand it over, now.
I can't believe you would
do this on Christmas Eve.
If you even think about
going out again...
...I'll take away
all your art supplies.
Come on.
Let's go.
I'm really disappointed in you,
Weak, bro.
I can't just stay here with
that thing out there. It got Papa.
I can't sit here and do nothing.
But what can I do?
No one's gunna believe that there's
a great white attacking Port City.
There hasn't been a shark in
these parts in a thousand years.
Yeah, it got Papa. But if it got
Papa, there could be others.
There will be others!
I have to do something.
Mom was furious, beyond furious.
I've never seen her that angry.
And if I go? Oh, God.
Nowhere to go.
I've got to do something.
Real lives are at stake.
My phone.
Mom, Dad, I know that
you don't believe me.
But you're in danger.
I have to stop this thing.
Okay. I'm talking about
writing a comic...
...that is so original...
...that it defies all comic tropes.
Like a...
...genius scientist
who creates a super formula...
...but then when he tests it on
himself things go terribly wrong.
It's something that makes you
think about the structure...
...of a graphic novel
on every page.
You know, that, to me...
That sounds dumb.
Guys. Something happened!
What's up, dude?
Something attacked Papa
in the bay this morning.
A great white shark attacked papa.
We were at the fishing hall,
and something...
...grabbed him and pulled him
into the water.
Sure, Mr. Dryfuss,
how big was the beast?
It must have been twenty feet long.
Bigger maybe.
And lemme guess, it had glowing
red eyes like Rudolf's nose?
Exactly! It's savage.
And it almost got me.
I see... I see what he's doing.
Well, since it's your monster... should probably
get the pronoun right.
Santa Jaws is a she.
Born a runt, she was attacked by
the other sharks in her frenzy.
She only survived by becoming the
quickest and smartest of them all.
After eating evil Santa, she gained
his powers and she doubled in size.
She grew so powerful that no other
sharks would even get near her.
Ever since,
she has roamed the oceans alone...
...cut off by her own
savage nature.
Can you stop?
I was making it better.
Yeah. I know.
I illustrated every panel.
But I just saw her for real.
And she's eaten your grandfather?
-I know it sounds crazy.
-It doesn't sound crazy.
It sounds absolutely insane.
Yeah. It kinda like that...
...demonic clown who live in that
abandoned building on Congo Street.
Or the time that you swore a corpse
dug out his own grave...
...and was hiding in your backyard?
Where's the comic, Clark?
Where is Santa Jaws?
Yea, buddy, I dug it.
It was awsome.
It's no Eviscerator, of course.
You've read my latest, right?
-Yeah, we all have.
-Of course you have.
It was so good I actually lent
it to one of the regulars.
Okay, she's not a regular yet.
But she will be. Guaranteed.
She's just moved here.
She knows her comics, too.
She looked at your artwork
and she was drawn in.
Are you kidding?
No, I'm not kidding.
You guys needed an ending,
Isn't that what you were
bickering about the other day... two little girls?
Ha? Couldn't decide on
how to end the thing?
I gave it to a regular, Cody.
You know why?
'Cause regulars are the people.
You gotta listen to the people.
Who did you give it to?
Bad touch.
I gave it to a girl named Jenna.
Dun, dun, dun.
The plot thickens.
You know her?
That's the girl from English class,
-Shut up.
-Your neighbor, right?
Shut. Up.
Your dream girl.
Can you not be an a..e, one second?
Yeah, nah. He can't not be that.
Look, there is a shark
in Port City waters.
Whether you believe me or not,
it's out there.
You know what? Wanna come with me?
I'll show you.
This party's a bust anyway.
Let's go.
Clark, are you coming with us?
-Who's gonna watch the store?
Hey man, don't break a nail.
You know that's sexist, right?
That comment.
Almost done. And look!
Very nice.
This is gonna make
such a V-cute post.
Feeling flaky.
Yours looks weird.
