Santa, Maybe (2023) Movie Script

Morning Evan, donut?
Yes thanks, Lila.
Here let me get that for you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Yes. Any of the cream filled kind?
Of course.
Oh, I got you.
Oh, thanks.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Don't forget to get one for yourself.
Oh, perfect timing.
Yes. But the board's all here already.
Oh, okay. Wait, take
these to the break room.
Yes. Okay.
Thank you.
Audience feedback has
been very positive so far
with "A Christmas
Carol" production,
we have three more weeks
in the smaller theater
with that show and then
after Thanksgiving weekend,
we will be in final preparations
for "The Nutcracker"
in the Grand Theater.
Good. Sales could be stronger overall.
we're lagging by 30%
compared to last year.
Well I think that this
really is not a criticism
of your performance, Lila, but
we need additional measures.
Okay. Well, from what
I've seen in rehearsal,
"The Nutcracker" is
going to be spectacular.
However, I have decided to
take this a step further
and bring somebody in to fill the vacancy
that Marty left when he
retired as marketing director.
Oh, okay. That's great.
His name is
Glenn McCornish.
Send him in.
Glenn is a recently
returned local to our area,
and in my opinion, the powerhouse we need
to just infuse energy
into our ticket sales.
Glenn, welcome.
- Hi.
- Glad to be here, thank you.
So you probably recognize
some of our board members,
especially Trent
Davis, Elaine Morley,
and Lila Ramsey, our
fairly new theater manager.
It's a pleasure.
Now, I know that the ink is
barely dry on your contract,
but we've been talking
about your purpose here
and our numbers for the holiday season.
So do you have some ideas
you'd like to share?
Actually, I do. May I?
I'm sure you'll recognize
her. Flora Shelly Haynes.
I recommend that she
be our guest ballerina
in "The Nutcracker".
This late? We already
have all the parts cast.
Then we shuffle 'em around.
I know it's a hassle,
but it'll be worth it.
If I can market her as
the sugar plum fairy,
the theater will have a record turnout.
Well, how are we ever going
to get Flora Shelly Haynes
to agree to this, especially
this late in the season.
I've pulled some strings.
All I need now is the green
light here on the extra cost.
What do you think?
Yeah, I like it.
Well, you have it.
Thank you everyone.
That'll be all.
Thank you.
These are no good now.
We're gonna have to reprint these
to show off Flora Shelly Haynes.
But they just came in.
That's a shame.
Such a waste.
Are you all right?
Glenn McCornish.
Of all people.
He came on a bit strong, but I thought
his idea was interesting.
Don't praise him.
Wait, do you know him?
High school.
He was horrible back then.
Constantly pulling pranks on me.
One time he put dye in my soda
and it turned my teeth and
mouth black for three days.
Oh, that's really bad.
That's not funny.
Did you see what he said about the flyers?
It's like he's trying to spite me.
Well, what are you gonna do about it?
I mean, you can't hold a
grudge and work together.
It's been years, So maybe
now is the time to let it go.
You're right.
And I have, but it doesn't mean
I have to be all buddy-buddy with him.
Right well, what do you want me to do
with these flyers then?
Give them to Glenn.
We're gonna need a
little more for the set pieces.
Tobias wants spectacular.
I want on budget.
Do you have a pen?
Thank you.
Can you make it work if you cut
these two line items in half?
If I repurpose some
materials from the fall show.
Okay, go ahead.
Thanks, Steve.
Wait, wait.
I didn't mean to step on any toes
back there with the board.
Tell that to the ballet director.
I'm talking to him next about casting.
I'm just looking out for
what's best for the theater.
And I'm not?
Okay, let's back up.
Hi, Lila.
It's nice to see you again.
That's it?
I had to endure high school with you.
And that's all you have to say?
We didn't date, did we?
Smells good, Amy.
Oh, you're both cooking.
You're here. On time even.
Lacey, Aunt
Lila's here, honey.
I told you I would be, but I do have to go
back to the theater after intermission
and check on a few things.
Well, I hope you are hungry.
We are trying new recipe.
You came.
How was your day?
We got out the Christmas tree.
Mom and dad said we can start decorating.
She's been wearing us
down earlier every year.
I see who's in charge here.
How is work?
Do you remember
Glenn McCornish?
From high school. It
was after you graduated,
but he was the one who tormented me.
Oh right, that guy. Yeah.
The theater just hired him as
our new marketing director.
So that was my day.
I'm sorry.
Well, did he apologize at all?
He didn't even recognize me.
Well, he kind of did,
but no, no apologies.
Just all smiles, like we were old pals.
Hey guys.
Oh good. You're here.
Oh good. You're here.
I came as soon as I could. What's wrong?
My mouth guard fell down the drain.
Oh, that's no good.
Hey dad.
Is that my Christmas present?
Just checking.
It looks good. Whoever gets it's lucky.
I still have it.
It's over there.
You think I'd lose that?
It's my favorite scarf.
I grind my teeth if I
don't have this thing,
and then my dentist gets all in a fuss.
I tell him at my age,
me having teeth at all
should be the benchmark.
Lemme take a look.
How was your first day?
It was good.
Were the people nice at the theater?
Yeah, mostly.
Hey, do you remember Lila Ramsey?
Mm, no.
She and I were in the same
classes in school a lot.
An old friend?
No, she didn't really appreciate
my sense of humor back then.
Well, kids will be kids.
I'm sure she realizes that now.
Yeah, I wish.
Today I pretended like I didn't remember
how things were.
That might have made things worse.
You know, your father was the kindest soul
when we were kids.
I, on the other hand, was a handful.
I chased him all over the playground.
A bit of a flirt, mom?
No, I yelled at him a lot.
It's a miracle he realized
I secretly liked him.
Yeah. That's not what it
was like between Lila and me.
Oh, maybe a good old apology
is all that's in order.
It never hurts to say sorry.
Ah, got it.
- Oh.
- Wonderful.
You'll wash this, right?
- Mom.
- Mom's I'm here. No.
- Mom.
- Mom's I'm here. No.
Mr. McCornish.
It's Glenn.
I'm Zeke, your new assistant.
Mrs. Lillianfield the owner.
You know who she is.
She pulled me aside and said
help you get settled and all that.
Not that you need it, but you
know, I'm here if you need me.