-It's a Mobius-strip flake!
What's a Mobius-strip?
A one-sided nonorientable surface,
embedded in Euclidean space.
-What do you do again?
-I'm a high school physics teacher.
That makes sense.
You two look engrossed.
We are. How are things
coming in the kitchen?
We just put the turkeys.
Josh and Mike are peeling potatoes.
And I'm getting ready
to start on pie crust.
-Your famous apple?
-That's right.
Pecans, cheddar cheese
and my home-made whipped cream.
My not-so-secret recipe.
How long have you guys been
doing this Christmas Eve dinner?
For almost a decade.
It's our way of giving back
to the community.
It's like your own personnel
Ice Bucket Challenge.
It's starting to
smell good in there.
We should get going
before we can't leave.
Yeah. We rented a yacht for the
annual Christmas Day boat parade.
Couldn't be complete without
showing Georgia my sea-faring side.
My followers are
going to love this.
They haven't seen me in
a bikini for months.
Do you remember when we used
to watch the Parade as kids?
You couldn't get
enough of the lights.
Yeah. And you couldn't get
enough of the yachts.
What's the point of having
a boat if it's not the biggest.
We love watching the parade
from the restaurant deck.
We'll wave to you tomorrow.
Hashtag Christmas spirit.
I don't see a thing.
She was out here.
Disappearing into the depths...
...stalking the ocean deep
until her next attack.
This is where she was.
This is where it happened.
Tricky fish.
Sharks are Chondrichthyes.
Papa's thermos.
Holy molar!
What has teeth that size?
Only a great white.
A big one.
-And you think it's Santa Jaws?
-I know it is.
We need to get that
comic book back.
Well, at leat you and Jenna has
something to talk about now.
Santa Jaws is coming to town.
How do I look?
Did you go shopping again?
What? Do you expect me
to come unprepared?
Here. Take a picture.
It's the only way to know for sure.
You look spectacular.
Anyway. It's only going to be
you and me out there, hon.
One, two, tree...
You, me and 120 thousand followers.
They can only take so many
cardigans and pumpkin spice lattes.
Cute! You're getting good at this.
You have been listening.
Oh, yeah. After the dog-walking
leotard incident.
All right.
Let's get this baby cranked up.
What was that?
The motor.
Is this supposed to
sound like that?
I don't think so.
I'll take a look.
You stay here looking hot.
Oh, my God.
My pores look terrible!
Christmas lights in the propeller.
Come on.
Sleigh bells!
Okay. Just hang here.
Let me handle this.
Don't say anything. I got this.
Hell no. I've got to see
your moves.
Hi, Merry. Happy Holidays.
This is Steve. I'm Cody.
We go to school together.
Yeah, I saw you eat it
this morning.
I like her already.
You were going for a run at
like five in the morning.
I need to get my 1500 and 2000 down
before the start of the season.
I keep a very strict schedule.
you're that track and field girl... sister keeps talking about.
The whole varsity team
can't keep up with her.
I'm aiming for
a scholarship to USC.
Which means I should be getting
back my report.
Clark at Big Easy Comics
said that he gave you a comic.
Santa Jaws.
-He did.
That guy has a creepy vibe.
You still have it with you?
The comic?
The illustrations are cool and
I liked the callbacks to Reptilian.
I wrote it actually.
-You want it back?
-Yes, please.
That would be great.
Thank you, thank you.
-Bro, nice moves.
-Please stop.
My parents have been asking
to me to do that for years.
Now they're off in
the Bahamas and I'm here.
Yeah, I'm considering it.
It's gone.
-The comics gone.
I must have left it on my dad's
...when we were
decorating this morning.
We kind of need it back ASAP.
-I can take you.
It's only like a 12 minute jog.
If the restaurant is 70 by 50...
There's something in the water!
Are you okay?
Something pulled
Mike into the water. He's gone.
Mike is gone.
-What do you mean Mike is gone?