Okay then. How long have
you worked here, Zeke?
One year. Well, 15 months.
But you know, it's kind of
weird to round up like that.
You like it?
I do. I love theater.
Everyone's so nice and yeah, it's great.
Tell me about the new manager.
Oh Lila.
She's been the manager
for four months now.
But from what I've heard,
she's been here for years before that.
Super on the ball. Keeps things
going, keeps people happy.
Everyone loves her.
You may not have heard,
but there's a meeting.
Not really a meeting.
More like a gathering, but
you don't wanna miss it.
When and why?
Right, the whole company's drawing names
for secret Santas.
Excuse me.
How many presents are we
supposed to give this year?
I think this time for six.
And no stealing stuff from the break room.
That doesn't count.
Depends on who you ask.
Okay, so when I figure
out who my secret Santa is
way before you, what do I win?
Hey, I almost won last year.
Oh, no, you didn't.
I just told you that so you'd feel better.
So what are the stakes?
Okay. Winner is treated to a pedicure.
Yes. I need one of those.
It's a deal.
All right, everyone.
Let's get started.
When I started this five years
ago, I could hardly imagine
it would be as dear to me as it is now.
So I hope that everyone could
let some Christmas spirit in
with our annual secret
Santa gift exchange.
Now, am I forgetting
anything before we draw?
No. Just remember, we each draw one name.
Keep it a secret.
Anonymously leave one gift
each week till Christmas.
Then after the final gift,
you may reveal your identity.
With that, I'll go first.
Always count on Tobias
to add a little drama.
All right, everyone come take a turn.
Now. I know there's some people
that haven't come in yet,
so don't worry if there's
some names left over.
Every name will be drawn.
Okay, let's go get
one of those loads left.
Why does it matter?
'Cause then it'll be more random.
Want me to get you one?
Yeah, sure.
Who'd you get?
I'm not telling.
Let me see.
Who is this?
Oh, that's.
You got Lila?
Yes. Shh.
Switch with me.
Well, I don't know if
that's really allowed,
but Yeah, I'm sure it's probably fine.
Why do you want her.
No reason.
I thought maybe you just
had a crush or something.
Or not.
Enjoy the show.
Still here.
The show's about to start.
I know. You staying for it.
I always do.
The whole time.
'Cause the theater is my responsibility.
So you just sit and you watch every night?
No, but I'm here and ready
in case something goes wrong.
Like what? Like an
asteroid hitting the theater?
No, like a malfunction or an injury
or a customer complaint.
Things I can handle.
Don't we have a stage manager for that?
And Tobias and Jill
down in customer service
and like 10 other people
who can handle those things.
Well lucky for you you're
not one of those 10 people.
So you can go home.
All right, suit yourself
madam micromanager.
I have Tobias.
Talk about pressure.
Come on. He's easy to buy for.
Not really. He's a ballet
director, so he's so creative.
And also it can be a
little extreme sometimes.
You should talk to him more.
He's actually pretty down to earth
the further you get him from the stage.
Who have you got? One
of the stage crew, right?
Oh yeah.
Got some ideas for him?
Oh. Sorry, it's my brother.
He wants to see when we can get together
to take family photos for
my mom's Christmas card.
Aw, that's sweet.
Yeah, but it's becoming
more of a chore each year.
Really? How hard can it be?
You wanna see the text
thread about what to wear?
Oh, all right.
Do a red or green sweater
and some jeans. Done.
I keep lobbying for us to use
the same photo as last year.
But mom's convinced that people
keep their Christmas cards.
I do, but that's just
because I always forget
to throw the other ones away.
Good morning, Glenn.
Morning. What's that?
First gift from my secret Santa person.
Any chance you wanna swap names back?
Oh, I already bought everything.
Like all of the gifts.
But I mean, I guess it.
Don't worry about it. It's fine.
Don't know what to get her?
She likes those little cookies
from the vending machine.
They have vending machines here?
Yeah, but I mean, I get
her more than one pack,
but it's just an idea.
Or the store around the corner
sells 'em in a bigger bag.
Who cares.
Oh no.
Hey, - I was just wondering
if you've signed off
on the Flora Shelly
Haynes contract terms yet?
I haven't seen it.
No? I'll go get you a copy then.
I love these.
These are the.
My secret Santa.
How'd they know?
Good guess.
Mm mm. These are my guilty pleasure.
I've never had one.
That wasn't a backhanded
way of asking, but.
These are really good.
Is that the contract?
Isn't this legal's job?
Yes, but I don't dare
start my marketing strategy
until I know for sure that
she is signed and locked in.
Hmm. Okay, well just leave it here
and I'll get to it when I get a chance.
Oh, come on.
I'm trying to wrap this up. Just sign it.
How'd you even get her to agree to this?
I'm all in good terms
with her management team.
They said she was available.
Everybody says she's great to work with.
She better be
with how much extra she's
gonna cost the theater.
Hey, that's at the discounted
friends and family rate.
Our management team must not consider you
much of a friend.
I'm just trying to get this job done.
Why don't you do the same?
Hey, you okay?
Yeah. Mm. Paper cut.
I am doing my job by not
signing off on this blindly.
I will get to it when I get a chance.
Can I get another one?
You are only getting one.
Because only nice people get these.
Mom. It's fine.
Are you sure?
I have another blouse for you.
In a jewel tone verdant.
Calling it verdant doesn't change the fact
that it's green. I wore green last year.
Chris, how's the camera?
Good. Timer is set and here we go.
Great. Okay, come over here behind Lacey.
And then mom and then me.
I still like the green better.
There's plenty of green in the picture.
Everyone smile.
I blinked.
That's okay.
We'll try a few of 'em just to be safe.
Thanksgiving's next week.
I'll take care of the
turkey and the stuffing.
You sure you don't want
us to, since we're hosting?
I mean, I know it's a
pain to haul the turkey
from your house to here.
I can manage.
You just bring those
yummy potatoes instead.
I can bring the pies and the rolls,
but I can't stay all weekend.
I have to get caught up on work.
It's a holiday weekend.
I know, but that doesn't make
the work magically go away.
There's a lot riding on this season.
But you'll play games, won't you?
And we have the sub for
Santa family to plan for.
Here we go.
Okay, everyone ready?
I didn't see who dropped it off.
Are you part ninja?
No. Funny you asked though.
I did dress as one for
five years for Halloween.
It's cute.
You done?
I do have some ad proofs
from the design team
they sent over.
I should go grab it.
For the record,
I'm still not happy
about changing the dancer's
roles in this ballet.
I agree.
Flora Shelly Haynes will
guarantee a full house.
I've seen the effect she has
on sales. It'll be worth it.
The contract's already signed.
Flora. Shelly Haynes team just
needs the rehearsal schedule.
Can we do a fitting
on the day she arrives?
So we have full rehearsals the other days.
I think that's a good idea.
We don't usually do an
opening day rehearsal,
but do you want to in this case?
I don't know that Flora
Shelly Haynes would go for that.
Do we have to keep calling
her by all three names
or can we come up with a shorter version?
It's been great.
Thank you for your help on this.
When does the press release go out?
It's already out.
Has the website been updated
with Flora Shelley Haynes on it?
I think so. Let me check
with the web designer.
You know, we really do
need an acronym or something.
Let's see. Fish.
Fish. Yep, but without the I.
I think she'll have some
objections to being called that.
Yeah, but it's just
gonna be referring to her,
you know, between us.
That'll backfire.
We could just call her Flora.
First name, too personal.
Sure. And fish isn't.
Where is my pen?
What are you?
It's your pen.
Oh, thank you.
It's almost lunchtime.
Yes it is.
You wanna grab something to eat?
Joy to the world, the Lord is come
I hear this place is great.
It wasn't around before
I left, but you know.
Yeah, it's good.
Didn't you used to work
in a place like this in high school?
You know I did.
You used to go there with your friends
and make the biggest mess possible
when I was cleaning the tables.
You really don't remember that?
No, I do, I do. I just don't
remember it in such detail.
Do you remember in the
10th grade when I got sick.
I got one stomach bug and
you made up a song about it
and taught it to half the class.
Oh, that was more than a stomach bug.
See, you still think it's funny.
That wasn't even the worst thing you did.
Look, it was a joke.
I was just trying to make people laugh.
That's all it was.
Well, it was mortifying
and this was a mistake.
Okay, wait. Hold on.
All right. I know that my
antics back then were too much.
And if there was something
I could do about it,
I would, but I can't.
All I can do now is, all we can do now
is agree to move forward.
I would love to, but just a second ago
you were laughing about
a song that you made up
to mock me for a year.
Look, I'm trying to be nice here.
If you can't accept my apology
and move on like a
professional, that's on you.
I can be perfectly professional.
But I also don't have
to make you feel better
by saying everything you
did back then is okay now.
Just 'cause you said sorry.
It's probably cheaper if we
just replace the speakers
in the practice room.
Or we can get one of
those little portable ones.
Sometimes they're just as good.
Okay. Let's put that
in next year's budget.
So how was lunch?
How did you?
I saw you and
Glenn leave together.
Well, the food was good.
Company, not so much.
Really? He seems so nice to everyone else.
That's because they
don't know the real him.
My senior year of high school,
we had this Christmas fair.
They set up a hayride for the whole class.
In a rare moment of politeness,
Glenn encouraged me to go first.
He helped me onto the cart and everything.
When I sat down, I found
out he shoveled horse manure
onto the hay bales and covered it
with a thin layer of straw.
I was humiliated in front of everyone.
It ruined my clothes, which I had to wear
for the rest of the day.
And then everyone nicknamed me Cow Pie
for the whole school year.
I ran into a girl in college
and she still called me Cow Pie.
Wait, what it was it even cow manure?
That's not the point.
Oh, okay.
Just don't be fooled by him.
Oh, he actually sent you a message
And he must be afraid of you.
'cause he sent it through Zeke.
Paper cut.
Have you hit your quota yet for the week?
What do you mean?
You get more paper cuts than anybody else
I've ever met before.
Mm. Items we have to provide
for Flora Shelly Haynes.
Okay, let me handle it.
Are you sure? It's tedious?
It's fine.
I am not the assistant
manager for nothing.
I think we need to talk
about boundaries, Zeke.
Sorry. You got another gift.
I think it's a snow globe again.
Yeah. I hear slushing.
All right, go on. Open it up.
Do you think next week you'll?
Time will tell.
Need anything?
Ticket sales have had a little uptick.
Not as much as I'd like.
But Julia's sending out an
email to our customer list
for the Thanksgiving weekend.
So that'll probably help.
Okay. I wanna see that
email before it goes out.
How are we doing on our video ads?
Kevin has 'em ready for you
if you can stop by his office.
Anything else?
Ah, do you know what
else I can get for Lila.?
More cookies?
No. No.
I mean, what else does she like?
You could do some more
research or whatever,
but why don't you just
get her something generic
like smelly lotion or an ornament?
Go easy on your hands.
Is it time yet?
Dessert time?
I don't think I'm ready for that yet.
All right. All right, let's get to it.
Sub for Santa.
What are our options?
All right. Okay.
We have a family. Two
kids, ages 15 and 17.
Ick, teenagers?
Okay. All right, here we go.
We have a mom, two kids, a boy age eight,
and a girl age 10.
Like me.
What's on their list?
Let's see. Pajamas,
winter coats and a scooter.
Shoes and kitchen pans.
Sounds promising.
Any stuffed animals?
Let's see. Dinosaur, giraffe,
and tiger are the requests.
Hmm. Okay, then.
Does that meet your approval?
Okay. I'll sign us up.
When do we need to deliver their gifts?
No later than the 21st.
Let's plan to get the shopping done soon.
How about we go next weekend?
I can't, but I can
contribute to the gifts.
You pick the day.
Honestly, it's so hectic right now.
It'll be better if you
guys just go without me.
That's what you said about
the Halloween play you missed.
But I watched the
recording that your dad sent.
You were so good.
How about some cranberry
sauce with your leftovers?
No thanks.
Does it matter?
That's what I thought I did.
How's that. Better?
So work's going well.
I think.
Honestly, I'm hoping this weekend
really moves a needle
for the ticket sales.
There's a lot of expectations,
especially with the marketing
budget that I've spent.
I just don't wanna disappoint anyone.
There's also this woman at the theater.
She's not my biggest fan,
but I'm trying to fix that.
She actually smiled yesterday.
Not at me, but because of something I did.