Josh, get her something
to cover up.
There was a fin.
Big, red fin.
I don't know.
It looke like Santa...
Santa's cap.
Wait. What did you see?
There was splash and
then Mike just disappeared.
There was like a ringing. Like...
Jingle Bells. Those eyes...
-Cody was telling the truth?
-She's in shock.
-We need to call the police.
-No, you take her home.
And then we'll meet you there.
Go with Josh.
-Where are you going?
-We're going to find Mike.
-I just need some time.
-Grab the keys.
Go home. Be safe. We'll be there.
I can't remember
I exercised this much.
I never worked out this much
I shouldn't have skipped breakfast.
Guess it's a good thing
that we biked.
I have been thinking
about doing a triathlon.
She really does have
a one-track mind.
Wait here. I got this.
Christmas Eve and
this is what we're doing.
Following your crush around,
searching for our comic.
Getting ready to fight
a giant shark?
This is not how I was hoping to
spend the holidays.
You've heard her.
She liked my illustrations.
Yeah, man. You're the next Pablo
Picasso of aquatic monster comics.
Just saying she has good eyes.
-Got it.
-Oh, hey. Thank you.
Were you doing sports in there?
It took you forever.
Thought I'd give you a minute
to catch your breath.
I know you have trouble with
Shots fired.
Do you hear that?
Reminds me of the line in comic.
"Bells on sharktails ring."
Come on. Let's go.
They said we'd only
last six months...
We need to make a detour.
If I know anything about Cody...
...the comic book shop.
A comic book shop?
Can we not?
We got the comic. Let's go home
and forget this whole thing.
-Are you crazy?
-Am I crazy?
You're the one who thinks
Santa Jaws came to life...
...and killed your grandpa.
My leg!
What the hell!
That wasn't?
Santa Jaws.
You don't think there was
actually a shark in the bay?
Of course not.
But Cody, this morning...
Mike was always playing
pranks like this as a kid, right?
Remember when Mike convinced
everyone in high school there...
...was a serial killer
on the loose.
He's a prankster.
It's just a prank.
Even if you don't like comics...'s a must read.
It's about these two
extraterrestrials from...
...different worlds that are
at war, but they fall in love.
Hashtag soulmates.
So where is Cody?
Should be back any minute.
More eggnog?
Come on.
-The shark.
It's real.
-I know.
We just saw an elf turned
into Christmas dinner.
Uncle Mike is missing.
-Santa Jaws.
-We need to call the police.
-Good luck with that.
-Where is it?
They must be getting things
ready for the Parade.
There it is.
Why do its eyes look like that?
They glow like Rudolf's nose.
So we just need to stay away from
the water and we'll be fine.
Yeah. You guys just stay here.
Santa Jaws is out there.
Which means other
people are in danger.
-The boat parade.
-Mom and Dad.
This thing is threatening our town.
It's time to step up
and defend what's ours.
Who would believe us?
Papa told me to stand up
to what frightens me.
And he's right.
If you start running from
your fears you'll never stop.
Uncle Mike was the same way.
He wasn't afraid of anything.
Except for clowns.
If we face what scares us,
nothing can stop us.
Just because we're young
doesn't mean we can't do this.
Are you guys with me?
We're going to need
a plan of attack.
-She's right.
-Are you serious?
That shark might be from a comic,
but we're not superheroes.
We don't even have
anything to fight it with.
I might have something.
Any more excuses?
Number 17. This is it.
-This isn't really a yacht.
-No, it's not a yacht.
They didn't even finish decorating.
Either that or they're
really bad at decorating.
There's something right there.
Can you reach it?
Is that Mike's hat?
Oh, my God!
-A shark. A big one.
No, no.
Cody was telling the truth?
It isn't possible.
It can't be.
It's going to be all right.
We just gotta...
Need the boys.
The boys! Go!
Wait. You're not coming?
I gotta watch the store, man.
Party of people gonna roll in
any second.