It was nice.
It was just a moment though.
I keep wondering how to make her happy.
Maybe that's not the best way to put it.
She's a happy person.
She just isn't happy with me.
You know all those pranks
that I used to pull when I was younger?
Well, I know now that it hurt people.
Her, but I'm not that same person anymore.
So how do I make her
see that though, right?
I don't know why. I care what she thinks.
How did I do that?
It's just me.
What are you doing here?
I just came to see how sales were doing.
Check in on some things.
Oh, me too.
Do you come here a
lot on holiday weekends?
It's the first time
I felt like I had to .
No, I'm not much of a fan of that.
Well, I like it and I'm hungry.
Oh, I have
Thanksgiving leftovers.
You want some?
No thanks.
You sure? Food will actually fill you up.
What is it?
Turkey, stuffing, potatoes.
Oh yeah.
Did you cook this?
My mom.
Hmm. These are good.
Oh man. Oh.
Thank you.
That scarf has seen better days anyway.
Keeps me warm enough.
Maybe you should tell your secret Santa
you need a new one.
My dad made it for me.
Oh, that's sweet.
He knits?
He learned a couple of years
ago after he had a stroke.
Oh, is he okay now?
Yeah. For the most part.
He lost the ability to speak.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, me too.
But he can do this though.
It's funny how the brain works, right?
It allowed him to regain some dexterity
and with it some control in his life.
This was the first scarf he finished.
It's one of a kind then.
He' s trying to teach me
and it's a bit of an uphill battle.
I can't really imagine you crocheting.
Yeah. It's not my favorite activity,
but it allows us to
spend some time together.
Thank you for the food.
Yeah, you're welcome.
See you later.
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
God rest ye merry gentlemen
let nothing you dismay
For Jesus Christ our Savior
Was born upon this day
To save us all from satan's power
When we were gone astray
Oh, tidings of comfort and joy
Comfort and joy
Oh, tidings...
What are you doing?
I'm leaving something
for my secret Santa person.
Who is it?
I can't tell you.
Which one. The guy on
the left or the right?
Doesn't matter. Hurry.
I'm gonna need those receipts
for the marketing buys
you've been making.
Sure, I'll get right on that.
Not so loud.
Did you hear yourself?
Thank you.
We'll see you later.
And by the way, ad buys
happen through contracts,
not receipts.
It's not as slushy at a gas station.
Oh shush.
It's that guy.
What'd you get him?
A multi-tool.
That's the sentimental.
It's useful. Better than
something he'll never use.
Can't argue there.
I have two snow globes
taking up space on my desk.
Snow globes.
What? You know who it is?
But I'm not telling you.
It's break time.
Oh, I can't.
Meet me in the cheap seats.
In five minutes.
Okay, fine.
What is this?
So you'll always know
where to go to find a pen.
Watch the extension.
Make it look effortless.
I'm jealous of your mystery person.
I've been impressed.
Everything has been
something I need or love.
I think it's a guy.
Really? Why?
I mean this bow, it's a nice attempt,
but it shows no real craft experience.
Have you seen me with bows?
I always use the stick on ones
because I can't curl ribbon.
It's a thoughtfulness of the gift.
That makes me think it might be somebody
with a crush on you.
What? Think about it.
Why can't it be someone
who just knows me well?
Like who?
Like Richard.
Wait. Richard from the cleaning staff?
He sees what's in my trash can.
He knows what I need, what I like.
Who then?
Okay, if we are going
with my crush theory, Nick.
He has a girlfriend.
- Oh.
- Devin from maintenance.
He thinks my name is Christine.
He's close.
What about Evan from accounting?
He's not observant enough.
Tom from legal?
No. He delegates everything
to one of those virtual
assistant services.
This is too thoughtful for Tom.
Well, whoever it is, I'm grateful.
It's been really fun so far.
And I still have plenty of
time to figure out who it is.
Three more weeks, three more gifts.
Unless I figure it out first.
Okay, so you got chocolates and what else?
Soda. Not diet, and some candy.
At least the stuff you like.
Mostly. The soda was like
way past its expiration date.
I started thinking my secret Santa
is just clearing out their pantry.
Do you want one?
Cream or caramel?
Surprise me.
Maybe it's Janine.
Janine is on a diet from diets.
We need to do more investigation.
We're not going through
anyone's office, are we?
No. Okay.
But we should do something fun
with all of our potential suspects.
See if any of 'em let
something slip on accident.
Mm, what do you have in mind?
We could go ice skating
tonight after the show.
Oh, but it's so late.
When else are you gonna make time for it?
Tonight it is.
Thanks for coming. The
thing's been beeping all day.
And you're lucky it didn't wake you up
in the middle of the night.
Oh, I don't hear anything at night.
That's because you snore.
I do not.
Uh-huh. Battery.
Ma, the nine volt.
Well, which one's that?
The rectangular one right here.
Thank you.
Hold on. It's work.
No, I haven't seen it yet.
I'm out of the office right now.
I thought you already sent her list over.
Revised, great.
No, no, no, no, no.
We'll take care of it.
Is everything all right?
Yeah. It's the ballerina's agent.
Things she wants for while she's here.
What could she possibly want?
I'm trying not to think about it.
I didn't think that was part of your job.
It's not. So I'll gladly
pass it along to someone else.
Are you sure you're happy
over there at the theater?
Yeah, it's work.
We just think maybe you needed a break.
Jumping back in so quickly
might not have been
the best thing for you.
We, huh?
I'm fine.
Once I get this first show
under my belt, it'll be easier.
Hey Marie.
Oh good. You came.
I didn't know I had a choice.
You good?
Where are your gloves?
I couldn't find them.
Girl, you are gonna freeze.
Glenn. I'm so glad you can make it.
Thank you.
And go on then, get your skates.
You invited Glenn?
Do you not remember the hayride story?
Oh, I do.
It's just, with you freezing
him out, has he had any chance
to make any friends at the theater yet?
Am I supposed to be worried about that?
Come on, you're not heartless.
First time skating, Zeke?
You can tell?
Should let go of the
wall every now and then.
No thanks. I like to
keep my feet on the ground.
You need help, Zeke?
Nope, I'm fine.
Well holler if you change your mind.
Good luck.
I'm surprised he came out if
he didn't know how to skate.
You have to start somewhere.
So are you feeling comfortable
with your job at the theater?
Yeah, I'm getting there.
How did you get into marketing?
Oh, you know, college degree, experience.
That sounds vague.
Helen was praising you
like you're a huge success.
Oh, what can I say?
My resume is impressive.
I was actually fired.
From my last job.
Not for anything terrible.
It's just the product I was
promoting failed spectacularly.
Oh wow. I'm sorry.
No, I know what I do different
now, but when it failed,
my boss needed someone to blame.
Well, that's not fair.
Maybe, maybe not.
But I see their logic.
No grudge?
Just regrets that I
didn't find a better way.
But I'm at the theater now
and just so you don't worry,
I'm committed. I'm giving it my all.
Well, I'm glad you are.
There's so much to do.
Honestly, I should be looking
at the shows for next quarter,
but there's never enough time.
Well, you know,
Helen mentioned
that somewhat new to the manager job.
Yeah. But I know the
theater inside and out,
what everyone does, how
it all fits together.
I just need this season to go well.
Yeah, that sounds like
it's kind of my job too.
In part. But ultimately it falls on me.
Does it?
The dancers, the
orchestra, the stage crew.
It doesn't matter what you do
if they don't show up at their best.
What's your point?
Just saying it's not
all on your shoulders.
So why did you come back here?
You've been asking yourself that
since the first day of the
conference room, haven't you.
Crossed my mind.
I mean, why not stay where you were
or start fresh somewhere else?
Your dad.
Yeah. I wasn't there
for the stroke itself,
but it was really hard on my mom.
I've gotten phone calls
from them for a while now
needing help with this or that.
So after I got fired, I got a place
a few miles away from them.
It made sense to be
closer to them so I could,
you know, be there for 'em.
Yeah. That's.
Wow. Thank you.
Now, believe it or not,
I am capable of being nice.
I'm starting to.
Lila, I'm not good at this.
I don't know how else to say
this other than I'm sorry
for all of the jokes and all
of the pranks in high school.
I realize none of it was funny to you
or to any of the others. And it may not.
It may not sound like much, but I mean it.
Well, that's something.
Is it enough?
It's a start.
Brownie mix.
That's what my secret Santa got me.
You don't want the whole theater to hear.
I don't care.
Even if you're clearly frustrated,
reaction hurts their feelings.
It is a brownie mix.
It's like $2 at the shop.
The next step up from
that bottom rung of a gift
would be if they at least
made the brownies for me.
I mean, that's a common courtesy.
I think there's some calming tea in here.
What did you get anyway.
I am that much closer to guessing
who my secret Santa is/
Because of gloves.
It has to be someone who was with us
at the ice skating rink.
They saw I didn't have gloves on.
Or maybe it's because, you know, winter.
You're just afraid I have
a shortlist of suspects.
Fine. Who are your strong suspicions?
I'm thinking Zeke or Sam.
I still don't think it's Nick, although.
Glenn was there, but
Zeke was acting really.
Well Zeke is always Zeke.
Rita got hurt.
Oh really?
Where is she?
This is not good.
She's our snow queen.
We'll have to see what the doctor says,
but I don't think she'll be
better in time to perform.
What happened?
Simple misstep like
walking down the stairs
and blowing out your knee.
Now what do we do about it?
How's the understudy?
She's okay.
Look, Karina is my first choice, but hey.
I heard what happened.
Tobias and I are trying
to figure out what to do.
What if we bring in
whoever was supposed to be
the sugar plum fairy
before Flora Shelly Haynes?
She's still a little hurt by the shuffle,
but I can talk her into it.
Come in.
What are you doing here?
Well, hello to you too.
Ooh yum.
Eat quickly.
We have shopping to do?
Oh, I can't. I had a
stressful day at work.
When is it not?
Come on. Amy and Lacey are
at Mom's for Girls Night.
It's the perfect time
to go shopping for 'em.
Are the stores even open?
Holiday hours.
I still like the pink one better.
Don't force me to come along
and then not trust my shopping instincts.
Everything Lacey has is pink..
Because she likes it.
No, because Amy likes it.
What's that one hoodie
she's always wearing?
The purple one?
Hi Glenn.
This is my brother Chris.
It's good to meet you.
You too.
We are just finding
some things for my niece
and sister-in-law.
I'm trying to surprise my parents,
but the only ideas they've given me
are all practical and boring.
Speaking pf practical, I'm
just gonna duck on over here
and get something for Amy.
So do you celebrate Christmas
or are you gonna sneak off
to the office and get caught up again?
Ha ha. It's not like
I love the late hours.
Then why do it?
'Cause the theater means a lot to me.
You know, duty, accountability, all that.
How'd you end up there?
I've always loved the theater.
Not just our theater, but
live plays and musicals.
Being on stage was always an adventure,
but it just wasn't for me as a career.
Wait, did you did plays in school, right?
I booed you, didn't I?
At more than one performance.
Please tell me the reason
you're not on stage right now
Isn't because of me?
Oh. Good.
I mean, I'm sorry.
So why aren't you on stage?
Because I like being
involved with everything.
Not just performing.
With what I do now, I get a
front row seat to the casting,
the art and stage pieces,
the costuming, ticket sales,
customer experience.
Seeing it all come together
with the story and the emotion,
the technical elements.
It's amazing.
You really do love it, don't you?
Want to?
What? Santa?
Yeah. Come on.
Because we can.
Wow, that's a lot.
That's a big list.
So what are you gonna say?
What I want for
Christmas of course.
Which is?
Nope, that's for his ears only.
What about you?
I'm going to tell him that I wish
I wasn't standing in this line.
Oh wow. It's not supposed to be a wish.
He's not a fountain
that you toss a coin at.
Whatever. Either way, I
don't really need anything.
Well, Christmas isn't
all about what you need.
It could be about what you want.
Like a new purse.
Is that what you think I want?
It's just an example.
Now who do we have here?
Glenn and Lila.
Oh boy.
And what would you like, a ring perhaps?
Oh no.
How about a photo?
Yeah. That's what friends do.
So we're friends know?
I hope so.
I can have my trusty elf take it.
Thank you.
Just a bit closer.
A little closer.
You know what? Just put
your arm around her.
Okay. Now smile and say Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
I'll text you the photo.
They're all out of pajamas.