This party's really gonna be
What's this?
Just this old pen my
grandpa gave me for Christmas.
"Wer diesen Stift hlt,
hat groe Macht."
-That's Elven.
-That's German.
"He who holds this pen
holds great power.
With generosity in heart,
it can do only good.
Beware, he who uses it
for selfish gains."
Let's roll.
Come on, let's go, Cody.
Hey guys, can we stop somewhere
for food?
Now, how are we supposed to
get the shark over here?
Well, if you had read the comic,
you would know that Santa Jaws... attracted to anything
So all we need is a little
something Christmas.
Josh, your phone.
Time to turn out
the lights on this shark.
Look, over there.
Come here.
That's right. Keep coming.
-Dang it!
-You missed.
Let me.
Set your dominant foot as lead.
Then line up the sight.
And squeeze as you breathe out.
Yes! You hit her!
It's not slowing her down.
I got this.
Dash 'er and lance 'er!
I thought you were a pitcher.
Yeah, baseballs not harpoons.
-Guys, cool it.
-Where is it?
-She is gone.
-Grab her! Grab her!
-Help me! Help!
-Hang on!
Watch out!
Santa Jaws!
That was insane!
It lassoed Georgia.
It's called aim.
If some you had it,
she might still be here.
I didn't see you doing anything
but playing with your sword.
All right, back up.
Back up!
Fighting isn't gonna change
what happened.
I landed a direct hit and
the arrow just bounced off.
She's too strong.
Did you see what happened...
...when Georgia stabbed Santa Jaws
with the candy cane?
It actually hurt her.
You're right.
What if she isn't only
attracted to things Christmas.
But she can only be hurt
by Christmas things.
Something that's from her world.
No, no, no.
I see what your thinking.
The answer is no.
If Jena's right,
no one is going to believe us.
A shark that came out of a comic
...that can only be hurt by
Christmas weapons. Think about it.
That shark is way too smart
and way too strong.
We can't fight her.
One of us is next.
We created this thing together,
I might have been
the one who drew her...
...but you gave her
super intelligence...
...and an insatiable taste
for human flesh.
Now it's time to take her down,
All right.
We need some Christmas flare.
I saw a box of Christmas
decorations over near the dock.
We can mock up some more
of those candy cane arrows.
There's bound to be something
around here that's sharp...
...or goes bang.
-Steve, Josh scour the grounds...
...for more firepower, Jena and I
will dress up what we've got.
Let's go.
-Cody! Josh!
Try Josh on his cell.
It's ringing out.
Pop is not here, either.
A note!
-A note! A note!
You're kidding.
Let's put this fish on ice.
Wow, so you're going to be
starting pitcher next season.
I paid my dues.
How'd it feel to go
into the finals...
...against Montclair Park
and lose by one run?
-What's your problem, man?
-My problem?
You have a serious
chip on your shoulder.
I wonder why that would be?
At best all you and your friends
treat me and Cody... we don't exist.
When you get bored, we're chum.
-When have I ever got on you, man?
You and all your jock friends
treat us "nerds"... we're
second-class citizens.
Mocking us,
making our lives hell.
Treating us like rejects.
You're just a stereotype.
And you're not doing the same?
Reducing us to "jocks".
Everyone is part stereotype.
Anyway, you're going to use your
smarts... go to some great college...
...become successful.
Half of the dudes on my team
won't get scholarships...
...for them this is as
good as it gets.
Look, all I know is, what matters
most is what happens... the bottom of the ninth
when the score... tied and the bases are
loaded. And that's now.
What we do now is what counts.
I think we may have just bought
ourselves another inning.
-So where'd you moved here from?
Before that, we were in Houston.
The climate is actually
better for training here.
How'd you even start?
I guess I was always fast.
My dad been training me
when I was little.
Yeah, he pushes me.
Keeps me focused.
When I sprained my ankle...
...he read me track and field
magazines every day...