Can you believe that?
Oh, that's too bad.
We can try another store.
I'll see you at work.
It's good to run into you.
You too.
You okay?
Yeah. Fine.
Hi, Derek.
I think I know who my secret Santa is.
It's Derek.
He was coming in from
rehearsal and he saw me
and he got completely awkward
and then he turned around
and ran the other way to avoid me.
Maybe he's intimidated by you.
Oh, whatever.
We're friendly. We always say hello.
This was definitely weird.
So is Derek your final answer?
So in order for me to
win, you have to be wrong
about Derek and I have to be right
about whoever my secret Santa is.
Yes, but I like my chances.
I'm not giving up.
I just have to catch my
secret Santa in the act.
You got another gift.
Snow globe number four.
Hey, do you know how long
Lila will be at her office?
No. Want me to ask her?
No. No.
I really need her out
of her office though.
Oh, for your secret Santa gift.
Yeah, but it needs to stay refrigerated.
Oh, you want me to put in the fridge?
No, no, no, no.
I'd rather we get her out of her office
so I can leave it there.
Well what if it goes bad?
Like if she's away from
her desk for too long?
- Hmm.
- How about ice?
Good idea. We'll also need a bowl.
On it.
Here we go. Good.
So why are you trying so hard?
What do you mean?
You are like invested.
I'm not. not you more
than my snow globe gifter.
You know, you're taking
it to a higher level.
What do you think?
It needs a bow.
The mug.
Now what?
Hey, got a minute?
Sure. What for?
It's a fish thing.
The dressing room for Flora.
We're sticking with fish?
I like it.
You wanna go take a look?
I just wanna make sure
everything is as it should be.
Her team keeps bugging me about it.
Sorry, I told them to come
to me and Marie for that stuff.
No, it's fine.
We're ready to go as soon as she arrives.
And the driver's gonna bring
fish here from her hotel.
And everything's ready here, right?
Yes. Yes, and yes.
Okay. I think we're all set.
Everyone stay on top of
your responsibilities.
Let's show Ms. Haynes what
a stellar company we can be.
All right?
All right.
The playbills finally
arrived from the printer
so I can breathe again.
Good. How about we grab a bite to eat?
No. I mean why?
Why not?
Do you ever just watch a show anymore?
I mean, sit down in the
theater like a normal person.
It's been a while.
Do you still like it on
that side of the stage?
Yeah, I do.
There's just never time.
What's your favorite
show you've ever seen?
That's a tough one.
You don't have a favorite. I can tell.
Do you even like theater?
Of course.
That was a lie too.
You know, one of those tiny lies
like you're trying not
to hurt my feelings.
Fine. I don't enjoy it per se.
Why not?
I don't know. The jumping
around, the singing.
Well, not every show is a musical.
I can almost get pulled into the story
and then something
happens and it's too much.
Are you expecting reality?
Hmm. So you have something
against talented singers,
actors, and dancers.
No. I'd just rather do something else.
I take it this wasn't part
of your interview with Helen.
Thankfully she sees the
value in a skilled worker,
not someone who's just another fan.
Okay. Well I won't
tell her if it makes you
feel any better.
Thank you.
That's what coworkers are for.
You were gonna use that word?
Oh. Who's the liar now?
It was a slip.
Which means you really meant it.
Like I've been wondering about
what it would've been like
if we would've been
friends in high school.
It's kind of hard to imagine.
Yeah, I know. I know.
But think about it.
If we would've been friends, who knows?
We probably would've been
hanging out at that cafe
that you worked at.
Help study for finals
or AP test in your case.
Or maybe gone to prom.
Yeah. I don't think
that would've happened.
Would it really have been so bad?
No, but we can't go back.
Look, just because things
were one way when we were kids
doesn't mean they can't
be different now, right.
You know, his whole
thing about being friends
kind of sounds like an olive brunch.
A lot of how he's been
acting has seemed that way.
Is that bad?
I'm not sure.
I can't say I haven't thought about it.
Not in depth, but it's been
kind of nice being friendly now.
More than friendly.
Come on. Taking you out to dinner.
Kind of sounds like a date.
It wasn't.
Believe me, it's a miracle
we're nearly friends.
Well, everything takes time.
Some I'm not sure time would
make much of a difference.
I can only trust him so much.
Part of me still feels like
he's pulling a prank on me.
Like he's gonna embarrass me.
Like all of this has been one big joke.
Well, I don't think he would do that.
But if he did,
I tell you what,
there's not a single person at the theater
who would let him get away with it.
Thanks, but we're talking about him.
I can't deny I want to trust him more
and believe what he's been doing
has been genuine, but I dunno.
Do you want some more?
Your father thinks we
should just throw it away.
Well, it's no trouble to take a look.
That's what I told him.
He's here already.
Best to make the most of it.
What's this about?
An old disagreement.
Your father thinks
you're over here too much.
Helping us keep up the house and all.
Oh it's no problem.
And he's afraid it's
keeping you from your life.
My life.
You guys are a big part of my life.
There's nothing wrong with that.
Although whatever happened with that girl,
the one at the theater.
Oh, not much.
We're working together.
And that's fine.
We went out to dinner so
we might be friends now.
Well, that's nice, dear.
Any chance it's more than that?
No, not yet.
Hey, guess what?
"The Nutcracker's" starting to sell out.
I compared this to last year
and we're already outpacing it.
The first seven days are sold out
except for the
Monday night show.
The second week is at 85%.
And that's even with
the snag the website had
with taking orders.
That is great.
Your strategy must really be working.
Thanks. What's wrong?
Nothing. I'm happy for you.
Sold out houses are great,
but I'm just a little anxious about it.
Especially when we have a star
like Flora Shelly Haynes coming.
Don't worry.
That'll be fine.
How was your flight?
I trust the hotel is satisfactory.
The performance will be magnificent.
Everything you've asked for
is ready for you in your dressing room.
The head seamstress is waiting
for you for your fitting.
Okay. Everybody should be warmed up.
Let's get into positions
for the top of act two
and get music playback ready please.
Lila. Lila it's fish.
She's, oh, there was an accident.
No, she's fine, but she's not happy.
I can't work in these conditions.
I will not jeopardize
my safety or my career.
It was a slight mishap
and completely fixable.
This time. What if
that happened during a show?