...for two weeks
while I was in physical therapy.
Sounds like he really
believes in you.
He does.
But sometimes... can feel like it's more
his dream that it is mine.
Not that I'm ungrateful.
It just...
...sometimes I want to just read
comics all afternoon...
...or eat a pint of double
chocolate fudge ice cream.
-Drowned in chocolate syrup.
What your favorite comic?
Mostly the ones
that don't come to life.
I like The Human Fight the best.
I get new issues on Tuesdays
if you ever wanna borrow one.
Look what we found.
Like Papa uses to blow up boar
at the camp.
Enough of it to level an elephant.
And for delivery...
A little taste of Christmas.
Looks good.
Let's blow this fish
outta the water.
This is where they go fishing,
I'm sure he would have come
back here...
...if he was looking for the shark.
What are you doing?
Come on, Peter,
we're gonna hunt down that shark.
-Are you crazy?
-No. I love my children.
Yeah, I love them too.
Okay, but you're going to get
yourself killed.
That shark attacked my family!
let's think about this logically.
Cody wouldn't have
gone at this alone.
We need to think about
where he would go to get help.
-Gimme the gun, Peter!
-No, we gotta get out of there!
Honey, we can't help our boys
if we don't stay safe.
This ain't safe.
You're right.
If we're going to find Cody,
we need to stay alive.
-Christmas chum.
You have any extra cookies?
I haven't eaten all day.
You never stop thinking about food.
Gill-ty as charged.
You guys hear this bells?
She's coming.
She's coming in hot.
-Get into position.
Okay. We can do this, guys.
Nice shot!
Another, before it goes under.
Oh, no!
Steve! No! No!
This is where Cody hangs out.
This guy should know something.
Are you Clark?
-Who's asking?
-We're Cody's parents.
Well, there's a shark attacking
Port City. Where's Cody?
That's top secret information.
How about now?
Clearance granted.
Cody is with friends at the marina.
They think the shark from
their comic book came to life.
And they went to fight it.
You let a bunch of kids
fight a shark?
-Your older son was with them.
-What's wrong with you?
-At least Josh is with him.
-And Georgia.
That's some sort of adult presence.
Let's get to that marina.
I'm so sorry.
I know he was like family to you.
He was.
This is a nightmare.
This is my fault.
I never should have made that wish.
It's not your fault.
You didn't know.
That pen brought her to life.
What if we use it against her?
The pen.
Josh, bring my bag over.
The pen.
It's gone.
When was the last time you had it?
The comic book shop.
He's not answering.
There could be too many
people at the party.
It's definitely not that.
Well if you know it's there
and it could hurt the shark...
Let's go.
Hey. Where do we go?
Closed. Someone's here.
Eggnog for the lady.
Hey guys.
Hey, Clark.
Do you know my girlfriend Svetlana?
No. You haven't met.
I thought you said
he was getting cat-fished.
Didn't you say the girl you
were chatting with was from Russia?
She is. Svetlana.
She just flew in. Suprise.
-It's a Christmas miracle.
Hey, what part of Russia
are you from?
She doesn't speak English, right?
You don't speak Russian.
Of course I don't speak Russian.
Online translation is amazing.
I think I left my pen here
so I'm just...
There's nothing back here.
I just tidied it up.
There's nothing.
Whose car is that out front?
That car? Svetlana's.
Hers. She has amazing taste.
Flew in and bought a car
and came and surprised me.
I need the pen, Clark.
What pen?
The pen and the box
with the inscription.
The one that brought Santa Jaws
to life. Yeah, that one.
The pen. That pen.
Papa's pen. From earlier.
I know exactly where that is.
I've put that in a safe place
for you.
And I will get that.
I'll be right back.
I'll get that for you.
You stay here, stay put.
I'll be right back.
-They're not here.
-This is some wild goose chase.
-Is this a crossbow?
Is that a mace?
Does this guy have a thing for
medieval times or something?
It's dangerous business
going out your door.
Where could they be?
This whole town is along the water.
I just hope they had
the sense to get far from it.
And what do you think
the chances of that are?
Approaching zero.
Do you guys see that?
Yeah, he is not coming back.
Nope. No, he is not.
-He's making a run for it.
-Come on! Go!
-He took the keys.
Bikes! Go!
Now what?
We'll drive along the highway
and check the docks one by one.
Process of elimination.
You took Papa.
And Mike.
I won't let you get my boys.
You got it.
I know a short cut!
There he is!
He is getting away!
I should've drove a faster car.
We got him.
Come on.
Give me the pen.
I don't have it.
Really, Clark? We are not idiots.
The car?
The girl? The cash?
Give it to me.
-Just give it back.
You left that pen in my shop.
Christmas is about giving, right?
-It's called stealing.
-Give us the pen Clark.
Tons of possibilities.
Endless money.
Girls. Yachts.
Super powers.
Clark, look at me.
This isn't you.
It's the pen. It's messing with
your head or something.
Just give me the pen, please.
Give it to me.
You're just a kid.
You don't know
what you're talking about.
Life is hard.
This is so easy.
I could've drawn Svetlana
so she spoke English.
Bu then I have to talk to her.
Who wants that kind of pressure?
Haven't you ever heard
"the ends justifies the means"?
Stay back!
-I will drop this right into water.
-It'll go down!
-There are lives at stake!
People are gonna die
if you do not give me...
I don't care!
I don't care.
Stay back!
All right. We're back.
Stay back!
-He's going to get away with it.
-No, he's not.
Jenna, stop. Jenna!
Jenna, stop!
There she is.
I got it.
I got it! Nice throw!
-Swim! Come on! Swim! Come here!
Swim! Swim! Come on!
You gotta hurry! Come on!
Jenna! Come on, now!
Come on! Over here!
-Hurry, come on!
Come on!
That's it! Yes!
Port City Police.
What's your emergency?
A giant great white shark
is attacking the town.
It got my father and brother-in-law
and my two children are missing.
-A what?
-My son thinks it came to life...
...from a comic book but...
-Ma'am, calm down.
-What's she saying?
-This line is for emergencies only.
What's she saying?
I think he hung up.
Well, that ain't good.
So kill her.
How am I supposed to do that,
genius, draw Xs over her eyes?
Slice her in half or something.
I'm afraid of drawing her again.
It could create another shark.
...getting rid of her teeth.
I mean, you think that worked?
I don't know.
Try impaling her.
I like that idea.
Do you think it worked?
I think so.
She has a horn now.
Maybe Jena was right, we should
just stay away from the water.
Are you kidding me?
This thing is going after
our family.
We have to get to Mom and Dad
before she does.
Don't worry, honey.
We're going to find them.
Last time I ever saw Cody
we were fighting?
What if I never see him again?
Don't talk like that.
Don't think it's not gonna be
the last time. I promise.
I promise.
Mom! Dad!
Oh, my God!
Come here.
I thought I lost you.
-We're worried about you, too.
I'm so sorry
I didn't listen to you.
That thing is a monster.
No, I'm sorry.
This is all my fault.
I wished Santa Jaws into existence.
I was just so angry.
What are you talking about, son?
I drew her and she came to life
and now she's targeting our family.
No, it's not your fault, all right?
Global warming causes
non-indigenous species... roam into unfamiliar
You're not listening to me!
It's not a shark, it's Santa Jaws.
It's Santa Jaws.
-Just listen to him.
We need to get inland
and contact the authorities.
What does this look like to you?
Look a little familiar?
I know her. I made her.
That is her!
You can either help me
or I can do this myself.
Are you okay?
Papa, Mike,
all my friends are gone.
I know, son,
this thing is a force of nature.
Sometime you have to let
the police take care of things.
It's not our place.
Look, I know that can go off
the handle sometimes.