I won't be humiliated publicly.
Of course not. And we
don't want that either.
Get out.
So, slight problem.
She's refusing to keep rehearsing.
I'm sorry, but it really an accident.
What happened?
It's okay Steve, just help us understand
so we can figure out what to do next.
We had the set pieces right
where they needed to go,
but somebody changed
the blocking with fish.
Shh. Not so loud.
She hears that nickname we're
gonna have bigger problems.
Wait, they were changing
the blocking this late.
She was insisting. So
we adjusted the set piece.
But before we could lock it off,
let's just say we got
scolded to get out of the way
and one of the other
dancers barely bumped it.
So it shifted and it scared her.
What do we do now?
Don't worry guys.
Keep doing your work.
We'll handle fish.
Not yet.
Can you go sit in her
dressing room and make sure
she doesn't try and
bail on the whole show?
Yeah, go ahead.
Fish isn't leaving.
How can you be so sure?
Her contract.
And if she accuses us of
not having a safe environment,
even if it's not true, by
the time we work it out,
the show is blown.
She's just being a diva.
This is what I get.
I knew there was a reason
I didn't like this.
I had a feeling this would go south.
Look, we just need to talk her down.
I brought eggnog.
Well, what do you want now?
We just wanna assure you
everything's gonna be be fine.
Ms. Haynes
You've been dancing a long time.
I always admired how
early ballerinas start.
Must be hard.
Is there a point you're trying to get to?
Not particularly.
I I was just wondering.
When you started disliking what you do.
I don't. I mean, ballet is my life.
But somewhere along the way
it started to feel like work,
didn't it?
I get that.
I work at a theater,
but I can't just sit
back and enjoy the show.
Not even at another theater because then
I feel like I'm betraying this place.
It's strange.
Does dancing still make you happy?
Just not all the contracts
and travels and pressure.
You could take a break.
Yeah, like my manager would allow that.
Well, you don't work for him.
He forgets.
So do I sometimes.
Do you wanna be here?
Because if you don't, it's okay.
I do.
I just wish it were fun again. You know?
Then let's make it fun.
I'm not gonna say relax because
I know it's not that easy.
But you're not alone.
We're here too.
Wow. That went better than expected.
Yeah. I.
I'm your secret Santa.
Oh, thank you.
It's Patty, right?
Yes. In ticket sales.
And I saved the best one for last.
I see that.
I know you're new here and
I'm so glad I got your name.
Merry Christmas.
Thank you Patty.
Merry Christmas.
So Patty got your name.
Yeah. That was sweet.
She gives snow globes every year.
The prevailing theory is she
collected them her whole life
and she realized it's a pain
to dust them all the time.
Hey, glad to see you're
leaving at a decent hour.
Why is that?
'Cause you deserve it.
If it wasn't for you today
could have ruined everything.
But you saved it, so thank you.
You're welcome.
Wanna take a walk?
There's some cool
Christmas displays
in a park down the street.
Let me put my bags in my car.
What is this?
I like to think of this as the lava game.
Like don't touch the ground.
You just have to put up
with the freezing cold.
You wanna try it?
Oh, careful.
So fish.
How'd you figure her out?
I just took a chance that
she liked to dance still.
Even though she was acting
like it was all a bother.
Normally you don't do all
this if you hate it, right.
So I just figured maybe
something had changed.
Was she unhappy?
Made sense.
So you could relate, right?
A bit.
I think mostly she just
needed to be understood.
Well, good job.
When I came here I was
actually intimidated by you.
Everyone said you were
amazing to work with
and so pivotal to the theater.
Now though, I'm glad
I got to see firsthand
that that's true.
That's nice of you to say.
I mean it.
There's a lot of things that I overlooked
when we were younger.
I wish I hadn't, but I'm glad
I'm not missing them now.
This os cool.
You wanna ride?
What? What's wrong?
Is this a joke?
No. I thought this would be nice.
Well, it might've been, but senior year,
the Christmas fair.
The hayride. Lila,
that's not what this is.
I want to believe you,
but I just keep waiting
for the real you to reappear
and I don't wanna be hurt
when that happens.
Okay, this is the real me now.
I was immature and and thoughtless,
but I've changed or at
least I'm trying to.
Lila, please.
Maybe we should just keep our interactions
work related and at the theater.
No thanks.
- Yes.
- Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
Hey Zeke.
I like the maple ones.
You can take your pick.
I have a call.
Okay. Is she like avoiding you?
Kind of.
I thought you were getting along.
Yeah, me too.
Who is it?
Good. You can let yourself in.
Amy and Lacey made you some brownies.
Hmm? That's nice.
In your pajamas already?
Yes. It's been a long week.
"Christmas Carol" just
finished two days ago.
So now we can fully focus on
launching "The Nutcracker".
We have full rehearsals,
the scenery, the works.
Well, when's opening night?
That's when we're wrapping
and delivering the presents
for the sub for Santa family.
Oh, well it's a really busy night,
especially with Flora
Shelley Haynes here.
I feel like that name
should mean something to me.
Probably not, but
I need to be around.
Always some reason, right?
Can we not do this right
now? I have a lot on my mind.
Hey, pass the popcorn.
Please tell me it's caffeine.
In some form.
It's fudge, expired six months ago.
Any idea who it's from?
Yes, I was right.
Derek told me himself.
And then one of the dancers came
and said he'd given up sugar. So.
Ah. Well you win, I guess.
Are you any closer to figuring out
who your secret Santa is?
No. And I haven't gotten
anything yet this week either.
Maybe he or she is procrastinating or shy.
Oh, what if it's Glenn?
No, the gifts have been way too nice.
You keep thinking he
is incapable of kindness.
Doesn't matter.
If it didn't matter,
you would just accept the possibility
that he could be your secret Santa
and you wouldn't give it another thought.
Instead, you keep analyzing his motives.
Because I still don't
know if I can trust him.
Okay, I do not deny that
you have issues with trust.
But it's not just Glenn.
When you hang around here constantly
as if you were to leave, the
entire thing would fall apart.
That's not true.
Then what is it?
Do you not trust that anybody
else could fix any problems?
Lila, when are you gonna acknowledge
how much everyone else does around here?
I do.
We have an amazing team.
And yet you don't trust them.