But I'm the only one's
who can stop this thing.
But I need your help, please.
For Mike and Papa.
Help me.
For Mike and Papa.
Let's do this, son.
We fought too hard today
to lose you boys again.
I've been with Cody all day.
He knows what we're up against.
We can't let him face
that thing by himself.
He needs our help.
I know.
This thing is powerful
but it is not invincible.
You said you've hurt him with
some exploding ornaments?
-That's right.
If it can hurt, it can be killed.
I'm thinking
we do something like this.
This can cause a massive amount of
potential energy.
Pitching a baseball.
Let's give this shark
something real to chew on.
A good Christmas turkey.
Ripped to explode.
Don't even think about
touching those turkeys.
It's the only thing we have left of
Mom, we don't have a choice.
On the first day of Christmas,
my true love gave to me...
Three French hens.
Two turtle doves.
And a partridge in a pear tree.
Cooked and stuffed.
So all we have to do is get
her coming this way.
And let the turkey loose.
And once it is in her mouth,
aim, fire.
And kaboom!
All right.
How do we get her over here?
I don't want your fire way.
Now it's just a matter of time.
Look, over there.
-Santa Jaws is coming to town.
-Lock it down.
I got eyes on her.
Come on, guys, hurry.
All right. We're in.
I got the Turkey. Come on.
We're ready.
-To the left.
-To the left, son. To the left.
Okay, come on.
Lock it in. You got it?
-I got it.
-All right. Good.
-Grab the turkey.
-I got it.
Wait for it!
Wait for it!
-Come on.
-To the right.
-Come on.
To the right!
He's moving fast! Come on!
Grab the last turkey.
Okay. Wait for my word.
Wait for my word, son!
-Go! Go!
-I got this.
-No, Josh!
-Josh, no!
Peter, where is he going?
Be careful, Josh!
Nice throw!
No! Josh!
No! Josh!
Josh! No, Josh!
Josh! Josh!
-Behind you, Peter!
No, dad!
Stand back, mom. Stand back.
You okay?
This is all my fault.
They're all gone.
This stupid winch.
-We can bring them back.
-What are you talking about?
It brought Santa Jaws to life. It
can kill her and bring them back.
-Nothing will bring them back.
-Believe me.
It's just a pen, Cody.
Give me the pen.
This pen wouldn't do you any good.
Papa gave that to me.
It was the last thing
he gave to me.
I'm sorry, I...
I'm sorry, Cody.
He kills you
and gets a Christmas wish.
Give them back!
Ho, ho, ho, you son of a fish.
And I got hit in the head
with a snowball.
-You're here?
-Merry Christmas, Cody!
Merry Christmas.
Where have you been, kiddo?
We were waiting for you
to start opening presents.
Yesterday was...
The dinner went well.
A ton of people showed up.
But Mike and Georgia saved the day.
-Yeah, we did.
-It was fun.
Like Christmas in the movies.
While you sat around vegging
on comic, little bro.
Something like that.
Who wants my famous cinnamon rolls?
-I'll get three.
-Right here.
I got 'em. I'll get 'em.
Well, thank you, Cody.
They're in the oven.
Don't burn yourself.
Matching pyjamas.
Cute babe.
-I think this is for you.
-There you go.
You're gonna like that.
-Oh, yeah?
I almost forgot!
Oh, thank you.
Hey look at that.
Yeah. Yeah.
Just the way you want it.
Oh, man, you're so cool.
Hey. I'm Cody.
-From English.
I never got a chance to
welcome you to the neighborhood... I wanted to say
Merry Christmas.
I actually think
I have something of yours.
I'll trade you.
Well, I should...
-Would you want to...
I should probably
get back to my dad.
I've got a new pair
of sneakers to unwrap.
There's actually a new ice cream
place the just opened in town.
Would you want to
check it out sometime?
That sounds fun. As long as
they have double chocolate fudge.
That comic.
It was pretty killer.
You have no idea.