I mean, what are you gonna
do if Flora Shelly Haynes's
costume rips in the middle of the show?
Are you gonna rush in
and sew her back together
in between numbers?
Just think about it.
And with Glenn, love him or hate him.
But if I'm right, then he's the one
who's been putting a lot of effort
into each one of these gifts
just to make you smile.
And that means something.
Oh, hey.
The messages came in. I thought
I could wait till tomorrow.
But since you're still
here, and just so you know,
you're supposed to reveal yourself
to your secret Santa this week.
Ah, great.
With opening night, that's what
everyone needs, distraction.
Kind of the idea.
I like to think.
Helps us relax.
Could you give my gift to Lila?
I'll bring it in tomorrow.
I could, but don't you want the credit.
At this point?
I'm not sure what she'll think.
It's up to you.
I'm your assistant.
And you're the boss.
Well, she might be more the boss than you,
but that's not the point.
I can give it to her if
that's what you want.
Or you could just leave it
for and not tell her it's you.
I thought you said we had to tell them.
Yeah, but it's Christmas.
No one cares about a little mystery.
She'll know it's me pretty easily.
Then even if I give it
to her, she'd know, right.
Right. Goodnight.
Hey, it's Chris.
Look, I know you probably
can't make it tomorrow,
but if something changes,
we'll be at my house starting around six.
So guests will start to
arrive in about half an hour.
It'll be fixed in time.
You're amazing.
Thank you so much.
Hi. Slight maintenance
issue, but we will be ready.
I believe you.
Are you running some errands?
I actually realized
I have some things
to do with Chris and my mom,
but everything looks great here.
So do you mind if I
leave it in your hands?
It's opening night.
I think you can handle it.
Yeah, I mean I can.
Thanks Marie.
Enjoy your night.
I will.
I'll get it.
Are there still presents for me to wrap?
Look who I found.
Hey Lacey.
You came.
Well get over here. Pick
some wrapping paper.
Well get over here. Pick
some wrapping paper.
Okay. What have we here?
Oh, beautiful work everyone.
Beautiful work.
This is for curtain call.
That was an amazing opening night.
And nothing went wrong. I.
Yeah, Lila would be relieved.
Have you seen her?
Yeah. She went home early.
She did?
Yes. It's a miracle, I know.
Yeah. Good for her.
Lacey, wait up.
Come on.
Is this the right address?
I double checked him.
Remember that one year?
Oh yeah.
Hey, w We made a family
very happy that year.
It's just the wrong one.
Can I knock on the door?
We ready?
Go ahead, Lacey.
Merry Christmas.
Joy to the world the Lord is come
Let earth receive her King
That's pretty one.
Do we have any purple icing?
Oh, Chris,
we should made these earlier to take
to the sub Santa family.
Looks like there's more
for me tonight though.
You need it.
Good night, huh?
The best.
I'm glad you made it.
Me too.
Can I ask you what changed your mind?
Yeah, I guess I figured
out that being manager
means leading and leading doesn't mean
doing everything on my own.
And I was starting to lose
the love for it, you know,
for the theater.
I don't wanna resent it.
I wanna still be able to go
and just get lost in the magic.
Aw, look at you, growing up.
So what's going on with Glenn?
Why not?
You know why.
Hmm. It's a shame.
You know, for someone
many who supposedly hate,
I could've sworn I saw some
sparks between you two.
Okay. I don't hate him
and there were no sparks.
You know, years ago, before Lacey,
Amy and I nearly called it quits.
Really? What happened?
We were going through
some problems, silly things,
but it all just boiled
down to us not listening
to each other and then us getting upset
at each other for it.
And then she asked me, what did I want?
Stay together or not.
You know, I nearly said the wrong thing,
but then I had this thought.
If I didn't give us one
more chance, I'd regret it.
Now look at us.
That one that you were given.
There's not one thing I
would change since then.
I just don't want you to miss out
on a chance at being happy.
Who says Glenn is that chance?
Who says he's not?
Yes ma'am.
The reviews for the show.
It was fantastic.
Oh, that's great.
Good work.
Thank you.
I'll pass it along to everyone.
They worked really hard.
Keep it up.
I've put a quote here for
the new lighting package.
The one Steve keeps pushing for.
I told him.
What's that?
I think it's from my secret Santa.
To find your last gift, you'll
need to talk with the person
who keeps the dancers on their toes.
Cute. It's like riddle.
Who keeps the dancers on their toes?
Yes. That makes sense.
Is he here yet?
I think so.
Let's go.
Lila, I've been expecting you.
You have.
So are you.
Am I?
My secret Santa?
No, but this is for you.
Oh, thanks.
Another one?
I guess.
You can't buy whiteout
without authorization
from this department.
Office supplies, accounting?
But who?
Hey, Evan.
We were just coming to see you.
Okay, i Is this what you were looking for?
Are you my secret Santa?
Is that what this is about? No, I'm not.
Who gave you that envelope then?
I'm guessing I shouldn't tell you.
Do I have to try?
Read it?
If you need a better seat,
this person will find the
best one in the house for you.
Oh, Patty.
Good luck.
Thank you.
The shows look beautiful,
thanks to this person.
They're not talking about
the dances again, are they?
Looks beautiful.
Maybe the makeup.
Oh no the scenery.
Hi Steve.
It took you long enough.
Do you have an envelope for me?
No, but I was told to give you this.
Go on.
Oh, nice.
Okay. Going with the keeping warm theme.
No, it's crocheted, handmade.
I know who it's from.
This fell.
The scarf isn't perfect, but neither am I.
If you can overlook that, wear the scarf
and meet me at Santa's
house for a photo together.
Excuse me.
I'm so sorry. Excuse me.
Nice neckwear.
Thanks. It's new.
This guy I know made it for me.
He made it for you, huh?
It's a pretty rare talent nowadays.
Maybe. It's the thought that counts.
I hope so.
Thank you for the gifts.
You're welcome.
All of them were really special to me.
They showed me that
someone saw me and knew me.
A few weeks ago I never
would've thought that was you.
I understand why,
But you have changed and
I really admire you for it.
You do?
Thank you.
I was hoping you'd forgive me
for so long, but the thing is,
that's not all I've wished for.
What more do you want?
For you to feel something
beyond admiration for me?
You think you might have a chance?
I do?
Merry Christmas.